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Archives: February 1, 2004

Perle Speaks at Possible Terrorist Fundraiser?

'War based on the big lie'

NYT Book Review: The Price of Loyalty: Square Peg

Peter Preston (London Observer): Media freedoms face an ice age

The Passion- Review - "Nothing in my existance could have prepared me"

Dowd: The Mirror Has Two Faces

A Fight Song for Progressives

Wolfowitz: We will completely remove PKK from northern Iraq

Thomas Friedman (The New York Times): Budgets of Mass Destruction

This is how Bush supports our troops

Ron Suskind - Book TV - rerairs Sunday 9:45am / 4:15pm C-Span2

Mary-Ellis Bunim, Co-Creator Of 'Real World' And 'Road Rules,' Dies

Pixar Sees End to Its Disney Partnership

I wish the candidates were clearer about reversing the FCC.

Just bought a pair of the new "shox" running shoes - really weird!

Ann Richards' worst mistake?

How can you refresh a thread ...

OK, I was wrong for going over the top. But here's my question.


Why was the "botoxgate' thread locked ?

This is a flagrent rule violation

Grisly college politics

Americans back fence

Democrats support Israel

Latest and most complete evidence of pentagon conspiracy.

9-11 assasination attempt on W at hotel in Sarasota??? Hopsicker book

NY Times: Black Democrats Left Behind?

War & law quiz for presidential candidates

At what point will the question be asked: Is pResident * electable?

Du'ers, UNITE! (universal signature until the election)

Blair appointed Lord Hutton. Hutton cleared him and blamed the BBC.

I need help digging up records

Black Leaders remind voters presidetial race is far from over

Is it time yet to start thinking about the House and Senate?

Union busting Safeway CEO Burd; Bush "Ranger" (what a surprise)

Will Iraq Stoewalling ever end?-CBS

The freepers reaction to *'s dropping numbers

modest funeral for U.S. Army soldier from Nicaragua..(pics)

Will Dubya Dump Dick?

Two letters on Same sex Marriage.

Ich Bin Ein Berliner. :)

Should we engineer the emergance of a Perot-like candidate?

Did this really happen?

Geraldo Rivera

Why is Arnold in Cali such a big deal?

Heed well the words of FDR...

Please help me find a hi-res pic of *

It's 2008, imagine this scenario: Giuliani vs. Jeb for the nod

What happens to Bush if Osama is caught?

Flash! Cheney now not so sure about Iraq WMD's. He just figured it out?

This seems like Bush's relection strategy:

HOT !! US officials knew in May Iraq possessed no WMD


INN news on FSTV says * can be impeached under Patriot Act.

Anybody remember when Reagan got angry in the 1980 campaign...?

conservatives want gay marriages banned because ...

Anyone wonder why Trippi never mentions working for Jerry Brown?

E J Dionne and Pat Buchanan on Tim Russert's CNBC show 10pm ET

What is the most important issue the Dems should use against Bush?

Oh no - a ridiculous "music video" w/ Lou Dobbs, Trent Lott, Chavez, Chimp

Which BushCo investigation should the Dems pursue most strongly?

A quote on Cuba from another board

Survey: What will Bush* do to get re-selected"?

"Royalists"..."The Enemy Within our own Gates"...

The Bush Plan to Militarize, Corporatize Space

The Missing Story Nobody's Asking About.

Bush team wants to take away my VA benefits

Ellen Mariani's lawyer calculates the odds BUSH KNEW: 4 million to 1!

Chicago/Illinois DU'ers....I've got a juicy one for you.

outrageous slur regarding Max Cleland's military record

Ann Richard's worst mistake?

Pool on what day in 2004 Osama will be caught -- What do you bet?

Winning the BBS wars

The "Sneaky DRAFT" already started - Draft Creep! Bush '04=DRAFT '05

I don't go with LIHOP or MIHOP. I think bush is just an idiot.

WHO urges China to move fast against bird flu | Globe and Mail

High court backs right to spank (Canada) | National Post

Forget the drawl, desi is fine (call centre rules) | Times of India

Maryland Man Indicted Over Threats to Bush (link - Metro DC area)


Netherlands Nabs Nigeria Scammers 

Bush to Back Off Some Initiatives for Budget Plan

Pols want to bury Lenin, not praise him | Washington Times

Hundreds Protest Marriage Proposal (State of GA gay marriage ban)

BBC (late Saturday): Iran leader falls ill amid crisis

Judge orders DNA Test of Neil Bush

Bush to Back Probe of Iraq Data, Officials Say

C$1.5 million stolen sculptures recovered | CBC

Pentagon seeks significant spending increase in missile defense

Small Plane Diverted as Bush Leaves Philly (Fox)


B.C. bud buys guns for Afghans (real headline!) | Vancouver Sun

Anxious About Outsourcing (Washington Post)

London Observer (Sunday): BBC dossier reveals fury at Hutton 'flaws'

Even with $200m to spend, Bush still looks vulnerable

A Flawed Argument in the Case for War

W. House sets attack dogs on Kerry as disappearing Dean leaves field clear

Bush's service record criticized

Powell's Case, a Year Later: Gaps in Picture of Iraq Arms

Dean Spent $6.5M on Campaign Salaries

7 Flights to U.S. Canceled on Terror Fears

US officials knew in May Iraq possessed no WMD

Bush OK's Independent Probe of Prewar Intelligence

Urban dictionary.. Fun

Who else wishes 2004 would go away?

Candidate Bad Picture Smack-off!!!

Flammable fart...............PU

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Does any one else thinks Novak looks like a fat fish?

I just finished putting up an electric fence...ask me anything

Petition: Stop Bush's attack on overtime pay

Make your own mugshots

I just spent 2 hours assembling caucus packets - ask me anything!

Food Fight!!!!

Walmart Greeter

Dead Dog......joke

During Halftime Sunday switch to CNN for Moveon Ad...

Catnip is a "gateway drug"..... It leads to terrible things

800 posts...

Someone from Philly called me?

Where is Khephra?

GUESS!!!!! What was Ramsey's High School Theme Song

Lil' Zomby!

Where's KG?

Dog with a deathwish

"These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed" ? ? virus ?

Go Panthers!

It's Official... The N.Y. Rangers SUCK!!!!

Watching "Sweet Sixteen" by Ken Loach....I'm dreading the end.

This is my post #1000. Ask me anything except why I haven't donated yet.

Star Trek III: The Search for Trivia

I love pizza

Star Trek IV: The Trivia Home

It's 2005...we won!...or did we?

AOL DU Chat on a Saturday Night?

BTW, Finnfan is the biggest sweetie you'll ever meet

Which gif should I use for my website for February?

I just saw one of the ads for the Super Bowl tommorow

When did polar bears leave Antarctica?

I humbly apologize to Lynnesin

What's your 3 favorite Stoner Songs?

Sylvie, Sylvie, I'm so hot and dry

It's my birthday and I'm drinking! Ask me anything!

I feel like I'm going to die if I don't get one of these soon....

Guinness Drinkers - Check in.

Matcom....Ramsey said she would marry you...

Id you get an e-mail from

Hey little girl, I wanna be your boyfriend

What's your excuse?

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Eve

Darrell Hammond is usually brilliant,

Any Ambrosia fans out there?

Family Portrait.....Bush and relatives

Redneck Cat Carrier

It's not my birthday, and I'm shooting smack in my eye

Bad toy?

Diane Neal - Prosecute me, baby, prosecute me!

My name is Dookus

The Kings are going to knock the hell outta Seatle tonight!

We did SNL. What's your favorite SCTV skit?

Are DU Pages loading really slowly for anyone else?

It's funny.

Anyone have links to classic BUSHISMS as MP# or WAVs???

Who's on the Atkins Diet

William H. Macy

CONFESS, Lynnesin! You have no taste! (I mean that with all due respect)

Who here has had cosmetic surgery of some kind or another?

If God is all powerful & mighty

The best photoshopped pics I've ever seen!

Who here hates using a new keyboard?

What should ZombyWoof's new DU name be?


I'll put a spell on you if you don't CAPTION



Just saw "Butterfly Effect"

Ich Bin Ein Berliner. :)

Is a size 10 big for women?

Star Trek IV- The Voyage to Trivia

Please Photoshop this pic for me.

anti- kerry gripes - vs. anti-dean gripes + clark just for the heck of it

Bush sets attack dogs on Kerry as disappearing Dean leaves field clear

Why I'm Convinced John Forbes Kerry Can Win in the GE

Novak sighting on CNN Capital Gang at 7:00 PM EST

How the Race Could Turn....

If Edwards wins SC and Clark wins OK, Dean is screwed

What are the chances of a deadlocked convention? What's the

Just had the pleasure of sending

Does anyone here literally pray for your candidate or the Dem. Party

kerry top recepient of lobbyist money...WARNING FOXTV

Yoda backs Wesley Clark

Technology, the Internet and Electoral Politics (long)

Granholm endorses Kerry

"Judy, Judy, Judy" -- The Nation on First Ladies Running

When, oh when will the Democrats learn?????

Clark on C-Span now 8:22est I just turned it on

What is Kerry's record on discrimination and civil rights?

Oh my goodness ! They're calling it "Botoxgate" !

Kerry Will DESTROY Dean In A Debate One-On-One

I have a request for ALL crowd shots from Dean Rally in Tucson

I really feel Edwards can make a comback and win the nomination!

Novakula just said Kerry is very hard to label and pin down.

Kerry aides feel Edwards is their greatest threat.

John Edwards' Pocket Knife Flagged at Airport

Edwards Says He Can Beat Bush Across U.S.

Who here has had cosmetic surgery of some kind or another?

Wes Clark's own Vietnam story

McClintock endorses Clark!

Electing the Electable

Kerry swats back at Dean - calls him on Repug gaffe

How is Dean polling in MI, WA, ME, and WI?

Bill Richardson on Clark, "the next president of the United States"

Clark Steps Up Criticism of Bush

Dean's Rainmakers

How is Dean polling in MI, WA, ME, and WI?

Who Will Be The Final Two Candidates For The Nomination?

Why MM's not only an asset to Clark, but to the country

Five houses, a jet and a big mouth

Attention all Clark supporters!!!

New Zogby--- In OK, WC 25, JK 22, JE 16

If you live in a Rural area list who you are voting for and Why?

Clark polling well in AZ!

Was the idea of a Kerry-Edwards ticket a way to block Edwards in NH

Kerry Fires Back at Dean Charges of Cronyism

Kerry accused American soldiers of war crimes.

The frontrunner dynamic. . .

"Extra Scrutiny" at Albuquerque Airport for John Edwards

What's with all the subjects with locks on them tonight?

"Kerry Looks Hard to Beat in Five States" by AP's Ron Fournier...

It's funny.

Kerry Responds to RNC Attack

Once it comes down to Kerry and Edwards this will happen.

Dean returns to raucous welcome in Washington

I updated my site with some pro-Dean links & commentary.

Dean to pick Gore as V.P.

Did Kerry Lie Today About Contributions? Looks Like It to Me.

Looking (Way) Ahead - GE Debate?

Edwards Not Enough Experience?

If Clark does win a couple of states next Tuesday, how does the media..

Polls: Edwards, Clark Challenge Kerry

Clinton: Kerry Not Too Left to Get Elected

Bush's service record criticized by Max Cleland at event for Kerry

Massachusetts, The Stigma State

What experience does Edwards have to lead this country?

Early Feb 3 predictions

Why I worry so much for our democratic nominee...

Need help in finding dean's tax plan

Anyone see 8 mile?

Kerry Exaggerates Role in Some Key Legislative Battles

Kerry two Faced on 1991 Gulf War

Dean supporters -- here's a great website featuring a homemade ad

Dean leads in contributions from HMO and Pharmaceuticals

Bush's popularity rating drops to new low as Kerry extends lead: poll

Bush Slips -- Among Republicans

A Fair and Balanced look on Kerry and Deans contributers

Why the South IS important

I just returned from a Kerry rally in OKC

Which candidate has best commercials?

Any South Carolina DU'ers here, whats the sentiment down there?

Who will drop out Wednesday morning?

How many candidates should be permitted to debate after Feb 3rd?

Michigan Poll Kerry 37, Dean 14

List all the Dem. candidates you would not vote for in the GE

Don't you want a fight?

What should Kerry have done re: Botox?

Democrats Assail, and Tap, 'Special Interests'

Apparently it is a Kerry-Dean race with no one else having a chance

Idea for Dean supporters

List the State Or City You Live In? And who you are for?

If Dean is electable why can't he win a primary?

Deleted message

Would you rather have your candidate win than Bush lose?

A thought for Kerry supporters to consider

Another Huge Turnout for Dean in Seattle---over 2,500 people!

Something I don't understand about Kerry

I think the dog-catcher gets more votes in LA

Dean calls Clark a Republican again. Calls Kerry one too for good measure

why is Kerry using Toby Keith music at his appearance today?

Dean, Clark, Kucinich Supporters: What Kerry Has to Do For Your Support?

Skull & Bones vs Skull & Bones could actually turn out to be a good thing

A note on Kerry's surge in state polls...

Deleted message

Counting the Delegates (from

Larry Klayman, Bush Policy, and the New America

WP: Dean's Loss Of Nerve

French consul details nation's perspective

Mike Niman: Primary Tales from the Crypt

Carl Levin is great

Blinded by the right

Bush and weapons

Powell's Case, a Year Later: Gaps in Picture of Iraq Arms (WP)

Bush to Back Probe of Iraq Data: Wash Post

Saddam shame Fox didn't think of this sooner (satire)

Margolis: A scandal greater than Watergate

America's Nouveaux Tech Poor

A brokered Democratic convention? Dream on - Dan Rather

Scary RW debate: Theonomy: Is it Exegetically Sound?

New President, New Lie: Newsday (a must read) Delay quote

Internet will not save Howard Dean - Broder

Suicide bombers hit Kurdish party office in Iraq

The scandal of the shambolic search for Saddam's WMD

Republican takes strong stand against war, Bush

Editorial: Iraq death toll

Weapons of misperception

I love Rumsfeld Press Conferences on Doonesbury

Bush's Budget Tricks Wouldn't Fly in Private Sector

American Myopia: The View from Abroad

My Turn: Praise the Lord! (And Howard Dean, Too.)

Ray McGovern (Buzzflash): Nothing to Preempt

Tinker, Tailor, Jurist, Spy

Fundie LTTE bashing condom use.

Terry Jones on Emperor Blair's new clothes

COMMENTARY: Why Bush Can't Win in 2004

CLIMATE COLLAPSE The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare (Fortune Mag)

Are we all mad, or is it Hutton? (must read!)


Kuttner: America as one-party state. How they are taking total dominion.

RECALL effort against Republican Gov. Murkowski of Alaska!

The Democratic Kid met The Democratic King,Ted Kennedy

Media for Democracy 2004

Anyone been over to Drudge today?

AP distorts Kerry's good deed veterans PAC-that doesn't fund re-elections

No Broadcast media pickup on Balt Sun story on change BBV voting results?

Another craptacular Sunday on the network political spin shows!

Democrats attempt to "derail the president's re-election bid in November"

Bypass Compulsory Web Registration

EUREKA! I finally found it! The Oldest book in the world!

Book news! "Price of Loyalty" now a staff rec at NW Houston B&N...20% off

Astrolgoers: Presidential Politics Update

Anyone Have a Corn Muffin Recipe.

Bill Would Let Vermont Gays Marry

Balt Sun re BBV: Kids break in to memory cards/dial in/can change vote

When is a tax cut not a tax cut? When it's a Bush tax cut

NIST/Univ. Of CO Scientists Create New Form Of Matter: A Fermion

Chen (Taiwan) urges the nation to stand up against China

200 missing in Congo river

Face-lift for psychiatric hospital in Sierra Leone

Hu Jintao to unveil Beijing's new policy towards Africa

The LEAPFROG Commission

The Nuclear Noose Around Pakistan's Neck

Israel hails French anti-Semite jailings

Two US Soldiers Ask: Why are we dying so senselessly?

London Observer (Feb 1): The gas chamber horror of North Korea's gulag

France to curb anti-Jewish Arab TV broadcasts

A thought on terminology

Assumption of guilt

12 "slugs" in 2 seconds?

Question about bullet control

New features -- belated feedback

Can I check on the # of my mod warnings, or do I have to keep track

Question on why my post was deleted

Inbox Icon in Forums?

Can you please delete this thread?

Will an on duty admin please PM me.

Idea to make the Buddy List more functional

There is a 9/11 forum right?

Would someone please explain to me

Is it a generally accepted fact

Further clarification on Botoxgate thread please

Another question for Mod Skinner plus a comment..

LBN looking like a locked forum... 6 out of the first ten threads are

Israel exposes bomb's grim aftermath

Israel Expects World Court Will Hear Case on Security Barrier

The deal and the balance

Israeli defense minister threatens to kill Islamic leaders

Israel's 'execution' troops face death quiz

Al Qaeda keeps off Israel for now

Military Police company disbanded for taking bribes

Ha'aretz (Sunday): Officials at UN: Int'l Court hearing on fence in doubt

Census: One quarter of Israel's children are Muslims

Israel's gift to a terrorized world

Bomb victim's family praise video

Switzerland and the Geneva Accord: Undermining the Rule of Law

Palestinians Debate Recruitment of Suicide Bombers

Mourning Becomes Israel

Panel Reveals U.S. Missteps Ahead of 9/11

Young political junkies hear tips on campaigning

Another reason to support Clark or Dean instead of Kerry or Edwards

During Halftime Sunday switch to CNN for Moveon Ad...

Is the election our to loose?????

fritz hollings today gave us a wake up call-

Is MacAuliffe resigning as DNC chair?

Dem candidates special interest money.

"Only in America..."

Media for Democracy 2004 . . . (referral post) . . .

The U.S. Supreme Court - potential swings in ideology after 2004:

CSPAN - Anybody watching the 911 hearings?

republican priorities

Anybody have an URL for #'s killed in Iraq for mo. of January?

Wouldn't it be great if..

C-Span 8:15 ET: Rep. (R) Tom Davis spouting the Repug mantra on

ACLU Question

You might be a right winger if..........

Florida, lawyers & the private and public sector: Conflicts of interest

Yes, ex-Republicans convert. Why they are and how to get more.

Indignities Endured by U.S. Military:

Terrorism has replaced Communism as the Universal Enemy

Remember the helicoptor that went down last weekend?

BBV: Giant front page of SUNDAY San Jose Mercury News

TV Alert: David Kay on Fox News local channel 10:00 am EST

Will Trent Lott thrice deny being a neo-conservative?

Poppy Bush got preferential treatment during WW II. Prescott pulled strings

Newsweek Online Poll

Would a Democratic President have 'taken out' Saddam?

While You were too Busy Fighting...

Labor Website of the Year

Free Republic comments on the stampede at Hajj (WARNING: OFFENSIVE)

We were warned nearly a year ago right here on DU

Lack of coverage of Bush Rape Case

Did the Bushies double-check the WMD intel?

THis is what we are dealing with..

How does Kerry beat Bush?!?!

Another problem with the energy bill

Would someone please explain to me

B. Bowers Opens Halfway House Exclusively For Bush Children

An Argument For Each Of Our Would-be Nominees

Do they have Osama surrounded ?

Super Bowl Progaganda

Uh, oh. Today's Akron Beacon Journal converting kids to terrorists!

# of official probes into Bush cabal is growing

116 Governmental Agencies & failsafe systems ........... 9/11

The good news, then the bad news! The radio station where I work is NOT..

Look for fast and furious spinning in this Friday's job report...

Will Rove have to turn Bush into a born-again liberal to stand a chance?

Wolf with.....Pat Robertson!

Read these letters to the Editor

Washington state republican Senator uses the N word

Idiotic article on fark today.

So what's the deal with Marvin Bush?

What can reasonably be expected from the CIA?

Interesting discussion on CSpan 2 -- Ken Auletta

Vote on Wolfies Poll..................

Court upholds sentence of gay teen (this is horrible)


David Kay, former head weapons inspector is trying to save Bush's bacon

March of Dimes asks help in keeping FDR (not Reagan) on dime

Looks like Pat ROBert$on gonna tell Wolfie about his talk with gawd

Business and social pressure to toe the Republican line

The Difference Between Freeper's and DU'ers

Would you support prosecuting the Bush cabal for war crimes?

Remember everyone: Join the one-minute boycott of the Super Bowl.

No Intelligence! Another craptacular Sunday of political talk shows...

Super Bowl boycotters check in here!

Bush about to be on TV before the Super Bowl

Spending the afternoon with Freepers and Fundies

How to win friends and influence people the US Army way.

Sure Kerry can bring out Green Berets he saved in Nam but .....

Ann Coulter is Bulimic

A faith-based war and a faith-based economy ?

hey, that was my first locked thread

Zell Miller letter

Unions for knowledge workers? A re-assessment?

James Woolsey is a democrat, who knew?

CNN email highly critical of how they are reporting the news.

I put that Bush picture through Adobe demon filter

Question regarding the upcoming troop rotation in Iraq

Ed Gillespie on c-span now - 2 pm PST

George Will just called Bushco a 3rd Woodrow Wilson administration

Anyone have a list of Crossfire sponsors?

Should the candidates ask for our Energy Policy info, and why we cannot se

Bush legacy of padded salaries....

*** Official Thread for Bush "State of the Super Bowl" interview ***

A question that may lead to introspection regarding Bush

Two bumper stickers in Dallas and a long phone conversation ...

MSNBC: "Bush unveils election-year spending plan"

What would it take to get Bush* impeached?

Info on AARP and director William D. Novelli

How important is NAFTA as an issue ?

Carl Levin rocks my world--MUST READ

Should viewers march on CNN and demand Novak leave till...

Edward Kennedy speech on Iraq policy - audio or video files?

You have my word I will not vote for Kerry for president

Canadians -- anybody else think Paul Martin's going to have an election ..

super bowls come and go . . .

The Reconstruction Effort continues to flourish:

John Kerry's Glass Jaw (article from The New Republic

Has anyone visited the YAHOO message boards

All Candidates !!Please Stay in the Race till Dem Covention!!

ABC News just slammed McAuliffe for AWOL comments.

BBV: call your Senators' offices tomorrow re Voter Confidence Act

What channel is the ad going to air during half time?

BBV: A crock from the ACLU is used by LWV against VVPB....

"They" abused Bush, according to Kay. Who is "They?" huh?

Web funded newsman ...Back to Iraq..

RECALL effort started against Republican Gov. Murkowski of Alaska!

CBS - Montana Opinion Page Outs Media Contributions

The chances that Chimpco will plant WMD in Iraq. Need hard numbers.

What should a time capsule describing the 'Bush Years' contain?

Bush made Osama deal with Musharraf (Aug 2003)

Video of Bush asked about 911 - Guilty as hell??

For those who get calls from creditors:

Theme Song For 2004

I just learned I can only vote via an electronic machine.

Ooooh! I get it now, everyone is "Self Employed"!!!! (the new mantra)

The making of a pilot.

Two US Soldiers ask: "When will we stop dying so senselessly?"

Deleted message

Newsweek: Bush was AWOL

Terry McAuliffe hammering the snot outta Shrub, AWOL etc.

Is Voting * Out Enough? Will You Be Satisfied?

Just saw a "Jesus is a liberal" bumper sticker...

How the NYT and US media LIE about Dems

I think we've been sucker punched.....again

Quotes from Old Testament Book of Amos, with which to bash the GOP

Question: How Many Books Did O'Reilly Actually Sell

Biden must GO!!!! here's why:

A Message from FDR about the Living Wage

Faces that make you reach for the remote:

"Program Yourself for America's New War" - absolutely insane Chimp video

Blame Clinton, Blame the Democrats, Blame the CIA. NOT.

More Than 100 Iranian Legislators Resign

200 Protest Outside British PM's Residence

'Saddam has Provided Useful Information'

N Korea tests weapons on people: BBC

BBC (early Sunday): Iran MPs resign over poll crisis

Saddam to be handed over to special court: Bremer

Monsanto's chapati patent raises Indian ire

MPs 'misled' over cause of Sea King collision (7 aircrew killed in Iraq)

Fort Lauderdale starts layoffs, cuts to ease $12 million budget shortfall

MOD: British Soldier Died Accident in Basrah on 31 January

S.C. isn't Kerry's primary focus

Wolfowitz visits US troops in Iraq

Kerry Strong In All 7 Races On Tuesday

Student fights for the right to be 'right' -SFGate

Cracks develop in Detroit terror case

Concerns over policy on Cuba linger

RECALL effort against Republican Gov. Murkowski of Alaska!

Racing the Clock in Iraq (Newsweek)

Iraqi insurgents make a plan

Edwards picks up steam in S.C.

FOIA fees surprise Sierra Club chapter

Governor rallies support for brother's re-election

Air Force Reserve Unit Activated (Andrews AFB in DC)......

500 could be part of suit against Ky. diocese | Cincinnati Enquirer

Future Uncertain for Mentally Ill Patients, Ehrlich Closing Hospital

U.S. Forces Plan to Reduce Presence Inside Baghdad

Fury at India phone card ban | BBC

Democratic gerrymandering may turn tide (MT House) | Great Falls Tribune

Ex-BBC chief accuses British Govt of intimidation | ABC (Australia)

GOP abuzz over Dunn's departure | Seattle Times

Iraqis Find Little to Celebrate on Holiday

Pressure Builds for bush* Decision on Iraq WMD Probe

Soldiers' Story (SFChron)

A complaint filed against U.S. Rep. Lane Evans

James Woolsey on

Terror Threat to Airlines Queried (BBC)

Looters killed in blast at ammunitions site - Iraq

Over 100 Iran Lawmakers Submit Resignations

120 Iranian MP's Quit, label Hard-liners "Taliban"

57 die in suicide attack on Kurdish party offices

More than 100 dead in Iraq suicide blast as Wolfowitz lands in Baghdad

Yahoo: Many Said Killed in Two Iraq Bombings (Kurds targeted)

Iraq Suicide Attack Toll May Be 200

Rockets pound US base in Iraq - One U.S. Soldier dead 12 hurt

Soothing the savage stereos

Breaking: Stampede Kills 244 at Hajj Pilgrimage

CNN just reported 1 soldier killed, 11 injured. Breaking no link yet

56 Dead in Iraq Bombing

(South Carolina) Primary Voters Must Vow They Are Democrats

N. Korea gassing prisoners, BBC says

Kerry, Edwards Boasts Hardly Tell Story

Government "bullied" BBC over Iraq

Twin Bombings Kill at Least 57 in Iraq

Edwards, Clark Emerging As Kerry's Rivals

R.P. working on roadmap to pit Asean versus China (Jobs)

Death threats plague Saddam's trial planner

Iraqi Officials ban Al Jazeera

Breaking: Bush Orders Independent Probe on Iraq Intelligence

Clark Stresses His Military Credentials

Three US soldiers, four Palestinians, 11 Iraqis killed on eve of feast

Senator Rockefeller (D-WV): Flight cancellations necessary | CNN

Perdue: 'E' word belongs in curriculum (GA evolution controversy) | AJC

Internet worm shuts down software website | CBC

Wal-Mart on PR Offensive to Repair Image

Bush & Blair nominated for Nobel Prize for Peace.....

Stampede at haj kills 244, Saudi official says

For some, job loss can become a gain

American Indians flex political muscle

GOP Focus Is Already Fixed on Endgame

Democratic Party Chief Attacks Bush on Military Record | New York Times

Congratulations Dookus 6666 posts

Tina Fey - Prosecute me, baby, prosecute me!

Just saw "Miracle"...

I juat watched blacks on SNL

True TV Confessions: Boohbah, & other shows I watched, fighting the flu

Nerf footballs recalled due to chance of injury

calling all penguin smackers . . .

Saturday Night Live on NBC or Toby Keith on CNN?

lol . . . here's another one . . . "Swat the Nazi!" . . .

just got back from a "girls night out"

Anybody Else See Newsworld International Saturday Night. A Show

Ack! Spit! Cough! My ten-year-old son just discovered cologne

I just saw "Fog of War"

Emails and bad timing....Anyone ever had this happen?

The Pain Comics

"Are you ready for the Sinful Ensemble?"

Alex Trebek drives a Pickup?

Any Houston area DUers home while the Super Bowl parties are going on?

West Coaster to East Coasters: is SNL worth watching tonight?

I am over 1,000 posts all hail me...

Yak McYakerson took special interest donations

Your pet's ears

The strangest winger argument I have ever encountered

Beef w/Bill Maher, concerning Kerry & Botox.

I Just Posted A Comment In The Bugs/Features Forum

I'm watching Scarface, so post your favorite quotes from the movie

I'm the only person on this continent who's awake at 4:45am CST.

Some "Gladiator-Like" movies that will be coming out

Pepsi commercial on the Superbowl?

Batman fan? Script for new movie "nails it!"

Who will win the Super Bowl today ?

Super Bowl menu

It's Super Sunday!

Mods - please delete - posted in wrong forum

So, do you like to leave your body and just go sailing?

Here's something you must see! Billy Joel's We Didnt Start The Fire...

CAPTION! Quick! before it eats Congress

So I cashed in an 8-year collection of pocket change...

We are a Nielson Family

A W.BUSH Poem. By The Democratic Kid

this is why we love Canadians . . .

Study: Most Self-Abuse Goes Unreported

A W.BUSH Poem. By The Democratic Kid

Bush 2004 Campaign Pledges To Restore Honor And Dignity...

CAPTION the love affair

You might be a right winger if..........

I am begging you!!!!!!!


I had the greatest time last night!

DIY roofers/re-modelers/builders. Need some help.

Any Phantasm fans?

Super Bowl Progaganda

So there I was, on the ChiGC ET Server...

Never Mind!

What is Memphis like to live in?

FL DUers: What Can You Tell Me About The Tampa Area?

I broke my diet of no TV

Karmic Questions (3)

UK Group Travis!

Not watching any pre-Super Bown shows...

Spring time 1938 or so.

Whom you think will win VS. Whom you WANT to win

We were in Mexico With Tom Brady! (pic)

Embarassing question RE: My Ass!

What I just don't understand about censorship

QUESTION: Super Bowl Stadium Seating Layout...

I proclaim: Women who love all things geeky

Bush as the Cat in the Hat

CNN Quick Vote -- Who will win the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl...?

Should I apologize to this guy?

Opus is good today!

Does John Stossel look like Rollie Fingers or Jerry Colonna?

I just saw "Fog of War"

Has anyone seen Avenue Q?

Hey Gamers. I Am Thinking About Getting A Game Boy Advance SP.

How could JK get Botox if he's just a Skull & Bones?

At Any Given Moment...

Remember everyone: Join the one-minute boycott of the Super Bowl.

Blondie: Acceptable predatory stalking b/c it's sung by a woman?

Remember this film?

My son just brought home his new Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier&4X12 cab

Something strange is happening to me, (dreams),and I am curious...

Leave no child behind

Holy Fuck! Duran Duran performing live on CBS' super bowl pregame now!

Prepare to pee in your pants: Mad Cow!

ARWalden's Duck is killing me!

Can anyone tell me about Cecile du Bois ..

Anyone want to see Halle Berry wearing leather and swinging a whip?

Vintage vs Modern size explanation

anybody dealing with a mentally ill kid?

Does anyone else think that the soldiers just interviewed on CBS

Boycott bowl: SO here is what I am watching

Spending the afternoon with Freepers and Fundies

I saw a bit of a Doumainian era SNL ep last night.

Any other male DUers watching/giving a damn about the Superbowl?

Either the latest DU upgrades are extremely good, or

Anybody get a laugh out of all the Howard Dean Screem Remixes??

How has DU changed your life? Share your story here.

Is your God mean?

Tom Brady

I put that Bush picture through Adobe demon filter

Bush is about to horn in on the Superbowl coverage

must... escape... before... Super Bowl

Anyone else see Toby Keith on Larry King last night?

ok let me try it in this forum...

My very first caption this(by Kenner)! Who's screaming now?

Willy is on now

New Hampshire's Own - Aerosmith coming up


Bush about to be on TV before the Super Bowl

Mispronounce Words Here...

Right now I'm drinking Diet Coke with LIME...

Hey everybody! This is my 1000th post! Ask me anything!!!!

josh groban = Dr.Who

So * called the Malloy program

Dean says Vincent Hamm is a Republican

The Not So Super Bowl

I proclaim: Leftist ladies got it going on!

My superbowl tradition continues-not watching it......

help i need excel!

I proclaim: Women with ample bootys...

A funny thing that I noticed from weight loss web sites

Who is your favorite philosopher?

How would YOU handle this Dilemma?

Any other het male DUers not watching/giving a damn about the Superbowl?

I just heard something funny, ask me anything

Super Bowl boycotters check in here!

This pic needs a caption

Hey DU'ers -- Help a sister out

Dish Network or DirecTV?

Happy February 1 Everyone.

Blitzer just cut Edwards off in the middle of a sentence

Really odd conversation with a Freeper

Remember everyone: Join the one-minute boycott of the Super Bowl.

Capturing the Friedmans.....

I caught Skinner downloading yak pics from my HD!

OK, it's time. I'm bored stiff so here goes...

Flame Wars and Other Online Arguments

I'm flying to London and back in a few weeks

Male/lesbian DUers - who else has a crush on the girl in jenk's sigline?

Only one team from the South has won any of the last seven Super Bowls.


Meat and protein questions for Atkins dieters

*Happy New Month!!!*

SBXXXVIII Thread. I guess that we need one, Eh?

I saw an odd thing while watching the Super Bowl

Hey Padraig18 - any word on Msgr. Niebrugge?

What would it take to get Bush* impeached?

An ethical question about music downloading.

How many albums are in your music collection?

Hey! Look at Ann Coulter's

slightly off-color golf joke

It's been a year since I last had a crush on someone

Sports championships you'd like to see happen someday

Which of these groups of women do you think are beautiful?

looking for a good graphics program

You Photoshoppers Rock! Now: Please Photoshop or caption:

Stanford University

redrawing state lines

Finally, a place for Canadian political junkies to call home!

Place yer bets, ladies and gents, place yer bets!

Gene Kelly was a "good left-wing Democrat" till the day he died!

Anyone else (womenfolk only) go to Curves (to work out)?

Earl Warren to Be Announced as Head of Intelligence Panel

DU NYC >>>> Primary Party on Tuesday?

Why downloading music is good for the music industry

Does anyone ever cry at the end of Trading Spaces?

Why are men called "husky" and women are called "fat"?

Animated video of the Mars Rover's journey to Mars

Espresso Question: Can I steam half&half or cream?

What are the last 3 albums you bought?

I just ate Skittles, ask me anything!

CWA Endorses John Kerry for President

Campaign Finance Records for all Presidential Candidates!

Politus blogspot

Call on Clark supporters - act NOW!

Kerry's SC chances depend on continuing to win over black undecideds

Clark Ad in Maryland

FEC Candidate Reports through 12/31 now online

KC Star Missouri poll (edwards closes the gap to 30!)

Candidates crank up intensity in final days

Republicans increasingly wary about a close presidential

Which states have open primaries (or caucus)?

Yes or No: Will Dean Implode on MTP?

Bush fears running against Dean

Caucus hard to call (ND)

New ARG polls are up - Kerry closing in on Clark in OK, Edwards holding SC

For those who may have missed it--Dean on Hannity program

Latest ARG Polls -February 1st.

RR Poll: Bush 42, Kerry 45!

Clark w/ some clever quips cutting Bush down to size - read :)

Clark is clearly leader nation needs

Isn't it interesting that there isn't a harsh word exchanged between JK/JE

Proof that Republicans are donating to the Edwards campaign!

I just listened to the Hannity interview of Dr. Dean.

We are a Nielson Family

Who funded the January campaigns of Lieberman, Gephardt, Edwards & Kerry?

Dean Spent $6.5M on Campaign Salaries

Nuclear plant security failures

Dean secret energy group

Did Howard take ski industry money?

I met Howard Dean's mother and brother tonight at a meetup,,,

Howard Dean, gatekeeper for the Democratic Party!!!

What are details of bipartisan Kerry/lobbyist $$$ report?

Did Dean call Clark a Republican??

Here's an interesting poll I ran accross...

seems like almost every other post today . . .

My best argument against Bush

Who Do You Prefer In November?

Kerry takes lead in OK

The Oregonian: Thank the Dean mascot, now go win

Kerry, Cleland hit AWOL Chimp's service record

With Cry of 'Bring It On,' Kerry Regained His Campaign Footing

Michigan Governor Endorses Kerry

White House sets attack dogs on Kerry


George Will just called Bushco a 3rd Woodrow Wilson administration

TV Alert: David Kay on Fox News local channel 10:00 am EST

Who's Primary Endorsement Helped Their Candidate Most?

What does Kerry have in common with JFK and Reagan?

Could Kucinich get elected to a statewide office?

TV Alert: Trippi on Inside Politics 10:00 AM EST CNN

Clark supporters: Let's stop complaining and start doing!

Newsflash Meet The Press got OK results backward(Clark still up not Kerry)

Newsweek Poll: Bush At All Time Low

MTP = media through prostitution

How Dean can get back into first place I'm serious...

Edwards on Face the Nation now. CBS.

New Zogby: Kerry leading in OK by 2, within 1 point of Edwards in SC

WP: Dean campaign nearly broke by Jan. 27

Norman Transcript Endorses Clark (OK)

Dean didn't tell the truth about Roy Neel.

Personal take on Edwards-

Aides Say Dean Campaign Nearly Broke Jan. 27

There is so much ill will towards Dean at DU

Dean for Pres. Kerry for Sec. of State. Clark for Sec. of Defense

Dean just lost the gun vote.

Its over: Kerry to pick Edwards as VP

Sat on the campaign trail - Dean draws 1400 People - Kerry draws 250

Which Two Democratic Candidates Have Been Most Critical Of Other

Did Terry Mc Aluff close his eyes when they showed some Pub hack giving a

Missteps Pulled a Surging Dean Back to Earth (NY Times)

Dean says he will attack at least through March 2

Dean on MTP now (9amEST)

Clark Supporters: Does Zogby Poll Reservations In OK, NM, AZ and ND?

Stephanopoulos just spent a whole segment on Iraq

Everything is just ducky

I can't watch TV: So many media whores

why no Gallup polls?

Howard Dean says Harry S Truman is his political hero

Did Kerry loan his campaign 2.9 million or 4 million in December, 2003?

"Clark is clearly leader nation needs"

If you vote 3rd party, you help Bush into office

Cash and Kerry

If Kerry is running ads in all 7 question is....

On this records issue

Have 2 decorated war hero's on the same ticket ever ran against an AWOL...

Trying to clarify something about the 'delegate count' comparisons here

Kerry not a leader on legislation, not a creative bone in his body

Kerry isn't shy about his liberal record

Do open primaries in South Carolina keep Republicans in control?

Dean/Meet The Press transcript up for those without TV access

Sure Kerry can bring out Green Berets he saved in Nam but .....

About Today's Meet The Press

Today's MTP (what is wrong with our press)

Do we know who was responsible for the Osama ad yet?

The Indi 500? Or how the Independent voters will change the election.

Pocketbook Populism and the 2004 Democratic Primary

John Edwards Goes National (TIME Magazine)

Was anyone else at Dean's appearance in Seattle today? -- supporters only

The debates are working on getting out the Democratic message

Dean acknowledges Iowa-New Hampshire strategy didn't work

George Bush has spent more campaigning than Dean or ANYONE

Cash and Kerry

Which candidate - when he is President - will be able to withstand a

Deleted message

When the press butchers Kerry

Down & Out in SC

Tim Russert reads Kerry backed letter to the editor on MTP.

Do any of the other candidate's supporters realize ?

OK....I think the dems should do something COMPLETELY radical...

Dean Meet the press Replay tonight

When is Dean going to apologize to Clark and Kerry re:GOP accusation?

I just have to repost the Nov. Rollingstone Interview again

MSNBC online poll

Missouri debate is canceled

The primary race will come down to Kerry-Edwards on Feb. 10

Dean beholden to HMO's?

Has Kerry lost much support in the past few days over Sp. Interest?

What are the correct possesive and plural for Edwards?

How many states will Kerry win on Tuesday?

Would you vote for Kerry and Lieberman in the general election?

Does Zogby's jiggling around of demographic weights effect his polling?

Are you ready for a fight for the Democratic platform at the Convention?

Kerry supporters, What did you think of Dean's MTP appearence?

Feb. 7-8 is the true test of Dean

I don't think Dean dislikes Kerry too much. He said he would vote for him

Election a "gamble"??

Is this another Howard Dean Flip-Flop?

Make your Wes Clark predictions for Feb 3rd

If you believe the media tanked Dean - read this!

MoveOn to move Childs Play ad...

If Bush doesn't run, who would be the Republican candidate? I have said..

Who volunteers at canidates' field offices?

Dean vs. Kerry -- a two man race?

We have got to help Kerry raise money

Lawton Constitution Endorses Gen. Clark

Out of State Volunteers for campaigns are

Did Dean support a war in Iraq?

Kerry, Edwards Boasts Hardly Tell Story

John Kerry's "Special Interest" Quid-Pro-Quo

John Kerry's Dealings with Johnny Chung

Edwards supporters: convince me.

After the recent scandals and decline in Kerry support: is Kerry toast?

The Real John Kerry a Newsweek article

Anybody get a laugh out of all the Howard Dean Screem Remixes??

when a candidate drops out, what happens to their money?

Proove to me Clark is ready to be president

predict the spin

Kerry in Free-fall with "Special Interest" Corruption Probe

Why Wes Clark will make a better President than John Kerry...

Dean just accepted Kerry's challenge to one on one debate (MTP)

Any info on Edwards experience to lead our country?

What are Kerry's views on media consolidation?

Fierce battle to stop Kerry

Clark, Edwards Gain on Kerry

Edwards bids for S.C. blacks' votes

sure your guy is going to win? put your money where your mouth is

Candidates only get 46% of matching funds.

Will the Superbowl affect the SC primary

James Woolsey is a democrat, who knew?

Join the arising Dean pheonix !

Kerry on Top in N.M.

WA Gov. Gary Locke endorses Kerry

CSPAN>>> SHARPTON forun. NOW 3:30pm eastern sunday

Speech evolved over a year (Edwards' Two Americas)

"Kerry and Edwards boasts hardly tell story"!

"Take America Back" Trippi rehash??

What did Joe Trippi do for Jerry Brown in 1992?

Who Will be The Eventual Nominee

Is this truly democratic?

This is the Guy That was "duped" by Bush

In `92, Kerry sent a voter 2 letters: one backing Gulf War & one opposing

United Farm Workers of America endorse Kerry

Clark Supporters, Please lambaste Jack Cafferty of CNN

I saw a poll on CNN that showed Kerry ahead of Clark - 29% to 22%

Statement from Kerry in Response to Dean's attacks on his record

Kerry Vets Roll into Phoenix

Howard Dean's Meet the Press interview has converted me.

If IWR no better than Tonkin Gulf Resolution, why so many Vietnam vets

Do not marginalize Dennis Kucinich

20% are undecided in many Feb. 3rd states

Why dont they talk about Clark?

WHOA! The Dean campaign has just unveiled Radio for America

Poll: Would You Have Supported Biden-Lugar?

Good Article on John Kerry and Vietnam Vets

Was anyone watching CNN at 4:00 and hear/see a report

Key Floor Remarks Clear Up Kerry's IWR Position

Terry McAuliffe is hammering Bush about AWOL right now on This Week

Dean too honest for the United States?

Why I stand behind Clark, and support Dean and Kucinich if nominated

Poll: Kerry leads in VA by double digits

Deleted message

Commentary: Sticking with Wes

Dean says Vincent Hamm is a Republican

Gov Gary Locke endorses Kerry

Kerry: U.S. Needs More Efficient Vehicles

Media hegemony destroys democracy - case study

UNDENIABLE proof, Kerry can beat Bush...#'s do not lie!

I just heard Rev. Al on C-Span. He is the best speaker of the whole group

Tonight Show Dem candidate baby kisses segment posted online

Question about Al Sharpton comment on NAFTA

Isn't it weird how the supporters of candidates act like their candidate

Binary Dean v Kerry Poll

Is audio of Willie Nelson song at Kucinich concert online? nt

If Kerry has a 7 state sweep

Howard Dean: "...we're going to need the DLC to beat George W. Bush"

Desperation vs. Leap of Faith. A theory on the primaries.

Californians jump on the Bandwagon?

For Clark, Dean, Kucinich people upset with Media treatment of Kerry

Is this the real scenario we're all puppets in?

Kerry Says Bush Caved-In to Drug Companies

Who the hell are you to say I am not a Democrat? (a progressive rant)

War hero at home in line of fire

All my problems with Kerry would go away if he would do one thing

Wes Clark isn't a republican

What do you think of this new primary "set-up" for the Democrats ?

How many people here are from Massachusetts?

I just donated $100 donation to Dean.....

Clark Stresses His Military Credentials-Introduces man who saved his life

Newly revamped Generation Dean Website

John Kerry should be president...Bill Clinton should be Mayor of NYC...

UK Telegraph-The Secret Society That Ties Bush and Kerry

Zogby Today: Kerry Competitive Across Most States. Dean in None.

Kerry accuses Bush of `incredible cave-in' on drugs

FEC disclosure: Kerry finished 2003 over 2M in the red.

Dean broke? No. Try Kerry.

Ugh! SC ad using "Howard Dean Democrats" meme

Why hasn't Dean taken a position on trigger locks?

Will Kerry debate Dean head-to-head like he promised?

Kerry vs Dean in New Hampshire / SHOCKING results !

Clinton: Kerry Is Not Too Far Left

Will prices and taxes go even higher at least short term under Dean?

How does Kerry beat Bush?!?!

WA may be the fatal blow to the Doctor!

Bush’s War Record Does Matter

Here goes, a slight rant by a ticked off Kucinich supporter-

Wow, just watched Kerry's OK rally

Are there any non-Dean supporters besides me who STILL like Dr. Dean?

I'm A Edwards Or Clark Man But I'll Defend John Kerry From Unwarranted

Why is McAuliffe talking about KERRY and 'AWOLBush' when it was Clark ?

Dean on "Meet the Press" -- your punditry, please

On MTP Dean said Kerry was "on the take"...does he plan to file charges

Dean Won't Stay In Race Until Convention If He Can't Win

Primary rivals fear Kerry will create a one-horse race

Kerry's Big Lie "No PAC Money"

$2000+ donations to Kerry = 55% of his total / $2000+ to Dean = 13%

opinion of Kerry in MA

How many millions has Kerry loaned his campaign?

I do not think that Kerry speaks clearly. How will he promote an agenda?

Kick a habit for Doctor Dean!

Binary Kerry v Dean Poll

Dean Responds to News Reports of Kerry's Special Interest Ties

Attacking Voter as "Sheep" is Hypocrisy! It's Denying Facts of Campaigns

Binary Kerry v Clark Poll

Arizona Democrats Check In!

Anything on Kucinich press article in NM today?

Would you have supported H.J. Res. 114, the Iraq War Resolution?

Binary Kerry v Edwards Poll

Help this undecided AZ voter

Massachusetts dem against Kerry, but for Clark


Friends, Revolutionaries, Radicals, Progressives: Take a Chance On Kerry