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Archives: February 10, 2004

Its Too Soon to be That Pragmatic

Misfiring on all cylinders: Middle East economies fall behind

Hitler's Debt to America

Is Iraq the next Afghanistan?

Never Forgotten Slaughter (1864 Sand Creek Colorado)

Krugman: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Who Rules the Media?

(Salon) New Book: Fraud: The Strategy Behind the Bush Lies…(Must Read)

Salon: George W. Bush, the doubleplusgood doublespeaker!

Pakistan's Nuclear Inquiry is a Sham

Des Moines Protest Postponed

Video - News story of American Airlines Proselytizing Pilot

Liberal Oasis Sunday Talkshow Breakdown (Bush MTP analysis)

Russert on Boston radio today

HELP! Did anyone see Wolfie interview the liberal radio host today?

Max Cleland on Hardball - Video

Work starts to raise Graf Spee

Oh God, we want to move to Hastert country?

GAY MARRIAGE: John Kerry's Remarks on NPR--specifically for this forum.

Corporate Welfare

PRC warned over costs of development

Three decades after visit, Prince Charles sees a very different Iran

Lien (Taiwan Presidential candidate) cronies are fugitives

China seen as hostile by most locals surveyed

Beijing court says environmentalist Tibetan monk to die

appropriateness of posts in Justice/Public Safety?

You Talking To Me?

I don't understand why my posts are inflammatory

"highly questionable/inflamatory"

Locked thread question.

An idea for GD2004

"Civility" Solution?

Joe Lieberman’s name mooted as Jewish groups seek new leaders

Panel hears grim details on child prostitution in Israel - Haaretz

Israel Hems In a Sacred City

Israeli lawyers call for end to West Bank fence

GOP Poll: Neugebauer Leads Stenholm in 19th

Medicare rebels told not to apply for Finance Committee seat

Russ Feingold Opponent Shows His Stripes

Well I decided

Manipulate poll

Fire the freepers

Is America's population a salad bowl or a melting pot?


My brother is dead because of Vietnam and this shit didn't even bother

Fred Barnes says what is acceptable for a "young and reckless" person

MSNBC: "From firing to hiring in the Bay Area"

has there been a poll since AWOL story finally got noticed by the media?

The Invasion of Iraq Is

is every reporter who covers the WH named "Dana?"

What exactly can be done with these companies?

CNN doing AWOL right now!

My letter accepted to Washington Post

Daily Howler demolishes Russert

What would you do if you had served in the NG with bush?

An interesting moment with Bush on Meet the Press

Holy Cow - take a look at these Martian Pics!

What Is It With Republicans And Religion.

GWB: Here Comes His 19th Nervous Breakdown!

Here's why the missing military records story doesn't fly

Olberman playing Gore speech excerpts

Need help combatting the Gore tried to throw out the military votes meme

Russert has been misrepresenting his own interview.

Outsourcing - Radiologists cheaper in India Lowering US MedCosts

Manly men and the 2004 election

Help me out with a local TV poll on Bush/AWOL

Best Hardball EVER!!!

Should McAuliffe fling some more crap at the fan?

NASCAR Driver for Christ! (Plugs "The Passion" on car hood)

Violence spreads in Haiti - government says attempted coup

Congratulations to Alaska, Vermont, and the District of Columbia! (DUers)

How does one go about moving to Canada? I may look into it if Bush wins

Subject: THANK YOU CLINTONS (email from RW arse)

All right Westerners, what about a Regional primary , next time?

Insanity Hanity: Groping For Anything

Most important thing for winning the White House in November

"If Bush Was AWOL......Then Kerry Is A Traitor "

FBI "at critical stage" in yellowcake probe

Nascar Dads are the coveted voters.. Sponsors ..outsourcing??

Day traders and Stock brokers... don't YOU sell a stock when you HEAR it

Was Bush slurring on MTP? I could swear he was

mark 2/10/04 as a remarkable day

Reporting from the Metro Train exit in Alexandria Virginia, rush

Who here believes we have a free market?

Malloy About To Start !!! --- Bet He Disects Bush's MTP Interview !!!

Washington Post: Bush Aims For 'Greater Mideast' Plan

Austin School Privitisation Nightmare.

Bush-Guiliani for 2004?

Russ Feingold, only Senator to vote against Patriot Act, running 2004

Tenet said OSP rewrote CIA intel to help build case for war: old news?

HomanIcan't believewhatIjust saw

Thanks a Lot, Bush!

Russert just said that AWOL's pay stubs and tax records can't be found

AoL Poll: Bush credible?

Even if we get rid of Bushco, is our still economy sunk?

I dig the streaming radio links at the top of the page

Participatory Economics

Plame indictment -- how will it go down?

AWOL has more than legs -- it has tentacles

Repubs hit a new low: exploiting death of 11 year old for political gain

Reminder: Richard Morrison kickoff event (taking on Tom Delay)

The soldier who refused to fight. CO applies for refugee status in Canada

WP: DOD is requesting Bush's Records from CO Nat. Guard

My stepson finally called tonight from Ft Dix

does anyone have a link to the list of Miami terrorist

what would it take to organize the religious left?

Money talks -- why the media is finally turning on Bush.

They have Osama bin Laden.

I need help proving that the war was planned prior to 9/11

I was asked to run for Congress tonight.

Law Suit filed in Washington State over Voting Machines

Mars rover Opportunity looks over rim of crater | Houston Chronicle

Reuters Outsourcing Journalists

Stand up to Bush, Rifkind tells Blair

Bush Press Secredtary Testifies in CIA Leak Probe

New information on the torn document

Russert just said that AWOL's pay stubs and tax records can't be found

Two more 'spies' arrested in China, newspaper reveals

Study: No conclusive link between Navy sonar and dead porpoises

Sudan's hidden war claims toll on human lives

Insurers set for 9/11 battle

Witness's memory getting worse - Air India bombings

9/11 Panel Threatens to Issue Subpoena for Bush's Briefings

Japan's Military Sculpts New Image in Iraqi Sand

Army Says Soldiers Will Change Bases Less

Northwestern escapes DOJ subpoena (Ashcroft partial birth abortion recs)

Roll Call: Senate Judiciary Committee Memo Probe May Go to DOJ

Congressman Says Bush Is Open To States Bolstering Gay Rights: NYT

Bush* Aides Testify in Leak Probe (McClellan & Matalin)

Cheney, a Little Tarnished

Line-item veto may be revived

NYT: Top Bush Aide Is Questioned in C.I.A. Leak

Ex-judge on Iraq inquiry 'involved in cover-up'

Bush numbers take an uptick (Gallup/CNN/USA Today)

Defense Dept. Seeks Bush*s Guard File

Beijing court says environmentalist Tibetan monk to die

Howard endorses gay partnerships (Tories-UK)

Bush's Latest Trips Questioned

Doubts, dissent stripped from public version of Iraq assessment

Australian school locks boy in cage

Court rejects compensation demands of former sex slaves for Japan's army

How many people read threads backwards?

Sick humor for today: MSDS for chemical warfare agents

Uh oh... this is not good. A couple questions

I hit 500 posts at DU - ask me anything

Westminster Dog Show on now USA Network

Four-Winged Dinosaurs Unearthed in China

I'm not in love and I don't need help!

Is this a stereotype?!

anyone here listen to superchunk?

Westminster KC dog show on now - pick the winner?

Favorite B-52's Song

"scenes you'd love to see" editions one and two

Do you feel safer?

Please Lock! duh!!!!

Anyone check out the Kerry-Dean Mudslinging in GD2004

Apple Pie A La Mode for dessert!

Ladies & Gentlemen! This is my 1,000th post!!!!

DU's been running slow today. Freeper attack?!

Sing It, Saddam!

Life During Wartime

How do you know you work don't work for hackiest paper in town?

Voted Absentee in Georgia today

I'm making soup.

Let's come up with a "Southern Progressive Strategy"

new Savage Weiner Advertisers 2/9

Favorite Big Audio Dynamite Song?

NYC DUers: Is anyone allowed to get close to Ground Zero?

Do we call him "Radio's Frank" now?

Making Pies

Liv Tyler said WHAT about Ben Affleck?

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ..

Something for Mrs. Grumpy...

Daily Show talking about Bush on MTP

I am listening to Mike Malloy -- first time ever! Ask me ANYTHING!

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever...

What if Howard Dean was a muppet...

Hey, Admins... can I get banned?

Even Reuters says 'honorable'...not honorable......busted *

Mmm....'soy meat' Hamburger Helper and Oban scotch.

Ever Send An E-Mail To Someone In Network News Just For The Hell

"We have to show these men and women freedom by enslaving them, and...

If Laci had been homely...

DU chat tonight

What if hair grew on footballs?

Wierdest thing you've ever cut yourself with?

I'm a meat smoker!

MSN Messenger down?

So The Beatles were here 40 years ago today...

Favor to ask of olde tyme DU members

What should I do about attitude on another board?

1828 to 2004...We're in a time machine folks!!!

Get your very own WMD Specs!

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever...

OK Ladies & Thong Wearers ......... this is gross!

Has everyone signed the MoveOn "Censure Bush" petition?

Mick Foley is God! (Rush Limbaugh related)

Jesus Saves!


Most obscure place you've cut yourself with a weird thing?

What do you think of this car?

Thanks, DUers

Sweet Little Kitty Needs A Good Home ........... Please Help!

WWE Wrestling just took on the AWOL issue.

Why do rich people get all the breaks?

A small legacy in vinyl

How often did Clinton go on Meet the Press during his presidency?


Clark is about to hit his Goal

Is it true? Edwards trounced Kerry in OK districts that went Bush in 2000?

You know what GD2004 needs?

Dean Wisconsin Flyer

Forget "Kerry denies Botox"! How about "Bush denies earpiece"?

CNN/Gallup: "Bush numbers take an uptick"

Poll - Kerry, Bush, or Dean ?

Who would you vote for in the general: Kerry, Bush or Dean?

OK primary breakdown, according to Tulsa Co dem party office

Kerry says he supports constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Did Kerry really say this? Will it hurt him?

Hypothetical - Bush/Dean or Kerry/Clark??

Bush=Ming! (Funny flash video supporting Clark)

Final Evening Push for Clark!!!

Why are the Republicans calling Virginians?

Why haven't all the votes been counted yet in Maine ?

Dishonest Dubya: Lying Action Figure...Enjoy

Question to E-Blockers

New hypothetical poll - Kerry/Bauer vs Dean/Fierstein

Polka, Bowling and Kielbasa

Clark supporters needing a song in their hearts

why aren't people worried about Kerry's alleged womanizing?

Here is some food for thought about this primary season

Kerry could lose the Gay and Lesbian vote.

How does one go about moving to Canada? I may look into it if Bush wins

If your candidate's campaign is flagging . . . .

Anyone else losing total faith in this election?

gee...will msnbc offer one of our guys their own show after the primaries?

Can Kerry tough it out?

Max Cleland coming up on Hardball: Bush's AWOL = Max's Revenge

Sean Hannity has some nerve for criticizing Kerry's anti Vietnam War days.

Edwards: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack

Poll on my local TV re AWOL

Don't insult our intelligence

Who are "Americans for Progress and Opportunity?" (Push-polling)

There is a difference between amending and not amending

Some went to Canada; Some went to Jail; Some went to the National Guard.

Anyone here NOT wanting to be ABB?

Maybe I'm crazy...


Edwards, Clark duel in South for viability - USA Today

What are your predictions for TN and VA tomorrow?

Something that worries me

no matter whom the presidential candidate is....

Clark eBlocking all day? Kick back with Videoblog Tennessee

Post on Daily Kos about Kerry dirty tricks, *stealing votes*.

Don't forget to email FAUX to thank them

Dear Clark Supporters

Analysis of the Primary Election Dynamics

Southern States Are Set to Shake Democratic Race - NYT

Electoral College creates 2 million popular vote disadvantage for dems

Manly men and the 2004 election

Kerry Funds Raise Questions---Jake Tapper, ABC

I just made my first campaign contribution ever

Is Kucinich being excluded from a Feb 22 televised debate in LA??

Hey Clark supporters, while eblocking, don't forget Clark's fund raising!

Positive hypothetical: Dean / Kerry V. Clark / Edwards

Survey USA Poll- Virginia, Tennessee

Who will drop out after tomorrows primaries?

I could vote for Kerry in order to beat Bush BUT

The Real AWOL Mystery - Slate (why is it becoming a hot issue NOW?)

So if Kerry can only raise 4.5 mil while being the front runner

THANK YOU DEAN for staying in the race!

The invisible 3rd party

Clark Supporters: Armymom cries for her son

Interesting data from exit polls showing Edwards strength, Kerry weakness

delagate totals

Russert just said that AWOL's pay stubs and tax records can't be found

Anymore on this in MI? Have not seen it on TV news.

John Kerry will raise at least 100 million, probably 150 for the GE

Germany 1933: A Lesson To Consider

Gallup: Rare for incumbent to trail challenger this close to election

I've been banned from my favorite Dean Discussion Board...

What is the Deal?!?!

Dean forgets Dennis Kucinich one more time

We have to do the right thing (NPR on civil unions and Dean)

Human Rights Campaign info on candidates.

Kerry interview on NPR, might support anti-marriage amendment

tomorrow is the VA primary!

I'm not afraid to say it: If Dean doesn't get the nomination,

A parable of Dennis Kucinich

The tide is turning on Bush. Kerry should take full advantage of this.

Dean Needs To Keep His Word on Feb. 17: For His Party & His People

Mr. Bush Meets The Press: - Eric Alterman

The Return Of The Giant Sucking Sound

NYT OpEd: Mr. Bush's Version

The Media Disappeared Howard Dean

Cannon Fodder

Must Read critique on the media prior to the war

Naomi Klein: Democracy and robbery

The president's Bush league defense - Orange County Register

An Antiwar Forum in Iowa Brings Federal Subpoenas

Does no one realize that the White House is under criminal investigation?!

Trust fades as war cry rings too hollow

"Bush to Release Military Pay Records" while Globe/W.Post/ask questions

Mark Shields: George W. Bush, giant 'pander-bear'

Mark Schmitt piece on why George is no Nixon and what liberalism is.

We [CA] pay, they decide

Houston Chronicle has two excellent editorials today:

Cohen: From Guardsman… (Cohen played hookey from Guard, too)

SA farmer 'fed worker to lions'


Dubya in 'Bama – 'God's Gift to Women'

'War President' :By E. J. Dionne Jr

Must Read---Maureen nails it!

Nightline is covering the Bush Military Story

Krugman - the corrupt Bush family - NY Review of Books

NYT on Bush claim that he'll cut the deficit in half within 5 years

Bush releases records -- it backfires

Molly Ivins: Setting the record straight

Protest Ohio's Defense of Marriage Act

Des Moines - Subpeonas quashed

Mass DUers: Have you contacted your legislator?

March for Women's Lives

Today's AWOL Air Force Reserve punishment unit DOC - media says?

today's record release PROVES AWOL - why no comment in media?

"Uncovered" download

Pundit O'Reilly Now Skeptical About Bush

Phe's shared thought for 2/10/4;

VoterVirgin needs the People's Vote

Study: Gay, straight soldiers work together

Iraqi Women’s Rights Are Being Stripped

homophobic African bishop in cash-for-prayers scandal

Mel Gibson says his wife Mel Gibson says his wife could be going to hell

Court to review gay dad's custody limits

Transcript: Kerry on gay marriage, NPR, February 9

Judge denies DOJ request for patient records


Harvey Milk High Accused Of "Gross Discrimination"

Job growth, by party

Viacom plans to spin off Blockbuster

More Competition, More Choice?

US to take over Russian Stabilization Fund

Scary stats......

OPEC Springs Surprise Oil Output Cut

Has anyone noticed that copper and aluminum prices have skyrocketed

Need green energy cost study links

As Smog Builds, 100+ Italian Cities Impose One-Day Car Bans

Indonesian Mining Protest Turns Deadly - ENS

As Aerial Wolf Kill Continues, Alaska Considers Shooting More Bears

Volcanic Rock Dust Revitalizes Barren Soil

Government Panel Recommends Removing Matijila Dam (Near LA)

BP reports year over year, this is rough, BP down 4% in trade

Amtrak derailment in KCK. Amtrak's President tell's *'Don't shut us down'

A global alliance against terror?

Neglecting Intelligence, Ignoring Warnings

Please Ignore This Thread

GUNS IN THE NEWS--February 10, 2004

Bush nominee to San Diego bench gets ABA rating of not qualified

Democrats don't hunt...

What constitutes a Defensive Gun Use?

Follow up about threads not completely loading

Dear Skinner...

Just wanted to apologize for donating such a lousy amount

Seattle PiI/David Brook

Dissing "non-contributors," is that OK?

Hey Admin

Received a warning that I thought was unfair and I appealed

HEY!! I Donated Over An HOUR Ago...

Big Red Heart avatar for imminent St Valentine's Day please...

GD2004 is gone

If I make 2 donations

Helping out AL on the leaderboard

I have a suggestion. Maybe it's just plain impractical.

I love the star but

Could you make my Abbie Hoffman picture into an Avatar?

Bernie Ward streaming radio show.. 10-1 am westcoast

DU grovel bot?

Can we make a rule

How do you post a poll?

Any way to tell if someone's been "timed out"?

Protesting a locked thread -- please clarify rules. Thank you.

Just donated BUT..........

Rush Looks too contented..

Deleted posts and locked threads

I'm sorry I can't donate this time

Why So Many Posts About How Bad Palestinians Are?

A question for Irish American DUers...Is Ireland worth it?

U.S. slams PA trial of suspects in U.S. convoy bombing

Muslim terror groups stepping up activities in Latin America

Hard-line Jordanians burn Israeli flag

France Probes Bank Accounts of Arafat's Wife

France probes bank accounts of Arafat's wife

Palestinian said killed; Tanzim militant arrested in Nablus

Conservative rabbis meeting in Jerusalem, divided on fence

Palestinian baby recovering in Israel

Audiences Small but Adoring-Kucinich undeterred by long-shot status

U.S. officials: Removal of Gaza settlements will boost Hamas

NSC to provide psychological aid in case of evacuation

Not even one "settlement" must be removed

Can liberals take foreign policy back from the Republicans?

Hey, 9-11 demolition conspiracy theorists

Official NORAD timeline from 9/11 Commission

Can I ask a tinfoil hat question re: 9/11

Just a thought regarding Kerry's antiwar activities.

Will Condi Rice run for the Senate seat in California??

McAuliffe shouldn't rush to coronate Kerry

OK Senate: Carson Has 11-Pt. Edge in Independent Poll

Do you think Kerry protesting the Vietnam war with Jane Fonda will hurt?

Rush says AWOL story will be around as long as Kerry wants it to be

Florida state Republican senator King

AP photo summary says it all (Bush docs)


Now it's "3.8 Million" jobs to be created

A Grand Jury is OPEN in the Plame Affair!! W. House aids called!!

Bush SHOULD have had a plan to plant WMD's before he invaded Iraq

Slate: Does this War President have any idea what he is talking about?

Something to expect come November:

Heads up! Randi Rhodes will be on NOW w/ Bill Moyers on Fri.

Bush diapers? Someone in China tries...

(Australian) Media Watch destroys Blair Govt on Iraq intel & media

I am REALLY worried......

So What's with Ashcrofts Supboena for Medical Records?

Kevin Cooper Receives Stay of Execution

Great New Bush* Book Excerpted in Salon

Should Kerry, if chosen the Democratic candidate, play his War Hero card?

MTP Interview: Lies are Evident once you know *'s "device"

Anyone else seen this?

What this election really means

Im gonna play devil's advocate for a second...

I'm so sick of the 9-11 commission threatening subpoena

CSPAN Question: Is Bush's* Guard Record A Legitimate Campaign Issue?

Pentagon denies union busting claim

Irish don't like BBV either.

DU Condemns the Seattle Post-Intelligencer???

AWOL reasoning

Boston Globe - Page 1 - Above The Fold - AWOL Story (Missing Info)

Court win opens doors for hemp food

Bush on "WMD" and "Military Service"

The NYT wouldn't tell the truth of no WMD's in Iraq to protect its writers

So what happens when you miss National Guard mettings, etc.

Defense Department seeks Dubya's National Guard Payroll Records

"In Touchscreens We Trust" Must See!

Crime and punishment in the corporatocracy

Trippi: Net Politics Here to Stay (Wired)

Heads up -- "Shocking quotations from the Republican Revolution"

Richard Nixon on John Kerry

New Worm 'Myjuice' On The Loose

CSPAN Tuesday AM — Grover Norquist

Anyone have a link or picture of * under the "liars club" sign?

Report: Diet Doctor Atkins Was Obese

Salon mag: Building a better Bush

Today's war rationale

CNN says Bush claims to have found NG records

Greg Palast and Tariq Ali on Democrazy Now!

The Pres George H Bush Centre for Intelligence: time for a rename?

Army lied about how it chose Halliburton for Iraq contract

Campaign to Censure Bush

Cleaning Up's Act

Let's all pray

Kevin Phillips (American Dynasty) on The Dianne Rehm Show at 11:06am ET

Parent body-slams ref at high school basketball game

An idea for the 'Democrats will raise taxes' Repuke strategy:

Should the Bush Crime group apologize to France?

Anyone think that there are some guys in the National Guard in Iraq...

Let's make a list

Great W Cartoon!

Can it be true? Did O'Reily apologize as promised?

WIs anyone else having trouble on the board?

Is the Discussion Primary 2004 Board busted?

Devastating critique of media pre-war reporting. They are to blame too.

Bush* & Co. praising job outsourcing to overseas. Dems should be

Proof Saddam was not captured in December!

The fix

NPR's Vodoo series - Businessman's revolt in Hati. Connected?

Bible Teacher Shares Christ With Arafat

CNN News Bimbos already ?? Bush's NG records

Did you know the workers of the world are uniting?

anybody got w's college transcripts handy? thanks.

Same old tired Republican mantra

don't miss Josh Micah Marshall today on AWOL

Pentagon employing 'sweatshop' labor -- in Kansas!

Whoa! What do you make of this picture of Tony Blair?

Black clergy rejection stirs gay marriage backers

WH Press Briefing Late Again...

the Pentagon sees Global Warming

now that the whitehouse has

MSNBC poll -> Go!

More than 119,000 Children to be disappeared in Florida

Where do you think the country is politically?

O'Reilly now.............skeptical

David Horowitz said we attacked Iraq for refusing to disarm.

Muslim vote may shift to Demos

The one thing we have to make sure that EVERYONE knows as a FACT

Dubya did not trade Sammy Sosa and was not the owner of the Texas Rangers!

Any update on the Gov. Rowland (R-CT) mess?

Repuke talk show hosts have lost it today.

Bush: Exporting jobs overseas will enrich the U.S. Economy...

Bush "uptick" in polls BOGUS

Crime committed on Capitol Hill C-SPAN

Freepers are all over the Yahoo message board today


Strained logic on Shrub's lack of TANG service...

true meaning of liberal

BBV: Fiore Flash (the man has done his homework!)

On CNN...The media is FINALLY going after Bush's war record....Hurrahhh

Bush's payroll record

I'm surprised the AWOL story is sticking with the mainstream media

Who was the person

It's time to change the way we think.

On CNN...White House reporters grilling Scott McClelland....

"I served with Bush in 'bama in 72 and will swear to it"

Some Virginians are insane - pain meds for aborted fetuses

I am shocked that those who rail against "Bush Hating"

DEMS: Can You Bring Us (AA's) to the Table?

Hey DU this...

Who's leading the charge against gay marriage?

The Blame for Iraq - today's Doonesbury

Media still does not state that today's record release PROVES AWOL - why?

AWOL, Forgery, Reagan Admin Redux with Criminals and Traitors!

If you were Bush, and telling the truth about AWOL.. . .

The Real Story on January's Jobs Figures, 112,000 Is Really 36,000

Bush served 9 Days May 72 to May 73 - Is that a Sorry Record?

CNN Poll

VeriSign Considers Re-Launching Controversial "Site Finder" Search Service

Patriot Act and Banks

doublethink of bush's pay records

Randi Rhodes is on **Fire** today. AWOL papers.

Let's all vote in the CNN-Bush AWOL poll

" Bush military" (Google)

Excellent NYT article on CIA leak Grand Jury, looks like Scooter Libby

The beauty of all these revelations the past few weeks

Nightline is covering the Bush Military Story

My 1st Poll Ever: What is your favorite Color?

I know what the October Surprise will be...

How did this not make Top 10 Conservative idiots?

CNNInternational covering bush* on " Insight "

My brother just emailed me this letter from Bishop Spong. (long)

The Last Straw.

Why are Americans so freakin uptight?

$87 Billion and Martial Law?

M2 Bradley Simulation Network?

Scott McClellan vs Ari Fleischer

Who took Dumbya's place in VietNam? -- Someone did. Can we find him?

DU this CNN poll NOW!!!

I love this pic of Clinton!

Does this mean Bush did community service?

It has been my impression that a commissioned officer is commissioned

I'm feeling good. But I hope this thing lasts

Tell me a Republican didn't write this...

AWOL on Nightline tonight

Someone interpret "The Note" for me

How could Bush "serve" in Alabama if his request was denied?

Begala: "If ignorance is bliss...

You mus read richard cohen's column today on his n. guard duty

we owe an apology to drunken sailors

ACT to allow gay couples to adopt

Being Republican means never having to take responsibility...

CNN: Blitzer's poll needs input!

Caption this:

Support the eventual nominee, whoever that is

Oh Happy Day ! Top rated Articles At Yahoo ... Behold and Rate Them

American family Assoc calling for MTV boycott. My response letter

Faux News takes over C-Span's Washington Journal......

Walk past a closed checkpoint to go to church? Pay $10K fine!

CNN talks about Plame (Whitewash continues)

William Cohen: We assumed but did not know... (WMDs)

If you live in Virginia or Tennessee: Did YOU vote today ??

Okay Lou Dobbs is nuts

Freepers turn on O`Reilly

What Were Clinton's Positive Accomplishments?

Protest Bush in Daytona!!!!!

Scary theory on OBL/Al Qaeda

White House phone logs show call to Novak

Bush has trump card to re-election

The next 50 people to donate $10 or more get a free book by a DU member!

O'Reilly's apology is international news - ROFL

Tucker Carlson: Gnat in heat or "cocainemakesyoutalkfast"?

The bigger picture about Bush AWOL

WaPoo! now want's your e-mail and subscription to get access. They have

The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare

Does anybody think we should drop the AWOL issue?

Let the vigil for the legible version of *'s "record" begin.

Penetrating examination of Mel Gibson's "The Passion"

If Judge Roy Moore for president had a really informative website...

AWOL: Did the WH release EVERYTHING sent last night?

This is the sickest newsgroup post ever

Harold Ford sez "take Bush's word and move on"

Is it time to offer another reward for anyone who served with Bush in AL?

National Guard: Bush playground -- U.S. Military: Bush plaything

Watch PBS Lehrer News Hour on AWOL shown tonight!

10,000 birds fall from the sky in China - for real

Russ Feingold: "Investigate OSP"!!

Should gay Christians be allowed to be Christians?

Hug A Republican!

BBV Scenario.

Kevin Phillips was on NPR's Dianne Rehm Show this morning.

AWOL: we still need to see the DD214! Where is the DD214?

There something about Bush's "separation form" that doesn't look right...

Forget AWOL. Focus on the missed flight physical & suspension from flying

Would you critique (sp?) and/or edit my article?

Shocking abuse of power by the Federal Government in IA

Look People. I Served In Peace Time And Can Name Everyone I Served With!

It's not IF he served. It's when and how much. I got numbers.

Leonard Peltier: Should he be released from prison?

What would you do? (Police State Poll #2)

Copy of Bush National Guard discharge... unsigned!

BBV: Electoral Board in Fairfax County VA STONEWALLS State Senator

If this planet blows to pieces this year, thank Khan Labs' and Bush

Oppression Threshold (Police State Poll #1)

I can't help but feel that we are now counting down to 9/11 part 2

We should boycott American Airlines!

To: Janet Jackson From: The US Army Re: A Thumbs up

Cheney on 911: Don't intercept plane that flew into Pentagon

David Hackworth praises Scott Ritter

Are you a Christian?

Eleven months and eleven days left...

Neoconservative cabal exposed and excoriated...

DU needs your help. Your generous donations help cover these expenses...

Where in the World is James R. Bath?

Cattle ban could last for years (Canadian exports) | Globe and Mail

Haitian police retake major city | BBC


India's private sector enters business of military hardware

Job Growth: Reality Or Fairy Tale? CBS

Iraq & The Gulf Of Tonkin. Bush Captured Romance Novelist.

Ivanov Says Russia May Pull Out of Arms Treaty

US bids to bring democracy to Arab states

Kuwaiti MPs press for probe of Halliburton fuel sale deal

Gaddafi Son Denies Arms Move Linked to Iraq War

Stronach team facing takeover, memo says - Toronto Star

Blair raised 'false expectations' about WMD

Not Everyone Got It Wrong on Iraq, Russian Envoy Says

Iraqi car bomb kills at least 20

35 dead in Mideast air crash

Iranian plane crashes in Emirates

Iraq and the Gulf of Tonkin (Washington Times)

dupe - sorry

Daily Look at U.S. Deaths in Iraq - 530 U.S. service members have died

Kerry poised to reap Hollywood funding

NASA Rover Photographs Rocky Mars Crater

Russian Candidate Found Alive, Aide Says

Bali haven for foreign paedophiles

U.S. Re-Establishes Diplomatic Presence in Libya: Reuters

Killers fed S. African worker to lions

US captures No. 48 on Iraq most-wanted list

Australian Labor labelled 'anti-American' on trade | ABC (Australia)

White House To Release Bush's Military Pay Records - DJ Newswire

Kurdish Refugees Seek Return to Iraq

Thailand to Maintain Martial Law in South

WHO Warns Humans May be Increasingly at Risk for Bird Flu

Bush predicts growth in jobs

U.N.: Taliban, Al Qaeda Cash in on Afghan Opium


Iraqi Official Wants Law Based on Islam

Bush Makes Series of 'Spontaneous' Visits

NYT: Democrats Suggest Inquiry Points to Wider Spying by GOP

Bush Supports Shift of Jobs Overseas - LA Times

BBCi: Bush and Cheney top aides testify

History's JFK Documentary Under Probe

9/11 Panel Threatens to Issue Subpoena for Bush's Briefings

Bush credited for Guard drills But time frame leaves questions

Bin Laden Has Recruiting Problems

Tests Confirm Avian Flu on Second Delaware Farm; 'serious Situation'

GAO to Probe Medicare Ad Campaign

Poll: 60% asked oppose legalizing gay marriage

Anti-war inquiry unrelated to terror

Regret Plagues King (Fla. Senate President) after Schiavo Vote

Bush's Political Base Seems Restive, Anxious

German Reunification has failed economically: Ifo

Counterfeit Birth Control (FDA warning!!!!!!)

Anti-war inquiry unrelated to terror

Doubts, dissent were stripped from public case for Iraq war!!!!!

Iraqi police to set up security belt around Baghdad

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

AP: White House Releases Bush Military Record

Russia launches military exercise involving nuclear, conventional forces

Findings 'deeply disturbing,' Auditor-General says (Canada) Globe and Mail

'Car-boat' case a dilemma for president

Bush Finds Party Faithful In an Ugly Mood - WSJ

Florida to expect a wave of Venez. tax fugitives on the heels of NED docs

Iraq's Sunnis want election delay; Sunnis dismiss Shias claims

No point in searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq: Kay

Army Changes Explanation on Halliburton

Anti-War Activists Launch Campaign Against Bush

Colombian President says 'anti-terror' laws no tougher than U.S.

U.S. Troops Kill 10 Iraqi Gunmen

Are we invading Italy next?

Iraqi police withhold security info from Japanese media

Gagliano ordered home from Denmark- Globe and Mail BREAKING

50 Killed in Car Bombing South of Baghdad

Appeals Court To Rehear Gay Parent Case

9/11 Panel Presses Bush on Briefing Notes {Guardian UK}

Pornographer to sell

TV presenter apologises for backing weapons claims

Bush Makes Series of 'Spontaneous' Visits

WP Columnist writes about how he got paid while in NG and not show up

The next 50 people to donate $10 or more get a free book by a DU member!

Russia Launches Military Exercise Involving Nuclear, Conventional Forces

Bush's Political Base Seems Restive, Anxious

Spain Regrets Supporting Iraqi Campaign

Pundit O'Reilly Now Skeptical About Bush

Rybkin Reappears with No Answers

Six U.S. Governors Visit Iraq

U.S. Governors Make Surprise Baghdad Trip

'No memory' of 45-minute claim.

NKorea denies nuclear disclosures (says didn't buy Pakistani nukes) | BBC

Schwarzenegger Says Frustrated by Execution Delay

Amtrak president says Bush funding proposal would shut down railroad

Discontent JAL workers sabotaging planes

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 10 February (#1)

U.S. Democrat expats in anti-Bush surge

Microsoft Admits 'Critical' Flaw

Tuner strikes sour note with U.S. over Cuba Treasury bars New Yorker from

Opec in surprise oil output cut

(Today's Windoze virus) - Doomjuice Worm Aims at Microsoft 

Muslim girl killed by Russian racists

White House: 3.8 million new jobs (CNN)

Court Tosses Georgia House, Senate Redistricting

State Democratic Party endorses Schwarzenegger's March ballot measures

Bush Seeks $1 Trillion Debt Boost

Microsoft Warns Consumers About Major Windows Security Flaws

More than 1,300 priests accused of abuse since 1950, records indicate

'Car-boat' case a dilemma for president

GMA - O'Reilly made to apologize

Musharraf Condemns 'Honor' Killings

Declassified Docs Back Venezuela President’s Claim of US Aid to Opposition

Bush to release TANG records momentarily: CNN

Six soldiers killed in Chechnya

French Ban on Religious Items Passes Test

Report: Diet Doctor Atkins Was Obese

Al Qaeda said to be promoting civil war in Iraq

Beatles tribute comin up on Letterman now...

Election season t-shirt design

Faux news should be investigated by the FCC not boobie gate.

Canadian Documentary Channel right now: "Stupidity"

do you own any split records?

What is your ATM PIN and bank account number???

10 Million Condoms Handed Out For Carnival

Bush is digging for burried WMDS

is this true?

Help me decide on Valentines Day

What is your mother's maiden name?

Man jumps from balcony, impales self on tree (through his groin), survives

What's your Windows password?

where did I leave my keys?

Where do you hide your extra set of keys?

I have been up for over 24 hours--Ask Me (Almost) Anything!

What are your credit card numbers and expiry dates?

Great News

Where did you put your WMDs?

Prison Escapee (Wearing Handcuffs) Tries To Buy Bolt Cutters

George Foreman Is Training To Fight Again

Stiletto Theif Keeping Women On Their Toes

Drunk Man Enters Bear Compound

Pornographer Is Selling White House!

How to wash your cat

A giant size WOOHOO! to us folks from Delaware!!!

Plastic Packaging -- An Invention of the devil

What's your last name?

Cold Pizza: The show sucks, but oh, that Thea Andrews!!!

Maine Resident Fined $10,000 For Going To Church - In Canada

Kissing up to the Mods (not really) but I have noticed that people have...

Did you miss any commercials from the Superbowl?

Enough with the ID theft joke threads... just send me a check, OK?

Paris Hilton is writing a book!


Don't click on this thread.

I gave myself a birthday present!

What to do with used dental floss?

Tokyo Speed Dating

Saddam's sister's hairdresser found nude in Libya

Triangle Televison Network 24/7 Gay & Lesbian Channel to start May 1st

Try this thing with your foot, it's amazing!!!

ABC to end 'NYPD Blue' next season

New US Ambassador to Libya: Nominations sought for candidacy

What a cool (in more ways than one) idea!

Three 'Wise Men' May Have Been Women And Maybe Not So 'Wise'

Within The Next 100 Years Over SIX BILLION People Will Die

Hi, I'm Don, and I'm a popcorn chicken addict

Did Jon Stewart refer to Chimpy as "Resident Bush" last night or did my

last vinyl you bought, and when

FUN only. Please don't flame, this is only to laugh...

Op Ed: "I Happen To Be In The Neighborhood And Horny"

Help! What Would You Do? (problem with youth group)

30-Packs Are Whack!

Found a great rant

JROTC Drill Team Champs!

Anyone else heard the singer Mindy Smith? (The next Norah Jones)

Rate This Poll

Does anyone here do kick boxing.

I wanted to say "THANK YOU" for my star...

Is Something Messed Up With the GD 2004?

Gun-Toting Rambo Granny


I've been banned from my favorite Dean Discussion Board...

O'Reilly now skeptical about Bush & Co. Apologizes to Viewers...

I just ate Lobster Pate' for lunch.

I am so SICK of the GD04 debates on MY RIGHTS!

Weird dreams about Sebastian Cattbutt....

mum makes food firm cough up for canned mouse

Quantum physics in my bedroom?

Anyone watching "my big fat obnoxious fiancee?"

Rude behavior at the Y last night

Which bank to you use and what's your PIN?

Quick, someone send me a pic of the chimp

duplicate post. please lock. thank you

F'N Army!!

Millionair Fined $217,000 For Speeding 25mph Over Limit

"Did you see MEET THE PRESS? What a rube!"

Whats Your Girlfriend's Phone Number?

Star Wars trilogy coming out on DVD on 9/21/04

!@#$%&!!! Fred Durst!!!

Are you a Real Chicagoan?

Where oh where did the Freeper Gallery go?

Calling all DUers in N. & S. Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kentucky & Idaho

Is there something wrong with me?

Car joke

I feel good!!! - I voted for a Democrat and I gave money to D.U. today.

Atkins - Obesity dealio is PETA disinfo/agitprop

Listening to Norah Jones CD that came out today. Ask me NEthing.

Has William H. Macy hosted SNL?

What's the most unlikely way you crossed an international border?

For my first poll, what should be the subject of my poll?

All I could donate was a lousy $10.

Favorite motorsport?

Lynne's DU Donation Challenge $50 for 50 States

Finally!! That Opus stip I was telling you guys about!

Han shot first, DAMMIT!

Is there a doctor in the house?

DU has a GrovelBot! LOL!

American Pie star was on that American Airlines flight with Fundie Pilot

it's my birthday today so I donated

Do I get credit for the pills/Rush idea?

Bush military service -- the proof!

new Oxyrush advertiser Coldwell Banker

Yes, I've met other scotch drinkers!

my wonder dog

Can anyone tell me a good free place online

I just got tickets to see Lewis Black in NYC -- ask me anything!

Why doesn't the GrovelBot accept Private Messages?

The Bush Girls

Today marks another milestone in my life....

Ann Coulter - Miss September 1939

What's your Social Security Number?

I am sick of hearing Miss Janet's breast denigrated as "sagging,"...


hypothetical question

Here goes...

We're getting Papa the cat a week early!


Here goes (yet again)...


what exactly is this avatar?

I've gotten so busy at work I can't hang around here all day!!

My "laugh at a freeper" post

What is Humankind's greatest invention?

Sex and the City

I'm allergic to my mail

BBV Scenario.

Fingers crossed that this works

I'm traveling alone with my 3-year old. Am I crazy?

What's Your Middle Name?

Parents outraged by bus driver's good deed

Microsoft Warns of Critical Flaw in Windows

Are there two major airports in Houston, or did one just change its name?

Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy Set for Sept. DVD Bow

Most Disappointing Sequel? (Besides Chimpy)

Will Michael Powell and John Ashcroft now invade Virginia? you shave anywhere else besides your face?

Yet another try - we'll see what happens

Who loves the DU GrovelBot as much as I do?

A grammar cop came in to work

Only in America....these are good! check out #9

Learned something in German class today...


A poem for FNORD, a fellow DUer

I Bought a Cuisinart - Will I use it?

Help with care package for a soldier in Iraq

I love this pic of Clinton!

What's your credit card numbers, expiration dates & mother's maiden name?

A random DU fund drive stat

Three Wise Men may have been... women

I'm goin ta MEXICO!!!!

What the... I HAVE A STAR! WOO HOO!

How to piss off your right-wing boss

1000 posts

The Top Ten DU Donor States at 2:40PM ET Tuesday (weighted score)

I Think This Is Right. Friday Randi Rhodes Will Be On Bill Moyers Now

Indie rock DUers: I'm getting into Built to Spill. Where do I start?

This Is My 1000th Post!! WOOHOO!!

Question for Netscape users:

Vote For Me!

A Valentine's Gift for the Freeper in Your Life

George Foreman wants to fight again at age 55

My 1st Poll Ever: What is your favorite Color?

The next 50 people to donate $10 or more get a free book by a DU member!


M.A.T.C.O.M..... this was made for you, I think...

Ahhhhhh. grapes!

Here's the latest exposed breast shocker.

DU Dating Game... (Yenta on patroll)

Look what Jesus says about rich people:

I'm a star-bellied sneetch

What is your pet name....

Anybody likes Placebo? (the british band)

Ridiculous commercial claims

When Was Your Last Visit To The DENTIST?

Too drunk to drive? Toss the keys to your 10 year-old

That GrovelBot dude is spamming the board again!


The Best Mexican Comes From Shacks.

When do you work out?

The 25 Toughest Guys in America

more RW email

What happened to The Lounge?

Bronze bust of Bush - only $1995!

for DU'ers over 30...Watergate anniversary

Manu Chao popular in the USA?

Wagner Fans: Do you like vanilla cola?

European chocolate tastes different

Miamians, Former Miamians - POLL!

Wagner fans: What's the best complete "Ring" on CD?

I found the secret to GROVELBOT

How often do you call or visit your parents (or parent)?


Donate to DU -- It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It's your last meal ever. What's on the table?

Joke of the Day!

Homework help!

do you pronounce the "T" in "often"?

Enough of the cute & fuzzy: the Reptile & AmphibianThread

A-Schwarzenegger, please tell us more about Oscar

Report: Atkins was obese, had heart disease

Favorite Opera (and we're not talking the Browser)

DUers in committed relationships: Your Top 5 Free Pass list?

So what country will Freepers go to if Bush loses

What do you use for downloading music?

"Under a Blood Red Sky" is the best g*****n f*****g live rock album ever.

Discontinued softdrinks

If you see someone without a star today, why not donate in their name?

If the GrovelBot appears in this thread, I pledge NOT to donate to DU.

What is your secret agent code name?

Why is there no East Virginia?

Who likes nature wallpaper?? Some beauties here

What is the difference between a Urinal Cake and the Chimp

Any Sonic the Hedgehog fans in here? I need a suggestion for a book report

Whats your pets name?

I found my Valentine

Hey could y'all send good wishes or prayer or whatever

Speaking of negative press...

Wisconsin's Governor Doyle DID NOT ENDORSE Wesley Clark this past Sunday

Wesley Clark on the History Channel RIGHT NOW

Clark supporters: Listen to this speech by Wes....never so pumped up...

Kucinich defends continued campaign, criticizes Kerry

Congratulations Kucinich supporters on today's victory too.

1828 to 2004...We're in a time machine folks!!!

Clark and Edwards funds?

Confused about the new rules regarding Election 2004 forum

Question about Mass. gay marraige

Democrats Hope to Send a Southern Message to Bush - NYT

Deleted message

The Dean Movement as a long-term proposition

If you support your candidate, do not be ashamed to defend his positions

Clark supporters: Send Clark bars to the media

If Clark Places 2nd in Tennessee and 3rd in Virginia he should. . .

Question about Federal Election Commision website

I agree with Dean: Any of the Democrats would be a far better president

Dominant Kerry casts his eye on the south

John Kerry considering supporting anti-gay marriage amendment

Letterman: What happened to Dean was a horrible injustice...

General Clark on mandatory civilian service

John Kerry: Isn't that special?

Why I cannot Support Kerry

Calling all TN voters!

One issue voters / One Issue Opposers.

NYT piece on Kerry's 1996 comeback senate win against Gov Weld

Why I've supported Kerry since the summer.

Question for NBDers and ABKers

John Kerry's days as a progressive are over.

Enough of the "who should do what after tomorrow" posts!

I voted today

Here's a good reason not to vote for Kerry....

Is electability a moot point now?

The Tennesee Dancers

Wouldn't you think just one of our candidates would have the sense to

Kerry supporters: We aren't going to switch to Kerry because it's 'time'

Richard Nixon on John Kerry

Some facts about Kerry's legislative history

Petition DNC: Demand Additional Candidate Debates

Clue for Kerry: If anyone asks you about whether you would vote for DOMA

reporting from the polls in Northern Virginia.....been standing

Media chiefs back Kerry campaign (Also Dean's anti-media trust statements)

Best Clark Call Last Night

Last Night's Daily Show and General Clark

Did Gore blow it by endorsing Dean?

the true key to winning a GE, appeal to your base

Is the Democratic base too provincial for Wesley Clark?

Clark Hit $700,000 7 day goal

The bat is so close to full!

Where are the media attacks on Kerry?

Reuters: “Kerry Presidency Seen a Boon for US Markets"

Today I spoke with a man who served under General Clark...

Clark is at Fido right now

Bush's military service lacks record of attendance: Bill Press

Any Other SDS Alumni Out there? April 17th is my 39th Anniversary

Kerry holds commanding lead in Wisconsin

Why do we always elect legislators to an executive position?

Deleted message

Democrats rally Tennessee supporters

Can we form a faction within the party to counter DLC influence?

Why is Al Gore always referred to as an "insider"?

Tussle in Tennessee

Off to the polls in VA and DAMMIT - I am SO CONFLICTED!

Edwards and Clark concentrateon Virginia and Tennessee

Kerry confronts peril of being labelled Liberal

End of the affair: Democrats move to ditch Dean

My view of Clark, what don't you agree with

Democrats Close Out Southern Campaigns- Endorsement by Wisconsin's Kohl

This explains it

Best line of the day so far - VA primary

I just voted in the first Va. Dem primaries in 16 years

Wisconsin Poll Market Shares Corp/Milwaukee Journal

Quick! Off to the polls in TN, help!

I've decided to vote for (MD primary)...

photo needed...

Looks like Kerry supporters paid for Osama ad (unknowingly)

Dean Scrambles in the North to Remain Relevant

Congratulations Clark Supporters! We made our goal & still counting

Democrat On Fire!

Kerry behind the Osama ads atacking Dean?

Frat Boy: Kerry is a "Liberal P***y"

The receptionist said "Sorry our guy isn't the nominee."

Media chiefs back Kerry campaign

Get behind the strongest candidate

I voted, i voted, i voted......

Can we make a rule

3rd place finishes put Kucinich in a winning frame of mind

Wes Clark Jr. Online Chat at Wash Post - great stuff

*official Clark Eblocking Poll*

Did Over-Saturation Hurt Dean in IA?

Just voted for Wes and proselytized while in line.

a gift to help voters

Send an E-Mail to MSNBC--NOW

GOP didn't want Dean as Nomination

Stop the O'Reilly clock!

Trippi Warns Against Release of Dean List

Who has more appeal in the General Election?

Kos noon exit polls in Virginia and Tennessee from National Review...

Oklahoma Red Check for Clark - Verified Win

From Tom Tomorro's blog, on Kerry and Democrats...

What are your predictions on the outcome of today's primaries

Dean getting credit

Edwards is saying Gore lost 2000 election

How about a few simple questions for Mr. Bush.

Veep Short List?

Something overlooked about the Jane Fonda / John Kerry thing

did i just see this right?

About "financial troubles" -- they BETTER be having financial trouble!!!

When is the next Democratic Presidential Debate?

Kerry's people should strike while the iron is HOT..

Off to see Carville tonight -- help with question

Herb Kohl endorses Kerry for president

My Republican friend in VA voted for Dean this morning!

Kucinich, Lee slam proposed screening

NY Post/ The Real Kerry

Have Iowa and NH decided who the nominee should be in the past?

Indiana - any chance to go Dem?

White House: “2.6 Million New Jobs!”; Kucinich: “In Which Country?”

With Gephardt Gone, Kerry Is Lining Up Labor Backing

Kerry to Stump in Las Vegas this Fri & Sat - Dem Caucus is Sat.

I don't know how to send private messages....question for Will Pitt.

Is primary voting valid? (Kerry/Dean upsets)

John Kerry at George Mason University at 7 pm eastern (In VA)

Dean as US Surgeon General - Would This Be A Meaningful Move?

Anyone Know The Voter Turnout From 2000?

Kerry and his Vietnam problem - long

Tucker just mentioned Kucinich/Sharpton ticket-said they tell the truth...

Kerry Campaign may have finacial trouble

50 minutes, AND COUNTING, till the first polls close!

*Official Clark EBlock Calling thread!*

You Say You Wanna Leave The Party?

McCain to be Bush's VP?

Exit polls from Slate: Kerry up big in Va., Tenn.

Do you think Kerry protesting Vietnam with Jane Fonda will hurt him

Clark Says He Will Fight on in Presidential Bid

Observations from the Feb 9th Caucus in London

Clark Supporters and other interested: Esquire article revisited...

Clark fundraiser cancelled - dropping out?

Good luck everyone!

Who should run for VP?

Congrats to John Kerry

Bartcop on Americans for Growth / Osama Ad

Clark and Kucinich

The right's attacks on Kerry's service are pathetic.

"Dems in rush to Kerry a nominee"

Vote CNN Does the release of Bush's record clear up the issue for you

Voter Turnout LOW in Virginia

Dean supporters: explain how Dean is different from Kerry on gay rights

Bush Sending Out Copies of MTP to Online Supporters

How is Kerry going to approach the GOP Q&A on his past votes?

Best One-Liners From The Candidates (so far...)

If Bill Clinton could have run this year, would you have voted for him?

DU Grovelbot Endorses Kucinich!

Kucinich Defends Free Speech and Free Assembly (important)

Dean supporters--- a picture is worth 1000 words!

Kerry: He Came, He Saw, And It Sure As {****} Looks Like He Conquered

Here is my problem with Clark.

Matthews: Kerry Has 'Hanoi Jane' Problem

For Dean supporters

Transcript: Kerry on gay marriage, NPR, February 9.

Grim view of TN voters re. Clark (Guardian)

Listen to Kucinich Speak at Virginia Tech (.mp3 file)

Trippi Says His Work for Dean Cost Him Money - LAT

Let the Amendment Be Brought to the Congress

I want to hear Gore's speech where he shouts

How can I support the Skull & Bones society?

Thank you, Wes Clark and Michael Moore...

Is/Was Saddam Hussein a "madman?"

Official TENNESSEE results thread

Call me crazy, but I would love to see Ann Richards,

As a Dean supporter, I'd like to thank Kerry

Its Too Soon to be That Pragmatic

If The Entire World Could Vote In Our Elections....

Is the 2004 General Election the optimal time for a protest vote?

Is gay marriage an issue for you?

Official VIRGINIA results thread

DEMS: Can You Bring Us (African-Americans) to the Table?

Extremist Polarization in GD - P2004

Dean Pulls a Frist

Clark Shredded Bush

Kind, Obey, Kohl endorse Kerry for president

Edwards, what has he done

Dean picked up 62 delegates over the weekend

Take a break from infighting to donate to DU!

This picture is posted on several right wing sites

Centrists: Should Dennis Kucinich STILL be excluded from the debates?

About the Presidential election and the Senate

What is the best approach to the issue of Gay Marriage?

Why I cannot Support Kerry

Candidates on the issues: Gay rights

Kerry treads cautiously on gay marriage ban

"Kerry Predicts GOP Wedge Issue"

Does Sliming of Kerry by Innuendo & Character Slams Remind of Something?

Who has more appeal in the General Election?