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Archives: February 12, 2004

No 'Smoking Guns' in Reports, Head of Sept. 11 Panel Says

Politics of deception and campaigns of fear

KMT idiots have no shame - Taiwan

WMD proliferation is the West's fault

Europeans need a security council of their own

Seattle Times: "Too easily persuaded into an unnecessary war"

Pentagon: 3 Months in Iraq Cost $14B

Michael Moore: An Open Letter to George 'I'm a War President!' Bush

“Kit” Seelye flipped about Bush and the Guard

Editorial: A question of service

Long, but good: President Bush Enters Credibility Gap

Putin: pulling a `creeping coup' against democracy

The whole truth about the Iraq war (video)

Stop the press! Let the people vote!

Fed's Main Economic Yardstick 'Broken'

World's oldest insect 'ignored' for years

Lesotho desperate for food

Cross-Border Church Visit Costs Man $10,000

Gun Control poll

Are the radio links a timed script, and if so, can I get a copy of it?

It was there right in front of me! Duh! Thanks for the new avatars!

Why don't you create a job?

What about misleading threads?

to skinner from wal

why did the mod move so many posts about 9-11?

Did you realize that Rush moved?

When are you going to remove candidate avatars?

Has the GrovelBot thing been working?

What about a forum for job postings... Has this been considered?

Grovelbot is a hypocrite!

So did you folks think DUers would become so fasinated with GrovelBot?

Should all financial and political aid to Israel be cut off -Poll

White man's burden

9-11 Flgt Attendant: hijacker had bomb. this and more info suppressed

Do combat planes have transponders that can be turned off to evade...

Political newcomer to challenge Rehberg (Montana At Large)

Can we have a sticky? Re: Mass Convention

One Thing They Definitely Succeeded in Doing: They Killed Any

You want an info war Dubya? Bring it on!!

"Wrap ourselves in the flag and we will never be defeated."

Their side versus our side.

Anybody watching Kondo Lisa Rice on the Newshour?

I have a movie (quicktime, I think) on my puter of Chimpy, drunk as a skun

did anybody just see squidboy walking across the WH lawn?

China arrests man who leaked gas-chamber claims

BOB BARR opposes the Federal Marriage Amendment?

Does Bush really seem to want the job or.......

BushCo: Forgotten Classics

#@$%#@$#$ Republican popups!

Have the "documents" McClellan showed and promised to "email" in the

So $275,000 fine for lewd act on TV...

Iraq WMD on sale at Ebay. I kid you not!

He's brought us to a trauma...

Tweety Panel discussing AWOL

Now on Faux

If John Kerry (or other Democratic nominee) wins ..

But, Bush has had such success in dismantling Social Programs/What DEM

FCC Powell gets 200,000 complaints about a breast...and takes action..

Who will drop out of the race next?

It's not about being AWOL. It's about credibility.

Who's Call On The Omnipresent AWOL Repsonse?

O'Reilly tonight . . . . .

How did the bushes block the black voters of Florida?

New Tinfoilhat media conspiracy theory

Do combat planes have transponders that can be turned off to evade...

why did Dick Morris turn so hard right?

Bush I helps Chimpy prepare for Meet The Press

States we will not win.

Ron Paul is awesome!

Bush made a political ad during Meet The Press!

Repukes addicted to red ink

Larry King started out

AWOL story not going away. Going to be *'s downfall

Mike Malloy laughing about Repuke's thirst for Clinton's penis

Email from a freeper friend - pretty scary

Bush Officials’ Lies about Iraq’s Supposed WMD in Their Own Words

Link to video of Bush cracking earlier this week?

9-11 Flgt Attendant: hijacker had bomb. this and more info suppressed

9/11 and what they wont let people know (eye opener)

I'll ask again...did anybody catch this?

Anyone watching Hannity and colmes tonight: open season on Kerry

Paula Zahn will have guy who served in TANG w/Bush on tomorrow.

Zero factor

Best line I heard on Hannity & Colmes tonight

Welcome to America! (and it's all caught on tape)

Did Mike Malloy just say

AWOL, WMD, Job Exporting, Haliburton..on and on

I'm registered Green, Do I get to vote in the primary?

Portland (OR) DUers -- The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Churchill quotes and bush

Malloy just let the cat out of the bag?

marcia, marsha, MARTHA!

will bush really win the nomination? the knives are coming out!

10:30 pm EST 02/11/04 Daniel Hopsicker on Jeff Rense show now

The Military records of George Walker Bush

Compassionate conservatism showing results!

Did Rush threaten Bush's former guard associates today?

Mike Malloy will be talking about Lou Dobbs next hour

Too many medals?

Iraq Watch on C-Span

King with Kay -- right now

AP has been contacting people in AWOL's unit and no one remembers him

Fed's Main Economic Yardstick 'Broken'

AWOL/Bad Press for * = Janet Boob Hearings, More Media Regs?

Take A Listen To Lionel Tonight

How does Pakistan get a pass from bu$h*

Dubya's Admin Scandal list

Bush served 46 days in Texas during 1973, but he didn't fly. Why not?

Vote on CNN (Lou Dobbs)

Argh. Arguement between me and my libertarian boss re: Gay Marriage

The destruction of the USA

Why The Heck Is Halliburton Running Television Comercials?!

The RNC Called me Today !

link to rumsfeld speech transcript

Bush's Good Conduct Medal?

Anybody Else Notice That GrovelBot Posts After The 30th Post...

How many non-political junkies know about PNAC?

Texas mom faces trial for selling sex toys

I am ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS that the awol story wasn't pursued in 2000

Jane Fonda & Sally Field -- helping to stamp out police corruption

Who was most responsible for Vietnam?

Outrage in the Workplace: "Vote Bush to make our work easier"

Okay, here's the BIG problem on *'s AA National Guard attendance

George W. Bush's Lost Year in 1972 Alabama

O'Reilly : "Catholic church invented marriage"

The Bush Guard records getting trashed story...

Mutiny in armed forces

If Bush Is So "Proud Of His Service"

Dubya in 'Bama

Prediction: Gays will turn up to vote in record low numbers...

Do you really hate Ann Coulter?

DOJ Wants to Scour Hospital Records for Evidence of D&X's

Did B* really say this? “I was not prepared to shoot my eardrum out..."

has every rep n media yuk heard this - UNCOVERED: the TRUTH about Iraq war

Bush AWOL is a lose-lose issue...let it drop

In the spirit of Will Pitt, I post my latest op/ed

Coulter: Max Cleland NOT a brave war hero -- DISGUSTING

What is wrong with polygamy?

CIA met with Bin Laden 2 months prior to 9/11?

SD House Passes Abortion Bill

Have the "documents" McClellan showed and promised to "email" in the

Sergeant-at-Arms defends investigation involving judiciary memos

Toronto Star: "NDP's Layton takes anti-missile drive to U.S."

Democrat John Vincent enters Montana governor’s race | Billings Gazette

Massachusetts lawmakers reject effort to reach compromise on gay marriage

U.S. officials drop activist subpoenas

Journalist to McClellan: "I'm not interested in what he recalls."

Sri Lankan president tells 39 top officials to clear out

Iraq Watch on C-Span

WP: CIA Alters Policy After Iraq Lapses

Here is THE name to watch for in the AWOL scandal (from Calpundit)

Corruption eroding PRC's foundation

Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 535 U.S. service members have died

Martin should have seen sponsorship mess: Copps

Blair promises to take up case of Scot facing death sentence (in U.S.)

HK sees democracy hopes fade

Kerry Takes Big Lead in Delegate Count for Nomination

White House Offers No More on Bush Service

Mich. congressman reaffirms alleged bribe for (Medicare) vote

1973 Document Puts Bush on Guard Base - WaPo

U.S. infant mortality rate on the rise

Lieutenant governors back funds to aid cash-strapped Guard, Reserve famili

White House Releases '73 Bush Dental Exam (Guardian UK)

Regime Thought War Unlikely, Iraqis Tell U.S. | NYT

GA Senate committee approves amendment banning gay marriage | AJC

Indians decry Grammy act (OutKast) as racist | Seattle P-I

"Bird Flu Virus Shocks Northeast"

Justice Dept. Seeks Hospitals' Records of Some Abortions (NYT)

Ex-officer: Bush file's details caused concern

Stewardess ID'd Hijackers Early, Transcripts Show - NY Observer

Scientists Claim Human Cloning Success | NYT

My friend Mike nearly hit the trifecta...

Question for loungers in the know about 'SIgs' -Please help

Should DU polls have instant runoff voting?

I DARE the GrovelBot to respond to this post!

Who will donate in DU Grovel Bot's name???

I figured out why Bush's records are missing!

The Democratic Dawg Pound- Have I got the colors right?

I REFUSE To Have Battles Of Witts With Unarmed Peoples!!

What other bots is Elad working on?

Oops! I got a mod warning! I called DU Grovelbot a freeper.

Mrs. Robb was cast in the Vagina Monologues.

What's your favorite commercial?

Does anyone love living on the BAD side of town?

What will happen if I personally attack DU grovelbot.

The QwertyMike Diet

If the owners REALLY loved us they'd change the post count on GrovelBot

FAtkins diet

Well I've decided to go for the other job....

WHo should Grovelbot go out with?

My computer has the hots for GrovelBot

Recently learned some crazy local history.


How happy will you be when the Loung is gone forever?

Microsoft Windows hacker 'backdoor'


Carl.-Voyages of the Vicky Mary.

Mel Gibson - Jesus

Sci Fi orders 13 episodes of new BSG

PORTLAND (OR) DUers -- The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Check out the Boston Freeper and a GA Legislator Now Anti-Gay Activist

Does Grovelbot need a date?

30 minutes of GrovelBot Polls has really help relax me (and DUers too)

Should 'robb is a dingbat' be auto-inserted into every poll? (Poll)

What operating system does Grovelbot run under?

Ok, I need a bath

What is Grovelbot's gender?

What religion is GrovelBot???

Need website info...

the soul is the sepository of the body

TVLand Viewers... Help Me Identify The Sexy Hunk

Boogers from the planet Nose!

Who would you rather go on a date with: GrovelBot, Oscar or Ann Coulter?

I like not being on the do not call list

Sausage of Power

Just to make sure everyone knows how weird I am...

Daily Show talking WMD Intel

DU chat tonight

I'm Rick James, bitch!

TV's "Seal of Good Practice"... You Never See It Anymore. Why?

TV's Frank becomes "Radio's Frank" for Air America!

Email address for op/ed submissions needed.

Futurama, lol at the new state names

My local McDonalds has 40% off chicken.

How to get a star.

I just saw Joe Pesci!

Has anybody seen....a dog dyed dark green?

I would like to thank anyone who wished my nana well

new Savage Weiner advertiser Ultimate Electronics

What language is GrovelBot written in?

MS tears swastika from roof of Office

What's Grovelbot's real name?

To whoever gave me a star...

The soul is the repository of the body

Did you alert on grovelbot when you first saw him?

Any Bukowski fans in the house?

DU Singles Hookup party?

It's Nyquil time...

Rove, Scalia, Cheney, or Rush - Who is the hottest?

TV shows that you watch (and perhaps like) that you are most embarrassed o

What music are you listening to right now?

I want to scream and never stop

Snff.....s s s n n n f f f f ....I smell SNOW!!!

aaah! a star!

What will be the next mystery upgrade?

I kissed Flipper!

How old were you when you moved out of your parents home?

Harvard to start porn magazine

What is the worst call in Academy Award History?

Are Clark & Kerry traitors?

Need your healthy girl vibes for my baby niece...

Will someone explain this to me?

My computer doesn't recognize my printer

Jaysus Kerist on a crutch, Ank stinks

I got a star! now what should I do?

Does anyone know octafish?

Who should be the next Bot?

Robb is a...

My Name is Inigo Montoya...

Is the Daily Show Right about clark?

Shower Temp

downloading music and piracy.. -- a bit of rant

Anyone care to take a crack at this Freeper?

It was a terrible, terrible night at work.

I can't wait!!

More Jane Fonda tonight - on Zahn


For those who can't understand why the Bush AWOL issue is so important now

Do you think the Dems are going to mention this quote from Powells book?

Question about the Delegates.

Smirk's resume

Thank You from Wes Clark

Thank You from Wes Clark -

Kerry Takes Big Lead in Delegate Count for Nomination

Iowa, NH, SC and AZ should all vote on the same day for the Primary.

I'm just a soldier...

I think Clark getting out is going to be worse for Dean and Edwards...

We haven't heard the last of Clark!

Clark supporters, "Watch This Movie"

When/Where can I see Clark's full Little Rock Speech.

EDWARDS Supporters: Check In!

Just to clear something up

So who is going to vote for Edwards now?

I got a rude 2 word e-mail response from Aaron Brown! Is this for real!?

But, Bush has had such success in dismantling Social Programs/What DEM

Dean says he favors Edwards over Kerry

Jane Fonda coming up next on Zahn

Please think along with me

Progressives Should Vote Edwards by Joel Rogers

Clark on Norville... he ripped Limbaugh, Awol Bush, defended Moore....

Attn Clark Supporters: General Clark to be interviewed tonite

What will be the Democratic Party's platform on the war?

News Corp, Viacom, Sony support John Kerry: Guardian (UK)

Clark talks to Aaron Brown on CNN at 10:28 EST

Whatever did happen to getting the Greens to go Dem?

Could Clark still win the nomination at a brokered convention?

is there any way (re clark)

Clark Supporters: Say you could appoint the next President

Something for the Candidates to think about.

Concerning the Clark campaign

A message of sympathy and support for Clark supporters

Clark Supporters: Clark to be Interviewed

Kerry campaign behavior appears opportunistic.

Clark on CNN NOW!

Clark's speech is on C-Span now

General Clark to be on CNN Headline news in an hour.

Clark live on CNN's Aaron Brown

Bravo Clark and Kerry on great speeches

A big thank-you to the wonderful techies of Clark04 and the CCN

Clark considering endorsing someone.

Who knifed Clark's tires in VA?

Does Clark get to speak at the convention?

Petition for more debates

I love Wes Clark.

Howard Dean opposes gay marriage.

American Power

Favorability Ratings: John Kerry

Is the Daily Show Right about clark?

Favorability Ratings: Al Sharpton

With Clark out, what happens to the delegates that he has won?

Another reason to oppose Kerry IMHO

OK who do I support now? Court my vote for your guy in 100 words or less.

My adventure at the Clark For President Nashville Headquarters

So I stopped by Kerry's NYC office tonight.

Deanies, We Broke the Bat. Yipeeeeeeeeeee

Kerry = Bush. It's Already Started Here.


Kucinich SUPPORTERS: Could you write your candidate about something?

Excitement ratings: Kerry

AWOL/Bad Press for * = Janet Boob Hearings, More Media Regs?

If Kerry about Holbrook as his Secretary of State?

Has the VP ever been more inspiring and popular than the POTUS--re: Clark

Dean opposes gay marriage.

IMPORTANT: Calling all Clark supporters!

Dean's position on gay marriage - Against gay marriage

Clark's out, I'm down

Things that will be worse after Dems win in November

Andrew Sullivan on Larry King spoke eloquently about marriage

Anyone watching Hannity and colmes tonight: open season on Kerry

Would being VP on ticket help or hurt in 08?

a slurry of thoughts and my letter to Dean

Clark is less upset about his dropping out than I am

What will the Democrats do if Nader runs?

I can't believe Clark's out

Did you know John Kerry's mom bore Satan's child?

Blumenthal: Kerry will win the patriot game

To the Kucinich people

Favorability Ratings: John Edwards

Things to look forward to after Bush loses the election in November

Favorability Ratings: Dennis Kucinich

I'm NOT taking my Clark avatar off!

Eric Alterman: Most electable is Edwards

Just two years ago, Kerry signed letter opposing ban on gay marriages

Favorability Ratings: Howard Dean

To which candidate will Clark's support go?

Where does Clark's $700,000 go...

ABBers: on the record, KUCINICH is the one most likely to beat Bush

John Kerry's Endorsements and Super-Delegates

What activities will I engage in for the General Election?

I truly believe Edwards WILL be the next Democratic President...

Skull and Bones is Nothing

Who is Clark endorsing?

Did the Repugs(along with a little help from media), pick our candidate?

Media Mergers: Will candidates come out against ABC/Comcast?

Excitement ratings: Dean

Trying to define my disagreement with "my values or nothing" folks

How much better than Bush would a President Kerry be?

Lets change the Primary and make all the states vote at one time.

More stupidity from my school's president of Young Democrats.

Are gays ingrates? Or have we been shortchanged?

'It's Time to Get Over It'

If The Dems Lose This Presidential Election, You... (See Choices)

Trippi starts his own blog

Dean called Kerry "part of the corrupt political culture."

Which candidate is the best on labor/corporate issues?

Labor’s Alliance for Economic Justice Endorses Senator John Kerry

DEAN Detractors: You were right, I was wrong!

No BBV! Cartoon

Russian oil beats Bush to market

An Open Letter to George 'I'm a War President!' Bush

Paying for the wars - Orange County Register editorial

The Khan Artist.....M Dowd.....NYT

Look for the man behind the curtain - (Nice Bush-Bash from TX)

How long can William Safire keep up this charade? Eric Alterman

UK Guardian on George Bush's Vietnam war

State Farm is cutting 1,200 jobs in Monroe, Louisiana

Kean feels the wrath of irate 9/11 families:chairman faces hours of questi

"Education Eugenics" by Greg Palast

10 Questions every voter should be asking in 2004

Ex Brit. Intelligence officer says,"Blair's claim is simply incredible."

"The Fox News Memo"

George W. Bush's Lost Year in 1972 Alabama

Where did Bill Campenni go to grad school?

Military Vote No Longer a Lock For GOP

Molly Ivins: Under the Gun

Letter to Mitt Romney on marriage brouhaha. Excellent.

Preachy pilot needs new flight plan- Paynter, Seattle PI

Federal Reserve Speaks, But Can't Call the Jobs Home

Letter to the pResident from the father of a soldier killed in Iraq

So it’s Kerry - Eric Alterman


David Corn (The Nation) - W as in AWOL: Case NOT closed

Et tu, Brutus?

GOP Blames Clinton for Iraq Intel Lapse

What would Bush look like, if he were a GIRL??

Save Kevin Cooper

GOP Astroturf alert - "supporting" Bush on Guard story - call to arms

Verified Voting ACTION email Nancy Pelosi now for HR2239

Kucinich in Milwaukee at Modjeska

DENNIS KUCINICH could use you So.Cal. supporters this weekend! please.

Anti-War protest on March 20?

How long can William Safire keep up this charade? Eric Alterman

Blind, Stubborn Clown

Tom the Dancing Bug--Jackson Orders CIA Investigation

Phe's shared thought for 2/12/4;

Predicting Complacency And Self-Fulfillment

CARTOONS! The "Meet the AWOL Boob" Edition

Astrologers: Anything in Kerry's chart today?

UK Trans Bill Passes Lords

Anti-Gay Prof Named To Office Of Special Council To Bush

AIDS Rising in Black Male College Students

Black church history comes out of the closet

New York grants unemployment benefits for gays

Upsetting John Kerry (Gay marriage article)

Conservatives Threaten Suit Over SF Marriages

Italy Enacts Tough Anti-Gay Fertility Law

Went to MA State House Re : Gay Marriage & was interviewed by Fox News

Constitutional bans on gay marriage die in Massachusetts

Racial profiling not occuring in North Carolina;

Defense Firms Owe $3B In Taxes

Dollar Hovers Near Record Low on Euro

Rear-Ended By Auto Repair Fraud

Federal Reserve Speaks, But Can't Call the Jobs Home...

Look at this

The IHOP indicator in South Puget Sound - Econ and Pol

AUTOMAKERS AND TRADE: Flood of auto parts to come from China

State Farm is cutting 1,200 jobs in Monroe, Louisiana

$10,000,000,000,000.00 Balloon Clause - NPR

China Buying More Russian Crude

Russian oil beats Bush to market

Earthjustice asking for opposition to Myers

Yellowstone, Teton raise snowmobile usage limits

Awesome Monsoonal Floods Bring Australian Outback To Life

Revisionist history anyone? (musical slideshow)

Banker 'tortured' to death - Angola

Cabinet warns PRC to back off meddling in poll

Iranians cold to the 25th Anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Iran's revolution at 25: Out of Gas

New York Police Sued Over Anti-War Protest Arrests

Use of In-Phone Cameras Prompts Bans

Chimp or Cheney May Address NRA

Bill targets suits against gun owners

Senators Consider Repealing Concealed Gun Permit

When Blood Money Fails to Move the GOP

Smith & Wesson chief did time for '50s armed heists

GUNS IN THE NEWS--February 12, 2004

GUNS IN THE NEWS - February 13, 2004 (Revised Guideline #6)

"Myths of Murder" -- junk science in the debate on guns and crime

Nothing To Do With Page Loading!

How about a "BushBot"???

Just to let you know...

This moderator is locking threads inappropriately

I sent DU an email

I know your evil plan, Principal Skinner!

How do we link previous posts?


time to turn off the new registrations again

I thought right-wing aources were verboten in GDP2004

Thanks, Skinner, EarlG, Elad

Thanks for the new avatars, Skinner, but

Why are we suddenly allowing unsubstantiated rumors to stand as posts?

Avatar request: Johnny Depp

Ummm...Skinner? Received any weird e-mails today?

Moderators: Please do something about the freepers infiltrating DU.

In an election year isn't every GD post about the election?

If you are in an avatar-maiking mood...

For those of us of a certain age


Dear Skinner - Please check your inbox

What's with the "UUUUU" and the page widening?

Is there a rule against board nannies?

They're being MEAN to that nice Mr. Kerry in GD-P2004, Skinner!

Something Wrong With Edit Feature

Parden this posting. But is this the Republican Underground?

Umm...what exactly is the hide lounge feature?


Slain British filmmaker's 'Death in Gaza' debuts

Israel Braced for Suicide Attacks after Gaza Bloodshed

Hamas Kassam rocket cell captured

Quake rocks Israel, neighbor countries

In the chaos of Nablus, the enemy is not always Israeli

U.S. slams PA trial of suspects in U.S. convoy bombing

Hamas Warns of Retaliation Against Israel

Police plan piggish counter-terrorism psychological warfare

Ruling: 56 Islamic states can testify on fence

J'lem posters call for Sharon's overthrow

Egyptian gas reps in Israel to close IEC contract

Israeli Soldier's Charges Are Upgraded

NPR'S anti-Israel bias

Pope condemns West Bank fence in meeting with Qureia

Sharon to ask Bush for $2b for disengagement, fence

Arafat funding terror with EU aid

Israel to boycott barrier hearing

Pig lard to stop terror attacks

Swiss challenge legality of Israeli barrier

About the logic problems we face in discussions here: facts vs logic?

So who piloted the hijacked 9/11 planes?

Clinton and Osama bin Laden

Reich’s Reprimand - Newsweek Q&A

At least Kerry did go to Vietnam and paid his dues

Duke says he probably will not run for Congress

Third-party hopefuls sue for inclusion

Hispanic voters targeted in Texas

True Majority loads in on Vote-Fraud.

The scandal that Bush has escaped

Dennis Kucinich on J.Leno tonight! 1130PST.

Kerry Infidelity Rumors

I got this Repuke popup from the Google site (angry Dean photo)

Rangel/other Clark supporters to endorse Kerry

Corporate media fears Kerry presidency.

Why I am passionate about Kerry vs. Bush.

Looking for those in Michigan's 7th Congressional district

Anyone know who this could be?

"The soldier who refuses to fight" (first soldier to enter Canada)

CSpan Rep Bill Thomas national press club talking about Health Insurance

Overview of Massachusetts Votes On Marriage

is IDT phone Co / Israeli intelligence ?

Mel on hell: Even the missus may miss out on salvation

An important angle on the AWOL story

Various Bush Administration Lies

Was it Frist whose office Computers were searched. . . .

Sex is bad war is ok???

The latest attack on Kerry...ONE TIME THIRTY YEARS AGO KERRY SAID...

For those who won't compromise in the GE--here's my problem

Really, Disney being purchased is just a matter of time ?

why are right wingers still so obsessed with Clinton?

An Open Letter to George 'I'm a War President!' Bush

Mysteriously multiplying mysteries

What will be the net PR effect of the Sept GOP Convention?

Kicking a not so dead horse: Gen. Clark.

Caution! . . . . . the following links to an anti-gay site . . .

Researchers make cloning breakthrough

UN Agrees Need for Elections in Iraq, Envoy Says

Evidence!: don't forget Bush Blew off His TANG Flight Physicals

Now that AWOL is out of the Bag it's time to push Cocainegate

JFK Conspiracy - did LBJ order a hit on Kennedy?

It was thirty years ago today that the Bushboy went AWOL to play

Seattle Times whore says, "It's not about Vietnam."

Send news tips (hee hee) to Drudge! Anonymity guaranteed!

CSPAN - Discussing Same Sex Marriage 7:45am EST-8:30 EST

Imus in the morning is giving bush* a huge pass on the awol story.

Freeper Chowderheads still bleating about memo nobody cares about

Backing away from releasing ALL of bush*'s military records

What are the TAX ramnifications of Cheney's "Deferred Compensation"?

*Cherry -pickers

i'm afraid for imus...

I guess everybody knows Scott "Gutter Politics" McClellan's

My thoughts on the election

75,000 have HIV/AIDS in New York City

Freeper pearls of wisdom:

We would all be speaking Russian

Bush's loss of flying status should have spurred probe

Gutter Politics?...don't make me laugh

So they gave me this brand new Cadillac

Nice letter from my Congressman re:Bush* censure

The Onion on Gay Marriage

Kerry/Fonda vs. Bush/Bin Laden

More on CT Gov Rowland - both sides hire lawyers from Clinton impeachment

CSPAN Thursday AM — Gay Marriage Amendment

"Retired" Georgia HS principal charged with exposing himself

Curious...Why arn't we seeing the repug congressman and.....

Christian group to ask judicial candidates about faith

You know, I haven't seem much on the AWOL story at the Drudge Report

How many protestors in Mass are even from Mass?

Colin Powell: Not the Man You Think...

Colin Powells' Speech from Yesterday is on C-SPAN now

Why didn't Russert ask Bush about his quote on Vietnam service on MTP?

Before we redefine marriage, let's redefine republican and Christian

The "Breakdown of Morals in America"

Groups say they will fight mayor's move to OK gay marriages

Just Like *$%#@ Clockwork!

Daniel "Chappie" James Jr., was appointed

Colin Powell Live on C-SPAN. Biden Questioning.

Bush was particularly worried about mentions in the records of his arrests

WH doctor steps in it, big time.

What ever happened about feeling good about politics

Zell Miller Proposes Kid Rock Reality Show

The AWOL Naked Ape had a dental appointment in

Biden Grilling Powell (continuing yest. testimony) on C-SPAN

CNN poll - are media mergers bad for consumer choice

OMG Durdge puts up siren! Puts something on that might bash democrats!!

I hate to tell those opponents of gay marriage this, but...

GOP Defense tactic of using Clinton quotes and "evidence" is a sure

More doctors questioning Kelly "suicide" evidence

Should we get rid of polls?

CBS can't please anyone these days...

Ann Coulter trashes Max Cleland: He blew himself up to drink beer

Executive compensation 2003........

This will be remembered as the week the bow lifted

Kerry news from Drudge...

What the hell is Drudge talking about?

Felons Operating the Vote in Seattle

Get Ahead Of The Issue. A Simple Strategy.

George W. Bush - The Potemkin pResident

"Gay" marriage is not a "social issue"


Executive order for reinstating the draft in 2005.

Our President was a AWOL drunk

Pack Rat or just proud?

Kerry infidelity claims...

Socially Conservative Democrat vs.Socially Liberal Republican

President Clinton ALWAYS stayed above the fray

"I Wish He Would Quit Bashing Bush*"

the story is still AWOL; don't get distracted, that's what they want

do you see what has been started here

Nancy Pelosi C-SPAN

I would vote for Shaun Kelly (R) (Motion to adjourn made)

Just spoke with a journalist from Mother Jones


When's the Inquisition? Should we just rename the U.S. "Rep. of Gilead"?

Oh you damn Democrats. You're constantly trying to

CNN Talking about AWOL on Hot Topics

When is the WH press briefing today?

Powell Was Screaming At Everyone Yesterday! Read On!

Amusing thought on Rush "bumper": The Most Dangerous Man in America

Chimpy speaking in Harrisburg, PA

Boy, there sure is a lot of news all of a sudden!

They don't even know how stupid they are

Zell Miller has got to go

could you ever forgive Bush?

Jeb has religious groups doing Fl. gov. work - for real

Bush the "cuntsman"

How "Honorable" a discharge?

Anyone Catch Ron Paul Yesterday?

Did anyone hear Condi on Larry King last night? I wondered if she

CNNI just featured Hamet Dardagan of

We have been vindicated.

India has their sights set on more than jut IT and Customer Service-

This is the one that should pass (mass amendment)

Which "liberal" subgroup is most counterproductive

CNN Poll: re: Stem Cell Research

Should we ask for Bush* to reimburse TANG for the money spent

Who's the most hated: George W. Bush or Bill Gates? (Guess before u peek!)

The Rush to Confuse: How Fidelity is now cowardly

Cynthia Henderson. Jennifer Fitzgerald. Underage Asian Prostitutes AND

Doonesbury has been on a roll this week!

someone slap me quick bill thomas is making sense to me

GOP on the run

If I were handling Kerry

4 out of 5 Dentist's agree..............

Where is this all headed? We can't trust the ballot box...

Bush and Colin Powell are distant relatives

Ann Coulter: Dems Best Friend?

Et tu, Colin?

Is there anyone else ready and willing to march on Washington?

Bush Stripper Scandal Rehash - Right Back Atcha!

Anyone else hear that US casualties are underestimated by half?

Are Democrats underachievers?

Why are only "Liberal" Judges ..."Activist judges"

Further proof of AWOL revealed!

ahhh to dream...

International 9/11 Questions Meetup Day: Feb 19

I'd remember meeting son of Congressman/grandson of Senator...

Miami, police 'pellet bag' shooting of photographer troubling

I have not seen an administration on their heels like this since Watergate

Oil production in 42 countries...

Diebold voting machines - Wireless Security

Voting Machines On Trial In Fairfax

It Is Ugly On The Streets Of Boston - (Gay Marriage Debate In The Streets)

c-span3 LIVE 3:15pm EST: Mass. 'SS' Marriage Debate cont.

Senator Biden Opens a Can of Whup-a$%!!!

Should people who are denied common rights be exempt from paying taxes?

Have you no decency sir??

Black Woman who accused Bush of Rape-Found Dead

A LOT flew over the cuckoo's nest

Don't allow the "Close Race" mantra

Lest we forget!

Has anyone here heard of NESARA?

Fortunate Generation

"people let me tell you about my breast friends".... (Fiore)

A moment of levity

This is beginning to bother me

DC area DUers..are you busy March 18th???

There's dirt in them thar hills (Bush service records - yahoo, rate it)

800 members in Bush's ANG unit

Wow! M. Dowd on FIRE Today! (OBL October Surprise Included!)

Ashcroft about to break HUGE news!

Just two quick questions for DUers in the know.

Mercury hitting the table...

US Assures India: More Jobs On Their Way

Did Russell Simmons fire on * on TV?

Burkett has WITNESSES

Dumb Politicans: Smart Borders for the Draft in 2005

Late night political humor from Wednesday night - link

Why does Fox do so poorly on Sunday's ?

Why did Clarke drop a dime on Kerry?

Crossfire: Battle of the War Records

WOW !! ...UN team snubs US plan, sides with Sistani in elections dispute..

Email to american airliines

Bush's NG record was "cleansed" - Texas Air National Guard Officer!

In a fair fight

Attn! Seattle DUers

Matt Drudge reports some unconfirmed allegations. Do you...

Any MA folks watching the Con-Con?

MSNBC reporter in Iraq reporting why no bodies of Iraqis are ever found...

the author of Cleland smears in 2002 is a FREEPER

HELP!! I need the top three stories that Drudge has been flat-out wrong on

Concerns raised in Neil Bush deal

I'm already bored by the Kerry story

There's a great scoop in LBN

Barbara Starr (CNN) looks like an ant.

Question about TANG and Bush's involvement

Yo,yo,yo When is the Fl. primary?

Proof that rightwingers create their own reality

Neat Political video

Is it possible that Clark is trying to put a stop to Rove's machine?

Take a deep breath and contemplate the enormity of this headline...

#1 Song on the Freeper Hit Parade?

CNN reports Dumbo Dental records from Alabama: Jan, 1973


Skull and Bones

bush releases arrest records!

The Dem Response to Kerry Affair Story

Which Democrat out of this list would you most want to see as President?

Please, stop responding to Matt Drudge

Where did Bill Campenni go to Grad School

Yeah I'm a Democrat. I'm going to talk about

Send this to EVERY SOLDIER you know

Dallas just keeps getting scarier ... (Fundie Xtians at it again)

Can some post the Memphis Flyer "AWOL Smoking Gun" story on FR?

tonight on ABC news

Joe diGenova says the Plame leak isn't a crime unless the leaker

John Cleese for president!!

AWOL NEW: Alabama commander: Bush was NEVER AT MY UNIT

Does this mean Mrs. Kerry is going to start pouring ketchup on B***?

O'Reilly Already Backed Off His Apology !

Cocaine bust and George Bush's military absense

Druge is...

Does anyone agree...?

Bill Clinton is A GREAT PERSON

Where was Junior for most of 1973? Just ask Poppy.

Ashcroft on CNN announcing steroid bust? WTF??

NY Times: Senate Moves Toward Vote on Highway Bill ($ 318 BILLION!!!)

Serious war crimes here

CBS talking about AWOL

Why Does George W. Bush Fly in Drug Smuggler Barry Seal's Airplane?

Does anybody know when Maj. Gen. Daniel James was

If Bu$h wins, will there be rioting in the streets?

Calpundit (Kevin Drum) does an extended interview with Bill Burkett

Update on conversation with soldier stepson ( IM MAD)

What's your bushspeak tolerance level?

Had an argument with my boss over Bush....

Anyone watching 'Frontline' tonight?

I'm wondering, has anyone heard anything about Ted Olson

BBV: Heads Up Wash State- NO on Substitute HB 2745 & Substitute SB 6420

Pandering to the right

Lou Dobbs and Glassman are going at it on Moneyline!

Rule of the rapists

The case against Bush - AWOL or not?

Any psychologists in DU???

Local School Board Starts Bible Studies

ACLU action alert: Stop Religious Right from Amending the Constitution!

MTP + 4 and the Prez still licking his wounds.

Has homosexuality ever been accepted in society?

I R Convinced.... We won in Georgia in 2002

Windows2000 and NT go open source! (inadvertently) -

Scott Ritter will be on Dennis Miller tonight

Went to MA State House Re : Gay Marriage & was interviewed by Fox News

Investigating the 9/11 Investigation

"Bush's handwriting, thanking her for letting him keep her panties"...LOL

VOTE FOR ME..Im a lieing coward with a history of...

Florida Voters get Screwed by the Courts... again!!!!

Breaking: TOONS return from AWOL status!

Montana Democratic Governor hopeful chooses Republican running mate

What's your anti-Bush?

Mexican Soccer Fans Chant "Osama!" and boo the U.S. National Anthem

peak oil is now a mainstream headline? yeeps!!

A slice of Viet Nam history '69 for those who don't know ! A Must Read!

Drudge Reporting That Kerry Had A "Recent" Affair

Halliburton garners praise for work in Iraq

An Open Letter to George 'I'm a War President!' Bush

Pentagon denies politics a factor in Iraq funding requests

Muslim boy racially abused at private school, says mother

Israeli Intelligence tracking Al-Qaida inside Afghanistan: JUS

Australia pays £1.8m to hold single refugee

Children commit self-harm in detention centres (AU)

Missing Russian candidate found, safe and sound

Missing U.S. journalist found, but details scanty on her whereabouts

Haiti Uprising Leaves at Least 47 Dead

GAO: Contractors Owe $3B in Unpaid Taxes

Utah joins movement against education law

Iraq blast near Japanese troops

Expert Warns NASA Can't Afford Mars Plan

Time Warner and Pixar may join fight for Disney

Now, Nasdaq live from Bangalore (India Times)

China Declares Support for Bush's Call for Steps to Fight Arms Trafficking

(Maine) Senate OKs sales of morning-after pill

dupe - please lock

Red Cross waits to see Saddam

Baghdad bomb kills two US troops

Commander of All U.S. Forces in Middle East Escapes Injury/Fallujah

Australia: Labor leans to WMD inquiry (following U.S., British inquiries)

Kerry takes new fire over Vietnam - CNN

MSRNC just reported WH release of * dental records for 1973.

Biting back: Bush dental records revealed (3 middle of night links too)

This is What Chimp was doing during 'Nam

Bush moved to Alabama unit without Air Force permission - SunHerald

Bush Urges Tighter Controls to Stop Nuclear Arms

U.N. Inspectors Find Clandestine Centrifuge Design Drawings in Iran

Right wing-led rebellion convulses Haiti

Ex-officer: Bush file's details caused concern

Sept. 11 Panel to Ask for Bush Testimony

200 killed in Ethiopian ethnic feud

Colin Powell: Not the Man You Think...

Boston Globe - There could be another NG report on W

Congress, FCC Focus on Pay Television "Indecency "

CIA posts web site notice seeking Iraq WMD info.

Justice Scalia defends hunting trip with Cheney. (bizarre quote)

Commander of U.S. Forces in Middle East Escapes Injury in Attack

Lockheed top US arms firm, Halliburton makes list

New York Police Sued Over Anti-War Protest Arrests

CNN reporting Abizaid's convoy came under attack earlier.

U.S. Accuses Iran of Still Seeking Nuclear Arms

AUTOMAKERS AND TRADE: Flood of auto parts to come from China

Layoff notices go out to 160 at Bombardier in Wichita

World May Be Headed for Nuclear Destruction, ElBaradei Says

Retail Sales Dip 0.3 Percent in January

Republicans fighting eachother over Highway bill - on C-SPAN2 - now

Timing. (Please add to this thread)

Subpoenas on Antiwar Protest Are Dropped! ( WoooHoooo!)

Greenspan cautions about rising deficits - NYT News Serive

Kerry's signals on gay marriage mixed - AP

More layoffs are coming to Carrier

Motion made to adjourn Mass Convention

Drudge *Breaking* Kerry Cheated On His Wife

W House noncommittal on Bush 9/11 panel appearance

Government seeks abortion records from University of Michigan

Bush moved without a transfer

Bomb kills two US troops in Baghdad

Jobless claims rise for second week (363,000)

Plame Gate {American Prospect}

US treasury asks Halliburton about Iran dealings

Russia Says Will Sign Deal on Nuclear Fuel for Iran

Pig lard to stop terror attacks

UN Envoy Meets Top Iraq Ayatollah to Discuss Polls

Irony in action. Imclone gets FDA approval for Erbotox (re Martha Stewart)

Oil production in 42 countries...

U.N. Calls On Bush To Give Up America's Nukes | WRAL

9/11 panel wants to question Bush, Clinton

Blix Fears Iraq Weapons Reports Distortion(He never said there were WMD's)

San Francisco officials preside at marriage of lesbian couple

Clark to endorse Kerry

Powell loses cool, verbal dual follows in Iraq hearing | The Hindu

Bush Records Released; Guardsmen Speak

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 12 February (#1)

Continued Democratic rivalry a help to Kerry - NYT News Service

Scientists Welcome Korean Cloning Breakthrough

9/11 Panel to Ask for Testimony From Bush, Clinton

Stop spread of nukes, Bush urges

NBC: Soldier accused of trying to aid al-Qaida

Job outsourcing comment draws Congressional wrath

Hillary Clinton makes Men's Journal's "Tough Guy" list.

SEC Fines 15 Brokerage Firms

Elderly man says he robbed Gainesville bank to pay medical bills

O'Reilly Apologizes For Supporting Iraq War


Russian President Laments Death of Soviet Union in Campaign Speech

Wesley Clark to endorse Democratic front-runner John Kerry

Bereaved Uzbek mother gets prison

NY Daily News - "W left Guard unit too soon"

Soldier Said Accused of Helping al-Qaida

Thompson says he will pull Medicare ad if investigators say it's political

Bush's loss of flying status should have spurred probe

Ex-Halliburton employees tell of overbilling

US retail sales slip, jobless claims rise

Federal Reserve Speaks, But Can't Call the Jobs Home

U.S. Commander Gen. John Abizaid Not Hurt in Mideast Attack (Iraq)

Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 Source Code Leaked to Internet

Bush Acknowledges Jobs Going Overseas

Senate GOP Memo Snooping Stirs Uproar (AP)

Anxiety Takes Hold of Presidential Aides Caught Up in Leak Inquiry - NYT

Dean attacks `corrupt' ads linked to backers of Kerry - Chicago Tribune

Fed chairman urges Congress to reinstate budget rules that would require f

Press Gaggle By Scott McClellan

Bush, Kerry Both Face Attacks on Vietnam Records

Government Ran up $130 Billion Deficit in 2004

AP: More Voters on Electronic System(s)

Stars & Stripes: Army Building Bases In Iraq To Last 5 To 10 Years!

YAHOO NEWS: Barry Bonds personal trainer indicted for

Greenspan Urges Reinstating Budget Rules [advocates SS cuts!]

Jane Fonda tears into Bush Administration

Associates have differing memories of Bush's Alabama stay

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq- 536 U.S. service members have died

Scotsman: Mystery of Kerry and the Intern

Bush releases arrest details

You're as corrupt as Bush, Dean tells Kerry

Congressman's Suit Seeking Voting Machine Paper Trail Dismissed

Marijuana Eases HIV-Related Nerve Pain

Britain condemns Israeli barrier as unlawful

Powell Scolds Hill Staffer At Hearing


San Francisco Officials Marry Gay Couple

Breaking: Military Dentist Doesn't Recall Bush

Military Dentist Doesn't Recall Bush

Hi. Let me introduce myself...

Can you put the GrovelBot on ignore?

At 9pm Friday, Mr Scorpio will take on your most perplexing questions

Garota Moderna by Rosalia De Sousa/Nicola Conte is da BOMBA!!

It's just not right

The Patriotic Goats have spoken

Hetero ladies or gay men...Would you have sex with Wes Clark?

Grovelbot is... ?

What Picture deserves the RAZZIE this year?

Who else has this disease?

Do you like the fact that the option "Robb's a dingbat" is in a poll?

One on One song poll...

I want to know what Rush does in the donation link

Maybe this sounds wrong to you. But I'd totally do Maria from Sesame St.

here's a place you may want to visit on your next vacation . . .

How often do you DU?

Gotta work until 1 am and Dirty Harry just came on...

Too sleepy to make a poll poll!

Will you swear fealty to the Cult of Grovelbot?

Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Movie Casting Question!

Man Knocked Unconscious By Ransom Money

Per CNN, Stinky nuns off the airplane

I want to shoot the jerk that was on my computer last

$240/hour BROTHEL Sponsors Soccer Club


Blind Owl Gets Contact Lenses

A completely HYPOTHETICAL poll (my first!)

It's so lonely here right now. Please forgive a bit of neediness.

I want to add a DU logo that links to DU from my personal page...

My mother was an Edwards.

Happy Birthday Mr Lincoln

I can't wait to see your tulips

Unbelievable law suits-(got this email today) Stella Awards..check out #1

The Stranglers. Better than I thought they'd be.

Q: How many Zen masters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

I just received some happy news.

Gambino Crime Family Behind Phone Sex Bills

How the hell do you spell this word????

received this via e-mail . . . you gotta try it! . . .

Which "liberal" subgroup is most counterproductive

Any other Garland Jeffreys fans out there?

Is Rush going to eat the Lounge?!?!?!

post turtle

Has anyone else had it up to their eyeballs with the evangelic agenda?

I've decided that I do NOT want DC to be a state

Most Untalented Pop Phenom

Uh-oh... another timewaster!

I just got a DU-mail from Skinner telling to to give to DU...

Who pays taxes on food?

STILL no big red heart avatar from Admin! (you promised)

For those ENTERPRISE fans last night

What would you do?

If I see anybody else spelling Colombia (country) as Columbia...

Heard on NPR this morning about * military service cover-up

Q: How many radical feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

I just added an avatar..Look it's Howard Dean

I saw The West Wing in HDTV last night...

## Support Democratic Underground! ##

Question for DU bass players…

Ummm...Skinner? Received any weird e-mails today?

Why does Dennis Miller have a Chimp on his lap???

T. Goodkind (Sword of Truth) fans, I have questions... (long post ahead)

Great Cartoon

Two more avatars I missed yesterday...

Are you in your robe and slippers?

I'm So Happy Skinner Gave Us a Groucho Avatar

Happy Darwin Day!

How much of the Ramen Noodle spice packet do you use?

So, tell me this...If the RIAA really wants to eliminate P2P piracy...

Can't wait to see what Ru$h does when he gets his little helpers.

For you cat fans out there....

Onion: Six Dead in West Point Panty Raid

Josh Marshall where are you??

Hide the Lounge?

Law Requires Ohio Dog Houses Be Waterproofed

I just got word that our Democratic Party meetup was cancelled

What is your philosophy?

What will the GrovelBot do when it gets in the 700 club?

Woo-hoo! I'm going to the Monet exhibit at the Bellagio today!

I got the couch!

GOPisEvil posted a challenge to all Texan DUers!!!

Dean took one for the team....

In a knock-down, drag-out street fight in downtown Tokyo, who would win?


Q: How do you play religious roulette?

"Education Eugenics" by Greg Palast

Are you a white woman of childbearing age? This man wants to talk to you!

Line standing etiquette...

There appears to be a lock sale going on in GDP 2004

Breaking News: Conservatives to Create UberRepublicans

Hallelujah! I'm out of the 700 club.

What's all this about Sludge reporting Kerri Strug had an affair?

i just finished

A live intern is a bigger news story than a dead (Scarborough) intern?

Fox's O'Reilly Admits He Was Wrong About WMD Or hell just froze over

I jut thought of something...

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln

Who do you think visited America before Columbus?

passed my qualifier!

It Might Be Illegal To Pee In A Bottle And Toss It Out In Wyoming

BREAKING DRUDGE: Grovelbot is having an affair!

Teenager Tricked Dealership Into Sending Him Luxury BMW

Fun poem actually written by Bush*

Breaking news! Famous relationship said to be on the rocks:

DC is winning donations per capita!!!

Damnit, stop questioning Bush's TANG service - we have dental records!!!

Beef Eaters

Department of Education refuses to caption episodes of Bewitched.

Matt Drudge caught in compromising position

An Observation: I just looked at a map and realized

Damn you, DU GrovelBot!

Quiet Reflection

our fearless president in action!

Does anyone live in the part of Michigan that is north/west of Lake M?

"Purple Rain"

Which way is up?


Question for GIS people

ZombyPoll: Donating to DU Made Me Feel...

Breaking News: Skittles Kicking Drudge's Ass!

I made myself a t-shirt...

Why no Thom Hartmann "Listen Live" link at DU?


Car repair question

Sudden profound realization rant: COWORKERS ARE CRAZY!

Why call him Bushler?

So the right wing is embracing a story from Drudge

Just noticed that 17 Squadron (RAF) now has Eurofighters...

Would you let THIS man pet sit for you?? (He likes birds)

In a good ol' fashioned dogfight, who would win?

A moment of levity

It works ! _ I HID the lounge

Ye Olde "Welcome to DU" Poste

CAPTION someone who should keep off the grass

Skinner, why did you ignore my emails.....formerly Demonaut

"Friday Practice sessions at Monaco will take place on Thursday."

Breaking: Robb having an affair!!

Tommorrow is Friday the 13th

Stevie Nicks?


Rove to Drudge:You were supposed to drop the Kerry story on 11-2, not 2-12

How much does George and Churchill have in common?

On being a grammar nazi...

Any Comments on last night's West Wing?

Blinded owl gets sight with operation

Come on now.. Is THIS the face of a deserter??

What's the coolest piece of glassware you own?

No, what are they doing? Make them stop!!

Breaking: Ken cheats on Barbie, according to sources.

Send a valentine with an edge... about your airport (Meigs)

News About MS Research

Wanted: Woman advice and/or good single female in VA

Confess: what's the ugliest thing you have on display in your house/apt.?

Startling study results regarding teen pregnancy

Need help writing my resume..

Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, & Michael Caine in "Batman"?

I can't think of anything to post...I just wanted to see my new avatar.

When is my furniture getting here?

Ugliest Aircraft ever built

My first freeper hate mail

Richard Linklater (School of Rock) To Do PKD's "A Scanner Darkly"

The Official GOPisEvil Golf Course

What was that?

Big-Assed Sheep...

Wow! CNN shows which dog Bush would be at the dog show!

In a fair fight

Do we have any DUers in N. & S. Dakota, Wyomong, or Nebraska

Coolest. Fighter. Paintjob. Ever.

Justice Department eyes "Cows With Guns"

Oh God.

Ladies and Gentlemen... May I present..... Grovelbot in all his glory

On the first day of Valentine's my GrovelBot gave to me.....

Does anybody know who Col. William Campenni (Ret.) is?

Woman Gets Largest Breast Implants Available - Fails To Pay

The "Check Spelling" feature is kind of like deodorant


To all my friends in the Lounge...just checking in.

The Rush DU Donation Graphic

A note from the "cool kids" in High School

I'm looking for a story:

Spy Satellite Proof of WMDs in Iraq...

Where is Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog when you need him?

Tinfoil hat question

Rush is cheating!


Why does Karen Valentine

Revamped "Cool Kid" letter to dweebs...

Inform the Canuck Time...Has there ever been a previous Father/Son...

John Cleese for president!!

A note to all motorists:

How do you show love?

Some customers...

Grovelbot will you be my valentine?

Does anybody else call it "St. Valentine's Day"?

Yikes.. Someone stole Rush's vehicle..

Who is "Stirling Newberry" and why should we be "AFRAID!"

Tell me if you have me ignored

I made this totally cool .gif of Billie Holiday

Ann Coulter without makeup! (have chuckie bags handy)

I changed my Avatar back to Clark!!! Discuss...

Whoo Mom has fixed me up with a date for Saturday

Thanks for the star

Does paper *really* beat rock?

Be careful how you use email (funny)

FARK photoshop theme: Unlikely Drudge stories


Collegiate light-bulb jokes

WilliamPitt is a...

What strangely human quirks do your pets have?

COOL MAPS -- Where the DU donations are coming from @ Thu 4:00PM

The Recipients of the First Gay Marriage in San Francisco

How to address an age gap, A 41 year old woman and a 25 year old guy

Ok, I'm not defending "The Da Vinci Code", but this is TOO FUNNY!

What to make of The Darkness?

Am I the only one with no cell-phone?

Would you like a higher post count?

Anti-Harley Davidson humor

Should my mom get this dog?

I'm kind of in a love situation and need advice...

Ok, who wants to be my valentines this year

Barbie and Ken 'split' after 43 years

CONFESS!!!!!! What's your spending vice


Teachers ate cannabis cake

Blues Brothers Quote thread!

Lets give a cheer to all the mixes and mutts!!

I have RESTORED the "I'm With Stupid" simile!

Denturegate: Did Junior's teeth go AWOL?


PORN: Overall, a good or a bad thing?

What are these?

Your Valentine's gift to her??...confront the "secret sin"

Pledge your love in initials

Arizona Duers...I need a favour

Life REALLY isn't fair!!

Where did I get this star from?

I will take GOPisevil's challange for TX and DOUBLE it for PA!

Most Annoying Song

OK, so what was the BEST disco record ever made???

DUers---I need help! Many have generously offered

Regretted Unexplored Love Interests


We're number one! Number one Google site for "Santorum," that is...

Woohoo! Just purchased Seattle Mariners Cactus League Tickets!

Request for vibes/ prayers for my family/niece

Who killed Jesus? A thorough review of Mel Gibson's "The Passion"

Are you for real?

Who needs a star???

Words escape me in describing this Bush parody site...

I demand a 'thread-killer' recount! I demand my right to the throne!

This is brilliant!

I would be remiss in my duty if I did not tell you...

whose sig is the best?

Little-known celebrity relationships

Dean's attacks on Kerry in the wake of his consecutive losses:

I Didn't Love Jane FONDA Before, But Do Now

Why is Kerry even pretending to support the FMA?

Edwards and Dean supporters, no Kerry supporters allowed

If John Kerry were a card, which one would he be?

I want my country back!

I am withdrawing my support of everyone (except maybe Edwards)

Aren't we a bunch of cheapskates!

So, Mr. Kucinich is not coming to Idaho after all :(

If Kerry keeps winning, when do Dean and Edwards drop out?

if we run a Kerry/Clark ticket, we'll never have to mention AWOL

Latest: Kerry flip-flopped on gay marriage

Statement from Kerry on Clark

We Broke the Bat!!!!!!

Hillary lost chance in '04 and probably '08

The Dean Bat gets Doubled!

As debts mount, Sharpton campaign faces questions on matching funds

I am disgusted with people vowing Jane Fonda

The Wockner Wire (clarification from on Kerry's stance)

Disenfranchised voters- again

Anyone have video of the Kerry-Weld debates.

latest CW on Kerry is not good

Kerry/Fonda vs. Bush/Bin Laden

An Ad Campaign we should think about

Clark House Party February 21st!!!!

Edwards Says

screw it let's draft grovelbot

I will vote for Kerry

Sharpton, Lieberman off state presidential primary ballot (LA)

Candidate poll at Move-On

Freeper brags about being a Dean supporter on DU - trashing Kerry

Which of our past nominees does Dean think was the lesser of two evils?

Foreign relations experience of the candidates

The Kerry/Fonda photo

Missing flight physicals tantamount to missing duty!!! NEW STORY

Something Gen. Clark said to Aaron Brown tonight

Is anyone botherd by how few debates there have been lately?

If only Kerry could be as courageous as Diane Wilkerson

A Kerry-Edwards ticket? Dream on, say advisers

Great post by another DU'er in LBN re: Kerry/Fonda pic

This says it all

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction

What about Wes for Sec. of State head under new Pres?

Are you presently satisfied with the Democratic party ?

New Photo of Kerry and Jane Fonda republicans using to smear

Nevada Caucus on Saturday.

John Kerry on Education

Drudge is back to doing his histrionics

Is this what we want in our candidate?

Timing? [AWOL, CLark, Jub Numbers]

(Maine) Caucus results remain unofficial

Kerry Supporters, from a lost Clark supporter

Sen Kerry's office helped my friend on the GREs

The Drudge/RNC modus - Advice to Kerry

Nice LTTE in my local weekly

Would the junior Senator from NY be up for VP?

Kerry Rivals Predict Ruin

The electability crutch

Which southern states can Kerry win?

If Dennis Kucinich were to get the nomination...

Reality check: Drudge, Accuracy, and Bill Clinton's "Love Child"

Last time I checked Drudge Report was unreliable

Dean write-ins

Kerry has two choices

Which mass media source will be the first to report the Kerry story?

Has the mainstream media picked up the Kerry story?

Limbaugh talking about Kerry affair allegations

If Kerry drops out...

What does Teresa do if the infidelity story is true?

Did anyone have a clue this (recent) Kerry stuff was coming?

My magical crystal ball: Theresa will soon be investigated for....

Maybe This Infidelity Story on Kerry Means We Should All Vote DK.

OMG...They really are grasping at straws (re: Kerry-Fonda pic)

What are the possibilities? Drudges Source for Kerry Story?

Since When Has Drudge and Enquirer Become Reliable Sources?

I don't think Kerry will survive the current attacks

What would have been the reaction here when Drudge posted the Lewinsky...

If Dean were the frontrunner, would the media be pushing the AWOL story?

Clinton People Behind Drudge Story?

Question r.e. Drudge and Kerry BS Story

I have a dream

Confessions of a Dean supporter

Told you so re: Kerry's bimbo eruption

Was Kerry *able* to have an affair while campaining?

If Drudge has the siren up for a girlfriend of Kerry's just...

Which candidate paid for an abortion for his ex?

This is the first strike, ladies and gentlemen....(re: Kerry brouhaha)

Repig platform for '04: Kerry's "Infidelity"; Janet's Boob; Gay Marriage

Remember this story from Sept. 2000.........(bush bimbo eruption)

Josh Marshall where are you??

More from Drudge--gf story is pretty old

Clark supporters, what to do now

ooops, there goes electability....

Why would Clark drop out...

Dean/Edwards in November - Now more than ever!!! The Kerry affair.

Poll: Kerry stakes big lead in New York

I think we should all stop to read this

Kerry's Done and I'll Tell You How I Know-

BBC just reported that Kerry "speaks fluent French"!

Can Wes Clark get back in the race?

Arkansas House members shift support to Kerry

Was Kucinich the one who dropped this Kerry bomb?

Kerry's Infidelity, Shows Electability Not Predictable

What is the scandal? Help anybody?

Daily KOS says Clark was talking up the Kerry affair story

Will Dean use the Drudge story against Kerry?

In this election, something smells

Just got a call from Precision Research

Daily Kos: GOP made the exact charge against Clinton in 1992

Bush's NG record was "cleansed" - Texas Air National Guard Officer!

New Drudge per Craig Crawford: Kerry story pre-2000?

Kerry/young blonde story from 1998 Boston Herald on the Kerry 'scandal'

Why wonÕt Kerry talk about W going AWOL?

Are the Dire Issues in this Campaign Going To Be Eclipsed By Slime?

Enough with fear, loathing, and scandal; supporting DK, voting for nominee

Latest Drudge per Craig Crawford adds Lehane denial:

If I were handling Kerry here in GD:04, that is...

a Note to Everyone

Kerry Supporters: Mark Gen. Clark's Words

Dean took one for the team....

Wesley Clark to endorse Democratic front-runner John Kerry

Anyone think Kerry might have dropped the Kerry Story?

Clark will endorse Kerry.

AP: "Source Says Clark to Endorse John Kerry"

another note to everyone

weird.. Drudge now saying Clark to endorse Kerry

Wes Clark on Inside Poitics Today

Did Chris Lehane torpedo Kerry on the way to unemployment line?

Kerry-bashers...please consider this...

Kucinich calls for universal health care, end to NAFTA

A good article about Edwards campaigning at UW-L:

Doonesbury has been on a roll this week!

Did Anyone Think the GOP WOULDN'T Get Dirty?

My response to repubs on this Kerry story will be...

DEM 2004 Primaries and a Snake within - dailykos&Sterling (not DU member)

Salon: "The Republicans' Kerry Problem" by Sydney Blumenthal

Clark to be on live Inside politics CNN

We Neeeeeeeed A Candidate

Wesley Clark to endorse John Kerry

Is Clark transferring his delegates to Kerry?

What does Drudge really know?

1 so called Kerry scandle, 260 more to go

The "Left" and the Elections

Ignore the 911 Commission: Bush was AWOL and Kerry had an affair!

Clark supporters: Will you now join Kerry's camp?

Has any candidate

Clark on CNN's Inside Politics....Now.

Bush releases arrest details

I don't have TV, help me re: recent Kerry "scandal"

PREDICTION: Kerry infidelity allegations will backfire

Can a Democrat still win over 50% in a Presidential election?

What did Clark get in return from Kerry for such a critical endorsement?

Bush raped Margie Shoedinger and now she's been shot.

CNNInternational ~ Wes Clark 4:10 pm EST

The Real Lefty

Steve McMahon (Dean Campaign) on CNN now

If Clark made statements about Kerry & intern why is he endorsing him?

Dean's media guy criticizing Clark for Kerry endorsement does not help. .

The critical question: Which candidate would uphold the Presidential Oath?

Do the Dems want to win in 2K4? They'd better take a lesson from DK!

The con or the choice - what does the Democratic Party believe in?

Club for Growth launches anti-Kerry ads

Let me see if I have this straight

British Press now reporting on Kerry/intern (scotsman)

Take a break from Drudge crap for a Kucinich TV update!

Bill Schneider compares Gore to a Dog show??

So Clark did NOT endorse Kerry on CNN today?

I changed my Avatar to Kerry...

Smudge Report: Drudge Breaks Smear Campaign Against Kerry Months Too Early

Edwards will pull off an upset......mark these words!

Charlie Rangle on Crossfire. Supporting Kerry too. Live now n/t

*UNOFFICIAL* Kerry Story Gawking Thread

Sorry Drudge, This ends your so called scoop on Kerry or something like it - what was it?

Why the pussyfooting around about Kerry & anti-war movement?

Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Janet's breast, and a sexually repressed nation

Rove must be livid

If Kery withdraws from the race...

Perception is reality

Anyone find the CNN dogshow/candidate comparison disgusting?

Clark people: Who are you considering?

I changed my Avatar back to Clark!!! Discuss...

God I love Democrats. We are never EVER boring... Or "Good one, Mr Kerry"

Kerry Fundraiser Helped Finance Anti-Dean Ads

Why Clark is better than everyone =)

Why Edwards is the best candidate

As a Kucinich man, I am ashamed of this place

For DU historians: 1976 last time nominee wasn't in lead at this point.

Stirling Newberry, Snake within our midst Democratic Primaries 2004

Great scoop in LBN

Why are some Dean supporters so happy about Kerry's troubles?

Veterans here (WI) defend Kerry - Vietnam War opposition praised

If the Kerry - intern story turns out to be true, who will you support?

It really has been funny watching SOME of the Clark people on here

If Jesus ran as a Democrat, Drudge would find some "scandal"

I was at the grocery store today and read the N.E. article about Kerry

I have incredible respect for Clark, which is problematic.

Did Clark rat out Kerry? Is there any validity to the charge?

Kerry was allways my second choice

Clark Drops Out - Kerry Hits the Fan...Coincidence?

Can women trust Kerry if the intern story is true?

A political law: Amount of abuse proportional to time as frontrunner

Why do we look so hard for Bush's soft underbelly of scandal when the

Timing of Clark' endorsement of Kerry a matter of honor

Clark 101: Why he endorsed Kerry and why it shouldn't be...

The pukes are trying to divide us.

Andrew Sullivan: Can He Be This Naive? Amazing

There Is No Room In The Race This Year For Adulterers

RNC Says Dems Playing Dirtiest Campaign In Modern History

Drudge says recent Kerry infidelity

GOP Primary Challenger John Buchanan detained on way to Nat'l Press Club

Ex-officer: Bush file's 'cleansed'

Kerry has big leads in TX and RI. Loses by only 8% to Bush in Kansas

Should Kerry Get Monkey Business-ed, Who Will Take the Nomination?

NBC has hijacked Sunday's Democratic debate in Milwaukee

So let me see if I understand this story correctly about Clark

When will *you* "get over it" ?

Challenge to Kerry supporters.

Angry Dean photo used by RNC in web popup ad!

My sources say NBC nightly news will carry Kerry/intern story

Did you ever seriously consider Kerry as your candidate?

CLARK SUPPORTERS! DO you support his endorsement of Kerry?

Steadfast and unmoved Dean supporter but

Agree or disagree: Clark was a...

Did Dean Push Clark (and Gephardt) Into Endorsing Kerry?

A view of DU - with no dog in the fight

Kucinich brings 'homestretch tour' to Oberlin , OH

Which candidate 'has the biggest feet'?

Ok if some one actually cares about who a candidate slept with they are..

ABC News said tonight in their poll that

Drudge Slime Could be Great News for Kerry Camp

How about a black VP candidate? John Lewis?

Riddle Me This, Kerry Supporters

Is Peace even an option for humanity

Kerry folks: As a Clark supporter, I always defended your guy. Now...

I have lost all respect for Wesley Clark....

Are you people really going to take the bait on this Drudge thing?

"Let's go to the moon right here on Earth." A New Manhattan Project

Dean's "vicious", "dirty", "mean-spirited" campaign. What a joke.

Two combat veterans Kerry/Clark against two draft dodgers Bush/Cheney

DU capitulates to politics as usual (Kerry)

IF DK does not get the nomination

Nuclear waste site dynamite in Nevada politics

DU is listed on Kerry's website

Wait, I don't get it . . .

Clark wants another $100!!!

We need a movement to re-draft Wes Clark

Kucinich Says His Candidacy Is Viable

Dem. Foreign Policy experts alingned with candidates

I Want My Country Back! Who inspires this in you???

Welcome To All Clark Supporters. You Answered that Call, Let's Now Unite

Several questions, Is progressive intervention real?

Did the Dems "punk out" Drudge on the Kerry story?

If Intern Story is Fair Game, Open Season On Bush's Cocaine Habit?

Candidates in Wisconsin

Dean opposes gay marriage.

If true, how much will the Drudge allegations hurt Kerry?

Bush has already won and it doesn't matter who we nominate.

Why are we being disregarded so easily?

Deanies: How old are you and are you a democrat?

About Clark Endorsing Kerry, I've done some thinking

Who Would You Vote For?

Clark is the ONLY Candidate Likely to be V.P.: He's One of The Brothers!

Kerry should withdraw