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Archives: February 14, 2004

Salon: Bush's Service Records: The Score Card

Dear American Media - thanks for the heads up

Hey look, Bob Novak is so unpatriotic - Eric Alterman

What to do about Drudge? - Eric Alterman

Bev Harris on Coast to Coast AM

WI. DUers interested in supporting the proposed medical marijuana

NOW! With Bill Moyers: Interview with David Cay Johnston

Why the corporate media fears Kerry?

Anti War Songs, Links to Legal Downloads and Lyrics

LGBT Workers: Gov't Stops Investigating Gay Bias Claims In Civil Service

National Latino gay rights group receives grant from Ford

Frist: Amendment Needed Now

Japan's foreign reserves to run out by midyear

Yet Yet Another Avatar Request

I know you answered this already but I need help


Is There Some Time Limit on the Violation of Rule 8 on Kerry Stories

ok, I have to protest this lock.

If Musharraf can pardon Khan, then why can't Skinner pardon me?

Incoming nitpick

When I change my user name

As you are probably aware, there has been an incredible amount of acrimony

Why only ICQ & AIM?

Sharon to ask Bush for $2b for disengagement, fence

Another country

Israel’s Mossad again on the prowl in region

Powell calls for 'urgent' dismantling of terror groups

Hizbullah using drugs to recruit Arab Israelis

Bill Burkett silenced on REAL TIME!!!!!

LOL--Its got to be frustrating for Rove/Drudge to smear Kerry and . . .

The White Housing releasing ANG docs...I'm tired

TV folks say they saw AWOL, but Alabama paper says NO.

So this Calhoun guy is claiming he saw * "every drill" in Alabama during

Did George W. Bush lie on his security clearance application?

Hardball: Bush Guard Record Release=Fri PM Garbage Dump

Bobby Labonte (sp?) on Hardball...this guy is about as bright as a

I can not vote in CNN polls lately, anyone else have this problem

Bush: "a brief episode of hemorrhoid symptoms"

I think the Democratic tent is too

Peter Jennings - What a Funny Guy!


Maybe Progressives just didn't turn out for Max Cleland...

anybody following Wonkette web site on the kerry story? Eric Alterman

the president can suspend habeus corpus....

This is how they plan on STEALING the next election

Saw my first Iraq War vet tonight....

MSNBC: Bush to meet with the 9/11 commision

c-span now: Iraq contracts

How bushspeak sensitive are you?

what is this censure BS? how about IMPEACHMENT?

Have you guys seen John Roberts report (video) on Shrubby's AWOL?

A post suggests that Canada accept the US as the 11th province

How Liberal is DU? Not very, it seems.

10 More Malloy Shows After Tonight - Give Mike Your Ear, Your Voice...

Craig Crawford just said he's hearing lotsa people say * is "goofy"

My Republican Millionaire neighbor

Dental records?

Heads Up.......Bill Moyers.....on Talk Radio(more like hate radio)

You must turn on PBS Now (Moyer): taxation, right wing radio, etc)

Drudge helped democrats

Report on Houston marriage licenses

Michael Moore a socialist???

Panel is an obvious set up

Gavin Newsom ROCKS

Did Chimp really say this?

Somebody recently posted a topic with tons of links to info about peak oil

"I'm cool and I don't have sex"

BONUS UPGRADE! Reach 800 donations by 11PM ET and...

Which Kind of Country Would You Prefer To Live In?

You know... just a thought here. and I like to play devil's advocate

CSpan - replay of Halliburton overcharging hearings on NOW

Has John McCain begun showing his true colours?

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - Talk Radio (Randi Rhodes), MORE...

David Brooks to baby boomers " get over Vietnam "

Most insane fundie....

Permanent scars...Vets return from Iraq...PTSD


Who just saw Mark Cuban on Dennis Miller's show?

Middle School Gang Beating

Get Hannity for 99 cents, and Annthrax for free!

Check out TPM tonight re: Bush's TDA with the AANG, PLUS

MWO: The Stallion Breaks A Leg?

David Brooks "get over Vietnam"

Book: Bush was arrested for cocaine in 1972

9/11 Commish Backs Down on Bush Testimony -- True??

Anyone hear people claim that Iraq started the first Gulf War?

Leno Savages Bush on AWOL, Outsourcing, WMD, Credibility, etc etc etc

Is * going AWOL an impeachable offense?

Is it just my neighborhood that shuts it's curtains 24/7 year-round?

Email from Wes Clark Asking to Help Ben Chandler Win in Ky Next Tues

Saturday's "Guy James Show" Keep kicked please!

My idea for DUBYA'S B-DAY GIFT in July - Mass mailings of 1984 to WH!!!

Veterans, Military Families, Peacemakers Plan Huge Rally at Ft. Bragg

Guardsmen Differ On Bush Service

Poll: Public’s trust in Bush at low ebb | MSNBC

Bush orders release of ALL military records!

FDA Delays Decision on Morning-After Pill

White House seeks credit for cracking secret weapons ring (UN disputes)

Company Blames Layoffs On Mad Cow

Accused U.S. Guardsman a vocal gun proponent

Guardian Utd: American plan for Iraq needs complete overhaul

Bush Orders White House Release of Military Records (nothing new)

U.S. soldier accused of aiding Al Qaeda

Wesley Clark 'Comes Aboard' Kerry Campaign | WRAL

American Plan for Iraq Needs Complete Overhaul, UN Envoy Warns

Doubts Over "Say No to Sex" Drive

Allegations about Kerry and intern create media frenzy…????

New Bush records fail to jog memories

Conservatives fail to stop same-sex weddings in S.F.

Reporters were given 20 minutes each to look at Bush's medical records

U.S. senators to examine Bush's Iraq statements

Chaos and War Leave Iraq's Hospitals in Ruins- NYT

White House Admits Bush Lied in 2002 State of The Union Over Al Qaeda Obta

WP: Many Gaps in Bush*s Guard Records (Milbank/Allen)

Hardball says Calhoun story doesn't add up!

Early voting.. practice on the new "voting machine"

WOW!!! Just saw a VERY GOOD ad

It looks like EarlG is manning ATA.

Is the Movie "In America" Good?

50 First Dates: Go see it...


How should I celebrate Valentine's Day weekend

Bill Burkett on Real Time with Bill Maher

Uh-oh...look at Rush!

Question for DU cops

Who here thinks KMFDM kicks supreme ass?

new Savage Weiner advertisers CarFax, Amini's Galleria

Took an Intro to Linux class today

I've seen some bad movies before...

new Savage Weiner advertiser Jeremiah Johnson's Restaurant & Tavern

More fun with wing-nut e-mails

Screw Valentines Day

One reason I can't stand Nut-Job, wing nut Repugs

My cat is chasing an empty diet coke can around the house.

Rush has crazy googly eyes nft

another question for michigan DUers

Is Rush going to hurl all over Bush at some point?

How do I look up my cached passwords?

I just received a photo of George and Laura Bush in the mail.

To those of you with 56k modem & can afford spending $10 more per month...

Would Rush eat human flesh?

Joan of Arcadia fans

Just listening to George Harrison's All Things Must Pass

Once again, I'm drinking Diet Coke with Lime....

The Piglet Files, series 2, to come out on 9 March 2004!!!

I didn't even realize it's Friday the 13th

Am I the only one waiting on HELLBOY?

Do You Remember Which Movie This Scene Is From?

Is this absurd or what? "Bush" and "Nobel Prize" in the same sentence?

Moira Kelly -is she just the cutest or what?

What's the best way to combat muscle pain?

"Iraq Sucks" from iraq

"Straight Plan, for the Gay Man"

veganwitch + plurality =


Where is the love?

how could you eat human flesh?

Beautiful sunset tonight.. pictures

I'm watching "Soylent Green" in High Def....Ask me anything

Possible Ultimate Battle of the Bands: Bob Dylan vs. The Beatles

"Total donations: 800" - ok - let's see the goodies !!!!!!!

Where can I find the Dancing Jesus animated .gif?

999 posts

Pardon my ignorance

BONUS UPGRADE! Reach 800 donations by 11PM ET and...

Am I gonna be the only one here tomorrow night?

UUUUse guys is crazy!


I think I work for a pervert

10 days without the loo, what do I do?

BREAKING!!! DU GrovelBot is Really Pol Pot!

Another Valentine's Day...

Pick My Asian Violence Epic for the Night

BREAKING!! CatWoman confirms Grovelbot saw Bush in Alabama in 1972!!!

Who is a redneck?

Check out the new features for reaching 800!

Damnit, Rush is frozen on 776 donations

Best Johnny Depp role?

I just walked out of a play at intermission

It's 9pm in Ferndale, MI. Time once again for Q&A with MrScorpio


"In the Cut" with Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo

Help me join The 700 Club!

I have an idea for a documentary film...

'They Live' is on AMC right now!

For the straight or the semi-straight out there....

Happy Knights Templar Slaughter Day everyone!

Why is Wulf so awesome?

John Edwards is on Jay Leno NOW!

Oh, Go Ahead... I Admit It! Poke Fun If You Want... But I Cry At Weddings

We all die alone and afraid.

Friday Night Movie Thread

Goodbye Pat and Jerry et al!

Buffalo Sabres with 6 unanswered goals...

The gay Berlin Wall is falling!

One year ago tomorrow, what were you doing?

It's a Good Thing The BEATLES Broke Up

Battle of the Bands: Marvin Gaye vs. David Bowie

Avatar uploads??

'Resisting arrest' has to be the most stupid crime you can commit.

Poll: Who sings your favorite rendition of 'MacArthur Park'?

My Valentine to all!

Whoohoo -- I got my dog today!

007 Relieved of duty. Licence revoked!

Caption this photo--it's Friday, the thirteenth.

Caption this photo - it's Friday

Here's the C-Span online video of Clark Endorsing Kerry

Is this the making of a perfect campaign poster?

Clark Aboard Kerry Bandwagon. Kerry Ready for Republican Onslaught

Bush is really in big trouble when ...

Clark would be the best person to debate Cheney...

"Anybody But Bush": The Big Abdication

"The Right Stuff" - Remember, in the book, the pilots would

Suppose Kerry is the nominee. Who is the best AG?

David Podvin: "Media Killed the Politico Star"

Do you know any "niche voters"

Do you think the race will end as a result of Tuesday?

Kerry Blog on Yucca Mountain

Resolution submitted on Succession of the Presidency

Do you want to ban rightwing links/sources on DU GD2004?

On Second Thought Look for the man behind the curtain.

With Nomination in Reach, Kerry's Long-Term Strategy Takes Shape

Bush* is on the defensive this is a good thing!

Rhode Island - Super Tuesday State - Survey U.S.A. Poll

Overheard Republican conversation at a restaurant-they're scared!

Photograph shows Senator John Kerry at a 1970 anti-war rally.

The Kerry Blitz- What the hell happened?

How much will Bob Kuntz's Hillary write-ins affect the primaries?

is this the woman- alex polier?

Sorry about the purging business

Noonan (Barf!) Says....

The Kerry scandel thing is 10 oclock news in Milwaukee

Dennis Kucinch is the PEOPLE'S candidate !

WI. DUers:Medical marijuana Bill coming-again.

Who cares about this "Kerry had an affair" bs they still elected Ahhnold

I'm curious: Do some people still think Clark leaked intern story?

Aaron Brown to do panel discussion on Kerry's "Intern Problem"

So What!

The Freepers are upset that the Kerry "scandal" is baseless

George W. News Brief (Satire)

Maybe Privately the Republicans want Bush Out Too

Will Dean publicly endorse JK like WC and DG have over the past few weeks?

What's the buzz in Wisconsin?

Questions for Kerry supporters

Kerry Supporters: defend Kerry's support of Free Trade

Picture and Info on Alex Polier - Alleged Kerry Girl

Hardball: rumored Gore urging Dean to get out.

Clark out, so im going with Kucinich!

On Foreign Policy, Kerry Sees Strength in Alliances

John Kerry denies report of extramarital affair with young woman

Kerry might have just convinced me to support him ... maybe

Kucinich says Kerry won't get "free ride" in quest for nomination . . .

Kerry Impresses Voters at Forum

Help Me Convince my Pro-Life Mother-In-Law

Columbus Dispatch Dumps Dubya-The first time in 88 years, endorsed a Dem

The Next Vice President of the United States!

Has any nominee EVER put his primary opponents in his cabinet????

Kerry now holds huge lead over Dean, poll of voters shows

Dean: Kerry nomination a grave mistake...

*RepukeAlert*!!!! Pugs launch entire website to attack Kerry

Kerry sees improvement on fund-raising front

McCain Fights Old Foe Who Now Fights Kerry

Wonder how the freepers will like these two "real" photos side by side?

Kristof: Afghan Women, Still in Chains

Khan Job: Bush Spiked Probe of Pakistan’s Dr. Strangelove *IN 2001*

Iran's die-hards will dump democracy - if the US helps

`Black gold' politics has corrupted democracy - KMT Pigs in TW

Kerry will win the patriot game

Spanish Judge Hailed for Guantanamo Extradition

Bush's Unified Government (Paul Vitello)

Valentine's Day~That Great State Holiday--Bill Maher

Inventing The "Clinton Recession" (Mankiw strikes again)

Ken Starr, call your office (Bush lies should mean his exit in 04)

Bush agrees to meet 9/11 panel but declines to testify in public

The Sleazy World of Annonynous!

NYT OpEd: Privacy in Peril

WP: He Ought To Know

True colours - Authors Take Sides 2004

"Gay Unions: Moderation Is Winning" Ellen Goodman

link washington post article on bush

Saving a world that doesn't like to think about saving

Attacks on US leaders stir fears over moles

An insider's account of the day Bush tried to crash MLK's birthday.

When it comes to trolling for trash, ask the experts

Just when you thought things couldn't get any more ridiculous

Dubya Dumped

Left IS right, Jack Rabbit!

Is it the end of the Dutch liberal experiment?

Republican tough love

Activism Against Insurance Companies

Guy James today, C-Span Tuesday and the Cd released

British reporter in hot water in Zambia

Randi Rhodes on NOW with Bill Moyers - Video

Google criticized for suppressing ads of a non-profit group

"Bush, Kerry both served honorably"

As Iran hardline fundies prepare to end Democracy, will media ask Bush any

Phe's shared thought for 2/14 & 2/15/4;

Log Cabin statement on Taft signage of HB 272

Log Cabin Republicans Will Fight to Protect Our Sacred Constitution

Genetic AIDS immunity traced to smallpox, not plague

'Freedom to Marry' activists protest across the country

Iraqi women could lose rights they've had for decades, senators say

More People Prefer Single Life to Marriage

I am NOT tired of fighting!

Just realized..HETERO marriage can justify Polygamy!?

Gussying up the garbage (Bush lies/deception in new Budget)

US deficit for 04 really 2 Trillion or 20% of 03 GDP and rising

Bush is still asleep at the wheel -Trade Deficit Hits $489 Billion

Need some tax advice re annuities.

How the government manufactures low inflation

Huge conference focuses on eco-technology in Taiwan

Chocolate Obsession Leads to Physics Discovery

91.8 Pct of Buan Voters Oppose Wido Nuclear Waste Dump Site - SK


President to form `peace taskforce' - TW

Twelve Ministers in One Year - Korea

The fantasy of democracy in an Arab state

Uzbek Regime Jails Elderly Mother of Boiled Muslim

IOC executive is indicted for bribery, embezzling - SK

Seoul, Washington delay signing of agreement over US base relocation

No to U.S. Plan to Build Embassy - SK

India's Cities Prosper as Country Folk Starve

Human Rights Watch: U.S. Should Condemn Anti-Muslim Campaign in Uzbekistan

Zimbabwe: The dream is dead

Iraq arms hunt in doubt in '02 (Bush knew WMD possible lie in 02)

Guardsman described as inept ‘wannabe’ al-Qaida spy

Illinois handgun bans on the outs?

Why are sex threads allowed in GD Primary, but not the Lounge?

Dumb question about donating...

Question re PMs.

To Administrators, Mods & DUers'

I'd luv to upload an avatar, but

Lost password question

Would 'kicking' a 2 day-old post be considered abusive?

Umm, what happened with my appeal?

Do the time outs have to be automatic?

Why don't smilies show up in PMs?

I'm beginning to think that the 2 separate GD forums are contributing...

Avatar Request

Do the Admins ever have to post a question in Ask The Admins?

Changing Avatar/ signature w/o re-registering?

Police probe posters comparing settlement exit to Nazi acts

Maariv Exclusive: Arrow missile may be compromised by security blunder

U.S. Peace Activist Finds Love in West Bank

Sharon Betrays Bush

PNA considers Israel's absence from ICJ hearings a confession of guilt

Analysis: No one can help the Palestinians but themselves

Palestinians using children to plant bombs in Rafah: Israeli army

A Fathers Vigil (Please read this article, it breaks my heart)

Globe and Mail: Mud season starts early in U.S. campaign

Kerry affair story has no legs

Medicare (drug) Law Hurts Cancer Patients (Jan 1, 2004, worse in 05)

Wisconsin Weekend for Dennis Kucinich ... then, to Ohio

Dennis in California - Monday is Dennis Visibility Day

why didnt bushie fly?

Move On Voter Fund Met and Surpassed Its Goal Tonight!

I've heard a rumor about Ashcroft and the abortion witchunt at NW hospital

repsonse to David Brooks & fellow PNACkers

Bush in 41.2 Seconds (short but hilarious)

Mel Gibson's "Passion for Christ" in very select theatres only

Timeline of Bush ignoring Iraqi intelligence

If Bush reinstitutes the draft...

Halliburton cost-plus contract- what percent?


Two weeks that marked the beginning of the end for Bush

Hahaha...Debate? More like massacre.

Un-freep this poll!

Something to sway voters away from Bush with

There is a solution

How can we fund all our social needs?

Bush hired by a Texas agricultural importer (coke)?, anyone hear of this?

worrying developments re: Justice Department

More to say on this subject...

FAUX 'News' - Iraq Moving From Socialism to Capitalism?

True Colours -- authors comment on Iraq war.

Remind me about the opinion toward cocaine in 1972

Possibility: Corporations will be the scapegoat for the Iraq war.

Halliburton TV Commercial: "We're Supporting Our Troops ..."

has the K-Tel album of Bush's "Greatest Lies" come out yet?

Lou Dobbs transcript - exporting jobs 2/13/04 show

Shoshana Johnson interviewed

Mona Charen on Kerry

Iraq Front News available

In another thread, Ex-GOPer mentions that he's

What Kind Of Man Is Ann Coulter

this admin. isn't republican

Where in the world are same-sex marriages recognized?

Hey guys let's feed the grovelbot

C-Span 8:05 a.m. IT OUTSOURCING TO INDIA (Good for the USA?)

c-span = frustration central

Seems plenty of people from campaign in Alabama remember Bush!!

Could Shoshana Johnson or Jessica Lynch endorse a Dem?

The Theory of Related Activities

Have any pols returned their Enron cobtributions to the Treasury?

"Framing the debate" - bush* awol

bush worked on a segregationist campaign and then at PULL in Houston

if you haven't read Plaid Adder's latest.............

Castro recites from a published compilation of Bush malapropisms

Don't the new military records prove * lied?

Bush was once a runner boy for the Baker Botts law firm


The brave young men and women of our armed forces.

Biggest difference between the 2000 election and now? (The Internet)

The Summer of '04

Stock Market?

Iraq contracts on c-span.

Drudge says "White House Trashed"....


Do the Insurgents Run Fallujah?

Stories over 3 years old...

Job Creation?

DUI ,1972 Cocaine arrest, AWOL, missing records...

WSJ: Halliburton -2: Baker Botts Has Ties to Bush Family

Help! I'm getting dead links for Order to suspend * from flying

Bush Rules Out Public Testimony re 9/11

Ashcroft's latest ploy is based on the letter of the law ----

In another thread, Ex-GOPer mentions that he's (Edit & Repost)

2002 SOTU prep. White house slide show.

Coming up on "This is Hell "- Dr. Helen Caldicott anti-nuke activist

Did the French imperialists deserve what they got from Ho Chi Minh rebels?

I think we need to get cut a little slack here.

I quit AOL because of Ann Coulter. Ask me anything!

update - pharmicist fired for denying morning-after pill


Don't pro bush economists look stupid & out of touch?

Made in America

While the media were obsessed with Janet's abundance

OK, OK, Bush AWOL is NOT a lose-lose issue

Special Treatment

Why Hasn't Anyone Asked Bush Who He Served Under?

Where's Bob Boudelang when we need him?

was New Jersey one of the most conservative states?

Can someone explain how Nixon won in 72?

OCT Surprise: If there are any reporters worth their salt

Democrats and happy colonials: A wink and a smile

Bush to Get More Aggressive, Huh? Bring. It. On.

San Fran Courthouse on tv

CNN never fails to hit Clinton

The date Bin Laden will be captured?

If you write letters to the editor, you could be charged with terrorism

Would you sacrifice malpractice lawsuits for universal healthcare?

If Bill Calhoun came forward in 2000, why didn't Bush mention this on MTP?

Great Vietnam-Service Cartoon

When will we know who the candidates for the US House of Rep. are? (nt)

CNN: "Where The Jobs Wil Be"

Is it NAFTA that is bad or the movement of US companies out of country?

Start voting now.

Could the Russians be training/supporting insurgents in Iraq?

Bush's own words on military service during the Vietnam War

MSNBC Poll - Saturday

Great letter in today's Seattle Times (Bush, 9/11, natl security)

Caption this pic of Uncle Dick & *

Calhoun says Bush read lots of manuals and technical

Arnold with his brownshirts on TV yesterday

Only thing more revolting than bush

Ann Coulter: Cleland "didn't lose his limbs for his country". (must read)

Democrats Keeping Bush on the Defensive

Support Russ Feingold. Only US Senator who voted against the Patriot Act.

Official Guy James Show Thread, 3-6pm EST!

Bush vs. Kerry (Does it really matter)

Dateline Dayton, Ohio: Lawmakers prepare for ribbeting debate

For gods sake the European Forums at Guardian

Bush National Guard service - 6 days out of 36?

Newsweek Live Vote

Questions about Pim Fortuyn...

What Republican VP would be...

Bush a good old boy???

Anyone have a Bush AWOL time line?

Later retirement, less jobs

When is the next Democratic debate?

Ten Ethically Spotless Witnesses to AWOL's service (LOL)

Personally, I'm more threatened by Georgia's proposed science curriculum

*gasp* I think a Republican saved our ass at the MA convention...

The Champaign Unit of the TANG

Why is everything the media's fault?

know any "Nascar dads" or "Soccer moms"

Pat Buchanan - "A Matter of Trust"

did you know that there is 5-9lbs of lead dust in every PC monitor & TV ?

Private Pilot's License for Dubya?

Sheehy Trifecta- 9-11 Articles in NY Observer

ANG transfers and flight physicals

Meet Scott McClellan's daddy

Scary: If Rove has $300M to work with, he can buy

Dan Bartlett keeps changing the reason that Dubya missed his physical!

OK, kids...Who thinks the person who did THIS layout

$30 Million in Cocaine Found Amid Toys in Truck (Walmart)

Thought the economy was taking off?! (Latest on the Consumer Index)

Judith Miller backbenched ..NYT inquiry going reporting

mp3 makers here: Mike Malloy to appear on FAUX News

Draft Bill and Smart Borders

Why don't they ask Barbara and George Sr. about AWOL?

Faux: The Friday document dump proves that Bush got no special treatment

Prosecution of an Outgoing Administratioin?

California DUer's URGENT.......


WaPo readers on Bush AWOL controversy (great read)

Is it my imagination or are grocery prices going up?

Is * AWOL only a small part of the picture?

More ways we can protect marriage

Libertarians - where will they go?

Anyone notice there is a civil war going on in Haiti right now?

"Bush is a jinx"

recent shrub photos....does the bush* look bad?

Did this slip under the Radar screen?

Wow! Bush=runnerboy for BakerBotts>defenders of Saudi terrorist financiers

What made CBS turn evil anyway?

Attention Walmart Customers - We Bring You Fox News

What existing country should America most strive to be like?

What can we do to get conservative white men on our side?

Swimming in raw sewage

Let's say that Cardiac Cheney lapses into a coma...

Newest excuse for Bush's lack of his "band of brothers"

BBV: Bev Harris on Coast to Coast Monday Night, 2/16 !

Is it just me or is the argument against gay marriage a little flawed

I was talking to my co-worker and she made a great point...

Treason IS an Impeachable Offense

Does Bush have God on his side? (Witch Hunts?)

What happens when the draft is reinstated?

True colours - writers on the Iraq War/LeCarrePinterTerkelTheroux etc.

Randi Rhodes syndication coming soon?!?!

BBV: "You're Gonna Get a Visit"

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Listening to Randi today, I noticed something sad...

Michael Parenti

BBV: incorporates as a non-profit, begins fundraising

Kerry Spurs Ambitious Fundraising

Moscow Mulls New Migration Laws

One U.S. soldier killed, 9 wounded in mine blast in eastern Afghanistan

Two people die as wave of attacks hits Afghanistan

Bush, Clinton Agree to Testify Privately to Panel Probing 9/11

oops, Nader's doing it again

Edwards says feds should honor gay marriage

Bush Lie and Who Die? (Military Families React WMD Intelligence)

Senate Republicans make pilgrimage to historic civil rights sites

Fitzwater: Bush Admin. Mishandled WMD Case (Worked for Reagan and Bush1)

Senate to Close Intelligence Session

Iraq insurgents free prisoners in raid, 22 dead

Many Gaps In Bush's Guard Records

Media Mayhem in Malvern

NYT: Halliburton Likely to Be a Campaign Issue

Inflection point on war: public evenly split

Rumsfeld implies some at camp may be held years

Bush ''Ranger'' Pataki adds Iraq to his itinerary

Iowa Governor Decries Bush on Job Losses

NYT: Files Offer Glimpse of Bush* After College (hemorrhoids)

Bush Policies Shrink U.S. Opportunities(Dem response to Bush Sat radio)

Confusion, not guilt, greets Bush's Dubai accusation

Story links Kerry with ex-Chesco woman

The Biggest Bomb in Bush's Budget

Army Suicides Reach 21

U.S. Seals Saddam's Final Hiding Place

Study: Texas Not No. 1 in Death Penalty

Bird Flu Kills Thai Boy; Toll Rises to 20

A retired Col from the Alabama Nat Guard steps forward to confirm Bush

Va. House GOP Willing to Revoke Some Tax Breaks

Transcript: President's Weekly Radio Address (LOL!)

Gunmen Rout Iraqi Security Forces-Fallujah, Killing 20, Freeing Prisoners

U.S. May Base Troops Long-Term in Kuwait

Captain tipped authorities to five Chinese stowaways | Oregonian

Iraqi Exiles Distorted, Exagerated Hussein Threat

McCain Fights Old Foe Who Now Fights Kerry

Soldier held in al-Qaida probe tried to join militia group | Seattle P-I

AP Photographer Wins World Press Photo

Arrested soldier had expressed strong opinions about U.S., bigotry and Isl

Some light shed on Bush Guard service

Louisiana Governor Blanco sidesteps political war zone (pre-war intel)

Gay Marriage Not Just for the Left

Homosexual Texas couples denied marriage licenses (Austin)

Home foreclosure rate stays high

Abuse cases devastating, bishop says in Toledo | Cleveland Plain-Dealer

Olympians could face ban (steroids) | San Jose Mercury News

Global warming hitting Northwest hard, researchers warn | Seattle Times

15 Killed, 22 Injured in Iraq Gunbattle

Defense Contractors Owe Billions in Unpaid Taxes

Washington Dems 'smelling blood' for Bush defeat | Seattle P-I

John Rips Intern Reports (today's NY Post)

Dispute Prompts Scrutiny of Bush's Daily Reading

Hundreds line up for same-sex marriages

Iran 'ready to sell nuclear fuel' (On the open market)

G. I. Killed By Mine In Afghanistan

Spouse of outed CIA officer signs on with Kerry | Washington Times

NO-GO:Bush wanted to fly in Vietnam,colonel says

CBS pulls `political' Medicare ad | Boston Herald

Coulter Attacks Cleland's War Record

Bush's Campaign More Aggressive in Coming Weeks

Cdn politics: "Scandal Rocks Grits Support" (Liberals drop 9%)

(Iraq) Intelligence Commission's Finances Will Stay Private

No 10 unease at Brown's contacts with John Kerry (Blair)

U.S. Soldiers Eyeing Lucrative Jobs in Iraq - but Not With the Military

Haitian Rebels Take Over Another Town

Quebec government blasts O'Brien for insults to locals

Defying U.S., Russia set to give Iran nuclear fuel

U.S. Plans to Escalate Porn Fight | LA Times

Georgia: Big Bang Busted in Science Classes for High Schools

New York Police Training for Catastrophic Terrorism

Cuba's Castro Ridicules Gaffe-Prone Bush

Netherlands to expel 26,000 immigrants

Nader expected to launch new bid for White House

Bush Acts Against Critics on Guard Records and 9/11 (Private Testimony!!)


Sign Petition to tell Bush that Outsourcing is bad.

Happy Valentine's Day, newyawker99!

Be My Zombytine: Favorite Chocolate?

Edge is in the 700 Club -- Abandon hope, all ye who enter

late night chat anyone

It's SATURDAY !!!! - Fri 13th is gone - - -

Terrorism photshop contest.

Valentines Day is a blessing in disguise

It's snowing outside my dorm. In San Marcos. In Texas.

I felt a need for this tonight: Dogs in Elk

Its snowing in San Antonio

I just received a Valentine from a secret admirer

okay i'm slightly drunk, playing poker, and wondering what the hell BFEE

Latest Shrub atrocity: Trees don't vote...

Sperm Wars...

my domo-kun just ate GrovelBot...

Ashcroft unmasks next big terrorists (joke, dont move to LBN)

Am I the only ding-a-ling that thought the new upgrade "Talk to Me" meant.

Our Google is spreading the Love!

Another reason to hate Valentine's Day.

a review of bill O'really

My parents lost their dog yesterday

Snow on the ground in Austin

And now for my 1,000th post!

Cartoonist Borgman brilliant once again

Are Icelandic people really that unathletic?

Time to lighten up a little

Well, DUers! I'm gone until Wednesday!

Who else has no valentine

Question for techies. I received an email from a friend who recommended

"There is no Bad bacon, only Better bacon."

Which Source Do You Trust The Most?

Let Us Now Praise The Yardbirds

Adult Movie Theaters to Open in April - Korea

Dubyah, ruler of Texrectumstan! LMAO!

What does it mean when you slip in a floppy disk and a window

I forgot...

Wish me luck....I'll be humiliating myself shortly....

Green Googly-Eyed Rush is Scary!

Greatest South Park ever on now (12:15)

I donated again. And it sure looks like the 1000 donations will happen!

What exactly *is* a dingbat?

I am nominating a new avatar

The giant DU Valentines cluster...

MN DUers: Who wants a star?

CatWoman sends love and kisses

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Battle of the Bands: Bay City Rollers vs. Hanson!

Be My ValenWoof: Favorite Rose?

Life could be worse...

Thanks for the star!

For Valentine's Day, a song poll

My daughter's in 6th grade and she's gotten Valentines from....

My baby bought me Franken's Lies and lying liars for

A mule and a mine...

What was your favorite Cartoon?

I downright REFUSE to view posts that have 'Refuse' in All Caps

"Papa was a Rolling Stone" is the best soul era song

Love Your Vote Day Wild Success

Actual Analogies and Metaphors Found in High School Essays (funny)

Caption this moran.

I've upped my post count; Up Yours! Just ask me anything.

This photo is dying for a caption--the guy on the left wasn't ABOUT to die

Who here plays games online?

Anyone here use Sirius or XM satellite radio for their car?

Who will you vote for in November?

Hallmark Cards: I Absolutely REFUSED To Pay Those Prices...

How do you handle personal attacks?

Great. My picture's in the paper.

Al Qaeda = Aramchek. Discuss

Claw it up, kitty! Shred it!

Rot, Blau, und Tod...

Metal Shavings in My Costco Poundcake

Why doesn't pure Cocoa powder dissolve when

did you know that there is 5-9lbs of crumbs, hair, etc in your KEYBOARD?

Gratuitous Nature thread


Pledge of Allegiance Misspeak

Dumbest thing you've heard Clinton blamed for

Pinball football is on :-)

why no Hilton hotel boycotts by the freeps or fundies?

Good Morning Coffee fiends!! Help me pick a new favorite coffee!

Hey Jude

I quit AOL because of Ann Coulter. Ask me anything!

Time for... Candidate Rap Duel!

Just got a new Mac G5 in this week.


In Memoriam: My grandmother, 1916-2001

20 Questions: RKM's latest celb sighting in LA

I think the nomination process should work like the Love Connection.

Bah hum bug.

The Big Idea just made me cry!!!

Post your TROF abuse here

Monkey vs. Tiger = Tiger pwnt.

Wow. trof needs a time out.

Squirrel Mayhem

I just had dinner with Peter Yarrow, ask me anything!!!

Advice needed from biz savvy types re: resume

You guys are great.

Ack! Hannity is trying to facilitate their BREEDING!!!!

Hey DUers. How Is It Going. I Have NOT Been Here For A Couple Days

Space Program Spending reason for one Republican going ABB

Coventina drives in anger....survives & even enjoys it!

I just hooked up my wide screen TV, ask me anything!

Who's cooler?

Name that theme song :)

Okay class, Pick up your pencils.. It's Final Exam time

Great conversation at the UPS Store today!

Anyone Give Up Eating Beef This Week?

did you know that there is 5-9lbs of lead dust in every PC monitor & TV ?

vote for this

I'm back!

OHMYGOD!!! I found out what I am - I'm a "Quirkyalone"

a question

Is Castro funnier than Dennis Miller

Its Valentines Day And I Have Been CHEATIN' ON DU!!!

Alaskans are kicking some butt in DU donations

Just got The Grey Album

Listening to Chumbawamba while playing Der Langrisser...

valentines day must be the worst day ever

Anybody know anything about a new INTEL chip for Televisions that will

Do You Know That Our So-Called President Is Going To Be At The

Happy Valentine's Day

I got my man a pretzel for Valentine's

The Tale of King George and the Unclear Mandate

DU techies....Red Hat or Mandrake...?

I Rust Jeceived A Breat Gig Rox Of Boses!! The Stong Lemmed Kind.

Who's your Daddy?! (a cat vanity thread)

Will you guys be my Valentines?

I have no idea how this works, but it's fun

I'm off for a date in NYC

Funny Newspaper Headlines

WooHooooo! My license plate is getting rave reviews!

Is it time for spring beer yet?

valantine's day poetry by ee cummings

the Saint Valentine story

Poll: Favorite German brewing style

"Whadahyah Know" on NPR. Taking off on bush*.

Rug, or Bad Hair Day?

Best vocal group of the 1960s?


Two songs that actually make me feel some patriotism

For Valentine's: 11 Things I Love About DU

OMG---- Exclusive Photo of aftermath of ShortBus/DoloAmber's

Worst Teen Idol, 1957-1963?

Now HERE'S a rock to give your sweetie on Valentine's Day.

My terrible, deep dark secret: I've been watching "Dennis Miller"


Excellent comment on what the fundys want!

This is hard for me...but I've been a bit out of it lately

ARGH! Yankees talking A-Rod/Soriano deal

My Valentine to DU

More on Quirkyalones: Take the Online Quiz

I stand relieved

Don't make me mad! (How entertaining do you find this photo?)

Why can't there be a day for the single, broken hearted, loser guys?

Just saw "Lost in Translation"

What Was The Last Live Stage Play (Or Musical) You Saw?

Great Deal at CompUSA if anyone is interested

How spicy do you like your food?

Best VOCAL DUO of the 1960s?

Canada Bows to US Demands to Beef up Coastal Defenses . . . .

What is a Vet?

What Would You Rather Receive On A Weekly Basis

Catwoman's favorite Mickey pics! (Caution Cat Thread)

My special Valentines.

The Broken Hearts thread......please share your story

Am I the only person who thinks the film Monster made my country look bad?

I am getting drunk right now......ask me anything?

what bumper stickers are on your car? (more vanity, no cat)

Favorite "Non-traditional" Singing voice

What movie or TV show makes/made you cry?

For my last days...


Johnny Depp just took over the movie, "The Pirates of the Caribbean"

CAPTION Chimpy and the Big Dog

Question on Microsoft Windows Source Code Leak

Ya know why we're lucky?

My car was vandalized because of my bumpersticker!

Never mind - please delete

Free Dishonest Dubya Online Action Figure OMG HAHAHAHA!!!

Drudge Reports Sidney Blumenthal Beat His Wife.

The president's way of making Black History

Last One In John Kerry's Pants Is A Rotten Egg!

Edwards coming up on Leno

Which Kind of Country Would You Prefer To Live In?

Panel on Dennis Miller on Kerry scandal now

Bush in 41.2 Seconds (short but hilarious)

John Kerry on NAFTA, Globalization and 'Free Trade'

Email from Wes Clark Asking to Help Ben Chandler Win in Ky Next Tues

Let's get this straight about Matt Drudge.

Copy of pointless poll on front page of Freek Republik

Kucinich launches TV ads in Wisconsin

Food and Commercial Workers Endorse John Kerry for President

Do you trust John Kerry?

Why do people say Dean is finished if he doesn't endorse kerry?

I've thought over the whole Kerry/Intern thing

Edwards comes out supporting gay marriage

Why do people use the word patriot a lot when describing kerry and clark?

What would make me look twice at Kerry.

Sorry - Dupe

John Edwards on Jay Leno NOW!!!!

Kerry campaigning in Nevada on eve of state caucus, rips Bush policies

How can Bush attack Kerry on Special Interest money?

DEMOCRATS CAUCUS TODAY: Kerry visits Las Vegas

Edwards says feds should honor gay marriage *

Kerry supporters: If Kerry bows out, what are you going to do?

Special Interests - the big bad b*

John Kerry is a...a...a...HIPPIE! (sic)...

Let's say that Cardiac Cheney lapses into a coma...

John Edwards says Edwards/Kerry ticket

Voter Exchange Idea, Edwards/Dean

National Lawyers Guild Awards Dinner, Kucinich keynote speaker

The reason I don't buy the Right's safari into Kerry's shorts

If Dean drops out right after Wisconsin, will he endorse Edwards?

Put me in the Kerry camp

I Am A Traitor-George Bush and the treacherous country

Dishonest Dubya-Lying Action Figure (Animation)

Proving that he may be "The Man", DK lands a date with Tilly

For what it's worth...for Kerry supporters

What would happen to the Democrat Party if

What do DK, JE, Nader & the TX GOP have in common?

The Head of my school got a quote in the W.Post about Kerry & Fundraising!

Kerry Spending Pledge May Limit Options

If Republicans can use terror to beat Clelland, how's Kerry going to win?

Maher on Kerry

Re: Kerry/Alex Polier mudslinging campaign in UK press

Dean seeks to rally Democratic base in advance of Wisconsin primary

one very good stat I heard

If Edwards drops out right after Wisconsin, will he endorse Dean?

Time for the New American Revolution?

NAFTA/WTO: Reform it or pull out?

Joe Lieberman's Rock the Vote Video

Who do you support for the Democratic nomination?

Ya know why we're lucky?

This is a funny editorial cartoon, hilarious even

Remember when Drudge reported on Clinton's illegitimate black son?

Howard Dean Says Political Obituary Premature

If Kerry is "more electable" than Dean. . .

Dennis Kucinich-Jennifer Tilly date - any updates? legs? tofu?

Edwards is the better contrast w/Bush,+ Kerry/Clark/Graham are w/ Cheney

(moved - sorry)

Even if a Kerry nomination is inevitable...

Cieslewicz (Mayor of Madison WI) endorses Edwards

Follow the Special Interest Money - Link and Numbers

WI Badger Herald Interview with Dean....excellent. Detailed.

dean bid shows signs of ending

If I could ask John F. Kerry one question, it would be this:

Insiders Poll: Edwards Has Won Their Hearts for Veep

Question about writing-in votes for candidates who have dropped out

Dean Struggles to Keep His Campaign Alive


Hey! How about we have an ISSUE discussion?

Dean supporters: How many of you will support Edwards?

RealVideo: John Edwards' interview on Leno

Does anyone have contact info on the DLC

What times are the NV and DC caucuses?

I think the VP is going to be Gephardt or Richardson

Would it be to strong to call John B. Calhoun a proven liar

For the purpose of rules 2 and 5, does Larouche qualify as a Democrat?

The Democrats are too negative

GWB is just like Churchill...

Dirty tricks in Vegas? Strange phone call this AM.

I am gathering that from now on we will not be welcome.

The Iowa Caucus Was Less Than a Month Ago

Clark supporter here. I am backing Kerry now. Here is why.

Front-loaded primaries: are they good, or bad?


I think we should place the blame where it really belongs

Who is the best VP choice?

Dean supporters: If Dean bows out, what are you going to do?

Dean: "We're not going to win this election if...."

Looks Like Party Leadership Wants to Wrap it Up next Tuesday. Too Bad

It's obvious politicians that don't sugarcoat things can't win.

Kerry in Commanding Lead Among Democratic Primary Voters in Wisconsin

Has Kerry ever said the war in Iraq was wrong?

Did Drudge get caught with his "pants down?" Did Media Play us as Fools?

Darn it all, Howard Dean! (misleading flyer received in mail today)

Realistically, Can We Win COLORADO?

Who do you support for the Democratic Party nomination?

Official NEVADA results thread

Dean's value lies online

I think Dean should drop out and endorse Edwards or vice versa

Why would Dean people organize behind Edwards if Edwards was pro IWR?

The Importance of Being Kerry

Sick of the Fratricide!! For God's sake!

Cummings (Cong. Black Caucus) to urge Dean to withdraw from race

Here he comes...

the timing of the clark withdrawal...a move to hurt Edwards?

How many 'blue state' residents aren't ready for this to be over yet?

Kerry salutes the General....

Kerry destined for life at the top, says British country cousin

SHARPTON supporters and well-wishers only

Official WASHINGTON DC results thread

What should wes clark do now?

Our candidates should attack * for his pro-outsoucring memo

If our guy loses this one, it's mostly our guy's fault

KUCINICH supporters and well-wishers only

KERRY supporters and well-wishers only

EDWARDS supporters and well-wishers only

Indy’s can vote in Cal Dem primary- My vote goes to Kucinich.

I'll make a deal with Kerry's supporters. . .

Rank your favorite VP choices for Kerry

BBV, Kerry and Diebold: Progress?

Who Would You Rather Have? Edwards as AG, or Clark as SecState?

Dennis Kucinich - Hot or Not?

Honest question: What does Kerry stand for?

DEAN supporters and well-wishers only

Why all the pressure this week for Dean to drop out?

I just shook John Kerry's hand

Kerry/Clark '04 - Two Patriots. One Mission.

Edwards is the most progressive candidate with a chance...

Did you contribute to anyone in this campaign? Was it the first time?

Clark has left this supporter with a bad taste :(

Who do you think would make the best vp choice for Edwards?

All that voted for, or will vote for Dennis Kucinich stop here please

Crystal Ball: Kerry Poised for Electoral Landslide, Rove "Terrified."