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Archives: February 17, 2004

Why Christians shouldn't vote for George W. Bush

Liberal Oasis interviews Eric Alterman (co-au. "The Book on Bush")

Krugman: The Health of Nations

'US knew Iraq was WMD free'

Grover Norquist: Cornered Rats Fight Hard

Buzzflash "Rumor" - Place your bets!

Billions in Energy Bill Benefits to Bush Contributors

John Dean: Iraq Commission Won't Be Investigating the Key WMD Issue

On Guard, or AWOL?

BlackBoxV Action....its internet blogging season and we need some shooters

I'm on WebTV. Does anybody know any progressive radio I might be able to.

Now you can email God

ITCFUOW? Big Disconnect: Gay Marriage vs Predator Priests

INTEL growth estimates cut -- but no jobs yet in high-tech 'recovery'?!?!

GREAT Column -- The State of the Economy

Azerbaijani scientist invents earthquake foreteller machine

Stupid Geology Question...

Tides to engulf pacific nation

We overdid it, says Angola

2 die as crowd turns violent

Labour trouble brewing in Zambia

Dengue fever outbreak kills 17 in Jakarta

Outrage at Zim law to hold suspects for a month

Calling all antique arms buffs

Please explain to me how my thread goes against the rules.


If I have this wrong ..


why have my donor functions been removed?!

I have alerted this lie about me several times

I would like to know a couple of things

Skinner, I have some concerns about unjustified deletions/warnings

Now that I have joined the legion of the banned--from GDP 04

I would like to complain vehemently about something....

Andrew Cuomo wants to run for NY Attorney General

How Bush has painted himself into a corner

Shiites have alternative proposals on Iraq polls

bush* political campaign abuses WH web page...KKKarl rove(link)

So do the Freepers talk about DU as much as we talk about FR?

30-1 Now attacking Bush

Kerry affair a trial run?

Guess who is speaking at my school tommorrow?

Max Cleland on Tweety now! 1813 CST

Should Gavin Newsom run against Arnold in 2006?

c-span - Past Presidents, panel with Kevin Phillips, Schlesinger, etc,

Tweety interviewing "Bill" damn vcr broke! He couldn't

"He wasn't very POPULAR" -- so sez Bush's eyewitness

World Government

Josh Marshall on Bush's claim Dems threaten country's fiscal health

this man wants to be president?!

When We Turn Shrub Out in NOV Will We Say

Astroturf Watch?

Who said this?

Bev Harris & Jim March

Did Bush break a law by not getting a physical in 1972?

NHL: sport or cult?

Program Alert

Stirrings of freedom among Arab youth

2000 Nader voters--Do you want to see Ralph run this time around?

Fred Kaplan rumored to be new head honcho at NBC...

OMG-Is anyone else watching Dennis Miller tonight

Rick Perry gay rumor: what's the status on this?

Lets see: doctored JFK/Fonda photos, phony TANG witnesses, no JFK affair.

Dennis Miller panel:OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Was the Jamaican bobsled team racist?

Ashcroft Bought and paid for by Polluting Chem Company

Aaron Brown Said Bush Didn't *Have* to Take A Physical

How are the FReepers and ditto-heads taking the Kerry affair refutation?

Ted Sampley (veterans against Kerry) getting destroyed on Scarborough

Rush has his trousers twisted

Hypothetical question concerning a "September 11 / World Trade Center"

Suspicious break in Bush's ARFs

Proof that Bush had NO INTENTION of going to Nam in his own docs

Mike Malloy starting in a few minutes

Poems & letters from soldiers in Iraq

Tweety hasn't fully redeemed himself, but

Bush = Walmart Economy

British whistle-blower faces prison for exposing U.N. spy efforts

Question re. Clinton, et al, Saddam &WMDs

So what is the difference between 09/11/01 and 02/16/04

READ THIS! ...... Lt. Col. John "Bill" Calhoun .... the Bush alibi

Outsourcing: India raps US on BPO ban

Let''s outsource Bush

New bumber sticker sighting

PIPA Report - Fox News Makes You More Misinformed

If anyone linked to my sever to use my clark kerry graphic

Bremer Hints He May Bar Sharia Law

Kerry vs. Bush: Poll Summary 2/18/04

Tutu: Iraq war "immoral" mistake

Iraq was WMD free and the US knew it. (Iraqi key scientist)

Is the United States slowly becoming two countries?

It happens every 20 years or so..

Does every Viet Nam montage HAVE to use Buffalo Springfield?

new 911 Visibility Action iMovie -comments requested

No DENTIST at Dannelly in 1972! No DENTIST!

Am I the only one laughing at Calhoun's testimony?

I would like to honor Tim Robbins with my 1000 th post:

Charlie Rangle just sliced and diced Hammity and his Boy King.

Cronkite says Bush's was a major self-inflicted wound.

John Dean (watergate): 9/11 Commission a sham

What is a "Massachusetts Liberal" (besides the obvious)?

Who is Lars Larson and did he singlehandedly sink Oregon's....

BBV:Voting chaos looms for American election

Ann Coulter on "Hannity and *" Tuesday: Will Colmes finally get angry?

Ed Schultzv Needs You, DU!

President Bush's military records [USA Today site]

Stand Up for Freedom to Form Unions

Is golf a racist Republican sport?

(Arizona) House votes to revoke licenses of businesses that hire illegals

How many solo flying hours did Bush have?

ABC Nightline Monday: A Nation of Immigrants

The ever-popular Bush* record of compassion to veterans

What does this symbolize?

Viet Nam

Huge: 9/11 Families Throw the Gauntlet Down to Bush.

Why hijab (head scarves) disturbs dictators, democrats

NEW video - "This Friendly Friendly George W. Bush World"

Feb. 16th -- 9/11 Families Throw Down Gauntlet to Bush

Halliburton suspends 140 million dollars in Iraq, Kuwait meal bills

Muti killings: 'Be defensive'

Report: 11,000 Clergy Abuse Claims Filed

John Kerry's Chinese campaign connections

In China, they're selling the White House

One Price Clothing Stores Announces Layoffs and Plans Designed to Maximize

My fight for Danny's memory (Daniel Pearl's widow vs WSJ)

President Pardons Former Texas Mayor

dupe - sorry :(

Greece to give Olympians armed escorts

Halliburton Halts More U.S. Billings (guess why?)

Australia to crack down on child sex tourists

Most Siemens Software Jobs Moving East

Second bird flu outbreak reported in Oita (Japan)

Mystery light seen above NSW

Va. House Proposes Heavier Tax On Business (GOP Stuns Opposition)

Haiti Rebels Kill Police Chief, Officers

Disney Board Rejects Comcast Takeover Bid | AP

WP: For Kerry, a Tough Geography Test

Kerry Tops Bush In CBS Poll

On Russian TV, Whatever Putin Wants, He Gets

East African Standard: "Kerry lover holed up in city house"

US says Iraqis, not foreign fighters, are behind attacks

Alcohol 'snorting' worries docs

Handover too much for battered forces: US

NYT: Arabs in U.S. Raising Money to Back Bush

The Computer Ate My Vote 

Will Your Vote Count? (WISH-TV investigation on voting machines)

Kids will see R-rated 'Passion'

Czech Town Mesmerized by Kerry Campaign

Former Dannelly worker: Bush not AWOL

Now I "nose" what Georgie has been doing on his vacations

Is anyone listening to Phil Hendrie?

I've got a beer buzz.

Paris to examine Linux alternative to Microsoft

Remote Dubya - for those who missed it

Anyone read Rue Morgue magazine?

Please tell me where to put my pictures so I can post them...

I like that Beyonce video where she slams her hands on the ground.

OK, I changed my avatar to Strong Bad.

I'm warning you this is a test

Not one, but TWO Angelina Jolie movies coming soon...

Conan O'Brien's Quebec Shows Stir Furor

Moses: Hear me! Oh, Hear me! All pay heed!

I love Josh Marshall's characterization of *

Will 50 million Yen buy you a bag of popcorn?

Ok, this is the end. I can't go on DU anymore.

How do I delete a &*%$#@ avatar?

Let's piss off a homophobe!

Cute Picture

So, I got new glasses...

I've been working on a new DU logo- anyone have any ideas/designs?

Any other fans of "Family Business" on Showtime?

Favorite Book Recommendations

monday night chat

Why, when I upload a personal avatar and the DU message

Someone dissed me on

Does anyone EXCEPT Screaming Lord Byron recognize my avatar?


I'm a vegetarian, but I eat Repukes for lunch

This picture is BEGGING for a caption!! (My first!!)

Absurdly Long Threads

Drudge visits ATA

It's 9pm in Wyandotte MI. So come get your Q&A on with MrScorpio

Trojan Horse virus

Organic Food-shelves?

So what is the difference between 09/11/01 and 02/16/04

Crank addict Check-in

For you natural birthers

Forgive me if this seems kiss-ass

If anyone linked to my server to use my clark / kerry graphic...

My Coke Dealer

Anyone else watching Mel Gibson on ABC?

Yet another `rate my avatar` poll

Silly Name Game!!!!! (something a little fun!)

Let's play "Where in the World Is Lt. Col. John "Bill" Calhoun?"

Coffee Addict Check-In

An era has ended: NSMA's key thread has been locked.

Any one else have chronic pain problems?

I've lost my favorite picture... can you help?

Why, it makes so much sense!

My new avatar looks distorted -- how do I fix it?

The greatest athelete if all time

Avatar image HEEEEELP!

Does anybody have that picture of Bush wearing the Lord of the Rings ring?

rate my new avi (this one is REALLY GOOD)!

Batboy genetic tests reveal him to be Kerry/Fonda lovechild

I'm seeing Chris Rock tomorrow, ask me anything!

Im almost at 1000 posts.

John Daly

Since I Haven't Started a Quinn Kitty Thread in a While . . .

Not to be crude, but doesn't Bush look like he's beating off?

Battle of the Bands: Elvis Presley vs. James Brown


Best Rock 'n' Roll guitarist (pre-Beatles)?

The Coffee Test

NY DU'ers - check out this ebay item...

Hawker... for you,.,..

Dammit, my name is NOT HEIDI!! (rant)

My avatar brings all the boys to the yard

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue...

Why do I buy so many books?

OK, smart people...

Mel Gibson just slammed Shrub

None of you coffee posers can match the original ZombyCoffee

I had a MAJOR Brush With Greatness tonight !

Will work for $$$$$

Do you think "The Passion of the Christ" promotes anti-semitism?

Describe your posting activity

Am I wrong for insisting my son's father not smoke around him?

Question on announcing cabinet posts

Have there been any recent public opinion polls about the Vietnam war ?

Do you prefer this primary season to that of 2000?

Let's get Kerry's negatives out of the way right now.


A Reality-Check for Kerry Supporters (why he is not the best candidate)

I'm voting John Kerry/John Q., Whomever in November!

9:15 pm est Dean on C-Span, taped earlier this evening from Madison. nt

Times like these

For Clark supporters only

Which type of candidate takes the most heat from the corporate media?

Bush Medicare Ad pulled by CBS!

Poll: of Democrats, Only Kerry Tops Bush - Beats Bush 48% to 43%

Was the Kerry affair story planted to discredit the AWOL stories?

Anyone watching Hardball? Sandusky and Max Cleland on

Which "news" network will break from the herd

Any advice? I am going to be an Edwards delegate for my county

Deleted message

Which of the dropped out candidates would you back?

C'mon, Admit It, Y'all Love The Bash !!!

Kerry isn't electable...Dean is?

The 2004 Democratic Convention is in Boston, MA

CNN outdoing AP on the "Dean's Already Quit" Meme.

Why Dean won't drop out until after 3/2

Why Kerry?

My take on the Clark should be VP stuff... rational response

Are you happy with the way the primaries have gone?

Hardball replay

Kerry Promises Effort to Halt Flow of Jobs Out of the U.S.

To all Dean supporters from an Edwards supporter

The question remains: Clark/Kerry...

Kerry Attacks Bush's Economic Policies

London Guardian: "Iraq oil cash funded MPs' campaigns"

Candy Crowely now attacking Kerry for Viet Nam

Visit new website MoveLeft Media.

Nation's universities should host the Presidential debates.

"Media chiefs back Kerry campaign" Guardian Feb 10, 2004

Dean supporters (not exclusive) check in..

Dean Supporters: is there a realistic answer to this question?

who would be better to win the south as a V.P, Clack or Edwards?

Did I hear Dean correctly about NCLB?

Roy Neel on "Hardball"--Dean is not dropping out

Bush and Kerry are cousins!

Teresa Heinz is something of an enigma to me.

My case for Evan Bayh - for Vice President

Which VP will help Kerry most?

Lien on sovereignty: Be very afraid - TW

Dull-witted Lien Chan gives the game away - TW

Oliphant: Clark falls prey to anti-Kerry rumor mill

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): Of mice and money men

Bill O'Reilly? Actual Ethics?!? Hahahahaha!!!

Lust of the eye...

British government considers breaking up the BBC

Take note of what your politicians do to foreigners

Spending Like a Drunken Democrat, Bush drives nation towards bankruptcy

"Get Your War On" cartoon

The Party of Kennedy, or Carter?

Who are the media giants?.

Moscow Times editorial: Back to the USSR with Putin

Why Tony Blair fears the coming of President Kerry

DEA aims to cut pain drug's use

The Kerry intern story seems to be over.  Drudge... - Alterman

Don Henley: Killing the Music, WP

Study says Europe gaining edge on U.S.

Anti-Americanism: Will We Be Booed?

Molly Ivins: And they're off!

Conservative site to list 19 Colo. groups as leftist

Facts elude Bush & vice versa

Salon: New Bush records, same old questions

The 1st 28 Questions For Kerry - (Snappy answers needed by the campaign)

Sharpton's Cynical Campaign Choice

LA DUers -- Support the grocery workers -- Rallies Wed. and Thurs. your Senator on Thursday (in Houston, at least)

MSNBC Boots Its President, Hires ABC's Kaplan

NOVA: Crash of Flight 111

MSNBC Cable replaces president

Phe's shared thought for 2/17/4;

biblical literalism - ????

Pictures from San Francisco

Part of Voting Rights Act expires in 2007

Georgia Senate Approves Constitutional Ban On Gay Marriage

Gay marriage opponents set for court

Pepperdine Refuses To Recognize Gay Student Group

Virginia Hands Gay Couples Olive Branch

After gays, the next right wing targets are women in Kansas.

A view from a heterosexual....

How are racial & ethnic relations in your neighborhood?

Jesse Jackson: Gay Rights Not Civil Rights, supportes equal protection

Repukes discriminate against deaf people, too?

Women Are Majority of College Students

Refi's off 447 billion in Q4, of 03.

Step 7 of the dollar crisis. Article linked. - 3 months left?

HP sets up India call center. (Don't worry. This is good for us.)

Reports Stir Hopes of U.S. Factory Revival

Japan Reserves on Edge of Collapse

Cleaning Up the Dirty-Data Junkyard

Lockheed Submits Proposal To Design and Build U.S. Navy's...

"Tables associated with Thursday's PPI data will be delayed until fur"

Apple says has 100,000 orders for iPod mini

Help needed with Ahnuld's bond measures -- California

Dollar Drops Against Euro, 11 Other Currencies on Rate Outlook

How safe is money in the bank?

Maxxam Behind Recall Campaign For Prosecutor Who Enforced Logging Laws

When Synthetic Fuels go bad: MTBE

Human-chain rally gathering steam - TW

Pan-blues miss deadline for referendum debates - TW

Lien's wife riled by beating hint - TW

Taipei's vote plans anger councilors

Businessmen say China abuses them

Hong Kong reform talks `just show'

Old psyops capabilities to reactivate - TW

US, Pakistan plotting to kill Abdul Qadeer Khan

Iran Nobel Laureate Says She Won't Vote in Election

Liberian Rebels Loot Rubber Plantation

Qatar Remains Defiant in Its Approach

Egypt: NGOs reject state human rights group

Skinheads find their voice in Russia

bush* live

Riot Highlights Australia Race Problems

Your foreign policy book recommendations

Finnish speeding fines

Bill to protect gun makers from lawsuits before Congress

Sad day in Detroit...

This topic is not limited to this forum but my friends are here so

"Firearm" or "Nonpowder Firearm"

AWB Maryland online poll

How long does it usually take to get an appeal reply

ah, I see that you took out the 'reply' function

I don't post here often, but I do have a question

Avatar question

A post of mine was deleted for containing "right eing sources"

"Newsman Matt Drudge" Question.

If you ever get bored ;-)

Could this avatar be added to the DU collection?

Hi there, I've got a question

Will there be an Official Results Thread for the KY-6 special election?

Why were my posts removed????

If a Moderator has five of their deletions successfully appealed...

Hi, Skinner!

How long do those pesky little spankings sting?

Can we have a rule to ban the I won't vote for Kerry posts in GD 2004?

I've wondered about something. Do the admins ever post on the forums?

How long am I banned from GD 2004?

Question About the Appeal Process

Why was my poll locked?

The Hunting of the Snark

mad Edwards supporter--Kerry slyly skirting

Hey Earl...

I think there is a need for more openness and accountability on DU

Are you going to crack down on Nader supporters here?

Skinner, thanks for letting me respond

About One Of Our Newest Members

I want to apologize.

Amnesty? I've noticed the return of a couple of formerly "banned"

I know the mods are busy... but please, there is an animal cruelty post

Is it a personal attack to challenge a current post that seems to

Admins. A Favor If You Please

Curious about who we all are...

Israel approves $20 million for settlements

Palestinian PM Denies He's Considering Resigning

Palestinians Shut Down Crossing Point

Sharon Survives Vote Over Settlements

Gaza workers protest against security restrictions

"hamas vows revenge over damage at jerusalem shrine"

Jewish Arafat?

seeking a translation

'The Status of Palestinian Citizens in Israel'

Hooligans in Hebron

Israel's Top Tourism Official Praises Pat Robertson

Out of the Mouths of the Terrorists

Kerry known for soliciting many views,but who has his ear onJewish issues?

French protests greet Israeli president

"The Cause of Israel is the Cause of America"

When did Flight 175 lift off?

Flight 587 (Rockaway) Crash of 11/12/02 -- MIHOP?

in their own words . . . 22 firefighters on 9/11 . . .

An excellent script for Kerry on "jobs"

Kerry's Primary Education(w/oDean back to habit of giving wordy answers

Economy May Work in Bush's Favor

Bush's fundraising hypocrisy

Who is the best female VP candidate?

AP: GOP ticket correction seems unlikely, but speculation abounds

RNC launches lowest advertising ever.

Kerry angles to unite party against Bush (must make peace w/Dean)

Texas 17th District: Edwards (D) v. Wohlgemuth (R)

Most economists credit Bush's tax cuts (at least partially) in rebound

Obviously taxes are way too low to support all the programs we need

Anyone see Hardball? Almost starting to like Tweety! Moore was great!!

Cheney's a recipient of American "social contract"......

SNL political sketches 2/14

Why Mel's bloody "Christ" misses the point

This Modern World for this week

No Special Rights for Christians!

Great Article..."Notable, Quotable Presidents"

"Our Producer Won't Allow That Question"!! 'The Connection" Re: 911/ LIHOP

A new "George Bush Show" at Ebolaworld

Regarding those blacked out portions of Bush's records-

how should Kerry use Iraq in general election

Waiting for Bernie Ward or Mike Webb? Try this

Liberal radio (central air)

Haiti civil war not even about ideology anymore...

Could Bush be waiting to officially endorse the FMA?

Cheney must be in a bubble

Tell media to pursue rumors of Bush extramarital affairs

Bernie: gay marriage ... Mike: Mark Green and his "Book on Bush"

Is the "Peace Movement" over?

'Saddam trial unlikely for two years'

French schools/Muslim head scarves: Assimilation v Multiculturalism

Must read for those that think Asians are destroying America

Sparks fly in e-voting debate

For all those who "will not vote for Kerry"


Christan Parenti of The Nation on CSpan 1 now

Glenda Hood (Fl Sec of State) is a moran.

Candy Crowley does hatchet job on Kerry...

HELP -- has anyone seen a copy of Ken Auletta's New Yorker piece online?

Economic Indicator?

MSNBC Poll - "Vietnam service relevant"?

NY Daily news debunks the moronic Drudge Report

25 U.S. Soldiers Hurt as Bus Overturns in Kuwait

Stay the course (bush* recycles a campaign theme)

Baltimore Sun: Few Americans see caskets come home

The 'all spin' zone...

Uh-huh. Isn't that weird--Prez won't testify to *entire* 911 Comsn...

Roy Moore coming to speak in my state

Economy struggles as jobs go overseas

"News & Views"? Local CC guy slams Planned Parenthood in regard...

Why don't you just go ahead and crown Kerry?

BCCI UK class action: latest press cuttings update

Quizno's Critters in repub. attack ads....

Who will see "The Passion of the Christ"?

Iraq War/Zell Miller protestor in court today

Va. House Proposes Heavier Tax On Business

How do you think the court will rule in the gay marriages

How Conservatives See It

Documentary: "Feeding the Beast: The 24 hr News Revolution"

Take a moment to DU these fine Prez polls

I'm looking for... Progress Media's website or atleast...

No Press Briefing today?

CSPAN's WJ has The Nation

13 year old on Gay Marriage

you know about PNAC . . . but do you know about POAC? . . .

Bush*'s Military Documents Support AWOL Claims

Please take Action & send Ashcroft an email....Abortion......Ashcroft....

Developing-Bill Bennett in Grip of Imminent Dominatrix Scandal.

How will republicans vote?

AWOL, No WMD's,9-11 invest. Ascroftt sued by Det. Prosec., Haiburton...

Huge Media Blitz against Dean quantified

What can we as individuals do to fight job outsourcing?

No Child Left Behind, the Left Behind series and halos

Huge Crisis developing in Haiti, will Bush invade this country next?

Polished pundit my ass...

Evan Bayh for Veep?

Jeb Bush to Interfere in Salvadoran Elections?

Bush's military record-the KISS version

Bush uses the National Guard once again to save his own butt!

biblical literalism - ????

All terra, all the time - * on CNN

Is anyone familiar with this Oliphant cartoon?

The Log Cabin Republicans are finally waking up...

MoveOn.Org has more members than the KKKristian KKKoalition

Papers, Please

Poor children with cancer 'left to die'

Who voted for good trade deals in your state?

61% of Americans believe world created in six days.

Need some input

Did anyone read David Brooks' article?

Bill to protect gun makers from lawsuits before Congress

I support outsourcing (on edit:: world trade can be positive)

HELP please. I need a link

What would you rather have? A Democratic President Or a Dem. Congress?

Uh-OH! I've found a child who has been left behind

HALLIBURTON hears the Liberty Whistle!

Bush is all about small business

The "Creation Evidence Museum" is real

DU the poll please!!!

another 'tiny dick' picture from $1000 plate event in New Mexico

Ashcroft is being sued....

Pictures and story in Newsweek by Evan Thomas make Bush look

It's Not Just the Outsourcing-- It's About Being Beaten Economically

Now that Republicans want to ban gay marriage - let's "out" the gay ones

Don't MISS THIS! 9/11 widows on The Connection, 2 hours, today

Was there a WH press conference today?

time to look at their faces and honor them again

Where do they find these people? Lincoln Haters

2001 Premonition

Dennis Prager rant about disasterous influence of feminists

Another take on TANG-gate, need some help

What exactly will come out of the gay marriages in San Francisco?

right wing loonies

What rights does a domestic partnership in CA give you?

Is anybody listening to Michelangelo Signorile?

Iraq 'slipping into civil war'

'German Jews' created the world of the 20th century

The Secret to Loving's personal

Pravda: Iran does not doubt Bush's stupidity

BBV: Does HAVA Violate 15th Amendment?

How Should DC Receive Voting Representation in Congress?

Bush to Meet With National Guard Members

Why are EU business leaders so staunchly anti-Turkey?

More poll to DU

Ky. Vote Gives Democrats Chance to Win

Cheney will step down when Bin Laden is born again!

Change in GOP Running Mate Seems Unlikely

Allen Greenspan and Social Security

Condo prices, sales booming in U.S.

another bush* nose, swollen he drinking AGAIN?

Is Kerry Jewish? And, did he actually strongly support

When Will The Plame Case Break Open?

Texas 17th District: Edwards (D) v. Wohlgemuth (R)

Right Wing Site Posting My Email Address

John Dean: President Bush's New Iraq Commission Won't Be Investigating the

Save the E-Rate program

Wanna make a frother go nuts?

Debate over using soldiers as guards during GOP convention

High Hispanic and Asian intermarriage rates: How did this happen Savage?

Vote about e-voting w/o paper trail...

Conservatism is an immoral choice that shouldn't be supported

Deliver us from Sean Hannity...

Top 5 political organizations

Anyone listen to Pillboy today?

Take action: Ann Coulter's lies about Max Cleland

BBV: Dave Dill appearing today Feb 17 on Lou Dobbs 3:30 PST

Rolling Thunder attacks on Bush gets under Faux's skin

Who is protesting the Idiot Usurper at the Republican convention?

For anti-immigrant people

CNN: What is a greater threat to the institution of marriage?

Kentucky Special Election Results Thread

"Womans son killed for nothing.."our responses are in

Congressman Is Challenged by His Ex-Wife

Which word instinctively causes you to question a group's agenda?

"That's how The Enemy enters the minds of our students...

another bush* nose, swollen he drinking AGAIN?

Richard Morrison (TakingOnTomDelay) Update

Dubya Spilling Water on Himself

Man...freepers really ripping Hannity and his new lame book

Hannity Sez "Americans Are Smart - Except For The Liberals"

For those of you who didn't support the Iraq war, why did you oppose it?

Republicans you respect....

Larry Flynt will bring up Bush's girlfriend's abortion

American Media: Will We Get Fair Coverage This Year ??

Sacred Cows that need slaughtered

The Democratic Party IS the party of morals & family values

What do you stand for?

Thanks for the Memories -- Video -- Short sweet History of US and Hussein

I'm so sick of this "family" crap from the Republicans.

Who's worse: Joe McCarthy or John Ashcroft?

Mel Gibson with Diane Sawyer. Is he nuts?

When the Democrat takes the WH in Nov., should we return Sadaam?

Wall Street Journal could care less about Danny Pearl

canadian vs American Healthcare: Myth vs. Fact

Bill Gates Admits Defeat

(Canadian) Liberals slip badly in polls - Globe and Mail

Haiti Rebels Seize Town; Aristide Appeals for Help

Jobs growth could raise jobless rate (to 9%!!!)

'Brain fingerprinting' to acquit Oklahoma accused?

Iraq oil cash funded MPs' campaigns...

Stallings: Presidents are losing their credibility.

Iran's Reformist Lawmakers Accuse Ayatollah of Trampling on Freedom

Belief and Blame

FL School District Looks For $21 Million To Cut

Brazil's leader in bribe trouble

Vodafone, Cingular bid for AT&T

MECO accused of rape cover-up

Embattled president sets cabinet reshuffle in Peru

Kurds return, Arabs flee, as a mass migration redraws the map of northern

BBC: Iraq bomb blast kills US soldier north of Baghdad

Cingular Wins AT&T Wireless for $41 Bln

Gay Marriage Opponents Set for Court

In Econ Chats,Bush Finds (chooses) People Eager to...Praise

Marchers bring attention to Juarez murders - MX

Gay Rights Proponents Score Wins in Virginia House on Housing Loans,

Feb. 16th -- 9/11 Families Throw Down Gauntlet to Bush

WOW! The Bold Confederacy In A Union state.

NY Times: Anxiously, Shiites Await U.N. Word on Elections

Deficits projected for next six years (WV)

Bush renews tax-cut pitch

UN criticises countries' vague 'terror' laws

Turabi: US pressure no guarantee for peace - Sudan

President Pardons Former Texas Mayor - Bank Fraud, '80s S & L

Grenade closes US-Canada border

Iraq Bombings Kill Three U.S. Soldiers

In Economic Chats, Bush Finds People Eager to Pony Up Praise

Two Russian ICBMs misfire in war games overseen by Putin: reports

Spending Like a Drunken Democrat, Bush drives nation towards bankruptcy

Gallup: Bush* Approval Steady at 51% (Approval of Congress Drops)

Bush to Meet With National Guard Members (in Louisiana)

Regulators Close Dollar Savings Bank in New Jersey

UN says eradication of bird flu virus may be impossible

Woman denies Kerry affair rumors

Parties Will Not Hold N.C. Presidential Primary This Year

Construction Accident Kills One at Connecticut Highway Bridge

Taliban planning 'offensive' against US: Report

The War on Terror: Pakistan's Role (Destroying peoples homes)

AP: Vermont Judge Rules on Dean's Sealed Records

Iraq's International Trade Fair Postponed

India, Pakistan Agree on Kashmir Talks

Another Victim at Colorado

U.N. report criticizes arrests of dissidents in Cuba

U.S. general: Time ‘running out’ for bin Laden

Dutch MPs approve asylum exodus

Norway frees Iraqi Kurd in militant investigation

Oil Found in Gambia, President Says

Phoenix Bishop Convicted in Hit-And-Run

Treasury's Snow predicts jobs with revived growth

Despite sanctions Cuba now 35th U.S. food market

Craddick was deeply involved in raising, distributing money..(DeLay's PAC)

France May Send Troops to Quell Haiti Uprising

Portugal abortion women cleared

Gov. Bush promotes trade in Nicaragua visit

Asthma Rates Climbing Fast

Gay Marriage Heads To Court

A poll to DU!

Greenspan: Make Bush Tax Cuts Permanent

(Canadian) Liberal MP quits; hints at move to Tories -

Ex-Tyco CFO: Board Didn't Blame CEO For $20M Fee

Integrating NASCAR

Green Groups Sue to Block Drilling in Alaska Reserve

US soldier killed by bomb

Court hearing for Muslim chaplain postponed for fifth time

Putin Watches as Missile Launch Fails

Honda and GE to make jet engines

Questions Over Bush 9/11 Testimony

Texas employers rank among top states for job cuts

Pakistan arrests Pearl murder suspect

STOCK MARKET WATCH. Tuesday 17 February (#1)

Judge leaves San Francisco gay marriage intact for now

Iraq 'slipping into civil war'

NYT -- Missing Ingredient in 2004: Attack Ads by Democrats

Craddick (SoH, Texas) Deeply Involved In Raising, Distributing Money

States Are Rebelling Against New Federal Education Rules (reject NCLB)

Under Fire Over Jobs, Bush Hones Upbeat Message

Venezuela's Chavez Says U.S. Backed Coup

25 US troops hurt in Kuwait

Economy May Work In Bush's Favor (More "Lucky Ducky" News)

A Daily Look at U.S. Deaths in Iraq - 540 U.S. service members have died

Mrs. Bush Opens 3-State Fund-Raising Trip

Disney to buy Muppets from Jim Henson

Record Industry Sues 531 More File-Sharers

Bush Administration sues itself (Ashcroft interfered with legal case)

Economist: I Didn't Laud U.S. Job Losses

Bush Tries to Boost Troop Morale in La.

Scholarship, 'Whites Only,' Roils a Campus

Appeals court upholds federal do not call registry, turns aside free speec

How the Bush team will try to paint Kerry

Poland, Spain Up in Arms Over Loss of Iraq Contract

Chandler wins KY-6 special election

Prosecutor in Terror Case Sues Ashcroft

Bush Says Many Felt Iraq Was Threat, Not Just Him

Three Iraqi Civilians Killed by US mortar (ABC Aus)

Fla. Mulls Parental Abortion Notification

Bush* Under Attack by a Barrage of Books

GOP fest may get G.I. Patrol

Japan Reserves On Edge of Collapse

Skilled Worker Visas Limit Reached

Shiites fume over Bremer veto threat as violence continues in Iraq

Veterans: I got a laugh from this -- maybe you will, too

Bush Spilling Water

This may have been posted already but, what the heck, it's fun

This Just In.

Great joke I heard.

The little girl on Leno right now is smarter

*URGENT* Unfreep this POLL!

Ray Taliaferro Show is one of the best....

Should I dig my movie thread out again?

Want to gross out your coworkers with a new wallpaper??

I'm trying out live streaming web video & looking for testers.


Congratulations Mississippi DUers!

I'm turning 32 in less than 24 hours and my old ego needs a boost.

new Oxyrush advertisers

1st applicant for the White only scholarship

Animals yawning

Steve Harvey dance video

This IS Kevin Smith IMHO

Tim's Chemistry Exam.. (we've all had days like his)

Am I an attention whore?

Ok DU, settle this bet.

Hey Ladies! Largest Known Diamond Found - ITS 4000KM WIDE!!!!

Teachers Treated After Eating Doped Cake

:: Today's Boondocks Comic / Bush's AWOL ::

Viking Burial Boat Found

CNN: ARod Will Make $14,000+ This Year.........PER INNING!!!!!

DO IT baseball guy DO IT!! Swing for the fences!!

Government Hands Out Toilet Porn

For $100k+ you can own Jenny's Phone number

In case anyone missed Janet's boob...

Shrub's military service: fighting dental plaque?

Caption: plastic surgeon unveils latest makeover favourites?

NEW !!! Office American Idol!!!!!!!!

I am the Man's Man

Happy Birthday. Madam Butterfly

Really cool photos from San Francisco

Baseball much trouble do you think Kazuhito Tadano...

Caption: Fighting the smell from the Bush 2004 campaign

Farmer Builds Helicopter From Scratch

Has anyone played with this? A Dishonest Dubya doll.

Caption: Pickles admits number of Shrub's breakfast vodka shots

Bomb Hoaxer Made Threat From Own Telephone

Are You a Real Chicagoan? (NON GEEZER EDITION!!!)

While vacuuming this morning

Caption: Shrub, the thin blue line?

Dance for your banana Monkeyboy!

Matt Drudge is proven by the NY Daily news to be a liar.

A new "George Bush Show" at Ebolaworld

how long does it take to get a passport?

Anyone remember "Trilogy of Terror?"

Tall Chinese Kids Breaking Parent's Banks

First All-Gay Warship Commissioned

just when you thought you'd seen it all . . .

Sheryl Crow & Lance Armstrong

"Angel" cancelled

8 more until 100.

I am a deity with a poor self image....

So! I'm Sipping My Amaretto and Ruminating: KERRY & McCAIN '04

Calling in sick

Former Nirvana Member Won't Run for Office

When will the madness stop?

Caption: sympathy for Robin Williams

I am so evil! New movie thread!

Brief Grandma Update; house cleaning continues: the Find of the Century.

Anyone know about this new Verizon cell phone plan

Let's comb the desert!

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters and H.R. Puffenstuff

The Sex Pistols or Barry Manilow

Data concerning the deficit??? I need it to debunk a repugnican.

Why didn't somebody tell me all those gay marriages in SF...

Spaceballs the DVD

Reason #4,233 DU is cool...

Man Eats 3 Whole Cherry Pies In 10 Minutes - Wins $500

50 First Dates was ADORABLE....

Rummy Does Karate (Nearly had me in Tears)

Why is there a Daniel O'Donnell special always on PBS?

True or False - Men Love Women Who Love Cheap Booze?

I have a hankering for a big soft pretzel right now.

I'm getting a little tired of this....

Weird new spam

What am I doing wrong?

How do I get a passport?

MIke Malloy read my email out on air!

Hey Six Feet Under fans...

I have an AT&T Wireless cell. What does the Cingular merger mean to me?

Does anyone know what the capital gains tax rate is

Watch MP's Life of Brian on Ash Wednesday (2/25).

Greatest band/artist ever.

New variation on the penguin game

Rassle fratzin' cars....

Got this in email from my mom

Favorite dessert

Should I sue? Need some input please.

I like New Order. Am I going to hell?

another 'tiny dick' picture from $1000 plate event in New Mexico

Cosmetic Question:

Single? Looking for Someone Special? Look no Further.

True or False - Women Love Cheap Gifts?

West Wing 2nd Season coming to DVD May 18, 2004

What do you think of my new sig line and avatar?

Uh Oh...I'm Hot for Teacher!

9/11 Commission visits Dingbat's Tinfoil Hat Website

Woody Guthrie or Johnny Cash?

OK, I was gone for a few days, what is a "grovelbot"??

The ceiling in my bathroom just caved in!

To my Gay & Lesbian Friends: Planning on getting married?

Men Are All Alike

Contacting Michael Moore: Suggestions?

Thanks for the help with this experiment. Mods, feel free to lock.

Follow to a poll

Which one is Robb?

E-Mail Of The Day

Wow! A great new bookstore in my neighborhood..."Left of Center"

Which God do you believe in?

what will the Freepers say when Hillary ISN'T the nominee?

today's new Hannity advertisers Feb 17

Bush says he has proof he wasn't AWOL

I'm prepping for surgery tomorrow! Ask me anything.


Who here owns a MINI?

I need Caffeine to Live!

funny yet oxymoronic site

Grrrrr! Dogs are like 8 year-old boys, some days!

Even after death, Johnny Cash has more class than anyone

What did the leper say to the prostitute?

Some avatar help, please!

Need input from Saturn owners

Ever lie re: your race/gender/orientation etc. on a messageboard?

Can someone do me a favor and shrink this .jpg image for me?

How to be a good repuke

moving this to another forum

Everybody dance!

Bush Jokes

Internet radio is a godsend!

Does anyone have a GIF of a donkey beating * over the head?

Because we can never have too many pictures of ZombyWoof

Another soul sister gone

Bay Area DUers ... enjoying the storm?

What Are Things You Want To Do Before You Die. For Me It's

Favorite thread of all time on ANY message board

Culturally, I'm Feeling Very Much AINO.

How do you like my avatar? Isn't he cute?

I am no longer a property owner in Texas! Yeeee Hawwww!

Attention Californians!

I'm Just a Monkey

Apple Says It Has 100,000 Orders for iPod Mini

spybot S&D question

OMG, grovelling works!

Because we can never have enough cute pictures of

Because We Can Never Have Too Much M.A.T.C.O.M.

Dead, Zappa, and Beefheart -- Finally

Because We Can Never Have Too Many Cute Photos Of My Dawg...

Seeking A "Know-It-All" To Answer This Question...

Thief snatches bras at Victoria's Secret

Do you believe in Robb?

Kucinich For President - Screen Saver

CAPTION the statue before they pull it down

Level of service at your bank?

Calling BerthaVenation!

Kazaa stinks!


Colin Powell and the Chimp are related??????

Bible questions here.

True or False - Women Love Cheap booze?

Your favorite conductor

Help name Adopt-a-Highway sign!

is this overly rude of me?

Bush is a post turtle

CNN Poll: Should same-sex couples be allowed to marry?

A joke...

Guess my avatar!

Who will see "The Passion of the Christ"?

My grandpa just died.

Do you think Homestar Runner will ever be a TV series???

What if animals got e-mail?


What is your favorite label for your politics?

Because we can NEVER have too many yaks

Does anyone care what I believe?

Today's Doonesbury--ONE-der-full!

multi-lingual DUers! a tiny translation please?

Teletubby shooting gallery

did jesus have to die?

Your favorite Kevin Smith work

Do you believe in god?

Because we can NEVER have too many kitties

An Analysis Of Cat Puke (And The Puking Cat)

Your favorite opera?

Who's more physically attractive?

Well, since the Emperor has no pants on, CAPTION

Ask Newsman Matt Drudge

Which '60s sitcom star did you have a crush on?

Janet Jackson initiates investigation

Is Mel Gibson planning to donate his profit from "The Passion" to charity?

Posted without comment

Most people think Bible stories literally true

Attention Chicago DU'ers!!!!!! Important!!!

John F. Kerry will NOT win the nomination. Here's why:

Who is the most "electable?"

Dennis Kucinich is right

How will republicans vote?

Developing-Republican Bill Bennett in Grip of Imminent Dominatrix Scandal

calling all undecided voters--John Edwards needs you!

Another obit for Dean from CA aggie site. We lost WI this morning.

Ability to run for President in 2012 is a key requirement for VP

Kerry Criticizes Bush During Wis. Campaign (extreme radical administration

Should the Democratic nominee campaign for Congressional candidates...

Another reason Edwards, not Dean is in second place: total votes.

What really matters in this election

Asian Pacific American Democrats

Richard Gephardt joins John Kerry today at labor rally in Milwaukee

Why Dean supporters should make Dean's mind up for him.

Those who report the results decide everything!

I feel like the DLC, DNC, and the media has pushed John Kerry on me.

CBS is Early: Dean's Campaign Hit with Another Blow after Wisconsin Loss

Where's today's early exit poll numbers?

Political Coverage in US Media

There's nothing to say

How do you feel about Dean now?

Wisconsin prediction

Turnout could hit 50 percent (WI)

Vermont Judge rules on Dean's sealed records

What about the subject of our water being sold to the world for profit?

Why did DU lock my thread? (Kerry skirting issues)

Dean's political career died during uninspiring showing in WI (CA Aggie)

Wes Clark Dems and/or Kerry Supporters: Check In

Kerry Primary Success Adds to Scrutiny of BCCI trial in England

Edwards will build momentum over next week......

I just got home from VOTING

Kerry Slips, Edwards Gains, Dean Hangs On Kerry 43% Edwards 25% Dean 13%

Kerry Picks Up Endorsement on Primary Day

What Is a Wes Clark Democrat?

Dean has some cool supporters

Rick Perry and the gay hanky panky rumor: what's the deal?

If anyone linked to my clark / kerry graphic...

Batboy genetic tests reveal him to be Kerry/Fonda lovechild

Dean rally on cspan right now!

Binary Delegate Poll

PA DUers - anyone see the Specter-Kerry commercial?

Kerry, Kucinich in Dayton this week

Sky tv UK reporting Rep. "dirty tricks campaign" against Kerry

Dean Insists Run Won't End in Wisconsin

Time to come together and strategize: What chimp campaign outrages will

Genealogists call Bush and Kerry kin

Ok, Alex Polier story not accurate

If Dean drops out and pledges his movement to electing Dems I will

Clinton insists he's steering clear of the veepstakes

Kerry to Keep Senate Seat During Campaign

Can we have a rule to ban the I won't vote for Kerry posts?

EJ Dionne compliments Dean, Edwards

Teamsters, AEJ Endorse Kerry for President

Could Edwards/Dean keep Kerry from a majority of delegates?

What can be done to make the primaries fair? NC does not vote....

How will Kerry handle these debate situations with Bush

Calls for candidates to drop out of the primaries...

My Partner And I WILL NOT Be Voting For Kerry In November...

Murtha said that Gephardt dropped like a rock in the polls for

WP admits being part of the Right Wing conspiracy chain

What's different about the Wisconsin primary?

I hope Kerry gets another mistress soon

The Trial of John Kerry

Time: The Dean Campaign Winds Down

Kerry vs. Bush: Poll Summary 2/18/04

SNL political sketches 2/14

New way to counter the "I've never been hired by a poor person"

Why Tony Blair fears the coming of President Kerry

So! I'm Sipping My Amaretto and Ruminating: KERRY & McCAIN '04

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Questions Remain Despite Kerry's Edge

Rush Limbaugh still going with the Kerry "Intern" story...

Pledged delegates: Edwards 141, Dean 95. That's why Dean's in 3d place.

John Kerry is a (Tony) Blair Democrat.

If Nader runs...only Dean and Kucinich can run against him...not Kerry

The Media is Lying About KERRY and Special Interest Money

What to do if your candidate drops out

Me too!

Dean asked for 700K, got it BUT did not spend it. Credibility issue?

All polls are fraudulent, all polls are "push"

Anti Semitism is alive and well!

Tired of John Kerry slyly skirting the issues? Sound Out!

With California in $$$ trouble - should Mar primary be cancelled?

RW Hate Radio disparaging Kerry as a "GERMAN JEW"

John Kerry's Health Care Plan

UConn Poll: Kerry 46- Bush 45

embarrassed to be republicans...

i hate to bring this up but

Oh how cute!

Do Dean supporters still exist? Let's ask the man on the street.

Do Dean supporters still exist? Let's go to our man on the street!

Come on, Howard, I know you can do it today!

Tom Vilsack for Veep?

Question about LaRouche

30 to 20: Lieberman outscores Kerry on progressive scorecard

Okay, so how's Kerry going to keep them from stealing it?

What do you think about incumbent VPs running for president?

Which is more reliable?

Ed "Dizzie" Gillespie on "Inside Politics"

National Poll: Kerry slips 8 (in 1st), Edwards up 7 (in 2d) in last 3 days

Lyndon LaRouche on the ballot was quite a shock!

Is this primary season really different? Re: Late states getting a voice

Kerry Vs. Bush On Special Interest Money (Wow)

who's next.....

Supreme Court Justices are the Reason to Vote ABB

Did anyone see this on NBC last night?

Question concerning free trade.

Who would Dean endorse?

Should we start monitering possible 2008 Repug candidates?

This morning's "Dean is SO played" meme pre-primary round up!

Dean's media advisor says Dean will support the nominee

Edwards run

The Former Dean Supporters Speaking For Dean Media Syndrome ...

Mary Landrieu for Kerry's VP?

Can We Assume We're All ABB, Unless We Express Otherwise?

Outsourcing locked in GD

What is your prediction of how the primary race stands on March 10?

If you're in Wisconsin and haven't yet voted...get up off your

Hats off to Dean's Supporters

What should Dean do if he doesn't win the nomination?

This is what puts Kerry over the top

Should we still have debates if the field is Kerry DK and Sharpton?

The Draft Clark Movement

You want a fair, just and democratic election system?

Late afternoon exit polls from John Kerry blog, Kerry 51%, Edwards 25%

The spin is on for *'s 2004 election theft

Howard Dean's candidacy is dead (according to this editor

Veep Preference Poll/Theory Conspiracy

It is two days past the deadline

I just voted for Dennis Kucinich.

Last day to register in California....

There will be no 'political funeral' for Howard Dean

GOP already spinning likely Kentucky seat loss.

After today only 25% of the delegates will have been decided.

I just voted for Kerry..

Is Dean even in the big 3 anymore?

Predict Wisconsin Results

What is the most important consideration when picking a VP?

FL news site posts Dean WI loss already! I verified it by phone. Outrage!

EXIT POLL: Edwards within 8 pts of Kerry in WI

Now is the time for Dean to drop out and endorse Edwards

Question for the Dean supporters

Like sheep and wolves.

Noticing Media trying to trash Clark as VP

RW Media is Sick. They trashed Dean, Now Fox says "I'm tired of"

If not for Dean, the primaries would not be the success they have been.

Lou Dobbs will be discussing computer voting issues NOW

I just proudly voted for Howard Dean

Dirty Democrats (NPR on why Dean came in third in Iowa)

I Don't Like The Idea Of Allowing REPUBLICANS To Vote In OUR Primaries..

To my friends who valiantly support Howard

Possible interest for supporters of secondary us.

Kucinich has the Democratic platform

Is this a good idea?

Has WI Been a Fair Test? If Dean Looses, Is That The People’s Choice

Deleted message

"If the election were held today" An electoral college map.

Verbal Assassination

DU Primary Poll ---- 02/17/04

Londoners say 'Which Kerry?'

I feel like crying today

Paging Maine. Hello. Come in, Maine.

Wisconsin Predictions?

Dean's hometown newspaper calls for him to gracefully withdraw

Dean 2nd, Edwards 3rd -- Dean vs. Edwards in 2000 blue (Gore) states

Kerry Gets 11th-Hour Labor Endorsement

will Dean drop out today?

Would YOU LIKE to see Gore or Clinton join the race?

Voting is an emotional thing.

anti-NAFTA officially announces that he is transferring his endorsement.

Why Tony Blair fears the coming of President Kerry

What Kind of Guy is John Kerry?

I probably won't be voting for Kerry in November