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Archives: February 18, 2004

Sealand Express hits a wharf

War As An Excuse For Everything

Japan has no balls

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Spirit of the Dean machine

What are you so afraid of?

Who would like to form a DU Delegation for the 4/25 March for Choice?

vote for voting cuz voting is good?

first same-sex couple in US history issued civil marriage license

Nearly one quarter of GLBT people thought they could already get maried

Mary Cheney gets the Dr. Laura treatment by gay rights group

61% of Americans believe Biblical creation over the Big Bang?????

Miller Delivers Floor Speech on ‘Deficit of Decency’ in America

(UPDATE 3) Japan on Edge (notes trend worsened in January)

Dengue Epidemic In Indonesia - 91 Dead, 4500 Cases To Date

Property-tax storm looming - SA

Isolated for 20 years, family talks in grunts

Wealth brings mixed fortunes for Masai

Pastry lover causes subway scare in Brussels

Request for an official results thread for Wisconsin.

about that Nader-supporter crackdown thing...

Can I use some stuff from the site for a Wikipedia article?

Was this locked by mistake?

Drudge: Do we really need him?

SA cabinet minister blasts West Bank barrier

Wild Bore Sets off Border Alert

Keep the democratic primary campaigns going...

MSNBC Calls it for Kerry

Kerry Would be the third Richest US President

OK, Kerry, Edwards Folk. How Would You Incorporate ex-Dean Folk into GE

If the candidate you want does not get the nomination will you go 3 party?

What are the predictions for this year's Congressional elections?

Feingold coming up on Hardball! Woo!

Anyone ever hear of the website?

Free Trade not popular with Wisconsin Democratic Primary voters.

When is the Kentucky special election between Chandler and Kerr?

Business Week: "What Bush vs. Saddam Is All About"

Voting record link?

need a link

run away, little girl! ---- (Dirty-old-man Bush photo)

Gregory Mankiw of Bush Administration still insists Free Trade=Good Jobs

Lawyer Demands SF Mayor's Arrest

Should Newsom run against Ahhnold in 2006?

WTF, check out what 'Ashcroft' said in 97 about BIG BROTHER

Freeper Means?

Be sure to rate the Chandler story

Anybody here a Wikipedian?

Save the kittens! :(

We have the TRUTH. We got it on the NET.

Bush to NASCAR Drivers: My sponsors are better than your sponsors (photo)

BBV: Why I was asked to leave my polling precint tonight...

Mike Malloy from last night...

Anyone see the Movie "The Corporation"?

did you hear Dole predict a national tragedy will unite us? they're sick


I would rather they killed me than send me to Turkey

Burlington Free Press Suggests Howard Dean Bow Out Now

Latest Vote Numbers in Wisconsin

Voter Turn Out

Smirk Alert

Constitutional question

Powell Says Administration Has 'No Enthusiasm' to to Send Troops to Haiti

Soldier says: "It's common for people" to not come to work or go AWOL.

Multiple O'REILLY Meltdowns Tonight

Predictions: More Fuzzy Math? - Newsweek

Cautious optimism, but it sure feels great!

Vote: Randi's Wicked Acid Flashback for Wednesday

The partisan in me likes this site

Joint Vision 20:20

Questions about

Is Blitzkrieg Bop the right song to sell cell phone with?

I just heard something about a Dem beating a Repub for a long-held

Want to know the number of dead and wounded in Iraq?

The Rightwing are in full Panic Mode.

RNC advertises on Drudge

World Net Daily responds

saw Uncovered: whole truth about iraq... last night

caption today's 'scary dick' picture (New Mexico $1000 plate fundraiser)

Boy, is bush in trouble.........

The Despoiling of America

bush to OUR troops: "I will not relent.... And NEITHER WILL YOU"

"Most soldiers interviewed here declined to offer..................

Illinois DUers..Senate race question

Bush Leads us, inspires us, gives us a cheer now and then,

In India, Dowry-Giving Still Defines Many Marriages

Ashcroft being sued for "gross mismanagement" of war on terrorism

Dr Laura and homosexuality...HILARIOUS

I need help documenting Cheney's corruption, from Burma to

If we have bin Laden on ice where is Mullah Omar?

Kevin Phillips speech streaming from DemocracyNow

Favorite images of Bu$h from 2001-2003 for 2004 campaign

Is The Passion offensive to Muslims?

Cardinal Mahony: 244 L.A. Clergy Accused of Abuse | LA Times

Ex - FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse

U.S. Army Makes Exceptions To Anthrax Shots Rule

Japan stocks jump on strong GDP, DoCoMo rises

(UPDATE 3) Japan Financial System on Edge

Ousted justice to speak on religion, government (Roy Moore)

Joint Chiefs bypassed in decision to disband Iraqi army: Pace

Court hearing for Muslim chaplain (James Yee) postponed for fifth time

Israeli arms firm to invest over 400 million dollars in Poland

Kerry's War - Hero Image Attracts Veterans

NATO Chief Says He Supports Role in Iraq

American missionaries leave violence-swept Haiti

Two Judges Delay Gay Marriage Rulings -- Marriages To Continue

France ponders Haiti peace force

Plunge in Confidence Equals it's Steepest Drop on Record

U.S. OKs Deployment to the Ivory Coast (No US Troops though)

Nichols Proposes Deal in Okla. Bomb Case

Iraqi Kurds reject coalition's call to disband militia

GOP introduces bill allowing display of Ten Commandments (Georgia)

US begins suggesting postponement of Afghan elections

Administration Split Over Role Of U.N. in Iraq

Greenspan testimony points to deepening US fiscal crisis

Rumsfeld, Tenet to testify publicly in Sept. 11 probe

(Roberto "God's Banker") Calvi murder linked to missing $70m

Bush doesn't mention military service flap

Berlusconi's Gov't Wins Confidence Vote

WP: Democrats on Course for More Competition

Part Two: Will Your Vote Count? (WISH-TV investigation on voting machines)

Turkey Enthusiastic About U.S. 'Greater Middle East'

Democrat Ben Chandler wins special election

Prosecutor in Terror Case Sues Ashcroft

Bush Officials Offer Cautions on White House Jobs Forecast

MSNBC: Kerry wins Wisconsin!

United Defense Major Shareholder Sells 7.0 Million Shares

MSNBC: Judges postpone new rulings in same-sex nuptials, Rebuff to cons..

Navy jet fighter for sale on eBay

Report: Cambodians Resort to Eating Rats

Baptist Committee Votes to Leave Alliance (It's Too Liberal)

(2nd ruling)Thanks to a semicolon, gays and lesbians keep marrying in S.F.

Lawmakers Challenge USDA Statement On Mad Cow Holstein

BBV - California group wants judge to order upgrades to electronic voting

Amid Iraq-Bound Guardsmen, Bush Acts to Blunt Foes' Barbs

NBC's Conan O'Brien Issues 'Apology' to Quebec

The Irresponsible Photo-Op Stunts of George W. Bush

Need online tax advice

My butt really hurts...

It's 7:32pm in Southfield, MI. Time for a special Q&A with MrScorpio

Tuesday Night Chat

What is the best online "people finder" utility?

Question about selling stocks.

Help finding an older article on a member of the American Family Assoc...

HEyHEY takes tongue lashing (In letter form) from 14-year-old music fan

We can never have too many cute pics of ducks..Geo- ducks that is

Goddamnitt I have to wait a few days before I hear about the job

Flasher Interrupts Classes at Iowa State (Matcom???)

CAPTION the goof ball

I had a wierd dream last night...

Question about soiling slacks

To anyone I offended, I'm SORRY :(

800 posts wooo

Life Insurance question...

Save the kittens! :(

Anyone remember the Cisco Kid?

Need Tech Help - Just bought a copy of MS Works 2001 off ebay

Question about selling socks.

What KIND of financial institution do you use?

Holy Something or Other!!!! I'm only 13 posts away from 1000 :) n/t

Can your cat compete with this? Cat gets registered and certified as a

Guaranteed laughs right here….

Finally...the cursed moose is gone. E-e-e-e-xcelent.

OK - H.R.Pufinstuf, Sigmund, Dyna Girl, Bugaloos, Land/Lost - tonight @ 8

run away, little girl! ---- (Dirty-old-man Bush photo)

Church Sign

Bush finds WMD.... he told ya he would...

Are either Bu$h or Cheney in Dallas tonight?

Happy Birthday Antonio Corelli!

Is 1500 posts a milestone or don't I get anymore until 2k?

Jimi Hendrix Avatars - [ Long Overdue ]

Just entered the 700 Club - What should I do?

There's a hate group in Alaska?!? WTF?!?

A DU scavenger hunt! 1. Be the first to post a picture of a sleestack.


It's not quite the same as Joss Whedon doing Angel or Buffy, but....


Poll: Which of the Village People will * dress up like next?

One of the many reasons I love cats

anyone watching dave's top 10?

CNN projects Dewey beats Truman!


Carpenter ready for THE THING 2?

Who has the best election night coverage?

Fuck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades

I found the perfect combination of drugs . . ..

Showers and Fresh Laundry Rock...

Why did I buy (and eat) KFC?!

Ok, this is SUPER bizarre..."New Zoo Revue" is on TV right now

I'm reading To Kill A Mockingbird (again).....

I just found out that I'm incredibly sexy. What do I do?

My nutty bird Murphee talks to her toys!!!

A reminder to self: fundamentalism is a disease, an addiction

My Cat Avatar is better looking than your cat avatar

My computer upgrade is a mixed blessing.

I'm Going to London Next Month

Best version of 'Night Train'?

Favorite NEW ORLEANS R&B act?

Anyone remember Gigglesnort Hotel?

Cheesy souvenirs — What's the tackiest thing you've received?

Anyone remember The Space Giants?

Paranormal Phenomena

I made an avatar!

Hey Khephra? I have something for you. I think you'll like it :-)

Does Phys. Ed. exist to prepare boys for war?

Which DUer's name did you misread the first time you saw it?

Did you spit in this?

What does your significant other think of DU?

Help. Got a pigeon while undulating my hips for a man

Avatar Gallery - [ Please Take if You Like ]

Who is Newsman Matt Drudge's Secret Identity?

They are really talking up Edwards on MSNBC, could we see an upset tonight

Kerry condemns Bush's approach to Northern Ireland

When will we have Wis. results?

This is the difference between Kerry and Dean

Thread for exit polling

Just finished voting

Is the primary race over?

MSNBC is referring to exit polling -- anyone see the polls they're citing

Puts on flame-retardent suit... Drudge posts Wisconsin Exit-Polling

Drudge Did Spell Kerry Correctly (Clark Did NOT Say "Intern Issue")

Anyone just see Hoffa on Hardball? Kerry "coming around"?

Don't patronize me.

WI Results ??

Looking forward to March 2. When Kerry wins states overwhelmingly...

Prediction: Edwards is going to come out strong

Where are the supporter/well-wisher threads?

Kerry Supporters beware: Rove is not the biggest threat


Official WISCONSIN results thread

CNN: Exit polls on Issues vs. Electability.

Anybody watch Hardball?

My Personal Campaign Odyssey: From Gore to Graham to Clark to

CNN: Edwards running stronger than expected (n/t)

What is your definition of "electability" for the presidential race?

CNN: Edwards strong showing. Cannot call it.

CNN: 61% Democrats 29% Independents 11 Republicans

TV Alert: Edwards on MSNBC NOW 9:25 est

"Not so fast John Kerry!"

Mathews: Kerry Preparing Loss Excuses...

Edwards on MSNBC NOW .. just FYI n/t

Edwards by 1 vote right now.

Did Dean ever belong to the DLC?

Edwards on Larry King Live (CNN) -- 9:19 PM EST -- Live

Fox Exit poll data-- Kerry 39%, Edwards 34%, Dean 18% (n/t)

Dole Defends Dean Scream Speech

Could we try to be civil tonight?

CNN: Edwards leads among self-described independents


If Kerry loses in Wisconsin, it is the will of the voters

Maybe I'm missing something, but why is Karl Rove feared?

Kerry by 78 votes

Edwards v. Kerry: Good or Bad

Edwards by 3 vote right now.

MSNBC Just projected Kerry won WI

Republican/Independent voters in WI: 39% to Edwards

Holy crapola!

never thought I'd agree with Pat Buchanan

ABC just projected Wisconsin for Kerry...

Reason for Kerry victory already: Big cities are taking their time

More people in the Republican Primary voted are uncommitted

CNN projecting Kerry the winner.

Dean on CNN live 10:00pm EST

Steve Grossman predicts Dewey beats Truman!

Need the Edwards sig line pic, shrub cheerleader

WHAT??? Edwards has 1000 votes more with 33% in and they're....

CNN Website projects win for Kerry

Are ABC, CNN, and Fox INSANE for projecting Kerry as the winner?

What happened in Wisconsin?

Dean should drop out if he doesn't get at least X% in WI

Edwards Speaking...

Mods--please lock: dupe

did Edwards' wife say the "pricks won't hurt our party"?

Edwards vs. Kerry Poll

A couple of random thoughts on the Edwards showing in WI--

Kerry bumps Edwards off TV

What was that about Clark-Dean-Edwards splitting the vote being nonsense?

Dean live on C-Span, now!

Edwards in a shocker?

Biggest benficiary of Dean staying in? JOHN KERRY

Kerry is leading by about 4 points now

Kerry Wins!

Fox and CNN: Kerry wins Wisconsin (n/t)

Edwards coming up on C-Span in a few moments (10:36 EST)

79% of all WI primary voters would be SATISFIED with Kerry: MSNBC

This is getting to me, they need to switch back to Edwards

WI Exit Polls: Blacks, Latinos, Women overwhelmingly vote for JK

Kerry Using Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down" For Walk-Off...YEOW!!

Fun Night - YeeeeeeeeeoooooooW

SHARPTON supporters and well-wishers only

Remember when Clark pre-empted Edwards official kick-off

After Dean's distant third-place finish in Wisconsin, should he withdraw?

CSPAN showing Edwards speech... not any longer.

Kerry and Bush: Who's the Liberal?

Whether Kerry still wins or not...

Geez. CNN: nothing to see here, keep moving along!

Kerry just bumped Edwards Speech~

Edwards needs to go to Utah and Idaho!

Dean: One year ago vs. Today

cspan caller "People who vote for Edwards should be ashamed of ...

Dean speaking now live

CNN projects Dewey beats Truman!

OMG! C-Span replaying Dean's speech again! (ll:06 pm) n/t

Clark Dems Thread

Dean speech replay on C-SPAN now n/t

"Electability" is a bonus prize for the front-runner, and no-one else

I Dunno... I Just Can't ... Somethin...

Why is Edwards the weakest candidate?

Republicans voting for Edwards and Dean in WI?

What happens to Dean and Clark delegates when they...

Does anything from Drudge have a place in this forum?

Kerry giving a great speech

kerry support among dems nationaly slips in last three days

kerry support among dems nationaly slips in last three days

Dean's ability to inspire is amazing

C-SPAN is replaying Edwards speech

How do you feel about the Drudge Smear and the WI results!?

Dean said "we will not give up," but...

Edwards has strong crossover appeal

Upcoming Primaries and Caucus's

The Media is eating this primary up! *uck*

From the Blog On Kerry's Young Fling

Is Kerry in coasting mode before Super Tuesday?

Kerry still has a tough time getting 50% of his own party, despite the

Should Kucinich and Sharpton be excluded from the next debate?

Bush attack affected Kerry's WI?

Drudge: Aides say Dean may endorse Edwards

I Think Edwards Wins the Nomination Now

Should Sharpton and Kucinich be excluded from Feb. 26 debate?

Kerry is giving a droning speech.

Which of the remaining primaries are 'open' primaries?

Objects in your mirror may be closer than they appear

Would a 2 person debate have an impact on the nomination?

Democrat Ben Chandler Wins in Kentucky!

Kerry 40, Edwards 35, Dean 18 - the networks were right to call it

Bring It On or Bring 'Em Home?

Exit polls show why Edwards is the most electable

Dean supporters: Would you work hard for Edwards in the primary?

What do you credit Edwards momentum to ...

Very strange Dean exit polling

Dean should have McAuliffe's job at the DNC. . .

30% of Wiscon voters Independents, 10% were Republicans

Who would be happy with a Kucinich-Kerry-Edwards race?

How Does Dean Deal With the Edwards Phenomenon Now?


DEAN supporters and well-wishers only

Kucinich and Sharpton are the most necessary candidates and debaters

I'm in WI and Clark was still on the ballot

KERRY supporters and well-wishers only

Kerry 'inevitability'--- DOA in Wisconsin?

Official WISCONSIN results thread

What are you so afraid of?

EDWARDS supporters and well-wishers only

Voters in WI who are satisfied with Bush, vote for Edwards. (yes, linked)

Let's put the guns and knives away, it's over.

Dean people ONLY: After Dean's 3rd place Wisconsin finish, should he go?

Great stuff from Snopes about the John Kerry/Jane Fonda picture

That's Gross, Man! Judas Staffer & Media Dean Dean in WI

I want anyone but Kerry to win in Wisconsin...

Ted Rall: Elegy For The Most Electable Candidate

Dean: "We are not done" (2/17 -- 10:13 PM EST)

Kucinich and Sharpton should be excluded from the Feb. 26th debate

CNN may exclude Kucinich and Sharpton from the Feb. 26 debate

Freepers nervous about their own voting for Edwards

How did these Wisconsin voters vote?

KUCINICH supporters and well-wishers only

Kerry, Edwards Folks. What's Your Pitch To My Dean Support Group?

Online petition complaining to DNC about primaries/was on Fox News

I will not go gently into that good night

Dennis in Dayton tomorrow (Feb 18th)

I like Edwards just as much as I like Kerry. What a great night to be a Dem

Smear Works: Anyone Doubts That Drudge Smear Had Impact in WI

Good Article...

A U.N. Surprise

This Ashville man won't vote for Bush

Wal-Mart foes detail costs to community (raises welfare rolls)

Say Anything, by Andrew Sullivan

Great Smokies -- Road to Nowhere

Professor Lessenberry gives Drudge a smackdown.

Peoples Bill of Rights for White House Transparency

Top Ten List

Le the mud bath begin (Gene Lyons)

George Bush, Make-Believe President

Nuke found - cartoon

Bush: "I'm not a statistician"

Ellen Goodman: Daytona on our dime

Super-Sizing the President - Jonathan Alter, Newsweek

20 Nobel Laureates accuse Bush of distorting scientific facts - NY Times

Benedict Arnold & John Kerry

Progressives Should Vote Kucinich

Rally & Concert for Peace, Justice & Jobs with Dennis Kucinich!

Los Angeles Democrats!!! Democrat Meetup on Wed Feb 18th!!!

Tell your Representative to oppose unreasonable database protection.

Who has had the best election night coverage?

doctored political photo contest in the UK guardian

Joe Scarborough moves to the middle.

Religious TV network forms partnership with Fox News

Phe's shared thought for 2/18/4;

Neither Intelligent nor Designed. Magical Thinking Fails Scrutiny.

Religion is the most malevolent of all mind viruses

Skeptics: Fantastic Ann Druyan article now on line

Kerry & Kucinich are Co-Sponsors to the Permanent Partners Immigration Act

Rep. Barney Frank opposed San Francisco's gay marriage effort

Canadian cattle herd soars to record high

Very interesting article about OPEC and dollar vs. euro oil pricing.

Fed not fazed by talk of fresh U.S. asset bubble (Greenspin ignores)


PPT in action today....

Grassolean (-and Daryl Hannah)! I love it! :-)

Ocean studies will move to other planets

Australia Will File For CITES Ban On Great White Shark Trade

As Snow Disappears, Scotland's 2 Biggest Ski Resorts Put Up For Sale

From Space, a New View of Doomsday (Big Bang/Crunch/Rip?)

El Paso Corp. reduces reserve estimates 41%

Methane Hydrate Stocks "Overstated" - BBC

Colored Worlds

Ex-president criticizes Lien for hypocrisy

Exclusive: 'Witness To A Crime' - mutual fund industry- 60min

Mother, 2 daughters set afire on West Side

Gungeonites - Heads up on the word Hoplophobic

Pro AWB folks, please explain

If you are against Sunday Hunting can you please say why?

GD v. GDP04 Question

You know, I just don't know what to

When is asking people when Dean will drop-out inflammatory??

is my picture in my signature too big?

I just worked out a disagreement that might have gotten out of hand

I'm hearing a theory

Thanks for the "Hide Lounge" feature...

Are you still sending out "warnings from the mods"?

how did the fundraiser do?

BTW, in the Mod warnings

Shouldn't the GD rules be loosened a little?

have a question

Question about a locked thread....

Who's riding herd in GD today? they need a refresher.

i guess this one is ok? more christian bashing...

So if Dean's no longer in the Primary, can I mention him in GD?

I asked earlier if I could mention Dean in GD, I guess not.

Peace Now: Outposts flourished in 2003

Wall: Keep terror out and keep it in!

Teaching them who's boss

The Status of Palestinian Citizens in Israel

Israel sole beneficiary of Iraq occupation

The 'International Community' and the Apartheid Wall

Arab student politicians campaign on which party has killed more Israelis

The Psychological Implications of Israel’s Separation Wall on Palestinians

U.S. using Israeli bomb detonator in Iraq

Palestinian worker trampled at crossing remembered as a martyr

Israeli troops who refused to fight for unjust cause

Play, Pleasure, and Consumption...

Bush Abortion/new Flint Book in media in Aus(SundayTimes)&UK(Daily Mirror)

1971: Richard M. Nixon and John Kerry - Men Of The Year

AP: Kerry calls out Edwards on his trade positions and humble roots

Campaign Slogan Suggestion....

'A War Against Elites' (Le Monde diplomatique)

Dean's out of the race, let me just say this

Rally & Concert for Peace, Justice and Jobs with Dennis Kucinich!

Herseth leads Diedrich 58-29 in South Dakota

Time to start a new third party

Halliburton says there are jobs in Iraq! Yeah!

Did anyone else catch Mike Malloy on Faux?

Anyone have a list of brownshirts sponsoring the FMA?

I heard rumours that Prick Santorum is even dumber than Bush?

How embarrassing for Jackboot Jesse Jackson...

Suicide in Botswana

lol...Maybe Ashscroft is on to something...

Bills worry migrants, employers

Poverty 'is World's Worst Threat'

is bush* re-inventing himself?

Heads up SF DUers, who are happy about the gay marriages...

Muslim vote may shift to Demos

Looking for a graphic.

Need some help...

Tomorrow Rick Santorum is

Rumsfeld the only defense Secretary with a losing war record

Pro Dean callers on CSPAN

The way Bush is going...

Does Salt Lake City really have a socialist Democrat as a mayor?

Great read and more evidence that Bush lied about Iraq

Where can I find video of the Dem Debates?

Just heard a "National Center for Policy Analysis" shill blast wind power.

Bush "we fight the world, we fight the children" video clip

Problem with NAFTA

William Kristol coming up on Cspan!

anyone hear tweety use the term "nut cutter" last night?

Report: U.S. war on terror "extremely damaging" to human rights

Bush-Abortion story starts to get reported in the media

What's Old is New Again in Rep attack on Dems, Kerry

Why are we re-writing Vietnam history?

White House Seals Financial Records of Iraq Probe Appointees

IeAmerica talk radio goes off the what?

Rumsfeld: "Osama Bin Laden Found Inside Each Of Us"

Does Mike Luckovich read DU?

Posting pics HELP

New Boss for MSGOP & Tweety Credited for Higher, Last Place Ratings

Massive web expose leaves David Horowitz 'flabbergasted'

DU the hell out of this poll too!

Let's Go Straight For the Jugular Now: I Want To See Those Energy

Jesse Jackson: Gay marriage rights are not civil rights

Are the Quizno's ads cruelty to animals?

Miller Delivers Floor Speech on ‘Deficit of Decency’ in America

Health Care..I Don't Get It?

Boy, Bushwatch pegged it. Bush visits troops "in blue business shirt"

C-Span this Morning-Anyone hear me?

Talking to Repubs makes me feel like that kid that sees dead people

Lawmakers Urge Big Increase in Mad Cow Testing

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Burkett Interview Today

What scares U.S. the most?

Twenty Nobel Laureates Versus Bush

George W. Bush Where the Shadows Lie (a frogmarched collection of stills)

DeLay -

Bush if he were not the son of rich man

Someone posted this on a message board. I completely disagree with their

Bush mug shot? Excellent democratic campaign project.

Google Bans Environmental Group's Ads From Site

Dean Live Now

Why I Now Fuly Support Gay Marriage

Fascists in the White House

Watching chimp take questions on MSNBC now

A little humor

Law suit acusses (Ashcroft) Justice officials of outing CI agent

“The Enemy is Coming”

"Hired Guns" by Tucker Carlson

Dean just dropped out. C-SPAN1 now n/t

Bush gives you the finger!

Dean on cspan 2 NOW

Dean urges voters not to vote for a 3rd party

Bush attempt at inspiring speeches

Democracy DEFINED!

I could care less about Martha Stewart, but....

Would it help the same sex marriage cause if 2 heterosexual women or

Bush looks like the "stand-in" waiting for the "real President" to show up

Lead in the womb can produce adult Schizophrenia

Helen Thomas asks about communtiy service.....PULL? live now

Arnold takes off part of State House roof - for smokers (for real)

JOBS JOBS North Carolina Disaster area


Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor. Quack!

Tagline for Gay Marraige debate

Bush the Economist

DU this poll

Time once again to DU some polls.

very disturbing quote


Anyone read the article on Ashcroft in the February Vanity Fair?

hysterical cartoon of the shrub.....(link)

I heard an ugly rumor about matt drudge

I wonder who will get this contract.

Zell Miller and some real doozies of legislation

The only drawback to "Gay Marriage" is...

Scotty on cspan NOW!

King George and the "Jesus Card"

1958- 96% of whites opposed to interracial marriage.

Winter Kills - marvelous book

Will Newsom's VD Feat Make the rest of OC move to Colorado Springs?

Have tha Bushes ever seen a Democracy thay like?

You guys have to see this sentence from a CNN article

I Agree With Dean That First We Must Stop Bush, Then organize change

I beleive even I could beat Bush if I ran.

Stop the nuclear arms buildup - an issue all Dems can agree on?

Poor Bill Gates may not own the English language. Boo hoo!

President Playboy

What U.S. official approved bin Laden family flights after 9/11?

your papers, please . . .

I'm looking for a website with a calendar of demonstrations against *.

Heinz-Kerry to Laura Bush: "I know something about pickles for real"

BBV: Glenda Hood (FL SoS) on air NOW

CatWoman, what's on Crossfire?

Crossfire is on, Tucker starting out with flaming rhetoric again

Savage on Gibson's movie (yesterday)

Bush and Pickles having (or not having) sex

BBV:Group seeks upgrades to voting machines

Where oh where did the ricin go?

University of Colorado Head Football Coach Shows His Idiocy

E-mail regarding Jane Fonda, need help

Heads up - Scotty press briefing being played right now.

TBTM Radio #28: 'The Man Who Wasn't There'

My email from Ed Schultz

Neal Boortz is outraged!

Folks at squriming over *'s 'war record'

Remember.... Bush inherited a 200 billion dollar surplus....

I watched Fox News today. I weep for my country.

Imagine the Horror of a Bu$h 2nd Term

How to beat the Repugnants on "low taxes."

Dean supporters for Dean

I'm reminded of Don McClean when I think of Howard Dean?

Who said dominionism?

What is Shrub trying to hide during his Gaurd service?

Halliburton calls in Bush lawyer (Truth is stranger than fiction!)

Watching "King" last couple of nights and saw blatant use of

ABC WNT-Soldiers Use Donated Steel to Fortify Vehicles

Why haven't any Supreme Court justices retired during Bush's presidency?

So who just killed 15 people in Iraq U.S. or suicide bombers

what's the current situation in LA state regarding big oil and

Repug talking point - observation

BBV: how do we get Senate co-sponsors for Voter Confidence Act?

Mental Illness out of the shadows: Agoraphobia

now here's a poll that seriously needs DUing, and.......

top this for smug, self-satisfied delusionalism

Help needed: A tight, 2-3 paragraph reading on "The Commons"

Just Saw A Clip of Rummy Mentioning "Osama Bin Laiden"

I'm Tired of "Drip, Drip, Drip"

Fun new game: find something for which chimp will take responsibility.

Crazy question on gay marriage...

Mel Gibson's "The Passion": any Jews seen it yet?

Anybody But Bush still the rule?

Don't Care About Bush's Guard Records

Bush '04 = DRAFT '05 DoD says stop-loss ends in 2005 - Watch out!

New Voting System in Orange County

60 Minutes II (02/18/04) Wall St whistleblowers, Saddam's home movies

can someone tell me why this isn't the biggest story today?

Is it just me or does it seem the obese/overweight are fair game?

Does Laura Bush really give a rip about gay marriage?

Something weird lately with Jebbie Bush?

Why single women MUST vote

It doesn't get any better than this in GD!

Laura Bush: gay marriage very, very shocking for some people

As a completely heterosexual man, I just want to say...

Are Noriega and Hussein partying down together?

Is PNAC evil enough to perpetrate a Holocaust?

Peoples Bill of Rights for White House Transparency -- check it out

What do fundies really think? Ask me anything!

Anybody know anything about the Louisiana 3rd?

Bush inherited the recession?

Send troops out without food?

ABC Nightline for Wednesday: Failed Nation-Building (Haiti)

Laura Bush's Marriage to Shrub is 'Shocking'

What about the Haitian embargo?

The 'Fortunate Son' movie today on Cinemax!!

Serious Question about Manufacturing

Bushie boy is "troubled" by the events in San Francisco.

States that should be split in half

ALL unions should be "civil unions"

Why Polls are Increasingly Inaccurate---

366,000 new jobs have been added since August?

"all hell is about to break loose" in Perry - Connor affair

The Traditional Values Coalition needs our help (again)!!

Is Rush Limbaugh’s prosecution motivated by politics? (Unfreep this Poll)

Ask William Kristol a Question!

A parallel, "Three Days of the Condor", and the M.E. situation...

URGENT! "The Guy James Show" needs your help- keep kicked

Hetero DUers who DON'T support G/L/B/T marriage...

In defense of Mel Gibson...

Peak Oil goes mainstream - Newsweek: CRUDE AWAKENING

Perle is Angry About Iraq! Wants Tenet's Head on a Platter...

Silberman's (WMD commission) record should be a warning to the Senate.

Each Walmart Store Costs taxpayers $420,750 annually in social services

Republican Party, R.I.P. 1854-2004

Holocaust exaggerated: Gibson dad

In Iraq, Contractors' Security Costs Rise

Alberta opening D.C. office

EU's big three search for elusive chemistry

Ashcroft sued over interference in terror case

A U.N. Surprise

Kurds Keep Their Chins Up Over Reunification With Iraq

Musharraf says no to nuclear site inspections

Ammunition for police: Bill targets ex-felons with bullets

NYT: Competition Back in (Dem) Race

Ex-Governors Blame Legislature (California)

Twin Suicide bombings injure 30 in Iraq

WP: Alaskan Reserve Drilling Plan Draws Lawsuit

WP: Once Leading Man, Dean Searches for a New Role

Security review again delays Muslim chaplain's hearing

Grenade in vehicle at border not real

If Comcast can afford Disney, it can pay state, local taxes

US u-turn on Ivorian peace force (Grrrrrr Oil ppl

With Web, facts are often trailing speedy rumors

Howard Dean drops out......or does he?

He did spell John Kerry correctly (Clark never made that remark)

Shiite Vote Plan Would Exclude 'Sunni Triangle'

Martin aide linked to scandal -

Looming election triggering party defections, experts say - Globe and Mail

CNN Breaking: More than 200 Killed, 350 Injured, in Rail Accident in Iran

[stolen] Cesium found, steel plant closed [in China]

Prosecutor in Terror Case Controversy SUES ASHCROFT (Whistleblower!)

Key trial in Hollinger case to start in Delaware

Fundraiser 'Unfortunate,' California Governor's Aides Concede

Utah Capitol Evacuated for Bomb Threat

Euro Makes New Record Above $1.29

Dean to End Campaign

Beijing arrests official for Internet criticism

U.S. Housing Starts Fell 7.9% in January to 1.903 Mln

LAT: A Two-Man Race Too Late for No. 2?

Change in Bush Running Mate Seems Unlikely

Abortion Claim Hits President (from UK's Daily Mirror)

USDA Accused of Misleading Public on Mad Cow

Blast shows deep Iraqi mistrust of Americans

Seven dead dozen wounded in Iraq attack

Dean Statement from the Blog

Bush Economic Team in Eugene Today

Report says military distorts war deaths

Heads Up: You Must Act Now to Stop an Appalling CAFTA, FTAA Sneak Attack o

"Road Map is a life saver for us" PM Abbas tells Hamas

Group seeks upgrades to voting machines.

In Iraq, contractors' security costs rise

White House retreats on predictions of new jobs this year

BCCI wooed Carter and Callaghan

Scaled-back energy bill losing legs: Former supporters are now dubious

It doesn't get any better than this in GD!

Dean Ends Campaign for Presidency (Washington Post)

Official: Iraq Considers Pipeline With Iran

Japan `has no balls,' Lee says

In Ohio, a First (pre-emptive) Strike

U.S. Commander Sees Troops Staying in Iraq for Years

Bush team retreats from job-growth forecasts.

German, French, British leaders _ united after Iraq _ urge economic push

Prosecutors blame (approx 70,000) job cuts on ex-Tyco finance head

Dean will end his campaign today at 1 p.m., AP quoted as source

Pakistani leader rejects nuclear inspections, promises missile test

Fed not fazed by talk of fresh U.S. asset bubble

Gay Rights Information Taken Off (Office of Special Counsel) Site

Experts: Executive Pay Still Out of Control


U.S. Foodmakers Blame Wal-Mart for Stunted Prices

Scientists Accuse White House of Distorting Facts (NYT)

U.S. Expects to Borrow $177 Bln in Q1

Good Dean Discussion on Jim Lehrer Now

Russia Plans New Generation of Weapons

NYT: Scientists Accuse White House of Distorting Facts

AP: Kerry calls out Edwards on his trade positions and humble roots

U.S. Troops Not Likely Going to Haiti

Libya Wants U.S. Firms to Bid for Oil

Bush Backs Off Forecast of 2.6 Million New Jobs

Are You a Bush Booster–or Basher? (MSNBC Outs Freeps Manipulating Poll)


STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 18 February (#1)

Black Hole Seen Ripping Star Apart

Bush Officials Offer Cautions on White House Jobs Forecast

Chavez: Bush Administration Lies About Venezuela and Finances Coup Plotter

Japan signs oilfield development deal with Iran

Russia Plans New Generation of Weapons

Bush abortion smear as mud flies

Better times near, Bush officials tell state areas hurting for jobs

Hoffa Tells AP Kerry Is Evolving on Trade

Dean Ends Campaign, Vows to Back Nominee

In Polls, Kerry, Edwards Both Lead Bush

White House Backs Off Job-Growth Forecast

bush troubled by gay marriage

A&M YCT creates new scholarship (essay on "overcoming" affirmative action)

National Debt Tops $7 Trillion

Laura Bush Says Gay Marriage "Shocking"

Perle:`Heads should roll' over Iraq (wants U.S. intelligence chiefs gone)

Second woman from Wisconsin killed in Iraq war

Death Row Inmate Retried, Acquitted

Top Democrats lead Bush in poll - Kerry/Edwards 12-10 point edge over Bush

Death Row Inmate Acquitted a Decade Later - NC

New Mexico mulls drunk driving locks on all cars

Jesse Jackson: Gay Marriage Rights Are Not Civil Rights

U.S. dropping plan for Iraqi caucuses

Enron's Skilling indicted, to surrender to authorities tomorrow

Union, environmental group take stand against proposed fuel economy rules

WP: Ft. Polk (Guard) Troops Practiced Their Hoo-ahs

Finnish speeding fines

Goodhair rumor...what's the latest?

If I Get Satellite Radio in my car...

Zen and the Art of Motercycle Maintenance

My grandma just died

Science night on PBS

We haven't had a new hate mailbag in four months.

Anybody go to

Jackson to testify before congress? Look out !!

I'm insane and I need to go to bed

have a Wednesday morning chuckle... good toon

Random poll for a night of insomnia

Finally,,,, a "Test" Bush can pass the very first try!

This will wake you up.. (warning to the seizure prone)

The Fonda picture that the rightwing does not want you to see

DU Slang Dictionary

I've had enough of your stupid blonde jokes

Making faces... and they talk too

Drunk Driver Hits 10 Cars In 8 Minutes

If you were me, what would you do?

Defrock Saint Shrub!

Motorhead Will Play London's Royal Opera House

Wanted Robber Makes Crank Call To TV Show - Arrested

Meet the Grunt Family

Wednesday's Donesbury--Still on Cheney and Haliburton--Hooray!

What does a wet dog and the Chimp have in common?

OK... who broke FR?

Electra Woman and dynagirl

Band of Gold

I visited a Bear Den today

Want To Adopt California? Just Over $1 / Day!

Hey, thanks for the new Wes Clark Democrat Avatar! Who ever designed it

in the time of chimpanzees i was a monkey

Kids micro-rant

Undulating Hips Visits Bear Den!

Kenny Chesney (completely shallow and petty post).

I want Matcom's JOB! You too?

Shock Rocker Marilyn Manson Settles Suit


Guess what Clark did after withdrawing?

Oral Sex Sentence Cut In Half

Madge the Palmolive lady has passed away (Jan Miner)

Will someone please make Underpants put them back on?

George Bush had to

My neighbour is REALLY fed up with winter, - - how can I tell ?

Man arrested for stealing Phillie Phanatic Head

Are we getting sloppy with our use of the word "Terrorism"?

I just hid the Lounge from the latest page!

My repuke brother is running for state assembly in MT

Question for moderators: How do you work?

Top Ten Good Things About Being Named George W. Bush

So is Mel Gibson's latest film about the Beach Boys?

Dear Abby

Just Another Reminder - Horns and Halos

PocketPC Users, a new Bush theme...Check it out...

Dog survives ordeal on 'electrified' snowbank

Maddux to be a Cub again.

Woman Lived With Sister's Corps - Sometimes Slept In Same Bed

This is my 500th post!

Rumsfeld: "Osama Bin Laden Found Inside Each Of Us"

Note to self:

Store Owner Opens Shop - Finds Legs Dangling From Kitchen Ceiling

The new word of the day ...

Hey ya, Charlie Brown!


New Bush Joke.. well new to me anyway

Your hands are soaking in it! Madge the Palmolive manicurist dies

Bush said it best when it comes to Same-Sex Marriages:

25 Miles Of Rasberry Syrup On Highway Leaves Sticky Slick

The Daisy Duke appreciation thread...

This week's column - I knock bush for fun.

Need help finding info on annual Federal deficits...

I'm Too Sexy for this Town (apparently)

Hey, I have a star! Thanks!

Berklee has turntable technique course

International DUers, tell me about "The Magician's House" & "Strange"

Just visited FR! Funny Place, many clowns there...

Arrrrrrgh.. new frustrating game ..201,725 points

Chicago DUers!

computer gurus - Windows Media Player help, please

Remembering: Early Roles of Famous Actors

.... and we didn't see this coming?????

I just got back from Chris Rock, ask me anything

He's baaaaaack!


hey, what's'a'matta with'a'little CAPTION

Who's more physically attractive? Number TWO

Home Brewers: Make Your Own Pruno!

Woo-Hoo! It's a great start to the day! (Road Rage Revenge Story)

troubled by same sex CAPTIONing

And they said he might be CRAZY!!!

Pixies tickets go on sale Friday 9am Pacific through Ticketmaster.

CAPTION Queen Laura of Welch

Ann Coulter stoops to a new low...disgracing America's Vietnam Heroes.

passed round one of job interview!

Hey DU Hockey fans! Show us your teams avatar!!!

CAPTION Our Lord and Savior (and Jesus, too)

"Roses are red, Violets are blue...."

nobody nose but a CAPTION knows

Does anyone know anything about the Georgetown Public Policy Institute?

Condoleezza needs a CAPTION pick-me-up

Due to popular demand, bassist and keyboardist from CoX

test post ignore if irritated

Has anyone been watching the three part movie "King"?

I have my air conditioner on.. It's HOT.. What's the temp where you are?

Ha! My fighting skills are unbeatable!

just checking to see if this clock works here

Here's a sick bit of info from ALberta

The hole in the bottom of the water where the Stone Crabs live.

Did anyone else notice how happy...

Pain in the butt question...

today's new Hannity advertisers Feb 18


Cats have a macabre sense of humor

Ever hit 'alert' just because you didn't like a person?

Professor: Draw a picture of an educated person.

I'm an idiot

Casting Ideas for the Film version Of Confederacy of Dunces

"Passion" question..follow my logic...

If Jack helped you off the horse would you help Jack off the horse?

FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2004

Kevin Smith takes on THE GREEN HORNET

Word of the day:

I need some input on a work situation.

Was VT QB Marcus Vick set up?

"Dean supporters for extra terrestrial aliens!"

This thread will make your day. Trust me

Favorite Smithereens song?

Happy 63rd birthday to Irma Thomas!

ESPN Getting Tired of Walton Grateful Dead References (hilarious!)

Golfers... here's a twist for you.. no golf clubs :)

This freakin wait is driving me nuts!

Which of these essential parts of life is better?

something about Dean

If you're goin' to San Fransisco get CAPTIONed while you're there

Cannibal Ann Coulter Hospitalized

Joke time

Historical insults

Help! My duvet cover has gone wild!

Boiled green peanuts and Cape Romain Oysters

Any Christopher Guest fans here? (Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman)

Caustic comments get girls a date (certain people might be offended)

Mel Gibson's Dad is at it again.

Muppets sold to Disney

Heinz-Kerry to Laura Bush: "I know something about pickles for real"

Cash family blocks "Ring of Fire" haemorrhoid ad

ALF/ELF - the terror threat nobody dares talk about

Is a strip club a good thing or a bad thing for a small town?

Enough with the silly cat threads!

Please look at my UPDATED Live journal


Wow! This years Ozzfest will actually NOT suck!

HORNS & HALOS about to start on Cinemax (7 PM ET)(Bush/Hatfield Doc)

CONFESS!!! Who went to Gilley's after seein' Urban Cowboy?

I need a list of all the "liberal" shows on TV.

Mental Illness out of the shadows: Agoraphobia

I just had a chance to directly support one of our soldiers in Iraq!

I had to research reality TV this week. It was awful.

Anyone else able to find looks in anyone?

Avatar CRISIS! Please help?

How can anyone believe the Holocaust did not happen?

I need a drink!

Dean Supporters for Chocolate

Who are the best and worst dressed video game characters of all time?

Greatest DEBUT SINGLE of the 1950s?

The End is...

DU Lounge crossword!

Msgr. Herman J. Niebrugge: 1930-2004


JonathanChance is now a member of the 700 Club, Glory!!!!

Whats your favorite non-fiction book?

can anyone resize this image for me?

How come there are no conservative comedians?

Things you'd never say to politicians!

Any Indiana DUers want to get together and see A Perfect Circle?

The Four Best Words in the English Language...


Recommendations for a good book on natural history

The Daisy Duck appreciation thread...

I just took three Xanax. Ask me anything!

The Onion interviews Arthur C. Clarke (for real)

Who's your idea of a gorgeous feline?

Are you offended by the hammer and sickle?

who's your idea of a gorgeous male?


CAPTION...I have no witty comment, just CAPTION

Drip versus Pump coffee makers

Asimov's SF magazine condemned as "too adult" by school

We got Greg Maddux!!!

How to light a Bar-b-Que

I'm bored! Let's get a Movie thread going!

More ENTERPRISE gossip

Does anyone know how to get a nasty santorum stain out of my sheets?

who is your idea of a gorgeous female?

Creative DUers, please help me make a sign!

Any cat midwives? Water broke at 9am.

The right kind of people to carry on?

Place Your Bets!! When will Howard Dean Drop out??

Kerry has got to do something about those speeches---

What's worse

Safire: The Edwards Surprise

Should the debates exclude all candidates but the one you support?

What impact did the last debate have on surprising WI primary???

According to CNN Dean still has more delegates than Edwards

There should be a Kucinich and Sharpton only debate

Edwards Is Now Strongly Boosted By:Noonan, Safire, Scarborough, Drudge ..

How to rid the world of Bush - Guaranteed or money back.

"At least they didn't shoot Howard Dean"....Ted Rall

My aunt is a Reagan Democrat. She actually likes * on a personal level...

If Kerry wins the nomination...

Tucker Weighs In

Dean should immediately go to SF...

FYI - remainder of Primary Schedule

Something that stuck in my head from the Dean speech tonight

Any Thoughts On Edwards Heavy GOP Support In WI?

I'm not sure how Edwards is more electible when he can't even beat Dem...

As a Kerry fan, I'm hoping Edwards catches fire.

AWESOME, Edwards to tour Ohio Saturday and Sunday

I'm feeling a tiny bit of excitement again-if Dean loses/drops out,Edwards

Clean sweeps force Bush to get dirty

U-Turn in Kerry sex row

Kerrymomentum = "Joemomentum"

I will caucus in MN for Dennis Kucinich

If repubs had wanted the weakest candidate, they'd have voted for Sharpton

Brownstein, LAT: A Two-Man Race Too Late for No. 2?

LA Times: Dean to End Campaign, Stay in Race

I will never understand why Gore picked Lieberman over Edwards for VP...

Edwards would get crushed in the general election...

Reflections on the democratic party.

Senator Edwards Will Make A Better Nominee

Should CNN/LA Times exclude Kucinich and Sharpton

40% isn't exactly awe inspiring

LA Times reporting Dean will end his campaign

Question: Candidates' kids?

Here's Some Tips For Edwards If He Wants To Win New York

Cincinnati Mayor Luken: Kerry would help Ohio, nation

decision date on debate participation ?

Kurtz, WaPo: "Stunning the Pundits"

How is Bush likable?

Tactical voting vs voting your heart

Kerry - Dean Primary Election Alliance?

AP : Democratic Presidential Race Down to Two

Is Edwards really a stronger candidate? Let's discuss.

Well Howard, it really was a great run and you accomplished a LOT

Edwards/ Dean is this a possibility?

4 out of 5 Wisconsin voters said Kerry can beat Bush...

Dean Will Stop Campaigning, but Stay on Ballot

Anyone staying onboard with Dean?

Challenge from Edwards could help Kerry stay sharp

HUGE!!! WI Democratic Primary Turnout surpasses 1992

Swiss school basks in John Kerry limelight

Gay weddings in S.F. an attempt to show that the Gov. is a Repuke???

Another Outlandish Hypothetical:

Deleted message

How would Dean supporters feel about Dean as DNC chair?

I Want A Candidate Who Can Get Down And Dirty In Beating Bush

The only way I could vote for Kerry in November

Poll shows Kerry with apparent slight lead over Bush in PA

Fellow Dean Supporters, Some Humor

A Word of Advice to DU ABDers from a Dean DUer

Issues issues issues, ISSUES!

Can we please keep in mind Wisconsin is an OPEN primary?

Issues Issues Issues:Halliburton Halliburton Halliburton...

Can Dean convince Nader not to run?

Why yesterday was VERY good for the Dem Party

Kerry stumps in Ohio -- Dems' apparent choice to speak to laid-off workers

Clark NEVER made the intern remark - Ryan Lizza

Further proof Clark was not behind the Kerry intern smear ...

What the AP did to Dean this morning is not to be forgotten.

I am VERY proud of the Democratic candidates lately.

Kerry or Edwards?

If John Edwards were

Who will be happy for Dean Supporters' write ins, who will be sad?

Well, we (party, Gephardt, voters, media) killed the Dean campaign...

Clark Supporters: Vote for Clark anyway!

Should Johnny go negative?

I Slept-On-It And I Changed My Mind

Voters UNHAPPY With Bush More Likely To Vote KERRY

Kerry hailed as ally of wider world on environment

Kerry makes whistle-stop tour from deck of yacht

Kerry's cautious side reemerges (use equivocation, or be straight shooter

I just got an email from Wesley Clark

Let's get something straight about the Edwards Republican voters

Can we admit that very few DUers vote solely on the issues now?

Why did Edwards do better in WI than VA?

A Beginning not an End

Should Dean Endorse Edwards?

Home on Lunch-can't watch news-Has Dean & Edwards reached any kind of.....

Kerry + Edwards = Perfect Candidate

I'm sick of my candidate being decided for me

CBS was talking about frontloading the primaries

Edwards has demonstrated ability to attract swing votes!

Cover of Newsweek --

Heads up! Dean about to speak on CNN.

Dean announcement at 1pm ET today

Clark supporters - A message from Wes

A new Job for Howard Dean.

Dean people-Never give up the fight

what was the poll from yesterday that showed Edwards on the move?

Will Dean supporters stick with party or go third party/write in?

Ever see Glengarry Glen Ross?

CSpan 2 is taking calls

Kerry campaign thinking big about R.I. win

EDWARDS: The Rising Star, has mass appeal across the political spectrum.

Kerry is critical of Bush refusal to back his own job growth estimate

Deleted message

Place yer bets! Place yer bets! When will Kerry drop out?

Where is Edwards setting up FL campaign HQ?

John Kerrry: Things in the mirror are closer than they appear.

Interesting how Dean 'suspends' campaign

Here's one advantage for Edwards if he goes up against *

A big thank you to Dr. Dean

Edwards vs. Kerry Who do you support? Who can beat Bush?

Anyone angry that Dean's speech was cut short --

Kerry, Edwards, Dean and WI exit poll on Iraq War

Is Dean's ego getting the best of him?

We should have two-man debate between Kerry and Edwards

MSNBC election Poll

Kerry Widens Delegate Lead with Wisconsin Win

My interpretaion of Dean's statement: Not running for pres. Is running for

Ahhhhhh f**k! (Dean's dropping out)

Jesse Jackson: Gay marriage rights are not civil rights

It'll be very hard to catch Kerry because of proportional delegates

My thoughts on what Dean is doing.

Question about the 3rd Party threads

Take heart Dean supporters

Dean says, he out of the race hear it on CSPAN.

Ahhhh Shucks....(Dean's Dropping Out)

A humble request for Dean supporters (and others)

Don't cry for me America!

Theme: What happened to the Contract with America?

Edwards on Hardball last night

Do You Believe Dean Made The Right Decision?

Dean Ends Campaign, Vows to Back Nominee

Give it up for Ben Chandler

Which is More Scary?

How the Indies vote,

Gen. Election voters choose on "Likeability"

With talk about the poor, Edwards draws rich, white, suburban, moderate...

Media chiefs(Murdoch's, Sony, Viacom, MTV) back Kerry campaign

Should Republicans vote in Democratic primaries?

New CNN Electability Poll

Dean supporters

"The Hotline" Great for political junkies

Will Dean still have a role to play in the party?

Senator Edwards' funding limitation

How much did Bush win Kentucky by in 2000?

Dean: "I will support the nominee of our party"

Edwards had approx. 35% of WI votes, not 34%

I'm switching to Kucinich

Deleted message

How a person loses shows more of their character than how they win

The Bill Schneider is a little turd thread

I know it's wishful thinking but after the nominee is chosen...

Should Democrats go after the nascar babes?

Your states primary is today... Who are you voting for?

Attention Clark supporters. A letter from Wes Clark

Fellow Dean supporters.

Why I Now Fully Support Gay Marriage

I'm doing a 180: Allow Sharpton and Kucinich to debate on 2/26

Check out these other numbers in that CNN poll

Who do you vote for on this ballot?

This Dean supporter will be voting for Edwards come March 16th

I would like to see a Kerry/Edwards debate

which of these scenarios would you prefer?

Dean asks his supporters NOT to support a third party

Maybe the GOPers actually like John Edwards in WI

Dean is the new Moses?

"None of the Above"??????

Dean's revolution was never about Dean.

Stop the nuclear arms buildup - an issue all Dems can agree on?

AP: Kerry calls out Edwards on his trade positions and humble roots

Edwards with 10 point lead over Bush, Kerry with 12

Will there be a Democratic Reagan era with Edwards?

The GOP Is Trying To Get The Weakest Democrat To Run Against

The different primaries, and how they work from state to state ACADEMIC

Dean Supporters Only: What will you do now until the GE?

Pro-IWR candidates 74 % "Anti War" candidates 26 %

I am not going to be positive about this.

Howard Dean and "nobility in defeat"

What if Paul Wellstone had run this year?

Repugs voting in WI open primary for Edwards

Is it True the repukes helped pump up Edwards numbers in Wis. ?

Partial Transcript of Dean's Speech Today

Bush is a weakling failure on national security

Candidates in order of preference

Poll: Bush leads by 6 vs. Kerry in Indiana

This is good. Now I can support Dean AND Kucinich!

Poll shows Kerry with apparent slight lead over Bush in Pa.

My message to Howard Dean's supporters

Is "party unity" everything it's cracked up to be?

The Dean Legacy

If Kerry doesn't clinch it on Super Tuesday, he's got a big problem

WP: Dean "Searches for...Role," talks to JRE, DNC, Trippi

Both Kerry and Edwards are beating * in the same poll

Dean's message, but not his hair, will live on

EDWARDS LEADS bush by 10% ...CNN

Vote in the CNN poll right now: "Is the race still open?"

Bill Schneider : Little evidence of Republican 'strategic voting' in WI

Presidential preference poll

Dean: "The Democrats will beat George W. Bush."

Anatomy of a Smear (by Jack Lessenberry)

Is Edwards getting political mileage out of NAFTA?

How do we get Kerry to fight back?

Dean supporters, my heart goes out to you.

Though Dean was not my candidate, I do acknowledge the difference he made

Edwards crossover appeal vs. Clark crossover appeal

Congrats to Howard and Noble Supporters. A Great Race. Needed Heart-Burn

Voting Virginity Lost

Attention Pennsylvania Clark Democrats

For Governor Dean and his Supporters-

From the transcript of Dean's speech, he will remain on the ballots.

Some early Kerry and Dean threads on DU

Voting 3rd Party and the future of the Democratic party. Dean has it right

Howard Dean talk show radio host?

Kucinich is in the race to knowingly take votes from Dean

What's Your Favorite Definition of "Unity"?

Now that the outsiders are gone who will hold Bush accountable for Iraq?

My open letter to Senator Kerry

So what excatly is Edwards Position on NAFTA/Freetrade?

Dean Ends Campaign, Vows to Back Nominee

Ed Schultz is not very well informed

Now that I have the Search Function, can someone explain how to use it?

Must read this: Newsweek poll manipulated

Clark Supporters...tell me what you think about THIS! Moderate Independent

the Media wanted Kerry - the Media got Kerry

Edwards Applauds Increased Commitment To Renewables In 2003 Energy Bill

What's Edwards' strategy re: states to win?

*click* , Choose!

Hoffa Tells AP Kerry Is Evolving on Trade

Dean supporters for Dean

Lunch @ DU Diner - Today's Special : Batteries Charged!!!

Our Chances As Democrats in the WH have increased!

GOTV -- Clark a better VP choice than Edwards?

If you could pick the president, right here, right now... how would it be?

Who should I support now? Kerry or Edwards?

Bring Back Pat Buchanan and the Reform Party!

HAHAHA Nascar dads unhappy with Bush's visit (a must read)

Excellent UPI op-ed on Kerry's ability to take the fight to Bush

For the Dean people - only the beginning

Rasmussen: Bush 48%, Kerry 43%

ABK until Kerry has 2,161 Delegates, then ABB in November....

The One You've Been Waiting For

Deleted message

Dean Supporters who will back Edwards over Kerry (Check in Here)

All of you who plan to "write in" your candidate's name

Anyone know of a Dean audio/video archive

Why did Edwards vote against renewable and solar energy?

God, i feel so badly for Dean, Kucinich, and Sharpton

Edwards and Kerry performed same among people/families with military

Department of Peace...

Kerry Supporters: Please get this Dean supporter fired up for Kerry!

I Agree With Dean That First We Must Stop Bush, "Whatever it Takes"!

Dean May Be Out Of the Race, but He's Not Out Of The Grassroots Efforts...

Kerry holds largest lead yet over Bush: 55% to 43%

Is It Better To Have Our Convention Before or After The Republicans Do?

Update on Wesley Clark Society

Primaries should not be "Open"

Democrats should not trivialize Trade or Jobs or Healthcare

Ha ha. Freeper petition to "investigate" Kerry's 'war crimes'

Some Kerry folks scared?

Some of Kerry's foreign policy advisers: "Not quite a dream team"

CNN: Dean seeks meeting with Sen. Edwards.

Today I've switched my vote to Edwards....

What Will It Take To Break The Media Grip?

Laura Bush Says Gay Marriage Is "A Shocking Issue For Some"

Are There Any Substantiative Differences Between Kerry And Edwards?

Deanies for Kucinich...

The Freepers just don't learn from their screwups, do they?

The Edwards attacks are kind of fun for an Edwards supporter

Dean Supporters...Now that the Doctor is out, what is your plan?

Zogby: Bush ahead in red states, Kerry barely ahead in blue states

Kerry & Kucinich are Co-Sponsors to the Permanent Partners Immigration Act

How many Dean supporters are now embracing Edwards?

Who will Gore endorse now?

How much does USAPATRIOT Act matter -

My work with the Kucinich campaign is concluded

Prediction: Electability meme will now be turned on Kerry

Was Howard Dean our last, best hope?

So it looks like I go 3rd Party in November.

I owe the Edwards folks an answer on the 'He wrote the Patriot Act' thing

San Francisco Bay Guardian endorses Dennis Kucinich

Dean supporters for Kerry

Us Kucinich supporters welcome the Dean Supporters

Why did Will Pitt announce his withdrawal Today???

Edwards Vs, Kerry Who do you vote for?

Well...that's that for the mourning. Time to make the donuts.

Pro-Bush Folk Voted for Edwards. Do They Know Something We Don't?

A DU Delphic Poll (Election 2004 Edition)

What I don't like about "Avocado Greens" - and its relevance in the GE

Presidential Preference Poll *post Dean*

A Populist Make-Over,Meet John Edwards, the Corporate Man

The primary's over. Now let's vote on principle!

Dontcha Just Love All The 'Unity Or Else' Threat Treads ???

Beating Bush: Are You the Weakest Link?

The Candidate: If he doesn't take on 9/11, do you care?

For the Cancers eating away at U.S., "major" Dems prescribe Aspirin.