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Archives: February 20, 2004

Bush Plays Bait-and-Switch With 9/11 Panel: Marie Cocco

Dear Ann V. you don't have a clue about Mad Cow!!!

Haifa Zangana (Guardian Utd): Why Iraqi women aren't complaining

William Rivers Pitt (TruthOut): The One You've Been Waiting For

God's Contract only with Republicans?

If The Foundations Be Destroyed -Falwell (SCARY!!!)

NYC: 2/28-29 10-6 Grassroots Media Conference

need to write Tom Ambrose/World Net Daily about Ann's smear of Max Cleland

A call for help and advice: how do you fight city hall?

Texas Activism

Fscking Wash post required registration!!!!!!

Behold the new Hannity masterwork:"DELIVER US FROM EVIL"

Attention Minnesota DUers!

Crawl Back and go see Richard Thompson on his current tour

Astrologers what do you see for Edwards

Seems Japan's economy has CEO'S that refuse to restructure/admit error

Yahoo stops using Google in US

For people who are economists or economics students: WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR

ok, I've got a growing algae on a waste stream

Analysis: U.S. caucus idea dead in Iraq

All hail Lien the Equivocator - TW

Mayor builds a deadly model in stopping crime - PI

Human Rights Watch: Iran--Reformist Newspapers Muzzled Before Election

Kansas Starts Hearings on Concealed Carry Bill

Just wanted to thank the mods

How long do the black marks stay on the record...

Question about Al Sharpton

I never do this, but I'm here to protest a locking

You might want to take care of this...

To belabor a point


"Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!"

Prodi Says Anti-Semitism Not at Level of 1930s

A brief history of Sharonism

Edwards weighs states to target

Under Bush CEO pay up from 31 times average manufacturing wage to 44 times

Today CNN's Schneider posits that Repugs voted for Edwards to get at Kerry

Edwards may win party's heart in end

Are Paleocons Allowed on Free Republic?

I think governments are out of touch with the people's beliefs worldwide

Anyone remember this GHWB quote?

"Horns and Halos",a doc. on late Jim Hatfield premieres tonite on Cinemax.

I think the S.F. gay marriages affair is to take focus off MA for Kerry

It's Not Miller Time

Suppose you live in a Republican Congressional district, when

letter to Nader's group

anyone got any insight into the OK senate race????

Please, Please FCC, try to F'ing censor Howard Stern.

Bu$h pulling bait n switch with 9/11 panel/public

Electoral thinking: We can definitely do this

Attack of the Gay Agenda

Ann C. says, Max C. is no hero.

Office of Special Plans "scrutinized" (Feith coverup)

Chef Solution - also a co with terrible labor conditions

For my 1,001 post

timing of a Texas tryst

Nifty site for those interested in Supreme Court (who might retire, etc.)

Help me understand what is supposed to happen on June 30th in Iraq

Bush's visit to England / £4m bill to guard Bush

Frontline on PBS...regarding corporate tax shelters......

Is NASCAR bad for the environment?

I REALLY hope the next president gets to call Tom DeLay unpatriotic

My legal analysis of same sex marriage in CA - Please comment

"Frontline" tonight: Corporate tax shelters. We are kidding ourselves.

GOP: The party of moral values, personal responsibility and self made men

Oh, yay. Bush/Cheney seek my volunteer talents.

Mad Dog Cheney

gotta take issue with mike

Please please call your Reps and Senators about this

Help me torpedo this BS from Tony Blankley...

I am sick of this 3rd party talk.

Free Healthcare for Saddam?

Screw Mars

MSNBC POLL - Did Bush Meet TANG Requirements?

Ann Coulter's Max Cleland article

Just got back from a County Dem Party Meeting

Here, Kitty Kitty ...

Nightline IS FINALLY covering the plights of the guard and reservists

Is this the real reason the right fears same sex marriage?

Just tell me why

Who took part today in Censure Walk-In, MoveOn Action?

being Better Than Bush is not enough.

Pentagon WMDs: working with EBOLA right now!

Mommy, what is the CIA?

We need to make the Office of Special Plans a network news staple

for the reading impaired GFP now reads today's important headlines to you

A Great Idea - Flowers From The Heartland

Pennsylvania might be a senate seat we should leave to the GOP...

Animals vs. Children -- Commentary on our society?

New Canadian poll: Libs 36%, Cons 28%, NDP 21%, BQ 13%

I Love Seeing All These Same-Sex Marriages Taking Place

Corrupt Republicans start young. . .this is one strange bird!

Ricin tests in question........imagine that!

“I married well and I birthed well…" Barbara Bush interview says Perry will be on Hannity

Please explain the difference between "Gaggle" and "Press Briefing" to me.

War Of Terrorism: The Countryside Murders (truthout reporter in Iraq)

"MASINT", the "CMO" & Iraq's WMD's ...

What exactly IS the record Bush is going to run on ?

Was Perry on Hannity after all?

Does anyone understand the FEC vote limiting from spending $ ?

Thursday night. My right leg balloons. No medical insurance.

"The Guy James Show" really needs your help. Keep kicked please!

Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 543 U.S. service members have died

Japanese held hostage by U.S. buyers

1800 layoffs around SC so far in '04

San Francisco Sues California Over Gay Wedding Ban

Georgia schools can still use the word "evolution"

Handover date to remain: Bremer (Amer. people understand?)

I'm Gonna Puke

Sun-Times columnist Steve Neal dies

Plan for Caucuses In Iraq Is Dropped

BBC (early Friday): Turnout will be key in Iran poll

Royal Air Flight Diverted

Police smash pro-Poe protests - Philippines

LA Times Associate Editor Frank del Olmo, 55, Dies

Tests confirm two Thai domestic cats killed by bird flu

Guardian Utd (Friday): Case to be dropped against UN whistle blower

Sean Connery may join pro-Taiwan rally

Pentagon Says Iraqi Officials Held in Falluja Raid

Islam illegal under law, court told

Al-Sistani sets terms for Iraq election delay: interview

Researchers: New vaccine can stop lung cancer

Muslim group urges dialogue with West

Sonic Boom (Maxwell F-16s supersonic over Columbus, GA)

Certain Democrats are glad Dean quit

Haiti rebels declare independence and Americans leave

Kerry's Past to Star in Bush's Ads

Has Bush*s Running Mate Gone Lame?

Kerry vs. the chicken hawks

Craddick ordered to give files on speaker's race to DA

Poor to Put 'Bushville' Tent City at NY Convention

Kerry reunites with another Vietnam vet

9/11 Panel Head Assails Delay (Inquiry Might Have to Be Limited)

Frist may make 2008 White House run

where is jiacinto?

Okay I just found out

I might start a Drudge-style website: Help me pick a name!

My First Photoshop Job of Bush

What is Underberg?

CAPTION please?

How do I buy a tablecloth?

Who is Underdog?

More Kitty Pics. . .

For my 1,001 post

new Savage Weiner & Oxyrush advertiser Com Federal Bank

Favorite X-Files character?

Forgive me...

Has anyone seen AnnabellLee???

Survivor (or as Boston Rob would say, suh-VIE-vuh) 2/19

Another Photoshop of Bush........


DU chat

Three days! WHo the hell takes threee days!

Step out of the vehicle

Thought you guys would like this:

What's with all the kid pictures in threads

Doggy Behavior: What Is The Criteria For The "Perfect Spot"

The proof! Robb IS a dingbat!

What is the difference between colors turqoise and teal?

New Ben & Jerry's flavor: Primary Berry Graham.

5 days without the DU...

Do you answer poll questions?

Racked and bottled my booze today!

Why do I fear the telephone?

Road trip! Heading back to NC tomorrow.

Well, I did win one battle...

The Timberwolves are quite possibly the best team in the NBA right now.

My favorite political cartoon....

When it rains it pours

Seven posts till 2000!

The Tickle Robot

Anyone like old 2D games?

An unofficial DU fundraiser.

Please help! New medicine to counteract Viagra! Need names!

Should I or shouldn't I?

The "Ask me anything" Combination platter

New Google Bomb

Fuck, I own this!

Computer Help Please!!

Do you know the way to San Jose?

My turn to start a cat pic post.

The burning question: Which bumpersticker for my new old car??

Does the transient nature of everything bother anyone else?

I'm zonked!... Anybody hear Terry Gross this AM?

Quick note on a good film: "The Fog of War"

I am F**Kin tired of

Herr Doktor Sigmund Demotex mit der perfect kure fur yur problems.

Favorite Law of Robotics.

"President" Bush

What was this about LBJ growing long hair?

George W, Bush is no longer to be referred to as President...

Bouncing a question of the resident DU experts

Time to remember our man Clinton

One of my kitties is in the cat hospital....

Who remembers "That's My Bush"?

Favorite Seinfeld Character

Free Republic

Lurking On Free Republic for


Doris Troy's obituary

The Best Video Games: stage 1: the Primordial Ooze/Early Games

so, Ralph Nader's coming to Houston next Tuesday

What made you gay?

DR Seuss sees America

The Best Video Games: Stage 2: $.25 Explosion/Stand By For Tech Adjustment

Hmm. Ask me anything.

Have you bought YOURS, yet?? It's only $19.95

I'm so pissed at my dentist office.

CAPTION our very special president

Gardeners, what do you do to keep deer from eating

Post your favorite anger and resentment song here!

Anyone know a good Listserv software package?

Favorite personality on MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge)

Oh boy, I'm going to a funeral for a 26-year-old tomorrow.

Cheap commuter car update: inheriting Mom's heap

Whoa!! *FREE* Sonic Youth (Thurston Moore)/religious concert NYC Saturday

Best Arcade Games

Should I steal the neighbor's puppy?

Great Article on Edwards..

Any turnout #'s for the Democratic primary's so far compared to 2000

It is not up to Edwards or Kerry if there is a 1-on-1 debate

Federal Appeals Court in New Orleans to Hear Case to Reopen Roe v. Wade

All you anti-everything shouters should read this.

How has bush being pResident effected you personally in a negative way

while I've never been particularly concerned

Will Pitt is right

Well its time to consider this primary the GE

Daily Howler re: Kerry/Drudge

Petition to the DNC to honor its charter

I'm sick of being censored by DU. Goodbye and good luck.

Thursday night. My right leg balloons. No medical insurance.

Which event would most seriously harm Bush's chances in Nov.?

Excellent Article on Kerry in Salon "Kerry vs. the chicken hawks"

To outlynch the lynch mob.

Kerry Supporters: How are you supporting JK?

AFL-CIO Endorses John Kerry

Why these paroxysms of hatred towards Democratic candidates?

Congradulations to John Edwards

We're all sheeple, when you come down to it

Would you dare take this poll?

I just noticed something

Who do you feel you know better?

Just vote Dem, do it for the common good!

Has the DLC been beaten or is it just in retreat?

Political Risks For Consumers: Kerry And Edwards On Bankruptcy "Reform"

To all who believes that the right's "trial lawyer" attack would be enough

Who is more substantial?

I think the S.F. gay marriages affair is to take focus off MA for Kerry

Wisconsin's Primary: Tainted

Dean vs. Bush

Part of me truly believes John Kerry.

Kerry/Ivins or Kerry/Richards

Why I'm angry.

Who is more conservative?

Mean - Dean - and GREEN !

New Kerry supporter looking for information dump on JK

Bruin devoted to Kucinich even if polls aren’t

Why do you think the media killed Deans campaign??

You know what I find interesting about the anti-Edwards threads and posts

Comedians on the campaign

Some thoughts about John Edwards

Today CNN's Schneider posits that Repugs voted for Edwards to get at JK

We CAN beat Bush with a LANDSLIDE!

Well, jeez, who is this Deanie going to vote for?

Josh Marshall says Presidential election will "definitely" be close. Why?

Is the term "Republicrat" unwarranted for any of the Dem. candidates?

Should Kerry debate Edwards in a one-on-one debate?

MIA: Edwards and Kerry on the Iraq handoff?

Which former Dem. Presidential hopeful should grow an Al Gore beard?

Which candidate proposes the wisest fiscal policy?

Edwards rally in St. Paul, MN

IMO: Kerry is going to lose in Nov...

I disgust what I have become

What to expect from a Kerry presidency - My prediction

Move Over Mel Gibson: Here's "The Passion of Dean."

The Death of an Infinite Player: The Horizon Has Been Defeated - Or Has It

Who or what is to blame for Wes Clark's poor showing?

To all those who rip Edwards on the Patriot Act, read this first.

Rally & Concert for Peace, Justice & Jobs with Kucinich in Minneapolis!

Pat Buchanan voices qualified support for Edwards

ABB Check-In! Post your favorite non-ABB rationalizations

I think it may be time to remove the restrictions in the GD:2004 forum.

The Collapse of Howard Dean's Cyber-Bubble

Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement:

Salon: Books: Lost in the Desert (Tony Blair Bushwhacked)

WSJ "OpinionJournal" re-writing history

Col. Burkett guest on Meria today....

The Political and the Personal (Award-winning blog from Orcinus)

Feel guilt. Then move on

9/11 Panel Head Assails Delay :Inquiry Might Have to Be Limited

Kerry's Campaign

Doonesbury Cartoon--

Soldier for the truth: Exposing Bush's talking-points war

Chris Floyd: This is no ordinary election. It's emergency surgery

Dean the Dream - WSJ editorial

Kerry "Last Man" Speech and Brian Wilson on Democracy Now

Karen Kwiatkowski interview with Marc Cooper

Exc Kevin Phillips article about the Bush Dynasty: Oil, Wealth, & CIA

"A Note After the Passing of President's Day" - by J. R. Nyquist

Bob Herbert (The New York Times): Dark Side of Free Trade

GOP senators circle wagons round Hatch (re: Memogate)

My response to Seattle Times piece "Bush the right strategy..."

Kucinch could still win the nomination.

WSJ: Why Do Democrats Call George Bush a Liar?

Mark Morford - Is Your Religion Unsanitary?

The Tragedy of Colin Powell

Gutting Social Security

A cry for help...on the religious right

Like to write letters?

Join Grassroots here, rid us of W!


Kerry @ Roxy in Atlanta 2/22

W's National Guard Does it matter poll?, please vote!

Whoaaaa now

freeps given prime press conference real estate

German TV finds bin Laden - but US media doesn't ask "Why not arrest now?"

Jan 0.5% CPI increase is 6% annual inflation - why no media notice of 6%?

I had the weirdest dream a few nights back, and now...

Phe's shared thought for 2/20/4;

Republican Atheists

Cambodian king backs gay marriage

Tired of waiting, gay couples decided to act

Evangelicals frustrated by Bush

For Maryland Gay Couple, It Counts . / . hatred more powerful?

Arnold Says SF Marriages Illegal. Well Then...........

Uncharted Territory: Bush's stance led Newsom to take action

54% of CEO's shipped jobs overseas last year...only 31%

Japan to consider assets other than US ones?

Building Blue Collar Burgers....

Ranking Scientists Warn Bush Science Policy Lacks Integrity

China Plans To Quadruple Nuclear Generating Capacity - Reuters`

Chinese Demand Inflating Commodity Prices Worldwide - Reuters

Black hole detected ripping apart a star

New world found far beyond Pluto

Australian Temperature Records Fall In Blistering Heatwave

Bad for the poor and bad for science (pushing GM)

F. Lewincamp, Australian Defence Intelligence Organization, Bush lied WMD

With early vote unlikely, Iraqis debate options

Israeli suspected of selling nukes to India and Pakistan

Guardian Utd (Feb 20): Guantanamo Britons emerge from legal purgatory

Saddam flash movie--"Thanks for the Memories"--

W.Va. congressman's son sentenced on drug charge

I guess this is the forum for this

Bu$h installs Pryor Bypassing Senate

Senators get gun rule exemption

An argument against gun control.

Dicsussions about race here are crazy.

5 Days since 5 mods and still cant' post to GD 2004. Error message

When a thread is locked without a reason being given, what does it mean?

Thank you, Skinner!

Why wasn't this post deleted?

DU Lexicon

Hammer and Sickle

Since the restrictions have been removed...

If over 4 warning have been rec'd in other Forums

can we have a dueling forum?

Discussing candidates in GD

Question on old username.

Mr. Skinner

Thanks, Skinner!

Lacking hate mail?

Now that it seems likely that Nader will run again...

delete: this issue was already addressed (Sorry!)

What does IIRC mean?

Here's why there'll never be civility in GD

Nevermind. Answered by (gasp) a look at the rules.

re: Talking points forum

Hey... I thought you guys should know

Amusing spellcheck "error"

you keep saying, "when we have a nominee"

Police track Sharon money to Caribbean bank

Europe's crocodile tears

Why the Double Standards?...

Bill Moyers NOW - God and Politics in the Holy Land (Christian Zionism)

FEC Moves to Regulate Groups Opposing Bush

Republicans are already spewing out filth against John Kerry.

"Progressive Internationalism" - From the DLC's Lips to John Kerry's Ears

Expected Bush-Kerry Point/Counterpoint debate per US NEWS&REPORT

Fox Spews

Bayh kicks off Senate re-election campaign with statewide tour

Roy Moore considering presidential run

For those who accuse Kerry of being a corporatist - can you explain?

Q & A with Dennis Kucinich

Anyone have email addresses for high-ups in the big media companies?

Why are Japan, China, and South Korea singled out for foreign investment..

Bill before senate to repeal law which prevents people from copyrighting

Anyone see the Open Debate Conference on CSPAN?

I was part of a poll tonight

What does BFEE stand for?

Constitutional amendment for a balanced budget ??

Anybody awake? Help me find Colin Powell's statement in 2000

This liberal radio network that's being talked about..

Help!!! Need to join a Union!!!

The Bleeding Of American Jobs

Aaron Brown VS head of NCAA

Heintz ketchup has

We need to handcuff Bush!

Is the NYC republican convention still going to be held at ..

C-SPAN: Bush to go on attack early...

Letterman goes after bush

A question for African Americans

I'm thinking that after JK's inaugeration...

Will Bush pardon Ken Lay, Skilling, Fastow and others

Full page Gore/MoveOn ad in NY Times

Is there a dollar number on the turkey?

The RNC outsourced. Why aren't Dems trumpeting this at every opportunity?

I want to thank all DUers and this website for being a bastion

I admit, I know nothing about single-payer health care

Indian techie caught in hate spiral

Mel Gibson's career

Chalabi says we're suckers. The end justifies the means.

What about Kenneth Lay?!! Jeffrey K. Skilling "is THE guy at Enron."

The bush accomplishment list- pass it on!

Did anyone see what Snoop Dogg said about O'Reilly. . .LOL

They ain't worth the blood that runs through their veins

O.K., What's Johnny HART Up to ?

RICHARD PERLE under investigation for investment times

The Unraveling of Bush...

Hoya to Hoy!! Hoya to Hoy! I Hear the Fat Lady Singing.

Banging my head against the wall: Chutzpah Perle of the Day

Rick Perry supported gay speaker at 2000 convention

Another republican not voting for bush

Iraq coalition deaths by age (sickening)....

BCCI collapsed and Enron took its place

Seattle Times says Bush is "the right strategy for a dangerous world."

"We never had a chance"

Did anyone watch Lou Dobbs tonight?

Convention plan puts protesters blocks away

B of E 'warned over BCCI audit in 1977'

war on gays?

Did the WH document dump end the AWOL issue?

Haiti unrest

Defense of Marriage Act

Funny Dubya site!

Disappearing the Dead . . .

President says he'd die before giving up power

Conservative Christian buys San Francisco Examiner

So WHEN will Dems bring E-Voting Hazards to the forefront?

The Left can't let the AWOL issue die now that the proof is out

'Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals' or B.A.S.H. reveals gay agenda


The Court of Public Opinion; Bush and Iraq

God, I hope I'm wrong. But soon "I told you so" will be the word .

Scott Ritter and Sidney Blumenthal......

Looking for suggestions

Four Score and Seven Years Ago

Another great site with open forum with REAL input into Politics

A sign of desperation? They're rolling out Laura.

Nov election a battle between these two

It's Friday

What is our exit strategy for the war ?

a thumbs up to Will Pitt for: The One You've Been Waiting For (article)

U.S. soldier seeks asylum in Canada | Toronto Star

Is anyone listening to Thom Hartmann right now?

Burger-Flipping = Manufacturing? Bush Economic Report Asks "Why Not"?

Laura KNOWS W did his duty. How? "because he told me he was"

Terry McAullif actually stood up to Wolf

Laura Ingraham on gay marriage - founding fathers would be shocked

is Scott catching a lot more flak in his bush* propaganda sessions?

State of Marriage

Hannity Poll

New Colorado Law Bans Talk of Homosexuality

An ethical question.

Why that Chandler win in Ky. is more important than I thought

Who do you want to lead the Conservative Party of Canada?

Gen. Grange on the Lou Dobbs TV show last nite said

Wisconsin woman dies in Iraq

Let Ralph Nader know how you feel about him running in 2004

In earlier times the Catholic Church supported same sex unions

bivens rocks.....

Thom Hartmann just said he'll be on when ie shuts down

My coworker said CNN is librul.

Tax credits for organ donations

George Bush's Most Excellent Resume - Spread this!

gay marriage and religion: What a good lawyer should say...

Surprise! Zell Miller back on Hannity's radio show today.

Boston Globe report on Bush's National Guard record

Israel Sells Mexico Nuclear Capable Missile Launchers

What was bush reading to the kids?

Who's more presidential?

Tom "The Roach" Delay--Today's Winner for the Poor Choice of Words Award

damn - bush got another judge......

Photoshop people- can anyone do a Ralph Nader Wiggums graphic?

an idea for a new forum: Talking Points

2000 Nader Voters: The man or the message?

lot more died in Gulf War I then reported - 8,013 (reported in '02)

Tax credits for organ donations?

Can believers and nonbelievers get along

Still Waiting For The Friday Surprise

A Trent Lott clone

Democratic President: Good or Bad for RW media?

WMD threat "exaggerated"-Top spook outs himself as source

Top 12 Reasons Gay People Should Not Marry

Question about gay marriage

"How to Build A Fraud" - Great checklist from Waldman's Book

"The myth of the liberal media" video stream

RW friend's excuses for our poor economic situation - thoughts?

Crossfire for Friday: Rev. Jerry Falwell and Willie Brown

Lou Dobbs list of companies that outsource

Limbaugh is ranting again about his medical records . . .

letter from angry 80 yr old toher bank - very good!!

Nader's going to be irrelevant

Pat Buchanan slams Richard Perle

Utah Republicans: "We had to kill off Wellstone to get it."

Bush is kissing up to angry conservatives.

Sergeant-at-Arms Pickle about to bring the hammer down on the GOP

Barbecue Nations (Aryanfest 2004 piece)

"Hate the sin, love the sinner" is not in The Bible

"outsourcing" surgery!

Smirky wants to see Gibson film

Falwell on Crossfire

German TV: Documentary Claims Bin Laden Pakistan Hideout Found!

Rove gets a glimpse of political street theater.... more to come

Is the AIDS virus man-made and/or the result of a bio-accident?

Florida : The Jesus Jail

Fox News is reporting Nader IS RUNNING!

Susan Estrich -- idiot or Dennis Miller wannabe?

The Right's Nader?

I just find this SO hilarious!

Bush and cabal try to blame Clinton for the recession: guess who to blame

Is a viable third party possible?

Bush's Credibility Gap

Fast forward to the last hour (about the 2:08 mark) Mike Malloy show

Anyone got a link to Cia putting drug money in stock market?

What's the Friday surprise going to be today?

And the Freeps go wild (over Nader)....

sick of this nader whiny crap.....

W's National Guard Poll, please vote!

has bush had a nose job? decide for yourself

Greenspan: "do a better job of educating American workers"

How bad is this current recession compared to others in recent history?


Who's our new favorite torturer in one of the 'stans?

Why do cartoonists seem to have the best grip on reality?

"... no intention...not to have the intention for such weapons & programs"

I know there are many "very left leaning" people here and some that

Need help being reminded of the differences between the two parties

Wilkie (R) ran vs FDR in 44 - was this treason????

Lou Dobbs poll today

Edwards Statement on Pryor Recess Appointment

Young Republicans "killed off" Wellstone - Ha Ha

Bush Seats Judicial Nominee That Senate Democrats Blocked...

Who would Osama Vote for?

Bush Eco 101: I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.

Cannibalism in the Congo

waylon "We never had a chance"

Holy Crap! I might actually be able to help my gay friends.

Red alert heads up: "Constitution Restoration Act "heads up folks

re: gay marriage - I never seem to get an answer on this.

Two more rumors in the Governor "Goodhair" Perry situation..

Guess how much Halliburton paid in taxes ?

This HR2844 Bill before the House is dangerous....

Fayetteville, NC, Former city resident deemed AWOL

Does Bush really want to reclassify macjobs as manufacturing ones?

Apathy will be the Death-Knell of the Marriage Debate.

What is your favorite or most aggravating Bush quote?

What's up with pandering to Cuban-Americans?

What I would do with the Dean war chest

How to win the gay marriage debate

Household Wealth Maldistribution

DARPA Project: Pentagon Wants "Warfighters" To Go 5 Days Without Eating

Question from a Norwegian: Is Scandinavia an ideal?

Geeze...gas & oil prices are way up

Did the neocons find there sucker in Bush?

I need help crafting a meme about the media.

My local action went nationwide!!!

Remember the violence at the 1968 Democratic convention?

Gen. Myers admits, 'we have been wrong on every count'.

Californians - what to do about the bond measures?

Could a Concealed Cocaine Charge Be the Reason?

Do you care about Gibson's stupid Jesus movie?

Democrats join Republicans in using 'free speech zones' during convention

A point to argue against Mel Gibson's brand of Catholicism.

It's not the Dems campaign that has caused bush* to slide in polls.

Chasing Judith Miller (the NYT's neocon propagandist) Off the Stage

Bush on Education: "The illiteracy level of our children are appalling".

WHo is more perverted the Pedophiles or the people trying to catch them?

Husband, Wife, Family: Words rooted in oppression?

US Has More Prisoners than Apartheid South Africa...

Ray McGovern: "Case Closed" on WH fabrication

New Flash: 'Let Love Rule'

The Bush $200 million is overrated pundit pablum.

A Report From the Bible Belt

Corporation as Psychopath (movie & book review)

Corporation as Psychopath (movie & book review)

Bill Moyers....NOW..... American Evangelical Christians

Anti Choice movement makes full frontal assault on Roe v. Wade

Message from MoveOn, help Rep. Dogget in TX

Bush on Freedom: "I can't think of anything more deep than that right..."

So suddenly it's not "kook theory" to say Wellstone was murdered...

re-post, please lock.

Ottawa set to deliver ultimatum to Aristide

Poll: Haitian Americans believe Aristide should stay in office

New Beginnings for some Houston mentally disabled after abuse

Disabled fliers sue 10 airlines for better access

Privatization of water on the doorstep (Indonesia)

7 accused of hurting elderly or disabled, stealing medicine

CEO Sees Tech Spending Up 1% To 2% In 2004

Florida Plan has poll workers decide voter disability

Dupe - Sorry

President's budget called threat to Florida's water

Cyprus Talks Begin With Cautious Optimism

Chicago-Police infiltration of protest groups upsets rights activists

U.S. Expects Troops in Iraq for Years

Firms urged to join rush for Iraqi 'gold'

U.S. eases test rules for schools

WP: Dean Leaves Legacy of Online Campaign

The 60 largest American charitable contributions

Women lose ground in state posts

Skilling facing 325 years behind bars (released on 5 million bail)

Secret Vetting at Customs "...retaliation, discrimination and cronyism"

CIA Struggles to Spy in Iraq, Afghanistan

President to Retire From Times Co.; Successor Named

The New York Times: Some Iraqis Press for a Larger Governing Council

Consumer Prices Spike Up on Energy Costs

Black tried to frighten inquiry members

WP page one, Kurtz: Kerry's Past to Star in Bush's Ads

Poll: Calif. Vote Don't Support Bond Plan

Mary Cheney's View on Gay Marriage Sought

FNC: Bill Would Protect Religious Displays

Bird Flu Found in Cats in Asia; Canada on Alert

Japan raises terror alert to highest level

Bill to allow civil unions may be stalled in House (Hawai'i)

Apathetic youth don't share mullahs' anti-U.S. sentiment

Building Blue-Collar … Burgers?

U.S. to consider asylum for battered woman (Plea to Ashcroft)

Americans Flee Haiti as Police Abandon More Outposts in Rebellion

Democrats' Plan for Protesters Challenged

Poor to Put 'Bushville' Tent City at NY Convention

Experts Debate Possible Bird Flu Spread to Europe

Kerry gets Secret Service protection

Public Gives Bush* Benefit of Doubt on National Guard Service

Bush Picks Mark McClellan to Head Medicare

German TV: Bin Laden found by film crew in Pakistan hideout

Bush said to back limit on gays

Move of jobs offshore good for US-Fed's Poole

Rove: "It's going to be a mean, nasty campaign."

GOP Eager for Fight As Election Nears

Evangelicals frustrated by Bush

Debt relief for Iraq has activists asking: 'What about Africa?'

U.S. withdrawal from Iraq called 'unknowable'

Source Gives Details of Iran Nukes Deal (Pakistan - worse than we thought)

Stronach says she'd consider allowing two-tier health care-Globe and Mail

Labor Supporter: Dean ignored pleas to quit

Texas Finds Bird Flu in a Poultry Farm - Source

Padilla `Dirty Bomb' Terror Case Gets U.S. Supreme Court Review

IAEA Says Libya Made Plutonium, Imported Uranium

Diplomats Begin Haiti Peace Efforts, Americans Flee

Convention Plan Puts Protestors Blocks Away (Boston DEM Convention)

OOPS, wrong forum

Bush Raises $150M, Adds 50,000 New Donors

GOP elite celebrate Gallagher (Florida, Jeb)

Japan Ups Security Against Terror Attack

High Court to Mull 'Enemy Combatant' Rule

Statement by Voter Fund President on the Impact of This Week's

Powell Says N. Korean Nuclear Work Invites `Calamity' (Update2)

Heinz Recalls Pesto Sauce With Labels That Don't List Nuts Among Ingredien

Pentagon distorted Iraqi casualty issue, says new report

Malaysian Police Disclose First Insider Account of Nuclear Trafficking Net

Boeing Slowing 767 Tanker Work, Could Cut 150 Jobs

France Calls for Repatriation of Guantanamo Seven

Woolsey's leniency plea outrages victim

Two Passengers Removed From Diverted Plane

Syria and Iran aiding militants, Iraq says...

Latvian to be EU's first Green PM

Apartheid Enforcers Guard Iraq For the U.S.

Growing gulf between Iranians and their leaders

Diverted plane resumes flight to Morocco (intriguing story)

Conservative exile leaders unveil plan for post-Castro Cuba

Dem Edwards Widens Campaign Theme To Civil Rights - DJ Newswire

Joint US-Yemeni military exercises set; US commander delays visit

Case may be dropped against English whistleblower, Gun

FBI Joins Digital Piracy Fight

Poll: Primaries Helped Democrats' Image

Iraq's top Shiite cleric demands United Nations elections guarantees

Evidence grows of Iran nukes

Patriot missile system deployed with flaws -report

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 20 February (#1)

Japan Raises Terror Alert to Highest Level

FEC Moves to Regulate Groups Opposing Bush

Bush to again use recess appointment - Bill Pryor on the 11th US Circuit

In the New Economics: Fast-Food Factories?

Bush, Castro allies of a sort, prof says

Holes in his defence (Cheney )

U.S. Intensifies Anti-Terrorism Strategy in Africa

Daschle satisfied with war progress

Martha Stewart Pal Backtracks

Art Student Depicts Mickey Mouse Flying Toward Flaming World Trade Center

New Mexico county begins issuing marriage licenses to gay couples

U.S. Expects Long-Term Troop Stay in Iraq

AP news alert: Judge denies immediate stay of gay marriages in San Fran

Greenspan Warns Against 'protectionist Cures' to Deal With U.S. Job Losses

Cambodian king backs gay marriage

Japan Raises Terror Alert to Highest Level

Enron's Ken Lay may be tough to prosecute

Schwarzenegger: Gay marriage licenses illegal

Conservatives Poised to Win Disputed Iran Election

White House Admits Failure of Iraq Caucus Plan

Perdue Closing 392-Employee Chicken Plant in Panhandle

Bush keen to see Mel's Passion

Daschle satisfied with war progress

Cambodian king backs gay marriage

Laura Bush condemns Democrat 'witch-hunt'

U.S. Says Cuba Fabricating Invasion Threat

(Conrad) Black says he's been 'horribly defamed' -

Bush Installs Judge (Pryor), Bypassing Senate

Bush to Install Judge, Bypassing Senate

Doctored Kerry photo brings anger, threat of suit

Nader to Enter Presidential Race

State shuns printout backup of ballots (Florida)

Mississippi Senate passes voter ID bill

Envoy: U.S. Has No Plans to Attack Cuba

Exposing Bush’s talking-points war

Hosps Can Provide Discounts to Uninsured and Needy Patients

Nader to announce Sunday whether he will run for president again on MTP

Secretary of state (TX-Connor) undergoes emergency appendectomy

Letterman's top ten tonight had a couple great ones

Shit, my satellite is down - who got bounced from Survivor?

Pirates of the Caribbean

MUST SEE! . . . the pyramids from outer space . . .

Nobody - and I mean nobody - writes music like Steve Reich

Hey you, I'm gonna bite your head off!

Damn.. The spiders got my cake and I can't make my cats behave

I'm not at all ready

Has any one noticed the number of candy ads on Nick TV

DEMunderground plug

How often do you go through computer chairs?


I:I:I: wanna rock right nowww!!!

Tax Cuts And How They Really Work! WTF is this BS???

Police free German bondage 'penguin' - Reuters

Toenail Fungus Treatment: $261 a month

Hey guys...question

First it was Bidet-Ole.. now ...The Magic Cone

Im bored and taking avatar requests

Emergency volunteers needed for questionnaire!

Wasted and still celebrating my birthday. Ask me anything.

shopping time is here...

Hearts & Scrolls.. a haunting, yet lovely animation

GLAAD Gay Ski Week in Telluride!

Bay City Rollers Rock!!!!

How do I get rid of a broken garbage can?

Thatcher speeches for CD charts?

Buy A Bottle Of Vodka - Get Free English Course!

Big Star get to work on first album in 25 years - NME

I don't understand Martha's defense!

Hah, I generate more money than physicians

My 7yo wants to kill me. She really does.

The English-to-12-year-old AOLer Translator

Mel Gibson's career

Should we try to post more polls today than we did yesterday?

On a scale of 1 to 9, how much do you like your job?

So....big weekend plans?

Protest Songs Redux

College Teacher Gives Nude Sex Tips

Uh Oh - Consumers Feeling "Packet Rage"

Bob the Parrot has died.

Something to offend everyone

anybody want to send flowers to a random gay couple . . .

some really good stuff coming soon to Cartoon network/Adultswim!

Police Rescue Bondage Fetishist From Bondage Chains

Has anyone else seen "Dummy"? IT'S GREAT!

Today, Kurt Cobain would have been 37 years old.

Best thing about a desk job....

ny street vendors

Great Non Sequitur today!

The Long Lost Art Of The Courtesy Flush

Man Arrested For Watching Porn While Driving

Man Yanks Off Neighbor's Leg - Beats Him With It

A really, really gross question. Not for the sqeamish!!!

Major GOP Gossip!!

Prester John descendant of the Magi of old.

So I and my roomate are talking about starting a business...

Amusing headline: Bird Flu Found in Cats in Asia; Canada on Alert

President says he'd die before giving up power

I must post my admiration for a local gay guy

ADVICE.My neighborhood grocer killed someone

Question for Poker Players around here

Got my Pixies tickets! - MacEwan Hall Apr 19th

Anyone else having a relaxing day?

It's Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day!

The 'Betty Bowers' religious satire web site is GREAT!

Manic days are nice.

X-Box owners----We have a problem can you help?

Bavarian Fire-Drill day

Who do you think *never* leaves DU?

blah.........ugh....*rests head on keyboard*

I think I may join the Navy cuz I'm cash strapped for school

Congratulations underpants!! 25,000 posts

Free Willy!

Muscle heavier than this an old wives tale?

Happy "3" Alex!

Is it ethical to edit polls after posting them?

5950: When will I hit 6000?

"Miserable failure" points back to Bush*!

Ok, which one of you b*stards gave me the flu

Guitar Players - Your favorite electric guitar

I have a star. How do I find out how I got this star..............

Favorite Thee Headcoats song

Favorite Milkshakes song

Favorite Pop Rivets song

Hehehe No the motorcade didn't forget me I'm just waiting on a CAPTION

Are any of the Democratic Candidates popping up in your dreams?

I'll be spending a good amount of time in the Lounge.

I need to smile, please as many caption this as possible:)

Day Job Officially Becomes Job (or, the story of my life) :)

I once had a mild argument with Raymond

Happy Birthday To Me...

Is it me or does Meg Ryan look ridiculous?

Hello Austinites!

UK Medics to Prescribe Maggots as Wound Cleansers

I keep finding chewed up cigarettes throughout the house

Locked Posts

My first poll: best Elvis Costello album

I am PrestoChango, Ask me anything.


Concerning my sigline...

Opinion Poll: George W.Bush or....

KadeCarrion and ZW challenge you to bet on matcom's ass!

just paid $7.20 for pasta salad, crab soup, and a soda - ask me anything

The Quarter is simmering

What song is this?

The Adventures of Bush and Rove

When did you find your Virginity

Favorite Rock Drummer

Before we begin the weakly PRESS CONFERENCE a few announcements

How do I open an e-mail attachment that OE thinks is "unsafe?"

Botulism, salmonnella, triganosis

Crazy dream thread.

Rock Diva Tina Turner to Play Hindu Goddess in Film

Happy birthday, Nancy Wilson!

Yet another guitar post:

Has Anybody Seen My Plastic Pellets?

Why I love Snoop Dog

Enjoy your new doll!

What are your favorite Weird Al songs?

Top Ten Signs Bush Is Considering Dumping Cheney

Photoshop people- can anyone do a Ralph Nader Wiggums graphic?

Okay that's it! We're shutting down the lounge. It's entirely too silly.

I'm Planting tomatoes tomorrow

I've been asked to moderate on another site --

OMG! I had a freekin' WORM on my computer!

Do You Know If his Is A Sign Of Old Age. My Cat Murphy Sometimes

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Well, I had to add to my column....I think I may have crossed the line...

Are you DUing at work?

Worst Republican Hair

Rasheed Wallace / Happy Fun Ball

Favorite Hard Rock / Metal Singer

People you've corrupted...

Proof * can't chew gum and walk at the same time

Crazy annoying wait for new job - day four

An important letter from George Bush

Terminating Elmo with extreme prejudice...

Musician jokes thread

Student Accused Of Wearing Blackface - "No, I'm About To Rob A House"

Engrish Subtitles to LOTR Films

Which Show Are You Going to Miss the Most?

DUers: A Notice from the Attorney General of the United States (satire)

The Passion! The movie. The year? Early 1940s

There should be a law against blind obedience to the law.

I just got my Radio transmitter today...

Why did Andy *hate* Aunt Bee?

Can't sleep....Quizno gerbils will eat me....

Whatever happened to

I still can't find that damned invisible tape

Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

Watching Crossfire? WHY??? Molto Mario Is On DAMMIT!!

Family Circus parody is back!!

Favorite Rock Bassist

Who could be in a poll of Blues drummers?

Damn it! Ow ow ow....

any musicians here into drum solos? . . .

Did I just sexually harrass my new boss?

remember Bobbie Benson and the B bar B? Sargent Preston?

Anyone know of a decent web page editor for Mac OS9?

It's 6:23 PM Eastern.

Wanna see something that makes the quiznos thingys look normal?

New reason I hope I get the new job

Brian Wilson performs Smile in London

Wheeeee clickety click

I would like some comfort

"Hello Kitty Toaster" (?!?)

Post 2k.

Please, help me get out of the 700 Club! Ask me anything!

Favorite hero with the word THE in his/her name

Anyone here live or know anyone in Key West?

Your Favorite CHEAP TRICK Album

Abdominal pain.. kidney or appendix?

Heaven or Hell?

Discourse on dingbats and dingleberries...

Worst harmonica player?

Friday Night Dinner Thread - Who's Coming Over For TACOS?

Favorite Mispronunciations you have heard

Say hello to Lady, Buck and Curly Sue

Whatever happened to

Musicians and home recording folks out there...

Tell me your Boss-From-Hell horror stories.

Celebrities you know?/Knew

Too funny to miss.............

My cat was hit by a car last night. Skeezix was 1 year old.

have you noted that DU threads are not searched by google?

Friday night chat (free booze, cake, monkeys) with a drawing

Has Anybody Seen My Virginity?

Wow!! Round trip tickets to Port-au-prince Haiti for only $808

Mardi Gras Weekend

Does YOUR city have anything named afer César Chávez?

Classic episodes from favorite TV Series

Anyone ever use Lindows?

ZombyPoll # .91: Favorite ABB album?

pretend you're in school... "Please use 'Santorum' in a sentence."

'Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals' or B.A.S.H. reveals gay agenda

Aging rockers pose as teenagers -- and have a hit

How often do you use turn signals...

'Baptists Invoking God's Old Testament Standards' or B.I.G.O.T.S.


Three good anti-spyware/anti-adware programs to download

What is your favourite comic strip(s)?

It's Friday! Somebody make me laugh

Favorite Thee Mighty Caesars song

Now THAT'S a Mississippi Cat!

I just had my nails done, Ask Me Anything!

We need to decide rbnyc's baby's career path

I'm going to WASHINGTON. DC!

When did you lose your virginity?

Help! I need a new DSL power supply today. Where to buy one?

Where can I get a good computer case (for a decent price)?

word pet peeves: post yours here

Acoustic Guitar Players - Your Fav

Question on windmills and birds

AK-47 or M-16?

My wife has developed some sort of neurological condition.

Whats the pretty language in singing

Take these avis If you like em

Anyone know about dental insurance?

Why ain't you people answering my posts?

Anybody want me to make them an avatar?

Does my cat speak French?

David Sedaris - best writer ever

GLBT DUers & Heteros who care: please see thread

Do you think the country is getting more liberal (and how old are you)?

GW Dush, through the eyes of a 5 year old

Anyone play Animal Crossing? I just got it and it's awesome

Favorite Australian Exports

What's your accent

Do people have a better opinion on Masons ....



Keys are in the ignition, engine is running. Hijack this thread.

I just can't keep this secret for one more minute!

Whatever became of...?

Funny business names?

Favorite 80's Video/Arcade game

Post your picture!!!!

FUCK John Kerry!

Why it makes sense for Howard Dean to endorse John Edwards

If Iraq and IWR hadn't happened, how would Dean have campaigned?

Texas Kucinich Supporters - Special Interview Showings

China denies donation to US Senator Kerry

Media to Dean: “We ruined yer campaign, nyah nyah nyah nyah, nyah nyah!”

Did anyone see Alan Keyes on c-span today?

WAIT! Lemme get this straight.

Kerry Style versus Substance. What do you think?

Kerry campaign received illegal cash from contractor

Cash is question mark as Edwards challenges Kerry

Anybody here, late night?

Point of Agreement: Skinner's Thread Cloaking Device is Great!

Cattle in a Pen

In terms of enthusiasm, IF Kerry is the nominee, you will . . .

with Dean out of the race

Edwards operative discovers PNAC

Kerry vs. Edwards - the disabled and health care

Graham says he would accept VP slot

We need to financially support groups like Move-On to win in 2004

A Seventhson Proposal: GD Primary 2004 - Gloves Off on Kerry and Edwards!

Edwards Sharpens His Criticism of Kerry

Here's Why It Makes Sense For Howard Dean To Endorse Al Sharpton

Duplicate: please lock

Edwards demands debate in Ga.

Why does Edwards refer to a vote he never made?

Bushies' strategy for attacking Kerry (Today's Washington Post)

Trade issue close to home for Edwards

Woohoo John Edwards is coming to my backyard

Poll: Primaries Have Helped Democrats

Kerry's Vietnam testimony on Democracy Now! this morning...

Dean Leaves Legacy of Online Campaign

Gov rips Dem move to pull power of filling Senate seat

So, how are we allowed to have a Kerry-Edwards one-on-one debate?

Kerry's Past to Star in Bush's Ads

Delegate question. . .somebody 'splain this to me. . .

Edwards Not on Vermont Democratic Ballot

Three States That the Democratic Race Forgot

The stakes have now been raised.

If the Democrats don't win

Evangelicals frustrated by Bush

Another poll shows Bush doing very poorly among independents

DeLay says gay unions will be 'central' issue

Kerry and the Veterans

A vote for Dean is a vote for Kerry

Kerry holds huge lead over Edwards in New York

Drudge is after Dean again with McEntee's help.

C-SPAN: Bush Plans to Accuse Kerry of Hypocrisy. Will It work?

In terms of enthusiasm, IF Edwards is the nominee, you will . . .

Wouldn't it be cool to have the debate moderated

Tell me how Edwards can afford be the nominee financially.

Why it makes sense for Dean not to endorse any other candidate.

Justice for Dean/Clark/Kucinich and Democracy at large.

The Dean Secret?

Howard Dean's Contribution

Any Dean supporters willing to do some strategic horse trading?

Bob Graham Open to VP Slot

Bush raises $150 million, brings in 50,000 new donors

Why do people say Edwards wrote PA, but don't say Kerry wrote NAFTA?

In Dade, Edwards on a money mission

Kerry gets Secret Service protection

Take action, how to take out W!

Judge: Sharpton filing incomplete for ballot

Would Sen. Graham be a good running mate?

Edwards accuses Bush of exploiting 9-11

Can small donations on the Internet cut both ways?

Life After Dean - Molly Ivins

The GOP's contradictory claims on John Kerry's 'special interest' money

Frist making moves for 2008 run

Are people aware that the most money Diebold gave to any canidate...

Does Edwards have a chance New York?

Edwards Sees Duty to Support Civil Rights

What Are You Focused On More Right Now?

Why are we ready to roll over so fast?

I think Kerry and Edwards should exclude themselves from the debates

Purging the Neo-Cons Will Kerry Make a Stand?

Has Bush's running mate gone lame?

Polls: Kerry has huge leads in N.Y. and California

The impossibility of real change?

Tyranny or Freedom?

VP idea: Bill Richardson... Approve or Disapprove?

ARG....Bush, Edward,Kerry:

The Assassination of Howard Dean

Kerry and Edwards to appear on This Week with George Stephanopoulos

Which candidate made these statements?

Left handed argument in favor of ABB

AWOL has given a recess appointment to another wingnut judge

Edwards/Kerry statistics....

When does Edwards drop out?

Vote your conscience

LBN : Nader to Enter Presidential Race (Faux)

OK - so far who has voted the way they originally planned

Terry Mcauliffe holding his ground on AWOL with Wolf right now

Did DUers read the WSWS article on Howard Dean?

Good commentary on Dean by Vermonter Holhut

When will Kerry or Edwards tell us what they will do?

Edwards and the request for debates

Need help being reminded of the differences between the two parties

Has Edwards Gotten a Bump in the Polls Since WI?


What is the virtue of a tracking poll?

Kerry and his merry 'Band of Brothers'

Clark....How will he do in the Vermont Primary?

DU Dean supporters who think Dean lost fair and square check in...

Kerry and Edwards, one on one this Sunday on ABC's "This Week"

Kucinich still on the trail, still full of hope

It's official, Nader is back in....

Dean is asking us to still cast our votes for him!

Edwards wants Sharpton, Kucinich out of debate

Are Repubs voting for Edwards 'cause they like him, or to screw Kerry?

We'll starve you and send you to war, but THEY will give you gay marriage!

EDM/DR: Is Edwards More Electable Than Kerry?

Ralph Nader will announce this Sunday

What should a progressive do in November?

Edwards Asks Kerry To Join Him In Four Debates

Sen. Dayton(Minn) endorses Kerry for president

Bob Graham open to VP slot

Kerry and Edwards go Head to Head on ABC News

Voting for Edwards or Kerry is ....

Kerry Says Bush Credibility Gap Widens On Jobs

Is it time to say bye-bye GD:2004?

Arizona Poll: Bush by 8

* doesn't like that mean ol' "obstructionist" Edwards

Brilliant ploy by Edwards, force Kerry to do more debates...

Kerry's Viet Nam Testimony On Democracy Now

Dean as VP

Would former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn make a good pick for VP?

John Breaux as VP

If Bush says (fill in the blank), we say (fill in the blank)

Hey Guys, here's to Dean endorsing Edwards & great Kerry/Edwards contest

Cool Site----lets alll flood it.

This is my pledge. Will you join me?

Someone stole my glasses

Are some Democrats more similar to Bush than they realize?

Let's be pragmatic about this, not everyone has to vote dem against Bush

Who wants to Protest Nader Gatherings?

Sincere Questions For Anyone Who's Not ABB

FOX has * at 48% approval!

Kerry Over Edwards 66-14 In New York

do you know anyone who still thinks Hillary will be the nominee?

Kerry vs Edwards on trade (from NY Times)

Can a Kerry Supporter Set the Record Straight Here?

If there was any doubt the DU moderators are biased...

Ralph, (Read Their Lips), They Want NO MORE BUSH

Powerful Protest Vote

Nothing like a nice Watergate like mess for the summer of 2004

Forget the issues, who will have the $$$ to run against bush?

Mrs Richard Mellon Scaife gave $2000 to Kerry

Will There Ever Be A President Who Represents Your Ideals Even 90%?

From "Ask the Admins": Policy re. 2004 Democratic nominee

What Happened To me part 2

Marist Poll - New York Feb 20, 2004

I am one of those Dems relieved Dean didn't win

Concerns About Yucca Mt. Leaks Echoed - Will Bush lose Nevada?

Is this mere coincidence? NeoTrace these three URL's once

If you don't vote for Edwards, I'm gonna sick my dog on you!

The Real Al Sharpton

Green , Dem, GOP

If Dean was such a failure and had no real movement, then why...?

I'm Forming An IGNORE RALPH Movement. Join Me!

GROB (not ABB)


Dean is "nuts"....

Clark: A Campaign to Remember

Georgia's Rep. John Lewis Endorses John Kerry for President

I will not fall into line!

Terry McAuliffe has been talking to Nader

Bush to target Kerry in the beginning of March

The Creeping Danger--Why you need to vote for John Kerry

Okay, kill me now. Re: the upcoming debate

Dean's Rough Ride

A closer look at John Kerry's character.

Looks like Nader is going to run. Will announce on Meet the Press

Kucinich Gets Tough on H-1b and L-1 Visas

Will you vote for ANY Democrat running against Bush?

All Clarkies welcome

Thank you, Dr. Dean. Thank you, Dean Supporters.

Poll: Wartime Records Won't Sway Voters

Let me get this straight with Anti-ABBers...

To every Green and Third Party Member....

The only thing holding back the babarians at the gate: the filibuster.

Dean grassroots: Please don't be discouraged

Why I cannot so easily forgive Kerry or Edwards for their IWR votes

Thank you Ralph Nader

Food for thought come November

Should the Democratic Party Share in the Blame For the Direction

What is the story behind Kerry's accent?

"Candidate X Didn't *earn* my vote!"

I was really disappointed by how this primary went

What happened to me???????????????????????

If you can't see this then your values and mine have nothing in common