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Archives: February 21, 2004

Salt Lake Tribune (Republican youth) Rally has odd sense of humor

Mpls Star Tribune: For gutter politics, look to the Bush camp

In the New Economics: Fast-Food Factories?

Eric Alterman & Mark Green (The Nation): The New Scopes Trials

Salon: Nader's Nadir

Which side is T. Daschle on?

Kerry: He's Peaking Already

9/11 Families want to ask Bush the following..

Bypasses Senate - Bush Places Anti-Gay On Bench

Arkansas mulls constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage

Alabama considers lifting interracial marriage ban

OPEC mulls move to Euro for pricing crude oil

Push To Stop Gay Marriage Hurting Economic Growth

Greenspan: Workers need more skills

Reuters "Good News" (the Universe - dark energy - and Hubble)

Is the Fuck John Kerry post what DU is all about?

Oh no! Someone taught GD2004 the word 'Fuck'!

How do I post pics?

Question about Bugs/Feature forum

I had two posts locked today?!

I was wondering.

It was a rotten, rotten day

Skinner, you should be happy

Can I post a Yahoo reader post here in its entirety?

Have the GD2004 rules been lifted

Could you make an avatar for Mike Peroutka the Constitution Party candidate

What will be your policy towards people who say they're voting Nader?

How do I post pics?

Sharon's "stink of corruption"

DU New Yorkers - Protest Nader on Sunday

Nader is partially responsible for the deaths of 540 Americans


permits/free speech zones and our right to assemble.

Tweety's shooting down the Media Whores tonight

If Nader runs.

local fox channel -scary

Bush's Catch 22

The Clinton Recession... and Recovery?

Can I have your opinion on recess appointments?

If there is another large-scale terrorist attack, what happens?

Good News: the Universe May Not Be Dying

Olberman discussing Nader bid

I need help from the DU!!

Betty Bowers covering the Perry stuff:

Can we all agree that anything from Drudge is lower than household trash?

Will Gov. John Rowland(R-CT) Survive?

Al Franken to appear on Tweety

I saw a brilliant presentation last night.

Is the media covering the Rowland story, at all?

I am so sick hearing that Bush* inherited a recession. Another lie!

Scottie says, the American public agree with the President....

So the US wants to "hand over sovereignty"

WW II vet: Every reason they gave for going to war was a lie or distortion

PBS Frontline to air TWO HOUR special next week on invasion of Iraq

French Sisters Take Hijab Case To Bookshelves

Will you initiate ten new voters?

Zell endorsed Bush on Hannity today

What's the most pressing issue facing the human population currently???

What does the law say about Hermaphrodites getting married?

David Brancaccio is going to be Just Fine. Are You Watching This?!

(link)..WH briefing question: will shrub send in Nat'l Guard to stop gays?

Charlie Rose: John Podesta and Joe Wilson 11:05 (n/t)

Same-sex marriage ignites a fury across the U.S.

War on Terrorism... a New Draft?

Anyone else find it funny that $200 mil. is how much the GOP will spend

Who should we be protesting more?

Robert Reich - Insensitive Outsource (good article about outsourcing)

"I can't afford to be a Republican..."

W's Guard duty important (?), poll: GOP newspaper, help!!!

What would you like to see at the convention?

What does the law say about Transsexual Marriages?

Did Mike Molloy get zapped?

Who's On Maher Tonight

Colin Powell on National Guard folks in Vietnam

I have a probably dumb question: we buy stuff made in China/Asia/etc.

Should Democratic Underground launch ad campaign against Nader and Bush

Bring it on Nader

Bill Maher thread

Okay, this will test your limits

Buy Girl Scout Cookies!

If we all got these "wonderful" tax cuts - How come...

Guy James/JanMichael/ Liberal Talk Radio and DU

Warren Comm. Report, 10 months after assassination. 9/11 Commission...

I know its darkest before the dawn , but....

Conventional Economic Wisdom?

Should this type of book be banned:

I think Jeannette Walls (MSNBC) just declared war on Drudge--gay rumors

Hunting of the President--film's new website up.......

Freeping Idiots!

Is female sexual dysfunction myth or fact?

So Glad to see ABC's story on Yellowstone bison slaughter!

Is it time to start taxing churches?

FOX (yes, FOX) has Shrubby at 48 approval

Will we blame * for everything that goes wrong long after we defeat him?

Hip Hop and the Youth Vote...Neptunes Pharrell Makes Crazy Remarks...

1/4 of the way...

Who is the most democratic big democracy?The EU,The USA, India or other?

Yikes! Caption this photo

How confident are you in the American Electoral System?

Is it morally reprehensible to lie about your vote when asked?

Nader running? Great News. Here's why...

Which Canadian Political Party would you vote for?

CIA changes Baghdad station chief-US official

Look at Iraq U.S. Military Deaths - 544 U.S. service members have died

Haiti's police flee rebels in droves

Old fashion

U.S. info-sharing program draws fire

UK Sikhs join 'headscarf' protest

BBC (early Saturday): High Iran poll turnout claimed

Bush Puts Conservative on Court, Bypasses Congress

Supreme Court to rule on 'combatant' rights

Schwarzenegger breaks fundraising record at up to $500,000 for dinner seat

More aliens try to enter for amnesty

Powell says Iraq war justified; Dvorin's mother says no

N.M. attorney general nullifies same-sex marriage licenses

Video of Dog Being Shot Causes Norway Stir

Pesticide Testing on Humans Is Ethical, Science Panel Says

Kerry's Denials at Odds With 1971 Book He Authored

U.S. police chase that crossed Cdn border, killed woman 'inexcusable'

Lewinsky Outraged over Kerry 'Affair' Furore

Washington's Arabic TV Effort Gets Mixed Reviews

Schwarzenegger orders attorney general to halt gay marriages

National Guard recruiting methods raise eyebrows

Abominable pain. Yeti or Bigfoot?


new Hannity advertisers Ebay, Leader Mortgage

Hey, tobacco execs: Tell me again about how smoking's not addictive?

I woke up this morning and my face was swollen like a pumpkin

Are you a Libertarian? Take the test.

Betty Bowers covering the Perry stuff:

Anybody seen "The Secret Lives of Dentists?"


Just bought my $220 million lotto ticket

My "Nation" magazine delivered ugly damaged again- GRRRR



When will xen stop drinking?

I wish to thank all of the GLBT DUers who responded..

Denver DUers: Art Garfunkel in concert!

I have proof that the Gun Dungeon is fun

whorenews one-liner Friday FUN! | If you... then....

whatever happened to

LODLSM=Logged On Dressed Like Sailor Moon

For my 1,000th post

i'm downloading Steve Earle's Jerusalem on iTunes while i surf the web

Dave Navarro and Carmen Elektra??!!!

WOW.....I finally lost it....

Post your idea for another nonsensical name of the next Bond movie

A funny thing happened at the book store

Have you heard of any polls showing * above 50%?

Pistons/Timberwolves (Rasheed's 1st game) thread - 8 pm EST, ESPN

When using online services...

Goodbye, 700 Club!

OMG! (possible Stargate spoiler)

What the heck is this?

Malloy is on fire tonight!

Avatar etiquette question

Life without a postcount blows.

JanMichael's Last Day

latest Grandma update (quite brief)

Can somebody please post a link for uploading images?

Help, my brains are leaking out of my skull!

This thread is 100% Nader-free

Is this for real?

My Bologna has a first name.... it's O-s-c-a-r

Hey cat lovers

I know Ive asked this....Wwho wantd to see Kef on the road?

DVD+R users, great news!

Pictures of my pets!!!!!!!!

"Show me the face you wore before you were born."

Am I the only one here who likes Joan of Arcadia...

An article of "Passion"

Imagine if EVERY gay person were to come out tomorrow

SEX! Now that I've got your attention, come to DU Chat!

The first rat lover to reply may use the new "rat-vatar" I created..

Funny flash video of LOTR and Bush

Papoon Papoon for President.

It Looks Like I Don't Have To Be Afraid Of Coming Out to My Dad...


BEST VOCAL GROUP of the 1970s?

Who is Keyser Soze?

My mom rescued a cat

Chicago DUers: I got a job. Um, yay.

96 More To Go Until 40,000 DU-Ers!!!!!!

So my wife turned on the latest Woody Allen movie "Anything Else"

Jesus nails--Hot new fashion statement

My mom (flama) just said she'd quit smoking!

FUCK William Jennings Bryan!

Southpark movie is amazing

Fave Southpark episode

What exactly is Velveeta?

How Do You Feel When You See This...

The best DU username???

Favorite Mel Gibson Movie - [ because I like to stir the pot ]

Can you get Internet service without a phone or cable line?

Post a pic of you and your significant other...

Sexiest Accent Poll

A powerful and moving tribute to marriage

Post 5,000

We have to be able to do something!! (GLBT issues alert)

Should I kidnap Xen?

Who's the best team in the NBA right now???

Friday Night Movie Thread


Only Nixon can go to China, only a Republican can tell the truth...

Binary Ralph Nader Poll

Transmission of Aggression through Imitation of Aggressive Models

Why Did Ralph Nader Accuse Pro Choice And Pro Gay Rights Activists

Tell Ralph Nader Not To Run (DC Rally)

Again, why the freepers WON'T talk about Kerry's Bronze Star!

Draft Buchanan!

Help me understand Kerry and his position on same sex marriage

Al Franken declines to label himself as a 'critic of the war' on Hardball

heck with "fucking" Nader supporters - let's kill their independent asses!

FUCK William Jennings Bryan!

Ralph Nader: The ultimate stealth Freeper

How liberal are the Edwardses?

Eventually ALL the Fires will go out right?

DU New Yorkers - protest Nader

REpukes go after Kerry

No green Party, and the Nation doesn't want him

How does Nader get on the ballot?

Does Nader '04=Perot '96?

What will Nader announce on Sunday?

Potential Nader voters - list of states that ARE NOT safe

New California Polls...Kerry beats Bush in that state

Anecdotal Stories of Hope...

What happened to Ralph Nader?

RNC research on Edwards

How do I find out about Kerry's voting record?

It happened again. Kerry reunited this week with another former seaman.

Pennsylvania Quinnipiac Polls Kerry beats Bush


Re debates, should we be lauding JRE for giving Ku and Sh more attention?

Edward's proposal for neighborhood groups

Maybe we could bribe Nader not to run?

How do we know Nader voters will vote for the dem nominee?

Nader -- the perpetual candidate (a la Larouche)?

Real Time w/ Bill Maher on now, West and East Coast

We have the DLC , I think Dean's grassroot will be the opposite

Edwards Statement on Recess Appointment of Bill Pryor

Question for Kerry Supporters

Edwards's innate appeal to moderates frees him up to say more

Al franken has good things to say about Kerry

Please explain NAFTA to me, and why it is so horrible.

A vote for Nader means you love seeing this

ABB as Greek Mythology

Won't vote for the Dem in 2004? Read this, or ignore it. :-)

It's just a terrible, terrible thing....

Support the Constitution Party!

I thought DU was people for the centrist to all the way to the left.

Top 10 reasons Edwards is the most Electable

Fuck Ralph Nader!

We need to win these states - West Virginia, New Hampshire, Nevada

More observations regarding the Democratic voting public, and other things

vote for whoever you wish

Should saying "I'm voting for Nader" get you tombstoned at DU?

What Will Karl Rove Do If Nader Annouces Another Run In 04?

Dennis Kucinich may be right about war being THE issue convention time

Fear and loathing of Nader. Whoooo, DU has the willies.

No way Ralphalfa

Donate to Dennis, for Our Kid's Sake

Kerry Win Would Reshape Trade Policy -Labor

A way to make sure Nader Doesnt Run...

Why does everyone fear Ralphie?

Our nominee is probably getting stuck in a pincer attack

Hewitt invitation to Edwards

Has Kerry ever voted against a trade bill?

Kerry scores high in accounting masterclass

REpukes go after Kerry

How $200 millions dollars will destroy Kerry

Illinois Voters Favor Kerry Over Bush, Says Chicago Tribune Poll

I think someone owns

Kerry For/Edwards Against The Jeffords Amendment (20% Renewable in 2020)


Why we should vote for a Ham Sandwich for President

After that Pryor appointment-I DARE YOU TO TELL ME WHY I SHOULDN'T BE ABB

Time to pay the Piper. How 'bout a few dollars for Edwards tonight?

Kucinich beat Sinagra in the middle of the "Gingrich Revolution"

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Dennis Kucinich

The Principle of Anti-ABB: a Primer for the well-intentioned Democrat.

Want some logical, reasoned arguments for why Nader is bad? Here.

John Kerry and Israel?

NY Times: Civil Liberties Books

NY Times: The Wrong Man to Promote Democracy (Another dictator we support)

Entry from a White House Diary

The British-US axis no longer makes any sense

Want to grapple with the unconverted?

"The future of nuclear weapons, I'm afraid, is quite bright,"

The vetting of John Kerry

NYT: Elections With No Meaning

Newsweek:'Vegetating in Solitude'

More Provocation (W.Post editorial regarding Pryor appointment)

Drudge: Helen Hunt is Kerry's love child

Boob Tube Rubes

The Enforcer - Ashcroft's inconsistencies

A Costly Mistake (Mother who lost son attacks AWOL Bush)

Conason: Vile Ann Coulter Smears a War Hero

Coming soon: the dirtiest show on earth

Chalabi : Heroes In Error

Churches see 'Passion' as a testament

Mark Green: W's Reality Gap

Who really betrayed troops?

The New Yorker - A Democratic World - George Packer

WSWS: The vetting of John Kerry

Economicst: The great hollowing-out myth

Henry Hyde: Delivering us from evil (commentary in Chicago Tribune)

Can we get rid of imperialism?

URGENT: Oppose Bill That Targets Injured Women

I need help getting through to NPR

Criminal Dissent - Thanks, Mr. Ashcroft!

Is Democracy Dead? What will YOU do to save it?

Fox poll

Chris Matthews praised Dean and his supporters.

radio network with Al Franken debuts March 31, 2004

The Vampire chronicles

DU is elitist!

A Question of legal "taking" my right to marry

Thank you DU for the article about workers in China..

Indonesian Dengue Death Toll Rises To 161 - Reuters

Great Barrier Reef Faces Major Coral Destruction

Scientists claim White House skews data

Great Barrier Reef Faces Destruction by 2100

Philippine court studies Poe's eligibility

Iraq Elections May Be Over 15 Months Away

Suspect Pleads Guilty in Reporter Death (Nicaragua)

Ex-Mexican President Portillo Dies at 83

Kurds Reject Key Parts of Proposed Iraq Constitution

American Journalist Expelled From Egypt

9th Pakistani school destroyed; fundies believed to be responsible

Human Rights Watch: Tribunals Set Key Precedent

Question for gun lovers and anti-gunners both

School principal uses pot to expell student (WTF?)

Is a locked thread counted as a mod warning against the author?

I Just Want To Apologize To Everyone

This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen on DU

Thanks for locking my ATA thread.

I didn't realize this was the Democrat Underground

OK...Help me with this one...



Unable to load board icons inside posts

I think I already know the answer to my question,

What about a religion message board?

This Is the Longest Mod Term I Can Remember

Skinner, I'd just like to say

Gaza settlers say they won't leave

Israeli suspected of selling nukes to India and Pakistan

Student Rally For Detained Colleague

Hundred protest after French comedian's show cancelled over nazi-jew skit

Thousands protest West Bank barrier

After Now with Bill Moyers I did some surfing, found this -

BBC (Saturday): Israel 'to raze part of barrier'

Israel to Dismantle Part of West Bank Barrier

Bush does it again: installs Bill Pryor to 11th Circuit while Congress in

Dean supporters (past and present) -

Dean Team: Thanks and please stick around

Help: CA Bond Issue polls

Republican congressman Jim McCrery is considering retiring

Let's counter Ralph Nader with Roy Moore

Col. Bill Burkett on radioleft streaming now

College Republicans U.: Rally has odd sense of humor (eeeew!!)

Nader, least of three evils

Excellent Tutorial on Framing (a must-bookmark for all)

Schwarzenegger orders attorney general to halt gay marriages

Ah, Wesley. We hardly knew ye. (Gay Rights)

Why ignore 'Dub Clark?'

Dean joins Nader

Nader's Presidential Run Press Release

Karel on KGO radio right now...

Uncovered - the truth about Iraq on Charlie Rose - West Coast

Call for Withdrawl of Nov (CA) Initiative to Gut Unfair Business Law

Nader Media Advisory

GOP Convention - The pen (and camera) is mightier than the sword!

Bush is even alienating his conservative right base

Something I've noticed..

Doonesbury: His Teeth Were There: Was He? $10,000 if you prove it

What is wrong with this man's face?

Is this a real Bush quote?

Bush on Peace: "See, free nations are peaceful nations"

Now that the Republicans have come out for shipping jobs overseas

Joe Wilson and Otherguy are on Charlie Rose

It's a grand day for DumpGump!

A few things you should know about Vietnam Vets against John Kerry

Gloves are off!!! Ahhhh, Never mind! Nader's insignifacant!!!!

Are you aware of the VHS/DVD "The Whole Truth About the Iraq War"

LOOK: Nader didn't steal the 2000 election folks...

Bush's budget show that to reduce deficits, it assumes cuts in 2006...

Isn't it interesting how the AWOL story went away?

Manufacturing hambugers ,show true colors !

$500,000 for a dinner seat?

Go ahead and starve!!

Want to tell Nader what you REALLY think about his potential...

More Perry Rumor News

Pickle Pike - Sergeant at Arms report coming soon

Today's * Radio Address | Count the Lies!

A look back: George Bu$h 2000

Why I am Running for Congress:

Anti-Bush Vote and the Congress

Al'Qaeda....then and now

Greg Palast streaming live on "This is Hell" now -- link

Dear Canadians and Americans, An Underground Railway is Needed...!!

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this any more!"

bloody hands bushgang is afraid of foreign artists

Josh Marshall not worried about Nader's impact

So many blogs, so little time...

Midwesterners Sending Flowers to SF Newlyweds

What will eventually happen to Ann Coulter?

Does anybody know anything about the Bravo 244 group?

This proves it, Schwazenegger is as fascist as Hitler

OMG. Just saw part of an INFOMERCIAL for "tort reform."

VA Senate: 3.7 billion tax increase / Philip Morris $120 million tax break

Right wingers circulating altered photo of Kerry and Jane Fonda

A little George Carlin humor for this Saturday

plainclothes police chase, shoot/kill wrong man.

Scripture of the Day

Bush's "Bright, shining lies"

The Nation on Coulter on Cleland

Weapons of mass destruction

Here is a list of Companies that have moved "Off-Shore" or out-sourced

GLBT marriages: Real issue or partisan gambit by *

Roe vs Wade to be reconsidered by federal appeals court.

Poor Gov. Goodhair: Perry aide falls under scrutiny

Why is the White House underfunding armored Humvees?

The terrifying gay agenda by Mark Fiore

if bush has to explain and defend a decision to go to war....


Here's my take on Nader

Maybe McAuliffe and Nader made a deal

Are they having water balloon fights over in Baghdad using Condoms?

What's it really like in Iraq? from somebody who was there......

Test scores vs learning; who wins in that battle?

We’re paying foreigners to die in Iraq, so we don’t have to.

Saxby Chambliss attacks John Kerry's Military record

Clark supporters: complain to Newsweek for their horrible journalism

Be very afraid: The latest Bush danger

What concerns Americans more - the Economy or Gay marriages?

What did Spot know?

Save the Mike Malloy show!

why civil war is breaking out in a nutshell.....

Bill Maher blames outsourcing on Democrats

who said this? WH rationale for invading Iraq was "totally dishonest"

"Majority opposes gay marriage"

Good Capitalists should organize a MeetUp.Com Shopping Spree!

Are we seeing Anarchist Capitalism in the works?

McDonald's jobs = Manufacturing jobs? So that's how they

Smirk's ad campaign to start out positive

BBV: email your Senators for paper ballots with an esay form.

Good JFK assasination website??

Republicans skirting the law.

this may be a dupe but did anyone hear how Bush intends to create

Xian extremists putting our troops at risk

Official "Guy James Show" thread! 3-6pm EST.

Don't compare Bush to Hitler, compare Bush to the Hitler of 1935

Connor (Rick PERRY) Has Emergency Appendectomy

Conservatives lead in sham Iranian election

Rush says his medical records are off limits but what about

When it comes to raising money, Democrats rule the Internet !

What if Nader doesn't run, slams Bush, on MTP?

So when did Socialism get such a bad wrap?

Small town story hell (GOP land)

Did they Lie about Laura being "A Lump in the Bed"?

Bin Laden on ice...

Osama look-alikes fill lawless region of Pakistan

Gas Prices $$$$$

Misstep on jobs figure could haunt Bush

defense and intel it worth it...?

Write Nader Now

The USA isnt capitalist

Soldier for the Truth (OSP expose' LA weekly news) must read!

If they lied about a war, what else have they lied about?

Iran Pressure: It's About the OIL!!!

Nader Poll: If he runs, Good for Dems? Bad? No big thing?

Crystal Tiger Award - Princeton - Colin Powell

Good info on Ayn Rand wanted

Oh, wow: Serendipity strikes.

Should We Be Pushing The "Bin Laden 'surrounded'" Story ???

Bush critic's speech canceled (Kevin Phillips, in Atlanta)

(R) KY congresswoman loses seat because of BUSH!

New - Bush's 100 Lies in 30 Seconds Flash - Got Credibility?

Updated Repost: The infiltration of the Labour Party by crypto-rightists.

Update: they sent our kid to Baghdad

Do you (still) believe the 2000 election was 'stolen'?

Farewell to JanMichael on The Guy James Show

Here it is -- the truth as to why we invaded Iraq -- amazing interview

Bush tells top scientists they're "conspiracy theorists"

Small change to the GD rules, regarding Democratic candidates.

Let me tell you something, you traitors to democracy...

Is there anything more worthless than liberal compassion?

Home of the Whopper! New manufacturing jobs exploding in Florida!

Has your position on abortion changed over your lifetime?

Interesting article on Bush and Dominionist Church/State

Protest 3-20, Ft. Bragg, 9-11 Families join Military Families, Veterans

Big Bonuses for AT&T Wireless Execs, Worthless Options for Workers

Report: Atlanta understated crime for years

Kostunica to form Serb government | BBC

Putin's main rival accuses Kremlin of playing dirty tricks

Mugabe floats retirement date | BBC

Canadian PM Martin vows to uphold Health Act | Globe and Mail

US takes on new powers to try 'drug guerrillas'

High Court to Mull 'Enemy Combatant' Rule

Lucrative Deals for a Daughter... (hiring Cong. kin as lobbyists)

Red Cross Visits Saddam in U.S. Custody

Iranian Conservatives Win Big on Small Turnout

Texas: 2002 campaign meetings raise question of illegal coordination

Vietnam Is a Double-Edged Issue-Dems Laud Kerry Service; R's Hit Activism

Iraq Elections May Be Over 15 Months Away

Four U.S. Troops Wounded, Iraqi Killed in Ambush

China gives HK activists a warning

Schwarzenegger Seeks Stop to Gay Weddings

Convention Plan Puts Protesters Blocks Away

Attent. Deaniacs esp--others too

Edwards Targets Areas Hit by Job Losses

State GOP Haunted by Ghost of Prop. 187

Cerebral palsy-stricken painter opens solo exhibit

Britons 'had key role in Libyan nuclear arms'

Red Cross Visits Saddam in U.S. Custody

Arizona Gov. Blasts Bush on Forest Policy

Teacher, student naked in car S.F. police arrest 30-year-old woman

Haiti opposition rejects peace plan

Sick workers seek justice (nuclear bomb makers) | RMN

Gay nuptials? Not in SLC | Salt Lake Tribune

CU Player says he's victim of profiling | Denver Post

N Korea accuses U.S. of telling 'whopping lie' (claims has no U weapons)

Anti Soviet Holy Warrior now Taliban inspiration in Afghanistan

Great Barrier Reef Faces Major Coral Destruction

Diplomats Press Haiti Peace Plan

Ghost Wars : The CIA and Osama bin Laden, 1997-1999 (Sunday WP)

Edwards leading Kerry in Ohio money race

Condom ad airs on Nickelodeon | Dallas Morning News

Rival raps Rehberg (R-MT) over meat ban | Billings Gazette

Blair facing backlash over Britain's 'Guantanamo Bay'

Valley has keyless encounters of the weird kind

Web site aims at Cheney's gay daughter | Billings Gazette

No Chads, at Least, but Confusion Is Likely as New York Goes to Polls

Aussie troops ill from anthrax shots

Inflation Fears Sink Stocks

NYT, page 1: Outcry on Right Over Bush Plan on Immigration

US negates reports on Osama's capture

Aristide agrees to peace plan

Liberal Talk Radio Network Sets Launch Date

Poll: Most Say Jobs a Top Campaign Issue

City Monitors Employees With GPS

Rep. Lane Evans(IL) running again (despite Parkinson's diagnosis)

Coming soon: the dirtiest show on earth

6 more named in funding inquiry (Texas GOP)

Aristide agrees to PM appointment | CBC

PM Paul Martin says scandal could delay election call | National Post

Haiti's Aristide is urged to add rebels to Cabinet | Washington Times

Deal struck to heal Church rift (Catholic and Russian Orthodox) | BBC

Thousands join Albania protests | BBC

NYT: CIA Admits It Didn't Give Weapon Data to the U.N.

Both Sides Claim Iran Elex Wins | CBS

Convention plan puts protesters blocks away

US opens another military base in NE Afghanistan

Bin Laden 'surrounded'

Abita meth maker gets life | New Orleans Times-Picayune

Bremer Says Iraq Elections Not Possible for a Year

Gaffes by Bush economic team worry conservatives

Iraqi Muslims warn against missionaries

NYT: Bypassing Senate for 2nd Time, Bush Seats Judge

WP: As Dean & Media Pull Out, (Vermont) Mourns a Dream

In Politics, the Web Is a Parallel World With Its Own Rules [nytimes]

Drivers may have to pay to enter downtown Vancouver | Vancouver Sun

$850,000 bet issued in defamation suit involving Neil Bush

Whites only scholarship recipient donates money to charity | Boston Herald

Woman doctor linked to 1500 patient deaths

NYT: Democrats United in Asking That Nader Not Enter Race

Democrats to Attack Bush, GOP Credibility (Bush deficits & Bush was AWOL)

The flowering of love--Strangers from Midwest send bouquets to couples in

Limbaugh: Prosecutors Seek Doctor Record []

Blunt and Influential, Kerry's Wife is an X Factor

Tents in Kuwait Serve As U.S. Mortuary

Concern mounts over parrot trade | BBC

Finneran says he will support compromise on civil unions | Boston Globe

Soldiering On To Rebuild Iraq (Washington Post)

Spot Has Died!!

Microsoft launches damage control ;code leaks from Israeli source

Pump Prices Sting -- and Could Get Worse

Soldier for the Truth: Exposing Bush's Talking-Points War

Iran too slow in proving it has no nuclear bomb program: Powell

Hey all. I'm back.

Say Terrance, what did the Spanish preist say to the Iranian Gynecologist?

Test post. Feel free to disregard.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Podesta, Joe Wilson on Charlie Rose....discussing Iraq intelligence

City of God was a great movie

Poor Horsie

Check out this crazy email scam I just got...

Any Starsky and Hutch fans on DU?

Derek Drunko and Hal Hallucino came to my house

Make your very own Indian movie

Post number 3000 for Jim4Wes

AlienGirl bought me an international tree for my birthday!

Howwwwwwwwdy Hooooooooooooo!

Put your hands up. I have a gub.

Just bought Genesis Live at Wembley Stadium DVD

I need some advice. I think my girlfriend may be a lesbian...

Southern accent

Oh what a wicked web they weaved

Justly Married

Some Avatars I came up with...

Age map-photos

Spell along with "Old Sparky"..

I'm out of the 700 club!!

Good Night, DU!

All Ya'll are NUTS!!!!

*YAWN* Happy Weekend Everybody

Strict and unbending rules for stray cats

Everyone said Tina still looked tired after her brow lift

"She Bang! She Bang!"

2000 POSTS!!!

Guess who I'm supporting in the primaries!

I am juiced about my new addiction

Have You Noticed A Reduction Of Telemarketers Calling Your Home?

For those who like electronic music

Oh hell, GOP using internet pop-ups

Watching "Ironjawed Women"...sorta

I found "Bikini Airlines" on Cinemax totally unrealistic

"Welcome to Mcdonald's...

Where else can I find Netscape 4.0x and 4.7 to download?

I want to visit the Forbidden Isle

How about pics of your "work/play" station...

new Hannity advertiser EBAY

What sort of new thread should I start?

Do you ever think of a great topic to post and then forget?

Edith's pleasure

What voices can you do?

Ucomics accepting advertising money from the RNC

Top Ten Signs Bush Is Considering Dumping Cheney

When you hear the phrase "obey the rule of law", how do you react?

Twelve best Love Songs in my opinion:

Damn! That Sexy Accent poll's got me thinking about Ireland again!

Would somebody do me a quick favor?

How can I convince my employer to buy Dreamweaver MX?

How long do seeds stay good?

FIRE! (mini environmentalist's rant)

Mel Gibson's "Passion" But Wait! There's More!!!

Scripture of the Day

For my 5000th post, just want to tell you all how great you are

It feels like summer

Goth baby clothes question

Iron Jawed Angels - My Heroes!

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Read this... spread it around. This is THE BEST article about

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New York Driver Nabbed While Watching Porn Movie

For my 50th Birthday, post your favorite poem....

I think I've made a VERY BAD mistake.

haha nevermind

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Chris P. Carrot runs for President (taps war hero Col. Corn for VP)

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HELP!! files in temp folder won't delete!!! think i might have a trojan?

Question for pet owners who earn under 70K a year:

I am making sauerkraut for the first time. Supposed to skim the

A little George Carlin humor for this Saturday

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Well, I officially live in a rat-infested sh*thole

"Streetfighing Man": lyrics, political stance of song?

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non-Democrats check in

Picture Thread - Favorite Obsession/Possesion

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can anybody spare some good vibes? job interview

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My Daughter has an UNKNOWN Virus

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A thread to gloat and brag about yourself...

DU christians educate this heathen on the death of Jesus

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are there any honest-to-God valid treatments, medical or not, for snoring?


Hey DU! How about a warm welcome for Ms Magistrate!

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My local Borders now sells Gay magazines behind the counter

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Anyone else find it funny that $200 mil. is how much the GOP will spend

College Republicans U.: Rally has odd sense of humor (eeeew!!)

Kerry & the 'Special Interest' Hit Piece

Who is your second choice?

Bush Joke...

Have Questions About Kerry And NAFTA?

Best name for purported progressives who aren't ABB

Did the neocons find there sucker in Bush?

More trouble for Bush - from angry, rebellious conservatives


A candidate we can all support

We are different from the conservatives.

2000 Nader Voters Unrepentant?

Mis-posted - deleted (sorry)

anti-outsourcing is the key to 2004

ABB v nABB demonstrates the need for election reform

Repentant Nader Voter's Ten Reasons Why Bush Is So Bad

Dick Little's Canadian Beef--(satire from FRANK)

Poll Has Kerry Leading Big in NY

Kerry rumor tests media's standards

If the Bush political destruction machine successfully takes Kerry down

A Risk-Free Nader in 2004

Online anti-Nader petition here...

Specter Files Complaint Against Ad (compares Specter to JK)

With Nader back in it feels like we're back in a Flaming Hell

Why not win with a Dem in 2004, and THEN go tilting at windmills?

I will NOT simply be a blind follower.

Good Times article regarding CLARK'S campaign

A suggestion for Kerry and Edwards supporters

A Cartoon that Dean Supporters will appreciate:

Bush's budget show that to reduce deficits, it assumes cuts in 2006...

Was Drudge's "Kerry in the gun sights" a threat?

How did the "Draft Clark" movement start?

Tom Fina: Letter from Washington

WP: As Dean & the Media Pull Out, (Vermont) Mourns a Dream

TalkingPointsMemo on Ralph Nader: SMACKDOWN!

What was your original dream ticket

Kerry/Edwards, 2004 to 2012 ---- Edwards/? 2012 to 2020

Kerry and Edwards on trade with China:

I wish Clark were still the race

Thank you, Mr. President

Matt Drudge loses advertiser in wake of Kerry blunder!

To anti-ABBers

The Matrix of ABB and ABN

Carole King backs Kerry for his views

THE swing group that could decide a close election and alter Congress

Fellow Clark Supporters--I'm out till the primaries are decided

Why competing for the "swing voter" will LOSE the election for the Dems.

A fond adieu to GD04

I will NOT simply be ABH!

Calling Kucinich supporters-

What Will Kerry's Campaign Theme Be?

Problem Looming: Conventions

Will you vote for the Democratic Nominee in November?

Either/Or Nonsense. I'm fed up with False Choices. Ideals are pragmatic.

Ralph Nader's campaign slogan

Nader's running. His long response to The Nation and their reply.

How many GD:2004 appeals did you win?

"We Have The Power" the media stabs the point home!

A obsessed Rethug on Kerry...

Edwards vows a fight for New York

Blame Nader First....or how the Democrats got a scapegoat.

Why a Nader run will help Kerry.

Apologies to all concerned

Let's dissect Edwards and Kerry issue by issue.

Isn't this Nader thing simply a matter of numbers and priorities?

Another jobless, shaky recovery in November...

Edwards supporters, there's an immediate need for activism...

The War Debate

A question about primaries.

Supporting Nader is Supporting the End of the Progressive Movement:

My fantasy scenario: A debate with *, Kerry or Edwards, Nader, and Moore

Nelson stifles whispers about vice presidential nod

Non-ABB/Nader voters: Why not wait until 2008?

Bush tops Edwards almost 2 to 1 on the jobs issue

Percentage who don't want Bush "reelected" sets new high in Newsweek poll

If Nader runs what will be his motivation?

ha ha, is this true

CNN: Now discussing the internet & the election season - internet BAD?

The Primaries should all be held on the same day.

An appeal for reason....

Do you want the Democratic nominee to win the election?

Question: Is Nader running or not?

Can Edwards win Georgia, New York, or Ohio?

Election 2000 All Over. New Polls, Kerry 48 Bush 45. Looses w/ Nader

The long and flame-free argument against voting third party in 2004

Bush campaign prepares ads targeting KUCINICH

Edwards agrees to New York debate!~ 2/29/04

Nader Nader Nader

Uh oh. Kerry not strong enough on issue most important to majority - jobs.

Dean MeetUps to Continue -- Special March MeetUp

I am Glad Green Party people , and very progressive people

Could the answer to Nader running be laughter and ridicule?

Dean will not go away nor will his supporters

Spot has died

CPR for the Democratic Party

Urging people on DemocraticUnderground to vote Democratic is

Binary Poll: Is Nader the Nadir?

If Nader is running independent who the hell is running Green?

Anyone know how to get in touch with Terry McAuliffe?

Think Nader won't be a threat this time around? Think again!

Would you participate in a Nader Trader system?

POLL - Will you donate till it hurts? (or, whats it worth)

Voting Rights Act, 3rd Party Progressives, and Screaming Bloody Murder

Confessions of a depressed Dean supporter

So, how is bashing Nader working for everyone?

Is anyone planning on donating money to Nader?

Dumbest Candidate Catch-Phrase

A few things you should know about Vietnam Vets against John Kerry

Best way for the Democratic nominee to reclaim lost Nader votes

A MA journalist weighs in on Kerry damningly

Blunt and Influential, Kerry's Wife Is an X Factor

Called my Skull & Bones Rep. They will put a hex on Nader and 3rd Party

Choose: Kerry, Hitler, or Nader

Saxby Chambliss attacks John Kerry's Military Record

Will Nader siphon off enough votes to allow Shrub to win again?

Kerry has too much trust in Bush, too naive to be president.

Do Kerry and Edwards have the same policy on trade?

Dropped out candidates?

If the race was between Bush and Nader only, who would you vote for?

Did you get the memo? Howard Dean is ABB

Bush thanks you for your third party vote.

If you vote for Kucinich in the primary, you're not ABB.

ABB has absolutely nothing to do with the primaries.

Clark supporters: Complain to Newsweek for horrible journalism!

Dean Supporters: What Will you do?

Why are Dean supporters so Upset?

about all the nader bashing

If Nader runs and the Dems WIN

ABKers: Would you vote for the Dem ticket if Edwards were on it?

A respectful question for Dean supporters.

Do Nader and Green haters hate Dennis too?

NADER? As if we didn't have enough trouble already.

Draft Roy Moore!

Nader's legacy: A generation of cynicism

Does Nader = Stalin /Binary Poll

Edwards Has Too Much Trust In The Neo-Cons & PNAC, Too Niave To Be POTUS

Oh Oh, Edwards Has No Experience In Creating Jobs. Unlike Kerry!

Nader's Outsider Platform

"It's Time to Get Over It": Kerry Tells Anti-War Movement to Move On

Nader, the Lying Liar, NeedsTo RUN. He Must Be Run Out Of Town

These Republicans appear to be very happy that Nader may run

France and a Fractured Left's Future - Warning for Progressives Everywhere

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Nader, least of three evils

Just a little on why Dean supporters are a wee tad cross.

Clark Dropping Out has Set Me Free

I'm proudly voting 3rd... because I want women to use these...

Come November, it's all about the U.S. Supreme Court. ABSOLUTELY EPIC!

It's time to admit we Dean Supporters were backing Bush all along

Assuming Kerry is the nominee, who should be his VP?

The special rules for the GD: 2004 Primary forum have been removed.