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Archives: February 28, 2004

Keepin' AWOL alive , courtesy of the Wash Post

What is right about John Kerry (David Corn)

Why are the Democrats so incensed at Ralph Nader?

Ohio Democrats might vote for John Kerry, BUT...

Stop the Amendment Rally and group Marry-in

'Le Plus Ça Change' – NY Times Hit for WMD Gullibility

Mel Gibson on Leno

Great astronimical site!

Song and dance over topless tradition

Mass layoffs set record in January

Animals killed in zoo - Brazil

Severe Cuts Proposed for EPA STAR Research Grants and Fellowships

African elites 'desecrate their fatherland'

Kenya's former president accused of bribery

Huamn Rights Watch: Haiti Rebel Leaders’ History of Abuses Raises Fears

Hilary Andersson (BBC): Zimbabwe's torture training camps

Human Rights Watch: Egyptian Government Must Address Torture Epidemic

Haiti...we are about to make the same mistake again!!!

Oh Dear, my post just got "Kiss of Death." Miss Manners relegated to

Some jerk is insulting everyone in the lounge.

Israeli tourist was stabbed to death

The Race Theory (Haaretz)

Israeli Army Blocks Entrance to Arafat HQ

Israeli establishment `lacks will to peace'

Saudis: No Jews Welcome

Flight 77 passenger list strange.....

How is Nader polling vs. Kerry and Bush?

Nader supporters are completely missing the point

A song that those accused of being "too idealistic" will enjoy

Stopping the warS: It's (mostly) up to the media.

A proposal for a preemptive Amendment, by Sam Smith

Under the corporatocracy, plaintiffs' lawyers might be classed terrorists?

Dems and spine

"The savings come chiefly from Bush's omitting the costs of...Iraq."

Looking for a name of a new book.

Bush the anti-states rights states rightster

Bush shoving religion down the throats of the masses

Heads Up from the East Coast: Compare Jennings to Rather tonight re: 9/11

Names of the 2 newest Iraq Deaths

Scalia needs to go! Kansas case/Cheney/more?

Bigger Long-Run Deficit in Bush Plan

Elecetion Day. Nov. 2, 2004...what if?

Immigrating to Europe


If you like Noam Chomsky you'll love Michael Parenti

Father Guido coming up on Olbermann, MSNBC, reviews 'Passion', what else?

RIP ieAmerica

The missing people-shredder

whoa! Great cartoon!

A Progressive's Guide to Populist Economics

Atlanta DU'ers: Radio winger "The Kimmer" under fire from conservatives

Does Laura Bush smoke in the WH?

Fighting for America's Veterans

Blatantly Fascist GWB Quote Du Jour!

Mel Gibson movie may encourage Us-Against-Them mindset.

Breaking News about Gay Marriage in SF

New Testament is against divorce.

Drip Drip Drip sounds like 500,000 more Dem Votes from Log Cabin Repugs

I have what I think would be a GREAT idea!!!!

Carter 1980 T-Shirt

Man's best friends: "We don't care very much for B*"

Hey Mike Malloy Fans!

Our government is a bunch of lying dogs........Why?

Scott's Review: The Passion of the Christ (long)

Want to stop a freeper in his tracks??

Okay, about The Passion, let me get this straight. We have this

Another good one from google

Does anyone get the feeling that the right wing is imploding?

If * W wins in November....

Okay, I'm Catholic and I believe that gays should be allowed to marry

Media, Gays, Democrats, exactly who IS Willie Hortoning this issue?

If a Massachussetts city gave out gay marriage licenses...

Cool site for children asking...

Freeps are shaking in their boots – gays are coming for the children

Bring Back Mike Malloy

WMD Talk is Gone!

Peggy Noonan is Insane!

gay adoption rights: society is ahead of the political curve.


WTF#%$%#$% L-1 Visa holder do not have to pay Income Tax

How about my slanted kinda Christian Look at Gay Marriage

President May Give His Acceptance Speech At Ground Zero???

We have a winner (warning: pretty darned disturbing)

What's the latest on Guy James?

Help me see the light!

Tammy Bruce to be on the new Liberal radio network?

I'm a non religious person that needs help with the bible

There goes SCOTUS!

I just saw the video of Rosie getting married,

A Scandal for the Ages: Bush Stonewall of 9/11 Investigation

Soldier for the Truth - Exposing Bush's talking-points war

anyone familiar with Marx PLEASE HELP

It's Not a "Culture War"

List of Bush Lies

Park Service book says "Noah's flood" created the Grand Canyon

Olberman interviewing Father Sarducci about "The Passion"

Bush the anti-states rights states rightster

Bush Budget Said to Cause $2.75 Trillion Deficits

Pentagon to Offer Direct News Service - Iraq

U.S. to Review $327 Mln Deal for Iraqi Army Gear

Putin Says War in Iraq Encouraged Terror

Air France suspends Haiti flights

Mayor of New Paltz marries gay couples

US Coast guard returns 36 Cubans

Mayor of largest West Bank city resigns to protest lawlessness in his city

Senator Bob Graham volunteers to go to Haiti

Aristide loyalists retake city

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 547 U.S. service members have died

Bush accused of supporting Haitian rebels

There goes SCOTUS!

Lawyer in Two Cases Hosted Scalia Visit

Haitian Capital Descends Into Anarchy

Breaking News: CA Supreme Court declines immedate action on gay marriages

WP: Kerry Hits Foreign Policy – Bush Alienates Allies, Senator Says

Fla. Gov. May End Housing Trust Funds

US refuses comment on UN spying charges

Blix: I was a target, too

Pentagon to offer direct news service

Bush Ejects Two From Bioethics Council

Blair shifts attack to critics in his own party

Bush accused of supporting Haitian rebels

US troops kill two Iraqis

Ohio gay GOP official turns Democrat

Soldier for the Truth -Exposing Bush's talking-points war (it's hit Yahoo)

Scientists suspect health threat from GM maize

You want to read "Pathetic Geek Stories" ... I know you do!

I had an epiphany. It's not, I repeat, NOT anti-Semite.

May I suggest the "Ignore" button, ma'am, sir?

It's 8:16pm in Lincoln Park, MI - Get your Q/A on With MrScorpio

Anyone know what is happening on Oahu?

Oh yeah baby! Homemade margaritas!

Anyone else lost avatars and graphics?

Anyone know what is happening on Oahu?

Hey underpants...

What will Billy Crystal's "big entrance" be this year at the Oscars?

I am in Florida. How best to use my primary vote?

I just invented a new Google-based contest.

Paid someone via Paypal, he never did the work

I'm a victim of ego theft!

I'm a victim of archetype theft!

What sort of thread should I make?

I'm a perpetrator of the "____ theft" copycat posts!

WORST NUMBER 1 HIT of the LATE 1970s? (Part 2)

Favorite Counting Crows hit song ?

The TriStar "pegasus"


Not for the thinned skinned PC crowd......

I'm a victim of id theft!

Do you like heavy metal?

Easy Rider: I went looking for America....

I fixed my own computer problem!!!

You guys are the very best and greatest!

A teaching degree question

Do you like post-hardcore?

cafe mocha screensaver

I got a frikken job today!

Non Sequitur a MUST read - "violation of the Clean Channel standards"

WORST NUMBER 1 HIT of the LATE 1970s? (Part 1)

Who will be the 2004 MLB world series winner ?

Ok. Which Austin DUer is posting jobs over at Monster???

Have you ever danced with the Devil by the pale moon light?

I'm bored. Ask me anything.

Worst Disney animated feature

Attorney General John Ashcroft is visiting an elementary school.

What are your favorite Sade songs?

Who would win in a fight: Mothra or Will Pitt?

Friday Night Battle of the Bands II: Santana vs. Los Lobos

I just scanned my photo

..... * WARNING * .....You may not want to add two Habaneros

Don't you love movie directors doing DVD remakes these days?

What historical figure would you like to see a movie about for balance?

Political songs for 2004?

So how buzzed are YOU?

Aaagh! Help! I found a gray hair!

I got 100s of Brazilian songs on my iTunes and I don't know Portugese

Help! Badgers ate my mushrooms! Advice please! (No snakes!)

A shop for liberals

The White House Needs A Good Exterminator

Which hurts worse: Nailed to a Roman cross or burned at a Xtian stake?

Story of Jesus a myth?

Ever try to woo a very shy person?

Wisconsin DU'ers - How is Greenbay?

I have major straight-man love for Ian McKellan

Maher: "All marriages are same-sex marriages."

Caption Bush and the Horse that rode on him

Photoshopping at its best!

I downloaded Windows MP onto my Mac to see Kerry's ads, but


Flying Viking Kittens Want to Take You to a Gay Bar

Breaking: Mrs. Grumpy Turns 9000!

And finally: WORST NUMBER 1 HIT of the LATE 1970s? (Part 3)

Why are most fundies hypocrites?

The Official Post Your Cat's Quirks Here Friday Evening Thread

Independent Liberal Station in Little Rock Catches Heat for Passion Stunt

Heart disease striking younger generations more quickly

Holy shit! I'm a Tarheel today! Goodbye to the Sunshine state.

Dr. Phil

Will "The Passion of the Christ" Revive Crucification as the Death Penalty

Admit it, Tom Jones is not that bad

Love PBS....Hate this Forsyth saga crap

Best time you've ever had while stoned?

HA! I got into it today with a frat boy homophobe

Is there a decent Mexican or Chinese Restaurant in Piedmont, NC?

Don't be dissin' "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)"

I just danced in the livingroom with my dog. What do YOU do when

George bush mosaic

Your NEWEST celeb crush

5 Thought-Provoking Questions for a Friday

Movie Thread Time!


Todays Survey U.S.A. Poll - Maryland:

Poll: Edwards Gains Net 11 Points in Four Days (48% to 34%)

I'm making a list, checking it twice--CONSTRUCTIVE criticism

A way for Kerry to avoid being protrayed a pro-Gay marriage

This is the problem I have with Kerry...

Repug slip up

Ralph Nader on Bill Maher tonight...

Kerry killed VN civilians? An alleged quote from Zumwalt

Nader's just as much of a corrupt liar as your average politician

IMHO Kerry is already completely surpassing Gore as a campaigner.

I'm A Deaniac And I'm OK...

OMG! You must check out Kerry's new ad using Bush clips. The BEST ever.

Human rights trump sovereignty

Could a Tory vote for Kerry?

Confessions of a Welfare Queen

Loophole allows Republicans to buy eternity - Hakman

Still waiting to be called on.

Odd Man In

Clare Short: Was Attorney General leant on to sanction war?

FOX lite

Feeling the Heat

Cronkite Worried About War Coverage

WP: Fonda, Kerry and Photo Fakery

NYT Editorial: Justice Scalia and Mr. Cheney

Creative Class War How the GOP's anti-elitism could ruin America's economy

Karenna Gore Schiff: Get Out, Mr Nader

The 228 Incident

Christopher Hitchens on The Passion

I'm Volunteering Today - Free Speech TV

Bill Moyers NOW - Criminalizing Dissent - quicktime & mp3 here

Bill Moyers NOW - Criminalizing Dissent - quicktime & mp3 here

Why are US Baghdad dead only at Lunaville - and not on the media

Say what? CNN: "Martha's Going Down"

Put this "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" in the "Passion"!

Has anyone had a Midwife deliver their child?

Hailing Mary

Just Married: Gay Maryland couple legally ties the knot

Mayor Newsom moved toward gay marriages because of Bush's anti-gay speech

From an issue to a movement

Any predictions on Political Discourse at Oscars? (FMA?)

NY Times: Gay-Marriage Fight Finds Ambivalence From Evangelicals

U.N. to consider gay human rights resolution

Gay Marriage: Is D.C. Next?

DNC Uses Cho to Attract Gays Against Bush

John Ashcroft's Patriot Games - Vanity Fair article.

Deep Widespread Cuts in Domestic Programs Over Next Five Years

Yes, we have no inflation

They discussed global warming problems on CNN.

Historic Hand-in-Hand Rally to be held today - TW

LATimes: Shiites Walk Out of Talks on Iraq Charter

Five bookies caught with NT$9 billion - TW

Kerry Lays Blame with Bush Regime. Most Dems Not Speaking Out

DC Snipers Originally had a Remington 700 in .308

Major glitch at 1:05AM Saturday (central time)

Spell check does not work for me on edit.. just fyi ... nt

Can you refresh my memory on how many warnings a poster gets,

I can't get in to my mail box

I get this message in my mail box. What does it mean?

Also unable to retreive messages from Inbox

Double posting to Lounge and GD?

Could "This is Hell" get a "Listen Live" button?

How many are outraged at the amount of Outrage polls about Kerry!

Terror has a bank account

IAF celebrates arrival of first two F-16I jets

Why Israel boycotted the International Court hearing on West Bank wall

Israel vows to complete West Bank barrier

Democrats Make Pitch To New York Jews

IDF troops uncover tunnel near Erez crossing

Iran warns Israel against attacking its facilities

Couple killed

Proof positive

Three Palestinians killed in Israeli strike

Damage Bill from Israeli Raid Over $1mln - Mayor

September 11 is God's work: Mufti

BBV in Ohio

gerrymandering states

The FMA is toast -- now what's next?

Kerry or Edwards

*'s Presidency may be the best thing that happened to grassroots liberals

Bill Maher

not satisfied? 100% guarantee

Something sinister in the 7-second delay

Did somebody post that Dennis Miller got cancelled? Is that true?

Bush Seeks High Ground in Gay Marriage Debate?!?

"The Passion": no dialog?

is gerrymandering easier for Republicans?

Back At The CIA We Had This Leak. You Remember The CIA Leak

Bush consistently DOESN'T criticize Special Interests. Yay.

California Democrats!

Thousands of Gay Marriages Under the BUSH Regime?!

what should the new President do about *?

Politics, the military, and my future.


Yes we have an unemployment problem in this country

Kerry getting tough?

Can Kerry convince voters he will stop outsourcing?

When Kerry wins on Tuesday

Gay Marriage Admentment......Never Happen

The Real Model for Capitalism

selling the tragedy of 9-11, but NOT investigating it.

Bush is running out of....

What happened to Professor Pollkaz?

An interesting thing I have noticed. . .

"bin Laden arrested a long time ago, Bush (will) use it for propaganda"

Kwame Kilpatrick

Glad to see what they are doing to Stern

State of the Black Family on CSPAN live now (Sat 9 am est)

Iran's Motives -- (capture of Bin Laden)

No Exit strategy from Iraq/ a veritable Mess

O'Lielly and Gibson

Repuke Running for Barney Frank's Seat: They are targeting Mass!

Why is the gay community helping Bush*?

A point that seems to be lost, Bush the Uniter.......

State of the Black Family

State Senate backs Gay Marriage Ban

Some news about foreign tourism and investment.

Hold it-FOX is on it's high horse about the Clear Channel decency thing?

Aaron Mcgruder today

Read the issues section at this site and tremble.

Stein JUST OFF 6 CC stations but remains on 40 others

even a review of 'Fiddler on the Roof' take a shot at bush*!

Tehran Radio: Osama bin Laden captured on border between Afghanistan and P

Bush and brazil president gaffe

Gay-Marriage Fight Finds Ambivalence From Evangelicals

A suggestion about using the word "Christian"

MSNBC Poll - Osama & Feeling Safe

Indian doctors now being outsourced to UK

Don't let pushy Christians fracture our nation

The changing nature of antisemetic focus

Scenes From a Nasty, Brutish, Long War by Christian Parenti

LIVE on "This is Hell": Scott Ritter, Danny Schecter, Daniel Ellsberg

Mel Gibson's "Passion"

October surprise is all ready folks

Maybe there's hope

Limbaugh and Clear channel

The American economy: A phoney recovery

i will take family values

When You Visit Washington, D.C. Don't Drink The Water

Slaughter--Why Why was it necessary?

Anyone familiar with the CA Supreme Court?

Anyone checked out Sulllivan's Blog lately?

Calling Howard Stern! Calling Howard Stern! Now's the Time to Embrace him

More evidence that Bush is going doooownnn. . .

You gotta see this...Bush "keeping his word"

On Jesus, BooHoo, and Spending Money

Democracy and Lives are Slipping Away, While Democrats Fail To Speak Out

Bush will gain NADA from "capturing" Osama. Here's why...

Time to Save Howard Stern

Carlyle Group hosted bin Laden brother on 9/11

Reality TV and the Republican Ethos-- Harper's article

Is it me, or is DU gaining about 50 new members a day?

two solution pResident

Ever notice how Republicans rewrite history immediately?

British response

Bush's school records

Presidential pardons

What are your thoughts on Haiti?

Haitian Deception

Some fuel for the bin Laden October surprise theory

Saw the DUMBEST Bumper Sticker EVER!(this beats all other dumb ones!)

Tavis Smiley's seminar on C-SPAN now--anyone else watching this

U.S. Denies Iran Report of Bin Laden's Capture

Bumper sticker / How to use The Passion AGAINST the GOP.

Question about Amerasian children of Vietnam soldiers

Why Homophobia is Detrimental to Straight Men

We've got to preempt the October Suprise NOW!

New Dominionist Bill Limits the Supreme Court's Jurisdiction

The FMA is a Trojan Horse to destroy Right to Privacy

Family values????

As we discuss the GOP rape of America, should Reagan's rape of Selene

Diebold, Electronic Voting and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Is Bush the second coming?

I would like to congratulate those in charge of the propaganda

Does The Religious Right REALLY Think JESUS Is Pro-Death Penalty?

Th Log Cabin Republicans

thanks for the memories ...../ Saddam

Gavin Newsom... A Rising Star?

Senators who oppose Gay Marriage Ban

All the forum posts from Army times have been purged

Tax cuts---property taxes

"Passion" mostly rotten

Taking on the local fundies on our local ISP's message board...

Why Democrats should stand for gay marriage

All these Bin Laden reports...

Treasury Dept wants to limit editors!

Boycott Exxon, Mobile , Walmart,

This post is for Republican lurkers only....

Questions about "Megan's Law"

What is the problem with markets?

President Served Friday With Personal 9-11 RICO Complaint

Illinois senate primary poll

Just discovered Link TV (DirectTV channel 375) - great stuff!

Today is a day of mourning for all DUers

Gavin Newsom's Green Party critics are having to shut their mouths now

2000+ Recommendations for Yahoo "Impeach Bush" post

Official "Guy James Show" thread==Please keep kicked

George, you have six months........

People who think same sex marriage "destroys" marriage

Has there ever been a more incompetent leader than George W Bush ?

Exactly what are "log cabin republicans"?

Can we win PA if Ridge replaces Cheney on the ticket?

All hell is about to break loose in Haiti...

we can't afford a paper trail of votes in Florida

Nuttiest freeper thread of the day

Michael Moore - front page, above the fold story with huge color pic ...

IL Senate: Dem Candidate Blair Hull and Domestic Violence?

Article attacks the loyalty of some of the neocons

If you have a cell phone, do you have the phone numbers of your Senators

Conservative Democrats...

Even Limbaugh against Bush now

Show early support for Liberal Radio on Air America

A Look to the Future: The Supreme Court Oral Argument re: Gay Marriage!

What will happen in the Senate this November?

Very Important, Who among us has recieved a letter or Or notice

BBV: Florida Alert - Proposed changes in recount rules

Well Rep. Matheson (D - UT) just lost my vote.


One certain way to defeat bush...

His Old Kentucky Home...NOT

California DUers: How is the Recall Arnold movement going?

More "pre-empting".. U.S. to beef up military presence in Africa

The median per capita income in 1970 was......$3,893.00 per year

Did OBL really attack America?

Which of the two evils would you rather have as president...

Pushy Xian? Quote from Falwell

Heads up to physics fans (bring your own tin foil)

BBV - Gonna make a visit -- Here's what we did (so far)

The war on women and our civil liberties has started from Ashcroft.

Meltdown - "the canary in the coalmine" (oil)

One reason why I believe there's a creator...

BBV: On News Max...Scathing Article...

who is the most revolting tv evangelist

Some thoughts on the gay marriage debate

"In defense of bibilical marriage" -- have fun

The REAL worst bumper sticker

I think I'm going to be sick (Peak Oil)

BBV: "Proper" paper audit trail

Crucifixion is a deterent

Vanity Fair: One media icon we should be proud of..

Can someone educate me about Haiti?

Passion fever seems to be over already. I'm making a Jesus movie.

Moran unloads $42,000 life's savings to buy out "Passion" screenings

Why is Vodou disparaged in the USA?

BBV: Phone or Email your Senators.

Kerry Takes Bush to Task Over Security

SPECIAL BROADCAST: Haitian First Lady Mildred Aristide Speaks From The Nat

Gov. Bush considers ending affordable housing trust funds

Gangs, Looters Roam Haiti's Capital

Shia walk out of Iraq constitution talks

US Congress to back Taiwan: Deutsch

Electronic Vote Faces Big Test of Its Security

Social Security won't accept SF marriage licenses as ID

Bush Presses Anti-Drug Proposals /Radio Address

Bush pledged to back ban in Nov., Musgrave aide says (lies about amendmnt)

Vietnamese Agent Orange victims slam US

Sleepy Iraqi Town Becomes a War Zone

Amerock to lay off all 450 factory workers

Gay-marriage debate buffeting U.S. politics

Greenpeace demands (legal) advice on Iraq war (UK)

(Haiti) Rebel leader delays final assault

British government to keep key report on Iraq war under wraps

Suicide attacker blows himself up near mosque in Pakistan city | G&M

Sleepy Iraqi Town Becomes a War Zone

Shiite members walk out of talks on Iraq interim constitution

Russia arrests two Qataris

(200) Layoffs soon at Morgan (formerly Grumman Olson Industries)

Philly police officer comes out as transgender cop

CBO says Bush budget would produce $2.75 trillion deficits over decade

Experts: China have an eye to African, S. American oil

Utah delegation split over ban on gay marriage | Salt Lake Tribune

Officials subpoena [Riverside County, CA] abortion records

Breaking Faux News

Best Buy's Franklin layoffs to total 415

Human Rights Defenders charged for publishing posters in Kurdish

Democrats Blast Republicans on Job Losses (weekly radio address)

US deploys a coast guard vessel near Haiti

Low turnout seen for [CA] March 2 voting

[LA] County hit hard by job losses

Osama captured in Pakistan: Iranian state radio

California Court Refuses to Stop Gay Weddings

Iranian Radio Reports Bin Laden Captured reported on Yahoo

Lawmakers seek Halliburton internal documents

MT Gov Martz: Commandments on public property free speech

Armed militants terrorizing Basra (un-freaking-believable)

Kerry Says President Is Weak on Defense

US, Pakistan deny bin Laden was captured

Some in GOP Criticize Bush's Wedding Ban (Log Cabin Repubs)

"All 'notorious terrorists' backed by US" (Rafsanjani)

CNN: Rebels now 30 miles outside of Port Au Prince, Haiti

Iran warns Israel against attacking its facilities

U.S. Officials Deny Bin Laden captured

Pentagon to offer direct news service

Dennis Kucinich, Still Waiting to Be Called On

Bush bio on Web inflates Guard service

Gay marriage issue powerful, poll finds

Ohio Gay GOP Official Turns Democrat

New York marchers blame U.S., France for violence wracking Haiti


Perry suggests probe of Earle's grand jury work

U.N. staff see boy shot in back

Treasury Dept. Warning Publishers of the Perils of 'Criminal Editing'

Quake shakes Wagga Wagga

Education secretary sticks by criticism of teachers union

Nearly Half Of Black Men Found Jobless

Pfizer Gives Up Testing Viagra on Women

The non-DU Oscar Prediction Contest! Win an unidentified animal!

Word game - this looks like fun

Running virus checker - two viruses found so far!

favorite commie

For Photoshoppers

Obituary: Humphry Osmond

What did everyone think of "Big Fish"?

I'll show you my blog if you'll show me yours

salsa - I am soaking in it

Should I worry about a drug test?

Serious Question..

Erectile dysfunction commercials

I am on the verge of flipping out...

So many religious posts lately, but here's another one

Been offline for a while....

DU. Democrats Fight Fire with Fire!

I like noodles

The greater tragedy?

i wanna see "Uncovered" .... where can i view it...i need a link

Where are the Slovakian-Cuban-Chinese-Zimbabwean DUers?

Grrr.. I am trying to watch video from CBS website and I cannot

Time for sleep.. (part 1)

Time for sleep (part 2)

Have you ever tried to shoo a fly person?

Wisconsin DU'rs

Can I win an Oscar?

Time for sleep (Part 3)

I is bored...

I believe in a thing called... LOVE!


How many of you guys think

Shit, I missed my 8888th post

Listening to Who's Next

Shrub's Education Secretary says teachers are terrorists

Stoopid question

saw Hanson on Letterman . . . thought they were pretty good . . .

Why are we here?

Gmorning! Ahhchoo! (cough)(blow nose)(snif) Who's w/ cold/flu?

New Hong Kong news channel gives viewers the naked truth

My apologies to one particular Christian

What do I do? I have a gay friend(says he bisexual but he hates

How many of you guys think

Best network late night talkshow

check out what Letterman said

Anyone from Hawaii? How is the weather in your area? was good for the rabbit family

Some news stories I wish would just go away

Everybody Loves Raymond

Has anyone ever lost the clicker

Eating raw coffee

Decided not to see the Passion until....

All God's creatures ...

I would have loved to have been at the table when the Quiznos marketing

I know, I know, not again, but I was wondering something(Passion)

Jimmy Carter 1980 - [get the t-shirt here]

What the hell happened to Roger Ebert?

I'm listening to my Shirley Bassey remix disc It's dah Bomb!!

1,000 Cheers To DU and more...

Guess who's a Democrat? Zell Miller!

Give your thoughts on the Jefferson Bible

Hey, I just went over 900 posts!

Pop star Jackson, in ski mask, throws scare into Wal-Mart

deleted - sorry


Curious about Rhapsody

What A Drag It Is Getting Old

So Will Pitt is an Eskimo/Samoan named Maggie?

Jokes -warning - very pro female using male putdowns - but funny!

DirectTV w/TiVo vs Dish w/DVR? (Dish Users - HELP)

I am buying my dream car today...Ask me anything!

Time for my weekly "I can't get anything done because of Ricky" thread

After this week, I have enormous respect for Paddy!

Charlie, our 16-yr-old Springer, limps. >

Love is Greater than Faith according to Paul

Mike Ruppert and FTW web site

I cried during Queer Eye for the Straight guy!

So Will Pitt is a Black Man?

How many outraged with Kerry's position on gay marriage have 1000 posts?

My dog Gus just finished vocational school this morning.

Though I took all known necessary precautions

Passion Sequel

Why Live a Good Life If All Will Be Saved?

Did anyone watch Craig Kilborn last night?

hmmm, this is a good way for girls to make some extra cash

How old it is doing drag!

Other great bigoted movies

Best beach music and can you shag?

MY Jesus is more patriotic than YOUR Jesus

I lost my friend to a "FRAULT"

GAH! $120 Speeding ticket this morning!


brain farts

Car buying advice???

Mr. Belvedere

great email from a pal re: gay marriage

Absynthe Drinkers: What's your favorite?

how many balls of lint are under your fridge?

Fonts stink!

British response

Nominations please: a new pet for Shrub now that 'Spot' is RIP

Check out my new art site, and leave me comments!!! PHOTOGRAPHY + GRAPHICS

Question about FSOL.

I don't have a whole lot of time,so

Shake your Wagga Wagga

Should I buy "Journeys with George"on dvd?

Republic vs Democracy

Did my good deed for the day- helped a frantic dog owner.


Yesterday was my birthday. Ask me anything.

Anyone here play sports?


"Woman reports neighbor for disturbingly loud sex"

Your thoughts on "Singularity"

Where are the Italian-American DUer's???

Wrap yourself in this CAPTION

Favorite Bob Marley song?

Hey DU men- I need an answer (disgusting subject matter)


capalert review of The Passion

Question about Amerasian children of Vietnam soldiers

In case anyone americaradio ...

I saw "The Passion" this evening.

On the Unimportance of Everything

International Broadcast Media show on Iraq - I need help finding it!

Question and Answer Time in the Music Filled Lounge

I am so nervous.

WORST #1 HIT of the 1970s: THE RUNOFF POLL!

Ever wanna see a TV News Ticker get hacked, or haxx0red?

Once again, it's the post your pic thread!!!!!!!!

It Feels Like SPRING!! I'm Smokin' Baby Backs On The Grill!

Car insurance question

Post a photo of your pet and the famous person he or she most resembles

Don't buy a cordless mouse.

I've finally chosen my major!! Woo-hoo!

U go see the Passion, I'll see "The Disputation"

You people are wrong, Bush is a uniter - not a divider.

Completely Mixed DU-ers Check in

What's Your House Number (Building Number)

I need help. How many Presidents have been assinated?

Have You Ever Seen A Psychiatrist Or Psychologist?

Think I could sell this to the Bush campaign?

How many times will Oscar winners bash the Chimp?

Neighbors from He(double-hockey sticks) stories

Poll: Which would be the "bestest" October Surprise from Shrub/Rove?

BEST #1 HIT of the EARLY 1970s? (Part 1)

BEST #1 HIT of the EARLY 1970s? (Part 2)


Big Bang (you know exactly what I'm talking about)

Best concert movie ever (nominations)

Wow. A new champion in "Worst Movie I Ever Saw"!

They found our car!

How many time a day do you eat?

Stupid things said by RW Christian coworkers...

The New Bible.... Book of IBush43 1:1

I have just returned from watchin g"The Passion

FRIENDS!! (Post more gratuitous cat pix here...)

Has it really been a year since Moore's Oscar speech?

Best review of "The Passion" I've read so far.

The Darkness put Spinal Tap to shame

Whats happening to my family???

What Do Your Candidate's Farts Smell Like?

Lets vote a TROLL off the DU Island

Could you live without your posessions?

Congratulations SOTERIC!!! 9 0 0 0 Posts!!! 1 more grand to 5 digit club!

Day 65 And The Neighbors XMAS LIGHTS Are STILL LIt!!!

I think I have some kind of bug in my computer

Bar is open...I'm buying!

Auto Insurance Settlement

If you care to, discuss obesity with me. Not for flames or rants, please.

Very bad news for bartcop folks....

Trial balloon (ducking now): Dean should call for Zell Miller's head

Does Kerry have the nomination bagged?

Anyone have primary polls for Connecticut and NY???

Hey Kucitizens! After the election, win or lose, then what?

What is wrong with some of you people?

NY Times: In '71 Antiwar Words, a Complex View of Kerry

NY Times: What Do New Yorkers Want in a President?

You know who Kucinich reminds me of: Casey from Grapes of Wrath

GD:2004 : Is There Really Anything Left To Say?

No on 58 if you're in California. California's hero is Angelides

If Kerry wins the election, what does it mean for Democrats and liberals?

Fight the Right II

Kennedy calls for Democrats to unite behind Kerry

Belisarius for Kucinich

Punch cards are still around after four years.....

Sharpton's last laugh

Replay of CNN/LA Times Democratic Debate on now

What if * died before the election?

The Buying of the President 2004

Goal: Divide GOP Cuban voting bloc

JK needs to layout a comprehensive plan of how he'd strengthen the borders

Bob Novak thinks Bill Nelson may be picked as VP

We need a VP strong on foreign policy to debate Cheney

Bush in danger of losing pivotal Ohio; K & E taking advantage

Why Are DUers Citing The Rasmussen Poll....

Would the Dem's put 2 Senators on the same ticket for President and VP?

Should Taxpayers Subsidize Catastrophe Insurance For Nuclear Power Plants?

New York Times: "Electronic Vote Faces Big Test of Security"

How many people outraged with Kerry's position on gay marriage - a priori

Edwards to woo Dean supporters

Enron Overtaken by MBNA as Bush's Top Financial Supporter


I'm very proud of the Democrats

True/False: All of the remaining contenders support equal rights for gays.

What Do Your Candidate's Farts Smell Like?

John Kerry On The Abuse of Arab Civil Rights

what's the state of gay rights/mariiage/civil unions in the UK?

Gay Marriage is Going On Despite Bush & Asscroft

" Wellstone was too cheap to rent a good plane." --- That's It, I'm Pissed

Bill Richardson as VP pick.

March 2 Is Maryland's Playoff Day, Here’s Your Score Card

"Kucinich is, like, The normal laws of physics don't apply to me.

hah anyone in new york put on nbc lyndon larouche is on!

Ohio Dems might vote for Kerry Tues. but they'll be thinking about Edwards

Since Kerry will be the nominee, should I bother voting?

To what extent will grassroots contigents help us this election?

Great article, Kerry fans: "The Timely Rise of John Kerry"

Who are your favorite DU candidate advocates?

John Kerry to Rally Supporters in Tampa on Super Tuesday!

Republicans sniffing in Dem's underwear:Learned behavior or born that way?

Gay rights, New Democrats, and New Labour

If Kerry is the nominee, what do you think of this Cabinet/inner circle

Which is more important: Principles or People?

NYTimes Endorses John Kerry

The Suffering of the Blessed HoHo

What Next For Dean?

Is it true that Kerry voted against bill providing body armor for soldiers

Wow....disgusting Republican parody site on Kucinich

A list of candidates I think would run in 2008 if we don't win this time

The two Johns opposition to gay marriage is hurting Indiana Democrats

Are we still talking plainly about why the tax cuts? 9/11 manipulation?

JE, DK and AL Should Join Kerry in Call for Action To Save Lives In Haiti

How many gay marriage threads on Kerry is Murikan Democrat going to post t

Where does Edwards go after Super Tuesday?

Get Out, Mr. Nader

Graham, Nelson to back Kerry

Settling the "Dean did nothing for gays" canard

What were Gore's biggest mistakes and how can we learn from them?

Did You Miss the Passion? Is Dean Our Party's Christ?

Assuming Bin Laden is in holding, what can the nominee do . . .

Village Voice • Vote Kerry (or Edwards, or Kucinich)

Cleveland Free Times: Why Everybody (sorta) Loves Dennis

Trying to follow him along --- getting more and more confused

Atlanta Journal-Constitution/WSB/Zogby Poll 2/28

The peace movement cast aside?

Charles Barkley is campaigning with Edwards

Why are some people so eager for the primary to be over?

How many outraged with Kerry’s stand on gay marriage cared 2 years ago?

Kerry’s, Edwards, and Deans position on gay marriage are exactly the same.

How many outraged with Kerry’s on gay marriage support Dean or Edwards on

Dean supporters may as well vote Dean Tuesday.

How many outraged with Kerry’s on gay marriage voted in this poll that you

Democrats, it's time for a divorce...

DU Primary Poll -- Saturday 2/28/2004

To Dean supporters working for Edwards - Iowa memories

About what percentage of 2000 Nader voters will vote democrat this time?

Kucinich supporters: in your opinion, is he the only true liberal running?

Is Howard Dean the second coming?

Extension of Unemployment Benefits Fails: The Johns are Absent

SF Chronicle: Kerry says he'd send 40,000 additional troops overseas

How many outraged with Kerry’s stand on gay marriage never liked Kerry?

If Kerry loses in the general election, who gets the 2008 nomination?

How many outraged with Kerry’s stand on gay marriage are straight?

Anyone else not have gay marriage as one of their top issues?

Kerry BETTER win in November...

Kerry, Edwards Refuse to Join Kucinich in Protecting U.S. Jobs

San Francisco Bay Guardian: Ten for Kucinich