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Archives: February 4, 2004

Ha! LTTE In Las Vegas Sun - Registered Repug Blasts Bush, Praises Dems

Powell defends war after questioning rationale for it in interview

Testing Washington's intelligence

Headlines For February 3, 2004

Brainwashed? - WSJ

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Don't be fooled again

Wolfowitze: (Orwellian double-speak) Iraq Attacks Show U.S. Efforts Succee

Rolling Stone: Reverend Doomsday by Robert Dreyfuss

Oh this is rich: U.S. military blames lap dances for...

Will Deaniacs pull a Nader on the Democratic Party?

Village Voice: Sleeping with the GOP (Sharpton covert GOP operative?)

Protest Timoney in Miami - 2/5

Protest G7 - Boca Raton, FL - Sat. 2/7

Protest Oliver North in Davie, FL 2/5

Which DEM will turn on us and give bush a big OUT over AWOL?

Thaddeus Stevens - A good republican

Indiana Senate Approves Constitutional Amendment: One man, one woman

"Toughest anti-gay marriage law in the country" goes to Ohio Gov.

UK insurer invests R100m in Cape call centre - SA

$900 /oz. Au

I'm disappointed in you, Skinner

I just realized that I really envy your job

Possible 2nd thread in GD 2004 for Clark supporters tonight?

At 7:58pm In GD2004 I posted a thread celebrating the end of

Question about language

The Madeline Amy Sweeney Call


CNN projecting Edwards to win with 50 percent of the vote

make your 2004 electoral map here's ad just ran on CNN 4:57 cst (2/3/4)

Zell Miller and Roy Neel on C-SPAN WashJournal tomorrow AM

It's wrong to question the President's motive.

is the media playing the Janet Jackson story to take away attention...

Bumper Sticker Idea:

I'm not entirely convinced that Bush went AWOL. Prove it to me.

Intelligence bombshell goes off under Blair.

Are you registered to vote yet? Do it online NOW!

Bush and Blair have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Fundies say Roy Moore seriously ...

A Canadian pro-war editor realizes he's been hoodwinked.

Some freepers are getting it, re lost jobs in America

Former Governor Davis of California takes up acting?

Does anyone know if Lieberman is out yet?

New study explains freepers: Uneducated Outbreeding Intelligent (Humor)

Sheila Jackson Lee on fire!!!!

Bush 90% Bill Wyatt 10% in Oklahoma

Actually, you WANT to get your name on the Ashcroft/Bush

Will a Kerry/Edwards ticket win beat Weed (I won't insult shrubs)?

WMD Lies, AWOL story, Budget Deficit Explodes

Has Peter Jennings joined The Empire?

Dennis Kucinich and the Department of Peace

Since Holy Joe is no longer a candidate...

All these issues are starting to track

GOP unfazed by Dem ethics threats

check out this Freeper quote

Reich-wing radio has their marching orders, I see....

Bob Woodward LIED about Howard Dean on Larry King!

Globe and Mail poll on Bush/Blair and WMDs

Tell me about Naomi Wolf

Rep. Holt claims support for CIA leak probe

Oddsmakers. In what month do we find Osama?

I just saw the Child Pay add, BRILLIANT

KKK in Alabama.. Blount County.. any relation to Bush's Blount??

So anybody watching the house dems rant about Halliburton on CSpan?

taxation without representation: give kids the vote!

make your 2004 map predictions here

? about UMCJ/AWOL

Zell Miller on the Dems in the South

C-SPAN on right now! Rant about WMDs and the "failure"...eom.

AWOL thing coming up on MSNBC right now

what can you say about this?

Have you seen this?

It doesn’t matter who our candidate is …

BBV: Palm Beach County Florida Update

tonight at the union hall

Freepers not happy about Haliburton.........

BBV: Kerry Beat Dean in NH by Only 1.5% When Computers Weren’t Counting?

Iraq Watch on C-SPAN now

Not entirely convinced Bush was AWOL. Part 2. No mention of Candidates

The most arrogant, inept, ideological foreign policy in our history

Malloy live now

Eric Blumrich's Top Gun

Conservative claims to be 'low class" and recieves 5,000 tax cut!!?!?

OK....not AWOL. Why did he STOP flying?

Bobby Kennedy's last words: "Is everyone okay?"

TWEETY NOW talking about AWOL

BBV: why does "The Voter Confidence Act" have 0 co-sponsors in Senate?

Media complicity in Bush duplicity is the worst in history..

I've given up on boycotts.

Concupiscent Bootlicking Sycophants: The Column That Will Not Be

Shrub Was "Campaign Mgr" for Winton M. BLOUNT While A.W.O.L.

A scandal greater than Watergate

How to circumvent the “free speech zones” at Bush* gatherings…

So I went to Iraq and made this movie.

January job cuts reach more than 100,000 -Challenger

White House defends Bush military record

John Edwards Wins South Carolina Primary

CNN - reports AP saying Leiberman quits

Tauzin to Resign As House Energy Chair

Kerry wins Mo., Del.; Edwards takes S.C.

President's test of faith

Oklahoma Results TIE

Guardian Utd (Wednesday): Swift and secret, Blair's inquiry

Kerry rolls from Delaware to Arizona (MSNBC)

WP: Kerry Emerges as Big Winner (link- 5 of 7 states)

Insurgency in Iraq Lethal as Ever Since Hussein’s Capture

White House Defends Bush's Guard Service During War

Clark's Son Blasts Media for Campaign Coverage

Guardian Utd (Wednesday): Powell rows back on doubts over invasion

Frenchman sails around world in record 72 days, 22 hours

Pa. police dog suspended for potential racism (Salon:subscription needed)

Bush budget soaks S.F. for ($8 million) rent

WP: Despite Scrutiny of Iraq Data, It's Business as Usual for Tenet

Halliburton to Return $27.4 Million to Government

Drudge: 9/11 Commission to meet privately with Condoleezza Rice

Former Dean campaign manager turns analyst

Danish Reporter Denied ******* Visa

College Repukes object to anti-Bush art

Lieberman drops

Cato Institute: Outsourcing Helps World Economy

Deals Signed for Caspian Sea Oil Pipeline

Anderson says climate change bigger than terrorism fight

DU aim chat...

Pat O'Brien SB funny...

Zell Miller and Roy Neel on C-SPAN WashJournal tomorrow AM

Potpourri of Pooches on PBS Tonight

Taxes - how I hate them

My favorite quote regarding the Dem primarys

The "Chop At Home" Network presents:...

The "All dogs walk sexy" thread...

Its Not The Super Bowl But Who Wants To See MY Boob?

I've got the PERFECT line to use against bush in the debates.

Economics "Experts" to you: "Suck it". "Free Trade" is your abusive bud!

"The Ta-Tah HooHah." If you can stand any more of it...

YAK MCYAKERSON supporters and well wishers only

I've seen the 700, but is there a 100 club too?

My brother is going to protest Bush on thursday in Frankfurt, Kentucky

Best Tax preparation software?

I just showered before work, ask me ANYTHING

Primary Night Chat

Lieberman bows out!

Dennis Miller

New study explains freepers: Uneducated Outbreeding Intelligent (Humor)

Who's read Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose?"

Tried to cash a check at Wells Fargo.. they did not have enough money..

God I tried, I really tried debating with the freepers

France, Solo Brest Sailor returns to Bosom

My Republican "buddies" were testy tonight!

Who is single on DU (Part 2)

Do you have any photos of your aquarium fish?

The "All men are sexy" thread.

What does n/t mean?

who was the hottie that was behind lieberman on stage today?

Beg, borrow or ….(well you know the other option) this book.

WARNING--revolting pic: "I'm just so darned proud of my boy Zippy...

What's the movie featured in Madonna's "Live to Tell" video?

Well, does California matter?

Question about a George Harrsion song.

So... In 1996 I voted for....

I found a head of lettuce under my passenger seat!

What is the link to upload pictures to?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

HawkerHurricane does NOT look 41!!

Help me name my new boyfriend

What is the most offensive swear word?

One of those days...12songs that...

Favourite Chocolate bar

Just watched "Saving Private Ryan" again

A Song for Joe…

Photoshop is $609?!

Macleans: Canadians hate Bush, eh!

"Whoppi" bashes Bush/Ashcroft on NBC!

Your Photo whatever the number is up to

Daily Show is rocking (as usual)

Remember the Alamo On PBS tonight

Anybody wanna see *the ring*? :)

Any 10,000 Maniacs fans here?

Puddle of blood with cat in it is not a way to start the week

So that's where my Betta went!

In Aisle 10 of Wal*mart in the middle of the night....

I'm going in for surgery tommorow

AKC Dog Show on Animal Planet at 8p.m. EST - What's your favorite breed?

Jay Leno keeps rippin on Kucinich...

Ok, NC DUers...defend your barbecue

Who else is getting this weird, creepy spam? (LONG)

Latest hate mail (WARNING: crude, anti-gay profanity)

Breaking: NBC just called SC for Edwards

Edwards on terrorism?

Self Deleted DUPE

Please lock

Edwards Winning Helps Clark?

How Official is "Official?"

Links Please

What time do the polls close in the other states?

CNN projects EDWARDS wins South Carolina!

Clark supporters (and everyone else!): FUNNY ad!!

Hourlong Edwards Lovefest good for Edwards

What % will Dennis Kucinich get in Maine??

1992: Clinton won just 3 of first 14 contests

Huge Congratulations to Edwards and His Supporters on SC

Good for Edwards!

"Live" South Carolina leader board

Can we agree that amidst all the infighting that one thing unites us...

Supercandidates: good web source for up-to-date info?

Isnt it a bit early to give SC to Edwards?

Horrible post on my part, but...

CNN: Missouri and Delaware called for Kerry

Think AP is at Edwards victory speech now?

CNN: Kerry wins MO and DE, 3 way race in OK

Missouri is the big prize of the night?

Missouri and Delaware projected for Kerry

C-Span showing Edwards victory rally...

CNBC Discussing Kerry - Support Mile Wide, Inch Deep?

One thing I REALLY like about John Edwards...

Have tonight's primary results inspired you to switch candidates?

John Edwards can win among rural voters.

CNN analysis on SC

Clark and Edwards supporters...

Dean: "A tough night for us, but here's why we're going to keep going

Bad news and good news in Oklahoma

Did you check out the margin of men to women voters in SC?

Post here to guess at # of vote difference in OK between Clark and Edwards

Exit Poll Question

3 man race! I love it.

There is proof of two cases of Republican involvment in our primaries

North Dakota: MAJOR upset!!

MAJOR upset in Oklahoma!!

Dean: "Anyone is better than GW Bush."

CNN: Lieberman camp to meet tonight

Edwards leads in CNN's Oklahoma exit poll

Oklahoma - Clark 28% Edwards 26% Kerry 21%

Change of attitude? Does it seem like the Dems are getting more props

Judy Woodruff at CNN can:

I have supported Clark,but after tonight if he doesn't win he should

AP: Lieberman drops out

AP reports Lieberman dropping out!

Lieberman out


Joe drops out

Joe's OUT!


Lieberman CALLS it QUITS!

AP Reports Joe is out

AP: Lieberman quits. Where do dems like him go?

**BREAKING** CNN says Joementum is history!

Too slow again DUPE

Dean live now, sounds like giving up

What is up with SC CNN numbers?!?!

AP Reporting Leiberman quits Race Per CNN

CNN reports...Lieberman gone...

Have you heard? Joe Lieberman is out

CNN: Kerry wins Arizona, Clark 2nd

CNN projects Kerry will win Arizona, Clark in second (n/t)

CNN: CLark lead in SC, checking ther numbers

Lieberman to drop out

Is there a lock sale going on?

Just saw the MoveOn ad on CNN

I know there's a long way to go before the nomination

Dopey question about today's primaries

Early perspective: Looks like OK is going down to the wire between...

Onion: All seven Democrats somehow lost Democratic primaries

Voters voting on who they perceive can beat Bush can only mean one thing!

Does anyone know....Is Lieberman still in?

How was turnout tonight?

AP, MSNBC: Lieberman OUT!!!

Given expectations, this is a huge night for John Edwards.

Anyone think OK won't be called tonight?

Deleted message

I must say Lieberman does have one good quality

Pictures of Joe's daughter


Deleted message

Governor of Arizona just said she saw 3 to 4 possible nominees

Kerry vs. Edwards = Dukakis vs. Clinton?

Kerry wins North Dakota!

CLARK supporters and well-wishers only

Partisans: Now you know how it feels when the KY Wildcats lose....

Moveon voter fund OWNS CNN commercials

Dean just implied Kerry and Edwards are republicans.

Is Kucinich out?!

Please Delete. Inadvertant double post.

Who thinks we won't have the winner of OK tonight?

CSPAN2 caller: "Best reason to vote Democratic is because Bush is

Official results: OKLAHOMA

Reuters Posts Pic of Bush In National Guard Uniform

Judging from the votes that are still out in Oklahoma

A Big Night for Edwards

Official results: DELAWARE

Gore's Endorsement: Worthless?

Clark needed to do better in Missouri

Does it really matter who "wins" OK?

The Dole Indicator. Is Edwards the GOP's preferred opponent?

Democrat candidates, god love 'em but they gotta go except for

Now is the time for Kerry to become Edwards' VP

Are these photo finishes good or bad?

Sharpton a Republican mole?!! (Village Voice article)

Official results: SOUTH CAROLINA

Oklahoma REPUB primary: 10% for Bill Wyatt against Shrub!

Lieberman in three way tie with Gephardt and Moseley-Braun!

John Kerry: "I Voted Against Gay Bashing"

Clark interview on CNN now

WaPo has a nice Primary Site

Kerry people: What is Kerry going to say about Office of Special Plans/WMD

Has a Dem candidate ever announced their VP choice during the primaries ?

Mini-Tuesday Delegate count...

Official results: NORTH DAKOTA

Questions: What is the total number of delegates available, and...

DUers, please call CSPAN2 - explain why you are voting Dem and why you

CLARK supporters and well-wishers only (thread 2)

Media bias, here is a piece I just finished, for Clark, but Dean/Kucinich

well, congrats to clark on oklahoma

Begala just gave a nod to Clark

Has a Dem candidate ever announced their VP choice during the primaries ?

Official results: MISSOURI

CNN: Kerry wins NM

Can anyone explain to me about "super-delegates"?

where will joe's supporters

Now is the time for Sen. Edwards to seriously consider VP to Kerry

Kerry supporters brace yourself, here it comes

Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark... But I wanna say something about Edwards

100% Reporting in ND. Kerry 51, Clark 24, Dean 12, Edwards 10

who do you think will be the next candidate to drop out ?

Official results: ARIZONA

Article: Rigged Election Possible ? ... posted from another forum

In one way, Dean's campaign used to be based on fear

Official results: NEW MEXICO

MSNBC: Kerry threw South Carolina to inflate Edwards as VP

isn't it possible that Clark will win almost as many delagates as Edwards

Edwards is going to give the nomination to Kerry

John Edwards has the winning issue !

Hey! It's the Staple Singers

Well, it seems How De is Doody...sorry to see it come to this.

Begs someone to put up Binary Clark - Edwards poll

Dean wins delegates tonight...but you wouldn't know it

I'm not loving Sharpton's speech

Official results: OKLAHOMA (thread 2)

I think this is Edwards' night

Here is the schedule for the rest of the month.

Clark skips Iowa gets raked over the coals. Dean skips 7 states/ gets pass

I'm really starting to like John Edwards.

Vote totals for the evening - so far

Delegate count now?

DUPE (Delete)

Automatic recount triggered here in Oklahoma, per local Tulsa TV sta.

Reminder to my fellow Dean supporters: No victories expected tonight...!

Let's run that bald preacher on the CNN panel

Is BBV going to put Kerry in the White House?

Mobius Poll: Clark versus Edwards

Kerry made news! Anybody else catch it?

Kerry's forehead wrinkle-free tonight?

I think CSPAN is gonna refun Lieberman's speech, then ***CLARK***

So when is Dean supposed to win his first state?

I can't help but really like Kerry's speaking style...

How did Sharpton get a delegate in Delaware?

Who do the delegates go to if a candidate drops out

If the goal is to take down Kerry, Clark and Dean got to drop out

Kerry is not Dukakis.

All Clark Supporters wish to thank our Well Wishers this evening

Well, I'M calling the race for Clark in Oklahoma

Okay I believe it. They are ignoring Clark.

To those of you who would sit out of the November election if

Kerry got THIRD in Oklahoma...What does this mean?

Why did Clark do so much better in Oklahoma?

Kerry's Speech Tonight: Anyone else notice - no people of color on stage?

Congratulations to Edwards Folks for SC Win: A 2 Man Race?

Clark, Kerry, Edwards... whoever. Just remember what Dick Gephardt said

Dean won us the election

On Lieberman and what it is to be a Democrat

Clark is going to give the nomination to Kerry

Joe Lieberman Abandons Presidential Bid

i know polls dont count for crap, but, i just saw a few that made me smile

Well, does California matter?

Kerry-Edwards ticket

Kerry/Edwards ticket - which "red" states do we win?

Tweety, et. al, can't figure out what happened with Bush

I think they'll call Oklahoma for Clark soon

Holy crap! MSNBC talking about AWOL Bush now!

Something's fishy is these primaries...

Preference poll: Your choice for the nomination?

If Kerry is to Be Stopped

Dean Supporters:

Aol Poll

No one is talking about WHY the media is against Clark.

LIEBERMAN supporters and well-wishers only

SHARPTON supporters and well-wishers only

Clark giving speech/ media IGNORES?

CLARK supporters and well-wishers only (thread 3)

Kerry Wins Big; Edwards, Clark Stay Alive

I'm liking John Kerry as I listen to him right now...

Joe is gracious

If Dean doesn't win by Super Tuesday, he's dead.

Check out this Freeper quote

How is everyone feeling tonight

A Political Battle for Planet Earth (long, but well worth reading, imho)

KUCINICH supporters and well-wishers only

EDWARDS supporters and well-wishers only

OK, Edwards is using Dean's message (and that's ok) to win...he can

Kerry's rhetorical tin ear is really annoying me

So what does tonight tell us about Clark?

Will you be satisfied with a Kerry nomination?

If he doesn't get the nomination, should Edwards be a VP?

KERRY for President! Not happy with that? Focus local!

General Clark speaking about his WIN in OK on CNN

DEAN supporters and well-wishers only

Positive Thread for Everybody: Tracking Turnout, 2000 - 2004 Comparison

CNN has been playing the Move On Commercial

Lieberman's Daughter is Beautiful...

How Does McAuliffe's Plan (Shortened Primary Season) Look As Of Tonight ??

Hey! Nashville Dean Supporters

ABC just handed us the election and we can thank Kerry

KERRY supporters and well-wishers only

Kucinich, God love him, needs to go.

Once again we ask: Who's next to go?

NH BBV?: Dean within 2% of Kerry in hand counts, creamed in digital counts

Kerry now in the lead in delegate race

Kerry family background?

Ever hear Hendrix blaring in a campaign before?

NYT: Military Service Becomes Weapon in Kerry-Bush Race

Jump into those caucus trenches (Maine)

Sean Gonsalves (Cape Cod Times): No Good Excuse in Being Misled

Robert Scheer (Los Angeles Times): The Lies That Bind Us to Iraq

Bush's empty bucket (Gene Lyons)

Kristof gets one right...

After the war, suffering continues (Afghanistan)

Hawaiians sign petition against Dodge (motorcars)

Outsourcing the American Dream - San Diego Union Tribune op-ed

"Kerry's Army" - The Nation

Credibility of Bush Becomes a Problem, Mostly Self-Inflicted - WSJ

Political war games (Bush sabotages WMD Commission)

Amazing editorial in local Gannett paper!! (anti-Bush!!!)

The U.S. job machine's broken

Josh Marshall has a great column on why Bush is sinking

Canadians to Bush: Hope You Lose, Eh

Thomas Sowell: Special Interests (from

Another dirty little US war in Nepal?

USATODAY.op-ed by BBV makers:"Electronic voting is solution"

Wednesday's Steve Bell cartoon

Why Blair Hull will win IL senate primary.

Wow! WP's Richard Cohen Has Seen the Light!

"We were told there was intelligence we could not see"

Activism request - request Bush's (AWOL) records via FOI act...!

Dover to D.C. Memorial Procession: March 14th-15th

FOIA REQUEST -get Bush military records for local media @ no cost

here's a project you can help with re: the Holocaust . . .

today, in Virginia, 2 bills in committee hearings impacting Gays ...

UNCOVERED: the truth about the Iraq war, Q&A w/John Kiesling

Bush's Independent Commission Draws Foreign Critisism

CNN now......"AWOL..".

Whoopi Video Clip - Ashcroft

I Despise CNN's Bill Schneider

It appears Bush's AWOL "proof" is that one man does not remember what.....

Is there a paper trail of Bush AWOL? If not, nothing else matters. If

how many more stupid people will I have to deal with today

Phe's shared thought for 2/4/4;

15 states debate marriage

Anita Bryant's Anti-Gay Legacy

Mass. supreme court rules

Falun Gong to sue French government for 'harassment'

Mass. court says civil unions not enough for gay couples

Activists respond to Massachusetts high court opinion

gay marriage polls

First Gay Weddings In America May 20

Damn The Court Full Speed Ahead To An Amendment Mass. Gov Says

Wha is (was) it with white people...

Latest logical fallacy from the opponents of gay marriage

NEC unveils tiniest camera-phone

Sasol strikes oil in Gabon - Houston-based VAALCO Energy

The Secretary of Labor Is the Enemy of Labor

37-Year Veteran Senior Park Service Resigns Over Wilderness Policy

Whitetip Shark On Brink Of Extinction - Numbers Down 99% Since 1950s

Moby's Revenge - Sperm Whales Learn To Strip Fish From Hooks

It's safe to go in the water because...

Indian scientists begin aerosol count

Bush Budget Includes 265X Increase In SF Rent For Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

{San} Onofre's retired nuclear reactor won't be shipped

Upper Atmosphere Cooling & Contracting Rapidly - Poss. GHG Response

The Law of War in the War on Terror...

President calls for demilitarized zone - TW

Academics begin campaign to recall Taipei City mayor

Zim pro-democracy march broken up

Zim opposition MP dies after alleged torture

Pretoria jail warders 'have bizarre sex fascination'

Philippine presidential campaign off to a difficult start

GUNS IN THE NEWS--February 4, 2004

GHB - Prohibition and consequences

Locked message - NOT a candidate discussion!

Aw, Crud. A troll called me a troll for my hinting he was a troll

General Discussion: 2004 Primary status

The New DU Search Engine

Great job tonight

What rule was violated here?

Hey Mods

Are posts ever deleted by mistake?

Could I get my password changed?

is it just my imagination, or are there are lot fewer deleted posts?

Avatar requests from the Lounge: Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin

Is it just me, or are there an inordinate # of threads being locked?

re: my query on the locking and deletion of posts

Am I the only one who can't see Kerry avatars anymore?

are we under attack? 'forum is too busy' message

Holy shhhhh.....Elad!

2 questions...1. how do I change my avatar? 2. I have to refresh every

Wondering why my post was locked as the rule mentioned was not

Links Pages Down

May I violate a rule?

wow wow wow wow and many thanks.... re- posting error

While DU was down today I e-mailed asking what the problem

This has been alerted on and remains?

what's to be done about spelling/grammar errors in front-page articles

How Will I Know When My Star Is About To Expire?

Rule clarification

threads, threads, threads

Proposal on GD:04 - monthly timeouts instead of outright ban

This smilie is just TOO god. Can it be included in the lookup table?

Are things like this really worth LBN?

A total flamebait thread and I can't respond!

Why did 1a2b3c get tombstoned??

Why was my post shut down?

You know, if I post this in GD04 it'll get tromped

Officials to meet to prepare Sharon-Qureia summit

Chezi Goldberg Remembered For Devotion To Israel, Young People

Ma'ariv: Compensation package to the right

Second Gaza death to be investigated by Met

Kerry’s appeal to competing groups extends to Jewish and Arab voters

Yemen rejects Riyadh building of a wall on its borders

Bush budget strong on Israel,but spurs worry for the elderly

ICJ rejects request to drop Egyptian judge

From PLO Terrorist to Lover of Zion

Bush to 9/11 Families: 'Enough Already'

Will Bush stage the capture of Bin Laden before November's elections?

How is that for size?

Kerry to Attend Rally in Maine (Thursday)

voting your conscience...

Northern California benefit concert for Kucinich (North Bay)

Californians for Kucinich - today is deadline to file as a Delegate

Coattails: when should our nominee start attacking ALL repugs?

Bush enacted the law about "his" papers in 1997

What's that $2 per bottle wine called..

Cheney in Wonderland

Novak assault makes Wednesday's WP, with AmericanStranger

Southern Strategy

Is that Darryl Issa on CNN right now with Aaron Brown?

* dissed the military

"The President was not AWOL in 1972"


Senate 2004 Elections

Malaysian Peace Cola Targets To Sell 1.5 Million Cans

Can we start calling Bush "Marie Antoinette"??

Seattle Schools Levy Vote - Evidence of Voter Corruption?

Russert on Dennis Miller show:


Yucko....O'Really is on Carlson Daly's late-night show

More Evidence that Bush Is a "Dry Drunk"?

Is my Honorable Discharge now worthless?

Endgame for the president?

The 2004 Election has ALREADY been STOLEN!

which candidate best matches your views?

AOL Poll - Bush V Kerry

Man Lived With Dead Brother For 18 Months

This letter to the WP destroys AWOL Shrub...

I had this mental image of a Bush/Blair phone call.

Boston Globe Editorial: Endgame for Bush

Is it just me, or are there an inordinate # of threads being locked?

I have a question. Why do investigations on Bush* administration

Zell Miller on CPAN now.

More Drip? Where Really Was * In 1972??

Collision with comet may have hastened first plague epidemic

CSPAN Now: Barbara Lee on the proposed independent commission

Was Bush AWOL?

Protest At Your Own Risk (Very good article...)

Question about "educational" hacker organization

Zell Miller on c-span sprewing his hate for the Dem party

Wired News: Pentagon Kills LifeLog Project

Anybody else notice the more the GOP takes over the more ads for

Video project planned to expose media bias!

Just received this from the GOP......

Anybody have any reports on turn-out in yesterdays primaries?

Wag the dog.

Muslims Debate Forgiveness for Bombers

Bitches, Blounts and 40's

Whatever happened to Ashleigh Banfield?

Curt Weldon and his 30 min. meeting with Kadafi (sp) oil, oil, oil, oil,

Novak says "he hit me first!"

C-Span 2 AARP meeting

US AIDs doctors protest 400% rise in drug costs - Abbott Labs.

Clarence Swinney List of Bush Lies--close to 200

Anyone else have a bad feeling about this 'independent' investigation?

How many delegates are up for grabs in Michigan?

Aren't GWBs Scrubbed Military Records Incriminating In Themselves?

Interesting pattern in the deaths of US military in Iraq

Our google search for "Miserable Failure" has been preempted!

I'm officially a democrat now!!!

Forget AWOL Bush* - Investigate 9-11 and Bush* War Crimes

Oregon - newest third world member

What would I have to become if I became a Republican?

23,000 wounded and sick troops sent home

Daily press briefing is over a half hour late.. what gives?

Dean Super Delegates Holding Firm: Dean loyalists see hope ahead

CNN WEB MA high court rules same-sex couples entitled to MARRY!!!!!!!!

Why hasn't aviation "retired" the 9/11 flight numbers? puts ads about Perle in D.C. subways

Assault on Religious Freedom in the House now on C-Span

clarence swinney list of Bush --WAFFLES---

Coming-out day for conservatives

Bush to dump CHENEY for GIULIANI?

Caption this: Rummy's WMD puppet show

Important... any CSPAN watchers able to do realtime reporting on Highway B

CNN poll today

New York DUers: 9/11 Truth Event FRIDAY

Why do liberals support stem cells from fetuses but not executed criminals

Tenet to defend himself in speech...

Rep. Tauzin to become lobbyist for pharma corps??

Call to arms--Contact your candidates NOW!

George is talking about Churchill on CNN

OMG, just look at this freeper quote

About that Janet Jackson thing--

The "Pick a Partner" provision.. Time for the US to grow up

Washington Post story on Novak Assault

C-Span-3 3:00 p.m. Army budget review - Loretta Sanchez really went after

With the same intelligence reports CLINTON DID NOT GO TO WAR!

c-span3 Rep Sanchez vs Rumsfeld 3:05pm

Rich Lowry, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

Dems can preempt the impact OBL's "capture"; just say October

Do you think media criticism of Bush has increased because:

Bush/Rice 04 . . .

guess who breeds Ricin - Texas Tech Univ.

A different view on the MA supreme court decisions

Crawl on MSNBC...

Texas Pharmacist Denies Rape Victim Morning-After Pill

Forgiving Alex Deccio (WA Senate racial slur)

Polls show the David Kay admission has really registered.

Limbaugh's Latest Super Bowl Rant

Rush is saying Al Queda fears Bush.....

How strong is the public's association of Bush to the Republican Party?

"Communist" China???

W Is A Defective Product and Rove Is A Moron

Breaking News CNN! Sen. Frist on for the 19th time saying everyone is fine

If only we could hire a private investigator to.....

Question Regarding Republican Hairstyles.....

Washington State DUer's

A question for LIBERALS

I made the rightwing news! *lol*

Faux Morality.......

Quick! Listen to the Randi Rhoads show!

Who's Lying? --Seen this site?

Will Tenet's Speach Be A WhiteWash?

My Theory: Bush's Lost Weekends in Alabama

in his own defense: CIA chief prepares speech

Special Forces Marine says they got Laden early on in Afgan.

O, Brother! Where Art Thou?..(Bush brothers )

He's Off to War...Need Prayers and Good Energy

Senator Frist says Ricin scare was Karl Roves idea

Worse Than The AWOL


Scouts' pick as speaker is patriot and partisan--Ollie North

So I go looking for pix of bin laden, and I find THIS FBI site,

Randi Rhodes is raking * over the coals

WAKE UP College Dems! Counter College Republican "humor"

The Move On Advertisement

The important part of the AWOL story...

Catching Bin Laden wouldn't matter! Bush is still going down!

So, My CD ROM Drive Died Last Night - So I Called India

Are Democrats motivated or what?

ABC News lies for Bush

Romano house (Macaroni Grill) across from old Cheney digs leveled!

Need your input on CNN poll.

ER is the latest victim of Janet's boob

What's up with C-SPAN? Help, please.

Do you think John Kerry can beat George Bush in November? POLL!

And Now for Something Completely Different...

McAuliffe gives the AWOL story some juice...

"I've been to war. I've raised twins. If I had a choice,

A Little More Hopeful Today about Shrub Being Gone

young Peace Walker can use our help...

Just what is going on there!!??!!

Pseudo-Texansand Other Fake CowboysI Have Known

PLEASE - REC this Yahoo story RE WMD Intel Lies Big Time!

Will "finding" bin Ladin still help George&Co win the election?

Bush is actually comparing himself to Winston Churchill...(on CNN)

Reagan's failed economy = Dems fault

Rummy admits error under Ted Kennedy questioning, life is good...

Mass. Court makeup may really hurt Bush

"This is a terrorist attack on my life" First said this.

Despite lies, Americans seek truth.

An crime against nature...not to mention the donkey

Just heard B*sh to be on Meet the Press

Capitol Hill Blue columnist McTavish calls * a Deserter!

Murdoch made me do it.

If Bush was not a "no show" they would put out the evidence in 2000!

Veterans Angry Over Kid Rock Flag Flap

WP: Richard Cohen's MEA CULPA!

Rush "pillpopping" Limbaugh

Rummy's being grilled on C-SPAN now

I wrote this; comments welcome:

Rummy is grasping at straws - when will they stop lying?

AARP and the Medicare bill

Oregon votes against tax increase

Senate Armed Services Committee Transcripts

Suppose we win this election, but do not take back the Senate...

Do people here honestly believe that things are going against the asshole-

Amazing Interview with two US soldiers home on leave from Iraq

Could suddenly 'finding' Osama Save Bush's Ass?

Republicans--the real national party no more

"It's Over" Hannity Caller Says.

Think * will choose Powell as a running mate?

Bernie Sanders blasts Bush Budget

Did anybody else see this about Tenet?

How many we lose per month in Iraq

Are they going after Martha Stweart because she's a Dem?

Who here protested Selection 2000?

What do they have on Tenet that he is willing to take a dive?

Please Help Me Regarding GW Bush's 1978 Congressional Race

The once great "Liberal" Salon has become a Joke!

Mass. supreme court decision could be VERY bad

BBV: Numbers don't add up in NH

Voting at the mall???

Limbaugh: "Bin Laden will be found before the election."

The AWOL Tar Baby: When Will Bush Step Front and Center?

The 'C'-Word: One of Television's Last Taboos

Should the law be changed because of Rush?

Erm... am I Lihop or Mihop????

Well I received my final unemployment check today....

new video - Faux newsmen! Prancing Chimps! Patriotic Phallic symbols!

Why do republicans find abortion wrong and the death penalty great?

4 Ex-Surgeons General Push Higher Cigarette Tax

Ohio House Approves Defense Of Marriage Act

Record Migrants Detained in Puerto Rico

Halliburton Subsidiary Wins U.K. Contract

6 charged in dumping of oil-tainted wheat in South China Sea

Tauzin resigns as panel chairman

White House denounces Democrats for questioning Bush military record

US plans to cut troops in Europe by a third

Companies make lots of pink-slip plans in January

Seek death penalty in immigrant case, Brady tells Ashcroft

Pakistan's nuclear father denies admitting leaks: opposition

Business as usual for CIA's Tenet

Subaru workers face layoffs

White House Rolls Out New Medicare Ads

Lord Butler: the man who will investigate (WMD enquiry: britain)

Canadian judge hailed in U.K. for defying Blair - Globe and Mail

Anti war protestors interrupt MPs' debate into the Hutton report

Iraqi Insurgency Is as Lethal as Ever Since Hussein's Capture

Korean men admit alien smuggling | Spokane Spokesman-Review

Blue Ridge Paper plans to eliminate 100 jobs

Shriver to Quit Job at NBC News | LA Times

Experts Worry Terrorists Have Nuke Plans

Boeing To Eliminate 300 Jobs (San Antonio)

Free speech at issue as appeals panel hears WTO lawsuit | Seattle P-I

Power surge explodes 'superloo'

YES! Bob Novak may have to answer to an assault charge!

Intelligence chief's bombshell: 'We were overruled on dossier'

Az Governor Napolitano demands answers after prison ordeal

Former UT Gov Leavitt mum on MATRIX involvement | SL Tribune

Rumsfeld: WMD May Still Be Found in Iraq

Pr. William Orders End to Lambs' Slaughter

PM's firm got more than $161 million (Cdn Politics) - Globe and Mail

Pardon for scientist who sold atom bomb secrets

State (MT) education official pans Darby's origins decision (Creationism)

Drudge: In His Own Defense: CIA Chief Prepares Speech

Post-politics Chretien embraces oilpatch | National Post

Mass. High Court Rules for Gay Marriage

U.S. services booming but jobs still not plentiful

Doubts raised over Pakistani `confession'

Gay-marriage ban goes to Taft | Cincinnati Enquirer

Prior U.S. Letdowns Worry Iraq Kurds

(Maine) Governor injured in car accident

Church slams new terror laws in Africa - US Pressure

Carlson won't run in 8th District (Dunn's seat) | Seattle P-I

Taunt! Push! Shove! Quote! Counterquote! (CNN Bob Novak Assault)

Palm Beach County avoids lawsuit, will buy printers for voting machines

Sprint To Outsource Jobs To IBM (At Least 1,600 Jobs Eliminated)

Judge in Wisconsin orders removal of Ten Commandments monument in public p

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 4 February (#1)

Conservative Party shuts Spencer out (homophobe Cdn MP) Globe and Mail

Dog rape attempt goes astray

McAuliffe gives the AWOL story some juice...

Another dirty little US war in Nepal?

Witness: Martha Ordered Stock Sale

Surgery for two-headed baby


Attorney general clears Prairie View A&M students to vote

Bush Backs More Time for 9/11 Panel Report (AP dupe of Reuters)

Utah House wants America out of U.N.

Weider Launches 'Armchair General' War Magazine (Puke Alert!)

Insurgent Iraqis Vow to Take Over Cities

Study says shark gone from Gulf | Houston Chronicle

Insurgent Group Claims Iraq Bombings (in Irbil)

Bush meets with elite GOP donors

Report: Janet won't take part in tribute

Cries of bias mount as Cowboys denied Hall pass | Dallas Morning News

Ricin scare pushes down US dollar

Vietnamese file first Agent Orange suit

U.S. Opens Door to Possibly Delaying Iraq Handover

History's (Channel) treatment of LBJ attacked (JFK assasination)

In About Face, Bush to Extend 9/11 Panel Deadline

Protesters delay debate on Hutton Report | CBC

U.S. Troops Arrest Relative of Al-Douri

Democrat: Medicare Cost Numbers Held Back

British officers knew on eve of war that Iraq had no WMDs

An election forecast: We’ll get bin Laden-Sen. Grassley sees terrorist nab

Scouts' pick as speaker is patriot and partisan (Ollie North!)

US apologises for killing Iraqi child; FBI tracks terror groups

V Voice: A Bush Covert Operative Takes Over Al Sharpton's Campaign

Proposed tax increase in Oregon goes down to overwhelming defeat _ again

Ceramics sold in South Florida are human skulls, doctor says

CIA chief to correct 'misperceptions' on Iraq WMD

Rumsfeld: WMD May Still Be Found in Iraq

Ridge: Attack Possibly Averted Recently

Blair admits he misunderstood "45-minute" claim in Iraq dossier

Intelligence chief's bombshell: 'We WERE overruled on Blair dossier'

(CNN) Mass high court rules only full gay marriage rights will meet

Israel knew Iraq had no WMD, says MP

Europe aiming to put astronauts on Mars

2nd grader suspended for using the word 'hell'

Cubans Sail to Florida in 1959 Buick

Energy Bill Dropped; Budget Concerns Cited

Expert Panel Sees More U.S. Mad Cow

Urgent Bird Flu Summit in Rome

Koppel and Trump

Bertha! I had no idea your two babies were so famous!

Ladies & Gentlemen have you ever had your heart broken?

Time for tummies!!

Janet Jackson Breaks 9.11's One Day Search Record On Lycos

Do the munster match

I just wrote two really bad essays, ask me anything

So I broke up with my girlfriend

The Bush shootout game

use your head AND your vote...

Has anyone seen the movie "Way Past Cool"?


I am so confused about the Janet Jackson revealing...

seeing shadows

Very Funny Video - Beer Commercial

What's that $2 per bottle wine called..

Waylon? Paging Mr. Waylon...

It Was Forty Years Ago Today (almost)

Hi! I hope everyone has a good day today.

Man Lived With Dead Brother For 18 Months

When DU is loading slow, do you:

Let's play the Oxymoron game.....I will start

This is my lucky day!

Evilduer chat?? I can't be the only frustrated one here

Whatever happened to the Valerie Plame investigation?

EBay Banns Cyber Girlfriend Auctions

what is the longest amount of time you've gone without waking?

Contract Killings On The Rise In Australia - Price Is Pretty CHEAP Too

If a co-worker has a Bushisms calendar at his desk

Is it annoying when people ask themselves questions just to answer?

I have one of the nicest women for a coworker.

Cat Feces Fumes Poison Vet

So are we living in a police state yet?

Some alternative fun.. (something to do when you cannot DU)

For all you pissed of Miami Dolphin fans!

Lets here it for The Screaming Eagles (101st Airborne)

Power surge explodes 'superloo'

A co-worker drives me absolutely nuts! Nuts, I tell ya!

Did anyone else get this error message

Hey! Who's down with Portishead, Morcheeba and Zero7?

Is DU acting strange for you, too?

'Child's Pay' just aired on CNN........

Coincidence or not?? (Cat Feces and Rush)

DU needs a Buster Keaton avatar!

Man Marries Dog For Luck - Then Dies

coolwebsearch= NASTY NASTY NASTY spyware here's how to kill it

Horrible personal ads thread...

The Whacky Ghostwriter of all CAPTIONS!!

Do you use taxes to do your software?

Well, K.M. is delivering Sebastian Cattbutt ashes this evening

Well...uh yeah....well there are always the CAPTIONs

CAPTION NEWS-Seriously I have some bad news

What is the longest amount of time you've gone without sleep?

3 days later how would you describe this photo (honestly)

Hizzoner, Mayor Menino regarding Sunday night riots

Need advice on dispute over hockey tickets

I'm running a vacuum test on my still, ask me anything.

How does one post a topic and make sure Skinner doesn't see it?

Looking for a photoshop of Janet Jackson and Bush called "Two Boobs"

Capitalism hates me

Help! Anyone have any great Democratic graphics?

Anyone live in or near Oxnard/Ventura County CA?

Men See Beer As Depression Buster

here's a project you can help with re: the Holocaust . . .

Would You Recommend Your Auto Insurance Company?

Anyone active in the gay community and politics?

Great pic of Dean in the NYT

Janet Jackson Super Bowl Dress for sale on E-Bay.

Atlanta has been invaded

The cost of the Iraqi war

Uh-oh... yet ANOTHER timewaster...

DU Men and Women.............Do ladies talk too much?

The President of Spain is a funny looking guy...

The single most expensive bottle of wine you've had...

Screw the Groundhog...Summer starts in 10 days

Filthy nasty little democrats try to steal My Preciousssss!

What's Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) Up To?

I just got a wrong # asking for "Hope"

A while ago, I extolled the virtues of all-day lipstick. Oddly, I have

Wasn't there an Incubus(the band) thread in here a while ago?

Best prescription for a fever

Pure vanity: new sig photo too heavy?

I hate Got any ideas for a good, decent

DU IS DOOMED!!! DU admins recruited into the M.A.T.C.O.M Hijackers gang $3.95/mo hosting? opinions? any good cheap hosts

80s question: Which would you prefer?

A Friends Prayer

Campaign Season -- Help with a Playlist

My new landlord is a jerk

This land was made for you and me by Woody Guthrie

Bush-lovin' pals got ya down? Give 'em a cheer!

"Say 'Ello to my leetle friend" - everyone please greet New DU member Sus

Why is there no Plaid Adder column today?

This picture makes me understand why everyone is upset about the boob.

It's been 20+ years and now I'm getting into The Cure...

Me On The Super Bowl Halftime Show, from the Column That Wasn't

The Cuban "Buick-boat" guys were the Chevy truck guys in July (pics)

*Lets out a huge scream!*

A Houston tee-shirt:

In your opinion the most annoying sitcom character of all time. For me

Earl holds auction at family estate & leads Wildcats to narrow victory

It became official this morning: Tony is Brody's 'human'.

Question, How do you post pictures on DU?

New on video: "Skinner gone wild!!!"

OK I have to ask (kid rock???)

Skinner Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Ma ha! I like this FARK photoshop picture

Don't Forget the New Skinner "Chia Pet"

If Bush was a girl...


Uncle says underpants ...not Karabo's

Surgery for two-headed baby

Underpants!!! Underpants!!! Underpants!!!

I think the new neighbors may be Freepers...

SciFi Channel: Galactica Options Picked Up but no official green light

can anyone recommend a Trek PBEM ? (play by email

Senator Frist says Ricin scare was Karl Roves idea

Chill out in the submarine....verrrry cool

Thank you Auntie Pinko

Why all the posts on Skinner?

new oxyrush advertiser Brandsmart

Caption this fishy Dean pic

Caption Rumsferatu "Doin' The Tut"...

Msgr. Niebrugge is recovering! Thank you, DU!

Skinner to drive Childress car at Daytona

Skinner sentenced to 45 years

Question Regarding Republican Hairstyles.....

Googlies and no-balls:Pak prepares for India

Let's Hear it for Screaming Eagle...

Dumb question time--how do I send an e-mail using the DU system.

Report: Janet won't take part in tribute

Furniture question: old table top crack, Scott's Liquid Gold bad or good?

Skinner to grace S. Dakota Monument

Governor says he's willing to help in SoCal grocery dispute

Apple must concentrate on Microsoft customers

I will soon be your resident expert on No Child Left Behind

ER is the latest victim of Janet's boob

I am about to bust a gut, this is so much fun.

The Hell with Janet Jackson, What's Going to Happen to Kid Rock?


Should I Go To Law School?

How does one post a topic and get the honor of Skinner responding?

I have 196 SpyWare and AdWare parasites on my computer right now!

I'm out of the 700 Club!

Yo, NightTrain! Only 45 more days till the big weekend!

Wiffle Ball time!

Need a good laugh?

My birthday's saturday? What should I do?

CAPTION the symbol of US intelligence:

CAPTION the chinese hand ball world champion.

Isn't it awful about the girl that was abducted and caught on camera?

Come to think of it, are you guys SURE there are nekid pics of Blair on

What Was The Most Offensive Part of The Super Bowl Halftime Show?

A - W - O - L ?

The buggie yicky tum-tum of all CAPTIONs!!

For $3 Million, YOU Can Own The Rocky Balboa Statue!

Pictures guaranteed to melt the coldest of hearts.

The Official "Nobody Under 21 Allowed" Thread

Patrick Stewart: X3 due in '05, "I think Star Trek is over,"

And now, the most annoying character on a TV drama. Mine is


Miami Restaurant Suggestions Anyone?!

The one-liner thread... I'll go first:

I think my life lies on a different path in another country (need advice)

Deep philosophical question:

You gotta see this whacked-out family...

Has anyone sold a house lately? Advice needed!

Creationists - a rant

What is ya?

Any Trophies or Awards On Display In Your Home?

The adventures of Bush and Rove

In your opinion the COOLEST TV character of all time. For me it is...

Sports results you will never get over

Have You Ever Been The Lucky "Caller-Number-Seven"...

What would be the coolest on DU?

Post what you look like!

Clark Supporters...when a candidates supporters post

LOL! Wolfie can't bringhimself to call OK. Judy breaks it to him easy.

Clark is on CNN with Grandpa! n/t

49% of those polled would vote for Edwards...

Any new (as in the last 2 weeks) Polls for Next Week?

Clark supporters you have to see this picture!

Turnout Numbers? OK seemed extremely high...

Who caught Woody saying that she didn't hear Clark say he was

GOP Primary Results?

No matter what, it's a good night to be a Democrat

really like Dean, really like Edwards, don't like Kerry

Delegate totals as of Feb 3 eve

If Clark wins Tennessee and Edwards wins VA next Tuesday ??

GOOD GOD, now discussing botox on CNN.

Tuesday Was A Good Day. Bush Lite Droped Out.

Who will win Hawaii?

Who is this guy Craig Crawford on MSNBC???

Joe, please run for governor

I have a hard time staying positive about Edwards

If anyone should be angry that the media is ignoring them

How much of a bounce will Edwards and Clark receive?

Dean / Clark / Kucinich Unity Thread !

Should Kerry drop the "Bring it on" line?

Unprecidented turnout for all primaries, record turnout in most or all

Ok DUers in Michigan and Washington; we're on for Saturday Feb 7.

Are some states still winner-take-all for delegates?

Out of the candidates still running who would the GOP want for President?

Clark Supporters......

Edwards on Letterman tomorrow night

SC DUers: Kerry beat Edwards in ~6 SC counties - why?

Clark coming up on MSNBC with Tweety

Great Picture for Clark Supporters

If [insert candidate]gets the nomination and loses the general election...

When will we know about the VP?

Clark wins Oklahoma: Second in Three States

Was Clark spun from this news cycle?

With a Heavy Heart, I turn from Dean, to Clark.

Delegates Won in Each State by Candidates- JK-119, JE - 61, WC -44, HD -7

If Dean never did his I have a scream speech...

Where do we find the turnout #s? Gotta be some serious record turnouts.

Final tally summation? Can I get one?

Great Clark slide show here. Enjoy!

Here's MY bottom line on shrub's NG service & AWOL

Why do pundits have jobs?

Clark Supporters: Strategize!

Kerry Wins 5 States; Clark Wins Oklahoma/AP

DU a different world than the rest of the country?

Clark Supporters Fight Back vs. CNN Travesty

CNN homepage is kind of misleading right now

Who will pick up the Lieberman supporters?


Who is really the Bush supporter?

Will TN & VA determine fates of Clark & Edwards?

Who will win Alaska?

Senate 2004 Elections

Kucinich on Kilborne (CBS) NOW

For Dean supporters - looking ahead......

Clark Relishes Primary Victory in Okla.

"Daily Show" needs attitude adjustment

OK, that's 10% of the delegates down. 90% to go.

Clark being interviewed by Obermann on MSNBC

Will Lieberman endorse?

How important is the aftertaste of 2000 in your experience of 2004?

Mainstream media: conservative or just bandwagon jumpers?

Howard Dean is taking off in which state?


International Press Review of Clark coverage, lalala...

Tucker Carlson Kerry is

What Are John Edwards' Chances Of Winning The Nomination?

What Are Wes Clark's Chances Of Winning The Nomination?

What Are Howard Dean's Chances Of Winning The Nomination?

Transcriptd for Clark's Larry King appearance, acceptance speech

Clark on Tweety - anyone see it?

More evidence of media hatchet job on Dean?

Your images of the day...

What Are John Kerry's Chances Of Winning The Nomination?

Look at the home page for Clark. Savor, enjoy. :)

Dean 'superdelegates' holding firm (link)

But where does he go from here?

call to action!

Anybody just see Tucker Carlson on CNN (re: Clark)?

John Kerry Is Not The Only Candidate In The Race To Have Saved A

I am still holding out hope for Dean

Paula Zahn on CNN Weds to discuss Bush/Kerry military records

Saletan: "Joebituary"

Kerry - PAC, Lobbyist Release

reckon anyone will ask Kerry about Skull and Bones?

Bush team defends his military service/AP

I Called Out an Infiltrator Within the Kerry Campaign Tonight

So Lieberman bows out.

CSPAN 7:30 EST - Roy Neel is on NOW

Are There Any Kerry Volunteers in California Here? Please PM Me!

How will Zell Miller delegate for Demos? Look at CSPAN1, he's on

Media, Far More than Mouthpiece, but Corporate Tool

Who will apolitical airheads vote for in November?

Arab American News endorses Clark?

Brief analysis of Clark's situation

Why did Clark perform so poorly in MO?

Who here protested Selection 2000?

Kerry supporters might wanna see this

Now I love the Entire CLARK family

What happens to Lieberman's delegates?

Der Faderland News convinces me for Kerry - WA State Caucus

Damn! I wish I had bought some Kerry stock when it was 2 cents!

Roy Moore running for President?

How did Sharpton earn a Delaware delegate?

ADD....a valuable insight....

Now that Lieberman has dropped out can you be "ABB"

What would you do if Kerry got the nomination?

Washington Gears Up for Caucus and John Kerry...

Think * will choose Powell as a running mate?

NBC's Russert "Exit polls show Dems are united" Interesting

OMG. CNN reports that Kerry actually speaks French.

Kerry and the RNC's Ed Gillespie- "one degree of separation"

All the pundits on CNN are talking about Kerry/Clark/Edwards in same

Turnout totals?

What's More Important To You In 2004

Kerry margin of victory in NH may be due to electronic vote counting

Bush's minions defend his military service

Anyone else see Clark thoroughly ignored on Nightline?

Q. Why are Kerry & Edwards doing so well? A. It's their first name.

I Am Not Ashamed To Support John Kerry

Kerry in Lead on Delegate Tallies for Nomination

Lessons for Dean from North Dakota

Im going to support Kerry

Electorally Speaking...Harold Ford

Tell me that it's not so (Dean as possible 3rd Party Candidate)

Is Zell Miller still going to be a superdelegate?

My $300 dollar quandary

Just received this from the GOP (moved from General)

Energized Clark Questions Policy Changes

SC Republicans worry Bush may lose South carolina

Here we go: An election forecast - "We’ll get bin Laden"

Clark is Jackson TN bound for a 2 day tour

A Clark article!

The Scarlet "L": How Will Kerry Deal With the Liberal Label?

Will the Mass. supreme court decision hurt Kerry if he gets the nom?

Medical Marijuana

Individual donor profiles - including Q4 2003

Which candidate would fare best if we don't win back the House or Senate?

Karl Rove should be scared of our turnout

Clark on Hardball last night: Who saw it?

New delegate totals

Clark supporter asks Dean & Kucinich supporters:

Take this great "Presidential Match"

New fundraiser train on

Wisconsin to show how Dem state rates Dems

Kerry will be portrayed as a semi-communist in general election

Dean Campaign Spent $7,000 on Chocolates

If Kerry is the nominee The World will End!

How many people here have given $2000 to their candidate ?

Will we be able to challenge bush on the war?

What's your favorite ticket?

Tell me why I shouldn't be disappointed Kerry is winning.

Is Gov. Gary Locke a good VP choice?

Dean Supporters -- URGENT

Sharpton came in 6th in Delaware, yet gets 1 delegate

Was anyone else irked by the continuous yammering about "the black vote?"

Edwards in Oklahoma, the comeback kid? Clark = Tsongas

New Hampshire Leads, the Nation Follows - In Election Reform Controversies

So Kerry is the nominee (foregone conclusion)

Tuesday visual recap (Kerry and THEN Clark) by the numbers

Kerry/Graham- that's the ticket...?

Some random observations

Please give Sen. John Edwards a 'second look'.

Kerry to Continue Fighting Bush Cuts to Native American Small Businesses

Not Judgement Day--Yet! Dean could gain extra time......Salon..

Survey U.S.A. Poll - California

Dems should push on AWOL issue in primaries

Democrats Fight to Be Alternative to Kerry

Kucinich is on Larry King-Go watch

Al Sharpton a real preacher? Good candidate?

McAullife on CNN re:turnout for Feb 3 primaries/caucuses

McAuliffe coming up on Inside Politics...

Dean's Ballot-Box Conspiracy Theory

Who will Bill Clinton endorse?

I'm looking for an up to date Tennessee Poll

* is comparing himself

I nominate this song to be the "official" 2004 Dem Party election song!

Is this why Bush wants Dean???


Would Sen. Kerry be a good VP for Sen. Edwards?

A general question on Kerry and vouchers

MA vacancy laws

Bush Meets With Elite Republican High Rollers - Pickles begging too

Conason: Kerry's record should scare Bush

Why are Sharpton and Kucinich still in the race?

Why are Kerry and Edwards doing so well?

Why turnout yesterday is a HUGE sign.

Duplicate post. Please lock

Clark Supporters Please flood Paula Zahn with emails she is

On another non-political message board I go to talking Kerry...

High Noon:Wisconsin-February 17????

Energized Clark Rips Rivals in TN

Fight on!

PA Dean supporters check in please

FOX labeled CLARK as an (I)ndependent last night

Why does the media seem to want Kerry so badly?

Is it possible that Gore could be made to look like an EVEN BIGGER doofus?

Anyone know when the next debate is scheduled?

Dean, Kucinich campaign in Washington in wake of Kerry victories


Clark spokesperson on Crossfire...

N.H. Among Few Using Paper in Vote Records

Democratic Candidates Visit Va. Before Primary

Observations from OK exit survey re: Clark & Edwards

When is the next televised Dem Primary debate?

My take on Clark in Tenesee and Dean in Washington state...

Of the states that have held primaries so far, only three were Dem

Edwards campaign in Michigan

Kerry & Michigan: What's the Deal?

Exit Polls Spot Vulnerabilities in Kerry's Show of Strength

Where Does Kerry Stand on Continuing Military Ops in Iraq??

Anyone here see Kerry last night in Seattle?

Oklahoma County Results

Botox lessons

Kerry and Dean were Both past NAFTA supporters

My prediction: Kerry-Edwards. And I am glad.

Kerry Challenged NEO CON John Bolton (Kerry is NOT the PNAC choice)

Democrats and Electoral Integrity

DU: I love your site but get rid of the DU Lounge. Focus: Politics.

Letter to Hardball--We take this election seriously

Edwards launches Virginia campaign in Norfolk

To CNN ignoramuses: A primary is about winning delegates not votes

Dean Super Delegates Holding Firm: Warn of a Rush To Rally Around the FR

Is the Voting block that is seeking outsider reform being ...

The right-wingers all said they wanted to face Dean in November...

Four Democratic candidates to speak at J J Day dinner in Richmond Va.

Clark Picks Tennessee as Battleground Against Kerry

Edwards and Kerry

Kerry Gets Teachers' Union Endorsement - 1.3 million members

Former Virginia Gov. Baliles endorses John Kerry

Nader on NPR, it's "Liberals" practicing "Censorship" to ask him not to

Newt Gingrich sought outsider reform too.

Kerry's campaign

Is Edwards the ideal ticket after all?

We really don't need the South to win

AP on Kerry :"textbook case of the special interest politicking"

The Kerry Amendment To NAFTA

Clark just raised $50,000 in two hours!

What the RNC says about Clark

Clark Supporters Check in please,

I Declare War on this Forum!!!

Should we give up on Clark?

Young voters' interest fizzles

This is what we are up against.

The Media is Backing Kerry.....and Edwards......

is Clark declared winner in Oklahoma ?

The DNC should pay to validate the votes in NH and NM

Was Kerry the only one to hit all 7 states in the 7 days?

If Kerry is president - RFK, Jr. as head of the EPA?

I would like to thank Fox news, Brit Hume and Peter Jennings

What will the 2004 "October Surprise" be?

"George Bush and John Kerry:Blood Brothers"?

Edwards Exults in South Carolina Win

"AWOL" cries by the Dems are helping Bush, reports NPR

Why Did Edwards Do So Poorly in the Southwest Last Night?

For non-Kerry Supporters: Say something good about Kerry

CNN Running With AWOL Story? ? Kerry V Bush Military Records on Paula Zhan

Of the 3 major candidates--who can beat Bush?

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