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Archives: February 5, 2004

U.S. Rep. Ed Case says Democrats need to run a moderate (yea, right)

Guard, Reserve activations to continue another year

Axis of Evil...

Blumenthal: There Was No Failure of Intelligence


Salon: Bush*s Missing Year

"...we are so beautifully, deeply screwed." Morford on Boobgate

The Mustachioed Bigot comments on boobgate. activism - Censure Bush email, please help

Demilitarize the police

BBV: Press Conference Thursday Feb 5th regarding Internet Voting

who wants BUZZFLASH, DU, COMMONDREAMS, scrolling headlines in a popup?

Watching Dole on the Daily Show Right Now

Is the AP's John Solomon a mediawhore,or just a friend of AIG's Greenberg?

Astrologers what does Sunday look like for B*sh

Carbondale, Illinois says NO to parts of the Patriot Act

How to fix the budget--by Ben Cohen

Good series over at

The paint that ate smog

Firearms Mortality on the Decrease

Humanitarian Idea for DU

Is it open season on Joesph Lieberman on DU?

Palestinians Accuse U.S. of Blackmail in Bomber Hunt

Just to clarify for all Edwards hecklers...

Shame on me - help me with the IL senate primary

AWOL is all part of a lifelong pattern of lies and special privilege

Do you ever feel like sanity is slipping away?

Zell Miller slipped and called Bush "President Mush" on CSPAN


I think Tweety senses Bush is in trouble

Read Thomas Paine

OK, I have been with DU for almost a year now.

DU this poll!

If GWB loses in November, will they run Jebbie in 2008?

Black Caucus on C-Span 1

Bush and Blair nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

look for AWOL Bush to be on the monologue on late night talk shows

Alterman: A Kerry Cabinet

Here's the RNC memo on dissing National Guard

the "SACRED institution of Marriage"

Get over it, Bush was poultry!

Bush on "Meet the Press," Sunday. Maybe we



Gay Marriage: McClellan Says That The White House Is Opposed...

AWOL right now on CNN!

Use this form letter to request Bush's PAY RECORDS! DU it!

Amber Alert! Bush missing for a year in the 70's

9/11 Myths

Hannity's Head is Exploding!

New Hannity book?

If you had the chance, which one question would you ask Bush*?

Editorial in my local paper, and my response to them.

Bumper stickers seen today

voting overseas...

email Ralph Nader not to run in 2004

OMG, James Webb - Secretary of the Navy under Regan...

Hannity forum can't get over the Clenis

The Official Hump Day Mike Malloy Thread

John Stewart: Joever!

What Democrats in the Senate Allowed this to Happen?

Replay of Rummy on C-span Now

The new voter kids are all like getting bored, yunno

So everyone is saying the time is now

"This information comes from a source known to fabricate in the past."

So who holds the bleep button for the Grammys?

Carnigie endowment's report on Iraq & WMD clip posted at RW facility

"Business without Borders - Next Step?"

Plato's "Allegory of the Cave"

Ted Kennedy is grilling Rummy on CSpan now

if one looks at the document

Just heard bush* will be only guest on Meet the Press this Sun.!!

Is the Iraq invasion making unemployment look better?

Hannity's site has usurped my fave Bible verse! *grrr*

BBV: Press Conference Thursday Feb 5th regarding Internet Voting

Rummy WMD replay is on CSPAN now....(et) don't know how long its been on.

The saddest page on the Net, imo

Bill Clinton and Iraq

Bob Dole on Dailey regarding AWOL

I have a commercial idea and I want others to do it!

My mother said for the FIRST time ever that she is doubting *!!

CAUTION: Major Propoganda Offensive Alert

Bush's Pay Records During AWOL?

Harry Belafonte on the Tavis Smiley Show on PBS Wednesday

Time to ask Powell to resign Again!

TV Alert: Bob Dole on the Daily Show

Are You Ready For The Fight?

Must See flash video on bush lies about Iraq!

UK Intelligence Chief's Bombshell: 'We Were Overruled on Dossier'

60 Minutes II didn't call Powell a liar just now.

There's a sea change happenin' in the US of A

The man who briefed Bush on Aug 6, 2001 has a book coming out

Aaron Brown to have the AWOL story on this hour...

Tell me what Watergate was like. Indulge me.

I missed my chance to see David Frum.

Tom Daschle's wife is a lobbyist for Boeing.

Would you change jobs to make a dollar a week more?

Josh Marshall chucks one with the fuse lit:

Where would you stand if the Pro-Lifers were ACTUALLY pro-life?

Bob Dole on Daily Show...

Daniel James scrubbed *'s records, made Commander of US Air Natl Guard!

What can be done about the Faux problem?

do you support legaliztion of same sex marriage? CNN poll

I'm stepping over dead bodies in battlefield of Du...and wonder who's left

Should * be arrested as soon as he leaves the White House?

Did anybody consider that in May 1972, when Bush went AWOL....

Another Halliburton Probe

Across Europe, an Outcry Over Paying for College

Alleged kidnapper in custody . . .

Roll Call: House Ethics Committee Investigating Smith Bribery Allegations

Great stuff about Bush on CNN now and his AWOL status!!

US may delay Iraq power handover

N Korea demands compensation from US

Ashcroft Urges Asia Help in Terror Fight

Revealed: The Nationalities of Guantanamo

Breaking: Suspect caught in kidnapping

Peru Police Probe Possible Human Sacrifice

AP Exclusive: Kerry Blocked Law, Drew Cash

District Wants to Give Bible Study Fliers to Students

'Taliban will never cooperate with Afghan govt’

Justice Looks Into Halliburton in Nigeria

G.O.P. Revives Line of Attack Against Kerry

WP: Rising Anti-Bush* Sentiment Driving Democrats to Polls

Scalia was Cheney hunt trip guest; ethics concern raised

Blumenthal: There was no failure of intelligence

Media Firm Does Ads for Bush AND Medicare

Breaking: Bush on Meet The Press This Sunday!!!!

B-52s deploying to Guam: US Air Force

Thanks for your outpourings of support, DU



Please, does anyone have the link to Lucy Lawless singing the

Scene's you'd like to see



Stupid Tech question: The dog ate the power cord to the lap top..

so you have Treo and you love it

Test posting. Feel free to disregard.

repubs calling gw "dubya"

Bush and Saddam.....Caption

Subtext Showdown! Let's pick a new one

Right now on The Travel Channel

Should I go to carpentry school? (Not the usual SA thread...)

Do we have a nickname for Cal Thomas?

George W. Bush - Top ten excuses for going AWOL

Bigger glutton for punishment - Democrat or Lions Fan?

I've heard it all now...The Miracle of the Dolls (Jan from TBN Ministries)

I saw a really good commercial on CNN this morning.

OK, I have been with DU for almost a year now.

Confession: Okay. Now get this. I was raised a Fundy. No Shit.

It looks like my CAT scan was clear.

Strawberry ice cream?

Guess what I did at work today? JACK SHIT!

Microsoft Excel - Pivot Tables

A question about boobgate.

The official "Noboby OVER 21" (except Mods and Admins) Thread!

Anyone near Pendleton, Kannoe Bay, HI, Tustin or El Toro MCAS

DU chat tonight anyone?

I stole a condom machine from highschool once...

Update on the Cat I found in the desert

This space intentionally left blank

Lakers vs Cavaliers game thread

Things to Say When You Didn't Hear What Somebody Said

My county Dem meet-up...very disappointing.

Caption the poor fish (or Dean, if you want)

Question for anyone who is 30 years old, +/- a year or two

Wisconsin Clark Supporters,

Preparation H to use Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" classic

The sports Cat....NFL Kitty

psst...hey buddy wanna buy a DS1

I'm getting so excited

Bush and Bush together

How do you extinguish anger when dealing with fundy Repub relatives?

who wants BUZZFLASH, DU, COMMONDREAMS, scrolling headlines in a popup?

"Daddy was a cop"

I have changed my sigpic to honor Janets boob and all boobs really

How many pages in the Lounge do you look at each day?

As a heterosexual male, am I wrong in saying

"Look out, Momma,"

I need to flush out my eyes with 18 M Sodium Hydroxide right now!

psst! Hey pal! Wanna buy an F-18?

It is pouring and hailing here

Check in if you are drinking a Mickey's right now...

Newer Canadian Duers' check in

MPT drinking game for Sunday?


Seattle DU'ers....Anyone got a lead on a job?

The official "Crossing the border to Canada" thread legal age is 18

Crazy questions and thoughts............join in everyone

Give 'em a caption!

Embarrassing admission: Today, I'm officially a Democrat!

I survived my surgery!

I just watched "Shelter Dogs" on HBO - someone pass me a tissue

I'm possessed! Two sorry songs of the mid-60s are driving me insane!

Any swimmers/former swimmers hanging 'round?

Fundie Christianity and the NFL: Kurt Warner (Rams)

Got a few looks on the way to work. Got a LOT MORE on the way home.

Someone just asked me who we got our independence from: England or Spain.

I just got a call from a guy at TGI Fridays...

Baby born with second head to get surgery

best cat-toy...ever-

I Gotta Buy a Laptop. Any Suggestions?

The Daily Show's Newest TV Ad about the Primary!

Democrats work to line up support at Maine caucuses

I would like to thank Joe Lieberman for participating in this

Kerry beats Bush in Mich. 51-46, Edwards trails Bush by just 49-46

"You can't dis us in the winter, and expect to kiss us in the fall"

Edwards on Letterman tonight

Who will Clinton support? . . .

Kucinich campaign losing touch with political reality

Who has the best polling in the 2004 Dem primary? DailyKos says Zogby

ABB just made the Keith Olbermann Show

Kerry's Experiences In Skull & Bones

Clark wins OK with 38% of delegates!

Clark: contender, Kerry spoiler or Edwards spoiler?

Deleted message

Sorry from right wing publication did not know I self deleted!

threads that link to hatchet pieces citing anonymous sources should be

Guys, i'm sick of all this crying about the media...

Edwards considered dropping acid Tuesday.

CNN is teeing off on the AWOL issue

Is this a Kerry, Clark, Edwards race?

Do we have any Washington state caucus polls?

Why did Clark do so poorly in South Carolina?

Kerry Predicts Ali-Style That Bush Goes Down In The 2nd


If Clark beats Edwards in TN, where would that leave the race?

To All Clark Supporters

Now I know what it was like to be a Dean supporter

This might be DUicide but EDWARDS CAN'T WIN.

CBS News: idiotic story about Kerry and gay marriage

Do you think that many candidates falsify their position on gay marriage?

What happens when Karl gets hold of Edwards trial transcripts?

It's so rediculous that Clark being a war-hero too never gets mentioned

This might be DUicide but Edwards can't win

Just gave another $100 to my hero General Clark!

The Real Real Deal ?

At this point only 10% of the delegates have been selected

Modest Proposal Regarding Exit Polls

Edwards supporters please check in here

Dean Out Front In California Delegate Count !!!

Kucitizens, join me in some fun!!

Serious question about the IWR vote

Who got da POLLS?!?!

Kerry can't win, Edwards can't win.... hmmm.... the #'s don't lie

To all Edwards supporters

Maybe Dean can give Kerry his lethal injection when he's sentenced for IWR

Could Clyburn and Hollings help Kerry in the GE?

Serious doubts about 'Presidential Edwards'

Quinnipiac University Poll: Kerry 51, Bush 43

Drudge Report.....The Kerry Momentum

Posting this for my bro! Awesome Russert Questions!

Is Al Sharpton getting help from a Republican in his campaign???

Clark supporters, just saw something on FOX

KIRO Radio's new poll on who will you vote for on Election Day.

200 Tenn. elected officials/party leaders endorse Edwards, wins straw poll

Clark Supporters this my 1000th POST!!!

Editorial in my local paper, and my response to it.

Not only NH, but SC......weird voter tallies? Anyone here from SC heard

wow! pbs newshour

How many cross-over voters are we going to get with Edwards?

If your state's primary were today, for whom would you vote?

It's time for the Dem-on-Dem mudslinging to end.

WOW - I've seen the MoveOn ad at least 10 times today on CNN


SUSA TN Poll: Kerry 31, Clark 26, Edwards 20

The general's son on sweaters, speeding tickets.....

Sense of betrayal drives Muslim mobilization against Bush

I remember John Kerry, 1971. I remember what it meant to oppose that war.

For my 1,000th post, please join me... (Clark friends)

One nice thing about a Kerry or Clark nomination

NY Times does a "prediction" of the primaries based on WHAT??!!??

Kerry Supporters Need to Contact CNN

Edwards will read the "top 10" on CBS David Letterman

Is General Clark reading our posts here?

Is Edwards going negative now?

In Exit Poll - Kerry ONLY Choice for Satisfaction

I Wonder How These People Would Have Voted in Yesterday's Primaries?

The candidate should innoculate himself from the October Surprise by

Kucinich on the Late Late Show Photos... w/ surprise backstage arm candy

If Dean looses Washington and Michigan will he endorse Clark?

Mike Malloy is blasting John Kerry.

How clean is Dr. Dean?

Wesley Clark wins nomination and Nobel Peace Prize!

Is this a victory speech?

Clark considered dropping out Tuesday

Looks like the "last-minute revelations" are all coming out now...

What if Busy cheats and steals the White House?

Take away Edwards in SC and Clark would have won there.

The myth of "electability".

The news media would not be discussing the AWOL issue if Dean were ahead

Kucinich predicts he'll get Dem Nomination in brokered convention

GOP tries a rehash of MA liberal label

Kerry/Edwards - Do we even care anymore that we were lied into an invasion

Real Deal Kerry?

Clark Campaign: Best fundraising in 3 weeks, new endorsements

Deleted message

Edwards...a one trick pony?

Is Clark campaigning in Michigan?

Here's the Name of a True American "War Hero".

Since we're ABB, why not go frontal together on the AWOL issue?

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Confident Are You That We Can Beat Bush?

John Edwards on Letterman tonight

Et tu, Jon Stewart?

Why would we nominate Edwards?

Clark, Dean and Kucinich supporters, what topics to you want me to

Why Is Clark Now Shunned in Favor of Edwards? Doesn't Make Sense.

Lets take a close look at the Clark-Edwards matchups

Proud to be a Democrat in AZ! (DUers should take notice)

Clark and Dean supporters, is there a deal to be had?

Democracy is a Cold Corpse: The Hard Lesson of Soft Money

I hope no matter who wins nomination, all you passionate

I am disappointed by what the Presidential race has become.

Only one candidate has had a Bin Laden relative put under arrest: JK!

Clark zooms up 9 pts in Tenn in just 4 days!

Democrats 2004, And The 'Electability' Conundrum !!!

Kerry's Hard Work (Not Media Conspiracies and Foul Play) Put Him On Top

Public Citizen slams WP on Kerry story (calls it "inaccurate, arbitrary")

James Zogby: The Public Diplomacy Debate, Again

Vietnam Agent Orange victims file 1st US suit

Will Cheney Provide The Margin Of Victory… For Democrats? - Huffington


Choices have narrowed for Maine's Democrats

Buck Stops With CIA, Not Administration - Helen Thomas

From a Guardsman: Thoughts on President Bush and the National Guard

Leak staffer ousted Frist aide forced out in an effort to assuage Dems

Early lessons from the primaries

Bush Flight Suit Patch...

Bush supports Child Abductions

Guardian: Blair's trial by ordeal hasn't slaked his appetite for power

Boston Globe says "President Spendthrift".

Deception - America misled into war

Digital Democracy ...

The Politics Of Gay Marriage

Environmental Botox - Great Piece On Bush's 2004 EPA Greenwashing

Why Justice Scalia Is Wrong To Refuse to Recuse Himself

Shaken father writes to president - Son KIA 2-3-04

Friends remember soldier killed in Iraq (Pennsylvania)

New Orwellian word...policy


The Great Bait-and-Switch by Thomas R. Eddlem

I saw this article on Kerry on the Bush Re-election website


Bush's credibility problem By Novak, Chicago Sun Times

A column I wrote for the local newspaper

Dowd: Purity of the Powells

Finally -- a cogent critique of superbowl halftime

Joe Conason (Salon): Five Questions for Russert to ask Bush on MTP

Budget: potentially crippling issue to Bush?

Canadians to Bush: Hope You Lose, Eh (Great Cover)

Bush's Guard service: What the record shows :Boston Globe

Kerry in Maine today (Thurs)

MD Voters!!! There's a hearing Tuesday Feb. 10 about HB53: Need Support

BBV: Let's remind our legislators how much we LOVE democracy...

Utne Reader's "Let's Talk America" Initiative

The Crisis Papers is in crisis.

`Hindustan Times' among newspapers targeted by global media

Greg Thielmann On 60 Minutes - The Man Who Knew

New unbiased website!

NYPost tries to imply Kerry "1972 Watergate" - ignores Globe report

Wanted: reporters & media employees who were pressured to conform or quit

It's 2005, And the Media Wants To Prove That It's Not Biased

Zim's top court endorses tough media laws

Why is it that when Neo-conservative Republican Media Whores can....

I love Lou Dobbs.

Will media note US Constitution requires "imminent" threat for war? impeach

The "Tough" Journalist Who Will "Grill" Bush on Sunday

Which to investigate. (cartoon)

Phe's shared thought for 2/5/4;

Has anyone else seen the Banner ad's from the RNC?

'Dr Frankenstein' alive and well in China

Scouts must pack their tents

Homophobes and anti-marriage folks, freepers...explain these numbers...

What are the names of some GLBT-rights magazines?

Mass. Lawmakers Search For Loophole

Town Clerks Say They Will Ignore Court Ruling

An article REFUTING using the bible to ban homosexuality

Have any recent polls been released in Massachusetts?

South Carolina Considers Tougher Gay Marriage Ban

Arab, Gay Students Most at Risk - Detroit News

A defender for Japan's battered women

In Taiwan, not much ado over gays saying 'I do'

1 Year For Slaying Gay Activist

Scared Of China? Not Europe

10 technologies that refuse to die

Europe and Japan expected to press US at G7 meeting

Chinese travelers can charge it

Apple touts Quicktime for cell phones

Interesting observation from my workplace's "Staff Meeting"

What is The Purpose of Farm Subsidies?

De Beers sees another year of growth

GDP goes to who?

Damn Hippie Liberal Trees

2003 Shell RD hydrocarbon production 2% below 2002

Dog poisoned, Toronto police reveal

* and AGW

Kerry's votes

Defenders of Wildlife - Alaska Wolf Kills

MSNBC: Demand outpaces gas production

National Academy Of Sciences - Hydrogen Potential Oversold

Second round of stolen-asset talks end in stalemate - TW

The KMT just keeps getting weirder - TW

Report says prisoners tortured in Syria

Is democracy scarier than missiles?

Arab & Muslim Americans discuss the Democratic field and the Middle East

A Gaza without settlers?

A change of Arab hearts and minds

Argentine leader's fiercest opposition: fellow leftists

The Africa we aren't shown on TV

'Kurdish Sept. 11' boosts resolve

From the West Bank to the West Coast: “Tear Down the Wall!”

The struggle to support faraway families

Corruption next in Georgian cleanup

Doubt grows over preventive war

All quiet on the Eastern front? (Kazakhstan)

Kurdish Diaspora: present and future (Kazakhstan)

Chinese Pipeline (Kazakhstan)

President caught in sex storm

44 killed as LRA rebels attack refugee camp

Zimbabwean protesters clash with police

Nigerian gunmen kill five in bus ambush

UN convoy comes under fire in the DRC

Murder, rape planned - SA

Corruption 'slows down' growth in Malawi

Ferry collision leaves dozens dead - Bangladesh

Teacher told to drop Star of David

Don't blame the spies

Can Gandhi heirs revive dynasty?

The corrupt gun industry striking back

GUNS IN THE NEWS--February 5, 2004

An interseting thing I found out today...

Indiana Deer Farm Raided

Hunting getting safer for hunters

Just a couple of swell guys hunting.....

“Negroes with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power ”

Hi, Skinner. My county is under a tornado warning...

Wondering about inability to reach General Discussion and Lobby

Dumb Question relative to newbie

In answer to your question from this thread

What happens when someone registers with a similar user name.

error in Auntie Pinko

Thanks Old Bossman- the "my posts" function is great!!!!

Question regarding I/P rules: hate speech, Locked thread

question regarding locked LBN post...well, three questions.

are all 'poll alerts' banned from GD now?

About the changes to the search function

Where do I find a link

Skinner, did you see this thread?

About long links. . .

A Tale of Two Budgets - what does this mean?

Question on thread locking

Inappropriate Picture.... Come on!

The Nation: Pursuing the Millennium: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel

The Path Toward Peace? Two Views

The Geneva Accord: Two Views

A Gaza without settlers?

Bus No. 19, and hope, blasted in Jerusalem

Israeli army in Hebron uses PRCS ambulance as shield

AIPAC donations during the 2002 Congressional Elections

Israel's chosen Robertson

Israel weighed killing nuke whistleblower Vanunu

Ha'aretz (Thursday): PM cooperated in questioning on Greek island affair

11 Palestinian police officers wounded (Ha'aretz update)

The View From Haaretz

Olmert to U.S.: 'Israel will not remain in Gaza'

Palestinians seen suffering from malnutrition

UN applauds withdrawal plan

6 IDF soldiers indicted for taking bribes at Qalandiyah crossing

What is your opinion of Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas?

Explaining the addiction to jihad...


Arabs in Israel worried over possible swap deal

Archaeologist: Waqf endangering remains of Second Temple

Parents of Rachel Corrie speak at University of Michigan

Excerpts from Ellen Mariani's Open Letter to G.W. Bush

FBI Shut Down Investigation into Saudi Terror Cell in Boston

Are We Fighting a Real War on Terror at All?

Ellen Mariani: 'Bush knew and let it happen'

Evidence of explosives in South Tower collapse

NY: Assembly Spkr Silver supported Lieberman????

Turnout up:how much?

Raise Pell grants.....

Hastert pledges to push tobacco, but only if KY-6 elects Kerr

What I'd love for Russert to ask Bush

Are there any avowed atheists/agnostics in US politics?

Criminal Rehab Program

Zell Miller, on Dennis Miller's show, gave me an idea

When Keith Oberman Had His First Go-Around With Msnbc While The

O'Reilly: Afr Americans poverty levels unchanged during Clinton years

How He (Bush) Detests Democracy - By David Cogswell

What's the deal with Bush and the anti-gay marriage thing?

Will capture of Binladen help * re-election...?

Ritter on Mike Webb now

just another reminder

Sex offender justice??

I don't get it.....

Jeff teacher reassigned in veil-pulling case

NBC's 'ER' Cuts Shot of Patient's Breast

Barf alert: Sully will be on Maher's "Real Time" on HBO Friday

Does anyone else but me get the sense that either Cheney is the

High stakes in redistricting fights

ex-embed reporter was suicided 7 months after return from Iraq ..hmmm?

Lehigh University art exhibit takes aim at Bush (pic)

Q : What's this stat ? : 1,58 billion $ per day.

Woowee! We may pick off a Senate seat in Alaska

I don't believe that Opinion Polls are Scientifically Valid

George Tenet

How will capturing Bin Laden help Bush get elected?

Bush* "deeply troubled by gay marriage"...but not by deaths

DU this gay marriage poll on cnn

Smithsonian Museums print "Happy Iraqis" story (link)

What is "meme?"

nickname origins - whistle ass & tweety?

I was just yelled at by a drunk Republican

Frist/ricin "a terrorist attack on my life." Frist doth protest too much

Why losing is a real possibility...

Is Bush from Oz?

Let's all call Timmy!!!

Capitalism protecting itself

Seattle Media Whore Joni Balter on Practical Democrats

In case you need something else to worry about...

the german court aquitted the

"Tough Crowd" and politics

Wired - Popping Pills in Preschool (MUST READ)

Holy cow, is this politically correct week???

C-Span - Byrd on the 2005 Budget now (11:12 A.M. ET). Asking questions.

Leo chimes in, fair question I think...

Salon brutalizes Bush and mainstream media on AWOL issue

David Kay makes a liar out of Hannity

Another shaken father writes to Bush...

The moron has landed in my city (Charleston, SC) - local media goes nuts

Buh Buh But Bush received an honorable discharge!

Kulongoski Outlines Oregon Budget Cuts link to letter to censore Bush

look at this pic. how can anyone trust this creepy man?

Pro-Bush line of reasoning this AM on NPR...

Moon Alert! - re: Keith McCarthy, former mayor of Downey, Calif.

No Terrorist Attacks in US since 9/11? Win in Afgan? BS!

I want to marry Auntie Pinko...

"Nixon's Children" echoes from another time

Bush's Schedule...When will he next visit NC ?

did AWOL get paid for the missing yrs.? follow the money

Will Tim & George do a "Janet and Justin"?

bush and leadership

Heard something interesting last night about the Bush AWOL thingy

Boston Globe holding "Chat" on Bush's Military service!!!

Did you guys see the CSpan host blow a gasket this morning?

H.R. Bill 3439 Calls For CIA To Be Embedded In Local Police Depts.

Kucinich and Rumsfeld cut from same cloth according to DLC

Latest Repub e-mail thingie.

Cannibalism is not a lifestyle choice

For People who watched the Super Bowl - was there really an ad from

Is it even worth watching Russert & Bush (MTP) ?

Take The GenX Poll at MSNBC

New Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Was Clinton ever on Meet the Press?

"W on Natnl Prayer Day in the midst of a Holy War calls Americans

O'reilley-sexual harrasser!?!?

Bush/Cheney...A New Low.. (It's FROM *, and the header says that)

Do you, or anyone you know, work with a “parasite?”

Big Brother in your hip pocket

Guess who just endorsed H.R. 2239...ironic

These boys love to play the semantics game

Costco chairman, CEO give $95,000 each to defeat Bush

So what was the gist of Tenets testimony?

Layoffs where I work....

Great article by Sean Penn in Iraq

Ricin? Yeah right. They needed cover to get rid of GOP spy ring evidence.

CNN: Glitch blamed for loud bang at Bush prayer breakfast

Question: If a friend/co-worker accused you of "wanting our troops to

I'm sorry, but Michael Powell..........

LINK to Tenet Speech at 9:30 AM Eastern

Unbelievable quote from Boeing CEO

New Canadian PM finds out Dubya is a few bricks short of a load.

Why hasn't bush* called for Tenet resignation??????

Why AWOL "didn't matter" in 2000 & does Now

Now I get flinchy about the Friday "news bombs" on Thursday.

Cell Gunphone Discovered...

You guys do know that er Scooter Libby is a founding member of the PNAC?

Bush gives speech to sound of gunfire at prayer breakfast... video

Article on Anti-Bush protest in Greenwich, CT January 29 !!

Is there any country in the world that doesn't have a weapons program.

A Question for little Scottie Mclellan

Buzzflash Steinem interview: "Abortion Will Be Criminalized"

AWESOME reactions to my "Anybody But Bush" pins

Houston DUers: Richard Morrison Event (Taking on Tom Delay)

new book will detail SCRUBBING of Bush military records!!

What Are Bush's "Tells"?

Plame vs. Tenet -- tomorrow's papers

Rice Refuses to Testify About 9-11 Under Oath

Granholm orders flags lowered in honor of woman killed in Iraq

Dilemma with friend's family (Re: Military enlistment)

MIG jet found in Iraq in 2003

C-Span2: Sen Dorgan handing Powell his balls on false UN testimony.

21 Gephardt Unions to possibly endorse Kerry tonight or tomorrow

How Bush, Others Described Iraq Threat (vote this one up)

Hannity Sez "Bush Served Honorably In The National Guard"

Cheney aide getting heat to dump on "superiorS" re Plame

C-SPAN2 Now (3:50pm EST) Dorgan attacking WMD Lies

Bush's new budget has no money in it for Iraq

Assuming Kerry wins the Dem nomination and General Election

You HAVE to see this

CNN Headline News Poll

I get to meet James Carville - help me ask a question

Price of Loyalty "Bush files" debut online

Ooh! Blame Bush! Poll!

Let's unfreep this poll...

DU this poll on WMD intelligence

WMD Alert ! Did Saddam own any cats ?

LMAO @ the two Carlsons on Crossfire.

Rape accusation and sports scores

want to find Tulsa World letter that lists good things democrats have done

Does Bush Make other Repubs look good?

Bush just LIED on air

How do I get into these conversations with my coworkers.

mr powell,my 7/8 year old wants to know what "penile erectile dysfunction"

Hard Evidence of Possible Criminal Conduct by Cheney's employees/ Plame

The RW, Christian-funddie, conservative neocon cabal will do anything

i can't get over the play the ad is getting!

breaking on CNN: attempted assasination of al sistani

Carlson & Carlson on Crossfire

2004 Democratic Platform

Censorship Blows

UPI Reports Cheney's AidesTargets of CIA/Plame Probe -criminal misconduct


Old stories

CNN/Wolf talking about "Other Intel"

The Biggest Change In The Last Weeks

Ladies and Gentlemen: President Edwards!

major changes in bush* Iraq speech today (link to text)

#1 Chickenhawk (Saxby Chambliss) on deck on Wolf Blitzer

Iraq is safer now.

WLS Chicago takes a new low, who is this hate filled bitch??

Rovian Politics has finally over-played its hand

CNN: "Unusual factors" expected in tomorrow's job report

Learned a disturbing new aspect to "Bush Pioneer" Fundraising Technique

Can someone please explain to me how homosexuality leads to

e-mail to Blitzer-AWOL

Should we boycott CBS?

Would it be illegal to sell my vote on Ebay?

Now more than ever time to pass out UNCOVERED: the Whole Truth...DVD/Vide

Why does Massachusetts have a republican governor?

He Had The "Intent" To "Pursue" WMD

Thank you Michael Moore!

CBS News to talk about Scalia/Cheney Case

What's gotten into Morton Kondracke? He's in meltdown!

Ohh boy....take a look at this picture....

Another anti * book to be released next month/will detail AWOL

National Academy Of Sciences - Hydrogen Cars 25 Years Away - Reuters

let's see * go one on one with Helen Thomas

He got "new" arms!

Lou Dobbs is FLOGGING Neoit's CEO (outsourcing)

Why I doubt Giuliani will be Bush's running mate in 2004

What would you do if "it happened?"

The MTP interview: A preview

USAToday -- What Comes to Light in Iraq Reflects on Powell

Every American should have the right to be married

Breaking on MSNBC: Kay and McCain on *'s intelligence panel

Richard Riordan - CA State Official AND Stand-Up Comedian!

Let's Ban Heterosexual Marriage

Let us now stir the HARKEN Pot!

BBV: Let's remind our legislators how much we LOVE democracy...

Bush AWOL... This is good....

Can DUers help Mike Webb get better streaming capabilities?

Will " * " plant WMD's in Iraq?

one of the best signs I've seen all year

CBS to air White House Medicare "PSA"

NBC-Bush MTP Interview Taped on Sat.

Lou Dobbs is on fire over the export of America

Have I mentioned how much I love Canadians? Canuks say "No" to Bush

Democratic Senate Selector...Who do you most agree with in the senate?

Ron Suskind starts to release Price of Loyalty docs!

ive just heard the second man complaining about abortion on wash. journal

$50,000 reward for proving Bush's Guard service?

wooOOOooo! Bush's military record is starting to surface for real

one of the scariest letters I have ever read

Honorary Discharge from military duty........

Josh Marshall fingers Cheney's office for Plame leak

Isn't marriage a religious concept?

Old Timers: Where are we headed?

GOP moving towards "Soviet-style centralized planning of science"

Is AOL censoring mail?

Rove is trotting *BUSH out now on TV all over the place

So Tenet says they never said "imminent" threat. Bush says he never...

Tim Russert will ask * the following questions:

The WAY the war was fought reveals.......

Carlie Brucia and Justice in Florida

just got blasted by a canadian conservative...

Repugs spewing that 'Bush never said imminent threat'

Richard Roeper: Pickles Driving Record

Unions: Dying relics of the past or needed more than ever?

How the draft will be constructed to allow the rich to weasel out

Al Qaeda financier's company had FAA access, was protected by FBI.

Are You Angry Yet?

Momentum builds, Global Peace action March 20 (Iraq invasion anniversary)

Immigration poll.

Pakistani leaders knew about nuke proliferation, says scientist's friend

Guerrillas strike Philippine air force engineers, 1 dead

TV Channel Weighs JFK-Johnson Film Inquiry

Iraqi Officials Wage Political War in U.S.

Texas oil-field veteran's hat in ring

Lawmakers: Change Terror Alert System

US probing alleged Halliburton kickbacks in Nigeria (Cheney again)

McCain-Feingold Unmade? (New Regulator Opposes Campaign Finance Law)

Dean Says Bush's Military Records Are 'Fair Game'

Stronach under fire from leadership foes (won't join debate) Globe/Mail

George Tenet

Pakistan Cabinet Recommends Pardon for Scientist

NAFTA is not a driving force in Michigan race

Support for War in Iraq Drops

A White House strength shows signs of change

Bush Says Sept. 11 Panel Needs More Time

Rowland Gives State of the State Address (VERY Cool Reception)

Democrats Criticize Defense Budget - Rumsfeld Defends Separate War Funding

Ala. Chemical Weapons Furnace Shut Down (Sarin Alert)

New Al Qaida statement warns of major attack on U.S.

Dean Says He Must Win Wisconsin or Be 'Out of Race'

House OKs Hire Limits by Religious Groups

Researcher: NAFTA has brought few benefits to Mexico


Kerry and "special interests"

Snow Says Debt Limit Will Have to Go Up

German court acquits 9/11 suspect

Leak staffer ousted - Frist aide forced out in an effort to assuage Dems

Kerry Blocked Law, Drew Cash

Productivity Cools, Jobless Claims Rise (both more than expected)

1 Year For Slaying Gay Activist , murderer picked him up in a club

Productivity Cools, Jobless Claims Rise

Gear slow to arrive for Iraqis

Iraqi Officials Wage Political War in U.S. (Chalabi)

FBI asks computer shops to help fight cybercrime

CNN Breaking: Ayatollah Sistani survives assassination attempt...

Mzoudi Acquitted!

Breaking: Iraq Mortar Attack Kills 1 GI, Injures 1 Thur 2-5

Bush Calls Gay Marriage Ruling Troubling

Mail Search Yields No Direct Ricin Links; Senate Buildings Begin Reopening

Taylor Togs to close; 125 workers to lose jobs" (North Carolina)

Drug tests nab 17 soldiers bound for Kabul - Canada

Iraqis are learning the deadly cost of working for the US

Eat our chicken or else, says Thailand

106 Suspected Iraqi Insurgents Arrested

FEC Asked to Withhold Sharpton's Matching Funds

Mystery continues over how ricin got to Frist's office

Putin Won't Debate Challengers on TV

Bush Cites Churchill in Defending Iraq War

German Court ASuspect in 9/11quits Attacs

Sharon questioned by police in bribery probe

Aznar Rules Out Weapons of Mass Destruction Inquiry

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 5 February (#1)

Guardian Utd: Howard: Blair should resign over WMD claim

Ugandan Rebels Kill 44 People in Dawn Raid-Priest

Frist Aide Resigns in Probe over Dem Files

Pentagon Cancels Internet Voting System

(from UPI) Cheney's Staff Focus of Probe

New Hampshire governor on jury duty

State Farm Closing Monroe Center (LA - 1,100 Jobs Moving Or Cut)

Noise Disrupts Bush Prayer Breakfast

Pentagon Cancels Internet Voting System

Student Accused Of Killing Raccoon That Was Skinned, Eaten By Fraternity

Pelosi steps up criticism of war, intelligence

Eww, someone tried to assassinate Sistani today...CNN TV no link yet

Tower Records Parent to File Chapter 11

Evidence of Possible Criminal Misconduct in Plame Affair

CIA Boss: Iraq Never an Imminent Threat

1 Year For Slaying Gay Activist

CIA Director Defends Intelligence on Iraq

Felony penalties added to bill targeting illegal 'payday loans' (Ga)

Stampede leaves 37 dead in Beijing

Republican Senator Frist Staffer to Resign Over Leak

Bush's Shaky Primary Performance - virtually unopposed, protest vote heavy

Some Christians See 'Passion' as Evangelism Tool

Kennewick Man Can Be Studied, Court Rules

Police chief says legalise heroin

Costco chairman, CEO give $95,000 each to defeat Bush

Cox will recommend 'evolution' stay in curriculum

Tony Blair being asked to resign over WMD failure

McCain Picked for Iraq Intelligence Probe

CSX To Announce Layoffs Today

Scalia Was Cheney Hunt Trip Guest; Ethics Concern Grows (More!!)

Kerry to heckler: 'I never run away from a fight,' especially with Bush

Group: Iraq Cleric Assassination Untrue

Abducted 11-year-old Florida girl feared to be dead

Gay Marriage Ruling Stirs Lobbying Furor in Massachusetts

Bush: Arms 'We Thought' Were in Iraq Are Not Found

Pakistan's Musharraf Pardons Rogue Scientist

Cheney's Staff Focus of Valerie Plame Probe

Delay election, Tories plead (Cdn Politics) - Toronto Star

'The Righteous Army' On Rise

Cuba Says U.S. Denies Visas to Grammy Nominees

Dennis Miller's show sucks, the camera crew is the laugh track

ok, stupid question here

Sweet dreams y'all

Baby hamsters are cute aren't they?

Flying F-102s

Much respect to the Spad Drivers...

I guess I'm a wus - I just can't stomach the pics of the 2 headed baby !

NyQuil really knocks ya for a loop...

Did Adam West actually play himself in Family Guy?

Time for bed, guys and gals

You think these are cute?

Damn, I need to buy me some Halliburton stock

Shaq makes $275,000 PER GAME

Bearded DU'ers check in

Bob Dole is actually funny on John Stewart

Does anyone have sites they recommend for finding good prescription prices

How About Some Rat-Flavored Contraceptives

I have come to the Du lounge confessional

"Hammerin'" Hank Aaron is 70 & Roger "The Dodger" Staubach is 62

I just heard my mom say Man Boobies!

Useless columnists and papers let wild-ass college kids off the hook

Arggghhh it was just a dream!

CNN Gay Marriage Poll...

Flying Scotch Prevents Robbery!

A well researched unbiased look into modern society.

Colin Powell presents case for invasion to UNSC, February 5, 2003

Virtual kitty

Interesting new work-out

Man Tries To Jump Pond In Buick - Fails - Ends Up In Jail

After LeftPeopleFinishFirst and terrya, let me be the 3rd member of...

I've been here over two years and I still don't have 1000 posts

Who watched the 100th Episode of ANGEL?

There are two types of people in this world...

What America should put GWs name on to honor his great deeds?

OK I'm pissed, Why? Cuz I'm listening to a new FM Clear Channel

nickname origins - whistle ass & tweety?

Is that Eric Alterman on KPFA streaming now? -- link

Super Bowl: National Anthem and Apache Helicopters? NFL is Pro-War?

Secret Of Homing Pigeons Revealed - They Follow The Roads!

British Doctors Using Paperclips To Close Wounds

Help Keep a Republican Out of Politics! DU these Ratings!

Despite some occasional bumps in the road, life is pretty good.

Just started "From Beirut to Jerusalem"

Hey! How's it goin'?

'ER' edits out wrinkly boob to avoid national catastrophe

Newest picture of Janet Jackson........

Hey! How's it hangin'?

(Hypothetical) If you give your kid a beer

The Testicular Testimony of all CAPTIONS!!

Just so you all know

Match up of the Democratic Presidents

Rules for Freeper Quotes

(Hypothetical) If you give your mouse a cookie

10,000 Birds Fall From Sky (Dropped Like Rain)

New Men's Magazine Hits The Shelves - Magazine Title is "NUTS"

A thousand people line the tracks;

The cupcheck of CAPTION

Hee hee! Say hello to DU's newest election judge!

TVs Mission impossible: Mr. Briggs or Mr. Phelps

Umm, Can anyone help me with a mortgage question?

Just saw The Gift", a documentary...

Suggestion to people who have secretaries and assistants

Zoom, zoom, zoom in the boom boom

MTP Shocker! Russert Bumps Bush from Sunday's Show!!

What would you do with an army of the undead?

Baby squirrels are the best cat toys ever.

Photoshop 6.0 experts...

Best remedy for chills???

I Was JUST NOW Interviewed By The F.B.I... Right At My Front Door

You all look like you could use some ZOMBYCOFFEE

Now I believe the MyDoom virus is a case of MIHOP

???? For Dallas Duers

Homing Pigeons fly IFR to get home - I Follow Roads

If you like "The Da Vinci Code", then check this out

Which is a greater threat to Christianity in America?

I need a condescention immunity shield

You need a cup of my java

For those who can't have a real pet

Do The Dem Candidates Remind You Of The Beatles?

favorite casino games?

New Anger-Powered Cars Will ChangeThe Way We Drive

A Remake of "SALEM'S LOT" w/ Rob Lowe, Donald Sutherland & Rutger Hauer?

I know "House of 1000 Corpses" was a film favorite here at DU....

Latest news about Navy banning...

Check out "The Rejection Hotline"!

Why I hate the Fray (MSN-Slate's message board)

OK, I have mole in my apt.....

Indy IV On Hold Again

OSU's Clarett eligible for NFL draft

W00t! A long shot paid off for me!

So what's with these carbohydrate absorption blocking pills?

Can you link Kevin Bacon to al Qaeda?

The flawed strategy of "Night of the Living Dead."

Cordelia wants to play Wonder Woman

For my 200th post; if you could step into the ring against one historical

I love the smell of CAPTIONs in the morning

Something weird happened a few minutes ago.

Question on Americans with Disabilities Act vs. FMLA

HAHAHA! My poor republican brother!

Zaphod Beeblebrox Cast

everyone's doin' the Blitzkrieg GOP!

Deadly consequences of marrying a bitch

John Kerry MUST do a few things to get my vote!

CONFESS!!!!! If you were invisible for 24 hours what would you do?

Fifteen new members away from 39,000! (nt)

Baby squirrels are cute!

So I am walking around the office witha bowl full of tums

German Man Teaches Dog Nazi Salute - Given Suspended Sentence

CNN Headline News Poll

Would you piss on George W. Bush if he were on fire?

DU Brits! What's the deal with "The Office?"

For some reason this just ISN'T something you should do with chipmunks

funny t shirt

Do you mind if I just say something?

Closing in on 900 posts in just a couple of months. Am I a DU addict?

I need help on finding information...

Any Led Zeppelin fans out there...?

The FCC Is Gonna Launch An Investigation Into MISS PIGGY!

A higher power at work?

WMD Alert ! Did Saddam own any cats ?

Do I know how to start a flame fest, or what?

Just received a "Republican Party Census Document" - oh what will I do now

O'Reilly Factor Bingo

Clark is quite the ladies man!

Which Dem candidates sound like former smokers?

Just heard on CNN

I think we're alone now...

Straight guys-Who's your fav over-30 non-slutty actress?

There is yak playing with my dog's chew toy!

More hilarity from

Since you won't support my chosen candidate...

Why do women care what we guys think of them?

Has Anyone Here Had Laser Vision Correction Surgery? Were You Pleased

An YOU thought YOUR commute sucked!

Why do women care so much about my appearance? I think I'm fabulous!

Can cat urine kill a houseplant?

Student Accused Of Killing Raccoon That Was Skinned, Eaten By Fraternity

Can someone search that thread about costco ?

How to wash the cat.

Healthful omega-3 may worm its way into our diets

What is "meme?"

No one can CAPTION the Claw!!!

remmeber that freeper debating I did yesterday?

1984,3,2,1, 39 steps & 39,000 member registrations

Pool: DU crosses 40,000 member line. . .

khephra is a ....

Question for web Admins & web-designers

OK. I Am Aspiring Chef. How Do *I* Get A FoodTV Cooking Show?

We get a new Babylon 5 "project" (Confirmed! Woo Hoo!)

Student Accused Of Killing Raccoon That Was Skinned, Eaten By Fraternity

I need help finding an article written by a DUer.

Ok, there's always a top three...Newyawker is 1, I'm 2...who is 3?

Ooh! Blame Bush! Poll!


You cat people are crazy.


new Oxyrush advetiser Mission Road Bible Church

Anyone get sick over the smell of "heavy" meat cooking?

Man, I want one of these cars!

Screw That! I Wanna Hear About Your Favorite SLUTTY Actress!

DU this poll on WMD intelligence

Poll question: Non-slutty guys: Who's your fav over-30 straight actress?

If I hear one more time...

Does anyone know for sure what Canada's policy on, well,

Strange thumping...

Now, THIS is ambition!

Waaaaah!!! I don't want to go drive to my other job now!

What book would you like to see made into a movie/mini series? (sf/h/f)

Let's unfreep this poll...

TV fans: What's the deal w/ King's "Kingdom" mini-series?

A question about cow-tipping...

Someone FINALLY found the perfect job for Bush!

What marvel Superhero/Superheroine are you?

Woman comes home to find her toilet struck oil while she was out

I need a HUGE hug...

Great observation about a myth

3 Accused Of Putting Hairpieces On Cows

I'm feeling a little down... I need some female attention...

Help with Poll on Gay Marriage...


Jimmy Buffett sues Hockessin eatery

Please don't click this link...(changed my mind..go ahead and click)

Mississippians--how are you faring with all these tornadoes coming through

Which type of a Zombie is ZombyWoof?

Hey Mac Using Tech Heads!

Your house is haunted...what do you do?

Something Important to remember as you face the day-

WOW Kids! Get your Dishonest Dubya Action Doll! (hilarious)

Say hello to Univ. of Miami's (Fl) newest recruit

Looking for (radio) programming suggestions

That Poor Little Girl In Florida

Great atheist quote

Hottest TV Anchorman/woman?

Fave stand-up comics?

20 Questions, Online....

Why do guys care so much about women's appearance?

Let's hear 10 things...

Are you a Tipper?

Houston/Austin DUers: KCDem's and TXlib's Party this Saturday

This little guy needs a hug.

What's your favorite Zeppelin?

Great comic, for anybody who's been in GD2004 recently

Texas DUers, where do ya live?

Well, Sebastian Cattbutt came home last night

If you were to marry a super hero...

Tips for Cleaning the House the Lostmessage way

Question about tipping...

Do Democrats play golf?

I JUST finished moving to Chicago! (finally....)

"Who is the President?"

Corp WHores - Episode 1 - The Phantom Democracy

OMG, James Webb - Secretary of the Navy under Regan...

John Stewart: Joever!

Bob Dole on Daily Show...

ooops, doooop

Dean on Cspan2 now (12:10am) - from Seattle

Why is Roger Stone (Florida Recount 2000) running Sharpton's Campaign?

Clark PPL, are you happy with his campaign? I'm becoming frustrated

It doesn't matter who the Dem nominee is, the GE will be a referendum

I always thought the grapes of Napa Valley were sweet?

Muslim- and Arab-Americans Seek a Presidential Peacemaker to Support

Whoa... More than a quarter mil in *one* day!

NY Post Richard Johnson's Thursday hit piece on John Kerry

The Dean bat is up!!

How Kerry turned the corner

Clark Goes on Attack (Kerry/Edwards "hypocrisy" as critics of own yes vote

Anybody see the front page of MSNBC???? Edwards supporters!

"Perks" for Kerry: meals, car, condo, real estate windfall, apartment

Deleted message

Rivals Stake Claim to Tenn

WI primary remains a puzzle

Dean Gears Up For a Last Stand In Wisconsin

Anyone see any Washington State or Maine Polls..?

Can we now put the "draft Hilary" to rest?

The Kerry momentum

One Quarter Million $ in 10 Hours -- Go Wes!

I can't believe how many here have baught into the moronic "Kerry/Edwards"

Kerry vs Bush how the debate might play out (booorring)

Edwards strives to paint race as two-man contest

Dean Campaign Spent $7,000 on Chocolates

Clark: Who was a (War monger?)

When is time to vote for Prez, can a name be "written in".

Roll Call guy on C-SPAN just said * approval 48% in WI

Dean Says He Must Win Wisconsin or Be 'Out of Race'

Days before caucus, hundreds of Democrats have cast votes

Do any Clark Supporters know

When should the campaign to depose Terry McAuliffe begin?

Clark supporters, please look at this Time article.

My 400th post

AP Exclusive: Kerry Blocked Law, Drew Cash

Clark is now Anti-Abortion

please don't nominate our gov for VP

Stress Test: The Candidates With Staying Power

Did Edwards vote for the Iraq War Res, No Child Left Behind

Edwards To Kick-Off 'Strengthening American Jobs' Tour

Edwards: "Who was (Yitzhak Rabin)?"

Dean Says Bush's Military Records Are 'Fair Game'

Only one candidate (Kerry) to campaign in Maine

my suggestion for candidates who voted for IWR

Clark Supporters--Great blog post re: eBlocks

As Money Flows to Kerry, Challengers Must Scrimp

What happened in NH on January 11th?

Can someone please explain a 'Brokered Convention' to me

Edwards and Kerry DID vote for the Bush Tax Cuts.

Anyone know exact date Dean was issued a press plane?

Kerry Opens Huge Advantage in Michigan

I'm undecided, and in Florida - at that point, will my primary vote count?

John and Teresa Kerry steam up Democratic race

I was at Meetup in Madison, Wi last night with Howard Dean!!

Eric Alterman's take on Deans fall.

How much of an effect does R votes in open primaries have?

Dean supporters: if he doesn't win the nomination?

Wingnut Page Six Steps Up Its Expected Smearing on KERRY

ADA - Congressional Voting Records

Edwards~Campaign coffers need replenishing

Proud to be an official Kucinich voting Democrat

Yo Dude it's like Dean man!

The primary schedule REALLY needs to change..It's way past due

Undecided with 5 days to go (Virginia primary)

Here is what I think we are up against this election

"Now or Never Time" for Dean

Criticizing the Prez Could be Against a New FEC Law (hearing on Feb 7)

Do The Dem Candidates Remind You Of The Beatles?

Attn: Kerry supporters - Give us a reason to be excited

The Problem with Al Sharpton

DEBORAH ORIN -President Bush is blowing it.

CNN reports, Dean announces he'll drop out after Wisconsin.....

Doonesbury sees what I see in Kerry...

Shocker! A mostly decent Newsweek article on Clark

Dean/Clark people - we need to keep this a "people powered" Dem Party

Edwards voted for the Bankruptcy Reform act of 2001. Kerry didn't

Resident * to sit down with Tim Russert for an hour this Sunday :-)

Sorry, gang, but they're planning something...

My little brother stood on stage with Howard Dean

Michigan: Zogby: Kerry 47, Dean 10, Edwards 8, Clark 4, Sharpton 2, DK 1

Kerry Hires Lobbying Firm to Work on Campaign

Why losing remains a real possibility...

Get Behind ABB in 2004!!!!

Dean Meetups Last Night: How'd they go?

Most recent Florida poll

Does this mean that Republican's will be voting in the Wisconsin primary?

Edwards Campaign Schedule

Over $300,000 in 24 hours: Train to Clarksville

Aren't Dems getting record turnouts so far?

Kerry's IWR Vote: Here's how he can put that issue to bed for me.

Campaign 2004: Insiders v. Outsiders?

Dean says he's out if he doesn't win Wisconson

Kerry way ahead in latest Wisconsin poll

Florida May Play Vital Role In Race For White House

What's so bad about being an insider?

Dean supporters should vote for Kerry, if only to...

Only 2 sitting Senators have ever been elected President. Why so few?

So, is the Dean campaign investigating any voting irregularities?

British press sees Kerry victory as north-south split in Dem party

Bush & Vietnam: Live Ammo?

Two-term, One Term pattern (hope for November)

If no candidate has a majority of delegates come convention time...

Clark supporters: e-block they living heck out of Tennessee!

John Kerry shook my hand and signed my hat at a rally on Monday

Take the ABB Pledge

All Dean supporters

Clark on the Mark: Jobs!

Now that Smirky is playing word games with the word "imminent"

Vietnam is a ghost that should not be reawakened!

Anyone who is ABK, or anything but ABB didn't learn anything

Liberals and Conservatives untited....

John Kerry Rocks!

Maybe Kerry was right about having Tenet resign...

Lileks slams Kerry, Clark, DU.....

Kucinich Predicts Winning Democratic Nod

To the people who are ABK and will vote 3rd party or stay home this fall

The real John Kerry- WARNING: This is from the NY POST.

Inside Politics: Repub says Bush got an "honorary" discharge from Guard

Kerry supporters new endorsers

A United Democratic Party?

Inspirational candidates fare poorly among Democratic voters

Hey, all you folks knocking Clark's campaign?

It's not fair the way the media is handing Kucinich the nomination

Are we headed for a split convention?

I see Elliot Spitzer endorsed Kerry.....

Dean Meetup: When Are We Going To Focus on GE Organizing

Kerry heckled about war and Patriot Act vote

Clark, Mo' Message, Mo' Money - Momentum!!!

Dean gears up for last stand in Wisconsin

Wesley Clark just recieved 3 votes and Dennis Kuncinich got 1

Even John Edwards is for Wes Clark - a secret weapon?

One reason good enough for me to be ABB

AP: Pentagon Cancels Internet Voting System

Edwards ties for first in Oklahoma! At least his web site says so...

a thought on electability

Has anyone got poll numbers on Dean and Wisconsin?

Hard Evidence of Possible Criminal Conduct by Cheney's employees/ Plame

Kerry is right: experience the Senate.

Where's Kerry and Edwards on Flag Burning?

Clark seeks to clarify comments on abortion

Kerry saved the life of a GOP Senator in 1988

What's up with all the candidate hate here?

Kerry Leads in Michigan, Biggest Prize to Date

No TN or VA polls?! People are slacking!

We need to elect delegates who will oppose NAFTA

Silly question, but I want some clarity.

Wisconsin Poll: Kerry leads by 3:1 margin

Edwards campaign responds to Negative Clark attacks

We need to take back the word "Liberal" in 2004

Why Clark?

I hope Edwards, Kerry, or Kucinich will break a trend if they're elected.

Gore/Dean running as independents

To My Fellow Clark Supporters: On Being A Wes Clark Supporter

Up Next: The Kerry Body Count

What if Kerry chose Dean as his VP?

Unions Spurn Kerry's Lobbying Efforts, Stick with Dean for Now

When Iraq devolves into Civil War

MI: Senators Levin and Stabenow have endorsed John Kerry

I am disappointed. John Kerry is not my friend :(

Sen. Edwards' Coffers Grow with South Carolina Win

Someone tell me the diff between Kerry and Cheney's positions

Question For The "Old Fogies" Of DU

Clark On President Bush's Admission On Wmds And CIA Revelations

Anyone got exit polls from New Mexico and North Dakota

Kerry Detractors: What's your main beef with Kerry?

Edwards thinks Bush's tax cuts help long-term economic growth.

MI/WA/TN/ VA Dems...what kind of statement is a vote for John Kerry?

Kerry and Edwards ads now running on tv here

Should KERRY Resign From the Senate if he's the Nominee?

Kerry and corporate accountability

4 simple reasons why voting against our nominee this Fall is UNACCEPTABLE

Is Dean out after Wisconsin if he doesn't win or is it a fundraising ploy?

National Enquirer joins in on John Kerry hit squad

Clark supporters - Let's send money to his campaign *now*! I'll go first.

Clark is in for the long haul

Kerry shakes hands with citizens at a rally in Portland, Maine today...

Just how err....mistaken are we?

Will we be able to "write in" a candidate with electronic voting?

Why Dean won't win Washington's caucuses

Poll captures a bad moment for Bush President's ratings sink as Kerry gain

has Kerry said anything on the draft?

We Must Elect Delegates that Will Put a Pro-Marriage Plank in Platform:

Pleas to Kerry people and my ignore list

Inspirational statement by Kerry (sarcasm)

Bill Wyatt challenges Bush for GOP nomination with 10% in OK primary

Thesis: until we stop trying to be safe, things will get worse

Just got home from the Choo Choo and seeing Clark!

Kerry and the war

Governor Dean’s Statement on Massachusetts Court Ruling

Is this WAR?

Why Tennessee is so important ...

Does Gephardt want to be Kerry's VP?

If Kerry is the nominee (VP question)

The media is NOT in Kerry's corner and never have been.

Howard Dean's Deaf/Hard of Hearing Platform

Is getting Bush out enough of a reason to vote for Kerry?

I want to share my love, thats right, love with Dean Supporters

On CNN: That Big Dig smear against Kerry

Calling all Dean supporters!

Candidate Match-Up Survey (You May Have Seen It... But It's NEW To Me)

Is there some principled difference between racially discriminatory

John Kerry Statement on George Tenet's Speech today on Iraq intelligence

Gephardt said to be possible VP pick

ILLINOIS Clarkies! I'm invading Tennessee...anyone want to come?

The Democratic party should support equal rights for GLBT people.

Hannity: al-Qaeda wants Kerry to win!

Kerry Cabinet: Spitzer AG, RFK Jr. Dir EPA or INTERIOR, Secy of State: ?

BBV Was Discussed At The Dean Meetup Last Night

Dean raises 226,000 in a matter of hours.

I don't like the term "Sheep" people

*Unofficial* Why I Support Kerry post!

Does this dream mean I'm softening toward Kerry?

Non-clinical first impressions of Election 2004 from a non-expert

Deleted message

Clark wants to clarify abortion comment

What would be your reasons not to vote for Clark.

Kerry and the medal throwing story

If Your Candidate Drops Out Before Your State's Primary, Will You...

Trippi made 200k a MONTH

Levin, Stabenow endorsing Kerry

Maine Governor and former Senator George Mitchell endorse Kerry

What is going on w/ DU re: GE?

Is Election 04 a glass that's half-empty and half-full. for the truth?

Did Kerry and/or Edwards vote for the Bush tax cuts?

Why the heck isn't Sharptons republican campaign manager making the news?

How to bring Dean down in FL? State Dem Chair declares Kerry winner.

To remain viable, do Edwards or Clark have to sweep 2/10

Washington Poll Numbers?

Deleted message

DLC -- Kucinich and Rumsfeld cut from same cloth

If Kerry wins the nomination, who would you vote for?

Rant: Clark running for VP?

Would the DNC listen if Dem grass rooters threatened to strike?

ABC lets the cat out of the bag...

Reuters : Gay Marriage Ruling Could Be Problem for Kerry

Should anti-DLC people form an anti-DLC alliance?

Deleted message

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