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Archives: February 7, 2004

Referendum shows up French gall

Obvious but unspoken

US Army War College Quarterly, 1997: Constant Conflict, by RALPH PETERS

Doubt of Scalia's impartiality deepens

Take Action petiton: Safe Act veto threat by Ashcroft & Bush

112K new jobs.....

Taiwan seen getting drier, hotter in coming decades

The book that built the Lien family (KMT Pigs)

Pro-China fugitive is just a blue-camp stooge

The mysterious world of Pakistan's Dr Strangelove

My letter to Ahnold re: Kevin Cooper

Please, read this article and then send an e-mail to Ahnold to stop

DU Moderator, this is not a complaint, but a clarification

Humbly asking for clarification on why this thread was locked.

Any progress on making DU1 searchable?

Human rights and the new anti-Jewishness (JPost OpEd)

Police interrogate Israel's Sharon,leadership seen to be in jeopardy

Hamas leader killed in Gaza explosion

Palestinian PM urges Blair to play fair

Far-right lawyer denies Holocaust as incitement trial opens

The Bottom Line: It's UN-believable (Jpost OpEd)

Was the July, 2001 Intelligence Report part of the whole 9-11 plot?

Thanks for the memories......

My bad: "peacewalker" info needed.

Was James Buchanan the first gay prez?

DU this poll!

Someone Told Me Tonight That I Had to "Hover My Cat."

More racist bake sales.. Great site for anti-Bush material.

have you all seen this?

McCain is right: Bush did NOT manipulate intel...

Is "misuse" of intel to wage an unprovked war treason or war crime?

Josh Marshall says the fix is in on intell commission

Should we spread the rumor of Jeb 2008?

Tuning Out the G.O.P.'s Siren Song

Lets find a theme for my congressional campaign

This group supports outsourcing jobs!

Boy Howdy.. Arkansas is bucking Huckabee

Tit for Tat: CBS/Viacom's Super quid-pro-quo

I thought maybe Malloy was out today

Without Fear or Favor: The Best in Broadcast Journalism

Get a load of this! Warning: small town newpaper

Reply from CSM reporter (bush* aWol)

How did Mr. Potato Head treat Bush on MTP during the 2000 campaign?

USA: Free Speech Threatened by Federal Election Commission

Assassinations tear into Iraquis Educated class

Freeper thread praising Fresno, CA for their spinelessness

The MoveOn Voter Fund surpasses $9 million.

I have a question about being a precinct chairman

Do You Try And Know The "Enemy"?

Michigan: Bad news for Bush

Who suggested Silberman?

Neocons favorite song.....

My take on Bush's new commission...

Noam Chomsky on Book TV (C-SPAN2) Saturday

My anti-bush campaign slogan was accepted by Two Unemployed Democrats!

Was Carlie handcuffed?

Has there ever been a bigger bunch of bald-faced liars !

If you could select Bush's running mate, who would you select and why?

Many repubs would vote for Clark in the GE

Dean supporters - What Planks do we demand in the Platform in Boston?


Look at the Fox polls - HUGE deviations

As long as the rivers flow and the grass grows or until we want it

Pentagon releases names of Iraq deaths from -last year-

Howard Kurtz's wife on Hardball now, talking about Bush/Intel commission

White House moves ships in Charleston Harbor for backdrop to * speech

My Letter to (and my response from) Halliburton

the role of the federal government is to protect its citizens

Will there be presidential debates this year? If so, how many?

Anyone catch Letterman?

preemptive war on faulty intelligence

a BBV question..

Buchanan exposing OSP on McLaughlin tonight!!

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm of Michigan on RealTime with Bill Maher

"Hitler Appoints Panel to Investigate Dead Jews"

Any Repercussions From The Families Of The Iraq War Dead...

If we win 2004 will this be the end of the Bush family in politics?

Consummate Arrogance: "The Fix is In"

The Plame story nobody is noticing, according to TPM

Frightening Pic Of Rumsferatu

Malloy's clip of The Big Dog is great tonight.

Will Rudy replace Cheney?

"The Guy James Show" is going to prove??? keep kicked please!

Fix is in, commission doesn't appear to have any subpoena power

Florida Vote: Can we Talk?

Homosexuality in Animals is Prevelant

Whenever Bush's Poll Numbers Start to Drop...

"Protests: Legit or Commie?" - a TV23 Fairly Unbalanced Report

I want NINE Bush Cronies and BFEE players on the Intel Commission.

Why does Faux call Osama "Usama"?

Did Anybody See Shrub's Appearances Today? He's Cracking!

Bo Diehl on Scarbury: Liberals Fault Carlie was murdered.

another chicken hawk- marc racicot?

Groping 'president' sparks fury

Chris Matthews going off on Bush Intel failure right now!

Cheney's Office Linked to CIA Leak

More Workers Face Layoffs In Eastern N.C (Rubbermaid plant - 300 workers)

Indian MPs back pesticide-cola claim

UN dismisses 'bird flu in pigs' reports

Bush bench choice irks environmentalists

Pay, Don't Sue, Song-Swappers, Trade Group Urges

Investigator fears more astronauts could perish

Dominican boat people exodus larger in January than all of 2003

WP (Pincus): Bush, Aides Ignored CIA Caveats on Iraq

WP (Milbank): Treasury Improperly Released Information to O'Neill

WMD panel shouldn't blame CIA, diplomat says (Wilson)

Documents for O'Neill Book Were Classified

Con turns 1c into almost $1m

WP (Sat.): Bush* Names Commission on Iraq Data

Seoul jails U.S. soldier for hit and run

Clark's Statement On The President's New Intelligence Commission

Wife 'knew slave lived in garage'

NYT: A First Lady Fiercely Loyal and Quietly Effective

Annan Warns U.S. Will Face Doubts

Assassinations Tear Into Iraq's Educated Class

Avian (Bird) Flu Discovered In Delaware; Birds To Be Destroyed

Spaniards angered by bishops; domestic violence is "the bitter fruit" of

China sentences monks to 12-year prison sentence

Administration's Message on Iraq Now Strikes Discordant Notes

president Bush* to attend Daytona 500

U.S. Judge Delays Return of 3 of Cuban Buick Rafters

Japan bans pork, alcohol for troops in Iraq, urges mustache growing

US Marines face NT (Australia) sex assault claims

U.S. supports nuclear pardon

German Jews call game show anti-Semitic

Groping 'president' sparks fury

I think there should be nightclubs where naked...

Who was REALLY the 5th Beatle? New photo reveals all!

new Savage Weiner advertiser Petsmart (also a Hannity advertiser)

You know it's love when...

Stress management techniques

There's a wonderful special about felines on A&E right now

woohoo 500 posts!

Kathleen Turner on Hardball now.

And now, on the lighter side of the news...

"shut up dumb ass"

Someone Told Me Tonight That I Had to "Hover My Cat."

Halleluja! FINALLY , the converter is here

Anybody ever hear of Hooverphonic?

How gay am I?

Did anyone ever cry because of stuff someone told you on internet?

Vincent Hamm for VP?

I can't see any pictures.

Is Ray Romano on Comedy Central hysterical...

Who's voting in this poll?

Bill Maher Realtime

Ironic thing about Super Bowl XXXVIII

Little girl has second head removed...

Bob Novak places third in 800 meter race

Spuds McKenzie for VP?

may have been posted, but what would you like the dem campaign song to be?

I need a houseboat, I need a plane.

Do any of you hoover your cats?

NJ Nets

say hello to my bf, squeegee

It's Nine 'o Clock in Ypsilanti, Mich. Time for another Q&A w/Mr. Scorpio

A question I can't exactly ask the right way.

More evidence of media bias

Begging for a caption

Is it "Butt Naked" or "Buck Naked"?

Question question

I'm drankin' too much

Is "size" really that big of a deal to women?

Bumper sticker

Don't you hate it when...

An unexpected encounter with Enlightened Youth

Beavis and Butthead marathon on MTV2 !

LOTR fans: Charlie Rose hosts Peter Jackson tonight

Bill Maher doing the 'Kobe Teeth' bit again...

What Windoze error message do you hate most?

ABC Nightline for Friday: 40th anniversary of the Beatles invasion

Good bye DU

Surprising email from Shrub luvin' brother-in-law . . .

Newsweek poll: "Did White House knowingly misrepresent intelligence...?"

Any good movies playing at the Theater this weekend?

Does anyone want to be my Valentine?

Maddox rips Bill O'Reilly

To All Michigan DUers,

Tech question / saving pictures...

Canadian school expels racist

The American Patriot. Page 11 (More right-wing hilarity)

Silence Of The Lambs - scenario quiz

Who here thinks pop music sucks big donkey dunkin' sticks?

North Dakota has Happy Trees.

OOOOh Nooo! Look what just showed up in my inbox!

No one ever comments in my live journal

DU wine drinkers...

Poker question

Cat question.

Bush is hangin' tough at 14% in GD-2004 poll

I have a new favorite general-purpose beer

My husband is distantly related to both John Kerry and Howard Dean

Which "Get Fuzzy" character are you?

Mozart's 40th or 41st Symphony--which do you prefer???

DUers are a talented & sophisticated bunch!

True confession time: What's the strangest/weirdest thing

What book are you reading?

My new favorite song

"47% of women over 50 prefer sleep to sex" says she...

California DU rs where do you live?

Friday Night Movie Thread



If I choose a candidate avatar...

What foods do you miss from the past?

Just get over it already... We lose - it's over....

Dean describes his Wisconsin email as a 'ploy'

How'd I get on Edwards' mailing list?

Why Wesley Clark? A political veteran's views...

Kathleen Turner coming up now on Tweety

John Kerry and The Electras album ebay listing

A member of the 101st Airborne Division: Why Clark?

The grandmas are now mad at you Mr. Bush

Who else doesn't CARE who Kerry picks for VP?

Rally for Kerry on CSPAN 2/06 8pm EST

Spuds McKenzie for VP?

Ronald Reagan for VP!

What Statements Have Been Made About the Whitewash Commission?

Vincent Hamm for VP?

Teresa Heinz for VP?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson for VP?

In the next loyalty oath poll

Vice-Presidental candidate Gore?

LaRouche for VP?

Judy Woodruff Says Kerry Played "Bass" (rhymes with glass!)

For shame, DUers! Only 2 of 3 will definitely support the Dem!

Bill Nelson for VP?

How will you vote if your favorite Dem doesn't get the nomination?

Why Kerry Should Pick Clark as VP (warning right wing strategy shown)

Who Should Really, Really Be Kerry VP?

War Hero Max Cleland of Georgia for Kerry VP

Ladies and Gentlemen: President Edwards!- CounterPunch article

Anyone know about Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry?

Al Sharpton's Delaware delegate ?

DU Moderator, this is not a complaint, but a clarification

Survey U.S.A. - Maryland Poll

For the Record: I am NOT compromising when I vote for General Clark

Latest unscientific MSN poll

My Republican brother is ready to dump Bush!!

Dean Hints He Would Accept VP Spot (NY Times)

Another fun fact about Kerry - union members should read this...

Is Kerry the only dem candidate who plans to bring the draft back?

Howard Dean brags about A rating from the NRA in Michigan.

Calling all WI and ILL Clark Supporters

The Republican Plan of attack against Kerry

Question? Clark-Edwards The most photogenic ticket in history?

Gephardt's endorsement of Kerry made me proud to be a Democrat

Kerry's best choice for VP

I want John Kerry for president and Howard Dean for vice president.

Dean/Clark - Clark/Dean or Kerry/Edwards - Edwards/Kerry?

Some Survey U.S.A. Polls Bush Head to Head with Dems

The many reasons why I support General Clark

Anyone watching dobbs

Dean Folks -- Good Luck in WA Caucuses

Why I support Wes Clark for President

OK, Dean people, now I know this is very risky and has the potential

Drudge smearing Clark again

Rocky Anderson, Mayor of Salt Lake City, Endorses Dean

Why are the Democrats willing to continuously compromise their beliefs?

I'm caucusing in WA tomorrow; Kucinich is my candidate.

Dean stole Rick Santorum's act!

If Kerry wins both Tennessee and Virginia and he is leading in the polls

Why do people still insist Clark is weak on Gay issues?

Is Kerry's support as flimsy as it seems to me?

"I'll vote for the nominee, because anyone's better than Bush"

Kerry supporters only: Why should Dean supporters get behind Kerry

Clark Supporters: Check in Here!

Kucinich: U.S. should abandon NAFTA, WTO

Kucinich: Take the Profit out of Health Care

Robert Torricelli raising money for Kerry

Jeremy McDermott (BBC): Colombian rebels beat path to Peru

The Beginning of the End of the Republican Party

Bush, Aides Ignored CIA Caveats on Iraq( Clear-Cut Assertions ) Wash Post

Animal activists demand law against animal sex (Sweden)

Bush Decides to Enter Fray on TV Shows NYTimes

Kristof: Secret Obsessions at the Top (Reagan era near nuclear war)

Homosexuality in Animals - NYT

8 Questions for Russert -- for George W. Bush (Russert Interview)

Halliburton - Patriots... editorial poster

Naomi Klein (The Nation): Hold Bush to His Lie

O. Ricardo Pimentel (AZ Rep.):Let's not split hairs - Bush lied about WMDs

Krugman reviews books by Kevin Phillips and Ron Suskind

The real cost of war....editorial cartoon

Fables of the reconstruction

Salon: Michigan: Bad News for Bush*

Bill Maher: Lose the twang, y'all

Slate: What is heaven like?

Jackson Thoreau's lastest Essay - Excellent Must Read & Share

Howard Dean - a man with courage and conviction. If it wasn't

Disturbing editorial from Eleanor Clift re: Mass. Decision

Quotes For The Mind and Soul

Please send letters-to-the-editor after "Meet the Press" Russert/Bush

question about the 5 min. delay in showing the Grammys

Taping Over? Leaks or Promos?

Do you watch the National Nightly News? If so, what do you watch?

Phe's shared thought for 2/7 & 2/8/4;

Gay Muslims come out in San Francisco parade (from 2001)

Illinois Gov Tells Lawmakers 'Don't Amend'

No Charges In Prison Gay 'Sex Slave' Case

Couples Break Down In Meeting With Mass Gov.

Lawyers Take Up Gay Marriage

California Lawmaker Presses Congress On Gay Immigration

Senate Begins Work On Anti-Gay Amendment

"We don't need no steenkin' First Amendment!!"

Wall St in week ahead: Stocks could slip as earnings dip

Mauldin: The Unemployment Quandary Show Me The Jobs

RealPlayer flaws open PCs up to hijackers

Think Again: Deficit Coverage: 'What's Missing?'

RealPlayer flaws open PCs up to hijackers

A little good news for hemp

Trouble with Sakhalin 1 2 and 3

Engineer's Papers Dispute Hubble Decision

Free and Green--an alternative to the Bu$h energy plan

The Rand Beers File

Assassinations Tear Into Iraq's Educated Class / Anti-intellectualism

More than 1,000 Syrian intellectuals call for political reforms


Hajj marred by tragedy

Hajj shoppers boost local economy

China’s president Hu visits Egypt

Mubarak declines Tehran invitation

Jordan, UAE invest in arms

Algiers angered at Saudi invite to Muslim fundamentalist

Al Jazeera barred from pilgrimage

Calligrapher forced to write Koran in blood

Iraqi women told to ‘take control’

Poll will change world's view of Taiwan: officials

State Charges Dropped Against Man Who Shot Intruder

If there's a mod on, PM me

Was this thread locked for a reason?

How about an Emily's List and March for Choice Avatars

Major "Web Site Not Responding" messages today

Please add to wish list :)

I humbly offer the following avatar images

Something needs to be done with the rule set here at DU

German lawyer denies Holocaust at incitement trial

Israel: 59% support the resumption of negotiations with Syria

Palestinians start trial over U.S. convoy killings

Israeli Air Strike Kills 12-Year-Old Boy

Thousands march against 'apartheid wall'

The Syrian Threat

Flipside: By the skin of our teeth

Islamic Jihad vows revenge for commander's death

Sharon to seek US approval of “disengagement” plan, Gaza evacuation

Atom spy release puts Israel on the spot

McNamara returns to Berkeley to discuss lessons learned from 'Fog of War'

Presidential-level district caucuses today in California

Freepers, Bush, Cheney, NRCC all giving up in Kentucky race

Loss of jobs a major political factor in S.C.

Iraq Intelligence Committee

Theoretically, What's the best way to get rid of Tom DeLay?

Anyone Got A Site For Gore's Speach

MTP drinking games

The Book on Bush: How George W. (Mis)leads America - Alterman

Bush is on the run like a fox with his tail on fire.....

So I'm playing cards on Yahoo...and two guys get angry at each other

the stock market is betting on middle-America's job misery

Hey Coloradoans.

Bill O'Reilly Bingo!

CSpan Schedule for Saturday, Feb. 7th, 2004

Kevin Cooper case. (ExecutionTuesday.)

Beijing Man Wants to Sell 'Bushi' Diapers

Was Eisenhower The Last Republican President

Scott Ritter is a pedophile???? (caller on C-span this morning) n/t

caption this...Bush SOTU

Investigative journalism: lowest generic drug prices ... Costco

The media is already covering Bush's ass....

Talking points for your Repub friends

Administration's Message on Iraq Now Strikes Discordant Notes

Just When Will Bush Be Interviewed - What Show/Channel?

GOP/RNC attacks those that attack Bush Military AWOL - but no details!

It's all about Kerry

a new reason to despise Robert Novak

Can we all agree now McCain is a douchebag?

Important Web Site:

Someone ask Kerry is he'll fire the present WMD er Independant panel

I appoint a commission to investigate

Shocking close-up of scandalous bust - weak of heart do not look!

Even Martians are protesting American foreign policy.

Bush’s Iraq commission and the “intelligence failure” fraud


Which Question Would You LIke Mr. Russert To Ask Georgie Poo?

Ex-envoy won't back off of Bush - Joe Wilson keeps keeping on

KPFA Fundraiser: Annual 16-hour Greatful Dead Show begins now!

The Bush Regime is squirming nicely

A First Lady Fiercely Loyal and Quietly Effective

Thanks Chimpy. Another one of your bright ideas, eh?

Hasn't Bush ran

Karl Rove Repug Tactics are in full swing

Where do people here get their news from?

I notice that many people aren't

Anybody else having trouble with the Horse?

Depleted uranium bullets pose threat to Japanese troops in Iraq

Will Bush be nervous that during a debate the Dem nominee will AWOL him?

How many jobs did Bush say the tax cuts would create?

The Lie Factory

A question that needs to be asked is What is US foreign policy now?

Anyone else having trouble on DU this morn? 502 connection hangup.

Anybody notice that FOX is sinking along with Bush?

The Constitution, *, and GLBT folks....

Bush will be at Nascar Daytona 500 next week.

Lou Dobbs couldn't make his mouth say the R word (rape)

World's Leading Producer of Weapons of Mass Destruction?

New Moniker for Shrub

What do you make of this?

if bush KNEW no wmds, he would have attacked anyway

Will Tim Russert try to rehabilitate Bush like he did Bill Bennett?

Dick Cheney: Better for us if he was on or off the GOP ticket

The probe looking into Bushes' intelligence

Pete Domenici Looks Awful

Why has no Democrat broached the subject of Bush* overruling Congress

Is Dennis Miller so bad that it's pitiable?

Sunday's Meet the Press (Bush gets the whole hour) will be "special."

Time to punish Viacom

Another shining example of compassionate conservatism

Krugman on Suskind & Phillips in NY Review of Books

The Rand Beers File

A friend of mine, who is a conservative...

Chomsky on CSPAN2

Bush TANG discharge a "local" document?

U.S. Chamber of Commerce mailing ads in special election

How many DUers are going to be delegates to conventions?

Need help

So Bush wants the facts, does he?

Saturday Morning Cartoon: AWOL Cheerleader-in-Chief in his Blue Dress!

Krugman soundbite of the day

Which candidate will have the guts to tell Timmy.. "Lets tape it?"

What topics are most compelling to you? (poll)

My letter to Tim Russert (MTP) before his interview w/Bush (9AM ET Sun)

Microsoft sold software to China used to trap dissidents

National Enquirer Is Reporting About Kerry's Sexual Affairs

Tim Russert and the "hidden" Bush pin under his lapel

Why do Dems allow repukes to use the Unemployment # talking point?

C-SPAN caller: Al-Quaeda votes Democrat

A question about corporate contributions, the DLC, and free trade

Take the Newsweek poll on how you feel about the Chimp

What PR stunt do YOU think Rove will create 2 months before Nov 2004?

The Stovepipe and the OSP-All the Intel Commission needs to know.

Seattle Times Endorses Joe Lieberrman


Peak Oil: Will Removing Bush, Inc. Change America?

Had my taxes done today. I was

As we approach election day, let us not forget "October Surprise"

I went to my Caucus in North Seattle

Paging americanstranger or symbolman

I don't make enough money to vote for Nader

AWOL: anonymous Freeper phones Turnipseed -- help debunk

War cost calculator.. running total

rummy Germany....scary.....NYT

The official "Guy James Show" thread--keep kicked please

What Could Bush Have Done? (9/11)

Did you just see Bush with Russert ( a snippet from tomorrow's MTP)

How Many Will Watch Meet The Press Tomorrow?

Your favorite liberal radio shows?

"Feel the Terror, Baby: Bush/Cheney 2004" - alternate universe RNC ad

Melbourne ranked world's top city

In case you thought "The Passion" is just a movie...

Smoking Gun? The infamous Bush "torn document"

Fascism- when did you realize that America was a lie?

Why the sudden concern for use of the term "sheeple"?

BBV: has a song. Will someone create a Flash to match?

Should the US pull out of the UN?

I am so absolutely disappointed in DUer's right now, I could just scream.

Ever hear of R.E.P.?

Chickenhawkitis: a Repug malady.

Intelligence Failure? No. Bush* Failure? Yes


Time runs out for free trade talks (Aust & US)

Reported Murder Plot Cements Cleric's Stature

Candidate for (FL) environment chief denies falsifying education data

Idaho delegation visits Cuba to spur trade

Josh Marshall: The Fix Is In -- No subpoena power for Commission

Eye on the [CA] convention

BBC (Saturday): UN experts tackle Iraq impasse

The Lie Factory

CNN 2/6 p.m. -- O'Neill Cleared in Use of Classified Documents

D.C. Mother Faces Cruelty Charges In Neglect Case (WP)

Iraqi Officials to Make Finances Public

NATO must commit to future Iraq role: de Hoop Scheffer

Arab League Decries U.S. Actions in Iraq

Cigna Will Cut 3,000 Jobs; Drop in Policyholders Is Cited

U.S. Justifies War, Germany Says 'We Were Right'

Tot Beaten to Death at Md. Child-Care Home (WP)

Rumsfeld Defends Iraq War at NATO Meeting

Attempt on Iraqi Cleric's Life Disputed

2-Month-Old Girl Dies in Northeast (WP)

Dollar policy troubles allies

Former GOP Sen. Hecht Owes Life to Dem. Candidate Kerry

AP Analysis: Death penalty varies by geography in California

[Dupe - lock] Constitutional "right to assemble" abridged in Des Moines

BBC (Saturday): Sri Lanka leader sacks parliament

Maine Democrats step into spotlight

Half of Britons Say Blair Should Go - Poll

LATimes: Bush Is Set to Strike Back at Democrats

Its US Propaganda... Its Alhurra!

National Textiles To Layoff Workers At 2 Plants (190 jobs)

Fox News: AFSCME may withdraw support for Dean (n/t)

Annan: U.S. claims about Iraq will stir future suspicions

NEWSWEEK POLL: Bush's Approval Rating Slips to New Low

Thirty Bodies Found in Southern Iraq Mass Grave

John Hannah Allegedly Focus of Plame Probe

Lack of jobs a major issue for electorate in Michigan

Janklow begins serving jail time ...

Live from Virginia, It's Alhurra

Washington State Initial Results: Kerry 53%

Seattle area is no lock for Kerry

California leads nation in presidential donations

Transforming Tech Woes Into Votes

Group fights anti-war inquiry; Lawyers move to block subpoenas

Stakes Are High for Both Bush and Interviewer

"Defrocked judge draws capacity crowd" Roy Moore at JMU

Powell says Iraq arms furore gets on his nerves

U.N. Team in Iraq to Settle Vote Question

U.S. forces in Iraq find cyanide with suspected al-Qaeda link

Baby dies after surgery to remove second head

Bush, Aides Ignored CIA Caveats on Iraq

Bird Flu found in Delaware!

Bush says CIA director's job is secure (MTP interview)

Record home sales at foreclosure auctions spurns moratorium drive

Feds Win Right to War Protesters' Records

AP News Alert - Major union withdraws support from Howard Dean

New York City Passes Resolution Against Patriot Act

Another American pays hefty fine in Brazil after making obscene gesture du

CLG Launches B.Y.O.B., Bring Your Own "paper" Ballot Campaign

Group fights anti-war inquiry

MTP drinking games

I am listening to Van Halen's 1984. Ask me anything.

i thinkk i might pukee

What is the music in the Estee Lauder "Beyond Paradise" commercial?

I have put a person on ignore. I know when I start an original thread,...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm laughing soooo hard!!!

25 Rules to be a Republican:

minneesota suders where do you live?

Bad dumb blond jokes - take 1/give 1

I have myself on ignore

Valentines Day is in a week...

Botox Bush?

jacksons, shark attacks, and other miscellaneous news

Was it just me, or was Maher funnier than usual tonight?

Cheap Space Documentary

Anyone see Jeepers Creepers 2?


How much do I have to fork over to DU, so I can make polls?

"I never discuss love on an empty stomach"

Who wants to talk more about genital mutilation?

I'm going to the snow-covered St. Francois Mountains

Clear Channel owns Janet Jackson's tours along

NSMA keys still not found after 90 replies in ATA forum

Miss Chernobyl

The Movie "Big Fish"

Goodbye DU.

Satellite radio anyone??

Havin' a Heat Wave! It's 45F in Rural So. Maryland -- Ask Me Anything!

I can't think of anything interesting to post

Beavis and Butthead are on MTV 2

How's this for off the deep end?

Bobby Badfingers!


Best Heavy Metal song title

I got a moderator warning, and it really bothers me...

The best website ever?

I VOTED! Ask me anything. (nt)

Money order mystery? Bankers a question for you....

Candidate Yard Signs: Do They Influence Voters?

Wenchzilla just ate a Froot Loop. (dialup users: 120kb warning)

Attention DU Computer Techs...I need help!

*DU NEWS PROJECTION:* Michigan caucus winner

What Features Matter In A VCR?

what episodes of Beavis & Butt-head have they shown on MTV2 so far?

Janet & Justin: The SMILIE! (and i'm not kidding)

Is *'s Saturday Radio Address pre-recorded?

So where can a proud liberal shop in good conscience?

Happy Birthday OSCAR BRAND!

DU computer techs...I have a do you fix missing

The satanic verses

For the fans of Guns and Roses

On the advice of TrogL ----- GENERIC FLAME WAR!

So, like, all the mushroom people are there

Good Morning DU!!!

Favourite Oscar Wilde Quote?

Is the day of the grungy depressed suburban teenager over?

My replies just disappear...WTF?

OOO my tummy...

What insults get abused the most?

Host on C-Span said that the * & Russert interview is being taped

uhhh.. i think when you become a republican, you don't score anymore..

Question to any jews here

Animation of the Bush doll

Any NC Dems going to particpate in "Dean Visibility Day" tomorrow?

Catch 22: On FoxTV now ...

Does anyone else think this is as funny as I do?

I got a moderator warming

Ballpark figure - what is an ironing board worth?

Welease Woger!

I just saw a sad affair.

Rod Stewart is ANNOYING.


Nothing wrong with my puppy's hearing...

A tourist walks into a curio shop in San Francisco...

BUSH! Born Under Satan's Hand!

Why do we allow these left-handed freaks on DU?

I'm a KUCINICH delegate!

WARNING: Explicit thread...

I'm a Barbie Girl!

Did someone say "hominy"?

Pray AGAINST pResident Bush - Day 1

I did my best but still people won't be able to vote

Anyone been over to

Is DU crashing?

Oh, by the way...

I protest the lack of Hamm coverage in MI and WA

DU Caucus Chat Anyone??

Woman, dog busted for public intoxication

A moral test -- Joke

Anyone else still get turned on by an overplayed song "standard"?

Lunatic Libertarian from imed me

Was just passed by Wesley Clark's (i think) bus convoy on I-66

Mama mia! When it rains, it POURS!

War cost calculator.. running total

Mars needs chipmunks

Separated at birth? Vaughn Ververs & William Rivers Pitt

Caption the Fabulous Farces

Which America Hating Minority Are You?

Anyone else finding DU to be slow and prickly today?

Amaya and I had brunch today!

Need help with info about a cat with an enlarged liver

Funny country music songs

Is it safe for a cat to eat jalapeno?

Where Do You Usually Eat Dinner?

American DUers: How many foreign-born people do you know?

Anyone else missing Underpants' sig line?

I dreamed last night that I had the perfect job.....

I love Middle Eastern food, even though I've never eaten any

Damnit! Look at this, it's funny.

Aargh... woke up with the WORST movie song ever in my head...

Good Saturday Morning DU!!

When did Porsche introduce a station wagon?

Are you good on the dance floor?

Beyonce up for part of Lois Lane?


HEH! Latest Barrage Of SPAM - They Want To Ordain ME As A Minister!

Is there a place online where you can re-register your party affiliation?

What time do you wake up?

Magellan gin - anyone else discover this gin? (Booze thread - join in!)

Calling all DU dogs and cats!

List your favorite NES video game

is there a plumber in the house?

Hey folks

What are we all doing home on a Saturday night?

favorite one-liners

Question about Printer Cartridges

Do Democrats play golf?

Star Wars Fans! (episode 3 Anakin pic)

OK, DUers what was the worst song of the 70s.

Beatlemania: it was 40 years ago today ...

About left- or right-handedness and affectional (sexual) orientation.

Does anybody know anything about ravens?

Let's hear it for PowderMilk Biscuits!

Are you left-handed?

The Triple Filter Test (Socrates)

Anyone familiar with Nellie McKay?

Irish Confession

30 days of nothing but McDonalds... (true story)

The Longest Road-Trip You've Ever Made

who wants to equate circumcision with FGM?

I'm turning into a war movie junkie who's looking for recommendations

What is the biggest ripoff?

I'm not going to go to other Political Forums...

Best Country song title:

Setting aside electability, who would do the best job as POTUS?

Kerry Points Campaign South; Rivals Fight

When did Kerry vote against Terrorist capital punishment?

Kerry Presidency Seen a(s) Boon for U.S. Markets

Bush is on the run like a fox with his tail on fire.....

Had my taxes done today. I was

Can anyone give me a link or something that shows Kerry's

Kerry's WalMart stock

I totally RESPECT Kerry, Clark, Dean, Kucinich, Gephardt, Sharpton, etc.

Who will emerge as the anti-Kerry?

Before this election, I always required my candidates to be JUST like me

Kerry Appeals To Jews, Arabs

Kerry's Special Friends

"Moron's Guides to the Caucuses" {Good read for newbies like me.}

Kerry $ ?

Great talking points for Clark supporters. Esp useful during a caucus...

Salt Lake City Mayor Endorses Howard Dean !

Clark supporters - More caucus guidance from the mother ship. Please read!

Here's the "Vets against Kerry" site someone asked for

White House/US Executive Branch experience?

How would things be different if the primary wasn't so compressed?

Doyle NOT confirmed to endorse a candidate

Caucus alliances and strategems

Timeline of official quotes on Iraqi WMD

Which candidate should get the corkscrew vote? (fun article)

Poll Shows Kerry Leading In Virginia, Edwards Second

Gore Endorsement May Not Help Dean In Tennessee

Dean Raises Nearly $1 Million for Wisconsin Battle

Edwards picks up some union endorsements

I had an AMAZING conversation tonight with a Republican friend

Kerry was for the Gulf War so he voted against it. He was against the Iraq

"Kerry's Special Friends"

Who has a better chance of beating Bush in the GE than ....

Can't see future, but if Dems don't get in WH this election, will there...

Kerry Stays Out of Clark-Edwards Fray

just a comment about "electability"

What Person Or Group Was Most Hurt By Endorsing Dean?

Once a battleground, Michigan now merely campaign pit stop

Facing '96 Loss, Brawling Kerry Fought to Win

Kerry's train is leaving the station

I think we're being set up on the AWOL issue

Electability, or desperation?

I got this e-mail today...

Alterman renounces Kerry support (Follow-up to Will Pitt's "Trial")

I find it interesting that the Club for Growth ran a Dean attack ad......

The Pragmatists' Primary: Desperately seeking electability.

Kerry's Wife and Walmart Stock

Dean Can WIN!

I think I may be in love with Suzanne Malveaux...

New MD Poll

Wes is more

Head to Head w/Bush* in WA

Attention Michigan Democrats!!!

Wisconsin governor to candidates: Play fair, please

Kerry Wins Democrats Abroad Caucus in Paris

Why did Kerry & Edwards vote for the Patriot Act?

Clark Papers Show Pressure Over Kosovo

Will Tim Russert try to rehabilitate Bush like he did Bill Bennett?

Because of him(Clark), 3 million people living

New national poll numbers from Newsweek

Terry M. thinks we will have a nominee on March 10.

Daddy rules no more!

The US voting population, Segment One

Dean vs. Edwards on Gay and Lesbian Issues

Poll shows Kerry ahead of the pack across Va.

When and how will we find out results in Washington and Michigan today? nt

Illinois has a Dem candidate for Senate with $40 Mil to beat the Repug

A Winning Day for Democrats

Why I will caucus for Wesley Clark

What are the candidates views

Bush will be at Nascar Daytona 500 next week.

Get a look at what CNN continues to do to Clark

Who REALLY has the best chance of beating Bush in the GE?

Convince me why I should not be ABB...

Got a reply from Mike Malloy

CNN changed their front page

Why gay and lesbian voters prefer Clark...

What results will Dean/Clark/Edwards have to pulloff...

I'm curious about John Kerry...

If something fatal happened to our nominee would the person receiving the.

I have a feeling Dean will make a good comeback.

Senator George Mitchell just called

Kerry takes on Bush and his minions Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie...

I like all the candidates and I'm not afraid to say it.

New ARG Polls TN - K 32, E 21, C 20 VA - K 35, E 22, C 17

You Kucinich supporters rock!

Good article on Kerry's aggressiveness against Bush

GLBT, Be prepared to be Sister Soljahed if Kerry gets nomination

subplots in the Michigan coronation: your predictions, please.

Why did Kerry & Edwards vote for the Patriot Act?

Anti-ABB: The Eric Cartman Strategy

Just back from the WA 47th district precinct caucus

caucus in olympia, wa

Dean doesn't rule out V.P. slot

Extraordinary new Dennis Kucinich promo here

How the Democratic nominee will net over 600,000 new votes this fall

I'm so looking forward to the DNC convention in July!

Will you compromise for the Democratic nominee in 2004?

For me, the scream was the last straw, not the beginning


Streaming Video Washington Caucus - Dean Wins Seattle!

George Jones radio ad for Clark

How much did the Iowa results skew the election?

I came From my Washington Caucus

it's time for Clark and Edwards to cut a deal

Candidates' positions on combatting voting irregularities?

Why still support Dean? Electability PLUS Integrity.

How do you expect me to vote for you Mr. Kerry?

KERRY Supporters, Who are your cabinet picks? Shadow Cabinet, anyone?

Speculation on Washington Caucus

If you're happy with the DLC..

Kerry Volunteers Out-Numbered Out-Spent Deserve A Little Respect!

Why does Kerry want Tenet fired?

Michigan Caucus Stories

How important are primaries anyways?

Edwards Vows to Stay in Race, Focuses on Wisconsin

How Many People Vote in Washington?

Why I still support and donate to Dean

If Dean is not the nominee, he would be a good HHS Secretary

NPR says Kerry expected Winner WA Caucuses./Edwards Campaigns in South..

CNN is starting with the election results!

WA Caucus Goers Check In: How was the turnout?

WA Caucus - what happened to Sharpton just now?

CNN vs. AP?

Hey Will Pitt

Are the current #'s what its going to be?

Great letters in my local paper today

Howard Dean about to lose support from government workers union...

Who REALLY has the best chance of beating Bush in the GE?

Which ticket would be more electable: Kerry/Gephardt or Dean/Clark?

Washington State Caucus Results Coming In Now

Dean Supporters: Are you "Standing Up For Dean" Today In Neighborhood?

'Perfect storm' draws thousands to Demo voting in WA

Dean/Edwards Charge Fraud In Michigan... (drudge breaking)

Post Washington Caucus Stories

How is it that with 50% reporting there are only about 5,000 votes

Washington Caucus - discussion thread #1

Majority say Gay Marriage Very or somewhat important in deternining vote

Detroit TV news reports massive turnout

George Bush and the Republican smear machine!

Thought I just heard NBC Nightly News declare Kerry winner in WA

Info on Maine's results for Sunday

If only we could somehow combine Kucinich's progressive ideals

Gerry McEntee (AFSCME Union Head) WITHDRAWS Dean endorsement

Washington Caucuses are over. Where are the results?

I'm a KUCINICH delegate!

AFSCME un-endorses Howard Dean

So what just happened?

Union Considers Withdrawing Dean Support

Who else here is ANTI-ABB?

The Clark, Edwards, Dean electability argument is bogus

Why I believe everyone here should be ABB in the GE

what is wrong with CNN?

Dean Campaign Is Latest to Learn About Fickle Press

I think the General Election ABB bunch are insulting.

3,210,721 registered voters in Washington

I have to say this folks...and i will vote for any Dem candidate BUT

I was just chosen the Kucinich Delegate for our precinct in WA!!

did they call it before Seattle reported?

Still waiting for a reasoned defense to come from a Kerry supporter.

Dean Supporters!

Kerry and his military/intel voting record are a HUGE TARGET

Dispel Clark Myths here:

Help Stop Irrationality in the Echo Chamber Within the GD Primary Forum

So, Kerry doesn't even have to appear anymore to get the Dem Vote?

I think the General Election Anti-ABB bunch is fundamentally Pro-Bush*

Congratulation to Dean Supporters. Great Numbers in Washington.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the nominee has already been decided

Official results: WASHINGTON

Dean/Clark/Edwards Supporters - I Think We're Up Against the Country Now

For Kerry fans, from Jimmy Breslin, "Kerry's Got Alpha Appeal"

Official results: MICHIGAN

sacrificing liberal votes to win moderate votes

Kerry Supporters: What Will Kerry Do About Black Box Voting?

EDWARDS supporters and well-wishers only

Clark, Kucinich, Dean Supporters: Are you disgusted with Media Coverage?

"Stop crying in your teacups..." - John Kerry

If there's 1 guy who could take all joy outa Dean's collapse, it's Kerry

DEAN supporters and well-wishers only

Mainers - Now it's our turn

KUCINICH supporters and well-wishers only

Kucinich Responds to Statements by CIA Director Tenet

Cry in your tea cups all you want. Just stop LYING in them.

SHARPTON supporters and well-wishers only

sketchy: Detroit caucus sites to stay open extra two hours

Clark Can Heal Our 40 Year Divide

CLARK supporters and well-wishers only

The Neocon Imperialist in Kerry's Kamp - Rand Beers - Why's he there ?

Chomsky Doubts Dems Under Kerry Can Survive RW Propaganda Onslaught

Kerry got biggest bang for his ad bucks

Kucinich: Bush Administration Must Stop Misleading American People

How many of you understand what Dennis Kucinich is doing in this race?

If the NRA is so bad why did Kerry accept the endorsment of John Dingel

KERRY supporters and well-wishers only

I Voted In the Michigan Caucus Today -- Ask Me Anything

Wisconsin's Governor Doyle to ENDORSE WESLEY CLARK this Sunday!

NewsFLASH: Wesley Clark!

Bush's "Honorable Discharge" Is A Local Document!