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Archives: February 9, 2004

Bush the Press - cartoon

Chutzpah, Thy Name Is Perle - by Jim Lobe

profiles of each member of Bush's appointed whitewash commission

Mexico's first lady eyes following Fox to presidency

"Whose Got the Chops?" Ventura endorses Clark -- and Kerry

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Ignorance is no excuse

Noonan: Philosophy, Not Policy – Why Bush isn't good at interviews.

CalPundit: ARF!....

NYT OpEd: Lost in Credibility Gulch

Twin Cities to Des Moines for protest

The PantsOnFire-mobile is Coming to Tampa 2/9

CALL on Monday - Des Moines Federal. Supeonas Univ. anti-war ac

AOL Censureship

Your Computer can be used as a PVR ... TiVO / RePlayTV

American Airlines Pilot Plugs Christianity

Are You On Uncle Sam's No Fly List?

Morgan Stanley mulls South Korea, Taiwan index reclassification

Sri Lankan president dissolves parliament

KMT-PFP campaign machine misfiring - TW

Lee encourages Taiwanese to be their own masters

Taiwan's Chen Defends Move on Referendum

Not Flamebait - I have joined the NDOL

Question regarding Elections 2004.

Thank you for locking this thread... but I believe something needs to be..

An all-time first?

Can you post a listing of words....

Thanks for using my fundraising idea!

Here is a toughie for you!

You all have outdone yourselves

Maine Results thread is heating up

If there is a mod on duty please pm me

Skinner-san, I just posted a message in Japanese!

Israel warplanes swoop on Lebanon, Hizbollah fires

Has anyone here ever read

Center for American Progress's Refutations of *'s claims this morning

I just realized the April Ryan from MTP commentary on CSPAN...

Fight back with this Iraq FAQ !

What if Osama bin Laden is NOT caught by Election Day

What do you want to bet.....

"Hey Baby, Wake UP"..

my cousins in baghdad!

Civil Unions discussed at Mass today

My best friend's stepson in Iraq...

A New Vietnam Memorial

Afghan Women Liberated by Computers?

American Airlines Pilot Plugs Christianity

Want a job that can't be outsourced?

OK a question about gays and gay rights

The Old/New Democrat Debate is Stale

60 Minutes described Evangelical political influence!

If the Republicans want to make an issue of gay marriage in NOV

Does this describe the repub strat every election?

Mr Bush, here is what we need

Touching story in our paper today...A son lost in another trumped up War

A New Politics for a New America

MTP Bush interview on Now 10:00 PM EST on CNBC

TIA joins Russert in the Smirk interview.

I talked about AWOL/stop flying/missed physical on WGN radio tonight

Any numbers on how bad AWOL is on bushlite?

You lying sack of

Dennis Miller Bashes Kerry as a Mass. Liberal that love Gays.

Drake Univ. Supeonas / Thugs at Dean event. Coincidence or Retribution?

Meet The Press - Bush (transcript link)

Where do your sympathies lie in Yugoslavia?

I live in TN and received a "political survey call"

Calpundit Scoop on Bush's Awol Service

How Global Warming can cause the next ice age

Evangelical Christianity is some wierd stuff....

Ok DUers, let's be informed about the AWOL charge

The torn Bush natl guard doc is made whole at calpundit

Soothe me so I can get some sleep tonight.

THUGS at Dem. event / DRAKE IA Supeonas activists. -Coincidence?

"I won't lose" quote coming up on CNBC

Margaret Carlson places war dead at 350

Should America be a multiparty democracy?

Why are so many with DLC avatars coming out of the woodwork

Will the Election be Hacked? (Salon investigative piece featuring DUers!)

Anyone have video of Bush from today?

Meme shift. Chimp bottoms out now = horse race in November

The sorry state of the Republican Party

Conservative on C-Span: Bush shouldn't have said "I'm not gonna lose."

Peter Werbe's Nightcall streaming now

Tim Russert Did a Great Job on MTP

Will the AWOL story spread

Are the Republicans trying to punish CBS?

Anyone see the Amanpour piece on 60 Minutes?

Info sought on the two congressional special elections KY & SD

Clinton and Franken win Grammys

I feel so good about just donating 50 bucks to DU. You can too

"I won't lose."

Now that we know that they know where Osama is, what's our strategy?

Is Bush the least intelligent President ever?

Without personal attacks, here is my problem with the DLC:

TV23 News: "Embedded Somewhere in Dick Cheney's Digestive Tract" - new vid

bush*/ashcroft/republicans supressing dissent.

Another right-winger abandoning the Repubs.

Wonder How Rush Will React to the DU Fundraiser Banner

DNC: Arrests coming at VP's office

Famous Last Words: "I don't testify." - GWB

Why I'm a New Democrat:

Pelosi PAC Hit With $21K Fine

Manufacturer Layoffs 105 Employees in West Georgia

Boston gets 1st woman police commissioner

China blames illegal mining for accident

U.S. Says Files Seek Qaeda Aid in Iraq Conflict

Taiwan's Chen Defends Move on Referendum

BBC: Blix doubts on Iraq intelligence

American Airlines Pilot Plugs Christianity

Drudge: FCC considered 'license revocation' hearing for CBS

Feds Win Right to War Protesters' Records

"Mostly Paper Powder" found in Frist's Office Time Magazine

Far Across the Oceans, Pools of Voting Democrats

The White House: A New Fight Over Secret 9/11 Docs

Bush: 'I Expected to Find the Weapons'

Vietnam Makes Echoes in Presidential Race

Crowds Loot Haiti Port; Uprising Spreads

Anxious Bush* Embarks on Charm Offensive

Al-Qaeda has tactical nuke

AP: Gore Says America 'Betrayed' by Bush

Calpundit: Bush sent to disciplinary unit to make up AWOL time...

DU java/php/perl/other programmers... help me here for a second...

Invidious propoganda on forums

Do you have a favorite limerick?

How can I consolidate bank loans?

Chucky Plans His Attack!

I just got out of the 700 club!

I just saw the movie John Q. Ask me anything.

Bill Clinton wins a Grammy!

LOL - the Rush Limbaugh visual accompanying the Fund Drive

seeking more guidance from my fellow DUers

Someone should tell Michael Powell TV is called the "Boob" tube!


A heartwarming story from my Dad

I'm at home drinking wine and listening to Edith Piaf - ask me anything

Cat Trivia - Tabbies and Iraq

Did Sgt Carter ever say "Damn it, Pyle!" or is that just my imagination?

Waaah, I can't find it on Kazaa!

Anyone watching the Grammys?

In honor of Bush's MTP interview: Post me a whooper you want me to believe

Barna surveys on evangelical Christians

What should I make my first poll about?

Just what you've all been waiting for - Starsky and Hutch on DVD

Please enlighten me, what is the big deal about breasts?

I'm "Going to Class" Online Right Now ... Ask Me Anything

Comics Legend Julie Schwartz Dies

Did Anyone see the movie Swimming Pool??

"...My love for you is like a truck..BERZERKER!

DU chat tonight

Turn it to Comedy Central, Chapelle's show

I just found out I'm a Kucinich supporter!

Worst award show?

What is your favorite snack food?

AOL Removes Bush From 'Miserable Failure' Search Results

Digital Camcorders?

What are the "mystery upgrades"?

What should I do with my 1000th post... suggestions please!

Justin Timberlake won a Grammy over George Harrison and Warren Zevon!

ZombyPoll # Dorkteenthousand: Lalalalaleleleledeedah

"Left Behinders" on 60 Minutes. Be afraid, be very afraid...

Please don't post grammy winners in titles...

What would your favorite beer look like under digital magnification?

Anyone with non-cat/dog pets? Post pics!

Looking for volunteers to help kick my fiance's doc's butt!!

What is the cruelest thing you can do to a cat?

"All Things Just Keep Getting Better"

Has anyone seen these new Quizno's commercials?

caption Richard

Geez...4 freakin' hours to clean the bathroom....

Hard water stains and Rush

I donated for Rush's fix, you?

Oooh, "Robbed at the Oscars Week" on IFC!

What do you and your SO look like?

Though I'm not a big Leno fan, the Headlines are great!

Favorite "Saturday Night Live" cast member

What is the most hated, yet most needed invention?

So whatever happened to Rebop Kwaku Baah?

A Lemonhead eatin' picture that needs a caption

How Many Stitches Have You Had?

How strongly do you believe in your religion?

Please add a caption to this

For my 4000th post--a famous quote!

Really, are Kerry and *Bush all that different?

Origin Of Kerry's Corporate Welfare Reform Plan

A Democratic Rush to the Polls?

Faux was just discussing Roy Moore running for President

Any DUers elected as delegates in Maine?

One thing Dean said that I really liked

Tennesseean endorses Kerry as "best choice"

I got a plug for CLARK in the Washington Post!

60 Minutes described Evangelical political influence!

Rate the new Kucinich California TV Ad

Clark Supporters....

Thosle last 60 odd precints in Washington

Does Dean think the last 11 states don't have "real voters"?

Then They Came South -The presidential campaign arrives in Tennessee

Do we have Maine caucus results?

Bush lied to Russert about discretionary spending

CNN Says it Overplayed Deans Speech

So much for Sen. Bob Grahm as VP

Official MAINE results thread

Washington Post (Sunday Night): Kerry Wins in Maine

Will we be missing primaries?

Deleted message

My first e-Block call was AWESOME!

Second Ballot Blues

Wow! Clark eBlockers called 20,000+ people today

Edwards and Clark duke it out in Virginia to go one-on-one with Kerry

The best thing Kerry has going for him...

Folks, Evan Bayh or Bill Richardson are not going to be the VP

Any Clark Supporters in Central WI?

John Kerry Victorious in Maine Caucuses

Not everything is a conspiracy

I was elected as a district-level delegate!

I just got elected an Edwards delegate.

CLARK supporters and well-wishers only

None of the candidates deserve to be called Bush-lite!

Bottom line is Kerry went and Bush didn't and it's an uncomfortable fact

The Scream Helped Dean

What if two of these candidates dropped: Dean, Edwards, Clark?

Edwards Supporters: Please rate Kerry, Clark, and Dean

If Kerry wins the nomination

Kerry is an electable candidate, but tell me why he's better than Clark

The repuke slime machine.......

Who did you vote for in 2000?

Since this has been brought up again

Probable Kerry Survey (Telephone) Tonight Complaint

I'm was on WABC Radio. Call them and raise some hell.

Kucinich - Oh, what a ride!

Electability: What do Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton have in common?

Dean was labeled "unelectable" very early on because he opposed the war...

Virginians finally will have their say in Democratic primary

What did Cokie Roberts mean by "testing by fire?"

The *Semi-Official* Electability Poll--Make Your Choice

If Kerry wins in 2004, could he beat Jeb Bush in 2008?

Clark Supporters: Please rank Kerry, Edwards and Dean

KERRY supporters and well-wishers only

How many Republican Strengths has GWB destroyed in 1 term??

DEAN supporters and well-wishers only

Edwards and Clark are cannobolizing each other - Kerry will win TN and VA

EDWARDS supporters and well-wishers only

Why is CNN and AP calling Maine for Kerry after only 7,174 votes?

OK here they are, one for Dean and one foe Kucinich,

Patriot Games: Is Kerry Style of Handling AWOL Mind-Bending or Not?

How Kerry is running away with it

SHARPTON supporters and well-wishers only

Dean Supporters: Please rate Clark, Kerry and Edwards

I feel it necessary to put paid to one RW charge about Kerry repeated here

KUCINICH supporters and well-wishers only

Kristol says something nice about Terry M.

Just came from candidate rally in Nashville

Chris Martin (Coldplay) dedicates Grammy to John Kerry (and Johnny Cash)

Do we get a Dean well wishers thread?

Congresswoman Kilpatrick withdraws Dean Endorsement

Be Aware: Classic Repig Rope-A-Dope Strategy at Work

Democrats Abroad, Japan

Some observations regarding DU vs the majority of the American public

Dean People - As Annoying as ABB Loyalty Oath Pledge Is ...

Official MAINE results thread

Salon: Will the Election Be Hacked?

In GOP Country, Job Fears

UK Observer: The Vietnam vet will win

Edwards is everything Bush falsely claims to be and more

Salon: Galbraith: Bush*s Hail Mary

LTTE: A Refuge for the Privileged

The big guns (about corruption in LA City Hall)

NYT Editorial: Mr. Bush's Version

No hopping around gay marriage issue

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (UK 9/11 comm. article)

Great Analyses of Bush Budget by Topic

BBV: Will the Election Be Hacked?

King: "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent ..."

Top Ten

Is this thin reed yours?

An interesting op-ed from the Athens, Ga paper

Defining conservatism down

Loose Canons Dubya’s SGO(simply awful performance)

Russert's Near Miss

We are all Damned

Banking on Empire

Possible genocide in South Africa

Kerry, Too, Needs to Clear the Air by Scott Ritter

The Blitzer Report::The Gore effect

Meet the president:"I'm not going to change, see?" : Globe

Iraq war and the dollar/euro issue. Article by ex US senator Tim Ferguson

David Corn: Beat the Press

Kurtz: No rave review (on MTP-Bush)

Life after the oil crash

Cubin blames bad science on 'Clinton folks' -- Wyoming DUers??

Dishonest Dubya - Lying Action Figure (w/ Pretzel-Retching Action)

Bush goes on the defensive: Houston Chronicle

Attention Deficit: TNR (a jawdropping must read)

Hype & Glory (MTP Review -*came across as likable and presidential)

Leaked internal memo from MTV on wartime content

CLAIM vs. FACT: The President on Meet the Press

BBV: Verified - new site feature

please write

ACTION ALERT: Write to your local papers about Bush the salesman!!!!

Conan O'Brien Takes His Show on the Road

Rant: Peterson trial

Seattle DU'ers: I need a "I hate Dori Monson" thread fix!

Is Bushco done if any of their media whores turn on them?

Literary Showdown Bill O'Reilly has finally conceded the race to Hillary

Phe's shared thought for 2/9/4;

Freedom To Marry Week Begins

Kiwis Say 'I Do' At Pride Celebration

Massachusetts Mobilizes For Gay Marriage Showdown

Weddings Wrap Up Gay Ski Week

Anything going on at Dow Component GE?

Bush 1st 3 years is 1.9% annual growth average per year -lowest since IKE!

How many of you have "nonconforming" proxy votes to cast

White House: 2.6 Million New Jobs in '04

No Funding? No Logging Rules? No Problem, Says Forest Service

UNEP - Global Cloud Forest Extent 20% Smaller Than Previously Thought`

Tensions Rising In Nile Basin Over Water Treaties - Reuters

The Sale, Condemnation & Destruction Of Cheshire, Ohio - NYTM

Bush Administration Pimping Election-Year Funding Boosts For Environment

ChevronTexaco Reports-Net oil-equivalent production declined 3 percent

"The Oil We Eat" - Very Interesting Essay From Harper's

China tightens net around online dissenters

Bush Spiked Probe of Pakistan's Dr. Strangelove

Shack disasters leave thousands homeless - SA

Bush claim that he released Military records is a lie

Nine dead as Kashmir violence gets bloodier

Pakistan's nuclear capability a big bluff?

Uprising in Haiti Spreads

Rifles And Shotguns At Home, Oh My!

GUNS IN THE NEWS - Feb 7 - 9, 2004

Would such a sig violate DU rules?

What Happened to the Limbaugh Fundraiser Banner??

More Mild Grumbling About Refused Connections

You guys did a real nice job on the Top Ten this week!

Also having problems loading threads

We need an official DU donor thread!


Thanks for the Donation Leaderboard!

What Exactly Are "RADID LINKS"??

What does "bullet between his head" mean?

Will his cheeks start to puff out like a chipmunk??

Question for elad

Twice I have seen threads locked

How do you post a picture?

About transparent bashing tactics

I have a question

don't understand why this violates rule 7 of general discussion?

I got off OC for chronic pain and the new ad makes me want relief

Kudos On The Donation Leaderboard

Rule 7 needs to be further clarified

hey thanks DU'ers and Admin

Question about donating...

CBC radio link

U.S. says yes to Gaza evacuation plan, but no to beefing up W. Bank

The failure of the policy of force

Court Hearing Case Over West Bank Barrier

Sharon's Possible Evacuation of Gaza

Sharon kidney stones treatment

Israel may paint barrier to make it more eye-appealing

Background: Hizbullah making inroads into Israel

Will Israel and Palestine Become Members of EU?

Israel agrees to participate in India's moon mission

Expose 'anti-Israelism' for what it is...

Putin Putsch of Sept. 1999 - The Russian 9/11

Pentagon Scraps Internet Voting System

Even with * revised GDP numbers, 1st 3 years is 1.9% annual growth!

RNC Soft Money being used for internet ads?

First Clark exaggerates, now he lies about Edwards

Obama Seeks U.S. Senate seat (Illinois GLBTs, heads up)

What would be the best part about having a Democratic Congress?

Boxer, in third Senate race, hopes to frustrate GOP once again

Challenger to Mike Turner in Ohio's 3rd district. Jane Mitakides

BBV: Verified - new site feature

Bushmobile Revealed For G8 Summit

Take this for a spin...

Terry M. comments on MTP, Bush

More about Neil Bush

Garry Trudeau is a bonesman

how fundies compare public schools to private schools

Rerun of MTP on now

Will Rush have Paul Shanklin doing Bush songs tomorrow?

never happen -- but would like to see it anyways

Help Guys! I need an O'Reilly quote

why did Russert feel compelled to legitimize Rush Limbaugh

Bush controlled by Aliens - Photo evidence!

How many "Assistant Press Secretaries" are there at the White House?

Should the UN pull out of the USA?

DU this poll: "Does GWB have a credibility problem?"

Why has no one ever just asked the "war president"

"The National Service Act" Another Name for "The Draft"? It Passed?

BIG DOG wins Grammy award

Imus (ewww) dissing Smirk in a very big way right now

Drudge lays out the Anti-Kerry plan

What is your favorite article on The Onion?

race relations lessons

A bigger BFEE conspiracy

What happened to the UPI Plame/Cheney/Libby news story?

C-Span: Roll Call's Currin says: Thousands of Documents stolen from Dems

Homeland Security Hearing C-SPAN now

need facts on Clinton draft history

Kerry would you rather see him or George W. Bush in the White House? Poll

If there are truly 70,000,000 Evangelicals in the US...

Freepers unhappy with Bush's MTP performance

Who sucks and who is sucking up?

Attention researchers..

So where are all the parodys of the * interview?

Quote of the day

Salon: I Like to Watch (Dennis Miller review)

SPIN on bush*'s MTP interview - not for those with weak stomachs

A nice way to wake up in the morning

I just saw something interesting on MSNBC

Latest episode in the AWOL paper war - NPRC response to Mr. Heidt.

* Budget Takes from Poor Children to Give to the Rich

* on MTP: the belligerent "yeah"

Sean Penn criticizes ‘comfortable cowards’

Would Bush have paid into Social Security

Please write

When will the Democratic Party address the think tank "problem"?

Something just occurred to me, has *'s DD214 been seen?

Another day, another ridiculous Bush prediction: 2.6 mil new jobs

CNN is hammering Bush about his AWOL now too. Jeez

Army says:

Once Bush* was grounded he must have been given other duties.

Apologizing to Bush

Ehime Maru 3 years later.... The oil exec joyride that ended in death.

Cheney is gonna take the HIT, but they better do it fast.

Airwaves Of Change: Mancow On Bunnypants (NOT A Fan)

A Compendium of Reviews for G.E.RUSSERT/Shrub Interview

Great cartoon

A NewsMax sponsor, this says it all.


Should Bush be compelled to testify?

Wow, Rev. Moon had his claws in Sharpton '98

NYTimes: Mr. Bush's Version

15 minutes with the Faux Morning Zoo Crew.

Will Ann Coulter have to re-write her book?

BBV, AWOL, WMD -- note a trend?

You could find me in da (700) Club

Why won't Democrats admit the Iraq 'war' is a fraud?

This pilot is flabbergasted.

The REAL story of the soldiers wounded at Walter Reed

Seeking Electronic Voting Machine Info

Putin Putsch of Sept. 1999 - The Russian 9/11

CNN whores in the media

"A deep-thinking man of science"

Kahn Job: Bush Spiked Probe of Pakistan’s Dr. Strangelove

Crawford 'Ranch'

We're all going to hear it from the right about Clinton's 'draft dodging'

Will the draft news start to hit the mainstream media?

Deficits do not matter--if you believe the end times are soon

The Greatest Threat to World Peace

A question about Bush's "ranch"

Rush is upset that Bush was expected to defend himself...

Rush is playing the "Jane Fonda" card...

Headline o' the month (O'ahu): "Cement strike positions harden"

I skipped Bunnypants yesterday, but wanted to hear how desparate

Did anyone hear Russert on IMUS this morning?

Noonan, Sullivan, other RWers diss Bush/Russert appearance

FBI refuses to serve subpeona for 9/11 committee

About that photo of Jane Fonda and John Kerry

Rev. Haye- one of 2 religious freaks whispering in Smirk's ear

Grammy's sexism.

Chapter 1 of Alterman's book "The Book on Bush"

Alterman's New book on Bush is Great

Is Bush a Conservative? Article from oxymoron Intellectual Conservative

Trivia: What do Joseph P. Smith and Rush Limpballs have in

Maybe we can get it all "simplified" for the parents out there

RNC telephone poll

I just tried to send a copy of DU's Top Ten to a friend on AOL ...

OH MY GOD, I can't believe Rush's last statement....

A Western White House for Arnold..(psst? Aren't we broke?)

The veil drops on MTP: Democracy is Over Folks

How often did Clinton go on Meet the Press during his presidency?


Hannity Accuses Us Democrats of "Politicizing Our National Security"

More spin to Deflect real news

I knew he would screw up even though he had time to rehearse

Alert! Bush and Cheney Might Have Your A$$

Why Bush is finished, VERY SIMPLE

Bush's Moon Space Weapons Race

Bob Novak incident...

Anyone think this Bush answer reveals they've got an October surprise...

Today's "The Note" What happened?

Are we winning?

Apologizing to Bush

Want to see Freepers panic and argue? Check out these threads!

The President of Young Democrats at my school is a complete idiot.

Assuming a two way race, how much stronger will the Democratic nominee

Must Read: MWO Nails Our "16-year-old" President

Group Fights Subpoenas For Peace Activists, University

Tucker says that Gore was questioning *'s patriotism at his speech

The business plot to overthrow Roosevelt

Does anyone have a link to Al Gores speech?

Here's the Repub Line for the General Electrion

This poll needs assistance

Nearing Bin Laden?

Did you see the slick trick on Blitzer’s Late Edition this morning?

Crossfire: Tucker starts out w/ a lie

Should "President" Bush* be subjected to a drug test?

You folks do realize the Dubya will soon be in the Thirties?

I'm listening to Ed Schultz and...

Bush*'s explanation to parents and families of fallen soldiers.

B. Boxer introduces S 2045 SAVE Voting Act of 2004

News flash: GWB tells the truth - he's a war president.

If Bush had to be screened by the WH Personnel Dept.,

CNN...Tucker says why are Dems making an issue of Bush's war service

Al Quaeda has a nuke bought in '98! Guess who the right will blame.

Article about Randi Rhodes in TNR

War is a Racket

Awk. What are the Freepers saying?

this week and are blockded

Bush* Gave bin Laden What He Wanted:

Shoshanna Johnson on Ellen right now!

anyone know anything about the "21st Century Dems"?

Holy Cow - Microsoft Propagandists are EVERYWHERE!!!

snippets from NYT on bush* MTP

University, Peace Activists Receive Subpoenas

Sick. Just sick.

Max Cleland and Ron Suskind on Hardball tonight

Our dear presidunce --funny photo -mwhahahahha

How credible is Bush? Surprising AOL Poll Results

At this time, let us remember Eugene Hasenfus!

Forget "Kerry denies Botox"! How about "Bush denies earpiece"?

MSNBC Poll - Vote Now!

What exactly is a WMD

2.6 million jobs in a year.

So, why did we invade Iraq again?

"If you think Iraq was a threat, you're as dumb as...

6 million north Koreans

OMG another dumb conservative view point

HELP: what to do with my political satire

Did Bush lose the MTP Gamble?

If Bu$h Gets Re-Selected would Canada take us as Refugees?

What a real universal health system would do for our economy

Anyone going to watch Tweety?

Of Quagmires and Quicksand | a clip and commentary

Where's Ross Perot? Anybody know? I owe him an apology.

Wow! 700 Club Poll - 9 out of 10 believe Bush lied about Iraq!

George Soros on */MTP/why he's putting zillions into beating him

October surprise : Osama bin Laden "captured"

Bush compares himself to Winston Churchill

About the October Surprise of 1980

Gore being savaged on Faux over speech

Cutting taxes increases revenues is what they say. ~ Well have revenues

Demograph'd poll on Lihop/Mihop or Not (by Age and Education)

Pilot reportedly promoted Christianity on flight

9-11 activists arrested at ground zero

Did MSNBC censor Bush MtP transcript?

NEW video - "The Terror is Here!" - TV news terra hysteria! Stay alert.

Attention: Everyone mailing packages to soldiers in the 977th

Has the board been following the events in Des Moines, IA?

What is the worst thing about Bush?

Why was Poppy Bush meeting with bin Laden's brother on 9-11?

Move-On Launches a Campaign to CENSURE Bush for Iraq War.

The New "L Words": Lying,Looting,Layoffs,Lunacy,Lese Majeste & Likudniks

Banning divorce??? Whaddaya think?

Are we living in a Police State? (poll)

Now Would be the Perfect Time for the Plame Case to Break

Meet The Press Transcript: George is @#$! Unintelligible!

Crazy repug wrote to paper about me...AGAIN

Any News on Michael Moore's Farenheit 9-11? Is it Still in Development?

"I'm a war president."

Washington state DUers please support these two men!

Christ..if Al Gore was this enthusiastic and charismatic in 2000..

Starve the Beast

18.000 CIA declassified documents on mind control?

Men ignoring women

What will Bushco do when their ship is sinking?

Is hunting exclusively a Repug sport?

Counties Bill [CA] State for Recall

G7 warns of volatile values in currency

Death blow for media freedom in Zimbabwe

Blair to unveil 'FBI-style agency'

Iraqi police major, gunmen attack GIs

US offers 16.5 million dollar bounties for five most wanted men in Iraq

Memo Shows Plan for Sectarian War in Iraq

U.S. Disables Rockets Aimed at Iraq City

Scott Ritter: Kerry, Too, Needs to Clear the Air

BBV: Will the Election Be Hacked?

Bush Aims For 'Greater Mideast' Plan

Uncle Sam, Saddam Have Roles in Rio's Carnival

Gov. Bush invites religious groups to provide public services

U.S. Troops Begin Shift to Baghdad's Outskirts

Marín's GOP Senate bid aims to prove electability | Sacramento Bee

Kerry Collected Big Speaking Fee Checks From Special Interests

More Judiciary Memos Await (from Frist's office)

Iran's Khatami calls for elections in Iraq in talks with Prince Charles

NASA Personnel Join Chorus to Save (Hubble) Space Telescope

Rise Of The Righteous Army - 60 minutes

Contract losses trigger BlueCross BlueShield layoffs (1,579 jobs)

Teamsters will back McCaskill for Missouri governor | STL Post-Dispatch

Gore Says Bush Betrayed the U.S. by Using 9/11 as a Reason for War in Iraq

Blair unveils plan for 'British FBI' | Guardian

Tanzania risks Egyptian ire over Nile waters

Gay bishop: 'It is about God's love' | Chicago Sun-Times

Blair's Trip to Boost Bush*

Bush sees 2.6M new jobs (dupe)

Two U.S. Soldiers Die Clearing Explosives in Iraq

Bush Report Declares Economy Recovering

CBO Estimates $130 Billion US Deficit In First 4 Months Of FY04

Palestinians Mull Unilaterally Declaring State

British Army Reserve Force Stretched to the Limit

Poll Traces Bush*s Downward Slide to Kay

Alcan's Profit Soars on Rising Metals Prices

Ministry Studying Feasibility of Having Female Nurses in Ambulances

Quake in California desert predicted - by September

Government Ends Search for More Mad Cow Cases

Gay-Rights Activists Gather Petitions to Force Fall Vote in Cincinnati

White House: Social Security Reform to Push Debt

Authorities monitor trucker Web sites,radio stations in ricin case

Bush Was Surprised At Lack of Iraqi Arms -- President Also Defends His Mil

O'Neill didn't misuse documents, Snow says

Kuwait orders probe into deal supplying fuel to US military in Iraq

Uncle Sam, Saddam Have Roles in Rio's Carnival

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 9 February (#1)

Minority Enrollment Drops at Michigan After Affirmative Action Is Ended

Portland, Ore.-area Muslims sentenced (Taliban related) | Seattle P-I

Social Security costs seen raising U.S. debt

Bush Aide Testifies in CIA Leak Probe (Bush press secretary)

U.S. Seeks to Be More Sensitive to Iraqis

Poll: Most Oppose Gay Marriage, but Also Are Inclined to Oppose Amendment

SEC Wants Rogue States Ties Disclosed

Kerry supporters.....

White House spokesman confirms testimony before CIA leak grand jury

Dozens killed in Haitian riots | CBC

Gov. Bush encouraging religious groups to provide government services

Terrorist attack on Ottawa averted, U.S. says | Globe and Mail

U.S. blocks visit by minister from Cuba

Letter: Bin Laden Has Recruiting Problems

White House: 2.6 Million New Jobs in '04

Army Changes Halliburton Repsonse

(US) Gov't Ends Search for Mad Cow Disease

Seized Document Appeals for Al-Qaida' Help to Cause War Among Iraqi Muslim

Dean Now Says He Will Stay in Race After Wisconsin

Gallup: Bush Deficit in Horse Race Unusual for Incumbents

Media Discrimination Against Dennis Kucinich

Convicted Killer Wins Stay in California

"I Did My Duty," President Says of His Military Service Record

Democrats hope to snare Eminem for concert | Chicago Tribune

Tortoise shells found in Leesburg (Fla) | Orlando Sentinel

Bush Says Democrats Want to Raise Taxes | LA Times

Mad cow quest lures scientist to Florida ......12 years may pass before..

NDP to double election chest to $12-million

Castro Signs Baseballs, Talks U.S. Ties

Snow launches U.S. crackdown on Cuba dealings


ABA Won't Take Position on Gitmo Rights

White House: Exporting Jobs Overseas Will Help U.S. Eventually

Disney turns away visitors on Segways | CNN

Latham could win election: poll (Australian PM) | ABC (Australia)

Democrats See Unified Party for November

I feel so good! I just donated to DU!

It is late... so let's all donate

Dave Chappelle rocks!

"Like father like son, one term and you're done."

This is some kinda bird!

Feels soooo good...

Anyone ever dream about DU?

HELP ME--I'm trying to remember an 80s one-hit wonder...

How many of those pills will make it to Rush's mouth?


Drinkers Alphabet

Best red carpet photo from the grammys

I love Foo Fighters

This is a Tribute To The Greatest Song in the World...

What's the deal with cookies and being able to track internet travel?

How dead is too dead?

I know what you did last summer!

Crusader Bunnypants!

Evil hairless talking cat

A virus checker question regarding AVG...

Drunk Republican Tricks

Do you think we're insane, or just spooky?

Ever had arthritis-like condition that went away?

Woman Finds Kidney In Newspaper (Want Ad That Is)

Company Makes MP3 Players For AK47's (AK-MP3)

What's your favorite board game?

Was John Kerry stationed in Germany in the late 60s?

Judge Orders Pot Returned To Suspects

Republicans ARE evil- it's official!

I cant help it---the Grammys inspire me

First black paratrooper pins grandson

100 Men Put On Skirts/Tutus In NY To Protest Pants

February 9: Today in African-American history

Ah, Yuri- way to much gooood Voooodka.

If a giant asteroid was headed toward Earth, could Kerry stop it?

Is there any way to......

Gallup poll fraud?

Bush controlled by Aliens - Photo evidence!

Thieves Steal ONLY The Kitchen Sink

Husband And Wife EACH Win Lottery Seperately

Great alternative to nursing home/asissted living care...

Wife tells pop star: 'It's the monkey or me' - he picks the monkey

Anybody heard the band "Snow Patrol"?

Ever done a Google- Image search using rour real name?

February 9, 1964 The Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan Show

Subject: Re: Important sprocket

Priest Arrested For Growing Pot In Rectory

Wife of Sept. 11 pilot fulfills his dream of flying F-16

1000 posts for me wow (<--- in the voice of Ben Stein)

I have a fitness test coming up in a half hour...

Is it me or is there something different about DU?

Comedy Central Celebrates Black History Month

RANT: Why cant I get a normal toothbrush

Scientists Identify 91 Ways To Successfully Cheat On Your Partner

Eco-Friendly Body Disposal Discovered

What's the secret to posting a popular thread here?

Great (GAY) Music Video! Called "Soccer Practice"

Sorry folks. Bush is destined for re-election in 2004.

UNIX-related program activities

My voter registration is "Unaffiliated" that ok with you guys?

Throwing History (with a capital H) in the trash

Marriage in Heaven

please write

I just donated to DU.....Ask Me Anything.

Cosmic Weirdness?

for all mozilla users

We need new moderator messages!

Waiting for the axe to fall.

Woodworkers.. want a fun project?? This is too cute

My Grandma's moving to Quaker Gardens tomorrow.

If your candidate's campaign is flagging . . . .

How was this year's Grammys?

Ethical dilemma --

"Hey, you with the face...!"

I just donated to DU

Downside to the Do Not Call list...

A quote reminded me of the GD primary 2004 forum


At what age did you first fall in love?

I just got interviewed by the Austin PD

for those of you in need of a Valentines get-away...

What is your favorite article on The Onion?

PET DIARIES.........My little guy had his diary stuck under the couch

Howard Dean just called me!

GA DUers, OK, Let's not look like wingnuts! We've only have 2 donations

Best Freeper exuse for Bush's bad day on MTP...

No one told me MST3K was gone

Damn chicken hawks!

Twilight Zone Fans

Fundraising Pic: What are we shooting at Rush?

My hubby said we might as well forget the primaries now

"Straight Plan For The Gay Man"

My new vacuum cleaner sucks!

Come on folks!

Where are our donations coming from? Check the Leaderboard!

The Birds: Hundreds Of Robins Drinking From Puddles In My Yard

"Bill O'Reilly is a blubbering vagina"

well, now . . . here's an intriguing gift . . .

Getting a tax refund?

How many broken bones have you had?

New Picture of Usama Bin Laden

I just tried to send a copy of DU's Top Ten to a friend on AOL ...

What would you do with an extra 8h a week?

You could find me in da (700) Club

Parents: Are you surprised by how much time you spend dealing with "Stuff"


If you come to church, I'll punk it out for Christ

Alert! Bush and Cheney Might Have Your A$$

I really hate circular firing squads

Don't push me, 'cause I'm close to the edge

Who will stand against the persecution of those who hate cats?

Crossfire just mentioned that big dog Clinton won a Grammy.

Gorbachev wins a Grammy

Anyone have a running list of Bush's "famous" nicknames?

and the VET thought I was joking

Anybody watch "The forbidden topic" and the City last night?

one term and he's done....bumper stickers!

The knuckle-draggers are really having a go at it over at fark today.

Ok - I see 200 donations, what's the upgrade ?? please tell me !


Give me a fact about Turkmenistan

Good morning, A treat for the Everquest fans

What are the best albums of the 1990's?

Rant: Just how many people are driving WITHOUT a license??

new Hannity advertisers Expedia, Helzberg Diamonds

How to Give a Cat a Pill

A Sterling Review of Gibson's "Passion of the Christ"

Former ELFer opens new eatery, drives SUV

DUers with whom you have, or have had, fundamental disagreements

Bloody Sprint!!

Bah freakin' humbug on Valentines' Day.

700 posts...

I'm 40 today! Should I...

new Oxyrush advertiser Ultimate Electronics

Question for DSL users

All cat hating and stuff aside who wanted to adopt the Russian Blue?

Has anyone ever travelled on...?

new Hannity advertiser United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

We Are the Children of the Eighties.....

Dammit! I accidentally "locked" my cell phone!

Um Gott es Willen!

Left Coast alert! Shoshanna Johnson on Ellen... NBC

Hunting, fishing, and rodeos are not sports?

Freeze-dried Pets.


People who hate cats are serious f***-up's

Finally got the new job I was trying to get for the past two years!

Lovely, now I'm getting spam in French

Rats!!! Rats!!! Rats!!! Liberals of the Animal World...

I have FUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What will be the ultimate upgrade?

Diana Ross DUI: Two Days In Jail

Ooh, I smell sooooo bad.. & Wonk helped me

Sweet Smilin' Asscrack!!!! MATCOM HAS 15,000 POSTS!!!

Do you ever start to reply to a post, then realize "This is crap"?

Women attracted to disfunctional guys

Meet the Beatles! It was 40 years ago today. . .

February 9, 1964- "Ladies and Gentleman...The Beatles..."


DU Grammys:! Vote for Album of the Year, Worst Song of Year,etc.

Dogs = Democrats / Cats = Republicans

Mmmm gonna need some help thinking one of these up (CAPTIONS)

OK, who loves Cibo Matto as much as I do?

Send a CAPTION home to daddy

Memo to Christina Aguilera:

Looks like it's fuzzy CAPTIONing to me

Anyone ever eaten a Jalapeno Pepper by accident

Corn Huskers Lotion RULES

How often do you go back to the Badgers?

Where Were You 40 Years Ago Today?

Photoshop or caption Petey? (I LOVE this photo)

I got quoted in the papers at the caucus

'Nazi' dog owner gets sentenced

Ooh, I have been sooooo bad.. & Wonk helped me

Do you play chess?

Looks like I may be searching for a new job soon.

Who thinks Frank Sinatra knew how to sing a song?

Binary binary poll

Who wants to see the cutest cats in the world?

True Or False: "Golf Is Not A Sport"

Cornish Game Hens for dinner!

What the heck is up with the Grammys?

Tell me what you think of my latest project.(lots if pics)

CNN Tease: "Soccer Moms Are Out - Why NASCAR Dads Are Important"

What Makes A Dog Run Around The House Like Mad?

Love stuff

I'm in love... & Wonk did not help me!

Anyone live in the state of ??

Mondays 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad (Black History Month) February 09, 04


Here's my very first DU Lounge thread from June '02!!

Your earliest "news" memory? (generational research thread)

For men: Which question asked by your SO freaks you out the most?

Last-minute Valentine's Day idea:

MATTMAN needs to get to 1000

We're being made fun of...

A few to 500...

I got a JOB!!

Somebody's out to get me

Favorite Sarah/Sara song?

What's the most obscure place you've been to?

CONFESS!!!!! Your Most Memorable song.....

What's your first name?

Question: Why don't Brits use the letter Z?

I Got A Jooooookkkee ..... I Got A Jooooookkkee

Ad Wars: TN

In Virginia, Kerry Seeks Victory in Edwards's Backyard

Are there going to be any more debates?

Dean's hopes fade in N.Va.

What if Cook County stopped counting an election for the night?

Who is Justin Timberlake supporting ?

When will Dean drop out?

In The Northwest: State's Democrats settle into a Kerry marriage

Mass. Democrats hope for Kerry boost in local races

Just what is going on with these results?

If a giant asteroid was headed toward Earth, could Kerry stop it?

Would Kerry ask for a Recount if Florida Happens Again ?

I just got "George Bush's Resume" in my e-mail again...

Clark speaks at town meeting in Racine, WI

"Y vamos a..."

Anyone think CNNs pic of Dennis is intentional?

Only Clark and Edwards at TN Fundraiser for Dems

What if the other candidates all saluted Kerry at next debate?

Dean is getting "Gored" by the media

Who Is John Kerry's Major Challenger For The Democratic Nomination?

Dean should start another party or run as an independent

Kerry leading Dean; Kucinich 3rd early in Maine's caucuses

Binary Wisconsin Primary Poll

VIRGINIA DEMS: don't forget to vote Tuesday

Dean paid $7.2 million to aide's company

Well, at least we don't live in Russia

Local Democrat Committee Meeting/Attempted Robbery in Killingworth CT

unbelievable -- Faux is now claiming that the Dean campaign

Zogby : "Kerry Set to Romp in Virginia, Tennessee; Builds Wide Coalition"

Kerry can't debate W on special interests either (besides war, Patriot act

Dean has transformed race, politics

Kerry's Wins Have His Rivals Scrambling

Kerry: The Six-Million Dollar Advantage

While losing Dean has transformed race, politics

Say the first two primaries were OK and SC

Florida Voters!!!

Struggling 'Other Memphis' Skeptical of Candidates

Who'd a thunk it? Clark featured on NPR story this morning....

Edwards, Clark lament loss of U.S. jobs

Wingnut Page Six Continues Its Weekly KERRY-Bashing

More unbelieveable press conduct

skull & bones (again)

Clark hits the Media machine...

Democrats see unified party for November

North Carolina primary delayed until July 20

The Crowd went CRAZY for Clark in Racine, WI yesterday

A Canadian Poll About the Presidential Race

Were there large cheers at the Grammy's when Coldplay endorsed Kerry?

MAINE Caucus Results Day 2

Clark - TN

What is this "Howard Dean democrat?"

Clark has won me over

Coldplay comes out in support of Kerry at Grammys

Why Are The Southern Candidates Underperforming in the North?

Will Kerry punish Bushco? Or let it go to get along?

skull & bones (again)

Kerry and Bush: Who's the Liberal?

Detroiters feel shortchanged by candidates.

Clark's Doing Better than Polls Suggest

Got back from Tennessee last night

here's a guy who's projecting a Bush victory in November . . .

NY Times: Democrats Abroad

Clark nails Bush on AWOL and Edwards&Kerry on progressive taxes

Which is the bigger voting bloc?

Very interesting article on Kerry

Iraq --What should the Dem Platform be?

Demograph'd poll on Lihop/Mihop or Not (by Age and Education)

Who Would Be The Best Running Mate For John Kerry?

I'm a Wisconsin resident, and I need convincing

Please - call for Wes!

Kerry steals US Democrats caucus in Paris

What 'could' happen if you vote 3rd party...

Kerry wins Maine caucuses

Deleted message

Should Dean, et al, go hard after Kerry on Iraq War?

GOP hopes liberal tag will dog Kerry

Kerry endorsed at Grammys

AP: Kerry earned $120,000 in speaking fees

O'Reilly: "Will 2004 Presidential Race Hit New Lows?"

List the candidates by their liberal/progressive records

A possible twist in the Primary?

I have asked this many times, but...

Kerry Opens Huge Lead in Tennessee

AP: Kerry Pocketed Speaking Fees (from big oil, tobacco, the liquor lobby)

Edwards may be keeping No. 2 Card Up His Sleeve

Clark seems to be doing pitiful...

The Manufacture Of Consent Made Simple

Isn't it great to be a Democrat today

Kerry Set to Romp In Virginia; Builds Wide Coalition; New MSNBC/Zogby Poll

Deleted message

Will Skull and Bones Really Change CEO's

You want to leave...leave. And good riddance

Some people have forgotten the REAL enemy

Donations to Sen. Edwards questioned

Okay, tinfoilers, what are your demographics?

American Spectator Dreams of Division in Democratic Camp

N.C. Primary Delayed Until July 20 - County Caucuses

Kerry vs, as a unity candidate, Kucinich: whom would you choose?

From the ABC transcript - This Week

How's Kerry Doing on Fundraising?

My theory about the Dean phenomenon...

Clark's tax policy hypocrisy

To kerry voters: what do these 23 senators have in common?

Help, Please - "Kerry Stories"

Does Kerry support a draft? Please answer.

John Kerry Opening 5 New Offices In Wisconsin

Amalgamated Transit Unions Endorses Kerry

Did anyone just see Gore's impersonation of Dean?

Ruy Teixeira says Dems need to start thinking they can beat *

Check Out The Dennis Jukebox!

Deleted message

Would Lincoln use Botox?

How Bush might win:

Why does the media portray BUSH as strong on nat security?

What Al Gore could do.

First Clark exaggerates, now he lies about Edwards

Request from mr.blm re Kerry speech in Nashville....

Congresswoman Nita Lowey endorses John Kerry

Carville just called Lawrence Silverman a sex obsessed, Repuke hack

Clark to be in Wisconsin on Wednesday

Feeling frustrated, but it is my own fault.

Clark endorsed by Knoxville (TN) News Sentinel!

Question on Washington's primary results

PLEASE give me good reasons to trust that Kerry will beat Bush!

Left Coast Alert! Shoshanna Johnson on Ellen... NBC

Bush says Dems want to raise taxes on his friends

We MUST stand together.

Solution to Kerry Win, Dean Disillusionment

I met Wes Clark today!!!

Dupe. "Eyes that see through the lies."

Strong feelings for Dean in Milwaukee...

What should Howard Dean name his new party ?

More historical examples of uphill climb faced by a Kerry nomination

Dean will NOT drop out after WI

Where can I get the actual, honest to god primary/caucus results?

Found BCCI/IranContra thread for new poster who asked earlier.

Want to see primary and caucus results.

Have you convinced somebody to support your candidate?

Dean to stay in indefinitely - fox reports

Just got my "The Eyes That See Through The Lies" poster!!

The president of Young Democrats at my school is an idiot.

Questions for Kerry

Green Without Envy

The Dean [supporter] Dilemna

kerry email infiltration tactict?

Freepers are elated that Dean will stay in if he loses Wisconsin

Should Dean stay in to soften Kerry up for Bush?

An actual quote by John Forbes Kerry

Elections matter too much to be left to amatures

We can only beat Bush if we unite behind the nominee

Why don't people encourage Sharpton and Kucinich to drop out

The Pubs sure hate this AWOL issue, don't they?

Will A Kerry Backlash Prove Why Liberals Are Knuckleheads?

Why isn't Kucinich getting delegates for Maine?

How John Kerry Won Over Macomb County Michigan Reagan Democrats

General Wesley Clark to appear in MADISON, WI on Wednesday

A plea to you

Christopher Hitchens is in Fantasyland

Place your bets: Futures market on Dean dropping out before Super Tue.

Okay, some levity: Our new candidate supporter website...

To withdraw an endorsement from a candidate is...

Kerry on AWOL: "honorable discharge does not answer that question"

Why is "Massachusetts liberal" such a slur? I'm getting a complex.

The Revisionism is Killing Me

Dean for No. 2 spot? Whatever's best, he says

IWR-- I said it then, I'll say it again

Who Believes that Dr. Dean Should Quit if He Doesn't Win Wisconsin

Kucinich Earns Second Strong Finish In A Row

I get to see Dennis Kucinich speak tonight...what should I do

In order to stop Sen. Kerry, who do we unite behind, and when?

Scott Ritter: Like W , KERRY KNEW! (of the WMD lies)

Kucinich is the only choice

Christoper Hitchens picks a Democratic Candidate

Not sure who to vote for? This website can help

Dean's getting Kuciniched

When will Kerry make a serious blunder?

Clark's musical error? Blew off Little Rock band Evanescence

Kerry Set to Romp In Tennessee; Builds Wide Coalition; New Zogby poll

Okay, let's sort out the Ritter article.

Congratulations to Dennis Kucincih & Supporters For Showing in Maine.

Kerry gets to pick his own poison (DOMA )

Who will drop out tomorrow?

Is there ANY POLL, state or national, that Kerry isn't winning?

Dean stays in, does this mean 3rd party?

Clark Folk: IF Clark drops out my support will go 2(insert drum-roll here)

There is going to be a huge upset tomorrow in Tenn.

I hope a strike is not necessary to reign in Democratic "centrism."

Dean Implores Wisconsin to Ignore Polls

The (Nashville) Tennessean endorses Kerry

Why Clark Can Still Win the Nomination

Pictures of each candidate's home, with values, from the Boston Globe

My simple reason why I am voting for Kerry.

Dean Nails It In Wisconsin.

Kerry = Dukakis

Speakers shape choice of undecided voter (ME caucus - good DK press)

Who would APPLAUD if Dean went independent or third party?

Well, if they take Dean down I can no longer be a Democrat.

Yup - The DLC support Dean alright ! Heres some of their support

Kerry's $6.4 million loan that saved him may drain him

"If you were a bigot, would you know it? Would you care?"

Who here has heard the candidates speak in person?

Kerry: The $6 mill Sacrifice for his Country. Thank You Mr. Kerry!