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Archives: December 1, 2007

"Surge" is Working? Fine. Then Bush Should Be Impeached


Bombs Away?

The Proliferation Game: How the World Helped Pakistan Build its Bomb

U.S. Steel plans $1 billion upgrade of Clairton plant

The Second Amendment is an anachronism in need of repeal

California Struggling To Adopt Emissions Reduction Plan

$125M (32-48 MW) geothermal plant planned in Elko County (Nevada)

Good riddance 2007 Hurricane Season

New fuel cell projects

New cost effective large solar projects

An idea whose time has come!

Model Year 2008: Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Advanced Technology Vehicles (PDF file)

100% eco-friendly (resort in Bangalore, India)

Popular Science - Innovation of the Year - Nanosolar Powersheet

Experts divided over Iranian missile capabilities

Tentative Deal Set on Fuel Economy Rules

Strong Earthquake Hits Indonesia's Aceh

Alleged hostage taker filed molestation suit

Zell gets OK from FCC to buy Tribune Co.

CNN Was In Contact with New Hampshire Hostage-Taker: Didn't reveal information to viewers

Suspect was expected in court today (NH hostage case)

Sen. Hillary Clinton Holds Press Conference in Portsmouth, NH

Bush handed blueprint to seize Pakistan's nuclear arsenal

Pat Robertson: Evel is not evil!

More on the hostage-taker

So I offered to edit a paper

"Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped conjure up the stolen data tapes..."

Can someone please fill me in on the ass antlers?

Ever notice how paranoid drunkards conveniently initiate bomb scares whenever Rove want to hide....

How Much Danger Do You Think Will Robinson is In?

Which DU'r Would You Really Like To Delete?

Which DUer Would You Really Like to Greet? (wearing saran wrap and

Trof: Pat Robertson and Yoda are Eeeevil

Huckabee said, "Congratulations Canada on preserving your national igloo"

Ever notice how paranoid drunkards conveniently initiate bomb scares whenever Rove want to hide....

How do you go about smelling a car?

I need to be rescued

If you ever get a chance to hear Belle and Sebastian's Hollywood Bowl concert...

OK...list the greatest musical moments. Whether it be an album, a single performance...

Worst Birthday Cake Ever!

You know that one song in Home Alone...that one song, you know, right? Yeah, that song.

Speaking of the Ohio meetup...

Anyone like the Bad Brains? Here's a video from 1982.

Today's GeoCRAZY Question: Heads of State!

Are you a good itch or a bad itch?

Destination unknown? Try some mental hopskotch with words... (new wave ROCKS)

Hey Leftymom, I think you parked in my space...

I Know You Rider

It's time once again for PadThai in the Christmas Tree

I'm so tired. I wish the beagle would let me go to bed early

Kick it!

I got another DUzy

Oasis' Liam Gallagher: Master Prankster?

this is too funny, please checkout the picture inside

Here's my hate-filled rant against zero-tolerance, which i just posted on GD...

The Diversity of Carrots:

Dylan receiving the Grammy Life Achievement Award in 91.

APA and all other reference citation sucks ass!

Which DU'r Would You Really Like To be Discrete ?(with)

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

What would you say about someone who gave you her 'hypno toad'

I Got A DUzy For Falling On My Head

Watching "The Big Lebowski" for the first time NOW!

What would you say about someone who gave you her 'special code'

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Tailgate Party?

Am I understanding that Jennifer Love Hewitt is upset that someone took a pic of her round ass?

The slacker snowboard dude Lindsay Lohan met in rehab didn't work out, so she's single again.

What Is Up W/Amazon? Every Time I Go On The Website My

5 Foods You Can't Live Without?

Hey Microsoft Word, you fucker...

And Now... Billy Carter's '77 Chevy Scottsdale pickup!

We're going to see No Country For Old Men tomorrow

For all teh obsessive writers, editors, and typesetters: Typecasting!

I will now BLOW THE LID OFF of Democratic Underground's dirty little secret

Are you smarter than a fucking amoeba?

Do or 'how do' you show that you are a liberal?

How do you deal with people who scream "Hitler!" during sex?

If true love is not possible, would you settle for companionship

I haven't had a DUzy for weeks...

Anyone know good art deco or depression era fonts?

You had too much

my kid is going to a Lego Robotics Challenge for Milddle Schoolers tomorrow

I am taking my LSAT's tomorrow morning

My Christmas projects: let me show you them:

I just saw Sicko.

Controversial Unaired Immigration Ad: Mexifree

Say NO To Liquid Coal!

Anti-Torture Watchdog Kicked Off YouTube

Iran Navy something to worry about

Dennis Kucinich Address at the DNC, 11/30/07 - Pt. 2

Dennis Kucinich Address at the DNC, 11/30/07 - Pt. 1

John Edwards on Charlie Rose

So, I wrapped up my correspondence for the year, with Holiday Cards

"The Bush administration intends to slash counterterrorism funding for police, firefighters...."

Has you seen Endgame?

Ever notice how paranoid drunkards conveniently initiate bomb scares whenever Rove want to hide....

Barack Obama!!

Roger of Roger & Me dies at 82

Hillary Clinton!

This Rudy scandal has legs


Polls show Alabama MIGHT be in play if Hillary is nominated

The same Leeland Eisenberg, Part Deux.

Teacher hidden as Sudanese mob urges death for allowing students to

Gays in military: aol poll

Florida Board Of Education public review

Wikipedia War happening: Lurita Doan, the White House and Wikipedia

A Day in the Life of pResident Bush ( (photo dial up warning)

In case of revolution...

Does Everyone Else Read This As A Bad Sign?

"Listen up. This is important."

So Anderson COOPER & all others are hyperventilating, is there NO REASON anywhere?!

Which internet connection do you have right now?

Fred and JHERI Thompson on Larry King now...8PM CST, Friday, Nov 30.

CZECH REPUBLIC: US Radar Provokes PR War

Emergency Responders Face Deep Aid Cuts

i wonder what would have come out of the mouths of either

So apparently, a guy who was known as the town crank walked

Photos: Leeland Eisenberg ---pix--->>>

With Dem Candidate Has The Best Health Care Plan?

Roger Smith has died

Need help with chinese water research...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Bush's Praetorian Guards are amped up on 'roids and other shit

Can we get even a semi-complete list of the Repub presidential candidates' lies and sleazy deals?

Florida station reporting confession in Sean Taylor murder.

Do you think Americans would tolerate impeaching Cheney at this time?

Please refrain from calling Bush a "dick" or a "tool."

White House seeks to slash anti-terror funds

What keeps you awake worrying at night

Police: Aunt blinded boy, 12, with dagger

Biden won't Serve as Secretary of State, for Any Administration.

"The Last Days of the American Republic"....

Real News Network: Venezuela's referendum: What's at stake?

BUSH Admin To SLASH Counterterrorism Funding For Police, Firefighters, Rescue Depts-By Half Next Yr.

Video link: John Edwards with Charlie Rose for almost 1 hour

Please give up Smoking. It's for your own good!

Do you think it's possible that Dem leadership PROMISED GOP not to impeach Bush?

Kucinich Calls For Investigation Into Delay Of Veterans’ Benefits

To all the Hillary haters:

Matt Barber, cultural policy director of Concerned WOMEN, upset about gays in miltary "stunt"

do you think DU is a good representation of America?

What's with the fake deer? This has always bothered me..

This 2008 Election if UP FOR GRABS! you heard it Here.......

Vermont Man Hitting Road To Lobby Pelosi On Impeachment

Richard Belzer on Federal Reserve: "It's The Banks, Stupid!"

The American Family Association wanted me to write to Kohls about the War on Christmas. So I did.

Meet Ben Johnson, The Perfect Chickenhawk

Baptist pastor charged with second-degree rape and sodomy

If Joe Biden started to move to impeach bush/cheney would you support him?


Keith Olbermann goes on record about something very important.

Venezuelan Government Uncovers Video of Opposition Destabilization Plan

Maybe Bush WAS at least partially right- for the first time in his life- about Chavez.

Oh Bite me, Pope

Hillyrun Kenobi: "These Aren't the Donor Lists You're Looking for..."

Should gay men and lesbians be allowed to serve openly in the U.S. military? (DU THIS POLL)

I've always been kind of interested in seeing a picture of bush from his dissolute days

I've had it with Zero Tolerance policies in schools. They are the most idiotic garbage ever.

***DUzy Awards for week ending November 30, 2007***

Running away from the march to war....

Who wants to see a four way Presidential race?

This will, of course, be good news for Republicans

NewHampster's report from the Las Vegas Strip

The Surge At Home--Mark Fiore Animation

A future DU member?

I am new... but have the feeling this board is largely for biden... could that be a sign?

Krugman on Obama - Then and Now

Senator Clinton has impressed me for the first time in weeks

How do you spell guts?

What the heck is Bloomberg up to, anyway?

Hillary Sinking in South Carolina: Dems Question Clinton's Electability

Truth be told, it's Clinton who is lying when she says she has a plan for Universal Health Care.

Ugliness and hypocrisy

Richardson Staying Above The Fray: Focuses On Vision

Tinfoil time, This week they catch a group selling uranium, now a plane goes down with

Down in Des Moines Obama revives the ghost of JFK

New poll shows John Edwards moving up even more in New Hampshire

Don't mind me, I'm just angry that it wasn't a real bomb.

Ok Sen Clinton, this is your freebie press conference..

The most telling thing about Rudy

A particularly Orwellian bit of RW spin...

OMFG! OMFG! Fred and his trophy wife are on Larry King Live in SIX minutes! OMFG!

Looks like the bomber wanted Hillary to help him get mental health care

president for life?

NH POLL: Hillary 30%, Obama 23%, Edwards 17%

This whole bomb threat hostage thing should poll really well for Hil

How off from mainsteam Democratic Politics DO you think DU is

DU this gay poll!

This is too funny! Clinton whining about Obama's Health Care Ad!

Hillary Clinton: can her faltering campaign recover?

all of you bashing Clinton, do you any of care about the people that were held hostage?

She's climbing the ramp, heading towards the shark

Comic Book Democracy

Richardson is gonna surprise.

If we were really all on the same team, we'd all be supporting Hillary tonight & sticking up for her

Joseph Biden- great piece from The Nation. Oh, anyone remember the Biden-Lugar Amendment?

I'd say Hillary was looking pretty presidential more ways than one.

Clinton Campaign's Stumbling Gives Democratic Rivals Hope

People who accuse Hillary Clinton of milking today's incident for political gain

Tell us how bad you're going to miss Henry Hyde

Polls: Youth Vote Shifting To Obama in Iowa

It's Time To Talk About Israel's Nukes, And Ours, Too

CNN: Corrupt News Network

Venezuela: Beyond the Corporate Thing.

Hands off Venezuela Rallies in London Sunday at 5:00 pm

Who Your Friends Are,Says a Lot About You

The Final Battle in Bolivia

Bombs Away? Scott Ritter talks with The Metro Times of Detroit.

Obama's complex history with lobbyists


Join the Tens of Thousands Opposing Total Media Consolidation

US House passes Democrat-crafted “homegrown terrorism prevention” legislation

Naomi Klein outlines 'The Shock Doctrine' with MSNBC's Olbermann

Tom Tancredo Hired Illegal Laborers to Renovate His McMansion

Putin’s Last Realm to Conquer: Russian Culture

Canadians ace science test

It's time to start the first Citizen's Congress

Message to the Venezuelan Opposition: Sorry, Suckers

NYT editorial: Behind the Stem Cell Breakthrough; Any praise lavished on Bush is undeserved

Herbert: Rambo and the GOP


Why I Parted Ways With Chávez - NY Times Op-Ed

Spies and Republican Insurgents among Us

Donald Rumsfeld INTERFERES in the Venezuelan Election!

Bali Communiqué: Big business weighs in on Climate Change

Michio Kaku is on Art Bell

Japan, Spain, Italy Face $33 Billion Kyoto Payments

one must always remember to be very careful of what one wishes for

China - Average Temps Highest Since 1951 - 11th Straight Year Of Above-Normal Temperatures

Victoria (Aus) - State Forest Agency Turns $99 Million Timber Sale Into $17K Loss

Documentary Films Track Massive Forest Destruction On Indonesian Papua (Irian Jaya) - AFP

Beijing Olympics Still China's To Lose - On Environment, Politics, Human Rights - ENN

Society Of Environmental Journalists - Guide To Climate Information & Disinformation - Great Site!

At Least 40 Million Trees Killed Since 1990 By Spruce Bark Beetles In Yukon Teritotry

PCC Natural Markets Removes All Products With High-Fructose Corn Syrup From Shelves

Chavez Threatens 2 Spanish Banks

Shocked Leno staffers fired as strike drags on

Rove's Version of 2002 War Vote is Disputed

FedEx 2008 Ground Shipping Rates to Rise 4.9 Percent (Update2)

Colombia recovers hostage videos

Spanish-language KDTV (SF Bay Area) celebrates top rating for 6 p.m. newscast

Militant raid on Iraqi village kills 13

Lawmakers reach gas mileage boost deal

Emergency responders face deep aid cuts

US soldier killed in Baghdad (Baquba)

Qaeda raid kills 12 people in Iraq village-police

Union election date set for casino workers (Indian Tribal Council that claims Tribal sovereignty)

Obama's complex history with lobbyists

Clinton calm in hostage crisis

Bush presses [Lectures] Congress on spending bill [radio address]

"I'm under house arrest" - Iraq Sunni Arab leader

Obama's complex history with lobbyists

Venezuela Vote Assured Credibility

Mute Autistic Boy Stabbed in Eyes

Democratic governor touts Western values (radio address)

Savage lawsuit calls CAIR 'vehicle of international terrorism'

Evolution Debate Led to Ouster, Texas Director of Science Curriculum Says

Turkish army fires on PKK in Iraq

Chavez rallies backers before Venezuela referendum

US Trade Bully to Mexico

Mexico Launches 8th Offensive In Its Drive Against Drug Cartels

Giuliani ducks questions about story he misused public funds as mayor: "Full-on media scrum"

Advisers Say F.D.A.’s Flaws Put Lives at Risk: Agency "poorly equipped to protect the public health"

32 Million Tax Refunds Could Be Delayed

Witness Names to Be Withheld From Guantanamo Detainee

Estimates of U.S. HIV cases rise 50 percent: reports

Ortega: The People Rule Nicaragua

Godiva recalls X'mas chocolates in Europe and Asia

Mothers Scrimp as States Take Child Support

Lay's widow says her husband didn't commit any crimes

US withholds comment on reported Turkish attack inside Iraq

CIA used Jordan to interrogate suspects

Washington Post again misreports Bill Clinton's Swift Boat comments

Pilots stage picket at D/FW

Democrats Strip Michigan of Delegates (to 2008 Convention for Early Primary)

Secrecy Invoked on Abramoff Lawsuits

Source: Police Chauffeured Friends, Family Of Judith Nathan

California Electoral College campaign still needs signatures: Backers struggling

What would you say about someone who gave you her 'special node'

I have finished 36 log cabin blocks... ask me anything!

Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: After Hours

At 4:07 p.m. today, I reached 30,000 posts

Hmmmm, they show these ads on mainstream TV in Canada?

Let's have a group "fuck you" thread (with love.)


Friday night History Lesson

Come clean, DU Lounge.


Parents ...Watch out for Playground equipment made in China..

Dammit, *I* wanna be in a barbershop quartet!

Red label scotch and aged smoky cheddar cheese

How do you react to a bad evolution?

Fingers Across America... we decide

i'm done, i'm going ny'nithgt!!

Damn, I am still on a Roll

A frog goes into a bank and approaches the teller.


Testing, testing. Am I still here?

Name that song & OR Band!

Woodward Or Bernstein?

Okay, everyone. I need a moment of life affirming apolplexy

AaWOOahooowa AaWOOahooowa AaWOOahooowa

Worlds biggest Zit!

The SEXY Crash is about to come on IFC

The best damned Soul Train YOU'LL ever see. (dialup warning)

Any Missouri football bars in NYC?

Send me some energy: eight mile drive this morning

Winter storm a'comin' today and I'm going out to Best Buy. Ask me anything.

It has come to my attention that some people here doubt my sanitariness

i'm off to a secure care facility

Died Hard: Evel Knievel RIP

If true love is not possible, would you settle for a million dollars?

Who loves to misattribute?

Public radio crushes

Drip drip drip DRIBBLE drip drip

Is this one of the most insane tv clips of all time or what? Larry King and Wayne Newton?

Should I post in GD?

Jennifer Love Hewitt uses her Web Site to respond to comments on her recent photos

The best damned A-Train YOU'LL ever see. (dialup warning)

Hey! The storm wasn't supposed to hit until noon!!

Look what you people made me do.

How do you react to a bad evaluation?

Right Now Be Kind!

Mickey wants nobody

The only thing more destructive than idiot drivers in a snowstorm is

The Annual Matcom Leaf Rant Is DEAD!

Go Navy! Beat Army!

I was attacked by a pit bull last night

My fucking rant. "Fuck on!"

I'm trying to set up a wireless router

Wow, I just realized my Wii could be used as a computer!

Dumb cops...

Gosh, I love stupid weathermen.


self delete

Zach Galifianakis does Kayne West

Moisturizer Question: People with Oily/Combination Skin which Moisturizer do you like to use?

Whatever happened to the wishbone offense in college football?

No wonder my parents once asked me if I was doing drugs!

Let's settle this once and for all....

Dear Wife

Fly? Or drive?

I just put 10 people on ignore. Ask me anything!

Ronnie James Dio & Yngwie Malmsteen performing Aerosmith's "Dream On" on Free Napster...

Post your favorite cops and robbers flicks

Is liposuction truly effective?


Christmas Cartoon...

A very, very, very, very, VERY guilty pleasure...

Redline is the worst movie I've ever downloaded

Congratulations to BlueIris! 15,000 posts!

If true love is not possible, would you settle for an affair with a married guy?

More on the new Prius, and a question:


I just made the greatest page!

If you don't think this sketch is hilarious...



Big snowstorm out - shall I do the 3 mile walk to buy "World in Conflict"?

Which Lounge Lizard would you pledge your virginity to?

so yeah, my brother's getting married. I'm the 'best man'. In Yuma

"i will pledge my virginity to my father

Ever notice how similar god and santa claus are?

W00t! GREAT commercial!

Great Pepsi commercial

Ok, you James Spader fans... Stargate on Sci-Fi now

Mafia boss arrested while watching Mafia TV show

Anyone else still have a lot of raking ahead of them?

Talk about the "Mile High Club"...

Oh wow... this is very cool!


self delete

Anton Chigurh terrified me

Music for 11-12 Year Old Girls

the utility grade beef council certified me

Funnny story told to me last night

waller beat mcmanorberry

I got a real date tonight!

this is one magnificent bastard

meet the newest member of the family - Sydney! (aka: the Tribble)

M.I.L.F. sale

Cowboy Take Me Away

Gee..... (probably bad for dial uppers)

A nurse told me today

Gawd I Miss The 90's And The Clinton Years

I thought food processors were supposed to help people

Song lyrics you've misheard

Brasserie appreciation thread!!!

We just got a new woodburning fireplace insert, ask me anything!!

I hate Rocky Top

The best damned fractal art YOU'LL ever see. (dialup warning)

Anyone here work in pubic relations?

fantasy time: post your dream vacation

Did You Share a Bedroom with a Sibling Growing Up?

Anyone here work in public relations?

Holy shit! It's snowing here!

It's snowing outside... I have a glass of wine and Nashville Skyline playing

Well, we need a little Christmas. Right this very minute. Seriously.

Serious Question-anybody ever have to file an EEOC complaint?

Hey, they used my fake credit on Car Talk!

Send me some energy: eight mile run this morning

My cat has figured out how to remove the screen on the window

What are your natural talents....

Web Site Seeks to Reunite Gloves, Owners

Snow pictures! Yeah, it's nothing like other areas get, but here you go.

Ok Its Beverage Time

Hey Lounge, I'll show you mine if you show me yours!!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/1/07

I have no faith in journalism students anymore

why am I here, when I have to do the following things today;

I was almost car jacked last night ... but I am ok :)

Audio Al’s Assorted Audiobook Updates for December 2007

Today's College Football Thread -- Conference Championship Edition

What do you like about your life?

The Nazi relative that the Royals disowned

Holy Fucking Mother of God

Okay, who put the "r" on the end of the word "idea?"

come up with an extreme position

I'm off to a departmental faculty retreat this morning-- just a head's up...

A point is "moot," not "mute."

I need some book suggestions. Not political!

Fancy-shmancy cat scratcher!

Need advice: Help me pick a Cruise!

Radio Lady's Journal: Review of "Enchanted" by Kimberly Gadette, film reviewer for

Paul Potts

I found them! I found them! I found them!

What Is Your Favorite Beatles Song?

Radio Lady's Journal: Hannah Montana 3D movie tickets on sale now!

Mmmmmmmmele Kalikimaka

New Sketchbook Pages *Dialup Warning*

Guard: Report of soldier killed may be hoax

Calif. military families get preschool relief

DoD, VA test new disability evaluation system

China rejected third U.S. Navy ship visit

C-17 makes historic mission to Kyrgyzstan

F-15 pilot cited for causing mid-air crash

Army acquisition chief resigns after 6 years

High-tech rehab, old-fashioned fortitude

Iraqi army brigade leads major operation

U.S. bases in Japan adjust to workers’ second strike

New commander of U.S. Navy Europe says there ‘is much work ahead’

Former generals, admirals question military gay policy

AAFES goods on hold until case is resolved

Sullivans school principal says teachers receive ample lunch time

Elite helicopter unit joins U.S.-based special ops

Japanese labor union official is optimistic

Blogs abuzz over Army’s forbidden words

Motivated by an atmosphere of achievement

AF Lab Targets Friendly-Fire Deaths

Guard Film Tells Soldiers' Stories

COLA remains flat across most of Europe

Army Funds Crunch Would Affect Installations Worldwide

Engineers Go Gonzo to Bombproof Bridges

Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask’ urged

Vets’ groups slam Congress on war-funds delay

GNC stores to close at Japan, Okinawa bases

U.S. plans new spy satellite program

Harsh Treatment for Marines Who Use Drugs

Barack Obama's Iowa Retrospective

Edwards & Religion-Based Discrimination

Evel Knievel dies

Olbermann: Worst Persons 11/30 - Bill O'Reilly, John McCain, Pat Robertson

Biden on mental health & preventative medicine

Tom DeLay Wants To "Bitch Slap" Paul Krugman

John Aschcroft Action at Cornell

CREW's Melanie Sloan discusses the House Ethics Task Force recommendations

Crying Shame

Iraq: The Reality on the Ground

American Warning

Sen. Joe Biden on Iraq

Erin Burnett refers to GWB as

Olbermann: Endgame Antics

Olbermann Reads Tom Tomorrow: Bill O'Reilly's Advice to Kids!

Olbermann: Truthless People (3 Examples of Top Bush Officials Lying)

Happy Christmas(War is Over)-by John Lennon

John Edwards Address at the DNC, 11/30/07 - Pt. 3

Campbell Brown and CNN refer to as insurgents.

John Edwards Address at the DNC, 11/30/07 - Pt. 1

John Edwards Address at the DNC, 11/30/07 - Pt. 2

much depends on you

Biden Address to the DNC

Romney, Edwards campaigns in disarray after Physicists Prove Infinite Americas

In 5 years, Hugo Chavez will be...

Federalist 46

CNN's Dana Bash still wearing the kneepads for Republicans real good

Wash. Post again misreports Bill Clinton's Swift Boat comments

Understanding the Homeland Security state / local government funding that's getting cut

I am taking my LSAT's tomorrow morning

How Amerika treats its opposition party members

Ark. Lawmaker Apologizes for Racist E-Mail

Church formed by white supremacists abandons Nazi symbols

msnbc or csnbc should begin a 'headline news' of their own

Who thinks John Walker Lindh and Jose Padilla are the only 2 Americans Bush has had tortured so far?

Does God exist?

The Clean up of Fresno, Ca Homeless was better than expected

has jfk won the bet with the swiftboat guy yet?

One hour of Iraq spending could treat 817,000 cases of malaria

Older white women join Kenya's sex tourists

Calling all fundamentalist bible thumpers.. Jesus is not coming back.. You HAVE been left behind..

How Dare Chavez Hold A Referendum!

Republicans do not associate their candidates with Bush...

Santa Under Attack.


"I need to speak to Hillary Clinton," "Something's got to change. Ordinary people need help" ..

Finally: The NYT does Rudy's "LoftBoardgate"

Russians say being forced to vote in election

Iraq Has Only Militants, No Civilians

More Young Americans Are Contracting HIV

Annapolis is too little, too late as Pakistan, Afghanistan unravel

'We' Torture - Jordan's Spy Agency: Holding Cell for the CIA

Helen Dares to Question WH about Civilian Casualties

A Gift Wrapping Suggestion For Your Bush Countdown Calendars

Did he serve time for rape in Massachusetts? Also he is politically motivated.

Anybody have any experience with HSA's (Health Savings Accounts)?

This is what this ole okie would like to hear from one of the presidential candidates

NYT daily reminder: we are screwn.

Eisenberg called CNN three times during the standoff to get help.

Leeland Eisenberg won't see the light of day as a free man ever again.

Eisenberg running scams while in prison

Roger Smith R.I.P.

Advice for young people from Bill O'Reilly

Freedom Radio in Venezuela! Live for the next week!

Ridiculous Conversation on MSNBC about Hillary being Presidential in handling the hostage situation

C-SPAN's WJ: University Poll

Is there a single instance nationally where Hillary is trending up?

A news flash from Faux News. Jesus Returns !

Can anyone here think of any behavior that is more un-American?

U.S. Toll In Iraq Nears 3,900

If ANYBODY tells you the surge is working, ask them about this:

Please educate me on this...drug testing for Boston firefighters.

anti-Bush advertising

Pat Buchanan to Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time" - Pretty Please, Seth MacFarlane

Douchebag Leno screws employees

Bush History 12/1 "a strategic error of the first order"

Rudy Put $440k In Advance Funds on AMEX Card For Future Travel ...LINK

A true blue American weighs in on Chavez

Public Libraries For Profit

Which "side" responded more inappropriately to the hostage situation?

Senator John Edwards Statement On Safe Resolution Of Situation

IRS Has $110 Million in Refund Checks Looking for a Home

Who's America's Mayor - Quimby or Rudy?

Santa Gets Some New Elves (Connecticut post offices reverse toys for tots ban)

Insurers ban Santa's sleigh ride

What deal is Bushco making with investors who've assumed foreclosed loans?

Putin Restores Middle-Class Confidence

Warning: do not focus on Rudi's penis

Racism > Thought Experiment: Leave all factors in our relationships with Iraq

Chavez threatens to cut Spice if U.S. questions vote

Surging Obama pulls within 9 points of Hillary Nationally 36%-27%

Web Site Seeks to Reunite Gloves, Owners

Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise

Republicans have excellent mental health -- in their own minds.

Gay bashing world wide

It seems to me that the early Dem front-runner seldom gets the nom, while

Hey, Wolf Blitzer! No, All Your Viewers Are NOT Praying!

Gay bashing world wide

Let's hear it for Barbara Boxer!

Adult System Worsens Juvenile Recidivism

Administration Employs New Secrecy Defense in Lawsuits Over Abramoff's White House Visits

Do the punishments to Michigan and Florida change the number to win?

Ron Paul wants the corporations to steal your mind, body and soul

Cheney's heart needed shock treatment, so we called in a specialist ...

Urgent Action Alert from the Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada

The Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act: A Tutorial in Orwellian Newspeak

Dear Abby, It's a sad sad day, I tell ya, when it's not ok to

So the Robert Pickton Jury is in delibs

Stop New Secret Trials Legislation in Canada!

Recall the Blackwater Voters

MEME: don't talk about ''social programs'' and ''economics.'' call it MIDDLE CLASS DEFENSE POLICY

madness in DeKalb Co., Ga. (Atlanta)

Is Bush really doint a lot to fight AIDS?

Texas forces resignation of state science curriculum head because she believes in evolution

George Bush Should Immediately Nationalize All Venevuelan Assets In The US

Cartman's America: Do as I say. Not as I do.

Mafia boss arrested while watching Mafia TV show

Did You Share a Bedroom with a Sibling Growing Up?

Arundhati Roy. The video is "WE"

Opulence at the White House......our tax dollars at work!

"Baby Grace" beaten to death for failing to address stepfather as "Sir"

Any NYC Resident Could File a Taxpayer Lawsuit & Make Giuliani PAY BACK THE EMBEZZLED FUNDS!

Some incumbent Democrats need to be defeated.

Clinton Campaign to Chairman Waxman: You're an Obsessed Nut (Presidential Library Donors)


Big Brother wants to RFID chip you

Deadbeat states

Va. GOP Drops Loyalty-Oath Plan

A U.S. Colony The Future of Iraq

King George's NEW Signing Statement Challenges Several Requirements To Provide Info To Congress

Zero Degree Turn "to show the outside world they have the wrong impression of Iran"

Anyone have any Chavez info ...

Mods, please merge this thread with:

This makes me happy. This makes me sad. This makes me confused.

So, tell me, would John Edwards investigate the crimes committed by the thugs in this administration


I'd start up a "Let's Make up Stuff About GWB", but the truth is scary enough as it is

Historic Unity Meeting of Peace-Groups Takes Place

The cyber guardians of honest journalism

If YOU had a 400K slush fund on your American Express card

You Couldn't Make This Up -- Kerik Vouches for Rudy on Shag Fund...LINK (ROFL)

Okay, who put the "r" on the end of the word "idea?"

US troops for the Ethiopia/Eritrea border.

Bombs Away? Arms expert Scott Ritter says the U.S. plans to attack Iran

Back in 2004 in Durham, NC....this is the Guy I heard who Inspired me while I worked for Kerry!

maria emilia walked the streets of miami in a daze ,,,

Has Rove Jumped His Usual BS Shark Or Just Plain Mental?

BUSHCO's America Is Deemed Legally UNSAFE For Foreigners

Edwards Speech to DNC today is a Keeper!... Video Thread LINK...

Dear Red States..........

Smoke's no joke for Tom and Jerry (Scenes to be edited from Cartoons)

Durham May Face Water Crisis First

Iowa Brown and Black Forum tonight -- question about coverage.

By the way, Here in Virginia "WARNER OUT - WARNER IN"

Donations Needed to Help Babies (at Food Pantries all over the US!)

Latest corrupt Republican excuse: "My boyfriend did it!"

Saxman Will Not Run For U.S. Senate, Leaving Gilmore Uncontested - AP

Is Bush flashing el Diablo sign again?

If NAFTA was repealed, do you think we might have enough jobs for everyone, including immigrants?

Clinton campaign office hostage-taker to be arraigned Monday (pic)

New CPR Promises Better Results by Compressing Abdomen, Not Chest

Iowans, how are we doing with the storm?

Karl Rove uses....IPHONE!

I f Rudy still gets the nomination after all this!

"States rethink charging youths as adults"

What else can we do, but just wait out the clock?

Ticket question (and a rant)

Evans, M. Bush, D. Bush, Stapleton, Scowcroft...

It's heating season and your folding butts are getting kicked...

Have You Guys Checked Out WikiLeaks ??? - Interesting Site !

I don't get it. People see their votes changing before their eyes, and they assume

Who exactly are the BONEHEADS who've caused the Democratic state primary fiasco?

Bush Cuts Food Program for Women and Children

So American taxpayers financially support Chavez' most vicious opposition party, Primero Justicia!

BREAKING: Turkish Army has entered Northern Iraq

CNN/Amanpour Reports: Czar Putin

Evolution Debate Led to Ouster, Texas Director of Science Curriculum Says

Who are your local and state challengers for the House and Senate?

Sirota to Hillary: Was Perot right?

C-SPAN2 just got moved from the 'basic' into the 'digital' package by my local cable company.

Kucinich Preparing Articles of Impeachment of Bush, Says It Would be too Late After Iran Attack

Randi Rhodes & Philip Giraldi discuss H.R. 1955

"Uberveillance," "Ambient technology," "Ubiquitous computing," and "Ingestible bugs"

The way I see it, Kucinich and Paul are good friends, not political allies

What should be done with Leeland Eisenberg, the Rochester hostage-taker?

It is december 1 - what do you want for Christmas?

DNA test confirms identity of Baby Grace

Bush Issues First Signing Statement Since '06 Election

The Hillary Clinton campaign is starting to remind me of the Titanic.

NEWSFLASH: REAL democracies don't punish- or even suppress- political speech.

There have now been two news reports about the 'Christmas Tree'

Now Here's A Way To Celebrate The New Year (In San Francisco)!!!

Captain America versus the Red Skull

"No Controlling Legal Authority" - How a 3rd Party Can Legally Leak the Currently-Secret Donor Lists

LOL & Holy CRAP!!! Erin Burnett calls B*sh a "Monkey" on MSNBC's Morning Joe!

What would you title your Bush biography?

Here's the Truth: "This Country is Very Angry" and John Edwards Reflects Them....

Counter Protest Draws "Almost Opposites" Together (Phelps again)

Remember the phrase "pluralistic society" in a Liberal Democracy?

Is Walter Kaye - Insurance Magnate - on the Currently-Secret Clinton Donor Lists?

nice bubble chart of the Bu$h Crime Family. i would like to know how much of it was taxpayers money,

Rudolph (Rhymes with Adolph) Giuliani's Concept of FREEDOM: AUTHORITY

The soft bigotry of religion in America

CIA ‘Operation Pliers’ uncovered in Venezuela

I need some book suggestions. Not political!

Rasmussen. NH tightening considerably!!!!

"Oh, regret-It doesn't bring back a life" Perino-NO MATCH-For Helen Thomas

Bill Moyers Journal: *End Game in the Holy Land.*..Rev. Hagee and his "Evangelicals"

I'm with those who don't give a shit about Hugo Chavez but I'm also puzzled by all the defensiveness

How long did the Rochester hostage situation last?

BOOTYGATE METASTASIZING: 400k Amex Prepay Slush Fund Used To Pay Cops To WALK NATHAN'S DOG!!!

No Statute of Limitations for War Crimes - We are still looking for Nazis to this day

The Smart Way to Beat Tyrants Like Chávez By Donald Rumsfeld

The USA is committing genocide in Iraq. Quick look over there at that bad man Chavez

Real reason media ignores Edwards

Here is when the CIA took control of our media

So why didn't the hostage taker try to speak to Bush instead of Hillary?

Secrecy Invoked on Abramoff Lawsuits

Your view of Chavez in light of recent events

The War on Christmas...err, Christ

"I Can Promise You This: The Democrats Will Never..Pursue the President Even Once He's Out of Office

Man mauled. Dog get supporters

KO covers Rove's lie that Democrats forced WH to go to war

Ya gotta love Waxman ...

It's official. This primary season is worse than '04.

Are you f-ing kidding me? - McCain leads Obama in GE poll in, Massachusetts???


OK, Her Royal Clintoness supporters, what is today's outrage and whine?

Anyone else think Fred looked sexist tonight on Larry King?

How much "change" do we need ?

OK, folks, now that we have all of the vitriol herded into one thread for a bit, what's the agenda

Can Someone Explain Hugo Chavez To Me? The Love, The Hate?

St. Petersburg straw poll votes were cast with cash. ("I voted 20 times,")

Biden; "Federal funding for abortion forces a view"

There is no hope.... Run to the hills... Stock pile Spam and water...

Kucinich's best speech ever!!! This harkens back to the great one JFK and FDR used to recite!!!

Did Fox News Get Punked Yesterday In The NH Hostage Drama?.....

Krugman Calls Out Obama Again: Attacking Rivals With Right Wing Talking Points

Analysis: Clinton calm in hostage crisis. She handled disorder in a most orderly fashion.

Dr. Ron Walters, '88 Jesse Jackson Campaign Manager: GOP may see Obama as weakest of top 3 Dems

An opinion on OPs with nothing but links in them

Libs Rip RFK Jr. For Endorsing Hillary

Slate: Obama has the better argument on health care

If Rudy's problems keep him from the White House, how did bush get in?

Anyone know why Biden and Richardson skipping the Des Moines Heartland Presidential Forum in Iowa?

Did Rudy have sex with that woman?

On Clinton and Obama: Even Jacksons divided/ and much more.

I found this while researching Blackwater....a new mercenary industry on-line magazine?

Rassumussen: Election 2008: New Hampshire Democratic Primary 12/01/07

Hillary Clinton: More Than Just Talk

I am So Discouraged.

Right-Wing Nutcases Laugh It Up Over Clinton Office Hostage Crisis

WP, Dionne: Know-Nothings Who Know Better; GOP debate "a depressing spectacle"

'Washington Post' Cartoonist Toles Mocks Own Paper Over Obama Story

Clinton and Kucinich and Barack and Edwards, oh my!

Newsweek's Eleanor Clift: "John McCain got his mojo back, could be the last man standing"

Don’t Blame Yourself for the Economy. Blame Bush and His Corporate Cronies

This exerpt from a local township forum scares the pants off of me

Cui Bono (/48 Laws of Power/ author Robert Greene on the primaries)

THE most important question to ask Clinton, Obama, Edwards, etc.

NYT, Herbert: Rambo and the GOP; "Brute force as the favored solution to difficult problems"

Bush Radio: "Congress needs to pass a bill to fund our troops in combat before Christmas"

Obama's racial identity and politics

States taking child support from poor mothers

So - what did the heavily touted Annapolis peace conference achieve?

Biden makes impeachment a campaign theme

Did Michigan just lose its delegates?

Obama at DNC fall meeting: "We can’t live in fear of losing.”

Rasmussen breaking: Hillary Clinton down one more point today, at 36% to Obama's 27%

Great Joe Biden Interview with Video

How can one poll show 6 per cent undecided, and another poll the next day show 49 per cent undecided

Lovely article on Tom "Raging Xenophobe Hypocrite" Tancredo

The nutty as hell Ms. Althouse

Clemson U. Political Science Prof. Rudy is DOA in South Carolina

Some GE polls from various states

Lieberman: Friendly with GOP, lying about Democrats

Five-day gap between Iowa caucus and NH primary shapes presidential race

The candidates always dance around the issues. But never before like THIS...

The mind boggles.

Dems fault own party in pitch to leaders

Des Moines Airport Closed Due to Winter Storm. Will it effect Dem Heartland Candidate Forum today?

Call For Urgent Action : Special Congressional Election December 11th.

Self Delete

Feminist Pitch for a Democrat Named Obama

If Hillary and Dean got in a fight, who would win?

Lott resignation, Benjamin Nicholas, Flynt and Hustler update from DC Big Head

I'm being disenfranchised!!1111!!!1!

I think this so-called Clinton machine is OVERRATED

Rudy's worse week ever!!!!!!

When the Repubs were popular...

ThePolitico: "Clinton Seizes Opportunity After Crisis"

OK, so which is worse? "Planted" questions or encourging out of staters

Leaving the 60s behind?

Rassmussen. NH tightening considerably!!!!

Great NH Article About Joe Biden....

Seattle Post column on the CA. attempt to rig 2008 election

Joe Biden on Mental Health--Thanks Whirlygigspin


How about randomly selected regions for a pre-primary?

About the California Electoral College thing --

NYT: Feminist Pitch for a Democrat Named Obama

Obama's complex history with lobbyists

Huckabee Claimed Jesus ‘On The Cross’ Supported The Death Penalty

Illinois AFSCME backs Obama, breaks for national endorsement

That sneaky Obama does it again! Damn him!

Media Alert---KKKove will be challanged on rewriting history on

Rasmussen National Poll: Clinton 36%, Obama 27%, Edwards 14%

Dem Congress should get credit for any improvements in Iraq.

In light of what happened, the Clinton camp should pull that tv ad.

Biden a smart guy who has lived his family values

Is the Iowa Always First plan fair to Democrats in other states?

Just a reminder about what is at stake.

Will Rudy make it through January

AP: Clinton Calm in Hostage Crisis

Hillary (and Dodd) try to disenfranchise Iowa college students.

If Hucksterbee wins Iowa, watch for McCain to move up in NH

Bush's Mug Shot Brings Controversy to NYPL

Our children-

Sunday's TV news shows

UPDATE: Hostage taker cited Clinton campaign ad

Edwards is on Cspan KICK'n ASS!! more would support him if they could hear him

***Heartland Presidential Forum is on C-Span NOW, at 2:30PM EST!***

Greatest Founding Father...

The Nation: Obama vs. Clinton, Edwards and Paul Krugman

Dennis Kucinich Is Doing Very Well At The IA Forum

Obama as a smoker - help (average guy) or hurt (stupid)?

There is one candidate that I can't stand - one candidate that I think is total slime.

Is there a single instance nationally where Hillary is trending up?

Which concerns you more: disenfranchising voters or letting students vote in state where school is?

Why Science Can't Save the GOP

We need Biden's integrity and experience

The Oprah Party Wants You: Does Oprah hold the Democratic nomination in her hands?

Rove investigator erases his PCs - to kill computer virus

Is it always this ugly in GD - Politics?

Hillary backstabs Howard Dean and the Democratic Party as she remains on Michigan ballot

Michigan and Florida stripped of Delegates by DNC

Green Day ? .... In General Discussion:Politics ?

Bookmark this: NPR-Iowa PR radio-only debate webcast on December 4

Video: Dana Perino tells Helen Thomas Americans "had a say" in the Iraq War when they elected Bush