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Archives: December 11, 2007

Gitmo Inmate's Lawyer Urges US on Photos

Treasury Direct Home Loans - Fire the Fed By Kent Welton

Scientific Study Takes Cue From Huckabee, Recommends Quarantine of GOP Candidates

Harpers/Scott Horton: The President-Tyrant

In Midwest Duck Blinds, Visions of Global Warming

Jane Hamsher: Hillary Clinton Joins Joe Lieberman To Resurrect the Culture Wars

(NH congresswoman) Shea-Porter to back Obama

Hungry Mormons offer clues to heart disease

Tension in Hillaryland Grows as Plan Goes Awry

Paper: Pages Had Oral Sex In Front of Colleagues

Appeals court says some Patriot Act provisions unconstitutional

Venezuela to donate more heating oil to U.S. poor

Storm Olga forms over Virgin Islands

Romney to run ad against Huckabee

Bush To Name Former Conservative Commentator Glassman To Sell U.S. Image Abroad

Officials: More Heating Help Needed For Struggling Families

Ice Storm Causes Blackouts, 17 Deaths

New poll shows big shake-up in GOP race

Mortgage Meltdown: Washington Mutual to close 190 offices

A political joke.


It's Raining Again!!!!

Pass a story along to a DUer and watch them run away with it: I bought MrCoffee some fair trade java

Mary Poppins is on. Interesting thing I noticed.

Here Comes The Rain Again!!!

Dammit! Someone pushed a shopping cart up to my front door!

I need my massager

i only catch snippets of newsmedia: is there an outbreak of atheist violence lately?

I'd hit it. (copy cat)

Anyone Going To Barry Manilow Tonight We Expect A Full Report In The Morning

I think I need to see a DUer about my knuckle....

i think i am getting astigmatism

Emma Bunton, Free Me

I'm making hot chocolate

if the lounge were an after school special . . .

Why didn't any of you tell me about the 'Mark' button??????

Geez, I hate growing up.

dinner.... what did/will you have tonight?

Geez, I hate throwing up.

christmas time always gets me in a cooking mood. i just made some home-made fudge

Feeling Good --

i think i am getting stigmata


My Caulk Is Bigger Then Yours

True love is recursion

There's tenacity in self-denial

In salvation, there is always consideration

papa was a rolling stone

my car leaked about a half a tank of gas today

I think Evie is defective

i reupped on my ointment and salve

Why Can't Hillary Just Sell My House?


For Post #37621

Pastafarian`s new festive holiday poster ------

Why can't I protest in front of Kitchenwitch's house?

Apparently, dressing the a 'ho, dancing like a stripper and singing

i believe that oprah holds the mystical key to the 4th pathway

Why Can't Oprah Just Sell My House?

Anybody know anything about Moody Blues Bible Institute?

For my 23401st post.....I am taking a shower

I need new glasses

Why can't my house just sell itself?

Is this "Snarky" enough?

Would we even recognize anyone if not for Kevin Bacon?

"And the Redqueen's off with her head"

How easy is it for you to spend someone else's money?

I'm in a flamewar on a Yahoo message board, anyone want to jump in?

i need a tree

Why God(zilla?) invented the Internet:

Rhett's daddy was a mean mofo

Does anybody know of software for backing up to an external hard drive?

There are too many Crows to Count,dammit!!!!

We were perfect when we started I've been wondering where we've gone

Why can't my hooker just sell itself?

i hope they don't have S.C.M.O.D.S.

geek or greek?

Mitochondrial Eve

Only 1 locked thread since last night and that's a political one????//

think different

For post #11384:

Happy 60th birthday to the transistor!

The art of dying

Why is it, when I finish a household chore, the dog thinks SHE deserves

Does the Pic In Hypnotoad's sig line creep you out?

There is no cod


O.K., I luerve this woman, Wendie MALIK

Who else will be watching The Hills season finale tonight?

Tuesday Afternoon

There is no god, and I can prove it.

You can barely tell that it's Jennifer Grey

P.S. I Love You - who is planning to see this movie?

The Weather Is Here

Question, would the movie "Rear Window" be different if the guy would have had a digital camera.

some vibes will be helpful... if you please

If you think that I could be forgiven... I wish you would

I am a tree.

So I'm guessing I don't have to work tomorrow

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly

British beach bans blow up human dolls...

Shouting to the choir just to hear the amen chorus

Half of all marriages end in divorce

Atlanta Falcons, Monday Night Football

Okay, boys and girls, it's time to play Name That Mountain!

Southpawkicker IS beautiful.

"man, i wish i was beautiful"

Says shes close to understanding jesus

Does your pet enjoy wearing clothes?

I got a question for the FSM Pastafarian people

So I just had a fight with my cat, and she beat the crap out of me...

An estrogen-surge angry rant about primaries and election day and why my vote doesn't count

I'd hit it

the gesticular compromise undermines the sanacity of either proganation or funducution. discuss

A political joke.

O.K., somebody loves dogs more than I do - which is A LOT!1

I'm a complete moran. I actually admitted being a pacifist in GD.

Holy shit! The drain is unclogged!!

I was mugged tonight and now I am really

Holy Burning Cock Sauce, Batman!!!

Hello, Dr. Jones....

House Husbands ...

Nevada's Clark County Coroner: Quiet Riot Singer Kevin Dubrow Died of Cocaine Overdose

NO SCHOOL TOMORROW for us... teachers love snow days too

Hillary Swank - beautiful or no?


Post the topic of your most recent PM!

***December Photography Contest Prelims***

**Good news from my cardiologist**

so, I'm turning 39 in about ten minutes.

Fuck. I'm off work for 2 - 3 weeks.

Genre of music loved by millions and yet somehow you can barely contain your loathing for it

Name the TV show from a line or two of its theme song lyrics

Guess the television show by the one sentence plot summary.

Iraq vet in Las Vegas needing help. (cross posted to GD too)

Race Tight in IA NH SC DEMS & GOP POLL NBC Tim Russert

Col. (Ret.) Ann Wright Today: Stop Torture

CNN: Gore on his Political Future

Ohio Labor 2007 Phone Banking for Robin Weirauch

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) wants you to GOTV in OH-5!

Countdown: Bushed! (Dec. 10, 2007)

(A Little Comic Relief) - Bush & Condi do a version of "Who's on First"...

Bill O'Reilly Says Pro-Constitution Ad Is 'Anti-American'

Olbermann: Sex, Lies & Videotape (w/ Richard Wolffe)

Gore and Pachauri Receive Nobel Peace Prize

Joe Biden on WHO-NBC

John Edwards: The Main Street Express - America Rising

Al Gore Won't Rule Out Run for White House

Hillary '1984'

Turley w/ Olbermann on CIA Tapes: 'The Suggestion the President is not Involved is Ridiculous'

Al Gore's Acceptance Speech For Nobel Prize

New Edwards Ad: 'Heroes' (South Carolina)

9/11 Commission's Lee Hamilton Reacts to CIA Destruction of Torture Tapes


Two egos talking past each other .... good teevee??????

"There Will Be Blood" chosen by L.A. critics as best film of 2007; N.Y. critics pick "No Country..."

Chief Guantanamo Prosecutor Resigned When Placed Under Command Of Torture Advocate

There is a reason Democrats are being "bashed" here

Spoons "seething with rage" - it must be bad out there

Blackwater Worldwide. Going Full Spectrum

OK, who would get arrested? How many 8 year olds would get arrested?

Jonathan Turley on Olbermann: "The idea that the President is not involved is ridiculous"

Free-Energy Battery Inventor Killed at Airport?

Iraq vet in Las Vegas needing help.

Watching Torture

Keith Olbermann Covering The Missing Tapes "Waterboarding-Gate"

Any thoughts on the new President of Argentina?

Huckabee Pardons Under Scrutiny

Odd but telling Romney quote

Ex-CIA agent admits waterboarding, but calls it torture

Question about Nobel Prize ceremony

Hey Okies. Good luck with the ice storm

Michael Rubin: "An apology owed to John Bolton". Too funny.

Al Gore To Set His Feet In Bronze On Peacepath

Huckabee is Keith Olberman's Worst Persaon today because of this

My Marin Palisades trail bike bucked me today .. bad. I'm a hurtin'!

NY Times: "Showdown in Arizona, where Mariachis and minutemen collide."

Aw, how sweet...

TWO STORIES.... (of Abu Zubaydah)

Does anyone else ever want to just give up hope when talking to Republicans?

Dean Baker: Bubble trouble

Who else watched the new Dan Abrams segment?

Subtropical Storm Olga forms near Puerto Rico--no, I'm not joking.

I posted this in Political Videos - Bush & Condi doing a "Who's on First" skit (2 minutes long)...

It's Stranger Than We Imagine

Paper: Pages Had Oral Sex In Front of Colleagues

Jonathan Turley on Keith Olbermann

Just heard Rachel Maddow say she didn't think she could EVER miss

MSNBC Debuts New Series Slamming Justice Dept Under Bush

Mind your head...

Colorado church shooter home schooled by "deeply religious" family

The Nation: Will Gore Influence '08?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Al Gore @ Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony on C-SPAN @ 12:14 EST

Are we still waiting for Pelosi to explain herself?

FYI... CSPAN is rebroadcasting the Nobel Prize ceremony NOW

Paper: Pages Had Oral Sex In Front of Colleagues

Laura Bush and the Joker from Batman

Cofer Black

This is what America is intered in - sad

Prosor: War with Iran may be unavoidable

McConnell Spits on War Dead; Kentucky Vet Responds

Democrats Need To Admit They Have A Problem: They Are Addicted to Backing Down

Unbelievable--but predictable. Faux outrage at American Girl dolls being made in China

Mitt Romney's Personal Fortune is $202M; Rudy's is $52M; Edwards $54M

Bush Junta Lied About War Crimes to The World, the Courts, ALL Except Pelosi - That's LOL Moranic

ART: Frosty the Snowman murdered by wife; shoved into a Sno-Cone machine!

OK: Icy Storm Blamed For 14 Deaths, Massive Power Outages

I think mandatory flu shots for pre-schoolers is a crock

Fox hosts compare 'cussing nun' to George Carlin

Updated: Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton / KBR

The Gov't of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion...

Attacks Force Churches to Boost Security-Guards not new at New Life

This is not good - Death Threat Made Against Joe Horn Who Killed Burglary Suspects

Penguin colonies in decline because of global warming

The green philosophy of Dennis Kucinich

Snow errrrrrrrr Ice Day Tomorrow YEAAAAAA

CA Elections - Better Accurate than Fast!

I thought they must be on some really good drugs.

God must be a good shot.

So I Guess God Was Out Having A Cigarette All Day Yesterday

Venezuela to donate more heating oil to U.S. poor

Perjury, obstruction of Congress, obstruction of justice...

Cliff May.....Worse person in the world

Holy fucking shit - glasnost hits Cuba

I love Chris Mathews and Rockefeller is a dope.

Proof positive that the people at the American Family Assn. are foaming-at-the-mouth crazy....

By what logic does ineffective opposition engender blame equal to direct perpetuation or initiation?

Not sure why the hostility here toward Christians and this lady who killed the shooter

The "Two Party System" Is Dead- R.I.P.

Who is more progressive, Edwards or Obama?




The Psychopathic Meaning of “Patriotism” to Militant Nationalists

Stop the Denial! Face it, Admit it. It's True...George W. Bush is an Inspiration.

Most irritating thing about the holidays?

Disappointment of the Year

What am I supposed to do....hum Everything is Beautiful?

CNN National Poll: 40% Hillary, 30% Obama, 14% Edwards

lots of ron paul signs sprouting around my area..

Tension in Hillaryland Grows as Plan Goes Awry

Polling Trends, In Graphs

Perino knew nothing about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Political cartoon on the economy: oopsie

Our Right-Wing friends seem feverish...

I'd Like To Thank The Founders For A Well-Designed Government

Giuliani goes from 26% to 13% in SC in one month

Polls should exclude Florida and Michigan from national primary surveys

Poll shows Wisconsin voters favor Fred Thompson, Clinton

Begala: Bush Less Popular Than 'Venereal Disease' (ROFLMAO!)

NYT: C.I.A. Official in Inquiry Called a ‘Hero’

Is Oprah going to be Obama's running mate?

New CNN National Poll: Clinton 40%, Obama 30%, Edwards 14%.

Obama blog: Big Endorsement News. Two extremely impressive women for Obama!

Huckabee's 1992 AIDS "quarantine" comment

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/10/07 - Clinton unchanged, Obama up 1, Edwards down 2

So is the Des Moines Register Debate on Thurs the last one before the caucus?

Polling In Iowa: Why A Lead Might Be A Tie

Mr. Positive takes a cheap shot at Edwards on Maytag closings

More Evidence of "Obama Surge"

Democratic debate in Boston canceled

How Long Before the Corporate Media Begins Its Systematic Destruction of Barack Obama?

Clinton radio ad in South Carolina features poet Maya Angelou

Why didn't Hillary reveal her earmarks to the public?

Newsweek, Fineman: Oprah outshone the candidate

"Obama Campaign Goes Negative on Edwards in Iowa" (DailyKos)

Concerned Hillary camp looking to dig up dirt on Obama, as revealed in deputy campaign manager email

Top Clinton campaign officials "privately furious" at Bill and Bill angry at "campaign's ineptitude"

Poll: Republicans "uninspired" by candidates; none viewed favorably by half of GOP voters

The likely Iowa caucus participants think Hillary is running the most negative campaign:

Oh My God, What a Ticket!

Where do you get off publicly endorsing a candidate like that?

Torture: Its the Depravity, Stupid

"America: Are You F***king Brain Dead?!"

Keith said something interesting tonite - and I'd like Obama supporters to respond-

Oprah No Match For Bill: CBS Poll

NYT: Hillary Deputy Campaign Manager E-Mails For Dirt On Obama (e-mail attached)

Biden steps up pressure for special counsel

LTTE: Biden is ready to lead

My reply to Senator Kennedy's request for money....

is mark penn on his way out?

The Iraq Occupation.

What I learned in Salinas- Dedication to the Party

The Uh-Oh! Factor

I just saw Sicko for the first time

Thank Goodness Wingnuts Are So Levelheaded and Fair...And Funny!

Torture-Lovin' Wingnut Goes Off on Keith Olbermann

From Pentagon Desk Job to Front Lines (former Dem. Congressman volunteers as Marine in Afghanistan)

The Democrats' Lobbyist Lobs (watchdog chastises HRC on lobbyist connections)

We, the people of the United States of America, are ready for a principled Speaker of the House

The Nation: Who Was in That Torture Chamber?

The Boy Who Cried WMD

AlterNet: America, Intoxicated: Conference Tackles Disasters of the Drug War

AlterNet: The American Dream is Alive and Well ... in Finland!

Dana Perino Explains Her Ignorance of The Cuban Missile Crisis

Cold War view of today's Venezuela

Disputed in Iraq, Blackwater Now Splits California Town

The Nation: Torture Tapes: Failure at All Levels

Paulson's "Interest Rate Freeze" - The Real Story is Fraud

The Reach of Complicity

Bush's Nuclear-Boogeyman Scam

Hanging Hate: Backlash against the Jena Six case sparks an epidemic of public nooses

Housing downturn may hit California hardest, experts warn

Israel launches widespread Gaza operation

Russia's Dmitri Medvedev Says Putin Should Become Prime Minister

Bombing Near Ayad Allawi’s Office

Ottawa Mayor charged with attempted bribery

House Democrats Pull Budget Offer: War funding deal appears to collapse

10 policemen wounded in blast near (former PM Iyad) Allawi's HQ

Ex-Pentagon Aide Says U.S. Abandoned Quick Iraq Transition

CIA waterboarding details emerge

Iraqi policewomen are told to surrender their weapons

Gunmen kill head of Baghdad mental hospital-police

U.S. Soldier Killed in Suicide Car Bombing in Iraq

Cuba makes human rights promise

New Documents Revealed In Case Of Huckabee's Support For Freeing Rapist

Huckabee does a flip-flop on Cuba

The Man Who Ordered CIA's Tape Destruction

Explosions rock Algerian capital

Congress wants answers on CIA tapes

Report: Group Says Iran Hid and Later Resumed Nuclear Weapon Program in 2004 (Hooboy)

In Minnesota 3rd, Things Just Keep Getting More Interesting (rated a tossup)

Fed Lowers Benchmark Rate by a Quarter Point to 4.25 Percent

Destroyed terror interrogation expected to dominate attorney general's first press conference

[Huckabee's] AIDS comments alarm Ryan White's mother

Iraq's Sadr uses lull to rebuild Army

Liberty City 7 Jury Deadlocked But Deliberating(NO mistrial)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 11, 2007

A big endorsement for Mitt...(National Review)

Nurses' Union: Cheney Would Be Dead By Now

House increases controls on Marianas

Nasa images show climate change from space

Tokyo 'aware' of humpback killing anger

Mullen: Israel Not Alone Against Iran

Panel allows easing of crack sentences

Lawyers Cleared Destroying CIA Tapes

Spy Court Won't Release Wiretap Docs

Bush demands Iran explain nuke program

Poll Finds G.O.P. Field Isn’t Touching Voters

U.S. States at Climate Meeting in Bali: "Laying groundwork for what will soon be national policy."

Ice Storm Trips Power, Paralyzes Key U.S. Oil Hub

Congress has been stymied by Bush, Republicans

George Bush loses close run for "Foot in Mouth"

Bush's verbal gaffe inundates Texan school with phone calls

White House says Hayden won't talk about interrogation techniques

New details in CIA waterboarding

10th Mountain Division asks for civilian volunteers to Iraq

Iraq rejects permanent U.S. bases: adviser

Questions linger after Hayden testimony

Mukasey Undecided on CIA Tapes Questions(& still undecided if waterboarding is torture)

Huckabee And Thompson: Global Warming Is ‘Overblown’

Police: NYC subway riders beaten after 'Happy Hanukkah' greeting

Bush: I Didn't Know About CIA Tape Destruction

White House warns 100,000 jobs rely on Iraq bill passage

Pastor: Cop (Drew Peterson) told fourth wife he killed third wife

Delegates Weaken Deforestation Proposal as U.S. Balks

General: Torture testimony not banned

Church guard gains hero status

Police: Church Gunman Killed Himself

Holiday shopping hits the skids

Bill Clinton Heckled In Iowa City Last Night By ... A Robot

Bush issues 29 pardons but Libby not among them

Human rights minister brands Muammar Gaddafi's visit to France a ‘kiss of death’

A Room In My Heart

It's like a dream


An experiment featuring Doris the cat.

Dream Sweetly, DU...

My kitchen is in a state of ku...the chaos that existed before creation.

Post old family photos!

Give all the toys to the little rich boys...

No, you cannot

Would being able to drink at work make your job better or worse?

Women for Huckabee

Duncan Black is my boyfriend

Women, men ARE idiots.

Laydeez 'n' others, I have struck Teevee Theme Song Geek GOLD!

"This isn't nerd-stuff! It's about travelling to Mars!"

I just have to share this...

oh joy! snow day

Led Zeppelin - cool as ever

Roto Rooter... Discuss

Happy 76th Birthday, Rita Moreno!

Pairs Hilton comforts an injured Oompa-Loompa

'Frosty the Snowman' -when they just don't try anymore

Of all of life's lessons, there is one I feel I really need to learn

93 wisdom from Wisdom World, enjoy it! ^!

BREAKING:Scott Baio Weds

Post your favorite lines from the movie "This Is Spinal Tap"

Damn, I just got a warning from comcast

Another Rambo Movie

Abe Vigoda is not dead

The DCC Just Called Asking For Money

Do your secrets make you a bad person?

Kurt Cobain MUST be spinning in his grave

the lounge: bad for America?

Watchmen-- The Movie-- a link to some stills...

Happy 60th birthday, Teri Garr!

Great license plates

A family of con artists usurp the powerful to assist the weak. nt

sstttrrrrrretttttcccchhhh !

Is it bad to pretend to be decisive about stuff you don't have a preference for?

Is It Friday Yet?

This video is just wonderful

DU women--do you think this dude is/was cute?

This looks like a hell of a lot of fun: Bow-fishing

Who would win in a no-holds barred steel-cage loser leaves town grudge match?

a little DU Karma for my partner?

Nirvana, easier attained than thought.

i have 4 hours to prepare for my final. if you see me around just

After 3 years and 2 months of posting, I'm 12 away from 500--ask me anything!

speaking of dreams, last night i dreamt that ....

FSM churches to begin arming security guards.

Name some celebrities who didn't age well after eating cornflake chicken at the Olive Garden

speaking of dreams, yesterday i dreamt that lisa cheated on me, then i was mad at her

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/11/07

I Should Be Getting About $400 From Oregon Kicker

Play a Spoof Christmas song.

What were the best and worst days of 2007 for you?

Funniest lolcat I've seen in a while!

I can top all of your dreams.

My lunch today (school) - just wanted to announce it

I am just a fool, serenading my tool

I dreamt last night I was pregnant and my aunt was going to steal my baby....

Trees snapping all around.

how many free downloads will eMusic give me?

Oh dear - this is a lot more snow than I anticipated.

Oh. I guess I see what you're saying about Barbara Walters now.

What is yer favorite color?

What DU'er said it?

New Narnia film this summer-- trailer for your enjoyment...

Direct from hell: Spinal Tap!

Where's the safest place in California during an earthquake?

I'm gonna go spend my $25 Bennigan's gift certificate tomorrow...CHOOSE MY LUNCH!

Quintessential life imitating art imitating life

Do you love the weather where you live?

It's the 11th! Today is Spinal Tap Appreciation Day!!!

ever intentionally wound your kid?

McDonald's fines customers who eat too slowly.

"Hey Mom, come see the kittens!"

Do you ever dream that you are nude in public?

When the rapture happens, will people who go take the clothes they

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (Chickens. I have them.)

Can you say Fukudome? Can the average sportscaster say Fukudome?

Meri Tiramisu!

M&M Mars tortures animals TO DEATH.

Today at work we discovered that Pop Rocks aren't vegan.

The Google news headlines in poetic form.

HOW CAN I WAKE UP!?!??!!1!11

This is a public service announcement.

So, I have a date tonight

Disruptor in GD wants to throw gays off a cliff!

Meri Kurisimasu!


i just realized that it's Tuesday. you know what that means

How do you tell someone that they are a total fuck up not worthy of

Would you like to be in the crowd in this video?

When you've loved and lost the way temeah has, then you, uh... you know what life's about.

I'm having peanut butter on my hamburger

How to really get my attention

Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keeffe

In days of my youth I was told what it means to learn to spell

good lord, how many pm's from redqueen can one inbox hold?

Civilization Finally May Be Coming To My Town

How to refute a Creationist with a bucket of feces

have you ever skipped jury duty?

HOMER! you have it set on whore!!

Is it true that Led Zeppelin bandmembers made it with a shark???

New smily

Kitty Christmas!

They are called Micropeople

This is just *begging* for a CAPTION!

No cages for RNC convention protesters

God, it's me

my disappointment in J.J. :(

Face it. Your planet has the worst name of all the planets in the solar system. Metaluna,

Led Zeppelin: The Full Report From David Fricke (Rolling Stone article about yesterday's show)

The word of the day is "Fukudome". Replace any word in a thread with "Fukudome"

I just had a thread deleted in GD!

"In case of Rupture, this vehicle will be not be unmanned"

ever unintentionally wound your kid?

ever unintentionally hound your kid?

ever unintentionally Hypnotoad your kid?

Which forum is more apt to eat you alive? GD or GDP?

Is anyone else taking a LONG vacation starting next week?

Best actor name owned by a mediocre actor

bald monkey

Anyone have a Mitsubishi Galant? Like it?

billyskank artwork..So Who Else Wants To See The Rest of redqueen?

Do you believe there are degrees to Hypnotoad?

Fuck it.


Brit/American words - translations/phonetics.

So Dick Cheney and George W Bush went into a restaurant

I just had a thread deleted in GD!

I am just a fool, serenading a mule.

caption golf, part II

Which canadian football/soccer team do you like?

Who Is Your Favorite.......

Pun Post

Kitteh is getting snipped tomorrow....

Is there anything more exquisite than Tull's "Thick As A Brick" from the TAAB 1972 tour?

Kitteh is NOT getting snipped tomorrow

caption golf

A kitteh and a bald monkey play English football. Describe the scene as Phil Spector would.

For Those Looking To Buy A New Gar Soon...

Face it. Our planet has the worst name of all the planets in the solar system

Hershey- discuss

Do you believe there are degrees to hypocrisy?


Putz Post.

For Those Looking To Buy a Nuked "R" Soon...

The GoPsUx thought for the day 12/11/07

Tell me the name of this symbol...

OK Barry Manilow Audience....How Was The Concert?

"Getting Snipped" is the phrase for today modify a thread title to include "getting snipped".

For Those Looking To Buy A New Car Soon...

Fill in the blank: _____________ tortures animals TO DEATH.

I just had a thread deleted in GD!

Best use of the word "brucellosis" in a song lyric?

Checking to see if any forensic experts are hanging out here today...

Answer: The man who just had a heart attack.

I Am Having Trouble With Tribbles

Name celebrities or famous people who look(ed) better older than younger

I saw The Golden Compass the other night

It's Tricky

So How Many Lounge Members Do You Have Remote Control Over?

Hey lounge.... I have a question.....

Overheard in Super Walmart.

Old Sk00l

PETA going after the Olsen Twins...

"its all your fault"

Jessica Simpson considering movie role with "quite graphic scenes including full-frontal nudity"

Now, all time worst TV characters?

A song for the lying security guard at that fundamentalist church

why do embedded YouTube videos end my ability to scroll?

Anyone Else Remember Micronauts?

Gandalf the Nincumpoop just knocked over the Christmas tree.

Talking Jesus Action Figure Sells Out At Walmart

I'm coming up on 1,000 posts. What should post 1,000 be on?

All time best TV characters?

Which football/soccer team, worldwide, do you like?

Doctor's report:

Heresy - discuss

Do you think Phil Spector is guilty of murder?

I find amusing and ironic that a portraying Benjamin Franklin...

Overheard in New Brunswick

'tis the season to scared witless OF SANTA!!!

Typical lounge males preparing to do a post

Why sleep?

billyskank artwork: redqueen

For any interested geeks, a lengthy summary of my ongoing D&D game

Anyone else have a George Foreman grill?

Can taking fish oil capsules make you nauseous?

Which english football/soccer team do you like?

Name some celebrities who IYHO haven't aged well in the past 10-20 years

What Chinese food should I order tonight?

"In case of Rapture, this vehicle will be unmanned"

(spoiler) What is it that really bugs certain xians about the Golden Compass

Who would you switch teams for?

Do you own a copy of the DVD, "This is Spinal Tap"?

DoD to send notices of layoffs this week

Dix threat prompts new base security measure

Forces drive Taliban from key Afghan town

General: Fall in W. Iraq violence permanent

Army may cut order of MRAPs

Schoomaker begins as surgeon general Thursday

New defense bill prohibits gang membership

Weld problems found on Virginia-class subs

Academy returns focus to math, science majors

Soldier killed by suicide car bomber

Japan balks at housing cost in Marine move

Captain gets 10 years for molesting children

Navy crews to again train at sea with Marines

University helping out D-M forecasters

Lackland cited for using less water

Delta II rocket launches from Vandenberg

Cops: Couple sold vet grave markers for drugs

New 93rd Wing consolidates air-ground ops

U.S. troops recuperating from battle for Musa Qala

Soldiers in Jurf As Sakhir find themselves in an unexpected role

17th AF to be revived for Africa Command duty

Enemy incidents decrease for 10th straight month

England-based intel center fully operational

Sasebo calls off plans for significant water rationing

Wounded 173rd Airborne soldiers undergo multiple surgeries, major therapy before returning to action

Warrior Transition Unit’s ‘No. 1 goal is to heal’

Pentagon: Sea Treaty in U.S. Interests

Woman Alleges Gang-Rape by Contractors

Academy teaches lesson with birthday drinks

The JSF Finally Flies...

China Tied to Cyberattack on U.S. Lab

But Look to a Decade in Afghanistan

French Navy Uses Second Life to Recruit

First Cavalry Passes On Baghdad Mission

Airman, mom sentenced for stealing equipment

As Yokosuka fills up, some civilians are asked to move out

Flock of aircraft to test security over D.C.

Staff sgt. arrested on child porn charges

Recruiters hit goals across all forces

Reserve misses monthly recruiting goal

Half of academy sex assaults were Air Force

Edwards on NCLB at campaign event in Iowa

Dana Perino educates the masses.

Uncle Jay Explains the News - December 3, 2007

Dana's Cuban Missle Crisis

MSNBC Power Rankings: Biden No. 3

Edwards: If you caucus for me...I have responsibility to answer your questions.

Uncle Jay Explains the News - December 10, 2007

Will Hillary Clinton do WHATEVER it Takes to Win??

Joe Biden TV ad: "Being President is not the same thing as running for President"

Gore, Pachauri Pick Up Nobel

John Edwards on Hardball from Iowa: Kicks off Main Street Express Tour!

Silent debate: Joe Biden vs. Fred Thompson

Thinking of shopping at Wal-Mart this holiday season?

Republican Strategist: "Edwards scares me the most"

a "lively experiment" for December 11th

Larry Johnson: Disentangling Torture TapeGate

Help Teachers and anti-war students in Tukwila

Spokes-hairdo is a bona-fide blonde

Libby Decides To Drop Appeal.....Hello Pardon

Re: Obama - Chris Bowers is unwilling to substantiate a post that I linked earlier here today

Freelancers Walk Out at MTV Networks.

If you're currently backing HRC, who's your back-up if she folds?

Hayden is to testify in a closed session Tuesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee;House Wed.

"Prison changes people."

They are called Micropeople

New CBS/NYT Poll: Iowa wide open. 56% of Clinton voters "could change mind", 55% of Obama supporters

If you're currently backing John Edwards, who's your back-up if he folds?

On what basis do More in US see progress in Iraq

The officer queries, “Soldier, you want to take a human ear back to the United States?”

If you're currently backing Barack Obama, who's your back-up if he folds?

Point and Clique

Competitors, monopolies and the writers' strike’s ‘eraser’ purges search requests (hoping to be Internet’s least intrusive search engine)

What's up?

Wow! Did you just see Waterboardin' Joe yell at Mika on MSNBC?

Tropical Storm Olga moving West

BofA money market fund dives 70%

I Don't Know What To Title This But Its About The Destroyed "Tapes"

The Constitution Is Meaningless-Unless Our Rulers Pay A Price For Raping It.

Jeanne Assam: God did it.

Chicago cop found guilty of assaulting woman while on duty

That "Polarizing" Hillary's negatives vs. "America's Mayor"

CIA may have more interrogation tapes, detainee's lawyer suggests

Latest Projections for Iowa if current trends continue

Some great snark about Rove

Make No Mistake

Torture Coverup: Destruction of CIA Tapes May Have Violated Judicial Order

Anyone see the guy 'defending' torture on Today Show? Said it went right to the White House

‘Not us. We’re not going.’

America Tortures - No doubt about it

Hubris, Chutzpah...Thy name is Condoleezza.

Gotcha!---CIA tape destruction: "They never told us, 'Hell, no'

CNN did not challenge Southern Baptist Convention's Land with website's listing of Mormonism as cult

Did any just see Mika, Joe and David Shuster go at it on MSNBC?

Is anybody doing some statistics?

Coleen Rowley LTTE in Today's New York Times: "Shredding The Evidence Is Always A Clue"

New signature for my posts,

Ted Kennedy on the Torture Tapes

Now we can blame it on the lawyers and not the CIA?

Congressional investigators demand additional CIA interrogation tapes

Any of Our candidates can beat any on the Reich

NPR:Graham: Senate Intel Panel Had No Early Word on Tapes

Mika praised Huckabee as "honest" despite his documented deceptions in response to AIDS controversy

WANTED: New Leadership

"Hailed as a Hero" Woman shoots gunman in church.

I Need Your Opinion

New details in CIA waterboarding

2fer: SHRUM to advise Brit P.M. on losing. O'DONNELL lets loose on LDS

Why the human race is growing apart

The National Council of Resistance of Iran SPEAKS!

62 Dead in Algerian bomb blasts targeting the Supreme CT and the U.N.

House Democrats Pull Budget Offer-The GOP Is Negotiating In Bad Faith, Obey Says

CBS News: CIA contracted out "harsh interrogation" job to retired commandos - after agents refusal

Bush History 12/11: Only Small Actions on Big Threats

YAY!? Growing older may be getting easier

Warren Buffett on CNBC: Raising money for both HIllary and Obama

Anyone want to bet Bush and Maliki are drawing up plans to replace al-Rubaie?

Pentagon slot machines funding troops' vacation trips

Senate Appropriations Hearing on NOW 10 AM- -POSTPONED!!

Only few saw the key FISA court rulings

George Bush gets pipped to "Foot in Mouth" award

History Of 'New Energy' Invention Suppression Cases

If you have never heard of MAHER ARAR...

USNews: Iraq Successes Buoying Bush

Saw on TV last night a show saying GHW Bush was nicknamed "Rubbers"

Well, we know this for sure. bu$h* LIED about torture.

bu$h* torture interview - matt lauer -

Torture tapes-"React As Skeptically As You Would To The Death Of A Marvel Supervillain"

Harry...Do Something or STFU

"We Don't Need Another Hero"

So the church parishioner should have just let a potential massacre happen?

Interesting article about electricity consumption

NYTimes: By 9:00 am in Baghdad already mortar attacks on Greenzone, car bombs, drive by shootings...

New CNN Poll: Edwards does best in head-to-head match-up with Huckabee

The Function of the Democratic Party in the Political System

Iraq will never allow the US to have permanent military bases on its soil??

US Disappointed With China In Iran Oil Field Deal

In pockets of foreclosure, housing woes spread block by block

Vital legisltation being considered today by Congress...

Buying a condominium next year, advice sought

DOJ: Don't Blame Whitman for 9/11 Speech


I found Jesus...on the shelf at WalMart!

first time watching the View since Ro gone...that stupid Sherry is something else

The "hero" was fired for "truthfulness" issues...

Does anyone actually believe this story? (on destroyed CIA tapes)

Wahoo! Video of Wind techicians climbing high above oregon landscape!

Leahy, Specter to Mukasey: We're Gonna Be All Up in Your Grill about Torture-Tapes Investigation

AIDS comments alarm Ryan White's mother

A quote from a past U.S. President

Bush on Drugs ---pix--->>>

Neocons on "the single biggest mistake the United States made in Iraq"

Former CIA agent: ‘highly likely’ Bush saw torture tapes.

self delete

CSPAN3 Rights of Detainees in Guantanamo live now 10am ET

Planned Parenthood

"Destroyed evidence"..."missing documents". Quite the george w. bUsh pattern.

Harvard to boost aid, even to those of higher incomes (earning $120,000 to $180,000 a year)

Western States Agree to Water-Sharing Pact

A Christmas greeting from George Bush

Iranian opposition: US suckered, nuclear weapons track resumed in 2004

CIA Chief to testify in CLOSED DOOR hearing...

if Atlanta water goes too low it will stop electricity output

I just realized something

'Social Sins,' binoculars, Mozart collection among Bush gifts

Gandalf the Nincumpoop just knocked over the Christmas tree.

In case you missed it last night: Bush League Justice: Civil Rights

The Scandal That Wasn't...

Why didn't God steady Assam's hand so she could shoot to disarm?

Democrats Are Rethinking Year-End Budget Strategy

Is CIA Director Michael Hayden Lying About When The Agency Stopped Videotaping Interrogations?

Frank Takes Pivotal Role


Comment from two Repubs about Al Gore

An IMPEACHMENT investigations would bring out their crimes...

Twelve convicted murderers?

New Poll: Edwards our only candidate who beats McCain, Edwards wins over others by double Hillary's

ill never donate money to Pelosi

Blackstone man injured by bomb in Iraq

Omaha mall gun-zone signs - removed?

Boehner breaks with * over spending

Bush is NUTS: Demands Iran answer why they HAD a program

Sex offender confesses to 9 cold case killings

Iran And Israel

After Opposing Resolutions On Ramadan And Diwali, Rep. King Introduces Christmas Bill

How do you get votes in the Senate to remove Bush/Cheney from office?

Alan Dershowitz: O'Reilly 's book should be in jokes section.

Kentuckians Slam McConnell (POS - KY) For Comment Belittling Troop Deaths

Thom Hartmann has the patience of a saint

We’re sitting on a powder keg of hatred

Evertime when I hear Jane Harman talks

CIA flap: Mukasey's 'first real test.'

Iranian Scientists Develop Country's Most Powerful Supercomputer

2002: Secret CIA contract goes to Blackwater.. 2002: CIA tells Gang of 4 of enhanced interrogation

Looks like the media is hearting Huckleby today...

Do you think that Huckabee would be the Dems dream candidate?

Is Pelosi playing "blood politics" -- ??

Smoking, drinking, pot use fall among 8th-graders

Chris Wallace: Dems Are "Damn Fools" To Boycott Fox

BUSH: "It will be interesting to know what the true facts are."

How is complaining about the inaction towards Republican crimes

Bush: I Didn't Know About CIA Tape Destruction

LOL Rachel Maddow called Dana Perino "White House Spokesmodel"

Updating my Walmart Manger (with Four Wise Men!) to Include Creationism ala The Creationism Museum

Bush and Cheney deserve fair trials.

This editorial really threw it really true?

"Huckabee Gets Minuteman Head's Backing" The Coveted, Confederate Flag Waiving, endorsement!

"Tapes destroyed to protect CIA agents identities" = thinly veiled threat to PLAME a few more?

Death sentence for gays

Guantanamo Legal Adviser Refuses To Say Iranians Waterboarding Americans Would Be Torture

Has anyone come up with a profile for the kind of person who would shoot up a church?

A k&r request.

My backyard and my front yard

"Dershowitz review of O'Reilly Kids book"

Search On For Missing $1 Million Lottery Ticket


Caption Attorney General Michael Mukasey

"Alex Trebek Suffers Mild Heart Attack"

Have Pelosi and Dem Leaders Been Complicit in Bush's Torture Policy Since 2002?


Will America survive these bush/cheney years as a Democracy

Please describe "Grassroots Democracy"

Attorney Admits Kidnap Story Was False

The Parable of Sheep (A Church Story)

Al Gore's Nobel Speech says Artic Ice gone in 7 years

Laura Rozen: "Designated CIA surrogate? So Mr. Kiriakou would seem.".

Matthew Rothschild: Even Guantanamo Chief Prosecutor Calls Military Commissions Unfair

BREAKING: Fed issues 0.25 cut to fed funds rate(4.25) and fed discount rate(4.75)..DOW Drops on news

Appeals Court Says Some Patriot Act Provisions Unconstitutional

Halliburton/KBR's Gang-Raping of America

"Huckabee's 1992 Words Get New Attention"

"Grace is Gone", a film about a RW family dealing with the cost of the Iraq invasion.


KHSD approves revised 'In God We Trust' poster

Huck in '92: U.S. Should not Kill Saddam Hussein

U.S. Rep. Steve King stands up for the Sanctity of Christmas....

KBR/Halliburton: Ex-employee case was “sexual harassment” not a “brutal rape.”

Has the neighbor of the guy in Pasadena said anything about the shooting?

US refuses 'Any Wounded Soldier' mail

Zubaydah was shot in the nuts, and they controlled his pain meds.

David Brooks Mangles History to Mask Neocon Failures

Bush's legacy: I have no recollection

FISA court refuses to release wiretapping docs

CNBC: 5:00 Warren Buffett and Hillary Clinton ON MSNBC.

Baby tax, sterilization needed to save planet, claims expert

Why is the DOW down almost 300 points? Did we invade another oil country?

Looks Like Somebody in Congress has some balls - Dave Obey standing up to the Repukes on the War..

Dedication thread to anyone you know that has switched to voting DEM!

What is this picture?

This really bugs me!

Mukasey ‘undecided’ on whether waterboarding = torture

Former Councilman Found Drinking Suntan Lotion

Bush to name journalist as new US image-maker

Caucus Chairman Emanuel on Senator McConnell’s Budget Proposal

I am such a bigot.

The wisdom of George Orwell....

UK resort bans homophobic music

Reid: Destroyed CIA Tapes Threaten America's Integrity, Moral Authority

Why all this concern about persecution of Christians? Its simple, they are losing ground.

Anyone watching the mud slide in Oregon?

"the United States would torture a mentally disturbed man" (Zubaydah)

New idea for presidential debates!

Barbara Ehrenreich: Bonfire of the Disney Princesses

How would a "National Strike" be organized?

Workers Find Cross Inside SoCal Christmas Tree

Huckabee/Colbert 08?

In "Front-runners" profile of Edwards, four Wash. Post pieces mentioned expensive haircuts

Which group takes the most punishment here at DU?

Politico: Clinton's laugh "calculated" and a "cackle," - Giuliani's maniacal laugh "good-natured"

Ben Bernanke

Kucinich Readies 50-paged Articles of Impeachment Against Bush

(spoiler) What is it that really bugs certain xians about the Golden Compass

Low cost/No-cost ways to donate to worthy causes.

Would someone please explain how we're going to get 2/3 of the Senate to vote to convict?

Progressive Democrats Go On Offensive Against Iraq Funding

We should attack Iran because they stopped their Nuke Weapons Program

Bush didn't know, Hayden is confused, Pelosi did it!

Have Pelosi and Dem Leaders Been Complicit in Bush's Torture Policy Since 2002?

Is it just me ?

Do you believe our political system and/or government can be repaired?

"Christians are the OVERWHELMING target of hate crimes in America."

FYI for DUers. There is no such thing as a "pun" and it is offensive to humorless people

How well do you think that Edwards or Obama...


Africa: Spectre of civil war returns as al-Qaeda suicide bombings kill 67

Miami: Terror trial jury, still split, calls it day

CNN compared Gore to Jerry Lewis; Miles O'Brien said Gore "may be the Nutty Professor"

PHOTO: Keep away from children! Made in China!

Bush: "I spend a lot of time thinking about an enemy that wants to hit us again."

Is Waterboarding legal?

Bush doesn't represent us (Climate Change)

Ya gotta love Chris Matthews for this one!

Senators Urge Libya to Pay Victims' Families of Libyan Terrorism

Is John McCain still running for President?

Enhanced Interrogation: It works, and just look at that shine!

My friend wants to join the army.

The Danger of Destroying Liberal/Progressive Wealth

What does GD and GDP remind you of lately?

Gonzales City Council (LA) bans saggy pants - $50 fine for the first offense

How in the hell can woofie separate the economy from the war in Iraq?

Brian Williams exposing Hustlebee's wonderful ethics

Questions Linger After Hayden Testimony

We need to do away with the CIA - or at least overhaul the entire thing

British McDonald's fines customers for overstaying

Does Keith Olbermann post here?

On heath care plans, Obama OK, Hillary better, Edwards much better, Kucinich best. But why haven't

Huckafuck is groveling for gas money. I say just fart in his tank,

Nurses' Group Ad Says Without Gov't-Sponsored Health Care Cheney Would Be Dead

I've seen a lot of predictions for Iowa threads. The Countdown starts

Probably a stupid question: Why doesn't cable TV carry political ads? n/t

I Have Seen the Enemy...and It Ain't Nancy Pelosi

WP, Dan Froomkin: Did Torture Work?

Al and Tipper Gore Enjoy Nobel Concert

re: NBC's series on "Medicare Fraud". .

Issues: It is starting to look like the next election will be focused mostly on religion.

Clinton Calls on Bush to Address Delays in SS Disability Insurance Benefit Determinations

Teen vowing not to be a Republican raises funds for Hillary Clinton

This is THE DAY to join the ACLU -- support the tape investigation

Christian Bigotry Hurt My Place of Business

We're in the trenches together, yes or no?

How ridiculous is it to be offended because one bashes your "group"?

Why spend so much time and money trying to come up with "alternatives" to embryonic stem cells?

Something cool that Xerox is doing

Bush? Or Gore? Who do you want to represent you in Bali?

It Is NOT Up To The President To Declare Torture Is OK-It Is A War Crime!

"...So goes the nation" Bushco propaganda documentary on IFC on how they "won" Ohio

DU - a year in review

Connecticut High School Bans "Huckleberry Finn" (frequent use of racist language)

The Christian bashing today is getting ridiculous.

'Cannibal' killer commits suicide

From MoveOn re: Al Gore and the Bali conference

The Rude Pundit: On the Whole, We're Fucked

Happy birthday, Emily Dickinson! (One day late, sorry)

BENEFITS OF THE TAX CUTS, 2008-2017 ..... More Than $1 Trillion

Ron Paul advertising on dollar bills

Walmart "Junior" panties suggest your genitals are better than credit cards

DU this CNN Poll: More then half believe Water Boarding is acceptable

TPM's Timeline of the CIA's Torture Tapes

Obama Campaign ADMITS Creating & Distributing in Iowa Doc With Dubious Claim Against Edwards..LINK

Rockefeller on tapes hearing: ‘Useful’ but not complete.

MSNBC tapes pilot with Rachel Maddow

FISA Court to ACLU, Public: Buzz Off = Bush warrantless wiretapping program.

Peasants Storm Brazil Syngenta Farm

B* giving lecture on the evils of drug abuse - live ---

Larry Johnson: Waterboarding and Torture

Conyers, Poe Request Justice Department Info on Halliburton Rape Cover-Up

lets put Mithra back in Mithramas...

Question?? Did Bush and/or Cheney directly participate in torture via real-time video feed?

A New Chance to Make Presidential Campaigns about Voters Not Dollars

Jonathan Turley Explains It All: CIA Tapes, 6 Indictable Offenses Against 12 Individuals + 1 pRes.

House to vote on importance of Christmas, Christianity

Former CIA operative John Kiriakou - i don't believe a word

Can voters think for themselves anymore?

Gore Dreamers, It is over. Letter from Draft Gore Movement in MA

Lets list all the repuke scandals in one thread

Larisa Alexandrovna: The Evil Men Do... (GRAPHIC IMAGES WARNING)

'3 months' in the life of Sibel Edmonds

How to refute a Creationist with a bucket of feces

Looking back on Rudi's first term in the White House

Former CIA Interrogator: We Carried Out Torture Because The White House Told Us To

SIVs are the most toxic and failing forms of financial investment paper

Another fun Predict the Fed thread (announcement coming at 11:15 Pacific Time)

Fear halts anonymous greeting cards for troops

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Ice Storm - this is so not fun

anyone else listening to the bizarre discussion on Randi's show?

BREAKING NEWS! This just in: Merriam-Webster's Word of '07: 'W00t'

Ice storm pictures - from suburbs of KC

If Edwards loses Iowa is he finished as a candidate?

Edwards polls best against rethugs, yet why does he not hold a BIG lead among Dems?

Alec Baldwin: Al Gore's Political Courage

"Edwards is the only Democrat who beats all four Republicans"

Kucinich Preparing 50 Page Document: "Articles Of Impeachment" Of Bush For Submission To House

Hillary Volunteers - We need you in New Hampshire

Man Accidently Shoots Gun Range Owner

Trader Joe's says NO to China

May I Confess To Being Very Afraid?

Biden: Does preservation order cover Cheney? promises not to keep a record of your online searches

The Right to Vote ... and ... Your Consumer Power

Ok, I've officially had enough of Randi Rhodes

Democrats Knew About Torture

How did Being a HERO get so fucked up?

Bigotry towards Christians? Here's the thing

Ha Ha Ha..."The Flying Spaghetti Monster has stretched its noodles to Polk County."

Interesting opinion on impeachment Findlaw article

Impeachment March Interview with John Niremberg,

ABC News Exclusive Photo of Abu Zubaydah

The best sitcom moment you never saw

Are there realtors, or buyers or sellers on DU? Are you being impacted

WHAT IF? "Michael Bloomberg Announced Today He's Running For President As An Independent"...

Criminy - Oslo is teeming with celebs! (Ooops - pic heavy)

Today is Your Last Chance To Speak Out To Save Our Media From The FCC

Hearing voices? You are not losing your mind, it might be advertizing...

Nuke the Messenger: The New York Times vs. The Iran NIE

CNN - Colorado gunman killed himself

The poll on whether to spend time clearing winter mix falling on top of snow

Become the Political Oracle: Round One: Iowa

I thought Oprah might be free because of the writer's strike

Do you believe that the Secret Government that Bill Moyers...

The end of cheap food

TEDTalk Tuesday: Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo

When did you start hating Oprah?

Reid threatens to support special counsel probe of CIA tapes

The Conspiracy Continues-The Democrats and War Funding

Repeat after Me: It is NOT TOO LATE to Pass S-1668.

"Nancy Pelosi Is An Accomplice"

If you love this land of the free, (BTH, BTH) bring our troops home from overseas

Robert Parry remembers Gary Webb, Contra Drug connections, and the "liberal" MSM

The Postwar Election

Scuffles of this Campaign are really MILD compared with 2003.

Both Matt Drudge and Tweety shill for Obama day after day

The Perfect Storm of Campaign 2008

WP, Eugene Robinson: Oprah the Believer

Obama begins intensive effort to turn Oprah fans into primary-election voters

women for Huckabee

Poll: Clinton Lead Shrinks in Nevada as Obama Gains

California Dreaming: Obama in Universal City

As camp Hillary becomes unraveled...

What Some Here Missed About "The Oprah Effect"

KBR uses mandatory binding arbitration clause to hide gang rape allegations.

Obama pic from 6 months ago

Personal finances of top 3 Dem candidates

*Should* the G.O.P. Field be "Touching" Voters????

Obama's 'Punjab jab' on Time's list of top 10 gaffes

I have to ask...why?

Clinton channels Krugman in NH anti-Obama health care piece

CNN Poll: Huckabee would lose to top Democrats by double digits

Clinton Infighting Suggests a Course Correction in the Making

Poll: Huckabee would lose to top Democrats by double digits

For people who are interested in polls, from South Carolina........

Digby on Obama: Partisan Soljahs

I must be in the dark. I have NEVER watched Oprah.

Clinton Direct-Mail piece sent to Iowa voters attacks Obama's lack of Universal Health Care

South Carolina--Obama, 28% Clinton, 22%

WP, The Front-Runners: John Edwards, Beyond the Run of the Mill

Interesting tidbit from Red America

Iowa Campaigns Fall Victim to Storm

What Edwards needs and Clinton has

Rasmussen- "it’s Clinton at 39%, Obama at 28% and Edwards at 10%."

No Evangelical love for Huckabee from Chuck Baldwin:

Democratic Daily: Blogger denied press pass to Obama event because she wouldn't donate?

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/11/07 - Clinton up 1, Obama unchanged, Edwards down 1

The NYT Caucus blog: Obama, Under the Clinton Microscope

Ryan White's mother wants a word with Huckabee

Microtargeting Bob Vila?

Boring day? Help us gain a seat in the US House of Representatives, from home!

John Nichols: A Key Endorsement for Obama -- And, No, It's Not Oprah

Does Cindy Sheehan campaign to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have more traction now?

'Guantanamo Is a Symbol of a Problem' - Der Spiegel Interview

Rasmussen: Clinton 39, Obama 28, Edwards 10

I still want Gore.

Obama does the best against Romney in Utah! Only loses by 48 points!

Republican Strategist: Edwards scares me the most because he is a southern conservative...

Clinton makes a campaign issue out of a ham and cheese sandwich.

Hillary's Campaign: Sinister Yes, But Also Incompetent?

Oh BOY!!


IMO, we have the making of the perfect political storm and the possibility for a 3 way race.

This waterboarding poll needs some DU love...

"Oprah Winfrey's Contribution to the Rush to Iraq War"

"A true global leader...the essential combination of character and inspiration that we require"

Somebody has to say this.

Oprah - Here's My Concern

Edwards Camp: A Family Event

New NBC/WSJ Georgia Poll!! - Hillary(34%, -6), Obama(27%, +0), Edwards(12%)

Edwards Lack of Organization for Mega-Tuesday, Public Financing for General Election Give Pause

What's With The Oprah Bashing?

Clinton and RNC on same page about Obama

Edwards Statement on Gore Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize

Huckabee worked for rapist's release because his victim was related to Clinton

In the 'You just can't make this stuff up' category...

Edwards: No PAC or Washington Lobbyist Money - Ever

Did Michelle Obama (and Oprah) say Black people should vote for Obama just because he's Black? NO!

Now that Libby case is closed, Bush may have to answer questions

Obama wraps up support of New Hampshire's Congressional delegation

Democrats shouldn't settle for momentum-killing Hillary

Democrats Choice: Corporate or Kucinich Center?

Rep. Barbara Lee: Why I endorsed Barack Obama

Heads up! Warren Buffett and Hillary on CNBC!

Edwards Campaign Announces Ten New Offices in Iowa

Huckabee hasn't been challenged on his evangelical views

Bloomberg: a Bachelor President? WTF?

Iowa Sen. Grassley (R) predicts Clinton will finish third in Iowa

Republican Strategists See Doom In Muddled Presidential Race

Democratic Operatives Think The Huckster Is The GOPU's McGovern

Flip-floppin' Boehner was FOR the $7.4 billion in new emergency spending before he was AGAINST it

Poll-obsessed media focus on strategy over substance

Rasmussen: Huckabee now destroying Romney in Iowa 39-23 (all other single digits)

Poll: Oprah could have negative effect on Obama

Biden, Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Campaigns, and The Home Depot.....

There's a Surge that's going to fix things in Iraq, alright.... Joe Biden's in 2008.

MyDD: Edwards and Obama (Complimentary to Edwards, not to Obama)

Photo: You can just FEEL Italy's President Giorgio Napolitano's head exploding as Junior speaks

Nancy Pelosi

How much are the top Democratic presidential candidates' net worth? Here are the facts...

The National Review Endorses Mitt Romney

New South Carolina primary poll (Insider Advantage):Obama on top; continues to surge

CNN poll: Huckabee loses to top 3 Dems by double digits!

Did anyone just catch Hora O'Donnell's interview with Jackie Dodd????

Edwards Driving Toward 'Crunch Time' in Iowa

WAPO and CNN polls are proof that pollsters don't know what the hell they are doing

Six degrees of John Edwards

Morgan Stanley issues full US recession alert

Team Clinton opens campaign office in Atlanta,Georgia

How did I miss that there is a Special Election today in VA-1???

Clinton strategy change?

Race and the Presidential Race

If you've switched candidates...

Tucker- " I Hope He (Obama) Crushes Hillary Clinton"

More influential to DC Dems/Tony Blair's support for Iraq war from 2002-2006?

So Bill, Chelsea, and Hillary's mom are supposed to offset Oprah?

I hope to hell that either Huckabee or Gulaini gets the Repuke nod

Repubs. putting out attack ad on Hillary to unite the Dems. around her...

Did Oprah Support The Iraq War? Bill Moyers Insinuates She Did

Obama spokesman is saying that Obama is NOT for single payer ..

Obama Questionnaire Exposes Publication's (Politico) Bias

Hillary camp infiltrated by freepers?

This is how I predict Iowa to turn out

Joe Biden Responds To Latest Set Of Facts On Bush And Iran Intelligence

well, Drudge has a fun little headline up

What to do? Hillary has Warren Buffett supporting both her and Obama has BOTH Buffet & Oprah!

The Famous Fight In Afghanistan

Official OH-5 & VA-1 Special Election thread todays results

Waxman: White House censored climate scientists (straight from oil industry’s playbook)

A New Wind in Iowa: "History, like light itself, is unfelt...The zeitgeist whispers the name Obama."

OH-Eight: Biden is up, up, and away!

Biden adds personal touch to campaign

New Biden Ad Spotlights Iraq Plan

Newsweek used sources "that would embarrass the National Enquirer" on Chavez election fraud story

Edwards: We Will Right The Wrongs, Make Our Nation The Way We Want It To Be – That's America Rising

Why don't we have a clear-cut winning choice?

Hoax or Fact: Hillary Only Signed 19 Bills for NY?

Politico: Obama's Liberal Views As State Senator Could Haunt Him

Obama Leading Democrats In Internet Traffic

Madonna wants to do for Clinton what Oprah did for Obama

Is Mitt Romney a racist?

I prefer Hillary's health insurance plan over Obama's but why hasn't either offered any legislation

I believe America is ready for a Ronald Reagan Moment

Another reason for progressives to vote for John Edwards, whether you trust him or not!

Democrats shouldn't settle for momentum-killing Hillary

New Hampshire House Floor Leader Joins Biden Team

Oprah turned against the war

Biden-Brownback Iraq measure clears hurdle

Hillary Unsure About Students' Right to Vote; Whether She Wants Students' Votes (from DKos--diary)

Biden: Bush administration is like Nixon's 'without the competence'

Hillary As An Agent of Change

If I vote for Hillary will I be endorsing Bush's Iraq War?

Can you imagine Edwards or Obama choosing Hillary as their V.P.?

Edwards Statement on HUD Plan to Begin Demolishing Public Housing in New Orleans This Week

Ex-CIA agent: "Waterboarding" saved lives, but now considers it torture and opposes its use

CNN poll: If Edwards and McCain are most "electable," why are they in third and fourth place?

OK, I admit it. Despite not being a big fan, I love Kucinich's healthcare plan.

Everyone post your predictions here!

Republican Strategist: "Edwards scares me the most"

Barack Obama's Plan to Empower Americans with Disabilities

New ABC News/WaPo Poll: Hillary - 53 (!!), Obama - 23, Edwards - 10

Kucinich Says He's Preparing 50-Page Bush Articles of Impeachment

Edwards isn't immune from having his past examined

New Poll: Edwards our only candidate who beats McCain, Edwards wins over others by double Hillary's

When I Think About Edwards, I Think "I only joined the hedge fund to learn about poverty"

Joe Biden Joke

Can someone explain to me what is so wonderful about Edwards?

CNN is reporting that Madonna is ready to pull an "Oprah" for Clinton

Chris Matthews predicts Joe Biden to be in top 3 in Iowa

Joe Biden On Dick Cheney’s State Of Denial

As Iowa Nears, Clinton Allies Quietly Raise Obama's Cocaine Use

Obama Would Leave Bush's Tax Cuts in Place for 2 Years

More MEDIA CONSOLIDATION.....Hearing tomorrow!

Who's your copilot?

Our PRIMARIES, The CORPORATE MEDIA and MY PREDICTION for the next 4.5 weeks

I like Joe Biden, but he kind of makes me think of the guy...