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Archives: December 12, 2007

Ex-military officers take case against torture to presidential hopefuls

Half of Asia's IT projects miss targets

An Open Letter to the Antiwar Left-Why we shouldn't ignore Ron Paul's candidacy...

"The Artic is screaming..."

Does the Clinton Campaign Think Idealism is for Suckers?

Cheney's Road Map to War: What the Mainstream Media Isn't Telling Us

Spinning Yarns of ‘Good News’

Torture, Lies And Videotapes

The private interest corporation is incompatible with democracy

Police: 6 shot after exiting Vegas school bus

Guard who shot Colorado gunman had been fired from Mpls. force

Police: N.Y. subway riders beaten after 'Happy Hanukkah' greeting

Stage Employees Union Endorses Clinton

Christians in Basra told not to celebrate to protest 2 deaths

Poll: Huckabee Would Lose To Top Democrats By Double Digits

Former Ohio congressman's son elected to fill dad's old seat (OH-5)

Mother of captive Colombian says hostage breakthrough more likely from rebels than president

Peru's Fujimori sentenced to six years for abuse of power

Sgt. shot unarmed Iraqi, soldier says

Poll: Economy outpaces war on list of voters' worries

White House Seeks Change in Mileage Measure

(Ohio) 5th Congressional District Election Results

Meat raises lung cancer risk, too, study finds

Iraq's Sadr uses lull to rebuild Army

Bush sought Rice's advice about war

Ominous Arctic melt worries experts

Harvard To Throw Middle Class A Bone

Huckabee Questions Mormons' Belief

Six people shot in Las Vegas

Hotel chain offers free rooms for Marys and Josephs at Christmas

Bush: 'I Doubt I'd Be Standing Here If I Hadn't Quit Drinking Whiskey'

I DONT want my EX back

Marinara. Spinich pesto. Over angel hair pasta.

Do you suffer from bumne?

There's a December promo on witches

Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts!

Anyone remember the Happy Helmet ep. from "Ren and Stimpy"?

Can anyone translate this for me?

I am fascinated by the existence of baculi...

VIDEO: "Naked men shop for Skittles"

I once met a guy in GD

I'm really sad, because after all these years, I guess I finally put a fellow DUer on

What Is The Best Thing You Ever Received On Christmas?

Yard update since morning..

ooh, flamefest in GD!

LOL! Who wants to go behind "The Scary Door"? (youtube alert!)

OMG check out this cat! (You tube)

40 years old, dammit

I think I might need to take a break from DU for a while.

How Can We Make The Yuletide More Gay?

I find it amusing and just that a Brit - a bunch of 'em - died on the Death Star.

Workers Find Cross Inside SoCal Christmas Tree (another miracle, I tell ya!)

Share some of your digital, gifs or whatever

Do you ever have one of those days with your Mom that make you cringe?

Okay, stores that sell blenders need to sell the wretched seal rings!

Little experiment.

My Plan to keep the Huskies out of the Christmas tree:

Gunnery Sgt. Hartmann vs. Oberfeldwebel Hofmann

This is so bad: "I Dated a Robot" (more wholesome youtube goodness)

Weird Al Yankovic - Living With A Hernia

Sunflower got snipped today (no - really!)

Instead of shows like "Before They Were Stars", why not have "What if They Didn't Become Stars"?

Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks?

I'll Get Flamed For This I Know

12 years of visual bliss down the drain - I had to get glasses today

The Vespucci Cafe is now serving Parmesan chicken with mixed baby greens & roasted potatoes

Help choosing a coffee grinder?

So I Took A "Dare"

Typical lounge females preparing to post a poll...

I'm drunk off my arse - don't ask me anything!

Been Dazed and Confused for so long it's not true.

You know what really sucks?

Meat on a stick


Oral Arguments Only

Full metal Jacket Christmas!

What's Your Favorite Romeo & Juliet?

Before I go night-night, I wanted to share one more youtube bit: "Hunter"

Upper right abdominal pain and bloating

I have a confession

When Republicans try comedy

Please see my post in GD

The two people who I eat lunch with have fallen madly in love with each other.

I'm "throwing PVCs" right and left. I'm going to bed.

Someone take this migraine away from me.

Where has Gilligan been?

When you absolutely, positively have to get your groove on.. What site do you use?

Who's the biggest heavyweight of all time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Not asking for medical advice, but....

ABC + Clerks 2 =

Does anyone know ehere I can find...

Favortie tv sidekick.

Another innocuous and bland post carefully worded so as to

I remember being young and cocky once...

East Or West?

Sorry, I didn't mean to bring up something taboo

Petrino runs like a beaten cur back to college.

I have rediscovered The Sims 2

Are you --

Do you realize that . . .

Single DU'ers...Rate the Personal Dating Sites ---

To all DUers who are of a certain age, GET THIS!!!

Robbie Williams makes me want to release an egg.

How do you mark the day your loved ones died?

Post some of your favorite quotes

I Could Use A Good Sex Thread About Now--check in notty people

What would you do if your bf's ex came knocking on your door?

Kent Jones announces he is leaving AAR after this week!!!

Led Zeppelin - Stairway - Live at O2 Arena - 10/12/07

What band or group do you most want to see reunite for a tour?

So, Lounge --- what is the general consensus on Dire Straits?

I want to introduce DU to my new kitten Luna and her older brother Chomsky

Just STOP a second and do this


Are you a dog person or a cat person?

This upper respiratory infection is kicking my ass.

Retail and Customer Service workers, recount your nightmares here

It's the "write a limerick" thread! Show off your talents here!

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Three Floyds Dreadnaught IIPA

What's the oldest non-children's song you know?

Chess, anyone?

DU Lounge Truth or Dare

OK, for the LAST time, people...BERNIE Ward is NOT "Ward" from "Leave It To Beaver."

March in My Name: Follow Along The Impeachment March

Robin Weirauch Speaks to AFL-CIO Phone Banks

CBS News: Edwards Discusses Global Warming

American Torture- waterboarding- iEvolve Gathering Storm

Sheeplmax (Original EKBTV copy)

Ex-CIA Kiriakou Torture ABC Interview; Dana Perino Briefing Reaction

Olbermann: Bushed! 11 Dec '07 (Scandal Updates)

Olbermann w/ Sam Seder: Halliburton Rape Cover-Up

Bush League Justice: Signing Statements - Dan Abrams

Countdown: Worst Persons - Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

State Dept Rescues American Woman From Halliburton In Iraq

Olbermann: Interview w/ 9/11 Commish Roemer on Missing Tapes

Kucinich-If you don't vote your heart, your heart never wins

Bob Schieffer: CIA Torture Tapes & The Message Of Ed Murrow

TPM's Timeline of the CIA's Torture Tapes

Anybody else RIDICULOUSLY excited about Iowa?

Straight from the campaign trail, here's today's Bigotry Moment!

good timeline---Disentangling Torture TapeGate

Top Democrat Assails C.I.A. Over Destroyed Video

Conyers, Poe Request Justice Department Info on Halliburton Rape Cover-Up

White House Fought NIE Over an Old Charge

Mobile Animal CSI Unit


"Traditional Marriage" -- I've had three, and three divorces

If you notice the MSM is gradually recognizing Edwards in Iowa....

Talking Jesus Action Figure Sells Out At Walmart

Iraqi policewomen are told to surrender their weapons

Microsoft Says Vista SP1 Won't Resolve Compatibility Issues

Rachel Maddow facing off Lou Dobbs on immigration NOW on CNN

Kent Jones announces he is leaving AAR after this week!!!

Hillary needs to Either Win in Iowa or Finish 3rd, But NOT 2nd....

Bush re CIA tapes: "It will be interesting to know what the true facts are." --->>>

How could anyone...ANYONE...think a war with Iran would be a good idea??

Tweety said "why are voters rejecting these perfect candiates like Hillary (53%) and Romney (17%)?

How I Gave up Christianity and Became an Atheist, Chapter I...

I'm really sad, because after all these years, I guess I finally put a fellow DUer on

No holiday pardon for Libby,

Yard update since morning..

I need to publicly apologize to Christians on this board that I offended last night.

OH-05 Results....Help me?

I saw The Golden Compass the other night

The Taxes and more taxes jingle

irony so thick...

9/11 Commissioner Roemer w/ Olbermann on Missing CIA Tapes: "...might be obstruction of justice..."

Tell the FCC to Stop Media Consolidation in our Cities!

Who is this CIA agent who has been talking on every

Sam Seder on Countdown!!

oh FFS: Six students shot at bus stop in Las Vegas

Huckabee asks if Mormons believe Jesus, devil are brothers

Some visual aids for Dana Perino

Subprime Bleeds H&R Block

Hate on Campus - The tale of MSU-YAF

Breaking: 6 kids shot while getting off of a school bus in Las Vegas.

That Harry Reid Ad about Passing Energy getting to me on the LIb Sites..

Bush & Paulson's Interest rate 'freeze' - the real story is fraud

I'm getting really tired of the latest WH Press Secretary

"imagining America"

Bush to Condi: "Do you think we should do this?"

Hey! Al Gore posted a new (video) viewpoint on Current! Religion and government

The broader the brush you paint with, the uglier the picture you paint.

Turley and Savage on Dan Abrams

Alex Trebek Hospitalized With Mild Heart Attack

Amy Goodman: From Oil Wars to Water Wars

"Iran isn't a mad state bent on Israel's destruction but a rational actor "


This should win the Christmas decorations contest

The world is fucking nuts.

Ecstatic Mediocrity

Please DU this waterboarding poll at

GREAT bumper sticker spotted today.

If a special prosecutor is appointed, who would we

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Some Sanity when it comes to the "War" on Drugs

Shreds Of Truth! & interview with Paul Krugman, author of 'The Conscience of a Liberal'.

NY Times: "Poll Finds GOP Isn't Touching Voters."

Elias v. Barnes?

Leave Dana Perino alone!!!! She's a human being! Just because she doesn't know

We are rounding up people for detention camps now, just like we did in WWII.

Do you support H.R. 847, recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith?

Do you ever wonder what issues will be left for us come election time 2008?

Congress Screams “Kiddie Porn,” Tries To Kill Public WiFi

Glenn Beck getting interviewed on his own show by his stand in

I'm curious..How many Christians have experienced religious bigotry in real life?

Dems and GOP deadlocked as adjournment draws near

If Iowa will have yesterday's weather on Jan. 3

I see a lot of text here on what should be done, but little to none on -how- to do it

Republican Cognitive Dissonance 101

Bush refers to the US Constitution every day

YES - WE DO TORTURE at the pleasure of the president

I just watched "Kingdom of Heaven" for the first time and want to puke

CNN should poll this question....

Undermining Military Justice

Iraq rejects permanent U.S. bases

Is AAR nuts?! They're AXING Kent Jones, Rachel Maddow's sidekick.

Why isn't the Bernie Ward story all over the media?

NASA Scientist -- The Arctic is Screaming!!!

Alright then - What IS A Christian?

Debra Burlingame Is Full Of Crap

OH-5 Official Results Thread

When is the House voting on the importance of Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism...

Economy /war

The world is fucking nuts.

Day rejects calls for probe of undercover officers (Canada)

I need to know what

Are you watching Boston Legal? If not, turn it on!!!!

I don't care which God/Goddess wins the primary, they get my vote!

A Canadian tells about the kind of health care system we should have

Back to being pissed: A "Would you accept 'a _____ as President'?" Survey

OK, that's it (Kiriakou, CIA shill)

Bernie Ward defense fund, blog established

Christmas is as pagan a holiday as they get.

Why are Edwards' numbers remaining flat?

Boston Legal was simply brilliant tonight.....

DU totally rocks because people are so intelligent and helpful

I'm really envious of you midwestern DUers = your storm pics are

We are witnessing a very dramatic episode in US economic history; the "end of consequences".


"Come gather 'round people... The times they are a-changin' "(listen)

Voyager 2: Thirty Years Old and still making discoveries...

Oh yeah, there's just one itsy bitsy problem with the FairTax, it's unconstitutional.

The Christian Right Is Primarily A Well-Funded POLITICAL Movement. Read Spiritual Warfare

Group exchanging Hannukah greetings on subway beaten

anybody have a fast list of idiocy from inhofe on climate change?

Have all the Democratic candidates agreed on removing the gender bias in combat assignments?

No Pardon For I. Liar Libby...Yet

What to get an education about drinking and driving?

Look at the "Sub-Prime Losses" SO FAR! And this is ONLY What WE KNOW...not WHAT's to COME!

It was BushChristians, not Christians, who beat up those Jewish couples for saying Happy Hanukkah.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I'll Get Flamed For This I Know

From the Edwards Campaign - FEC needs to hear from you about Act Blue

WTF?!?-CHENEY's Classification & DeClassification Activity-NO LONGER NEEDS TO REPORTED!!!

Holiday request night on WSCE! This goes out to C_U_L8R

So here's an apology.


DU STRAW POLL ; Your choice RIGHT NOW, for the Democratic Pres Nomination....

Edwards Only Dem Candidate To Beat All FOUR Major Republican Candidates According To CNN Poll

It was seven years ago today...

We'll deserve what we get.

I miss Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert :-(

Please help Jim McDermott

"Rapid acceleration in human evolution described" - Reuters 12/10/07

Being a mormon should be a campaign issue until 1978 black folks were considered sub-human

24 hours before I pull my support for Dennis Kucinich...

Don't Let Anyone Tell You that DU has "always been like this."

Shocker! House votes 372 - 9 to recognize the importance of Christianity & Christmas.

Nobel Winner Al Gore will proudly carry your sig: SIGN IN HERE

I want everyone to think about the implications of this one simple fact that nearly everyone knows

If the stock market is below 8000 in Oct 08, we win hands down, above that we have a 50/50 chance.

Dana Perino knows nothing about the Cuban Missile Crisis

= Waterboarding UPDATES Thread = Former Interrogator Enters Fray, CIA approved.

Who's gonna vote for Edwards, declare yourself here.....

The results are in: 12-11-2007 DU's final four poll of announced candidates

Chris Matthews watch: He's taking the polls apart tonight.

South Carolina issues polling - SurveyUSA 12/7-12/09/07

If Clinton Loses Iowa: Her 'Plan B'

oops dupe self-delete!

Did Obama attack Edwards because of polling showing Edwards' strength against Republicans?

Huckabee: "Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?"

Edwards ONLY Dem Candidate To Beat ALL FOUR Major Republicans For White House According To CNN Poll.

Iowa and NH Du'ers, are you seeing the republicans running negative ads yet?

Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Madonna: “No, not republican, baby. That’s different here.”

SC POLL: Hillary 44 (-3), Obama 40 (+7), Edwards 11

Can I ask for opinions on the Texas Law with regard to protecting your...

Huckabee: "Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?"

Clinton, Buffett Denounce Income Gap

The last time Joe Biden ran for President, I really didn't like him.

Gov. Beshear, D, inaugurated in Kentucky today.

Well... it looks like Dodd and Richardson are the only two smear-free candidates

Another Union endorsement for Hillary...IATSE

Agree or Disagree: If Hillary wins Iowa, the primaries are over

Al Gore sure was an idiot letting a no talent like Madonna headline a Live Earth concert!

Help needed!

Will Edwards' proposals of raising taxes go over well in a General Election?

Match the candidates and the celebrities

Obama's departure ticket for two (Veep Pick)

Will Edwards Universal Health Care & Taxing Rich Their Fair Share Go Over Well in General Election?

Rock the Vote Calls for Candidates to Stand Up for Student Voting Rights in Iowa

Biden’s No-Frills Ad

I'm not proud of posting this, but it has to be seen to be believed...

Edwards -- America is Rising Up. What does "Two Americas" mean?

NYT: Feeling Heat, Clinton Tries Iowa Up Close

Hillary's campaign "is showing signs of vulnerability" in Iowa

Thom Hartmann: "I'm still waiting for a Democrat to stand up and say 'we will not be frightened'..."

so...why is the clinton campaign doing this, really?

Edwards vs. Huckabee - The Match-Up Democrats Would Love To See

Biden calls for investigation of CIA

Project Vote, and how young Barack Obama helped Bill Clinton win Illinois

If Clinton Loses Iowa: Her 'Plan B'

This is the type of thing that win elections!!!!!!!!! Props to the Obama staff!!!

Cold, Hard Reality Check: The Most Electable Candidate We Have is John Edwards.

Can anyone recall Clintons questioning Bush's cocaine use the way they question Obama's

Edwards: Torture is morally wrong, it is illegal, it is ineffective . . . .

Keynote speakers: Clinton- Zell Miller, Evan Bayh. Gore - Harold Ford. Kerry - Barack Obama.

Who is running? Oprah or Obama?

The strongest Dem candidate in the general election, & the most qualified.

Did you see what your congress did today?

Clintons trot out Lanny "Loving Lieberman" Davis to trash Obama.

Dana MIlbank insists that the $400 dollar haircut story is a real

How might one explain the hatred certain liberals direct towards powerful PROGRESSIVE women

Republican Wittman Wins Virginia House Seat in Special Election

Richardson: If congress doesn't investigate, I will as president.

O, Come All Ye Truly Unfaithful

Given his past votes for crappy Bush appointees, I don't want Biden picking our Supreme Court

12-11-2007-the results are in: DU's final four poll of announced candidates

Too graphic for the CIA? (Destruction of Torture Tapes)...

Will the real Presidential candidates please stand up?

"I'll Be Freed For Christmas" 2008 George W. Bush Pardon Pool

This circus marks an end to politics played out in the shadow of terror

Did Torture Work?-Froomkin asks *the* question that needs to be asked

12 Days of George Bush's Christmas

NYT editorial: Politics, Putin-Style

Hometown editiorial knocking Mitch McConnell

CIA To Release Newly-Discovered Interrogation Tapes … on Betamax!

Who Strangled the FDA?

This circus marks an end to politics played out in the shadow of terror

Let's join the free world.

'Crunch time' for climate change (BBC)

A Common Sense Revolution which will absolutely save America and the Earth.

Robert Scheer: Waterboarding Our Democracy

Writers union feeling the heat - leaders are admonished to

How Torture Costs Lives

Ray McGovern: Are Americans Really ‘Better Than That?’

So Koreans clone cats that glow in the dark

Newsweek: TERROR WATCH-Who authorized the CIA to destroy interrogation videos?

Repealing the 20th Century

It's Time to Subpoena Porter Goss

New Poll Reveals How Unrepresentative Neocon Jewish Groups Are

Doug Feith Honored at AEI; Michael Vick Goes To Jail

Too graphic for the CIA? (Destruction of Torture Tapes)...

President George W. Bush granted pardons to 29 people on Tuesday

NBC Gives Money Back to Advertisers

Weapons of War at the Mall and Church

Lebanon explosion kills military general

Ottawa thwarts nuclear watchdog

Mitchell Report Expected to Name About 50 Major Leaguers

The DU 2008 Photography Group Calendar is here. Enjoy original photography by DUers all year long.

Army General Killed in Lebanon

Terror suspect claims captors recorded interrogations and torture

Alex Trebek, 'Jeopardy' host, has heart attack

Quarter-point drop too little for market as Dow falls 294

Large oil spill in the North Sea

(KBR/Halliburton) Iraq contract worker seeks hearing on alleged rape (Conyers letter to Mukasey)

DOJ Questioned About '05 Iraq Rape Case

Terrorism suspect held in Iraq loses legal fight

Despite a loss, progress seen on farm subsidy reform

Citing public opposition, Japan cuts financial support for US bases

Evidence to be preserved in Guantanamo torture case: court

EU Leaders Sign First International Treaty Guaranteeing Gay Civil Rights

Hayden knew about videotapes before taking command of CIA

Federal judge gives California OK to limit cars' greenhouse gases

Sources: Destroyed CIA Videotapes Were Hundreds of Hours; No Transcripts Made

Childhood Vaccine Recalled

Citigroup Expected To Lay Off As Much As 10% Of Work Force-CNBC

House Passes Defense Policy Bill

Musician Ike Turner Dies at 76

Ike Turner dead at 76

Fujimori jailed for abusing power

House panel leaders promise probe of CIA videotape destruction(CIA failed to fully inform Congress)

Sentencing delayed for St. Joe County cop who killed girlfriend's dog

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 12, 2007

Southern Iraq bombs kill 26, wound 100 -hospital

Gates presses NATO for more troops for Afghanistan

Triple bombings in southern Iraq kill at least 26

Calif. town recalls planning board that endorsed Blackwater plan

CIA Destroyed Tapes Despite Court Order

U.N. expert says Guantanamo visit deepens concerns

Church Gunman Left Online Rant Between Shootings

General jailed for Sarajevo siege

CNN Poll: Obama catches Clinton in New Hampshire

Bush to veto health insurance bill

Gonzales named lawyer of the year

Gore: US Blocking Climate Talks Progress

US Treasury fiscal 2008 year-to-date deficit record $153.8B, up 26 pct

Russia Withdraws From Cold War Arms Restraint Treaty

Clinton N.H. Official Warns Obama Will Be Attacked on Drug Use

Colombia presses Denmark to punish a pro-guerrilla union ahead of terror-funding verdict

Senator (Kit Bond): Some forms of waterboarding 'like swimming, freestyle, backstroke'

Tax reform unites Republicans in last debate

Lords urge more air seat space

Whaling protesters urge Australia to send ship for Antarctic

Novelist Terry Pratchett announces he has Alzheimers

Kucinich booted from Iowa debate

Twin Bombs Kill Dozens in Algiers

SF schools will keep JROTC for one more year

Muslim Aids Jews Attacked On N.Y. Subway

I went to see "The Golden Compass" today . . .

In The Garden Of Eden --

Place your Bets! Baseball steroids investigation to name 60-80 names

There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza, there's...

Don't like Kudzu Bashing? Fine then. "Moderate" Kudzuians need to become much more vocal.

With all this talk of religion today, I thought I'd put in my two cents...

The Worry Thread

I just Rickroll'd GD

Darn it! The cable is out.

Another man admits to having sex with Sen. Craig

Are you a Notty Gull?

la la is my very best friend

Random thoughts...

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (12/12/07)

sleep and dream the impossible dream

If you could kick Padme Lakshmi in the nay-nays...

I'm leaving in a few minutes to go visit my aunt in the hospital

So, a priest was driving on the sidewalk...

Screech!Kitty collision!

What fools do you pity?

What did you do for fun before the Internet?

When someone says "somebody should ..." do this or that

In the meadow we can build a snowman

Merriam-Webster's word of '07: 'w00t'

In the meadow we can build a snowman...and pretend that he is Jackson Browne...

I have a new addiction, and it's not pretty

I keep getting emails that want to show me how to enlarge my penis, but

Good news from my proctologist!!!!

"I think you're the father of one of my kids..."

I'm not buying anyone any damn thing for xmas

I have signature line envy! ask me anything.

37 degrees out! What will Tucson do!!!

scratched DVD

Just once - I want to see this song live in concert please oh please!!

I got a recording of Monday's Led Zeppelin gig!

moan, groan, mumble, grumble...

Interesting interaction at a local pub

Redneck Timeout

I dreamt of a wizard with a hot guitar

Will Capone and his cronies rule Chicago forever?

I see the shark and we are approaching the ramp at breakneck speed

Prove You're Not a Pimp.....I dare ya

w00t is Merriam-Websters word of the year for 2007....

it's the end of the world as we know it..."w00t" is the word of the year

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Pogues and The Dubliners:

Better forward this...

5 Years Ago Today I Had To Put My Kitty 'Woos' To Sleep

I dreamed that I was Spiderman last night.

Are you ....

Greg Norman To Get Divorced And Marry Chris Evert

Be a movie director's personal assistant, and *you too* can get Jessica Alba pregnant!

How does one post videos to show in this manner? TIA

caption this photo

Britney's deposition is today--the paparazzi are staked out all around my office building.

For LynneSin

What's cooler than being cool?

Smirnoff Raw Tea Commericals


Best regional doggie style?

'Vege-Sexual’ Has Become A Real Thing In 2007

For the 80's Hard rock fans. The Final Countdown...


Ahem. This GD thread could get good. Just sayin'.

Is it possible to get a middle-aged cat used to having its teeth brushed?

I need to find the most excellent house plant shop in LA or San Diego. My wife wants

For your HUMP DAY's a little ditty for you all....

Busybodies force Hershey's to change breath mint packaging. Looked like crack.

Anger - It's all the rage - Why everyone is so angry and why we must calm down

Possibly the best Christmas song ever.

Christmas Cheer from Warren Ellis. Don't share this post with small children, though.

Cool version of the Nutcracker Suite done entirely on bike parts!

It is so cold in my apartment!

There is NO question what the all time best Christmas movie is. What is the second best?

Insulating slippers cost *twice* as much

Department of Defense leak furthers conspiracy theories

Uvula-hating stripers' bait costs twice as much

Japanese scientists genetically engineer a mouse that is not afraid of cats.

Anyone heard of nanopeople?

The bad news: I missed my Jeopardy! audition. The good news: she shaved my back.

What did you/are you having for lunch?

The bad news: I missed my Jeopardy! audition. The good news: she saved my foot.

Cue the's my 1,000 post!!!!!!!

I need a hug

Office Birthday Cards

'Ovulating strippers' is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include ovulating strippers.

A couple ideas for photo shoppers

Festive Cthulhu!

Prove you're not an ovulating stripper...I dare ya

I have my Medieval Politics final in an hour and a half. Wish me luck.

Chicago Considers Chicken Ban. No mention of corn flakes.

Uh-Oh "the Office" fans-- donning the leather jacket...stepping onto the waterskis

I am worried about my dog.

Woman who pummeled boyfriend with infant son,....misses her kids.

Muslim comes to aid of Jews being beat up by Christians on subway. It's a Kwanzaa miracle.

Wed. Match Game Story style: "Gerta was a total lush. Even in the morning, she __ a bottle of wine."

What should be the DU Word of 2007?

Ovulating strippers make *twice* as much

What kind of beer do Freepers drink?

Girl’s Chinese Tattoo of Boyfriend’s Name Really Spells ‘Supermarket’

My brain tumor was removed 17 years ago today.


Strong woman awards

Anyone watch the 1973 remake of "Miracle on 34th St." last night?

With Movie Award season coming up, you must rent "Away From Her"

Happy 4th Annivesary to Abbott, my beloved cat!!!

my least favorite task at work

OK - I'm listening to LedZep at the O2 Arena, and a few thoughts

Man, I just found a bunch of my old Howard Dean campaign stuff.


In case you're curious about the new share/bookmark button:

The 5 Pimpingest Historical Figures

Police Dressed As Santa's Elves Ticket Central Florida Speeders

Check out my new GD won't be sorry!

Do nerdy looking people with thick glasses turn you on?

Kilroy was here.


Your Top Three Favorite Movies: Name 'em

And I'm Telling You ........ She's NOT lip syncing!

"Study: Why pregnant women don't topple"

Mein Gott in Himmel. They are out in FORCE in GD today.

OK, What have you kids done to DU *this* time?

DUers who like Swimming - check in here

I want to move to Japan just to watch their game shows

What is this thing appearing on certain posts?



Swimsuits in the 1930s were much more risque than ours.


Went to carnivore heaven for our department's Holiday lunch today


Woohoo, new buttons! Now what the hell are they?

Tetley Tea


Store Clerk Fought Robber To Look Good On YouTube

Is this a turn on?

Yo! What the heck is this thingie in all our posts...

Today's GeoCRAZY Question: State Counties!

My helper brought Christmas cookies in to work today!

Rockstars who died at the age of 27 - It's the magic number

Man drinks liter of vodka at airport line

Man drinks liter of vodka at airport line rather than give it to security.

So I'm over in GD and this really insane funny thread starts...

"Thingie" is the word of the day. Modify a thread title to include "thingie".

Question on scrambled eggs for large breakfast events.

Best regional BBQ style?

Am I the only one annoyed by all the dupes?

Rush Limbaugh Naked

Marion Jones loses medals/manhood.

Here's that special gift for the man or woman who has everything!!

Angry old bag rant

When religion and politics travel in the same cart

Do good looking people with thick accents turn you on?

Okay, it really disturbs me that the "Rush Limbaugh Naked" thread has 23 views

,*, Advice: Take, leave it, or make a TV dinner out of it. *,*

"One's grapes can become raisins...." lol!

Christmas is about giving.

if Romney gets the Repub nod, we're toast

Movies that everyone has seen but you!

Who Is The Most Infamous Person You Ever Met?

God, such snorting, sneezing, coughing, hacking up lungs - can I survive unscathed?

something you do that really makes you mad when other people do it

A multiple choice poll is only valid when it has mutually exclusive options.

Please help me power through finals!


Anyone seen or heard from Parche since the mud slides in Oregon yesterday??

Don't let this into your home or workplace.

The freaken poor have it made this Christmas!!

Hmmm!... So, what happens if I swallow...


Happy Birthday to Jennifer Connelly! 37 today!

Jets caught spying

Polar bear attack caught on film

Check in here if you do NOT believe that * has been sober since 1986

Do you think Bush's pardons should have included Scooter Libby?

What's this new thing I see in posts?

Is Xtreme more extreme than Extreme?


Can America change its attitude towards incontinence? Depends.

Britney "unable to attend" today's custody deposition; K-Fed's attorney pursues court sanction

Holy shit, I passed 10K posts, when the fuck did that happen?


Am I the only one annoyed by all the dupes?

Name this celeb offspring

Am I the only one annoyed by all the dupes?

My Christmas vacation starts the same day as the office holiday party

So I was in Barnes and Noble last week (A spoiler of a sort)

Jacking a snowplow?

My first love!

Who would win? Margaret Pynchon or Livia Soprano?

Since we're talking about teenage girl issues...

Jeopardy fans-Alex Trebek had a minor heart attack

Angry Middle Aged Man Rant

Angry curmudgeonly editor rant

Sugar and caffeine: the froo-its of the dev-eel.

Well It Isn't Going To Stop Raining

Bad Metaphor Awards

Can zombies get Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease? a Manga?

Dear Barney,

Does One Bad Apple Spoil The Whole Bunch?

What are the (App State) Mountaineers gonna do to the (Delaware) Blue Hens?


120 Minutes vs. Headbanger's Ball vs. Yo! MTV Raps vs. Remote Control

It's not every day that you get mugged for your bandanna....

Where are they now????

Update on my dog Kinsey.

What band or group do you most NOT want to see reunite for a tour?

Ike Turner died.

Hahahahah! Girl’s Chinese Tattoo of Boyfriend’s Name Really Spells ‘Supermarket’

Your Opinion: Is Bush Wasted In This Video?

Angry highschool girl rant.

Name some celebrities who haven't aged at all but have been stuck in a decades old time warp?

So lounge..... what ya doin tonight??? Whats the general mood??

I'm watching "Dreamgirls"....

Happy Birthday Francis Albert Sinatra!!(December 12, 1915 – May 14, 1998)

What is your opinion of specifics, in general?

Play a sexy song

Too darn cute!

I went to Mongolian Barbecue for lunch.

What's your opinion of Los Angeles, in general?

It's gonna be a looong night with kitteh....

My sister is going to be fine...

Angry middle aged woman rant!


What are your top 10 albums of all time


I got a great great review at work!

I need Xmas ideas for my GF...

Do you listen to lyrics more now than you did when you were younger?

Remembering geophysicist Didier Sornette's stock market predictions

Remaining friends after the Affair --

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/12/07

More Cow Bell!! Little Feat -- "Fat Man in the Bathtub"

A thread for MonkeyFunk

Who is the most famous person ever?

Wal-Mart yanks teen girls panties.

Hey can you please vote for my friend...

HOLY CRAP! 7-10 inches of snow predicted for my area tomorrow...

What is your opinion of Hell, general?

The DU 2008 Photography Group Calendar is here! Enjoy original photography by DUers all year long!

Grr! Coworkers!

An appreciation thread for babylonsister.

Mom leaves 10 year old son in charge of 12 year old autistic son while she goes to the bar.

If you get one of those Christmas "bragging letters," detailing the family's accomplishments,

The 'A Christmas Story' TV schedule

Lookee what I found! I will share it with you (cat vaccination supplies).

Now, THAT is a pussy licking

Do ya hate eggs?

I'm swearing off GD and GD/P, so help me!

Name a film adaptation, that doesn't suck, of a good book.


Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky Meetup!!!

Iraq command changes come at delicate time

Combined Arms Center opens writing contest

Soldier: Sgt. shot wounded, unarmed insurgent

Re-upping a $4,000 gamble as Congress dawdles

DoD leaders see progress in Afghanistan

10th Mountain asks for civilian help in Iraq

Experts to testify on preventing vet suicides

Bill: Stop military-civilian job conversions

EFPs in Iraq drop by half in past 6 months

Navy denies interest in new force options

Abizaid questions Maliki on unifying Iraq

Cherry Point air show needs a new theme

5th Marines unveils memorial to its fallen

4 F-15s with cracks based in Oregon

Air Force faults poor management in Kaiserslautern mall project

Odierno: Army will need fewer MRAPs as troop levels in Iraq decrease

Hayden faces more questioning today

Japanese base workers postpone strikes

Sergeant not guilty of Camp Walker rape

Soldiers being trained to give immunizations to base civilians

Coast Guard offers to assist cleanup of S. Korea oil spill

Okinawa Marine sentenced for attack on soldiers

Strike in Italy may affect U.S.

Services meet recruiting goals for November

Report: Brown Pushing Talks With Taliban

Widows Lose Case in Fake VA Studies

Tankers: A Contact Sport

Holograms may project real-time battle views

Gates Tells Congress, Furloughs Coming

Military Recruiters Try To Be Hip; Kids Roll Eyes

Laser Gunship Revealed

Security stymies thousands of holiday wishes

Half of Osprey fleet requires engine fixes

Osprey might be fitted with gun that achieves 360-degree field of fire

So I finally have my rating from PEB

Welcome to Amerikkka

Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A Changin' (Unreleased 1976)

Gimme the Truth (The PolitiFact Song)

K.B.R. R.a.p.e.

A New Economic Engine: Energy in the 21st Century

FEMA Murders an Elderly Man

Kit Bond (R, naturally) can't decide if waterboarding is torture

Lee Iacocca Praises Richardson's Experience

TPM: A cavalcade of Lies about Iran

KO does Dana's Missile Crisis Cluelessness

TheFrankFactor Wishes Bill O'Reilly Happy Holidays PG13 (cleaned up language)

Annoyed caller to Stephanie Miller Show wants Imus back


Bill Clinton's Debate Advice

From The Programmer's Mouth: How The 2000 Election Was Fixed

TPM: Senator Durbin wonders why only one conviction has come out of Gitmo

Mike Huckabee's Message To Iowa (FUNNY PARODY!!! MUST SEE)

Black Specter - The Killing of Darfur - *EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE*

John Edwards In Nevada (I'm the guy at the end.)

DK: Some visual aids for Dana Perino

Another man admits to having sex with Sen. Craig

My Aunt's respite PCA saw the devil tonight in "Miracle on 34th Street"

Department of Defense leak furthers conspiracy theories

I knew about those tapes a long time ago!

Rudy thought 9/11 terrorists were coming for Judi

Dream , nightmare or nailbiter matchup?

Surging along to the grave: Triple Car Bomb in Iraq

Fujimori sentenced to six years in prison

Interesting. Foreign (Saudi) oil companies building Texas-size refinery in Port Arthur

Iraqi Policewomen Ordered To Turn In Guns

Sorry, nope, I don't see Dennis' vote on the "Christian" resolution

Hard Evidence of U.S. Torturing Prisoners to Death

Agent Kiriakou looks like he's straight from central casting

Had Bush stayed in Afghanistan where the US military had the Taliban under control

Anyone who says the surge is working is full of shit: Triple bombing kills 40

Unholy Trinity by Greg Grandin

WJ: The CIA interrogation tapes n/t

What's Howard Kurtz's agenda at the Wash. Post?

Walmart Selling Hooker Panties for Junior Gals

Murray's Writings Echo Columbine Gunman's Manifesto

I'm changing my home page...I can't stand looking at Harry's ugly puss every time I open a new page.

Ice Storm Suggestions based on past experience

Fundamentalist Christian Uses Colorado Shootings for Political Gain

Mark Cuban: Tax Me!

Curious As To Your Thoughts: How Badly Did Hillary's Vote for Kyle/Lieberman on Iran Hurt Her?

Pictures of the year- Hamas airport security

U.S. refuses `Any Wounded Soldier' mail

I will take, "Get Better Alex Trebek, for 1,000" ..... Trebek in Hospital

Oh Borowitz. I love you this morning.

The Blogger: A Short Tale

Breaking ass news! Marion Jones stripped.

The NEW, Updated clip-out guide to Republican Scandals!

Hill Probes Into Destruction Of CIA Tapes Expand & Multiply

WOOHOO!!1!! The House of Rep's passes a major piece of legislation..

bearing gifts we travel so far.

A Christmas Letter from Jesus

Military Recruiters Try To Be Hip; Kids Roll Eyes

This is nuts........ CNN poll regarding waterboarding

What if Bush said, "Yeah, I ordered the water-boarding..."?

The CNN Poll on waterboarding is still

"One thing about Vietnam, at least it never got cold"

Well how well did torture work in Chicago?

Seasons Greetings from Idaho

To be introduced into the United States House of Representatives:

Holy Joe, just marry her. Mourning Joe on Condi Rice

Swiss MPs oust far-right politician from govt

The Flying Spaghetti Monster has stretched its noodles to Polk County.

Idiot Box TOON NAILS Pope Rat

Bush Nominates Limbaugh for Federal Court

Can The United States Pass A Law That Is Completely or Partially Classified?

Surge Success Update:3 Car Bombs Kill 27 in Southern Iraq

California Town Rejects Blackwater, Fires Council Members Who Endorsed Them

Iraq's Sadr uses lull to rebuild Army

The George W. Bush Presidential Library

Hundreds of Iraqi families have sought refuge in the Green Zone. Now the authorities want them out

OK, it's Edwards v Romney. And it's all settled by March 1

Ooooh 2 MEEEEllion dollars!!!!

Dana Milbank's Story and the American Media

wh payback time???

Budget Battle > No money for Civilians in Iraq = No Money for War Profiteers?

'cover up'

Triple car bombing kills 40 in southern Iraq

A great quote from Daily Kos about torture.

Hearing held at Old Courthouse on apology for slavery in Missouri

Did anyone else just hear the same thing I did on AM 1090 in Seattle??


"The Committee On The Present Danger"

Meat, Bush, Vick, and Hypocrisy

Plame and the destroyed torture tapes

House Passes Bill Extending Immigration, Labor Laws To Marianas Islands

CIA Won’t Take the Fall For Bush’s Torture Policies(CIA leaking stories all over DC pointing to WH)

DoD Union to Bush: Don't use federal employees as pawns in budget dispute

== The anti-pedophile coloring book = By Mark Morford

12/12/2000-The Day the Presidency Was Stolen from Al Gore and the American People

The Cheney's had a Christmas party last night

White House Offers Convenient New Excuse For Not Talking About Plame Leak

CIA Torture Tapes Destroyed--withholding court ordered info...deja vu

"Do you think the risks of climate change are overblown?" - Katie Couric

Jelly (the cat) uses up one of her lives

Giuliani to Iran: In a Giuliani administration, the "military option is on the table."

No Curtains for Justice

Want to see why Romney could have such a rough time.

Another Blackwater Overseer at State Dep't Resigns

Don't really feel bad for joking about Romney's religion

Should the USA offer reparations and apologies to those they

Oprah gets Big Mo Going - Barack now up 8 in IA, 6 in SC, tied in NH, Huge Phoning, Canvassing

Guns and Shooter's Wounds Details New Life Church


DailyKos staw Poll up

Department of State silent on ARENA Party's terrorizing of the People of El Salvador

DHS looking to outsource intel - lifts reqs directly from a company's website - five days to bid

A question for the Administration

Michael B. Mukasey: A FISA fix

Waterboarding-" It's like swimming, freestyle, backstroke" says Kit Bond

What about Al Gores talk of a carbon tax to replace the taxes we pay now

Arkansas State Police arrest reporter covering a fire

ABC News: "hundreds of hours of tapes," only a small fraction showed "enhanced interrogation"

"War on Christmas" takes a disturbing turn - Group attacked for saying "Happy Chanukah"...

WH now using Plame/Wilson civil lawsuit as excuse for not commenting on Plame outing

New rethug spin - Democrats knew about waterboarding in '02, and approved of it

Jeanne Assam Press Conference

The Twelve Days of Christmas, George W. Bush Style

Al Gore: Rocking the Planet; "Of course he's sexy."

What's The Answer To Steroid Doping In Sports? Is There A Solution?

Theres one thing about the republicon candidates we don't have to worry about

State Supreme Court hears barking dog case

The Fakest Time of the Year: The 2007 Falsies Awards - PR Watch

Please DU this homophobic poll in my rural state! DU 'em out, shove 'em out - WAY OUT

Washington Mutual stops lending, lays off 3000

Great illustration of the absurdity of opposition to national healthcare.

Coburn Plays the `Skunk' in Senate's Year-End Legislative Rush

Detachment 88, Kopassus Get Covert US Aid US Intelligence is Tapping Indonesian Phones

Separated at Birth: Kevin Spacey/Mike Huckabee

Remember when Gonzo testified repeatedly and inconsistantly about the NSA eavesdropping

Woot on the Mayor of S.L. City Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson

less and less Penguins as the antartic melts

"w00t" crowned word of year

Obama Supports H.R. 1955 / S. 1959 - "Homegrown Terrorism Bill"

US Intelligence is Tapping Indonesian Phones

Curtis Dean Anderson Dies (had been sentenced to more than 300 years in prison)

Arlington National Cemetery Question

Russia Demands British Council Closes Offices

Do you believe America is truly "The Home of the Brave"?

Why doesn't Kucinich have an IA state office HQ?

U.S. Commits, Lies About Domestic Human Rights Violations

Tom Toles weighs in on the US budget: Are you on crack?

US-Iraq: An "Enduring" Relationship


Clinton's "Gore Moment"

Psst Dennis...WWWD?

Duncan Hunter as Secretary of Defense? Huckabee thinks so

Does sexual repression lead to (collective) neurosia?

Pelosi backs down in spending battle

Is China banning US movies?

Congressional grades set on a low curve

Durbin demands CIA accounting on interrogations

Contractor, homeowner fight over money found hidden in walls

Store Clerk Fought Robber To Look Good On YouTube

Caption Kennedy ---pix--->>>

Xmas Card from the Edwards

Hayden: "We Could Have Done an Awful Lot Better", backs off claim he made last week

Police Dressed As Santa's Elves Ticket Central Florida Speeders

Is any voting rights group or election reform group calling for monitoring in 2008?

Imagine someone running for President stating on TV

Nuclear power costs surge in rush to build

In Iraq, a Grieving Father Hungers for Revenge

GOP debate = Global Warming sea change

Iran sends a massive Fuck You to Cheney

Salesman Rep. Gene Taylor is supposed to be a democrat

Trout leap to freedom in incredible escape

Egypt 'fabricated terror group'

I'm outing Mo Rocca

Nation’s Wealthy Cruelly Deprived Of True Meaning Of Christmas - Onion

Paula Deen interview on Smithfield and unions (full/short)

A positive spin on the religious rancor at DU (long)

Gonzales named ‘Lawyer Of The Year.’

Map that named America is a puzzle for researchers

Wary of Protests, Exxon Plans Natural Gas Terminal in the Atlantic

Evidence From Waterboarding Could Be Used in Military Trials

Who do you think will be the first candidate to drop out of the race?

If you would like to see what DU was like a couple years ago

What do you distrust more "The Market" or "The Government"?

How long would Barney the dog last if he suddenly started talking?

Jesus Was My Co-Pilot

If Gomer Huckabee is the best the Rethugs have to offer they are in deep stuff

John Dean on Randi now


Rush Limbaugh Naked

Did Alan Keyes suck on a helium balloon before the debate or is he related to the chipmunks?

I wish our media would just try to say the following phrase - "The Emperor is Naked!"

How did that freak Alan Keyes get up on the stage with the rest of the Rethug freaks?

Peru Free-Trade Agreement: A Disaster for Farmers (Local Newspaper Complaint)

St. Paul police subpoena reporter's cell phone records

Contact Des Moines Register - get Kucinich back in Iowa debate

I'm sorry I can"t post my response .

NO TAX plan is the fairest tax plan

Woohoo, new buttons! Now what the hell are they?

Sen. Kerry offers to broker "peace" talks (sarcasm)

Remember when atrocities committed in Iraq by the US used to be met by the wheres the proof gang?

Bush History 12/12: Ben Frankin Was Right!

Short excerpts from Dick Cheney’s diary.

Why did Bush declare an emergency in the ice-storm more quickly than the Pacific NW?

I love you but when I tell you I only get this

DU Morality Test:

So if Alan Keyes got on the stage for a debate, is

We survived the ice storm, our electricity is back now

DU's own Ava announces her new Blog this AM, and only gets 10 responses!!! Come on people!

What has the last 7 years done to you?

Man nearly dies downing vodka at airport

Ice storm images

Hurry up & pass the Energy Bill so we can get the picture making fun of Harry Reid off the home page

Remember the CIA Purge, late 2004?

Bush has expanded power 1,100 times

CIA destroyed tapes despite court order

Did we pick a charity? Sorry if I missed it

Personnel Shortage Forces State Department to Leave Diplomatic Positions Vacant

Time Person of the Year Prediction: AL GORE

Intelligence Panel Casts Wide Net in Tapes Probe

Things you'll find in the George W. Bush library

Uh, what is Alan Keyes doing up on that stage?

Letter From Langdon: The Tough Business of Growing Old

Teen Built Pipe Bomb That Killed Him, Police Say

At what point will people agree, Nader was right

CIA Efforts to Prosecute Whistle-Blower Spy (Kiriakou) Stopped

Republican debate on TV now...

Bush to get "70 BILLIONS" more to fund his lying war

California Town Rejects Blackwater, Fires Council Members Who Endorsed Them

Celebrity Puppies (from a Human Society e-mail newsletter)

Pop Quiz! Separating those in the know from well ... others.

Can you hear me now?

In what ways are you full of shit?

Surge Success Update: At Least 46 Killed in Iraq Attacks

Still no Contempt Vote in either House or Senate

Naomi Klein on with Rachel Maddow up next.

Windows Vista SP1 Includes More Than 300 Hot Fixes, 47-page document lists most of them

"I think Edwards has the potential to be the next FDR..." Thom Hartmann Interview LINK

Intelligence oversight is broken

Chris Matthews to Rachel Maddow: "I want to waterboard you right now."

First step by South America Union nations to create a single currency

Do you think Bush's pardons should have included Scooter Libby?

I've heard from voters in the White Primary (Iowa and NH) that they take their

Last Democratic debate before Iowa, tomorrow - 2 pm Eastern, 1 pm Central, 11 Pacific.

The Nation: Bad Sex in the City

Breaking: Hayden back pedals on CIA acts

Mitt, Mitt, full of...etc

Question on War funding: How much is going to private contractors?

Report: Fla. relies too heavily on FCAT

If the majority of Americans think torture is acceptable,

Happy Holidays from John and Elizabeth Edwards

Boehner admits GOP money situation ‘sucks'

The Day the Presidency Was Stolen from Al Gore and the American People: December 12, 2000...

'We do not torture'* (*As we define it)

Were the Transcripts of the Interrogations shredded?

Ten good things I don't think the Democrats should do.

CIA vs. White House

Senator Lott already breaking ethics rules by registering

Shonfeld's cookie mix is recalled

3,888 nt.

A Tucker Tease: Coming up--Is Gore teaming up with Bloomberg?

AT&T Offers GPS and RFID Child Tracking

Hoyer: President Should Stop Playing Politics with Defense Employees

Home Mortgage Rates Rise Even After Feds Cut the Banks Still More Slack

US Navy "Atomic veteran" speaks out about "ship of death"

Torture, Destruction of Evidence, Obstruction of Justice--Just a Typical Day in the Bush Administrat

The perfect illustration of Bush by Noma Bar

John Kerry will be on "Kudlow & Company" /CNBC at 7:00 p.m. (est) Tonight...

After four months, a long process of going through PTSD Med Board is over.

One of the many things that bother me about the torture "debate"

Ice storm people, how's the clean up going in your area?

Bush vetoes children's health bill a second time

Subjugation of women increases population growth (Thom Hartmann)

FLASHBACK: Conservatives Tried To Kill The Senate ‘Minority’s Right To Filibuster’ Three Years Ago

Hey, Congressman, PASS THE PASTA!

Turley: 'How Bush became a government unto himself' 1,100 Signing Statements

GOP Senator Says Waterboarding Torture Technique Is Like "Swimming"

HUD Poised to Tear Down New Orleans Public Housing Developments

Can Baking Soda Curb Global Warming?


US Government censors Wikipedia

Dan Froomkin: The Stonewall Continues

Disability Cases Last Longer as Backlog Rises

Sara Evans (apparent RW conservative) rolled her eyes this am

Has Obama been successful quitting smoking

Questions about the CIA briefings:

Has anyone noticed - the ARROGANCE is toned down.

Tying it all up....

New York gossip queen's snarky take on Iowa Caucus

A discussion about betrayal, treason and what privatized intelligence contains

The difference between bashing and criticism

CIA Officials: Torture IMPOSED On The Agency By The White House

Infant school stages atheist nativity play (Satire)

ACLU asks federal judge to hold CIA in contempt

Rape Victim of Huckabee - Letter ON FILE when Rapist Paroled by Huck

Clinton Meets with Des Moines Register Prior to Debate --->>>

Bush ‘privately’ issues second SCHIP veto

For the record--it's an Iowa NEWSPAPER that's preventing DK from participating in the debate...

Al Gore Voices Bali Concerns

Politics vs Religion : The Hypocrisy

Kucinich Excluded From Des Moines Register Debate

Hey, Oprah!! I happen to be having a "Favorite Things Day" here, but unlike

The Pope condemns the climate change prophets of doom

I have a question about alcohol for all of you sciency-peeps.

I met a victim of a hate crime last night. I want to know how to help.

Muslim Student aids 4 Jews in subway hate attack (a story that gives some hope)

The Huckster: "Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?"

Breaking: Collegiate swimmers unexpectedly spill their guts

What do you think it would take to make Americans get out and protest en masse?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

X-post from the Lounge: The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/12/07

Morgan Stanley Issues Full US Recession Alert! -- GOP will be blamed in '08

There are no stupid questions, except ones that come out of Mike Huckabee's mouth.

Leahy's Executive Business Meeting on Thursday (Contempt)

Advertisers have discovered a new frontier of intrusiveness

Where is the outrage on the muzzling of Dennis Kucinich

Buy Fair Trade at TRADER JOE'S

Whoopi Goldberg turns Republican

If Hillary is nominee, will she attack Republican opponent personally like she has Obama?

I've got some homework for DU (re: Mittens Romney)

Wednesday hard-hitting TOON update!

Breaking on MSNBC: Ike Turner dead. eom

Anybody in here have any ideas on getting sponsors....

I know it's the season for heartwarming stories...But...

16 year old Canadian girl killed by father for not wearing hijab

The cartoon Bush doesn't want you to see (MoveOn)

The DU 2008 Photography Group Calendar is here! Enjoy original photography by DUers all year long!

The Pope condemns the climate change prophets of doom

I've got two different churches trying to convert me!

Lights Out America: Turning Off Lights Nationwide to Save Energy on March 29, 2008!

Did BUSH direct Water Torture via live video feed? The CRIME is always proportional to the cover up

Wow. The government will be giving out $800 million so people can buy converter boxes.

Huckabee Thinks Women Should "Graciously Submit" to Their Husbands

5... 4... 3... 2... 1.... Launch! Ava's Army is Now Live!

People like Jeanne Assam scare me just as much as the gunman

SUNLIGHT: Insanely Useful Web Sites

Disentangling Torture TapeGate

Why is Iran on the list of "58 Places to go in 2008" ??

My latest, pointless "it wasn't like that when I was a kid" post....

Feingold:14 Senators Urge Majority Leader to Take Up Senate Judiciary Committee Version of FISA Bill

New DU Feature: Social Bookmarking/Thread Sharing

‘Wasn’t that, like, the Bay of Pigs thing?’

ACTION ALERT: TELECOMS = Don't let Bush get what he wants.

Have you seen this?

2008 : We are safer without Saddam in power!

Biden: Does preservation order cover Cheney?

In The Bush Administration Lawlessness Reigns Supreme

WP: More Voters, Black and White, Believe That A Change Is Gonna Come

Torture Tapes Question - How many congress people didn't know they existed?

Iowa Has Never Elected A Woman To Higher Office

Home improvement expert Bob Vila, formerly of "This Old House," to campaign for Hillary in Iowa

A Latta Relieved GOPers, Robin Weirauch lost

2008 Candidates and Their Nicknames

Caution on New SC polling result.

So what gives?

More good news for Obama in South Carolina. Bad news for Clinton and Edwards

NY Daily News: Bubba to the Rescue!

Scarborough Is Ripping The Bark Off The Huckster

Rasmussen-Iowa Caucus- Clinton-29% Obama 26% Edwards 22%

Will weather make a difference in Iowa and NH?

Red State Update's Redneck Spoofs Spice Up 2008 Campaign

Romney denounces secularism in bid for Christian fundamentalist backing

Oprah surges to second place in NH!

Latest CNN poll: Clinton viewed as most experienced, best chance of beating GOP.

Avg of DEC polls for three early states. (Iowa, Obama +1) (NH, HRC +5.2) (SC, HRC +0.2)

Obama, Kerry, Feingold and Sherrod Brown threaten to block FEC nominees

Des Moines Register to host last two debates before 1/3. R's up today at 2PM; Dems tomorrow at 2PM.

Do Hillary supporters believe she is a liberal?

Bad news in special elections in Ohio & Virginia (link)

Kucinich's resolution to impeach Cheney gets another co-sponsor: Rep Grijalva, Raul M. [AZ-7]

Hillary Clinton on International Law

The three of them.......

Seattle Times Op-Ed: Democrats shouldn't settle for momentum-killing Hillary

New Strategic Vision Poll: Obama 33%, Clinton 25%, Edwards 24%

Why Dick Cheney won't resign

Sexism: The Dick Cheney and Barbara Walters on "big sticks" and Easter egg hunts

Tomorrow's debate will decide Iowa.

Heads up Minnesota - Third US Congresswoman in three days endorses Obama.

Rasmussen-IA- Clinton-29% Obama 26% Edwards 22%/NH Obama 31% Clinton 28% John Edwards 17%

Phony Democratic Primaries

Sen. Mitch McChinless' job is to be an obstructionist

Sen Kit Bond(R): Waterboarding is like swimming, freestyle, backstroke

CNN New Hampshire Poll: Clinton 31%, Obama 30%, Edwards 16%

New Rasmussen Poll:Obama 31 %, Clinton 28 %, Edwards 17 %

who would attack Shea-Porter?

What happened to the NIE story??

Obama endorsed by Rep. Betty McCollum

Yes to Alan Keyes, but no to Dennis Kucinich

NYT photograph foretells the near future?

The tug of a candidate who offers smarts and hope

Ras POLL: Hillary 36 (-3), Obama 28 (even), Edwards 13 (+3)

Boehner admits GOP money situation ‘sucks'

Huckabee: "Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?"

WP: How Obama Won a N.H. Legislator's Support

*~* FARM BILL REFORM FAILED yesterday *~*

Want an example as to why the polling is screwed up?

babylonsister why do you post dirt on the administration

Richardson is the Democrat the other side fears the most.

Name that President...!

interesting segment, on "Desperate Romney"

Inside Obama's Iowa Ground Game, "most extensive effort to reach out to new constituents...ever"

Last debates before Iowa Caucuses could have 'seismic impact'

Edwards Campaign Statement in Anticipation of Republican Debate

What do you think of Duncan Hunter as SecDef? Huckabee thinks

WaPo Poll: Clinton 53%, Obama 23%

Im going to put on my flamesuit and ask

Here's the deal: our top three candidates are all pretty solid and put together folks.

Richardson Gets Highest Grade On Energy Policy: Only "A"!

CNN N.H. Poll: Obama, Clinton tied

Huckabee is perfectly right to question Romney on Mormon doctrine (re: Jesus and Satan as brothers)

Richardson Calls On Congress To Investigate Torture And Destruction Of Tapes

Iowa Democratic Party Clarifies - College Student Participation in the Caucuses ... YES!

Hillary: "Obama is a Crack Head!"

CNN Poll: Obama catches Clinton in New Hampshire

Poll: Dean Pulls Away In Dem Race

And the Shit Show Continues*****Official Repuke Debate Thread 2*****

How Come Nobody's Beating Up The Huckster?

Can we have Nicknames for all the Republicans?

Alan Keyes Makes Black Republicans Look Bad

SMOKIN' response to FRC's Perkins comment about the shootings

Latest Rasmussen poll: Clinton, 36%, Obama 28%, Edwards 13%

Former Two-Term Maryland Governor Endorses Bill Richardson For President

Contact Des Moines Register - get Kucinich back in debate

"Sources": "Alarmed" Bill Clinton, yelling at Mark Penn, to aid Hillary's campaign

Edwards Campaign Statement in Anticipation of Republican Debate

Why doesn't Dennis Kucinich have a campaign office in Iowa?

Edwards' Snow Day

The Rude Pundit: Christ Weary of Mike Huckabee

If Hillary's "My Story" had included reference to a brief college flirtation with bisexuality...

Domenici seeks to use Campaign Funds for ethics defense

NEW YORK, Dec. 17, 2003

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/12/07 - Clinton down 3, Obama stalled, Edwards up 3

Even Ghouliani defended Obama admitting to past drug use...while Hillary's camp promotes the sleaze

Am I the only one annoyed by all the dupes?

Poll: Hillary leads New Hampshire by 7...Hillary 33%, Obama 26%, Edwards 15%...

Harry Taylor for Congress, NC-09, On Dec 12, Courage is Contagious

Am I the only one annoyed by all the dupes?

Tell your female friends not to vote for Hillary just because she's a woman

Hillary's co-chair warns Obama will be attacked on drug use.

Barack Obama Wins Democrat Caucuses

Recognizing the commencement of Ramadan...Kucinich YES

NJ Unofficial List Candidates for President For February 2008

How many Iowa caucus goers are at home in the middle of the

OT: Is DU running a bit slow for anyone else today?

Should Dennis Kucinich and/or Oloveuse O. "Ole" Savior be entitled to participate in all debates?

Clinton to change strategy; likely to go negative

OMG - wait until the Republic swiftboaters find out that Obama

Obama: We'll 'transform America'

Protecting Hillary: Bill Clinton Severs Business Ties With Billionaire Buddy Burkle

Who Lost the Repuke Debate?

Do you think Bush's pardons should have included Scooter Libby?

Clinton Basks in Buffett Glow

Okay-I'm out of the loop. What's with the new SHARE/BOOKMARK icons ? n/t

AP Interview: Edwards on Iraq and Dems

from the Edwards family this holiday season ...'Happiness, Health, Hope"

Clinton endorsed by 11 NH Newspapers

Dean: Americans Don't Want Another Bush Term

For those who doubt the Clinton campaign leaked the Obama questionnaire to Politico . . .

Obama Camp Hits Hillary Over Campaign Official Who Brought Up His Past Drug Use

Bush "has no recollection" of videotapes

Now rpig Huckabee apologizes to Romney about Jesus-devil statement.

In 2008 the issue "they" will use is Illegal Aliens.

What the hell is Alan Keyes doing?

The DU 2008 Photography Group Calendar is here! Enjoy original photography by DUers all year long!

Tim Robbins: ‘I’m Not Oprah’

The Sad Truth About Impeachment...

Shaking in their boots: Joe Trippi on Republicans' fear of Edwards

National nightmare started on December 12, 2000

The quintessential song about the current U.S. Economy: Standing in the Shadows of the Dollar Tree

Karl, After Iraq they'll never elect a Republican in '08

Rassmussen: Obama passes Hillary in New Hampshire...leads by 3...

Clinton joins calls for probe of alleged contractor assault

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Pitch in Iowa: ‘I Love the ’90s’

LTTE for Joe Biden, from Iowa resident

Kucinich's indirect self-exclusion from debates and other functions is a LaRouche tactic.

OMG - Mathews just told Rachel Maddow that he wanted to waterboard her!

The SENSE of DU: Democratic Candidates

Is Obama the anti-establishment candidate???

Let the shit show begin *****Official Repuke Debate thread****

5 Things That Aren't going to Change

ARMY TIMES: ''Not us, we're not going'' Soldiers in Iraq refuse to patrol

This pic is so Joe Biden

Former SC Dem Party chair endorsed Obama today..

Washington Post launches biggest hit piece yet on John Edwards

Is Hillary in control of her campaign?

Remember the hope: Kerry rallies in '04 still the biggest political rallies in history

Joe Horn is the asshole of the year. (Shoots man in coldblood for burglerly and set free)

Kucinich protests exclusion from Des Moines debate; should he get an invitation?

New Iowa Poll: Obama 33%, Hillary 25%, Edwards 24%, Richardson 4%, Biden 4% (dirty bastards offer no

Huckabee Questions Mormons' Belief

HRC and the Hillary camp are low lives for attacking Obama on the drug issue!!!

Obama Camp Hits Hillary Over Campaign Official Who Brought Up His Past Drug Use

For Biden, it's the resume over the rallying cry

Former SC Democratic Chairman And Advertising Executive Joe Erwin Endorse Obama

Edwards wealth, his record -- and why he is still trustworthy

To all supporters for a better AMERICA

The dirt on Federation for American Immigration Reform . HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! Pioneer fundies?

Recess Appointments - Are The Dems Going To Do Anything To Prevent *........

EDWARDS could have "risked" some of his 54+ Millions rather than take Matching Funds. Why didn't he?

Is the Hillary Campaign's claim that Obama will be attacked on past drug use legit or sleazy?

Michael Melcher: HRC is a misunderstood introvert.

Obama: "I like dissent...I like getting diverse viewpoints. It is how I make decisions."

Breaking News from The Hill: Pelosi backs down in spending battle (caves to Bush again)

“If they can’t understand the English language, then, of course, they shouldn’t be citizens”

Hillary Camp: We Do Not Condone Drug Comment In Any Way

Des Moines Register contact information (Re: Kucinich disallowed from debate)

JOE HORN POLL (For Gun-Owners and Non-Gun-Owners)

My wife finds Jon Stewart offensive.

If Obama Wins

Obama plays blame game

Okay, no push polls, no spin. Why doesn't Dennis Kucinich have an Iowa office?

On Day 3 of Main Street Express Tour, Edwards Unveils Aggressive Agenda to Keep Communities Safe

Biden statement on Huckabee comments- Aids and LGBT

Obama Couldn't Even Stand Up Against An Anti-Gay Preacher