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Archives: December 13, 2007

Gonzales named lawyer of the year (mag publ. ABA)

Freedom lost

Jeremy Scahill: (Blackwater) Business as usual

The end of the Wal-Mart era (???)

Fed cuts rates by a quarter point

Muslim helps Jews attacked on New York subway

Small Businesses Oppose Mandated Health Benefits

Child Labor on Indian Minister's Farm

Report Cites Labor Infractions by Wal-Mart Supplier in China

UN Expert: Guantanamo Hearings Unfair

CVS fined $226,000 for breaking labor laws (changed employee timecards and violated child labor laws

House Leaders Investigate Page Program

Bush vetoes kids health insurance bill

APSU mock trial rules President Bush “guilty” of illegal domestic surveillance

Green Bay council president provokes atheists with nativity scene

Senate majority whip pressures administration on interrogation recording

Hundreds of vehicles and 20 tons of lead disappear from (Iraqi) government ware houses

Starbucks employee sues over coffee shop noise

Protesters halt demolition at New Orleans public housing

Army pays $725 to WWII vet for unfair trial, imprisonment

Gitmo troops vandalise Wikipedia

Buffet Says US Economy Close to Recession

Bush, GOP Force Democrats In Congress To Concede On Range Of Issues

So I thought I'd gotten lucky today. Saw this little lady in the subway, see...

Used panties on the supermarket magazine rack---EWWWWWWWWWW

Name that tune

i saw something funny

What is the first rule of Fight Club?

Newsflash: New Yorkers are just as stupid, racist, etc, as everyone else

am I the only dupe annoyed by everyone?

non angry non rant from a non young woman

Ike Turner dies at 76 at his home in San Marcos, CA

Totally hot, damn fine looking, highly attractive and brilliant guy rant!

Alert to all Mainers (won't post in the Maine forum for fear of degrading it!)

This post is dedicated to my freshman year pot dealer Phil.

Evil just took over another little corner of the world: Muslim honor killing in Canada

Happy Festivus

I was over at Von's yesterday and left my lacy, used panties on the magazine rack.

What type of horizon do you like most?

Knock knock. Hoo-hoo's there? Hoo-hoo's. Hoo-hoo's who?

Anyone else "under the influence" right now?

Nice post, Hitler

When Cats Attack!!!

Finally, Pizza Hut comes through...

I'm done with my last exam for the semester

Man I feel real Blah tonight. .

When did you stop beating your okra?

I was just accosted by Lyndon LaRouche supporters!

I just had a painful reminder of why I never shop at Mervyns

Are hnmnf and TheFriendlyAnarchist the only ones who are annoyed by all the dupes?

I'm watching the entire Barney Miller series from the beginning.

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: A Twofer now!

games for the geriatric crowd


Funny Christmas ad from 1999...


So What Do You Do For Fun Loungers?

My father danced with Tina Turner today at the Senior Center.

Who wants a hug...

Cat has a panic attack when his string is taken.

The Kiss.....

DUzy for EarlG

I want this cat!

Bummin' tonight....

Now this is just getting plain silly. We're under a winter storm advisory

Sausage 'n' eggs or strawberry ice cream- I could go either way.

UGH! My mom just forwarded me a "war on Christmas" e-mail

Scrappy Doo or Snarf: Who should die the more painful death?

Things you prefer doing one-handed...

Good Night friends

Post a philosophical question

How to Destroy Society

My neighbor put up "BAH HUMBUG" in huge letters on his front lawn


Led Zeps US Tour Announcement

Post a hypothetical question?

Post a rhetorical question, would you?

Introduce me to some good incense

Is it just me or is Ultimate Fighting Championship on SPIKE soft gay porn?

Are you a real man?

The new Knightrider

I have been on jury duty for the past week -- a murder trial.

Quick, name a geographical feature of Liverpool UK

Name a movie with a bad villain, and put in the name of a villain from a more effective movie.

Glow-in-the-dark cats!

Weather Channel Does BABE ALERT! "This Puppy's Crankin'" ..Ice Storm Moves East!

I just ordered The Man From U.N.C.L.E complete dvd set, yes I must have them.

Grand Theft Auto made me shoot up an Olive Garden.

When did you start hating okra?

Ahh. The upstairs neighbors are home.

Lamb fries. Yeah, they're made from lamb. Here, TRY some.

Viva Viagra Commercial

Things you can't do one-handed...

Have any of you used humane (live) mouse traps?

Etiquette Question

Y'all are missing a good one in GDP....

"I Robot," "I Am Legend"-- what'll Will Smith's next project be?

I swear if one person walks in my office area in the next 13 minutes...

Post a picture or two.Taken by you.Of anything...

What unpopular beliefs do you cling to as a matter of stubborn principle?

A little Navy Humor this evening for us Navy Types...

Olbermann: CIA Tapes Update (w/ Richard Wollfe)

Olbermann Speaks w/ John Dean on CIA Tapes

Block Blackwater

Lindsey Williams - The Energy Non-Crisis - Part 1 of 8

Abrams: Bush League Justice-Prosecutions

This Week on Bill Moyers Journal: Keith Olbermann

Olbermann w/ Rachel Maddow: Torture is Illegal.

Senator Mitch McConnell gets a lump of coal

So I was reading the WAPO dossier on Freddie Thompson today..

US charges five as illegal Venezuelan agents

Tucker is undoubtedly the biggest asshole in the known universe...

$20M Police Torture Settlements Delayed

SEC's probe cost Boehner office $110K

The Grinch Who Hates Children ---pix--->>>

Dems Ready To Give Bush As Much As $70 billion in new war funding

Religion and politics-Often make some people-Lose all perspective and

Help me, I'm Rip Van Winkle...

Gitmo legal adviser says waterboarding evidence is ok.

Bush kills children's health insurance bill, again

Swiss MPs reject far-right leader (BBC)

Meanwhile, from the front lines of the "WAR ON CHRISTMAS"...

Don't like Christian Bashing? Fine then. "Moderate" Christians need to become much more vocal.

US extends immigrant database to police

In Bush's America, a campaign for human rights violation and torture

Weather Channel Does BABE ALERT! "This Puppy's Crankin'" ..Ice Storm Moves East!

McClatchy: VA must act to curb combat-vet suicides, panel hears

self delete

I just saw clips from the GOP debate

All you ever needed to know "bout" Condi

Happy Holidays from the White House, compliant Congress, and the fabulous Secret Justice System!

Bye bye Karen Hughes - pics

Join World News Trust on The World Community Grid! (T. Scheisskopf)

Upcoming GAO report:White House pressured EPA to weaken toxin report

Still think religion is harmless? Tell it to this dead girl

Potrero voters eject 5 members of planning board who voted for Blackwater West

Why are our candidates going on this show?

Wes Clark and Colleen Rowley on with Dan Abrams

(TOON) Steve Bell on Gordon Brown and Afghanistan

Could drug use come back to hurt Obama if he is nominated?

Mystery Beast Kills Animals in S.C.

If drug experimentation as a teen is all they have on Obama, I say bring it on!!

"Enhanced Interrogation has saved lives,"

Katrina vanden Heuvel: A primer on the Democratic candidates' stands on media consolidation.

The Magical Mystery Barrels

Which Republicans have admitted past drug use?

The American Fruitcake, err, Family Association assails Old Navy for its War on Christmas

H.R. 847 is a bill about employer paid health insurance

The Huckabee campaign is much better than I thought, slinging the mud at themselves way before

Veteran Dies of War Injuries

Assaulted for being a "Dirty Jew"...and the traveler from Samara still lives

To Hell With The Baubles From Her Neck, But If You Have The Blade Which Severed It

Is this....(Froomkin)

I wonder if those who have their panties in a wad over happy holidays and only want Merry Christmas

This thread is flamebait.

It is easy to succeed in right-wing America

5 Planning Group Members Out Over Blackwater In California

Budget deal would give President Bush $70 billion in additional war funding

House Passes $696B Defense Policy Bill-$189 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Army pays $725 to WWII vet for unfair trial, imprisonment

On trying not to offend Christian fundamentalists.

Stop our tax dollars being send to Ethiopia to Kill Somalis

The very existence of a waterboarding 'debate' means this battle will be long

How much cash would it have cost Kucinich to have a campaign HQ for his manager?

Clinton NH Co-Chair on Obama's Cocaine Use: "Did You Sell Drugs?", Clinton Refuses to Condem Words

Obama Inc.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Toon: Religious Displays

The Falafel Fatwa guy and protector of "the Folks!" has done 2 stories on nekkid people tonight.

So, does America's health care system suck or blow?

Did I miss anything funny in the GOP debate??

O'LOOFAH has been declaring victory in the "war on Xmas"?1 Who declared it?! Who lost?!

Fuckin' Unblievable Interview w/ Kit Bond on Torture- 'like swimming, freestyle, backstroke'

OK, I'm ashamed to ask, but...

Bet not one person in this presidential campaign

My friend my have contracted HIV at work. She works at Starbucks.

Deal could mean another $70,000,000,000 for war

C.I.A. Agents Sense Shifting Support for Methods - Bullshit Alert

Anti-evolution LTTE. Where do they get this crap?

Budget Deal Would Probably Give Bush Victory On War Funding

Poor Barney. Poor Ms. Beasley.

Water torture being used by USA personell in the Vietnam war.

Rachel is nailing Bush and Cheney on torture

John Dean on Olbermann: "A bungled burglary not in the same league as torture & taping the torture"

Hillary Nutcracker w/stainless steel thighs (I don't care who you are, that's funny):

What do "sure-to-lose" candidates stand to gain by running for President?

Anonymous at TPM again

Million doses of a common children's vaccine recalled

America's Judicial Coup (In accepting the Nobel Peace Prize Al Gore)

Is Jeanne Assam a hero?

Man... Do We Currently Suck, Or What ??? (Standing Upon The Shoulders Of Giants)

There are clear links between the Colorado gunman and the religious right.

Some In GOP Skeptical Of Intelligence Finding That Iran Has Abandoned Nuclear Weapons Program

So non-Mormons are not allowed in Mormon wedding ceremonies

Drugs. Who cares? Bill Clinton smoked pot. Oprah smoked crack. Obama snorted coke. Who cares?

nice trip: "CIA Torture Jet wrecks with 4 Tons of COCAINE"

Nigerian Christians are killing children branded as "witches"

What is the Mormon underwear issue?

Wexler to Dems: Want a healthcare plan for children? Try impeachment hearings

I received a response from Bernie Ward's producer to the well

How much money do you think the AFA and other groups make in donations off "the War on christmas"?

"Legal" immigrants of many years can be detained and deported if they ever committed a crime.

Why did Huckabee apologize? Mormons really do believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers.

Deliberations In Liberty City 7 Case Continue

Anybody else hear the radio interview with Dahr Jamail today?

The New Hampshire Write-In Campaign

George Bush Sr. May Face Charges: Conspiring to Kidnap and Murder Political Activists

Guardian UK: Blow for Clinton as Obama takes lead in key state

My Cogressman, gosh I'm proud

Californians call shots, set agenda in the 110th

Did Bill Clinton's Marijuana Lipping Affect His Judgement?

Do you suppose that in a couple of days, Senator Clinton's

Clinton and Obama have violated their oaths of office

anybody else gonna call into the Edwards conference call tonight?

Wal-Mart past dogs Clinton

Polls showing Edwards is the only candidate that can take all REP

Nice post, Hitler

Hillary Nutcracker w/stainless steel thighs (I don't care who you are, that's funny):

Is it possible that Hillary did murder Vince Foster?

Will the Republicans use Obama's drug use to attack him if he wins the nomination?

At least that kook Huckabee isn't raising money

Clinton campaign condemns comments on Obama's drug use

Air America is covering Dennis's not being included in the debate NOW. nt

Sen. Kit Bond: waterboarding is like swimming; And more absurd right wing rhetoric

I have never seen a collection

I have one simple question: Has Hillary asked Billy Shaheen to resign?

Democratic Presidential Debate Tomorrow Afternoon REMINDER

If Obama is nominated the Republican party will disband on the spot


Who said this: 'Candidates personal lives should not be a part of this campaign'?

Washington Post Op-Ed remarks on the poignant historical significance of Obama and Oprah in Iowa

To those who think that Shaheen's drug comments were justified, did HRC screw up...

had the infamous 'drug comments' thing been directed at a REPUBLICAN...

Billy Shaheen Apologizes

Bill Clinton is the architect behind all of the new attacks from Hillaryland

Who Wins Utah--Huckabee or Obama

Obama camp says Clinton's acts from 'desperation'

"As I was saying .... "

A poll for Obama and Clinton supporters

I broke the law; I drove at a speed of 76 MPH on the New York State

Blow for Clinton as Obama takes lead in key state

This drug thing is turning into a full blown scandal

Hillary is just like Bush. She pleads ignorance about neg. stories then holds no-one accountable.

Appearing in RW email: pic of Obama not saluting flag

Even though I called for Shaheen to resign, I'd respect Hillary's campaign if they defended him. . .

Today's Republican Debate

Should Hillary fire Bill Shaheen, Co-Chair of her New Hampshire campaign?

I don't trust Obama at all

2000: Shaheen mob calls Kerrey "cripple"

What's the most likely scenario on tomorrow's debate?

Obama needs to stop crying like a baby whenever someone attacks him

TPM: Is it finally time to stop listening to Robert Novak?

Play of the Day: Tim Robbins for Edwards

New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition Endorses Edwards

List of (least) favorite GOP and right wing slogans

Clinton insiders question Penn's approach - "The heat's on Mark. ... He's got a lot of enemies."

The only ones who think electability doesn't matter are the unelectable

I think timing might work our perfectly for Edwards

It Makes me sick to see these 2 headlines one right after the other on CNN website.

To All Hillary Supporters: Your Candidate's Campaign Tactics Have Really Hit the Bottom Lately.

Poll: Jewish vote goes to Clinton

Please just stop! Cut it out! Quit it!

Barack Obama could win this Obama-detractor's vote today with one statement

If anyone's to blame for the shit hitting the fan, it's Obama himself

Name that candidate:

What? You can't conduct a campaign in Iowa from a home? How many have a home office here?

I feel like the Clinton campaign holds me, the voter, in contempt

should GDP be split up into segments?

I have finally reached the end of my rope.

I love DU

The past haunts Obama?

Dan Abrams - and MSNBC deserve new praise

Gail Collins NYT, "The Man From Target"

The Pope condemns the climate change prophets of doom

Gen. Taguba lashes out vs torture, says US needs to heed lessons of Abu Ghraib

Even at Cheney's Holiday Party, CIA Chief Faces Interrogators


GOP Senator Kit Bond Proposes Waterboarding as an Olympic Sport

The Most Important Man In Iraq?

Think Again: The Nth Time is Farce: Neocons Attack the NIE, Yet Again

Obama/Legal Times Profile: The Man That Got Away

Hillary Clinton on Iraq

Mitchell Report Concludes Bush Should’ve Used Performance-Enhancing Drugs

C.I.A. Sense Shifting Support for Methods:Jack Goldsmith"The winds change& the recriminations begin"

Unfettered "citizen journalism" too risky

Big Media Myopia at the FCC

None dare call it treason. Except Hitchens; he dast. Plus, Reid torpedoes Obey

The horrific question: How much are Democrats afraid to speak out because they fear assassination

Robert Parry Eulogizes Gary Webb, Implicates Big Media

Alan Keyes 4 president!

Born to Shop: How Marketers Brainwash Babies

Get It Straight: The Dems DO Know What They're Doing

The Pope condemns the climate change prophets

Deal could mean another $70,000,000,000 for war

Kent hires DeGuerin in harassment case Top defense attorney says judge committed 'no crime'

Sixteen bodies found in a ditch north of Baghdad

US Repatriates 15 From Guantanamo

Friends: Dead teen refused hijab

EU Threatens to Boycott US Climate Talks

Widmer-Schlumpf ist neue Bundesrätin / E. W.S. is new Federal Councillor (of Switzerland)

Report: Feds Probing Sharpton Finances

Mortar attack kills nine in Somali market

Baseball Braces for Harsh Report From Mitchell

EU leaders sign Treaty of Lisbon

Posada associates plead guilty

State Audit Widens To Pension Fund (Florida)

U.S. producer prices surge in November (Biggest jump in 34 YEARS)

EU leaders sign landmark treaty

Most Pakistanis want Musharraf to quit, poll shows

Former intel chair: CIA tape affair part of 'an ongoing pattern' of Bush administration cover-up

Democrats Call A Truce In 2008 Campaign Fight: Final debate in Iowa

US wants nuclear-free Middle East

Man caught anthrax from drum skin

Per Politico, Shaheen is out

Suspected Army suicides set record

List of players, ex-players in Mitchell report

House Calls Former Top Spy to Hill

Rove, Bolten recommended for contempt

Venezuela accused in Argentina campaign probe

Congressman seeks ban on profiling

Bill Shaheen Quits Clinton Campaign

1 acquitted, 6 to be retried, in alleged terror plot

Hopes dim for closure of Guantánamo

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 13, 2007

Co-defendant in Padilla case asks judge for access to CIA tapes

Iraq's maverick cleric hits the books (Al-Sadr seeks to become an ayatollah)

Bitter Divisions at Climate Talks

Top 11 Warmest Years On Record Have All Been In Last 13 Years

Another KBR Rape Claim Brings Scrutiny

Navy could be used against Japanese whalers: Rudd (announcement next week)

Jurors Deadlock in 6 of 7 Defendants (Liberty City 7 - 1 acquitted)

Senate Republicans block energy bill

Wal-Mart Ornaments Made In Sweatshops, Report Says (China)

DU Native Americans - Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman passed to the spirit world this morning

U.S. lawmakers vote to hold Bolten and Rove in contempt

Inventor powers Christmas tree with eel

Clemens reportedly named in Mitchell report

Wild Salmon Under Threat of Extinction, Study Shows

N.J. lawmakers vote to ban death penalty

WA lawmaker switches to Democrats

US may reduce Iraq reconstruction teams in 2009: official

Bolivia puts army on alert - report

Congress to Probe Iraq Rape Allegations(House Panel Looking Into Charges by Former KBR Employee)

House votes to outlaw CIA waterboarding

U.S. Marine convicted in death of Iraqi soldier

Pelosi: Republicans 'like' Iraq war

Muslim Subway Hero Is Honored

Since 2000, more issues than answers arise in e-voting’s short history

9 Dems Say No to Christmas Resolution

Argentine Leader Rebukes US Over Cash

Gore Completes Renovations to Tennessee Home: Now "one of nation's most environmentally friendly"

Al Gore lays blame for Bali stalemate on U.S.

Britain sees role for Taliban in Afghanistan

Wow, this place has been raw lately...

Help please - making a gift package for a "Lazy Day at Home Because Gifter Can't Afford A Spa"

Seems like most of Oklahoma is Still Without Power

A beautiful and amazing DUer just gave me permission to post the photo of her that I Photoshopped...

I'm Watching "All of the President's Men" -- Fantastic Movie

DU Geek Roll call!

Is the Lord of Spam conducting a secret offensive or something?

It is Ancient to Pack Photo

Breast Room

Harsh Browns

OMG I am gasping.

Ham Sandwich

Toilet of Modern Art

Hung Far Low

Heidi....They have made Evil....Eviler!

I know Chinese toys lately were bad, but...

Goodnight Lounge.

My Christmas Gift to the Lounge (from an unknown poet/singer-songwriter w/less than 1,000 posts)...

Everyone, remember to share!

Time for me to turn in, since I have successfully spammed the lounge with stuff!

Hokay! Read the boyfriend's blog (not supposed to) and finds he's investigating Mormonism.

I just learned that I cannot be a foodie because I am vegetarian.

There is a GOD!!! No finals!! All Finals have been canceled!! Teachers must except grades as is!!

I am not good at doing handicrafts

Hey, have you guys noticed that threads in the Lounge rarely get enough recommends

We and kitteh survived the night...

Here's a classic Alan Dean Foster sci-fi short most of us should enjoy. Presenting: "Pleistosport."

Send a letter *from* Santa

Fearless mouse

Who the hell wears a Mickey Mouse hat to a Chanukah celebration???

I'm supposed to meet some friends for lunch...

I am backkk. Sort of.

civilization in Connecticut ending today - snow expected

I don't know what to cook tonight

self delete..answered my own question with the google

If you haven't heard of the singer Thomas Dybdahl, you should...

The one thing that's turning me off of Politics...

Anyone see "I'm Not There" - the Dylan movie?

Why does Paris Hilton have news conferences?

Did we start a Project Runway thread for today? **spoilers & spoiled meat**

ESPN is reporting that Roger Clemens is named in the big Mitchell-MLB steroids report.

For my 10,000th post, I would just like to say to everyone here

The “loonie” should be the AMERICAN coin, not Canadian.

Is nothing sacred?! Kitteh barf

Strange and bizarre Christmas songs

The Flu....Not Good......

Congress to declare Pastafarians and the FSM "important".

Are you Hitler's long lost child? Or do you know who they are?

Please explain this.

How to have a positive outlook on life!

Anyone else haunted by dreams of a former workplace?

Why are so many people indifferent about Lev Steinberg?

What's your C-Span fantasy?

Ack snow

Swedish Army castrates lion in response to complaints from female recruits.

Rubik's Cubism,,,

I'm swearing at GD and GD/P, so help me!

Chicago Museum admits star attraction is a forgery

Congress declares Christmas and Christianity "important".

i am hungover. lisa had an awesome gig yesterday.

oh wow. my congressman sent me a form letter with a scanned signature.

"It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year"

Arizona Sheriff orders drink drivers to bury alcoholics

Cooking buffs--Ever heard of umami?

Yes, there is a sequel to "The Graduate"

Alba Rose attack: Atopic child fears for life, rescued by Allegra.

Kudos to LynneSin. Delaware keeps Fred Thompson off the ballot!

MSN's Best 'Albums' of 2007

Today's my last day of work

Just looked at the national weather map for the first time in weeks

Just had a great interview

everyone sucks. i am amazed that they aren't as cultured and worldly as i am

Comcast users, if you would like to help me test something really quickly

Wow, lesson learned.....geesh

The Monkees deserve to be in the RnR HOF

This day sucks.

Oh for fuck's sake...

Mitchell Report is out

XNASA. Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

So hypothetically if i told my lady, i may not get her a gift, to prevent her from spending money on

Tell me what you want

anyone else notice that Johnny Depp and Hillary Clinton look alike?

I posted a thread in GD.

Well, this is different, DU and Google are the only sites I can reliably visit...

Excellent advice: Don't get handcuffed to a pole, wear clean underwear.

High schooler attacks another student with hammer,after asking shop teacher the penalty for murder.

Rush fans check-in!!! One of the worst talk show hosts ever and not in the "Hall of Shame"

Rufus, featuring Chaka Khan, aren't in the hall of fame either

Why is "My Favorite Things" so closely associated with Christmas?

Prog fans - this has to be the absolute BEST website about Prog music

It's snowing and cold. Time for Mr. Dudley Moore

Santa Claus, free range chickens, Vegas

The Archies. Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Hanoi Rocks! Anybody else out there a fan of this band?

So I've been catching up on Weeds, great show.

Axel Rose attack: Teacher fears for life, rescued by police.

LeftyKid's Dad got laid off from work yesterday.

i'm on steroids

Larry Sings the Classics is NOT in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

TPS Report is out

Rush is a man the size of three great musicians who sucks as a talk show host

Some marriages are so weird....

Instead of the Three Wise Men from the East...

Something I'm trying hard to remember

Put the FSM back into Chrifsmas!!

Every time I go into this guy's office

Wonder whats going on with that former cop and his missing wife...

have you ever asked to "speak to the manager?"

One of life's hardest decisions...

Am I crazy for believing that hot water does NOT freeze faster than cold water?


I'm setting up a petition to get Bananarama into the Rock and Roll HOF...

Madonna, Mellencamp Newest to Rock Hall (of Lame)

Pere Ubu, The Dead Boys, Rocket from the Tombs. Not in RnR HOF

name something that doesn't suck

Nothing like walking a few miles in a blizzard...

Didja ever notice how if you fart in your office ...

Jessica Alba

It's not cold and it sure ain't snowin' — time for Mr. Dennis Moore

New Diet

What have you learned in GD this week?

Rush fans check-in!!! One of the best bands out there and not in the "Hall of Lame"

I met this Beautiful Woman today but there's something about her that's Srange...

Best Christmas catalog EVER!

I didn't wear pants to work today

Where were you on February 4, 1973? The only existent picture of my wedding!

The Doodletown Pipers. Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Norman Greenbaum - Still Not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Any Beauty School drop-outs around here?

George W. Bush — STILL not in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

Dexys Midnight Runners. STILL not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

It's not just snowing, it's SNOWING!!!

Now just how big of a nerd Is Writer

Any L.S.E. drop-outs around here?

Butthole Surfers. STILL not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Bay City Rollers. Still not in the Rock and Roll HOF

Any H.S. drop-outs around here?

GoPsUx: STILL not in the Geek 'n' Nerd Hall of FAME!

Gotta go.

I coulda been a contender

News flash: My gift in the office white elephant Christmas exchange???

x-post = George Bush Sr. May Face Charges: Conspiring to Kidnap and Murder Political Activists

Is it possible that Hillary murdered Nicole & Ron?

I'm glad our local newspeople are so worried about us all...

Post Your Jimmie Pictures!!

Hugh Cornwell's playing Portland January 30, 2008

DU Rick Roll call!

GG Allin. STILL not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Teh Official List of Baseball Players Mentioned in the Mitchell Report as Altoid Users

Foul weather means frozen pizza! What's your favorite?

Any L.S.D. drop-outs around here?

Teh Official List of Baseball Players Mentioned in the Mitchell Report as Steroid Users

Hey ladies. how about a Shoppenboy for the holidays?

I wore my pajamas to the laundromat.

Rumors of Chasey Lain's death...

What are your favorite foodie movies?

Is there an abbreviation for dada?

What should I have for dinner?

Is there an abbreviation for cubism?

Spank the kitty!

Post your Jamie Pictures!!

Who should be inducted into the hall of fame next year?

Crazy fundie Catholic aunt sends check for Christmas--conundrum!

Anyone know when Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer is due to air on TV?

Where can I get the REAL list of steroided ballplayers?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar: Still not in the baseball Hall of Fame

Fill in the blank with a non sequitur: Twas the night before Christmas___________.


The Flaming Lips. STILL not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Liza Minnelli collapses on-stage in Sweden

An approbation thread for swag

Can someone remind me to buy Mr. Writer a small mocha before I leave this coffee shop?

Oasis. NOT in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. WHY??!!

I figured my "wait it out" period for quitting DU is about 4 days.

The best part of xmas - Omaha steaks!

Thanks to you Lounge, I now have a crush on 1980s Rick Astley

BREAKING-- Oprah withdraws Obama endorsement

I got my first post on the GREATEST page, BUT....

Pleasure the boss for money, don't be afraid to show off your assets and act like a "dumb blond."

Post Your Jammie Pictures!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/13/07 Bonus

Have you ever gotten anyone fired?

What are the best new jokes you've heard lately?

Grab this GDP link while it's hot and unlocked!!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/13/07

Why do so many people dislike Dr. Phil?

I'ts been a long strange trip...but it's good to be home on DU

Moving...need some advice.

Didja ever walk into somebody else's office and fart?

Kate Bush. STILL not in the Rock & Roll Hall of LAME!

It's snowing and cold. Time for Mr. Dinty Moore

Problems with Contemporary Architecture

holy shit! who's in Ma. right now

Oh My, I did not know Santa would do this.

I'm sure when we think "Rock and Roll" first thing we think is "Madonna"

I am trying to look up a girlfriend from H>S. and I am married

What are some of the gifts you are giving this Christmas?

Talk about extreme sports...

Genetically-modified glow-in-the-dark kitty

if your DU username is your "brand"


Someone gave me a star!

Any Ph.D. drop-outs around here?

Rush is three great musicians who suck as a band

Because you all in the Lounge are so smart...

We have a hate mail bag.

Negativland A CAPPELLA.

Radio Lady: Searching for 1946 book: "The Lion's Paw" by Robb White -- Greetings from Sanibel Island

Worst gift/recognition from "Boss" at Christmas time

BAH rates to rise an average 7.3% in 2008

Fewer MRAPs could mean more readiness funds

Former Army major charged in bribery scheme

Hearing ends for GI accused of killing Iraqi

Lawmakers praise Reserve GI Bill improvements

Sill official hopes civilians move to Okla.

Internet scam targets Army Knowledge Online

Congressman: Ban gambling on foreign bases

Ex-TECom official convicted of corruption

Editorial: A different kind of power

Backtalk: Unite for veterans

Ex-cmdr.: Climate change threatens Va. bases

Japan shaves financial support for U.S. bases

Jury deliberating lance corporal’s case

Ga. lawmakers lobby for F-22 purchases

Iraqi air force academy mints new officers

Editorial: Corps put spin control ahead of victims’ health

NORAD not moving — for now

Judge dismisses suit in VA cancer treatment

Backtalk: In high-stakes region, PacAF builds its fleet

Ky. guardsmen fall in for Christmas mission

Congressional study faults base-closing decisions

Car bomb incident rate declines in Baghdad

U.S.-Japan base-support pact focuses on utility costs

GAO: Base closings to cost more, save less

As truckers strike, Naples runs out of gas

Phone counseling available to troops, their families overseas

NATO mum after Gates blasts Afghan role

Airman to face Article 32 in gang beating

Ex-AAFES official allegedly coached SSRT on contracts

Family allowed to adopt fallen son’s dog

Osprey modification sped up after engine fire

Vindication on MRAP

Hayden Knew of Torture Tapes Early On

NATO Wants Japan Afghan Efforts Resumed

Congress Wants Data on Vet Suicides

Clinic Testing New mTBI Screening

Cyberspace Expands AF's Reach

Enlisted To Honor KIA Son? Umm, no.

Editorial: Pilot cuts make sense

US military's Africa command alarms aid workers

Army planning to be first service to use integrated pay plan

Banned herbicide found in water on U.S. bases in U.K.

House Passes $696B Defense Policy Bill

Hearing tomorrow 12/14 in SF -Veterans for Commonsense Lawsuit against VA

Suspected Army suicides set record

F-22 reaches full operational capability

Red State Update: Securing Giuliani's Mistress

Global Warming "Overblown" Says Fred & The Pope

AARP, Hollywood Join Forces / Divided We Fail PSA #1

Coleen Rawley: 'That I'm Debating Whether Torture Right or Wrong is Incredible'

Our President Is (Drum-roll) An Idiot

12 Days Of Christmas - Election 2008 (Republican) Edition

Mitt Hits Huckabee: Values

Hungry Freaks, Daddy

Lt. Col. Andrew Horne (Ret.) Announces His Candidacy Against Mitch McConnell

Red State Update: Alan Keyes & Fred Thompson's Hands

Hillary's Mom

Impeach Bush Cards interview on WINZ AM with Nicole Sandler

Iowa Debate Reaction (12/13): Focus Group discusses Iowa Debate

John Edwards - CNN Focus Group Debate winner

Crude price gains over four dollars

1, 2, 3, 4 who are we fighting for? I don't give a damn.........

TERRORISM as a Tool of the State = Operation Condor: Clandestine Inter-American System.

I really don't give a shit

A pictures worth a thousand's a few......

Older white women join Kenya's sex tourists

“The CIA is enemy territory” Paul Wolfowitz Against US Intelligence

Durbin: What about Rendition Tapes?

Glenn Greenwald: New poll reveals how unrepresentative neocon Jewish groups are


Mexican Air Force Catchs Drug Plane, Forces it Down - Wonder Who it Belonged To?

How Secure Is Your Home? A guide to provide you with ways to improve the security of your home

An "interseting" read...

Saudi Says No Need to Cut Oil Use to Fight Warming

US repatriates 15 from Guantanamo

Look, alls I knows is that the following will happen come next year...


U.S. to Cut 10 Percent of Diplomatic Posts Next Year

For me, boarding KSM, Zubydah, or any AQ suspects....

Ryan White's Mother Still Trying To Meet With Mike Huckabee

"It's not torture..." (political cartoon)

Huckabee's motto ("Faith, Family, Freedom") has a nice Fascist ring to it....

I travel quite a bit--- and the threat level is always Orange. Can't they just leave it at orange...

Army pays vet $725 for wrongful imprisonment

'Freedom lost' - Special Report - Iraq

Three Blasts Kill at Least 27 in Iraq

watching Gore's Bali speech live on live video feed

So Bush included three dogs in the

U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD: 3888

Catania's Bill Would Regulate Pharmaceutical Salespeople

Nigerian Children

The only deadlines Congress makes, are the deadlines for the start of their vacations

Out of touch

Woohoo! 1-2 inches of snow per hour!! ~ Are you getting snow today too?

Another Bushworld through the looking glass moment...Gonzo named "Lawyer of the Year"

"Republican Stool"...

An open apology to DU

USA, Germany and others have called upon Israel to join the NPT as a non-nuclear weapon state

Terrorist Threat Ensues As Projects' Demolition Looms - Diaperman Vitter is on the case

Gore: U.S. Obstructing Climate Talks

C.I.A. Chief Cites Agency Lapse on Tapes

Stalking the shadows- Long live the writers!!!

Thinkprogress is like The Onion today

'GMornin Joe

The GOP Race: None of the Above

"Report: Feds Probing Sharpton Finances"

Why is the AJC pounding the subliminal drum beat toward war with Iran?

Spreading Democracy, and looking into Pootie-Poot's eyes. Tom Tole examines the aftermath.

For that special freeper on your holiday gift list...

Which Democrats Are Doing the Talk Shows Disputing Torture & Administraion?

Bush Pardons 29, but Not Libby

Why does Paris Hilton have news conferences?

A support the troops deal.

If All Voters Could Only Realize

As of today, half my household garbage is being recycled.

Quickly sliding into CHAOS...

"Horns & Haloes" coming up at 10:25 A.M. - Documentary Ch (Dish)

HOLY SHIT! - Gonzales named Lawyer of the Year

If the Party splinters, could Al Gore unite it ?

The Latest Edition of the Republican Dictionary

Samuel Adams Quote

My brief primer on the Bush Crime family

Oh that's nice: an anorexic woman in the side bar ad on the discussion forum page of DU.

I know we like to not like network tv, but did anyone here watch Kid Nation tonight?

Muslim comes to aid of Jews being attacked on NY subway for saying "Happy Chanukah"

Great Presidential Quotes

Karen HUGHES's family has to put up with her again FOR AWHILE - Warning: GRAPHIC!1

Mormon lecture re: being perfect woman, Utah's high anti-depressant Rx's!

Torture Policy came from the White House

‘Senior’ Bushie: ‘They should have burned the NIE.’

AP-Bush PRIVATELY Vetoes Health Insurance Bill--FOR KIDS

I don't guess I need to tell you guys this, but when some Republican says anything

Mitchell Report and the Dem Debate both scheduled for 2 p.m.

Too Many Impeachable Offenses to Put Any on the Table.

Who knew? Federal Reserve has emergency powers?

Opera files antitrust complaint with the EU


Bankruptcy bill modifications going before the House!!!

Senators vote to hold Bush chief of staff, Rove in contempt

Lawmakers vote to hold Bolten and Rove in contempt

Sharpton being investigation BUT BUT

The case of the missing White House e-mails

When Sosa is named by Mitchell does Bush get an * next to his Presidency?

Your feedback would be much appreciated

Question: If members of the Senate and House

When AMERICANS are waterboarded abroad...

How Healthy Is Your Medical Credit Score?

Senate Conservatives Block Energy Bill...Reid Offers to Keep Oil Co. Loopholes for Passage..

So the question is not if but when we can alter sexual preference/inclination

Osama's dead bother Ackmed found...also a terrorist.

White House launches a MOAB in counterattack on War Against Christmas

Burqa-clad suicide bomber attacks check post in Peshawar

Andrew Horne will face off against Mitch McConnell for Senate. !!!

FCCMedia Consolidation Hearing on Now (Thurs)

TOON: Dems & Bush like Charlie Brown, Lucy & a football

Caption Condi

What's the dumbest or most offensive statement each republican candidate has made?

Senate Judiciary Committee approves contempt resolutions against Rove, Bolten

Looks like somebody had a little too much Christmas spirit(s)

Lou Dobbs has had a spokesman from the wingnut racist group FAIR on his show 12 times just this year

Russia, Iran Reach Agreement On Nuclear Power Station

National Debt Grows $1 Million a Minute

Thinking of going mobile?

Make your plans now: "An American Conversation With Barbara Bush"..

Contractor, Owner Feud Over Hidden Cash

Al Gore Lambasts US Climate Obstructions

Christmas on the Dark Side of the Moon?

Death toll from tropical storm Olga rises to 25; most in Dominican flooding

I just sent my contribution envelope back to the DCCC...

Bush approval ratings: Further confirmation of a Kerry landslide (TIA) ( x )

EU threatens to boycott US climate talks

SJC- Bolten & Rove in contempt of congress

Crass Christmas Commercialism

Anthrax "scare"...

Doesn't it make you sick. Bush: "Change is good for the country."

Israel could strike first blow against Iran - Sarkozy

Muslim Girl World magazine

Sharpton slams reported fed probe of '04 run

Obama asking for contribution protest vote by 5,000 to rebuke repeated Clinton campaign smears!

Wait wait wait the Colorado shooter was an ex-missionary?

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann joins Bill Moyers Friday on Moyers' PBS program "Journal."

WWII Only 25% fired their weapons in combat - Made Up Stat by Author?

Pentagon’s “Human Terrain System” to Recruit Graduate Students to Serve in Iraq, Afghanistan

Lawyers Urge New Orleans and HUD to Stop Racially Motivated Demolitions of Public Housing

Put the blame where it belongs.

what about the Dem debate?

McGovern talked about long shot campaigns - noble defeat or empty victory?

CNN is set to televise Democratic Debate @2:00est. Steroid Press Conference @2:00est

Well, it didn't take long for Hillary to get down and dirty.

Has Bush and the Republicans changed the way you look at America?

Asthma...and Flovent inhaler...please comment if you have any experience with this...

Want To See A Weasel In Action? Watch Specter's Vote On Contempt

What will happen to the Contractors who are and were working in Iraq?

House Advances Intelligence Bill With Ban on Harsh Interrogation Methods

40 percent increase in the number of hate groups since 2000

Stock Market turns on a dime at 2:00pm

Overall how do our candidates for president compare to the other side (GOP)?

Senate Committee Approves Contempt Resolution Against Rove & Bolten

How about making it illegal to tell people they are going to hell? Call it "religious harassment".

Paul Craig Roberts: Shrinking the US Dollar from the Inside-Out

28 retired generals, admirals urge CIA to abandon harsh interrogation techniques

The Lowest of Scum: Charities gave Less than one-third raised to Veterans

FAUX Business show consults Astrologer on rate cut prediction

Can party leaders be ousted at any time with a vote of no confidence?

Demolition of New Orleans Public Housing Starts

Grandmother Arrested Over Branch-Belt Discipline Of Girl

Mayor marries couples for free _ how about a campaign donation?

Man Fined After Pleading No Contest In Racial Outburst

Pelosi: Republicans `like' Iraq war (Boehner agrees)

House votes to outlaw CIA waterboarding

Goldman Sachs Christmas bonuses

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Watching the Dem debate: I will be proud to vote for any one of the Democratic Candidate

Keith Olbermann interviewed by Bill Moyers on his PBS show this week

New way to send wounded soldiers holiday cards.

12-13-2007 Articles re: CIA torture tapes

bu$h* shames America again:International Impasse Deepens at Climate Talks

So some people want to let the Bible dictate the Laws ?...Ah..How about These?

The Invisible Man

An internet list of MLB players named on the Mitchell Report IS WRONG...

Who will leave behind a more negative legacy?

Rep. Poe: KBR Gang Rape Was Not ‘An Isolated Case Of Sexual Assault’

Ha! The Dem debate - What's a 24/7 cable news show to do?

White Nationalist Group's Meeting Prompts Protest

I KNEW IT! NO Chicago Cubs on the Steroid list !!11!!11

Baseball Steroid users: The Complete List

Is there a site that list number of wounded/killed vets per state?

US lawyers argue in UK court that it has the right to kidnap foreign nationals

House Dems "express public frustration with Reid and Senate Dems for not putting up a fight."

Hey mods & admins! This page is broken...

My biggest regret is that all six of our candidates on that stage can't be president

12 days of Christmas - G.O.P. style

Brent Budowsky: Come Clean on Torture

Don't Approve of Mormonism? Great! Don't Convert!

So Who do you think won the Dem Debate?

I think Edwards message won the debate.

Has Gore ever responded to the reich-wing "he flies private jets" smear?

Mobile Labs to Target Iraqis for Death

MUST READ: in less than a month the US Supreme Court hears arguments that COULD DECIDE 2008 election

Remember when drug tests in Clinton's WH were in the news

How the World Sees China (Pew Research) Polls

Savage Weiner: 90% of Nobel committee into child porn.

Cartoon on Morman origin and philosophy

Anyone notice the party unity on display in IA?

Next pet craze, glow in the dark cloned pets!

We need to nationalize the screen writers guild. I'm seriously jonesing for Maher, Stewart, Colbert.

Wash. Post's Milbank compares Edwards' haircuts to undocumented workers at Romney's home

X-post from the Lounge: The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/13/07 Bonus

Come, Join the Solution Dept....BushCrew ain't doing it..what say we give it a try...

GM foods can be dangerous. But you do the research

House bill bans waterboarding, mock executions

AP: Gore Completes Renovations to Tenn. Home (GBC praises house as one of nation's best)

Fiore flashtoon: Learn how to "Speak Intel"

Latest CNN poll D-R Presidential match ups (Finally, something petty to argue about!)

Can someone show me where Huckabee has or wants to implement laws requiring

Alan Keyes has entertainment value.

List of players, ex-players in Mitchell report

“Arkansas Menorah in the Baghdad Palace” to celebrate Chanukah

NBC's Gregory, Lauer didn't challenge Romney's claims on religious test

Take me out to the Ballgame

Imus: "Why don't you like Huckabee? Because you're gay, or what?"

Murdock does plan to rename the Journal

Marines let dog go to slain handlers' family

So is this the device where they prompt Shrub what to say?

Breaking: NJ Assembly votes to abolish death penalty

HELP DU Geeky Squad: Please..I need to retrieve doc info.

Seeking to become Ayatollah Sadr

Government Goes Zero for Seven in Terrorism Convictions

The 'lesser known' presidential hopefuls debate- pics

PS - Hillary is also the antichrist (and more....) - And you thought mormon underwear was weird...

Did I miss the dem debate discussion?

Gore draws ‘rapturous’ ‘ovation’ at U.N. climate meeting.

Chris Matthews represents the idiocy of the MSM -- RE:Debates

Well Well, apparently some conservatives don't WANT Oprah to be "political"

Mistrial declared against 6 in "The liberty City 7" 7th defendant got acquitted.

BREAKING-Bill Shaheen stepped down as co-chair of Hillary's campaign.

Question about miscarriages and Roe v. Wdae

i heard the Huck'str pardoned the Rapist/murder under pressure of Clinton Haters cause the guy raped

bush and barney - x-mas doggie video


Bodies Found At The Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, FL

Jerry Brown fights global warming as California attorney general

Murdoch's Dow Jones deal gets final OK

The Trap: What happened to our dream of freedom?

Mukasey on the Spot-How will the AG respond to the CIA's destruction of interrogation videotapes?

Why are so many American Veterans working for Blackwater instead of being recalled to active duty?

Larry Johnson: "This is Oversight?" "Are American's Better than Torturers?"

FBI agent threatened to arrest CIA interrogators in 2002.

Get ready for the White House Christmas Card

Senate passes another provision from Senator Kerry's Military Family Bill of Rights

Inflation ! Biggest jump in 34 years.

Debate watchers: What was the "low-blow" question to Biden? Thanks. nt

Asteroid Shower -- Peaks tonight 10PM > Dawn!

My Letter to the Editor of The Des Moines Register About Excluding Dennis Kucinich from Its Debate

Fucking with language for fun and profit

FEMA strikes again (Oklahoma)

New Life Shooter - Did Church Leaders Search his Room and Destroy Evil Influences?

Bring Tibet to the 2008 Olympic Games

Major stuff going on with Illinois' Governor

Alan Keyes is a One Man GOP Freak Show

What do you think of Biden?

Ann Coulter Smacked Down for "Faulty Gaydar and a Jones for Joe".. McCarthy, That Is

Shitty Question of the Day: Who "Won" The Debate

After losing spending battle, Pelosi points to 2008 election

Vote on the Next DU Aggrieved Group Seminar!

Please recommend an alternative to Outlook's calendar

The power of DU

Michael Savage Attacks Norway!

Jon Soltz: One of our own is going to take down McConnell!

Peanut butter for Christmas!

PLEASE READ this outstanding post from DEMOCRANK: "I have finally reached the end of my rope."

English only in the workplace: mean-spirited and culturally ignorant!

Exactly how many votes does the Senate need to pass legislation?

Bali and the Need for US Leadership (audio of Sen. Kerry's press conference)


New Evidence That Hayden Lied: Former Prisoner Claims His Torture Was Taped In 2003

The writer's strike has been kind of...nice

X-post from the Lounge: The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/13/07

Why do Dem candidates feel threatened by Kucinich?

The Rude Pundit - HR 847: Are You Goddamn Kidding?

WEXLER" IMPEACHMENT Hearings Aren't Just On Option, But A Requirement"

What IF a republican wins in 2008? What actions will you take?

George Waterboard Bush, now that's what I call a Permanent Republican Pejorative

AFP: Al Gore urges divided UN climate meet to ignore US

THAT'S the Ticket! ---pix--->>>

What is going on with the weather? It's freezing

I have a question for all you who consider themselves to be

A very cool graph showing how all our top candidates (but especially Edwards) kick Repub ass!

Keep in Mind There are Angry Repubs Out There Who Will Vote For Edwards....

Wow, didn't know Biden's wife and son were killed in a wreck

I wonder how many republicans are on mood-meds these days..

Mobile Labs to Target Iraqis for Death - Parry

Edwards 39% to Obama 26% and Hillary 24% on CNN Undecided Debate Panel Results

Roadblock Republicans are 3 filibusters away from breaking the record

Here Is The Disparity Concerning The Erased 'Tapes"

Regarding psychotic Jesus freaks

In this national nightmare, in this meltdown, how many of you have

OBAMA+BUSH=OBAMABUSH -> MABUS (nostradamus Anti-Christ prediction)

Ms. Pelosi, if impeachment is off the table, so is re-election.

Get Your Bush Coins Now! - Hilarious

Merry Christmas! Meet the kids who are making decorations sold at Walmart...

CIA Detainee Torture, Memory Loss, and the Bush Administration's Falsification of History

450,000 holiday letters & cards to an "American Soldier" dumped in trash by the military...

National poll averages look like an upturn for Hillary and Obama

Open letter to Dick Durbin-BushCo's Tax Increase, Lobbies & Corruption

Republican debates: Hunter & Tancredo high-five Huckabee on National Sales Tax, A.K.A. "Fair Tax"

Seems every time someone from New Hampshire gets Negative Press...

Question about convention delegates and how long they are bound...

ATTENTION all those who want to make IMPEACHMENT a reality

Edwards may win Iowa late yet not get credit for it in the media because of exit polls

Bush approval ratings: Further confirmation of a Kerry landslide (TIA) ( x )

The one question I want answered at the next Dem debate

Alan Keyes again ?

Inside Obama's Iowa Ground Game

Close Senate Vote Expected on Energy (AP)

The Republican you can't beat is ...

Poll: Clinton tops Obama in S.C. - N.H. and I A.

Nancy Pelosi's inaugural address and Dem weakness

Iowa Poll puts Hillary back in the lead...

The neoconservatives have said they'd gladly support a Democrat for president.

Putting words in Obama's mouth - Edith Childs (the "fired up, ready to go" woman)

Democrats Blaming Each Other For Failures

EU threatens to boycott US-led climate talks


And Bill didn't inhale?

Republicans Wishing: if only we could live 100 years ago...

Senator Dodd Did Not File Petitions to be on New York Democratic Primary Ballot

She still thinks she's inevitable: Clinton says race will be over Feb. 5

"Obama is a Muslum..."

McConnell scoffs at Dem label

Should Democrats win in a landslide?

Howard Dean and 4 past presidents are members of Obama's church (Wikipedia)

Pelosi and Torture

Senate Hearing Live Now - Media Ownership - FCC - CSpan 3

Markos whittles it down to Obama for the primaries

The Preacher-in-Chief?

Chris Bowers whittles it down to Edwards for the primaries

Specter to Reid: Who You Callin’ a Puppet?

Pre-debate pro-Obama thread: Let's root for Obama!

"the heroic women of the white handkerchiefs"

Thirteen Days of War Resistance at the Port of Olympia (Wash.)

I think it's time for major world countries to impose sanctions against...

If you absolutely had to choose between Obama and Clinton:

Is it too late for Gore to step into the ring?

Hillary can't make up her mind once again.

WP: N.H. Blog Unmasks a Campaign in Comments (Clinton campaign sock-puppets)

CAPTION Kentucky's senior bathroom attendant

Can any candidate who favors driver's licenses for undocumented aliens be elected in 2008?

Where Bloomberg Fits in Election

So, is Alan Keyes running for president again?

Attacking Obama for teen drug use....was Obama's idea...?

A whispering campaign by definition is the worst kind of mudslinging.

In attacking Obama was Shaheen "freelancing" or was he carrying out campaign strategy?

Why is Clinton struggling? Insert answer here

Another Case for Biden - woot! great oped!

Arguing that John Edwards is the most electable because he's white, southern and has a dick

Reagan 3 - Bush 0

Electablity Poll

Do the rules apply to Dennis Kucinich?

Is there a livestream for today's debate? n/t

Americans Want a Democrat in the White House. But Americans Also Want an Upbeat, Positive Democrat.

Get ready for a jaw-dropping national display of racism (Not campaign related)

aiiiii the debate is starting... where can I watch it?

Ron Paul leads Republicans online

Another Obama questionnaire of flip flops surfaces

Third Clinton Volunteer Knew Of Smear E-Mail

Kos votes for Obama in his latest straw poll

Edwards banks on veteran caucusgoers to pull off Iowa

Why are the debates being taken over by the MLB steroid announcement?

Hillary personally apologizes to Obama...

Great new Glen Hurwitz piece on Huff...

Like It Or Not, You Have To Play Politics If You Desire To Be A Politician And Win

MSNBC Running MLB Steriod Story

If past drug use is an issue relevant to the campaign

Latest ARG national: Hillary 41, Obama - 22, Edwards - 13, Undecided - 10

Quinnipiac for NJ: Hillary - 51, Obama - 17, Edwards - 7


Why I will not vote for Obama

Deleted by Poster, duplicate:

Lots of attacks on Edwards and Edwards' supporters today

How come I am watching the debate and I am not in Iowa?

OMG - THIS IS HUGH - wait until the Republicans find out that Obama

Spotted talking outside the Senate Chamber yesterday: GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham and Al Franken?

New PPIC polls for CA: Hillary - 44, Obama - 20, Edwards - 12

Comparing yesterdays Debate to todays, one of the things...

Plouffe: When Hillary Attacks

Puppets of the Clinton Campaign

Response from Obama camp, RE: Clinton's apology

Buchanan's dirty trick on Scarborough this am.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Hillary Haters and the Roosevelts

Attacking Obama for drug use as a teen is beyond the pale. Attacking Clinton for Mena Airport

I give up. I'll vote for the holiest candidate.

Is this going to be 2004 all over again?

Debate Moderator Hits Biden On Race; Obama Steps Up To Defend

Self Delete/Dupe

Iowa Independent Live Debate Blog


Didn't see it, but apparantely Fox focus group said Obama and Edwards won the debate.

Survey: "Oprah Factor" Working for Obama

FYI: Coming up on MSNBC, character questions, repeated from

Sorry, ObamaNation, but I'm not buying it.

Going the Extra Mile for Edwards (A great story)

Will Obama put a stop to the anti-Hillary e-mail smear campaign?

Even Though I Don't Think These Debates Change Anybody's Mind

CNN Focus Group: Edwards won

Pair up running mates from the current field

Dennis Kucinich Quadruples Support In Recent ARG Poll

Status Quo Debate a Victory for Obama

Quandry---who to back--Kucinich or Obama?

John McCain attacks Obama's drug use (May 2007)

National Poll: Clinton 37%, Obama 28%, Edwards 13%, Richardson 4%, Kucinich 3%, Biden 3%

Bill Shaheen quits Clinton campaign

Ben Smith: Video of Obama's best moment...and the increasingly real prospect he could be nominee

Joe Erwin, former SC Dem party chair, backing Obama for nomination

ABC News Interviews Joe Biden Tonight

The Elephant in the Room

Hardball has Axelrod, Trippi, and Mark Penn on right now at the same time.

Hardball Panel Slamming Clinton Campaign over Drug Remarks

Shaheen's Democratic Opponent

And Kucinich's Medicare for All HR676 gets yet another co-sponsor:Rep Bishop, Sanford D., Jr. [GA-2]

Clinton insiders question top aide's approach

Did Obama say today that he would repeal ALL of Chimpy's 1,100 Signing Statements?

Congress Just Passed a Law RESPECTING Christianity H.R 847

x-post = George Bush Sr. May Face Charges: Conspiring to Kidnap and Murder Political Activists

All of our guys are so good

CNN Stumps For Hillary...Again

Coming up on Tucker (guest host Norah O'Donnell), Elizabeth Edwards

MSNBC''s Showing of debate about to finish...So if you want to see their post debate, its coming up

OK, folks.....The Freepers have finally gone 'round the bend!

Edwards press release: Rick Klein loves John Edwards!

Should a candidate's religion be an issue if s/he was an active, adult member

Who won the debate that hasn't happened yet?

Obama Aide: Clinton Adviser’s Decision to Quit the ‘Right Thing’

CNN Focus Group- John Edwards Won

Hillary Talks the Talk, but Wheres the Walk?

To what party does a liberal belong?

Clinton makes 'change' message work for her: " I believe you get it by working hard for change."

Al Gore urged delegates to reach agreement even without US backing

Elizabth Edwards on MSNBC

Poll: not a lot of Jesus-rode-a-dinosaur voters in NH

Status Quo Debate a Victory for Obama

Focus group debate watchers (heart) Obama and Edwards, Hillary...not so much

Which candidate advocated for single payer health care at the debate today?

Obama Talks the Talk, But Where’s the Walk?

Which leading candidate won the debate?

Truly afraid that if it IS Obama he will get blown out in '08....

Where we are now- an oxygen suppliment.

Are they re-running the debate tonight? What channel?

HuffPo: There were "secretive efforts by the Clinton campaign to promote the Obama-cocaine issue"

Who won the debate today?

Edwards Receives Endorsement from Iraq Veteran and Activist Sergeant John Bruhns

It is abundantly clear that Hillary can't control her own team

Edwards Statement on Bush's Veto of Children's Health Care Legislation

The smear against Obama can be a "teaching moment"

Aide: Clinton apologizes to Obama

Edwards is no more electable than any of the others

Can Des Moines Register explain why they allowed Alan Keyes to debate, but not Kucinich?

Obama is officially the frontrunner now and we all know Iowa's history with frontrunners

OK, help me out DUers! After which primary will it be "all over"? Iowa, New Hampshire? Other?

Biden just paid Obama back on CNN

First Read on the debates. Accurate or close or way off?

IMPRESSIVE: BIDEN passes on the opportunity to tell the story of the death of his wife and baby.

Retired Lt. Col. Officially Enters Race To Challenge McConnell

Poor Old Fred Thompson - couldn't get 500 sigs for DE ballot


Luntz Focus Group in Iowa: Edwards 10% before debate, about 50% after debate

Sorry Hillary, I Don't Buy It

If nothing else, the barring of Kucinich from the debate today

Edwards: independent investigation for CIA tapes

Keyes or Kucinich?

MSNBC's Howard Fineman: "Clinton's campaign is teetering on the brink"

Who are the Hillary haters and are they from the 1930’s?

All This Cocaine Talk And Going Negative Does

Help Me Out Here: When Has Obama's Camp Attacked Clinton?

I have had it with Hillary! Novak was right about the smear plans.

If nominated, will the GOP make an issue of Obama's admitted cocaine use?

John Edwards' Defining Moment

Who finishes fifth in Iowa? (I'm not asking for any ranking of 1-4). Will that candidate drop out?

Obama To Hillary: "I'm Looking Forward To You Advising Me"

Des Moines Register names Debate Winner -----

Can someone please point me to the America which would vote for...

Trippi just stepped all over Penn's bullshit on Hardball

W did it & hides it Bill did it too Millions voted for both Obama confronts it Tell me the issue..?

"Biden’s showing was the best of the day"

Bill Shaheen quits Clinton campaign

Hillary's Mom's TV ad

Team Hillary is not very creative

Poppy Bush dumped TONS of cheap IranContra cocaine into black communities in 80s

RCP State Poll Averages: Obama now leading Hillary in Iowa and NH

A dozen mysteries - suddenly S O L V E D

how do you feel about drug use?

Who Is In Charge Of The Democatic House Caucus?

Can Obama win any southern states in November?

The Negative of Being Hillary

Clinton said, "I'm Looking Forward To You Advising Me." How arrogant! She thinks she's won already!

Today showed me why some of you would kill for Biden

Another Case For Biden-OPED

The Reviews are in: John Edwards Declared Winner of Des Moines Register Debate

Edwards on Cocaine Attacks: "I reject it, and I want nothing to do with that kind of politics"

"Progressives" love what they profess to hate when it comes to Obama

Mark My Words...the Clinton Campaign Will Burn for the Drug Charge

Are Bill Clinton's extra-marital affairs and scandal fair game?

Edwards is more electable period:

New Hampshire: Obama 31% Clinton 28%

Dear Bobby, It's not the person who is hated but her policies & SUPPORT OF CORPORATISM!