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Archives: December 14, 2007

Georgia Outsourcing Government IT

Seven Senior Federal Engineers and Scientists Call for New 9/11 Investigation

Democrats lash Bush's "hostile" labor board

Reactor expected to produce isotopes again in a week

Mike Ditka Demands NFL and Players Association 'Do The Right Thing' As They Face Their Corporate Res

Aussie TV station joins antiwhalers

Local ACLU Calls For Impeachment... Again (CA - Cite CIA Tapes/Nixon Similarities)

Major cable companies to unveil voter registration campaign

Bush unsure of NIE findings probe

Arrest Warrants Issued in Malibu Fire

KBR Chief Knocks Alleged Victim's Rape Claims

UK: A Battalion a year lost to cocaine sackings (over 500 tested positive for drugs)

WGA (Writers Guild of America) files NLRB charges against AMPTP

Mormon Barbie

I know the cure for our oil problem!

My kitty had a seizure this morning.

How to fix hard starting problems: Drive 60 miles a day

Pete Rose. STILL not in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Still not in the bocceball Hall of Fame: Everybody.

Rick Astley. STILL not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Real geeks- name it.

KC and The Sunshine Band: Still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Thieves cut off man's 'holy leg'

I'm getting fucking sick of this electric situation

Ok, stupid question time. What is that share/bookmark icon all about?

Buddy Lovebomb and His Satanic Lounge Orchestra: Still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Ron Jeremy. Still not in Porn Hall Of Fame.

Buster Highman and his Swinging Organ: Still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I am caught...

Ted Haggard: Still not in the Christian Hall of Fame

Little Stubby and the Disappointments: Still not in the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame

A Pyhrric victory still beats a Pyhrric loss

A Pyorrhea victory still beats a Pyorrhea loss.

Bi Baby - how was Kitteh's snipping?

Maple syrup is the perfect food.

Tiny Tim: Still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Dexys Midnight Runners: still not sleeping.

New York Jets Q&A

RetroLounge - Still not in the Jammie Hall of Fame

Ocelot - still not in the Eccentric Losers' Hall of Fame.

"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue."

Teh Kitteh videos...

Geeks. Name him.

Stranded Sailboat removed from Milwaukee Beach

Ever make your pet pancakes?

the Jesse Camp, fuck him, thread

ThomCat, lioness... any other NY DUer

When you think back and remember the Big Bang...

I'm Waiting For My Man

DVD Recorder question

Rod Stewart is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Descutes Hop Trip

Check this out!

What's your bread and butter?

He may be sick, rude and awful, but I love Perez....

You know what I would really love right now?


When you think back and remember the Gang Bang...

Laura Branigan: Still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Here's a cute holiday diversion...


About the Vienna Sausage Boys Choir

Would a gift certificate be ok for my 12 year old niece?

Okay, what's the most embarrassing TV show you watch?

The first time ever I kissed your mouth

Ask Pat Robetson

Yumpin' Yiminy! "(Swedish) Army castrates heraldic lion"

Geminid Meteor Shower tonight!

Baby Grace - What...the...fuck??

Missing Persons is the perfect band.

Confession time!!!!!

What thread are you most proud of that you started?

theyll be calling you a radical, Liberal, fanatical, criminal.

So ... I need hugs

What's the BIG DEAL about Baseball Players using Steroids...All Sports use them and Worse...

everyone keeping warm tonight?

Memphis Belle on AMC.

OK, what the hell is the new "menubar" in the posts all about? "Share/Bookmark," with

The Drinking Age in England is still 18

Little help please, does anybody have an xbox?

Suggestion for DU Admins: Pre-registration Test for All New Users.

Post a picture of your Desktop

How many people at DU have licked a toad in their past?

Do you still write actual letters to people?

Any Firesign Theater Fans Out There

Mother Nature or Father Time?

Anything happening tonight?

Why is the DU tombstone sexist? Can't women troll as easily as men??!!

But he shot his Aunty.

Why do successful people make me feel like a piece of shit?

What's your favorite Family Guy "This is worse than the time..." (flashback) quote?

Mornington Crescent, anyone?

MY daughter did the tree this year. Merry Christmas

baseball fans, thoughts on the Mitchell report?

What's the best way to display holiday cards without it looking tacky?

The World's Cutest Kitten! Right here!

WTF?! Lame-ass local NBC affiliate shows "The Nutcraker On Ice" instead of "The Office"

It's Rock N Roll Trivia time

Real Geeks, Name Her:

Tomorrow I'm going on a first date with a girl I've never actually met. Any last minute advice?

Anita O'day: still not in the Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame?

It's shocking how fast the money runs out - 'Divided We Fail' PSA

Olbermann: Bushed! 13 Dec. '07 (Lunaticgate)

Norman Mailer On Iraq | Pt. 1

Norman Mailer On Iraq | Pt. 2

Rep. Scott on Bush's 2nd Veto of Children's Health Care

Iptv - National Debt and Relations with China

Clinton speaks on Election Eve Nov 2006. Virginia.

Pat Robertson: Ice Storms Caused by Messing with Israel

Mother & Daughter

David Shuster Steals Joe Scarborough's Lunch-Eats It

David Shuster Steals Joe Scarborough's Lunch-Eats It (Part Two)

Olbermann: Worst Persons 12/13 - EXTRA Creepy Bill O'Reilly

The Madness Of Frank Luntz | Part One

Iptv - Candidate Statement | John Edwards

Disarmament wars replace The Cold War

Hilarious Sam Seder debate with fundie over the War on Christmas.

Senator Clinton Decries Efforts to Block Limit on Large Farm Subsidies in Farm Bill

2007 data confirms warming trend

Questions reporters should be asking the Republican candidates

"I will review all of president Bush's signing statements and rescind those .."

60 Minutes: Military Soft On Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

If you get one of those Christmas "bragging letters," detailing the family's accomplishments,

Proposed Law Would Require Option For Ultrasounds Before Abortions

These veterans charities flunked - 8 veterans charities received F grades- Wounded Warrior Project??

"Thank you"

Alan Keyes & the Minuteman Money Mystery

Senators Clinton and Nelson Introduce Resolution Praising Opening of Holocaust Archives


"Homegrown Terror" Case Falls Apart

Homeless stage live Nativity

Huckabee's views on Women Scrutinized.

So...what's the deal with all these Ron Paul crap ads?

Holy Shite: Rudy's company made money on domestic spying DU becoming the "Crime Forum?

So now that the current debate has been chosen for us - Re: the CIA tapes

Did I miss something? What is this Share/Bookmark thing that I see in OPs?

Ray McGovern: "This Is About Our Country Losing It's Soul-Let’s rise to the occasion & stop torture"

so when will the Media offically call it a RECESSION

My kitty had a seizure this morning.

Mark Penn did NOT help his boss on Hardball...More clinton poor judgment


Dan Abrams on Siegelman and Rove

Paging Bill O'Rly: The War on Christmas is OVAH!

Pelosi being interviewed on PBS

It Was A Comment On FireDogLake That Made My Blood Run Cold...

Hidden U.S. Deaths Of Gulf Wars: Since Gulf War 1 - 73,846 US Dead, 1,620,906 Disabled

Democrats Blaming Each Other For Failures

Emergency Alert: Senate Set to Cave on FISA

Oil Prices based on fear, and connection to Iran Lie by Bush

Attorney: CIA has photos showing abuse

Strategic research project - Jesus, the strategic Leader (army war college)

(TOON) Steve Bell on Shrub's Christmas

Robert Sheer: Was Pelosi aware of CIA's tactics?

Erwin Chemerinsky, USA's Top Professor of Constitutional Law! - Live interview now! - HR 1955

Columbian Fernando BOTERO paints Abu Ghraib series, a la "Guernica"

Our founders, were home grown terrorists sick of “sodomization” by a King and his corporate cohorts

what if a political party's official president nominee died during the campaign?

Couric didn't question Giuliani's assertion that "Iran is moving toward" obtaining "nuclear weapons"

U.S. Army To Lay-Off 200,000 Civilians, Contractors

EU threatens to boycott next climate talks

My daughter won't be home for Christmas (anti-Huckabee ad)

Action taken against money laundering in UAE

Caption Poppy ---pix--->>>

U.S raises Bin Laden reward

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Muqtada al-Sadr studying to become an ayatollah

"Don't Know Much About HIstory"....................

Scott Horton (Harpers) on the jailed Alabama former governor -- MSNBC's Dan Abrams tonight

President Gore on the Independent frontpage: The world can't wait for George Bush

Great news fellow proles.

Russia helps Iran with nuclear reactor

"We ain't been tacked sense nine leven now have we?"

Sixteen bodies found in a ditch in Iraq

Power Cut to Woman on Electric Oxygen Pump (she died)

I went to an Obama house party tonight!

Gay-Marriage Opponents Turn in Petition

Is it wrong or just sick that I'm still watching the re-runs of The Daily Show?

Robert Parry: Mobile Labs to Target Iraqis for Death

fuck baseball.

AWOL military justice = military commissions at Guantanamo Bay

Earth's Heat Adds to Climate Change to Melt Greenland Ice(hotspots)

Now that torture orders are confirmed coming from the WH, where will we obtain justice?

4th grade essay winner and runner up (and more). Kids - Gotta love em :)

It's almost a recession according to--Martha Stewart.

Is the American middle class in the cross hairs of a plot to loot our wealth?

Does anyone have a picture of Wade Edwards? Such a tragedy

Georgia residents. Please give us an update on the water situation.

Poor Fred Is Dead in the Water ---pix--->>>

What weaknesses/liabilities in YOUR candidate do you worry about in a general election?

Barney! Barney! Are you still run'n dude? Watch out for the fly'n monkies and

Bam!!! CIA Scores Direct Hit on the Unitary Executive!

FBI agent threatened to arrest CIA interrogators in 2002.

Thirteen Days of War Resistance at the Port of Olympia

Just paid off my mortgage (Hooray) and I want my son to

Remember that the defining characteristic of all true-believing right wingers is craven cowardice.

I just got a 'huge' Christmas present from an unexpected person. A gift...

How many people at DU have tried cocaine in their past?

"Hillary Clinton Heavy into Rightwing Religious Power Cult" - The Progressive Dec. 13

Harry Reid plans to move the FISA bill WITH immunity forward tomorrow.

Why I Hate Christmas


Hidden deaths of U.S. Gulf Wars

MUKASEY, Torture, and a Special Prosecutor. A Conflict of Interest Conundrum.

John Dean: ACLU Lawsuit may force Bush Administration's hand on CIA torture tapes

Oprah getting backlash from some fans for Obama support

TIME magazine blows holes in Republican tax-cut myth

The Relationship between Torture and Occupation/Dictatorship

Blackwater in Baghdad: "It was a horror movie" - Exclusive testimony from witnesses and victims

Why is it in a bastion of deep thinking such as in DU,

BREAKING-- Oprah withdraws Obama endorsement

Tweety Explains Why The Corporate Media Has Declared the Dem Primary a "Two Man Race"

Bush Vetoes Kids...Again (The Progress Report)

Why does the House vote to ban waterboarding?

It's kind of funny how, in the world of Republican wingnuttia, being taken seriously can turn you in

Today's Debate: The Video Is Now Online HERE

Why did the DNC give way to the CPD?

This is what the likes of McClurkin leads to

CNN POLL: SOUTH CAROLINA: Huckabee 24% Thompson 17% Giuliani 16% Romney 16% McCain 13% Paul 11%

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/13/07 - Clinton up 1, Obama and Edwards unchanged

Obama's Moment - proof that some things in politics are still not rigged (Rolling Stone)

Another Kucinich challenger arises

About All of The Hoopla Over Obama's Past Drug Use

Okay that debate moderate is a complete dork. Where in the hell did they get her?

Oh my God. Clinton campaign strategist on Hardball is embarrassing

What is the possibility that Iran's nuclear weapons program was actually Brewster Jennings?

Mark Penn - Clinton Campaign Strategist Is Slime......

Time Magazine scores the Dem debate: Edwards, Obama win with A- each

Ideal for all of you Primary Season Warriors

Axelrod and Trippi Tag Team Penn

Debate scores: Edwards A-, Obama A-, Hillary B+, Richardson B+, Biden B-, Dodd C

debates on again - C-Span

Mark Penn, The Man Who Wants to Take Dems to the Right-

WaPo gives the debate to -

Pre-Iowa Caucuses Top Three Choices: Who's on your top 3?

David "Mudcat" Saunders, Here's a political adverser I can live with-

Romney and the "Blackwater Busine$$"

NC Grassroots Candidate comes out swinging

Tweety: Des Moines trying to "kill tv" Why corp media hated the best debate

Which Candidate would generate the most New Dem Voter registrations for the GE?

Reviews are in for Senator Obama:

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a message board where people

Like Bill and Hillary never experimented with Drugs????

Historical Ratings for Bush Approval over time..

How the debate REAALLLY ended.

Oregon Governor endorses Hillary...

Note to Hillary: Publically fire Mark Penn to try and save your campaign

Let's pause for a moment to salute New Jersey...and Governor Corzine...

"If Barack Obama were white, he'd already be the nominee."

Any guesses as to why none of the Dem Senators have sponsored

I've decided

Biden, Dodd, and Kucinich are taking matching funds. Richardson blew his campaign by NOT taking

Biden Campaigning With Ease After Hardships

David Gergen with AC tonight: "Edwards was the winner today."

The "I'm looking forward to you advising me" line

Huckabee and the corporate whore/fundie schism in the GOP

Obama/Biden or Biden/Obama: Let's vote and help make this happen.

MSNBC says 13 times J. Edwards used the words "corporate power & corporate greed

Three Probable Scenarios for IA, NH, SC

Want to keep the debates open? Go here...

Hillary's Howard Dean Moment

If you're a Hillary Clinton supporter, do you also support the DLC---???

Edwards leaves no doubt what he's about

So, any Mark Penn fans want to stand up for him

Short Clip of Biden/Obama from Debate Today - AWESOME

Obama and the "race card"


I support Edwards -- But what about this campaign finance limit?

What song comes to your mind when you see your candidate?

Was Hillary's laughter as out of place as it seemed?

A very cool graph showing how all our top candidates (but especially Edwards) kick Repub ass!


Which would you say best describes...

BTW, in case you don't know - Joe Biden's son is being deployed to Iraq

Time: Tax Cuts Don't Boost Revenues

NYT Ed: Notes From the Global War on Terror

on Iraq: Blank Check Democrats

Bill Scher: Obstructionpalooza

Norman Solomon: The USA’s Human Rights Daze

Learn to Speak Intel With GWB--Mark Fiore Animation

The Source of Real Courage By George Washington

The Grinch Who Stole America (Cheney) By George Washington


Bunning is leading charge to destroy modern history - CJ

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.| Hillary Haters and the Roosevelts

Clinton Campaign Accuses Obama of Sniffing Mimeograph Paper in Kindergarten

A Massive Bank Fraud that Calls for Jail Terms By Jim Freeman

Why impeachment is off the table By Michael Chavers

The Frumerian Candidate

Huckabee Proposes to Replace Social Security With ‘Loaves and Fish’ Program

Bill Richardson: Torture: Leadership Requires Accountability, All the Way to the Top

Will Durst: "If I were a Journalist..."

‘Every Child’ In American Schools Needs To Learn ‘The...

Commentary: The disgraceful treatment of our veterans

Shocker -- WalMart Investigated For Using Sweat Shops

Will Write For Food

Shocker -- WalMart Investigated For Using Sweat Shops

Sore Losermen

The Gospel of (Ron) Paul

Some In GOP Skeptical Of Intelligence Finding That Iran Has Abandoned Nuclear Weapons Program

Ike Turner has died.

Santa Clara County supervisors pass torture resolution

Chicago bomb defendant is cleared -SEARS TOWER CASE

British Inquiry of Failed Plots Points to Iraq’s Qaeda Group

Iraq vet Horne seeks McConnell's Senate seat in '08=3rd dem to run

Climate Talks Heat Toward Compromise Deal

S.C. poll: Huckabee bolts to top of GOP; Obama cuts into Clinton lead

Another American killed in Iraq

US energy law comes a step closer

Inspector General for Iraq Under Investigation

Emergency Alert: Senate Set to Cave on FISA

US winter storm heads north-east

2 Attorneys General Probe Countrywide (nation's largest mortgage lender)

Head of veterans group goes into hiding as Congress investigates spending

EXCLUSIVE: No Prosecution for State Dept Official Accused of Sexual Assault

Abramoff Figure Spared Prison Sentence (Federici)

Korean troops out of Afghanistan

2 Ph.D students killed on LSU campus

More Changes for Bush Administration (2 more staffers quit)

Judge declares mistrial in Fla. terrorism case

Iraqi oil exceeds pre-war output

U.S. paid $32M for Iraqi base that wasn't built

Mukasey Rejects Call for CIA Tape Details


Former Reagan Campaign Director Ed Rollins Joins Mike Huckabee

Earle announces retirement-Candidates lining up to replace longtime Travis County district attorney

Japan issues warning to Australia on whaling 'interference'

SEC's probe cost Boehner office $110K

Police Hunt Three Killers After LSU Home Invasion

Mortgage crisis inflicts collateral damage

Source: Struggling Palm Lays Off Workers

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 14

Consumer inflation accelerates in Nov.

Huckabee took thousands in gifts, records show

Obama edges ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire poll

Airline pilots to fly to age 65

Housing Crash of 2007 Deepens in 2008 for Realtors Who See Record Declines

Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison resigns

Japan deadlock over US warships

Evolution Vs Creation Row Ends In Stabbing

Dollar Gains Most Since May 2005 Versus Euro as Inflation Rises

Battle Over Domestic Wiretap Legislation to Begin in Earnest as Reid Backs Administration-...

White House: Contempt Citations Futile

How many people have kicked a load in their pants?

Here is an interview with Liam Gallagher from the new Oasis DVD.

Well, I'm going to bed.

wur n'ur ceiling'z play'n wid ur Wharola'z

Hallelujah"- Leonard Cohen

My roommate says she loves to talk to me when I'm half asleep


*******MILESTONE******* (apologies to newyawker99)

Thought I'd give ya'll something to make you laugh in the middle of the night:

now that you've dug out from yesterday's snow...are you ready

And lo, there came unto them Phillip, called Punter.

Dear child

Hopes fade for 2008 Led Zeppelin reunion tour

2:00 AM in Florida. It's 66 degrees outside.

Post a picture of your autopsy table.

Oh, I just want to spread my arms and swim deeply into the lounge.

Why does the DU trombone exist? Can't women slide as easily as men?

What 's the weather where you live?

Real Geeks part two, name her and why she's a Geek Goddess

Just a taste why my university canceled finals(pic).

Help! How do I calm a morning cocktail?

My husband had classes at Oxford with Kate Beckinsale.

I discovered a new drink tonight!

Would you prefer a moral victory or a pyhrric victory?

Help! How do I calm a mourning cockatiel?

Do you keep a journal? If you do, do other people live in the house with you?

How many five year olds could you take in a fight? Find out here.

Happy Holidays...

That I would be good....

Former Soundgarden and Audioslave Frontman Chris Cornell Allegedly Stalked By Man With Gun

Serial Flame War - Flame the poster before you

Seperated at Birth

Does your cat ever lay in its litter box?

Are these guys related?

Sam Bush. Still not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Lame

Question about a company's refusal to pay

neighbors's car won't start - need quick info

Question about INTO THE WILD movie. Spoilers in the message.

Slip of the tongue earns announcer a slap in the face from Kenya's first lady

my apartment is infested with koala bears

Rated R for graphic bloody violence.

ABBA museum to be built in Stockholm

Are Mattel's Hotwheel cars safe for kids?

A ton of pot (literally!)...holy cow!

Cherish The Day - Sade

Ok... I made it back into work after yesterday's nightmarish commute home....

The Sweetest Taboo - Sade

Help! How do I cull a morning cocktail?

Keep Looking Live - Sade

My mouse pointer goes crazy only when I'm on DU.

Where were you when you heard that NKOTB broke up?

Who is Ashley Roachclip?

I just ordered some Absinthe. Ask me anything!

What a fun video: Allison Krauss, Robert Plant and T-Bone Burnett

I had a client call me about a discovery at an estate auction

Do you eat orgasmic?

Oh please please please. .


if you double-major, do you have 2 degrees?

So why are SportsWriters so shocked at the Mitchell Report?

is it okay for me to GIVE medical advice?

Happy Hanukah Lounge.

So is it okay to ask for medical advice here


My evil vacuum cleaner just died.

holiday festivities suck

I need help finding a Christmas gift for a girl I'm seeing.

Sending flower arrangements means that you're gay.

Quick query: How does one go about recommending a post for DUzy?

Orrex is afraid of Rick Astley

Who is Ashley Tisdale?

As long as Bug Selig is commissioner of Baseball, nothing will be done about the steriods

Well, the company holiday dinner tonight was pretty good!

What IS it with the Rick Astley obsession? RICKROLLED!!

For my 16th birthday, I will be...

DU Motorcyclists: If you have not yet done so, you NEED to see this movie

My husband's damn Christmas party is tonight! How I look so forward to it!

probably going to be snowed in again tomorrow night... suggestions?

Why would anyone pay $576 per ticket to see the New York Knicks?

great xmas gift idea

when does Snowglobeboy go to the bathroom?

I am not good at doing handcuffs

In honor of Festivus - what DUer would you challenge to the Feats of Strength

Woman charged with bigamy; married to 10 men simultaneously

In honor of this joyous festivity I have donated a gift to the Human Fund in honor of the DU Lounge

sniffa, you lucky so-and-so

Will you be off the DU for a while during the holy days?

Hey sniffa! You're really lucky

Fuck! @#$%&!

Time for the War on Festivus!

George W. Bush. Still not in the Crappy Presidents Hall of Lame

"We both love soup."

just found out my old workplace is shutting down

Breast Reduction Surgery, Disney-Style

I got some good news at work tonight...

"Merry" Christmas, "Happy" Hannukah, "Merry" Kwanzaa...

Mary Carey's talent enhancements available on e-bay

Everyone go tell Sniffa how lucky he is....

Do you eat organic?

I've earned my beer today

The second-worst U.S. president was a male cheerleader

Call me crazy but it's a slow day in GD/GDP

Most outre non-Lounge thread title on DU today?

What in the same hill did Ward Cleaver do? At work, I mean. nt

I participated in a "Yankee Swap" today.

Oh, great! Just in time for the holidays and I have a "frozen shoulder"!

"you want a cup of cheese???"

Friday night picture you own

The Benny Hill Show: sexist?

Just finished my first semester of my Freshman year in college. Ask me anything!

someone put A LOT of time into this Wiki

I just found a penny from 1955

I'm in trouble now. My dog Guinness, having no pressing obligations

I'm in trouble now. My dog Guinness, having no pressing obligations

The Benny Hinn Show: sexist?

There's relish in my peanut butter

My precioussssssss

What's for lunch DU?

Ok, I know why Robb is a dingbat is added to polls, but what does this mean?

Something new I learned on DU today: Actresses are paid not to have cellulite.

i stole some beer today

Happy birthday, Ptah!

Do you eat orgasmic?

What the hell? Who is this?

Just found out I have two and a half extra vacation days!

The Benny Hill Show: sexiest?

Anybody alse watching Little People, Big World on cable.

'Christian' bottled water

Columbus, TX: Baby Raccoon stomped, killed, cooked and eaten...

digging out

Women of DU---Please read this. (You'll get a kick out of it)

Well, I'm not going back to college after all.

check it tunes

Good vibes needed. I have to go to the school Christmas play tonight.

So, I hear there's supposed to be a little snow storm this week-end?

Post a picture of your outside thermometer

Songs on my most recent mix CD. Pick your favorite or flame me mercilessly. It's all good!

Can i get a little respect here, people?

Dammi! I am getting a cold

My Dreads (With before and after pics)

i have the strangest craving for cheesecake all of a sudden

My Droids (With before and after pics)

Coming on DVD this Tuesday (12/18): Rob Zombie's "Halloween Unrated: The Director's Cut"

Wanna see my new rig?

Which movie should Mr. Writer and I see tonight?

I just ordered from Papa Ginos

Wanna see my new pig?

My hats off to those of you up north

I just ordered from Papagenos

Oh dear. I think my neighbor is receiving a citation for not shoveling her walk.

I eat chain letter forwarders for breakfast.

Can I Get An Ol' Timer Roll Call? (if you've been here since 2001/2002 chime in)

I just sneezed.

I won a major award!


Why do people continue to eat things that they know smell like Dog's feet?

Tom Petty chosen for Super Bowl halftime show, cannot sing about "rolling another joint"

Hey Boys and Girls! It's Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood!

I decided to be creative.

Help! I can't figure out the artist of a song I keep hearing!

This candy is awesome, thanks . . .

Criminally overlooked American prog

A preview of the DU Lounge Bowl: Appalachian State vs Delaware

You know, I was sleeping.

The Earth is round because the sky is blue

cuteness? you decide

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/14/07

It's EYE EXAM time! (Take the test!)

Is Hillary Clinton your 4400?

What is your favorite Christmas carol?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/14/2007)

Can anybody help? I need to find out what are good seats for 2008 Daytona 500.

Restaurant Poll: will the food keep you coming back if the service sucks?

Why is anyone calling Jennifer Love Hewitt fat?

What's for dinner tonight | Sandwich cultural revenge.

Colbert Report fans...

So my hubby just called from the rest area on I-684 in NY

And now, for those of us faced with the prospect of opening "clamshell" packaging...

What's your favorite TV theme song?

Candidate Limericks!

If POT were legal?

Post something good that absolutely cannot result in a flame war!

How much does booze affect your *romantic performance*...?

I've earned my beer today

Is poetry intentionally obtuse?

"Sparkle, Neely, sparkle!!" The funniest film ever premiered 40 years ago today:

"Children of Men" - It's been a month since I've seen it and I'm still haunted

It's not the having an ex-wife that bothers me so much...

what was your major in college?

Picture Thread: please post your own!

Am I a bad parent?

Play a driving song.

Tax law aficionados? We're stumped.

Army announces new logistics branch

AKO link functioning again

Gates seeks more from European allies

Trial date issues voiced in Iraq rape-slaying

Guard responds to Midwest ice storm

Senate committee approves Peake to lead VA

Editorial: A different kind of power

Bill offers private TBI treatment - for some

Marine convicted of killing Iraqi soldier

Air University may bestow first master’s

House saves JCA duty for Conn. Guard

Some Tuz leaders oppose citizens groups

Pentagon: 1,117 MRAPs delivered downrange

Okinawa Marine may face a murder charge in child’s death

Life in Italy back on track as truckers' strike ends

Military Update: Basic Allowance for Housing to rise 7.3 percent

AAFES gas price drop in Germany, U.K. biggest since summer

Civilians in Pacific watch, wait on progress of spending bill

U.S., NATO and Afghan forces train together at Hohenfels

MP in South Korea gets jail time for indecent assault

Report: DoD Concealed Data From BRAC

Inside a Cyber Attack

Small UAVs May Recharge on Power Lines

Junior ROTC Gets One More Year in SF Schools

Lawmaker pushes for common Navy, CG hull

One Of Our Own Is Going to Take Down McConnell

How to Simulate Life in the Army - for you army types

Expert: No U.S. troops have taken ill from depleted uranium

Data Sought on Veterans' Suicide

DoD's 12 Days of Christmas..a little more humor for vets

Faulty sub welds spur inspection of 4 carriers, 3 more subs

Arnold the right winger calls Mike Malloy; Malloy makes a fool outta him

Malloy screams at dumbass right winger

Behind the scenes with John Edwards at ABC News

Lois Davidson tells her story

The Madness Of David Frum | Part One

The Madness Of David Frum | Part Two

The Madness Of David Frum | Part Three

Stephanie Miller, Cliff May (right wing tool) and Rep Adam Smith (D) on Dan Abrams show on Iran NIE

Hardball exchange with Trippi, Axlerod, and Penn 12/13

Bushed! | Episode Four

Fightin' Joe Biden - Red State Update

The Madness Of Frank Luntz | Part Two

A Republican John Edwards Volunteer

Dan Abrams with Scott Horton and Rep. Artur Davis: Bush League Justice: Don Siegelman

Do You Know Why Michael Savage is So Crazy? Find Out Why?

Barack Obama Podcast: On Fatherhood

Sam Seder calls in after Arnold call on Mike Malloy

Turning Toward Hope=Obama!

Greatest Simpsons parody EVER! So true today.....

Dem Candidates' New Years Resolutions

Mackris vs. O'Reilly, the Opera

New Clinton Ad:

Mark Penn Is Killing Hillary Clinton Campaign

Rep. Wexler Wants Cheney Impeachment Hearings

Joe Biden at the Des Moines Register Debate

Stephanie Miller: Michael Savage and listeners are lunatics

George Bush is not an economist

How Does One Reconcile "You Have A Right To Your Opinion, But Not The Facts, With Faith ???

Gutierrez (D-Ill.) joins "Impeach Cheney" crowd

House Judiciary Trio Calls for Impeach Cheney Hearings

Savage: "90 percent of the people on the Nobel Committee are into child pornography and molestation

Got this right wing email about the USS Reagan

Dana Perino calls Congress contempt charges "futile"

Is a public scthool choir singing Xmas carols in a public park a violation of church and state?...

189 Republicans Affirm Their Support of Torture

Breaking: Voting Rights Chief Tanner Resigns

Halliburton rape victim speaks out; had feared 'insurgency' not coworkers

Pres. Cristina Fernandez of Argentina calls out the neo cons

I don't know how to link it but if you want a laugh

10:00 am NPR News reports November inflation hit 8/10 percent

Joe Galloway Commentary: The disgraceful treatment of our veterans

Ack!!! (warning; * and cheney pic)

Kenya's First Lady Said to Slap Official

Fellowship leader Doug Coe & Hillary Clinton?

North Korea Calls U.S. "Criminals" Days After Bush Letter

A really positive e-mail from Barbara Boxer...

Case dismissed.

BREAKING: Voting Rights Chief Resigns-TANNER-WOO HOO!!!

Have you ever gotten anyone fired?

How many people at DU have licked a toad in their past?

The end of Bretton Woods?

No yuan deal at US-Chinese talks

Here's your totally useless political fact of the day:

Another tale from a real "patriot"

16 federal agencies charged with spying?

Memo to the Nation: Are You F$#@ing Brain Dead?

Intraparty Feuds Dog Democrats, Stall Congress

Cant decide what to give your Right Wing family member

Latest Safe Pet Food List?

CIA's Rodriguez Lawyers Up-HIRES-Bob Bennett

Oxfam: Please tell Burger King to join with McDonald's and others in improving farmworker wages

I See A New Phrase Coming To Subvert Our Thinking

John Dean: How An ACLU Lawsuit Might Force Bush To-REVEAL-WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED

The 401(k) Myth: bonanza may well turn out to be a bust for most workers.

Two more staff departures at White House - chief speechwriter and lobbyist

I Want My Writers Back!

Saying "Happy Hanukkah" is an assault upon Christmas

Time: The End Of A B-Movie Terror Trial (More Failure To Get Terror Conviction - Miami)

The Power Of Nightmares: The Politics Of Fear.

Mistrial for six in Sears Tower conspiracy

Poll of Undecideds needs more love...

Voting Chief Tanner Resigns

got a letter from Democratic majority organization out of DC yesterday

I always wondered why it rained

== 47 gifts for savvy perverts = By Mark Morford

Pretty funny new Mark Fiore animation:

Craig Unger on Huckabee: "The Fool on the Hill"

Judge declares mistrial in Fla. terrorism case

Tancredo awarded the GOP Hypocrite of the Week

Congratulations to Alberto Gonzalez! ABA's "Lawyer of the Year"!

Gore fingers admin. at global warming conference - (heh-heh. "fingers")

Brian Lamb to play 'Tin Soldier' in Kennedy Center's 'Nutcracker'

Majority Leader Harry Reid. Campaign Contributions.

On the Mitchel Report: And what it tells us 'bout the state of the nation

E. J. Dionne: Plan B For Pelosi And Reid

Anyone know if the actors will have their award shows without the writers?

An Iraq Vet is running against Mitch McConnell .

Burton Snowboards is crying discrimination

Occupiers are accused of inciting sectarian conflict between Shiites and Sunnis. - They know

I need some help from all the smart, knowledgeable DUers out there.

Inspector General For Iraq-Under FBI Investigation

How Long Has It Been Since You Read The Constitution

Bush Vetoes Child Health Care Bill Again Asks For 200 Billion For Iraq and Afghanistan War

Dollar Stores Recall 300,000 Toys

Please DU this poll for Public Schools!

How hard will it be to undo the enhancement of perceived executive powers?

Bush Promises to Veto Anti-Torture Bill-Even Though He Says That the U.S. Doesn't Torture

The rumor is that Contempt citations were voted out of committee yesterday

John Dean: The Investigations of the Destruction of CIA Torture Tapes

Washington Post: What Obama Got Wrong

sounds like the baseball players are going to be the diversion for the m$m to keep the focus off the

Bush ‘needs’ Hannity and Limbaugh

Republicans to Voters: “Iraq? Don’t You Mean Mexico?”

Ike Turner has died.

Bush to attack the "do-nothing" Congress @ 10:50 am Eastern


OK , Mitchell was on CNN this morning to discuss his steroid report

Can someone help tie these loose ends: CIA & 9/11.

what committee would be appropriate for doing hearings on anthrax attacks in 2001?

What Obama Got Right

Email Reid-Keep congress in session? Posted here that he's considering it.

The Lord Sent Bears To Kill and Eat Children

Will the ball players in the Mitchell report have an avenue to defend themselves?

Marine Guilty of murdering Iraqi soldier...

Media Errors 0f 2007

tweety, self-appointed pope of politics, wants to pardon every sin commited by the bush boy in his

Reid considering keeping Senate in session during the holidays

Blackwater in Baghdad: "It was a horror movie"

An idea on how to tell Pelosi we don't like her "window dressing" before Christmas...

Ever seen this bumper sticker?

DICKO is Looking SICKO........

Police find 4 dead in suburban Cincinnati apartment


"If I Had A Hammer"

Lest we forget, Karl Rove has messed around in Alabama politics since least.

From WaPo.. Condi Holiday cookies (red dress optional)

at first I thought this was a joke - Mitt Romney's VC Firm to Buy Clear Channel

Pop Quiz

The Shocking Stories of the Sudanese Humanitarian Aid Workers Just Released From Guantánamo

Stop Participating!!!

Caption this pic of *'s cabinet

US agents launch tear gas, pepper spray canisters into densely populated MX neighborhoods

Polarizing Web sites, interesting article

Now they're going after Stuart Bowen, IG who gave unflattering Iraq report on corruption & waste.

"One Of Our Own Is Going to Take Down McConnell" Jon Soltz.....WOOHOO!

Men shop as hunters, women shop as gatherers

Is "Lawyer of the Year" akin to Time's "Man/Person of the Year"

IS HUCKABEE FUCK-A-BEE GAY????? How many men regularly

Halliburton and Rape: Tell Congress to Hold Contractors Accountable! (MoveOn email)

Anti-gay extremists push marriage amendment onto Florida '08 ballot, after 3-year campaign

How would you react if a presidential candidate promised to try to remove Reid Pelosi from power?

Mitt Romney's VC Firm to Buy Clear Channel

SpongeBob SquarePants, dressed up as Santa, becomes the victim of a brutal stabbing

The Savage Weiner: Calls NH residents 'drunks', 'yokels'

Sen Pat Leahy

Senate Considers Staying Open During Christmas To Block *?

How would you respond to a presidential candidate who tried to remove the Senate Majority Leader

Once Again, Military Families Urge Congress to Stop Funding Military Occupation of Iraq

Norm Ornstein - AEI on the 2008 elections on CSPIN 1

Bottled Water Boycotts--this is good news!

Any idea what the Friday afternoon news dump from the WH will be?

Florida putting same-sex marriage amendment on November ballot -- say goodbye to a blue Florida!

Man Accidentally Shoots Self In Buttocks

Again Hillary Doesnt Apear to Be Genuine...

Cleaning Solvent Spills into San Francisco Bay

Lets join the free world

Shrub said he's willing to accept a down payment on war funding!

Dodd To Hillary And Obama: Will You Make Good On Your Promise To Support My FISA Filibuster?

Through the Darkness and its encompassing lies ...

Defiant FCC Chief Refuses To Delay Vote

Rasmussen: 'Stunning Change' In Fla.; Huckabee Now Leads GOP Pack

So this is Christmas...

Pls Call Reid's Office NOW!

Warrantless Spying Showdown Postponed to Monday

Activists See Senate Dems Backing Down To Bush, Ready To Give Immunity To Phone Companies - RawStory

Man Sentenced For Neighbor's Slaying (her husband was in Iaq when she was killed)

Computers have same carbon footprint as average SUV?

One quartter of Americans have only had a Bush or Clinton as Prez in their lifetimes...

Is the link between Bush administration actions and housing problems

The Fatal Cost Of The "Ex-Gay" Movement (Shame on Donnie McClurkin and his ilk)

Time for a LAUGH! Remember this???? Clinton and Yeltsin?

Has anyone heard from General Lute recently? Is he AWOL?

"They wouldn't dare!"

Torture has not prevented a single attack on America. How do I know this?

And Then There's This... Senate Considers Staying Open During Christmas To Block Bush - HuffPo\WaPo

i love the energy whoopi goldberg brings to the view!

Abramoff figure (Italia Federici) spared prison

Columbus, TX: Baby Raccoon stomped, killed, cooked and eaten...

Gambit Weekly: The Rise and Fall of Bill Jefferson

oh great Glenn Beck up next on CNN

Plan B For Pelosi And Reid - E.J. Dionne

Exile group says Iran still pursuing nuclear arms

"Do you believe every word of this book (Bible)?" -- "None of your damn business"

huckleberry names Ed Rollins as political advisor

Tonight: Olbermann on Bill Moyer's Journal

Wexler: The Case for Impeachment Hearings

CNN says late night host back by January

Today's climate change snapshot: Maple trees expected to reach Hudson Bay

Question about FireFox for the computer savvies...please...

The 8 Rethug Dwarfs

4 tons!?

"my daddy, my daddy, my daddy shot my mommy."

Perino: It’s ‘Awkward’ Having ‘Other Channels’ Than Fox News At White House Parties

A propos the binary bipartisanship poll: Fear and Courage in the Democratic Party

Huckabee congratulates Canada on preserving its National Igloo

Anti-Gay Christmas Carollers at Target

Greenspan Puts Recession Risk at 50-50

Huckabee congratulates Canada on preserving its National Igloo

Why hasn't Duncan Hunter's campaign caught on?

Ohio electronic voting machines vulnerable to tampering in 2008

Kansas AG Resigns After Admitting Affair

On this Date in Bush History 12/14: Three Iraq Winners

Bush Vows to Veto Anti-Torture Bill

Student Arrested After Cutting Food With Knife

What Do You Know About The Separation of State and Church?

Randi is going off air until next year? Anyone know why? I must've missed the reason.

Creationist stabs evolutionist after argument

Recent Iowa polls have me worried

The baseball steroid report...a Dubya cover-up...?

The Truth about Immigration

Senate races 2008: I'm liking the Dem chances to win some seats and keep most.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry slams former Gov. Bush while praising Giuliani

ACLU: Ind. Prosecutor Necessary-Possible Crimes Go Far Beyond CIA Interrogation Tape Destruction

Huckabee staffer tried to suppress black voter activism

I just received my DU Photography Club calendar and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

HUD Sends Bulldozers, Condos to New Orleans for Christmas

The Way The Media Works

An addendum to Steve King's patrio-tastic suggestion

Nothing will change, no matter who gets elected!!!

Giuliani firm made millions pushing data-mining program

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will allow telecom immunity to come up for a floor vote.

Is there a growing Republican party split among its voters?

Monsanto Patents Against American Farmers Rejected

Dodd to make stand against Senate on wiretapper immunity

Great bumper sticker

In what order would you rank the U.S. Presidents since WWII

Friday TOON Update: Halfway ain’t close enough!

Old Navy joins the phoney War On Christmas

Richardson on Torture: Leadership Requires Accountability, All the Way to the Top

"They sullied the game". George Bush today on steroids and baseball. Question

Bears smelling recession...Data says inflation...Welcome back to Stagflation?

In Light of All The Drug Use Talk, Go Listen to a Song--"Methamphetamine," by Son Volt

Just Remember, Boys & Girls ...

Senate GOPers **BLOCK** Anti-Torture Bill

Question--are both men in a same-sex marriage referred to as "husbands"

There's something odd about Bush's Christmas Card...

the house of bush seated in the white house = a house of power against the people.

REID Bringing up FISA bill now ........... 4:25 pm EST on C-Span2 .n/t

Huckabee on Iran: bankrupt them before we bomb them

Bush Secret Shredding Soars: $2.7 million in Shreading Services This Year.

As democracy is perfected, the office of President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul

Keith Olberman to be on Moyers tonite discussing Media Ownership

LOL! Freeper shows writing talent with proposed Fred Thompson ad

A Rudy-Haley Ticket in Play

"Ill., Calif. Investigating Countrywide" on subprime loans. 'bout time!

Arizona Squeeze On Immigration Angers Business

Iowa: Huckabee 39%, Romney 23%, Rudy 8%, Fred 8%, McCain 6%

McDermott votes against Christmas resolution to protest Bush veto

Belleville neighbors spy burglary in progress

WGA Widget — Now With Colbert & Daily Show!

Schwarzenegger To Declare 'Fiscal Emergency'


These coal operations need to be shut down...

WexlerWantsHearings-Spurned by major newspapers-Dem Congressman takes 'impeach Cheney' appeal to Web

Is it RAINING in Atlanta yet??? Catwomans Town is dry as a one in the Sahara...

has anyone asked Obama, Clinton, Edwards, etc.. the BIG question?

(City of ) Lawrenceville outlines plans to reactivate (Radioactive Drinking Water) wells (AJC)

Maybe I need Anger Management therapy...

On God, guns and Colorado (warning: long, navel gazing rant)

Children Don't Make me Stop This DU Car!

America is Dying.

"An INCH of snow! We're all gonna DIE!"

Iowa numbers Bob Dole (37%) Pat Robertson (25%) George H. W. Bush (19%), Jack Kemp (11%)

Pelosi: Democrats Have Made Progress Despite Reckless Opposition from the President and Republicans

How often do you contact your representatives in Washington D.C.

Caption Huckabee

Brand Name Education for Free from Yale no less.

Diplomat 'dumped his adopted child because she did not fit in'

Who is Jose A. Rodriguez? CIA Operative has Lawyered Up = Torture Evidence Destroyed.

Anybody get THIS totally disgusting scam?

House Judiciary Trio Calls for Impeach Cheney Hearings

Huck falsely claimed to have a theology degree

Naomi Wolf-What Is Probably in the Missing Tapes

religiously insane Iraqi teen boys threaten teen girls with death

WHO GOT WATERBOARDED AND WHY: What Tortured Detainees Had In Common

$1 to put air in my tire today.

U.S. paid $32M for Iraqi base that wasn't built

Significant Win For U.S. Iraq War Resisters In Canada

HRC's husband is apparently super-close buddies with GWHB.

Justice Dept. Blocks House Inquiry into CIA Torture Tapes-Democrats "STUNNED"

Iran's alleged belligerancy...

Stupidest AP story I've read Evah: Huckabee Pushes National Sales Tax

This nose up look is why I can't stand Obama

So: "Why Isn't Gore Running?"

U.S. Suicide Rates for adults ages 45-54 climb to highest level in 25 years

Nancy Marie Antoinette Pelosi

"the blood contained significant amounts of alcohol"

"What Is Probably in the Missing Tapes" Naomi Wolf

Sen. Reid is Setting Us Up on FISA

The CIA and “the Cold War’s darkest secret.”

New Orleans Demolition Begins despite Mass Action while Senate Dithers on 1668

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Scott Horton UPDATES Siegelman Case: "Significant" New Evidence "Will Link Rove"

Merry Christmas from HUD

Binary Bipartisanship Poll


I guess the most discouraging thing is the growing realization that my party

Who made this famous statement and when was it made?

DU should have ZERO TOLERANCE for this kind of shit:

Obama joins Clinton and Lieberman in video game stance

DU'er quinnox makes racial smear against Obama:

Prediction: Next Week...Hillary Clinton will be 3rd in Iowa

Obama: Tanner Should Have Been Fired, Not Moved

Hillary Clinton's Unconscionable and Despicable Mudslinging

Hillary's Unprecedented Experience on the World Stage

Member since Sep 19th 2004. Today I am deleting my DU account.

45-48% of our citizens are not registered or never vote, who can rally this block to get involved ?

Why Mike Huckabee isn't fit to be president

Question for Hillary Supporters:

Awww! Play of the Day: Distracted Edwards

What's with the Frank Sesno hit-piece on Obama that Wolf Blitzer keeps playing?

What is the relation between the Democratic Party and the DNC?

WSJ: More Blacks Lean Toward Obama

What have the Dems done for you lately?

New NH Poll from Concord Monitor: Obama 32 %, Clinton 31%, Edwards 18%

The Nation: Shaheen will again be a player in Clinton's NH campaign

Help me out on gov. 101.

The SEC Takes a Step Backward for Corporate Accountability

Public school sends out right wing propaganda

Economic issues get attention of black caucus

Gutting the Constitution

Obama youth appeal strongest on campus

The difference between Bill and Hillary....

We should have overcome

Penn Thought Things Were OK; Chose to Run Hillary as an Incumbent

NYT: Arizona Is Split Over Hard Line on Immigrants

Robert Reich: Democrats Should Stop Battling Over Health-Insurance Mandates

Obama works hard to woo Iowa high school students

California Seeks Millions In Fines Against Blue Shield (knocked more than 200 people off of medical

Did anybody watch the Dem. debate last night?

Owned: Obama burns Clinton hard in Iowa Debate watch!

Breaking News:Obama leads in New Hampshire

Let's be clear neither Hillary or her campaign is "distressed" about the drug controversy. . .

NYT: Wal-Mart Counters Criticism With a Political-Style Ad Campaign

Michael Goodwin: Hillary Clinton crumbling after cruising

With all the "My candidate, your candidate" sniping, one thing I haven't seen

"Arnold Vinick" on a candidate's religion

The Clinton campaign is imploding maybe they should all go on o ver to Free Republic

How to win 2008 2008: 12/12 straw poll results Edwards still out front

Torture has not prevented a single attack on America. How do I know this?

Biden Statement on Steroids & Baseball

Why are ObamaNation and the Edwardians so terrified of Mark Penn?

Obama Will Never Win

Winfrey put Obama's name in a favorable spotlight

Former precinct captain for Hillary now supports Obama (VIDEO)

Huck's Sins (and the list is long)

I would like to discuss Blackwater and its use by this administration.

I just have to point this out about Joe Biden....

Anyone interested in reading about Biden losing his wife, the Kinnock story, his son going to Iraq -

Father's Abandonment Molded Obama

Joe Trippi and Jonathan Prince on Edwards and the state of the race (VIDEO)

Oprah getting backlash from some fans for Obama support

MSNBC Just Goofed And Went To A Live Feed Of HRC Answering Questions......

The Hillary Campain's last move

Daniel Shore called bush* a liar yesterday.

Biden backs contempt citations for Bolton & Rove---Statement

Call Harry Reid NOW-202-224-3542! he's giving telcoms immunity! ignoring Dodd's hold

Republimussen Poll- Obama- 43 Giuliani 43/ Obama 45 Romney 41

Should Democrats register Republican and vote Huckabee?

I think Chris Dodd

Hillary's campaign gives credence to the RW caricature of her.

Moving the goal posts?

Amazing... CNN Promotes All of Their Polling and Tracking of Iowa Voters Then...

So if Hillary can stand up to the republican smear machine

Writers Guild Files Labor Complaint

Prediction: The media is about done building Obama up

Iraq vet Horne seeks McConnell's Senate seat in '08 - CJ

SC POLL: Hillary 42, Obama 34 (+7), Edwards 16

Edwards Attacking Rivals Only Indirectly

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/14/07 - Clinton and Edwards up 1, Obama down 1

Why Obama's Life Story Matters

Barack Obama's spokesman...a primer...

Iowan High School students get ready to come out for Obama

Florida: Huckabee 27% Romney 23% Giuliani 19%-Whither The Ghoul's Firewall

If Obama is the nominee, will his ADMITTED use of cocaine be an issue in the general election?

Hard hitting journalism: How the 2008 candidates chill out

Obama takes the lead in NH-Hillary's "firewall"

Is It My TV Or Is HRC Looking Bad These Days - Her Left Eye Seems Puffy.....

Obama and the African-American vote

Jane Hamsher SMACKS Obama superdelegate John Millin

Which Democratic candidates vow to hold this administration accountable?

When has a frontrunner not faced challenges? Gore, Bush, Mondale all had setbacks, all had to fight

My county votes tomorrow on whom to endorse

Unusually Dark, Edwards Sees The Light With Debate Performance

Contempt of Congress, or Bravo Senator Leahy!

If Hillary keeps going negative, I will vote for Obama

Obama: How He Got Here: The Ghost of a Father

Romney's conciliatory religious message was a flop

How can the Republican establishment 'Stop the Huck'?

If you like watching the poll numbers then this is for you.

This is why Americans have put the economy @ #1 worry & J. Edwards is rising in polls

Flood of campaign operatives cause worry

Iowa Independent: "Obama Tops Democratic Power Rankings, Clinton Takes Third"

More Blacks Lean Toward Obama

Republican National Committee spokesman: "We will go after whoever the Democrats nominate."

I admit to not supprting HRC but Penn's performance on Hardball last night...

Concord Monitor: Obama edges Clinton in poll in New Hampshire

MSNBC is running wild with that Cocaine Clip from Hardball!

Obama backer, WY Dem.Chairman uses Lewinsky affair to trash Hillary...

Undecided Voters:

Wow - Ed Rollins takes over the Huckster's campaign

I feel Abe Lincoln

Young Activists Furious With Clinton, Dodd

Who Ya Gonna Believe?

David Axelrod should more careful in his handling of the drug issue

In a Race That's Hers to Lose, Hillary Clinton is Faltering

Here's an idea:

More than 20% of Iowa voters are undecided of support an "unviable" candidate

As usual, #1 post blames Pelosi for years of repuke's crimes

Clinton's Penn Problem.

Breaking: FEC Says No To Matching Edwards ActBlue Funds

Hillary's supporters are growing more and more shrill as desperation grows...

To think I almost felt bad about referring to Hillary's DU supporters as . . .

Obama Writes Opinion Piece For Iowa Student Newspaper

Wexler is on Randi right now...

Dana Milbank: Obama sounded "a bit green" when he said "I will finish the fight against Al Qaeda"

DON'T click on this post if you're easily frightened

For me, there's one upside to Clinton winning:

AND ANOTHER THING. . .this BS about Obama having to with stand this from the GOP. . .

Huckabee: Building a Bridge to the 19th Century (from Kos)

How Did Keyes Get on Stage?

Photos: Barack Obama at the Monticello Berndes Center in Monticello, Iowa

I still don't understand why Murtha was not chosen as speaker. I believe

A Clinton Iowa Precinct Captain Defects To Obama's Team

Two Regional SEIU locals based in NY to endorse Hillary....400,000 members in 6 states...

New Hotline Poll- Obama 27% Clinton 27% Edwards -22%

Clinton denies White House run is in trouble

Is Obama Hurting His Campaign By Trying to Make Money off the Cocaine Gaffe?

Ha! Suckabee stays at Marriotts on the campaign trail!

Bigfoot, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy and the scandal proof Democratic candidate.

In essence the DNC barred Kucinich from the debate

Who is the power behind the throne with Huckabee?

FOX NEWS-NEW HAMPSHIRE POLL-Clinton -34% Obama 25% Edwards -15%

Giuliani's strategy in trouble with Huckabee taking a lead in Florida

So why is it that whatever I hear on Hannity about HRC, I read on DU later?

Tim Robbins: Dispels the fiction that this is just a Hillary/Obama race!

What do you want from the Democratic Party for Christmas? Let's start a list.

4 fucking rec's (now 9 rec's) for Stormfront garbage because it attacks Hillary?!?!?!

Craig Crawford talks about drug topic with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC, 12/13)

SO...Mukasey doesn't want to give the impression that he's "subject to political influence"...

How Obama can address his former heavy cocaine use

Reading the Mind Of the Body Politic

Lest we forget just how creepy Republicans are... a Christmas Greeting

Which would be most upsetting to most Americans:

Am I the only one who is positively thrilled that Schmuckabee is gaining?

No Democrat can win in 2008

Kucinich's xmas present idea: a Floriday voting machine

There's something about Hillary

Just One Question Please?? Tell ME Why Getting Huggy, Kissy-Pooh With Repukes

So we are all supposed to believe that the Rethugs will be too high-minded

Give this one to Joe Biden

Reid decides to IGNORE Dodd's hold on Telcom Immunity Bill! Outrageous

So what WILL you do if Obama is the nominee and the Rethugs

Iowa rethugs want a debate do-over

Is Hillary sacrificing Iowa to Edwards to hamstring the Obama campaign?

Fortune Magazine: Edwards will bring Real Change (scary) - Obama, Clinton Business As Usual

A true Bidenite gives praise and admiration to Barack Obama

Following Iowa and NH .... who do expect to drop out ?

New Iowa Poll: Obama 33%, Hillary 24%, Edwards 24%

Edwards is tanking.

Obama now has 9 point lead over Hillary in IA - Edwards tied w/Hillary

Nevada Questions That Weren't Asked at the Debate - Joe Biden's Answers

Does anyone else think Milbank's use of "cackle" for Hillary's laugh is sexist?

Obama Tops Democratic Power Rankings, Clinton Takes Third

So let's talk veep candidates...

About the comment by Penn: what am I missing?

can you please explain yourselves?

I never Experimented with drugs

How long before the Dems figure out we are not sheep

Biden being a VP, or SOS--what he has always said....

Craig Crawford: Obama Needs to Address Drug Issue

I Want My Writers Back!

Four Clinton campaign staffers were caught sockpuppeting Blue Hampshire

America, get ready for your first woman president!

10 Things You Didn't Know About Elizabeth Edwards

Which candidate has the most real personality?

Should out-of-state students vote/caucus in a state where they don't live?

More Blacks Lean Toward Obama

Iowa Congressman and Vietnam Vet Leonard Boswell endorses Hillary...

Isn't it interesting that Obama first revealed his drug use more than 12 years ago

DMR's David Yepsen just revealed himself to be totally full of shit

After the debate - Edwards goes sledding

Biden Campaigning With Ease After Hardships

H. Res. 847 was just a start... Next up, the White People Are Awesome! Act

Iowa Schools Are Encouraging Students to Caucus

The Fix on Biden

Maybe We Just Can't Handle the Truth ...

Front pages of both and --

EDWARDS MOST "Electable" in Primary, but NOT MOST "Electable" in General Election

The Greens have not completely disowned Nader because they are helping him sue the Democrats.

Just returned from a Biden luncheon of sorts and he was great!

What a steaming stinking crock...Hillary wants a "truce" now?

"Hillary and The Clinton Legacy" (Clinton initiatives are now part of the problems we face)

Is it BETTER to have Obama vetted NOW...or LATER...?

Hillary running a Rovian campaign?

Poll question: Should out-of-state students vote/caucus in a state where they live 75% of the year?

I am no longer sure that I can stomach HIllary as our nominee after what she said this morning.


The Progressive Magazine: Edwards Wins Debate, Obama Loses It

A Vote for Hillary - is a vote for more of the "perpetual war economy"

The Iowa caucus is crap.

Edwards is the MOST ELECTABLE Democrat. Period!

OMFG...Fred Thompson response to AP asking him what his most prized possession was...

The pickle in which Progressives/Liberals find themselves (and the only way out):

Cat-fighting cliques calling themselves the “UNDERGROUND”

Hillary Accuses Obama of Bed-wetting

Do you want Cheney Impeached? Your link is here.

Obama can win.

What the hell is Obama trying to hide?

National Democratic Committee Chair Draws Huge Crowd in Guam.