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Archives: December 15, 2007

Report: Ohio needs new voting machines

Of Orwell, Wikipedia and Guantánamo Bay

Obama, Hillary, Dodd, Biden, Reid...And Another Failure

Survey: Many Iraqis in Syria fled during U.S. troop buildup

No Action: Directors Delay Labor Talks

Defense Authorization Bill Passes Senate, goes to President.

China to reach limits of available water by 2030

Ethiopians Said to Push Civilians Into War Against Rebels

U.S. toning down pleas for help with Afghan mission, Gates says

India, China object to Bali U.N. climate draft

Huckabee Used Group to Supplement His Income

Dodd challenges rivals to filibuster FISA bill

Republicans Stop Bill To Ban Waterboarding

About 1 in 5 IBM Employees Now in India

Climate change blamed as thousands of walruses die in stampedes

I am going to watch Knocked Up


hallelujah! Ms Uly not only passed her pre-calc class

WORST beer of all time


Erik "CHIPs" Estrada's son creates in-flight incident, causing plane to be diverted to Oklahoma City

Ahhh... the decorum of South Korean politics...

Sweep the Leg

well at least i tried.

Please someone...

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Fans of "Best week ever" they're having a year end wrap up special tonight.

I'm going to be sick..I just ate a crunch bar and half a bag of marshmallows.

I feel so up.

DUzys Out?

How late in the day does FedEx deliver in the days leading up to Christmas?

A heart-warming Christmas story to brighten your holidays

Question about Love Field and Cotton Bowl traffic (in Dallas on New Year's Day)

So I Changed Cell Phone Companies

Why did the valley girl take two birth control pills?

A perfect evening.

Buying a house with solar panels

Are Booji Boy threads addictive or just annoying?

I received two gift cards from Walmart, so today I spent them.

Anyone else excited about the 5th season of "The Wire"?

Lazy Democrat's worst nightmare....

The Official Appalachian State vs Delaware I-AA Football National Championship thread

Hide 'n' Go Stupid

Where did it all go wrong/ My Friday night enfant.

Forget the War on Christmas, what about the war on Life Day?

"bless your little heart"

Numb3rs tonight

Too late to do holiday cards?

Anyone wanna buy a professional football team?

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale isn't so bad after 2 22oz DIPA's

Post Here and vote too !!!

Say what you will, but Hilary Clinton is better than any other Republican possible alternative

Freedom of Choice

What's your favorite Festivus tradtion?

Anyone have a (bootleg) copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special?

Ackmed the dead terrorist............funny as hell.

Who the F*CK am I? I'm Yukon Corleone!

I got to file a police report tonight.

Saturday night will be our Pirate night, all three Johnny Depp movies on the big screen TV.

You were unaware you could not live without this.

Has anyone tried to watch "Fashionably Late" with Stacey London on TLC?

Anyone see NOW on PBS tonight? (if not ,you blew it)

"Oh it's so funny to be seeing you after so long, girl.

this guy is all groovy and shit

Anyone know what's going on at Air America?

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The ultimate team player or an unapologetic suck-up?

Down and to the right!!

I think I just received a secret message from China

I joined a healthclub today. What would be a good starting point for strength/cardio training?

Who'd a thunk something so small could evoke such strong emotions

We have a live one in GD

On a scale of 1 to 10, YOUR level of concern over Eva Longoria's husband's extramarital affair

All Hail Empress Kitchen Witch and Her 5 DUzy's

Posting while intoxcated? Allowed or no?

I feel so down.

I just smoked something I thought was tobacco...

Do you think you spend too much time on DU?

Holy crap - I just won 5 DUzys!

Can anyone suggest a cologne for me?

Is RetroLounge trying to steal my thunder?

Are Boojatta threads addictive or just annoying?

American Drug War DVD TRAILER

Every Woman - The Hillary Effect

MIR: Al Qaeda's Revenge

whats the big deal about a blimp?

Muslim bookshop considering legal action against think tank

if Obama is the nominee, he should want Hucklebee as an opponent

Ban on samurai swords

Mercury in Mascara? Minn. Law Bans It


Do you guys ever wonder

Who cares what you call December 25th and the surrounding time.....

Obama Says Reassignment of DoJ Voting Rights Chief to New Appointment 'Unacceptable'

Russia, Iran Ink Accords On Strategic And Economic Ties

The fleas were atrocious

Mukasey = Gonzales = No Justice....

Survey: People skills valued over those for IT (wait until the medical profession dittos this)

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (trailer)

Will you still be pushing impeachment in September?

Does anybody think the writers strike is gonna result in a big increase of hardcore Olbermann fans ?

Why did the Chicken cross the road?

So how many times did Tweety and his guests

If Clinton had picked Dana Perino as his Press Secretary the WORLD WOULD HAVE LAUGHED!

What Diseased or Disdained person to you like to make fun of?

Acceptance is the name of the game

Time for Baseball, no time for impeachment??

Did 26 ministers sign the constitution?

An Inconvenient Truth Now Available In Hebrew

Anyone know how I can stream a PBS station to watch Bill Moyers?

DUers KO and Bill Moyers must not be missed

When's the Last Time you Saw Polls Like This Before an Iowa Caucus? WOW! LINK...

Baghdad museum's slow recovery (BBC)


Dodd vows to filabuster the FISA bill with immunity. Reid ignoring him!

Making a "killing"


Ex-KBR employees charged with defrauding the government out of $2.1 million

Business As Usual

With my 1,000th post I say.

Wheat costs raise bread prices again

Something I found on Youtube.

A bad and insulting metaphor and a question

US to pledge $500 million to Palestine

Please interpret: american life insurance policies are being sold as an investment here

Judge Temporarily Quashes 'DC Madam' Subpoena of White House Records

South Korean Scientists Create Glow In The Dark Cats

CNN Poll: Huckabee Would Lose To Top Democrats By Double Digits

Thank you, DU.

Ahhh... the decorum of South Korean political debate...

I am a stay-at-home dad. Anyone have suggestions for working from home?

Sending this to friends and family

Skelton: Defense bill includes $177 million for Missouri projects

When Representatives Feel No Compulsion To Serve

Howard Fineman on Countdown..."Keep an eye on John Edwards in Iowa..."

Venezuela: Socialism For Thee But Not For Me

Marine who murdered Iraqi soldier given drugs....

ABA drops Gonzales’s ‘Lawyer of the Year’ title.

I think they should give the phone companies immunity.

Midwest City Fights Back Against Iran War-Mongering

George & Dick ---pix--->>>

Keith Olbermann is so, so SEXY because he's so, so smart. And

Fuck You, Jack Kingston (R-GA1). Bite my ass.

Bush & Perino: Is IGNORANCE Bliss?

Harper's: Scott Horton Updates Siegelman Case - 'Significant' New Evidence 'Will Link Rove'

It is Unconceivable That The Senate Might Pass A FISA Bill With Immunity For The Phone Companies


Obama “Undecided” on S. 1959

Kucinich Welcomes Support from Judiciary Committee Members on Impeachment

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

digby: Shake It Up

Gee, Keith, aren't Alcoholics a hoot... I mean really funny?

Dear friends it is time I told you this is my Christmas Eve, I could use an opinion

Book TV Schedule: December 15th - 17th

Cheese?!? $9.19 for Shur-Fine cheese?!?

Congress authorizes war funds (cost of $506.9 B + $189.4 B). Approved 90-3 by the Senate.

Support the Filibuster. Check out what the Dodd campaign just put out!

Sign Rep. Wexler's petition for Cheney impeachment hearings

***DUzy Awards for week ending December 14, 2007***


Tipster: Des Moines Fallout Amid Kucinich Protests (Newsroom Disrupted For 2 Days, Phones Jammed)

It is everything her cold laugh reveals...

The media is doing to Hillary what they did to Gore, Dean, and Kerry

Question for Obama Supporters...

Can I get a Moderator to explain why this thread "How Obama can Adress his former heavy cocaine use"

It`s the Roto-Rooter trucks, stupid!

Why can people post threads asking the moderators to lock other threads and not have them deleted?

If I was the mods, I'd lock the whole damn GDP

If Clinton has proof that Obama sold drugs, she needs to

How do we wake up congress?

Turning towards Hope: A Precinct Captain in Iowa switches to Obama.


Let's quit being political virgins here - we KNEW the cocaine story was coming...

Come on good people, hug it out.

When I hear HRC talk of "experience" I want to puke...

I believe TOE SUCKER is trying to get tricky, but it won't work

Is therre too much flamebait about candidates in GDP?

If DU is any indication, get ready for a 2nd tier candidate to run away with the nomination

I just received this email from congressman Wexler, thought i'd share it!

If I was Karl Rove

"Magic" Johnson joins former President Bill Clinton to campaign for Hillary

So what WILL you do if Hillary is the nominee and the Rethugs bring up:

Harry. Nancy and all the Bush dog democrats please just switch parties

John Edwards: "I'm Sorry" (video)

Letter from Wes Clark.

Obama Slings Sex to Combat Drug Story

Why did Obama delete evidence of his opposition to the Iraq war from his website in 2003?

Why are the Wheels Coming Off the Clinton Bandwagon?

So I ask my good friend what she thought of Hillary's campaign bringing up the cocaine thing

My Republican Brother Says He Could & Would Vote Now for Al Gore or Joe Biden...and maybe Edwards.

Keith Olberman on Bill Moyers tonight

I would kind of like a President who did a whole mess of acid when he was a kid

Obama has closed "gender gap" in NH; has overwhelming support of independent-minded voters.

Why the Iowa caucus polls are bullshit

Hillary Clinton will not finish higher than 3rd place in Iowa

I'm watching Hannity .. this is sooo funny.

Des Moines Register makes its endorsement Sunday.. speculation is that Edwards gets it..

Hey China. are there any policies we can enact to ensure we get more fish?

Bill Clinton: We like Obama because he has never made a mistake

Hypothetical question for Friday night: If Clark had run this time, how would he be doing in Iowa?

How far would a Bidenite go to show their support?

The REAL reason the Iowa caucuses are bullshit is

Tim Murphy (R-PA) Christmas card ethics violations?

Mike Gravel....explain to me again why we don't like him?

Email from Patrick Leahy - "In contempt of Congress"

So what happens if Edwards wins, Hillary comes in 2nd, Obama 3rd

Somebody please tell me why!

The only candidate who I rarely, if ever, hear anyone on DU say that he's unelectable is Joe Biden

HillShill Taylor Marsh shows the drug remark was no accident.

I just want primary season to end...

Who is behind the Edwards "I'm sorry" negative ad?

Who's guilty of

Did any news outlet other than the NY Daily News report that Guantanamo troops hacked Wikipedia?

Look at the money

Congressman Leonard Boswell, “Mr. Rural Iowa,” endorsed Hillary today..

Bill Clinton in 1992: We Need New Experience in Washington

Biden's Plan for Iraq passes Congress today and now heads on over to Bush.

Why does Obama get a clear passage?

Ezra Klein on the "seismic shift" toward Obama, it's the "politics of hope" stupid

Apologies From the Heart (of Darkness?)

Why did the telecom companies cooperate with Bush's warrantless wiretaps in the first place?

Did I miss the Team Hillary meeting...

I've been reading some of the threads here, and politically speaking

Why is David Brancaccio hawking Ron Paul?

Giuliani Looks to Restart Campaign

Chinese Kids Get Foreign-Brand Toys

The $4bn killing

In China, Farming Fish in Toxic Waters

NYT editorial: A Long Time Coming; New Jersey abolishes the death penalty

Christian "Ex-Gay" Movement Grows, Brainwashing Thousands

Inside the CIA's notorious "black sites" (Salon exclusive)

Patrick Cockburn: Only One Thing Unites Iraqis: Hatred of the US

Mike Gravel is not a nut!

The GOP white-glove crowd on Huckabee: "O Lord, NO!"

Only One Thing Unites Iraqis: Hatred of the US

NYT- Rich Getting Richer Faster, Much Faster

Feds ask judge to reject suit over treatment of combat vets

Militants strike Baghdad neighborhood patrols [us paid]

BREAKING NEWS: Powerful earthquake shakes eastern Indonesia.

Israeli Official: U.S. Is Not Doing Enough On Iran Nukes

Huckabee Sees WH 'Bunker Mentality'

Bali climate talks reach agreement

Global warming pact set for 2009 after US backs down

Judge Urged Not to Ask About CIA Tapes

White House to judge: Don't probe CIA tapes

Musharraf ends Pakistan emergency

South Korea's worst oil spill spreads further as cleanup operation continues

Russian army chief accuses West over arms control

Armed group wants to blow up Mosul Dam

Civilians go after jobs ... in Iraq -- $212,000 salary enough to make some consider

Climate deal sealed by US U-turn

Abstinence Programs Are Facing Rejection: Questioning effectiveness, states refuse federal money

Some 3,800 young people homeless in New York: study

Late-night hosts may be heading back to TV

Dances with Wolves actor Floyd Westerman dies

Judge urged not to ask about CIA tapes

‘Sleeping with the boss’ common at KBR in Iraq

Ohio Elections Official Calls Machines Flawed: Secy. of State proposes replacing all voting machines

Gonzales Gets Stripped Of “Lawyer of the Year” Title

Report Says That the Rich Are Getting Richer Faster, Much Faster: "YOYO economics"

Congresswoman Julia Carson dies

Pelosi: Bill will put U.S. 'on road to energy independence

Justice Dept. Seeks Delay on House Intel Committee CIA Inquiry: Dem and GOP lawmakers "stunned"

We have a snow advisory. Snow advisories seem silly to me.

I have a funny thread in GD....Go have a look!


An appropriate bit for our present days...Enjoy...

I had to bite my tongue tonight.

Beer Fest...

"I am Legend" was awesome!


WAR ON CHRISTMAS : the video edition.

Anyone watch I Love New York 2?:p

I missed the "That's a Moray" Post, so here is a P.S.

Why do coffee shops close at 10 p.m.?


The Rules

home networking computer question

Larry David stand-up - some good laughs for Saturday morning

Just got back from the company Xmas party.

Poll question: Is RetroLounge trying to steal GoPsUx's Punter?

Is RetroLounge trying to steal my Funder?

It was minus 40 degrees CELSIUS here for WEEKS. Shaddup.

Ok folks - good vibes needed.

12 Days of Christmas

Does Hannah Montana shoot fireworks out of her ass or something?

Excerpts from my son's 2nd grade class "cookbook"

Bob Barker appreciation thread!!

Well, whaddya know....I got my first DUzy!

Felicxa Zamenhofa Tago!

Good Morning Lounge, and fellow cat lovers...enjoy this little cartoon

I'm going to the High School Nutcracker production this afternoon, ask me anything!

what's the word that describes how i feel right now? oh yeah...


A computer question.

The Hypnotoady semi-infrequently remark thread 12/15/07

The one week I have Patriots tickets

I hate all wheel drive

Tonight is pirate movie night any ideas for easy to fix pirate food,

It's Zero. Squeaky cold, if you catch my drift.

Looks like I'm gonna have to try Rachel Ray's recipe for Bacon & Crab Chowder...

The GoPsUx first ever and last really shitty Poetry threadbreak 12/15/07

I have to go to the mall

Any DU-ers besides me miss Zomby coffee?

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Little Richard & Soloman Burke to speak at Ike Turner's funeral service

delete...wrong thread!

CAT PEOPLE: Norwegian Forest Cats !

A bird just flew into our window and broke its poor little neck

Does your pet look like a cartoon character?

Walk Hard - The Beatles Vid: "Well, you ARE 'The Quiet One,' so why don't you shut the f**k UP?"

Anyone else watching Soul Train?

An intriguing article, if true or not.

I just met a really good person despite the Bush sticker on her car.


Don't Make Me Mad !


Tarzan cat

The Moments We Two Can Share

Question about "No Country For Old Men" (Total Spoiler Alert! Do Not Read if you haven't seen it!)

I was able to make a snarky remark to a retail customer the other day

A drunk asshole hit my car last night

Well I've got soup cooking


I thought you Americans had a 2nd Amendment.

FedEx can bite me.

Lounge challenge: In this thread, say something so shitty, it's bound to get a Boozy.

I just got done wrapping 16 Yule gifts - ask me nothing.

Poll question: Do you think you spend too little time on DU?

My brother got a new toy.

Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth with the Solid Gold(tm) dancers!

I just saw "Mr. Brooks"

Honeycomb's big. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

My PSA for today - When drinking Peet's Eggnog Latte...

Puppies grow up

Wheat Thins v. Triscuits

Bryan Adams. Can he write a love song? Or --- not

My cookbook fell apart and I hope I made this pot roast correctly..

I'm having a relaxing, festive day today!

Are kangaroo farts the answer to global warming?

What would you be doing 15 years ago instead of being on the computer?

I have no food in the house and we're going to get 5-9 inches of snow

caption these Horses' asses waiting for a bus

flip side

I found where the mice were getting into my kitchen,

Moms super secret Stew recipe

Scuba Santa - when enough Christmas is enough Christmas

Its been nice knowing you

This will certainly get ME tombstoned, but it too needs to be said

Confessions of a killer.

How do you spell Deleware?

I live just across the Chesapeake Bay from DelMarVa

Super Duper. nt

Miz t. went to the party. I stayed home.

Britney's new single / video: the sound of this one sucking is pretty deafening.

Do you like Cumin?

any musicians? I need the name of the peanuts song

Saw Joan Rivers last night on QVC

Anyone else spending Christmas day / eve alone?

OMG! Healthy chips!

If I ever start thinking or calling a politician amazing (in a good way), someone please slap me!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/15/2007)

According to this much recommended GD thread, drunk people are no longer funny.

27 years can take a toll

Ever get a splinter so deep it leaves a bruise?

This will certainly get me tombstoned, but it needs to be said

What was your best Christmas present ever?

America's next model w/Tyra Banks

cute alert

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/15/07

No Pudge Brownies

In my dreams, you're blowing me.....

The tale of the Red Neck Christmas Tree

*sighs* Okay, you guys. I've changed my sig pic.

F&^king storms!!! Argh!!

Regarding MLB "juicing": What should be done about the guy with the .242 batting average?

New CPU going in. Athlon64 3000 to Athlon 64 x2 4600

Is this the 13th floor? I must have got on the wrong elevator --

Did you ever think you were going to get tombstoned?

Lounge challenge: In this thread, say something so witty, it's bound to get a DUzy.

I f'ing hate seizures

Which of these 60-70's bands would you consider to be the best of the age

MY cat can kick YOUR cat's ASS. Enjoy this photo of Seiko, the world's GREATEST cat.

I need help. I just can't decide on TM's Xmas present this year!

This picture turned out perfect.

Fun, Snow, Kittens, Puppies, Wexler Wants Hearings . Com

Mobile recording devices - Edirol or Zoom - anybody here use one?

I just saw "I am Legend."

God damn it, that shiny stuff is NOT "joolery." You'd think that the people who

I have just finished reading two books...

CSM relieved amid allegations of misconduct

Congress finally approves authorization bill

IG looks into handling of spec ops shootings

Gates: U.S. will tone down appeals to NATO

Wounded bonus bill speeds through Senate

Court rules vets home lawsuit can go forward

Evacuated combat soldiers to get rehab pay

Lawmakers seek to boost home-buying benefit

Shrinking BRAC savings concern House panel

Panel hears VA, critics on suicides

Lawmakers scrutinize veterans charities

U.S. paid $32M for an Iraqi base never built

Marine convicted of killing Iraqi will be released

Army begins tests to stem spread of sexually transmitted diseases

Bill would ban gang membership in ranks

Soldier in fragging case faces death penalty

Japanese base strikes are rescheduled

Casey repeats warning of possible civilian worker layoffs in South Korea

STD fact sheet

STDs and the military: Busting the myths

Yokosuka’s health desk busts myths about STDs

NATO exercise conducted throughout Europe

DOD: Troops discharged with disorders will get help

Stripes editors seek answers on ASY link

Sailors in war zones get more flexibility in advancement exams

Pelosi Says Republicans 'Like Iraq War'

Army Wants Better Detention Practices

ID Clues Rare in Iraq's Mass Graves

Guard Learns From a City Under Fire

Americans told to avoid Vicenza this weekend

Essex 'Retains' Golden Anchor

Unmanned AEW 'Not So Far Away'

CG Hosts High School Field Trip

New exchange to open at Kadena

Eye Treatment Saves Money and Eyesight

Control sought on military lawyers

E-mails released in astronaut love triangle

Drug Epidemic Hits British Army

Lightweight howitzer proves a hit with troops

Army Increasing Enlistment Bonuses

No link between cancer, radar seen

New standards

Coyote Ugly opens Saturday night

Army reinforcing 1 million sets of ACUs

Combat Commander asks F-15 pilots to stay sharp

my 117th ltte-re: reflections on the war

Charges against protesting veterans dismissed, appeal planned

Mike Malloy reads the letter sent to Congressmen along with Impeach Bush Card Decks

2007 Nancy Pelosi Disco Tribute Montage

Biden is asked about racial gaffes, and gets support from Obama

Best Bob Hope movie line

Nanjing remembers massacre victims (BBC)

Tony Bennett is on Leno Tonight

WEST COAST ALERT: Bill Moyers Journal on NOW with KO, Oprah/Obama

EX Halliburton Employee - Rape Victim: "There are people out there who would say this about money"

An appropriate bit for our present days...Enjoy...

War is Over - sung by our pResident

A conundrum for Paul supporters. (Media Consolidation)

Okay, so how in the HELL do 3 Pukes change the rules for all of media?

DAMMIT DEMS - We counted on you

For those who missed Bill Moyer's Fantastic Interview with Keith Olbermann

Tomdispatch: Nick Turse, The Holiday Gifts from Hell (on Earth)

I was a big fan of Obama's, I'm still a fan, but I didn't like "The Audacity of Hope." Here are some

Why did the "democrats" cave again?

Senate Judiciary votes Bolten, Rove in contempt...

My friend's soldier son with TBI is finally starting to respond.

An excerpt from The Des Moines Register's 2004 endorsement:

An observation on a possible Clinton/Huckabee matchup (unlikely to happen still)

Three AM Thoughts are Mostly Beers....

"He's been impeached already by the heart and soul and spirit of the american people"

'Price' winner claims car was in wreck (Oh I'd be pissed)

Baptists As A Percentage Of All Residents, 2005

China and India Exploit Icy Energy Reserves

bush was a coke snorting, pill popping boozer for decades & HE turned out o.k.

Are you ready to move to Canada yet?

Two timely quotes of the day from figures of the founder's generation...

Reconciling Fascism with Reality

OK DUers let's hear yah on Washington Journal this morning

In that movie "Charlie Wilson's War?"

CNN's Keilar claimed Congress "stalled" on SCHIP without noting Bush's vetoes

The politics of Winter.

I never knew how much I cared for America...

Stealing a thread idea: political Limericks

We Have Another Attorney General Who Works for george bu$h*

in regards to this congress can we rename the site cave in underground?

Chemical Find Shuts Down 2 LA Reservoirs (600 MILLION gallons to be drained)

Use of force by law enforcement?

Ha. American Bar Assn got a lot of grief for its Gonzo Lawyer of the Year story

Farm bill keeping subsidies is OKd in Senate

Headline news in Tampa Bay: 5 dead in Suicide, shootings...

‘Sleeping with the boss’ common at KBR in Iraq

War in Iraq falls off media radar

Bush's Budget Wins May Cost Him-Victories Over Dems Could Increase Debt and Impede His Own Agenda

After-hours deal reached at climate talks

Can telecom immunity survive court challenges?

Has George Bush done more for AIDS than Clinton has?

"Christmas: A Candid History" (of people with a modicum of sense)

Halliburton and CNN Categorize Gang Rape Allegation as “Dispute”

One thing about it folks we have had ours too, now

Having trouble with gift ideas?

Bwhahaha! ABA drops Gonzales’s ‘Lawyer of the Year’ title

The continuing saga of the South Philly sandwich shop and the Phila. Commission on Human Relations

NCLB analogy--I read this on Irascible Professor

Bush decption distraction AGAIN.

Why isn't this NY Times article about Giuliani's lies on the front page

Great Issue of MAD this month...


Which group would you trust more to run our government?

Obama's AMAZING Legislative Career - 69 bills in 2 years!

Senior Lecturer in Constitutional Law Pledges to REVERSE Bush Signing Statements When Elected Prez!!

Schultz sees an apocalypse now

Bush taking more authority over military lawyers

Just how did Nancy Pelosi get chosen as Speaker anyway?

So, is NIE back in the news yet?

Note. Do not make accusations of the candidates concerning torture

Dave Lindorff: 3 House Judiciary Members Want Cheney Impeachment NOW!

On this Date in Bush History 12/15:Torture Banned-for About 10 Seconds!

19 Days.

Come re-election time let's all remember the cowardice and idiocy of Shumer & Feinstein.


The cost of war-your community's contribution to the war

great example: netroots investigate/uncover public school privatization schemes

Viacom lobbyists hired CIA torture team leader for "Kite Runner" movie

We must make sure our party chooses the correct path.


Huckabee hires former Reagan adviser

Could Dems Learn A Thing Or Two From Republicons When It Comes to Stopping Bills?

BUSH's Dubious Power Grab: "End Uniformed Lawyer's Role-As A Check & Balance On Presidential Power"

Fox 25 news report about our dismissal in court yesterday

Freeper sitting by my partner on the plane last night loves Oprah.

So when the Primary voters go to the polls will they use touch screen machines?

Is the Penalty for Killing any Person, Thought Crime Legislation Too?

Writers File Labor Charge Against Studios

My * backward countdown clock quit working!!!

What Would Jesus Buy?

? What "Bill" will help stop the demolition of housing in New Orleans?

Who can win the General Election?

When The Real Presidential Debates Come Who Would Do Best?

A repetitious connecting of the Faux dots (O'LOOFAH, PERINO)

Please read & K&R this Important thread

Disturbing News From A Small Oil Distributor This Morning


Washington Post published over one million words for war, and gave 36 words to Ted Kennedy

Governor's defense of nativity scenes challenged

"How the hell did this man get elected?"

Obama helps us track $1,000,000,000,000 of federal spending

Obama: Tanner Should have been FIRED not Moved (AMEN!!!!)

Welcome to the American Political Theatre- Oprah & Obama

Prosecutors say 2 men agree to plead guilty in plot against military, Jewish targets

KO: "What I have done on the air is journalism"

The difference between legitimate criticism and smear

Santa Claus and St. Nicholas signed my credit card receipts today.

Carbon dioxide levels at 380ppm 100ppm higher than 200 yrs ago & rising. Are humans already showing

If only Al Gore jumped into that mosh pit

Senate passes Freedom of Information Act bill

God damn it, Bobby

Here is your complete study guide to BushCo.

Man charged with stealing after allegedly reneging on Hannah Montana tickets

Glenn Beck: Huckabee will 'implode'

Inside the CIA's notorious "black sites" "Whenever I saw a fly in my cell, I was filled with joy"

DroughtWatch Photo Gallery (amazing)

What if everybody just quit paying their credit card bills?

Nativity scenes on public grounds

Senate Judiciary Committee rules Bolten & Rove in contempt of Congress - vote of 12-7

Bali has finally crushed my spirit

Which do you think would fit Bush better

Congresswoman Julia Carson (D) - US House died today

Photo: A glimpse of Lincoln at Gettysburg?

Now that Hillary is finished, and Obama's clearly cocaine addled, is it too late for Teddy to run?

If Hillary is Out Why Doesn't Gore Jump in?

Heckuva Job, Bernanke! Is the Fed the new FEMA?

Tales from the Lounge presents: What Oscar Wilde would say about Bush...

Why won't Nancy put impeachment back on the table?

Ohio: Further confirmation of a Kerry landslide (TIA) ( x )

I don't blame Bush himself. I blame Republicanism itself.

Voting Rights Groups

Memo to Republican presidential candidates.

Denver Named Nation's 'Drunkest City'

when barak obama told hillary clinton, yes hillary,i'll look forward to getting advise from you too,

Prosecute the illegal use of steroids and growth hormones

Registered F*CKHUCK.COM/NET/ORG - Anyone Have Any Ideas?

I just saw the scariest movie I have seen, more scary than Inconvenient Truth

Health program to monitor Sept. 11 workers exposed to toxins halted over funding

The Republican Brain (Caution: Graphic Anatomical Photos)

guy who staged fake FEMA news conference is out of job...

Huckabee/Obama race, basically a repeat of 2000/2004 with a slight edge to Obama because of the west

Are You Going to Pay for Bush's Wars?

CNN - Now.. US signs on to Bali Accord! 180 degree turn (!)

14 states reject funding for abstinence-only programs

Recently a local company gave a large donation to a local youth organization

Welcome To America

Something else you just need to buy

Justice Dept.: Back Off on CIA Tapes

Mukasey's Litmus Test-1) Cover-up Torture 2) Block Criminal Investigations (Scott Horton)

Since all the candidates are running FOR POPE!1 they should hire this consultant

Bush Wants to Expand Warrantless Telecom Spying on Us -- and Make It Legal

A Son’s Past Deeds Come Back To Bite Huckabee

The Bill O'Reilly Opera

Dear Mods- can someone update the DU spell check with the candidates names?

Romney is not just a Mormon, he's a High Priest of the order of the Melchizedek Priesthood!

There is a a virus in our society.

Utah troopers use Taser on "Mexican transient"

Sunday Talk Shows

Michael Vick's mother sends letter to judge: "PLEASE Your HONOR give my baby Michael another chance"

Name The Worst 2008 Ticket For Both Parties

Still Undecided? - Maybe this will help

Congressional Constipation by E.J. Dionne, Jr.

How Do I Start Investing in Stocks?

My money is on a Clinton-Edwards Ticket.

"We're more important than you" BigPharma - "Time to take special interest money out of circulation"

All right, which one of you guys wrote this one?

Wexler wants us to sign a petition to start impeachment hearings on Chaney.

ANY democrat can beat Huckabee.. We cannot afford another Armageddonist

Hey DUers in Alabama and Georgia

Today is December 15th - a day for Dennis Kucinich to SHINE.

Still think Ohio wasn't stolen...twice!!! (NY Times article)

How about electric cars?

Hillary refuses to sign ANTI-TORTURE PLEDGE, reserves right to torture if "Something Imminent"

and it has the smell of the Roman Senate, as we come up on the last days.

Mukasey CAN be impeached, ya know.

Propaganda Bureau Expands: If Enough Sources Repeat the Big Lie, It Starts to Sound True

When should it have been clear to a reasonable person that torture was Bush policy?

Ex-Worker: Air Firm Aided CIA Renditions

Huckabee registered for "Wedding Gifts" when he letf the Ark. Gov Mansion:

Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton/KBR - Will you sign a letter of protest?

Are you unwilling to disclose which candidate you support and why?

Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry

36,000 signatures and counting: Come On People!

The Hillary Nutcracker ! Sales are soaring!

Torture: Leadership Requires Accountability, All the Way to the Top; Gov Richardson

Blast From The Past - GWB, Jan 2001: "There is no excuse for arrogance"

"School resource officer" uses Taser on parent who does not "calm down"

Teaching creationism

Strange beams of light streaming from the earth in Maine

Bush Proposes Repealing Golden Rule

RESTORE: Warrantless Spying Showdown Postponed to Monday -- UPDATED

Save a job, buy local and not online....

$$$ Who owns your candidate?..$$$

I Can Haz Cheezburger? ---pix--->>>

Let us be clear. Torture is NOT an interrogation technique.

Robot heckler on why he heckled Bill Clinton

Ohio Secretary of State confirms 2004 election could have been stolen = x-post

Please let Huckabee win the nomination

What is wrong with Joe Biden?

Yes, I am a flip-flopper. An open letter to the right-wing lurkers.

Who Can You Believe in the Torture Wars?

This pisses me off

Mortgage Meltdown...the real story is fraud

If it came down to a very close Obama/Hillary primary.....

I know a few DUers have been DNC Delegates. How do you do it?

How to really save jobs. right here..right now., not a lot of effort

The next subprime: Reverse mortgages

"Battle of Algiers" is available FREE until 12/21 on Comcast's On Demand

Those dirty sons of Bush's: A DU genealogy project thread

spotted in Oklahoma

Please spare us the "The Republicans will pick on Candidate X, so don't nominate them!" posts!

Katzenkavalier will be taking a break in Puerto Rico; will be back on the 27th.

What's your ranking and why?

It gets better with the Big Dog: Any old TV commentator is about as experienced as Obama

HuffPo: Fake-ass Christian-Cowboy-In-Chief sends out his "Super Christian Christmas Card"

An excerpt from The Des Moines Register's 2004 endorsement:

Huckleberry slams Chimpy on Iraq for go-it-alone "arrogant bunker mentality"

Speaker Pelosi

Was Novacs dirt the Cocaine thing?

Did the meme about 'change' switch from Obama to Clinton?

Who has raised the most money in each State?

"Boston for Biden" - City Councilor John Tobin

Where was Bill Clinton...

Hillary: You already know how bad I am!

WTF!?! Mukasey refuses to give Congress details of tape Investigation!

Alaska polling "shows state's two iconic Republican incumbents in real jeopardy at ballot box."

Edwards Unveils Young Families Rising Agenda - Better Future for the Next Generation of Americans

Photo: "Life was so much easier when I just owned the Texas Rangers, stretch..."

"Bill Clinton ... Well, He Just Puts Everything On The Table. Read It."

Watch Charlie Rose this weekend with Bill Clinton - he was awesome

I was a big fan of Obama's, I'm still a fan, but I didn't like "The Audacity of Hope." Here are some

Bill Clinton, on 'Charlie Rose' Show, Suggests Obama Not Ready; 'Miracle' If Hillary Won Iowa

Psychic Predictions

Obama's "Dirty Secret" Uncovered:

Huckabee lied. He doesn't have a Theology degree...

Today is the big $100 day for us Kucinich supporters...

Odds are on Obama to Get Iowa Paper's Endorsement (Des Moines Register)

Clinton Library Got $10 million from Saudis

LA Times: Air of inevitability escaping Clinton

Is something amiss in congress?

Stop the FISA bill. (We can, and we must.)

Who wants to go on a double date with Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich?

I just sent in my December 15 $100 to Kucinich and I feel righteous!

Kucinich and Edwards supporters: new way to help campaigns through PDA

RomneySpawn Unveil Big Brother Style T-Shirt of Der Mittenfuhrer

ENOUGH OF THE BULLSHIT-Time to show some backbone

IL POLL: Favorite son Barack Obama holds a 2-1 advantage over native daughter Hillary Clinton

doj Officials urge House panel to abandon its investigation of the tape destruction

The voter awoke before dawn. He put his boots on.

NYT's Jeff Zeleny: Campaigns Woo 3 Iowans for Paper's Endorsement

The global warming position of each of the candidates from several sources....

Dan Froomkin - Bush Demands Freedom to Torture

Collins: Has Obama worked out a way to explain his drug use to conservative voters?

When Inevitability Isn't So... Inevitable

Bush Radio 12/15: "Congress has had plenty of time to consider the emergency funds our troops need"

Biden hopes to beat the odds

Women for Obama Town Hall in Dubuque, IA

Reminder--Joe Biden CNN --Late Edition --Sunday 11:00 AM ET

Naomi Wolf provides the most appropriate ONE WORD description of today's GOP: "STALINESQUE" . . .

Video: Markos Moulitsas with Keith Olbermann: Democrats should be MAKING Republicans filibuster

Democratic candidates score big with clergy

Broken Records Breaking Records

Two questions for all POTUS candidates who are Senators.

Why Do Our Elected Officials Have To Be Present In The House Or Senate To Vote.......

Cumberland County, NJ, Democratic Committee endorses Hillary

Well, at least two of our candidates get it.

Fat-cat Bushie and Michele Bachmann supporter runs afoul of the law in Minnesota

"When is the last time we elected a president based on one year of service before he's running?"

Obama presser today at 12:15 EST

Edwards, Obama spar over size of table

It's Weird How The Top-3 Candidates In Both Parties Sort-Of Mirror Each other

For those interested, Obama on C-Span from Waterloo, Iowa.

An observation about the IWR vote

Don't Underestimate Huckabee

Balancing the budget. Fighting the false rhetoric of deficits.

I want a candidate who has made some big mistakes in their lfie

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/15/07 - Clinton down 1, Obama unchanged, Edwards up 1

Dems better at being republican that republicans.

Obama Brings About Transparent Government

Clinton can go for the jugular, but is she smart enough about it?

Three House Judiciary Members Call for Cheney Impeachment NOW

Joe Biden and a member of "ONE" --just a nice story...

Obama Vows to Protect Children from Lead-Based Toys

Huckabee Sees WH 'Bunker Mentality'

Reader comment on ABC correspondent's blog: "I'd rather vote for a Republican than for a drug user"

I think that bashing and name-calling about Pelosi and Reid is

"Voters shouldn't put stock in celebrity endorsements"

Obama Shows Confidence in Iowa Sprint

Why Should Obama's past be exempt?

What lies will the Republicans use against each Democrat?

Let's cut through all the bullshit about the polls - stop the media fueled hysteria

How many states can one of our candidates win?

Today I experienced true democracy - NH Delegate Selection Caucus

Obama wins UNH mock election

Wolfowitz offered State Dept job by Condasleezy...why is this not in the MSM?

Of the top 3 candidates, which DU supporters are LEAST partisan (in terms of candidates)?

Coming Tonight, Des Moines Register's Endorsement. How important is the paper's seal of approval?

Republicans are brainswashing our Children: Must Read article about a Child's question to Obama

An inspirational quote on war and peace from Dennis Kucinich

YOUTUBE CLIP: Bill Clinton on Charlie Rose

The Republicans in the Crowd

Des Moines Register to Endorse Obama ?

Edwards List Reasons to Vote for Him Over Obama: "we need somebody who’s ready for this battle"

Republican Blahs Facing Party in Iowa

Illinois Poll - 12/9-13 - Obama 50%; Clinton 25%; Edwards 7%

I'm Going To Make My First Campaign Donation For '08 Soon. Looks Like Biden Will Get It.

Kucinich "Money Bomb"

Biden Campaign: Welcomes Edwards’ support for special counsel

Biden-OPED, Sioux City Journal-CIA Tapes...

Reactions to the Obama drug flap present a deep moral paradox

The Clinton argument about "vetting" is misleading, (IMO)

This is the least negative, least dirty primary campaign ever

SIGH! The stupidest people in America pick our presidents

40138 and counting signed up for Cheney Impeachment hearing.

Biden and Leahy get the most impressive Democrats of the week award -

Greetings from Nevada Where Obama is Moving Up in the Polls

Is a campaign affiliated attack site? I had that question and

OK, ClinBamaWards wins the nom - so who is your VP choice to complete the ticket?

Gravel? Remember Him? He has a message for YOU

If you care about H-1B and Obama

I used to say, "Most Republicans aren't bigots, but

Edwards Cites Fight for Party's Soul

(Raising Kaine) Bush to Kids: If you're not rich...Please just die.

Ohio Elections Official Calls Machines Flawed

Edwards Campaign Unveils New "Fight" Television Ad in Iowa (video)

Edwards' Family Economics

NY Times Editorial: Iowa’s Student Vote - "Students are rightly up in arms"

Looks like Time Warner/CNN Execs are asleep at the wheel. CNN carrying John Edwards rally

Edwards: Fight, Not Negotiate, for Health Care

Obama Vows to Fire Staffers Who Investigate Clinton

Olbermann's "Moral Force" and why he speaks out now. From 1998

Edwards Highlights Declaration of Independence for Older Americans (11-point plan)

Why is Hillary getting a pass on being a Barry Goldwater follower?

Barack Obama seizes his chance

$$$...Who OWNS your candidate?...$$$

The Flap Over Obama's Drug Use - Why it hurts Clinton and helps him.

I Liked This Board Better When We Were Bashing Republicans