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Archives: December 16, 2007

Impeach Mukasey -- or for God's sake, at least throw the punch

Frank Rich:Latter-Day Republicans vs. the Church of Oprah

Alberto Stripped of ‘Lawyer of the Year’; Receives ‘Voyeur of the Year’

World Is Not Flat, Academic Says

Leading article: The world gets the better of Bush

Fascism from the Master

Anti-Semitism and the Left that Doesn’t Learn

Democratic endorsement editorial: Why Clinton

Texas Monthly Cover Featuring Cheney Ranked Year's Best (By Time Magazine)

Murdoch's News Corp. Completes Takeover of Dow Jones

J.K. Rowling handwritten novel sells for 4 million dollars

British troops investigated over smuggling stolen guns to the UK

Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry

McCain Urges New Interrogation Specialty

Congress Defies Bush on CIA Tape Probe

Basra's militias murder 'un-Islamic' women

Courthouse-step auctions offer 1,336 properties in foreclosure -- 17 are sold

I just realized I'm done with Advent home communions.

Funny story...

How Do I Start Investing in Stockings?

Kate Bush fans on DU, you may start rejoicing now...

Anyone who hides...

Do the people in the "no more Whoppers" commercials piss you off?

Bimbo eruption in GDP.

Has anyone found a Wii?

The local porn shop has more xmas decorations up than I do.

Just checking in between movies, Pirate Party Night is going well.

Pete Doherty? Is he someone special?

OMG MRmander just came out of the closet to me!!!!

Sallymanders fiance

The movie, "The Notebook" is on CBS tonight. - Is it depressing?

z0MG!!! MrMander just came on to me...

Figure out your per annum posting average

Lets review the rules, shall we?

Anyone watching this Niner game?

Do you leave the TV on for your pets?

Let It Rain

Nice. Tornado watch for the next 8 hours.

What's DarkTirade's avatar?

I gotta go write a letter to my sponsored child.

Pepé Le Pew. Intercontinental raconteur or just a f**king skunk?

I'm logged in as Philboy!

Oldies but Goodies!!!!!!!!!!11111 Lets Dance!!!

Love Actually is a great movie for getting into the Christmas spirit.

I realize there are bigger problems in this world

I'm too tired to rant, so I'll just say

Merry Christmas DU!!

Matthew McConaughey is next door to me in Malibu

What would you do if a cashier rang you up incorrectly

Seventeen cannibal kings, wondering blithely when the dinnerbell will riiiiiiing....

I like this picture of Brett Favre.

That movie Juno looks totally adorable...

z0MG!!! MrMander just came out to me...

z0MG!!! MrMander just came on to me...

Since I'm bitching about TV, can someone tell me why 90% of the commercials

How many of us are ready to handle 8-12 inches

What would you do if you were King/Queen of the World?

Billy Bob done did broke the floor.

Help me out here. I really don't get it.

My name is mud!

I figured out why the beagle has been gaining weight.

Can someone please give me a hug from this thread? I was the end and then someone else

King Of Sorrow - Sade

The smilies don't move ! Why?

Why do we care?


If the 3 wise men had been 3 wise women...

Could It Be Magic

What was the worst 'gift' from loved one's that you ever got for the holidays?

Goodnight lounge ...lost is

I am smarter than each and every one of you !!!

Why does the credit card company keep sending me these checks?!

Holy cats! A glow in the dark kitty cat!

I can't wear it like this yet...but someday I will...

I miss the Autobahn

your opinion please - my cheesy artwork

redqueen in lingerie and Sugar Smack's ass in tight jeans.

Now I *know* I'm drunk - I just posted in GD

Share your musical taste! I Want my MTV!! Post a music video from youtube!

DU cooks: I need advice per my pork BBQ sandwiches.

Worst movie EVER, on Sci-Fi Channel right now. Some alien fighting another alien with

i is teh tres smaht - i just moved our car to a covered garage

Could someone please tell my arthritic joints to stop complaining.

anyone been to amsterdam lately?

Do you get return address labels in the mail?

The Wild Goose now available online!!!

HUBBA HUBBA - Mental note, neighbour is a FOX

If Al Gore Ran

Weight loss update

I think my baby kitty hates me and has ADHD and is psycho

Does anybody do Tai Chi?

Okay. We are not a society anymore.

Tonya Harding's former bodyguard dies at age 40

lizziegrace is the bestest friend ever!

This thread is useless without pictures

Driving from S. Texas to St. Louis

A Holiday Message from Prudence to all the pets of the members of DU...

I found georgie's 28%

Wash. Post ignored own reporting in repeating Freeh allegation

Texas to fingerprint people fleeing hurricane / Houston Chronicle

US Senate passes Sudan divestment bill

Expert claims no U.S. troops have taken ill from depleted uranium

Hillary's Unprecedented Experience on the World Stage

Bush asks for more war money

The Writers are on strike. If there were a new show:

this thread needs more recs

Help Me Make It Through December - Merle Haggard


The Register's caucus endorsements: McCain, Clinton

Willard Mittens Romney Endorses Rendition & Torture

Are you a punative person or a forgiving person?

Either This Country Still Has A Conscience Or NOT..... WHICH IS IT?

The landlord

Kerry and Obama challenge FCC Chairman to postpone vote

Wiretap Déjà Vu = In 1976 Rumsfeld, Bush, Kissinger claiming "inherent" Presidential authority

Are YOU doing your part to fascilitate the W ar On Christmas?

Yosimite Sam on Global Warming Conference: ‘If Anyone’s Isolated Here, It’s Al Gore’

Bumper stickers I saw today on an asshole's pickup.

republicans are better at lying and cheating.

Where's the thread with the funny pics of chimpy?

So.. I've been hanging around, waiting for impeachment or *some* kind of justice...

Courthouse-step auctions offer 1,336 properties in foreclosure -- 17 are sold

"It's been snowing since 8:30. Why, there's about a half-inch here on this car." -- TVNews 11:03pm

You know what really screws my head up with Global warming

What do you call it?


Global warming conversations, about the drought in the south

Congress, Bush in clash over CIA interrogation tapes

Holy cats! A glow in the dark kitty cat!

Any one see 'Thirteen Days' on cable last night? (Cuban Missile Crisis movie)

*Shock* Des Moines Register endorses Hillary Clinton!!!!

Less than 25 to go!!! Wexler will have met the goal

If experience is so important, why not go with Biden?

Impeachment: If not now, when?

Ticking time bomb scenario is meaningless

5 million Iraqi orphans, anti-corruption board reveals

Merry Christmas Jerry Falwell!

Speaker Pelosi and Reid Urge President to Halt Demolition of Public Housing in New Orleans

Are there any DU"er's still posting here,.who Remember "Bush VS Gore," 2000?

Hand-Counting Paper Ballots Proposed In NY District Court (X)

I am SICK of these lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how about you?

Control sought on military lawyers: Bush wants power over promotions

8 to 12 Inches of Snow Expected - Blizzard Conditions - Snow Drifts to Exceed 2 Feet !!!

Website "not to be named" is rocking....

Bomb After Bomb A Violent Cartography

Colorado Church gunman cited his 'insane' home schooling

Neighborhood-By-Neighborhood Surveillance and no fuckin warrant.

53% of Americans believe in Creationism according to CNN's God's Wariors

Ron Pauls offbeat campaign generates high enthusiasm, low poll numbers

"We're going to find out if the trust [Schumer, Feinstein] put in...Mukasey was well placed"

There is always a ticking time bomb, and always an excuse for torture


Gravel: Power to the People/ Give Peace a Chance (video)

The Sleeper: How Edwards Could Win Iowa

SPECIAL REPORT: Do Political Bloggers at Newspaper Sites Now Drive 2008 Campaign Coverage?

Key People-Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) updated December 9, 2007

The only "shock" would be if the Des Moines Register endorsed Hillary

Iowa Debate Moderator: We like talk on issues: No fistfights required

Des Moines Register: Edwardses campaign as a team again; crowds love it

Does the Manchester Union-Leader endorse Dems in the primary?

The Republicans in the Crowd

Imus: How does Hillary Clinton have more experience than Obama its observed

Nomination of Obama an Act of Political Suicide for Dems?

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (12-14-07)

John McCain may have gotten himself back in this Race

'Wrong' traits no longer roadblock for candidates

Why Bill's Attack Will Hurt Obama

Watch the "Clinton Machine" Blow the Des Moines Register Endorsement

Clinton and torture - Politico

The Des Moines Register endorsement will...

Obama Wins Univ. Of NH Mock Primary

Edwards takes war questions in Elkader

The God Thing

Picture of Confidence.

What did I say? I told you a Clinton endorsement would be the only shock

Hillary lets us down again.

The Republicans’ Expensive Tax Promise (NYT: On the Economy)

Des Moines Register: Endorsement between Hillary/Obama was compared to FDR/Kennedy

Edwards to appear on three Sunday talk shows (This Week, Face the Nation, Late Edition)

Des Moines Register: Obama inspired our imagination, Hillary our confidence

Maine governor John Baldacci endorses Clinton

The man behind Paul's fundraising curtain

Clinton leads Dems in contributions from Iowans

The Des Moines Register will endorse...

Does anyone honestly wanna endure another 4 years of Clinton sexcapades?

Boston Globe Endorses Senator Barack Obama

This Des Moines Register endorsement is HUGE for Hillary

Congratulations to Clinton and Obama for their big endorsements today!

So BOTH Hilary and Edwards don't sign a letter about torture...

Des Moines Register endorses Hilary SO the paper is phucked up...

Des Moines Register: "Obama inspired our imagination"

The video in this article was made by a republican

Best wishes to Senator Clinton and supporters on the Des Moines Register endorsement

FIRED UP?!?!?!?!?!

if the "Iowa Surprise" happens..

DMR's Clinton endorsement is full of holes

Des Moines Register has NEVER Picked A Dem Winner: "Kiss of Death" For Hillary?

Charlie Rose interviews Bill Clinton, (video)

Obama Showing New Confidence - Iowa Sprint - "A month ago, I was an idiot.This month, I’m a genius."

Sour Obama grapes...

Boston Globe endorses Obama - Important for NH as well as MA.

Disowning Conservative Politics, Evangelical Pastor Rattles Flock (NY Times, 7/06)

Honestly, I don't give a damn who endorsed who tonight

Endorsements? What is REALLY important to me.

Delaware UAW endorse Senator Biden for President

Newspaper Endorsements Don't Mean a Single Thing

Obama "not surprised" about Endorsement, Keeps Jason on the Bus

Big Iowa Endorsement for Edwards? - "major statewide leader" to endorse next week

Air of inevitability escaping Clinton

Ad Says Edward Ready for 'Epic Battle'

Des Moines Register Editorial Board declares Edwards not Corporate friendly enough

I am SICK of these lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how about you? any more?

Those 8 years of peace and prosperity were just hell I tell you!

The DMR lets the cat out of the bag: The MSM doesn't like Edwards because he is anti-corporate.


I love how many DUers are willing to throw good, progressive organizations/people under the bus

The downside of voting for Kucinich

HuffPo Charges Big Papers Sitting on recent Clinton Affair Story - I FOUND OUT WHO IT IS (Photo)

The Clinton's BOUGHT the Des Moines Register Endorsement!!

The Des Moines Register editorial board is composed of mostly women

*** Clinton gets Des Moines Register Endorsement ***

The Clintons' NAFTA impoverished MILLIONS of women, children, farmers and Mexican corn growers

What I respect most about Obama are his gracious, civilized supporters

If congress doesn't overturn one of President Bush's executive orders-

A distant war comes home to America

Afghanistan NATO Surge Sought by US to Stem Taliban Tide

Reverend Richard John Neuhaus is shaping America?

Democrats and the Politics of Failure

Robert Parry: Surprise! Mukasey Covers Up Torture

Commentary: U.S. intelligence can be spectacularly right — or wrong

Bolton Criticizes Bush Foreign Policy: Magazine

Rumble in the Jungle: The AFRICOM Boondoggle

Independent UK: The world gets the better of Bush

Clinton ‘Cocaine Strategy’ Backfires: Obama Now Has Wall St. ‘Lined Up’

Is World War III on Hold?

Romney on Flip-Flops: this really is too much!

Democrats assess Hill damage, leadership / AP

Corporate Potluck: Dietitians and their company sponsors make strange buffet fellows

It's not left v. right that matters now. The real division is between authority and personal liberty

Dave Zirin: The Mitchell Report Is a Fraud

Outsourcing hits a new class of workers: journalists

Vanity Fair/Joseph Stiglitz: The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush

China, a Pandorah's Box of the West's own creation.

Bush's "Super Christian" Christmas Card

Israel: US report on Iran may spark war

Giuliani Looks to Restart Campaign

Democratic endorsement editorial: Why Clinton

S. Korea reopens probe of presidential front-runner

British hand over Basra to Iraqi control

Talks with IAEA over nuclear deal on course: Mukherjee

Iran shuts down 24 cafes in Internet crackdown

Russia's Military Commissions New Batch Of Strategic Nuclear Missiles

Bill would ban military slot machines

Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry

Top British terror suspect escapes

Hoffa To Bush: Drop Free Trade

Republican hopefuls squabble over Bush foreign policy

Iraq plans mass detainee pardon,says top official

Turkish planes bomb northern Iraq: officials

Globe endorses McCain, Obama (news story)

U.S. General Says Iraq Violence at it's Lowest Point Since '04

Lieberman to endorse McCain

Thousands march in latest protest against larger US base in Vicenza, Italy

Greenspan: Give Homeowners Financial Aid

Investors own about one-fifth of Bay Area homes in foreclosure

Shooter Murray tried Mormonism last year (Colorado church shooter)

Bolton: Bush must 'rein in' Rice

A Son’s Past Deeds Come Back To Bite Huckabee

Four Bolivian regions declare autonomy from government

Dan Fogelberg dead of prostate cancer at 56

Time to be a leading lady...

No Ordinary Love - Sade

A very funny comic strip

My left eye is twitching.

I missed the Autobahn

snowed in

closer star trek with nine inch nails

Sausage Balls!

I'm stuck. Help, New Englanders past & present!

A song so good it needs it's own thread

I think I'm a bookaholic...

Does anybody do Tae Bo?

Dry Rub, Wet Rub, or Spice Rub?

I miss the Automat

I miss the Reeperbahn.

I miss the Autoeroticism

Does anyone know where LaraMN's piece of pizza is?

Beautiful man, beautiful... .. run with the wild horses

Oh drat! The pain meds haven't hit me hard enough!

Oh gods, the pain med just hit me hard....

For Boston

your opinion please - my arty cheesework

Ah, drinking brandy and listening to Beethoven's 9th....

"House of Stairs"

Nollaig shona Chughaibh (Happy Christmas) ~~ and Christmas Midi Files


Barry Bonds is a dick

Guess where this picture was taken in MA ... Date - 12/13/07 snowstorm

How badly will Ohio State lose in today's national championship game?

A quiz for the Lounge (I know the answer to this already):

Delta Blues (Cool Website)

Why do good people die young?

6 inches already, snowing about an inch an hour

What to do? My husband hosted his company Christmas Party last night. It was understood by all that

what kind of marinade? You decide

Awe...Just go Elf Yourself!

I got a problem..any solutions?

Does anybody do Thai Sticks?

Happy Beethoven's Birthday to all !!

Sliiide to the left... (LOLcat remix)

Does anybody do Muay Thai?

Whose side are you on? Pick one.

Does anybody do Kobe Tai?

Does Anyone Do Mai Tai?

Liverpool V. Man U.


Does anyone do Mein Teil?

It's snowing so mightily right now

Do people still send Christmas cards?

How about some good Lounge vibes for overnight?

run away and save your life

No one is awake in the Vegetarian Group this morning so

Propane, Wood Chips, Electric or Charcoal?

This Santa is Real - But Very Secret

Wham blam dammit, why can't photography pay more?

I've just inhaled half a box of chocolate sandwich cookies, what do I do now?

Someone's plowing, m'lord, Kumbaya....

It's Christmas and time once again for the list of children's books that never made it

So I woke up this morning and noticed that I'm THIRSTY!

Santa and his elves

To the person that was posting as me last night...

Have you lot been naughty again in my absence?

I won a mojo award!

Girl born with 8 limbs leaves hospital

PSA: Romantic Tips from Supernova

Does anybody do Thai stick?

Does anybody do chai tea?

So I woke up this morning and realized that I'm THIRSTY!!!!!

I would like to thank the person who gave me a star.

Wham blam dammit, why can't pornography pay more?

What people immortalized in song have you met?

Carrot Top's masterpiece

batten down the hatches-- another big northwest storm coming....

Lyle Lovet is making cheesecake in my kitchen! Help!

"You can't be a pimp and prostitute too"

I just made a pan of curried potato and peas.

I need help with Matcom's Christmas present

OK ladies. Why does HE always end up doing all the shoveling?

How long can this cat bathe for? I mean, really...

The cheesecake is OUT of the oven.

Which famous people do you confuse with each other?

Pittsburgh Steelers fans: your help needed with the fight song (again)!

So I woke up this morning and realized that I'm DIRTY

Pick today's lunch/dinner side dish! Please!

WORST root beer of all time

I can safely say that I don't think I've ever seen the weather in MA as nasty as it is now

So I woke up this morning and noticed that I'm FORTY!

OK...It's sleeting and crappy outside

I fear BNL's family have lost their power.

So I woke up this morning and realized that I'm PURDY

The Buccaneers/Falcons game: 2nd quarter, 2nd brawl.

So I woke up this morning and realized that I'm CORPUSCULAR

The Lounge is making me hungry, dammit.

I fear BNL's family have lost their flowers.

Two words:

So I opened this YouTube video where Clinton discusses Obama...

Does anyone know how LostInAnomie's Friday date went?

Irresponsible not to cancel the Pats/Jets game today?

So I woke up this morning and realized that I'm PURTY

At this rate I might get the Christmas decorations up by New Year's Eve

Here ya' go Lounge ... a couple of pics from the files...

So I woke up this morning and noticed that I'm THIRSTY!

Anybody watch "Orangutan Island"?

My washer is dissatisfied.

Dad sells son's 90-dollar video game online for more than 9000

Should Southpawkicker change his ID to Southasskicker?

The Seahawks scored a touchdown with one second left in the game!!

Miami loses its chance at perfection

A shameless plea for attention; ask me anything!

Any St Louis fans here?

Miami will not go winless this season

ATTENTION taterguy ......

The Rice Diet

I fear BNL may have lost her flower.

Is it wrong for me not to desire a "Man Cave..."

How Much Do You Tip A Pizza Delivery Guy Who Comes Out In Bad Weather?

I think I have become desensitized to the Lounges pevviness.

Anyone ever heard of the song "Dreamland"?

My DEMOCRATICUNDERGROUND.COM bumper sticker has arrived!

Attention MATCOM!

Interview with an 80-year-old woman


Good Morning Lounge

Nor'easter that isn't? or just getting here later than predicted

How do you keep from getting depressed bout today's news?

Ack, I think I found a keeper!

So I'm watching office space and I think I remember a TV sanitized version of Federal pound me in...

Who else loves those Hazelnut Belgium Chocolate Shells?

Worst Hair Metal band. Nine bands so bad that you'll want to kick my ass for posting this poll.

There are churches canceling services for tomorrow, so

Alcohol drinkers! Help me, I need a drinking strategy !!!

Who wants to kick Peyton Manning in his Taco?

Ever read Persepolis?

My husband is making paella!

Paris Hilton's Christmas Wish List: "A man to fall in love with, one for life"

IMPEACH Cheney TODAY! Contact your friends = 7 degrees removed & the 7th power of 7

Mac users, help me out. I miss right clicking

Play a ballad

For all the cat lovers out there

would you be interested in a DU Iron Chef?

Take a break people.

Keyboard hi-jacking kitteh sleeps with the fishes

This guy just got left off someone's Christmas gift list.

Lord's Gym Fitness?

The English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator

Poor fucker

Did your parents ever threaten to call Santa


What is a "Share/Bookmark?'

Ever write to Mexico?

Time for my annual "The Time I Played Santa" story...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/16/07

All DU'ers talk in absolutes...

There is a bird in my house; ask me anything

Anyone want to hear how my date on Friday went?

It has to be asked: What is this "kitteh" thing?

What song makes YOU feel like kicking ass and taking names?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/16/2007)

Surprise at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert yesterday afternoon.

So I woke up this morning and noticed that I'm THIRTY!

Singer Dan Fogelberg dies at age 56

Is Lyle Lovett still a Republican?

"Crossing the Ditch".A heads up for adventure junkies and the curious.

I was it by a drunk driver this morning

Do you file your Little Richard CDs under L or R?

So I woke up this morning and noticed that I'm FLIRTY!

She's growing up .......... Ella ( a photo thread?)

Tell me about the FIRST car you wanted when you were a kid, the one you KNEW you'd own one day

Arsenal! Arsenal! Arsenal!

Positive vibes for neweurope please

what's for dinnah DU?

Winter Break is for the Teachers

Movie title "in my pants."

Patriot Guard Riders go to veteran funerals

Military offered in-state Michigan Tech cost

New head named at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Airman charged in soldier’s beating death

On his fourth tour downrange, soldier would like to see system tweaked

Preparing to head home from Kuwait

Fourth Atsugi suit filed to restrict military flights

Team Apache battles tough terrain, Taliban

Military panel convicts soldier of medical fraud

Army knew of cheating on tests for eight years

Web site aims to help overseas voters

NYT OpEd: Plenty Of Blame For Afghanistan

A distant war comes home to America

Defense warning: Government computers are not private

Stray Bullets

Afghan Mission Is Reviewd As Concerns Rise

For veterans, Battle of the Bulge memories 'getting a little misty'

McCain: Army interrogation specialty needed

Female Marines Pass on Wisdom

Tonya Harding's former bodyguard dies at age 40

anyone been to amsterdam lately?

In China, Farming Fish in Toxic Waters

Mitt Romney: Journeys of a shared life

Houston area Texas DUers!

The Road Warrior...Edwards can still win Iowa by wrapping up smaller precincts-Newsweek

Wikipedia Competitor Being Tested by Google

Supreme Court Justice William J. Clinton?

Former FDA Chief Fired as Dean of UCSF Medical School

RIP rep Carson

Iran stops accepting U.S, dollars for import

Who really owns the media? The Left?

Money Goes Far in New York, if You’re European

Quick question: Are polls on DU once per Account, or once per IP?

Still Stepping Lively On Impeachment Walk To Washington; Forced Off His Old School's Property

U.S. Says Violence in Iraq Down to 2005 Levels -- But Remember What 2005 Was Like?

A superb article on the steroids in Baseball: Bush League lies

When it comes to campaigning against HRC in the primaries, don't use the "s word"

Help me here...My local TV has had constant Mormon & Muslim education on TV all week/all channels...

The Nation criticizes the Des Moines Register's weak endorsement of Hillary over Edwards:

Congressman Wants Ban on Profiling

Stick a fork in Rudy

Republicans: Bad For You - Bad For America

Stop the lies and misrepresentations: Clinton rejects torture as policy under ALL circumstances.

2003 news-hostile interrogation led to Saddam capture -soldiers accused of abusing Prisoners of War

Evacuations to Include Background Checks

Thank you C-SPAN for rebroadcasting Sen. Kit Bond's (R-Scumbag)

Waterboarding- Worse than the rack and thumbscrews.

Come on up to Vermont and hit the powder

As Iowa draws nears, I still believe this October post

Anyone know how much Kucinich got yesterday in his money-bomb drive?

Afghan Mission Is Reviewed as Concerns Rise

Al Sharpton and the bribery case.

Any smug, hypocritical, self-righteous family members causing.......

Coast Guard assessment... New Orleans is still a disgusting mess.

Lawmakers say won't be deterred on CIA probe

I love you Joe Biden!

Prick Romney says it is okay for doctors to lose their licenses if

Romney and the gray sideburns.

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,

Concord Monitor Publishes Huge Article on Giuliani Hiring Priest Abuser of Boys, "Genital" Charge

Will Congress Plunge Us (Again) into the Nuke Power Abyss?

If A Man Is In Prison For 6 Years And You Torture Him

NOW Toronto: We owe it to the world....time to vote (Stephen) Harper off the planet

I am Voter Hear Me Roar: Meet the New York Amici

WTF??!! Huckabee's son hung a stray dog while a counselor at boy scout camp

how the candidates rate on ebay ->

Edwards Coming Up on Face The Nation, ...then Late Edition With Blitzer at 11am...

Sex! Drugs! (And Maybe a Little War) Charlie Wilson's War

Papua New Guinea to US at Bali Climate Conference: "Please get out of the way."

Self Delete

Ok, here we go...this may settle the whole "shrill" matter.

On this Date in Bush History 12/16: Flaunting US Law

I thought the rethugs would run from bu$h*. they embrace him.

Coast Guard Employee Alleges Retaliation

i don't have confidence in the president, the vice president or justice dept.

Nixon involved in fixing election. Nixon admitted, “Brazil helped rig the Uruguayan elections.”

New KBR employee tells of rampant sexual harassment

I don't get it

Photoblog of the Week - Week of December 16th 2007. - Budapest Hungary

"Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world."

Daughter sues city of Fresno, CA over mother’s arsenic death

I met an RWA last night at a party. He was awful!

evan bayh and kit bond agree on just about everything

Film-maker Zeffirelli vows to help Pope with image

House passes Pro-Christian Legislation - no joke

Ad says Edward ready for 'Epic Battle'

"We" Know What Our Failings Are, But We Aren't Ever Going To Change Them. Sorry.

Ex-worker: Boeing subsidiary brass admitted role in renditions

So, who is sitting on all the video tape of prisoner abuse and/or torture?

Democrats assess Hill damage, leadership

Olly olly oxen free

A holiday message from the President of The United States of America

Anagrams of the candidates' names

What do you call it?

Of our top three candidates who can win the general?

Dear DU (Not long--please read):

Christian 'Ex-Gays' Brainwash Thousands

Girl born with 8 limbs goes home after surgery

Turkey Bombs Iraq

The Iraqis don't trust Al-Maliki

Romney and the Mormon Question....

Turkish planes bomb northern Iraq

RCMP restricts Taser use

Tigger Socks Cost Napa Schools Thousands

Fanged frogs?

I hereby bequeath Mitt Romney his DU Name - NIMROD

Should candidates give a timeline for their health care reform plans?

NY Times: Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry

A question directed to the "all or nothing" Al Gore fans

Caption Fred Thompson

LIEberman, (Fuckhead) CT to endorse McCain tomorrow

Edwards calls for appointment of Special Prosecutor to investigate CIA torture tapes destruction...

I allow no bumper stickers on Company trucks

Lies and truths

Huckabee: Clemency for man w/ 4 DWIs whose wife gave $10k to Arkansas Repuke Party.

Excuse me, Sir. Could you spare some good news for me?

Has anyone figured out if Silvestre Reyes is tied or NOT tied to Jose Rodriguez?

Elizabeth Edwards: "Republicans Scare Me"

Heard Somebody On AAR Say The Republicans Were Looking For A New "Boogieperson" !!!

Teen held after e-mailing Satanic threat to kill grandparents

John Bolton criticizes Bush foreign policy: magazine (* is under influence of Rice)

Behold the first family (Huckabee)

Can you ONLY speak and vote for truth, justice & the American way with a veto proof majority?

Which Dem Candidate said that if they had been President, they would have gone into IRAQ?

John Bolton is putting the New Right Ideology out for all to see

David Letterman Working on Deal With WGA

Katrina vanden Heuvel: No Taxes for War

Is it the job of the President to be Uniter-In-Chief?

Olbermann: I Nearly Left MSNBC In 2003 Over Michael Savage’s ‘Spattering Invective’

The Night Before Christmas by Rep. Edward Markey

Baby Of Woman Burned In Attack Dies

"WE'LL INVESTIGATE IT!" - Bush Admin. tells Legislative and Judicial to not probe destroyed tapes

Marie Cocco: The 401(k) Myth

OMG!!! What happened to Timmeh? 'Clinton Cock' fatigue??

Candidate's Prayer

How do I despise thee? Let me count the ways. (An image poem dedicated to Mitt)

Barack Obama: "Nobody does it better than Joe Lieberman."

CNN says Connie Mack (R-FL) and Mary Bono (R-CA) got married.

I Am Not a Health Reform

Glenn Greenwald: The Lawless Surveillance State


An amazing statistic from the creator of Boston Legal

John Conyers' e-mail: FISA Call to Action

Cute, inconsequential but rather telling story of what a republican is today.

What does the phrase "White Trash" mean? Is it racist? Against whom?

Huckabee's "flamboyant" friend who bought him flowers regularly

School district considering banning animals from classroom

Olmert Tries To Quell Criticism Of Iran Nuclear Report

Lieberman you worthless SOB.

Lieberman endorses a Republican

Hoekstra says Congress will defy DoJ on CIA tapes

Weeeee! keep it up DU!

DEA to Medical Marijuana Club Landlords: Your Stores Could Be Seized

Check out this ad for alcohol:

A project - please give a one word adjective

CIA tells employees: Preserve records, but don't produce records

God is a Bullet

IMPEACH Cheney TODAY! Contact your friends = 7 degrees removed & the 7th power of 7

Planet of the hucksters.

Words are razors

Is creationism/religion the only wedge issue the GOP has left?

Any other Seder on Sunday listeners

Bush Assails the JAG Corps

Things are going great with my family reunion

Conventional Wisdom: Banks don't want to foreclose. Really?

Support our wounded veterans this Christmas

Stop Hurting America Redux: Free The Daily Show

Colorado Megachurch Leader: Shootings Were A Test

It's snowing......Global Warming is clearly a hoax! .....

Born-Again LTTE in today's Columbus Dispatch

Today is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

Bush Effort To Sanction Iran Banks Runs Into Resistance

Could we please stop saying "fundamentalist" when we mean "extremist" ?

Remember the "great" holiday shopping kickoff Thanksgiving wknd? ... I guess boom has gone bust.

DMR: Edwards' "anti-corporate rhetoric would make it difficult to work with the business community"

Japanese scientists create mice with no fear of cats

Dear Right Wingers - Let's be Friends

Code Pink: Adel Hamad Is Free From Guantanamo

Is DU the best damn bullshit blocker yet or what

Soldier commits suicide, ban on military 'slots' considered...

Post that deserves some thought

Go Dodd!-FISA and the Filibuster — How It’s Going To Go Down and What You Can Do

Banning samurai swords

Katrina's wrath lingers for New Orleans' poor

Under Democratic leadership, the Senate has passed the following measures:

With What is Riding On This Election, We Need Edwards Who Beats Repubs By Largest Margins...

Look- Joe Lieberman is NOT a Democrat. As such, he can endorse whoever he wants.

Man Who Flies Flag Upside Down Gets a Brick Thru His Truck Window, rock Thru Daughter's Bdrm. window

Just curious. . .How many people's lives have

What if every Democrat was like Kucinich?

Do you believe a three day waiting period saves lives?

Confusing about invading countries...

"Homosexuals Caused the Holocaust."

Imagine Upton Sinclair, resurrected from the dead, and assassinated by RWers -- over and over again

2002 election night. All the polls had reported in and Siegelman won by over 6,000 votes.


Christian 'Ex-Gays' Brainwash Thousands

Edwards Was Right !!

Roman Catholic clergy: 'We want people to get married that want to get married"

Joe Loserman endorses McCain: What would Harry do?

Go Elf Yourself!

Dodd, FISA and the Filibuster — How It’s Going To Go Down and What You Can Do

This is for Joe Lieberman

Background checks at gun shows are a problem, but

Will Joe Lieberman be punished ?

Al Gore: "I am not an official of the United States, and I am not bound by diplomatic niceties"

We, the People, vs. the Corporation

Ron Paul supporters' $10 million money bomb day today

Oh, how I wish there was a Jewish Democrat...

Six inches of new snow and a Corgi.

Help Match Al Gore's Donations

Lieberman to endorse McCain

Call me a prude, judgemental or whatever and flame away, but

John Edwards has one ingredient I find lacking in the others:

As of today, who do you really want for the Democratic nominee for President?

Hoekstra isn't going to investigate sh#t. Blackwater ties:

E-MAIL: Top-Secret Computer Messages the Reagan/Bush White House Tried to Destroy


Many not happy with Des Moines Register (read comments)

Rumsfeld's Secret Pentagon Roadmap to Propaganda

When Republicans say "Government is not the solution but the Problem"

"If primary voters don’t care that he did “a little blow,” then my goodness, why should I?"

OPUS: the really bad puns continue

A distant war comes home to America

Okay, DUers, here's a quiz: What is the equivalent word for "emasculate" that would be used to

We Did It! 50,000 signatures calling for immediate Cheney impeachment hearings collected in 1 day!

What will be Obamas biggest strength?

Guests for the Sunday TV News Shows (bunch of Edwards and some Biden)

I will vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination and probably work for her but

Edwards congratulates Hillary....sort of

Question about Edwards in 2004

Remind you of anyone? Obamas are much like the young Clintons

Maureen Dowd spoofs the Des Moines debate and it's absolutely Hillaryous!

The one sure way to get rid of hacked machine elections.

Gore or ? needs to run, if for no other reason than to

Michael 'Gravedigger' Mukasey

Do you believe in the " tipping point" theory?

Permanent Iraqi bases nixed by defense bill Bush expected to sign

We like vicious uncharitable attack threads best.

"Desperate" Romney defends Bush against Huckabee

Clinton goes door knocking as lead melts

Photos: Barack Obama at a campaign stop yesterday in Mason City, Iowa

DMR: Edwards' "anti-corporate rhetoric would make it difficult to work with the business community"

For the Democrats: Barack Obama

Iraq Vote Dogs Clinton (Again) - In NH Yesterday


DMR Editor On C-Span

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/16/07 - Clinton up 3, Obama unchanged, Edwards down 2

Kennedy family split on endorsements

Boston Globe backs Obama!

NYT: "Obama Showing New Confidence with Iowa Sprint"

Republicans writing checks their administration can’t cash

Republimussen - HRC Reaches 40% For The First Time In December

If these endorsements were to be carried out and McCain wins the Repub nomination...

Edwards had what I thought was a very good appearance with Bob Sheiffer

Derogatory Words Aren't Meant To Be Nice, You Know

The NH write-in campaign (Gore)

"Mitt wept when church ended discrimination "

Don't fall for celebrities; vote Biden for president

the democratic candidates are kind of all the same

In Iowa, negative campaigning is a risky play

In a review of a new book by Robert Kuttner, editor of American Prospect

Please delete.

Hillary asks if local voters are ready for change

Iraq Vote Dogs Clinton (Again) - “It seems like a pattern, that’s my concern..."

The Boston Globe had an article in

Giuliani Slammed By Concord Monitor For Hiring Abusing Priest As a "Consultant" at Giuliani Partners

Corporate media helps Hillary go from the White House to the outhouse…

By any measure, the Globe wrote a powerful endorsement of Obama yesterday

NYT blog: Iraq Vote Dogs Clinton (Again)

The candidates seem to be handling the recent endorsements of their opponents rather graciously.

Forget about Iraq -- lets' campaign on taxes

At least the GOP isn't thrilled about their candidates.

Clinton Team Kept Pushing Coke Story, Says Edwards Camp


OMG --- Have you read the DM Register's comments rolling in re: the endorsements?

The likability factor

Home Water-boarding Test

New Hampshire: "When I call Hillary's headquarters, there's no electricity. It's scary."

The Nation: Bill Clinton's Attack Reverberates

Obama Makes No Sense?

Hillary's petty Barack crusade....

Is Frank Rich reliable? Made up Al Gore "Love Story" lie & attacked Gore for anti-Iraq War speech.

Giuliani Vows to "Get It Done"

Ron Paul raises millions in today's Boston Tea Party event

Will Obama's youthful drug use lead him to work for more reasonable drug laws?

Any word on the Kucinich fundraiser today?

Romney wept when church ended discrimination

The Love Song Of Dennis J. Kucinich (sappy puff piece)

OH Gov Strickland "of all the Republican candidates, Mr. Huckabee would be my personal choice.

Bidenites and Biden-leaners--ths will make you feel better :)

I will make a bold prediction: Huck in IA, McCain in NH

If Hillary does not with the nomination, do you think she will run for reelction again?

Obama: No surprises in my past, voters are "not interested in politics as a blood sport."

When Matthew Yglesias with The Atlantic called Howard Dean "very shrill" was it sexist?

Obama says Clintons' attacks will backfire

No wonder conservative politics and religion go so good together:

Everyone needs to calm down!

y'know, it's never too early to plan for 2012

Edwards Sticks to the Positive

Paul raises millions in one day "tea party" drive

LAT: Obama is hitting his stride in Iowa

Obama Giving Away Indicted Donor Cash

CBS/From the Road: Clinton's decline seems inexorable

The Huckster's Son Hanged A Stray Dog And The Huckster Impeded The Investigation

Perhaps the fatal flaw of Hillary's campaign is...Bill.

Can any Hillary supporter give me ANY reason to vote for her; other than her sex and Bill?

Memo to republiker party: Mexicans don't drive down wages. Right to work laws do.

Obama crew, why do you prefer Obama to Edwards?

Edwards Statement on the Passing of Congresswoman Julia Carson

A Major Endorsement For Edwards Tomorrow?

Will the Des Moines Register's endorsements help Edwards? I think so, and here's why:

If you had to choose a Republican candidate

Does Harry Reid have the cojones to kick Liar-berman off his

"A foe of Yucca is a friend to Las Vegas" - Hillary most consistent on the issue...

A lot of DU reactions to the Des Moines Register endorsement of Hillary are disappointing. . .

Rep. King to endorse presidential candidate Monday

My heart is with Hillary. My mind is with Obama.

Did anyone watch Willard on Press the Meat today?

Clinton has huge lead over Obama in NJ (New Quinnipiac poll)

Do you think Dennis Doesn't Know???

Hillary Accuses Obama of Bed-wetting

Edwards Sticks to the Positive

Ghouliani Evokes 9/11 to Recharge Campaign

Across ideological spectrum, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dashes expectations.

Anyone who opposes Edwards is a right-winger. Anyone who opposes Obama is a racist...

ALERT: Important media issue for ALL Dems, especially candidates - from GD.

How long will Chris Dodd stay in the race...misses another ballot...Virginia

IMPEACH Cheney TODAY! Contact your friends = 7 degrees removed & the 7th power of 7

Lets do this once and for all: The word "Shrill" is not sexist

What Democratic candidates did the Des Moines Register endorse in past election cycles?

Some Huckabee Family Values...

‘I’m Going to Speak the Truth’: Interview with John Edwards

Not 'in my White House' ................

Idea for New Reality Show: Survivor: Primaries

What do you think of a Biden/Obama ticket?

For those of us NOT in IA, NH, SC or NV

Biden: DMR endorsement a great coup for Hillary. They were fair. They listened to us all.

Attack Timeline documents just how much Obama & Edwards have been attacking Hillary

This was the ad that cost Kerry the election

I didn't know the Boston Globe

If Lieberman does what is rumored...

Bob Kerrey endorses Hillary as they begin 5 day "Hill-a-Copter" tour in Iowa...

One of these two women will become our first American president.

If the DMR endorsement means nothing, why did Obama actively seek it?

"Biden could capture third place"--WP

Here we go...this may settle the whole "shrill" matter.

Obama: The only thing you need to know

How hard is it really, to just not use the words "shrill" or "cackle"

Accountability - What Really Matters? (youtube video)

SC: Rep. Seth Whipper & mother (Former state Rep. Lucille Whipper) support Hillary Clinton

Just got an email update from a Ron Paul supporter re: money bomb

Democratic candidate Joe Biden may surprise them all

Obama acknowledges he is not for--contrary to what he has been saying--a ban on lobbyists in the WH

Well, I've made up my mind.

Romney says that Huckabee's calling Bush arrogant is "over the line" and he needs to apologize

My biggest issue with Clinton.

Frank Rich: "Mrs. Clinton’s shrill campaign continues to cast her as Nixon to Mr. Obama's Kennedy"

Pretzels soaked in alcohol - old suspicions - new information

This full-page ad was printed in our (Iowa) Sunday paper, this morning.

Edwards skewers corporate greed in UNI talk

Stopping Telecom Amnesty

How a President Obama would fix Africa

During Edwards interview on CBS w/Scheiffer he talked about the DeMoine Register

Breaking Holy Crap...Lieberman to endorse McCain tomorrow

Why many of us support Hillary summed up in two sentences from DM Register Endorsement...

Is Hillary shocked not to get Lieberman's endorsement? She campaigned for him to be Conn.Senator

Edwards on Obama: "He has a different view. His has a more of a friendly view..."

Joe Biden focusing on security issues

Hillary now "energized" has the "momentum"

Edwards Delivers Major Speech on Lifting Up America's Middle Class

I can't wait for Hillary (and Bill) to leave American politics!

which politicians have you met? thought this would change-up the usual 08 chatter!

So the Des Moines Register endorses outsourcing of jobs and an increase in the h1-b visa cap?

History shows why the Register endorsement is so pivotal

Obama Would be the most Liberal Candidate We've Ever Had

The Nation criticizes the Des Moines Register's weak endorsement of Hillary over Edwards:

2nd choice support in Iowa: Edwards 28%, Obama 20%, Hillary 14%

We don't oppose Hillary because she is a woman anymore than those who oppose Obama because he is an

Anyone Know of how Kucinich's money bomb went?

If you care about children, if you care about saving democracy......

A gentle reminder of forum rules...

"I'm gonna give you the Democratic Party back; I'm gonna give you the White House back; and...

I'm sick of closed government protection. It's time for an open-government Dem President.

I am sick of the anti-women atitude here. It's time for a Woman Prseident

******Newsweek ENDORSES John Edwards*******(more or less)

Kuchinich is a great guy, but he will never win ... can't happen. Forget it.

Biden feels good vibes on trail as Iowa draws near