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Archives: December 17, 2007

After The Money's Gone By Paul Krugman

Open Letter To Nancy Pelosi

A Sick-and-Tired World Serves Notice to the United States

Russia may dump weakening U.S. dollar in its energy deals

Reconciling Fascism with Reality By Pervez Dastoor

CIA Realizes It's Been Using Black Highlighters All These Years

A cry of help to our traditional Republican friends and neighbors.

Democrats assess Hill damage, leadership

Clinton Endorsed by Bob Kerrey

U.S. to keep most troops in Baghdad

TX Governor Rick Perry bashes Bush’s fiscal record

Qaeda No. 2: U.S. Hiding Failures In Iraq

Unimpressive weekend has retailers nervous

Small Group of US Experts insist Global Warming is not Manmade

Festivus pole proposed at Green Bay City Hall

Merry Pre-XMas

"couldn't care less"

A-Hole puts Bonds above Aaron; says innocent until proven guilty

When is the SuperBowl?


Michigan fans, your attention please.

Partiers, which do you prefer?

Interested in any holiday movies? National Treasure, Charlie Wilson's War ...

Does anybody read Michelle Tea?

Anyone use Rhapsody? Free song code from Wendy's...

I Am Legend: All that and a bag of chips.

Heaven Scent perfume.....

Did anyone catch The Simpsons tonight?

first Ike Turner, then Dan Fogelberg

Any way to donate restaurant gift cards to charity?

Happy Birthday Ludwig...

The Eagles may have had an off season but.....


I'll let you all know who wins America's Most Smartest Model after it's over.


So I'm watching 60 minutes

I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

death sucks ass

did anyone else go to bars with their parents when they were a kid?

You know, I really don't think we should compare any of our candidates to Moose and Squirrel.

So, The Golden Globes Snub Calculon from "All My Circuits" Yet Again

Hillary Clinton's myspace page just sent me a note about Obama sex tapes!


ugh... i've got bruises now - that wasn't a good idea

I just brushed my teeth using a pulsing toothbrush

how about that moon?

Anybody ever use that knife that sonicly seperates?

We have seen this film before, didn't we, didn't we...

Any recommendations for an MP3 player?

IMPEACH Cheney NOW! Contact your friends = 7 x 7 x 7 .... SIGN the online petition.

LOL, Victoria Beckham's wardrobe malfuntion

OK closet fans...... CONFESS

DU'ers, don't let me down...

Might I just say, the NY Giants SUCK?

Somewhere beyond the sea...

I posted in GD

He's In A Bell Choir!!!!!

if you could kiss would you kiss

Lost Highway is finally getting a proper North American dvd release!

From earlier today: Burr loves his new Panic Mouse.....


I'm having a sleep problem

51nc3 50u7hp4wk1ck3r w3n7 7h3 12 y34r 0|d r0u73. |375 5h0w h1m h0w 70 74|k |1k3 7h3 h4ck3r5 w3 4r3!

Oh gawd... have you ever COMPLETELY FLUNKED an exam?

What's the Zip Code for France?

Rich Rodriguez to coach at Michigan

Three new pictures.... show me yours!!!

Belgian beers will inebriate you


Does anybody drink Green Tea?

Who ARE these guys?

Does anybody drink the Green fairy?

He has gone to meet The Leader of The Band -A Memoriam

I am better than your kids

Stuart Adamson

caption these kitties

Tell Me Your favorite Seinfeld Episode/Scene

Bar talk

Vh1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90's list

I know I am the only one, but

Do you have a Christmas wish list?

Heath Ledger IS the Joker... Batman Trailer Online

**OK! Last call!**

Tracking a Paper Trail-Memo from Negroponte warned the CIA not to destroy its interrogation tapes

Holy Joe endorses a Republican for president!!?? Now there's a shock (yawn)

Another KBR Employee Tells Of Sexual Harassment

Impeachment hearings: Make the Republicans stand by their words.

Paper shredding soars under Bush

I'm watching a Tivo'd MTP and is there a bigger weasel than Mitt Romney?

December 18, 2005 Bush made his most ironic speech. It was a Sunday night.


DUers are so stupid!!

Bush and Cheney: All Dressed up and no Place to Go

"Iowa's first lady to back Edwards for President"...LINK

Congress will defy Justice Dept. ; Harman: 'We're in Constitutional crisis'

We have a PGP 5th Am 'right' ?

On the Sam Seder Show today: "...(Harry) Reid is their Alan Colmes."

Sign on the dotted line...

Unintended victims of Gates Foundation generosity (Brain Drain and focus away from common killers)

Zell. Joe.

"A longtime Lieberman adviser described it as a "hangover" from the 2006 campaign"

Wounded Warriors Act is a Go

Why I like Iowa and New Hampshire

The term "Freeper"

Obama in dead heat with Clinton in White House race

Dodd had placed a "hold" on the Fisa immunity bill--but Reid is ignoring him. WHY??

Duncan Hunter is a Jackass.

Culture Project = A Question of Impeachment = Sunday, Dec 16 = CLOSING DAY

New Competition (Iraq Vet) for McConnell in Kentucky

Bush Assails the JAG Corps = Politization of military promotions

Little pink houses for you and me - Why does Romney hate America?

US gives Turkey permission to bomb Iraq. Hey Iraqis !! How's that freedom working out for you?

Bill Moyers Journal: Buying the War - On WETA, PBS TV Near DC, Right Now

The Leader of the Band has Died....and now who leads???

To each and every man.... (from Dan Fogelberg)

Vick's Dogfighting Home Doesn't Sell At Auction; May Turn Into a Bed & Breakfast

Major Civil Rights Tax Case Filed With Supreme Court

Biden: Next president needs foreign policy experience

Can gays serve openly in the Israeli military?

"UK has left behind murder and chaos, says Basra police chief"

Who Says the Youth Do Not Care?

Iraq: The ‘Body Contractors’

Harry Reid Betrays Dodd and Dem Party Base on FISA Bill

Yes- this was taped up tight

Huckabee is dangerous.

I'm a Die Hard Dem..but feel DemParty has Thrown their Activists/Grassroots UNDER the Bus.....

Can you identify the Democratic leader in this picture?

When Bush returns to "private citizen," his protective bubble ends.

World AIDS day.... I might have missed it.. but I think every day should be AIDS day.but who am I

Freepers are so stupid

Dan Fogelberg, dead at 56

Things Guiliani can to make himself more appealing

Merry Christmas to ONE AND OIL!!!

We believe that serial child molesters should not be prosecuted.

GAO says SEC not using all its arsenal

Do they have the same problem with RW puritans in Europe?

Americans do not want to be reminded that the...

Wanna Change Votes in Ohio? Use a PDA and a Magnet

Singer-Songwriter Dan Fogelberg Dies

Can a Public School Teacher Proselytize Religion

Larisa Alexandrovna: Permanent Republican Majority - Update (Gov Bragging About Squashing Expose?)

3 House Judiciary Committee Members Call For Impeachment - No MSM Report It?? (Their Op-Ed Not Run)

Lieberman's New Kiss of Death

The World Lost A Treasure This Evening

Storm Buries Northeast, Causes 3 Deaths

Larisa Alexandrovna: "I know what CBS is sitting on-I will not hesitate to scoop their story"

The fact that they planned to spy without warrants en masse before 9/11 is not suspicious.

Dixie Chicks Basher has a change of heart.

Mobile Labs to Target Iraqis for Death

AT&T engineer says Bush sought domestic spying within two weeks of taking office

This Modern World: "The Trouble With Hillary"

IMPEACH Cheney NOW! Contact your friends = 7 x 7 x 7 .... SIGN the online petition.

Another ad from the republicans book of greatest smears

What are the objections to Edwards?


Obama story covers most of Sunday New York Times frontpage

A Major Endorsement For Edwards Tomorrow?

Can we at least all agree that a Bartlett/Santos ticket would be the best in TV land?


Frank Rich: Latter-Day Republicans vs. the Church of Oprah

"Dialogue for Democracy" Sunday, Dec 16th 8:00 PM

Huckabee=-Wives Should "Submit Graciously" To Husbands

Obama Describes Faith Amid False Rumors

Questions from Iceland to Norway for Obama

I don't remember, who did the DMR endorse in 2003/2004? (nt)

CNN Presents: God's Warriors tonight at 10 EST

I feel much better...just contributed to the NH Gore Write-In Campaign

WP, pg1: In New Hampshire, Ties Clintons Forged Will Be Tested

Gonna see Obama Thursday....Rochester Nh....

I didn't vomit, but I sure felt like it...

So if you have dinner with friends at a restaurant, do you point out items you hate?

In spite of recent attacks US General Says Iraq Violence Down

As New Hampshire race tightens, Clinton goes door to door

Did the cocaine attack work? Hillary breaks 40% in Rasmussen poll, first time in weeks

IMPEACH Cheney NOW! Contact your friends = 7 x 7 x 7 .... SIGN the online petition.

What does the word "interesting" mean to YOU??

McCain has integrity and honesty??!?!?

The Easiest GOP Candidates To Beat Are.....

The Des Moines Register Endorsement: How Clinton Won It and What It Means

Iowa's first lady to back Edwards for president

"If you want a sure bet, highly-qualified and honest progressive as president

I am tired of hearing how divided we are as if that is a bad thing

You know, I really don't think we should compare any of our candidates to Mussolini.

Clinton Invites Voters to 'Inspect' Her

Elizabeth Edwards: "Republicans Scare Me"

Biden campaign announced the endorsement of State Representative Bob Williams -NH

They told us in 2004 that "Senators Never Win" because they don't have ADMIN EXPERIENCE

Which of these two assholes got it right for once?

Not-So-Dark Horse (Edwards)

Democrats assess Hill damage, leadership

We are already in pre-emptive attack mode...that is why the NIE did not matter.

What state are you in and when is your primary? I just read mine

Would Y'all cease with the Huckabee bashing till AFTER they nominate him?

Who needs the DMR or Bob Kerrey? Obama nabs support from "The Buttercow Lady"!

Is the military totally voluntary as Duncan Hunter states?

Why Did Bob Kerrey Mention Obama's Middle Name - Hussein?

Obama talks faith in 'Music Man’s' church

Edwards promises to save middle class

It's official: Iowa's first lady to back Edwards for president

Who else thinks "Hill-a-Copter" will be this season's "Joementum"?

The Lieberman endorsement of McCain is actually very good news for Hillary in NH

Edwards Gets Big Endorsement - Iowa Gov. Culver's wife, Mari Culver

Edwards: It's not 'life, liberty and the pursuit of endless corporate profits'

So, You're Wondering Why Biden Isn't Among the Top Tier?

Dispatch from Cedar Falls: Edwards in East Iowa

Beware those who would bail us out of this chaos

Britain bows out of a five-year war it could never have won

America’s constitution produces a pure democracy we will never have

AlterNet: Pundits Say Hil or Obama, But Edwards Is Best Bet to Beat GOP

The Nation: Farmworkers and Students Take On Burger King

Mitt Hires ‘Undocumented’ Landscapers to Remove ‘Huckabee Lawn Signs’

Where Anti-Immigrant Zealots Like Lou Dobbs Get Their "Facts"

Did Bush Eat Popcorn While Watching the Torture Tapes?

The Progressive: Rudy Doesn’t Do Retail

Senate Debates Cheney FISA Bill: Eight Urgent Reasons to Defeat It

Out of the shadows: How banking’s secret system broke down

Officials Seek to Protect Firms Aiding NSA Spying

Huckabee Also Gets Endorsement From Talk Show Host: The ‘Church Lady’

Counterfeit Drugs’ Path Eased by Free Trade Zones

"Afghanistan: Who is to Blame?"

T Snow: ‘The Second War In This Country’ Is ‘The War On God’

Look Who's Not Looking - The demise of the inspectors general program.

Only 2 percent of Basra residents felt that the British miitary had a positive impact on security

Chris Hedges: Is Bush stopped in his tracks on Iran?

Synthetic DNA on the Brink of Yielding New Life Forms

Commentary: Drug rumors about Obama playing on stereotypes?

The ‘Huckabee Panic’

Iowa's first lady to back Edwards for president

UK has left behind murder and chaos, says Basra police chief

Budget Bill Reverses Bush Cuts

Civilian killed, two wounded by U.S. fire in Mosul

On the rewards of moderation

Dad sells son's 90-dollar video game online for more than 9000

Bush Faces Pressure to Shift War Priorities

Lieberman will back McCain

US denies backing Turkey PKK raid

Police ammo prices soar due to war-caused shortage

Four floors of Fox News headquarters in New York evacuated after reports of a chemical explosion

White House Repeats Veto Threat On Senate Surveillance Bill

Saudi king pardons rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 17

Putin Agrees to Become Prime Minister Under Medvedev

Bush would veto budget bill without Iraq money: aide

Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry

Woman's Body Found Day After Car Crash

Iraq sees need for foreign troops for 10 years

Joe Lieberman endorses John McCain

News Corp Explosion: CNN Reacts

Russia Makes 1st Nuke Shipment to Iran

'Money bomb': Ron Paul raises $6 million in 24-hour period

US Army loses another 12,000 guns and trucks

U.S. Pentagon giving Turkey intelligence on PKK

Bush floats possibility of a yearlong continuing resolution

Huck invokes Christ in new TV ad

Judge: White House Visitor Logs Are Public

Truck bomb explodes near Iraq's largest dam

Colorado's Republican Sec. of State Decertifies E-Voting Machines After Failed Testing

Giant Rat Discovered in 'Lost World'

Dodd threatens filibuster on warrantless-wiretap bill

P&O spy ship to shadow whalers

Leno, O'Brien Returning to Work Jan. 2

White House told to detail Christian leader visits

Coroner: 4 Construction Workers Found Dead in Ohio Apartment Were Beaten, Stabbed in Heart

Wheat Price Surges Above $10 for First Time on Supply Concerns

Millionaire couple guilty of slavery

Bill Clinton Says Obama Isn’t Ready

New Jersey bans death penalty

Please Donate to the 2nd DU Year-end Charity Donation Drive -- Supporting America's Second Harvest


Help! Manhattan zip code, please!

We decorated the Yule Tree tonight!

feline cerebrus

So I woke up this morning and noticed that I'm DIRTY!

Good nite lounge lizards...U GUYS R 2TALY AEWSOMA

An "Other Guys" holiday card for my friends in the Lounge:

DU'ers -- Kick It

My work website is down....grrrrr

I'm addicted to accomplishment

Tonight's remastered Star Trek

Ohhh Heidi!

I should be asleep

I am not the weak willed

Presenting... the lolgiuliani

I have been sad, so I have been singing this song to myself.

I've spent quite the time today on DU and I leave you with these

I don't know how they know, but they know they are cool

White Stripes fans

"ARGH.. can't get it out of my head!!!"... what's YOUR earworm tonight?

"Deck the Halls" - Yada Yada. So who else is not going to be able to visit family this Christmas?..

All I want for Christmas...

ZOMFG!!11!!! a cold snap!

momentary non-political interlude

Get the tassel, still life is a hassle.

I'm posting here

My Mission: Put the Crisco back in Criscomas

Anyone ever buy a REO?

Local big-chain movie theater announced it's not going to show Sweeney Todd

I feel like nobody really likes me....

Funny article, about why the Patriots are hated...

Any Smashing Pumpkins fans on board?

Anyone ever buy a CEO?

One thing about the movies that sucks these days is the way

Nothing like food poisoning.

Must. Finish. This. Paper.

Digital Camera help - Need to find one for under $150

MY MISSION: Put the CRUX back in CRUXmas!

I posted Food Porn in Cooking & Baking if your interested

Postmen complain of cat attacks (BBC)

Worlds oldest man dies at 116; credits long life to never marrying

Driver Arrested After Trying To Tow Patrol Car (video link)

One Week Till......

Tuna melt sandwiches jamming in the DVD drive - ever have this problem?

10, 9, 8, ...

How come my cell phone acct.& car insurance payments do not appear on my credit report?


So I bought my Christian co-worker a Christmas present.

Yay I have water!

I am the Lounge's biggest poseur

things that you shouldn't do in front of the kids

The REAL reason to support Kucinich

Nor'Easters - dug out?

What would you be doing 15 years from now instead of being on the computer? nt

I have heat and lights!!!!!!!

See! Macs DO suck! I have a G4 400mhz running Tiger and it's REALLY SLOW

I made a funny over in GD...

Wonderful news!

Any DU'ers with allergies? I'm developing one for Xmas trees.

I am the Lounge's biggest poster

why is everybody such a fucking tough guy?

Photo: Michael Jackson in a Las Vegas bookstore this past weekend

Saw I AM LEGEND last night. I know it's just a movie, but (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

I can't decide if I want to make a post about a certain issue or not

Pop account problems through Outlook.

Anyone ever buy a NEO?

DVD's jamming in the drive--ever have this problem?

I suggest you all visit Hypnotoad's great thread in GD!!!

A post in GD:P that some of you may be interested in.

Isn't today Primate1's birthday?

A woman asked me where to buy a cowlick

I just met Harris Wofford!

some old time midi music ........

this time next week i'll be at the airport getting ready to leave for

Correct me if I'm wrong.... but

I am all seeing, all knowing. I have the answers to every question in your life. Ask me anything.

Question for baseball fans: What ever happened to stirrup socks?

Whose your favorite "Willy Wonka" Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp?

Tammy Grimes: HERO to all dog owners.

I call BS on this story again, Dad sells son's x-mas present on eBay

Dexter finale thoughts? (SPOILER ALERT).

URGENT HEALTH WARNING for parents, guardians, and caregivers to small children:

Need advice - how do I stop exchanging gifts with this woman?

At the movies, clerk sold me a senior's ticket without asking.

Tequila drinkers, can you recommend a good brand?

no comment needed

Ladies and Gentleman, Bob, George, Roy, Tom and Jeff...


Can a DNA test actually tell with 100% certainty who the parent of a child is?

Can I get some opinions on a xmas gift?

Anyone ever buy a CEO?

I Just Saw I AM LEGEND (Spoilers Inside)

I just saw CRYING GAME last night (Spoiler alert)

Has anyone dealt with a derelict recommender?

They day I said something terrible in the Lounge

Somedays, I see so much hate and despair in the world...

WTF? - 26 yr old Fla. woman has 10 husbands, 10 different men charges say

I saw Happy Feet over the weekend.

Diebold's slogan: We won't rest

Need your advice about drugs

I just started the chicken stock.

I just saw WIZARD OF OZ last night. SPOILER WARNING!!!

Today's GeoCRAZY Question: Ancestry in the US!

Those crazy kids! Pam Anderson files for divorce ....... AGAIN!

Is it a comment on our times that there are so many zombie films and books out now? nt

What the HELL do you MEAN, "The 'S' in 'Des Moines' is SILENT?"

Anyone ever buy a GEO?

Play Whack-a-Murdoch! & then Please send a letter to your senator and stop The FCC!

Happy Birthday, LisaM!

Post some dirty filth you found on the internet!!

Remember to eat your vegetables

A Car Talk puzzler

Wendy's Introduces The Philly Style Hoagie Burger

Is my parrot stupid?

Rolling Stone Mag Top 100 songs of 2007 - look at what came in at #2

Do not question ~Writer the Pissy~

I'm going to have a beer in downtown Houston Wednesday evening. Anybody game?

Real headline on local TV: "FAKE RX ONLINE"

Calendar my Mom gave me... (Kitties!)

how many DUers would be interested in forming a prostitution ring and buying a brothel together?

My Suburban Wildlife Adventure; Kittens, Opossums, and Owl... Oh My *Pics*

Birders, engineers, schmart people, I am fishing for ideas

The solution to world peace is simple

I have a life insurance question...

Holiday letters: what do you think of them? Do you do them?

Well now i've done it -- i've bought clothing for my dog

Comfort food

I have a special message for GOPisevil....


What's this empire coming to?

Dad sells son's 90-dollar video game online for more than 9000

"Fire up the Songbird, Penny!"

hubby got his job today! he interviewed on 12/11 and his job is

Everyone sucks.

Life Lessons (in one line)....

Okay, why does some hair grow slower than others?

Where is the best place to ask a medical question?

Any Medical Students/Physicians/Oncologists Here?

2nd Annual Global O for Peace - synchronized with solstice

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/17/07 Bonus

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/17/07

So I got this kick ass samurai sword as an early Xmas gift...

My pregnant co-worker was told by her manager that

have you ever considered moving to Iowa or New Hampshire

Name All of the States That Share A Border with Canada

I just came back from speaking to a social worker...

I have been diagonised with Anxiety Disorder and depression.

I have no idea why the woman in line behind me said this.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 12/17/2007)

The guy behind that VH1 '90s list

Hickory Farms vs. Swiss Colony - BEEF STICK VS. BEEF LOG!

Any Steely Dan Fans Out There? n/t

Have you ever Googled your own name?

Are you going to the Movies --- ???

Stephen King's father left the family when Stephen was 2 and never came back.

I feel ugly right now. That's a new one.

The Gondoliers - I'm proud

can we finally decide what DU's Godwin Law is?

Just took my little kitty Inuyasha in to be neutered

Jessica Simpson Cheers NFL Boyfriend To Worst Game Of His Career

A rant, because I'm a pedantic nerd.

Did anyone watch the Browns-Bills game yesterday?

Mark Hamill plays the Joker better than Heath Ledger.

how many DUers would be interested in forming a corporation and buying some rainforest together?

Well-respected books/movies that could be readily seen as sexist/misogynistic?

I just had genital surgery, ASK ME ANYTHING!

Yippee I have patellofemoral syndrome!

If you could go back in time and spend a day with someone no longer alive...

Please Donate to the 2nd DU Year-end Charity Donation Drive -- Supporting America's Second Harvest!

Spoil a famous movie in this thread. (Warning: Spoilers)

Picking up the pieces (part 4)

Turkish jets bomb targets in N. Iraq

General: Afghan border attacks drop 40 percent

2 suspects arrested in death of 2nd Carson GI

Navy decommissions last coastal minehunters

New San Antonio-class amphib commissioned

Brits hand over Basra security responsibility

Fire-proof uniforms in the works

AF jet powered by synthetic, regular fuel mix

Gen. Casey addresses state of the Army

Odierno: Iraq violence rate lowest since 2003

At well’s bottom, a wish for community

USAFE funding for 2008 matches previous year’s

Detainees released during Camp Victory ceremony

Campaign targets impaired driving

I Corps activation ceremony to be Wednesday

Logistics unit out of Puerto Rico takes on larger role at Hohenfels

Turkish Planes Attack Iraqi Rebels

Darby’s U.S. and Italian workers see needed upgrades to facilities

Turkey says US backed raids on PKK

There's a pretty interesting discussion forum over at

Okinawa police adding patrols, checkpoints

Italians Block Construction of US Military Base

Armed forces 'superbug' menaces UK

Iraq sees need for foreign troops for 10 years

Support our wounded vets this Christmas


IMPEACH CHENEY: 66,666 signatures on Wexler petition, and climbing 8:58 pm

Giuliani firm took shady commissions from FL data mining company (Seisint)

Tis Better To Give.......

Fannie Mae Ceo: No housing recovery until 2009

ok ok, which one of you posted this on Hillary's Myspace page?

HUGE (IMHO) * sought to implement domestic spying within two weeks of taking office!

Hard life for Australia's homeless (BBC)

CIA Torture Jet wrecks with 4 Tons of COCAINE

Do you recognize in the Afghanistan/Iraq wars genocide and/or religous persecution?

I really hate it when fascism is government policy

Thanks, DU...

Saudi Rape Victim - Pardoned

McCain ASKED for Lieberman endorsement

Is this really her? HRC? WTF?

Replay of the 2004 campaign? Who said?

This is big time abuse: Thanks for the link into the forum by UnhappyCamper:

Russert the twit did not challenge Romney's misleading statements about stem cell research

My Mission: Put the Crisco back in Criscomas

Lieberman endorsing McCain, but still caucusing with Democrats

Bush sought to engineer (too much thinking for bushitler) wiretapping 2 weeks after stealing office

Do you recognize in the Afghanistan/Iraq wars genocide and/or religous persecution?

US denies approval of airstrikes in country it is occupying

Does the majority party caucus within the House

Bush backs off Bali agreement hours after signing

Hillary supporters


Wall Street To Open On Soft Note: U.S. stock futures drop on inflation, growth fears


CNBC's "Big Brother, Big Business" on now exposes surveillance tactics...

For those that doubt Lieberman's intentions.....from the DU archives

Live on CNN - lieberman endorses mccain....the kiss of death

What I don't get: How can the "islamofascism=dangerous" crowd be so indifferent to Saudi Arabia?

Italians Block Construction of U.S. Base

Will you spend Christmas with RW relatives? How will you handle it?

Consumer Alert: Watch for double-billing on Credit and Debits Cards with Internet sales.

Tibet tourism 'hits record high' (BBC) {thanks to their Chinese overlords}

Senate Staffers Take Notice: Immunity For Telecoms - Yes or No

Schumer loves the Telecoms!

Have Republican presidential candidates been asked about impeaching Bush and/or Clinton?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Shouldn't Lieberman be stripped of his committee positions?

Russia ships nuclear fuel to Iran

White House wants more control over JAGs

Merry Christmas .... The impeach Cheney site is white hot

A key GOP lawmaker says: DOJ Can't Stop Torture Tape Probe

Its Going To Be One Hell Of a Morning In The Senate

Feingold: "The FISA Debate Begins-Senator Reid has made things much tougher for us..."

On one hand, I am definitely not planning to vote for Hillary...

She says no but I wonder if Rachel Maddow knows something we don't

Iraqi Witness of Blackwater Shooting: "He was big, had a mustache and was white."

Here's the drill alert. Stand by and do nothing or throw them into the river.

Washington Journal callers both sides--Lieberman as pariah.

Frum:"Instead of holes in our souls- conservatives are getting candidates with holes in their heads"

Paper-Shredding Cost Rises 600% Under Bush Administration

I'm just so Fed up with Mukasey ...rejected Congress' demands for more information on videotapes

They love Ann Coulter and Joe McCarthy -- but Jeff Koopersmith schools them...

A tax rebate for peace?...

Discussion on Telecom Immunity

What do Senators Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Obama, and exSenator Edwards Have To Say On FISA

Reclaim Democracy: Educating for Change (about corporations and democracy)


A deal has already been made on the Telecoms?

Procedurally Where Is The FISA Bill (Not current debate related)

mind twister re: Basra

Jeb Bush machine still pushing religious school vouchers via Rubio operatives

On the rewards of moderation

Canadians Snapping Up American Homes

The words of a traitor. His transformation is complete.

On the question of Telecom Immunity

One day Rep Jane Harman (D-CA) is peddling ...

FTC under fire as credit bureaus sell consumers' data

Fox News shameless "dirty trick" on Obama

If You Do Nothing Else This Week Go Online And Listen To Dodd's Speech

a Non Sequitur Merry Christmas...

Body is found in L.A. tow yard a day after car accident

FYI: The Dodd filibuster is set for AFTER the cloture vote.....

Fox News Crack Lab Explodes? anyone hear this?

Reservoirs Closed After Carcinogen Is Found

Name one Democrat who is as gawdawful as Joseph Isadore "Joe" Lieberman. Name just one.

Reclaim Democracy: Give a Gift to Your Local Economy

WP: Clinton campaign organized a three-week blitz to court the Des Moines Register editorial board

ACLU & FISA...Specter Substitution is Immunity by Another Name

Randi Rhodes interview with Bill Richardson was awful ..

"a handful of moguls control Hollywood because of infotainment consolidation..."

Nuttiest LTTE Ever....

"A casatrophic loss of faith that this society can govern itself...."

State to run background checks on bus evacuees

Breeding and harboring terrorists, in the USA

Fot those of us who still have landline phones

my 117th LTTE printed today...on Iraq and Veterans

Dodd needs stuff to read for the filibuster. Link here. Constitution suggested many times.

Dodd: “We Say To President Bush, We Would Never Take ‘Trust Me’ For An Answer”

"Oh, my." A tribute.


Devastation Coming to Your Neighborhood? Mortgage Crisis in Perspective

A victory. New Jersey bans death penalty.

Are Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats Being Blackmailed By the Telecoms?

Finally some good news for the young saudi women


King Abdullah pardons Saudi rape victim (200 lashes)

Sen. Dodd up on C-SPAN 2 - FISA

E-MAIL Subject: Stand with Chris Dodd as he prepares to filibuster

Wow, letter submitted by reader of Greenwald re: Telecom immunity - she's pissed

Saudi Gang Rape Victim Pardoned But Bush's Reaction, Media's Reporting Are Unpardonable

Hillary Camp still hoping Holy Joe will endorse her in the general election!

Panic stricken flee FOX news as soda can bursts....

Why are Clinton, Obama and Edwards Backing Nixon's Health Plan?

sheldon whitehouse is up on cspan 2 if anyone wants to hear what he has to say

Midday in Baghdad: 48 persons already killed and 45 others wounded

I propose a new forum: "Democratic Underground Militant Branch"

Inflation in food prices reaches 25-year high. Thanks, ethanol.


Speaker Of The House Caught Wearing Women’s Clothing

Seen on the restroom wall yesterday

Chemical explosion at Fox News building

If you were running for president, whose endorsement would mean the most?

Organ Donation, Or, Sally Satel Makes Me Puke

Fact Sheet on Dodd-Feingold Amendment to Strike Retroactive Immunity

HEY EVERYBODY! Don't forget to call your Senator today to stop media consolidation!

Just got an early Christmas present: 'The Out of Office Countdown" calendar for 2008!

Christmas for Big Media: FCC media giveaway planned for tomorrow. Help stop it.

Bush floats possibility of a yearlong continuing resolution

Watch the news tonight because this is a Stunning day in the US Senate.

Sam Seder will sub for Randi Rhodes ALL THIS WEEK!

The buck stops here!

Old Man Thompson, He Serious ---pix--->>>

VERBATIM QUOTES From Republicans

H5N1 bird flu hits Benin, home of Voodoo ritual

Taxes and Income: If Democrats really want to soak the rich, they'll keep tax rates where they are,

5 killed, 24 wounded in attack on police headquarters in Afghan capital

* gives a thumbs up as he leaves the White House - pics

General Investigated For Removing Soldiers After Shooting Civilians

Trade magazine article - Wage Squeeze due to globalization

Does Bill Clinton seem to think Hillary's candidacy is as much about him, as it is her?

Which candidate will save me from my Christmas lights?

Toddler Dies in Jump House

Don't Expect Anything Out Of The Congress, You Will Never Be Satisfied

Wesley Snipes blames his troubles on racism....

Woman Killed When Couple Shoots At Each Other

Jail Turns Pink

NY Times: Our Decrepit Food Factories

Kit Bond: "evil people out here who would love" to know which telecom companies spied on US citizens

2007 is bloodiest year in Afghanistan insurgency


Man Electrocuted Hanging Christmas Lights

Please unfreep this poll on Lieberman

Edward R. Murrow, about McCarthyism:

Drag Queen Bingo.

Lamont regarding Lieberman: maybe he'll join McCain in a duet rendition of 'Bomb, Bomb, Iran'

'Army Times' Article Describes U.S. Troop 'Mutiny' in Iraq

Victory against Bush Admin Secrecy - Court rules that White House Visitor Logs are Public Documents

The Biggest Asshole in the Senate Award.....

TOON: This Modern World on Hillary

Most horrible funny joke I have heard this week:

Caption this presidential moment

Catholic League: War on Christmas continues but 'we're FIGHTING BACK!'

Proposed: Put a $1 Billion liability cap on telecoms and deny immunity

$45 TRILLION gap seen in US benefits - Social Securtity/Medicare

What Issue have I missed?

I have a life insurance question...

Clinton kisses ass on Fox News to save her failing campaign

Why is Dodd leading the FISA opposition? Where is Hillary? Other than Reid, look at the leadership.

Telecom Industry Wins a Round on Eavesdropping

Let's support Ron Paul for a third Party candidate.

Biden, Clinton, Obama said they would support Dodd's filibuster...

Is Bush's House Of Cards Collapsing Rapidly?

Is the Crawford Coward Askeered of the Rotarians? ---pix--->>>

US Army loses another 12,000 guns and trucks

dang it. Sen Barb Milkuski just said she supports the Fisa immunity bill. just now on senate floor.

Is it OK to display my DU sticker on my SUV?

Of the four Senators in presidential race--whose your favorite?

Conyers, Kennedy Join Push for Special Prosecutor To Investigate Destroyed Tapes

ACLU Says New Jersey’s Historic Rejection of Death Penalty Reflects Shift in Public Opinion

Russia test-fires new intercontinental missile

You Must Not Read The Pamphlets! - Romney pics

Dan Fogelberg dead at 56

Say NO! to Telecom Immunity - Call and E-Mail Your Senator Today

Bush spoke at the Yak-A-Doo's restaurant inside a Holiday Inn.

Must see Doonesbury

It's a sad day when we even need to debate whether to grant immunity for aiding illegal spying.....

New bumper sticker I just came up with...

Oh No! Edwards on the cover of Newsweek.

HEY! Obama supporters.... Voting for Obama is just rolling dice

Skip the VISA gift cards - rip off


We might be able to tell Joe Lieberman to fuck off after all!

Here's the reason Lieberman (officially pathetic) claims he endorsed Weathervane McCain

You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss,

Monday TOON Roundup

Jane Hamsher: Obama’s Statement on Dodd and Filibuster

Andrew Sullivan: Ron Paul for Republican Nom, Obama for Dems

McCain with a big grin on CNN with Lieberman

The Torture Tapes: IMPLICATIONS, WITH links to MSM SOURCES

Katie Couric asks some interesting questions. Flame away

Jury finds millionaires guilty in 'modern-day slavery' case

Slow going for Rove memoir auction

I heard there's a war on Christmas. How can I enlist for anti-Christmas side?

Governor moves to protect American Indian shrine

Senator Dodd is Giving America A Great Christmas Gift....CSPAN2

It says a lot. It says enough.

delete dupe

Are Any Of The News Outlets Reporting On Dodds Ongoing Stand In the Senate Today?

Has Dodd generated any broadcast/cable media coverage yet?

Conyers: DoJ Probe Should "Not Be Used as Shield" for CIA

John McCain thinks this will motivate the independent voter?

$10 million to Dennis

Question for Medical Students or Physicians/Oncologists(?)

Governors agree on water meeting in January

In the face of Bush* : Russia sells enriched uranium to Iran

With a government like ours who needs enemies....

So, who is Jesus endorsing and what kind of president would HE be?

Geez, freak out much: Knife At Lunch Gets 10-Year-Old Girl Arrested At School

US reviewing plans for violence-hit Afghanistan

They have done it!! Falling Hillary

How the Republican National Committee is inspiring their presidential candidates.

Senatorial stupidity or willfull ignorance?

George Bush asks: "What would Jesus do?"

A question that's been bugging me

OK, who the fuck is being chased now and why?


Are home schoolers good teachers?

So -- 60 Votes to Screw Us Over: How Many Dems Are Voting Yes So Far?

LIEberman, you so suck so fucking much!


Lieberman is a Disgrace

March In My Name

Think Progress: Reid wants full Senate to see wiretapping docs

Man spent 24 Yrs in jail wrongfully convicted, denied justice

Army deserter wants to change recruitment methods



Help Chris Dodd filibuster this pro-fascism FISA bill (with Telecom immunity)

Paul Krugman says Obama is the "anti-change candidate"

Fox runs story designed to increase hate & fear of Muslims

My caucus decision

If Every One Of Our Candidates Would Stand Up Like Dodd Is Today We'd Be Unstoppable

War on Christmas vehicle spotted!

Rofl: Has there already been a thread about the (not so-) subliminal Huck ad with the cross?

Bill Clinton Screws another Women....

The BIG STORY on Philly Action News tonight is...

Kerry, Obama to FCC Chairman Martin: Delay Consolidation Vote...or Place FCC Funding in Jeopardy

Thank You Chris Dodd!

Outspoken Right-wing Princeton Student Admits to Staging Attack, Police Say

Ohio Secretary of State confirms 2004 election could have been stolen



Small Explosion at Fox News Building


A personal letter from Dan Fogelberg... to each and every man....

The Christian Dating Service.

Reid: I "Respectfully disagree" with Joe Lieberman

Ron Paul's son is named "Rand"?

Obama 2006: "What I know is, Joe Lieberman's a man with a good heart....."

A Case for Impeachment Hearings- By Robert Wexler (D-FL)-Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)-Tammy Baldwin(D-WI)

Bush Claims ‘We Have Fabulous Health Care’ Compared To ‘Other Systems Around The World’

Chimp to Speak on his Wrecked Economy...coming up..

Shame on you Harry!

Who is that crazy dipshit egotist on Tweety? (No .... not Tweety himself)

Breaking: Stupid Shitbird Crawls Out From Under Rock

Clinton Campaign Surrogate Bob Kerrey: OBAMA = MUSLIM, HUSSEIN, MADRASSA, -- Clinton Won't Apologize

ROVE On The Corner-Larisa Alexandrovna-Part III - Running elections from the White House

This will make fundies heads explode..."Synthetic DNA on the Brink of Yielding New Life Forms"

Perhaps before we bash Homeschooling we should talk to DUers who are homeschool or...

Who is your favorite radio talk show host?

My brother got harassed today for saying 'happy holidays'

PHOTOS: Kevin Bacon, Tim Robbins campaign for John Edwards

snow removal around mailboxes regulation question...

Coulter's book flops; Rove's auction of memoirs going slowly

Princeton Conservative touting "moral values" stages attack?

Some advice for the young job seeker (rant)

Home Grown Terrorists VS. International Terrorists. Which is the real threat to you?

Not. One. Fucking. Inch.

Senator Widen, Whitehouse and now, Reid: Interesting strategy perhaps unfolding

Bush Claims ‘We Have Fabulous Health Care’ Compared To ‘Other Systems Around The World’

I am no economist, so I 'd like an explanation.

Man sues nightclubs- Says ladies' nights are discriminatory against men

The Epiphany of an Iraq Withdrawal

Republican businessman funds pro-marijuana film!

Limbaugh: "Does Our Looks-Obsessed Culture Want To Stare At An Aging Woman?"

How is everyone doing with Christmas this year?

IMPEACH Petition > Yes, we passed the > 80,000 < mark, Next STOP 100,000

I guess my Ron Paul post went over everyone's head.

Pelosi the traitor? Complicity, corruption, cowardice? I say contradiction!

If our Congresspeople were smart . . . how to set a trap for the Bushies

"25 Senators Promise to Block Changes to Media Ownership Rules"

The FCC wants to let Big Media get bigger in 17 hours, 31 minutes and 31 seconds — act now!

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm leaning Edwards.

Kennedy: "If we take President at his word-HE's WILLING-TO LET AMERICANS DIE TO PROTECT PHONE COs"

Judge Rejects Bush Secrecy Claim, Says White House Visitor Logs Are Public Documents

BTW, since this can't be said often enough: Thank you, Connecticut "Democrat" voters!

A year ago I called for Harry Reid to be replaced, and I had my head taken off.

Yet another cheap Chinese import to be concerned about

Tammy Grimes: HERO to all dog owners.

If Gore had won in 2000 we would all be supporting the freak Lieberman for president right now

New Voters: Further confirmation of a Kerry landslide (TIA) (x)

From dailykos....Senator Reid: Show Me Something. Expel Lieberman Tomorrow

Could This Be The Reason Gore Won't Slam The Door Completely?

Danny Sheehan (Christic Institute, see link) is George Knapp's guest on

Romney gets tearful recalling war toll

Inside the CIA's notorious "black sites" = "previously unknown twist in the chilling,"

Coming up on 75,000 signatures to impeach cheney - sign now

If removing Saddam from power has made us safer (JOEMENTUM!)

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Apologizes

Windows Vista named #1 biggest tech disappointment of 2007 by PC World

WOW. Edwards actually gets it: the people versus corporations

Foreclosure story with a twist.

Who Are We, Financially? (poll)

Angola Indiana man threatens a tree trimmer and the cops find almost 300 guns and a million rounds

Those DUers for impeachment of Bush/Cheney check-in thread

12-17-2007 DU final four GD poll

Erla Ósk Arnardóttir Lillendahl: was shackled for two days........

Please Donate to the 2nd DU Year-end Charity Donation Drive -- Supporting America's Second Harvest!

BUSH DID IT?? Negroponte Warned CIA Against Destroying the Torture Tapes

Flashback: Bill Clinton defends Leiberman's Iraq Stance

Hillary's great day on Morning Joe

Just to get caught up .... (my DSL line is down at home)

The Hillary I Know

Matt Taibbi: Obama on the Rise

Obama and 'The Manchurian Candidate' -

Questions/opinions on the republican race

My LTTE to the NY Daily News

Senator Boxer on Cspan


The Buttercow Lady To Step Up Campaigning For Obama In Iowa

Obama will be on "The Today Show" today

For the Obama campaign, the 'closer' is in the family

Congress and the President

Iowa Rep. Loebsack will announce endorsement of Obama

Should the Dems coddle Lieberman so as to maintain control of the Senate?

"Thompson will be the nominee or we will see Clinton/Hussein in the WH"

Trip down Memory Lane.. Houses of the '04 candidates ..

Saudis gave $10 million to the Clinton library.

Bob Kerrey - Eraserhead

Since the corporate media wants Obama to run, who do you think he will choose for his running mate?

For many of you this will be a snooze, but can anyone help with this?

If Brownback had held on a little bit more,

Great New Hampshire LTE IN Support Of Edwards!

Why so touchy about Obama's middle name?

Bush Secret Shredding Soars

Voting With Your Heart vs. Voting With Your Mind: My struggle between two Great Candidates

African-American Illinois State Reps and Senators Endorse Obama

Did Hillary stay with Bill after the repeated cheating because of presidential ambitions?

Some helpful information on Primaries for those that might care.

Which group of voters do you think is larger?

Reuters photo: McCain and Joementum savor the warm, intoxicating afterglow following their coupling

Was Ann Coulter the model for Pullman's Mrs. Coulter?

America simply will NOT vote for President Barack Hussein Obama...FACT! like it or not n/t

Rep. Jane Harman on Mukasey and the CIA torture tapes: "It smells like the coverup of the coverup"

Chris Dodd up on C-Span2! n/t

Hillary On Fox & Friends on Fixed News currently

Bill Clinton's leaky 'Obama the plumber' analogy

Rumor for Obama supporters

Predict the Iowa horserace

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Three Things That Are Sadly Unsurprising (and One Happy Thing)

Steve King (R-IA) endorses.....Uncle Fred

Mon Dec 17 Ras Poll: Edwards Leads McCain by 7, Huckabee by 12

How can other candidates possibly compete with the Hill-a-copter?

sign up to support Dodd's FISA filibuster today.

Iowa endorsements abound with time running out

Now that Lieberman endorsed McCain does that reduce the chance of Obama picking Lieberman as his VP?

Al From is saddened.

Ron Paul campaign donors set a record

"Why won't Obama give up the name of his coke dealer?"

Barack's bad judgment (video shows the withering attacks Obama would face)

If McCain is not the GOP nominee, what will Lieberman do then?

Edwards, the Iraq War and Electability

Omg!! I just found out that Edwards

Republican perspective on law and impeachment ala' Clinton- Kicking an EarlG post.

Obama Touts Rural Plans in Iowa

A CNN, BET, and CBS analyst endorses Obama: "Hillary Clinton is Not Enough for African-Americans"

show mercy to your television, but...

background on "mark coleman" and the bill clinton story

Who are you voting for in the democratic primaries?

New primary polls(Sooper-Dooper Tues): Hillary & Obama kick ass in home states!

Remember the Republican smoke job about dangerous

Here's the 2008 Democratic Caucus/Primary Schedule if anyone needs it.

Bloomberg: "Clinton's Burkle Ties Include Funds in Cayman Islands "

Media Alert: Bill Bradley Interviews Obama today on Sirius radio

Iowa Congressman Loesback endorses Obama

Caption McCain ......

Photos: Commander Cokespoon dazzles a Fredricksburg VA audience with fairy tales about our economy

Clinton's Burkle Ties Include Funds in Cayman Islands

Broken Promises

2006: Obama endorses Lieberman

Unconventional Pre-Primary Polls

Isn't immunity supposed to be given to people only on the proviso

Ron Paul is advertising on the Howard Stern show

The joke is on us

Huckleberry Ad: Merry Christmas, Primary States

The letter I finally received from DiFi-

Fabulous Pic of Bill Clinton and article In International Herald Tribune.Enjoy!

Belgium: obsolete?

Register Endorsement Usually Bodes Well

New Obama ad in Iowa - Candor. "It’s not politics as usual. It’s change we can believe in." (VIDEO)

Richardson: Stick To The Issues (Stop Bickering, Clinton and Obama!)

Howard Dean, Sec. of the Interior? Surgeon General? Sec. of HHS? What do you think?

Russ Feingold now speaking on the Senate floor, C-Span2 on the FISA bill!

I was selected to go see Rudy Giuliani speak

NBC: 'Frenzied enthusiasm' for Edwards in Iowa (Edwards drew bigger crowd in same city as Obama)

Actor Judge Reinhold Stumps For Bill Richardson in New Hampshire

Huckabee: Dog "had mange & was absolutely, I guess, emaciated," hanging wasn't "intentional torture"

Obama to Fight for Tax Fairness for Middle Class

The ticket in Nov.: Edwards/Dodd

Richardson in Iowa: I'm The Candidate The Repubs Fear The Most

Obama's new Iowa ad.

The Hillary I know

How do you think the Kucinich money bomb will play out?

UPDATE 2-Bush's phone immunity demand wins initial Senate vote 76 to 10

Iowa caucuses--when do we get anything like results?

Endorsements: Do They Influence You?

Loebsack endorses Obama

"The Millworker's Dozen: What John Edwards has going for him in Iowa" (Time)

The Presidential Files: Mike Huckabee's Do-Nothing Approach to Protecting Animals

Let's do the Hillary Cackle!

Presidential Profile: Clinton touts her strength, resiliency

When did Senator Clinton drop the "Rodham" from her name? n/t

Obama's new Ad in Iowa, promising "scrupulous honesty" is dishonest.

Did Hillary lie this morning?

An Epidemic of Political Paralepsis

Hey!! OBAMA and Clinton and Biden supporters. Defend your candidates inaction on the FISA bill here.

Picture of the Day!

What Hillary did for Ned Lamont

Did Bob Kerrey say Obama went to a madrasa on CNN today?

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

Why Paul raises more than Kucinich?

Right Now: Filibuster/Breaking News (Check It Out)!

Letter from Sen. DiFi on the FISA Bill. She needs to be recalled ...

Why do Obama supporters believe a word out of Tucker Carlson's mouth?

Help Oppose Retroactive Telecom Immunity!

Politicians with no taste...

David Gregory is an asshole, if you think the media is in bed with Hillary you are fucking crazy

Cindy Sheehan: Impeach Pelosi for collaboration with Bush

Kerrey Off: His "Barack Hussein Obama" Remark in Press Stirs Criticism

New USA Today/Gallup: Hillary - 45, Obama - 27, Edwards - 15

Rasmussen: Hillary at 40% for second day in a row...

Obama says something he may regret

MEDIA = John Edwards, John Edwards, John Edwards......all of the sudden!

Nice segment on Hardball by David Schuster about Edwards canvassers

Bad day for Hillary to be on the Today Show

Corporate Consolidations, Monopolies and Anti-Trust should be campaign issues

Clinton staffers banned from liberal New Hampshire blog

Biden Warns Musharraf of Consequences for Poor Elections

Democratic candidate Joe Biden may surprise them all

Obama not sure he can make it back for FISA Vote...but he Supports Dodd/Firedoglake

Biden --Lifting emergency doesn’t mean Musharraf back on track

Fresh Doubts About Clinton in N.H.

Evan Bayh (D-Ind): Liablility or Asset?

Biden Campaign: Keokuk Mayor David Gudgel endorses Joe Biden

If Lieberman endorses McCain, with which demographic niche in the Repub primary does that not hurt?

Tucker just reported that Bob Kerrey said Obama attended a secular Madrasa on CNN

Sy Hersh: "The Surge means basically that, in some way, the president has accepted ethnic cleansing"

Richardson surges with 3 times as much support as Biden in Iowa and 4 times as much in New Hampshire

Did Bill Clinton Say What I think he said

Hillary Clinton coming up on soon on CNN

LIEberman: McCain can REUNITE Our Country, remove the E,T,E

Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures

How Low can you go: Bill Clinton is a Rapist

Steve Clemons compares Clinton and Obama on using their Senatorial powers

Look, Bob Kerrey is a very bright guy.

Biden, Clinton and Obama could have focused the attention of the nation

Obama Takes Some Passing Shots at Edwards

Donna Brazile: Obama is looking confident & presidential while Hillary is looking scared

My Hillary Problem

NJ Gov. Corzine bans death penalty (Families upset)

Should Howard Dean Have Swiftboated Kerry to Vet Him in 2004?

I like Bill Clinton, but he really didn't do much to change the downward trajectory...

It looks like Obama and Edwards are attacking each other and ignoring Hillary

Bill Clinton was the greatest president of the 21th century

Richardson, Guns, and the NRA

Challenge to Kucinich-tzens! Tell us all about your guy!

Italians Block Construction of U.S. Base

Kucinich's "money bomb" BOMBS. Paul raises $6 million.

Bill Clinton's attack on Obama and how it has changed my whole

Paul Krugman - Obama is the Anti-Change Candidate

no statement from Obama on the Lieberman endorsement??

I'm sticking to my Past Prediction that MCCAIN will be the GOP's "Comeback Kid"

I Never Thought the Clinton Campaign Would Stoop to the Madrassa Low

"NBC: 'Frenzied enthusiasm' for Edwards in Iowa " (posted by MeanBoneII at Daily Kos)

Nader says Edwards is the most progressive.

Bill Clinton was the greatest president of the 20th century

This is one pissed off Senator (Biden)

12-17-2007 DU final four GD-P poll

Photo: It's time for another exciting round of "What the hell is Senator McCain REACHING for?"

75 Doors

Please Donate to the 2nd DU Year-end Charity Donation Drive -- Supporting America's Second Harvest!