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Archives: December 18, 2007

Global food supply dwindling rapidly (UN report)

Guardian UK: Correcting America's moral compass (death penalty)

Senate postpones consideration of spy bill

Uruguay's ex-dictator charged with crimes against humanity

Chimps and college students as good at mental math

Island tax havens factor into Romney's business success: Involvement hasn't previously come to light

'Army Times' Article Describes U.S. Troop 'Mutiny' in Iraq

"There Go the Awards" WGA denies waivers to Golden Globes, Oscars

Argentina harshly attacks the US over "the suitcase scandal"

Ned Lamont issues statement on Lieberman endorsement of McCain

Fox News sues EchoStar for contract breach

UK Guantanamo detainee near suicide after years of torture, doctors warn

Statement Hints at Castro’s Retirement

How Dan Fogelberg changed my life.

Does anyone know what "Don't let the bastards get you down" is, in Latin

"The Bucket List", Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman (Spoilers?)

The GoPsUx other one time only Poetry thread.12/17/07

This picture is useless without threads!

Fred Astaire introduces We Five...otherwise known as

Los Angeles/Santa Monica DUers---Need the name of Third Street Promenade Store.

Yippee! I Am the Damn Paterfamilias!

I can write better poetry than GoPsUx.


Deleted Duplicate.

Frosty The Snowman. Jolly happy soul or one cold-hearted mother?

Yule Tree! PHOTO!

The solution to world peas is simple.

aw, wookit da puppy

It's amazing how people change...

A question.... What does Christmas mean to you???

Huckabee Eats at Olive Garden ...

I've been diagnosed as being healthy

Two batches of cookies down

Laura Bush plays the Joker better than Mark Hamill AND Heath Ledger.

you want ROUSes?

So blackball me- I just had supper at the Olive Garden.

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Alaskan Smoked Porter

I was counting the number of accidents I've been in

the first batch of fudge (of the season) off the stove

It ain't Christmas without some Dickel.

Speaking of sword fights.

I'm Ready To Tell You All A Secret...

Everyone can't suck, Writer..

Winter Now, But summer concerts...

If Good citizens check for duplicates

Well, early this morning we had a heavy frost, this afternoon I cut the grass.

Did you ever notice that when you blow in Southpawkicker's face

If Good Citizens check for XemaSab

Since "holiday" is short for "holy day" why do wingnuts get their panties in a wad over

If Good citizens check for duplicates

Blame Mittens for cartoon dog's disappearance.

Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face

What an amazing scam electronic check bill-pay is...

Ya know, Frampton's Camel wasn't such a bad album

i never actually read the lyrics to "hip to be square"

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

We got computers, we're tapping phone lines, I know that ain't allowed

Funny/Odd YouTube video

I got me some kick-ass bonding going on with my sister's lab partner.

I've spent the last four days waiting for the internets to work

Loungers, can you help me out here?

What are your favorite winter holiday traditions? What do these holidays -

What's the last "kick-ass" thing you did?

Do you believe in God?

I got me some kick-ass bonding going on with my sister's Lab.

Well, I just sent an e-mail that might end a meaningful and long friendship

Ya know, Buckingham/Nicks wasn't such a bad band

Ya know, Fleetwood Mac's Mirage wasn't that bad...

When do pitchers and catchers report?

where is the least likely place you have found mold?

in my spare time i read scanned images of old newspapers

Murphee the Tiel's first Xmas.............

Baseball? Sure it is

Did anyone watch The Simpsons last night?

I'm totally addicted to Cash Cab

**A Christmas Poem** (not by me)

Dr. Nipple? Paging Dr. Nipple.

38 years ago tonight

Christopher "Peter Brady" Knight calls wife's photo shoot "the physicalisation of my worst fears"


bbernardini absolutely rocks - and then some

What's your poison?

What do people think of "The Graduate"?

Fish or Steve Hogarth?

Good fencers make good neighbors

Einstein's Logic Puzzle

Monday Night Football!

It's not my first LOLCAT, but I think it's my best so far.

an arm load.....kitties

I just ordered a recycled juice box shopping bag for my mom for Christmas

My sister has managed to totally freak me out this time.

What the "heezy " is wrong with Michael Jackson? That Boy ain't right...

Weird Dog question....

wacko LTE

Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?


Let's play: How you can tell where someone is from by the words they use:

Any Award Winners Here? Oscar? Emmy? Grammy? Tony? Peabody? Pulitzer? Nobel? Quill?

Did/does Reverend Huckabee do "faith healings" like Diamond Pat Robertson does?

After Fair Game: The Story Valerie Plame Couldn't Tell

Give Cookies For Peace This Year For Christmas

17 days.

A MESSAGE TO AMERICA- The Leafets of the White Rose Society

FISA bill punted into next year

This passage of History reminds me of the Bush Administration

We Must Become the Party of Boldness, Not Acquiescence

Like Him Or Not, Chris Dodd Has Shown More Leadership Today

Chinese leery of buying their own toys ("I dare not buy cheap wooden toys or toys with paint")

Delete, posting error

Telecom Industry Wins a Round on Eavesdropping

Brit Hume wants to know "Where's the outrage?"

I've got a great idea, let's bring back crucifixion..

Guardian UK: Correcting America's moral compass

Clinton and Sex

Anyone know why the number of signatures went *down* on Wexler's petition site?

Lieberman: I Endorsed The Only Candidate Who Wanted My Support

Pat Buchanan on Countdown!

Saudi king pardons gang rape victim

False Flag Operation Exposed - Conservative Organization gets threatening emails from...

So will we have some terra terra terra for Christmas

Today was a good day

Whoops: DUPE - Reid pulls FISA bill until after new year (Dodd wins!)

Tasers Don’t Reduce Shootings, Despite Police and Politicians’ Claims

NY Times: Savage Weiner remains unbowed.

More Bush League justice coming up

Dodd's Filibuster Threat Scuttles Telcom Immunity In Senate, For Now

Mark My Words! The Tide Has Turned

The wisdom of Molly Ivins......

Raw Story Part III on Don Siegelman

Will Americans want to watch HIllary age

Sam Seder on for Randi all this week. Great news for those of us


Prometheus Re-bound (A rant against the mass production of scientific illiteracy)

Synthetic DNA on the Brink of Yielding New Life Forms

Did anyone catch that GE crackhead, Angry Jim Kramer on Fat Timmah's show Sunday?

Leno, O'Brien Return Without Writers

Alternative Shopping Guide

Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Men

Lieberman Peddles the Old Iraq-9/11 Connection

I think the Dodd and the Blogs just won a Big One today....

It's a product of the true Progressive Era ---

cliff may and patrick buchannan are 100% for waterboarding. these people are on television

NYT: Greenspan & Bush warned of subprime crisis years ago

GWB and Congress just did good: Fair Treatment for Experienced Pilots Act.

The Halliburton gang rape victim will be on live with Dan Abrams

What unpopular beliefs do you cling to as a matter of stubborn principle?

I'm listenin' to some ole madrassa rap this evening

Judge orders WH to reveal Christian leader visits.

I thought retroactive laws were unconstitutional..

What the "heezy " is wrong with Michael Jackson? That Boy ain't right...

Oklahoma City: "Many have added being broke to shivering in the darkness"

New Jersey

Now that King Abdullah has pardoned the gang rape victim

To All My Democratic Friends:

Perhaps WE Made A Difference?!?-Reid Admits Volume Of Calls On FISA Was HUGE!!!

Keith isn't there, but Countdown will talk about Huckabee's son killing the dog

Suzanne Smalley, Newsweek Editor discusses in a live interview "The Sleeper" - John Edwards -On NOW!

Police: Princeton Student Faked Attack

Bush knew and LIED — Iran NIE edition

Castro may hand over power!

A conversation about NOLA with Brad Pitt -- Charlie Rose tonight


I applaud Dan Abrams coverage of John Tanner (Voting Section Chief) who just resigned.

Mark Crispin Miller is here at DU now to discuss the Siegelman tape >>>

Right-wing governments 'increase suicide rates'

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"War on Ass"

POLL: Since Lieberman is endorsing McCain, what word would you say best describes Super Joe?

Huckabee's dog-killing cover-up coming up on KO

Torture Tour

Today is the beginning of the new order

Judge orders White House visitor logs released in 20 days

Love is in the air - Condi pics (Warning - graphic)

Sam Seder gets cuter every time I see him

Great Dodd email sign-off

Oy, Cuyahoga County BOE can't decide whether to scrap electronic voting

Progressive Talk Rankings (What Liberal Media?)

Philadelphia suburbs:

A FISA-related question for lawyers and people who live under the Constitution.

Great article on what to expect from the housing bubble.


Where were Hillary, Barack and Joe today?

Edwards or Kucinich?

New statement from John Kerry regarding FISA

Ahem. Senator Dodd's voice mail is not yet full. UPDATE - it's full - but there's email!

Did Dodd's stand today make you reconsider his Presidential run?

Legal Mexican welder, $60/hr, Missouri, home for the holidays, sez the HATE is rampant

So now we know that filibuster's work...

Thank you Senator Chris Dodd!!!


The real Reason for the Season is

Questions regarding Obama

Pretty Sad that a Senator has to filibuster his own party....

Differences in Liberal Versus Conservative “Morality” and the Politics of Morality

UPDATE 1-Senators threaten to revoke FCC media ownership vote

Castro just announced he will not hold onto power.

New Complete Timeline on the CIA Tapes Scandal!

"I don't give a f--- who you are, I'm a f---ing TV reporter, you f---ing dyke,"

Being anti death penalty doesn't make someone pro killer/anti victim

Would you be unhappy if there were responses to alerts?

Clinton '92 Vs. Obama '08

Washington Post caught by Media Matters cherry-picking facts to attack Obama

Self delete. Dupe

OK, Will Lieberman's endorsement of John McCain do anything for McCain?

Kucinich fundraising update: - Recap

Hardball cut the Nader interview out of the 7:00 pm EST re-run and replaced


One thing in Hillary's favor, she's NOT eligible

The DLC and Joe Lieberman

A second look at something Al Gore said in Bali:

Are Media Out to Get John Edwards?

Huckabee's latest ad: The dude scares me

Ok, here's my dillema btwn Hillary and Obama on who to want...

I can't tell if Bill or Hillary is running for President

On Countdown tonight

How about we just rename this forum to HILLARY FIGHT CLUB and be done with it?

Lieberman endorsing McCain, what exactly does that do for Him (McCain)?

Hillary launches new website:"The Hillary I know" with dozens of video testimonials from her friends

If you were an Iowan, who would be your 1st or 2nd Choice?

700 students have already voted for Obama in NH absent-balloting

Teddy Roosevelt, as mentioned by Edwards on Sunday...."Man in the Arena"

The Clintons have caused me to make a decsion

I'm going to see Kucinich tomorrow...

KBR rape victim on live on Abrahms report MSNBC, as well as voting rights section news

Teddy: Bush is "ready to let Americans die to protect the phone companies"

Dodd's Filibuster Threat Stalls Wiretap Bill

Economy, not speculators and adjustable mortgages, is depressing market in Ohio & Michigan

To Mr. Huckabee

OMG someone NOT on Hilary's campaign said Obama's middle name

Does Obama really offer a "new kind of politics"?

Look at polls at name, on day published- Bush Job Ratings

VIDEO: Hillary's friend talks about what a good person she is

Will Hillary Clinton Be Stampeded by the ‘Herding’ Effect?

Obama picks up big Iowa endorsement: Rep. Loebsack; Iowa's three Dem Congressmen split three ways

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/17/07 - All three unchanged

Video Proof of Bob Kerrey discussing Senator Obama and making Madrasa comment

Yard sign update: N. Florida-- It's all Ron Paul! This is Bush/Cheney land...

Kerrey Says Obama Attended a Secular Madrassa. Filmclip:

Obama, Clinton launch dueling ads in Iowa post-Des Moines Register endorsement

This race is still wide open. Here's the proof:

Travolta/Cruse 08 - The Scientology Ticket

Dodd's Filibuster as of 4:55 PM

Clinton Steals A Georgia Endorsement From Obama

Since Bob Kerrey is now in the discussion concerning

The Other Clinton Steps Up Publicly: "most powerful force besides the candidate herself"

A madrassa is a school, religious or secular. Did you know that?

Some of you folks are going to be a little embarrassed about these Kerrey remarks

Rasmussen: Edwards Leads McCain by 7, Huckabee by 12

I'm gonna get flamed, I like Obama, but with that name, I've set his "electability" rating at......

"That's like having a president named Darnell" . . .

Reid caves

Where did Hillary Clinton attend junior high secular madrassa?

The circle closes...

Brand new Hillary ad about the Des Register endorsement hits Iowa airwaves

Former Gov. Mabus (MS) & Congressman Carson (OK): Barack Wins in the Red States

New York Republicans bailing on Rudy...

Obama jabs Edwards on Senate record


Hillary Clinton Gets Emotional. Plus, all NEW backdrop touting "Working For Change"! LOL

Come the Dem Convention next summer, all the candidates will

Do you believe Mitt Romney cried when Mormons allowed blacks in their church?

Rep Betty McCollum (D-MN) to GOP: Fund RNC Security or Cancel Convention

The Democratic establishment love black people...err...until one of them challenges them

"A straying husband is bad. But a home wrecker is worse..."

Is your respect for team Hillary increasing or decreasing?

It is time to eject Lieberman from the Dem Party.

Thank you Senator Dodd

Now THIS is a Democrat

If a large contingent of Obama supporters

Obama needs to DEMAND the books be opened on IranContra cocaine so he can track

Bill Clinton: Hillary Will Call Upon Bush 41

When Barack Obama was born in 1961, King Hussein of Jordan was an American ally

How is Lieberman's endorsement of McCain different from Biden endorsement of McCain as Kerry's VP?

With His Eye on a Senate Seat, Comedian Al Franken Says It's Time to Get Serious

Hillary is nothing more than a hypocritical hack politician unworthy of true blue support.

David Brooks: Obama would be better president than Hillary Clinton

Hillary loses one black voter

Atrios / Eshcaton (Duncan Black) choses Edwards... sort of

Biden: I don't trust the Justice Department to investigate itself over destroyed CIA tapes

Edwards brings larger Iowa crowds to their feet with "America Rising"

Bob Kerrey said Iraq is "central to the fight against Islamic radicalism."

Yes, Tony, There is a War on God

Impeachment is off the table. How long will it take some people to understand that?

Obama: The Buck Stops Over There

US denies backing Turkey PKK raid

15 Afghan Guards Killed in Attack

Iran's Actions in Iraq Scrutinized (New Pentagon Report)

Family values lower on agenda in 2008 race

Dems consider ousting Byrd as appropriations chair

Rice visits Iraq's Kirkuk to back UN reconciliation bid

Iraqi interpreters 'betrayed' by British, murdered by militias

Turkish troops 'cross into Iraq'

AP Exclusive: State budgets slide

Romney Attended Planned Parenthood Fundraiser in 1994

Suicide bomber kills 14 in Iraqi village - police

British fire killed Danes in Afghanistan - army

Soldier on leave from Iraq died after ingesting heroin

CHARITY DRIVE CHALLENGE Donate in the next 24 hours, and you could DOUBLE your donation

(Fresno mayor) Autry backs governor's health plan in GOP rift

Judge Orders Hearing on CIA Videos

Rice pushes "roadmap" as Turkish troops enter Iraq

John Edwards: a long-shot political fighter

Bush's bid to punish Iranian banks stalls

Jingle-bang Santa's chopper shot over Rio slum

White House won't condemn Turkish incursion in Iraq

FBI, CIA Debate Significance of Terror Suspect

House OKs energy bill (minus taxes on big oil and gas cos)

Congress moves to ease access to records (expanding Freedom of Information Act)

Gov't official(Israel): No 'smoking gun' on Iran

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 18

Britain, Germany, France to act on hedge funds

Top Iraqi Kurd refuses to meet Rice

Congress to hold hearings on steroid use

Bush to visit Israel and West Bank in January

Whalers told how we feel, says Japanese embassy (hunt "already started")

250 former Iraq detainees claim torture in new US lawsuit

Officials: Turkey withdraws from Iraq

Congress makes it easier for cross-border emergency cooperation

49 TB patients escape from S. African hospital

Karl Rove, William Canary, and the Siegelman Case

Police brutality cases on rise since 9/11

Huckabee closes in Florida---Clinton retains her large lead

Republicans score key wins on spending (key was UNITY by Repugs)

Texas State Student Dies In Car Wreck (Left for dead by paramedics)

U.S. angered over Turkish attack in Iraq

$3 gas: America's braking point

Bacteria-Tainted Syringes Sicken Dozens

New York Times in Iraq: "Blackwater shot our dog"

Judge Orders Hearing On CIA Interrogation Tapes

U.S. States Are Short 27% of $2.7 Trillion Owed Retirees, Pew Report Says

Aruba Prosecutors End Investigation Into Disappearance of American Teen Natalee Holloway

Navy saves teen whose appendix burst on cruise

Bill Clinton: George H.W. Bush will help President Hillary

Facing Backlash, Blackwater Has a New Business Pitch: Peacekeeping

Judge throws out Florida voting law

Corn boom could expand ‘dead zone’ in Gulf

Reid Rejects Notion That GOP Is Winning Hill Battles

Catholic League president slams Huckabee for 'subliminal' cross ad

Zuma wins ANC leadership election

Elder Bush nixes Clinton trip idea

FCC Passes Controversial Cross Ownership Rules

New Life Church ousts man who was wounded

Property-Tax Frustration Builds; States, Cities Revise Strategy As Homeowners Protest...

Princeton Student Admits Faking Attack (Conservative student "attacked for his views")

Bush wants solutions for airline delays (auction off gates)


Bic Crystal ballpoint pen, medium point, black, EACH

Have you decided on your candidate? Are you happy with that decision?

Walgreens supports Black History Month.

I hit 1,000 posts!

One of my neighbors has "miniature donkeys" for sale

How will you be celebrating the birthday of our savior?

want to laugh? My new favorite comedy - 'Maria Bamford Show"

Greta, Greta....

I am stressed out of my mind

Are you going to vote in the first option of this poll?

I got the message today that my DU calendars are being shipped

Wake up!

I need tp for my bunghole

The ROUSes? I don't think they exist.

"I Am Legend" pop quiz: who played the doctor who created the virus?

I made it back from Vegas

Skinner: I really must object to

Are empires destroyed by vampires? It seems to be that this one

Do you believe in Crake? nt

I'm listening to the entire Led Zep O2 concert on my ipod - nothing you say will upset me

Is Twitter as stupid as it looks?

My son (19) is Straight Edge

Happy Birthday Keith (64)

Maine man mounts a snowplow to his 98 Honda Civic.

Getting baked and listening to Radiohead...ask me nothing!

Grrr Staples!!!


Now here is a real innovation on the digital clock!

How I feel today

Recent addictions

12 Days of Christmas Told by Bob and Doug Mackenzie


Okay, when I said being thirty was a piece of cake, I lied.

It has been 22 months since this body has been mine.


College/University Graduates. When you graduated did you get this "Now what?" feeling?

My first name is Tony, so the Greatest Page keeps freaking me out right now.

Ooops - nevermind, Pam Anderson decides NOT to file for divorce now

Do you believe in Dog?

BBC Censors "Fairytale of NY" - Can You Believe It?

I believe in hog.

My %#$&* fingers don't work today

Blood alcohol calculator.. how much can YOU drink and not be "drunk"

Let's Play Accent by Bowels

All time best "master"? Yoda, Pai Mei, Miyagi, Po, other?

What does this sound like to you? ADD maybe?

I just ate my first gingerbread man of the season

LOL Great joke just emailed to me

The War On Christmas Cartoon

If you're an ACOA, do you have kids?

Used Led Zeppelin Tickets Go For New Ticket Prices on eBay

Rachel Ray has a new Food Network series, complain here

Who WILL Tila Tequila pick????

The Dirdy Birdy

The fellas at the freakin' FCC

NYC clubs argue ladies' nights are not unfair to men. So shut up you whiny little biatch.

Favorite food: crepes

This picture was NOT photoshopped.....

I'm procrastinating! And I have SOOO much work to do.

Shatner is a Shaman

Cripes! There's a guy outside my window

!kcuf eht tahW Nevaeh makes top 20 of AZ girls' names.

Okay, who's buying me the Bacon of the Month Club for XMas?

must. finish. grading. exams....

How do I include a picture in my signature line?

I tink I hears santa

Knock-knock! ... Who's There? ... Armageddon! ...

The glass is ....

Who Else Has Lost Their Holiday Cheer

Ohiosmith likes groping Santa

Prank caller convinces special ed. school to deliver more than 100 electrical shocks to students.

Lying *always* fucks things up, and being scared of everything is the key to survival.

Mac vs PC

Advice needed about an elderly horse's companion animal

New York Times in Iraq: "Blackwater shot our dog"

The FedEx guy just asked if I was 21.

Pain In The Ass Chips!

Tonight on the Disney Channel...

I believe what I can....

There's this stuff falling from the sky

most annoying christmas commercial?

You know how you wish you could speak to someone about how you're feeling,

I'm done!

Ford ready to sell Jaguar unit to Tata motors

anyone else here who simply does not celebrate christmas...?

Anyone Here See The "Extras" Finale on HBO?

Report: Winehouse Arrested in London

Trumpet Virtuoso Extraordinaire (YouTube)

What was the most pretentious film you've ever seen?

Need some bad girl phone numbers.

Since Nov 9th, I have been trying to get a MN drivers license replaced...

Have you ever hidden a pheasant and than forgot where it was?

Have you ever hidden a pheasant and then forgot where it was?

Last minute/office party gift

The problem with potlucks

I saw four Elk strolling through Montrose Co the other day

Angry at noise, condo owner shoots construction worker.

Pamela Anderson Calls Off Divorce (of Two month old marriage)

Have you ever put anything in a "safe" place

Have you ever hidden a peasant and than forgot where it was?

Anyone use "spider" spikes rather than cables or chains

Woman Accused Of Groping Santa: Police: Woman Inappropriately Touched Santa At Mall

The Christmas Byrd

What to get your cat for Xmas

The Coded Message

Two weeks that made me go WTF

"Temeah" is an obvious anagram of "Hate Me"

The Bar Is OPEN.... butt...

I just found Manny Mota, does anyone need one?

"You're terrible, Muriel..."

Whats Your Favorite Cookie

Christmas Decorations vs Charity???

The Golden Compass

Do you believe in Papal?

"Groping Santa" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "groping Santa".

I Just Found Some Mojo, Does Anyone Need Some?

I'm going to win $163M tonight and when I do...

Breaking: Huckabee subliminal ad

Don't push the Love Button...

Conceiving a baby during doctoral studies: Who has done it?

Girl who shielded mom is a hero to special ed class

so i didnt break down and didnt get a fricken christmas tree

Hey Lounge, let's write a blues tune! I'll start:

Global Warming

Police deputy practicing pistol draw accidently kills his wife.

Calling anyone from or familiar with Brookfield, WI !!!

My Wish

Why Daddy Shouldn't Buy Baby Clothes!!!!!

The Hobbit lives!!!

The Christmas Bird

Lights will guide you home,And ignite your bones,And I will try to fix you(2)

AAARGH!! My holiday cheer is wearing thin!

More holiday cheer: Diplomat returns adopted child after 7 years.

Do you believe in People?

I've only been home 30 minutes and...

Am I the only one who wishes December didn't exist?

. . . in the deathless days before she died

Question RE: The Golden Compass * Spoilers*

I'm thinking about cutting my hair...

Embarrassing family photos.

Rolling STone Mag's "Dickheads of the Year" (written by Bill Maher)

I Just Found Some Mota, Does Anyone Need Some?

What is the difference

My day at work today.

Having a baby during doctoral studies: Who has done it?

Desktop photos, do you have a favorite?

My dog is now shitting in the catbox.

Ode To Vicodin

Who Drinks Coffee?

Guess what?

Let's Play Accent by Vowels

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/18/2007)

So I'm sitting here in the Great Hall of the Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite right now

Have you ever hidden a present and than forgot where it was?

OMFG! Britney may be getting married again, and this time she's picked a real WINNER. OMFG! OMFG!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/18/07 Bonus

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Thread, 12/18/07

Please caption this one

CHARITY DRIVE CHALLENGE! Donate in the next 24 hours, and you could DOUBLE your donation!

Jingle-bang! Santa's chopper shot over Rio slum

College students: post your Spring class schedule and major

Match Game Song: "I saw Mommy___________Santa Claus"

so i broke down and got a frickin' christmas tree

About last week-end's big storm

Is it my imagination

hey writers...lets hear the first sentence of that great novel you have hidden away!!

How the Bush Administration Changes a Light Bulb

At least 25% of everyone TOTALLY sucks


Are we settled yet on "I Am Legend?" (Possible spoilers? But, of course!)

I'm sorry, but another rant.

Search engine for charity...

Survivor fans: Todd wins, Courtney makes an obsene jesture, and Denise lies into 50K.

Need some good girl names

Speaking of anagrams, let's do Republican presidential candidates

mike_c, I lost my mojo.

Please DU this vote for my daughter

Hugs For ThomCat

I could use gift suggestions for a couple that is expecting

Post a phrase that would make someone in 1977 would go, "WTF?"

Newer carbines outperform M4 in dust test

Fort Campbell baby boom hits 2,007 in 2007

General: Quick withdrawal risky for Baghdad

Soldiers destroy weapons tunnels near Baghdad

Journey long, demand high for MRAP amid cut

Congress moves to end war-funding crisis

Peake prepares to be sworn in as VA chief

1st Cav to case colors, leave Baghdad

Army recruiter sentenced for smuggling cocaine

Kitty Hawk sailors chafe under liberty rules

Faulty welds spur inspection of 7 ships

Japan intercepts missile in test off Hawaii

Theory that Iran is cooperating puzzles some

Al-Qaida No. 2: Purge Iraqi traitors

New tanker named but still not selected

C-17 flies cross country on synthetic fuel

Afghans lead the way in these mountains

Testimony begins in gang initiation hearing

Predator crashes in Iraq – 8th this year

Navy grounds 39 P-3s over faulty wings

Aviano, Ghedi mayors sign petition to ban possession of nuclear weapons

Testimony reveals 18 nabbed in drug probe

Joint U.S.-Japan exercise comes to a close

Pacific briefs:Shiloh sailor guilty of sex charges

Chili’s at Yokosuka closes temporarily

WTU constantly evolving to meet needs of the wounded

DOD: Europe’s COLA to hold through end of year

M4 Carbine Fairs Poorly in Dust Test

Turkey Puts Boots on the Ground in Iraq

Cyber Threat Matrix

OpEd: Operationalizing Tactical Successes in Iraq

Israel Wants JSF As Soon As Possible

852 AF lieutenants vulnerable to cuts

Army private dies at Landstuhl after six days in a coma

Army Helping Build All-American Team

New presidential helicopter on hold

Civilian nurses can get $30K to go Navy

Until We Meet Again !!!

Iraq Vet War Critics Detained at Bragg

M4 may get tougher barrel, better mags

$40,000 Bonus for Select Recruits

N.D. bank giving workers money to donate

It's not really a tough call to stand up for the Constitution...

Don Siegelman

Remove restrictions on Growth Hormones and Steroids in pro baseball?

Olbermann, Truth and Consequences: Excerpt from the book

Siegelman Issue- Did Rove "Siegelman" Gray Davis in California As Well?

i had a refreshing conversation with a young girl the other day re: christmas

What is happening with Basra since the British have pulled out?

Bill Clinton's latest book is about philanthropy, I believe, and

A funny thing happened on the way

Early morning very bad news: Turkish troops enter Northern Iraq

Moderation in All Things...including moderation.

Anyone seen H2O Man around?

Your Local MSM at work...a metaphor:

What the heck happened to KTLK yesterday morning?

Florida state of mind could set tone for U.S.


Artur Davis (D -- Alabama) Is On C-SPAN at 7:30 Eastern

White House told to detail Christian leader visits

Does Rudy have a lisp?

Thank you Le Taz Hot for the Fisa thread- we watched- they postponed bill...

Bomb After Bomb, By Howard Zinn

'Army Times' Article Describes U.S. Troop 'Mutiny' in Iraq

John Nichols: A Political Fight Brews Over FCC Rule Changes

Ever thought about complusory voting?

GHW Bush signed an agreement with virtually every country in western hemisphere

Airlines protest Passenger Bill of Rights

Katrina vanden Heuvel: New Jersey Leads on Capital Punishment


Yepsen: Don't Rule Out Surges by Edwards, Thompson

Until We Meet Again !!! (xpost from Veterans)

CIA Torture Timelines

Is There a House in New Orleans?

Housing construction hits 16-year low

FCC to Vote on Media Ownership Today

For the Last Time, Get Our Oil Out from Under Your Sand

Why not give retroactive immunity to the telcoms?

Will FISA Provide The Confrontation To Drive Bush From Office?

It takes so little to help so many...

Does anyone know who is representing the telecoms against the wiretapping lawsuits?

Dying soldier sends message to family, friends

Woo hoo, I'm getting a replacement backwards * countdown clock!!

Whoa! MSNBC talking about critical security failures in voting machines in CO!

Impeachment is no longer a viable option...but prosecution IS

Bush History 12/18: The "facts are stubborn things", Unfortunately for Bush / Cheney

Charles Grodin calls Sean Hannity a RW Fascist

A Singularly Democratic Problem Is That Our Candidates Are Upside Down

Something To Consider About The Illegal Wire Taping

What 2004 "red state" is most likely to go blue in 2008?

Remember Dr. Ben "Go Fuck Yourself Mr. Cheney" Marble?

No New Year Resolutions? SEC proposes curbing shareholder power

Greenspan Could Have Prevented The SupPrime Crisis

Is Food or Fuel a false choice?

Commander AWOL inspires me not

Woman escapes jail for swearing at toilet.

Specter 'disappointed' by delayed Senate vote on surveillance bill

"Shawshank Redemption" in real life?

CIA, FBI claim Zubaydah talked BEFORE he was tortured

Anyone else concluded Mitt Ron Popeil Romney isn't winning nothing?

Iraq Kurdish leader snubs Rice over Turkey raid

WP mixes up their al-Qaeda boogy men, picture of KSM in article regarding Abu Zubaydah

Are you going to the Movies --- ???

It's the economy stupid...

Great Non Sequitur toon today - Letter to Santa

FCC Meeting Vote on CSPAN3 NOW...n/t

Has Bill Clinton lost touch with the Democratic Party?

Our esteemed senate is currently praising the 'great' trent lott

A missionary in Honduras told my group that among the lower class there,

When defense spending soars to unseen heights

There's less killing in Iraq, but more concealment

Good Article By Stiglitz in Vanity Fair

NYT: Gays Living in Shadows of New Iraq (GLBT Underground)

Truthout: Blank Check for Afghanistan Passes, Iraq Funds to Come

Autistic son helps program family's elaborate Christmas lights display

Huck's sick scion - that's one unsettling mugshot

O'Reilly's Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Sung Like Handel's "Messiah"

So will Bolivia be another Haiti

US Veteran Reveals Atomic ombs dropped on Afghanistan and Iraq

John Bolton: "I am not a neoconservative. I am pro-American."

Atomic bombs Part II - Sleigh of Nukes

OMG! You've Gotta See this You Tube from Talking Points Memo!

Confused about the Siegelman case? A couple of must-reads to clarify it for you...

Beware the Credit-Industrial Complex

Citing AMT concerns, Blue Dogs revolt on procedural vote

Interesting visual in new Rev. Huckabee ad

poor Alaska has had another oil spill

Governing needs to become more like a science.

Death is not a punishment.

Judge Ignores Justice Dept. and Orders Hearing

federal judge has ordered a hearing on whether Bush violated court order by destroying Torture Tapes

The Kurds have been double crossed.

Kerry legislation would end discrimatory HIV law

* visits Little Sisters of the Poor, charity for the elderly - pics

Huckabee's kid tortured & killed a dog - what is it with Republican parents?

I have found the terrorists

Waxman to Mukasey: Ahem

GAO: If Gov’t Were A Business, ‘Our Stock Would Be Dropping’ And We’d Need A ‘Major Shake-Up’

The REAL 'War On Christmas'

Robert Novak: Chuch Norris Is Huckabee's Oprah!!!

Scandal-Infested Ted Stevens Doles Out Earmarks For ‘Rodent Control’

Senators Grassley and Schumer talk about the illegal use of steroids - pics

30 years later, as prophetic as ever

Is Iraq Really a Quagmire?

Shout Out to EarlG

Disorder turning anchor's skin from black to white

FCC votes to Relax Media Ownership Rules/Senator Dorgen and 14 others will try to Nix the Deal...

cspan link here-2 WH/Dana pererno briefing on now.

WAR ON X-MAS! Santa is down*repeat* SANTA IS DOWN!!!

BREAKING: O'Reilly names someone other than himself "Person of the Year".

Case Lays Bare the Media’s Reliance on Iraqi Journalists

Do other countries have the goofy Horatio Alger rags-to-riches myth?

In your ideal economic system, would there still be economic differences?

Yikes, my friend just almost made me think twice about Hillary !

870 Students Skip School Over 'End Is Near On December 18th' Message

Aussies to send armed patrol vessel to monitor Japanese "research" whaling

Karen Hughes replacement Glassman: "It has been a war unmatched in history"

Dave Lindorff: Corporate Media Means No Real News

When DUers are mean it hurts their choice for candidate!

Some relevant statistics

FCC Big Media Ownership Rules Hearing C-Span 3 NOW!- Say Good Bye to Democracy...

From "Front Edge of a Recession" To "Storm Clouds"

Fox analyst: Lieberman’s endorsement is MoveOn’s fault.

Clinton said she will end No Child left behind: cspan 2 now--giving a speech

Toshiba Builds 100x Smaller Micro Nuclear Reactor

Hil Clinton just started a speech from yesterday--Link here-cspan2

Oregon Senator Gordon Smith Defends Lott's Segregationist Comments

Republican controlled FCC votes to allow more media consolidation

I just donated $100 to Chris Dodd

John Dean: Bush May Be Forced to Explain Destroyed CIA Torture Tapes

Fear Is A MindKiller

California Moves Toward Universal Health Care

Historian Michael Beschloss just now on MSNBC...

Leahy speaking on Senate floor now. cspan link here (Fisa stuff)

Upping the Vigil Ante by Dan DeWalt

The Twelve Days of Progressive Christmas

More police SWAT excess

Jane Hamsher: Why Did Reid Pull the Telecom Bill?

Have you guys seen Advertising Age's top mag covers for 2007?

A Gold Star Family Holiday

Dem strategist: MoveOn to blame for Lieberman endorsing McCain

Bob Beckel used to be my hero

Reporter in NH saying Lieberman endorsement is helping McCain-Thom Hartman show now.

Prank Call Leads To Shock Treatments

The FCC Voted: Time to Raise Hell

It Sucks To Be Me -


political leaning of states with no death penalty

SAM SEDER covering for RANDI now! Does anyone have video of his Countdown appearance yesterday?

The telecom companies would have happily come and testified to Congress, but Dick wouldn't let them.

How to avoid the health insurance "mandate" issue

Jeb Bush and the State of Florida's subprime shitpile

As Governor, Huckabee denied Medicaid money to a developmentally disabled rape victim.

Clinton '92 vs. Obama '08

Our Puritanical (Backward) Culture

Bush 41 Shoots Down Bill's Idea Of Involving Him In Hillary Diplomacy

BUSH Administration going to court over CIA Tapes

Local Republican frustrated with Rs running for president

FCC Rules to Allow Further Media Consolidation, Demand Congress Overturn!

FCC Chair Kevin Martin Picks a Fight With America ....... Take Action: Stop Big Media

Bill Clinton: George H.W. Bush will help President Hillary.

They Shoot, They Score! The Terrorists Win Again

VIDEO: "You lose, motherfucker. That's what you get for ruining my birthday, bitch."

How do the candidates rate on the Environmental Issues?

I saw Jesus twice this weekend

Man beats 7 year old boy for putting pink polish on his nails.

Obligations Ignored

One in Five Expect to Borrow to Heat Homes This Winter

Bush: Iraq doesn’t have nukes…obviously. (Laughter)

16 days.

"Deregulation" (FCC and otherwise)

Former State Rep Tom Murphy (D) Has Died

Kerry to FCC Chairman Martin: We're Not Gonna Take It

Chris Matthews dismisses Carol Hunter of the Des Moines Register because of Hillary endorsement

It finally hit me... who B*sh reminds of that is!

"Civil libertarians would rather defend the Constitution that National Security"

MSNBC: An additional 800,000 jobs could be lost due to the housing slump, might usher in recession

How similar are the two parties? Generally speaking, of course.

Police make assault arrests during Barmera Christmas pageant

Coburn (R-OK) Pushes for Investigation of Young's (R-AK) Secret Earmark Edit!

An example of how the Right Wing Does Common Sense in America:

BuzzFlash Caption This Challenge: John M. and Joe L.

World food stocks dwindling rapidly, UN warns

Clinton Campaign goes on the attack ... Picture from Iowa Today

Please DU this poll- "Would relaxed media ownership rules be good for local TV stations and newspape

Big Eddie just threw Hillary under the bus...

Why were the Torture Tapes recorded in the first place?

Donahue, yes, the nutty one, is against Huckabee because he's too religious!

Help back Senators Kerry and Obama in stopping the FCC from allowing more media consolidation

Only one week left in the war

Bill Clinton: George H.W. Bush will help President Hillary

Hoyer says Congress may not be able to patch AMT

Damnit!!! Why is no one asking about the Transcripts?

Clooney & Pitt spoof Larry Craig.

If you're not guaranteed a win, you shouldn't even try.

CSPAN2 Russ Feingold Introducing amendment to end Iraqi war.

Which has more charisma and staying power?

Waxman to Mukasey: Libby dropped appeal so stop hiding Plame docs

ceo of and his views on the economy...1929 style crash

I'll give you 10 DU Dollars if you can stare at this picture of Fred Thompson for 1 minute...

ACLU Demands Disclosure of Legal Memos Justifying Illegal Spying

FCC Votes for Monopoly, Congress Must Vote for Democracy

Allison soiled Keith's show tonight

Greenspan ignored subprime lending crisis

Reid considers extending Protect America Act for one month to buy more time

Wiccan display at Green Bay City Hall vandalized

Who Else Watched Marsha Blackburn Last Night On Cspan

People who believe in imaginary government conspiracies

Soda Tax Proposed in San Francisco (fight fat by taxing soda pop)

List of 2007 judicial hellholes released

94000 for impeachment - can I wake up to 100k please?

What's the name of that theory where bad money replaces good?

Caption? - * pic

If you've gotta have Republicans (on national security)

Happy Holidays tops Merry Christmas in survey

Barbara Walters critiques White House Christmas card

Is there some California law requiring actor award shows? The writers said no, cancel the thing and

How the Republicans can win the ‘o8 election. And how we can stop them.

My distant relative didn’t die on Omaha Beach for party politics.

Could the Repukes have a Secret Weapon?

Hukabee was just on CNN doing a cute joke about Cross in Ad/...Sounded like Reagan

PHOTO: Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne perform at John Edwards town hall gathering

Tony Snow laments an imaginary ‘war on God’. Are we winning or losing?

Please edify me; why did the oil companies get tax breaks today?

Bloomberg Aides making noises like he might run in 2008...LINK

Cheating Florida State Players May Be Suspended for Bowl

In next Senate (2009) if Dodd challenged Reid for Majority Leader who would you support?

Yes. Another death penalty post.

For Christmas, I sent my Grandpa some steaks from Omaha Steaks

Bullshit alert. US military not told of Turkey bomb plan? Are we that inept?

FBI withdrew from interrogation due to CIA’s ‘harsh tactics.’

Help! I'm so cut and paste challenged!

Hey, Mike Huckabee...Answer me THIS!

'Tis a thought before Christmas

Board wary of humanitarian trip by RDHS students (NOLA)

Huckabee ad: "At this time of year..what really matters is the celebration of the birth of Christ"

Why Hillary will be such a dominant force on the world stage

What's the difference between Bush and a petulant, shit-flinging chimpanzee?

83 year old sums up environmentalism in one sentence:

Did George Bush's thirst for power launch the steroid era?

Culling The Herd

Ewww! Did you hear Malloy say they bring Shrub's poop home?

Suggested Reading For The Teenagers In Your Life

Under Pressure

Whoa! Ed Schultz just came out against Hillary Clinton and Biden!

Huckabee spot reminds Ron Paul of fascism prediction

HUD "Snitch" Jumped Ship

Don't fear the Huckster

With Regrets, New Orleans Is Left Behind

We got our Christmas present from my Mother-in-law today...

The Devil His Due: The secular wing of conservatism is panicking over the ascendancy of Huckabee


My mom had brain surgery, now she thinks the dog is dead and my dad is alive.....

Gun Control

Robert Parry: Huckabee's Chairman Ed Rollins Hid Payoff Secret (Ferdinand Marcos to Reagan campaign)

Sex Offenders Set Up Camp - Under a bridge

Why is there no compaion bill for HR 676 in the Senate?

Now's the time in this great political process where we pull minorities off the shelf, dust them off

DUERS: Need Help With Daughters Identity Theft. Her SS # has 2 Other Names

Blackwater guards shoot NYT’s dog.

Merry Christmas ....Watch the signatures pour in @ the impeach Cheney site

Mitt Romney's Tears of a Clown

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

CHARITY DRIVE CHALLENGE! Donate in the next 24 hours, and you could DOUBLE your donation!

We're fooling ourselves... This is a ONE-PARTY system...

Xmas turist, Icelandic woman gets "guantanamo treatment" by US customs

Kucinich or Edwards? Is the perfect the enemy of the good?

If evangelicals got their candidate, Huckabee and progressives got theirs, Kucinich, who would win?

One of my students wants electricity for Christmas

I agree with RFK JR on virtually everything he says, except ONE thing.

"Pay no attention to that moving white cross behind the candidate"

CIA Used Banned Cold War “Brainwashing” Techniques on Detainees

UK Guantanamo detainee near suicide after years of torture, doctors warn

Can't tell the players without a scorecard - classifying DU posters

TPM: Phone Jammer Op's book on "How to Rig an Election..." is AWESOME!

Got fleas? Get the vacuum (no need for poison)

Lieberman's Endorsement of McCain a Hurdle for Obama?


Alabama full circle. Why activism is important right now. Rove / Vote theft

Did the WH have a live feed and did CIA split the signal to make copies

Bank forces employes to 'pay it forward'

More Americans Believe Surge is Working and Situation for Troops in Iraq has Stabilized

Karl Rove, William Canary, the Siegelman Case = Political Prisoner Cleaning Toilets in Deep South

Stalking the shadows-The Comfort of Paranoia

You could lose everything within an eighth of a second.

I love the Democratic Party!

Has anyone been to Iraq?

If I Could Say Something About The Death Penalty

How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative

Ron Paul: He's the Aspergian savior

Existence in prison is the most brutal punishment our culture can impose

Kerry Condemns Hasty FCC Vote, Will Pursue FCC Funding Freeze

The Shock Doctrine: Clinton and Bosnia page 328

Demand that Congress overturn the FCC rules!! ~ Sign here! - Need 100K signatures!

When do you think we'll hear this from an American candidate?

Do you vote smart of go with a gut feeling?

Kerrey Tries to Explain Obama ‘Muslim’ Remarks

Clinton's stereotyping of Obama may Backfire.

I Like Mike Huckabee

Candidate Obama: The audacity of hype?

Dear Edwards supporters:

Romney's new ad: "He never pardoned a single criminal. And Mike Huckabee?"

My gut is telling me Hillary is now the longshot Edwards used to be for the nomination.

It occurs to me that when the Democratic Party opts for "experience" we lose.

If I were JUST interested in electing the 1st woman President ...

Law students gave Obama big thumbs-up -- Consistently rated one of top instructors

AP: Obama comes up short on union support

Daily Kos Diary: Do You Want Obama to Lead?

What is "Character?"

The key to fair elections starts with your local Election Supervisor!

Will Ron Paul Break Double Digits In Any Caucus Or Primary?

IF Edwards win Iowa, who will then be the Dem nomination?

Ron Paul: 99.9% chance he will NOT run third-party

Priest tells Fox: Democratic platform 'goes against Biblical teachings'

What is this trash about Obama and OJ?

New Voters: Further confirmation of a Kerry landslide (TIA) ( x )

Clinton leads "anti" candidate presidential poll (40% say they will vote against her)

Layers of emotion for Clinton

Obama, Kerry Threaten FCC Funding Over Ownership Vote

Iowa Paper's Endorsement of Clinton Queried & Questioned

With the GOP united, Republicans score key wins on spending

Madrassagate Part II

This is why they love Huckabee

How does one go about setting up a Young Democrats Club?

Should we be concerned about a possible McCain/Lieberman ticket?

Did you know this? "Iowa’s Undemocratic Caucuses"

Who has the best chance to beat the Republicans and who do you support?

Are Parallels To Nazi Germany Crazy?

Another reason Bill Clinton's remark about traveling with Bush was dumb

Rasmussen: Obama down three points, Edwards up one, McCain up 2

The cream is rising to the top

Kucinich would push peace, health care - Good read on Dennis

Rasmussen SC Poll: Clinton 33% (-2), Obama 33% (-1), Edwards 17% (+4)

America has had its fill of often hypocritical family-values politicians

Who's the most wooden Democratic Candidate?

Hillary stomps Repubs in New Jersey...Obama ties Guiliani...

Edwards touts his vision for the future

Which former president should Hillary use as global ambassador?

Which of The Big Three would the GOP rather have to attack in '08?

Joe Biden: a pragmatist rich with experience

If there were only two choices: Edwards or Obama

If you could appoint one of the candidates as dictator, who would you choose?

South Carolina Poll: Obama 33%, Clinton 33%, Edwards 17%

Kos: Dogwhistling in Nebraska?

The TRUTH about Bill Clinton and George Herbert Walker Bush!

Dodd supporters:

Edwards has received millions more than any candidate from the "Act Blue" site.

Biden Issues Statement Following Conversation with Musharraf

What's your favorite song the candidates/past candidates use/used?

The Rude Pundit: What Democracy Is About

Open Letter to Barak Obama! ......from TPM.....A must see!

If you weren't talking politics, who would be most fun to hang out with?

2004 Pre-Iowa-Caucus polling: Kerry 26%, Edwards 23%, Dean 20%, Gephardt 18%. The order was CORRECT

I don't think any poll will be all that important until the last ones before the Iowa caucus.

It seems to me that none of the dems have pounded on bushco enough

Political junkie here, suffering from Iowa-envy.

Chris Matthews dismisses Carol Hunter of the Des Moines Register because of Hillary endorsement

Chris Dodd is UP NEXT on Thom Hartmann's show -- 12:30 p.m.

Michael Whouley working with Clinton campaign

Third day after Kucinich fund-raising day and no figures.

John Edwards has a new TV ad out. It's actually quite good.

If..... we criticize Dem politicians for doing nothing but talking about

The Republican debate

New Diageo/Hotline National Poll: HRC, Rudy Narrowly On Top - Hillary only up 5 over Obama

Who's experience does Hillary's most resemble?

Reid blasts back at McCain

USA Today/Gallup Poll Shows Obama Is More Electable Than HRC

Great quote delivered by Obama about experience

So, are the Clarkies lining up behind Hillary - as per the General's orders? Please weigh in.

Note to Edwards supporters: Donate directly, NOT through ActBlue

Gonzales Gets Stripped Of "Lawyer of the Year" Title

Obama supporters' favorite poll: Clinton at 40% for third day, Obama drops 3 points

Clinton Dig at Obama Has Ring to '92 Race (AP)

With such animosity amongst supporters of different candidates..

MSNBC reporting USAToday poll. Obama has better chance of beating GOP than Hillary

Is it true that only 5 to 6% of Iowans get together to caucus?

Pushing Wexler's Petition Further

Mitt visualizes a Romney dynasty "like a relay where the baton passed from generation to generation"

Trip Down Memory Lane to the Most effective and Best Ad

A Temporary Win Over The "Yes Mr. President Sir!" Democrats

Obama rejects the "mindset of fear" in foreign policy

They won't.

LOL! Senator Macaca is a campaign manager for Fred!

U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah endorses Barack Obama for president

USAT/Gallup: Hillary doing very well amongst "extremely likely" primary voters

Bush's Useful Idiot by Eric Alterman (Nader and his "Leninist" campaign)

Pundits Say Clinton or Obama, But Edwards Is Best Bet to Beat GOP

Presidential Candidates Political Experience Chart...

Obama/Dodd ticket! Heard this on Ed Schultz. Read it fast - it rhymes with Baghdad and Ahmadinejad!

Not Playing Along!

National Poll: 35% HRC, Obama 30%, Edwards 14%,

Iowa Caucus

How much is the WGA strike affecting the campaigns? The late night shows and

Ron Paul for Intergalactic Leader!

A Hillary nomination would be awful for Democrats nationwide

New Hampshire Resident And Famed Filmmaker Ken Burns Endorses Obama!

George H.W. Bush is Hillary's Good Will Ambassador -- Will Colin Powell be Secretary of State?!?!

I don't think this new Mitt Romney ad is going to win many people over:

Survey USA Iowa General Election: Obama beats McCain by 12, Hil behind by 1 (MUST-SEE #s!)

Does Edwards need to win Iowa to win the nomination?

Dick Cheney's room-mate ...

Photos: Barack Obama and advisors today at a foreign policy forum in Des Moines, Iowa

If you can't face Tim Russert, how can you face Al-Qaeda?

Why do Obama supporters give him a free pass on the phony social security "crisis" AND...

Iowa Newspaper Endorsement Reboots Clinton Campaign - Obama-mania suffers major blow

Kucinich fans please help me out.

The Real Race Card (Clinton/Obama/drug use)

The one place I never thought I'd see

Chris Dodd For Senate Majority Leader !!!

In this season please let us be considerate towards Alberto Gonzales

Forbes: President Mike? (Mike Bloomberg)

Jesus, you'd think Hillary was a Skull and Bones member!

TPM--Obama Revealed.

Obama: History’s verdict on Bush will ‘not be kind’

Big Dog: Bush Sr. will help President Hillary Clinton

Who would you vote against? Hillary 40%, Giuliani 17%, Obama 11%, Romney 7%, Huckabee 5%, Edwards 2%

Fact Sheet: America's Ownership Society: Expanding Opportunities Housing/health care--a blast!!

Once neutral, filmmaker Ken Burns picks Obama

"Inevitability" was ALWAYS a Clinton campaign tactic.

Barbara Bush is a Wise A$$..

Why the protests about the cross-shaped bookcase in Huck's ad?

Huckabee denies son mistreated dog

Is Bill Clinton Sabotaging Hillary's Presidential Chances On Purpose.....

Edwards takes lead in InsiderAdvantage Iowa poll

Periodic Lou Dobbs update: He now favors first-degree murder

Love him or hate him, I think Edwards has momentum going into Iowa.

Ha!!! Take this, pie eating attack monkeys. The next president is not going to look like this....

Iowa's Undemocratic Caucuses

OMG! Obama broke up Stedman and Oprah!

Do we still bash Republicans around here?

Kucinich Votes Against Afghan War Fund

Hardball Video Clip: Chris Matthews Calls Hillary Clinton Supporters “Castratos”

When Obama Gave That Rousing Speech At The Dem Convention That Put Him On The Map......

Let me explain something pretty basic:

Does a poll mean much if only 12.5% polled are under the age of 45?

I need a civics lesson - is there nothing that Congress can do to

How long will it take for Hillary to turn things around?

Mother Jones:will Edwards' pugilistic populism turn off Iowa voters?


I have no problem whatsoever with mandating ratings for violence in

Edwards must be getting some serious traction. There's a new group at DU.

Ex-Clinton adviser Lake says Obama has more foreign policy experience than did Bill


Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns endorses Obama; cites negativity of Clinton campaign

so, once Obama becomes the nominee, what will the Hillary supporters at DU

Iowa - Obama 52% - The Huckster 39%/ Clinton 46%- The Huckster 45%

Drudge is about to do a hit piece of Edwards....

A Republican AND Democratic logo for caucuses

Was it bad for this country that Bill Clinton served 2 terms as POTUS?

OH-Clinton- 51% -The Huckster 39%/Obama -43% The Huckster 42%

Beware of this Right Wing Meme: "consumed by hatred"

John Edwards on Hardball, and Tweety's wearing a sweater? (Will Reair at 7PM ET)

Clinton claims momentum shifting to her in Iowa

Why does the Hillary Clinton campaign get a free pass with their homophobic support?

Help! I need a candidate!

Don't tell me - Mitt has a son named "Tagg"?

David Bender: By...Jan. 3, the Dec. 16 Des Moines Register will be lining bird cages all over Iowa.

John Edwards Will Win The Iowa Caucus

A difference in class

Romney wants more guest worker Visas, Giuliani too

Three things we now know for a fact....

Uh-oh, the honeymoon's over: "Ex-President Bush Fires Back: I Never Agreed To Be Hillary's Envoy"

A question about MIchigan and Florida

Bush Sr: I Never Agreed To Be Hillary's Envoy

Magic Johnson Just Lost HIS "Magic" & Is Stumping For HRC!! n/t

Politico: Matt Bai, NYTimes, thinks "Hillaryland is Playing Dirty"

Play of the Day: Clinton and Magic

Video: Lieberman to Tweety: "I AM a Democrat! But..."

You know, I try not to be superficial, but this is one ugly family.

Biden For President Announces A New Union Endorsement

Yep. I think Edwards is going to win Iowa and then it's a whole new ballgame.

"Hopeful, positive" Obama attacking as Edwards' candidacy is gathering steam

Hillary Clinton Joins Joe Lieberman to Resurrect the Culture Wars

The Nation: Clinton Backer Bob Kerrey on Smearing Obama

Biden on high speed rail - "I'm Mr. Amtrak"

I just heard about the Clinton's Cayman Island accounts ...

Robert Parry delivers a GLIMPSE into the TRUTH about the Clintons and the Bushes

The FISA bill number was SB 2248. Just contributed $22.48 to the Dodd campaign

35 years experience takes us back to 1972. What was Hillary's pertinent experience in '72?

Huckabee's stance on the relative merits of homosexuality and necrophilia now clarified!!!

John Edwards Landslide Is Becoming Inevitable As MSM Scrambles To Cover Their Keister

Some of the other trash posted at

My God is better than your God

Anti-Obama ad from His44 Crowd.

Missouri- Clinton 49% -The Huckster 47% /The Huckster 47%- Obama 45%

So Will Obama & Edwards Capitalize On Bill's GHWB Traveling The Globe Comments.......

Ken Burns, filmmaker and NH resident, endorses Obama because of negative attacks from Clinton

An Iowan's Holiday Wish For All of DU (By Request)

CHARITY DRIVE CHALLENGE! Donate in the next 24 hours, and you could DOUBLE your donation!

Why do Edwards supporters give him a free pass on his vote for the Iraq War?

Just another Hillary rant....

Appealing to all the candidates, again: please stay through Feb. 5th

A question about the Obama McClurkin thing

Moving story of a disabled vet who met President Clinton yesterday

Challenge to the Biden Bunch! Tell DU all about your guy!

Bill Clinton Says Hillary Will Have George H.W. Bush Travel Globe To Restore America's Standing!!!!!

Biden sees Iowa caucus as momentum-builder

Momentum Building for Cheney Impeachment

New Poll: John Edwards LEADS IN IOWA 30% to Clinton's 26% to Obama's 24% (also leads second choices)

I remember when DUers were overwhelmingly AGAINST the BFEE

Obama Called Out Ted Kennedy: "You're Getting A Little Old...Get Some Spine"

I just heard this on the local radio. The Enquirer has an article about John Edwards love child

Elder Bush nixes Clinton trip idea

Poppy Bush was EVERYBODY'S coke dealer in the 70s and 80s.

Even though I support Hillary

Ron Paul: 'When fascism comes to this country it be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.' (VIDEO)

Hillary Loathe Fest Drives Obama Surge

There are several current "Edwards is inevitable" threads. Did Edwards supporters start any of them?

Where the Dem party divides: Do you consider GHWBush to be a criminal who has hurt

Clinton Maintains Large Lead Over Obama Nationally

E. J. Dionne: Clinton's Difficulties Deeper Than Strategy

Biden and Bork: Together again!

Why not debates that give equal time to ANY and ALL who are serious about being President?

What the next President of the United States is going to look like.

Will you support the Democratic nominee regardless of who it is?

Why do Obama supporters give him a free pass on his endorsement of Homophobic Hate Speech?

Obama's homophobia