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Archives: December 19, 2007

Here's the National Enquirer article re John Edwards, garbage that it is.

Mission Viejo Teacher Sued On Blasphemy Accusations

UAE and Qatar 'could dump (U.S. dollar) peg in six months'

Feingold amendment to withdraw troops from Iraq failed 24-71

Australian state lifts ban on toys contaminated with date rape chemical

Argentina "dirty war" general gets 25 years

Popcorn firms removing flavoring chemical (diacetyl)

UN sees Iranian rights abuses

Pairing budget plan with Iraq withdrawal fails in Senate

Senate OKs $70B for Iraq, Afghanistan

Wal-Mart shopper blames Iraq 'flashback' for assault on greeter

Magna Carta Sells for $21.3M in New York

Pima County Dems get to see electronic election records, judge rules

Bush Lawyers Discussed Fate of C.I.A.Tapes: "Involvement of White House officials more extensive..."

The Hanukkah Song

Do you believe in Freepers?

I'm going come right out and say it. Celia Cruz was f*#%ing BRILLIANT!!!!!

What Is Your New Years Resolution

I am going to bake laced cookies

Do you believe in Me?

Some pictures, and a secret thank you (dial up warning)

A subtle reminder to the Lounge

Anyone here have a Dormia latex mattress?

do meerkats get too much airtime on animal planet or is it my imagination?

What a difference an agent makes

This dog has issues...

Having a baby during your doctoral dissertation: Who has done it?

I'm going to bake Lacey Cookies...

Dear Doctoral Committee,

I fear greatly for Bullwinkle925's life...

Do Vegans Taste Like Vegetables

I'm concerned about seawolf's unhealthy fixation on Mark Hamill

You know you live in the country when ...

Quick generic DVD question ..

Want to buy a phone...any recommendations?

I got called a "Heffer" today. (A sort of long, yet entertaining rant)

Something Beautiful.....

A business conversation an overzealous gov't snoop may misinterpret

Dorothy Hamill plays The Joker better than Steve Miller

Video of facial transplant recipient

Having a baby during lunch break : who wants to do it ?

I got an "EE" in my work performance evaluation...ask me anything!

so, my mom-dukes has my email address

Hey SPK!!!

Ruth Buzzi!

hold me . . .

I confess! I am the love child of John Edwards!

Hey you!

I wish I could do the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy!

Red Headed Women kisses beaver in the wild ....Pix .... warning graphic

Mrs R got her Christmas bonus from her job today:

Have you ever hidden a president and then forgotten where it was?

Thanks for the advice on my kitty...he seems to be calming down a little

Hey! Hey! It's The MONKEES on Bio channel tomorrow night!

What I've Learned: Michael J. Fox (a good, quick read if you ask me)

Anyone here have a dominatrix mistress?

Is anyone here a dominatrix mistress?

Boston Legal coming up!

The Ultimate Christmas Album: A Very Perry Christmas

Are you lonely tonight?

I just had to.

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant.

Damn..I didn't know Beavers were so Cute. (Pics)

Do you know this man?

The Shat is The Shit

Tonight: Biggest Loser or Boston Legal?

So who was the Biggest Loser?

Do you believe that God drinks coffee?

Free Hugs

Real estate challenge! Post the least and most expensive houses for sale in your zip code!

So . . .

Britney Spears' kid sister pregnant

OMG!!!! I found a forum that's funnier than the Rapture Ready forums! (+ new freeperism inside)!

There's a whole entire galaxy out there that got turned into one big graveyard.

The water puzzle from Die Hard III

Hayata, this is Fuji of the Science Patrol!

Wasn't there an energy bill (or some such) passed today?

I love this so much

kurds dissed rice today over turkey invading north irAQ

voting on feingold amend now-cspan 2

Robert Borosage: Economic Blues

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Spotted Owl: The NewsHour had a special report on the Bush Admin's

Note to O'LOOFAH: Your war on Xmas wasn't won. It died in a whimper.

Note To Democrats: Courage Leads To Victory

Go Die in Afghanistan

Hell No! Bush won't go!

Has Anyone Else Here Been Through the PEG-Interferon-Ribovirin Therapy for Hepatitis C?

"Voting machines could be fixed for '08" Denver Post article

Seriously - where did Tweety find that unbelievably awful

The Bali meeting, and the lessons learned.

Horowitz's yet to correct false Princeton assault story

Any Military???My Brother-in-law is done with basic and 1/2 done AIT Gets to come home for 15 days

Rachel is on Dan re the Bush CIA tapes n/t

Dana Siegelman on Malloy tonight!

Not safe for a woman to be unaccompanied by a male in Iraq now. Even in the Green Zone

The Nation: A Hoax Exposed at Princeton

E-mail I received from the ACLU

Damn it- No Keith AGAIN....

Watching NBC news.....Evangelicals in the Inner City.

At Least one Healthcare Provider Org. is seeing the light!

DP Repost: Sympathy for the Devil

Maybe Blankley has a point...

vetvoice: Robbing Peter to pay Paul

Do Addicted Docs Put Patients At Risk?

Christopher Dodd coming up on Countdown

EdenPURE heat systems. Anyone have experience?

Mid-ranking U.S. military officers have become "the de-facto low-level government" of Iraq

Tony Blankley has a lot of fucking nerve

Anyone else just see the "Thank You Troops" ad from Freedom's Watch on MSNBC?

Senate OKs $70B for Iraq, Afghanistan

Clinton claims momentum shifting to her in Iowa.

Fox News bimbo reports Connie Mack-Mary Bono wedding, says Mary is "Bono's daughter"!

Something Good out of something horrible

What it really means to be marginalized and discriminated against

The Supreme Court Ruled No Nativity scene in Washington,

Roll on Feingold's bill to withdraw from Iraq

Dana (daughter of Don) Siegelman will guest on Mike Malloy's show during the second hour

campus crusade for christ - infiltrating the military - "we must embrace christ"

Who owns the oil in Iraq now?

christmas poem for the soldier

"The Reason I'm Not Posting The Bush 2007 Holiday Card...

Overheard at a Yuma beauty shop; When they put that passport

"She owns a condo in Palm Beach and a villa in St. Barts . . ."

Boston Legal coming up!

Chemtrail Proof - German Military Exposed.

I learned a valuable lesson tonight

Wow! Stephanie Miller AND Rachel Maddow on Dan Abrams!

Edwards is doing well so Drudgey has a Nasty Rumor going around

Addicted doctors still practice while in rehab

Dana Seigalman, Daughter of Gov Seigalman up next on mke malloy

We've Been Suckered Again by the US. So Far the Bali Deal is Worse than Kyoto

Poll: John Edwards opens up 4-point lead in Iowa, Obama in 3rd place

"New Christmas Song May Help Reduce Suicide Among Soldiers"

Iowa’s first lady, Mari Culver, endorses John Edwards ("Elizabeth an 'added bonus'")

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

A new angle on the "War on Christmas"

I know it's DU and 'Meriken lives are considered more valuable but 50+ dead in train crash

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Pardon of the 'Girl of Qatif'

Glenn Beck says he wants to french kiss Ron Paul.

Six Republicans Broke Ranks and Voted With Us On Iraq Tonight!!

I'm Not Normally A Hater, But Lieberman ???

BREAKING: Judge Orders Release of Pima County, AZ Voting Database

Who do you think will win the Republican nomination and why?

Romney - Huckabee joke

The cost of B*sh: $32 Trillion

Edwards takes lead in InsiderAdvantage Iowa poll - SPR

Christmas Message from Don Siegelman to ALL of US - Thanks for Pushing his Plight

Can FCC Chairman Martin be Impeached?

Wounded Iraqis cope with lifelong scars

Senate Caves to Bush on Iraq Funding

Hot damn for Bill Clinton said Hillary's first act as president....

I spoke to Dennis Kucinich on the phone this afternoon.

You know what I'm missing? engaging in pathetic marketing ploy to get customers to shop

Awesome piece by Greenwald on the Dodd filibuster!

My sexist take on Hillary's appearance.

Larry Craig vs....

White separatist group sues town of Jena

So, a man was being tailgated by a stressed out woman

Bush Claims ‘We Have Fabulous Health Care’ Compared To ‘Other Systems Around The World’

Sorry Hillary

Chávez promises not to invade Washington

"How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative"

The Huckster equates homosexuality with necrophilia.

Just had a visual insight......let's play a game and see if you get it too....

Freepers speculate that right-wing Princeton student who faked attack was really a covert LIBERAL!

Gary Owen!

"Huckabee Stands by Christmas Ad"...He denies the cross in the ad is a cross! It's a BOOKSHELF!

Do you think a fence should be erected along the United States' border with Mexico

The New Yorker's Review Of 'Charlie Wilson's War'

UGH!!! Ron Paul supports!

The Corporate Media Means No Real News When Impeachment is Out of Print

Great Fucking Rant !!! - Bravo !!!

Rudy's giving up on IA, NH and SC...

I Can't Believe People On This Site Are Dissing Earvin Johnson

We need to be honest about Don't Ask Don't Tell

Political ideology is tied to how the brain manages conflict

Of the "top tier" Hillary Clinton's campaign message is the least inspiring.

Elder Bush (Bush I) Nixes Clinton Trip Idea........!

Tonight's Dinner Menu

Could "HUCKABEE/McCAIN" be what Bankrupt Repugs are Going For?

The solution is really simple, folks.

Dupe please revote in the other...sorry MODS DELETE

Dupe please revote in the other...sorry MODS DELETE

InsiderAdvantage Iowa Poll (highly likely voters): Obama 27%, Edwards 26%, Clinton 24%

I'm Telling DU'ers...that NeoCons & RW Evangelicals are Gonna Love this Guy/Huckabee

The Talking Heads On The News Shows Keep Telling Us How We're Being Manipulated By The Campaigns....

Which Republican makes you gag so much that you end up spitting up blood?

I'm a Kucinich guy, but I'm thinking....


Obama Discusses New Judgment We Need to Change Our Foreign Policy at Forum in Des Moines

CBS Soap names baby Reid ....John Reid Edwards

AFL-CIO budgets $53 million for election cycle x post from labor forum

I haven't noticed any threads on what candidates people support...

I don't give a shit if helping victims of natural disasters would help "restore the bush name"

Huckabee says "Son Did NOT Mistreat that DOG!

New Iowa poll reports Dodd+Kucinich+ Richardson+Biden+Gravel at 12%. How's that 12% break down?

House Approves Domestic Spending

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/18/07 - Clinton unchanged, Obama down 3, Edwards up 1

So Bush 41 doesn't want to restore America's image. At least he's on record now.

An Iowa Woman Backs Obama - - "He is the leader for our future."

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Electability key among Democrats; Obama "somewhat stronger"

Yee Haw... Now I can afford Friskies instead of Nine Lives...

Democrats Pick Up A Texas State House Seat For 79R-71D Margin

Supporters describe Clinton's softer side: Web video part of effort to lower unfavorable ratings

Poll: Clinton does better than Obama in matchups against GOP candidates in four states (Survey USA)


Edwards, Obama sniping at each other

Clinton wants Illinois supporters to head to Iowa

As Primaries Near, Electronic Voting Security Fears Linger

Clinton Secret Weapon in Iowa: Organization

Do you think Huckabee uses Chuck Norris'

Bookmark this: Don't give Freep sites ANY WEB TRAFFIC

As a Hillary supporter, let me be honest I would be ecstatic if John Edwards wins

I prefer Allison Stewart to Keith Olbermann

New USA Today/Gallup Poll shows Obama is a stronger general election candidate than Hillary

Obama Touts Foreign Policy 'Judgment'

Here, in detail, is why John Edwards cannot win the nomination of the Democratic Party

Drudge, the RNC's mouthpiece, wants to take down Edwards and Hillary

An other example of corporate media bias against Hillary.

More deserving of respect and trust, Obama, or Ted Kennedy?

Obama gets support from some in GOP

If you won't support the Dem nominee, who will you vote for?

Dowd criticizes Limbaugh for criticizing Clinton's looks; then goes on to criticize Clinton herself

So, Presidential candidate Henry Booth really wants to win the State X primary

Leaving "No Child Left Behind" Behind

Hey Michigan DUers. Only Hillary and Dennis will be on the Ballot

Someone in the media actually got it right about Biden...

John Edwards love child?

Here's the National Enquirer article re John Edwards, garbage that it is.

Oh my! They ( Clintons)have really lost touch if they think Bush 41 is a deal maker -

New Documentary coming on the PBS show "Independent Lens" "An Unreasonable Man" (about Ralph Nader)

Hillary's Experience Flashback: Linking Saddam to Al Qaeda in speech before voting for Iraq War

Obama Blasts FCC Media Ownership bill that would nullify the vote

Watching Dodd on Countdown...made me cry

Sen Byrd on LIVE NOW on Cspan2 - re: Iraq War

Help turn back the FCC's giveaway to corporate media.

John Edwards Takes the Lead in Iowa Poll - 30% and Leads Second Choices

Feinstein offers deal in immunity fight for telecom firms in spy cases:Preping for Arnolds run.

Why do Hillary supporters give her a free pass on her bloodlust to kill innocent people?

John Edwards effing well CAN beat Hillary

You heard it here... (Iowa predictions)

Abraham Lincoln was a great man, but not exactly a unifying figure

Flame Away, But Barack, John, Hillary, Joe, Bill, Chris & Dennis Are Not the Enemy.

If Hillary wins Iowa, I predict this forum will self-destruct like never before

Huckabee denies subliminal message in Christmas TV ad

Granny D endorses Edwards

Judge Orders Hearing on Whether Administration Violated Court Order by Destroying CIA Videos

Pakistan train crash kills dozens

Chávez wins Farc pledge to release Colombia hostages

Magnitude 7.3 Quake Jolts Area of Aleutians

Businessman (and Conservative) Lee Elected as South Korean President: TV

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 19

Pakistan reportedly frees terror suspects, Action seen as way to mask secret jails

Despite drop in violence, Pentagon finds little long-term progress in Iraq

(US Military)Judge grants Guantanamo detainee hearing on POW status

Decline in Iraq news may have boosted U.S. opinion

Filmmaker Ken Burns throws support to Obama

White House challenges report that it misled public about CIA tapes

Jamie Lynn Spears says she's pregnant

Military lawyers stay unbridled, White House drops veto bid on promotions

Newspaper: Gonzales in on tape destruction talks

Chinese ladies like it in the ice hole

Holding Iraqi Govt Responsible for Saddam?

Americans more positive; Bush, Congress gain

White House asks NYT to remove sub-headline from CIA tape story

Enquirer :: The Obama -Oprah Relationship

Defense Stocks on Pace to Outperform S&P

US probe confirms 2 friendly-fire deaths

Strategy that is making Iraq safer was snubbed for years

Congressmen: Iraq lawless like the Wild West

Morgan Stanley Getting $5B Investment From China Investment Corp. As It Takes $9.4B Writedown

Dear Santa: Please Stop The Bombs

Congress Challenges Bush Over CIA Tape

Explosion at Jacksonville, Florida, chemical plant

Biggest contractors support Clinton, other Democrats in 2008

Despite drop in violence, Pentagon finds little long-term progress in Iraq

Craig attends Bush event

U.S. Foreclosures Rose 68 Percent in November, RealtyTrac Says

'Don't Tase Me, Bro' tops '07 memorable quote list

Racehorse winning secret revealed

House to vote on preventing expanded tax (AMT)

3 Sentenced in Pinochet-Era Killings

Report Finds U.S. Agencies Distracted by Focus on Cuba

Prank led school to treat two with shock

Religious Freedom in Military Questioned

U.N. adopts death penalty moratorium

Whaling deal done, says United States (Japan won't slaughter humpbacks)

Poll: Clinton recaptures lead in New Hampshire

Florida Got Lehman Help Before Run on School's Funds (Update1)

Fire pours down on Sen. Smith for defense of Lott’s (Strom Thurmond) comments

Iraqi Web Reporter Found Dead In Baghdad

Reid’s Relationship With Bush Enters Deep Freeze

Trent Lott Resigns from U.S. Senate

In Council Bluffs today, Biden carves out anti-war position

Indian IT gears up for US backlash

Dad, three kids vanish on outing to cut Christmas tree

Tancredo to pull out of presidential race, according to report

Senate approves $70 billion for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Jury says LI couple in slavery case must forfeit mansion

Christian law students sue Univ. of Montana over funding denial


3 British residents freed from Guantanamo return home

Informant renews Giuliani's Kerik woes

Putin: U.S. Mars Russia's Image And Rejects Friendship

DOJ Shuns Hearing on Halliburton/KBR Rape Cases

Family lost on Christmas tree hunt found alive

Breaking: TIME's Person of the Year is Putin

Dennis Kucinich's 52-year-old brother is dead

Half of Mexicans in US 'illegal'

Explosion rocks Florida chemical plant

Ex-Fannie boss fingers White House

Pension Fund Shortages Create Hard Choices

Ex-Mormon Cartoonist Says Romney Not Telling Truth

BREAKING: Fire at Eisenhower Exec. Office (next to WH)

Green Light for Institute on Creation in Texas

Japan 'backs down on humpback hunt'

Who Can Afford to Eat Right? Healthy Foods Are Too Expensive for Millions, Research Shows

Someone burnt a huge patch of rubber on the road in back of our house

When exactly does tourorist season start?

this is one of the best intros in any rock song ever

Anyone here a Dom?

I just saw "The Golden Compass," and I thought it did NOT suck.

the stars that play with laughing sam's dice

Richards surges to huge lead in Iowa polls. Edwards a distant second.

Your Bank Sucks

do communists taste like boiled cabbage and vodka?

to Radio Lady re: Lion's Paw

Looking For Christmas Tree, Family Disappears

Do Socialists taste like social diseases?

Women, Don't Drive

inhabitants per doctor

Go smoke some herb, play Black Sabbath backwards at 78 speed and see Jesus

Merchant and Ivory's Terminator 3

Methods of Self-Defence

we report, you decide

Sexist Posh Git Ruddy hell

Mr Cholmondley-Warner (Advertisement Breaks)

Gooood evening, I'm Nelson Mandela

Women, Keep your Virtue

one ugly, ugly band

The Homer Simpson Time Lapse

Yep, sums up the Bush regimes whole term.

See, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs can get along!

What do you suppose this means about me?

question...what does n/t....or nt mean????

The Conjugal Rights Guide

Best smiley face ever?

Americans Visit London - Dog Sketch

Why has Status Quo (the band) never been popular in the USA?

Did you or did you not...

OMG! Pete Rose: "Drugs make mockery of sport"

John Edwards knocked up Jamie Lynn Spears!!

Just saw I Am Legend. Can I haz my $7.75 back plz?

Christmas dinner compromise will probably be fish. I have questions...

The R2D2 Language Translator (Translate any phrase into R2 language and use it as a ringtone!)

if i smoked grass, i would be listening to black sabbath right now.

Who's up for some Rita Hayworth?

2007 Verbatim


My name is Michael Paine, and I am a nosey neighbour

How we tell stories....

Licking pussy

Eid Mubarak!

So we went to Red Robbin tonight because they have these really great salads...


Chinese ladies like it in the ice hole

Just curious, what does (sic) mean?


Here's to all you Lounge Lizards out there,

Phoenix surgeon faces discipline after photographing 'Hot Rod's' genitals

Attention Ladies of the Lounge. You are all indicted.

The Ears of Virginia are upon you

Sammy Hagar Rings In The New Year With Online Radio Network

Damned Kids These Days!

Tonight....I'm standing on the outside...

I need a really good background search site. Can you help?

Wow, watching a Pileated Woodpecker through my window.

Attention Males of the lounge

Anyone remember Bobby Goldsboro?

Britney Spears' 16 year old sister pregnant, mom's "Christain Parenting" book "delayed indefinitely"

Aren't these Cute?

Macabre (Scottish) Humour

I threw my @ss out this morning

Here's to all of us Love Children out there

TMZ readers rip site a new one over celeb "Crappy Car" article

My officemate is having a bad day

Post a reply impersonating a Huckabee supporter. I'll start.

Skinner just PM'd me about the Charity Donation Drive.

How would you like this person for a next door neighbor?

Sorry --please ignore. Link will not work.

Mamie Van Doren sings in the shower

my lolcat...

I have been on an Oatmeal Diet since Saturday ... I am about to CRACK.

Whats For Lunch

Funny, Funny Movie on tonight: TCM is airing "One, Two, Three"

Venturing into GD: Politics is such a scintillating experience.

So I'm listening to Black Sabbath ...

Oh it's written in the village rolls...

Want to get away?

Dumb Question: why do some avatars say "this place intentionally left blank"?

Virginia is the new frontier is wine making

Happy Birthday, Jake Gyllenhaal!

trapped at the in-laws...found an Ann Coulter book this morning

OK Which DU'r Got Jaime Lynn Spears Pregnant?

Want to bring something SPECIAL to that holiday party? Tired of chip trays and luncheon meats?

Category: Difficult questions asked by children...

People who have profoundly influenced your life who you never heard of

36 DUers donated $2,100 to America's Second Harvest in 24 hours! We got the full $1000 match!

Schizophrenia Is The New Ad Gimmick - this is some sick shit!

How I plan to spend this Holiday Season...

I threw my back out this morning

can you guys throw just a little bit of luck my way?

the gift that keeps on giving....

Squawkers McCaw Toy--Question?

If you are in a place where cell phones are frowned on

How Many 'One' NightStands Have You Had

Run for your life!!

All I want for Christmas is to get Crunk.

CONFESS!!!! Who here was on Romper Room

Here's a serious discussion for ya: Why do we tolerate verbal abuse to one another online?

Joke: Taking Up a Collection for the President

"I'll have the revisions to you shortly and I'll need that for the 2:00 meeting"

Anyone aware that SteppingRazor is a noted artist whose work has been on Natioal Television....

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Killer Flu Virus?

Baskin Robbins

I having such a dumb day today: cant understand anything

Can anybody recommend a Facebook proxy that WORKS?

Campus Community Holiday Party in 45 minutes....

Now that I've met you...

I want to send love out to the whole lot of ya

I just broke my ankle -- ask me anything!

Jamie Lynn Spears says she's pregnant

I Just Spilled Soup All Over...

Happy Solstice!

Apparently I'm being discussed though I 'm rarely here.

Today I fixed bug number 1773.

Tom Robbins

Help Old St. Nick out.

Susan Saranwrap

the rear window of my vehicle literally exploded on the interstate this morning.

I posted in GD

Get out the marshmallows

Has anyone seen Starbucks Anarchist lately?

If I'm accused of committing love in the first degree

Rockin Robbin

A moral dilemma

Now. When I upgraded my monitor a year ago

Stephen Stills Battling Prostate Cancer

Shred your bad memories of 2007

FYI- YOU are not Time's Person of the Year

Well Respected Books/Films That Could Be Seen As Anti-Male?

CD's you wonder why you bought in the first place?

If the DU was high - what cliche would the Lounge be in?

The Trees

tonight? Books: by genre and authors in said genres

MATCH GAME: Dumb Dora was soooo dumb she flunked her _____.

Court Says Baby Can't Be Named 'Friday'

Susan Sarandon

WTF happened to those white fudge Oreos?

Don't you love freudian typos?

Tim Robbins

Spectacular, spectacular

I just alphabetized my archaic CD collection....ask me anything

Without the make up, Haley Joel Osmant looks quite different & hasn't aged well.

Is it impolite to say 'Peace out' as a parting sentiment?

Spoil a famous song in this thread (Warning: spoilers)

Martha Stewart: "Too Bad" Donald Trump Wasn't Slaughtered For His Meat

Midlodemocrat Appreciation Thread!!


Teh geography quiz

Is it impolite to say "piss off" as a parting sentiment?

The Jews Who Wrote Christmas Songs..

who was your favorite member of KISS?


Sci Fi Sound Quiz! Lots of fun for the bored Sci Fi person!

Have you ever liked a house so much that you would do anything to keep it?

Sooooo they are remaking the A-Team....

29 years old. Hawt taken to a new plane. Classic Song. Just click it, damn it.

15 is a goofy age and here's 30 things I don't "dig" about it

Songs that mention the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation?

Gift Card as Christmas Gift? Impersonal??

Warrant Issued for R. Kelly's Arrest (no-show at court hearing, "detained because of some snow")

Anyone got a spare $152,000 they can give me?

Mike Huckabee Vs. King Kong: Who would win?

Numm, Nummm.....Homemade cornbread just out of the oven and 4 alarm chili simmerin on the stove. To

Christian Publishing company postpone indefinately Lynne Spear's book on parenting

I know a lot of you know Windows computers well, so some buying advice, please?

OMG - they found that missing family alive!

Mother of the Year? Mom leaves six year old in mall to "teach him a lesson".

The moment I realized I needed to ask my GF to marry me...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/19/07

Celebrity tough guys guys that don't scare you?

Songs that mention London?

Pictures! Before the lounge, after 3 hours in the lounge, after 5 hours in the lounge

Kucinich's Bankrobber Bro is Dead

I suspect the Writer's Strike has affected my favorite show

Astronomy fans, astrophysicists: how do you keep your heads from not exploding?

Fantasy Football Finale: Finnfan Vs. GOPisEVIL - Who will win the DU Superbowl?

Feeding the duckies outside my office

Does the H in Jesus H. Christ stand for Huckabee

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/19/2007)

DU Grammar Whores: A question

Peace To The Lounge

This is why I LOVE Denis Leary

Spoil the ending of a famous book, fiction - Non-fiction, whatever

Got a new avatar

Hello, do you like my hat?

Need some bad girl names

Attention Ladies of the Lounge. You are all invited to the

Bob Marley and I Am Legend

The Dutch Politie (Police)

Follow up for those playing at home- "Where Can I find Cat Vaccinations?"

Stars that shouldn't be? Cause they suck.

Janine Turner (Northern Exposure) looks very different these days...

OMFG! I just wished someone "Merry Christmas"!

You know what? I DO CARE that Jamie Lynn Spears is 16 and pregnant.

Pete Rose must be let into the baseball's hall of fame, if the 'roid rage

"what the fuck are you looking at?"

Dating a “crazy cat lady”

I am going to do it...

If the DU was high school - what clique would the Lounge be in?

Apparently I'm not being discussed though I'm always here.

"Take care." When somebody says that to you, assuming it's not a first-degree


Know any family stories from the first three decades of the 20th century?

somebody won the Mega Millions and it wasn't me

I'm supposed to go to a Christmas party in a town about

WTF? Spears' sister got ONE MILLION BUCKS for telling OK Magazine she's pregnant?

I'm off to my jobs Christmas party in about ten minutes....

Chili experts! I have a question about rice!

Really, why did the chicken cross the road? There's got to be a good

HELP! I need a brain and I don't have much cash

Irish whiskey with Dr. Pepper

Wednesday Match Game Story: "Ivan the cheery was so cheery, even his fish ____ smiled."

Ya know, if this bearded slob and this geeky chick could find love - we all can

Jazz vocal divas such as Diana Krall and Jane Monheit

Best conversation in a movie?

Are you ready? World Orgasm Day is Friday!

10 Days until I get to hug a bunch of DU'ers in Ohio!!!

Tonight on Larry King - Exclusive jailhouse interview with Damien Echols

"Don't Tase Me, Bro" tops '07 memorable quote list

My Daughter, WannaBeGrumpy

Bond denied for major, wife accused of bribery

Pentagon backs off politicizing JAG promotions

Former Marine wants marijuana plants back

Top brass angered by Turkey air attack in Iraq

U.N. extends U.S-led force in Iraq for 1 year

Coroner: Heroin killed soldier on leave

Deadlock over bonuses for combat-hurt vets

Ex-soldiers escorted off Bragg over newsletter

Charity handles ‘any soldier’ cards

Seabee lieutenants could get $50K bonus

Navy offers bonuses for aerospace officers

U.S. jet noise prompts Atsugi residents to sue

Maintainers return to fighter, CSAR squadrons

Kirtland cuts back on emergency services

Mountain patrols are tough on U.S. troops

U.S. military: First group graduates from prison school

Base workers’ union, Japanese government agree on pay-cut plan

DOD orders 3,126 more MRAP vehicles

Airman charged with sexual assault, faces court-martial

Two soldiers in South Korea appeal rape attempt convictions

Stateside writers’ strike slow to hit AFN

Army Issues Family Safety Kit

Illinois airman victim of cross burning

Dad aids Marine in long-distance proposal

'God's Basic Training' Coming Under Fire

Navy ends astronaut retention bonus

Military researchers moving away from downtown London

Bush orders major reduction in nuke stockpile

Kennedy urges Army to deter cheating on promotional exams

Family of 'Baby Grace' visits Texas to learn of child's last days

Ruth Buzzi!

Sister Joan Chittister from 2003: Our country's plan is "war by-guess-and-by-golly."

"An Unreasonable Man" on PBS now. Ralph Nader doc.

The Enquirer is going to run a John Edwards love child scandal

LOL !!! - Possible White House Visitor Log !!!

In Mitt Romney's Neighborhood, A Mormon Temple Casts a Shadow Top 10 Political Search Terms as of December 8

PR Tips for Immigrants

Bush Seeks to Reduce Air-Travel Delays

If you didn't support Carol Moseley Braun in the '04 primaries

Remember when...

Guardian UK: Holy Joe (Lieberman) strikes again

Airlines Lower Bar To Fill Pilot Ranks

What was Oswald's role in the JFK assassination?

DUer Paul Thompson Has A New Time-Line For CIA Tape Scandal...

I love older computers, and was looking at...

International Herald-Tribune Op/Ed: "The Ghost Following Bush"


Why Does This Post Only Have 20 Recommendations?

***** DEADLINE 12:38 pm TODAY!! *****

do the bushes spend their halliburton wheeler-dealer's stashed money with the same ease and freedom

By an Overwhelming Majority Congress Brings You…

Goldman Sacs pays 12 billion in bonuses.

God bless Edwards...

God bless Edwards...

Thought Control on the Internet Scoop/Collins

Victim: Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton/KBR

It's time for another version of DU's favorite blame game!!

So Putin is "Man of the Year". .

GOP "southern strategy" coming home to roost - Huckabee

Ignoring key bill, WaPo's Milbank tried to refute Obama's statement that he "expanded health care"

Taking lead from Drudge, conservative echo chamber hypes Clinton photo

House Dems approve 70 billion for Bush's war

White separatist group sues town of Jena

National "Enquirer" Hitjob on Edwards

We went to see Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne last night. And, oh yeah, John Edwards was there too.

CNN's Bill Schneider misidentified Lieberman as a Democrat

== America: We're the new China! = By Mark Morford

Another Milestone on the Road to Serfdom

MSNBC's Hall referred to McCain and Lieberman as "maverick[s]"

The Corporations stole Christmas this year

Re: Sexist language and our politicians

Police State America: A Look Back & Ahead

2007 Holiday Cheer Brought To You By Toyota

The mythology of The All volume four: The Field-The engine of The All

For those who don't celebrate Christmas

White Supremacist Sympathizer Sean Hannity Helps Duane “Dog” Chapman Rehabilitate His Racist Image

Another dumb LTTE from the Columbus Dispatch

Police brutality cases on rise since 9/11

Bush Lawyers Discussed Fate of C.I.A.Tapes - NYTIMES - White House involvement

May All Your Dreams Come True (I Wish!)

This looks real;

White supremacist sentenced in beating, maintains he's not a criminal

Chertoff Concealed Role in Tape Destruction

GHWB Shoots down Clinton's "Around-The-World" mission

Tweety loves his strong men. Especially strong Republican men. Something is funny here

John Nichols: FCC Votes for Monopoly, Congress Must Vote for Democracy

Message from: The "White House Department of Explaining Things Good"

The Vote in November 2008 is the least of our worries

Anyone in Wisconsin: A quick favor

People in Iowa are Responding to Edwards - Campaign Ultra-Prepared For Caucuses LINK

College Republicans working for the Vice President are busy today

On December 19, 1998, the House of Representatives impeached President Bill Clinton

"Paraguay" caught my eye.

Destruction of CIA Interrogation Tapes is Not an Isolated Incident, but Part of a Pattern

anyone have the roll call vote for Iraq funding?

bush's real dad is calling;

Word of the Day: Reichstag

Disappeared Into Secret Pakistani and US Prisons

Non Sequitur today is CLASSIC!!!!!!!

Britney Spears' kid sister pregnant

This makes my brain hurt...

As the Old ExecOfficeBldg burns, I am caused to think it was an overheated shredder in Cheney's ofc

FINALLY some actual data on immigration (oops Fox News caught)

Fundie says CREW's request for WH visitor logs is an attempt to intimidate Christians...

2fer: GHOULiani's H'wood flying monkeys, and, Clintonistas blaming Mark PENN

Remind me again why it's good we are the "majority."

The Chimp speaking now....and doesnt even mention the fire....jerk

Nothing actually has to be lost in the EOB fire but later they can claim anything was.

Health Care: California's Moment and a National Movement

Relationship of fires size to damage done.

In the wake of the majority giving in to bushco once again my question is


Fed to lend $20 billion to banks

Colorado Republicans Tap Database for Political Purposes

Sheriff says terrorists abound in our midst - Yea, us

Did Cheney spotaneously combust?

New Republican Line: "Sorry, that was lost in the fire"

Senators Get Extra Vacation Week

How would you like this person for a next door neighbor?

Bush History 12/19: "So long as I'm the dictator"

BUSHCO Asks NYT: "If we haven't acknowledged anything, how could the NYT account be different?"

Worth a look if AT & T is your provider.

Spend the 5th anniversary of the Iraq invasion and occupation protesting in the streets of DC

EOB Fire, Cheney's Office...Hmmmm...Could it be?....hmmmm

Let Me Ask This One Question About The The Telecom's Complicity With The NSA

That holiday subject...

70 to 25 .....70 Senators Voted to Fund this War....there aren't 70 Republican Senators

Only through the lens of history can the truth be clearly seen by **all**

Bush Lawyers Discussed Fate of C.I.A.Tapes

I think the EOB fire is the icing on the cake: government skepicism is highest since Watergate

I Lost A Football Bet; Please Be Nice To Me

Miami Herald Prints Wexler, Baldwin, Gutierrez Impeachment Statement as LTTE

Police: Homeowner Kills Armed Intruder

Bush's speech translated while the whitehouse burns

Holidays bring avalanche of mail for troops

French e-voting study highlights hidden costs

Huckabee has expressed the cheapening of American Christiantiy better than anyone else could have

Morgan Stanley's Subprime Submergence (over $9 billion in write-downs, "turning to China" for help)

Angry Kurdish president won't meet with Rice

Bwhahaha! Mary Matalin may publish Rove’s memoir

BREAKING NEWS: Fire erupts in office building on White House grounds

MSNBC Reporter says "smell of plastic burning" from the EOB Fire!

Be Safe Everyone - Storm Worm Alert

250 former Iraq detainees claim torture in new US lawsuit

Bush is a Product of Uber Wealth and Privilege

oh no....say it isn't so....please? (john edwards' love child?)

They Need To Treat The Fire Area as a Crime Scene - Preserve Evidence nt

This White House was born under a bad sign...

The Nation: Burger King as Scrooge


A Real Edwards Surge?

It's quite simple really.

One in Five Expect to Borrow to Heat Homes This Winter

Dems mull ousting Byrd as chairman

Conspiracy Corner .... Fire @ the Exec. Office Building

U.S. housing picture remains bleak in November

Reminder: Can you spare a card or some thoughts for Don Siegelman?

Park officials cleared in burros' deaths

Shouldn't the PRESIDENTIAL candidates who are Senators turn up to vote?

Huckabee: The GOP's Cynical Use of Religion Has Come Home to Roost

How much evidence against Cheney and Bush will be lost in the

San Diego County sues secretary of state re: recount procedures

3 Needles.

Last night on Countdown Dodd said Reid was only following procedure

President Bush Holds the Line on Irresponsible Spending??

Gee, I wonder what records

Christy Hardin Smith at FireDogLake: EEOB Fire near David Addington's Office....

I'm really pleased to see that Both Parties are the Same thinking has set in here

Carlyle Group buying up nursing homes

Elizabeth Holtzman: No Vice President Is Above the Law

Military Surveillance

NYT Caves To Bush: White House Gets Sub-Headline Correction

Have you noticed? The war is no big deal

White House asks NYT to remove sub-headline from CIA tape story

Photo Op time - * and the firefighters

Our American Police State

Have any of the Dem candidates stated they will rescind all of McFuckwad's signing statements?

US home foreclosures up 68 percent (1 of every 152 households in Nevada)

Morgan Stanley slammed by $9.4B US credit market writedown

Grooming Juveniles for Adult Prisons

It's all just a coincidence...

Lordy, the Salvation Army is doing a lot of advertising

What I see in the new poll numbers...

License Plate Scans Beef Up Mall Security

Candidate’s gun giveaway is loaded with meaning

I don't care what they say I won't live in a world with president huckabee.

"The impeachment proposals aren't going anywhere"

Philadelphia anchorwoman "off the air indefinitely" after slugging NYC cop

WAR!!!! Good God You'all, What is it good for?

Lawsuit To Challenge City (chicago) Cell Phone Ban

Caption cheney

Unofficial White House statement on fire

John Nichols: Huckabee Surfs The Christmastide

Caption time.

'The building houses nearly all of the White House Staff & Communications Office'

3895 + 174 + 133 = 4202 Reasons why this war must end now

IRONY ALERT: co-founder of Carlyle Group Buys Magna Carta !!1!!!11

This may seem uncompassionate but justice isn't about murder victim's families

We Presumed Bush Spent His Days Pulling The Wings Off of Flies

What Was -- and Wasn’t -- On the Public’s Mind in 2007

I am so proud to be a Democrat

We MUST Start To Fight Big Business

Thomas Schaller: Born of GOP's 'Southern strategy'

Brent Bowdosky from "The Hill" on the Guy James Show today--live

CommonDreams: The Mad Corporate World of Glenn Beck

When did American Politicians stop caring about the unemployed and poor

Hey, folks!


MSNBC: 'Surreal' Giuliani holiday ad has to be spoof

Who were they? "as were those of more senior officers who happened to be visiting."

Keith O & Steph Miller in today's Non Sequitur

PETA's online Christmas greeting snow globe...

I never noticed this building next to the White House

Harry Reid has called President Bush a loser and a liar

Anyone Heard Anything About Bain Capitol Buying Air America?

New Moveon petition to stop the FCC rules changes

Open Letter to Reps. Wexler, Baldwin and Gutierrez


Chicago judge faces waterboarding questions

Is Cheney preparing to resign during the holidays

We all know what they are against, but what exactly are republicans "for".

Traci Rhode fined, set free for murder [Jury convicts, sentences widow to 10 years probation]

So the CIA refuses to take the fall for Bushco

Stupid stupid stupid gossip.

250 former Iraq detainees claim torture in new US lawsuit

Have Fun! Create Your Own National Enquirer Headline About the Republicans Here:

Anyone have any idea how long Wexler

Speaking Of FIRE/CHENEY & Documents-Just A Coincidence?

I think the fire near Cheneys office was simply an accident, nothing more.

On Santa's knee

Any photos of Bush with his sleeves rolled up while fighting the fire in Cheney's office?

Pentagon drops plan to control military lawyer promotions.

Three dead, fourteen missing in Jacksonville, Florida

Senator Menendez giving one hell of a speech on C-SPAN2

RIGHT NOW, YOU COULD BE number 100,000 to sign IMPEACH hearings petition

Damn--were the firefighters allowed to sift through the damage? Just a thought...

Vladimir Putin named Person of the Year

Miracle...Senator Coleman (R-MN)

Video for Atheists/Agnostics only: Hello Angry Christians

Siegelman witness Lanny Young released from prison

Was the fire in the VP's Office a smoke screen, smoke signal or an accident?

MY definition of "moderate."

Here are the advantages of having *any* Democrat as President

Gift Card as Christmas Gift? Impersonal??

State Department Buildings Chief Steps Down Amid Questions Over New Baghdad Embassy

LCV Criticizes the Nation’s Top Political Show Hosts For Ignoring the Top Issue

"Queen Victoria" makes a difference!

OMFG! Rudy is picking his Cabinet on Wolfie

The Mortgage Debacle Is More Proof That Social Security Should Never Go Private

Now that firefighters can report terrorists, will they report anyone from this fire?

Documents reveal Army kept suicidal soldier in Iraq

Yikes! Caption this pic of Rudy.

Another Gulf Coast Disaster

Wexler Thursday Night on Blog Radio to Discuss Our Next Steps

Deja vu forever

U.S. House approves alternative minimum tax bill

Man who jammed phone lines in N.H. feels like the fall guy.

National Affordable Housing Trust Fund Act Introduced in Senate

Be honest: The successes of GWB

Has anybody heard if Reid is going to keep the Senate "in session" over xmas break?

WH press statement does NOT deny that it has been "complicit in crimes and other wrongdoing"

Congress challenges the bushitlers! WOOT!

House AND Senate Approve 70 Billion for our National Disgrace

House Panel "Prepares Subpoenas" for CIA Officials

Fire at Cheney Office

This administration makes it very hard not to sound like a tin foil hatter

Taking lead from Drudge, conservative echo chamber hypes Clinton photo

A Short History of White House Fires

MPAA Rejects ‘Taxi To The Dark Side’ Movie Poster Because It Depicts A Hooded Detainee

Full Video Of The Iowa Brown & Black Presidential Forum

Repubicans have trouble with tapes again. Now its CIA tapes. They were

Should American taxes go towards "economic development" for people in other parts of the world?

Howard Dean accuses White House of exploitation and manipulation

Time person of the year: Putin edges out Gore

15 days.


I actually saw something at Walmart that made me smile

How odd is it that Cables show Bush signing Energy Bill & he's laughing and joking while EOB Burns?


An uncivil war: Mapping the defeat of subsidy reform

Okay, there are a few things bothering me.

Wednesday TOONS : Part 1- Oval Office follies

Edwards and the power of the bully pulpit

Von Maur donates $500,000 to Omaha shooting victims fund

Iraq War: Please Explain to Me


Who posts here?

CNN's Beck mimed Hillary Clinton shaving her face

Charlize Theron is a US citizen

Kucinich's brother found dead

Dean says we don't have the votes. Explain 70 votes for Iraq War Funding.

I often try to convince myself that what's his face in the White House really cares...

OK DUers which Holiday ad is the best and the worst

36 DUers donated $2,100 to America's Second Harvest in 24 hours! We got the full $1000 match!

The Dominguez family has been found.. alive What a great Xmas present for Mom

Utility Regulators Grant Governor's Request To Ban Power Shutoffs

Vocabulary test for a good cause

CNN's Blitzer is all over the Meme that Dems Couldn't Stop Iraq Funding/"The WAR!"

Democrats Suffer Loss as House Extends SCHIP

Hillary 's Christmas Message America...

California's Population Approaches 38 Million-up 11.5 percent since the 2000 census

Newt Poisoned the Impeachment Well to Protect Republicans ...... discuss.

DU'ers, It's Time To Ban TV News For A While

The Ancestry/Genealogy site is jumping

Cookin' the books and everything else he can!

So I just found out that Guitar Center is owned by Romney's Bain Capital...

Stop Calling Them "Chinese" Goods!!!!

It WASN'T enough that we were burning all the oil...

mr cheney feels compelled to hand over those subpoenaed documents, but the fire that ravaged........

The Dick (Cheney) looks like the cat that swallowed the canary...

Maxine & Ted - Don't Call Us If You Call Us Terrorists!

Jacksonville: Blast at Florida Chemical Plant kills 3 and injures at least 14!

Dennis Kucinich's 52-year-old brother found dead

The White House fails to choose a new pope

Tattooed privates not so private

GRANNY D has endorsed John Edwards

Edwards takes lead in InsiderAdvantage Iowa poll

Hillary Clinton Can't be Trusted on Iraq

Amy Goodman: Surviving a CIA ‘Black Site’

Dave Lindorff: Impeachment Advocates Crash Server, But Still No Reports in the Corporate Media

Planned Destruction: 'At least six identifiable crimes' possible in CIA tape affair' (CNN)

A Mathematical Description of the Bush Administration

Stop. Just fucking stop.

What have conservatives obstructed this year? Here's just a partial list.

I think it's time we accepted a general collapse as a real possibility.

Borowitz: Attempting to Destroy CIA Tapes, Cheney Burns Down White House

Kerry: Bush administration ‘increasingly irrelevant’ on climate

the Buddha of Jehanabad and the 'Radio Malluh' - Buddha lost

More than defunding the Iraq war, you know what would really infuriate Bush?

TIME MAGAZINE-DUMPS War Mongers - Kristol & Krauthammer


Shift Happens: Did you know

IMPEACHMENT RIGHT THING TO DO-Regardless Of Outcome/Whether Or Not It Brings 08 Election Rewards

Is it me or is Tweety looking older beyond his 57?? Turkey necks was evident yesterday

What files are being destroyed as the Exec Office Building burns?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Hey Bill? Yoooo Hooooo.... paging Bill Clinton!!!... Looka here, Bubba

Dan Froomkin: The Tell-Tale Stall

Okay, I have my tinfoil hat securely on my head. Am I the only one who thinks the EOB fire was MIHOP

Why I Believe That Cheney's Office Is the Source of the Two Torture Tapes Story

Brent Budowsky: Torture Tapes are the Watergate of Our Times

Is Keith out all this week?

Torture Tapes are the Watergate of Our Times

Illegal Immigration

They are following us home!

MSNBC reporting that fire was IN Cheney's offices. They're now talking about doc destruction

Torture Tapes Destroyed to Cover Gonzales Perjury?

The U.S. Senate funds continuing death and devastation in Iraq

OxyRush is now flip-flopping big time on his HRC "aging" comments.

American Family Association: All Christian Persecution, All the Time

Is there a taboo against calling "african americans" black?

Heads Up! World food stocks dwindling rapidly, UN warns

I believe this fire today shows that bushco is going down

Another Great Rant: The Illusion Of Democracy

I'll be on the Malloy Show tonight RE: "Siegelman Speaks" Let's Keep Him on the Front Burner!

What's your take on the fire?

Schizophrenia Is The New Ad Gimmick - this is really scary stuff!

Clannishness at DU? Does it exist? Is it a good thing? Is diversity best?

I just finished watching a documentary about the saga of Elian Gonzalez

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: Christmas Time in Iraq

Wednesday TOONS : Part 2-Feeling let down by our leadership

Hillary's Gift to Us

Bush's Democrats on Iraq

"Daddy, is it true firemen can spy on us now?"

Sam Seder is on for Randi All Week

Vista sucks

***** Official 100,000 signatures on Call for IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS screen capture ****

USG's fiscal exposures = $53 trillion as of Sept. 30, 2007" +/- $455,000 per family. tops 100K, now seeks 250K!

Damien Echols (West Memphis 3) to be interviewed from death row on Larry King tonight.

The War on (some) Drugs

***** Official 100,000 signatures on Call for IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS petition thread ****

A Muslim question.

To see how many people have gone over the cliff....

Hopefully this post will generate more light than heat.

Who wants to join me on the Air America Radio cruise?

Why not electing a corporate President matters

How much "change" do we really need?

Internet Thought Controll Bill Under Fire - Staffers Dismisses Criticisms . Response & Action items

The problems of today are built on the mistakes of yesterday

It is About The Time

IMPEACH Cheney NOW! Wexler Petition fast approaching 100,000

Ron Paul signs. I saw at least 20 signs posted along the highway

Not a Poll, but Obama is leading all the Dems on INTRADE for Iowa, NH, and SC.

Internals for Hillary in new ABC News Poll are very good, she has the strongest supporters

Interest Groups Gain In Election Cash Quest

Drudge has been waiting to slime John Edwards because...

The Clintonite who owns National Enquirer

Ted Kennedy's secret Love Child (National Enquirer)

New 12/10-14 Diageo/Hotline national poll: Hillary only 5 pts. ahead of Obama, 35%-30%; Edwards 14%

I just consulted my Black 8 Ball re: Iowa and it said

Gore Vidal on the Democratic Debate Debacle

Clinton slipping in California, poll shows

Combating sexism is a good reason to support John Edwards, too.

It’s Edwards the Fighter in the Iowa Homestretch

YEEEEE HA - just had my email read on Morning Joe

What the Republicans hath wrought

If Hillary gets the nomination, I will NOT vote for her in the general election

Will This Be The Year That Conventional Wisdom Doesn't Apply To The Presidential Race?

One in Five Expect to Borrow to Heat Homes This Winter

Republican Senate filibustered 62nd time a new record

Green Bay Council's moratorium on religous displays doesn't include Creche

NH Poll: Clinton Surges Ahead; Romney Maintains Lead

Bill Clinton seen as upstaging Hillary - - Bill in a china shop.

Iowa- ABC-WAPO-Obama 33-Clinton 29-Edwards 20/Insider Advantage Obama -27- Edwards -26-Clinton 24

Poll: Hillary Clinton winning anti-vote

If there's anything more hypocritical than selective outrage

Obama Ad: Happy Holidays, Primary States (VIDEO)

Obama pals mad about mailer -- from own union

Who Would be the Best VP Candidate?

One-on-one with Hillary Clinton

Putin named Time Magazine's Person of the Year

Every time I see a Bill Hillary has sponsored...

Ex-Clinton official pans Bill's experience argument

FYI-Trent Lott's last day was yesterday

After Delay, Clinton Embarks on a Likability Tour

International Union Of Painters And Allied Trades Endorses Clinton

In Case You Didn't Know: Fire In Executive Office Building Next To White House

Repug POLL: Huckleberry and The Ghoul now tied

Clinton Surges Ahead in New Hampshire...

Senate Passes War Budget!

Beyond individual candidates, this is what it boils down to (IMO)

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/19/07 - Clinton up 2, Obama unchanged, Edwards up 1

Capitol ethics group lists top 10 scandals of year-CREW-Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Wash

10,000 earmarks. You've got to be kidding, Congress. This is

Article:Free-Market Wall Protects Insurers

Folks.. In Texas the Revolution has begun

ABC News/Washington Post Iowa poll:Obama 33%, Clinton 29%, Edwards 20%

Morning HUBdate: “An agent of genuine change”

Political Wire: Has Obama Peaked?

Kennedy Family Split On Endorsements

John Edwards will be on Ed Schultz today! Coming up!

Edwards leads in new poll. (Iowa)

An Obama Christmas (ad)

Full Video Of The Iowa Brown & Black Presidential Forum

Richardson ad speaks of troop withdrawal

"Clinton stirs Chicago crowd at fundraiser"

Holbrooke's Secret Plan

MSNBC's "Panel of Experts" has decided that we will NOT see a recession in 2008! WOW! THANKS MSNBC!

MPAA blocks posters for documentary (addendum to Cali's earlier post on Ratings)

The State: South Carolina Lawyers Endorse Obama, including former Dem party chair Dick Harpootlian

If one of the leading Republicans were to win the White House, who would be least offensive?

Tancredo Schedules 'Major Announcement'

Hillary's Magic Trick

Despite drop in violence, Pentagon finds little long-term progress in Iraq

Arkansas Speaker of the House Benny Petrus Endorses Hillary for President

For Hillary supporters: A great diary from kos

Clinton tops field among Democrats

Clinton loses big chunk of her lead in California

Josh Marshall: How It's Looking to Me (Sorting out the Republican race)

I was very impressed with John Edwards on Hardball the other day.

Edwards would repeal DOMA

The Nation: Shame On Obama And Clinton For Skipping Senate Vote On Trade

Enquirer :: The Obama -Oprah Relationship

Huckabee hearts John Bolton and his buddies for foreign policy positions...

Yale Book of Quotations Top 10 of 2007 (Biden made the list TWICE! One good quote, one not so good)

Politico: Guiliani-Huckabee contest could split Gop

36 DUers donated $2,100 to America's Second Harvest in 24 hours! We got the full $1000 match!

Hillary snags another New Hampshire Newspaper Endorsement...

Ongoing Presidential Poll At Daily Kos....

New Obama Holiday ad-compare to new Giuliani holiday ad. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

94% of NH voters say what happens in Iowa won't impact their vote. Do you believe them?

Arkansas Speaker of the House Benny Petrus Endorses Hillary for President

Neither Clinton Nor Obama

(TPM) New Ad Tells Story Of Romney Helping Find Missing Girl

Basu: Obama can heal divisions, win hearts and minds

BIGGER than “Big Government”

Josh Marshall: You're Kidding Me, Right? (re: Obama and scrutiny)

The Rude Pundit - Post-Torture America: Do You Feel Safer?

Study suggests polls overestimate support for Obama, underestimate support for Clinton (and Edwards)

Clinton's lead over Obama shrinks in new (California) state poll

Thinking about taking my hands out of my pockets-

ABC News: Iowa - Obama goes to a lead, with 37 % support; Clinton has 31 % Edwards 26 %.

Has The Huckster Lost His Iowa Lead?

Is it time for DUers to declare their candidate for the primaries?

In Dodd We Trust: The Vice Presidency

University Of New Hampshire Poll- Clinton 38% Obama 26% Edwards 14%

Ambinder: Scuttlebutt says Tancredo to drop out

Do we have appropriately nasty nicknames for all the puke candidates?

Has anyone noticed a change in tone here today...

Iowa Press-Citizen Endorses Obama

California Field Poll analysis - some interesting stuff here

Obama gains in health care issue in New Hampshire

C-SPAN 2: Senate speeches on new FCC Ruling to consolidate media

Katie Couric's "Primary Questions" on her newscast. Worthwhile or not?

Crooks & Liars must-see video clip: Rachel Maddow & Stephanie Miller on MSNBC re: CIA tapes

Dennis Kucinich's brother found dead

Edwards takes lead in InsiderAdvantage Iowa poll

Edwards Camp To Press: Wake Up, We're Running A National Campaign

Hillary vs "Cookie-gate" does this flip flop show her campaign is in trouble?

Iowa Letter: Richardson's Got It All

New Hampshire NOW is Key For Edwards Camapaign

Richardson's New Ad: Hits Rivals On Iraq

MyDD: Des Moines Register endorsement had no impact on the Iowa Race

The Lieberman Effect (LMFAO)- McCain Within Four Of The Mittster In New Hampshire

NH Poll: Clinton 31%, Obama 28%......huge surge for McCain

The Constitution IS a suicide pact!

Conservative NH paper endorses Hillary

Students in Indianola, Iowa .... "Rock the Vote"

Fred Thompson: Lazy as charged

No More Blank Checks For Bush UPDATE: "House expected to approve $70B for wars"

GOP candidate Ron Paul keeps donation from white supremacist, aide says

Clinton Advisers Point to Edwards Threat

McCain assails Obama for lack of experience

Sen. Byrd on Senate Floor speeching. now

Hucky's corruption, his dog torturing son, Fraud's mount and ride, Rudy's

More Iowa Polling to argue about (WaPo-ABC out today)

Why Dodd- here's a great answer

McCain now attacking Obama!

How much support would a Robert Byrd candidacy get on DU?

Check Rudy on the cover of the new issue of American Conservative.

New Lifetime/Zogby Poll Reveals Women in New Hampshire and Nationwide Poised for Record Voter Turnou

Republimussen - Clinton- 42% Obama 24% Edwards 15%

Republimussen Brand Spankin New Iowa Poll-Clinton 31% Obama 27% Edwards 22%

ABC poll: Obama 33, Hillary 29, Edwards 20 - "effectively kills the Edwards rising narrative"

Is it sexist to not support Condi Rice?

Electability: We will learn something we need to know too late

How Bloggers (You!) Helped Hold the FISA Bill (Obama/Clinton were Urged to Respond)

Bizarre Polling in Iowa - Just Pick a Candidate and Pick a Poll to Tout

The Huckster's Surge Is Over

Katie Couric queries candidates about infidelity, tonight on CBS

From USN & WR...GOP ramping up opposition:

Dennis Kucinich's 52-year-old brother found dead

International Union Of Painters And Allied Trades Endorses Clinton

New Rasmuseen has Hillary up 3 in Iowa and NH

Edwards Ad: This Holiday Season, Don't Forget The Poor (VIDEO)

McCain is NOT doing Hillary's dirty work

POLL: Hillary 40 (+2), Obama 32 (+5), Edwards 13, only 4% of Dems are undecided

2,600 pages of Clinton records withheld, yet he hasn't "blocked the release of a single document"

Clinton surges ahead in New Hampshire - New WMUR TV 9 Poll

Barack Obama for President: Pragmatic, Inspirational, Courageous

Study suggests poll disconnect over support for Obama, Clinton

WP, pg1: Iowa Poll Spotlights Importance Of Turnout; Obama and Clinton Lead the Democrats

What are your plans for January 3, 2008?

Edwards on the cover of the National Enquirer?

Obama Pulls Ahead in New SC Poll: Obama 35%, Clinton 34%, Edwards 13%

NBC/WSJ Poll: Clinton continues to lead Obama nationally; Obama fares better against GOPers.

Giuliani plummets in latest NBC/WSJ poll

Newsweek and Alter: Why Krugman is wrong and why Obama's approach to Health Care is not naive.

Congressman Wexler Impeachment Hearings - Follow up Email

Someone registered back in October:

Now McCain is out doing Hillary's Dirty Work

Yahoo via The Nation picks up the Edwards story.

Fred Wants To Be Saddled And Mounted

On Day Two of Graniteroots Tour, Edwards Outlines Middle Class Rising Agenda

Latest Poll: Clinton 0,Obama 0,Edwards 0, All others,0....

If Edwards becomes President he will work with

NBC-WSJ Poll -Clinton -45% Obama 23% Edwards 15%

Gee. One fire at Fox News yesterday; another in the VP's offices today...

Clinton Advisers Point to Edwards Threat

Hillary regains 12 pt lead in N.H. (tweetys head will explode later)

Have You Read "the Audacity of Hope"?

TPM: "Krugman Ramps Up Case Against Obama"

Hillary Bouncing in Iowa - Rasmussen Reports

This forum survived the defeat of Dean in 2004. It will survive a Clinton nomination in 2008.

Why are Karl Rove and the Neocons Endorsing Barack Obama?

Did Barack Obama vote to renew the patriot act?

The Rovian tactics need to be stopped now -- I'm working for Edwards

Combating Sexism IS a good reason to support Hillary Clinton.

Boo Hoo - Hillary's Getting Tougher Coverage...........

Edwards, best general election candidate in North Carolina (wins)

Challenge to my fellow Hillarians, Hill-holics, Hilllraiders etc! Tell DU about her!

Clinton papers withheld at ex President's direction

Hillary's excellent record.

Here you go Edwards supporters: A great story about Edwards' surge

Hillary's new Holiday Ad

Between Edwards, Obama, and Hillary, Edwards has by far the most progressive health care plan

Ed Schultz's rant about Hillary Clinton yesterday - "I am done with the Clintons."

Four Reasons I Support Hillary

Edwards Campaign Announces Holiday Ad Campaign (with video, transcript)

A note of encouragement to Edwards supporters

The Rationalization of Hillary

Alter: Krugman & Edwards are naive

Fmr. Clinton Secretary of Labor Robert Reich: "Krugman, the Times Oped Page, and Obama"

The Clintons, Mark Penn, Lobbyists, and Conflicting Interests.....some disturbing stuff

“The civil libertarians among us would rather defend the constitution than protect our nation’s secu

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