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Archives: December 2, 2007

Pro-Constitutional Reform Closes Campaign with Massive Rally in Venezuela

Cholera crisis hits Baghdad

Naomi Klein: Guns Beat Green: The Market Has Spoken

The Nation: Home Sweet Gone

US says it has right to kidnap British citizens

Making Sense of Venezuela’s Constitutional Reform

The Whore Street Journal Helps "Operation Pliers"..

NY pols assail proposed anti-terror cuts

Saying No to Chávez

Go Left TV: GoLeft Earth Minute

Clinton impresses with handling of hostage drama

Alberta Tories oust candidate linked to anti-gay controversy

Attorneys for Guantanamo detainee ordered to keep witnesses secret from client

Oregon Challenges RIAA's Tactics in Music Piracy Claim

Trial Witnesses Kept Secret at Gitmo

U.S. military: roadside bomb kills 1 American soldier, wounds 3 in Baghdad

New anthrax vaccine doomed by lobbying

Signing statement is president's first since 2006

Virginia GOP drops voter loyalty oath

Cholera crisis hits Baghdad

U.S. ships, barred from Hong Kong, now sail under China's nose

Blimey. I just watched the ep of MORK AND MINDY where Mork meets Robin Williams

Last night: Herman's Hermits, Billy J. Kramer, Terry Sylvester (Hollies), Joey Molland (Badfinger)

How did you spend your Saturday? [Photos, please.]

I think they made nicer cars in the 1990's than today:

does it seem like sex threads come in spurts?

That's one big, funky chicken

ever meet a guy who had a "going out" special earring

Would you hold it against me if I told you

Does it seem like sex threads come on shirts?

Does anyone know where my friend no name no slogan is??

how's this for a band name? JIMMY FRANCO and the HOT OILERS

What makes you feel good?

Christmas Gift Ideas for the little tykes.

Lovers of the show "My Family" chime in!

*sigh* I really wanna go out tonight

Should I Go OUT Tonight?

Should I take it OUT Tonight?

I took this photo of Salt Lake's City Hall in the snow.

You're a pistol, you're really funny. You're really funny / What do you mean I'm funny?

Broads and Booze

Pictures outside your door Saturday night thread!!!!

Always look on the bright side of life

I'd like to thank the Clarion Suites in Madison, WI

What makes you feel wood?

If you knew then, what you know now

First-Amendment Bug Removed From Bill Of Rights 2.0

People Who Hate Phil Collins Check In Here

I am your king

Friends of Randolph Mantooth Thread. That other thread is based on lies and deception.

Could Paris Hilton start World War Three...

Saturday night fix your Fred!!! Most with beer!!!!

i wish wal mart wasn't evil

MSNBC Breaking: Randolph Mantooth kicks Phil Collins in the nuts for writing "Sussudio"

Is anyone watching the Backyard Brawl?

Scotch mixed with red wine = heaven

The Argentinian red wine is working nicely, ask me anything!

I'm/We're about to watch La Vie En Rose...

If you are at ALL worried about the current HS generation, read this (thanks Woah_Nelly!)

Help settle a discussion

if anyone gives you any problems

Eratosthenes is licking the prime numbers out of my sieve


I have spent the day in bed....with bad sinuses. Should I get dressed and go to a party

Man-ly Skirt

Socrates is licking the hemlock off of my decanter

REALLY. SERIOUSLY. caps.. extra good measure.


Let them eat cake!

Every sitcom from the 70's was spun-off of "All in the Family"

Big 12 Championship Game Thread

I'm going to watch "Alpha Dog" soon. Tivo'd it.

Plato's licking the condensation off my beer bottle

The kids are now old enough for us to leave them alone on Date Night

My local weatherman just called the impending Monday storm "a major nor'easter."

How much $$$ would it take for you to quit your job?

So one of my neighbors has a loud, obnoxious party in their back yard. With a pa and lights.

I can't stop eating Christmas cookies

Elrond's new thread.. because I killed his last one.

I'm really fucking pissed.


Lord Vader, I should have known. Only you could be so bold.

December 1, 2007, 8:17 PM PST: The EXACT moment I KNEW I was sick of "Hotel California"


Randolph Mantooth Support Group Thread. Tell us how he ruined YOUR life and begin the healing.

I'm not gay, I just have gay experiences sometimes

LOVE SONG ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!


So, I have had uninterrupted hiccups for 27 hours.

Bubblegum Music ~ Post 'em here!!! you know you loved it :-)

Are you married????

Pfizer should sponsor a bowl game in which the players are injected with random amounts of insulin,

How old were you when you discovered there was no Santa Claus

5000 Posts!!!!!

So, what's been most irritating for you this holiday season?

Student Excuses: I Dare You to Top This!

American Green Tree Frogs, Leopard Frog and predator


How to get a bicycle....

Saturday Night Picture Thread!!! Post 'em here!!!

Actually have a gig tonight at the sneak preview of The Golden Compass...

Whose parents are still married?

What Is Your Favorite Carpenters Song

PRIMATE1- I'm calling you out! I'm dreading my hair.

Phil Collins Fans Check In Here

Barack Obama - Iowa Retrospective

Representative Dennis Kucinich at the Iowa Heartland Forum Part 2!

Representative Dennis Kucinich at the Iowa Heartland Forum Part 1

Representative Dennis Kucinich at the Iowa Heartland Forum Part 3

Jon Stewart Standup-1996

With These Hands I Demand the Future

HR 1955 — "The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007

David Sirota: Reminder: Worker Rights Under Assault Here At Home

Biden Rising in Iowa

Can ANYONE tell me if the Brown and Black forum will be streamed tonight?

"Citizen Soldier" - a chilling phrase?

Poll: are you with the mean striking writers or goody 2 shoes studios?

Reporters say Baghdad too dangerous to cover despite surge

Venezuela has the opportunity, as freed from corporate influence

What a great damn field!

And if You Really Do Want to Understand the FISA Debate

Dupe, pls delete

Kucinich Calls For Investigation Into Delay Of Vet Benefits

Abortion linked to drugs, alcohol abuse

Dennis Kucinich talks about his New Hampshire campaign: Plain Dealer audio

LIVE streaming radio from Venezuela (in English) ...

Call..... for..... Perry...... Logan....where is today's Republican bee..atch slap video?

Did anybody watch "The origin of Aids" on The Sundance channel today?

Bo Dietl: Rutgers team "benefited" from Imus comments. It was a "positive thing."

New Rules: Comfort those who have less than you.

The photoshoppers are havin' fun with Sex on the City

Heartland Presidential Forum Promotes Community Values

Smoking ban poses new climate threat (good grief....)

Is CIA Fomenting Unrest to Challenge Referendum in Venezuela?

Sometimes I wonder if the root of what's happening today is more than just greed and lust for power.

So, Security Here In The Us Is Too Costly & Unnecessary, So...Why Do We Need To Stay In Iraq?

Rudy Giuliani: "America's Mayor"... or "America's Playa"?

New Documentary "Taxi To The Dark Side" Really A Critique Of Bush's War On Democracy

Bill O'reilly's Very Useful Advice For Young People

My 'MySpace' page for the US Constitution is gathering friends

Merry December,though mine isn't....

Some marine mammals CAN NOT live in captivity

If Giuliani worked as a meat slicer at the deli counter would Nathan had given him the time of day?

Some Dipsy Doodle on Fox (where else)

The media.....the media.....the media.....the media

In a battle between Capitalism and Liberty in America......

Montel Williams: "I'm a big star, I can look you up, find where you live and blow you up"

Former smoker attacks smoking guests (w/a bat)

Defending Chavez? Defending Ahmadinejad? Are DUers insane?

America shuns Hollywood's take on Iraq

Smirking Chimp website is down due to 'malicious hacking'

I have two simple questions.

Cast your votes DUers: Will this latest scandal sink Rudy's presidential hopes?

Those of you who continue to bash Obama

A Simple Note from Bill Clinton to Foundation Donors: "Dear Friend..."

Employers: Lose weight or else pay more on health insurance

I'm stuck in the twilight zone

VOTE! Who's a better blogger: Salon's Glenn Greenwald or that right wing tool Instapundit?

Bush administration cites ’secrecy’ in Abramoff lawsuit.

Corporatism in action - my 1.5 hours with Time Warner yesterday

Iran could choke flow of oil to world in case of war – but it would hurt itself by doing so

Handedness Findings Point To Biological Cause For Sexual Orientation

Will Biden, Dodd, Kucinich, and Obama Co-Sponsor Waxman's Donor Dislcosure Bill B4 Iowa?

Change Eyed for Credit Card Fees

So, what's the Rudy/Judy thing going to be called? Forni-Gate?

Just who does Judith Ann Stish Ross Nathan Giuliani think she is?

It would be great to get our hands on a tape of Huckabee speaking in tongues.

"BIG BROTHER IN THE SKY" The Bush Admin Is Laying The Bricks One At A Time For A Police State

Chavez on news now. Will cut off oil supply to USA for interference in elections.

Forbes: Jeb Bush involvement with Lehman raises questions in Florida investment fund debacle

"Shock Doctrine" Shock

Larisa Alexandrovna: Who are the doctors of torture? Why the torture?

THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED = FILM on the Failed Overthrow of Hugo Chavez

Snowball Express - Event for Families of Soldiers killed in War

Obama Often Absent For Senate Votes

Giuliani and the Tax Fairy

If the California Initiative pases and it turns out we elect another president...

Why the Democratic leadership and contenders disappoint me: HALF MEASURES

Guiliani hutspa

Gov Richardson calls for antitrust action against farming conglomerates

Obama warned drive could offend Iowans

Mark Halpern's blog says that there will be a Des Moines Register Iowa Poll out on Sunday.

dupe, please delete

Reservist claims officer hung a noose

Edwards, Dodd attend Iowa fundraiser

Mitt Romney, What do you wear, boxers or briefs?

Who will win Iowa?

Ok...give us your one big story to come out of Iowa...

Pretty good analysis of Iowa poll from David Yepsen...

Huckabee 29% new GOP leader in Iowa Poll (Mitt 24, Rudy 13, McCain tied with Paul)

Edwards, On World Aids Day

LIVE streaming radio from Venezuela (in English) ...

AFSCME (Illinois chapter) backs Obama, breaks for national endorsement

Obama (28%) pulls ahead in Iowa Poll (Clinton 25%, Edwards 23%, Biden 6%)

Bad weather doesn’t slow Edwards

Fundie: If we nominate Ghouliani "we will see a bloodbath at the polls like we've never seen before"

Do you even know what Comprehensive Immigration Reform means?

Biden says focus on Iran has gone overboard (Also, comments on Immigration)

Edwards Statement on Safe Resolution of Situation at Hillary Clinton Campaign Office in Rochester

Sick and tired of Democrats thinking that the only way to look tough is by acting like Republicans?

Chances of Dem candidates of winning the nomination at this point

Edwards is new Iowa leader in male support

Obama at the Apollo (VIDEO)

Edwards on Clinton's Heels for 2nd Place in New Iowa Poll

"Crowd boos Clinton over immigration reform"

Rural America needs John Edwards

Jeers for Hillary, cheers for Obama at today's candidate forum with community activists

Clinton sucks at heartland conference

Edwards' Heart-Felt Connection

New York Times' Frank Rich: "Who's Afraid of Barack Obama?"

New Iowa poll: Obama leads Dems, Huckabee leads Repubs.

A John Edwards Epiphany

American most deserving of a monument on the Washington Mall...

Do you really know who your voting for ?????

A noteworthy example of bogus campaign journalism (Clinton, Obama, Iran)

Huge Obama endorsement tomorrow? If so, who could it be?

If Gore endorses Obama tomorrow....

Chavez's Speech: "Go ahead, make my day." By Joaquin Bustelo

Thought-Provoking Quotes Out of History

Bill Clinton Pretends He Opposed Bush's Iraq Invasion, Media Go Along for the Ride

Dowd: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

NYT: Non-stop Theft & Bribery Staggering Iraq

Public sentiment for Bush / Cheney impeachment expands By John Kaminski and Gary Higginbottom

Deception from the Dailies on the Eve of Venezuela Referendum

Meteorologists Shape Fashion: In the clothing business, the global warming debate is over

Fuel Bill Shows House Speaker Pelosi's Muscle


Politic is the will of the elites; not the will of the people.

Kucinich memoir Courage to Survive' is a rare treat among campaign tomes

Hounding the Bush Dogs: Meet the candidates who are taking on conservative Democrats

Seattle Times: The conscientious public

Buffalo News: Romney, a victim of bigotry, turns on U.S. Muslims


Exploiting Bush before it's too late

The Myth Of Free Markets - And The Corporate Lie Behind It

What The Hell Are Dem Leaders Doing, Blowing Money In Dem Primaries

Rich: Who’s Afraid of Barack Obama?

US says it has right to kidnap British citizens.....

Venezuela: Not What You Think By Robin Hahnel

Bush's proposed Homeland Security cut does favor for Osama bin Laden

China wins from credit crunch fallout

Venezuela Blogger: Reflections of a Spoiled Brat!

Embracing the Face of Autism: Are we Ready? By Yvona Fast

The world is not used to Chavez' pure honesty; it reacts violently to TRUTH!

Excerpts From Coup d'Etat: A Practical Handbook

Vladamir Putin: “The world’s most popular leader”? By Mike Whitney

Dollar's long farewell

Global Warming: Ski Resorts Prepare for a Future Without Skis

Sydney Morning Herald: The seeds of discontent (genetically modified crops)

WP, page one: Younger Muslims Tune In to Upbeat Religious Message

U.S. Companies Behind Anti-Reform Propaganda in Venezuela

NYT editor Bill Keller admits his columns boosting Iraq War were misguided and unwise

Solar panels help kids learn in rural Argentina

Feed the Orcas

World of wasted time: Climate change has stopped being human-created and in our control. Now what?

University of Washington Selects Intrago Share E-Bike System

Companies squeezing power from sun, deserts in Southern California

New blast at Ukraine mine: 4 dead, 1 missing - Reuters

Carbon Storage Gains Support - AP

Sydney Morning Herald: The seeds of discontent (genetically modified crops)

Whats the reason for the unusual surface water temps off Valdez Alaska in 2007?

Heads Up: Grid parity in 5-8 years, but industry shake-out could start next year

America shuns Hollywood's take on Iraq

Thompson Warns of Welfare State

Business lobby increases pressure ahead of ’08

Paul wins Virginia GOP straw poll

Scientist warns of warming's effect on Va. (the Bay and terrorists)

Israelis hit Syrian ‘nuclear bomb plant’

Ending Famine, Simply by Ignoring the Experts

Iraq Sunni leader leaves Baghdad house

Third world warriors fight U.S. wars - for dollars a day

Putin's party set to sweep Russia's parliamentary election

Australia's Howard 'loses seat'

Though Caucuses Loom, Democrats Tone It Down at Iowa's Black and Brown Forum

Estimate of AIDS Cases In U.S. Rises: New Test Places the Rate Of Infection 50 Percent Higher

Congress back to budget, Iraq battles

US to hold "Chemical Ali" until Iraqi leaders agree

Union Raps NASA Chief Michael Griffin

Imus Returns to Radio on Monday

Turnout in Russia's parliamentary polls up on 2003

Earth's Tropics Belt Expands

Huckabee and Imus, Together Again

Firehouse incident with noose was a hoax

Venezuela Ready to Vote and Defend

Mother of French-Colombian hostage wants Chavez back as mediator

U.S. Credit Crisis Adds to Gloom in Arctic Norway

Auto industry backs CAFÉ deal

Big Putin election win, U.S. urges fraud probe

Mayor Bloomberg, Chuck Schumer slam plans to cut anti-terrorism funds

Chavez wins referendum: govt sources

Castro nominated for Cuban seat

Leno to Pay Salaries Of Laid-Off Staffers

Nonstop Theft and Bribery Stagger Iraq

More gay men describe sexual encounters with U.S. Sen. Craig

Kremlin hails Putin win in Russia elections

Army charges Iraq vet over self-inflicted gun wound

(Giuliani) Tryst Fund 'Sickens' Ex-Official

Sperm donor liable for child support, judge rules

US says it has right to kidnap British citizens

Visited the New Space for my Bookstore...

I'm sitting in a compound in Pasay, Manila

Which Team will have the honor of losing to the Buckeyes!

Last movie you saw?

I may need to hire an employee for the Bookstore

Any other comic fans hear of a guy named Michael Neno?

Is there such thing as a reverse SI jinx?

Okay, given the week I obviously have been having, I am going to let out a yolp... ready?

I was almost Card Sharked last night--but I am ok. :)

ESPN joins the legion of Laurel and Hardy misquoters

So, I have had uninterrupted D-cups for 27 hours.

YouTube: Chuck Berry performs "Johnny B. Goode," January 2007, hits some of the right notes

I'm watching Bullitt. Don't mess with me.

After midnight here...

Do you all remember? Skinner said big changes are coming...

Where should I go to buy airplane tickets? Particularly one-way

Robbie Robertson Red Road Ensemble.

The Oklahoma Sooners are Big 12 Champions!

YouTube: Motorhead performs Chuck Berry's "Let It Rock" (David Letterman, May 1991)

Remember this song?

I have to stay here! The kitties french kissing at GD are

Post your water sports pictures here

Should quality of teddy bear names be included as a criterion in the UN human development index?

I just got my very first crock pot

OMG... deep-fried cupcakes

I just walked up to the gas station; bought an 18" SlimJim™ and a bottle of Wild Irish Rose.

And on tonight's amateur DIY surgery hour, how to pop a 'zit' as large as a golf-ball

Help - now I cant sleep because I watch that stupid zit video

Late night music video...

Could there possibly be a worse team to be #1 in the country

What Is Your Favorite Rutting Song?

Celtic Woman - Silent Night.

Man, "Trio" are a bunch of creeps

What Is Your Favorite Rutles Song?

Help I am havened a Dinner Party buffet style this week and need Mediterranean appetizers, any

Had an interesting offer the other day...

Man, I'm up at 12:45 drinking wine and looking up Kraftwerk videos on youtube

Before I pass out I want you, you and everyone you know that I LOVE YOU

Can I get a "This is food for omph." post from Heidi..

This is a smiley for Inchworm!

please tell me there is someone up with even the slightest of plumbing skills

This is a Sunday morning video for Connonym!

Weee snow!!

I aam drunk aas a Lord, I've had 5 posts deleted in GD, and my breath reeks of dead bird paarts.

How would you handle this?

Language question - is it twice or two times?

Please, I'm begging DU for help....please help me (poll)


Are telemarketers allowed to call at this hour?

Janis Joplin reincarnated?

I miss underage drinking

It's 3:30 and I can't go to sleep

Happy Birthday!

It's 530 am east cost time

I just got my very first crack pipe....

Weight loss update

Has anyone here ever used a floatation take (sensory deprivation tank)?

you won't believe this, but I have a 20 lb. turkey in the oven right now

My dog looks just like this but without the costume

So, I gave her uninterrupted orgasms for 27 hours.

Kinda snug, but makes my butt look great......

SharkSquid, how did your LSAT go?

Is it too early to start drinking?

Free beer!

I have daggets on my kitchen ceiling

My mom needs some humor

I just walked across the street in my housecoat and asked the men who have

Dec 2 1814

Led Zeppelin, by...?

animal pictures

Hypothetically, there was this football player at husband's club last night....

I just got my very first pot

Mad TV - Hillary & Barak spoof (less than 2 minutes long)...

TV shows from your childhood.

Live one in GD. Hurry.

the toddler recreates Cadillac Ranch.

Do you have a MySpace page?

It's 'champing at the bit' not 'chomping at the bit'

You haz a flavor


"Always landed with his bum in the butter."

It's 74 degrees! The wind is blowing, the sun is shining, it stopped raining!!!

It's time for some Holiday Games!

It's "couldn't care less," not "could care less."

ESPN sucks right now

never mind, i want to change op/

A funny texting exchange I just had with my aunt

Are we the only animals in the Kingdom

Women seem wicked when you're unwanted, streets are uneven when you're down.

A message from Santa Claus...

What do you want for Christmas?

MILFs or Cougars

Taser Proof Clothes.......

Anyone else here like Iron and Wine?

I used all my roomate's "ethical bean coffee" and replaced it with Nabob "City nights" dark roast

Help with a Cat Problem, Please.

Is it misogyny if you speak ill of a woman?

Open and honest question: Cheech and Chong's "Basketball Jones" video. Racist or not?

Can anyone recommend an online contact supplier?

Ok. Gotta say it. I've noticed a serious decline in the use of spell check in GD lately.

I'm looking for new career ideas....

ever have a complete stranger whisper intimate details about your personal life

Shaving problem.

Do you know why Tom Jackson hates the Patriots so much?

My Favorite Kiss-Moose Song! (YouTube Vid Link Inside)

The Snowman narrator in Rudolph is one creepy F'er....

Really fucking tired of buying stuff I have to assemble!

Best first dance at a wedding ever

Pulp Muppets

72 degrees. 105 humidity, according to the gauge.

OMG...there be snow out there....

I have no words.

Has anyone here ever had the love that is Piraat Ale?

I'm reading American Psycho

there's something that's been bothering me lately.

Will you be my friend?

Geography Game

TRIADS? If you are part of a DU triad and are egregious/toroid/ ascance/pellucidity,

I tried everthing in my power to talk him out of it.

Superbowl halftime show picked today!

Is it okay to "adopt" a cat that is probably owned by someone?

"Jon & Kate Plus 8": Am I the only one surprised by the husband's tolerance of his wife?

I got a speeding ticket today....

how many here aren't dating bipedals?

I have maggots on my kitchen ceiling

Snow Pics!!! Here's mine!!! Got any to share?

Governor Tarkin, we have an emergency alert in detention block A A-twenty-three.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/2/07 (warning: graphic language)

how can a house with five (5) cats have mice????

Toad ownership now illegal

Invent a meaningless college bowl game

Anyone have that photo of the dog with his tongue in the peanut butter jar?


Special Gifts For That Special Fundie

Here's a little entertainment for your Sunday morning - Christian Domestic Discipline

Relatives keep claiming I can succeed in any field that makes me happy.

Hawaii 35 Washington Huskies 28...Hawaii 12 - 0...headed for a Bowl...any bowl...

Coolest present ever update: She LOVED it!

On TCM NOW - one of my favorite films: "My Favorite Year" - Peter O'Toole

Wow, Penn State's womens basketball coach is a fox

if the lounge were a dysfunctional childhood family of origin, which role would you play?

Hell's Waiting Room .... What is on the T.V.?

My Infant Son, The Easily Amused (YouTube video link inside)

How do you figure out if a guy is bisexual?

Well- here we are one month til 2008

Anyone else choose to *not* wear contacts?

So...What's for Dinner?

New comptuer

Does anyone here (artists, photographers) use a Cintiq?

Three Most Embarrassing Songs on your I POD

Do you have a Facebook page?

COUPLES? If you are part of a DU couple and are married/engaged/seriously

My GF is AWESOME. This weekend i have been woken up with freshly made Waffles.

How many monosexuals (hetero/homosexual) are dating bisexuals? And what are the challenges you face?

Army: War fighters not exposed to harmful radiation

No abnormal radiation found at Lejeune

New allies, missions for EUCOM, NATO

VA testing program for all-in-one medical exam

Retirees facing long waits for medical visits

Corps to slash number of MRAPs it will buy

Romance, finance hot topics for USS Kitty Hawk psychologist

Recovering sergeant just ‘one of the guys’

New facility giving more to families

Advanced diagnostics will point the way

She Wants Things He Carried

Waterboarding Is Torture

Mental health problems still stigmatized in the military

Report examines troop voting problems

Injured without scars: The hidden wounds of battle from traumatic brain injury, PTSD

Misawa airmen compete for weapons-loading title

Firedoglake: 'One Big Union' - WGA Strike

Chimes of Freedom

John Edwards at the Iowa Heartland Community Values Forum

Paying For Rudy's Mistress

ZENN (Zero Emissions No Noise car) on the Rick Mercer Report

Man tased for getting out license and insurance too slowly

Dodd speaks after Brown and Black forum

Schieffer: Don't roll out Mission Accomplished banner on Iraq just yet.

question of security. Priceless! Rudy Shag gate.

Helen Thomas questions Dana Perino on Iraq

Fred Thompson shows us why Edwards and Hillary can't win

Philip Zelikow, the author of PNAC

A Haven for Pedophiles

Ron Paul - Late Edition 12-02-07

A few words to ponder

Where does the AP get their Iraqi civilian death information from?

OK, DUers, I still support LEO use of tasers as a choice between traditional tools like batons and

Oh Geez. Can we please have a couple more threads on Hugo Chavez? Please??

Why aren't these news-info-tainment channels like faux and cnn

The Call of K Street, Lobbyists rush to push through rule changes before Bush leaves the White House

CSPAN - Phil-in-Klein-ed, the fascist from AmSpectator, is spewing.

High court to weigh rights of detainees at Guantanamo Bay

More gay men describe sexual encounters with U.S. Sen. Craig (audio clips)

OU 38 Miz 17

It's "couldn't care less," not "could care less."

Media bias hit piece against Democrats

Richard Dawkins on Bill Clinton "had a positive duty" to lie about his affair

Hawaii 35 Washington Huskies 28...Hawaii 12 - 0...headed for a Bowl...any bowl...

CNN reports Bush's attack on Dems "for dragging their feet" on war funding but not GOP blocking bill

EU, US oil firms’ uneasy gamble in Northern Iraq

Film on Mexico Disputed 2006 Election Stirs Emotions

Sen Jim Webb sums it up

Time For a Fraud Compensation Fund

U.S. ships, barred from Hong Kong, now sail under China's nose

Who else is having a good laugh listening to MSM's coverage of the Venezuelan

What gives me hope is:

Paul Helmke: The Second Amendment: The Real Issue

If I hear "9/11" one more time...

Any news on Cheney?


Outrage! AlJazeera joins Operation Pliers!

On this Date in Bush History 12/2 - "worst of the presidents"

The Device NASA Is Leaving Behind

The glaring hypocrisy of the right wing in America

War in Iraq comes home to theatres.

Happy Birthday! "Talkin' World War III" (British Source: 'We came close' the day of Israel's Syria raid)

I just got here. Is Hugo Chavez picking Ron Paul?

Why didn't Bush cut a deal with Muqtada al-Sadr years ago and save thousands of lives?

Rudy's Approval for Judi's Police Driver (PooperGate/BootyGate) came from ...(wait) BERNIE KERIK!!

A point is "moot," not "mute."

Why did Mike Huckabee pardon a rapist?

Congress back to budget, Iraq battles

Is Dana Perino moonlighting as a advertising model?

Most 'superdelegates' remain uncommitted

Is Kevin Spacey Huckabee's doppelganger?

Obama and Huckabee take leads in Iowa in new Register Poll

Kaiser site comparisons of candidates

As mining increased, MSHA cut staff

"Fake" Bibles?

Fleischer Contradicts Rove: We ‘Determined The Timing,’ Karl ‘Just Has His Facts Wrong’ On Iraq refuses to talk about Rudy's "Sex on the City" Booty-Tax-Fraud issue!

Deal in the Works To Freeze Rates on Subprime Loans

"Giuliani is not Bush on steroids, which is too kind to him, he's a cross between Cheney and Nixon."

Is it Halloween again?.. "Reliable Sources: Chiquita Blannquita

Even With Insurance, Hospital Stay Can Cost a Million

Please see the future of "law" enforcement, if you haven't already seen the VID

More gay men describe sexual encounters with Larry Craig

Is the Huckster going to be a one hit wonder? Is he gaining traction anywhere other than Iowa?

Swimming in Rosa Parks' Footsteps: Workers for the Wealthiest Still Struggle for Dignity

Great News: Naomi Klein's, 'The Shock Doctrine' listed at #53 on sales rank

Opponent to Chavez Shot At After Casting Vote

Mountain air not so fresh

Michael Kinsley (Parkinson's sufferer) scolds GOP for putting stem-cell research back 6 years.

France stunned by rioters’ savagery

Ron Paul Supporters are the New Deaniacs

Some Ohio Roads Will Get Beet Juice Mix

Latest January Primary State Polls: 3-way tie in Iowa and South Carolina

How bad can the financial markets get?

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Future Status of Kosovo

More gay men describe sexual encounters with U.S. Sen. Craig

Ron Paul fund raiser considers Paul a Civil Rights Leader

Dumb Question: Popcorn?

The "Cyberbullying" issue

Katrina Vanden Heuvel kicks ass on "This Week with Stephanopoulos"

Should America be equal when it comes to supporting communists?

School Forgets Christmas (DOH!)

I happened to see a CNN profile of Rudy Tutti Fresh n' Fruity today.

So, apparently America's Mayor....

Sex On the City

The Venezuelan Opposition

What is part of American Culture that makes sex such a problem?

Venezuela: CIA poll results!!!!!!!!

AP: Most 'Superdelegates' Uncommitted (Kucinich Saved My Mother's Life)

In what sense is the "surge" "working" in Iraq?

Newsweek: US backed Sunni militias going after rival tribes, rather than "al-Qaeda"

Freeze rates on subprime loans but not conventional ARMS?

Clinton Clinching Grinching Superdelegates?

Huckabee Once Claimed Jesus "On the Cross" Was Pro-Death Penalty

Blue Dog Democrats: Conservative, Or Just Plain Corrupt?

US says it has right to kidnap British citizens

Why Latin America needs social reform

How "democratic" is the Democratic Party? Super Delegates.

Montgomery Co. Considering Gas Tax (15 cents/gallon)

And In Today's Weather... How's Everybody Doing Out There ???

One of the most dishonest articles I have ever seen (on a Fox affiliate no less)

Superb That Article Blows Away US Propaganda About Chavez- "Venezuela: Not What You Think"

Greenwald: National Review reporter caught fabricating; where is the "liberal media"?

Rove now blames Daschle??!!??

Did Bill Clinton spend ANY of the taxpayers' money on Monica?

From "America's Mayor" to "America's PLAYA"! Rudy's Worst. Week! EVER!!!

"Condoleezza Rice has offered Wolfowitz, a prime architect of the Iraq War, a position..."

Jim Webb has been assimilated. That is all. n/t

HIV Infection Study's '08 Release Riles Activists (Update3)

Huge pink blocks are signs of hope in Lower 9th Ward (Brad Pitt & Angelina help)

Farm bill affects more than just land and furrows

Total Information Shutdown. Tell me I'm paranoid.

Billy Joel & Cass Dillon Performing "Christmas In Fallujah"

Lab Finds High Lead Levels In Pet Products

Sunday morning church-going CAPTION-TIME!

Fines on the way for bin overflow

Charles and Camilla Send Rudy and Judy...

You know, when I used to defend Kerry, sometimes I'd be told I wasn't allowing people to criticize

The Food Revolution - Genetic Engineering, Part I

I woke up today with a strange thought , real strange

On Hugo Chavez: I GIVE UP!

JUST IN: In an ironic turnaround, Iraq brought about regime change in the U.S.

Riddle me this: Edwards and corporatism

3 Presidential Candidates so far have promised that there would be no "Signing Statements"

Not just a Dem but a progressive one will win

Dean supporters from '04 who do you support this time?

Anyone watching Crazy Ann on C-Span?

The origin of AIDS - Documentary

Montel Williams asks the teenager he threatened to appear on his show for a public apology

No American President can ever be impeached again.

Army court-martials Iraqi veteran and mental patient Lt. Whiteside for attempted suicide.

Sad times: TASER-proof gear

The MSM marginalizes us even further.

U.S. Tells Iran: Become a Nuclear Power

The Failure of Leadership

Is Glen Beck stark raving mad

Photoblog of the Week - Week of December 2nd 2007.

GOP Race Shifts: Rudy Down 5% in 3 days, Huckabee now only 5% behind Rudy in Second 22%-17%

Gregory: Blogs are to blame for polarization.

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Bottled Water"

Gonzales speech canceled ’students would not attend.’

American media SPIN regarding a referendum in Venezuela


St. Louis Considering Internet Harassment Law

2007 Farm Bill will be debated this week

Pfizer considers outsourcing 30% of manufacturing, mostly to Asia

Imus returns to airwaves

Creep Show

"if we go to play baseball we must respect what the umpire dictates"-Hugo Chavez

I am so so disappointed

Would you support a pro-life candidate if you agreed with his positions on all other issues?

Muslims in jailed teacher protest (hooray)

"Hale's Hope"

My main question about Chavez, lets say a Democrat gets into the Presidency

Do More People Watch Fox NEws?

Do you trust the Primary process?

GQ gives snaps to Josh Marshall: "Give this man a Pulitzer"

Do you like Hillary Clinton?

Why Are Free-Market Economists Still Taken Seriously?

Pay for Pardons - Was Marc Rich (Or a Surrogate) One of the Currently-Secret Clinton Donors?

A Civic Lesson

Venezuela election UPDATE!

Venezuela and Iraq. It's the same issue, Stupid.

Of the Democratic Debate Schedule and "News Pegs"

How the CIA murdered democracy in Chile (Yes, another Chavez thread)

Trader Joe's came up with the perfect holiday message

Mukasey, has launched a lawsuit against the NY State Board of Elections

Prophetic words from more than 40 years ago.

Gonzales speech canceled: ’students would not attend.’

Hugo Chavez’s Struggle against U.S. Imperialism in Latin America

Venezuela Referendum Passes = Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, is heading for victory

The last Ron Paul post we need here at DU

President John Edwards...

CIA Memo and Crack Smokers

Paper: 8 Men Claim Encounters With Craig

San Francisco Offers Gift Cards for Guns

More Bootygate, shag gate

Healthcare's wrong turn

Help! Is the Iowa Brown Black Presidential Forum video available anywhere online?

I don't feel hopeless, but I certainly feel helpless,

Simple neighborhood disputes

A Message from Henry Hyde

My daughter told me today what she would like for Christmas. She asked for a routine doctors visit.

1517, 1607, 1775, 1860, 2007: Tough Times for Establishment Types (Indulgences Come Full Circle)

Wolfowitz to Return to Bush Administration As Policy Advisor With Access to Classified Information

I'll tell you when Chavez is officially a dictator

Habeas Corpus, Torture and December 5th - (Supreme Court case)

What do you look for in a "leader?"

This is OUTRAGEOUS and Must be STOPPED NOW...

Women who ROCK (kpete birthday thread & kpete UNVEILED!!!!!)

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "We're Doomed"

S.1959 - Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007

Ala. Black Group Endorses Obama

Edwards Slams Bush

"Could former senator John Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama be considering a truce?"

Abundance of Warmth At Democratic Forum

Do you ever wonder?

NYT: Who's Afraid of Barack Obama? (Great read!)

For those of you I've seen trying to turn "activist" into a dirty word, DU is activist

Hillary Clinton throws vice-presidential teaser at Bill Richardson

Did I miss Pat Robertson commenting on Rudy's Booty Calls??????

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (12-1-07)

Rasmussen- HRC -37% Obama 24% JRE-15%

Obama should be Biden's Secretary of State. Oh, wait.

Though Caucuses Loom, Democrats Tone It Down at Iowa's Black and Brown Forum

Presidential Profile: Populist Huckabee gains ground with religious approach

We were too busy watching college football

Obama 44%-McCain 44% /Obama 43 -The Ghoul 41/Obama 48% -The Mittster 39%

Obama Hit Stride and Leads Clinton In New Iowa Poll

Huckleberry is really cozy with toe-sucker Dickie Morris

Black Leaders Torn Over Clinton/Obama Endorsement: For Many, the Focus Is Electability

the candidates and the snow

The smart money is betting Obama wins Iowa, Hillary comes back and wins NH and the nomination

NYT--Who's Afraid of Barack Obama?

Meet The Press Guest Compared Bill Clinton To Allen Iverson

"Giuliani is not Bush on steroids, which is too kind to him, he's a cross between Cheney and Nixon."

Huffington Post front page: "Two New Leaders In Iowa" (Obama, Huckabee)

If Obama's supporters are going to make something out of nothing,

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/2/07 - Clinton and Edwards up 1, Obama down 3

Edwards, Olbermann, and Fox News' potentially premature jubilation

I like the sound of President Obama,

We should just change the name of this board to the Obama & Edwards show...

Is the following a bigoted comment?

Don't Know Yahoo From YouTube: Presidential candidates' info technology ignorance unacceptable

UNITED STATES vs John Lennon

Obama: Hopefund is not a 'slush fund'

FOX News Poll: N.H. Clinton-30% Obama-23% Edwards-17%

Biden says Obama can be his civil rights guy

Edwards Outlines Plan to Take On Abusive Lenders and Help Increase Families' Savings

50+% handcount of votes (audit) in Venezuela! LIVE radio from Venezuela (in Eng.)

A Brief Review of PA-18's Congressman Murphy

Guess what? Obama is black. He is also a candidate running for POTUS.

Sexism doesn't exist. Racism doesn't exist.

Any word from Sen. Tom Harkin on his choice?

Most 'superdelegates' remain uncommitted

This place will drive you crazy if........

Obama: Clinton attacks due to "shifts in political fortune"

Politico: The "huge" Obama endorsement is Des Moines Mayor Frank Crownie

Rove Confronted Over Iraq War Lie On Fox News Sunday (by Rep. Chris Van Hollen)

Did Obama supporters learn anything? (Bidenc)

Don't know if this has been posted, but what an incredible claim....

They don't call her Jean 'Smart' for nothing!

A Moratorium - December 3, 2007

Erin apologizes for calling Bush a monkey

Anybody know the current (Up to the minute action) in Venezuela? n/t

If Edwards gets the nomination, is anyone else concerned

Consensus and Collegiality at the Brown and Black Presidential Forum

Some words that need to be heard

A poignant event occurred re Dean at the end of the DNC meeting Friday.

WP,pg1: Dems Gear Up for Final Iowa Appeal: As many as half of voters may be undecided

For all DUer's that want to label Jim Webb a DINO...

"The most amazing electoral process they've ever seen" (Venezuela)

Obama Statement on Annapolis Talks

Huckabee, Obama take lead in Iowa polling

The "left" was right about Iraq. It was a tragic error in judgement.

Internship with Obama Campaign/Donation Request

Obama's and Huckabee's Iowa Ground Games

Imagine this:

Are there any US "adversaries" Bush has not benefitted big time?

What's your opinion about caucuses?

You know what scares me? The last GOP Debate does!!


Were Joe Biden's Remarks About Barack Obama Appropriate?

Tonight on 60 Minutes

So if Clinton starts to lose then where will her support go?

talk to me about alliances on the left.

The Next President and Vice President of the United States

Did anyone hear that those who Booed Clinton were in from Obama's home state?

OK, what if Senator Biden had said that he would offer Senator Clinton

Why Sen. Biden's comments about Sen. Obama are a problem

Des Moines Register: Obama dominates among women as most likeable, principled candidate.

The underlying rationale of the Obama candidacy (And Hillary's for that matter)

Is Iowa or NH more important to win?

Des Moines Mayor endorses Obama: "he'll tell the American people what they need to hear"

Bill Richardson Appreciation Thread

Obama slightly ahead, but "Half in Iowa Could Change Their Minds"

Edwards tackles hard issues

Gentry liberals: More concerned with global warming and gay rights than with lunch-pail joes

Why facts matter.

Ted Kennedy to Endorse Obama today (?)

The Two Biggest Public Secrets, and How Bush Just Signing Statemented Iraq

Was Clinton wrong last night when she refused to make the 100 day pledge?

Who would you like to see as moderators at the next Dem debate?

PPI says Democrats should allow immunity for telecoms. I say baloney.

Biden's percieved insensitivity regarding racist comments is due to going to Greenville Country Club

Edwards calls for credit and lending industry crackdown

Its nonsense Kucinich isn't electable.

Thank you DU, for rejecting Nader and splinterism!

An Objective Assessment Of How Candidates Of The Left Wing Of The Democratic Party Fared

John Edwards: "as President, I represent the American People!"

Holy Shit! Edwards is on fire in this speech!

The Failure of the United States to Support International Law

Democratic Iowa Isn't Progressive about Women?

I think the GE will be Huckabee vs. Obama. What about you?

Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul

Joe Biden's racist words and Barack Obama's homophobic actions