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Archives: December 23, 2007

Turkey in fresh Iraq air strikes

Atleast one person shot at the University Mall in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Iraqi Gov't Pledges to Disband Sunnis

I'm listening to the LedZep reunion concert...

Most important poll of the night

2 Tragically underappreciated Tull tunes for the price of 1!

I just made some barley mushroom soup ask me anything!

Heads up: "Coming To America" is on Comedy Central right now

so i bought harry potter 3, read it, and exchanged it for harry potter 4

Presents wrapped, baking almost done, sis is in flight...

Progressives Check In Here... Identify Yourself

I am working on my daughter's christmas gift...

$348...Guess which movie opened on friday to 48 people total going to see it?

I gotta say.... I think the Foo Fighters are a better band than Nirvana...

I feel seriously old tonight.

Post your creative New Year's resolutions...

Lelapin is stranded at an airport


Sacriligious Holiday Pic....

I heart sprecher's sodas! ask me anything!

In honor of the holidays: Post here and I'll give you a smiley.

Do you give a shit?

For my Lounge comrades:

Robert Williams's new web site....

I gotta say.... I think the Food Fighters are a better band than Nirvana...

DU Pets: Happy Holidays 2007 video is up!

recycling question

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

Welcome to Iowa, turn signals are optional within our borders.

I think it's time we enacted "Unplugged Day."

This Is For Southpawsicker

Ode to Reggie

Random encounters: I just remembered, on a night flight from LA to Chicago,

Have you received your orders from California Peggy?

WOW! Just came back froom an afternoon with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Ask me anything!



Lies About Chuck Norris

Arnold Layne had a strange hobby...

Hallelujah Chorus card stunt... by nuns

I have writer's block. Ask me anything.

Lions and Tigers and Bears.. Oh My

Please offer suggestions for a gift basket: the theme is "Movie & Game Night?"

Should we, the secular progressives, be the light of the world?

A bright spot in the shopping madness today...

I'm high as a kite

SOOOO did anyone celebrate World Orgasm day????

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Alaskan Smoked Porter

The magnificence of Anne Bancroft

Need classic rock suggestions for a playlist

How many Webkinz are too many?

Update on my father...

So I'm gonna take the beginning of this thread and do it easy. Then I'm gonna do the finish rough.

My husband is awesome... We have totally turned things around since July

Here's a happy Irish Christmas for ya

vitally important flying/airport security question

So I finally drove a Hummer H2 today

A serious post from me...and no, I'm not joking

If the Lounge were a party, where would you be?

So, you think you know a lot about music, do ya?

Plan 9 From Mars - Zweiter Tiel. Secret Message Follows:

Anyone see this music video for the Nat. Gaurd by 3 Doors Down??

Hoover sought to arrest 12,000, suspend rights in 1950

A George Bush Christmas Carol - image heavy

Tell EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson to grant California's waiver

Cincy Enquirer Notes 'Warren County Lockdown' Concerns from OH SoS in BRAD BLOG's Interview

The deniers of an individual right to keep and bear arms have painted themselves into a corner.

Chris Floyd: Stand and Deliver: Democrats Take a Bow

Visa Introduces Holiday Healthcare Gift Card for Americans suffering under a collapsed healthcare sy

Lucky To Be Insured in George Bush's America ..... another reason why we need Single-Payer

Iraqi gov't pledges to disband Sunnis

Wow. If they come out in blizzards they'll come to caucus.

Remember this about war, WAR IS A RACKET, and we are at the threshold WW III right now

Get Ready for a Democratic Era

Where's the Fence?

A Christmas Story.....

Tonight on the HORN Billy Shears is doing his Christmas Music show if any of

Nauru: Profile on THIS AMERICAN LIFE (or, Yet Another Reason to Hate the Bush Administration)

Can we vote these guys into the House/Senate?

Candidate to donate 5% of campaign funds to veterans

about that bridge ... and about the dakota

For Mike Huckabee: Dr Seuss books that didn't make it

Santa on Cross Protests Commercialism

The F-Word

Get to fucking work already ...

Bumpy Year For Pelosi

Just to freak some of you out:

The American CONSERVATIVE drops an "F-Bomb" - Fascist - on Giuliani

Looks like the Oscars and Golden Globes will be Cancelled

If you are a lawyer or know of one, then please read and pass it on to him or her

Arizona crackdown driving out illegal immigrants

Carbon cost of Christmas dinner

DU "Dr. Seuss answers Huckabee" thread.

Man , I wish I could learn to live in the moment

Special basilica tied to pagan shrine?

Reagan officials: Charlie Wilson’s War is ‘left-wing myth'

I read a very interesting article about how Obama has been running for Prez from day one...and that

Study: Uninsured More Likely to Die From Cancer

"This Week at War" My ass.

Bush Acknowledges Existence Of Carbon Dioxide

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Invades Ghana!

My husband is a true romantic...a sweet Christmas story

Health Care Fraud: One More Reason Why Government Sponsored Universal Health Care Is Essential

My son faces deportation

DU Pets: Happy Holidays 2007 video is up!

"Fuzzy Science" and Christians who ignore the teachings of Jesus.

Who has seen "Charlie Wilson's War" and is it worth seeing?

US voters are crazy (and I like them that way)

Obama: Protect Pensions, Make Retirement Secure (Des Moines Register)

You owe 175 thousand or 455 per household...............yup

the horror... the HORROR... the ultimate DU sacred cow poll

If Edwards wins the nom, he will DESPERATELY need 527 support to stay alive

It's the nexus of experience, character, judgement, intelligence and emotional maturity

An Impartial Interrogation of George W. Bush

John Edwards appearance in Coralville, Iowa this afternoon

Mother Jones: How green are the campaigns?

So Edwards is getting attacked for a group OUTSIDE his campaign running ads?

Savior or Saboteur?

what do Clinton, Edwards, Obama and Romney have in common?

The choice is clearer now than ever: it's the politics of hope vs. the politics of fear

Would you hire a plumber, or electrician, or heart surgeon, or CEO, who had 1 year experience?

News Corps (Faux) sells tv stations, including.......

Is Obama "The One?"

Who went for the 'mddle' in 1932 Garner or Roosevelt?

GW Bush now has more "experience" as president than any of the Dems

Lieberman: It's important that our troops remain in Iraq for many years

Edwards proposes $100 billion economy bailout

Concord Monitor skewers Romney - calls him a "phony" who "Must Be Stopped"

To what extent has Nancy Pelosi betrayed the wishes of Democratic voters?

Harry and Louise backing Hillary: Her sell-out to health care industry, $800k in contributions

Question for Hillary supporters: who is this candidate you speak of with just one year experience

Biden Asks Caucus-goers To Focus on Credentials

NYT/Rich: Obama gets the better of Clinton's FP advisers

Interesting bit on Obama: "Europe just isn't high on the list of Barack's priorities"

a big fat, "awww" read on Bill Richardson

Can anyone tell me why Edwards runs 3rd in so many states as compared to hil and obama?...

Obama lies. Will it be dismissed? Probably, but here it is nonetheless.

I've met the average Republican voter, and he is family

Romney embracing Dubya - will it hurt or help?

The Experience frame is crap.

Barack Obama's Foreign Policy Advisors and his international travel

The Huckster gets schooled by a 7 year old

Hillary's Experience: Sandy Berger is advisor on her foreign policy team

It's McCain

Who here knew that Dennis Kucinich used to be pro-life/anti-abortion

Dear Iowa & NH: Please tell the "Top Three" No, thank you!

Has Senator Obama ever criticized Hillary for supporting the IRG terror designation?

Bush Acknowledges Existence Of Carbon Dioxide

Stakes high For U.S. and Argentina in Cash Scandal ($800,000 suitcase)

(Klaus) Barbie 'boasted of hunting down Che':CIA made use of a Nazi war criminal's anti-guerrilla sk

Arizona crackdown driving out illegal immigrants

First Dec. 25 Xmas Tied to Pagan Shrine

Kurd leader visits refugees fleeing Turkish attack

Search for man in Iran stalls (Former FBI agent)

Australia leads diplomatic protest against Japan's whaling program

Giuliani tries to ease fears about his health

New Iraqi cardinal calls for release of Saddam aide (Tareq Aziz)

Soldiers seek families for Iraqi orphans

Medicaid Funding for Schools Cut

Despite U.S. Opposition, United Nations Budget Is Approved

Paper gives 'anti-endorsement' to Romney

CIA chief to drag White House into torture cover-up storm

Where Boys Were Kings, a Shift Toward Baby Girls

US: Turkey has right to defend itself

Jeb Bush to arrive in Israel for private visit

Venezuela, Cuba Sign Accords to Increase Oil Refining, Mining

Iran Cited In Iraq's Decline in Violence

Petraeus: No interest in presidency

"You think I'm a Replicant, don't you."

And now nation, the Coldbeer Report.

In recognition of the season

Night y'all

Um. Ok. Blade Runner VS. Blade Runner Final Cut. (Spoilers?)

golden tamarinds monkeyin around

Really cool video. Animal lovers should check it out.

This is a thank you to Peggy and REP.


I just did something I have never done before in my entire life:

Good Morning DU!!

Great Colonel Sanders story

How come nobody raves about "The Celebration of the Lizard" any more?

A Happy Christmas to everyone! Here's a little video gift for you.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 12/23/07

YouTube: Frank Zappa, "Whippin' Post," Live from The Pier in NYC 1984

Post Advice: Things you've done that one should NEVER do!

I'm goin' out on the patio to have a smoke. Who's comin' with me?

So my little old guy is pacing around the floors again.

Big plans! Yes indeed!

Anyone else going to work out this morning?

This Is What I Call "Juxtaposition"

I'm series!!!11one!!! What the hell is marzopam?

FYI: Whores get paid...

Tori Amos tosses two fans out of her show for talking: "It's a privilege to sit in the front row"

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (12/23/07)

I got a drunk call from a friend last night. He promised to run out to the field at the Bill's game


Film trivia. Double bourbon, leave the bottle. Who said it? What film?

Happy F******* Christmas

So honestly, what does eveyone think of Pat Condell?

You know the best thing about GD?

A dog behavior question

I feel like a fucking stuffed sausage.

What are you cooking for Christmas?

This Wonderful Holiday Season, as each one approaches, let us all remember....

What a day for football!

Confess!! Post a "drunk DU posting" you've made in the past year

We're winning the War on Christmas!

Last minute request to bring a side dish to dinner and what is it?

This Song is effing AWESOME !

Blame Sister Mary Etta for this

Adds you'll never see on TV in the USA

How come nobody raves about "Galactica 1980" any more?

How come nobody raves about "Mannix" any more?

Indiana man pays for new pickup using loose change

Rufua Wainwright's new CD

Wish me luck...I am giving my mother a full day with me for christmas

filter - take a picture

Oh great! (Fox TV, January 13)

Got my Christmas gift early...(possible TMI, True Confession warning)

I'm suing Maytag.

Two to four inches my ass

How come nobody raves about "Adam 12" any more?

Too many cat posts, here's one of Attack Dog

I was ambushed in the War on Christmas today

I admit that there's something I absolutely, positively cannot do

I am going to teach my son another important life lesson

Elmer Fudd is the Reason for the Season!

C'mon! Show the hate! Who hates me!

I got yer 'war on christmas' right here!

We should have nicknames for our usernames

How come nobody raves about "My Mother, The Car" any more?


We need a tree topper

Washington man's Christmas commentary: He nails Santa to a cross

I'm increasingly contemptuous in the world of ignorant art

Roasted Wasabi Peas: Anybody ever make them? Tips on how to?

I am bored...Somebody start a fun thread.

Len Cariou....Johnny Depp....

Stem cells harvested from anal cyst tissue

Hi - since you guys know everything, I'm here to ask if there's a group on DU

Excuse me, but I just need a place to freak out.

Kitchenwitch!!! Josh just sang

Pats fans: Tom Brady is on CBS' "60 Minutes" tonight.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lounge Lizards!

We have a green light, gold star & a gold heart at the top of our tree. What's on top of your's?

How often do you run your Adaware/Spybot (or like) programs?

Man, 60, sues boy, 8, over ski slope collision

We FINALLY saw "The Simpsons Movie" yesterday

Work buddy kitteh (image)

Does laudanum work for cramps?

How I finally got the cat to use the litter box

We just got back from Cambria and a little drive up 'the 1'. Should I post pics?

Last minute Xmas Eve dinner addition:

New kitty pics **dial up warning**

I won the Miss Congeniality award at the office

my cat has discovered a new game

Waiting for the plumber: day 2.

Do cats ever get TOO hot?

People who wear Santa hats to do their Christmas shopping are:

Ooh! Wine score!

Bear Down Chicago Bears!!!! (Packers stiill suck!)

It's been 1 year since I was hospitalized

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/23/2007)

A fun thread

I never thought I'd buy a dog a sweater

Gay DUers - any fans of Captain Jack Harkness out there?

Is there really a post in GD flaming someone for enjoying a video game?

Hugh Laurie sings a protest song

I got good news at work tonight...

OK, So I am done freakin out. Suppose you became a grandparent

How come nobody raves about "Post your picture threads" any more?(How about we start one)

When you were a kid, how did you think Santa delivered all the gifts?

Favorite Paul

somebody give me something



This kitteh does not look happy... (warning: biiiiiig pic)

What's for dinner Christmas Eve?

Two of Four drains are out, she sat for 3 hours today, is crabby,

**DU Meetup Pictures-- SoCal DU'ers!** Pic heavy....

MINNESOTA DUers: Check out the Minnesota Forum to RSVP for our 12/28 Gathering

anyone have a good blessing/prayer/poem for solstice?

hypothetical question (sort of about science)

It's San Adreas' fault, not mine.

I love you guys

I need to shamelessly inflate my post count, ask me almost anything

I always knew Glenn Beck was a moron, but holy crap!

Wexler's petition signing is slowing down!!!!

Choose your candidate quiz

Translator from Iraq builds new life in KC

Mine is Jan Schakowsy...she is on board with impeachment...

Captions this photo of Tony and Joey

Hair transplants help flowers grow

CIA Rebuts Suggestion It Did Not Cooperate With 9/11 Commission Investigation

Cant find Olbermann's email on MSNBC site..anyone have it?

"None of the Below"

IF You Had The Power, Which Republican Candidate Would You Eliminate From the Race? And Why?

Inside Iraq's Only Women's Prison, Held In Jail Because Their Husbands Are Accused Of Terrorism

Costa Rica reports record pot bust

Foreign nations snap up U.S., Europe bank shares

Separation of church and state?- Don't miss CBS Sunday Morning!!!

Republicans in local government are asshats, too.

Sunday’s Breakfast Menu, Dec. 23

White House visitor lists stay secret till appeal by WH

Some help about a site that charts web traffic, please?

Question: did telecom deregulation make it any easier for companies to break the law?

My county in NJ is starting a petiton to recall our Freeholders

A Dick Cheney Christmas Carol: "Howdy Dick. Good to see ya again"

Now on MtP, the comedy stylings of Ron Paul

And you thought the United States was committed to building the rule of law in Iraq. Think again.

Bush History 12/23: Your Taxes to Distort Data

MTP has Ron Paul for entire hour. When does Kucinich get his hour?

Man saves $25,000 and buys new truck

CIA Chief May Seek Immunity In Exchange For Testimony Re: Bush & Torture

It hit me as if a bolt sent from His noodly appendage;

Baby Jesus Statue Gets GPS for Christmas

Australia's prime minister confirms troop withdrawal from Iraq

The torture tape fingering Bush as a war criminal

Behind That Fake Smile You Are Terrified

My roof is leaking....

SHOCKER: The FEC effectively go dark on Jan. 1

Hey, why don't we challenge Free Republic to a Second Harvest Competition?

IF ONLY...... (All I Want For Christmas)

My Christmas poem to DU -- with deep appreciation for what we are to each other


GHOULiani on This Week"


The Senate is in session

Dumbest Quote of 2007? DUers, sound off!

A Christmas Card - Poem by Thomas Merton

GOP rivals say Huckabee leans left like Clinton.

My thoughts on this so-called "war on Christmas"

self delete

self delete

Payment One and FRAUD

Does Sarah McLachlan's Myaspca ad make you want to donate?

Cannot Find Weapons of Mass Destruction

Opus: "Get the institutional bull doo-doo'er!"

In a Force for Iraqi Calm, Seeds of Conflict

Instructions for lurking Freepers

If Bill O'Reilly had lived in the time of Jesus ...

Mary Matalin bought Rove's book - for real

One in Five Expect to Borrow to Heat Homes This Winter

When Spies and Generals Do More for Peace Than Democrats

Ecuador throws a 350 million dollar a year threat

It's still not just Imus

Hoover sought to jail 12,000

Sen. Shelby gets sneaky, underhanded over water

2 million kids left behind, forgotten - shame on us

FYI...I have decided to vote for Obama next month!

CBS Evening News hasn't covered alleged gang rape by KBR-Halliburton employees

Photoblog(s) of the Week - Week of December 23rd 2007. - Christmas & Humor

Why is it Democrats were never able to launch a single investigation when in the minority

For $4M Spritual Leaders Pray for Body Armor CEO release

AIDS conspiracies?!

Why the Iowa caucus is meaningless?

AIDS conspiracies?! (Mods--why was this moved?)

Tucker Carlson Arrives At Press Conference In Brothel Owner's Limo

I think John McCain will be the GOP nominee in '08

A You Tube Service To Compare Candidates

Peace & sky watching. It might do us all good, weather permitting.

Great Rob Rogers cartoon

Wow, the conservative websites must have very low

Cheney!!!??? Potus in '08???

"Uneasy 'Awakening' in Iraq"----Will U.S. ever learn?

My question on the Nataline Sarkisyan case - what about the hospital?

My mom says I should pity our troops...

Is Algore ever gonna run for president again?

Privacy Rights: Spying on us

The Passion of the Santa

Perry Kucinich's death should bring attention to the plight of the mentally ill

CIA's Probe of Its Watchdog Yields Changes

Which MSM Outlet Would You Trust to Accurately Report the Currently-Secret Clinton Donors Story?

We have to keep upbeat despite tbe challenges ahead.

A Parent's Plea at Christmas

If You Have a Loved One Currently in Uniform

Now what do you want for Christmas?

If you don't want a corporatist, then you have to vote for Kucinich

Small Business DUers: Do You Live in an SBA HUBZone?

CNN has it right, Bush's legacy IS a mixed bag.

Paper Gives Romney 'Anti-Endorsement'

The Golden Compass~~ anti-religious

Pension Fund Shortages Create Hard Choices

Our Christmas newsletter sent with our cards

Stakes High For U.S. and Argentina in Cash Scandal

"State lets center use shocks for one year"

The Iowa Divorce Rate

Please, Remember What Is Really Important This Holiday Season...

Politico's Simon now on to a different part of Romney's anatomy: "shoulders you could land a 737 on"

Holy Electricity! My latest electric bill is

I watched "The Golden Compass" last night. The catholic advertisment campaign worked on me.

Why I don't support John Edwards:

Inflation as an Illusion and Slamming into the Debt Wall of Doom.

Iraq: the ‘greatest American military comeback’ since 1864?

Someone created a fair trade video game for kids!

White House, Congress, Fed Are Scrambling To Deal With Mortgage Crisis

Skull & Bones

Racial Undercurrent Is Seen in Clinton Campaign - Washington Post

Secret Santa lives on

I'm watching a documentary about Jesus on National Geographic

Depressed? Feeling like hiding under the covers and playing dead?

Waiting out the surge

Are You a Fact-Based Voter or a Faith-Based Voter? Logic, Intuition, or Both?

Matthews: Where have all the "big, beefy" "every-way big guy" Democrats gone?

I turned 50 today while a stranger dies in the hospital

The Food Revolution - Genetic Engineering, Part III

Christmas lights in the sky tonight

Heads up: CBS tonight "In God's Name"

Credit Card Debt...Bush's tool.

Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth?

Holy Shite - those drinking glasses will give you diseases

Have you donated to the DU Year-End Charity Donation Drive?

My Christmas Card From Bernie Ellis - DUer Fly By Night - (posted with his permission)

When was it I declared for Edwards?

Reason #3,421 why Ron Paul is an idiot

I just did something I have never done before in my entire life:

Florida's Sunday Editorials: Time to take a hard look at Jeb's role in FL investment fund debacle

MORE to make your hair stand on end.

Andrew Sullivan: "The Torture Tape Fingering Bush as a War Criminal! (A Must Read)

Former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover sought to suspend habeas corpus

Ron Paul to run as independent? Cnn, so take with a grain of salt.

Where are the Ron Paulers going to go when he loses?

I'm confused. Is the "surge" working? In what sense is it supposed to work?


Angry Populace Burning British Surveillance Cameras

Anyone know how many states have banned DREs?

January Jumpstart for John Edwards?

Overdue Credit Card Debt Surging

Anyone watching that Charlie Wilson

This will make your hair stand on end...brace yourself!

Complicit CNN tries to spin Bush's legacy as "mixed bag." Note to CNN: Bush is a failure

"ELF-YOURSELF" Democratic Candidates

1987 Honda Civic CRX was estimated to get 57 mpg

Heavy Anti-Bush/NWO Song, Travesty As Usual, By The Hidden Hand

Which MSM Outlet Would You Trust to Accurately Report an Unflattering Story...

A reality-check for all the Ron Paul supporters here

I woke up today to find 4 of 5 top Greatest Threads to be about John Edwards

BushCo seek to become the nation's superstructure.

** ~ Strict Internet Censorship ~ ** . . (the nose is IN the tent, Down Under)

WOW! Hillary: Rice Convinced Me on Iraq Vote By Saying Cheney Was "Confused" on Authorization Use!


8 Critical Reasons for a Vegetarian Diet

Help our veterans this holiday - (Bill Richardson email)

Clinton Library Donors Revealed: Two Days before Iowa

Have you heard of the Holy Highway I-35

What can marijuana do for you?

Public Housing Fight in NOLA drops off the radar

What Should be Done about Public Housing?

The hunt for independents in freshly blue New Hampshire

Do you hate Christmas as much as AAR?

Former U.S. Congressman Berkley Bedell (Iowa) backs Obama

Boston Globe: Obama and Papa McCain see gains in NH latest polling

NYT, pg1: Edwards and Romney: 2 Candidates, 2 Fortunes, 2 Views of Wealth

In N.H. poll, Obama inches ahead of Clinton

Newsweek/Zakaria: experience and expertise or personal identity?

Clinton Makes Closing Argument to Women

Collins campaign receiving help from an unusual ally (Lieberman) Please help the Dem Tom Allen

Record Breaking Obstruction: How It Screwed YOU

Another New Hampshire Newspaper Endorsement For Obama

Who here knew Biden used to be anti-Roe v. Wade, STILL opposes all abortion right for women who need

Ron Paul going off with Timbo on Press the Meat

C&L: "Chris Matthews Stands By His Man" (Giuliani), but "shake his head in exasperation" over Romney

Pelosi vs. Newt - Time's Man of the Year 1995

Obama accuses Edwards of hypocrisy

Larry Johnson: Am I a Hillary Cheerleader?

Only Obama fails to vote in favor of allowing victims of sexual abuse to seal their court records

Obama says "Everybody talks change,

Mittens Makes Great Mashed Potatoes!

Is It Time to De-Emphasize the Iowa Caucus?

For a peaceful and Merry Christmas can we have a cease fire until 12/26?


Iowa: Wayne Ford Endorsement Gives Obama Legislative Lead

Political pranksters fill AZ presidential ballot

Poll: If Karl Rove was campaigning against the Clintons...

Obama dismissed Paul Wellstone as a "gadfly" in a "tone laced with contempt for the senator"

There's only one way to settle this

Wealth is a wonderful thing and proof of your virtue in the eyes of God...

Hillary is done for

Tom Tancredo, He came, he saw. He dropped out. Yet, the memories linger.

"that a wild man will suddenly sneak past "

Ron Paul on MTP

Regional Poll (area of country and presidential preference)

DUers, please ask for full quotes in context for anything a candidate supposedly said.

Brand New NH Poll: Obama 30%, Clinton 28%, Edwards 14%....majority oppose healthcare mandate

New Boston Globe NH Poll: Obama 30%, Clinton 28%, Edwards 14%

N.H. Democrats Ponder Tone, Style

Hillary And Romney Are Most Opposed

I'm hoping the Republican nominee is McCain

Now the Obama leads in both Iowa & NH - should Hillary pull out in favor of Edwards?

Obama Slammed As Inexperienced, Untested And Overexposed.

It's about Hillary, stupid

A disturbing thing about the Clinton surrogates attacks of Obama, its all or nothing for Clinton

The big Obama mystery

OS to run all the way to DC for working families????

Sioux City (IA) Journal Endorses Obama

Mitt Romney is Flip Flopping Desperado

Edwards vows to make 'em pay

Next week Obama will be on Tim (fat boy)Russert show BAD move in my opinion

Visits to Huckabee, Edwards Websites Surge

Edwards: "We're moving, which is why he's started talking about me"

Iowa's 'other Democrats' soldier on

John Edwards: DNC Chairman?

'Polarizing' label is a ploy, Clinton's husband says

Obama's closing argument: Stand up

Obama better not fuck with AFSCME

Obama's stump speech: A "thing of beauty," leaving audiences "thunderstruck"

EJ Dionne on George Stuffalottagas

Iowa Rep. Wayne Ford endorses Barack - most endorsements from Iowa lawmakers - entire Black Caucus

**Trust me on this** Editorial in today's Los Angeles Times...

Why contribute to Clinton, Obama or Edwards?

I wanna say one thing

DAMN!!!! 20% of NH dems are still undecided and 23% of rethugs are undecided still this late

For me the war is the bottom line for voting this time...

What happens to unspent campaign funds if someone ends their run before spending it?....

Obama in South Carolina - "not the old-school street politics"

"Petraeus says he's not interested in presidency"...I find myself without a punch line for this one.

Obama on 'Face the Nation'

The most likely outcome of the NH primary is McCain and Obama come out on top.

What do you do if ...

I have come to the realization that it's going to be PAPA McCain who gets the rethug nomination

Boston Globe endorses Obama, prints "Why Hillary Will Prevail"

Obama endorsed by the Nashua Telegraph in NH

John Edwards Position On The War In Iraq

Question: Will the NY Times endorse for the primaries?

This cycle we have a real challenge on our hands because of Clinton and Obama.

Obama Gets Them Fired up

If you want more "spine" in Congress, tell us what to do about the right-controlled media.

WP: In his closing stump, Obama is getting them 'fired up.' Neither Hillary nor Edwards can match it

Edwards was asked about what he would do after Swift Boat-style attacks. He said this:

IF Paul and Clinton get the nominations- who would you vote for? WHY?

HEADS-UP: Iowa Caucus Preview on C-SPAN's "Road to the White House"

300....Iowa Style (parody w/ photos...enjoy)

Iowa Rep. Wayne Ford endorses Barack (+ 19 other Iowa state reps)

Obama on Face the Nation today (VIDEO)

Dallas Morning News endorses Obama.

my partner lived in France and England as a child

Salon: The secret to Mike Huckabee's success

"I want Democrats to be back in the majority in Washington and elect a Democratic president in 2008

Racial Undercurrent Is Seen in Clinton Campaign

Obama re. 527s: Edwards has a chance to show his powers of persuasion (or not)

Obama retreats from call for China toy-import ban

Majority Democrats’ power checked by GOP

Obama's double standards

Dec., 2008: Incoming president names Sec'tys of State, Defense.

From an Electoral Vote Perspective, How Many Southern States Will The Dems Need To Win?

Obama Says He'll Make Toys Safer

It's McCain/Lieberman.

NYT: House flippers hear "the Sound of a Bubble Bursting"

Pro-Hillary Third Party Group Preparing Anti-Obama Web Site?

Fred Barnes just predicted "President Obama" on Fox News Sunday

When there is any mention of Edwards and the $400 haircut, this is my response:

Freedom is very important to me. What do YOU do about people to work to limit others' freedom?

"Santa, we're in Iowa."

Newest American Bumper Stickers

Rising Foreclosures in Iowa Put Pressure on Candidates

Dallas Morning News Endorses Senator Barack Obama

Opposition to health care mandates in New Hampshire


Quad-City Times Endorses Clinton

The Hawk Eye Endorses Hillary Clinton

"Crazy" Ron Paul on Meet the Press this morning.

The #1 Reason the Democratic Nominee Will Win the 2008 Election Is Because...

The woman who most deserved to become our first woman president

More "fun" from Clinton supporters

If McCain get the Repub nomination & Dems insist on one of the front runners

Obama can end decades of division (Nashua Telegraph)

As First Lady, has Laura Bush gained experience in foreign policy to brag about?

Lakey: Edwards "Saved My Daughter's Life"

Gene Lyons exposes Hillary Clinton's character

Bi-Partisanship? Are you KIDDING me?

Hillary would be the oldest democratic nominee in 150 years

PEOPLE of IOWA... the world is watching

Hillary Had No Questions on IWR. Thought "Dick Was Confused"

Does anyone have credible info on who the VP nominees might be?

Biden will preserve Roe v Wade and support a constitutional amendment