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Turkish army claims massive toll from Iraq raid

Bolivia's president slams U.S. for smearing Argentine gov't

Federal court ruling stems foreclosure cases

Security Experts Worry About Safety at College Stadiums

Chávez to talk to press about FARC hostages

U.S. homes attractive to overseas buyers

Canada's Defense Minister claims Iran is supplying Afghan "insurgents"

3 Injured 1 Dead in SF Tiger Attack - 1 Tiger Killed

Court Ruling on Protests Curbs Malls in California

India's outsourcing industry takes toll on workforce


What would you do if...


I am destroyed....

my ex gf gave me a lapse of her good judgment for xmas

AHHH. The decrypted version of "Perseid didn't make it" is "Perseid is dead"

Question - supposed to be driving to Chicago tomorrow

Perseid didn't make it

anyone "do"

Damn. I'm in for it now.

Homegrown performance art

datasuspect sleeps with the fishes

Spending a quiet Xmas evening at home with a horseshit-covered dog

Have I told you lately...

Mary_Alice_CPU says Merry Christmas everyone!

A thread for OMC & Mrs.Grumpy

gonna say goodnight lounge!

Merry Christmas you bastards!

I'm stuck in Denver. In the airport. On Christmas.

Christmas on Monterey Bay

Mac users... I NEED HELP!!

Well Today sucked

it's my son's present, but he's in bed, so I'm playing with it.

Yeah I know, Christmas is about Love and all that Jazz but Post your Haul here!

You know what? I didn't know having a younger brother could be so much fun!


Homophobia! Xenophobia! Racism! .... Just another day at the Free Republic.

Daly: NBC Gave Ultimatum to Return to TV

Video about Repubs and war

Having worked with (for) insurance companies for decades:

Happy holidays from the army

THE JERUSALEM POST: Jeb Bush to arrive in Israel for private visit

"Wish Me a Merry" - - I Kid You Not

Another Sexist bash about a US Congresswoman

Next time romney is channeling John Adams maybe he should try channeling these

Is Hillary capable of confronting our enemies?

Chicago Tribune: Gay immigrants fight to join movement

.......indiana soldier stays with his newborn son

Will the tax cut message that bush and the CONS.

Family Dog Victim During Ohio's Foreclosure Crisis

The latest Romney campaign item. "Romney Mitts" for his swell ideas!

Festive greetings 'from Heaven'

They took the truth and hid it away.

Russia successfully tests new ICBM

To One and All !

Afghanistan orders UN, EU officials out

I just saw "The Great Debators," and it's great.

Panel propose commission on homegrown terror

Stumble Upon is addicting!

Anyone Have Link To "Oh Holy Nightmare"?

In re: Ron Paul, libertarianism and all that stuff. This is a good read:

Forbes fictional 15. Richest Fictional Characters..enjoy and argue if you wish..its for fun..

Old Florida fights back (When the Town Council is in cahoots with Big Developers)

Plan Would Let Seniors Work To Pay Taxes

George W. Bush Up For Sale on Ebay

Egypt To Copyright Pyramids

Cold Turkey by Kurt Vonnegut....

Warren Christmas

So, how'd the War on Christmas go this year?

fox broadcasting caught "dognapping" during football game

Bob Hope's Christmas 1944 Broadcast to the U.S. Merchant Marine Everywhere

Breaking on CNN - Tiger kills zoo patron in San Francisco

X-mas seems gone in my neighborhood

PHOTO: A reminder of who and what our next President needs to care about -

Comparing the Senators who voted for setting a deadline in June 2006 vs. December 2007

Two felons are removed from Clinton committee


Tom Tomorrow's Year in Review! (part 1)


Idaho Police Academy Class Slogan: ''Go Out And Cause PTSD''

Could You Do a "Reality Year"? No TV, All TV Viewing Time Spent Learning...

Why Didn't Boxing Day Catch on Here?

Insured U.S. Residents Face Medical Debt

Before going to see Charkie Wilson please read

GOP Demonization of Trial Lawyers and How Edwards Will Fight Back If He’s the Democratic Nominee

Zoe Baird, Kimba Wood, Janet Reno, and Hillary Clinton: Transition 2008

Is there any good reason to nominate a presidential candidate who ISN'T "anticorporate"?

when it comes to push polls, how do you vote in them?

AP video: Dodd Sole Presidential Campaigner in Iowa

Does any candidate truly understand the direction our nation is headed?

deleted for christmas

Is RawStory off the net???

Barack Obama is like JFK in what way?

Happy Holiday fellow politically obsessed DUers!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Paul EXPOSED: $31BILLION in local pork brought home by Ron Paul

Some of these Ron Paul supporters are delusional

"I don't like the idea that Social Security benefits are going to immigrants who just swam across"

The similarities of Barack Obama and JFK can be pretty convincing

Has anyone considered than many here who want to compare Obama with JFK...

Which of these tickets would win 08' by biggest margin?

Would Edwards remain under-funded if he wins Iowa?

Outsourcing takes toll on India's workers: sleep disorders, heart disease, depression and discord

Are unions that don't support Obama really just "special interest" groups?

When will Hillary's hypothetical polarization officially begin? She beats all GOP'ers in polls

Nothing you post will change my vote.

NYT: Questions arise about Hillary's 'experience' as First Lady

NYT article puts Hillary Clinton's First Lady "experience" under scrutiny

Bodies of 17 men are found north of Baghdad

Faithful mark Christmas Day across globe

Iraq Government Backs Amesty Law..

Irwins onboard whale campaign (Terri and Bindi sign anti-whaling petition)

Military family members share public's division on Iraq war, Bush

8 Years Hard Labor for French in Chad (Zoe's Ark)

Russia to sell advanced air defense systems to Iran

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 26

Bush signs $555 billion spending bill, funds operations into next year

Raytheon: Army aware of missile's flaw

Police Academy Class Slogan: Cause PTSD

Plan Would Let Seniors Work to Pay Taxes

State court puts limits on health insurers' policy cancellations

Iraqi cabinet approves draft general pardon law

Turkey praises US help as jets bomb northern Iraq (3rd attack in 10 days)

(Bill) Clinton closes gap with Bush as nation's 'Most Admired Man' (Gore third place)

October Home Prices Post Record Decline

U.S. Troops to Head to Pakistan

Worms infect more poor Americans than thought

Disappointing Sales During Holiday Season

Britain in secret talks with the Taliban

Urgent Talks after Afghanistan Orders Diplomats Out

Iraqi hairdressers forced underground

Chavez awaiting Colombian 'green light' for hostage handover; Uribe considering next move

2nd juror says she felt pressured in racially-charged shooting case

At least 6 killed in Carnation, Wash., homicide

NH, Ore. Prepare To Recognize Gay Couples

25 feared dead in U.S.-to-Cuba voyage

Just saw "No Country for Old Men"

Astroboy on The Cartoon Network!

Dilbert 2000 calendar gems.

Sweden's Enviornmental Delegation Begins Long Bike/Walk/Row Home from Bali

Anyone Else Here Looking Forward to 2008? I Know I am.

God damn insomnia makes me stabby.

DU Lounge Photo Challenge!

Where's the bong?

Last night the winds were so bad that several trees in our neighborhood went down

OK, who the hell is still up?

Some people have WAY too much time on their hands!

Did everybody get through Christmas OK?

Swearing Santas storm movie theatre!

We had Dim Sum and Hot Pot for Christmas dinner - what did you all have?

My fonts in IE are all messed up

Larry Craig makes the cover of Mad Magazine

Happy Boxing Day, you poseurs

does anybody but me hate that song about the christmas shoes?

So now that we know what you got from Santa, what gifts did you give?

Report: British Man Brutally Murders Wife, Places Corpse Under Christmas Tree

6'4" 280 pounds-Santa hat, purple gstring, red lace camisole, wig, legwarmers

Family Pics on the internet - Post up

PSA - not everyone celebrates Christmas


Facial hair - yes or no?

John Wayne, Jamie Farr, and Pat Boone in.........

Oh, no. I left the turkey stock out overnight. Should I....

4 1/2 hour drive home after a big turkey dinner

okay loungers how would you handle this?

Some cool high speed shots

So who's so Hungary that they fried a Turkey in some Greece?

Happy Boxing Day everyone!!!

The next based-on-anime movie coming out! (2009)

Q: Nirvana- The best and worst thing to ever happen to music?

Lindsay experts: Help!

2 out of 5 grades in so far....

This picture raises several things in regards to Santa(s)

Raise your hand if you set the kitchen on fire yesterday.

For some reason, I'm not getting a lot of traction for Nixon in GD: P


There are two of us here at work in IT/Telecom

Recommend stuff to do and see in NYC!

I had to kill Bob Morton because he made a mistake.

Guitar Hero III ROCKS!!!

I think I'm in heaven

TIPS on how to run from a tiger

Irish DUers, A Little Help, Please....

So who's a big enough idiot to go shopping today?

I just completed a required on-line Workplace Harassment course

Suggestions for a fun/cool place to get married?

CBS news down 1 million viewers from 2006 (back when Bob Schiefer hosted it)

Thanks, Lounge, for making me laugh out loud,

One last Christmas carol: "Rudolph, the Red-Horned Narwhal"

Gotta love GD.

Distract me please...

I can't wait for the FedEx guy to come - he's bringing BEER!!!

Who Else Has Today Off?

Do you feel the need to organize after Christmas?

I'm fucking sick of winter already

Dewey Cox performs his Royal Jelly song

bored but tired is one of the worst combinations at work

eBay rant

How would I find out whether someone is being investigated?

Analyze this: I dreamed I asked my dentist if she was a Republican

Hey Poiuyt! Happy Birthday, Bro!

What's going on with Project Runway?

Did I tell you guys about seeing Jesus in Las Vegas?

Did somebody say "ethereal"

For my 16995th post, I wanna say - I WANT A REAL LEADER IN THE WH!!!

Wasabi-coated roast peas....for Christmas

January 12th here in Sheboygan, and I'm going! Woo hoo!

what height do you look down from?

What do you do for a Band on the Run??

I'm listening to music at work.

Ex-boyfriend calls Lindsay Lohan sex addict in tell-all interview.

Any former Battletech junkies out there?

It's TWEENER Time: If you were born between 1960 and 1965 post here

I support Ru Paul for president in '08

No, ya idjits — it's 'mighta falled'

What do you do for a god with the runs?

Check out this British hanging Tit

I've been watching all of these UFO shows on the History Channel

This was on my stove this morning.

Breaking: Delaware charges $12 toll for beer!!

Xmas reflections: "Ammo! We need more ammo!"

Just had a political argument with my freeper bro...

Actors/actresses you always thought were gay, but weren't

I'm going back to bed

Shoot! I accidentally outed myself to most of my family.

Post a pic of you wearing something that causes havoc between you and your SO.

What are the tackiest Christmas decorations you love to hate?

What's for dinner tonight?

Tonight's Earworm!

5 more months till I kiss my twenties goodbye

One of the best performances I've been privileged to see . . .

LK and I got our Walking With Dinosaurs Live tickets

Strange Wilderness-Sharks can only be found on two places on Earth

Ways to help a bereaved family- any ideas?

If there's a tiger loose, should I pay for my Applebee's meal?

Maybe...just MAYBE...Siberian tigers shouldn't be held in captivity in the first place.

I never thought there could be anything worse than Comcast til I had DirecTV

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/26/2007)

My house looks like a bomb went off....sigh

What's your favorite comic strip?

My computers have been down since Friday or Saturday.

What I missed at Christmas

We ha to put down the matriarch of our Shepard pack today

Anyone else pissed off at Internet Explorer 7?

I just spent an hour organizing my wine

My second-favorite Christmas Story...

What do you do for a dog with the runs?

A Delayed Update

Whats your Travel IQ?

Applebee's is the new Olive Garden!

Yes, Sting Is Great, But His Decorating Style Is Tacky Beyond Belief

What's your favorite Bugs Bunny Cartoon

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/26/07


What music will be played on the speakers in hell?

Virginia is for Lovers and Maryland is for Crabs. What is your state for?

Do you think when a pet dies it achieves higher consciousness?

I think we're going to have to put my cat down.

Do you remember people having pink mohawks?

Lightning may hit my house on Friday night - a female gamer is joining our D&D group

saw "I Am Legend" over the weekend - some questions (spoiler warning)

Greatest One-Hit-Wonder

When should Christmas decorations come down?

Who went to a church service Christmas eve?

Laundry experts: Help!

She is HOME

In March 2002, Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge unveiled a new color-coded threat advisory system

CSX is taking over areas of Central Florida with little or no oversight.

" It's a Horrible Life" - cartoon on Current TV featuring Chimpy, Tricky Dick and many more.

(Seattle P-I:) Airport profilers: They're watching your expressions

Our country is ruled by heartless paper pushers

I bet the terra-lerts warning us about scuba diving terrorists were the direct result of torture

Godammit, I agree with Oreilly..

On Sale Now!!!

Find your presidential candidate, take this quiz

Bill O'Reilly, Chris Matthews Among Columnist's 'P.u.-litzer' Winners

The Wellstone School Song

Meant to do this sooner

Man Tasered for urinating on shop window

Juan Cole: Top Ten Myths about Iraq 2007


“Exploring Scholarly and Best-Selling Accounts of Social Collapse and Colonial Encounters,”

Democratic Consultants: Paid to Lose

This Southern Baptist nation of ours.

For-profit Cancer Industry: The nuclear arms race in hospitals

How an "Ex-Gay" Minister Saw the Light

What's on our Holiday Table By Cindy Sheehan

A No-Spin Yuletide Blame

That Panama plane crash with Mike Klein

Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2007

Bodies of 17 men are found north of Baghdad

Announcing the 2007 P.U.-litzer Prizes (The year's stinkiest media performances)

One Tin Soldier/Video

Race for '08: GOP voters decry stances on illegal immigration

Cheney - Looking out for our best interest

Middle East censors seek to limit Web access

CIA: rogue or victim in tapes flap?

In the upcoming elections I know very well what I am voting against but haven't

Have You Totally Given Up On Al Gore?

I'm Voting for GEORGE W. BUSH as a Write-In Candidate

PAUL KRASSNER: Enhanced Hazing Techniques

ATTENTION all DU’ers Please Check in HERE with your Current Favorite Candidate

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

NYT Editorial: "The Work To Be Done-Starting With A Full Investigation Into Misconduct"

Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid get the credit they deserve

DOJ efforts to block whistleblower's award rejected

Today is the first day of Kwanzaa

There is a 60 ft list of Bush scandals!

Both parties are the same...

Chicago Trib!: Wexler pushes for Cheney's impeachment

So, I got "Sicko" for Christmas and watched it last night.

Newsweek: Cheney tried to abolish the gov't unit that monitors the handling of government secrets

Please redeem your gift cards to prevent national collapse of our xmas based economy!

Feinstein, McConnell want Congressional Gold Medal for Burmese freedom fighter

BUSHCO's Specialty: "Creating Imaginative Lies & Saturating The Media With Them" (Naomi Wolf)

Repubs angry Dems blocked Bush crony/partisan hack FEC nominee decide to hold FEC hostage

VERY SAD - But well put

I simply don't understand auto makers aversion to fuel efficiency

U.S. identifies slain man as senior leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq (AP)

I support Ru Paul for president in '08

Volunteers Needed: to remove Novak's head from his ass


In honor of Jesus' pseudo-birthday I have a serious question for christians

Iraqi cabinet approves draft general pardon law for thousands of prisoners

Worms infect more poor Americans than thought

This Date In Bush History 12/26: Ford Disses Bush

The Rude Pundit: The Pre-Emptive War Against Christmas

Rich Get Richer: As Wall Street bleeds from mortgage crisis, bonuses spike 14%

Ahmed Chalabi, Iranian Spy who fomented Iraq War: Back in US employ

Billy Joel & Cass Dillon Performing "Christmas In Fallujah"

Dave Barry's "Two Americas" (too good to pass)

WaPo Re- Congress's "Deepest Respect to American Christians"


Violent day in Iraq, two U.S. soldiers killed

Could you support a President who believed Extra-marital-hetero sexual sex to be a sin?

SSSHHHH - It's a secret

Go ahead, egg my Hummer


Turkish planes hit Iraqi Kurdish villages

Pronouncing Our Own Doom

Could the mods here use a little common sense please?

What was the name of that huge advisory corp who also owned qwest ?

Is the Internet an Effective Forum for Public Debate?

CNN: Clinton closes gap with Bush as nation's 'Most Admired Man' (oh my!)

Safety First? Watch out for those subtle messages in toys BWAHAHAHAHA

Alaska Governor Shows Fearlessness

Bush: Terrorism not ruled out in big puddy cat attack

Hmmmm. This fully explains Jeff Gannon. To the GOP, everyone is the media

Sandy Huffaker on Barack Obama.

Memory lane: John McCain on Greenspan back in 2000

Man of the Year - Robin Williams.

I've read at least 10 articles claiming how good the Dems will have it in 2008

Congress to vote on "Mouth Breathing" Resolution

Moving Around DC's Deck Chairs: VP Chief of Staff David Addington Staying Put

Edwards' public financing no problem; Blankly predicts GOP Brokered Convention

Website helps executives prepare for prison life

raw audio: Bill Clinton discusses Africa at length

Huckster hunting peasants in Iowa

Another Tragedy in Iraq -- and a Parent's Plea: "Greg, something stinks with this noncombat crap..."

U.S. home prices fell in October for the 10th consecutive month, fell by record amount

Another successful post sent off to die in the Lounge

Manly Huckabee bags a pheasant - wait, was his safety on?

A Holiday Favorite: Teaching a Young Family Member or Friend to Play Chess

Immigration 'problem' solved

Saw a preview for a new movie called "Stop Loss" today.

I used to work with large cats (Lions) and I really have to wonder

This guy acts like LSU would be responsible for a bomb going off at Tiger Stadium

Who’s wrong on race?

In what sort of building is your representative's home office?

Poll: Bush, Hillary Clinton Most Admired

David Addington Pushed To Eliminate Job Of National Archivist Who Challenged Cheney

FYI: HBO is advertising the return of Real Time w/Bill Maher on January 11th.

HBO strives to avoid bias charges in Florida 2000 docudrama

Did anyone see chris matthew (tweety) on morning joe this morning..

Oh great. CNN is telling us that a biochip can broadcast what sort of terrorist weapon has been

Why is the USDA Subsidising Monsanto?

Fox News moves to the left?

Pentagon announces an al-Qaeda number two was killed almost 2 months ago

Huckleberry goes hunting in Iowa, kills a bird and disses Cheney

Internal State Dep't Review...Can't Account for $28 Million in Contractor-Used Cars, Guns, Radios

Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2007

Huckabee goes hunting, shoots Cheneys' pheasant! (pic)

2008 Economic Preview: Not Good

WTF? Police Academy Slogan is "Cause PTSD."

DU Boxing Day Challenge: Praise for ANYTHING in your state?

Another reason to avoid the "Fair Tax" like the plague

Contractors in Afghanistan Didn't Have to Prove Purchases Actually Occurred

Happy Holidays - From the Santorums

Caption Barney (Does * have another black eye?)

I already got my christmas shopping done for next year....

Harvard Study: Middle-Aged Americans Who Gain Healthcare Eligibility See Improvement in Health


Progressives, Unite! NO COMPROMISE!

Conyers (WTF?): "I’ve got to put together a winning program and not step on our message"

Hello? Blue Cross Blue Shield? I've just been eaten by a tiger?

Boxer blasts EPA chief over briefing no-show

Mandates are Political Suicide in '08? That's why Obama's health plan is better

Just to stir the pot...An Obama Question.

Is anybody watching Morning Joe?


ONGOING POLL: Post your Current Favorite Candidate HERE!

So is Willard Romney the son of legal or illegal immigrants?

Giants-Pats available nationwide

Foreman: Stevens (R-Alaska) remodel figure is way off

Got a L. Ron Hubbard tract in the mail from the "Voice of Bart Simpson"

Obama slams Ted Kennedy, calls him "old" and to "get some spine"

BIG BROTHER gets an ass- whuppin'

Is it okay to criticize/bash the Pope here at DU or does that cross the line?

Bush grudgingly signs budget-$555 BILLION- wants more money for war

imagine this: Edwards is selected our candidate and he calls YOU to pick his running mate. Who?

"a young buck" : in reference to Obama

Bill O'Reilly, Chris Matthews Among Columnist's 'P.u.-litzer' Winners

The spirit of Christianity

"Support the Troops"? "Family Values"? Put your RANCH where your mouth is, bastard.

Wow, Japan is getting a 310 MPH mag-lev train

Fox News was on the tube when I went in for a Dr.'s appointment.

The Shock Doctrine: The Clintons and the Cheneys

Comment on The McGlauphlin Group

Halliburton Foundation Publishes Donors, Operates More Transparently Than Clinton Foundation

WONDERFUL LIFE: At this season, let us remember George Baily's defense of Progressive values....

U.S. Troops to Head to Pakistan

If the Clinton Foundation Were to Seek an Injunction to Prevent Donor Disclosure by a Third Party...

"The Spirit of 76"

Angry Populace Burning British Surveillance Cameras

More Bad News On The Recession (soon to be Depression) Front

Do the Toyota ads encourage insurance fraud?

The Plot to Sieze the White House by Jules Archer - READ online

Obama Supporters and Health Care Plans.

Local Applebee's gets ripped off by dinner crowd

12-26-2007 DU final four poll-GD

Florida: Pinellas School Board members join Polk members in support of Intelligent Design

Should "ex-gays" be shunned?

Wednesday TOONS : Post Holiday blues

Applebees Says Universal Coverage could pay for itself; buys plans for customers

Vote for the 2007 MVP (most valuable progressive)--The Nation poll

Obama, Hillary, Elizabeth Edwards, Ron Paul among Time Magazine's People that Mattered for Year 2007

The Savvy, Salty Political Saint

What I Believe.

DUer drops a bomb for Edwards on tort reform, Inc opponents

ATTENTION all DU’ers Please Check in HERE with your Current Favorite Candidate

Patrick to stump for Obama in three key states

Memo - Big Challenges, Real Solutions: Time To Pick A President

The Experience To Make Change Happen

David Shuster just called Ron Paul a Crackpot

He's Obama's political muscle in Florida

A Progressive Looks at John Edwards

About Hillary

Some political reality.

Game On

Anna Quindlen: First Tuesday of Huh?

Dupe, mods pls delete

My not quite final Iowa picks

Parties Raising Big Money for Senate Races

National Legislative Leader Calvin Smyre Endorses Clinton

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Here are how the past two Iowa polls by American Research Group has stacked up.

D.C. social scene re-created in Iowa

Huge crowds wherever Edwards goes not the headline but tardiness is in NYT article

We interrupt this bloodbath:

What do all the high profile and highly critical MSM pieces on Clinton mean?

Don't know if anyone has posted this here, but talk about Delusional....

Those witless dolts at the mall may very well be picking the next president

Des Moines Register - How to caucus?

Josh Marshall: The Big Question (re: Iowa Trendlines)

Club For Growth Intensifies Anti-Huck Advertising In Iowa

Dick Cheney's Fondest Pipe Dream, Revisited - Hillary's support for Kyl/Lieberman

Interactive How Iowa Caucus Works.......

The Battle of 2008

Huckabee and Dukakis -- Targets of the Republican machine are treated the same.

Michigan, Illinois General Election Match-Ups

Texas carries out 60% of all U.S. executions

Barack Obama will eat your children

Why I've Decided to Support Barack Obama

Here's a poll looking for some respondents...

"'Hippie museum' enters N.J. politics" -- from the Philadelphia Inquirer

Is this what you want in a President

What kind of role will the VP play in the next Democratic administration?

Have Clinton's Personal Attacks...Worked?

Best. Christmas. Ever.

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today at an event in Mason City, Iowa

Biden picks up more backers in Iowa race

This Blog Endorses Obama As Nominee

Osama bin Laden's choice for US President

94 % of likely NH primary voters say Iowa will not affect their votes.

New Edwards Ad: 'Power' (video)

Everyday at this time for the past 6 mos. a taped message from Hillary has called me.

Senator Clinton is not the only candidate who uses her first name

Photos: Barack Obama campaiging today at Newman Catholic High School in Mason City, Iowa

Pro-Hillary union flips flops on health care mandate

Obama is Right on 527s

Obama's Closing Argument : The candidate for real change

Obama Leads Democratic Field With Greatest Number of Iowa Newspaper Endorsements

Weather Channel is forecasting dry weather for Iowa Caucus

What is it about the lack of yard signs/bumper stickers

Obama Vows To Fight Special Interest Groups

Hillary: "When I call Hillary's headquarters, there's no electricity. It's scary."

The Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Subcommittee on Europe- has never been there!

Huckabee, who'd rather kill a duck back home, kills a pheasant in Iowa to "show his credentials"

Hillary has different learning curve

Sports Illustrated (fun article): One-on-One With Obama (basketball)

The plot to kill Dennis Kucinich

Leaked internal memo outlines Edwards' Closing Argument: I'm The True Fighter For Middle Class

Collect 'Em All: A New AFSCME Mailer Slams Obama

How would you feel if both Senators Clinton and Obama are still in the Senate on January 21, 2009?

Ministers Say They Didn't Endorse Obama

Has Hillary Found Her #2? Speculation about Bob Kerrey

AFSCME has a message to the Obama whiners

Richardson Endorses Holistic and Spiritual Health Care cautions against putting too much stock in ARG poll -"polling on dark side of the moon"

Joe Wilson is Wrong About Obama

Poll: Obama, Huckabee slipping among Iowa men

ONGOING POLL: Post your Current Favorite Candidate HERE!

Progressive's to arms

Say Hillary wins Iowa and Obama wins NH

Have Democratic Presidential candidates tossed George Lakoff by the wayside?

Poll: Clinton the most admired woman in America's Mark Blumenthal: Polling on the Dark Side of the Moon (re the ARG poll)

Clinton, AFSCME, and illegal coordination

Schuster: Hillary sends out new fake mailer that looks like Edwards campaign material

Joe Biden, Briefly

Edwards' Closing Argument: I'm The True Fighter For Middle Class

Voting your heart in the primary.

Edwards shores up N.H. support, says he sounds like a Democratic president

88% of abortions occur during the 1st 12 weeks of pregnancy; less than 1% during the 3rd trimester.

Hillary Edges Out Oprah as Most Admired Woman in ‘07

Tweety says Obama is "the worlds gift to us" Dear Lord

Obama ups the ante in Iowa

Fresh doubts over Barack Obama’s foreign policy credentials

Huckabee's Faith Obsessed Campaign Freaks Out GOP Establishment

I don't understand the new love affair with Edwards

Response: Obama Nabs Clinton Fan

Obama has more endorsements from Iowa legislators than any other Democratic candidate

Where was Hillary's leadership during the Rwanda genocide?

Last Minute Prediction: Who is going to win Iowa

Chris Mathews: 'Obama winning Iowa would be bigger than the Berlin Wall coming down'

AFSCME's own members strike back against AFSCME's misleading campaign mailer

Krugman: Progressives, To Arms! Forget about Bush—and the middle ground (it doesn't exist)

Obama Leads Clinton In Mass. Fundraising

Hillary Edges Out Oprah as Most Admired Woman in ‘07

Why I am supporting NIXON in '08

What do Dodd, Hillary,Obama and Biden...

Jack Nicholson riffs on politics (sort of)

On 12/5 when I pointed out the intent of those using BHO or Hussein when refering to Obama. . .

Edwards agrees with voter: Hillary is not electable

Edwards Only Top Dem to Take on Wall Street

GQ magazine: the Hillary Haters

I’ve Switched to Hillary

Pro-Edwards 527 Ad Hits TV Airwaves in Iowa Today

The only reason why I think Hillary might be viewed a little more negatively than some of the others

Obama claims endorsements that are not his

Ministers say they didn't endorse Obama

Obama: "There's an air of eloquent naivete about him."

Why I won't be Voting for Hillary Clinton

Kucinich does not have what it takes to be president

The overt racist in the GOP field - - Ron Paul

Bill Richardson: Why I am running.

Instead of praising Iowa, we need to condemn the caucuses

If she's such a feminist, and independent woman, why not run as Hillary Rodham?

POLL - If AMERICA was attacked tomorrow

Well, at least it's not necrophilia...

12-26-2007 DU final four poll-GD-P

Who I Give To