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Archives: December 27, 2007

Stevens Draws GOP Challenger for His Senate Seat

Giants-Pats available nationwide

Human role not ruled out in tiger attack

F-15 Grounding Strains U.S. Air Defenses

U.S. Defends Soldiers' Actions in Killing of 2 Iraqis in Baqubah

NLRB schedules hearing on Foxwoods complaints (tribe's sovereignty complaints "without merit." )

No proof Iranian gov't behind IEDs: Afghan diplomat

California Zoo Declared Crime Scene After Deadly Tiger Attack

Key element of SF's landmark health insurance law struck down

Huckabee goes hunting

Many Retirees May Lose Benefit From Employers

Has anyone heard from Perseid?

Fool me once, shame on you... fool me 647 times, shame on me...

Funny Xmas gifts PICTURE THREAD!!!!

I have no bread or cereal in the house. Chocolate for breakfast tomorrow.

A joke to brighten your day.


The day after Christmas - Aftermath...

If you could only have one in your next life, which would you choose?


A heartfelt thank you...

BREAKING: Tiger found napping in cat bed (pic)...

My son goes back to Minnesota tomorrow morning

Hmmm, secret text message....Who could it be from?

Forget your perfect offering

Word association...!

Have you ever received a gift so ugly even blind people laugh at your ass when you wear it?

New England game to be simucast on NBC & CBS

If Hello Kitty attacked a Bratz doll, who would win?

Hendrick's Gin Martinis

When Tigers Attack

Prison Thriller

So anyways, I stopped by Walmart to buy some sex thread when a tiger jumped out of a Hummer

I went to Bodies: the Exhibition today

A couple of sites where you can download old versions of programs

Yay! I found an old version of Azureus!

Picture of Canada's PM Harper...

Jesus, the Brian Wilson tribute on the Kennedy Center Honors made me cry like a baby.

Can Anyone Give Me one GOOD Reason that the Giants should play their starters?

Could someone please point me in the direction of the low road, I am tired of the high one.

Yay, Slap shot is on!

What's the longest you've stayed friends with an Ex?

Howdy from the beach, I get to stay here until after New Years.

Alton Brown is making me hurl....

Anybody but me remember this old Coca-Cola commercial?

I always swore I would never do this but I need some prayers or whatever

After Christmas Secret Sex Thread Right Here...

Looks like CBS will be preempting the premier of "Good Night & Good Luck" for a stupid football game

13 shot venti soy hazelnut vanilla cinnamon white mocha with extra white mocha and caramel: $13.76

Christmas in three pictures. Post your tree. Pretty please :o)

What are some good SCARY movies?

"Mistrial, damn you! Mistrial!" (LOL)

GREATEST Rock Band with one or more umlauts in its name

If a tiger attacked a pit bull who would win?

Confess. Which of you set something on fire, caught fire yourself

Rrrrr...advice to other writers -- when you back up a file, make sure it backs up PROPERLY.

People who use their kids as pawns in a divorce...

My kids are just so stupid I could scream!!!

Who is off work until next year?

Philosophical question...

Can I get a restraining order against my neighbors' hot tub?

Vibes needed...not for me...but for an old friend...

SC Ministers Say They Didn't Endorse Obama

In regards to the Hillary the hardened campaigner meme:

Iranian Jews Slam 'Emigrant Stunt'

Freedom of Information Act News Release

Bush lands at Waco, badly needing Caption

Senate Meets For 9 Seconds In Effort To Block Bush Appointment

Do you believe Barack Obama is a threat to the progressive movement?

I Wonder If Representatives and Senators Are Getting Their Ears Filled?

I just told an anti-Obama push poller to stuff it...

ADL says Will Smith didn't praise Hitler

I'm glad Keith is back

Sorry About Your Birthday, Jesus

Looks like CBS will be preempting the premier of "Good Night & Good Luck" for a stupid football game

Suck It In...and Vote!

Halliburton Hawks: Joanne98's Post (Clintons/Cheneys: Shock Doctrine)...

Monsanto busted for contempt of Advertising Authority in South Africa

Politically Correct Santorum Picture

A conversation with Paul Krugman -- Charlie Rose Show tonight

Are whites smarter than blacks? Let's try this experiment and see!

"Dukakis is a dweeb in a tank.", "John Kerry is Elmer Fudd acting like a hunter.", "John Edwards is

Testing 24 hr. News Services: CNN: Joel Olsteen Mega Pastor! MSNBC: Child Sex! in SE Asia!

Most Katrina Aid from Overseas (120+ nations) Went Unclaimed...

America's dead. I Nominate Dysfunctionalia as the new name.

Larry Flynt.... “The other shoe’s going to drop any day,”

Link, dammit.

Wexler Wants your friends. pass it on.

Protectionism and My Stuffy Nose

Iran to get missile system from Russia


Manchurian Candidates

CNN's Blitzer to Giuliani: "[Y]ou can give me your honest answers, as you always do"

F-15 Grounding Strains U.S. Air Defenses

Kucinich 'Comes Closest to Embodying the Ideals' of The Nation

Should Obama's fabricated endorsements be investigated?

US concerned by Russian sale of air defense systems to Iran

Turkey thanks US for aiding airstrikes

Is there a list of the most popular Republican Talking Points?

Anyone else concerned by the fact that Baen Books has become hard-right-wing in the past few years?

Is an angry thread that harshly criticizes a Democrat, candidate or no, Democrat-bashing?

they just had a story on the local news about a girl who needs a heart transplant-

Many Retirees May Lose Benefit From Employers

O ye economists: what would happen if we put a 100% tariff on imports?

Should basic Micro and Macro Economics be required in highschool?

Fox News was pimping a dead white girl story tonight.

Patriots - Giants football game to be shown on CBS/NBC/NFL Network

A problem with American Research Group polling organization

We never got his Christmas card this year...

Do you think Hillary is a threat to the Liberal movement?

Bush associates still consolidating their hold on US media

Note to campaigners....

All fans will have access to Pats game

Are you waiting to decide until after you see other states results?

"I Find This Meatloaf Rather Shallow and Pedantic. There, I Said It."

FBI Aims for World's Largest Biometrics Database

Bushitler attacks Air Force and makes a history first.

Should "Enhanced Interrogation" be Legalized?

60 Percent of Executions Happen in Texas

Let's Hear it for Webb, Dems; Senate meets briefly to block Bush Torture Appointee

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"Christmas Rose" is what she named her (A Christmas Story) - Love over money

F-15 Grounding Strains U.S. Air Defenses

Do You Remember? Take Our 2007 News Quiz? (MSNBC.COM)

Yeah Right-Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ Convinced Bush To Ban Embryonic Stem Cell Research

What is your political predictions for 2008? I will put this in my journal

G E -One of the most corrupt Corps in America.

E-MAIL From: "Robert Wexler " = Subject: Quarter Million Person Challenge .... Blog Radio

Pelosi, YOU NEED TO GO !

Clinton, Huckabee ahead in Oklahoma poll

Did Chrs matthews really say this on Hardball?

National Legislative Leader Calvin Smyre Endorses Clinton

Gallup: The Boy King and HRC Most Admired Man/Woman in 2007

Stevens Draws GOP Challenger for His Senate Seat

By virtue that my husband, a Marine....

8 days.

My Iowa prediction...

I would like a President from the East Coast

To DU Biden supporters, who is your second choice out of Edwards, Obama, Clinton?

InfoUSA Forms Investigation Committee, company mispent millions, Gupta connection to Clintons

Are you locked in on one candidate?

Exposing the Iowa Caucus Con: They are a fraud, like the Wizard of Oz.

Biden Deserves Better From the Media

'The Nation' endorses 'no one'

Meet Obama Precinct Captain...94 year-old Marjorie Marsh (VIDEO)

Some possible scenarios for the GOP race and how Romney could pull it off

Breaking!! Obama gets Gore & John Kerry endorsements!

NH-Sen: Bill Shaheen's Obama Stunt Hurting His Wife's Senate Run

Clinton's endorsement list debatable

"My husband just got push-polled against Obama and Edwards"

I just sent another 100 bucks to Joe Biden

Ministers say they didn't endorse Obama

Stop listening to Rove and the Republicans

Tweety is now just a guy sitting in a tv studio shilling for Obama

Former Barack Obama Labor Steering Committee member: "I've switched to Hillary."

If Obama and Edwards do better in GE matchups against Republicans...

Iowa Co-Chair of Hillary’s Veterans Committee decides to caucus for Obama

One Hour Nashua Telegraph interview with Barack Obama.

Obama's Last Stand in Iowa

The truth about Edwards' very honorable and progressive Senate record

The Nation: Nice Comments on Edwards

The Nation: Nice Comments on Kucinich

Obama supporters blindly trust the media

The Nation: Mainly Nice Comments on Obama

Britt Beemer founder of American Research Group was a hard-core Republican campaigner.

The Nation: Mainly Nice Comments on Hillary

Joe Biden Has Strong Dark-Horse Buzz in Iowa

The Herald: International hopes should be pinned on Obama

Only Obama has been certified to be on the Rhode Island Primary Ballot -- today was the deadline

Exposing the Iowa Caucus Con

Haiti: The strange twists and turns of a Clintonian foreign policy

Why conservatives love Barack Obama.

Biden calls on Bush to sign, adopt and implement Iraq plan

Biden now has as many endorsements in Iowa as Hillary.

IF this is a more dangerous time and we need a president who's "ready on day one,"

Why are the Clintons considered do popular among Black voters?

NYT: Edwards Campaign May Have Expected Union Group Plan

Did Obama Campaign "Foul Up" ...Ministers say they Did NOT Endorse Obama!

I like my candidate a lot

If it’s Tuesday, it must be the night of poets

Mortgage Probes Face Big Hurdles

Bhutto is dead

Iran Shields Its Nuclear Activities by Russian Missiles

U.S. Ruling Backs Benefit Cut at 65 in Retiree Plans: Can reduce or eliminate health benefits

Turkish troops attack PKK rebels near Iraqi border

US Police Fatalities Spike in 2007

Lobbyist hired by India on US arms dealers’ payroll

China Offers Production Guidelines for Seafood

Benazir Bhutto, 54, Lived in Eye of Pakistan Storm

Al-Qaeda gunmen kidnap 22 persons in Diala (Iraq)

State Democrats Renew Bush Impeachment Effort (Washington)

Obama Advisor Axelrod Blames Hillary For Bhutto Assassination

White House Condemns Bhutto Attack

UConn: Study shows representation differs across nation

EPA Is to Reveal Greenhouse Gas Papers

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 27

Huckabee still getting paid on the speech circuit

Spitzer/Cuomo announce more than 13,000 New Yorkers to receive settlements in Predatory Lending Case

Columnist Says Conservative Jewish Pundits Are Out of the Mainstream

US Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,900

IRS: You may have to wait for your tax refund

Al-Qaeda claims Bhutto's death

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison is going to Norway

ACLU Says BOE Voting System Switch Would Violate State Law (Cleveland)

The Miami Herald to outsource ad work to India

Were Back (Keith Olbermann live tonight)

Pakistan's Bhutto assassinated

U.S. Checking al Qaeda Claim of Killing Bhutto

Shoppers Find Wal-Mart Cards Not So Giving

(Hillary) Clinton says she would tear up blank check for war

SoCal woman mauled to death by pit bulls

Argentina destroys 70,000 guns under civilian disarmament plan

World Powerless To Stop Darfur's Killing And Carnage

I just spent an hour organizing my swine

Alright - who is the fucknozzle that gave me pink eye!

I watched the movie Field of Dreams a few hours ago, what happens when the corn field dies.


VIBES, for anyone that may need them come & get them here in 4,3,2,1: beep!

uh huh...

I wanna start a kewl thread, but I can't think of a good subject.

Make me laugh, please...

yer darn Tootie...

I lost my Red Alert - has anyone seen it?

yer darn toot'n...

Rapture Ready....

Ugh! I've Got A "Poison" Ear Worm - Every Rose Has Its Thorns

You're Leavin Now, Its In You're Eyes..

I Am Jello Right Now

Actors/Actess's you thought were straight but were not?

Okay...What are your favorite movies...

Had to run a "recovery" disk on my laptop today.

Play a drankin song!

Foolish question of the day.

A Lullaby for Sleepless Loungers

Andy Devine and Buster Brown out Froggy at the end

I would like to wish everyone a happy upcoming New Year.

So I had this desire for a cuddly animal. Duke is kind of stand-offish



Does anybody on DU think I advocate pirating DVDs and software?

If you can't spell 'masturbate,' you just make it seem dirty

NIPSCO sucks.

Anybody else's family members piss on your holiday?

Hey loungers - I posted a thread in GD ...

Barron Hilton to donate 97% of his 2.3billion dollars to charity

I feel as though I'm coming apart and do not like this feeling

Someone had fun with my credit card

HBO to do a movie on the 2000 Florida recount with Laura Dern as Cruella DeVille

I am Ferrero Rocher, bow down and beg for my (fill in the blank)...

Is it just me or does Stephen Harper looked stoned in this picture and generally?

That's HOT: Barron Hilton, embarrassed by behavior of Paris, to leave 97% of his fortune to charity

your red alert will be assimilated...

anyone own a Kindle (Amazon ebook reader)?

CNN Breaking News: Wolf Blitzer

is it dangerous to give a dog a ham bone?

I got a simple MP3 player for Xmas. Where should I go to download some tunes?

Alternate meanings for common words


With a broom, I just forcibly interrupted

I'd like to teach the world to sing

Name a famous person you think is gay but hasn't come out

Its 12 Midnight Is Anyone Else Up?

Um...hey, Lounge? You might want to check out LBN and GD.

I'm on hold with Comcast. I wish I had packed a lunch.

Did anybody catch "My Big Breasts and Me" on BBC last night?

you bet'cha!!

Bad Lieutenant w/ Harvey Keitel coming up on IFC in 5 mins.

Oh, wow. Just Saw the New Dr. Who Voyage of the Damned.

This morning's "grab the popcorn" thread in LBN:

I got Guitar Hero 3 for Christmas.

Will a Blu-Ray/HD DVD movie set up in 1080p play on a 720p screen?

I just had some Sushi

The Cardio Shimmy, Baby (done in front of the mirror so I can see the horror)

the GD/ GDP forums confuse me

is anyone else concerned about the welfare of graywarrior's taped up duck?

Oh, wow. Just Heard the New NKOTB "Lost Masters" Collection.

Whats For Lunch

I think we need a lounge fundraiser to buy billyskank a bread machine

Behold! The Lists Revealed

Whats Your Least Favorite Bugs Bunny Cartoon?

Alien Vs Predator

Big ThankYou To William Pitt

If you have a movie that's "1.66:1 anamorphic", it may not be.

Did anybody catch "Billyskank's Big Bread and Me" on BBC last night?

Trip to Whistler sidetracked by a trip the the ER...

Better Yet: Post your favorite Loony Tunes Cartoons here

Job Interviews. They suck.

LynneSin: could you please go check and see whether Pakistan going to shit means it's the rapture?

We Have Red Alert

Jonas Grumby or Roy Hinckley?

Cloud cat

I'm listening to Hair Nation on internet radio.

I'm going to a question about immigration in GDP--what will be the response?

It was like Soviet Russia in the supermarket.

We Should Start A Bread Fund For billyskank

Dr. Gori vs. Tiny KISS

i was out all day, did i miss anything?

Dozens of priests in wild Bethlehem brawl

People who use their kids as prawns in a salad with mangos and lobster...

People who use their kids as pawns in a game of chess...

DirectTV or Time Warner Cable?

Thanks for all the prayers and chants and vibes last night

i think christmas tree vendors should share their meth before they go back to WI

Funny caption thread, in case you missed it

Miss Summers or Miss Grant?

Sniffa's statement on the assisination of Bhutto

Apollo Creed v. Clubber Lang

i'm glad we're fighting tigers in the zoos...

Did anybody catch "Zgyzny Zagrebni v Skola" on NvZT last night?

Parche's statement on the assassination of Bhutto

What music will be played on the speakers in Heaven?

Damnit my exercise bike is in the way of my beer fridge

i'm glad we're fingering tigers in the zoos...


'm glad we'r e___________ tigers in the zoos...

You can take your tin foil off we know who did it!!!

Apollo XV vs. Chicago Clubbers

When my girlfriend gets her "Sea Captain's" license. What title should I get?

There is not enough popcorn in the world for GD and GDP today, folks.

i think van mccoy should be fined for writing the hustle

Oh god, no! Matcom's in GD!

I'm going to get major flamed for this...

How cool are you on a scale of 1 ~ 10, 10 being way-cool...

Oh Joy

Best Bhutto Post In GD !!!!

As if pink eye were not enough.

I think I've totally screwed up my back this time

Getting On The Stairway To Heaven

Dammit. The rabbit died.

More needless worrying for me. Parents coming for visit- I'm a slob.

Hey, didn't Popeye kick Bhutto's ass a long time ago?

I think we're gonna roll this mutha

where would I go to buy powdered cheese?

Dang it! Sweeney Todd not in my area!

Man, the tin foil hat is reflecting lights from Venus in GD today!

Hey! Blue Jay!

Bush response to Bhutto killing

doctor's orders: I'm going to miss the OH party this weekend

Is The DU Server Slow Today

Question about "harpies"

The law of unintended consequences.

is anyone here?

I Just Hope Bhutto Didn't Have To Watch Alvin And The Chipmunks

I am officially staying the hell out of GD and GD-P for the next few days

As usual, a Greatest Page thread is a Rick Astley video

Did anyone catch my back when it was on its way out

I just come here for the laughs any more....

My Friend's Parents Barely Made it on the last flight out of Lahore

yoooo hooo, Midlo, i gots one for you!

GD:P is a sack of rabid wolverines right now.

Midlodemocrat is looking for those that need jackin'.

Question about "Sharpies"

Who's to blame?

I just got back from the airport.

So, posse. Any threads in GD or GD-P that need hijacking?

Creed Bratton vs. Lana Lang

What is it about parking lots that transform presumably

i think christmas tree vendors should be fined for having unsold trees on the lot on Dec. 26th

I'm going out to eat now. At a local, Spanish restaurant

Nin the mascot cat comes off the mountain for last time

7 more days.

Do you know any WI or MN residents who can help... quick. My son needs a "mentor".

People who use their kids as awnings to protect patio furniture from the Sun.

DU nurses, could use some career advice.

What places do I absolutely need to see when I go to New Orleans this weekend?

Which would win in a fight?

Things WE learned this year

Best film of 2007

Any check on Midlo? Should we call 911 and get the paramedics involved...

Greatest Sandwich in the World

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/27/07

This photo sums up 2007 perfectly for me

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

The New KITT!! Perrrrrrrr.....

Damn! I killed another thread!

I got my Learner's Permit!

You Might Recall

Attracted to one of my friends

My beloved Buddah crossed the Rainbow bridge today

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/27/2007)

Finally a band reunion I can get behind! (THE KINKS!)

Hey RetroLounge????

White Tailed Hawk portrait

"Mistrial, damn you! Mistrial!" (LOL)

Who is off work until next year?

Kansas GOP Chair Sends Email Boasting of Voter Caging

A suggestion for the Video Forum:

What the Iraq war means to Wyoming

Democrat's Asses

attention politicians who think every tragedy is a "photo op" !

My cousin was diagnosed with alzheimers at 50 yrs old by the Mayo Clinic

Barron Hilton to donate 97% of 2.3 billion fortune to charity; poor Paris!

JeffR appreciation thread

Prediction: Bush and repubs will blame recession on next Prez

Another naive neocon writes an editorial....

Bill Clinton is using his title to push folks around for Hillary

Radical Radio online

U.S. Ruling Backs Benefit Cut at 65 in Retiree Plans

R. charles grassley, keep your greedy hands off God's money!!!

The Washington Concensus!

Buy Some Stuff, Enslave Somebody

Mitt Romney

Fans of my writing I hope you'll check out my new blog

What Darwin Could Tell Us About the "War on Drugs"

SF Chronicle: Did Tiger Victim Dangle Leg over Enclosure?

ex-Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto critically wounded in today's bombing per her husband

RED ALERT: Bad day ahead for Pakistan, and maybe the world.

I am frankly shocked by the number of DUers who are

Bet it sucks to be a policy maker in India this morning

The internet, breaking news, lifestyle change???

Well God Damn... Maybe Dick Cheney Will Get His WWIII After All

"I heard there was a time when American products were good quality and exported...

Benazhir Bhutto Has Been Killed In Terrorist Attack

MSNBC reporting that Bhutto first shot in head and neck before

FYI: Why Pakistan Matters

Abstinence-Only Education: Virtually no support from the public, still receives funding

I blame GEORGE W. BUSH for the terrorist murder of Benazir Bhutto

bush could send troops into Pakistan to strike Bin Laden, (from Nov. 30, 2007)

Hillary's Health Care Plan Is Being Explained In Depth On C-Span

The Truth Ray on Edwards - Religion

Excuse me, which polls show that Americans are majority anti-abortion?

Has our annointed one made any comment about Bhutto yet?

Interesting coincidence.. a few days ago there was a story about Special Forces

Wolverton on EPA's decision concerncing California's vehicle emission standards

Does being pregnant mean one should not be a member of Congress?

Bhuttos death ties in with xmas eve announcement by Gates...

I believe the Doomsday Clock should be pushed up to 4 minutes till midnight with Bhutto's death.

Congress Sets Limits on Aid to Pakistan (Pakistan and U.S. relations)

The Politics of Joy Revisited

Hillary Clinton Is Clueless About Health Care

What the F*** MSNBC discussing Bhutto's death: it will have a very positive Giuliani's campaign

It has to be, just has to be!

Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam

Which Dem. candidate will be honest/brave enough to talk about pakistan

Drug reactions 'kill thousands' (in UK)

For those interested. BBC streaming coverage of Bhutto assasination.

Citigroup May Cut Dividend by 40%, Goldman Sachs Says

Anyone else think that the Cold War went underground to be morphed into a new Hot War?

So will Bush return to DC from vacation?

Delaware Online has a poll asking what the top story of the year was.

Speaking of al Qaeda: "Creating Terror": The History of al Qaeda....

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

"Shock Doctrine" readers: Does the Bhutto assassination fit the pattern?

Project Censored: Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008

who benefits the most from benazir bhuttos' assassination?

Tom Tomorrow has the Year in Review, part 1.

Hours before assassination-Bhutto asked Sharif to join hands & prevent poll-rigging in next election

Benazhir Bhutto's assassination was not unexpected...

BBC is reporting from eyewitnesses that unrest has begun in

Brzezinski: "This is a direct by-product of US attempt to manage affairs in other countries. The US

Name one - just one - accomplishment by the Rice woman.

9/25/07 Q&A with Benazir Bhutto on CSpan 1

We are Idiots Ruled by the Media

live video streaming coverage of Bhutto assassination from India (in English): CNN IBN

BushCabal(TM) didn't do it. Bhutto was 100% pro west and pro globalization

EARLY WARNING? - Didn’t we just send troops into Pakistan?

Wisdom From The Founding Rationalists: What Jefferson and Adams Might Tell Mitt Romney

Do I Give a Damn? v. 1.1 - - - Anyone seen this bug on DU?

How many writers could it *possibly* take .....

Al Qaeda already blamed. Want to bet what Bush says at 11:00??

Bhutto Friend/Adviser Blames Musharraf for Assassination

Bush ~~ I have not yet heard what you have to say about Bhutto, and I am PISSED OFF already!

Bhutto being reported as dead on C-Span nt

Commentator Close To Bhutto: "Military EXCELS In Situation Where Preventing Meltdown Is REQUIRED"

Neo-cons have it wrong on Pakistan

I Watched A Documentry About Darfur Last Night On HBO

An example of how idiotic and useless the U.S. media is, from the WSJ

The asshole won't even appear live. His statement is

Congress should not work with Bush until there is a cleaning of the cabinet

A list of candidates' statements

Karzai on BBC saying that he met with Benazir this morning

Been away for about an hour. Can anyone give me a summary of what we know about in Pakistan?

Bhutto Adviser: Musharraf Is To Blame

Peter Bergen: The idea that Musharraf was

Slain Bhutto's supporters take anger to the streets

Benazir Bhutto, 1953-2007

Is Pakistan being set up?

It's time to stop pretending that Iraq is the central front in the war on terror

Is this Pakistan's 9/11?

QUOTATIONS: Bhutto stressed her belief `in freedom'

(Interesting) Police: Bhutto was shot before bomb attack

MSNBC going to get Guiliani's opinion of the assasination...

Bush History 12/27: Ignoring the Plight of Polar Bears

Has Bush made Pakistan a safer or more dangrous place?

The Bushies' Worst Nightmare: Bhutto actually TRIES to capture Bin Laden and succeeds.

Hillary Clinton's statement on Bhutto's assassination

CNN Headline News cable channel now has "Showbiz Tonight"

If Bush had stayed in Afghanistan and finished the job,

Happy holidays... This does not bode well.

How come it is always the good guys?

Bye Bye Christains

Bushies didn't want a Bhutto outright win, and this allows Musharraf to cancel the election

MUST READ/LISTEN: Adrian Levy on DemocracyNow 11/19/2007....

BBC America TV is running wall-to-wall coverage of the events related to Pakistan

The Sad, Stormy Life Of Benazir Bhutto

Here come the "Cable Commanders" Col. Jack Jacobs, Gen Barry McCaffrey

What other wealthy, private industry will be made "mandatory"?

Bush's 10 second statement. He was quite disinterested it appeared.

Did any of the MSM cover the Biden presser live at noon?

Bush to air speech in 40 minutes on Pakistan

A link to all of the Presidential Candidates Statements

Well shit, I saw a hateful racist bumper sticker this morning and it put me in a funk

Press Conference Now from Crawford, Texas.

Pakistan's 2007 Crises Come to a Crescendo

Yet another account.... Bhutto

** Freeper Alert **

CBC TV has extended its noon news program. All Pakistan!

Nutrient Pollution Drives Frog Deformities by Ramping Up Infections

Oh Gawd

CNN: Pakistan opposition leader Nawaz Sharif says his party is boycotting January 8 elections

Personally, I think that all of our republican candidates should go to Pakistan

has Huckabee issued a response to the Bhutto assassination?

Fundamentalism and Violence vs. Peace and Justice. Redefining the political spectrum.

So do we taxpayers own Bush's Crawford Ranch now?

Huckabee " vote for me you live. You don't ...there you go"

Live rolling coverage on the BBC of Bhutto assassination

so,are McCain and Roney the only candidates who have commented on

expanded U.S. Special Forces to go to Pakistan

For the interested,,,link to the 2008 Iowa Caucus Guide

Bush & Cheney are a cancer on the entire world

Basic Lou Dobbs opinion poll

Clinton, Gore criticize Bush's support of Pakistan coup (1999)

Turns out it was Satan's fault

Brent Budowsky: Alliance For Change

This is one barbaric planet inhabited by the most barbaric

U.S. Troops to Head to Pakistan

Idea: Tax incentive for reducing commute.

Mischa Barton is in the jug for DUI!

Will Bush use the Bhutto assasination/Pakistani crisis to block elections?

Senator Robert Byrd is PETA's person of the year.

Putting on my tinfoil hat here....did bush and/or cheney have anything to do with the tiger...

Re: Bhutto's assassination. Any chance of putting away the tinfoil until more is known? No?

McCain: Giuliani's post-9/11 experience would not necessarily help him deal with the Pakistan crisis

Congress: Pakistani elections must go forward

Behold! The Lists Revealed

New regulation allows employers to reduce or eliminate health benefits for retirees

Palestinian Police Keep Christians From Killing Each Other in Bethlehem

*Excellent* Bhutto/Musharraf/Pakistan overview and analysis from Juan Cole

Survey: mortgage crisis hurting other sectors (one in four households delinquent on at least 1 bill)

KO Alert: Olbermann's Cutting his Vacation Short to do Countdown Tonight.

On a lighter note...GPS Used To Recover Stolen Baby Jesus

The Republican candidates are passing around champagne..

Who will be the poor BushCo stooge who will be 'volunteered' to attend Bhutto's funeral?

To all you Pelosi defenders - Check out the top Greatest Thread

Do you know any WI or MN residents who can help... quick. My son needs a "mentor".

Just one reason that I am voting for Clinton...

Interesting debate with my teenage son re: parental rights vs. child/student privacy rights

Pakistan's Sharif Says His Party Will Boycott Elections; Calls for Musharraf to Resign

Bush's Falling Dominoes

McClatchy: Bhutto assassination a blow to U.S. hopes in South Asia

NH Civil Unions start Jan. 1 and the state party is asking for help

2 minutes in Crawford- full text W's remarks this morning

Bhutto assasination: which shoe will drop

Bushie Marcos kills Aquino, Bushie Musharraf kills Bhutto...a certain symmetry of tyranny

How quickly will people fixate on specific Bhutto conspiracy theories?

caption *

America is really fucking over the Middle East

Bhutto's last pic before attack

Analysis: Edwards, McCain positioned to shake up race

With a major female candidate in the race for president, I wonder how many in the far right are

What do the neoCons have to gain from the assassination of Bhutto? I'm NOT defending them, but

O.K. Grandma get back to work

"The Best Speech of the Campaign" - Barack's New Speech in Des Moines Today: "The Power of Hope"

Bhutto: "I put my life in danger and came here because I feel this country is in danger"

Bomb to kill BB was tied to a baby (Dec 15th)

Edwards Statement Following Benazir Bhutto's Assassination

FMCSA rolls through Congressional stop sign for Mexico truck program

Heard a guy say that PAKISTAN is the Central Front in the War on Terror, I thought it was Iraq!

Did you see that McClatchy voters guide with the Mexican breaking through the Great Wall of Texas?

Bhutto’s death will “call into issue the judgment: who’s made the right judgments?

NATALINE SARKISYAN July 10, 1990-December 20, 2007 Memorial Page

Arlen Specter is in Pakistan?

BUSCHO's "Policy Toward Pakistan & Afghanistan Is Tottering (Juan Cole)

Always remember Bush & Co like to play both sides

Brown in hot seat over secret Taliban talks

CNN whoring for McCain and Ghouliani

Will the Bhutto assassination make it more or less difficult for Cheney to murder Iranians?

British charity backs use of electronic tagging of dementia patients


CNN to discuss latest Obama attack on Situation Room, momentarily n/t

India security forces placed on high alert as leaders grieve Bhutto killing

I'll be so glad when the Democratic nominee is finally selected,,,

Joe Biden will be on Tweety re the Bhutto execution

High School Paper Scores Big Scoop on Hidden Cameras

What is wrong with the FBI?

anyone seen Condi Rice?

A question I've been asking that no one supporting not impeaching

Once again Biden nails it on Tweedy

Frikin Snow AGAIN...I hate Kansas in the Winter neoCons use this to deny Global Warming

Did the United States Government have direct involvement in the Assination of Benazir Bhutto?

Let it Be

Caption this picture of Willard >>

I recommend a moratorium on both

Where Is Osama Bin Laden?

Samuel Adams Beers Banned in Some States

Racism is still alive and thriving in Orlando

Is Pakistan the most dangerous country in the world?

Biden: Bhutto's death was unavoidable. Hints at Musharrif's causality.

Dead Presidents

OBAMA ATTACKS: Axelrod (again) blames Hillary for Bhutto's death, Hillary camp Responds

CRAP! Someone get a screen shot of Bill Schneider on CNN NOW!

Rep. Rush Holt to Push for Paper Ballots and Vote Count Audits for 2008

"Damn Chinese don't even include no damn batteries with their toys."

NH, Ore. Prepare To Recognize Gay Couples

Senate Meets Briefly to Block Bush Assistant AG Nom

Can We Adopt 'Twit Romney' as Our Official Nickname for him?

US Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,900

Tweety: "coming up my interview with Bhutto when she was alive"...

Meet BuckBill the Platypus: Platitudinous Moralizing vs. Platypusinous Absurdity

WTF does Rudy know about foreign policy Tweety

Mudcat Saunders really has Hillary pegged!

Wait for it.....Wait for it.....There it is!

Greenspin's Wife, Andrea Mitchell, keeps repeating Bhutto Assasination is like JFK Asassination!

OH SHIT: Pakistan: Al-Qaeda claims Bhutto's death

Who is Opposing Your Incumbent Stooge?

Oh where oh where do they get THOSE POLLS

LTTE on Rich Lowry hypocrisy on Clinton Era

delete please, posted about the same time....

Round table on Tweety: Assassination a win for Clinton and McCain

A Mixed Bag (of what?)

Feingold - Few troops in Afghanistan, many troops in Iraq- misguided policy

2007 predictions Wrong for Bush

So who do you think killed Bhutto?

I'm thoroughly disgusted by the politicization of Bhutto's assassination.

Got a hold of something really interesting

OBAMA ATTACKS: Local Grocer Politicizes, Blames Hillary for Everything!

Today's the perfect day for a Bushco news dump.

A story about destroyed tapes

The MSM Coverage is just like November 22, 1963...

Am I crazy, or do bad things happen when Bush is at the ranch?

I couldn't have possibly have heard this right....

Send MSNBC "YOUR COMMENTS" about getting Racis/Nixon Commentator Buchanan to deal with Ed Schultz

Pakistan: It is Not the Democracy, Stupid-By Larry Johnson

smirk's comment on 'new reality'

Breaking Study: Hillary attacked hardest by media. Obama and Huckabee most favored.

Hindus, Christians Clash Again in India

This NYT headline article is sure to disappear into the fog of the Bhutto assassination

Obama Advisor Axelrod Blames Hillary For Bhutto Assassination

Bhutto: The military did it! The answers are in this book!!!!!!!

F%^&*ing Outsourcing, Insourcing..etc..etc [RANT]

Benazir Bhutto's Death Means NOTHING to my Fundie Clueless Neighbors

Hillary Clinton the woman most admired by Americans: poll

RNC Memo Supports Clinton Library Donor Secrecy - for Now

If It Were to Her Political Benefit, Do You Think Hillary and Bill Would Disclose the Donors?

Richardson: Bhutto=courage; Musharraf 'must go'

The same people who attacked us on 9/11 murdered Benazir Bhutto

I just came from the local Post Office where I spoke with a registered Republican woman who

Congressman Dennis Kucinich responds to Bhutto assassination

Tiger grotto wall shorter than thought, may have contributed to escape and fatal attack

Dennis Kucinich candidate platform

Rating *'s most inappropriate smirks of 2007.

Real Leadership on Pakistan

First Amendment trumps Right to Privacy

I just had a conversation with God.

What if Al Qaeda is fake? Are we scared of Bushco's Boogeyman?

giuliani says we should ramp up our effort to bring bin Laden to justice, yeah, right.

Biden was on Tweety tonight. . .

Sen. Kerry on the Death of Benazir Bhutto

A Christmas Story

Aunt Benazir's false promises

"A Most Dangerous Friend"

Democrats official reactions to the Bhutto assassination

Victims may have dangled legs over Tiger's moat, allowing tiger to escrape by latching on to leg

Two cold hard facts

Something is happening in Iowa for Biden

WTF?!?: We Have To Support The Dictator Because His Opponent Was Just Assassinated

Bush's Falling Dominoes

If it were to his political benefit, do you think that Barack Obama would have dropped McClurkin?

Pro-Pelosi Thread

Saudi arms sale may spark Bush-US Congress battle

The U.S. Legal Community Condemns Destruction of CIA Tapes

Osama Bin Laden, the Terrorist, is Safe in Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, was Not

Rudy Ghouliani was a fucking MAYOR!

"The Arc of the Moral Universe is Long, But it Bends Toward Justice"

a bloody head scarf

Bush looked shaken.

Have the US cables talked any about how many in Pakistan think the US was behind the attack?

NY Times today had an article on Alzheimer's without mentioning ....

Tears are filling up their glasses

A ........... Q .......... KHAN

If you are going to bash a candidate, what holds more water?

OBAMA ATTACKS: Adviser Politicizes, Blames Hillary for Bhutto's Death

Ron Paul, The Creationist Moron

The sickening revelation that Bush watched the torture tapes

Senator Joseph Biden on 10-22-01:

We Are All Prisoners Now, By Paul Craig Roberts

McCain's and Obama's comments (vultures picking over the bones) are disgusting

Is there a site like DU where commenters aren't allowed

Bhutto: There's a very slim line between what are called Musharraf's people and the terrorists

Bhutto emailed Blitzer: If anything happens to me, blame Musharaf.

"Bhutto was corrupt, and I can understand why she would be killed"

*Pakistan-Watch Thread*

Wow! They want to try to blame the victims for that horrible tiger attack in SF?

Do you believe the Corporate polls?

Mark Twain on Criticizing the Clintons: "sassing such famous politicky people"

Russ Feingold and Right to Bear Arms --- 2nd Amendment

A Senate Mystery Keeps Torture Alive — and Its Practitioners Free

Why Do Political Dynasts and Dynasties Excite Such Fierce Opposition?

so do you think our government had something to do with John Lennon's death?

Creeping Fascism in the USA. Ray McGovern lays it out.

T'was The Night Before Impeachment - By Ministry Frontman Al Jourgensen

Obama on Executive Power

Cate Edwards and her Middle school soccer team sing "Johnny Edwards". Eat your heart out Barbra !

In Iowa, there will be no ballots.

In New Hampshire, there will be ballots

Is it just me, or is there a pattern here?

Dean Baker (Center for Economic and Policy Research) on the competing health care policies:

Biden Recalls the Days of JFK

Former Kennedy aide backs Obama

From the Sioux City Journal - Biden

Video: Undecided voters check out Obama

Viable in DM

Why Are the Rightwing Republicans Hyping Obama?

Obama team overcomes 'New Hampshire's toughest challenge'

Breaking News: US Rep. William Delahunt of Massachusetts Will Endorse Barack Obama Today

Clinton regains Democratic lead

A three way race?

Clinton Widens Iowa Lead in New American Research Group Poll

Hate Us for Our WHAT?

Bill called it a verbal slip-up when he said we need to win in Iraq and prevail in Afghanistan

Huckabee: "'Don't get in my way,' he said while pointing to the three dead birds."

The Rude Pundit: Why Ann Coulter Is a ---- (Eating Their Own Edition)

More Murdoch Media

Romney gets slammed by two New Hampshire papers

Obama supporter victim of vandalism, theft

Why doesn't R.Paul support bigger drug sentences for black crack heads?

Anyone else hearing this sentiment uttered...

Clinton begins final push in Iowa with Bill and Chelsea

Is the 'Fix' in for McCain? appears so....

Boston Globe: Hillary answers questions on the power of the Presidency.

A good concise list of Republican criminals and immoral behavior?

Behind the Edwards Surge: Right Message at the Right Time

From Dean stumble, a lesson: Out-of-state Iowa volunteers given a lower profile

If Iowa picks another loser

Senate meets briefly to block Bush appointment

Iowa closing argument: Clinton out with 'Stakes' ad

"Experience" is whatever you have and your opponent doesn't

After watching "The Hunting Of The President" DVD, it just reminded me why I can't support Hillary

At the risk of being disrespectful, I want to ask a question:

Do Obama supporters REALLY think that Obama will not be attacked by right?

Another Iowa Newspaper Endorses Barack Obama!

breaking--BBC: UN security council to meet re Pakistan

Breaking:Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated

Giuliani statement on Bhutto assassination

Dear Candidate, please do not grab a gun and shoot an innocent

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/27/07 - Clinton down 1, Obama unchanged, Edwards up 1

I find the thought of another repuke president utterly intolerable.

So...Bush gives a 42 second speech about Bhutto?

2008 US hopefuls react to Bhutto death

The New Republic on Biden & Bhutto

Candidate statements on Bhutto--WP

Nurturer-in-Chief: Advice for Hillary Clinton from Bhutto (NY Mag interview from September)

The Rude Pundit: Bush to Congress: "Thanks For the Iraq Blood Money, and, Hey, Fuck You"

Vanity Fair: Michelle Obama, First Lady in Waiting

Cheney: where is he, what is he saying, and more importantly,

refuting some kool aide mantra

Biden more than ever, now

Benazir Bhutto and the BFEE Kiss of Death

She had the courage to stand and fight. She had the courage to lead.

Edwards poised to benefit as caucusgoers' solid second

Richardson in Bluffs touts his experience

AlQaeda Claims Responsibility for Assassination ??

Another Obama Endorsement re: Foreign Policy

Dr. Susan Rice: Ready to Lead on Day One?

Chris Matthews: "The Bad Guys win today."

Obama Embraces Tearful Veteran

80-20 Initiative (Asian-American PAC) Calls For Obama's Defeat in Dem Presidential Primaries

Let's see - Oprah endorsed Dr. Phil and he just said the pregnant Spears trollop was a great mom,

OK, so I'm about to reverse and become a ...

So In The Privacy Of The Western WH Is * Privately Saying........

New Attack ad posted in videos


Is it Groundhog Day again??

Wishful thinking -- Let the dust settle before making Pakistan a campaign issue

Obama's statement re. Bhutto killing and her earlier comments on Obama

So It's Clear - It Was Bhutto's Own Fault That She Was Killed.........

MSNBC in full SHILL Mode for Guiliani..

Iowa>>Thompson: No Woman Ought To Be President Next Year

USA Today analysis of their recent national polls.

Kobach admits to coordinated voter supression

The Steepest Climb: For Black Candidates, the Presidency Has Long Been Out of Reach

Scarborough: Bhutto Assassination Helps Rudy And Hillary

The only Iowa prediction that you can take to the bank...

Obama's Closing Argument: Stand With Me, And We Will Change Course Of History

By the logic of many DUers, Obama should raise Whitewater, Travelgate, Lewinsky, Hillary's futures

PRESS CONFERENCE - Joe Biden 12 noon on Pakistan

Pakistan's Sharif says to boycott January election

If our Pakistan policy did not include the assumption Bhutto would be assassinated...

Biden gets highest score (dems) from Citizens Against Gov't Waste

We cannot have a candidate with no understanding of foreign affairs

A history tidbit - attribute this quote please

Sioux City Journal op-ed- Biden has the right experience

Richardson wants * to press Musharraf to resign

NH’s Four Cabinet Press Weekly Newspapers Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

Obama: Don't 'lecture' me on change

Bob Cesca, HuffPo: "The Most Inappropriate Bush War Smirk of 2007"

Marksman shoots Bhuto, then apparently kills himself. CONSPIRACY ALERT!

Why Does Obama Keep Amending The 'Europe Travel' Story?

Biden Raises Security Questions

Idaho papers apologize for false Obama statements

Giuliani ad links World War II, 9/11

A tragedy like Bhutto's assassination stresses the need for experience like Biden's.

Delahunt says Obama will restore US image abroad

Two Neo Kons get axed at Time. Kristol and Kraut out. This is good news.

Biden Alert: Biden will be on Hardball at 5PM ET

Does Hillary think the murder of Bhutto helps her campaign?

Dave "Mudcat" Saunders: Hillary Clinton's Serious Iowa Problem

Biden on Hardball tonight, 5pm

Harry, Louise and Hillary: Follow the Money

Would someone remind me why AAR, NovaM and other "progressive" radio use AP radio news??

Bhutto Blames Musharraf for her death....

Biden and Executive Privelege

Here's what Bush will proabably say about Bhutto's death.

The Lessons Lost from 9/11 & Bhutto's Death.

CNN: Bhuto Advisor confirms that U.S. knew there was something FUNKY about Bhuto Security

Hillary murdered Bhutto

Obama, Clinton, McCain . . . Whoever ties Bhuto Murder to "terrorist" is just exploiting

Time/Halperin: Obama just delivered the best-written speech of the campaign

Ottumwa Courier: Support Obama

It's clear to me that Hillary Clinton's supporters have stooped to a new low today

Ron Paul on CNN right now discussing Bhutto assassination.

Sorry Hillary, but that decision to invade Iraq looks even stupider now

I see Peter Daou sent out his surrogates

If you were the President of some major world superpower, and you were on vacation

Candidates: Bhutto killing underscores need for tested leaders

The Pity Strategy Explained

A pathetic Nixon supporter on another thread just posted a big pile of crap

Biden CNN now!

Obama people - watch CNN - they are going to talk about the controversy of

Does the tragic assassination of Bhutto mean we should nominate Hillary, as her supporters claim?

New JOE BIDEN television ad

Is it wrong for head Barack Obama adviser David Axelrod to link Benazir Bhutto's death to IWR?

Can ANY Dem win in 2008?

Clintons' NAFTA will cause 500,000 additional unauthorized border crossings from Mexico in 2008!

Benazir Bhutto told Bush I "You are creating a Frankenstein"

Bhutto used to call Biden on the phone to ask for his advice -

How was what Axelrod said inaccurate? Answer: It wasn't.

Is it wrong to post push polls in GD: P?

Question for Bush amidst the Bhutto killing: Will you stay on vacation in Texas or come back to DC?

General McPeak Joins Obama in Iowa

A pathetic Obama supporter on another thread just posted a big pile of crap

Jeez who does Axelrod work for anyway?

I musta missed something.

Joe Biden finally getting some air time coming up in ten minutes.

A pathetic Clinton supporter on another thread just posted a big pile of crap

"I will not acquiesce to tyranny, but rather lead the fight against it."

Edwards on Hardball as we speak

Obama advisor links Clinton vote and Bhutto death?

JOE BIDEN - on PAKISTAN weeks ago

David Broder blames Democrats for congress' inaction, again

After 15 minutes of trying

Has the Iraq War distracted the US from fighting terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan?

JOE BIDEN coming up next on CNN

Benazir Bhutto photo tribute

Cliff. Fucking. May. And The Drums of War.

Which of these people is most responsible for the tragic mess in Pakistan today?

Obama Adviser: Bhutto Assassination Reminds Us That Hillary Made Wrong Call On Iraq War

Is anyone watching MSNBC right now?

Ron Paul believes the first amendment applies only to Congress.

Attention Obama supporters

A great woman has been murdered!

Good luck to the moderators

Hill Pal Bayh: Assassination Reminds Us That If We Don't Pick Hillary, GOP Could Paint Dems As Weak

So pundits opine that Hillary is a "winner" due to Bhutto murder and DUers are pissed at Axelrod?

Watching Benazir Bhutto on CSPAN, she is indeed a martyr for democracy

Evan Bayh just used the Bhutto assassination, as expected.

Obama campaign reportedly in a "panic" after politicizing Bhutto's death

"I am not standing before you as a Presidential Candidate, I am standing before you as the Chairman

Hillary Backer Bayh: Assassination Reminds Us That If We Don't Pick Hillary...blah blah blah...

Obama Campaign In Disarray? Making Political Hay Out of Bhutto Assassination?

AFSCME's head, Jerry McEntee disagrees with flier by 527 group that endorsed Hillary

Biden's words, audience sway D.M. man

Hey gladiators... put down your weapons for JUST a second...

Biden on Hardball right now.

How does Richardson want us to force Musharraf out?

Axelrod answered a REPORTER'S QUESTION truthfully. Whats wrong with that?

Axelrod reiterates his remarks.

I Am So Angry I Could Scream

While I solemnly swear to support our nominee, on days like today I wish Gore or Dean were running.

Why did it take a (another) crisis to bring Pakistan into focus (again)?

As usual, the rec'd page is bashing a leading democratic leader

Why I can not support Hillary Clinton ever

A genuine concern: Obama chief strategist Axelrod, what if he screws up in the general election?

Homophobes must feel comfortable on Hillary's web site and payroll

You can bet Dennis won't use Bhutto's tragic assassination as an opportunity to push his campaign.

Poll question: Is it wrong for Clinton surrogate Evan Bayh to campaign on topic of Bhutto's death?

Benazir Bhutto's Death Means NOTHING to my Fundie Clueless Neighbors

Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the Death of Benazir Bhutto

Edwards Statement Following Benazir Bhutto's Assassination

Why do I keep thinking Dick Cheney when I watch the Bhutto coverage?

Upcoming Iowa Poll: Obama 30%, Clinton 29%, Edwards 28%.....MOE is 4.5%

John Edwards busted on 527?

Can you imagine being that brave?

I have neve disliked GDP more than today.

Obama camp implicates Hillary policies in Bhutto assassination (Six degrees of Hillary)

I'm not voting for either Obama OR Hillary if this keeps up

Extremists Among Us: Obama Campaign Blames Clinton for Bhutto Murder

Does Bhutto Assassination HURT Obama?

Hillary Clinton Has No Health Care Plan

Richardson Mourns Bhutto, Calls for Musharraf to Step Down

Is the Huckabubble coming to an end? Hillary edges Huckabee in Arkansas...

Edwards Paints Obama As An Out-Of-Touch Intellectual

The Hillary people remind me of the republicans in 2004.

Biden statement on Bhutto!!

Okay, people, Cut the Crap!

Interesting, don't you think, that Charlie Wilson's War doesn't ever once mention the word 'Taliban'

Supreme Court so far to employer’s side in job discrimination cases it is now right of Bush Admin.

Lest we forget, today's events in Pakistan flow from policy, not happenstance

Obamabots, Hillshills...

How many bimbo eruptions will the GOP trot out if HRC is the nominee?

Do you want an apprentice, or a journeyman?

Edwards' International Call Is Returned

Wexler: Mainstream Media Wakes Up

Racial Slurs Painted on Obama Supporter's Home

Does a candidate's supporters affect your opinion of the candidate?

Main suspects in Bhutto's assassination are the terrorists Obama said we should go after

Pakistan Crisis Makes The Case For Biden, Not Bush or Hillary

Each year about this time....I remember when Dean said we were no safer with Saddam captured. .

Study finds TV has negative view of Hillary Clinton

Obama was reamed by DU when he warned about Pakistan....

Why Hillary Clinton is More Electable Than John Edwards

Woolsey endorses Clinton candidacy

Hillary's pro-war stance has consequences.

Hillary's statement on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto

DUer's voting for Dennis Kucinich regardless of anything check-in thread