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Archives: December 28, 2007

Tiger grotto wall shorter than thought, may have contributed to escape and fatal attack

Penalties announced following fatal ammonia leak ($1.16 million)

Obama runs even with Clinton in two key states

Seattle Times publisher hints at deep cuts

Uruguayan president signs law legalizing gay couples

Blitzer Was Sent Email To Be Read Only In The Event Bhutto Was Assassinated

Wars Cost $15 Billion a Month, GOP Senator Says

Pro-Hillary Group Spending $39,000 On New Anti-Obama Mailing In New Hampshire

Pak unstable, India on edge

Bhutto said Musharraf failed to protect her: e-mail

Group: Bin Laden to release Iraq message

Minneapolis and Seattle most literate..

Former Texas home of Bushes burned by arsonist

The Name Of Jaime Lynn Spears Show Has Been Changed To 'Zoey69'

Self-proclaimed seers, sages & prophets who lecture you like little children in The Lounge

"Ice Age" tonight at 8...

With Flak Vest On, I am going over to GD

Yous people are funny. Yep you are.

Dixie Normus

Post office question

The tiger is becoming the new missing blond...

Oprah just emailed me. sniffa is NOT getting a new car.

So I gave wifey the night off...

Which month has a Blue Moon in 2008?

so, i need a new avatar

DS1, DS1. I will pay you $100 NOT to give sniffa a pic of TM

DU has disappointed me

Did you guys know that sniffa is NOT a middle aged white woman in her 30s/40s?

To all (would-be) quantum physicists

Did you guys know that sniffa is pro-homelessness?

Yo! Paging Mistah Sniffs!

Did you know that sniffa had curly hair but it straightened out when he got his botox injections!

Please! Please!! Let the people see my post !! Please! Please!!

Did you guys know that lost-in-nj is really a 15 year old kid sitting in his mother's basement?

CRAP bin Laden

Maraya1969 appreciation thread


DS1 is dead to me.

Finnfan doesn't fart roses anymore, and blames us all!

My new avatar is teh awesomeness...

Did you know Midlodemocrat

Jeff Beck is incredible.

Oh look! It's a post containing LOTS OF innuendo!!!

Mama weer all crazee now

The best rock video EVER (I will say "kitteh," but NOT "EVAH")

The phrase of the day is "sack of rabid wolverines"

Did you guys know that RevActs feet stink?

Oh look! It's a post containing NO innuendo!!!

Out Of Sync....

Jack Beck is incredible

Oh, wow. The 2007 Doctor Who Christmas Special has aired.

Beerdrinkers in the Midwest and East Coast: can you get Black Butte Porter out there?

The s.o. just poured me the highest octane margarita ever - ask me anything!

Which of these is/was not a leap year (easy)

FinnFan breastfed Sniffa at olfactory garden!

Question for lounge researchers?

No wonder I have no life.

OMFG, this place rules!

The name of Pakistan's capital (Islamabad) can mean only one thing.

DU has changed.

You ever get the urge to...

The best music ever to come out of Nazi Germany

One last thought. Did you guys know that sniffa is anti-elderly?

DS1 is 'Dude' to me.

Stability vs. Balance- a poem?

Where are good places for singles on New Year's Eve?

Is youtube down for one and all?

What are your favorite magazines/websites for architecture, design, building, etc.

Did you guys know that sniffa is a botox user? Me neither.

David BECKham is incredibla

Why hasn't my future SIL, (flvegan) come to the defense of TM?

I guarantee that I hate my job more than you

Call your fucking congressman!

Tell us a joke.

For my friend in San Antonio

Okay, for clarity.

Best cookie in the world

How come....

I'm Packing for Ohio. What did I forget???

I was just fired from my job at the orange juice factory -

What is Rick Rolling?

Tonight at my local posh, Spanish restaurant, there was a couple

BF hates me again and I don't know why.

Confessions ...

I have a confession that I must share with the rest of the lounge

Am I insane? I bought an $799 Acer Aspire off

My thank you to the Lounge: Two pics from tonight...

Anyone with curly hair ever get it straightened?

Finnfan is like a pit bull in a sack of rabid wolverines.

"If I only running up that hill...with no problems"

A Threat So Big, Academics Try Collaboration

Green Tax Breaks - we need more of these

Americans dismally uninformed about deceit duplicity ulterior motives behind America's manipulation

Leon Panetta - Used Clinton Chief of Staff - on Bloomberg after Recent Comments on Clintons

Conservativism -> High Energy Costs -> Foreclosures -> Starving Citizens

Fourth Branch: The Misadventures of Cheney and His Minion Squad

DU Poll Food for Thought--Question #1 (of 3)

McGovern Still on the Antiwar Path

Now this was a classic

Dissent On Parade: Rose Parade Demonstrations

In sex ed, abstinence-only loses support but keeps funds

How will Chimpy repay Musharraf for his gross incompetence and ineptness?

US holiday sales disappoint even in online world

The bhutto assassination makes it all the more clear that good judgment is necessary

Zoo Director Says Tiger Wall Was Low, wall built in 1940

Bhutto said Musharraf failed to protect her: e-mail

Clinton voted with the republicans against a bill proposed by dems to stop the use of cluster bombs

This very well could be the most incompetent administration ever


Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Pakistan has been the Elephant in the room all along

KO up Next on MSNBC - 8 p.m. ET

5 posts on the front page. 4 of them distinctly anti-Clinton, one linking to anti-Clinton reports.

Not one American taxpayer deserves blame for slavery.

Six Years After 2001- Al Qaeda is Stronger than ever.

edwards up on LKLive after break (pakastan talk)

Proof the mainstream mediea uses language which slants the debate for the adminstration

Rest In Peace, Benazir Bhutto

It's late, but this may be the Understatement of the Year 2007: NYT

The dark is patient & always wins-but at the heart of its strength is its greatest weakness,

Breaking: Bloomberg/LA Times Poll

A New Way to Raise Money for Charities?

Deception: Adrian Levy on How the U.S. Secretly Helped Pakistan Build Its Nuclear Arsenal

The bush version of "The House that Jack Built."

bhutto assassination means vote for UNBLOCK or we're all gonna DIE!

Icelandic visitor to US terrorized by homeland security

Creeping Fascism: Lessons From the Past by Ray McGovern

An open letter to Lucinda Bassett

what is political correctness?

So, St Rudi had prostate cancer, McCain had some dread

Proper statement on Bhutto's death

Fundies terrified federal domestic partner benefits bill will lead to SAME-SEX MARRIAGE!

U.S. lawmakers who were to meet with Bhutto describe shock (Musharraf called Edwards?)

A Day of Sadness.

Iowa Voter Sculpts Life-Size Bust of Obama. . in BUTTER!

The sun is up by now in Pakistan. I wonder what this day will bring?

Ray McGovern nails it...

Who best to work out Pakistan's fate?

Wild animals shouldn't be caged for our amusement.

Bennie Bhutto (looseheadprop - firedoglake)

Aftermath with images of Bhutto

Kucinich: Statement on the death of Benazir Bhutto

Heavens Help Us! We Still Have One More Year of President George W. Bush.

Laura 'Pickles' Bush has ultra-rare 1963 kennedy Xmas card removed from tour...

SUICIDE - The Bhutto Experiment Gone Deadly

Frankly, I am surprised the main stream media is covering this so heavily

"They took a several pieces of shit and made a pile"

MPAA Rejects ‘Taxi To The Dark Side’ Movie Poster Because It Depicts A Hooded Detainee

Cable News has been reporting on Bhutto Assasination for 14 Hours...non-stop

Fuck!! Looks like alcohol has taken another one of my friends.

Certainly Bush is flying to Washington DC from Crawford. Right?

I read almost nothing in-depth about Bhutto before she died. Yet DU seems full of experts.

30 seconds from death

Bill Richardson on Benazir Bhutto: "A Great Loss."

The Western Whitehouse, Crawford, TX; can there be any more poignant example...

Last chance to donate to America's Second Harvest for donation match.

SHHH scream it from the rooftops, the GOP is still at dividing the vote in cali

Can we PLEASE just have a moment of silence now, out of respect for a brave woman?

Did Bush Watch the Torture Tapes?

Proof positive. Bush is an idiot.

Bhutto Assassination: Cui bono?

DU Poll Food for Thought--Question #3 (of 3)

Please listen to Mike Malloy now! Bhutto said Bin Laden dead!

Minnesota Atheists Radio Program To Debut On Air America Radio In January

eBay launches microlending website

Bhutto's excuse for plundering $1.5 billion from Pakistan's treasury:

Bhutto is assassinated. Qui Bono?

F* your lying asses all the way to hell (a rant)

Do you expect the primary vote to be rigged?

Dennis Kucinich on Poverty

Election rigging and voting


Will Arizona's Immigration Law Work?

Why did it take a (another) crisis to bring Pakistan into focus (again)?

1914 the summer before everything changed...

Bush Signs $555 Billion Spending Bill.

Times/Bloomberg Poll: Iowa 3-way tie within margin of error

Who else here likes Hillary? : ).

Intrade Fans ..Lots of Movement

I Find It Sort Of Funny...

Funny remark by Josh Marshall


Daughter of the West

12 Questions About The Jan. 3 Iowa Caucuses

Do you really think voters will say, "Gee, Bezamir Bhutto died! I think I will switch my vote!"

It's official: Truth, decency, maturity. None belong in DU anymore.

New IA Poll O:30 C:29 E:28 (Strategic Vision)

Clinton and Romney have the highest level of core opposition

MSNBC fans the flames: "Bhutto assassination throws nuclear-armed nation into doubt..."

Hillary does not lead Obama among likely voters in Iowa

LA Times Iowa Poll: Clinton 29%, Obama 26%, Edwards 25%...all within MOE

Dodd is on msnbc right now

HIllary leads Iowa 31 to 22 among likely caucus-goers

Disability Access Laws Must Be Enforced on Buses (it took an act of Congress)

Senator Obama coming up on Larry King Live (Wolf Blitzer sitting in) CNN EST

Joe Biden on Hardball, in the event some missed it..

Whose comments regarding Bhutto are worse?

Long Term Weather Forecast for Iowa is sunny with wind, looks good for Obama, Clinton

Huckabee Has a 'Cheney' Moment: Was He Hunting for Reporters?

Bhutto said she'd blame Musharraf if killed

In a civil court, falsely accusing someone of accusing someone else of murder

Obama coming up on Larry King on CNN right now.

Obama asks for intelligence briefing after Bhutto assassination (AP)

Benazir Bhutto was the mother of three children

Another Gross Old Phart (GOP) in Houston Texas. County DA!

NH POLL: Obama 32 (+16), Hillary 30 (-5), Edwards 18

The Story of Stuff...let's educate ourselves

Look at these two graphs from is history in the making.

Biden: I urged protection for Bhutto last fall

Hillary now leading by 4% in Iowa in Real Clear Politics Average

Axelrod vs. Edwards (Is Edwards too angry?)

Perspective on Hillary's first lady experience

Bill Shaheen’s "Drug Baiting" of Obama Hurts Wife’s Senate Campaign

Chris Dodd on Countdown

Bhutto's Assassination Argues For A Third Bush Term As President

Bill Richardson - Did he cost himself a VP position today?

Are you going to be able to adjust to

In Miami, Giuliani vows to pressure Cuba

Video of Axelrod's remarks

Compare Obama and Edwards on Pakistan

Strategic Vision Poll: Hillary is surging in Iowa

Axelrod slams Edwards for being too angry, He wants to "Storm the Bastille"

NY Times retracts story about Ron Paul having white supremacist connections

This is sick.

Lewis Black on Bush: "As I listened to him, I realized that one of us... was nuts."

Impeachment - yet another discussion

I taped Bush's (late) speach. Here's what I think

A Crisis Intrudes On Iowa--WP OPED

By pushing the Axelrod statement, are Hillarites unwittingly drawing attention to her IWR vote?

In Miami, Giuliani vows to pressure Cuba

Writers Threaten Mass Picket of Golden Globes

Nuclear fuel delivery from Russia said in Iran

S.Korea Extends Troop Deployment in Iraq

Pakistan Unrest Leaves at Least 10 Dead

Russia denies selling new air defence system to Iran

Nine killed, 42 wounded in Baghdad blast

(Former U.S. Ambassador Peter) Galbraith: Bhutto sought my help with security issue

New-Home Sales Tumbled 9% Amid Falling Prices in November

Pakistani paramilitary have orders to shoot on sight as violence continues

Under attack, drug maker turned to Giuliani

Bush to discuss PKK with Turkey's Gul on January 8

Musharraf’s Political Future Appears Troubled

Web site to carry new bin Laden tape on Iraq

UK arms sales to 'respectable' Iraq

Two dozen dead in Bhutto protests

Companies may have found a way around H-1B visa limits

Pres. Of Japan Whaling Assoc Responds To Australia

Militias stronger than police in Basra, police chief says

Senate Bill 1959: Orwellian Fungasm

Venezuela-Colombia: operation for rescuing hostages held by FARC-EP (Starts around 3:00 )

Bush plans to veto defense policy bill

Before Voting Begins, Clinton Leads

Tiger attack: Victim's brother doesn't believe he would taunt beast

Huckabee Ties Bhutto's Assassination to Illegal Immigration

Iraq vet arrested on charges of attempted murder

Australian Terror Detainee (David Hicks) to Be Released


Military Paper Challenges Defense Dept.

Pocketbook worries outweigh voters' concerns over war in Iraq

Credit Crisis? Just Wait for a Replay

French Jailed in Chad to Return Home

Bhutto was killed by bomb shrapnel(Gov't official)

Iowans passionate about politics ahead of caucus

Turkey ready to stage new raids against PKK in northern Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 28

Huckabee: U.S. Should Monitor Pakistanis Coming Into Country

Bhutto sent Blitzer security e-mail

Stem cell, gun control groups paid Huckabee

Letterman Makes Deal With Striking Writers

Clinton calls for probe of Bhutto killing

Anti-whalers close in on quarry

U.S. Brokered Bhutto's Return to Pakistan

Bush gives pocket veto to defense bill (playing with the troops and vets)

Browning to 'regroup' over voter rights issue

Thieves Nab Nashville Voter Rolls

White House Says Bush Will Veto Defense Policy Bill

U.S. issues alert for stolen beef due to possible E. coli

Pakistan: al-Qaida behind Bhutto assassination

Japanese sail in to back anti-whaling (Peace Boat with 1000 Japanese environmentalists)

Shopowners flee mixed Baghdad areas

(Sen) Leahy says wiretapping bill is a top priority

CNN video: Outstretched gun fires 3 times at Bhutto

Iraq Slashes Food Rations, Putting Lives at Risk

Chavez starts hostage mission

Kenya Opposition Poised to Sweep

Vermont Town Seeks Bush, Cheney Arrests

Corn, Sugar to Trade Freely as Final Nafta Tariffs Are Ended

Bhutto died after hitting sun roof (PIC)

Britain Drops 'War on Terror' Label

anyone ever listen to gustav tabor?

Christians, Christianity and Christmas - here's what fricking bugs me

Next semester i am working fulltime and taking 3 classes

I'm withholding judgement until I hear from Roy Horn.

How come....

Hey Hey, My My,

Quit my job down at the car wash...

The beagle is at camp, and I can't sleep.

WTF? more tiger news.

I'm withholding judgment until I hear from Siegfield and Roy.

self delete

I guarantee that I love my job more than you

I have work in 3 and a half hours and I've only had two hours of sleep. Do I,

Glass empy?


What do you do with your Geoduck?

Hey, Lounge Lizards, can ya help me?

When was Larry Fine President?

Video: Motorcycle rider "pushes wheelie past his center of gravity" and POOF! No more bike.

Anyone need a good laugh - stop in here

Curious if you have seen this list of posters/candidates...

sniffa hates teh gays

Buffett Fans! Unite!

stupid chewy granola bar variety pack

News you can use!

Omfg. I can't get to the Victoria's Secret website.

Taser is not in the DU dictionary

It's raining in upstate SC. We've gotten several rains recently, so

I wish i had a personal shopper

Best. Science project. Ever.

Which ominous threat are you most happy about NOT materializing

Technical Errors in commercial

Splitsville: Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn Divorcing

Holy shit, I am so fucking sick.

I hacked into your Photobucket account. Damn, you have some weird shit in there!

I got a driver's liscense!


I hope its not appendicitis

The Bar Is CLOSED until further notice

I'm leaving for the airport in a few minutes.

Paging Nino Brown, Mr. Nino Brown

Anyone see that NewJeffCT's Big breasts were on BBC the other night?

Fascism, according to my computer...

I'm being followed by a moonshadow.

All quiet on the Western Front

He who broke my heart called on Xmas night

Great, so everyone in my company got paid except for me

A Prairie Home Companion

What should I do?

Today we've learned that Great minds do think alike.....

Fans of "I love New York" - major spoiler here

So Massachusettsers

who did Tila Tequila choose?

Great, so everyone in my company got laid except for me

How crazy is this? I saved $444.61 on my new washer-dryer

I thought really hard about the best thing I could put in my 25,000th post.

Great, so everyone in my company got raided except for me

So I bug the hell out of one of my friends.

In a zombie takeover would you rather...

I've missed youses

How about a Zima???

I just want to thank you all for electing me DU Lounger of the Year

Which night of the week is Hockey Night in Canada?

i have picked up the habit of writing NT from indianajones. its weird

How do you waste time waiting for a 2.4 gig download to complete? Posting on GD

Great, so everyone in my company got laid except for me

So Lounge, how do you deal with tremendous frustration

Direct TV HD question- Did they remove some channels?

I got me some bean and ham soup a'cookin', a loaf of bread a'bakin', and I'm off to read a book

DS1 is no longer dead to me. He's too funny to ignore.

You've got to be quick around here


what kind of expert could restore a cassette?

**Breaking News** Kellogg's to pull Frosted Flakes from stores

Any requests or cool ideas for my 25,000th post?

i'm going for the second hot pocket

Andy Dick is dead to me

I just want to thank you all for electing me DU Lounger of the Year for 2008

Raggedy Ann and Andy are dead to me...

Tony Tiger vs. Frank Rabbit

I am afraid that I will be DUzyless this week.

If there is an afterlife I wonder if Tammy and Melissa have met

I ran over some asshole with a mailbox

I saw Inland Empire

Sorry guys, Jessica Alba is now off the market

Temeah is an oblique manifestation of Grovelbot

Captain Andy is dead to me

Vegetarian/Vegan frijoles refritos?!

Need some ideas for creating some good dialogue for my D&D villains?

this one goes out to the one i love

So DUers ...

Anywone NOT own a TV? n/t

Weight loss question

Worst Job You Ever Had...

I ran over some asshole's mailbox

Stupid iPod question.

I mailed an asshole in a box

Now taking nominations for the "Walt Starr Award"

I saw someone run over a mailbox in their Rolls Fucking Royce

You know you've been hanging around on DU too much when...

I love Canada... all you need to do is concieve a good hockey player...

For those with anxiety, holiday trauma, etc.

"Anime Blonde Warrior" is

Happy Birthday temeah!

Extremely sad

Approaching an apex of boredom....Help me out here folks

Some asshole ran over my mailbox.

Go Michigan State, beat Boston College!

Poll: Most entertaining type of GD thread.....

What's all this about constipation theories

Warning This Thread Contains Cleaver

Cars and highways of the year 2000!

So I watched Hannah Montana and I just don't get it

Americans, what Canadian city would you live in... and vice versa...

Highways and cars of the future! (1958 film)

My usb stick Is Ready To Make Some Love Songs

Today is a good day indeed!!

Has anyone tried the Bare Escentuals Lip Polishes? is it worth it

A special message from GWB to all tigers in zoos:

So, supposedly there is a HUGH!111 football game on this weekend

I heard from her!

Tony Bennett vs. Frank Sinatra

Quick! Come pet the troll!

I have a question for the techies in the Lounge.

So I was sitting at the stoplight today when I noticed...

Copying your mp3 collection onto a usb stick takes a long time.

Is "Aspergers" pronounced As-per-jers or As-per-Grrrs? nt

what the heck happened to Jenna Jameson?

Mike Doughty - Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well

Anyone ever reuse earwax to make new ears?

Oh nooooo ZOMBIE NIXON!!!!

Cooking substitute for fresh ginger

Who Else Here Will Be Starting A Diet Next Week?

Anyone ever reuse carwax to make new cars?

Should we close the Lounge?

Andy Capp is dead to me

When an email is automatically put into a separate folder for spam...

i rode the Wonkavator today

Anyone know if burning CDs for British people is done the same way

So what did the global jihadists do to piss you off today?

Anyone know the best Mac computer to get? Someone reccomended

Anyone ever reuse candlewax to make new candles?

Anyone ever reuse beeswax to make new bees?

Anyone know if burning British people is done the same way

I'm voting Opie in '08

Why Is Everyone So Afraid Of That Tiger?

Pet advice needed for a brand new owner

Who here has a videophone?

I'm Voting Fife in '08

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Ohio party tomorrow night!

Latest outrage from GDP

Snapped this pic of my cat this morning

Cooking substitute for fresh earwax?

That was scary!

First one to Crazy, wins

Let's let Tigger loose in GD!

Lick-A-Chick restaurant ...........Really

TWENTY FOUR "Obama" threads on the first page of GD-P. I need a fucking DRINK.

I'm voting Bilbo in '08

I'm voting Bevo in '08

Fuck you all for NOT electing me lounger of the year

Should we clear the Lounge

Having suspicious neighbors sucks...

Hook 'em, Horns!

I'm voting Bibo in '08

Nin the cat retires from Mt. Washington Observatory

Question: I'm still on Christmas vacation. My in-laws are here.

Top 10 Sex Memes of 2007

John Waters' "The Diane Linkletter Story"

Joan Rivers, Joan of Arc, Joan Jett, Joan Crawford, Joan Baez, Joan Collins


I was sitting at a stoplight today and some dude in a car behind

What is life?

Hot cleavage pics

Wanna see what filthy rich is?

Question about clevage, why do women show cleavage, when they are not comfortable doing so?

Warning this thread contains Cleavage

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/28/07

Sit next to your own sick child on the plane, damn it!

Coffee fans: what sort of coffee do you drink when you're looking to start slow in the morning?

Now accepting nominations for the DU Lounger of the Year

The single GREATEST Southern movie of all time

White chocolate

The top 10 most literate cities in America

Brown hair, new glasses, and cleavage.

Weekly Match Game story style: "Useless Ursula was so useless, even her biomass ____ decompose."

Just finished my sleep study.

Warning about calling in sick by leaving your boss a voicemail

How do you want to die?

If I ever hit the lottery, I know EXACTLY what I would do.

I'm thinking of getting cat

The Single GREATEST Eastern Movie of all time

What is love?

There are veggie burgers. How long till veggie organ meats?

Less than two years. Maybe less than one year.

Radio Lady's on vacation: Read movie reviews from an excellent reviewer.

Dang it! Sweeney Todd not in my area!

I am a liberal, progressive if you wish..what we are, what we have done, what we believe in..

We are ants , just that

Some nice political escapisim/fiction for ya: The Gore Years

U.S. Army Intelligence Analysis of the 2004 Fallujah Attack * Information War and U.S. Propaganda*

CBC News' "The National" delayed by a hockey doubleheader. It goes on LIVE at 1am ET.

If I say I expect the primary vote to be rigged, can I take it back if my candidate wins?

Ok for family reasons I have not kept up with the economy

The US/NATO presence in Iraq and Afghanistan

The Nation: Benazir Bhutto - An Age Of Hope Is Over

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of The Dem Congress - A Year Of Trying To Gavel Bush Admin Into Order

A Walking Call To Impeach Bush Arrives In The East Village

"The way to contain conspiracies", Odd title for NEW Osama message...

Nonviolence as an affirmative value . . .

It's been a good year for Atheists

Mother blames killing on devil; Fresno woman thought her baby was 'possessed'

LAT: Bhutto's long and tangled list of enemies

LAT: Bhutto, an aristocrat who championed democracy

Nonviolence as an affirmative value . . .

Did anyone just see Rudith Giuliani talking about Pakistan on CNN? He has NO chance.

Completely and totally dismissing what someone has to say

"But witnesses described a sniper firing from a nearby building . ."

Election Year Resolutions for 2008-post yours here!

Good News for Republicans?-Bin Laden to release Iraq message

The coverage of the Bhutto funeral on

Flashback to 2000 election: Remember when Bush couldn't name Pakistan's leader?

Sticking our nose in, once again, where it doesn't belong!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Democratic Congress

Let's clear something up: Bhutto did NOT send Wolf Blitzer an email

scarborough playing nice with Ghuiliani on MSNBC

Evidence Is Bin Laden Has Cleverly Played Off Bush's Arrogance & Belligerence (Robert Parry)

This headline and story remind me of Viet Nam

for a history review of Pakistan and Pakistan's ISI don't forget cooperativeresearch

David Sirota: The Path to a National Popular Vote

Baghdad market bombing kills 11

A Walking Call to Impeach Bush Arrives in the East Village

The Politics of T-Shirts and Fallen Soldiers

Switch to new voting system illegal, ACLU says

Slain Bhutto laid to rest in family tomb

Leno, O’Brien to Cross Picket Line

U.S. November New-Home Sales Probably Fell to Near 11-Year Low

Pakistani police are being told to shoot rioters on sight at the funeral.

National Geographic - The Struggle for the Soul of Pakistan

Leahy puts it bluntly: Musharraf has used unconditional U.S.

Osama bin Laden is

“Did Bush Risk Bhutto To Save Musharraf?”

Operator of Wikipedia didn't check operations chief's background

the first rule of fight club; don't talk about fight club

Jan. 11 - International Day of Action to Shut Down Guantánamo

Putting Steve Forbes on mute is awesome.

I Wish To Name A Phenomena: The "FOX News Effect"

DU Experts, why do YOU think bin Laden is dead, or alive?

"The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of

The Nelson Report on Bhutto Assassination

CompUSA files layoff notice

MSNBC Breaking: "New-home sales fall by 9 percent to the lowest level since April 1995"

Here's our choices when it comes to a POTUS nomination:

GW Bush Library Planned

Who's Afraid?

See where our congress spent 116 Million of our taxpayers dollars

Pakistani paramilitary have orders to shoot on sight as violence continues

So, what should the US do about Pakistan's elections?

Under attack, drug maker turned to Giuliani

there are 7 'lesser known' Repug Pres. candidates on cspan1 now debating. I

WP--"Blogspot Blogs Help Spread Storm Worm Attacks"

New U.S. home sales plunge to lowest level in 12 years

The group of lesser known Prez candidates on CSPAN right now are nutjobs

Blitzer was not "blaming the victim"

There are no "experts" on the present world situation.

Huckabee Adopts New Tone on Immigration - Tone?

Would the Beatles vote Huckabee

What are Shrub's top 1, 2, 3 actions taken when a crisis errupts?!1

"Obama, Clinton tied in N.H.: poll"

Huckabee Clueless After Bhutto’s Death

Help end the senseless slaughter

Thom Hartmann is Bringing Up the Revelations of Bin Laden's Death

What are the presidental candidates' stance on Pakistani elections? (& idea for moderators!)

with such sad news, try CSPAN 1. The lesser GOPers are at a debate

What's the correct phrase??

"Gospel of Wealth" Facing Scrutiny-Senate probe shines light on televangelists' "prosperity gospel."

Musharraf and AlQueda are.......

"But Bhutto was corrupt..."

CMPA Study: Fox News Most Balanced Network

Please help me reply to this editorial re:HR 6 and Joe Barton

What's wrong with this yahoo headline?

This Date in Bush History 12/28: A Striking Difference from the Clinton Years

Officials: "Bhutto killed by bomb shrapnel"; Didn't the doctor say a bullet in her spine?

TIME commentary: Enough with Bush's shoving democracy down the throats of Mideast, Muslim world

BBC reports latest details from police in SF tiger attack: "Tiger man 'tried to save friend'"

Okay, so and alQaeda type group assassinates Bhutto

Pentagon Says Pakistan Nuclear Arsenal Secure

DU YEAR END CHARITY DRIVE - One hour left to spend my money!

Bhutto:I suspect elements in the Musharraf administration to have conspired to eliminate me ...

John Edwards on the Ed Schultz show now

Aproaching 150,000 - Keep Pushin'

Al-Qaida Manipulated Stocks In 1929 Causing The Great Depression

Surest way to lose seats - hit people in their pockets

PICS of Bhutto just before attack and Pakistani Interior Minister's "bumped her head" explanation

Common Dreams: You’re Damn Right I’m Angry. Why Isn’t Everybody?

Are The Parties Dividing over Executive Power?

Musharraf will use this assassination to shakedown Bush for more $$$

Medical Assassinations?

Glenn Greenwald: Peggy Noonan is a serious "grown-up"

". . it was a big wound . . that occurs when something big, with a lot of speed, hits that area".

Watching Cnn-IBN (India), reporting on Bhutto medical report

Duncan Hunter is on the Ed Schultz show right now

MSNBC just reported that someone set fire to *'s childhood home.

In this TV age, looks are everything.

Tin pot dictator Musharraf was incapable of keeping one woman alive

Did Bush convince Bhutto to go back to Pakistan, or was it the other way around?

By naming generations, the MSM creates divisions.

Day XX18 - and Counting - of Clinton Secrecy on Foundation Donors

Breaking: Junior Bush refuses to support the troops and sign the Defense Authorization Bill

Clinton Vote to Let Bush/Cheney Invade Iraq Weakened US Military, Afghan/Pakistan Problem Rages On

If Clintons Were to Come Clean on Cash from Donors, Would That Affect Your Opinion/Primary Vote?

Biden/Dodd 2008

Local right-wing nutjob (and "scientist") continues his near-weekly global warming denial LTTEs.

Chris Dodd is right

FOX Is Most Balanced (not a typo)

The closest analogy to the Bhutto attack is

Antarctic base staff evacuated after Christmas brawl


Watch this. Eyewitness to the assassination of Bhutto.

Our #1 Problem - "The rise of the Mooslims" - Vote Rudy

How valuable is Chris Matthews Support

The Kunduz airlift, protecting Pakistani terrorists.

"This Week" with George Stephanopoulos

Not asking who, but simply have you decided on a candidate?

Has the fact that Bhutto claimed Osama was murdered

Bhutto's top lawyer: "It is baseless. It is a pack of lies. Two bullets hit her"

A video that clearly shows Bhutto being shot at.

Glenn Greenwald: Peggy Noonan is a serious "grown-up"

Whoa! Gas up 12 cents since yesterday

Behind the Edwards Surge: Right Message at the Right Time

awful fishy. I just listened to the 'official' news conf

Huckabee: "Pakistan. That’s where Osama bin Laden is most likely hiding.”

Is HOPE > FEAR? Which is Stronger? Hope or Fear?

Bush Will Veto Defense Bill over Iraqi Lawsuit Provision, Spokesman Says

Iraq Slashes Food Rations, Putting Lives at Risk

Will BUSHCO. Go Along W/ The "Official" Pakistan Version Of The Assassination???

So the day very Benazir Bhutto returned home

Racial Slurs Spraypainted On Obama Volunteer's Home

Does anyone else believe that the actual moment of assassination must have been caught on tape?

ed schultz just shouted down someone who quoted Bhutto

Bush to veto Defense Bill - Was this in the works for the past few weeks?

U.S. brokered Bhutto’s return to Pakistan - Why didn't U.S. insist her Security Demands be met?

How is your racial barometer working with immigration?

Court Overturns Sen. Siplin Conviction

Race baiting ballots

Probably the best "Little saying" on Evolution I've ever heard.

Pak intel apparently knew for several weeks of the plot...

"Which of the "second tier" candidates would you most want to well in Iowa and NH?"

Death-watch for an old friend tonight


Privacy delays ad targeting on phones

Huckabee Clueless After Bhutto’s Death, Says Pakistan Has ‘Eastern Borders’ With Afghanistan

Bhutto "Omar, the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden".. Six minutes into the interview.

Anyone have a link to the Pic of Fred Thompson

"2 Die From Listeriosis in Massachusetts" MILK is suspected! Heads up Massachusetts DUers!

CNN discussing the various versions of Bhuttos

So is Mike

Somebody PLEASE help me find this video

Coming: - "the first intelligence agency of the people."

Phone transcript released of Taliban leader discussing Bhutto assassination

somebody got me that book on Jerry Ford, "Print it after I'm Gone" for Xmas

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

FAA screw-up? (pic) a little levity

Are Barack Obama's attacks on John Edwards and Hillary Clinton acceptable?

Philadelphia Inquirer Opinion: Impeach Cheney Now!

The Turkish government has succeeded Saddam Hussein as the primary oppressor of the Kurdish

What we all desperately need...

Alright. Enough blaming GenX for Chimpy and other things.

Meet Tank. Local chihuahua nabs suspect.

Pakistani Ambassador Durrani: Bhutto Had 'Best Protection Possible'

Bhutto died of banging her head on the SUV??

Will Keith bring up the David Frost interview and Bhutto's Osama bin Laden declaration tonight?

Pass the Razor Blades - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Something interesting to think about

Bush to veto defense authorization bill.

Something I read recently:

It was a Dirty Day

Ghouliani on Tweety LUV FEST BARF ALERT n/t

Obama: U.S. needs to come down hard on Musharraf (Wants all military aid cut off)

Who Else Is Looking Forward Next Week For The Iowa Cockus?

Want more proof that Bush is a calculating a**?

What is the punishment for failing to uphold your oath of office?

Stan Goff: A big shoe drops...

Enough about the idiots who fucked around with the tiger. Tigers bite.

Why didn't US politicians start speaking out when CIA drones were bombing Pakistani villages?

Remember the thread about Toyota's commercials encouraging insurance fraud?

Are you listening to Randy? Apparently Rove is being investigated

EPA’s Holiday Gift to Big Ag

CNN Repeatedly showing Bhutto being Shot.....

Government of Pakistan/Ministry of Privatizaton& Investment/Board of Investment

if you feel you MUST kill,...please stop killing the innocents,...

Guess who this is

Are you Anti-Corporatist?


I have had enough !

Why is there so much "negativity" on DU?

The bat shit crazy advising the certifiably insane.

All DU'ers need to watch this and LISTEN..and know why the Internet and Folks like us are Important

Just exactly how big is the pole up Ron Christie's ass?

Did Hillary Clinton kill Benazir Bhutto?

Did Bush Risk Bhutto To Save Musharraf?

The entire Bhutto family has been murdered

Former Guantanamo inmate set free

Musharraf: LIHOP or MIHOP?

Chief Economist at Moody's: Real Estate market is in a "crash," sales and home prices in free fall

JEEBUS. I just heard a Ron Paul radio ad on Nova M Radio. WHAT THE FUCK?

"Omar Sheikh, the man who murdered Osama bin Laden..."

self-deletable post

"Yep, it’s official. Al Qaeda, not Hillary, killed Benzir Bhutto."

Has a conservative politician in the US been assassinated within the last 50 years?

Ehh ...Bush, whachagonna do now that Pakistan is heading toward a Dictatorship?

Senate Bill 1959: Orwellian Fungasm

Why were Dems back in 1972-74 able remove a corrupt president - yet today can't?

Why has Barack Obama not called for an independent investigation into Bhutto's death?

We Might As Well Face It, There Will NEVER EVER EVER EVER

Senator Kerry: Veto of Defense Authorization Bill a "Disgrace"

Pakistani Interior minister claims Bhutto died from fractured skull.

No, mr. bush, it is YOU I am afraid of (yeah, another rant....)

Should we allow a former-president's immidiate family members to become president?

Is Bhutto's body someplace where it can be exhumed and autopsied

Help me find video of female musician from U.S. - she donated usual costs to charities

If this is true, the day of a viable electric car may be soon.

CNN=Contains No News

Credit Crisis? Just Wait for a Replay

The over/under for posts/threads quoted by both MSM and RW sites from the last two days is 17

If we're at "war" with "terror," then why...

EXCELLENT UPDATE on situation in Pakistan

Tiger Victim Died Saving Friend- He's a hero

Of the Three Leading Iowa Candidates, Who Has the Most Stabilizing Potential First Spouse?

Foreign policy gaffes plague Huckabee

Netscape Navigator gasps its last on 1 February 2008

Why is Bush more afraid of Iraq than he is of us?

LOL! Vermont town seeks Bush, Cheney arrests

It's On!

Suppose the worst, suppose Pakistan's nukes fall into the hands of extremist or

X-Rays showing no bullet or shrapnel

So now Bhutto supposedly had a heart attack....

Tiger stories like this are such bullshit, they mean nothing, it’s DU version of mindless

Are you kidding me?

Wow. Tough Admins!

Police abandoned security posts before Bhutto assassination...

I guess I'm not supposed to like Musharraf, but what happens

"Mr. President, where the fuck is Osama bin Laden, do you have ANY idea after 6 years"?

*** Nashville Voter Rolls Are Stolen! ***

What if OUR Nuclear Arsenal fell into the hands of radical fundamentalist extremists?

Bhutto destroyed the Muslim stereotype someone spent a lot of time and money creating

Bush to Veto Pentagon Funds Over Iraq Provision

Rest In Peace Benazir...

Senate in and out of Session - 1 minute. Thank you Senator Bryon Dorgan

Would Hil & Obama PLEASE flame out so we can discuss some GOOD candidates?

Police in thought pursuit-By Bruce Fein

Have we heard from the Secretary of State re the tragic news from Pakistan?

For Valo(u)r or "Good Conduct"? British, Canadian, and American Hono(u)rs Systems and the Primaries

Edwards 29%, Obama 29%, Hillary 28%, in IOWA.... LINK

French warship to deliver 10,000 books to disadvantaged American children


Cops put topless women in park, She asks man to unzip, then arrest man. Entrapment?

Kucinich Wins Virginia Democratic Party Poll

Screen grabs of gun and man

Why Does Hillary Do Well In National Polls But Not Here?

Navy JAG Resigns Over Torture Issue

Edwards Didn't Contest Ohio, Hasn't Earned Our Support

"Any time you hear the United States government talking about wiretap, it requires...

‘Long shot’ Kucinich scores 77% in independent voter poll

"...the man who killed Osama bin Ladin" - Bhutto statement Nov 02 to David Frost

How "Unreasonable" Is Peggy Noonan?

Blackwater turns down Bhutto Security contract.

Suicide shocks Montana into assessing vets' care

The Democrats have special reason, and duty, to speak out against political assassinations

If you had to choose between Biden and Clinton as the nominee tomorrow:

Friday TOON Roundup...

Companies may have found a way around H-1B visa limits

Bhutto Assassination: The ISI connections with her security detail.

Can we create a separate forum

What qualifies a person to be president?

We The People?

Photos: Omaha Steve meets his oldest daughter for the first time Dec. 15th

I don't give two shits about that poor Bhutto lady, or Bin Laden's death...

A Primary Betrayal

Bill Kristol To Become New York Times Columnist In 2008

1984 or 2008 "Fidelity to party leadership must trump fidelity to law. "

"God's Basic Training" coming Under Fire

Why Bush Was Shaken ....

Best Progressive Banking Institutions for a New 527 Org?

Benazir Bhutto claims Osama Bin Laden Murdered

Straight Story's rant is exactly why this election may be my last tango with the Democratic party.

3D Chess: How Pakistan Got Its Nukes & Saudi Arabia Could Get Them & Cheney Benefits From Tragedy

Education Level at DU

***DUzy Awards for week ending December 28, 2007***

Do you believe in a conspiracy?

Big Sister Is Watching: Alexandria Police Department ALERT

Do you think the Bush administration wanted Benazir Bhutto killed?

Senate Recess Appointment Ploy: A Potential for Backfire

What's happening to the orphans in Iraq?

An apology, an explanation, and a healthy dose of PERSPECTIVE.

Bhutto, a woman who knew too much?

Please vote for John Edwards.

GHI and HIP are going from "non-profit" to "for profit"

A little fun: Guess Who This Is/Was? [PIC]

It's clear that Hillary is not particularly beloved here at

Billy Shaheen, Clinton's co-chair in NH was forced out

Got Hope?

CNN Bhutto news - Obama on now (12:44 Eastern)

I'm Less Concerned Of How The Prez Candidates Would Handle Pakistan And More Concerned How .....

LA Times/Bloomberg Iowa Poll: Clinton 29% Obama 26% Edwards 25%

I really dislike the fake "too angry" meme about Edwards

Edwards Campaign's Closing Memo

I am appalled by the rightwing US pundits who are taking advantage of Bhutto's assassination to blam

Poll: Pocketbook worries outweigh voters' concerns over war in Iraq

Morning Joe is really raising the fear factor once again--time of Instability you will

Candidate spending on advertising in Iowa way up since 2004

Obama comments on Axelrod.

LAT/Bloomberg poll is third in a row showing Obama tied or with narrow lead in Clinton "firewall" NH

Sunday's Meet the Press: LIVE from Des Moines, Iowa, with Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee

HRC used Bush's talking points yesterday? regarding Bhutto?

Just reported on CNN Bhutto was killed by shrapnel

More on Edwards' Chat With Musharraf


Will the Bhutto assassination have an effect on the Primaries?

Martin Sheen Officially Endorses Richardson for President

Marshalltown UAW to Support Obama

Tha 'Ole Terra Masta

Analysis: Edwards, McCain positioned to shake up race

Raw Story: "Musharraf's police abandoned posts before shooting"

Huckabee Warns: Beware Of "Unusual Activity of Pakistanis" In US

It's day 180 and still no apology from ANY of the candidates

Clinton buys two minutes of Iowa airtime on night before caucuses

Candidates' foreign policy views take on added significance after Bhutto's death

Clinton for Senate; Obama for President

Iowa Poll: Hillary leads by 6 over Edwards, by 9 over Obama...

Iowa Caucus History: The Power of Being First

DU YEAR END CHARITY DRIVE - One hour left to spend my money!

Which of the "second tier" candidates would you most want to well in Iowa and NH?

First thoughts-Chuck Todd, & Others weigh in on yesterday's events

Cross-post, but hey; people really kind of do need to see this (Bhutto):

Strategic Vision's latest poll numbers for both parties

Huffington Post: Four Ways to Deal with the Bhutto Murder ("First, fire Condoleezza Rice")

Clinton Supporters - Why Not Giuliani?

NH-Concord Monitor----Given Biden a look

The Rude Pundit: How Some Presidential Candidates...

Obama Supporters - Why Not Kucinich?

Washington Post: "Clinton, Obama Seize on Killing"

Report: Romney administration could kept killer behind bars

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/28/07 - Clinton up 1, Obama and Edwards down 1

An apology, an explanation, and a healthy dose of PERSPECTIVE.

How the "experience" argument fails.

When does the last Daily Register Poll Come out?

Josh Marshall on Confusion over headline number in LAT Poll (Is Edwards in 2nd now?)

Biden's words, audience sway D.M. man

Thank you George Bush

Edwards mailer & speech to criticize Obama's conciliatory rhetoric

WOW! Romney is such a stuffed suit (Bhutto comment)

Weather Report for Des Moines, IA night of Jan 3rd: 21 degress and party cloudy....

Romney cast himself today as the King Midas of change

Clinton turns to Republican ask no questions tactics and fear in an attempt to "bulldoze" voters

Tweety: Unintentionally profound on democratic elections

Woman walks for Edwards

Day (?) and still no apology from all those

Edwards Campaign Launches "My Vote, My Voice" Online Ad Contest

Times/Bloomberg: Obama catches Hillary in New Hampshire

Day 1903: Still No Apology From Hillary for Voting for The Iraq War Resolution

Obama Seeks Live TV Commercial on Caucus Eve

Obama and Pakistan

"Toby" hits campaign trail for Biden

Nevada Unions Delay Endorsements

Infamous Butter Cow becomes Butter Obama, Finally

Former Edwards supporters say 527 spending highlights difference between Edwards and Obama

Real Clear Poll IOWA ...Clinton 29.8 Obama 25.5 Edwards24.5 Clinton +4.3

The problem with the democratic candidates...

Bhutto's statement on Obama.

So tell me more about this guy Joe Scarborough on msnbc and his relationship...


"you can say any damn thing you want, as long as you say it about the Clintons."


Do we have to have a woman or minority somewhere on the ticket this year?

Tweety’s analysis is a sight to behold: If Edwards wins he loses. Obama!

HRC Coming Up On The Situation Room

Iowa Independent give Obama top POWER RANKING

Don't vote on the basis of flash or ca$h, Richardson urges

The 25 Dumbest Political Quotes of 2007

Day 721,154: Still no apology from Jesus for tipping over that money changer's cart.

Obama: U.S. needs to come down hard on Musharraf

The Rovian-tactics By The Hillary Supporters Here At DU

Once upon a time, in a reality far far away

Clinton calls for 'independent, international investigation' of Bhutto's death

Any chance Musharraf is a closet Al-Qaeda and is playing Bush like a fool?

Report: Gore Unlikely To Endorse In Dem Race

Something I don't understand

Obama aide buys into Repuke BS about Bhutto killing...

If you were an Iowan how would you ultimately caucus?

OK, odd question: What do you know about "Freddie The Free-Range Chicken?"

"Fuck off and die" - A quote from a DU Obama supporter.

Ron Paul Rejects Evolution

Research 2000 poll results: 29 29 28

Hillary Pakistan Plan: Vain Hope That Musharaff Reforms Himself, Restores Courts, Free Press! Naive?

Wolf Blitzer's Interview With Bhutto May Suggest How The Repugs Will Beat Hillary.......

Obama Saves Christmas

Snow Doesn't Stop Obama Crowds (900 in Coralville)

What were the most significant political moments of 2007?

Early weather reports indicate cold but CLEAR weather next Thursday in Iowa

New Iowa Poll: Obama 29%, Edwards 29%, Clinton 28%, Its not gonna get any closer than this folks!

Wall St Journal Opinion on Barack Obama

Dear Attack Monkeys.....

Is Bush's nick-name for Musharraf "Pervy"?

John Edwards Not Playing Rupert Murdoch’s Monopoly

Obama On Clinton News Network Now!

Please oh please let Giuliani finish last in IA...

Obama Now on one-on-one

New Obama ads: "Listening" and "Unify"

Ok, that's it: Predict the results of the Iowa Caucuses now (Winner, 2nd and 3rd place).

Hillary Clinton Ready; Barack Obama Reckless...

John Edwards: Obama 'Living in Never-Never Land'?

Huckabee's on his way down

Clinton's "don't ask" policy (Stops Taking Questions From Iowans At Campaign Events)

I saw an accident* on the way to work

USA Today takes note on Biden's growing chances

Oh, Snap! Clinton says something that would be at home on DU

Real Clear Politics Article--Biden

Is There One Person More Poorly Equipped To Be Pres Than The Huckster?

OBAMA ATTACKS: Calls Hillary a Sissy, and Edwards a Girly-Man

Condi was the one who get Bhutto back into Pakistan

Musharraf: Bhutto died from hitting her head on the sunroof, Al Qaida responsible for attack

Iowans passionate about politics ahead of caucus

Bhutto's died in a FREAK accident

Edwards jabs Clinton with ‘Ask John’ events

Edwards Campaign Unveils "Ask John" Program To Reach Undecided Iowans (all 99 counties)

Obama: U.S. took its 'eye off the ball' on terrorism

Gen. Wesley Clark responds to the latest Obama attack:

Doddites - he is coming up next on CNN

OMG: Clinton's "don't ask" policy

A FREAKING AWESOME political website!

Obama trying to buy LIVE commercial in Iowa the eve of caucus

Supporters of Hillary complain that the media is sooo tough on her.

Edwards labor 527 in part funded by elderly widow of heir to Mellon fortune

So, how have things been? It seems things are heating up quite a bit over here.

Clinton Outlines Five Steps Needed To Address Pakistan in Wake of Bhutto Assassination

Chris Dodd has been making the most sense on Pakistan

Joe Biden: Dem Rivals "Not Making Sense" On Bhutto Murder

Selection of Running Mates by Nominees

Obama Tops Final Democratic Power Rankings, Edwards and Clinton Tie for Second (Iowa Independent)

Obama wins former Alaska governor's endorsement

Biden -- Gaining steam in homestretch to Iowa caucuses

Sympathy thread to all those in Pakistan whose hearts and minds

Hillary (hypocritically) Directly Accuses Obama Of Politicizing Bhutto Assassination

President Bartlet to campaign with Bill Richardson in Iowa Dec 30 & 31!

Bill Richardson's 12/28 speech "Pakistan and American Values" (full text)

Richardson Says Pakistan's Future Depends on Renewed Commitment to Democracy

Edwards supporters: Is the MSM giving Edwards a fair deal?

Wolf--CNN Just reported that Obama said...

RCP Iowa polling average: Hillary 29.3%, Edwards 27.3%, Obama 27.0%, Richrdson 5.3%, Biden 4.7%

Brent Budowsky-Pakistan Crisis Makes The Case For Biden, Not Bush or Hillary

Brent Budowsky: "Time For Obama-Edwards-Kucinich Alliance For Change"

Attempts on Gerald Ford's life suggest Bush I complicity

Why'd Hillary, Biden and Dodd vote against Democratic efforts to prohibit cluster bombing civilians?

Watching Edwards

Clinton, Edwards and Obama and Biden are all electable

Clinton's "don't ask" policy - voters no longer allowed to ask questions

Kucinich echoes Axelrod: Candidates Must Answer for Their Foreign Policy Stands


Don't these Hillary people ever quit?

Obama: "That's the definition of insanity"!

Former Obama support Edwards

Edwards agrees- Axelrod's comments ridiculous

New Clinton Ad Spotlights Big Challenge and Hillary’s Real Solution to Fix the Housing Crisis

LE News Iowa poll: Edwards 29%, Obama 29%, Hillary 28%, Richardson 7%, Biden 3%, Dodd 1%, DK 1%

OBAMA ATTACKS: The latest one is Sexist to a "tea"

Ron Paul is against Social Security, would shut it down after short term...against Civil Rights Act,

A President Needs Judgment, Not Experience

Edwards call Obama living in NEVER-NEVER LAND because he disagrees with him on Pakistan

OBAMA ATTACKS: Gen. Wesley Clark calls it "insulting"

Edwards: Rallying the Middle Class-

Biden Is Not Running For Secretary of State....

Hillary looked great on CNN today

Bush to challenge Senate's pro-forma session blocking his recess appointments?


"I trust you."

Since someone asked about Kucinich and Obama, here are some key distinctions on the issues:

Day 60: Still No Apology From Barack Obama for Donnie McClurkin