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Archives: December 29, 2007

John Edwards: Obama 'Living in Never-Never Land'

AOL Pulls Plug on Netscape Web Browser

La. village drops 666 from its number

Ben Nelson (D-Ne) helps stop Medicare rehab rule

'I won't let you down' David Hicks has been released from prison.

Billyskank: Go to bed

Maggott - One scary psycho

Make me go to bed.

4 days off...sweet!

Yes, my first ever 4.0!!!

SPAM ATTACKS: yet again

OK--Let's hear your New Year's resolutions.

Have you not a shred of decency in you...

The bar is open! ~ It's Happy Celebration TGIF Time!

I was just in LBN. I think pit bulls killed Bhutto.



My current job is bringing out the classicist in me...

No! Me! Me-me-me; talk about MEEEEE!! Talk smack I won't talk back. I'm a poet...



Blow Me!!

Latest outrage from DGP


Arghh!! I need to beat the crap outta someone

No one EVAH talks about me.

It's all about Grayyyyyy yyyyyy yyyyyy yyyyyyy

crim son



Which network are you watching the Giants/Patriots game on?

How is this for uninspired - beanie weinies for dinnah!

Who wants some Tang?


loungers, i need your help

I'm afraid that if tons of posts are not locked or just left to sink in GDP

Forum question

Anyone hear from Graywarrior????

Let's do

**Enter Critical Mental Meltdown**

I am disappointed in the Lounge!

Let's talk about Graywarrior

Get your unsubstantiated Benazir Bhutto rumors here

Holy shit! Has anyone seen No Country For Old Men yet?


Any Tom Perrotta fans here?

Poll this, DU!

Hey Lounge, DU is now as silly as last night

"Half-eaten candy...from some disordered heaven"

And Kansas she said is the name of the star...

Sexist Tea? GDP is melting down

Which type of tea is the most sexist?

You NEVER talk about me, so I am THROUGH with you!

DU this Poll! (Now with link!)

I'm going to bed.

Another Geico commercial...

Matt Hughes vs. George St. Pierre: Who will prevail?

I'm voting Devo in '08

I'm Mike D and I get respect

Snow booties for cats?

On tap tonight at Tavernertavern: Three Floyds Alpha Klaus Christmas Porter

I'm voting Emo in '08!

Xmas in DizzyLand! ***(pics!)***

Chuck Liddell vs. Vanderlei Silva

My favorite cat

Nobody ever PM's me

Apart from Jagermeister, name an alcoholic beverage that mixes great with Red Bull

DS1 is GOD.

My complaint about Charlie Wilson's War (Non-spoiler alert)

DU *this* poll...

Jocko Homo

Drinking PG Tips right now.....what's the rest of the lounge drinking?

Happy 75th Birthday, Nichelle Nichols!

I am SO Hungry for an English Muffin...

Poll question: Which type of tea is the most sexiest?

If you were to identify with a Peanuts character, whom would it be?

Rice is great if you're really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something.

I need to cash out my healthcare FSA! Who needs condoms??

I want this poster....

25 most Illiterate Cities in the US (Population over 50000)

Don't forget: All night Futurama marathon

This is the woman I love, with her great nephew.

So, who else is watching UFC this weekend?

Pause for a moment of reflection

Best City In The World

Yeah! I discovered why 20-25% of Americans still support the Chimp !

Meeeeeeeeeeeee! Let's talk about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

More news about me: I got this fellowship....

I am attempting to restore reasoned discussion to GD:P. Please help me in my efforts.

Have you ever seen the Beastie Boys live?

Any word from OHIO!!!!`???

age differences . . .

It's about damn time! (SoCal DU meet up--pic heavy)

Alaska cruise? Any advice, info?

How and old Southern woman see the nation today

Keith is going to give his best special comments tonight!

What in the world is happening here? I guess it was bound to get worse than it was in '04

Conservative-Funded Study: Fox News Gives Most Balanced Coverage

No Lighting Up with Kids in Car Come Tuesday, Min wage to $8, bikes w/lilghts (CA)

After the primary infighting is over.

Wait a goddamn second....

out of curiosity, is their a graph showing the influx of people

I am SO Hungry for an English Muffin...

Huckabee Ties Bhutto's Assassination to Illegal Immigration

The same Democrats who so say want to put us back on

Thank God We Argue on DU

Russia delivers more nuclear fuel to Iran: official

We all agree Bush deserves impeachment. So why isn't it happening?

Jose Rodriguez Commit that name to memory - Mike Malloy

Are you a little skeptical of the "Saint Bhutto vs. The Monsters" story being peddled

Photo of Dead Soldier Inspires Surprising Response

In pictures: Fury at Bhutto killing (BBC)

Please tell me this is a Photoshop of Obama

Josh Marshall: Ridiculous

Is This Really All There Is?

Rudy Surrogate: "I Don't Subscribe To The Principle That There Are Good Muslims And Bad Muslims"

Remember to rate important videos on Youtube as well as DU to gain wider exposure

In pictures: Bhutto laid to rest (BBC)

Mistaken identity and torture

Bill Kristol To Become New York Times Columnist In 2008

Nov. interview: Bhutto says OBL murdered by Omar Sheikh

Is the Bush Administration getting tired of playing ball with Musharraff?

If I ever hit the lottery, I know EXACTLY what I would do.

Bush the most admired man?

Which is more disgusting?

If BushCo covertly arranged Bhutto's return, why did they not also provide help with security?

What did you do to lighten your load on the Earth this year?

So much for personal responsibility - College Republicans refuse to pay bill for security

Did you watch Olberman tonight? He had a special comment on Rudy!

Are there any moderate Republicans?

Had a bit of a freakout over radio station.

Would this ever happen...Hillary/Obama or Obama/Hillary?

Netscape is history

One reason I'd like to see Edwards as the Dem. candidate.

Hillary accused of leaving "too large of a tip"

Huckabee takes aim at Pakistani illegals

Kudos to Letterman for coming to a fair agreement with the WGA!

Millionaire protests about conditions in jail

So You Think Ron Paul (Dennis Kucinich) Can WIN?

Does Kali still post here? I was reading the DU archieves and.........

Flirty Old Man: German Playboy, 77, Sues for Sex

A nice little joke on Bush

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

John Edwards' Policies to Create Peace

Tax defeat dooms Toledo science jewel -- This really pisses me off!

The Role of Racism in the Rise of the Radical Conservative Movement: 1961-2004

For a lighter mood... JibJab's 2007 year in review is out...

Want to Buy an Insurance Policy on the '08 Elections?

Poll says more Republicans are looking at Dem Candidates

Thinking About Joining the Air Force

Book TV Schedule: December 29th - January 2nd

How to do better in this economy

"Ultimately, this isn't about who you met with, it's about the decisions you make..."

HILLARY ATTACKS. Look at the size of those...

Kucinich Accuses Huckabee of Ethnic Profiling for Political Gain

Who's your man or woman?

Why can't the media report anymore? Everything is spun!

The tables turn

THE ROCK SAYS: It doesn't matter who your candidate is!

Edwards and Clinton attacking Obama in attempt to take attention away from their Iraq War votes

Should Hillary Address her IWR vote, once and for all?

Your candidate is ugly and their mother dresses them funny.

Former supporters take aim at Edwards, back Obama

Will GDP get better or worse

Poll: Does Hillary believe the Iraq War has NOT destabilized Middle East and Pakistan?

Has Tweety even mentioned Axlerod?

Should Obama ax the Axlerod?

Can`t we all just not get along?

If a candidate votes to fund the war 90%++ of the time, how "anti-war" are they?

Why the Clinton uproar over the tea comment? Afterall the GOP would say the same thing. . .

Iowa: Who the Hell Kos (Daily Kos)

A NH primary voter discusses why he supports Edwards

Have Barack Obama's latest attacks led you to consider your support for a different candidate?

Your primary vote. 1992 and 2008

Out For Edwards, an endorsement

Should Hillary replace Wolfson with Rove

Why dont Hillary supporters bring up Obamas REAL attack?

Obama Turns to Sexism in Final Push

Video of Hillary interview with Wolf Blitzer

Get real.


Come on folks, don't make me embarrass myself

Are the mods on vacation tonight?

Please help me out here.

If Bloomberg runs as an (I)

Boston Globe: Primary Voices

Was the Boston Tea Party a protest against Hillary Clinton??

Which type of tea is the most sexist?

Ewe. Giuliani on Hardball right now. *puke*

Bhutto death hits Specter in Pakistan

Is Hillary taking money from LIPTON corporate lobbyists??

Democratic frontrunners both buy time for extended caucus eve messages

Top three Democratic candidates on Musharraf

So Obama's grandmother lives in a "tiny hut in Africa"

Was Obama's grandmother's hut built by ex-gay laborers in Africa?


I live in a tiny hut in Africa, and I'm really getting a kick out of these posts


Did Hillary Clinton sell tea

Judical watches 10 most currupt politicians.

What has Obama done to end the war?


My feelings on the race

Quite frankly, I don't care who wins the Democratic Primary!!!!

Everybody please take a break from all your bickering!

FACT CHECK: What Obama Campaign Manager David Axelrod REALLY said (quotes and video links)

Did Hillary Clinton murder Benzir Bhutto as some rival campaigns suggest?

Why does Hillary hate tea - especially when it was good enough for a couple first ladies in 2000?

If anyone still thinks Ron Paul is a "Good Guy".

Two congressmen who were in Pakistan to meet Ms Bhutto and the President (PA Senator Arlen Specter)

It's Friday open mic night at the DU Comedy Cafe

Of the frontrunners, who did you support in 2004, and who do you support now?

Did some Hillary backers make shit up in desperation?

Bloomberg sends warning shot across Iowa and NH

MADELINE ALBRIGHT issues statement on Barack Obama's latest attacks

Who was the first presidential candidate who was publicly discussing Pakistan...

Musharif and the CNN/Bhutto gunshot video....

Will/can Pelosi call House into session to prevent pocket veto of defense bill?

Who is your SECOND choice for the Democratic Primary?

Obama outdrew Edwards 850 to 350 in Davenport today

Michelle Obama thinks her husband shouldn't run again if he loses in 2008. Ask me if I give a F**K.

Obama: "We still remember what it's like to be normal."

“Ask John” program gives caucus goers chance to ask him any questions they might have

OBAMA GRAMMAR FAILURE: A dangerous preposition for our country, lacks indirect (object) experience

Since you're all here tonight, I'm going to ask this once, then run like hell:

Joe Biden, in depth, on Pakistan

Dodd: Clinton was sitting on the sidelines

But seriously - my daughter and son-in-law prayed at their wedding

This could be interesting... W claiming Congress not in session...

Clinton camp in a tizzy over tea

Should Obama replace Axelrod with McClurkin?

People are starting to get on edge because Iowa caucuses?

Edwards one of few U.S. politicians to speak with Musharraf after assassination of Bhutto

Where are the Kucinich supporters these days on DU?

Lineup for Sunday news shows (the gang is well represented - Hillary, Edwards, Obama, Biden, Dodd)

What is the best way to ward off CIA agents in Volkswagens?

Some Hillary DU Supporters think people living in huts in Africa are inferior to those living in USA


What's your playlist for your candidate?

To all of you hillbots who claim that Bill Clinton didn't campaign for Lieberman...

Make no mistake: Obama's half-a-plan health insurance proposal leaves 15 million uninsured.

Do you think Bloomberg will run.

2007: The Year in Evidence

JOHN EDWARDS SAYS: Latest Obama attacks "ridiculous....stoking the fire"

Idiotic, repetitious post about Obama and/or Clinton!!!

Oprah's fans fume: 'Stop pushing Obama down our throats'...

Bush to veto defense bill after Iraq objects

India suspends rail service to Pakistan: ministry

Bush Finally Warms to Warming

In Iowa, foreign policy means security

Militants, Bhutto Aides Allege Cover-Up

Video captures Bhutto attack

Bhutto's Jihadist Enemies

Concord (NH) Monitor to endorse Clinton

A Bhutto Successor? [19 y/o son]

Candidates split along party lines on health

Two Obama Ads Are Criticized

Planes Fly Too Close In 2 Reported Incidents

Iraqi PM flies to London for medical checkup

Pakistan government skips autopsy, shifts story on how Bhutto died

Pakistan rejects help in Bhutto probe

Bush Tries to Assure Families on Economy

Democrats: Redeploy troops from Iraq (focus on Pakistan & Afghanistan, taped 1 week ago)

Osama Bin Laden Releases New Message

Alleged Qaeda official Mehsud denies killing Bhutto: spokesman

Texas Prosecutor Apologizes for Messages to His Secretary

Bhutto exhumation okay, Pakistan official says

Could we please calender all of DU's special "Days" for 2008, now?

The sunstroked serenaders

my work is done


Our wonderful, G-Rated Sea-Monkeys are non-violent, salt-water swilling sweeties but they do love go

Sweet dreams, DU!

Someone (anonymous) gave me a Star

Damn, I almost forgot how to post!!!

it's 2:15am - between the puppy and my shoulder... I'm awake

Wow, my mother-in-law's tamales are exquisite!

"Ben Stein" mass email and response.

I'm voting Elmo in '08

Amazing: Nudity inside

I have a gawd awful headache tonight...I don't get migraines

Wow my ex-mother in law's deer and rabbit pie are exquisite

Grrr.... I wanted to go to bed....

My annual report is done!!!!

What if Sen Clinton had a kickass handlebar moustache?

If you were the last man/woman on Earth, do you want to be King/Queen of the World?

There is a bright light shining in the sky

I am an executrix of an estate and attemping to sell a car privately.

On the History Channel in an hour...

Hope eveyone's Holidays are doing good . . .

do you put up guests no one is supposed to touch?

In The Movie Alvin And The Chipmunks (spoiler alert :P )

My heat went out last night in my bedroom

If you have 17 minutes to kill.

Question? How does one give or get a star????

want to see what dirt poor is?

I don't understand this. Parents placed a NannyCam to catch their Nanny abusing

Good one going in GD regarding how to defend oneself against attacking tiger/lion (oops, ancient)

back to work on monday

Southern California DUers - a question for you.

Leave Britney alone! :(

Dumb computer question

I just got free tickets to see Velvet Revolver tonight

The Art of Doing Nothing

Sometimes I wish the people in my town would just shut up

I hate censorship

Walk, talk about being spineless!!

Help! I'm drowning in chocolate!

tell me not to feel guilty

Man Dies After Receiving Marathon Lap Dance At Strip Club

Do you believe the material is immaterial?

Jackie Broyles 2008, Cruisin' for your vote

Cowboy Jammies or Commando?

Let's come up with outlandish Iron Chef secret ingredients!

yeeee-haaawwww!!! We have Hi-speed internet now!!!!

Only 48 people paid to see Jessica Simpson's new movie.

Virtual Etch*A*Sketch

2:46 A Christmas song from Dewey Cox

Who moved my cheese?

A Christmas picture of my Nephew.

That wide-screen stretch

anyone else who can't stop baking?

I want to see: Pro football games tomorrow offer a moment of silence in honor of Stockhausen

I actually think that my family forgot it's my birthday...

damn you Google Images. there's no "Godwin Award"

OMG! "The Outsiders" is on now!!

Will this year's "Blade Runner: The Final Cut" version actually be the final version?

TiVoing "Roadhouse" on Spike TV NOW!

OMG! OMG! Only 13 days until the new Uwe Boll movie!!!

May I be really disappointed in an actor?

Did you grow up thinking Spaghetti was "ethnic" food? I did -

What do you think should be whacked by a 2X4?

Pink shirts on men

And I shall leave today with this

I'm such a dork, I'm way more excited about the Iowa caucus next week than I am about NY or Xmas

The lounge is now closed.....

I hate it when you buy a CD and you really want it to be good..Post a disappointment

I've **FINALLY** captured a decent picture of my cat!!

Sometimes, I just wanna get up and do the Snoopy dance for no reason.

I didn't want this to's really sad and breaks my heart..but nobody answered my UFC poll..

best place for best ringtones by subscription?

Are you gonna go my way?

Damn Lounge.

I'm making vegan cupcakes for lizziegrace's party!

okay Rev...

So...Do you guys like my new glasses?

SPK reminds me of the babe...

Come on Rev, you are forcing my hand here....


Should Progressives Boycott Family Guy?


for the knife lovers

I tried papaya for the first time today and Boobies.

a Christmas Eve pic....just cause I thought it was cool


What is so bad about Kohler?

and now....


Roped and hog-tied, been tied up in knots...that's all I got...

I'm still not gone.

What does it mean that Osama's just released another video & my "penis size is below average"?

Hey LynneSin Hannah Montana Is Better The Led Zeppelin

93 Christmases later . . . . (crosspost from Photography group)

First Law of the Universe

Always The Same Its Just A Shame Thats All

YouTube with my niece singing Messiah with her high school choir and

Narvel Felts

The Bar IS OPEN Now .... Butt

V is for Vendetta is on Max

So, what's your sign?

Have you ever seen Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol?

Ukrainian army recruiting commercial

Happy Birthday Bi-Baby

The Full Moon was on the 23rd, so WTF is wrong with the Lounge?

When, exactly, do calories get absorbed by the body?

For my 24000th post...My Butt!!!!

Funniest Star Wars Parody yet.

I'm sick

I'm having a John Cusack in "high fidelity" day - hence, women

I don't care if it IS Bi_Baby's 40th birthday. I hope the Giants kick the crap out of the Pats.

A bit of vibes wanted...

Bill Maher and Rolling Stone...what's not to like?

The Fruitcake Lady

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/29/07

So, which channel will you be watching the Patriots on?

Spooky my adorable baby kitty is getting snipped next week

YouTube video of TM giving Matcom a lap dance (whilst she wears Stiletto Pumps)

Bellowing Rap Machine commands you.

An update from Ohio

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/29/2007)

Help, a mouse is eating my Starbucks!

Babelfish didn't do too well here

So I am rewatching Twin Peaks

why is the same football game being broadcast on both cbs and nbc tonite?


My cat Smokie is couch potato...

My Newest Pic! Thanks to Whoa_Nelly!

Bird popularity contest: Blue-jays vs. cardinals (Round Two)

Favorite berry

Lowe's employee, "You don't want to buy THAT toilet. Kohler is MUCH better."

Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should

The consolidated picture thread(Brought to you from the moon)

just dropping in to say thanks

Hey somebody, start a wOrd AsSOciAtioN tHrEad!

do you put up bathroom towels no one is supposed to touch?


Is this even LEGAL?

The bulk condom order has arrived!

Denizens of the Lounge, I present unto you: Shimmy Sham, the don't get pregnant dummy

I'm in the middle of packing to move tomorrow. Kill me.

I'm so discouraged

Ohio Meetup Pics, Day One!

(I Just Want to) Fly Away

Challenging Cheney

Rice needs to wear her uniform just like Musharraf

Clinton aides had hand in Dubai deal

Just talked to a good friend who has NO PROBLEM with being invaded

McCain: 'I Am Legend'

Bolton: US 'helped precipitate' conditions for Bhutto's assassination

Has Joe for Clark been around lately?

Hillary Accused of Leaving the Exact Correct Tip

Is Hillary or Barack more vulnerable?

Bill (neocon scumbag) Kristol To Become New York Times Columnist In 2008

Looks like impeachment is on the table

Can't we all just get along?

Who Killed Benazir Bhutto?

Bhutto's security boss was Osama's handler, says expert.

Pelosi Has Been Putting Impeachment On the Congressional Table

NAOMI KLEIN is on with Charlie Rose tonight -- Wm. F. Buckley Jr. too

So, lemme see if I got this straight...

Police, fire logs in S.F. tiger mauling show scene of chaos, delay


"Support the Troops, not the Mission."

If you were the last man/woman on Earth, do you want to be King/Queen of the World?

Ten Saudis return home from Guantanamo

My Trollslayers, how hard is it for trolls to make intelligent arguments?

Feinstein’s Conflict of Interest in Iraq.

I Caught The Tail End Of It But Did CNN Do A Piece On The Implosions Of Buildings In 2007?.......

Anti-War Bus Tour to Precede NH Primary

The Minister of Music, James Brown, has been arrested again.

Robert Fisk: They don't blame al-Qa'ida. They blame Musharraf

Bhutto more powerful as a martyr than alive?

2 things seem certain about the Bhutto assassination:

Is it just me?

Is America ready for change?

Is Obama speech at the Democratic Convention in '04

BATTERIES INCLUDED: 'dangerous liquids' down the drain, batts follow

Thomas Ricks/Robin Wright: Warnings of suicide attacks on Pakistani politicians known

Its odd that Condileezza Rice has not made a statement?

Edwards Camp Feeling Good About Iowa

NY Times: Cash-Strapped Consumers

Clueless Huckabee - Pakistan has "Eastern Borders" with Afghanistan

When do you vote/caucus?

Despite cover-up attempts-secrets explain U.S. torture-Navy JAG Andrew Williams Resigns Over Torture

Sell your candidate to primary voters, instead of at DU

"Myths" according to Fox News.

Post your wildest fantasies for the new year

is huckabee just plain stupid? pakistani's are a border problem?

This will be my last post as 'BushOut06'

Yahoos Within the GOP Coalition Challenged on their Media Think

I hope that all the employees of the Iowa media

Documents reveal details of state's execution process

Bhutto aide: "It is really dangerous nonsense"

"You can fool.....

Leave Britney alone! :(

Is separation of church and state a myth in America?


Who Killed Benazir?

A link to Old American "The Bush Crime Family Tree"

BBC is reporting that Pakistan's election is likely to

This Date in Bush History 12/29: The Decency Dividend

8pm Eastern NC on TV.. "Goodby and Good Luck" story of McCarthy trials, Edward R Murrow

an offering

Could the "Great American Experiment" fail?

The Mohamed Atta, 9/11, Pakistani intelligence connection

Resolved - Membership in a religion should not grant the same civil protections as race, gender, etc

A Reason to Watch the Rose Parade

Kerry: "Only Bush could be for Supporting toops before he was against it" Bush vetoes Military Bill

Pakistan Offers to Exhume Benazir Bhutto

Buy an Al Qaeda franchise....

What's the difference? (Bhutto death)

Why I may skip the Greatest Threads page until after a Democratic nominee is chosen...

If you haven't obtained a copy of Olbermann's new book-I highly recommend it

Is it part of the human condition to demonize our opponents?

Railroad Executives Had Hand In State Funding Plan (Heavy Jeb Bush influence)

US town escapes 666 phone prefix

Gay obsession evident in Conservapedia

Business Bankruptcies to Spike in 2008

It Doesn't Look Like The Shooter And The Bomber Are The Same Person To Me

Bush's pocket-veto - an attempt to cover up

Computer Literate Person Wanted

Why Giuliani quit campaigning in Iowa....(pic)

Okay. I just don't know how to use KOS! Is there a way to see "all" threads? And how does one "troll

Struggling Giuliani Returns to a Familiar Theme: 9/11

Newsweek: Is Rice Rushing to Elections? (and why?)

Smoking Gun on Nixon and HMO's - SICKO

General Wesley Clark vs Newt Gingrich

I'm wondering what percent of law enforcement make up the 23%

Musharraf conducted his coup while Clinton was President

Alabama governor accused of violating campaign finance laws

2007 a year of weather records in U.S.

German-Born Children, Adopted to the US, 1945-1969

Petraeus Report was not written by the White House after all!

Second pet tribute video is up!

New Gift Card Law Takes Effect Tuesday

One more time....(the "new" bin Laden tape)

Who is Opposing Your Incumbent Stooge?

BUSH/CHENEY Subject To Arrest For War Crimes If They Visit Vermont?

A suggested experiment on Race

Any DUers with chemistry or biological sciences smarts? Advice needed

Help, a mouse is eating my Starbucks!

A reminder, he's back

Petreaus Report, Countdown Question

Breaking News:CNN just reported a new Osama audio conveeeenient.

The U.S. and Pakistan After 9/11 Blowback from an Unholy Alliance

Kucinich the Surprise Winner in Virginia Dems Poll

How to manipulate an idiot (republican);

Bhutto exhumation okay, Pakistan official says

Map of Bhutto Attack.

Anybody Catch This X-Mas Story ??? - Priests Brawl At Jesus' Birthplace

Legal Fictions: The Bush administration's dumbest legal arguments of the year.

Clinton (and others)-$108 Million to Expand Health Coverage for 9/11 Emergency Responders and Others

French Television - Bhutto Assassination video

Well, Then, Just Call Her "Madame Missouri"

New Law Aims To ID Undocumented Immigrants In Jail

Can Someone PLEASE Find the "Evil Monkey" Screenshot...

Pakistanis blame Musharraf for turmoil

Should Progressives Boycott Family Guy?

Viagra ingredient in Chinese supplements

Indian intel discounts Al Qaeda hand (in Bhutto killing)

Angry SA teens plan mass kissing protest (WTF??)

Baitullah Mehsud denies killing Bhutto

Clintons Didn't Contest Iowa in 1992, Haven't Earned Iowans' Support

Regis Philbin watches Democracy Now!

Tulane Study: Low Louisiana Lithium Levels ---> Political Paranoia

Arkansas School Bans Basketball Player Over Long Hair

Can anyone on DU explain what this stuff is all about. Is it a scam?

2008 Recipe for Disaster

Putin, Petraeus, Rice or Gore: Conservatives and Progressives Split on Person of Year

Protesters could disrupt Rose Parade

Obama, Huckabee Top Final Power Rankings

Birth of The Police State: Video

Bill Maher: Richard Cranium, we salute (thththpbpbpb!!) thee

"So Goes the Nation" - hope our crack Dem consultants are watching

Could Bhutto have been killed because she was spilling the beans that Bin Laden is dead?

Clinton Demands Bhutto Probe, Slams Musharraf

American-only flags is a new law for 2008

Gov. Riley won't order DNA testing for Alabama death row inmate ("I don't have the p-o-w-e-r...")

HEY ATLANTA! Got water???

Take the

Oh Gawd! Osama is back

Truck full of contaminated beef stolen in Texas, BEWARE roadside sales

"When You're In The Military, You're Also In The ___"

Rational Actor Theory and Assymetric Threats: Why "Rational Terrorists" Don't Leave Suicide Notes

Anyone notice how fast gas rose since Bhutto's assassination?

Steven Weber: Shit Hits Fan: Shop, People, Shop!

"Invisible Blogger" (Profile of Steve Gilliard in NYT)

Twisted Christmas Song

Remembering Reagan during the Holiday Season.

Bhutto's death: No autopsy, two bullet wounds to her head and neck, crime scene rapidly cleaned....

New bin Laden video

Did Bush Watch the Torture Tapes?

Kill Bill? (Bush's attempt at a pocket veto)

bin Laden's back to say "Boo!" ..... Yet another "new" tape.

Revealed: Pakistan hosed away evidence at Bhutto attack scene, violated law requiring autopsy...

Girl fakes dad's death in Iraq to win Hannah Montana tickets

WaPo Editorial: "The Pakistan Test...."

Huckabee says good intentions more important than facts.

The clairvoyance of DUers

'Jesus Camp' was advertised on A/E 10E/9C , but no mention in the local TV guide, Winston Salem NC

"Sudden Infant Crib Death!"

Juan Cole: Huckabee is a narrow-minded, bigotted and ignorant person

Help!!!! My FIL, the ultimate wingnut, is coming over tonight!

George W. Bush, the globe-trotting president.

DU feminists: do you have links with info about misogyny in Christianity/the Bible?

Dahr Jamail: 2007 Worst Year Yet in Iraq

Navy JAG Andrew Williams Resigns Over Torture

Ethical question regarding graphics usage.

Is the mortgage crisis act 2 of the 80's S&L scandal?

If a person is torn between Edwards and Obama...

Here are the new pictures of the Bhutto execution

Wiley signing off for a spell

Is Mike Huckabee Gaining Weight?

Free money!

Brent Budowsky: What Gore, Clinton and Democrats Can Learn from Benazir Bhutto

Republicans are extemely good at multi-tasking

"The White House website home page does not even have a link to issues on Afghanistan or Pakistan."

About Bhutto's death: Here's the exact words of a photographer who was there.

Bush's poll numbers are up a little - I just don't get it!

Kucinich persevers in offer of new direction for country

Remember "The Iranian Hawks"

Kansas vs Nebraska water control fight

Fauntleroy! The Musical (Of George P. Bush, Other Trust Fund Babies, and DeTocqueville)

Iowa Could Make or Break Democrats

I told my daughter that it was unladylike to burp in front of people--she told me that was sexist.

Will you watch Stewart and Colbert despite the strike on Jan 07?

John's January Juice: An Idealist Grasp of the Issues


Hannah Montana Concert Winner Lied in Essay Describing Father's Death in Iraq

Concerning Bhutto

There seem to be so many newcomers to DU.

Wannabegrumpy is feeling better and has checked in

Bush's Sham of Democracy in Pakistan (and Iraq)

"Plastic-Head-Uber-Alles" Romney For Prez campaign might be doomed after this one...

You bigot!

OMG! Osama bin Laden Is Dead? I Just Found Out Tonight!

Murder May Be Tied to Online Sex Offender List

MP3 Player Father Bought at Wal-Mart for Daughter, 10, Was Preloaded With Porn

Will You Take the Progressive Primary Pledge? (With Apologies to JK Rowling)

Do you believe in ghosts?

The Torture Tape Cover-Up: How High Does It Go?

Debate should have included Kucinich

If John Kerry were to jump into the Presidential Race today, would you consider supporting him?

Edwards Radicalizes Anti-Corporate Pitch

Are there any left- wing Democrats?

COVER-UP: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair VIDEO. Please watch

Storage Locker Yields 42 Weapons

All this ambiguity, what is it a symptom of?

New spot is being created for 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Hillary’s Musharraf - Mrs. Clinton’s forgotten fling with the Killer of Karachi

Maybe Hillary is the answer

FEC Reporting Deadlines Favor Stealth Edwards Supporters/Clinton "Turncoats"

Isn't Corporatism the real issue???

Everyone will forget about most of these mini-scandals and tit-for-tat attacks in just a few months

Ah, the irony. What leading Republicans and talking heads said about Kosovo and Clinton.

Defense Industry Embraces Democrats, Hillary By Far The Favorite

With 'key allies' like this, who needs enemies?

Live Iowa caucus journal

Curling iron-throwing pol (Marilyn Devaney) keeps her job Which Democrat is a winner?

Reid & Pelosi on JR:...'Bowing to demands'---Bush protecting his bankers

Keith O. is repeating now. He's repeating the best of his special comments. n/t

It's Official - Pakistani Government Says Bhutto Died Of Old Age......

Congress has already approved legislation limiting aid to Pakistan

I know it's unlikely, but can you imagine

Yesterday I saw the first Richardson bumper sticker

Is it in our national interest to support an independent investigation into Bhutto's assassination?

Do You Support An Independent Investigation Into The Assassination Of Benazir Bhutto?

Obama jabbing from defensive stance

Bush Radio 12/29/07: "A growing economy, where people can pursue their dreams..."

Small farm advocates question Clinton's choice of rural co-chair

Richard Schiff joins Biden family on campaign trail

Colbert tops politicos you'd want to be stranded on an island with

US May Intervene In Investigation Of Bhutto Assassination ("can't just be Pakistani investigation")

Which Democratic Candidate Opposes An Independent Investigation Of The Bhutto Assassination?

See you guys Caucus Night

Concord Monitor endorsement: Republicans' best choice is John McCain

Predictions on how the repukes will place in Iowa?

Obama Stings With Subtle Jabs

So, I gave a list of questions to Russert to ask Obama on Sunday.

Try this straw poll (not here) and check results so far.......

Online poll: The Iowa caucuses are less than a week away. Who is your favorite candidate?

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/29/07 - Clinton up 3, Obama up 1, Edwards down 1

Iowa caucus 101-makes me dizzy

I urge everyone to see "So Goes The Nation", a documentary

Obama's European problem

Rudy, like Bush, like Fred Thompson.

oops! I screwed up the poll. We need a do over!

A dubious reason by Bush for pocket veto--Perhaps this is the REAL reason??:

Anti-Obama call from New York?

In Iowa, foreign policy means security

Why Does Barack Obama Want Republicans to Vote in a Democratic Primary?

What will you feel if Richardson wins the Democratic nomination?

Obama: U.S. should cut aid to Pakistan

Campaign 2008: rambling musings on where we're at, IMO

Lost In the Obama Era

A simple solution to the 60/40 vote cloture problem: make them filibuster.

I've been shopping -- what Rovian tactics have I missed?

Iraq made U.S. lose focus on al-Qaida, Obama says (Des Moines Register)

What if Sen Obama was ugly

Raw Story NAILS this morning's Bush radio address on the economy

RCP: Hillary first, Edwards second in Iowa Democratic Primary polls

L.A. Times: In shifting focus to Edwards, Obama acknowledges that Edwards poses a major threat

The Huckster Lost His Iowa Lead

How the Candidates Did on the 'Pakistan Test'

Romney officials approved clinic loan

Legal Status of 527 Groups in 2008 Elections

Fellow Edwards supporters, need your help

Obama Event Live Now On CNN!

Say something positive about the supporters of another candidate

North Dakota Senator Endorses Obama

Barack Obama: Leaving Iraq will make America safer

"Maybe She'll Get Struck By Lightning on her way up the Capital steps."

Biden defends Democrats' OK of Iraq war

Why do so many people here insist on seeing things in black and white...

SCREW the Economy, SCREW Iraq..."Bush's Pakistan policy top priority for 2008"

The Huckster Called The Mittster A Liar

"Something is surging", Richardson says"....I can feel it,"

The contrariness of Edwards

what happened with kucinich money bomb?

Candidates split along party lines on health

Edwards no longer includes Mellon family in robber baron speech

Giuliani Returns to a Familiar Theme: 9/11

Two Obama Ads Are Criticized

How many people outside of Iowa, New Hampshire and DU are

Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota endorses Obama

BREAKING: Bhutto's 19 year old son to be successor of party

Pre-election talk by candidates should never be the voter's basis for a decision.

John Edwards: then and now

TRUE Leaders do NOT "get the life beaten out of you at some point"...losers, however, DO.

Barack Obama Sealed The Deal Saturday With Hal Geren

Latest ARG Iowa Poll: Hillary 31% Edwards 24% Obama 24%

Romney officials approved (abortion) clinic loan

The Audacity of Pledge Omission: "Obama Ad Omits Lobbyist Reference"

ARG Iowa Poll: Second Choices

Moving Toward Consensus

Here is the one reality Obama folks can't face

So what happens if Iowa is effectively tied? less than 1,000 votes may separate the candidates

The Washington Post on Obama and Iraq

Corporate greed, the "main" problem?

Fineman in Iowa: Lots of things look different on the ground with a week to go

OBL tape to be released in time for another election...

What will you feel if Edwards wins the Democratic nomination?

Pizza Hut ad makes fun of Dennis Kucinich and UFO's

Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del, Stumps for Biden in Iowa

What it means that Edwards took public financing.

I Pledge to Work for and Vote for the Democratic Nominee

If I Were an Iowan and It Was Caucus Night, I'd Walk Into My Local Gathering "Undecided"

Biden, Richardson, And Dodd

The Death of "If"

Holy crap - Biden picked up ANOTHER endorsement from Iowa last nite.

Washington Post: Obama committed an "ugly foul" on Pakistan

What's She Afraid Of Anyway?....HRC-Ask me No Questions

Love Barack, Like Clinton, don't mind Edwards, and would feel good about Biden.....and so....

Hillary vs. Kucinich: the Battle for the Democratic Party

Obama and Rezko: real estate and big bucks

This is why I do so love the NH Primary

Oprah viewer: Obama is a "racist radical muslim"

Everyone: post your Iowa predictions here!!!

Ron Paul rips Fox News as ‘propangadists for war.’

And we thought DU was bad during primary season.....

Pick your candidate

OT but......Can DU shut up that damn dog?

DO OVER ! What will you feel if KUCINICH wins the nomination? (with apologies to Katzenvalie)

What will you feel if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination?

Obama's health care ad is a fraud, claims he guarantees coverage for all americans

Mitt Romney: "I saw my father march with Martin Luther King."

Is Carville officially joining Hillary's campaign?


Clinton vows to keep it 'positive'

More on James Carville, the great Democratic

Biden interview on Pakistan from WaPo

Article about the DLC -- The Industrial Authoritarians

What will you feel if Obama wins the Democratic nomination?

Clinton Poll for the ladies

Edwards Makes the Case Against Double-Talking Hillary Clinton


The choice is clear: Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton

James Carville is not my kind of democrat.

Poll: The Democratic Nominee for President Should Be


My primary journey led to Edwards: the most trustworthy, passionate, and sincere

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning in Fort Madison, Keokuk, Burlington, and Clinton Iowa

New Obama Iowa Ad: "Hope"

Hey Media!! Pencils UP For John Edwards!!

Obama camp woos gays

Hillary was on the Board of WALMART for 6 years and did NOTHING to change its stance on UNIONS

How many subcommittee meetings did Clinton hold?

Who is our must trustworthy candidate?

Just a reminder: Edwards CO-SPONSORED the Iraq War Resolution

Just a reminder: You will not stop me from voting for John Edwards

Lakota Sioux secede from the USA - SD, ND, NE, WY, MT

ignorant obama solicitor called this morning....

The most important choice, we have to make a difference.

new video gun & shots showing how Benazir Bhutto was assassinated

The main reason to not nominate Hillary Clinton is...

How Kucinich Supporters Could Help Stop Hillary Clinton

Obama outshines Clinton on human rights....Clinton supported exports of cluster bombs

What will you feel if Biden wins the Democratic nomination?