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Archives: December 3, 2007

Facebook Tempers Beacon Ad Features, Users Respond

Rudd sworn in as PM

Pfizer considers outsourcing 30% of manufacturing, mostly to Asia

Krugman: Innovating Our Way to Financial Crisis

Receding coastlines

Independent UK: Expanding tropics 'a threat to millions'

NY Times: Algae Emerges as a Potential Fuel Source

Safeway Reaches Contract Agreement With (25,000) Union Workers

(5,000) Sutter nurses plan 2-day strike

Party’s Triumph Raises Question of Putin’s Plans

For Venezuela, Tension Mounts With Close Vote

Dollar faces new sell-off if Gulf states end greenback pegs

OPEC Says Oil Supply Is Adequate as Crude Retreats From Record

Experts: Freeze on home-loan interest no cure-all

Obama endorsed by Des Moines mayor

Romney to give speech on his Mormon faith

(Baghdad) Vicar: Dire Times For Iraq's Christians (Most Have Fled Or Been Killed)

Rumsfeld says Venezuelan democracy threatened by Sunday's vote

International trade tribunals seen trumping state laws

Moldova nearly doubles Iraq troop presence

Wal-Mart Protesters Picket Mexico City Store to Demand Union

Romney To Give 'Religion Speech'

Monday is Take Your Kid to Work Day!

Iraqi Christians did better under Saddam.

Last year it was "This is Our Country", now, it's "Upgrade".

I just got my very first schlock pot

I seem to be losing my marples.

I seem to be losing my nippples

I seem to be losing Miss Marple


Which is more gaudy?

Do these colors go together?

Could I Wham my Oingo Boingo into your Velvet Underground?

Pounding down the beers every two and half to three minutes...

From 74 deg, to 43 deg in a few hours

Full Bowl Game Lineup

I had a great visit with my mom this weekend!

I need some suggestions.


Evidence of the decline of civilization

This Bowl Season Will Be Horrible. Thanks BCS

I was born in this country, but some shit about it just pisses me off

Governor Tarkin, how may I help you this morning?

I seem to be losing my marbles.

Tonight's theme is Muppets!

Who believes

I guess I hate America because I hate Christmas specials

Cris collingworthless, worst person in the world

I am losing my grip...

tomorrow i will be 49 y.o..

I need some convincing

When you were in Kindergarten, What did you want to be when you grew up?

Anybody use "skype"?

I miss the road sometimes

How long do we let disruptors hang around?

I just watched "Napoleon Dynamite". Please. Someone give me back the last 2 hours of my life.

I need to ask this...

Yeah... I Love You!

The BCS Selection show is on now

So. Does my new wedding ring make my ass look big?

I miss my mom during the holidays.

Which type of character in fiction do you prefer?

Anyone use a GPS navigation toy?

Favorite movie moment?

Wow!! Did Heather Mills step on it (link disclaimer)

LOLcats (And maybe some mehcats, but hopefully more lols)

In this thread we praise great ice cream treats!

So, I gave her uninterrupted organisms for 27 hours

Post your favorite 80's music videos! Here's one you guys may have forgotten about

Favorite Christmas Movie(s)

SciFi Fans: Anyone else watching Tin Man? (Possible Spoilers)

Fraternitie, Oui! French Writers Support Writer's Guild Strike

Kucinich Questions Kucinich on Health Plan-Brown&Black Forum

A Simple Fact About Chavez

Toad ownership now illegal

Ask what is being hidden behind `on condition of anonymity'

War as “big business” - "The Political Economy of U.S. Militarism"

Tony Snow to give speech in Wichita Dec 4...UGGGGGGGG

Aristotle's Definition Of Tyranny & What BUSHCO Is Busily Constructing (Scott Horton)

That Perfect Christmas Card For Dems

Twenty bodies found in mass grave in Iraq

PTSD blamed in former soldier’s suicide

Kristol: Giuliani nomination 'problematic' in scandal's wake

Gun-Shy America Is Losing The Best Chance To Stop Iran

Did anyone here live in or near Schaumberg ILL during the

Superbowl halftime show picked today!

Who truly believes the "surge" has anything to with the decrease in violence?

So when are we going to start organizing and planing for..

What should be the minimum percentage required to amend any constitution

Advice about a good (possibly free) firewall on windows XP?

Pics of the local peace protest

Tonight, Bart Simpson was writing 100 times:

WHFS Veteran Tom Terrell Dies

Scott Pelley (60 Minutes): propaganda master

Gay rumours eclipse Condi’s glory moment

Don't ask; don't tell

Looking for great, progressive movies?

Richardson on Don't Ask Don't Tell: Rule is "immoral and a choice"

Hawaii Warriors #10 get to Play the Georgia BullDawgs #5 in the Sugar Bowl..BCS

Facebook's Beacon More Intrusive Than Previously Thought

Guardian UK: Eat, drink and be miserable: the true cost of our addiction to shopping

Facebook's Beacon More Intrusive Than Previously Thought

Sigh. Drinking with Republicans.

Kristol(sorry!): Giuliani nomination 'problematic' in scandal's wake

With 9ui11ani's campaign about to dissolve, who wil Fox News be sponsoring?

So, what are the "election" results?!1 I'm hyperventilating here now!1

I seem to have posted nothing noteworthy today.

Conservatives versus liberals

We have already come close to Armageddon

Mayor Bloomberg's girlfriend Diana Taylor says no need for police escort

I'll be leaving now to do something useful, but I just had to post this after brief visit

Hmm, what percentage of the US population is illiterate?

For Justices, Another Day on Detainees at Guantánamo

The Republican presidential candidates as the Seven Dwarfs:

Huckabee's dirt.

Which Ticket is stronger?

Study: U.S., Israel Should Begin Planning Strike On Iran Nuclear Sites

Oh goody! High tech drones to fly over South Florida

Pavlov's Dog

Non Chinese toys for Xmas? Might try this place

"If X wins the Democratic nomination, I'm not voting for them"

A key ally for the anti-Chavez crowd here: Donald Rumsfeld in WaPo

This Modern World-Hello, kids! It's me -- Mr. 9/11 Man!

Hillary likability results -- gender differences

Lower Merion, PA Voting Update!

Army will offer up to $40,000 to some recruits

2008 First Spouse Gold Coin

You will like this political ad "praising" Rudy on security

The plot to rig the 2008 US election

Caption *, Mrs. *, and Steve Martin - pics

A Wal-Mart Christmas Toy Story: Shopper Jailed For Removing Dangerous Baby Toy

At purity dances, virgin belles ring

Poppy Bush: An authorized biography? "...I'd rather not fool with it."

Mike Huckabee Picks Campaign Song: "Faith"

Seven bloody years to end up here, with this...

This was on my mind, and, well, since I couldn't think of anything else to, I figured what the hell.

The Next Time a Right-Wing Pat Buchanan Wannabe Talks about Gays in the Military...

BREAKING: CARACAS, Venezuela = Constitution referendum is said to be too close to call.

Has anyone watched the Military Channel on cable? It's a 24/7 wargasm....

2006 Arkansas Poll: Clinton 51% vs. Huckabee 36%. Why are we DOOOOOMED if he is nominated?

SO, our FREELY ELECTED Huguito has "won" *another* election!1 (So did Adolf)

OMG- Jeff Gannon on CSPAN 2 right now

Kucinich: "It's your government, take it back"

Frisked before being allowed to see a football game?

two more FORMER bush voters going to vote for Edwards

You wake up tomorrow and Dodd is prez and Max Cleland is veep.

"I seen the tornado"

Jack Benny confronts racist while entertaining troops during WWII

Show Of Hands: How Many Renters Were Handed Cash By The Government...

About this guy I met just back from Iraq.........

Bailing out homeowners is morally wrong...

Gore and others to view energy breakthrough

I am against any government run medical care system.

How the Bush Administration Made America Safe for Dangerous Toys

Ted Haggard & Larry Craig solicited the same male prostitute? Cue up Disney's "It's A Small World!"

If Iowa becomes a referendum on character, who wins?

Has Pat Robertson said anything about his buddy Rudy and Bootygate?

I cannot believe the level of insensitivity around here towards bald men!!!

Obama's Response (earlier today) to Hillary Campaigns attack on PAC

Sen. Clinton should be very careful lecturing others.

When you were in Kindergarten, What did you want to be when you grew up?

Please show me where Obama or Edwards have been throwing mud. nt

DUers - Please ignore Rove/Novak et al and their attempts to

Obama claims he hasn't been planning to run for President. The facts suggest he is dissembling.

My thread about What people wanted to be in kindergarten got moved to the Lounge...

Where is Bill Richardson When you Need him?

Any kindergartner who can write an essay should be President

Edwards Wins a Key Iowa Backer (U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, Iowa's 1st district, to endorse tomorrow)

The Republicans are going to attack the Democrats as being weak on National Security

Clinton supporters and Obama supporters...

So the FDA can't protect us because their budget

Obama questions "fun" of attacking fellow Democrats

Hillary has decided to go negative. Will her negative campaigning hurt or help her?

In Kansas, GOP abandons abortion focus

I'm rubber -- You're glue. Everything you say.......

Thank you Hillary for opening up and stopping the frontrunner bs

The "Goldwater Girl" and her "Kindergarten" remark

The sanctimonious bullshit on Hillary's attacks is hypocritical

Obama Supporters - Be positive

Hillary Surge in latest SC poll - up 24 pts over Obama.

Clinton to Call for Freeze on Foreclosures & 5 Year Freeze on ARM rates

Hillarobama. Barackdam. Clintein.

Poll: Is the Hillary campaign getting desperate?

Edwards Wins a Key Iowa Backer

Why I hate Republicans

Iowans were 'snakebit' by Kerry?

Clinton attacks Obama's character

Has everyone had a chance to listen to Mike Huckabee speak?

If Iowa becomes a referendum on experience, who wins?

Financial Times...TO: Senator Barack Obama FROM: Karl Rove SUBJECT: How to Beat Hillary

Romney to give Mormon speech (AP)

Campaign Memo From Rove To Obama: How To Beat Hillary

So, who's the frontrunner at this point?

Clinton's campaign attacks Obama on kindergarten essay

In Rural America Edwards is resonating!!!!!! Two more Edwards supporters...voted bush last time

Mittens to deliver “Faith in America” speech in an effort to tamp down concerns about his Mormonism

Sen. Obama Rewrites History, Claims He Hasn’t Been Planning White House Run

Now if Obama has a character problem what the heck does Bill and Hillary have

Hey, Who Knew!?!

A historian against Obama: "The American people demand transformative change...not empty words"

Silent Lies, Unholy Lies: Rove's Big Lie that the Dems Forced the US Into the Iraq War Gets Legs

Obama: "This presidential campaign isn't about attacking people for fun..."

Will Hillary's move to criticize other candidates' "character problems" help her or hurt her?

Can any Obama supporter defend Obama's lie?

Gates Visits US Troops in Djibouti

Sex, drug scandal rocks US college (Oral Roberts)

Seeing Iraq, thinking Vietnam (BBC)

Iraqi insurgents regrouping, says Sunni resistance leader

Human Rights Crusader Michael Ratner: We'll Keep Going After Bush and Cheney When They Leave Office

AlterNet: Arizona Lawsuit a Crystal Ball Into 2008 Presidential Vote Count

'I will never leave Guantanamo'

The Revolutionary That Saved Christmas

Two Media Myths of Campaign Coverage Debunked

Howard Kurtz: Media Critic or Media Hack?

Writers' strike: As reruns take over television, eyes shift to new media; Will they ever go back?

Truthdig: ‘The Iran Agenda’

Power, Passion, and Neoliberalism

China’s Valley of Tears: Is authoritarian capitalism the future?

John Nichols: Bush Buddy Putin Trumps Democracy, Chavez Embraces It

NYT: How the Filibuster Became the Rule

UTMB may stop offering cancer care to undocumented immigrants

Why the GOP Won't Get Behind Huckabee

Chris Matthews Rewrites History about the Clintons and the Origins of the Iraq War


The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 316


U.N.: U.S. climate role 'critical' (AP/CNN)

Save a Koala, Pray for Rain - Utne Reader

Bioheat fires up in area homes (NH)

Five tree fee for a Java wedding (BBC)

Carbon capture plan for the Forth (BBC)

'Cap-and-trade' model eyed for cutting greenhouse gases

Ranges Of 130 N. American Tree Species Likely To Shift, Shrink Or Both As Warming Accelerates

25% Of Bangladeshi Sundarbans Mangrove Forests Damaged Or Destroyed By Cyclone - AFP

Woodland Birds In Trouble Across Europe - Some Species #s Down 25% In 20 Years - ANI

Despite Promises, Gulf Of Mexico Dead Zone Still Growing - Now Bigger Than Connecticut

Gore Eclipses Bush At Bali Conference - Shadow US Delegation Watchful For "Fast One" From ChimpCo

Uganda Reports Ebola Outbreak In Remote Border Area - New 5th Strain, 58 Dead So Far - Reuters

U.S. says seeks new climate deal, rejects Kyoto - Reuters

Rare Sumatran Rhino Spotted In Malaysia - First Sighting In 13 Yrs. Encourages Biologists

Italian consumers warned of looming energy shortfall

100-Meter Stretch Of Yangtze Riverbank Caves In - Warehouses, Construction Cranes Swept Into Water

Bill Curry: Fiddling as the Planet Warms

Energy efficient roofing?

Warming Expands World's Tropics By 2+ Degrees Latitude In Just 25 Years - SMH

Study - Undammed Rivers Best Able To Withstand Global Warming Effects (Sorry, Australia, US!)

Fertiliser at a price – if you can get it

Microwave Tires and Voilà! Alternative Fuel

Voters reject Chavez's referendum

Putin Party Sweeps Russian Election That OSCE Calls "Not Fair"

Army will offer up to $40,000 to some recruits

ASIO accused of 'doctoring' Habib notes

Sudan frees British teacher in teddy bear row

Chavez loses constitutional vote

Sharif banned from Pakistan poll

Sex and chocolate seen boosting brain power

U.S. Rights Stance Faces Big Test In Guantanamo Case

Senator Webb, back from Iraq, questions impact of 'surge'

Police Find No Evidence of Pepper Spray in Alleged Sabotage of Miss Puerto Rico Universe's Clothing

950 juveniles in US prisons in Iraq -- general

Scientists Get Rare Look at Dinosaur Soft Tissue

Losing Ground In Iowa, Clinton Assails Obama

Europe Urges Russia Election Probe

100 chieftains to stage hunger strike in Baghdad

WGA Preparing Plan B? - Negotiate With Individual Companies

quanell x and the new black panther party confronted by joe horn supporters

Chavez: Bolivarian Republic Will Grow

Family: Clinton hostage suspect just wanted help

NYC Term Limits to Stay the Same

U.S. Says Iran Ended Atomic Arms Work

Local Paper Uncovers Another Mysterious U.S. Death in Iraq

Hundreds of Iraqis seek aid after al Qaeda battle

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 3, 2007

Putin hails victory as observers cry foul

Recession Hits U.S. Profits; Economy Might Be Next

U.S. subprime pain - courtesy of London bankers

Australia ratifies Kyoto Protocol

Sudan Pardons British Teacher, to be Freed in Hour: Presidential Advisor

Arab-American paratrooper faces deportation after Afghan service

Eating disorder may have genesis in womb-study

Noriega set to make U.S. Senate bid official today

Bush administration hails Chavez defeat

Turnout Up as United Russia Takes 63%

McDermott's appeal rejected by Supreme Wingnuts -- Arrrgh

Fox News refuses to run pro-Constitution ad

Bush to speak on spending, war funding

'Teddy bear' teacher leaves Sudan

Oil prices continue to fall

Dems plan to focus on the economy this week: Signal refocus of political debate from Iraq to economy

Canadian Judge Blasts U.S. Terror Policies

National debt grows $1 million a minute


Protest over slain burglars takes a confrontational turn

White House Obstructing Plame Investigation

Breaking News: U.S. Report Says Iran Nuclear Weapons Threat Overstated

You Tube: Spinal Tap Reunites for Live Earth ("Is it in FAVOR of global warming?")

It is midnight. There may be a snow day tomorrow. I will be shut in with


Undercover Photos: Restaurant keeps pork outside, hanging between garbage bin and a pile of trash

Christmas in Glen Burnie...For those who appreciate a Bawlmer accent

Napoleon Dynamite

That message Sting wrote and put in the bottle when he was a castaway lost at sea-O

Hey lounge Myspacers who are also Rickie Lee Jones fans

When you were an embryo, what did you want to be when you grew up?....

How about some sunshine and rainbows?

Remember these two guys?

I love soldiers and lovers

Who are the Chicago Cubs of college football?

DUers, I need your help!

But, mama — that's where the *fun* is!

Keep me awake, I have to monitor my husband

Why I'm a dork: I noticed a Todd Rundgren ripoff in one of the "Dilbert" animated cartoons!

Cat, 26, could be record breaker (BBC News)

Puppy's bark 'saved woman's life' (BBC News)

Fever can unlock autism's grip: study

I want to be a house husband

So, I just created a new myspace page for my solo music..

Ever see a drunk pet?

Lookit what my BFF did

Anybody here ever sent dog you-know-what to somebody?

"The Shockmaster"

Is Delilah's Holdiay radio show just God trying to tell us it is time to clean the guns?

I dreamed last night...

Roger Smith former GM exec. of "Roger & Me" has died

YEAH!!! Fighting Blue Hens of UDel defeat #1 ranked Northern Iowa

About Huckabee, just heard on the Howard Stern Show

I Can't Find My Passport.

In THE WIZARD OF OZ, when the Great and Powerful Oz was

Sex and chocolate seen boosting brain power

If you used a credit card outside the country between 1996-2006 you may be entitled to a refund

I MISS these GUYS !!!

He's "Blessed and Highly Favored" again.

This day in history - anyone remember what event happened today in 1984

Einstein's Laws of Feline Behavior

Stormtroopers and the Marching Trojan Explosion

The Saturn thanks you all for your support.

Cat+ utility pole=mayhem

What is it with the snakehandlers and the movie the golden compass

LA face with Oakland booty

I have to fess up - I loved "Hairspray' the movie

Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino. ParTay!

Jason LeVasseur is on my campus right now playing in the Lion's Den!

Any ideas on how to encourage my kitty to eat and drink on her own?

Toddler fools the art world into buying his tomato ketchup paintings

Dec. 3 is part of two very important countdowns!

nobody wants to play with me,

Should I get this for my best friend's little baby? He is 6 months old!!

You touch my Tra La La (Gunther and the Sunshine Girls)

I can't control the universe! I don't get it.

Christmas trees...what kind do you have?


The Go! Team - all pop should be this good

Police say new way of getting high includes angry amphibian

CONFESS!!!! Strangest DU Flame War you were ever involved with

Pacific Northwest Weather We Are getting Hit By Big Storm

Twelve inches.

What's the most interesting unexplained phenomenon you personally experienced?

Saint Clinton!

We're no longer allowed to use the phrase "snakehandlers" when talking about Fundy's anymore

Well, I ain't going anywhere.

I can't believe the Lounge missed such an important date in history.

Got another cover illustration

In Kentucky, it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon more than six-feet long

Ysterday, tree o/s my window was covered in snow and green leaves

Urban Families: What do you know about them?

Which girl is hotter in this video?

Weather forecast for the next week:

GMAC Bowl: the Foghat of college sports

Anybody else use BigRedWire for long distance?

Six Inches

Let's list the movies that have no male characters!

Hillary FINALLY comes clean about Iran

Woohoo!!! That lil meeting in Annapolis added a point to the Rapture Index

I just drove my car into a brook - Yikes! ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT

What the (bleep)? I'm getting swamped with spam!

Let's list the movies that have no Gregory Peck characters!

I Think Someone In Delaware Needs A Happy Pill

We Are Putting On A Knitting Class This Weekend, Anyone Want To Attend?

Need to take a break from GD for a while.

I let my six year old nephew take pictures last night

BIG WEDNESDAY 12/05/2007

I Just Saw My Very First Crack Pot

Photo: Britney Spears, last night at her 26th birthday. So much for "getting her mojo back."

DU parents: How old were your kids when they stopped being cuddly?

Santa Claus is coming to town -- for 34 microseconds

Alison said that Staring at boobs will shorten my Life by at the minimum 5 years

What Christmas special are you watching tonight?

Let's list the movies that have no male characters!

i think MrCoffee should pinch a log before he says something he regrets

Six and a half inches versus four and a half inches.

Speaking of logs, my favorite thing about Christmas.

American Gangster

i should just log off before i say something i'll regret


Searching for Friday night around 10 pm post withpicture of **when he was a true shrub

"Daddy, what's male performance enhancement?"

Where Is The Lounge Mistletoe, I need A Kiss

missing cat (not ours)

So, I'm Crossing The Street This Morning with the Actress Julianne Moore

Cat, 26, could be record breaker (BBC)

Who else liked "Inland Empire"?

Post why your school should be playing for the college football national championship

Just what all us cat owners need!

Any Honda CRX owners?

Post Here, and I will give myself a Present!!

Play a love song

$2,499 Gibson Blue Silverburst Les Paul guitar tunes itself in 2 seconds, on sale December 7th

Long hair rant

Ok, so the text size on DU just went crazy big.

Central Cali Coast DU'ers want to meet for dinner or coffee next Monday evening?

can anyone identify this language

Ok, so the 'unit' size on DU just went crazy small.

i was fantastic in KitchenWitch's dream

The Du Kitties wish you Happy Holikitties and a Merry Catsmas

In honor of Jimmy V week post the ways that you're amphibious

I've got a thread in GD-P...Go see!

Your GD:Politics Fun Fact of the Day

Divorce is bad for the environment

I felt like it was time to tell our 2 year old a "truth" about this Santa business

Why bad kissers don't get to second base

Rhymes that should be forbidden in songs

Should I go downtown to play a small poker tournament today?

Norfolk Island Pine

What Is Your Favorite 'All In The Family ' Episode

Friday is Monday but Monday is also Monday

This is why you should hang around Christians more often.

HERO'S....tonight is probably the season finale

Check out this website.

Pickled Quail Eggs

The new Futurama movie is fantastic.

Did you know Lennon & Jagger are dating?

favorite Gregory Peck movies

Okay, I like Foreigner. So sue me.

Yippee . . .

If you live somewhere where extreme weather is common - DON'T BITCH ABOUT IT

went out to leave for work and my car radio was stolen last night

where do animals go to die?

I had a rather *wild* dream about a DUer Saturday night.


Uranium available for purchase at Amazon. Get the Real DU!

What are the worst three words in the English language?

Today's GeoCRAZY Question: Where's the Ocean?

Why plastic surgery is NOT the answer.

What Are You Doing On Christmas?

I tried to teach myself how to knit this weekend and.....


Need help remembering the name of an 80's band

*Hey, Mouseketeers! Come SING!*

Who here has met MissMillie in person? And, inquiring minds

If you did celebrate Dec. 25th as a child, what is your fondest memory?

Support the troops....

How often do you get your hair cut?

My Mother:

Hey, DUers who wear glasses - at what age did you start wearing them?


Let's list the movies that have no female characters!

Deepal Shaw a.k.a Babydoll

Amazon's new wireless reading device, "Kindle"...anybody seen it?

How do you like your bananas?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/3/07

Letter from my son who's in prison!

Black-Eyes Peas: an acquired taste? Something you needed to grow up eating?

today is my birthday; the first of many 49th birthdays to come. when i go home to my dark lonely

Staring at Boobs Prolongs Men's Life by 5 Years

Post here and I will give you a present!!!


Public Service Announcement: clean the fucking ice off your fucking trucks, assholes.

Odierno: Fewer foreign fighters entering Iraq

Protesters arrested at Guard recruiting office

PTSD blamed in former soldier’s suicide

Brigade CO: Iraq violence reduction is fragile

Report: Brit navy ill-equipped for a major war

Biggest clothing allowance ever

30 bombs uncovered at old Key West naval area

Angered by rape case, Filipinos storm embassy

‘I’ve seen enough. I’ve done enough.’

Air Force honors 90th Space Wing at Warren

Vermont Air Guard gets new mission

Troops assess Afghans’ winter wish list

New passport rules set to change in 2008

U.K. denies request for information on detainees

Air Guard Strapped for Doctors

Suicide Attempt Prompts Court-Martial

Unfinished work exemplifies housing fiasco

New school opened to train Iraqi air force

Lab thinks big, small in developing munitions

Military deep into civilian duties

'I will never leave Guantanamo'

The Army's waivering recruiters

Generals: Drop Ban on Gays in Military

VA Health Care MIA - Missing in Alaska

Force-shaping notifications going out

Court-martial today for Marine charged in soldier murder

Overmedicating troops is common

Part 1 of 30 minute radio interview with Naomi Wolf

George's Toys

The Abramoff Secret

Clinton aide Wolfson calls on Axelrod to shut down Obama's PAC

Red State Update interviews Elizabeth Kucinich!

Senator Clinton on not attacking other Democrats

CNBC - Erin Burnett calls George W. Bush a Monkey

Red State Update: Oprah for President

Sunday Show Roundup: Shag Fund Edition

Radio host John Ziegler introducing Fred Thompson 12/1/07 - Does a Coulter on Hillary Clinton...

Brainwash movie trailer, including Naomi Klein on GOP branding

Military Recruitment Protest

John Edwards: Together (New Hampshire ad, debuts 12/3/07)

The Top 10 Conservative Youtube Republican Debate

A Brief History Lesson by John Nichols, Impeachment Teach-In

HANO & HUD set to start Demolition of Perfectly good housing in New Olreans

Joe Biden: Darfur

Bill O'Reilly does whole segment on Mike Malloy; Malloy responds

Clinton: Without mandate, universal health care impossible

doublespeak 101

Joe Biden: Iraq funding vote

Barack Obama's speech to DNC Fall Meeting - part 2

Barack Obama's speech to DNC Fall Meeting - part 1

Bernie Sanders on Senate floor NOW...C-SPAN 2 "U.S. has highest rate of poverty than any other

Has anyone noticed the 100% Christian dating service banner ad at the top of the page? .....

I'd like to dedicate my 2000th post to Kysrsoze

We're tougher than that

Bat Attack Victim Wants Evel Knievel's Money

Heritage Foundation on Hunger...Poor people aren't hungry; they're fat.

Report contradicts Bush on Iran nuclear program

What do people think about the fact that Chavez lost?

Iowa and NH, if you want change

so why do we still occupy Guantanamo Bay?

Sen Whitehouse-Welcomes Constitutional Showdown-Even If Decisions Come AFTER Bush Leaves Office

Argh! - ABC local news- Boston- "Military Children" Were Welcomed at the WH...


Thoughts on the term "socialism"

BUSH: "some in Congress want to force a self-defeating policy" in Iraq.

Military medal question.

Iran Nuke Program Halted in 2003

Bushy is scolding the Dem Congress for not doing their job?? He should a look in the mirror

I strongly differ from President Bush on a number of political issues.

Wolfowitz and Bush Reunion

Let us review-those who have "played" Bush et al

Someone Impeach These Bastards

Belleville considers banning clothing donation boxes

Banning Holiday Wish brings smiles to kids (not what ya think....)

Dog forgives neutering, chooses veterinary office as home

Hague museum pulls offensive Muslim art

More Sex On The City: Police Chauffeured Judith Nathan's Friends

I can't pledge allegiance

A very interesting sounding and timely Boston Legal tomorrow

Army Times: DoD will not run out of money, lawmakers say

Imus Returns: 'Cheney Still A War Criminal, Hillary Still Satan'

Aw...the people at that "other site" gave me my own thread.

Banksy returned to Bethlehem

White Pleads Guilty To Raping Baby Boy/murder (sicko alert)

Underfunded Schools Forced To Cut Past Tense From Language Programs

How many "Voters reject Chavez's referendum" threads shall we expect?

Hugo Chavez...

Well? Now what for Chavez and Venezuela?

If a British person committed a crime against me I'd have the right to haul his ass back here

Help to find a website. . .

Reality TV to help immigrants find a wife – and a US visa

This is hilarious

I opposed the referendum in Venezuela, I'm happy it failed, but I respect Chavez for honoring it

Climate Talks Take on Added Urgency After Report

Ocoee (FL) Veterans Center Vandalized

Imus is Back!

National Debt Grows $1 Million a Minute

Iraq: The Hidden Human Costs

From toilet to tap

Fight the War on greed = Robert Greenwald

Where's Bush?

All Eyes on the Uninvited at Climate Change Talks

Hugo Chaves LOOSES!!! Freedom is SAVED!!!!

The Russian election was far more important than the Venezuelan election----

All hail the Ownership Society -- unless you actually do own just a little bit

my daughter is staying home from school today.

Lest we forget . . .

One Small Step for Mitt, a Big Step for Blackwater

On the Home Page of CNN on line

Iraq as a Pentagon Construction Site- Bush Plan for an 'Enduring Relationship'

'I will never leave Guantanamo' (xpost from Veterans)

Underfunded Schools Forced To Cut Past Tense From Language Programs

Operation Iraqi Freedom Exposed: Bush Negotiates Permanent Presence in Iraq

Pardon me if I don't give a fuck about other countries elections right now ...

bu$h* giving speech this a.m....trashing congressional democrats on Iraq funding

Afghan government defends chaotic execution by firing squad

Google sets sights on US airwaves

Democrats Address Minority Issues, Each Other

Putin win: It's not fair, say observers - Guardian UK

When I heard that Hugo Chavez did not win with

A candle being used for light and HEAT.. 2 dead in fire..

MA Legislature passes foreclosure-aid bill

Greg Wilpert says it's best for "Yes" to lose, than win by a slim margin (Venezuela vote).

CA might open the door for another stolen election

Urban Families: What do you know about them?

The putz in chief now on C-Span 2

Geraldo Back in Baghdad: Cheerleading the US Occupation

GHOULiani runs by spooking

What the heck? Thieves are stealing New Englands stone walls

Vladamir Putin: “The world’s most popular leader”? By Mike Whitney

Arizona Lawsuit a Crystal Ball Into 2008 Presidential Vote Count

Digital library surpasses initial goal of 1 million books (AP/CNN)

Fallujah Psyops Revealed: Utilizing Sunnis hatred and fear of Shi'ites, and of Shi'ite Iran

Karith Foster, Imus' New (Black, Female) Sidekick

Foster Parents Who Refused to Stop Attending Snake-Handling Services Sue After Losing License

Sub-freepers ask: "Are we that stupid?"

Russian youth rally at pro-Putin camp - (brown shirts)

Oh No, Wolfie's back, run away, run away.

Decider-In-Chief is on, whining about getting out-maneuvered by Senate!

Sending Cattle Down The Chute To Slaughter

They can check our piss for drugs, but can't check our toys for lead

Larry Craig: I’m still not gay.

Romney ready to address Mormon religion head-on: Uhh stick a fork in him.

How optimistic are you about the future of the country?

Post-Saddam Mass Grave found in Iraq

Fresno Westside Residents Respond to Being Called Terrorists

Reports: Migrants Mistreated During Wildfires

US withdraws Annapolis resolution

Single-payer healthcare is the one way

Where Does Huckabee Stand on the Issues?

Consumer protection agencies failing America

I know one guy who would be happy Chavez lost

Morning ... or should I say Mourning?

From what I read this morning no one is bailing out homeowners facing foreclosure.

Bravo Kevin Rudd: signs Australia up to Kyoto immediately

This Date in Bush History 12/3: Bush's FEMA vs Clinton's FEMA

For her first Christmas

CNN -- "One Man Says He Has Seen Less Killing Since He Returned From Syria"

The surge is working and the situation

It is Monday morning and does anyone know where Dick Cheney is?

Segregation Forever (2)

That settles the issue for me. Hugo Chavez is not a dictator.

U.S. Rights Stance Faces Big Test In Guantanamo Case

What do you think of Hugo Chavez?

11-4 changed all that.

This ice storm in New England is scary!

Police Find No Evidence of Pepper Spray in Alleged Sabotage of Miss Puerto Rico Universe's Clothing

Prostitution ordeal of Iraqi girls (BBC)

Rapper Akon pleads not guilty to tossing underage fan off stage..."it was a spontaneous reaction"

Venezuela is a sovereign country and Venezuelans are not an inferior species

Anti-Chavistas: is it easier to become dictator by defying US corporations or playing ball?

Letters from Iraq - very revealing

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots Republican Debate Video

Transcript From Bush/Gore 2000 Debates

2001: Mayor Rudy put $400K advance on his AMEX card for Travel Expenses

Ga. and Tenn. working on a water deal, sorta - Tenn. river

Edwards/Obama - Obama/Edwards

To DUers in the southland, see any hopeful shifts for a Dem victory in your state?

From the wackieness that is WorldNutDaily: Televangelist names plush pig Mohammed.

"Hillary Camp: Rove Wants Obama To Get Nomination!"

Wanted: Holiday Greeting Cards with vote for Hillary Clinton theme

New NIE Report: Iran Halted Its Nuclear Weapons Program 4 Years Ago: VIDEO

Robt. Toll " "You're gonna kick yourself for not scooping up all those condos in Florida"

"U.S. Says Iran Ended Atomic Arms Work "

Can we just forget Chavez and get back to bashing the Democratic candidates please?

Fox News - Geraldo Rivera went to Iraq to determine if the surge is working

Block and blame Republicans

two thoughts about bush.

Russian Missiles Could Reach Mideast Via Belarus

Waxman has asked Fitzgerald for Grand jury Plame files but Bush says no:

This is a picture of a Dictator !!!

Another reminder to support the troops!

Iran Sanctions Help China, Russia Companies

Library of Congress Exhibit Demonstrates Fragile Nature of Knowledge: 500-Year Map

Meet the Huckster!

"Oh, screw your candidate. Mine's better."

Scooter Libby, Hugh Rodham, and WJC

Look at what's on Comcast's HOMEPAGE NEWS..."Paper: 8 Men Claim Encounters With Craig"

Something Stinks.... Report Contradicts Prior Intelligence Assessment

US Working to Remove N.Korea from "Terror Sponsor List"

CSPAN2: Kennedy is railing about Iraq

Harry Reid on CSPAN2

I just drove my car into a brook - Yikes! ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT

I am so sick of the "Reagan won the Cold War" myth!

HAHAHAHA: Gallup sez Republicans are more mentally healthy

Just a reminder to everyone....(I needed to get this off my chest)

Some thoughts on expensive haircuts (John Edwards)

Larry Craig's/RNC's "In and Out Moment" - But Can They Dance?

Term limits

From the "give me a freakin break dept:" Bush won't call Putin after vote

Army tests program that pays $40,000 to recruits - Blood money

Guiliani's slush fund story, has it lost traction already?

Another month of having Larry Craigs mug shot on TV every day and the GOP is going to disappear him

WTF?! When I start up a game and monitor its' activity, it accesses browser memory

Virginia War Museum & Propaganda Posters Collection: "Vaccinate for Victory"...

Spirit Arlines' promo for "Many Islands Low Fares" backfires

This is why Bush is a dictator, in addition to stealing two elections

Strong evidence why attack Iran rationale switched from WMD's to 'fomenting terra in Iraq'

How does your family wealth stack up ?

What about stewardship?

I don't believe we have to worry about Huckabee.

New Iowa Polls Put Clinton Up Big, but the Numbers Are Phony (Mother Jones)

Kathleen Engel - Predatory Lending Expert - Was ahead of the Curve...

Watching Bowling for Columbine on IFC

so when Ahmadinejad was saying he doesn't want nukes, he wasn't lying???

Do You Believe It's Possible to Ever Win The War Against Terrorism?

So, Why Are We Seeing All These Foreclosures?

Hurricane warnings in Oregon! Kool-Aid!

Getting A Grip On Reality Over Iran's Nuclear Program

CAPTION Mahmoud "Nukeless" Ahmedinejad

Catherine Baker Knoll - "Pennsylvania's Pay for Play Princess" - Endorses Quid pro Quo Queen

OK, the news from the intelligence estimate is that Iran ISN'T trying to develop a nuke, right? ....

On my wishlist: a Lowe's gift card

The Teddy Bear teacher has been released! "Sudan President Pardons British Teacher"

Iran never showed weakness

Barbara Ehrenreich: McMansions and the Mortgage Crisis

White House Reaction to Iran Report

New intelligence on Iran WMD? I've seen this movie before!

Acute shortages in the U.S.

So I'm on the way back from lunch...

CNN Breaking: US INtelligence Says Iran Suspended Nuke Program in 2003!

I don't think Reich's campaign for winning the vice presidential nod from Hillary is going too good.

If Rudy Reimburses the $400K, Like Hugh Rodham Did...

Should congress have term limits?

Needed Now: Spirit of the Sixties

You DO realize that when we dismiss each other blithely by calling others XXXXXXX-Haters, that we

If Tweety was a journalist his program would have started

HITLER Lost Elections TOO!1

We're just getting started...

Anti-immigration deli owner championed by Mike Gallagher out of business

Can Faux News get anything right?

Bush national debt costs each and every man, woman and child in the United States $30,000

Fox News won’t run pro-Constitution ad.

Stock Traders After Closing Bell

My view on the ARM bailout

Bush Will Take Everything Congress Will Allow Him in Iraq

Boehner needs to update his website on Iran

Glenn Beck must be competing for the biggest idiot pundit award

Everyone's talking about Venezuela, but....

Cautious optimism for landmine ban (BBC)

Responses to the atheist display at the Chester County, PA courthouse (from the local paper)

28% 25% 23% -- Iowa poll. Guess who leads?

Do We Have A Polling Place Here At DU ???

Cover-up? Special investigator "cures" virus with 7-stage hard drive wipe

C-Span NOW: Harry Reid talking about Iraq War Funding to Counter Bush!

Caption National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley

Any news on Cheney? whats the Blackout been now

Links & Leads on Delayed NIE from Post, Times & McClatchy:

Soap plot: hacking into election system to change the votes.

The NIE Estimate: How the hell did Cheney's office let THIS one get by?

Why is HRC stooping So Low?- By: Robert Reich

Do You Believe We Will be Engaged in Permanent War in One Form

Does any of the candidates have an engineering background? Beyond being able to eMail.

This is why Chavez is a dictator, despite any election.

The Future...

Do You Believe it's Possible to Ever Win The War Against Drugs?

WH has known for a YEAR of NIE report saying Iran gave up nuclear weapons program in 2003

Want to help me decorate the DU Democratic Generic Holiday Tree?

I found a cell phone in front of my house

The sentence that I loathe popped up again.

Education law's overhaul stalls in Congress

Venezuela's poor were the biggest losers in the election there.

Is Huckabee really Gomer Pyle?

So what does the Obama/Bloomberg 'sitdown' mean?

Letter to the Editor

BREAKING: Huckabee Chooses Jesus as Running Mate

If things are this bad, why aren't they restricting water use now?

Quanell X and Black Panthers versus Joe Horn's neighbors

Rare Mummified Dinosaur Unearthed: Contains Skin, and Maybe Organs, Muscle

So...Exit Polls Failed in Venezuela?

Fox News refuses to run pro-Constitution ad

Tom Tomorrow punks Rudy (It's a's a plane... it's 9/11 Man!)

Do I dig being controversial? Hell, yeah!

well, well, well, Carlyle taking some hits

Chavez lost the referendum

Obliteration of the Christian community in Iraq Under US Occupation In Last 6 Months

Romney reminds me of a little kid dressing up as Zorro for Halloween.

AWESOME Giuliani campaign ad~!

Larry Johnson: Get Ready for Rightwing Blowback

WashingtonPost: U.S. Plans to Screen All Who Enter, Leave Country

Germany doesn't have term limits.

Why am I glad the NO won in Venezuela? (Chávez)

Your help urgently needed for family-owned organic farms!

Do you believe that there are some very important truths...

Should The Federal Government Bail Out Homeowners Facing Foreclosure?

Chavez is gracious in defeat--where's the tyrant right wing sycophants feared?

More on Violent Radicalization Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, S.B. 1959

Watchdog ups number of lost White House e-mails to 10M

A pox on their souls

Anybody seen this one going around?

Can Congress take up the Kyoto Treaty without it being presented by the Administration?

Clinton did more to fight terrorists than Reagan, Bush I, Bush II

Universal Health INSURANCE is not

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Greg Palast: Fear Of Chavez Is Fear Of Democracy

Rampant materialism--This is what we are talking about

Study: U.S., Israel should begin planning strike on Iran nuclear sites

A Vivisection of the US Economy

From LBN re: mortgage bailout

Caption this...

Would a "Blackofascism Awareness Week" or a "Jewofascism Awareness Week," be tolerated in America?

URGENT: NAFTA Expansion Sneak Attack Vote Tuesday: Tell your Senators to VOTE NO

Caption the Chimp!

Habib claimed 'experimented upon' in Guantanamo Bay

More proof that the French are smarter than Americans

Digby: Right-wing populism is just another aristocratic con game.

Republicans form a new plot to rig the 2008 election!

Lots of Chavez, not much Putin

Eaten Alive

The Northwest Is Getting It Now !!! - Winds Up To 129 MPH Pound Northwest

WH blocking Fitzgerald cooperation in Plame probe

What to do if you can't make your mortgage payment.

CommonDreams: HUD Sends New Orleans Bulldozers and $400,000 Apartments for the Holidays

In a dictatorship, the dictator does not lose elections.

Let's get something straight ...... the issuance of unsustainable mortgage loans is morally bankrupt

Freeper contends that Oil is an unlimited substance...

So do they stop saying Chavez is a dictator now?

My 1/2 ton Chevy today cost $70.20 to fill up with gas., WTF? Under Clinton, it was only $38.00

Some of you make me sick that I belong to the same species

The Blue Dogs wrote Mike McConnell a letter. They had met with him that day in August.

Imus is on the air. He's discussing the Rutgers situation again, and not making any


I wonder if Robert Redford can save them? (big wigs goin after Entergy)

How To Purify The Democratic Party

*Hey, Mouseketeers! Come SING!*

TOON: Is Bush An Idiot? --->

President Bush and Jack Abramoff meetings " reportedly have been frequent"

So Obama's paying off top party officials in early primary states.

Imagine Ann Coulter as the White House Press Secretary

Experts see Bush "teaser-freezer" mortgage fix as a bandage that won't stop many foreclosures

"Left-leaning" Australian Prime Minister Ratifies Kyoto Protocol

Some disbursement history from Obama's Hopefund and Clinton's HILLPAC

Video: Hillary turning up the heat on Obama

Is Gravel, then, out of the race?

When do you know you are too obsessed with politics?

Tom Tancredo Hired Illegal Laborers to Renovate His McMansion

How Edwards could win the nomination

Edwards Criticizes Lobbyist in N.H. Ad

Edwards Wins a Key Iowa Backer

Angus Reid Global Monitor : Polls & Research - 12/03/07

Clinton, supporters take Bush administration to task

This Modern World: Hello, kids! It's me -- Mr. 9/11 Man!

Can Mitt pull off a JFK this week?

The Nation: Candidates Clash on Iowa Student Vote

Anybody Else Have This Problem?

Greenspan "brushed aside" warnings about potential subprime crisis

Only 10% of registered voters expected to attend caucuses.

Poll: Clinton leads in South Carolina

Poll: Clinton, Obama close in Iowa

Almost a third of Iowa caucus voters still undecided...

Does any of the candidates have an engineering background? Beyond being able to eMail.

AP-Pew poll: Clinton, strong on key issues, has edge in early contests but Iowa is a worry

Sen. Obama Attacks

Tweety going off on Clintons on Morning Joe, especially Bill

You have probably seen this, but

Clinton leads Obama, Edwards in NH

The dark side of Mike Huckabee. A good article and enlightening letter re: his "compassion"

Bush is cocky and crazy as usual -- telling Congress how bad they are

My friends hold NH Open House for Obama

Hsu associates touted his connections...turned his Clinton ties into gold.

On the issues of Iraq and Health Care: Advantage Clinton...

Rudy's Web Site .... Good for a laugh

Clinton to repeat Republican National Committee lies about Obama today.

Dear Santa, can we just get the primaries over ???

candidates web traffic report

2005, Biden voted to cut off funding for Guantanamo Bay - how did YOUR candidate vote?

Just what part of "Politics of Hope" said that Obama promised to be a wuss?

kos on Huckabee- very good read

so Obama is cheating the Iowa caucus system?

Rudy and Simon: Separated at birth?

A voter walks into a bar: Courting young professionals, whose election clout is growing

This is why Obama wont win

Why is Heath Shuler being praised on Tancredo's website?

Hillary competitive in Alabama aginst Repubs...Obama well back...

All this forced outrage over "attacks" is just silly

Can John Edwards win his party's nomination?

Congresswoman Hilda care champion...explains her support of Hillary...

Univ. Of Iowa Dorms Won't Be Open For Caucus — Which Dem Benefits?

Does anyone have a link to that new Iowa State U. Poll?

Wayne Madsen: Can John Edwards win his party's nomination?

Losing Ground In Iowa, Clinton Assails Obama

Teddy Bear Teacher freed, pardoned and on her way according to CNN!

AP Pollis in IA, NH & SC are very suspect

Iowa: Clinton 35% / Obama 24% among Democrats (Informative sub-set)


Duncan Hunter: "I will never apologize for the United States of America."

s m a r t . t h i n k i n g . . .

The Elemental Republican

Eye on the Prize: A post in GD that frames the REAL STAKES in this election

The Nation: Obama's Got Momentum in Iowa

Iowa State University poll: Clinton 31, Edwards 24, Obama 20

You vill lawff at deesz

`08 note to myself.......It`s the bloodshed, stupid!

Obama says he wants a mandate for change

I wouldn't worry too much about the polling in Iowa until the last week

Want to see the truue Rudy?

The great thing about polls...

"all this forced outrage" thread followed by threadS of forced outrage about Obama decides to run?

Why does Barack Obama's Health Care plan deny some Americans the care they need?

Guiliani goes after Huckabee on taxes...

I think I figured it out!

This Clinton attack on Obama could boomerang

The two "new" IA polls showing Hillary ahead are older than the new Des Moines Register poll.

Pew Poll Nat'l Figures -Hillary 48% Obama 22% JRE 11%

Today's guest on Don Imus: James Carville and Chris Dodd

Iowa State University Poll (NEW) Hillary 31% JRE 24% Obama 20%

Tick... tick... tick... Who will be the first republican to spin today's Iran news as

The Best Giuliani Ad I've Seen

Who do you want to win the Repug nomination?

My choice of candidate has nothing to do with...

When's the next debate?

John Edwards slaps down Bush/Cheney on IRAN using new NIE

Why are there so many Illegal Aliens in this country now? Here's my take on it...

Why was the CNN WH correspondent named Brianna...wiping a tear away

I Can't Wait Until the Primaries Are Over and We Can Focus All Our Attention on the GOP.

Newsflash: If you are running for President, you are as ambitious as they come.

Hillary vs Obama...Where do you stand?

Are they really so lame that they can't at least claim that the Iraq war scared off the Iranians?

Obama forgets the Dot Com Bust: We're a start-up, Clinton is Microsoft

Please stop that mean girl from hitting me!

Something to think about...

Robert Reich--Why is HRC Stooping So Low?

What your tax dollars bought in Venezuela:

Hillary must be on an ego trip!

Hillary rejects one-night stand with Iowa voters

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Significant drops in support for Clinton & Giuliani

I do not support Senator Clinton for President, But

Did Mike Gravel pass away?

Martin Sheen Endorses Richardson

A question for S. Hadley

I received a solicitation today

Obama's Plight

Picture of the Day-

Duncan Hunter supporters, check in

Spin party! How does the Iran breaking news benefit your candidate above all others?

Hillbot Hypocrisy

Latest Poll Gives Clinton Lead in All Three Early States

Jesse Jr. to Jesse Sr.: You're wrong on Obama, dad

When you were a college student where did you register to vote?

Braley endorses Edwards.

Arianna Huffington: Will Hill Kill Bill for Lying About Iraq?

I think someone just tried to push poll me and it wasn't another Dem.


"Resolved: Ron Paul, as US President, would be disastrous for America."

"When is the last time you lost your temper?": Katie Couric

Can any Obama supporter defend Obama's choice of soda?

Man Finally Put In Charge Of Struggling Feminist Movement

BIden's take on Iran's nuclear readiness.

Facts about Obama--issue differences rather than silly attacks

Iowa newspaper on Obama's caucus 'cheating': "The Illinois Caucus."

What kind of Transformative Change is Obama offering?

IF Obama was doing something funny with bussing students into Iowa -

Edwards criticizes lobbyist in N.H. ad

Photo shows Obama on way to presidential essay contest


Who will play Hillary in the movie?

Obama vs. Obama....

Talkingpointsmemo: Robert Reich "takes Hillary to the woodshed" for her attacks on Obama

Bill Clinton's Role in the Mortgage Crisis

You can keep track of Hillary's attack machine here:

Obama praises Clinton as smart, capable, and tough

Why Black Women Prefer Clinton To Obama

Rasmussen: Hillary pulls back to double digit lead nationally...

Is "hillaryattacks" website run by the Obama campaign?

Biden calls on Mexican government to provide jobs

There seems to be some....confusion over Biden's remarks about Mexico..

Is the Obamatons brief detente with Opinion polls coming to an end?

Hahaha, my sister who can't stand Hillary thinks Oprah is a traitor to all women

Eight more men come forward about Larry Craig....

Hillary: I Have Better "Courage And Convictions" Than Obama

Is it time for Biden to get out of the race or is this just a "bump in the road"?

Obama supporters say Hillary using right wing talking points on Obama. The opposite is true

If Obama wins Iowa, and Hillary wins NH....then what?

Why Is Hilary Clinton Stooping So Low?

Edwards raises 751K in November

Mother Jones asks what's up with Hillary supporters floating old poll numbers and calling them new?

From the LA Times: "Romney, Clinton shake up tactics"

A look at Iowa polls since the Pew data was collected starting Nov. 7:

Media's snub of John Edwards depriving America of hope

WSJ: MAJORITY (up to 61%) of $2.5 Trillion of inflationary Subprime loans went to CREDIT WORTHY. . .

A vote for Edwards brings a Hillary nomination closer .

I wonder if the pollsters are including the ringers Obama is busing in from Illinois...

Hillary to Obama: The President can't vote "Present"... great response by Hillary

Hillary attacks indeed

Hillary Clinton's campaign displays obvious hypocrisy about Iowa student caucus rules

The 125,000-member Office and Professional Employees International Union is for Hillary!

Here is the full quote, and context of the comments at B&B Obama-Biden