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Documents reveal details of state's execution process

Obama jabbing from defensive stance

Pakistanis blame Musharraf for turmoil

Who Killed Benazir?

Macy's Closing 9 Underperforming Stores

Ten Saudi Guantanamo inmates free

Al Qaeda does not exist and never has

Pope's exorcist squads will wage war on Satan

Republicans facing first poll in disarray

Edwards backer reports gift of $495K

Bin Laden says U.S. seeks to exploit Iraqi oil

Giving birth becomes the latest job outsourced to India as commercial surrogacy takes off

Clinton makes final push

Pelosi questions Pakistan's Bhutto probe

Tapes by C.I.A. Lived and Died to Save Image

Giuliani Returns to a Familiar Theme: 9/11

Murder May Be Tied to Online Sex Offender List

Insurer Aetna Axes Coverage for Colonoscopy Drug (anesthetic Diprivan)

I was shopping at teh google store and I found what I should have given flvegan for giftmas

And you people think I'm nuts!!!

Anyone else Joox?

Matcom Using His Kohler

My head hurts.

My Sinister Plan to Bring America to its Knees!

I'm thinking of getting pussy

the Rising Phoenix family

I have made my bed.

A critically important poll

Reporting in from the beach, wish all of y'all could be here,

Well color me stunned! You can watch the Pats/Giants game live on

If you're bored, howsabout some 1916 SciFi?

Should I eat out tonight then buy a bottle of jagermeister?


Robert Plant Awarded 'Beard of the Year'

How funny is this joke?

Being a Time Lord's a bitch.

Help me beat the Guinness Book of Records for going to bed with the most people at the same time!

this really really looonng one caught MY eye, wha'do'ya think?

I miss sundog, and ugly shoe threads.

Should I eat outsomeone tonight then buy a case of Heineken

7 Deadly Sins, 12 Monkeys...28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, 30 Nights...

Just saw I AM LEGEND. I have one question.


For the record....I am NOT 40!!!1!

anyone else who can't stop barking? (copycat)

So what's all this I hear about football?

Pure JEALOUSY drives me to hope Pats lose

Secret Agent Man -- Hasselhoff?!?!

Should I buy one of these and wear it to work?

Why is the same football game on 2 channels?


4oz of wine and 8oz of diet pepsi - I'm buzzed and twippy wight now. Aks me anything!

Soooooo..... Giants up 21-16 over Patriots at the half...

We won! We won!


Well tThe Pats won.... but my Giants gave them a run for thier money.

so I'm listening to my Ipod.... do you think anyone needs anyone like this...?????

GiANTS .....PATRIOTS thread

So when were navels officially allowed on TV?

Bi_Baby seems to think 'streaming porn' is a disease.

Just back from mother in law's - what'd I miss

Anybody want some sugar cookies, I am making many tonight along with some ginger cookies.

NY? It's time to go home...

2nd half PATS GIANTS THREAD rec this up please

I think the state of Ohio

Anyone have a Chrysler Pacifica?

Blues, bruthas and sustas

My Lead Was Throcked

If you liked the show "Arrested Development" then you

just testing -please ignore

Songs so bad they are good...

Guy Clark is awesome

A friend of mine got one of these for Christmas (cute alert)

HI - from Dave and Me!

So this cock caught my eye, beautiful isn't it??

experienced Cat owners..a ? my kitty has adopted a soft blanket and sucks on it

Who here liked the show Millenium?

You will be granted one New Year's wish.

Scht00pid Kwestion: Do you use your computer as a media center to play DVDs on your TV?

Amazing Pats/Giants game, but why is Bryant Gumbel such an odd-voiced tool?

Ahhh, Bremerton, WA... News from my neck of the woods (TOO funny!)

"You don't have friend making skills"

Are You a Complainer?


Sandra Lee gets into the Kwanzaa spirit

It's that time again: Post here, and I'll give you a smiley.

The pier a few blocks from my house - now available in widescreen

The Single GREATEST Western Movie of all time

Sweet Home Alabama, Where The Skies Are Blue

DU Goes to the Movies

GiANTS .....PATRIOTS thread

Mitch McConnell's Match: Clinton, Edwards, or Obama?

Don't Send US Troops to Pakistan

New Bin Laden Video: Bhutto said he was murdered, so what is our government trying to sell?

Activists Look for Arrest of Bush, Cheney

Tonight on The H.O.R.N.

Bush to veto defense bill to provide immunity for his crimes

Are You a Complainer?

Bush running out of "legacy" ideas-Now, he will save the planet from climate change

Officer Fired, 4 Disciplined After Pregnant Woman Tasered

Macy's To Close 3 NE Ohio Stores

Do Bush Federal Judges Respect "Chilling Effect on Free Speech" Doctrine?

Poll Says Economy Passes Iraq Among Voters

This is just blowing my mind, so I'm gonna repost

2nd half PATS GIANTS THREAD rec this up please

Very funny Gonzo story!

Lessons of 2007

Update on wingnut FIL visit. All went well, thank God

A New Year's poem for Oh, America

CIA tapes were destroyed to ’save image


G.W. Bush Happy Xmas (War is Over) - watch this video on an empty stomach

Northern Iraqi women increasingly attempting suicide

Wingnut on a music forum challenged me to say something positive about Reagan

V is for Vendetta is on Max

What does it mean that Osama's just released another video & my "penis size is below average"?

Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire, consider this logic:


So I'm watching the documentary So Goes the Nation (Ohio '04)

Air of uncertainty - Brian Katulis - About Pakistan

Oregon Domestic Partnership Law Halted

Bhutto's surprise will offers guidance to her party

why is the same football game being broadcast on both cbs and nbc tonite?

Quotes from the last known...

Soon we will be in 2008 .

Of Truth in Advertising: Chantix vs. Candidates

Hey Iowans this is your last year to get it right!

Kristol Clear: It's Official --'NYT' Explains Hiring New 'Op-Ed' Wag

76 yr. old retired schoolteacher arrested for speaking truth to power again

Hill-bullies May Bring US Four More Years of GOP Rule

a heads up to a possible scam at the gas pumps...

Baking cookies is for wusses, lets cook up some 9/11

"Fatherless, Motherless, Pointless"

Don't criticize Hillary Clinton in the primary season?

"You should live in your car, not in your home"

Conspiracy theory

Can cops put bumper stickers up in the police department?

For my 4000 post here on DU I would like to say....

Anyone know what this might be? Washed up on beach in UK

Wow, another version of why the CIA tapes were destroyed

Giving birth becomes the latest job outsourced to India as commercial surrogacy takes off

Tim Osman?


What does the Pakistani Government Gain by Changing Stories?

So now we're starving them...

This is seriously disturbing

Felon given rare chance at freedom shoots victim again, police say

Republicans facing first poll in disarray (

Edwards flip-flopped on taking public funding

Obama didn't vote on the kyl-lieberman amendment, does he get a pass?

Kos reneges on Obama endorsement

Why worry about elections when the Repubs are going to steal it again?

Damn. John Edwards did Corporate Law

The THREE FRONT WAR: Where do our candidates say about sending more troops to Pakistan?

So, Obama AND Osama both have new videos out?

Clinton will be endorsed by The Concord Monitor tomorrow

This came as an email today, from a good friend of mine:

Ruh-roh- Bogus S. C. card cites Mormon passages

The Cynicism of Obama's 'Closing' Argument

Edwards Pledges Ban on Lobbyists

The Pre-Caucus Weekend "Gobama!" Thread!

Iowans: Please kick anti-worker, pro-corporate, anti-union, pro-War candidate to the curb

Primary Voices-NH, National Security, & Biden

Sen. Conrad to campaign for Obama tomorrow, says country needs a uniter

It seems that there are lots of Edwards threads started

Paid political campaign sockpuppets, check in here

Ack. I just woke up from a nap, and was dreaming about the election....

Mainstream Media Matches Bush for Futility

Fred Thompson is "offering himself up, ...." ooooh brother

Senior aide admits Huckabee has "no foreign policy credentials"

Hillary probably has close to 1,000 people working on the ground in Iowa

Let's Pick On Rethugs - For Each Candidate - Name ONE Best Attack Angle...

Edwards Talks About His War Vote

Edwards/Biden would be a strong ticket

Candidates Dig for Deeper Pool of Iowa Voters: "swing of as few as 1,000" could determine outcome

Religion Less Of A Factor In New Hampshire Vote

12/29 ARG Poll for Iowa: Clinton 31%, Edwards 24%, Obama 24%

Biden's Health Care plan is NO better AND keeps corporations in the MIX

Does anyone think Edwards is channeling a bit of Dean anger?


Fred Thompson: "I'm not particularly interested in running for president"

Weather will play a part - Thursday & Night: mostly clear. 30H

Edwards endorses diplomacy

Obama questions Edwards' credibility as a populist

Obama is never wrong

NH: Clinton Scores Concord Monitor Endorsement

Lineups for Sunday News Shows

Iowa Could Make or Break Democrats

Hillary's Closing Strategy: Be Afraid

WP: Bipartisan Group Eyes Independent Bid

RV across the county for HILLARY!

"For these billionaires, the ROI of the Conservative Movement is absolutely spectacular"

For some Islamists- Death of Bhutto: A day of joy

Edwards lobbyist bans - 2 years and 5 years

Dibs on the Maalox concession at DU this week!

Photos from Sports Illustrated: Barack Obama's Basketball Respite

Republicans facing first poll in disarray

Corrente: Obama, political economics and the harmful strategy of conciliation

Brattleboro, Vermont; a town Bush and Cheney MUST visit

Kucinich the Surprise Winner in Virginia Dems Poll

ABC Political Radar:Edwards to pull an all nighter

People: Do You All Realize That IA And NH Are Both Terrible Predictors Of Who Gets Nominated?

i've been thinking about biden's idea of partitioning iraq and

When Hillary talks of "experience" I want to puke...

From kos: Some interesting Iowa stats

Mary Matalin was at the WH with George and Dick. Dear hubby called her.

this blew my mind

The Seven Habits Of The Highly Successful Triangulator

Post 25,000: Vulture-Kicking & Other Socio-Political Indiscretions

Why did Edwards vote against this bill


(California) State senate leader safe after carjacking in Oakland

Mud-bogging SUV crashes, explodes, killing 4

Bipartisan Group Eyes Independent Bid

Conservative William Kristol becomes NY Times columnist

Bhutto murder blamed on Pakistan agents

Ind. voter ID law heads to Supreme Court

Democrats optimistic in judicial races

US Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,901

Colombia ammunition depot explodes, six missing

China's Baidu Says CFO Dies in Accident

Clinton leads in Iowa; Huckabee, Romney even: Poll

Bhutto's Party to Take Vote Decision, Appoint Chief

Ruling party sees Pakistan vote delay

Iowa: Edwards surges, Huckabee’s bubble bursts

Bhutto's son, husband to succeed her

2007: Democrats in control, but thwarted

Richardson says congress shares blame for Iraq war

Taliban kill 8 in Afghan convoy attack

Edwards gains while Clinton, Obama drop off

Clinton leads in Iowa; Huckabee, Romney even

Drug firms probed over Iraq cash

2 Bombers Die in Failed Pakistan Attack

Fight over Bronx coma teen heats up

Venezuela economy grew 8.4 pct in 2007-central bank

Musharraf agrees to consider international investigation into Bhutto death

2007 deadliest for US troops in Iraq [dying for the Bush surge)

Latino gang accused of targeting blacks in Los Angeles

Bhutto's son named as successor

The US Supreme Court now shows you what White justice is

Director Oliver Stone joins hostage rescue team

No place in Iraq is safe, says US military

Edwards: Bill Clinton Has A Place In My White House

Failed rocket attack adds tension to Chavez's hostage recovery mission in Colombia

Huckabee Stands by 'Christ' Comment

Listed on eBay: one case of domestic sparkling wine

My little piglet niece just left!

is anyone looking to hire a land surveyor?

oh who am I kidding, I don't really care

The Pats and the Giants.

Just saw "The Orphanage" (El Orafanto) and Cronenberg's "European Promises"

Here's an oldish sentimental Irish song

My kid

What religion are the Wookies?


My friend is absent.

Explain this video:

BlueIris needs a favor (related to the poem threads).

When one thing breaks, why does another one have to copy it?

This calls for some flogging

I'm tired of getting older

I posted something on GDP that sunk like a lead balloon. Ugh! It was called

Cat question

Parade Magazine names Rosie O'Donnell as "Most Annoying Celebrity of 2007"

So Sally Mander...

PLEASE READ THIS!!! I need some serious help from the lounge...

Being drunk ROXKCS!

Blood Alcohol Concentration

Manning Up Blows!!!!

Holy crap - I'm using Loctite to repair a broken dish, and the fumes

The party was wonderful


here are veggie burgers. How long till veggie organ transplants?

Patrick Manning blows gas!


This is not drill, this is not drill, General Quarters, General Quarters!

How do you find a book club in your area?

i need help with my "Ultimate Garage Band set-list"

Blarch's Book Bonanza.

What the fuck?

Peyton Manning Blows!!!!

Any more info from anyone on Perseid? I'm really worried.

You Tube

I was up until 3:30 AM. Ask me anything, and make me laugh.

Site asking people to sell unwanted pets to labs rather than take to shelters.

Oy...Just made my To-Do list for my winter break...

Céline Dion singing 'simply the best' ugh

Please help! Trying to find an obscure electronica song.

Here's something fun! Let's put some glow-stiks into a blender and see what happens!!??

I'm redoing my room

Alright everyone, here is the real scoop about the party

Anyone want to buy some paintings?

Leftover Salmon! The best band you never heard of!

Help me out. What is this piece of plastic that came with my Ipod for?

OK call me slow... but I just realized Sniffa doesn't use capital L's any more


Calling Midlo's Posse -- HRC breastfeeding thread in GDP

I really like Family Guy, except I hate...

For everything turn ..turn.. turn..


Nice post, Kohler

Question for military DUers

Joke Thread

Opn Letr to Goerge Bush XXXXXXXIIIII

Bizarre. I might have found a real live crush.

Can't find your "path?" Have identity issues? You must be a Gen X'er!

Fill in the blank: "Sorry, I don't do _______________"

I'M getting 10 inches tonight!

Unbelievable! You have to hear this guy to believe it.

Look what I got for Christmas!

Meet Mick the Border Collie (picture heavy)

Ok, I just saw my all time favorite billboard in LA (it was on Sunset Blvd.)

does anyone have a screen cap

My mother is pestering me to enter a poetry contest.

Man, Lesbians are good dancers

Just a comment brought to mind by the Ohio party pictures

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/30/2007)

I know this is mostly a cat place, but my dogs thank you.

I'm going to murder "Bornagain Boy" slowly and painfully.

After 38 years, I've finally come to the conclusion

East Coast vacation ideas needed

who are you voting for in the primary?

Nice year-end obit of Joybubbles, the original phone phreaker

UK DUer's -- anyone here lose a 27-meter steel container?

Is primary season over yet?

Am I the only one who does'nt care about New Years ?

More Effective Use Of Blood In A Movie --

What should I do for New Years?

AOL deep-sixes Netscape browser, encourages users to adopt Firefox

No Country For Old Men --

Small black cosmetic bag found this morning

Thought I'd share . . .

Andy Devine and Buster Brown Shoes

Take the Quiz! How much 2007 news do you remember?

For $400, yes, a blender SHOULD blend scissors, hole punches, and other scrapbooking stuff

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/30/07


Baby Born At McDonald's (woman didn't know she was pregnant)

Is it any wonder our health care system is screwed up...

Zappa fans - 12 year old girl playing "Black Page" - impressive!

Most memorable TV cars

Champagne suggestions?

Calvin & Hobbs

Eli Manning Blows!!!!

If you discovered HRC publicly breastfeed Chelsea, would that change your opinion of her?

My realtor helped me clean the house today! Freaking weird.

Ohio Meetup Pics, Day Two! The Party!

going to a tattoo party

A few more Ohio Party Pics!

Patriots won 38-35. Congratulations New England!

What are your heuristics for deciding on a primary candidate?

Bi-Partisan group eyes independant bid ... in late breaking news

John Edwards: No Special Interest Lobbyist Will Work in My White House

Iraq says most of Al-Qaeda network destroyed in 2007 (AFP)

The Year of the Highest US Death-toll in Iraq.

You will be granted one New Year's wish.

I wonder if in this upcoming State of the Union Address....

September 10, 2001 speech to Nat'l Press Club - chilling

A implies B...

What's down the Memory hole? Dig deep

Your employer may be spying on you more than you think - NYT

Why I Support Sen. Hillary Clinton for President

White House: ‘Osama tape points to importance of Iraq war’

Terrific Bill McKibben article.......Gandhi: A Man for All Seasons

Iraq on alert for Saddam anniversary

Bloody year in Iraq ends with hopes of growing calm

A Texas style impeachment to watch

So I'm sipping this perfect cup of coffee and watching WJ

If the Pakistan government does an investigation into Bhutto's death.The findings will be?

McCain losing votes to Obama in N.H.

The Lessons Of 2007

Why did Benazir Bhutto give WOLF BLITZER that note

Food Situation in Iraq better under Saddam than it is now

Britain in secret talks with the Taliban

I propose abolishing General Discussion

Would anyone consider starting a boycott of The New York Times?

A Marine’s Order: Feed the Hand That Bit You

Sorry, but I'm not going to wet my pants over news about any polls.

Google, Yahoo, MS fined for gambling

Many S.C. Republicans received bogus Romney greeting card,

Big Surprise: Bush Administration has no 'Plan B' for Pakistan

Bhutto's Successor? 19 year-old Son Bilawel-----> pic

Symbolism: GHOULiani's 2008 to be a bust, like his New Year's party?!1

I used to root for the weakest Puggy candidate. But when I secretly cheered

Independent UK: On the battle for America

How to Lose Your Job on Your Own Time

Pakistani newspapers roundup on reaction to Benazir Bhutto assassination

“Taxi to the Dark Side” is an artful film, starting with cinematic vistas in Afghanistan

Do we have a persuasive argument?

Covering up ABRAMOFF. Who Visits The People's House?

Should there be seperate "councils" for gender related issues?

Thank the Internet for Saving America from Its Leaders

What is Next for Pakistan?

Guardian UK: Grim Brown warns of a bleak year for Britain

I bought a new 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid last Friday.

Note to Stewart and Colbert: start the year with a pure reality show

The quintessential Hillary Clinton quote; "It's the people in suits and ties

Bush picks up product endorsement deal...

The 2007 GOP Adulterers Hall of Fame Nominees...

Al-Qaeda Claimed Responibility Before they Denied Assassination

Antarctica's Adelie Penguins Extinct in a Decade?

Tying the White House to the New Hampshire Phone-Jamming Felonies

Could we have three New Yorker's running for Prez?

Thompson not Consumed with Win- the WH.....

Is there a definition of al Queda that any DUer could accept?

American Family Association urges boycott of Ford for offering sex-change benefits.....

Anyone watching F*ckabee on MTP today?

Topless Woman Lured Perverts in Police Sting

Worst shopping season in five years, reports retailers.

Council Bluffs, Iowa, current political hotspot, is also home to the ...

Biden sees an opening in Iowa

Pope's exorcist squads will wage war on Satan

Air That Kills

Decision to destroy documentation of this criminal conduct—rests squarely with Bush (Scott Horton)

Are Democrats not seeking impeachment to prevent * from bombing Iran?

Photoblog of the Week - Week of December 30th 2007. - NYC - The Big Apple

You wanna motivate millions of Republican voters to come out in November?

Al Qaeda denies killing Bhutto

Third World Health Care for First World Citizens

CSPAN: John Edwards rally and Elizabeth to take CSPAN calls next

This Date in Bush History 12/30: Ignoring Ben Franklin's Example

Hillary? Obama? Nillary? Nobama? Either? Neither? Read this post!

X-post: Texting fuels Arkansas school panic

John Edwards was very, very impressive...

"Oil forFood" program ends, Iraqi "raitons" cut in more bucks for skimming, huh?

dupe delete

G-ddamn it. He's at "the ranch", and we're NOT.

Will the WGA's deal (a.k.a. Hollywood Writers Union) with David Letterman's show help or hurt?

Smells like Bush-style "Democracy" -- Bhutto's 19 y/o son named head of Pakistan Ppls Party

Since the San Francisco Zoo tiger attack, does it make you wonder

What Happened To Mike Gravel?

Not going to fight about it.

Torture tapes were made to show how humanely we treated the prisoners? Say WHAT?

Something about the Candidate's Wives

Startling biblical discovery! (w/pic)

Is CNN finally getting the point?

BigDog raises 911 specter in speech ..Geeezzzz

Creepy (photoshopped?) half-black/half-white Obama pic from TIME mag:

Remember when Colin Powell fecked up when he told a senate panel Al Jezeera had a new Osama video?

I received a call from the Obama campaign (jeez they are arrogant)

Toy Sale At Sex Predator's Home Outrages Neighbors

Holy Crap !!! - Here A List Of Links For Ya, 'David Swanson - 2007: The Year In Evidence'

Now that the Holiday Shopping is over, watch how many businesses shut their doors....

For Blackwater, a year in uncomfortable spotlight

The Kennedy brothers - the same conspiracy?

What do you actually know about the original Nazis? A special invitation to DUers who have stars.

Bhutto's son Bilawal "not keen to run", PPP names him chairman of the Pakistan People's Party anyway

Which of our Candidates do you think Republicans would find least objectionable?

Disgruntled Hooter's customer shoots into restaurant, kills one, wounds another

166,666 == one-sixth of one million

S.F. Zoo's history of mismanagement - director is a despot

Hillary's Final Strategy: Be Afraid - HuffPo

ROFLMAO !!! - Found This At CrooksAndLiars !!!

it became too much for one journalist who cried: 'Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Don't shoot.

Next president will be blamed for Chimpy`s mess

Do you approve of Barack Obama's outreach to right wing, anti-gay evangelicals?

My candidate is more "presidential" than yours.

World outsources pregnancies to India

Zogby Releases Poll Harmful To Clinton

The Origins Of C-Span

Does anyone else notice they are making headway with their rightwing friends?

Iowa fines BPI $1 million for fatal ammonia leak

Bhutto Party Won't Accept Vote Delay

In home stretch Edwards, Richardson, Biden gaining while Clinton and Obama losing ground

HBO Will Re air its Documentary "Sand and Sorrow" Tonight

Bhutto's son to lead her party

Interesting bumper sticker I saw...

OBAMA SIDES WITH O'REILLY: "Happy Holidays" not Good Enough

War in the rice fields (28/12/2007)

Video obtained by Channel 4 clearly shows that Bhutto was shot

Of C-130s and 527s

Don't despair: The essence of Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine

Iran To Launch Reactor In Summer 2008

Candles are next to be banned

The Airport Security Follies

U.S. says North Korea has not met terms of nuclear deal


So how soon will HRC and Obama backers start the "IOWA don't matter" meme?

Land Of The Free-No more-US Seen As 'Endemic Surveillance Society"

Questions about Laura INGRAHAM (I just clicked AWAY from BookTV)

Richardson: Bush "let down both the American and the Pakistani people."

For Edwards but is MoveOn a 527?

What Digby Said (TM) -- It's time to fight back against criminals, not "reach out" to them

The New Democratic President Should ...

Women are "welcome" to breastfeed during services at our local Unitarian church

Whenever I see the threads about the Democratic candidates I want to cry out.

America's 2007 Petulant Plutocrat of the Year

Where are the Gun Rights, Second Amendment People With THIS Case?

America's Top Billionaire Heiresses

Big Oil emerges largely unscathed from Democratic assault

Conservative William Kristol becomes NY Times columnist

Biden Video: PBS Special- "Think Like A Terrorist"

Sam Nunn, William Cohen GO TO HELL!

I'm half way through the movie "Blood Diamond". You think the USA has problems??

Hatfield Hillaryites vs. Real McCoy Progressives: The Beverly Hill-Bullies (Cue the Banjo Music)

CorrenteWire DESTROYS Obama -- says he has it "EXACTLY BACKWARDS" -- it's NOT time to "reach out"...

Generation Y biggest user of libraries

my wish list for 2008

Another Health Insurance Horror Story: At 13, David Denney's body functions like that of a baby

A permanent writers strike could be good for America

Fake Romney 'God had multiple wives' xmas cards sent to SoCarolina Repugs...

I've always thought Tom Brokaw was a decent guy, but...

Oh look, another Osama tape....(yawn)

Jesus releases another audio tape.

can anyone help out a luddite with an electricity question?

Dennis Kucinich: A peace-seeking idealist to the core

Al Gore: Tennessean of the Year

Dead or Alive?...Six years ago, President Bush vowed that bin Laden would be brought to justice...

If YOU were Voting in the Iowa Caucuses TODAY, WHO would get your vote?

EDWARDS LEADS in Iowa --NEW McClatchy-MSNBC Poll ... LINK

Hillary: Bill won't sit in on NSC meetings

Should Strike-Breaking Writers Who Get an Emmy Have an Asterisk Next to Their Name?

Clinton is NOT a "Corporate Democrat"-- fact vs. religious zeal

Stephen King calls out the media in a Time interview

Two examples of what's wrong with our health care system today: (Besides insurance)

Patti Davis - Leave my father out of this

why are the unions backing a union buster?

Voter turnout in Iowa

Would you boycott conservative entertainers?

Glenn Greenwald: Oligarchical Decay

Robt Greenwald's "Iraq For Sale" is FREE on Comcast's "On Demand" until Thu, Jan 24

Bush's Tar Baby

What is the legal name for this?


The Clintons, Jackson Stephens and the East Liverpool OH Incinerator:

5 Million dollars for a new church in Laurel county KY.

Has Oliver Stone totally lost his mind?

So... When Exactly, Are We Supposed To End The DU Primary Mud Wrestling ???

Should adult females, who have relations with underage males be punished?

Frightening Health-Care Fascism

Clintons' Heartless, Flawed Welfare Reform: Ending of AFDC Caused Homelessness and Poverty Increase

Scrawling the Concession Speech: Or, Dodging Mark Penn 'Til Thursday Night

Post your predictions who will be the top four in Iowa?

who is really to blame for where we are now?

RIAA sues for copying legally-purchased CD to hard drive

See you after Iowa, friends. Happy New Year!

He Could Care Less About Obama's Story

Bloomberg Buys "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" Ads In Iowa, New Hampshire

What are official caucus rules?

MSNBC/McClatchy Poll: Edwards has most 2nd choice support among 2nd tier candidates

If Edwards wins Iowa, one of the most interesting things in the aftermath

George Will: Two worlds of Obama

AP Poll: Public Still Favors Democrats As Election Year Nears

John Zogby Is On C-Span

For Edwards And Obama Supporters And Others Who Are Interested...

Richardson: 'Congress has failed the Democratic Party and the American people.'

The Huckster's On MTP

I cast some online Runes....

Where's the DMR poll? It was supposed to come out today.

Today's Parade Magazine has dimwad on the cover and an interview

BREAKING: MSNBC poll put's Edwards ahead of Hil by one point!

The Huckster Compared Homosexuality To Pedophilia And Necrophilia

if Hillary wins the nomination this is the 2008 ticket

Biden Statement on Bush Veto of Defense Authorization

"Democratic race in Iowa, meanwhile, is essentially a three-way tie"

Anyone else need a bath in CLOROX after watching HuckaTROLL

Rudy, in Iowa, tap-dances around his strategy to win in larger states such as Florida and California

The biggest sign that something is happening in Iowa

It's voters'

Which candidate will move furthest to the right in the General Election

Obama/Feingold '08 Still a Possibility?

Biden on CNN 12/30 Late Edition 11AM EST

Hundreds honor girl who needed liver transplant (sparked a renewed call for health-care reform)

A Beautiful Letter from a 12-Year Old Supporter

Who should be the Republican nominee? (Base this on who you think is easiest to beat)

NH's WMUR TV report: "Campaigns Engage In Battle Through E-Mail"

Why All Our Candidates Rock:

Tweety Suggests Edwards Is Desperate

The Polls Are All Over The Place, Anyone Of Either Party Can Caucus

McClatchy-MSNBC Iowa poll: Edwards 24, Clinton 23, Obama 22

OBAMA LOSES: Clinton, Edwards do better in General Election than Barack Obama

OBAMA BELIEVES Republicans should be able to choose our nominee in our primary. Do you?

EDWARDS live NOW on C-SPAN n/t

Huckaberry Pie, anyone?

"Huckabee will still beat Romeny. Huckabee is a principaled man with only a couple flaws"

Biden asks: Mr. President, what about the troops?

Children chant "with our blood, with our souls, we sacrifice for you Saddam" at Hussein burial site

Electing Joe Biden as President of the United States

Suddenly, foreign policy is relevant - E.J. Dionne

Another Iowa Newspaper Endorses Obama

4 Days to Iowa, Huckabee Assails Rival

There has to be somebody to blame for this

Have you heard the news? If anyone in the top 3 win, Bloomberg is ready to go.

DU'ers: put your money where your mouth is. Donate to your candidate now!

Bipartisan Group Eyes Independent Bid (Bloomberg, Nunn, Boren, Graham, Hagel, Danforth, Whitman)

Netherlands has another record warm year

Tougher voter ID laws fuel debate as 2008 primaries near

Clinton vs Huckabee Vs. Bloomberg-led Coalition of National Unity

WaPo: Edwards Fights to the Finish

Clinton vs Huckabee Vs. Bloomberg-led Coalition of National Unity w/ Lieberman

Obama vs Huckabee Vs. Bloomberg-led Coalition of National Unity

Edwards Returns To The Gilded Age


I just bought our Edwards yard signs on SALE!!! 25% Off all orders over $25

From Iowa cornfields, a left-tilting tradition: Residents point to a progressive core

Whoever get the democratic nomination this time

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/30/07 - Clinton and Obama down 1, Edwards up 2

Obama vs Romney Vs. Bloomberg-led Coalition of National Unity

Iowa Extremely Tight for Dems, GOP

Have you switched candidates thus far?

McCain losing votes to Obama in N.H.

Decision Tree: Chose your top tier candidate

Zogby IA Poll -Clinton -31% Obama 27% Edwards 24%

Do you want our nominee to be bipartisan or to be partisan?

Clinton vs Romney Vs. Bloomberg-led Coalition of National Unity

This is how you know when you are sitting on pins and needles about the caucuses -->

It's what's not in the story...

Just reading the MTP transcript.

Richardson tries to close sale with undecided Iowa Democrats

Edwards to Nick Baldick: “Stop”

Bloomberg has met with Al From to discuss the logistics of a run.

Bloomberg Seeks New Way to Decide Who Is Poor

Hillary: Pakistan troops might have killed Bhutto

CSPAN/Zogby Iowa Poll - Clinton 31, Obama 26, Edwards 24

OBAMA ATTACKS: Compares Edwards, Unfavorably to Kerry

Welcome to the Bloomberg Underground.

The Passion of the Fred (Thompson)

What wouldn't I do to stop Hillary?

So the Iraqi Prime Minister goes to London

Elizabeth Edwards is taking calls right now on CSPAN!

Joe Biden Needs Your Help!

Anti-Obama bull$#!^ debunked

Hillary on C-SPAN now

If you discovered HRC publicly breastfeed Chelsea, would that change your opinion of her?

THANKS, Huffington Post, for the giant psycho-ass "laying of hands" Huckabee pic on your front page.

My candidate is perfect, never makes mistakes, and I always agree with them.

What's the big appeal about Bloomberg?

BBC Censored Benazir Bhutto's Reports that Bin Laden Had Been Murdered

Edwards surges in New Hampshire Hillary 31% Obama 27% Edwards 21%


For the Florida Primary

Looks like ARG poll was wrong. This race is TOO close to call!

A Message From Iowa Veterans for Biden

I think Obama would nuetralize a Bloomberg/CNU far more than any other candidate

I can't wait for the caucuses and primaries to be over

Barack Obama speaking LIVE on C-Span NOW!

If Hillary is the nominee, will you vote for her in the GE?

Would you vote for Obama or Bloomberg/CNU

Jan 7th meeting at Univ of Oklahoma is more important than Iowa or NH

Jan. 7th Unity Conference May Determine if Bloomberg Runs and with whom....

Philip Carter: A Veteran Endorsing Barack Obama

"We will defeat greed and fear - and strike a blow for working people, for those with no voice, for

NH POLL: Hillary 31 (-7), Obama 27 (+3), Edwards 21 (+6)

Concord Monitor endorses Clinton

Clinton's 'experience:' Exactly what is it?

I'm an Obama supporter, but I'm going to be frank will you all.

IOWANS - Are you going to participate in your caucus on January 3rd?

Despite my uncertainty -- Here's some potential info about that "mysterious" Edwards supporter

Edwards- King of Hypocrisy

Dubuque Mayor Roy Buol Endorses Hillary Clinton

Toyota official: Sunroof injury couldn't kill Bhutto

So what are you thinking about a Bloomberg run?

3,901 US Troops Killed in Iraq. Do Clinton, Edwards, Dodd & Biden Have Their Blood On Their Hands?

Which night will have you postponing bedtime this week?

Edwards is wrong negating any negotiations with corporations

Romney- "we ought to double Guantanamo"

Council Bluffs Iowa Nonpareil Daily Endorses Edwards

Edwards to campaign for 36 hours straight in Iowa

I'll vote for Edwards for this reason ...

Obama is first candidate in 20 years Sen. Conrad has endorsed

Senator Obama looks and sounds PRESIDENTIAL

HRC says 'Be afraid.'

You have got to admire a man who can speak for hours without

There will be one huge advantage for us in 2008 as opposed to the campaign of 2004

Question: Why all of the Bloomerg speculation on this board?

September 10, 2001 speech to Nat'l Press Club - chilling

Has anyone else here signed the "Voters for Peace Pledge??"

Very disturbing item re: Edwards fundraiser

Well, at least we know Edwards is at 24% in Iowa...

Dennis Kucinich: A peace-seeking idealist to the core

Biden just makes sense, 'West Wing' actor says

AP Interview: Edwards on Populist Theme

Let's talk about Obama, Hillary, and "Bipartisanship"

Randy Newman: Kingfish (Roots American Populism)

"The media-fed progressive confusion is mainly about Obama"

Ya gotta wonder, if Hillary had so much experience with Bill why she didn't run in 2000

McCain losing votes to Obama in N.H.

Unanswered Questions About Edwards' 'Mysterious' Support in IA, NH

Edwards/Richardson/Biden Surge in Iowa Edwards 24%, Hillary 23%, Obama 22%, Richardson 12%, Biden 8%

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton went to Iowa church today -- for 13 minutes.

Sexist...that is right I said it.....SEXIST!!!


Edwards knocks media consolidation: it's unhealthy for democracy!! I'll do everything in my power

Iowa is the only state Edwards can win

Will you seriously consider not voting for the Democratic candidate in the general election?

If you are considering voting for Bloomberg

Could Obama and Edwards Team Up in the Caucuses?

Did I miss something? SCHIP defeat signed into law yesterday.

Clinton: Wicked Witch of the latte-sipping liberal cultural elite

Iowa, I challenge you to think for yourselves and reject the MSM's annointed trio.

Would you vote for Hillary or Bloomberg/CNU (corrected)

Bikers protest against illegal immigration

Breaking News!Just In!

The Bloomberg Subtext

How reliable are the various pollsters polling in Iowa?

Slinging mud never wins votes, it just depresses votes for your opponent.

Is John Edwards our unity candidate?

I've got to admit it, JOHN EDWARDS' campaign IS THE MOST ........

Bill Clinton: Hillary can best handle 'unexpected' threats

Hillary now says Pakistan troops might have killed Bhutto...after she defended Musharraf in August

I don't know how any Democrat can support Clinton (Serious Question Within)

The Three Biggest Flaws in What I Once Called Hillary's "Flawless Campaign"

Why I Support Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton