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Archives: December 31, 2007

Download Uproar: Record Industry Goes After Personal Use

Iraqi refugees turn to sex trade in Syria

For the Bush Adminstration, there is no Plan B for Pakistan..

Iraq on Alert for Saddam Anniversary

I am sniffin' glue

A Dirty Diaper for New Year's Eve.

I'm thinking I'll reward myself monetarily for every A I get

I'm knitting a hat...Photographic proof!!

Tonight at Tavernertavern: Ridgeway's Finest

Was this a sensible thing to do today...

I'm watching illegal movies while smoking cigarettes!

The sound of a christmas tree falling in a living room is disturbing.

If you snort pixie stix, do you get a sugar high?

The only thing good about today's Viking game was the fact that I won the raffle.

Fun in GDP!

Here it is

I am joy popping morphine

i'm sniffa glue...

I'm snortin' coke

Holy 1am, it's crap!

There are 10 kinds of people in this world....

Idiocracy-- Worth watching or not?

Since people keep asking about my sig picture

New fav brew -- J.W. Dundee's Honey Brown

Am I crazy?

For some reason that is only apparent to her

Name a company that should be sued for misadvertising:

Step by Step

Is maestro here? Bird question inside....

Okay, SOMETHING needs to be done about LostinVA!

I knew it...

FLIP part 1


It's been Housework Marathon Day on the Forradalom Channel

Man, Dancers are good lesbians

The Hook.

ISO 9000 is boring

I'm going to murder "Booji Boy" slowly and painfully.

Now just what did I tell you SUCKA!!

Dear god, Lounge please help me I have a crack problem!!!

I'm going to bed now

Talking Dogs.....too funny

On my lap I have an iMac and two 15-lb. cats.

going to a tatoo party

Working is hard as hell, how do you guys do it?

Broncos 22-Vikes 19

I have two, count them, two pots of soup on the stove right now.

I'm tried and i want to go to bed

Typos I can't take any more: "a women"

going to a taboo party

Holy crap, it's 1am!

This song, for some reason, just tickles my funny bone...

I just saw "Golden Compass" and "I am Legend"

Dear World,

hey Lounge, GDP is f'n hilarious right now

My copy of firefox is locking up on startup

Do you put TV shows or movies on your iPod?

Who will be at work tomorrow?


I KNEW IT! Jim Morrison is still alive!

Two kinds of people in this world, my friends—the kind who understand the majesty of BlueIris,

Edwards' daddy really owned the mill -- poseur

You've written a song, however vicariously, some, in fact many consider it a classic...

I am drinking beer

Someone please get me out of IKEA before I buy out the store!

WHAT for men??!!??

We're watching Jesus Camp...

Woodworking is hard as hell, how do you guys do it?

Anyone going to make black eyed peas and greens on New Year's?

3 more photos from Ohio

Were there any good car chase flicks previous to Bullitt?

Is there a Lounge family tree or something for us newbies?

Ohio Meetup Pics, Day Three!

Seriously, I hope the Goth freaks stay on the Amazing Race tonight.

Okay, Lounge. I think I need some romantic advice.

I'm so old that when I was in the USAF, the Thunderbirds flew the F- 4


Is it wrong to favor cheap wine over the expensive stuff?

The TV Show "How Its Made" and a Pot of Beans

New York Times announces hiring of Bill Kristol

A quote from Martin Luther King

Info on the "Fair Tax" from Fact check.

TSA puts limits on Li-Ion batteries (some seem to have missed this )

A comment on the nature of Internet opinions, with a photograph even!

Where is the love from the Obama team?

It is illegal for someone who has legally purchased a CD to transfer that music into their computer?

Stop it! Stop it!

Edwards' daddy really owned the mill -- poseur

So Obama and his HIT squad

U.S. congresswoman proposes troop redeployment from Iraq to Pakistan, Afghanistan

Ever check out Alan Colmes' blog?

Army using video game as recruiting tool

FLIP part 1

More Kristol-slamming from The BEAST

I was sort of like the kids in Jesus Camp

"Gallileo made the right choice by giving up Science for Christ"


Halliburton/KBR Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Update

JESUS CAMP movie is playing now on A & E here . . . !!!! Wow!!!

Riots in Kenya over vote count

Pakistan election postponed for two months

Gawd I hope Huckabee is the (R) nominee. Or Mitt. Or Rudy.

Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein

Iraqi refugees turn to sex trade in Syria

Asif Ali Zardari, Benazir's Husband: He has a past.

United Mine Workers of America Endorses Edwards: Upper Appalachian/Border/Purplish States...

any ivaw members here?

Bush admin supports experiments on US children.

ABC News: Al Qaeda Finds Fertile Ground in Pakistan

David Sirota: When The Old Tricks Stop Working

FYI...!! the Documentary.. "Jesus Camp" on cable channel A/E, 10E/9C .....

Bipartisan Zombies - GREAT READ!!

I think John Edwards is starting to scare the crap out of Hillary and Obama supporters?

"They Were Fools That Way" - "It's A 40 Foot Dive Into A Tub Of Water" - "Clarissa, Where Can We Get

Does anyone know about a nuclear problem in Connecticut today?

All I Want For New Years Is My Rights Back

Mitt Romney's name makes me have a mini seizure.

Download Uproar: Record Industry Goes After Personal Use, illegal to transfer music from CD to mp3

'Jump the Shark'

Holy moley,! Who let the frothing hordes out of GD-P tonight?

Bill Maher's "Dickheads of the Year"

My LTTE: Spare Lithium Batteries No Longer Allowed in Checked Baggage

Home buyers may need 30% down

Do you buy the claim that an Edwards win in Iowa "helps Clinton?"

Well the TSA limits Li-ion batteries now, next it will be (pic)

My brother has been radicalized

55-Year-Old Orangutan Dies in Miami Zoo

Chelsea dissed 9 yr old Scholastic News "reporter"??

"Edwards: Fighting Corporate Greed Will Rally Democrats, Republicans, and Independents"...LINK

Bloomberg will only run if...

Slap that yellow ribbon on your SUV

Angelyne: Barbara Bush Impersonator

'Jesus Camp' is on A&E - start: 10 pm est

guess who ---‘I Don’t Know’ If People Are ‘Born’ Gay, But It’s A ‘Choice’ To Act Gay

government's shutdown of medical safety program called bizarre and dangerous

Unity and bipartisanship are just ways to keep the power in the GOP hands.

Download Uproar: Record Industry Goes After Personal Use

Caption This Windswept Washinton Post Picture?

I'm Sorry, But This Made Me Cry...

I have been dreading saying this, but I have to say it.

Officially Muslim Countries Versus America...

I just read a good book about sociopaths. | Bush to a T

If Hillary gets the nomination, I will vote for her and I will work for her

I'm so fucking pissed off right now, I can't see straight...DAMMIT...

Is it raining down in Georgia, yet? (nt)

The primary is tomorrow and you must choose between Edwards and Obama:

The DoD is confirming the death of Sgt. Benjamin B. Portell and is announcing a new death previously

Has anyone heard anything about the final DMR poll?

It's official: Republicans lose all interest in campaign

An Excellent Read by Richard K. Moore

U.S. seen internationally as an ‘Endemic Surveillance Society.’

Mike "Batshit Crazy" Huckabee: "Thank God we live in a country people are trying to break into"

It's obvious!

Huckabee would criminalize abortion and punish doctors.

Iowa won't be the only state caucusing on January 3

BBC World Service: Kucinich saw a UFO

Zogby Iowa Poll: Clinton 36% Obama 33% Edwards 31%

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (12-28-07)

Are you feeling it?

Atrios boils down Bloomberg's bipartisan BS:

Sunday Primetime-review of candidates by NY drama critic Jeremy McCarter

Walter Shapiro: Hitting the canvass for John Edwards

If candidate wins by, say 1-3% in Iowa

Survey of 46 pollsters: Zogby least reliable on Iowa

I'm going to right up front with you folks...if there is a third party run

How do the democratic candidates plan on dealing with Blackwater?

FYI - Obama on C-span - replay of this afternoons speech and Q & A session

Say Obama, Hillary, and Edwards all tie in Iowa.

Leading surveillance societies in the EU and the World 2007

Citizens to pay visit to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton

Media Insiders Shaft Biden, Richardson, Dodd, Kucinich, and America



Does the overall tone of a candidate's supporters affect your choice?

So it turns out Iowa is pretty darn liberal on gay rights

Fool us three times? Shame on us.

Iowa by the newspaper endorsements -

The Visual Road to SupTues.

Someone has sent a postcard to SC voters purportedly from a Mormon Temple...

Iowa Caucuses: After Iowans weigh in, the races only tighten

Hillary Clinton Tugs on Bond With Former Aide, Stephanopoulos - "I think you can vouch for that."

The tundra terrain in Iowa where so many are working hard for their choice

The candidate's New Years Eve plans -----

Giuliani and Ron Paul tied in 5th place in Iowa at 5% each (Mason-Dixon)

23 years ago, I voted for Ronnie Raygun.

Biden, Blitzer and the candidate who could spark a "bitter, bitter fight"

MSNBC Iowa Poll: Edwards 36% Clinton 26% Obama 26%

With New Poll Results, Candidates Scramble for Edge in Caucuses

Now Drudge is playing games with unflattering pictures of Chelsea on his front page

The wealthy in this country do not like "populists"...

NYT - Bloomberg Moves Closer to Running for President

Edwards health care plan was described by him as he speaks now in Iowa ..

Watching Elizabeth Edwards on cspan right now. She's amazing.

Holiday Movie Night with the Nieces with a little politics

OBAMA ATTACKS: Has problems with John Edwards help from Working Americans

Bipartisan group eyes independent bid: one more argument for an Obama nomination by the Democrats.

Which pollster do you trust more? Mason-Dixon or Zogby?

Superman swoops in to defend Obama

Are there cases in some states where ole-time Dems who always vote Republican can fuck up a Primary?

Best. Obama. Picture. Ever.

Obama memo: Edwards getting big money from working Americans!!!!!

I'm going to right up front with you folks...if there is a third party run

Iowa's 15% rule is 15% at a caucus location, not 15% statewide

"Edwards has the highest fav/unfav score (73%-11%) among the Dem front-runners, while Clinton has

People, I think everyone needs to see this video.....

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Newton, Iowa

Take a break and check out this pic

Clinton is Our Strongest Candidate

If Bloomberg runs, Hillary is toast and the GOP nominee will win

The Daily Nonpareil, Council Bluffs, Iowa endorsement of Edwards says it all.

"Obama is not an anti-war candidate"

Strickland, campaigning for Hillary: Beginning in Iowa "makes no sense...bring this to an end."

Edwards: Iowa win would erase money gap

Kucinich the Surprise Winner in Virginia

Romney latches onto campaign theme from Democrats

Total secrecy on whaler watching

Iowans pick up on Clinton's silence

Defaults on Insured U.S. Mortgages Increase 35% to Record as Slump Deepens

Alleged Haditha ringleader faces lesser charges (voluntary manslaughter instead of murder)

Partygoers Vandalize Robert Frost's Home

Roger Wicker

Nanny Rudd censors net

Profit projections slide for fourth quarter

Senate holds 12-second session to block Bush

Bhutto Video, Medical Report Raise Doubt

Colorado avalanche threat strands 2,000

Clock Running on Bush Presidency

Today is the LAST DAY of the DU Charity Donation Drive. We've raised $19,300 -- CAN WE PASS $20,000?

Blues artist 'Weepin' Willie dies at 81

Obama's Jakarta Friends Recall a Would-Be Leader, Tattle-Tale

Attacks kill 23 Afghan police, soldiers

Stranger that fiction: parallel universes beguile science

Ecuadoran Assembly Approves Correa's Tax-Reform Package 90-23

Marine avoids Iraq murder charge

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) endores Hillary Clinton

Probe of Bhutto's death called 'bizarre'

Tribal Rivalry Boils Over After Kenyan Election

Huckabee Wants Women To Be Submissive

Video shows raises questions about Bhutto's manner of death

Pakistan moves to delay elections

Police 'prevented Bhutto autopsy'

Scores dead in Kenya poll clashes

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 31

US provided Bhutto with security intel

Voters Report Push-Polling in Iowa

AP: Rep. Roger Wicker to replace Sen. Trent Lott

Suicide bomb attack kills 12 in Iraq

Hostage deal impossible for now: FARC

Bloomberg to attend '08 campaign "unity" talks

Bhutto Report: Musharraf planned to fix elections

Ohio Guard call-up said to be largest since WW II

Sara Jane Moore, who tried to kill Gerald Ford, freed

Don't taze me, bro!!

Anyone seen "Paris Je t'aime"?

What are you looking for in a great New Year's Eve --- ?

Oh la la, mes amis!! Respirez!!

A really nice DU option to have would be to set links to other DU pages

Hey! Found the Jesus King of Kings Reeses Shirt online!!

Its a shame how expensive treatment for depression and mental health is in this country .

I'm gently swaying through the fairy land of love but you can't come with me

Death Cab For Cutie: What Sarah Said

Question About Fishing

I really need to get more sleep, but then I'd never get a photo op like this

10:20 a.m. and I just set a bottle of Moët & Chandon out on the patio to chill for tonight.

Have ever been so mad that you threw things at a person?

Happy New Years!!!!


Baby Born At White Castle (womyn knew she was pregnant)

Okay, who on the west coast is watching Jesus Camp?

Well, wow. I just got the crap scared outta me.

The real reason Canada is better than the US

Would you have sex with that person if that person let you?

Sometimes GD is so stupid that it is fun....

Would you have Chex with that person if that person let you?

Going to the Biggest Fireworks Display in the History of the World Tonight (in Dubai)

crappy cell phone photo of st. michael the archangel church

Sallymander & Miss American Pie ! Hottest DUers out there?

Hannah Montana tix lost over fake essay

BREAKING! 2007 West Virginian of the Year announced!!

Are you... are you watching OPRAH?!?!?

.... ._ .__. .__. _.__ _. . .__ _.__ . ._ ._. __..__ . ..._ . ._. _.__ _... ___ _.. _.__

Ay Caramba!

My lucky day!! I just found a bottle of Moët & Chandon sitting on someone's porch!!!

I hate years ending in 8, 3, or 0

going to a Klaatu party

I had a dream about Dick Cheney last night.

-.-- -.-- --.. -.-.--

All 5 planet of the apes movies are on TV today

Anyone up for Evil Breakfast?

Are there any LIVE liberal radio programs on today?

Think this little critter can visit GD-P?

Woman thought she was in labor at Olive Garden

2007 The Year In Review

In Memoriam - 2007

Seinfeld, Buttafuoco, Steve Gutenberg, Peggy Noonan, Dee Snider

Is this a push poll?

Spamby: The Meat Product Toy

EQUAL RADIO AWARDS 2007 - my own award ceremony!

Is the "Man With the Yellow Hat" from "Curious George" gay?

This is for Mrs.Grumpy, you are a very strong woman who is

Mending Fences...

You are interviewing CUSACK not SPACEY! (00:39)

Former Commodore Amiga users, check this out!

Charlie Wilson's War. Well worth seeing.

And now... What happens when cats design websites...

In general, will 2008 be a better year than 2007 or a worse one?

I am Legend fans: The Last Man on Earth is available online

Time for a beer!

Smashing Pumpkins 4-song acoustic EP on iTunes (exclusively)Wednesday

How funny is it that the UPS commercials use music by Postal Service?

The Great Debaters

Robin Williams to appear when Letterman returns Jan 2nd.

Favorite New Year's Songs?

Has anyone heard from MissMillie?

My 500th post!

I hear Howard Sprague every time I wash the dishes

I thought I pleasure you with one last pic of me this year

Can anyone help me with this Itunes questions

The Hangover That Lasts

Help! I'm drowning in paperwork...

Dalton quotes, nothing but Dalton quotes

Beyond the Grave: Death Gets More Interesting

I watched "A Mighty Heart" over the weekend


O.M.G.- Leonardo DiCaprio and ..... the *other* Bush girl????

Can I stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year or not?

....watching Mythbusters on tv......

20 year old NY man drives 40 hours to stalk 15 year old in Spokane. Turns out to be a fundie.

and so it begins. if anyone cares, brian billick got the chop in balmore

I think I may be getting too old...

I plan on being fast asleep and snoring

Oh. MY.. Gawd... I am going to have to take a 2nd job feel like one step forward 300 ste

how often, if ever, have you googled sex?

Every time I see "The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break"

Damn you, Guitar Hero!!!!!!

Alright - 2007 - the DUzy's that should have been - post em here

I was sorting my old photos last night

Paris Hilton Gets Cozy With Kevin Federline

I watched Jesus Camp last night.

ike & tina turner - whole lotta love


I declare today global goof-off at work day!

Nap time

KeeeRIST!!! The gray hair is suddenly taking OVER!!!

Any "Darling Buds of May" fans?

Astaire/Rogers Marathon on TCM Tonite!

Dinner for one

beef made easy

50 Most Loathsome People in America 2007 by The Beast

In 8 hours (EST) it will be 2008, ya rummy knaves!

Hey, all you gay people - you choose to be that way!! (at least that's what Huckabee says)

A Law and Order: Criminal Intent marathon on USA, does it get much better than this?

Oh my god... CAN'T. STOP. LAUGHING.

Today is the LAST DAY of the DU Charity Donation Drive. We've raised $19,300 -- CAN WE PASS $20,000?

Anyone else on the West Coast celebrate "East Coast New Year's?"

Some pics I took over Christmas

**cooking advice needed**

how often, if ever, have you googled an ex?

“I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, um,

I'm heading off to my New Year's extravaganza DU so Happy New Year to all!

2008: another fucking election year.

You think we look pretty good together

How long did it take you to realize you were pungent?

I am going to the gym...

Don't taze me bro!!!

For those who are fans of Brandon Routh as Superman...

Champagne or Astroglide?

zOMg, my new food processor makes my Guacamole

One more hour and it is New Year in Germany

anyone know of a site where you can look up someone

Las Ketchup - your thoughts?

self-delete wrong thread.

dumb question about YOUTUBE

Can you help me find the You Tube video of the mother who sings to the William Tell Overture...

Play a pre-party song.

The Ultimate garage Band set-list!


My New Years Resolutions

Worst thing you were served at a Xmas gathering.

Drag Queen Drop in 6 hours

I'm Watching The States on the History Channel

Tell me what you think of these wedding rings

So, have you registered to vote yet?

A poem for UndertheOcean

Two Buck Chuck

What are your New Year's Resolutions?


I got back from the gym a little while ago!

Movies you'd love to see a "Where are they today" follow-up

Screw the champagne, what else should I drink tonight?

I think Racheal Ray is a drunk!

People are crazy

For those who might need a cute fix.

Champagne 101: The Basics of Bubbly

Just so you know I am going to drink Heineken Tonight

Famous person's kindergarden pic --- guess who?

So do you want it hot as hell, or colder than shit?

Freixenet isn't too bad is it?

3:58pm and we are *so* in for the evening = ambulances already striking about the city...

my last gift to the Lounge for 2007

I just made my 10,000th post!

They Are Showing Delaware On The States ,History Channel

Are you doing anything for New Year's Eve (Countdown) tonight?

The end of year ____________ appreciation thread.

What would you do without The Lounge?

Happy New Year One and All ... I haven't

help! aaaeeeiiiii!!

Return to innocence

I gave up doing New Year's resolutions years ago


Are you happy with your job/career?

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA

Air Force just kicked off to Cal in the Bell Helicopter bowl in Fort Worth.

What can we do this week to change the landscape?

grab hold of the pets, here come the fireworks

Future iPods Will Shut Down if You've Been Listening Too Long

Ohio Meetup Pics, Day Four!

Kamere is hoping to be rescued from the new house.

New Years Sucks

So what is this Black-eyed Peas & Cabbage thing for New Year's?

Are low rise jeans totally OUT now?

meegbear's annual "Who else, besides me, doesn't have a date for New Years Eve?"

Mr. Engel gave me the entire X-Files DVD collection for X-Mas

Will you be here tonight to celebrate the New Year 2008? I'm heading to the packie now!

Post here and I will make you a cleric in my church

Is It Rolling Bob?...the Zimmerman Poll

Just so you know, I am going to drink champagne tonight.

Have a GRATEFUL DEAD new year! (hilarious video with Ken Kesey)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/31/07

Top 10 Internet Videos of 2007

How long did it take you to realize you were pregnant?

(Mod, forgive me) "Nappy Ho Year" Imus

Help us settle a holiday disagreement .... The Geico Gecko .......

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/30/2007)

Who said this?

Those of us who are staying in, what's for dinnah?

lizziegrace is a VIP in Ohio

What language is this?

Year-end status report

As I step out to go to work...

Radio Lady and Audio Al: Back from vacation and wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

A Thread about Memoirs

What are your New Year's resolutions?

I'm in Missouri where the hell are you?

Movies that Are Stunningly Beautiful to Watch

Any one from Minneapolis?

The Usual Twilight Zone Marathon is on Sci-Fi Channel - Six Priceless Episodes

Post your favorite FUNNY YouTube videos here!

I am feeling better y'all

So...Who wants the answer for my unexplained trip to the ER?

Gettin' sick and tired of asshole Hollywood fucks who think they can do better than the old timers.

If you're going to make really good biscuits and gravy...

What a unique looking baby!


Official Best Joke of 2007!

Morans hard at work! (great pic)

New flight restrictions to remember after the first

"I am so ashamed."

What Is Probably in the Missing CIA Tapes.

Given freely to us, our music, our voice, by our artists. Some links.

Pastor claims 4 year old seduced him

Bloomberg closer to running for president

St McCain being skewered in the WaPo...the most support of lobbyists! LOL

* pic of the day

Movies your favorite conservative friends/family members would benefit from watching?

Love this scandal after scandal after scandal

State of Emergency Declared in Kenya

Financial crisis may make 1929 look like walk in the park.

"They hate me and I welcome their hatred" - FDR

Current travel warning for "the surge is working!" Iraq: from our own State Dept.

John Mellencamp to headline "This is our country!" rally for John Edwards in Iowa

Kid Rock's "Amen" What do you think?

unmoderated DU chat rooms

Pakistan may not make it

Kenya in turmoil after election

Tens of millions of birds disappearing now in North America (CBC video clip)

Brian Williams on Morning Joe was just alluding

"Why do we have laws at all?" aka Republicans are anarchists

Survey finds teens willing to bend rules to get ahead

Top Ten Middle East Policy Challenges for the US, 2008

Bigger threat, Corporatism or Dominionism?

Debtor Court?

republican Faith-based voters aren't very bright are they?

William Kristol to be a NYT op-ed columnist

Representatives from Clinton and Huckabee campaigns coming up on Wash Journal after the break.

Lobbying could cease to be growth industry

Pakistan delay vote by at least two months: officials

Inhumanity Has a Price

More than 120 killed as Poll Violence Sweeps Kenya

Iraq: "In the end they'll need to follow our plan, but we've got to make them feel it's their plan"

AlterNet: Blame It All on the '70s?

Kenyan police say they have shoot to kill orders

Millions in the Slammer: We Must Reverse America's Zeal to Incarcerate

Cops prevented Benazir autopsy, claims hospital

Let's face it, repubs are sexually turned on by torture.

One Man’s Religion Is Another Man’s Mainstream Cult

One of the first things the newly sworn Democratic President should do....

Want to win the war on terror?

John McCain: A Legend in His Own Mind

McCain: the Ultimate Hypocrite.

The State Department again displays its rich sense of irony

We Are The Terrorists

Condi, Negroponte Sealed the Bhutto Sacrifice

Innovative Minds Don’t Think Alike

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Bloomberg's Bipartisan BS

What do they do to people who can't pay their jail tab?

Flight Suit (Bush) Gives Up; Decides to Negotiate with Taliban

CSPAN: Another Quicky Senate Session

Would you consider gong to Times Square on New Year's Eve?

So how did Bush do a pocket veto when Congress was in session?

US questions Kenya poll 'anomalies'

oh BTW- "Hollywood" had all time high in revenues in 2007

One more important to make sure a Democrat ANY Democrat

Judge Quashes Bogus Subpoena for Identity of Anonymous Blogger

Calvin & Hobbs

CSPAN: Edwards rally from yesteday repeating

Bush History 12/31: Cheeseburger Resolutions and 3,000 US Dead in Iraq

The Rich Are Getting Richer, And I Ain't.

Last day for 2007 tax deduction is MONDAY Dec. 31 donate now n/t

Notice when the media shows us the Dem and Rethug horseraces they always find room for 5% McCain?

Giuliani's (Oxycontin) Drug Deal

Who will win the 'Holier than thou' Steel Cage Death Match GOP nom, Huck or Mitt?

We got our mail in ballots Saturday

Flight Suit Gives Up; Decides to Negotiate with Taliban


FEMA’s Katrina recovery chief retiring this week

"Macha Mamas", give this thread some sugar, please.

What would Al Gore do?

Edwards vs Hillary and Obama

depleted uraninum POISON IN THE FOOD CHAIN

Obama can't have it both ways when it comes to change

I've resolved to try to make the world a little better, to re channel my time and energy from...

I'm so impressed! DUers have raised $18,000 for America's Second Harvest!

170K sign Wexler's petition for Impeachment (plus edited op-ed)

Will Edwards surprise us?

My new company offers health insurance to domestic partners

Letterman Books Robin Williams first show back

Obama can't have it both ways when it comes to change

Giving Hillary a 2nd Look

NYT: Bhutto's doctors felt pressured to conform to government accounts of her death

China to Open World's Largest Bible Production Plant

Data dump watch!- would be a good time for.....

NY Times Editorial

'Asses of Evil' buttons top seller at Iowa Dem campaign stops

This is the most imcompetent administration in history and the one to put us most at risk.

New Orleans' struggle to regain its footing is hampered by high murder rate

Diary by Rep. Wexler on Cheney Hearings

>>IMPORTANT: Iowa Black Box Voting....

Best wishes to everyone. May 2008 be better!


TPM´s Great List of Scandalized Administration Officials... Indicted / Convicted/ Pled Guilty (more)

BBC Censored Bhutto Report that Bin Laden Was Murdered.

Suggested reading for our Democratic leadership

This could be the smallest Bible ever printed...

This generation gets its own Kennedy Assassination

Question? What can we do this week to change the landscape?

Yikes the economy forum.

Edwards gaining ground in NH according to new Poll

104 days

NY Times laments sorry state of affairs in US.....Boo-frickin-hoo

Brady's Advice To Dallas Quarterback Romo; Keep Jessica Away From Games

surge update

Man, they've got I-70 shutdown in Colorado

What other Unity08 ideas can we come up with?

Holy Shite: US official says claims that Bhutto died of skull fracture are ridiculous

Chinese Gamer Wins Suit Over In-Game Item Loss

Should we let bygones be bygones and meet the Republicans halfway in the spirit of a new beginning?

re: alex jones

"Theology Of War" - taught at US basic training

Now this is just sad and tragic: Cab Driver Killed While Helping Motorist

Hillary Hear(t)s Huckabee on Gays: "But this (gay rights) has not been a long-term struggle yet..."

My email to Beltway hack, Stu Rothenberg, who says an Edwards presidency would "rip nation apart"

Dem Candidate Health Care Plans, Uncensored with No Commercials.

The Most Valuable Progressives of 2007

Primary Voters Who Care about Gay Rights May Find These Video Segments...

Mandatory Health Insurance....I can't wait

A former cab driver shares a special moment

Michelle Obama is incredible

Arizona firms brace for immigration sanctions law

Funny thing. No "Code Orange" this New Year's Eve.

The answer is: Mike Huckabee, David Vitter, and George W. Bush. What's the question?


Mike Huckabee brags about signing death warrants in recent ad...

Open Letter to Edwards "They're going to come at you with all barrels blazing"

industrious selfishness

May the coming year be better for all of you

Today is last day to register to vote / Women & Students should register to vote now!

Pakistan government goes after Benazir's alleged assassin

David Sirota: Sky Is Blue...Joe Klein Lies Again...News At 11

The NSA would like to wish you a Happy New Year....

Beware of getting ripped off by software companies selling you crap

Computer-savvy DUers - little help?

Candidates--their Farewell, 2007

ensuring accurate vote counting -- a question


Audience members laughing at inappropriate parts of "Charlie Wilson's War"

Are you happy with your job/career?

Juan Cole: U.S. must provide $1 billion + for Iraqi refugees. (Now spends $15 B per month on war)

What is your DU New Year's Resolution?

Chelsea poured hot tea on a 9- year old?

"JUST" 21 American soldiers killed in Iraq this month"!! According to ABC whats-his-face!

This sums it up pretty well.

Hope no one has to go out on the roads tonight. A party isn't worth putting my life at risk

DC DUers: Monty Python's Spamalot in Town 'til January 6th

Jericho will return for its second season on February 12, 2008

The Milgram Experiment - A lesson in depravity, peer pressure, and the power of authority

!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (pictures from Germany tonight)

January 1st, 1808: Slave Importation Banned In US

Dear DUer's: your 1/10,000 of a second

I am going to test my skills as a pundit and predict the ten biggest news stories of 2008

Health Care Opinions Requested...

Word is that the entire Bush Cabinet is in New York as a type

Kathleen Reardon: My Husband's Farewell To The Times

Would it matter if being gay were a choice?

Are your teenagers and college age kids registered to vote?

Show of hands, who here opposes single-payer universal health care in the US?

Lawyer: Police prevented Bhutto autopsy NEW:New video proves Bhutto shot, widower says

its interesting to see how the target changes

NY Times: "There are too many moments these days when we cannot recognize our country..."


My New Year's Eve election prediction.

There was DU....

"So We’ll Know Them By Their Limping..." - A Toast To All Of You

Who's not impressed by ANY of the Dem healthcare plans?

Clock Running on Bush Presidency

WHO FUNDS "al qaeda" and/or the "wahabbis"?

Wonky things that will make the economy better for us all

David Sirota: Gauging the Fear Inside the Palace Walls

John Nichols: Bob Wexler for Vice President

Today is the LAST DAY of the DU Charity Donation Drive. We've raised $19,300 -- CAN WE PASS $20,000?

What will it take to start an uprising?

Aren't a lot of candidates exaggerating their "experience"?

In Illinois, Obama was leader in studying impact of welfare reform

Burning issue: Should people be banned from owning rottweilers?

My choice for Book of the Year.

Happy New Year!! ~~ The Bush administration is:

2008 resolutions....share yours

CAPTION !!1! Chucky, your friend til the end...

Jim Lobe: Bush’s Twilight Year Looks Grim, Lonely

How many men has Gov. Mike Huckabee chosen not to sleep with?

Jan. 10, 2017, president huckabee looks back on his 8 year legacy.

My son brought up an excellent point: why is longevity rather than quality of life a priority?

HUCKABEE: "It's A Choice" (being gay)

Halliburton Wields Mandatory Arbitration to Squelch Would-Be Whistleblowers

Now here is a list we can all LIVE with!

Daily Kos: "I am really starting to see Obama as someone who will rush to ...

WINTER OF DISCONTENT - National Call to Action - come to New Orleans of hands

Let’s Toast to Ten Good Things About 2007 - Medea Benjamin

WEXLER: "The Constitution does not include a statute of limitations."

George's Long Winter Nap ---pix--->>>

GET PERSONAL !!1!1111 DUer's most delightful, meaningful 2007 accomplishments/experiences here:

Can there be any remaining doubt that the MSM is worthless?

The Bush Administration's Dumbest Legal Arguments - 2007 Edition

I received a handwritten letter from Gov Don Siegelman from prison!

A bit of a rant from the South...

the people of Colonie, N.Y. have depleted uranium poisoning

Happy New Year!

Good Morning!

The Hunt for the Japanese Whale Killers Resumes - onboard the Steve Irwin

The Shock Doctrine: The Anti-Marshall Plan page 346

The Shock Doctrine: Torture as Curing.

Hillary Signals Free Pass for Bush - By Robert Parry

The Bhutto dossier: ‘secret service was diverting US aid for fighting militants to rig the election

Code Pink Austin at a Karl Rove event - pictures

RIAA: copying CD's you own to your PC is illegal

Obama definitely has that killer smile!

What Biden thought of Bush's last State of the Union

Strickland did not say anything about Iowa "while campaigning for Hillary"

Great arguments for Clinton here:

If Bloomberg spends $1 billion of his own money, he can claim he's beholden to no special interests

As Pakistani crisis unfolds, Biden steps up on issue

Nice pic of Barack & Michelle Iowa poll trends (nice map)

Why Do Republican's Delude Themselves?

Huckabee and "Character Cities"

The Inequalities Of The Iowa Caucus - Why Edwards has a major advantage with his rural organization

Tenth senator backs Clinton - Maria Cantwell

For Obama, Redefining Grass Roots Via the Web

Barack Obama fears my late surge in Iowa, says John Edwards

Iowa Caucuses: Grunt work is campaign gold

Richardson told the crowd his campaign would surprise in Iowa. Do you agree?

How nice were political campaigns in the Golden Age?

Weird, isn’t it, how swiftly the narrative is laid down for us.--Robert Fisk

Why Clinton needs Edwards to do well in Iowa:

Des Moines Register

On Morning J(H)oe: David Schuster predicts if it is Hillary v. Huckabee

Online And Media Political Pundits

Huckabee: "If you suction out the pieces of an unborn child for no reason than its inconvenience..."

Correct me if I'm wrong, did Kerry take public financing? What money did he spend "over the summer"?

Barney Frank's Sister Is On C-Span

Advocacy of a third Party candidacy is "Party Treason"

12-31 -07 Zogby IA Poll -Clinton -30% Edwards 26% Obama 26%

The Fair Tax could save the middle class!!!

Presidential TV ads I recently saw while in eastern Iowa

Clinton supporter Strickland says Iowa role makes no sense

What my dad says about Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards LIVE on MSNBC right now! nt

Of The Top-3, Who's YOUR Top-3?

Kucinich wins Virginia Presidential on line poll

WP,pg1: Obama Tries New Tactics To Get Out Vote in Iowa

It does not require writing an essay to explain who our strongest candidate is and why.

Edwards re. Dean: “If all we are in 2004 is a party of anger, we can’t win.”

Des Moines Register Poll due online tonight - 12/31

Rothenberg Report: In Iowa, Will Edwards Divide and Conquer? ("likely to frighten many voters")

Barack Obama Now Live On CNN!

What a nice looking couple!

Poll Question: If giving up sex would guarantee Hillary not getting the nomination.....

Marc Ambinder relates conference call with Obama Campaign manager

Anyone know how Mrs. Edwards is doing medically???

I just don't get your candidate.

Eliz Edwards on cspan now

Final 2004 Iowa Democratic Caucus Polls

Try this on friends and family . . .

Edwards for me but ...what if the only choice was a Huckabee?

Am happy now.....received my Happy New Year greeting from Nancy

OBAMA ATTACKS: Uses Republican "Trial Lawyer" Talking Points against John Edwards

Obama supporters: Can you identify yourselves?


Binary Obama-Edwards Poll

Does the winner of Iowa get the whole kit and kaboodle

JRE Is Channeling The Ghosts Of William Jennings Bryan, Franklin Roosevelt, And Harry Truman

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/31/07 - All three unchanged

How did anyone ever vote for Bush?

Richardson Rising in Iowa

Slice of Iowa: Edwards Winning Votes, One at a Time

Would you give up sex for a year if it would...

nytimes graph on candidate positions

Looking forward to 2008, things that would be nice to have happen.

Who do you support, and what are your politics?

Obama's Jakarta Friends Recall a Would-Be Leader, Tattle-Tale

Looks like this is a good place for a Stick-Up.

Here we go again...

Happy New Year

New Iowa Poll expected tonight

Obama Leads Five Republicans in U.S. Race

Obama to Iowans: Pick Me At Least as 2nd Choice

The race is really only close in Iowa, New Hampshire, and the candidates' home states.

Hillary on the trail in Iowa.

Great quotes of 2007

The Depravity of George W. Bush

Suddenly Edwards is everywhere

What other states do you see Edwards realistically winning other than Iowa?

Mississippi's New US Senator: Roger Wicker

Correct Rasmussen Favorable / Unfavorable Numbers (12/31):

Do You Like George Bush*?

MSNBC asks Iowans: Who has best chance to win in November?

This is the kind of thing that bothers me about Edwards

Iowans pick up on Clinton's silence

This is Joe Biden -------->

Thom Hartman doing a call in --most will vote for Edwards--tune in. air america

Either you like a candidate or you don't...granted, some may be in between

Romney latches onto campaign theme from Democrats

Does “eight years with a front-row seat on history" count as experience?

Predict the Winners of the Iowa Caucuses

GOP spanks Faux- - > NH GOP to FOX: Don't chill the debate

Edwards Would Repeal DOMA. Clinton Would Not Repeal DOMA.

No soup for you! Huckabee compares Romney to Seinfeld's lying friend George Costanza. LOL!!

Inside Advantage Poll Iowa Shows Edwards Clinton Tied

Source: Edwards Appearance On Morning Shows Brings In Big Fundraising Bucks Today

Give the rest of the country a chance: Rotate regional primaries

After listening to Obama's relentless attacks, if you had to choose between these two candidates....

Edwards calls Obama "too nice", but didn't Edwards get owned by Cheney in the 04 debates

Watch the Richardson Happening in Iowa!!

Why does Biden get a free pass on the IWR vote?

Dumb Question. . .

Is this editorial lede snarky, or ignorant?

Happy New Year GDP

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Perry, Iowa.

Eschaton Endorsement!

Enthusiastic crowds greet Biden, Edwards


Edwards says Iowa victory would erase his money gap for the longer haul

Hillary says she risked life on White House trips

What will be the order of finish in Iowa, for the top three candidates?

New year brings civil unions to New Hampshire, 20 couples decide to marry after midnight

What if Iowa Settles Nothing for Democrats?

LA Times puff piece on "cheerful, wistful, genial, reflective, easygoing, eloquent Kenneth Starr"

CNBC analyst predicts John Edwards to win Iowa

What happens next if Iowa goes Edwards-41% Clinton-34% Obama-25%?

Hillary weather......

NYT: Looking At America ("Bush panicked, forgot responsibility to protect American lives & ideals")

72 Hours Out: Where Things Stand in Iowa

Today is the LAST DAY of the DU Charity Donation Drive. We've raised $19,300 -- CAN WE PASS $20,000?

Obama Team Steps Up Attacks on Edwards

Why I'm Voting for Obama...

Biden takes questions at every event

50 Most Loathsome People in America 2007 by The Beast

Great article and video from Biden campaign event

The Year's Most Laughable Political Antics

Re Bloomberg and sexual harrassment

My sympathies to Massachusetts Democrats.

Richardson in new Foreign Affairs- Excellent Essay

DU Poll - Where is John Edwards in your rankings?

New Book to expose Sun Myung Moon's war on democracy

Republican mayor in Iowa fed up with Republicans, will caucus for Obama

Hillary swipes at Edwards: "'s something you don't have to do by yelling and screaming..."

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) endores Hillary Clinton

Delete this thread

For some reason, I predict Obama will come up 3rd on the Des Moines Register's poll

Iowa's Times-Republican (Marshalltown) endorses Obama, Romney

Krugman: "Democrats and Republicans live in separate moral and intellectual universes."

Barak 43 FAV..51 UNFAVE worse than Obamabots scream!

ed schultz thinks that if your candidate falls behind in iowa,,,

Is the race between Obama and Edwards now?

New DMR poll coming tonght 9 PM

Michelle Obama on C-Span coming up right now.

Psycho P.O.S. Motherf**ker Pastor Mike Huckabee Attacks Negative Campaigning With Negative Ad

Biden over Edwards, here's why

Obama stops taking questions..

Nina Haugen throwing a New Year's eve party for Kucinich

HEY PEOPLE...wanna feel good???

Biden over Clinton, here's why

EDWARDS CAMP: Obama "Lying" to Iowans

John and Elizabeth Edwards: After a Son’s Death, a Shared Mission in Politics

Why Obama and Edwards both need each other to do well in Iowa:

How About If We Did This (Election Financing Idea):

Big Crowd, Big Applause for Edwards (a crowd of almost 1,100)

OK. Someone has to ask... What if the unthinkable happens re: Edwards?

Is Barack Obama misleading and lying to Iowans as the Edwards camp suggests?

It's so nice watching Obama's fallacy of hope campaign implode before our very eyes

Edwards: Fighting Corporate Greed Will Rally Democrats, Republicans, and Independents

Hillary supporters. Explain why your candidate is running as if she was VP of the US

The Silent Majority on DU

The DM Register has a not-so-great track record predicting the final tally

The importance of affirmative action v. Edwards

Please don't forget the children in prison in Taylor TX

Frenchiecat or Catchawave?

Obama Rolls The Dice With Latest Edwards Criticism

Bloomberg and sexual harassment, racism and homophobia, and the "truly weird" sexual environment

EUREKA! Here's the Dream Team and their bumper sticker:

I prefer HR 676 over all other health care plans, but here's why Edwards' plan is second best:

Did John Edwards support NAFTA?

Rumor from Obama's blog: Kucinich tells supporters to support Obama if he's not viable

Huck's Day Gets Even Stranger

Kos: What's wrong with trial lawyers?

OBAMA ATTACKS: Lies about Edwards NAFTA Position

Obama still taking questions. Hillary stopped again (yesterday).

Dean versus Gephardt Redux

Executive Compensation an Issue for Edwards

Edwards' 'Mudcat' gives tasty dish on Clinton - "I threw a cup of tea at my TV, I was so mad.”

I just don't get Obama

Hillary's Mandated Insurance plan Most Similar to Romney's

Michelle Obama

How come the media isn't talking about "America's Mayor" anymore?

LOL! Willard Romney sees Olympic jackets in audience: "Stand up! Stand up!"

What's your preferred candidate order?

Curious: How Many "Domestics" Does Edwards Employ

Self Deleted posted in wrong forum

NEW IOWA POLL: Obama crashes......badly

Obama fires back at Edwards about being too nice

re: the Iowa Caucus

POGO CAMP: Possums are more than just roadkill.

Prominent Clinton supporter criticizes Iowa

OUCH! Edwards camp gets all Bob Dole with Obama.

Obama: One Man's Second Choice

For First Time Ever, a Radio Station Goes 24/7 on Presidential Race

Analysis: Hilary Clinton LIES in Ad currently playing in New Hampshire

Why is Obama ashamed of his middle name?

The new meme when progressives don't like what a candidate saysTHEY ARE USING WINGNUT TALKING POINTS

These kinds of arguments that we have in General Discussion: Politics won't change anything.

Obama Ad: "One Voice" -- One Person Can Change The World

Obama team highlights N.H. field operations

Edwards on NAFTA.. a CURRENT position statement

Did Mrs. Vilsack belittle Obama supporter and call her "Republican Lite"?

Green Party members are starting to use "Democrat Party" instead of "Democratic Party" too now.

Should Obama withdraw if he got third place?

Iowa voters says they received push-polls about Dem candidates

ABC & FOX may limit participation in NH debates: Bye-bye Biden, Dodd, & Kucinich

Check out this pic of Obama kidding around!

WHERE is the video of a Giuliani minion wailing about 'the rise of the Muslems?"

Elizabeth Edwards Defends Stance

Barack Obama and his so-called name problem...

Biden over Kucinich, here's why

Chicago Tribune Swamp Politics: Obama Goes After the Undecided in Iowa

I love repuke asshattery. they've been fucking up left and right, right, right

It's become obvious to me Edwards is going to win Iowa.

How would you describe the recent desperation of the Obamanation?

Head-to-head match ups. Edwards fares best by far against

Voters report push-polling in Iowa

MSNBC/McClatchy: Hillary's Unfavorables Higher than Edwards or Obama

Prediction for Des Moines Poll

Was Michelle Obama prophetic when she said "If Barack doesn't win Iowa, it's just a dream."

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Perry, Jefferson, and Boone, Iowa.

I was right about one thing with Obama....

Obama May Still Surprise in Iowa

Please describe your feelings on Barack Obama's attacks on Hillary Clinton

Biden 7th candidate to file in Democratic presidential caucus

Huckabee Wants Women To Be Submissive

Bill C. on span right now.

It's become obvious to me that whoever wins Iowa, Obama has the best chance of winning NH.

Do The People Who Post Slanderous Crap Really Believe They'll Change Anyone's Opinion?

Hillary's Plan = Gigantic Subsidy for HMO/Ins Industry. Shifts burden to Poor.

Democratic Voters' Fervor (from WSJ)

Oh good grief! CNN's Blitzer is about to talk about Chelsea Clinton's snub of a 9 year old

Chelsea Clinton brushes off a 9-year old in Iowa

Obama has just floated the idea of imposing some penalty on people who fail to sign up for health in

Please watch this and be energized for our cause

OBAMA CAMP resorting to race baiting in final push?

Obama says he is inevitable.

Des Moines Register: Iowans pick up on Clinton's silence

Should JE be ashamed of his career as a trial lawyer, as Obama implied?

Edwards supporters, can someone please explain how he can win the nomination if he wins Iowa?

Edwards Wins the Mellencamp Primary

If John Kerry was running this year, would he be in the lead at this time?

DMR Poll Prediction: Clinton 32, Edwards 30, Obama 22

Edwards: The only honest choice

Which Repuke Would You Like To See Win the Nom, Just for the Pure Pleasure

How would you describe your feelings on Hillary's desperate campaign tactics

Holy shit! Did you hear about the huckup's press conference?

I'm coming out and saying it : I hope John Edwards does not get the nomination

It's getting ugly out there -- Biden memo rips Edwards

Would you give up sex for 1 year in exchange for an Edwards win?

Photos from Edwards' America Rising Rally in Des Moines

Edwards' Op-Ed: America Will Rise

Why Is Perverted Justice On MSNBC Instead Of Tucker?

Truth Alert: Watch Barack Obama video where he takes questions yesterday

Watching Tim Russert show from yesterday...Obama wants to penalize ppl who can't afford health ins?

For those who were DUers on 12/31/03: Was that primary season like this one, on DU?

Alter: Obama only Dem. with chance at GE landslide

Where is the candidate willing to stand up to the establishment and demand Pelosi put impeachment

Kucinich the Surprise Winner in Virginia

Plz, Bidenites! Two good friends say they are not considering Biden because of the Anita Hill

Edwards: "I Believe That NAFTA Should Exist"

DailyKOS, Atrios founders, MyDD slam Obama's desperate attacks

The Nation: "Obama misread Iowa. He bet on style over substance."

The richest Americans are getting richer," Edwards said. "How much money do these people need?"

Please don't forget the children in prison in Taylor TX

Edwardes Take On Michelle Obama - (The audience was shocked into silence)

Death By Election

In New Hampshire, the Fosters Daily Democrat engages in

The Edwards media blackout

How has your choice in candidate been affected by DU's HillHaters?

If your candidate doesn't poll 15% in Iowa, and you were caucusing, which

Obama: Healthcare Will Be Affordable to Every American, No Mandates (what he REALLY said on MTP)

Biden--Bush Iraq policy only helps Bin Laden

LOL! Caption this pic!

A Feast of Friends

Clinton the past. Obama the future.

A vote for Obama is a vote for Hillary!

John Edwards is the only top tier candidate who can relate to our suffering.

From the DU rules

Edwards LIES with EASE to IOWANS!

I'm tired of hearing about "affordable healthcare"

May I get some opinions on some groups working to fix our corrupt


Why I'm Not Voting for Obama: A Liberal's Gut Check

Will the tallest presidential candidate win? (May the Tallest Man Win)

College Liberal's Presidential Endorsement...

Bookmark this: Final Iowa results; Obama 38% Edwards 33%, Clinton 29%