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Archives: December 4, 2007

An Internet Party can be created without endless political donations!

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Hillary, Obama and Healthcare

Religious Liberty, Mitt Romney style---


Man who turned skin cells into embryonic cells slams Bush, Krauthammer over reaction to discovery

Who’s The Bigger Dictator, Bush or Chavez?

Michelle Goldberg: A tainted milestone (Hillary Clinton's run for the White House)

Venezuela After the Referendum

For the environment's sake, don't get divorced

For the environment's sake, don't get divorced

Eight-Year Old Edwards Wanted to Be 'Superman'

US wants to negotiate new climate pact

Climate change may wipe some Indonesian islands off map

Senate Aide In Kiddie Sex Bust

White House Threatens to Veto Energy Legislation

Radio Host Michael Savage Sues Islamic Organization Over Ads

Feds probe Sept. 11 insurance fund

Pat Robertson's Son Takes Over CBN (won't endorse for '08)

Grassroot movement plans to drop "money bomb" on Dennis Kucinich campaign.

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Significant drops in support for Clinton & Giuliani

Vulnerable Democrats Fret About Clinton Ticket

State Funding For Prison Ministry Ruled Unconstitutional

Over 40 million in U.S. can't afford health care: report

Radio Host (Michael Savage) Sues Group That Quoted Him

Jerusalem sources: U.S. losing sense of urgency on Iran

Christian groups slam new Kidman children's movie

I Had A Dream That Another DU'r Was Having A Dream About Me

Fun Sheep Times video

Oregonians Getting 'Kicker' Refund Soon

Dogs and Cats.

'mv website has nuddy pic ;-) '



You gotta just SNATCH beauty up when you see it.

Karma... What goes around... comes around....

comprehensive list of generic drugs

I had a rather *wild* dream about Kitchenwitch Saturday night.

"Pop-Up Market in Bangkok " try doing this in new york city.....

Underfunded Schools Forced To Cut Past Tense From Language Programs

"The Joys of Off-Road Motoring in Northwest Russia"

I just put something into my hand that felt really, REALLY good.

I just grabbed my ass, thinking it was a bagel


Some f*cknozzle plowed through my neighbor's front yard into his garage

I just grabbed my cell phone thinking it was my mouse

I'm so sleepy...jeebus give me the strength to stay awake

go to Blue Iris thread

Why didn't you people TELL me about this group?

Favorite Christmas Television Episode(s)

Come on you punkers.


I've just discovered the joys of the laser pointer pen....

Heaven Help Me--I can't believe what I'm about to say! (A TV thread)

Just posted my 1000th in GD.

I do have to say . . .

Wanna hear what the Chipmunks' Christmas Song sounds like slooooowed down?

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: He-Brew Jewbilation 11


I'm listening to the Beatles Let It Be Naked

Horny Harry Potter

Jewish loungers--a little help, please....Thanks.

A Great Sports Moment from the Eighties

Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Cure for insomnia


Update on a vibe request...and a request for more...

Getting a real blizzard outside,I can't see across the street.


If your entire body is covered with painful boils--DON'T BITCH ABOUT IT

The Capitol Steps play: Knock Three Times.

Have I lost my mind, or is this post on craigslist really cute and touching:

So are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern really dead....

My school's e-mail system sucks big time!

So Just Frickin' Shoot Me!!!!11111!!!

Ever feel like throwing a temper tantrum?

Great game, Ravens.

Things about the Eighties that I hope to GOD never come back

What's a "certified christian?"

Ghirardelli, Martinelli's, chicken rotelle or violoncelli?

I got my toy!


what Xmas gift would you give a grocery checker?

I just took a practice GRE exam, and now my brain is mush.

How many people heard "You aren't living up to your potential"...

Okay, I HAVE to know--which mod moved the thread with the Onion piece TO General Discussion?


No Patriots threads?

That's it! I finally turned off google ads. It was that damn Christian Singles one that did it!

OK....The 70's Rocked, the 80's were a bummer, the 90's jammed, but the 00's SUCKED!

Wow. Plant sterols and a veg diet work wonders!

You're trapped on a deserted island...

Can a Lounge thread get a DUzy?

I have never had such pain from a simple teeth cleaning.

So I just did a speed test to check my network

I hate snakes! You'd gotta be crazy to go anywhere near them.

Is there anything cuter than a smiling dog?

Hi Loungers , Is life in Illinios comfortable on a salary of 45k/year

March in My Name -> Save the Constitution - Confront Pelosi, Impeach Bush & Cheney

Iraq conspiracy

Robin Weirauch on AFL-CIO Program and Core Economic Issues (special election Tuesday 12-11-07)

Watch the Ad that Fox Won’t Let You See

Countdown: Bush - My Way or the Highway

Kucinich Weekly Update - Dec. 3, 2007

A Child Asks Kucinich About Environmental Education

British Navy not capable of fighting a war : A report leaked

CBS News covers the dirty tricks CA electoral reform issue...quotes Courage Campaign

Who has the worst Healthcare plan?

Senator Clinton Calls for Immediate Action to End Foreclosure Crisis

Jon Soltz: World War III plans stymied by National Intelligence Estimate

National Intelligence Estimate..that Iran is not into the NUKE thing...Comment from TPM...

Need some help here! Is his some kind of scam?

What is the "site that shall not be named", and why is there a site which shall not be named on DU?

Standdown on Iran ?

The US is now the only industrialized country

Pedophile gets 110 years in MySpace extortion scheme

David Kay on PBC discussing the NIE report n/t

Let me tell you something, IRS! ...`

Spinning Like a Top Headline: US: Iran still able to develop nukes

A lesson to be learned about trial by public and the media: The Cyberbullying mom case

Oregonians Getting 'Kicker' Refund Checks Soon

Brad Pitt's Pink Pledge For 150 New Orleans Homes (video)

I am confused by the entire Craig issue

Court Backs Ruling Against Congressman

Tweety reporting that 8 men say they have had sex with Larry Craig

Violence reportedly hampers Iraq forces

Shuster on for KO

"Name The Offensive Bear" Contest!

Has Air America jumped the shark?

Crissy Moran (Famous Former Porn Star) Udate

Sorry to have to post this as a Dem...BUT: There's SOMETHING WRONG with Harry Reid!

Hillary's most insidiouis comment to date (can we give her a DUZY????)

Larry Craig Goes Down Mp3

How come when Democrats do something wrong we jump all over them...

Another AP take: Like Iraq, US intel on Iran faulty

LA Times omits info. from the CA. electoral vote initiative story

With the resurfacing of the Larry Craig story, can we take this opportunity to...

From laura Rozen's MoJoBLOG: on the NIE

another causality of war in iraq -"Prostitution ordeal of Iraqi girls"

I miss the sound of a type writer or the ring of a real phone

G-4's "X-Play" review of some game for the Wii - this is funny!

So, without illegal aliens how much will food prices go up?


Condoleezza Reich: Political Divisions Not Necessarily Bad

BWaha Larry Craig action figure

Bush is a fugging lame duck

Pentagon Appears Ready to Resume Open-Air Testing of Chemical & Biological Weapons

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I think Dan Abrams is gonna kick Cliff May's ass


Impeachment Walk - Get Involved

Help. Air America on XM has been wacko today, anybody know what is

I find the ovations that candidates receive rather creepy...

Where is all the concern about the Exit Polls in Venezuela? DU is silent!!

Pope Benedict blames the "greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice" on Atheism....

The Minister of Death - Mike Huckabee Scoop/Collins

Hillary jumps the shark. Obama's 3rd grade essay? Check, please.

Who else knew about the (Iran: no nukes) NIE and when?

War critics astonished as hawk (Richard Perle) admits Iraq invasion was illegal

So Karl is somehow blaming the Democratic Congress of 2002 for the war in Iraq...

Asthma and "BUTEYKO" breathing practices...I would like to know your experiences ...

Prominent Stem Cell Researcher Praised By Bush Rips White House’s Stem Cell Policies

How is Elizabeth Edwards health?

Give em' hell Harry!!

Did you know we're all unemployed?

Poll: Giuliani, Clinton Support Slips A Month From First Votes - USA Today\Gallup

Does this sound like an accurate statement?

About the Hillary/Obama Essay Thing...

Donate to Roger Smith Memorial Fund to Fight Cancer

I got a letter from Karl Rove today asking for contributions

Wow... Republicans See Chance to Win Back House Seats Lost in 2006 - Faux News

Giuliani now only 3% ahead of Huckabee in National Poll, 20-17%, was 27-14 just 4 days ago

The quick wit of Keith Olbermann is gonna be on display again. It's an old '97 “SportsCenter” ad

Rudy loses it with bus drivers....on Crooks and Liars. calls them "irresponsible idiots"

Britons waste billions on unwanted Christmas gifts

Michael Savage WHINER sues Islamic civil rights group....

Strawberry Fields ... Forever?

Baptist church struggles with how to handle photos of gay families

Do you see similarities between the Dukakis and Clinton campaigns?

Well in one of the largest border states, undocumented immigrants are NOT

Wolfowitz To Re-Emerge In State Department Appointment

My nephew is going to Afghanistan.

Christian groups slam new Kidman children's movie ("The Golden Compass")

The Bush Legacy: "Leave No Child A Dime"

Banksy hits Bethlehem with welcome graffiti...

Let's Compare The U.S. Constitution and the Venezuelan Constitution

Oh The Sweet Irony Of It !!! - How Tough Is It For GOP Staffers? - DailyKos

Every DU'er should be required to spend 1 week in the Lounge every month.

For those who have doubts about miracles, a double one occurred today

sicksicksick_N_tired blames the "greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice" on,...

DU this poll: About the shooting in Pasadena Texas

FDA Is Broken (BIGTIME), Endangers American Lives - ABC News - video link

The Antarctic ice is growing,

Special election for Hastert seat to be held on a Saturday


Does anyone here like Obama but dislike Oprah Winfrey?

NY Post, NY Daily News 2002: Bill Clinton Seen Dating Belinda Stronach & Lisa Belzberg

The Taser is going Wireless!

Rural Britain wants to put itself off the GPS map

Here's a poll about left media gatekeepers needing some respondents...

What if Dennis wins Michigan? It's only a beauty contest at this point,

Haircut charity attracts Edwards

Lou Dobbs should move to Fox news

The data from the "new" Pew poll Hillary supporters are ga-ga about is almost a month old.

Premiums For Seniors In Bush’s Medicare Part D Program Soar 24.5%

In Iowa, Clinton doubts Obama's political courage

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/3/07 - All three unchanged

A friend just sent me this quote from Ronald Reagan

I like ALL the Dem candidates and I'm saying something nice about each. Care to join me?

If Obama's present votes were a strategy, how many other Dems did so as well?

Iran has no nukes! Does Hillary's Iran vote show she lacks judgment & temperament for Presidency?

Does anybody remember when a certain candidate made a comment about

I despise ALL the Repuke candidates and I'm saying something nasty about each. Care to join me?

MSNBC: Cliff May says the Iranians stop their program because of the Iraq Invasion

I went to the Barack Obama rally last night and shook hands with him (Video posted)

What happens if Hillary FInishes third in Iowa?

Obama's little sister: he only recently decided to run

Abrams and O'Donnel: Clinton Campaign makes ENORMOUS mistake with Obama attack

Clinton versus Obama

Obama responds to Clinton ‘silliness’

John McCain trying to be hip, appearing on the MTV/myspace Candidate forum

Economic Report: You Just Sank Another 30 Grand Into (national) Debt

Another disabled war veteran lost his home (who fights for Vets?)

Is Karl Rove running?

The DU Obama Train Roll Call! Keeping it positive

Which second tier candidate will surprise in Iowa?

I watched American Dad last night completely by mistake...

Hillary has $50 million in the bank and if she's going to go down, she's going to go down fighting

Unscrupulous Bill Collectors Illegally Freeze Seniors’ Social Security

Photos: As Dick Smothers once said to his brother Tom, "Now I know why some animals eat their young"

I went to the political discussion group and all I got were mainly 3 lousy candidate threads!

NPR - Democrats Set to Debate in Iowa as Race Tightens

Analysis: Romney's 'Mormon speech' risk

The IRS may delay the start of its filing season if AMT is not addressed.

I hate to start another thread on Harry Reid, but something is seriously wrong if this guy is our

She got Obama to hold her knitting!!!!

I am in an extremely foul mood tonight

IA Poll: Hillary is"Most Presidential", "fiscally responsible", "socially progressive"

Clinton: I'm not interested in attacking my opponents

Hillary: "(Obama) running for president the day he arrived in the U.S. Senate,"

Why Don't Most Folks Feel That Voting For The Iraq War Is A Candidate-Killer?

Do you think the media is intent on destroying Hillary to help the Democrats?

Obama ... political expediency or the Politics of Change?

IA POLL: Hillary is most "ego-driven" and "most negative"; Obama "most civil" and "principled"

BIDEN told us back in June not to worry about Iran.

Who would be the LEAST electable of these two candidates?

Senator Biden: America's 'Everyday Joe'

Obama Launches Iowa College Tour and Hillary's Attempt to Suppress The Student Vote

Biden goes after McCain on Iraq

FACT CHECK: "Hillary Clinton's idea of 'fun' continues today by attacking Barack Obama's 'courage'."

I'm having a discussion with my brother...should the U.S. have a compulsory voting system...

Hardball just showed a poll that Hillary is found the most ego

Thanks to Obama supporters here, I am officially for Hillary now..

The Iran hawk candidates have some explaining to do.

Edwards makes fun of kindergarten essay: Eight-Year Old Edwards Wanted to Be 'Superman'

Are You For or Against Universal Health Care? - Candidates?

Eight-Year Old Edwards Wanted to Be 'Superman'

Obama, Celeb Supporters, Upstage 'White Lady' Hillary in Harlem

To all fiscally conservative Freeper Lurkers, check this graph out and choke on it.

Defense 1 Edwards, and his Record in the Senate

Why does Hillary hate young people so much?

Clinton, Obama and Dodd go to the back of the class. Biden gets a gold star!!

Liberal Group plans to begin airing TV ad against Hillary in Iowa

A plea to all the candidates

"That's one of the things that irritates me about him (Biden)

Iowa has never elected a woman to Congress or for Governor

Biden: "I will eat Rudy Giuliani alive at a debate."

Grassroot movement plans to drop "money bomb" on Dennis Kucinich campaign.

Councilman Joe Cimperman to run for Kucinich's seat

Bush Administration admits Iran is probably not pursuing a Nuclear Weapons Program


U.S. Iran report is no "slam dunk" (Reuters analysis)

Annapolis & "The Surge": Spinning a Legacy

Herbert: Now and Forever, The Iraq War

AlterNet: Deadly Staph Infection 'Superbug' Has a Dangerous Foothold in U.S. Jails

HR 1955: Targeting those who "challenge the intrinsic qualities of capitalism...?"

Operation Iraqi Freedom Exposed: Bush Negotiates Permanent Presence in Iraq

Bush Drags American Image Down Overseas

If Bush resigned today, this is what his speech would be.....

Robert B. Reich: Why the Telecoms Shouldn't Get Immunity

The global fight for top talent

NYT editorial: A Tale of Two Strongmen

Jon Soltz|World War III plans stymied by National Intelligence Estimate

Matthew Rothschild: Bush Snarkier Than Ever in Attacks on Congress

Young Chimp Beats College Students

The Truth Just Keeps Getting Truer and Truer By JOHN LORENZ


Why The GOP is ignoring the disabled By Dan Lawton

AlterNet: 'Giuliani Time': Just When You Thought You Knew How Evil He Is

Norman Podhoretz: Dark Suspicions about the NIE

Daniel Ellsberg Talks About the Shadow Government and the Need to Let the Sunshine In

Bush gave this whack an award a few weeks ago

I Thought Dictators Couldn’t Lose Elections

Enough Spin Already: Bush and Cheney Lied, Iran Didn't

Op/Ed: Kucinich Voters should take another look at Richardson.

Americans believe in God -- and hell, UFOs, witches..(poll)

Climate risks to global agriculture are underestimated

Investor States (NAFTA, CAFTA, sovereignity and the environment)

150 million to face flood risk by 2070 - Reuters

Public transportation ridership continues to grow -- Nearly 50 million more trips in 3Q 2007


Bali talks won't agree carbon capture: U.N. official - Reuters

Doomsday seed bank gears up for business

Enel's power plant for Albania (new coal plant)

The Nation: There is an alternative to unhealthy eating and irresponsible development schemes.

...and the propoganda continues (puke alert):

Rate and fuel rises hit urban fringe

Udall: Energy Bill May Include 3 Provisions (renewable "trifecta")

Calculating Energy Bill’s Real Figures (NYT)

University of Northern Iowa researches use of prairie hay for biomass fuel

50 years on: The Keeling Curve legacy (BBC)

Durham may face water crisis first (NC)

Lured by Clean Energy, Industry Heads for Iceland (NPR)

basic composting question

I can unite the world on climate, says Rudd

Dueling videos focus on U.S. climate change bill - Reuters

Senate Minority Leader Calls Energy Bill 'Troublesome'

Riots and hunger feared as demand for grain sends food costs soaring

Wind power need not be backed up by an equal amount of reserve power

The Story of Stuff

US Seeks Alliance with China and India to Block Climate Protection (Der Spiegel)

Chinese think tank suggests yuan flexibility

U.S. agency doubts Iraq units' "independent" ratings

Cantwell aide arrested in sex sting, fired

US backs Lord Ashdown for Afghanistan role

France and UK urge pressure on Iran despite U.S. report

Suicide Bomber Strikes Near Defense Secretary Gates

US 'kills key Iraq al-Qaeda man'

Cimperman will run for Kucinich's House seat

(Warren) Buffett to take stand against five insurance execs ($500 million in phony transactions)

News photos contributed to Iran reassessment

TV Airs Video of Missing Briton in Iraq

Sens. Cochran, Stevens lead in earmark tally

Bush: No change in Iran policy

Iran Welcomes Move To "Correct" Nuke Claim

Mormonism not focus of Romney speech

Judge revokes bail for Cunningham figure

Drug tunnel found on U.S.-Mexico border

Bush Is Expected to Scold Congress Again

Cuban says there's little movement on Cubs front

Bank of Canada cuts key interest rate to 4.25%

Iraqi Kurd and U.S. oil chiefs meet (also meet with Cheney)

State Department Holds Off on Saudi Arms Deal

Democratic Fundraiser Norman Hsu Indicted In NY

Dow Chemical plans to cut 1,000 jobs

Kennedy chides Bush over Iran nukes

Canada turning away more Americans for past legal infractions

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 4

Teenager in Jena Six Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charge

(Senator) Wyden says intelligence report discredits Cheney

IAEA: US Iran Report Matches UN Agency

U.S. nuke study on Iran erodes oil market risk

Congress approves US-Peru free trade agreement

Bush still a factor, Rove warns

Bush tells Putin of poll concern

Exclusive: Another Friend of Giuliani's Embroiled in Sheriff’s Criminal Case

Dem Rivals Assail Clinton on Iran Vote

Code Pink activists arrested in Pakistan, released

First Negative Ad Against Clinton

2 popular Mexican singers killed

3 U.S. soldiers killed, injured in Anbar


"The New Republic" Voices Doubt Over "Diary" From Iraq: Can no longer stand by articles

Bush scolds Congress, talks Iran and Iraq

Bush: `Nothing Has Changed' With Iran

Bush, Putin Discuss Iran's Nuclear Programme

Giuliani steps down from investment firm

Mom: 'Carol Sue Would Be Alive Today' If Not for Huckabee

Teacher arrested for pro-Columbine blog post

(Kay Bailey) Hutchison drops out of leadership race

Lawn work at Romney's home still done by undocumented immigrants

Gore Beats Bush as Bali Talks Embrace Nobel Winner's Agenda

Senators Probe Surprise Credit Card Rate Rises

Israeli officials reject U.S. findings on Iran

U.S. soldiers shoot 4 Iraqi civilians, one killed

Science Contest Glass Ceiling Shattered

AT & T to hang up on pay phones

Mysterious Group Attacks Huckabee

Remote virus-hit island seeks aid

Sex study has a surprising result (to Puritans and patriarchal church)

Report: Bush To Visit Israel Next Month

Iran expels Canadian ambassador from Tehran

Edwards promises to name Republicans to his Cabinet

Good night everybody.

I'm using my latest kitchen gadget tonight.

Heavy Snow Predicted for Hawaii

Need a laugh? Watch this

Can a Fraggle thread get a Doozer?

Can a Kitchen Witch Thread Get An Uzi?

No Patriotic Threads?

wrong sign in... sorry

yabba dabba fuckin' doo!

All my people right here, right now...They know what I mean. Yeah yeah...

Because I have keen intellect and burning curiosity

I'm Giving Up ...

Play a lullaby

Can a GD thread get a DUzy?

Just when It decided to _____________ the Pre__________

Can a Sex thread get a DUzy?

Snow day

how long should you wait for a beard to "come in?"

If you do something twice as good as half-assed

Finish this sequence: 3, 7, 23, 96, ___

Did I answer this "Leadership" question ok?


Mucinex WORKS - holy bat crap does it EVER WORK!!!

LSK I gave you a playoff berth - now kick the bejesus out of Finnfan's team

WTF- NORAD's Santa tracking! Boy, THEY'RE on the ball ---

A festive Christmas greeting to DU

remember this

19 days people only 19 days left

I just discovered a new channel on satellite teevee.

Any Red Sox fans here? Looks like you are getting Santana... question

Hey, When will Tin Man come out on DVD?

Star Wars Rule! All others Stand Aside!

"Father Christmas" by The Kinks ---Greatest EVER!?!??!!

Any evidence of people in Inuit, Native American, etc., cultures before

a red sox fan lament

A question about the Muffin Man...

Anybody interested to have a nanny for the kids?

GOOD GOD!!! NO!!!! I Think I am getting a COLD!!!

When you turn on your car does it return the favor?

stringing Christmas lights in 78 degree weather today

today's edition of "things i learned in GDP"

Hiii iiiiiiiii iiiiiidy HO!

Need link to an old ''political video''

Who? Droops Maghee?

What The Hell Is Figgy Pudding?

Jobblower advice?

Well, I got all the way to the office without my reading glasses

Mac question

so what's happening in Balitmore today?

Snowblower advice?

better late than never....Thanksgiving pics

my son skidded off the road last night

"Chicken Fingers," named after a f**king body part a chicken doesn't even HAVE. Go figure.

I owe DS1 beer and can't figure out how to ship it through the interwebs.

100 ways to order a pizza (for all my high friends

wooden spoon prank...I LMAO

10 Random Questions About Work

If you have observed something mysterious, tell us about it.

Man accused of stealing sex dolls

Happy 43rd birthday, Marisa Tomei!

Will Keith Olbermann be on the air today or should I schedule something else for 8:00pm

AAA and why we should support alternatives

Oh, that's what it was. The Scarlet Letter, on my buttocks.

Separated at Birth?

Help with a laptop problem.

If someone has a lot of something, and I don't have any, do I have the right to take one of theirs?

The Mercy Seat

"Sex dolls" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "sex dolls".

I thought up a new conspiracy theory. Check it out!

Black Eyed Peas: an acquired taste? Something you needed to grow up listening to?

Computer graphics question: How do you make 'wallpapers'?

HELP! Dog people, need advice.

i miss wildhorses.

The Germans have made great strides in cheap champagne

This is NOT a Smoking Lounge, Library, or Telephone Booth.

Has anyone tried the pink patch?

Amiga appreciation thread!!

Hollywood's worst facelift ever?

Who Is The Most Infamous Muppet You Ever Met?

fuck it

Driving while _________. Your pet pees.

Rudolph is on tonight

I'm making a DU Mix Tape - what songs should I put on there


Driving while _________. Your pot flees.

I am NOT taking the chocolate covered expresso beans home w/ me

What do I use to clean my laptop monitor?

Best Phil Collins song?

Things that are inherently ridiculous that you've become accustomed to

The Band

Who Is The Most Famous Person You NEVER Met?

Sister Rosetta Tharpe appreciation thread

Anybody here retired to another country, or moved to one of their own choice,

Bail Set In Doughnut Truck Heist

a bird has flown into the building and is flying around the atrium

Okay, now let's list the films with no men in them.

Primus Sucks

Hello? Is there a Heroes thread?

Leona Helmsley's dog receives death threats

Don't be hatin' ladies BUT look what I am getting the Mrs. !!!!

Sick . Estimate on car repair over by $150....

RIP Frank Zappa 12-21-40...12-04-93

Who likes Dave Chappelle?

I finally figured out what I want for Christmas...a human skateboard.

The mystery is finally solved.....

I really like the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother"

Funk no more

Japanese cuisine...THE BASTIDS!

Jive Records, Britney Spears' label, has a backup plan: Meet their new Britney, Samantha Jade...

Driving while _________. Your pet peeves.

Calling all movie buffs--Help me track down a movie title

I'd hit it.

If you were planning to buy a Senseo...

Hula Hoops

What is it with visual artists, anyway?

Help me Lounge!!! GD is crazy!!!

10 random answers: You supply the question

I think it's time to liberate GD

Suck at Tetris? Then you DON'T want to play THIS version

Do You Love Me?

Does it get more poetical than this?


Does anyone know any online liquor stores that ship to other states?

Just like Brando, I'm gonna have Sacheen Littlefeather refuse to accept my f**kin' DUzy. SO THERE!

Does your liquor store give free samples? Mine does. Last Saturday I sampled two vodkas, three

Would you hit it?(lame copycat)

This phlegm post is just for Meegbear - share your phlegm tales with him

Toilet water cleaner than ice in Chicago eateries.

I am done with my xmas shopping

faux news, Natalie Maines and the West Memphis Three

Post 5 Things That DU Does Know About You

We need a good old fashioned no holds barred full on rant

Jeff Bridges appreciation thread. Born 58 years ago today.

"Did you frow my dirty shirt in your clothes pamper, Lara?"

never seen that before

What happen!!

Should I splurge on a mani/pedi?

Debra Lafave arrested today. Violated Condition 69 of her probation. No shit Condition 69.

I wish more Du'ers would send me nekked pictures of them.

Danish Butter Cookies

because i am board

Holy CRAP. The insides of Paula Deen's arteries must look like a tub of cottage cheese.

Name your favorite Republican Delusion....

Latest cat photo

I Wish Parche Posted More Airplane Pictures In His Threads

What crimes against Christmas have you committed?

Check out my new desktop wallpaper!

Weeee! I love free books!

Y'know who else I miss?

I've decided I'm not buying any Christmas gifts this year

AMY WINEHOUSE UPDATE!- Out 6AM London barefooted and in a bra---PIC

Teh lad emailed me!

This beaver licks back

Can't decide if this is phishing, or if there's already a problem.

Because i am bored

Blind California Teen Has Dolphin-like Insight

The connection to the power source on my laptop keeps going out!

Would you hit it?

I Miss When billyskank misses someone

Completely off the political scene....does anyone work for a retailer that refills ink cartridges?

if you had the time, money, energy, patience and capability

MNF's theme song should now be sung by Hank III

Am I the only person who's not excited about HDTV?

Question for the ladies at DU


Wow, check out this picture my daughter took.

What's your favorite pasta sauce or dish?

John Houston Fans: Under the Volcano

I started a blog

Catholic coloring book warns US kids of pedophile priests. Guess it's better than pop-up!

I have never owned a set of windshield wipers

I wish less Du'ers would send me nekked pictures of them.

Is it possible to remove AOL from a computer without disrupting the time-space continuum?

Who Doesnt Like Airplanes?

Office gift exchange - YEAH or NAY

Hugs for my artist friend who is snowed in.

Bracelet Lost 20 Years Ago Found In Chicken

Photos: Keith Richards at the premiere of Sweeney Todd in NYC

Have You Ever Had A Blow Up In An Office

KC2 Appreciation Thread...

Sardonic Rock 'n Roll band names: Post them here

Would You hit it?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/4/07

ooooops....your chanukah laugh for the day

Well, Brother Matt make a visit to MSSU today.

She's my little deuce coupe, you don't know what I got.

Hey, they're talkin' about Teh Longue in GD

Panic attacks and huge amounts of do you cope?

You know what your kitty desperately needs?

Should I feel guilty?

Smart Tree Huggers/Arborists: Is eucalyptus a HARDWOOD or a SOFTWOOD?

Who Is The Most Infamous Person You Ever Met?

Oldest surviving Rolls-Royce sets two new records. A ROLLS FUCKING ROYCE

Who wants to help pick out Baby Pictures?

Have you ever had a blow up doll in an office?

Do you want to play a game of questions?

Health Insurance Options

"A shower head could be considered a sex toy" Alabama sex toy ban to be challenged.

Kitty pictures!

What is your definition of "grown up" or "being an adult?"

My daughter at this very moment is getting her lip pierced

Time to play replace a word in a movie title with "Boehner"

Post 5 things that DU does not know about you

Cutest. Cat. Video. Ever.

LOLCAT fans: caption these two photos

Giant Weta, anyone?

I miss Left Is Write.

Who Is The Most Famous Person You Ever Met?

F-15s once again cleared to fly

5 Guard brigades alerted for deployment

Campbell soldier died after falling from bed

Violence hindering growth of Iraqi forces

Deadline for Christmas mail: Dec. 4

VA cuts processing time for GI Bill bennies

Official: Early signs of ramped-up al-Qaida

Navy psychologists can get up to $60K bonus

Tarawa, 11th MEU arrive to aid Bangladesh

Family wants fallen Marine’s military dog

Official: AfriCom will need Air Force aircraft

Anthrax vaccine critic succeeds in suit

New Navy carrier boss takes command

Hawr Rajab rebounds from attack

Gates visits Djibouti to promote mission

Mistrial in case of Andrews AFB security guard

Task force aims to fix troubled K-town complex

DoD will not run out of money, lawmakers say

Al-Qaida losing out to citizens

Facing closure, Darmstadt posts Web site for soldiers

USS Blue Ridge sailor allegedly punched two 50-year-old women

Bizarre beginning to former airman’s trial

CFC issues new shredding policy

Vicenza children meet to create holiday craft projects for deployed parents

Second alleged rape victim testifies in court-martial

Healing Troops Via Virtual Reality

The Downside of End-Strength Increases

The War's Hot, But Draft Talk Chills

Ghurkhas Train with U.S. Soldiers

New Diversity Task Force Announced

Emory S. Land Arrives at New Homeport

First Civil Affairs Squadron Established

Report: Iran Halted Nuke Weapons Program in 2003

Class teaches Iraqi security forces about humane detainee treatment

Navy seeks officers for student tours in D.C.

When Will the F-35 Get Airborne Again?

Arab-American paratrooper faces deportation after Afghan service

Faker sentencing postponed to Jan. 2

You've read their blogs, now hear them talk about CA dirty GOP tricks.

SwiftKids For Truth: Barack Obama

Countdown: Rovisionist History

Appeal for 3-day Mobilization Against U.S. Military Base in Vicenza, Italy

Green Sea Turtles

Anti-Bush Peace March, Kennebunkport, ME - Aug. 25, 2007

MBN is Gearing up for New Hampshire

Eugene J. McCarthy v. George W. Bush On Iraq War

Fire Fighters for Dodd Bus Tour

Mystery Graffitti Artist Banksy Tags Bethlehem

Larry Craig Is Still Not Gay

Seymour Hersh: Bush Admin. Has Known of Iran Intel All Year

MSNBC’s Countdown 12/3/07

NIE Report Undermines Bush Admin Fear-mongering on Iran

John Edwards on the Morning Joe show

Good Morning America learns that Bin Laden is CIA

Romney Wrong on Health Care

John Edwards - "20 Generations" Ad

And you thought Ms. Teen South Carolina was dumb...

Upset Alert! 11-0 Patriots score with 44 seconds left, up 27-24. Unbelievable.

Who do I contact of the massacres happening in Somalia

My first post on DU was a defense of Tom Daschle

Coincidence Cheney's heart problems before Intel report

How the Peace Movement Can Win: A Field Guide

Just another 30-35 days til the Hate Hillary stops.

Cannabis compound slows breast cancer.

A Song Just In Time For Christmas: "Rudy, the corrupt mayor..."

It's time to say "je refuse!"

That lying bastard Lou Dobbs keeps calling Chavez "anti-American"

Edwards Could Cripple Clinton, Obama - By E. J. Dionne

Teenager in Jena Six Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charge

Curious to know- anyone else seen a "Homeland Security" police car on their streets yet?

Norway is even more amazing than the excerpt from Moore's movie: Their building a Hydrogen Highway

"Secrecy Invoked on Abramoff Lawsuits" (Bush's attempt at a coverup)...

My friends in Iran.

Dirty Tricksters Caught on Video: CBS Evening News Edition

Worker Mauled at Tippi Hedren's Animal Sanctuary

this is DEMOCRATIC Underground. Calls for putting impeachment back on the table

Watching ...So Goes The Nation on IFC

Your Money or Your Life - Credit Cards, Identities and Democracy For Sale (X)

Kucinich: New NIE Shows Bush Admin Has Once Again Tried To Falsify Grounds For War With Iran

AP: Ex-Male Prostitute Linked To 2 Scandals (Interview w/ Mike Jones)

Reid: "We've given (Bush) all he asked for"..."maybe the government can pay for (telecom immunity)"

Readers Find Common Ground in Shared Despair

“Questionnaire”, by Wendel Berry

A couple of good "Bush Body Count" letters make it to print

In Chechnya, Putin's party gets over 99% of the vote

US finds no Iran bomb program: Nuclear effort ended in 2003, report says

Will WJ discuss the NIE report this morning

If you think Giuliani MIGHT not be worse than B*sh.. read this:

Truth in Lending

no bush will ever endear themselves to truth, honesty or integrity ...

As much as I hate to admit it, George Bush was very successful

Next excuse to invade Iran?

Will there be one journalist at Bush's press conference today

I love me some Hugo Chavez, I love Venezuela's Democratic process.

Good Morning, Iowa! Streaming Radio Debate Today at T-Minus 30 Days

THIS is GREAT! "Chris Matthews Rewrites History about the Clintons and the Origins of the Iraq War"

Explain the major differences between:

"Things Karl Rove Just Remembered"

Does the president of the United States have the right to intentionally lie us into war?

The Venezuelan Distraction - How did volatile Chechnya vote almost 100% for Putin?

Michael Isikoff: The Qatari Connection (To Rudy Giuliani - Also N. Korean Connection)

"Israel's defense minister... Israeli intelligence..Iran is still trying to develop a nuclearweapon"

State Police Reportedly Collecting Pharmacy Records Across Vermont

The Russian election.. a picture's worth 1000 words

"Teddy Bear" teacher arrives home from Sudan

"Inherent Contempt" Congress Has a Way of Making Witnesses Speak: Its Own Jail (NYT)

What Bush Knew About Iran (And When He Knew It)

Hillary Needs To Rewrite Her Flawed Foreign Policy Towards IRAN!

War on Saturnalia?

Is all fundamentalist religion harmful to society at large?

"Members Of Cheney's Staff Continued To Call For Military Strikes Against Iran On A Daily Basis"

True or False?: Just Being an American Automatically Lowers Your IQ By Several Points

Kucinich gets serious challenger for his Congressional seat

Why Are DUer's Attacking A Solution that could Save the World from Global Warming?

Congress/Dem Candidates NEED to SCOLD BUSH for his Intransigence

Book covers on Atheists "Tree of Knowledge"

"Bush Scolds Congress" Headline on MSNBC... Seriously,

Bush's new protocol chief aims to boost US image

Copy of Gitmo's "Standard Operating Procedures" Leaked

Does anyone have KO's and Tweety's email addresses? I just searched MSNBC's site and they have no

Bush Is Expected to Scold Congress Again

Standing in the Way of Stem Cell Research

Eileen Claussen on Wash. Journal just said...

If you could ask the presidential runners one question what would it be?

Facebook's Beacon Ad System Also Tracks Non-Facebook Users

Bush: "That alcohol will get you everytime"...

Texas GOP Launches New Vote Suppression Scheme

Should Democrats push for a "Balanced Budget Amendment"?

Human Beings & Campaigns

Man allegedly tortured by Burge crew freed after 24 years behind bars

Does Larry Craig have a problem with skin chafing?

After leaving the World Bank in disgrace Wolfowitz returns to Bush administration as WMD adviser

"Me" vs "We"

If China launched a pre-emptive attack on Venezuela, what would the US do?

In January Bush said Iraq would be responsible for its own security by November

"Fox News refuses to run pro-Constitution ad"

Bush on TV SPINNING Iran report!!!!!!!!!

Double Standard in Dealing With Music That Talks about Violence?

PHOTO: Street art against occupation

The lying bastard's voice is quavering.

"Frankly, we haven't had a good presence in Iran since 1979..."

How come Iran doesn't get to have Nuclear Weapons??

"Mr. President, we have some new information about Iran's nukes! But we can't tell you what it is."

U.S. claims to have killed a whole lot of AQI leaders in November

So it is Iran fault that the Bush Administration lied about Iran?


Happy Holiday !

Okay, so what price will Iran make us pay for the apparent lie?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

NY Times' Bob Herbert: Iraq & Afghanistan wars could cost $3.5 Trillion -- calls it "madness"

The Recession Analysis I Haven’t Seen, Or Why We May be About to Make Economic History

Don't Drink, Don't Smoke? What Do Ya Do? (Happy Birthday, Franco!)

Helen Thomas has her hand up but he

self delete

Jeff Gannon posts on Colin McEnroe's local (Connecticut) blog

Bush and his personal crusade against the Senate...

This Iran report presser is demonstrating some interesting information about this Admin

Is Chimpy Bush lying about;

BUSH Lies Again & Again & Again & Again & Again.......etc. etc. etc.

Matthews described Obama as "almost Third World in his sort of presentation"

First off....(press conference)

OMFG -the biggest fear is SOuth America is not Venezuela

Sunday-show discussions of Giuliani billing issue ignored that affair cost taxpayers

Now I know why Elvis shot his TV set.

CBS News Catches Republicans in Dirty Trick

LAT article on CA ballot initiative omitted arguments against, ignored GOP affiliation of backers

This is a dumbass study: Divorce Found to Harm The Environment With Higher Energy, Water Use

I DID have cordial relations with that woman, Mrs. Pelosi...

Do you think Chimpy is under medical/psychiatric care

Dicked Again by Rick Burnley (a poem about our vp)

A million Iraqi men, women and children have been slaughtered and Bush says he feels good about life

Oh, yeah....(psychotic man at press conference)

Chimpy claims he was in the dark on the NIE-- whatabout dickie?

Bush: "The best diplomacy -- effective diplomacy -- is one in which all options are on the table"

Crazed, Strident Bush: "Psychology 101 ain't working!"

Barack Obama's Return to his African Roots movie

Caption time!

On This Date in Bush History 12/4: In Denial

On the Iran NIE, comments from the reality based community and the distraught RW

Can I use your Avatar? I need Forty Million of them.....

Salon: Today's Democratic debate on NPR

Bush Report Card

The changing face of health care providers.

Foreclosure rescue: No help for you

Rove Misled Rose on CIA Leak Case, and the White House Is Still Stonewalling

Bush: DNI Told Me ‘We Have Some New Information, He Didn’t Tell What The Information Was’

Take a Look at the Face on this Guy

I AM PISSYPANTS! ---pix---->>>

Does the United States DESERVE to survive as a world power?

Weak dollar means more US jobs?

Cops Become Drugstore Cowboys in Vermont; 4th Amendment Officially Dead

9/11 Truthers Crazy---Or Are They?

Lying about WMD to create war with Iran? Can we impeach now?

I hope Obama and Hillary really are cheating like some claim

Police burst into home based on false shooting report, taser deaf man wearing nothing but towel

The global fight for top talent

Iran gives up Nuke Weapon Program then Bush Admin tanks Plames Operation??

He either doesn't get it, or he doesn't care - either way, he needs to be removed NOW

Why are the RW think tanks silent/unprepared for the NIE on Iran?

How long do you think Karl Rove will last as a Newsweek columnist?

(Mass.) Overpass flags, troop tributes to be removed - Boston Globe

Naming the California Electoral Initiative? **OR** Rs could win Presidency with 45% Popular Vote.

Bush arrives for this morning's news conference

August 2001 - bush given intelligence

Do you think the new NIE on Iran proves voting for Kyle-Lieberman was a mistake?

My mom saw Bush on TV today and said,

Believing *'s rants about Iran and nucular weapons would have plunged the entire world into war.

Banking: This Disaster Was Guaranteed

TOON: Hillary's Inevitability

Anyone work for a retailer that re-fills ink cartridges?

This AM Bush conference. Who asked the Chavez question.

Blackwater and Child Porn

Limits of the "Surge" are showing as the city of Samarra lies in ruins

911 threads hidden but not stolen election threads?

During Bush**'s "news conference" this A.M., all 8 people in the gym

They should change the presidential seal on the podium to

Can anybody create a list of elected Dems who likely saw the NIE whenever it was originally issued?

HLS doing it's job: Arab being deported out of the United States for immigration irregularities

how do you put a sig line on? I've looked around for the how-to

Senate Banking Committee sits on Credit Card reform

Democracy versus willful leaders

US report cools crisis on Iran

Bush making nice in the Middle East--It's the economy stupid.

Do not give Bush a goddamned thing he wants

Received this in my Spam Inbox from Newsmax: How to Avoid a 'Merry Christmas Coronary'

Historic vote on global warming, tomorrow

Bush: "I looked the man in the eye... I was able to get a sense of his soul"

Sep 15, 2006, Kucinich on 'False, Misleading' Report on Iran

Something I don't understand...

Dennis Prager is bashing the teacher from the Sudan

Suicide bombing kills 8 east of Baghdad


If Mr. Rogers were a lying sack of shit, he would've been Stephen Hadley.

'Miracle Chair' In Italy helps get you pregnant....

We're vulnerable when we're democratic, but it's still better.

Iran NIE Key Judgements

A moment to remember the conductor of the Munier Mandolin Orchestra, and my friend

Bush: "I'm having such a good time, I forgot the past."

All the News That's Fit to Depress

Hillary the Smirking Chimp (Version 2.0)

Eugene Robinson: The United States of Hypochondria

VOTE 409 HR BILL1429

My daughter is doing to paper on "George Bush's Integrity"....

Cheney’s office advocated for Iran attacks ‘on a daily basis.’

Are Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz still going to be able to get us to go to war with Iran?

I think it's time that we quit insulting Chimpanzees!!!!!

No official NPR debate thread?

Guantánamo and the Supreme Court: The Most Important Habeas Corpus Case in Modern History

Imus anchor: "Stinking animals. They ought to drop the bomb right there, kill 'em all right now"

Unhappy? Self-Critical? Maybe You’re Just a Perfectionist

giant wave slams Hawaiian beaches - damage

Question about taser-style weaponry

Rare illness sickens 11 at Austin pork plant. Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy.

Politics Explained

AIPAC says a U.S. national intelligence estimate bolsters the case to isolate Iran.

Doctors (American College of Physicians) endorse single-payer

CommonDreams: Businesses Impeding Free Speech Rights in the Workplace

In light of the NIE on Iran, and the history of how things went down in Iraq.

Hello ... Frank Zappa ...

Right wing leader said they must be willing to be obnoxious.

Zalmay Khalilzad: "We are an organized government, institutionalized. We are not a banana republic."

Harpers: The Iran NIE hasn't changed for more than six months - no last minute breakthroughs

Anyone know how long this NPR Democratic Candidate's debate is? 1 hour? 2 hours?

Iraqi kidnappers threaten to kill British Captives

Is everyone so inclined ready to light their holiday candelabrum?

Good News For Boeing

Dupe, delete please

Do our children have a future?

CNN’s Dobbs To Host Radio Show

Peru Free Trade passed - What is it the Democrats do not understand?

Funny thing Rudy had a woman on the side and he is running for President

Oakdale Soldier Dies After Trying to Keep the Peace, Again

"Income Tax Refund may be a little LATE", says Bush

Big Business Backs Gore, Not Bush, in UN Talks

Young Chimp Beats College Students

VOTE 403 HR 3693

Robert Baer: Yet for now we should at least be happy with the good news: Armageddon is postponed.

BBC: Cheney’s office advocated for Iran attacks ‘on a daily basis.’

Bush now wants to attack Iran to stop them *from getting knowledge.*

Causing talk at the New York Public Library: Bush administration mug shots at art exhibit

Bush* speeches can be made very funny at once.

Dan Froomkin: Citizen Journalists, Start Your Engines!

Evangelicals really don't like Mormons. Cartoon "history" of Mormons and funny post at Wonkett

I'm feeling masochistic. Anyone have a link to the full Bush* presser?

The Nation: Renewing the Cold War

2003. Let's see, wasn't that when Iran sent a letter offering to help us

Bush's Success???

Progressive unity, connection, and positive vision are no longer just aspirations.

DVDs to troops in Iraq for Christmas

In November, State Dept. gave bonuses to staff overseeing Blackwater

Is Keith back tonight?

So you're telling me that 2/3 of the world's population is going to hell? 4 billion people?

Great dead eye the dicK is coming to Kansas City Friday


International Justice: The World Has its Eye on George W. Bush

Guiliani steps down as head of his Consultancy firm

Anybody besides me think Al Gore could wait until after the Iowa Caucuses and still do well?

john bolton on cnn. the NIE is worthless, let's bomb them now.

Private health insurance can exclude pre-existing conditions forever and ever,

In lieu of lead paint scandal and news that the FDA is too underfunded to protect us...

John McCaine's response to the Iran news...

Is Trent Lott the next Larry Craig?

FYI - Senate Democrats Announce 2008 Legislative Calendar

Reid Statement On The U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement

The NIE is precisely why Iran must be bombed now

3,883. Three thousand, eight hundred eighty-three.

"Back in August, they told me they had some news, but not what it was."

Sacramento Atheist Tries Again to Change Pledge of Allegiance

Bush's 5 Y.O. cousin found to be much, MUCH smarter than Prez. (w/ cutie pic)

What is the significance of the timing of the NIE release?


Newsweek: Bush didn't know what he was getting with selecting Bob Gates as Sec of Defense

Bush press con: While it was obvious to all...

Any UTube footage of todays Liar in chief?

Walmart's Pharmacy Privacy Notice (you have none basically)

Go Johnny Go...Johnny be GOOD.

Heads up, Arkansas! Cheney's hunting!

National Initiative - Yea or Nay?

BUSH Re Rape: "I would have been — I would have been — I’d had — I would have been very emotional"

Blackwater Witness Returns to Grand Jury (AP)

Attorney: Woman didn’t know about online taunts(Myspace hoax case)

Your Credit Card Interest Rate: Usury?


Dollar faces new sell-off if Gulf states end greenback pegs

Maturing society

It took diplomacy and 'cool heads' to bring the 'teddy bear lady',

Could somebody tell me what the hell "islamofascism" is?

Sy Hersh: Bush Told Olmert Of NIE Two Days Before President Was Allegedly First Briefed On It

Rachel Maddow will be with Abrams and Tucker shows tonight. nt

Huckabee TIES Giuliani NATIONALLY! 18% to 18%, Rudy CRATERS, Corporatist Hillary vs. Populist Huck?

Tweety - all NIE today - Andrea Mitchell up now - Biden next

What's the stupidest remark you've seen so far from a right-winger?

Tuesday TOONS part 1: If the war is over….

The face of evil..

US Students Do Worse in Science and Math

Dodd: easy to say fool me once, shame on George Bush, but when she's been fooled twice, shame on her

Oh happy day!

Hypothetical Scenario: Obama withdraws....

Okay. My head is exploding.

FDA unable to keep up with scientific advances

Gore won and our country has had a coup... whatchoo goin do about it?

Fox News refuses to run pro-Constitution ad

Foreign debt: Bush did more damage in 7 yrs than 42 presidents in 224 yrs (images of Bush's economy)

A Primer for Tomorrow's Supreme Court date!! (Habeas Corpus)

DUers spare a thought for the folks in Oregon

LDS wish Romney well, even as they are apprehensive

Now might be a good time to think about what the cabinets would look like, for each candidate.

Who, in your opinion, was/is smarter? Reagan or Bush II

hate mail to recovering vets at Walter Reed

Connecticut to crack down on noose incidents

WP, Dan Froomkin: Bush's "neck-snapping spin" on Iran ("Same here.")

Sherri Shepherd (the world is flat)

Where we went astray


Can someone please explain to me: If I am pre-approved for a

The Giuliani Connection to the TASER Abuse Explosion

Third time is a charm:stolen election 2008

OK, I'm a Christian, but this silly little flat-earth twit is just fucking embarrassing!

The NAFTA Superhighway

Here are the no votes on today's Peru trade vote.

Curious if anyone knows about thread "shelf life?"

Paging Nancy Grace - white baby jesus stolen from Nativity scene!

Just ran into the most obnoxious, homophobic, asshole I've ever met.

What would be the effect of requiring health insurance?

FEMA trying to recover hurricane aid

Pro-corporate "free"-trade economists dominate university economics departments: by design?

How much unnecessary driving goes on in the real world?

Do you ever click on the Google ads on here?

Remember: Not everyone in the ruling cabal wants to invade or bomb Iran....

Romney still using illegal immigrants

Tuesday TOONS part 2: Putin and other despots

It's our fault and we should take responsibility for it. I do.

Karl Rove in my town last night and gets smacked around but good.

Bush about to set a new low standard for preemptive action

Spies Air Doubts on Iran's A-Bomb-- No New Sanctions

"Corporations are not inherently evil."

Something that even I didn't know about Bush's grandfather and the Nazis.

This page is a TREASURE

Tasers: the next generation (torture to last longer)

Rep Abercrombie(HI)-Has Asked FITZGERALD TO REOPEN LEAK INVESTIGATION Due To McClellan's Revelations


Dear Hillary Haters ........

DOA: Why the White House HAD TO Muzzle Rather Before the Fall 2004 Election

Remember, Saddam tricked us into thinking he had WMDs by saying

My girlfriend just finished her EN101 report / pro-intelligent design in school

Maybe you don't know any lazy @ssh@les, but I do.

12-4-2007 DU GD straw poll of DU's top six announced candidates

Post your made up candidate slander here.

What's the craziest reason you, or someone you know, has been denied health insurance?

The Final Piece of the Bushies = Nazis Puzzle! From Harper's Magazine and the BBC!

Xpost: Swiftboat on the Rocks 3: He's not a dictator?

Huckabee released a rapist who later raped and murdered, out of animus toward Clinton

Walter Cronkite: "The Invasion of Iraq Was ILLEGAL From the Start-Our Troops Must Leave"

Lou Dobbs making himself look like a total ASSHOLE on Amy Goodman!!!!!!

The Second Amendment is obsolete

Kerry: Planet's fate hinges on our choices

Gun enthusiasts: YOU DEFINE "ARMS"

Clinton voted for the Patriot Act and she voted for the war in Iraq,

More on the Iowa State Poll

A new USA Today/Gallup poll: "Significant drop in support for Clinton", Obama & Edwards add support

Sean Hannity's "Hannidate - Where people of like conservative minds can come together to meet"

Who runs Hillary is 44?

Alarming e-mail regarding Nancy Pelosi!

Bill Clinton's Secretary of Labor asks: "Why is Hillary Clinton Stooping so Low?"

Dodd is desperate when he appeals to Imus' endorsement

Obama links anti-immigration mood to economic concerns

Trent Lott Media Mystery...

Liberal Blog-O-Sphere: Adrianna Huffington calls Bill Clinton "Rovian"

Bush aides plan 2008 makeover..."improving his image at home and overseas"

Cornel West : Obama's on a roll

Obama Fever Sweeps College Campuses

Clinton made an elementary error on Obama

No more tickets for Oprah in South Carolina

hedge funds are a grotesque parasite.

HEADS UP: Democratic Debate Today on NPR

What the heck is going on with Huckabee?? Tied with Hillary now??

How many students from Illinois will it take for Obama to win in Iowa?

Edwards' fans: John Edwards is coming up on Morning Joe!

On ABC news this morning, the WH spin on Iran is "new information"

Vulnerable Democrats See Fates Tied to Clinton

Actresses visit Newton in support of Edwards

(US Congress) Help Robin Weirauch Win A Seat In Ohio Tuesday 12-11-07

Credit cards: Senate probe.

Bush to pressure Congress on Iraq, spending (News Conference today @ 10 AM EST)

Iran: U.S. must 'pay the price' for nuclear accusations

Independent Attack Ad Running Against Hillary In Iowa, questions her "courage"

Political Quotes for the Day

Media shortchange Edwards

President Bush's stop in Nebraska will be his ninth

Vulnerable Democrats See Fates Tied to Clinton - concern among some about sharing ticket with her

Illegitimate Attack Or Appropriate Criticism

As Iowa Race Tightens, Clinton Decides the Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Kucinich on What He'd Do

Mitt Romney: Wrong on Health Care, share your story (with SEIU video on serious illness)

Ezra Klein: A Man Date And A Movie

John Nichols: Freaked Out Clinton Camp Peddles Old Polls

'Now the fun part starts' in Iowa: Clinton and Obama launch sharp attacks

Reaction to the Latest Zogby Polls (TIA)

How is Elizabeth Edwards?

Rove Blames War on Daschle

Liberal Group Plans To Launch First Negative Ad Against Clinton

I am watching the lying dictator's

NEW California Primary Poll -Hillary 50% Obama 24% JRE- 16%

Eric Zorn: Clinton made an elementary error on Obama

Josh Marshall has proof Bush knew about NIE before last week...

Breaking: Obama Criticized Clinton For Being Bottle Fed. Records Show He Was, Too.

A corporatists response to change....especially regarding healthcare

Huckabee is the Repug flavor of the moment: Too bad he tastes like dirt

“The Revolutionary Guards are deeply involved in Iran’s nuclear program.” -- Camp Clinton 9/2007

Can Hillary & Obama supporters stop bickering long enough to answer this question-PLEASE

Big Insurers Get Big Bucks from Taxpayer-Funded Medicare, Slighting Services for Seniors

Hillary on Obama: Fear and Hatred on the Campaign Trail

Rudy has more to worry about beyond sex on the city dime, Harpers has it

Mark Penn on Morning Joe today re: The kindergarten thing

Clinton scandals' effects still unfolding: "The battles of the '90s"

Red State Update

Chicago Tribune: Clinton made an elementary error on Obama

The Real Costs of Saving the Planet; Carbon Emissions costs low

The Rude Pundit: Live Vodka-Blogging the President's Press Conference I the only one that thinks this page looks like a National Enquirer cover?

Democratic Debate coming on the radio at 2PM 12/4/07

JE: "'Iran’s Revolutionary Guard will soon be deemed a terrorist organization by the U.S.

The candidate with the public's best interest in mind.


Sep 15, 2006, Kucinich on 'False, Misleading' Report on Iran

Boggles the mind ... Texas murderer vs. Akron politician ... which do you figure gets sympathy?

HuffPost: UK Columnist Says Richardson Has It Right On Iraq

Rasmussen: Huckabee tied with Giuliani at 18%. Hillary Clinton continues to lose ground, as well

Will Clinton's Obama Attacks Backfire?

Hillary's slams on Obama's voting record - Exposed as bogus

NPR-Iowa Public Radio Democratic Radio Debate - Thread#1

If it's a petty issue, then why did Obama raise it?

I've got nothing but love for John Edwards.

College Republicans Praise Hillary for Iraq War Stance

Do you read your own posts? How horrid of you to talk about other DUer's this way

Hillary camp reaches an even lower low - accuses Obama team of "dirty tricks" with zero evidence

Iowa State University Poll: Why Obama's numbers were lower

John Edwards: An urgent agenda, a stronger stand on issues that matter to him most


The new head of global communications for Bill Marriott

NPR Radio Post-Debate, All Things Considered THREAD 4

NEW Ohio Poll -The Huckster 44% Obama 41% Hillary 47% The Huckster 45%

Obama camp condemns 527's anti-Clinton ad

MP3: NPR Democratic radio debate (December 4, 2007)

Senator Edwards on President Bush's Remarks on Iran

So who won the debate?

This debate is a snoozer

Richardson finger painted a dog turd in the 1st GRADE!!

Ezra Klein: When campaigns stop being polite and get wonky.

What is the National Intelligence Estimate really about?

Huckabee released a rapist who later raped and murdered, out of animus toward Clinton

Hillary's jester says Kindergarten attack was a joke. So the question is

Rove Cheerleads Obama for a Reason. He Thinks He Is Easier Prey

Enough Heroes to Fill a Book

Fascinating audio: Reagan campaigning for the Dems

Total Number of Delegates

This is what a debate should sound like.

Biden: Bush either not truthful or incompetent on Iran

When speaking, who comes off as more uplifting, more realistic, & more sincere-all at the same time?

Will Clinton's Obama Attacks Backfire? Time Magazine Article

Steve Kirsch's website -analysis of a winner (Edwards)

Delegates--This May Be of Interest

Shapiro: Joe Biden deserves credit re: Iran

Reid to Romney: You’re On Your Own

Biden to be on Hardball on MSNBC

Joe Biden promises he will impeach Bush if we attack Iran.

Hairball begins, talking about NIE estimate


Hillary Campaign Supplies Person Who Claims To Have Received "Dirty Tricks" Call From Obama

The Firefighters' Road Trip for Dodd (HILLARY!!!1!!)

Washington Post, the Fix: Chris Dodd wins NPR Debate

Richardson Releases HIV/AIDS Plan

NPR debate winners (Edwards, Biden, Dodd) and losers (Clinton and Gravel)

Photo: Bush, from today's conference, with another bad case of Osama Finger and monkey mouth

Obama endorsed by dozens of black SC ministers

There's alot of Whore Media Backlash against Hillary for the NIE Report and her Vote

Please refer to her as "Hillary" and not as "Clinton"

Which leading candidate would say is most often attacked on DU?

Biden: Bush either not truthful or incompetent on Iran


The Stumped Guide to the Candidates and the War

Who is running for vice president?

Sen. Clinton boasting of her foreign policy experience as First Lady


North Carolina Poll: Clinton 31, Edwards 26, Obama 24

Edwards deserves major props for raising the issue of corporate power

Time magazine refused to publish responses to Klein's false smears

Illinois NOW head goes overboard in Clinton endorsement

Thom Hartman: " The corporate media is scared stiff of John Edwards

Crooks & Liars Video: "Bush Doesn’t Recall if He Mentioned Saudi Rape Case to King Abdullah"

Clinton says pressure on Iran works, attacks top two rivals on issue

Breaking: Obama preferred to be bottle fed rather than breast fed

I hate to say I told you so.... Councilman Joe Cimperman to run for Kucinich's seat

Rudy, the corrupt mayor

So Senators Biden, Clinton, Dodd, and Obama did not cast votes on the Peru Trade Agreement today

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I'll bet Obama wishes he'd voted on Iran...

Washington Post, the Fix: John Edwards wins NPR Debate

Sen. Obama is copying the media's "attack, attack, attack" script that they used against Gore

Dean: "President Bush has lost all credibility with the American people."

Mark Halperin: John Edwards wins NPR debate

Democrats have nothing to fear from Huckabee...

The NIE Report ends her campaign!!! HRC thought she could scare America

80% of REPUBLICON Iowans think Bush is doing a good job, WTF?

Bill Clinton complains about press coverage of his wife

Biden - "Bush can't be trusted"

Biden calls Bush irresponsible and outrageous on Iran

Washington Post, the Fix: Joe Biden wins NPR Debate

If Biden drops out of the race, I'm going to follow Giuliani

Dubuque’s Got the ‘Joe Mo’!

Oprah Event In New Hampshire Sold Out

Clinton, Edwards differ on the NIE

Obama has one big weakness/it ain't going away.

Biden won the last two debates!

Teen vowing not to be a Republican raises funds for Hillary Clinton

NPR RADIO DEBATE THREAD 3 (and All Things Considered post-debate)

Centrists, what is worse: Changing the government or continuing the status quo?

If you want a petty nominee, petty president using GOP tactics vote for Hillary. .

Biden's Plan for the Iran Situation

Richardson is saying he plans on being in the top three in IA and NH

I hope that Edwards wins in Iowa by a landslide for one particular reason

Hillary hides behind her husband's suit coat, yet again.

Defense 2 Edwards Big Giant House

Hillary Clinton's campaign displays obvious lies about Obama's kindergarten story

Which is your order of preference?

Ouch, Kucinich...calls Dem candidates’ judgment into question

Hillary and sexism

You can thank Socialists and Communists for the New Deal

Notice how Team Clinton has switched bogeymen?

Republicans counting on Hillary to mobilize their base in 2008 (NYT)

12-4-2007 DU GD-P straw poll of DU's top six announced candidates

Nice Reuters Bio/Story on Joe Biden... "WH Contender"