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Archives: December 6, 2007

Just Another Regular on Late Night T.V.


Boom times ahead for dogs of war

War of Words or Words of War?

New scepticism drives Iran report (BBC) {karma alert!}

Troops not served well by perpetuating hero myth

U.S. In No-Win Situations

Why Bush Will Still Attack Iran

World's first floating wind turbine launched in Berlin

Mercedes-Benz pioneers vertical axis wind turbine

Bay Area Fitness heats hot water with sun (Maine)

Arby's to install eco-friendly water heaters at 33 restaurants

India tiger skin 'traders' held (BBC)

Federal court orders halt in wildfire prevention effort (Environmental documents needed)

We're (Scotland) warming to green solutions

Climate activists deported for protest (Bali)

Reuters: Solar-powered taxi seeks to go around world

Nuclear reactor may become historic landmark

You're Getting Warmer - On (Kyoto's) 10th Anniversary, Why Are We Barely Past The Starting Gate?

Al Gore: Stand With Me In Bali

Hillary Calls On Wall Street To Address Housing Crisis

Proposed travel rules for people with HIV infection come under fire

Iran report won't slow Giuliani

Risk is high for 'catastrophic' runway crash, report warns

Malaysia charges five more ethnic Indians with attempted murder

Federal judge says Florida must comply with DNC rules

Malaysian police were 'brutal,' Tamils tell court

Celebrity polar bear's 1st birthday draws crowds to Berlin Zoo

British GCHQ eavesdropping played role in US intelligence U-turn on Iran

Senate panel OKs global warming bill

Queasy Giuliani Faithful Ask For Truth On Trips

Cheney Spotted Shopping Ammo Aisle in Arkansas

Pentagon Says 200,000 Workers Could Receive Pink Slips for Christmas

Clinton Volunteer Quits Over Obama Email

Bush told in August that Iran nuke program 'may be suspended'

Five-Year Mortgage Rate Freeze Looms

Alex Trebek just said SALAMANDER!

The Supreme Computer

It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game - oh dear...

Have finished revising English Lit + History term papers and handed them in.

Loungers forecast future.

If the world doesn't get any better, what are you going to do?

Stir Fried Wikipedia anyone?

I know one thing

Alex Trebek just said HOT HOOKER!

Does the Donger have any wood?

Alex Trebek just said PARCHE

Bob Barker just said PARCHE

Dupe, sorry

Duke, sorry

Hi, I'm Paco Rabinowitz, and I owe everything I am to DUer Java Queen

My Black Lab turns out to be Greek

Only HE can save us

for those of you wondering what is happening in GD

I blog on with my blog on, baby!

All right, everyone. The "stick up ass o'plenty" patrol has arrived


Was Mike Huckabee my lover?

Just found out I lost a good friend yesterday. Perspective, people.

There's no better way to find out that you have a toilet papercut...

More Than Just the Two of Us

For the mods

I need a favor

GD just isn't as much fun as it used to be

Is it economical to make your own bed?

I totally have to make dinner....ugh

My back hurt just watching this.

Is it ergonomical to give yourself head?

Former Bond girl Britt Ekland ruthlessly disses her stunt bum: "Mine was smaller and much nicer"

Billy Ray Cyrus should have kept the mullet

I Know It's Mean To Say Someone Looks Like The Crypt-Keeper

Change of Scenery

I just bought a kerosene heater.

One of my favorite Christmas shows starting now! Fred Astaire in Santa Claus is Coming to Town

My Motorola Razr is a piece o' crap

Who else has sore abs, side aches, etc.?

Anyone need a laugh?

Ladies: these things are wonderful

Hey DS1 - you spelled Costco wrong.

We report, You decide


As per DS1's suggestion - replace a word in a thread title with...

Peanuts: do you eat the shell, or not?

Any other alert butter virgins?

Matcom just isn't as much fun as he used to be

Is Listerine truly a cheap alternative for booze?

I'm Gonna Get Comfortable... comments on the writers' strike

Somebody define what is the DU definition of calling another DU'er out

Who else has a itchy skin, weeping sores, etc.?

I love to sing-a!

I got freaked out by a bug today...

Gardeners are my new heroes

Don't ignore! A-HA! !

Need a laugh. Really, this time.

Release the hounds!

Call It an Upgrade

Now THIS looks like a fun wedding reception...too funny

Goodness Gracious

You had me at hello...then you lost me for a while, then you got me back, then eventually I...

I need a flavor.

North To Alaska

The Party Is Over

LynneSin: MD Toll Booths are taking donations for Toys for Tots!

The Naughty Chair is now a Sofa

Okay, Here is the recipe for "The Cookies" (will cross post to C&B)

hey lounge, Kleeb sighting in GDP

What is a PA?

My "Music Thread" :)

Only our friends at Bayrischer Rundfunk could come up with this

White Stripes - Icky Thump - Your Opinion?

Remember the "Wizards In Winter" house from last year?

A NICE thread in GD: OPERATIONMINDCRIME dropped in to say hi.

How different are women and men with emotional overload?

Does Bigfoot Hate Democrats and Liberals?

Who want's to marry a US citizen? Kind of backwards is it?

Hue or Norway?

THIS is hilarious.

Way or No way?

Where's my Pushing Daisies?!

Finally! High-speed internet at last! Bye, bye dial-up!*

I just met Curt Schilling!

I took a wrong turn and could not find 'Purpose Drive'.

Is it economical to make your own bread?

What is your home page on your computer?

Which of the deadly seven are you?

Stop Alien Abductions

Have I got one for you

Play a war song.

Match Game Story Style: "I lost my _____ during the rectification of the Vuldronaii"

The Waves at the Beach Today...dial-up warning...

John Pilger - The Quiet Mutiny (1970)

Red State Update: Dunlap wants to do Romney's yardwork

Bush to Iran : 'Come clean'

Outrageous Tancredo Ad - Consequences

Religion in Politics -- An interview with the late playwright and essayist Arthur Miller

Hard Evidence -- Police provoke Violence at SPP protest

Hardball: Buchanan and Gaffney on the NIE

Jim Hightower: Sweatshop crucifixes made for US Christian gift shops in US

I Demand the Reinstatement of The Assault Weapons Ban

Deafening silence on NIE at

Have You Checked Your Yahoo Bulk Mail Folder

Specter on Reid: ‘I wonder if he is up to the job’

E-mail from Al Gore: Stand With Me In Bali (I wish!) - Pls. Sign Petition

Cheney: Iraq to be self-governing by 2009

ACLU Says Specter Substitution Misses the Mark in FISA Debate

Is Lou Dobbs going to discuss shoveling horse poop tonight?

No Sex Please, We're Voting

Queasy Giuliani Faithful Ask For Truth On Trips

Which is worse?

Hey, have you all seen this? Photosynth from Microsoft....

NPR Crosses Dangerous Racial Border, Asks Candidates if Citizens Should "Report" Immigrants

No. 2 Justice official nominated

M-16 or Ruger Mini 14 at the mall? Interesting 2x18 YO's killing in the news.

Alert...Walter Reed Address

Foreclosures: Not So Fast

McClatchy: Skeptical Supreme Court ponders major Guantanamo case

Hawkins (mall shooter)had been on antidepressants, staying with friends and bouncing from job to job

Every thread I bookmark now says it's already been bookmarked. Have I hit a limit?

Pants burst into flame yet, George?

News that Iran froze its nuclear arms programme ... the lunacy of the hawks' paranoid belligerence

Huckasmuck: You stay out of DU's LBN!

Don't Impeach!

Michael Moore spearheads restoration of 91-year-old movie palace


Pro-Israel Groups: US Report Rattles Our Efforts Against Iran

KOs about to skewer Bush

Nookyoulur, nuculur, newkyoolur.

ABC’s Boston Legal Takes Swipe At Glenn Beck, Ignores His Affiliation With ABC

(TOON) Rowson on Bush and the NIE

CBC's Fifth Estate tonight: FIRESTAR .45, Story of an Illegal Handgun - 9pm ET

Chartered bus packed with Dr. Phil fans crashes in Hollywood, 19 go to hospital, no serious injuries

Watching Countdown.....Has there ever been a bigger collection of boobs than these Repug candidates?

High risk of "catastrophic" runway collision in U.S., congressional study says

Jeb Bush appointment fuels allegations of favor

WH Use Of RW Blogs: "They regurgitate exactly and put up on their blogs what you said to them."

Was that a picture of Ted Bundy holding the Bush twins?

Barack and Oprah to be at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, SC - December 9th

It is never too early... Christmas in the Trenches.

Here's the bubbleheaded bimbo posing as a Press Secretary's statement....

Time to get rid of the Blue Dogs - Anyone interested in helping?

Stupid scientists!!!

Do Social Security recipients pay income tax on their monthly benefit?

Thanks Dan

It Turns Out Ahmadinejad Was the Truthful One

Retrospect: Aug. 07 - U.S. Loses Track Of 6 Nuclear Warheads (in rush to bomb Iran before NIE out?)

The Nation: Left-Leaning Male Pundits Heart Huckabee (What's Up With That?)

New Rule: Give every 18 year old a gun on his birthday.

Huckabee has been EXPOSED as pushing a paroled murderer version contradicted by the facts....

Am I the only one who thought that Cretin McMoron sounded like

Does the top 1% of the income bracket pay 40% of income taxes....

CNN: Seymour Hersh 'vindicated' by new Iran intel estimate

Lois Davidson Trumps Huckabee's Phony Sincerity All To Hell

British GCHQ eavesdropping played role in US intelligence U-turn on Iran

Coloradoans! I hope you're registered to vote in the caucus!

Ya Know... I Knew Someday I'd Come To Truly Regret The Hanging Of Saddam Hussein...

Is it just me or did Jenna's phone call to Daddy seem phony?

Have You Checked Out The Lone Star Project ??? (Vote Suppresion)

Watching Jenna call her parents from the Ellen Show

Awesome KO with Rachel Maddow...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Separated at birth.....(please caption)

ACLU Calls for Release of Three Secret Torture Memos

How does Iran "come clean?"

We the Paranoid

The Alphabet Soup of GANGS and NATIONS

Where can I find a video of Bush talking about the NIE on Iran?

Lenders Agree to Freeze Rates on Some Loans

Bolton told his aipac friends he wanted Iran to kick out weapons inspectors

How is Ahmedenijad a threat to the United States?

DUer lala rawraw visits with Thom Hartmann on Thursday. Could she have another Iran scoop?

Largest US Civil Disobedience Movement Underway

US life expectancy is slated to drop, and it's not guns, cigarettes, alcohol...

Justices Appear Divided on Gitmo Detainees' Rights

Rachel Maddow was on with Keith Olberman again 2-nite. I must say this ..

Impeachment- then and now

Blackwater protesters convicted of trespassing in private hearing


in saying that iran has to "come clean" is bush:

WOW F**king AMAZING!!!

2003 was so long ago

He Just Made Me More Nervous Than Ever

If you saw some hippies smoking a blunt would you join them...?

If you saw some teens smoking weed, would you call the police?

Just announced on CNN: The rifle at the Omaha mall shooting was NOT on the "assault weapon" list

Al Gore: Stand With Me In Bali

Sheer Genius ..... "It is a Blunderful Life" mp 3 clip ... Merry Christmas

Why did CHAVEZ's "graciousness" get bleeped on Univision 2 days later?

What's Next for Mike Huckabee?

Did you guys catch Fox News identifying Chris Rock as Obama?

Is The Ellen\Jenna Story A Brittany Spears Moment Here On DU, Or Am I Missing Something ???

Um, why are there ads at the top of the page for mikehuckabee and free republic on the DU?

Brad Pitt is a great humanitarian!!!

Given the hate coming from the immigration 'issue', I find the Ellis Island

Rolling Stone: Was $88 million for bunker busters in emergency Iraq funding to invade Iran?

Canadian public radio interviewed Dennis Kucinich this evening.

What's your "Weight Wellness Profile," DU???

Obama rally with Oprah in SC...moved from 18,000 seat facility to stadium seating 80,000

Anyone notice on Ellen how Jenna Bush - in a very sheepish voice - asks dad (*) if he's mad at her?

Anyone know why the Agri-Business doesn't sell the Chicken and Cow Waste to Farmers?

guns don't kill people, malls kill people....

California's Testing CRACKS ES&S Evoting Systems WIDE OPEN-Prove Tactics Could Alter Vote Tallies!

Biden Doesn’t File in Oklahoma Presidential Primary

"Christian Bashing:The Last Acceptable Bigotry. Group to Fight Back Against Anti-Christian Threats"

Has Morgan Spurlock Found Osama Bin Laden?

The eyes of a madman

Veteran Reporter Helen Thomas Unnerves Bush’s Stepford Gal Perino

Post your Candidate's Accomplishments

Joe, Schmo

Haha you will laugh when you read how ABC spinned today's poll where Hil's NH lead kept shrinking

If you're not watching Keith Olbermann, set the recorder for midnight....

Harvard study: Obama, Giuliani attracting young voters

Freeps call Huckabee a RINO, post link to anti-Huckabee blog...where's the LOVE?

Barack and Oprah to be at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, SC - December 9th

Who among major Democratic candidates has led the dirtier campaign?

DK really is quick and deadly

Dodd warns Iowa threatened by 'celebrity' candidates

I wonder if Bob Novak's claim that Clintonites were recently ready to dig dirt on Obama was true

I love Iowa .... my brother in law lives there .... BUT

So what's the rules on the VP candidate not taking public money and the Pres candidate that has?

“She thinks people misunderstood her intent”?

"These candidates that voted for China Trade have to take

NH: Clinton 35%, Obama 29%, Edwards 17%

Hillary Clinton and the Ghosts of 2006

Do you think HRC's latest campaign strategy (aggressive offensive against Obama) will help her win?

It's Not 1929, but It's the Biggest Mess Since

Wendy Jaquet endorses Barack Obama

what do you expect after the primaries end here?

It's hysterically funny how weak the repug candidates are

What popular and successful Democratic President has NOT been polarizing?

Photos: Barack Obama issues a "call to serve" today at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa

Olberman...Hillary claiming today the Kyle-Lieberman vote made Iran straighten up..

OK Hillary haters, if she wins in Iowa what's your next move?

I want to thank Obama, Dodd, Richardson, Edwards, Biden, Kucinich, and Clinton

When Not To Vote Black

Poor thing! He lost all that weight for nothing!

Congress Needs to Hear from Nurses THIS Friday, December 7 on Mental

John Edwards reminds me of RFK, and Barack Obama reminds me of JFK.

Bill Richardson: U.S. out of Iraq in 2009!

Why Hillary Clinton Should Not Be the Nominee.

Loopy Andrew Young says Bill as black as Barack and has had more black women

Don't pop the champagne corks yet. An attack on Iran is not

Where’s the balance on Chavez?Venezuela’s ambassador sees Bush talking points on U.S. editorial page

Iran’s Nukes: Now They Tell Us?

Venezuela: The Democratic Process Is Working


Supreme Court Inc.: The Roberts Court unravels a generation of progress

Afghanistan's Women Should be Granted Asylum in the West - All of Them that Want it

Redefining 'Positive': Collapse From Beyond The Human-Centric Perspective (Carolyn Baker)

A Feral Dog Howls in Harvard Yard (Joe Bageant)

Is the Iran NIE a Trojan Horse?

Presidential Candidates' Worst Jobs - AP


NIE on Iran Signals a Presidency in Decline

Biden stands by impeachment threat

Rupert M/Fox Ent has bought beliefnet, the largest online faith...

Harpers: Toxic inaction: Why poisonous, unregulated chemicals end up in our blood

WH Mortgage Meltdown:Bush Gives Out Wrong Hotline Number

The coming China crash (Asia Times)

Waiting for the Bus

Really great comment on Jeb's (Florida's) investment scandal!

Iowa State Daily: "We endorse Sen. Barack Obama"

Bush Goes Private to Spy on You

Thomas Friedman: Intercepting Iran's Take on America


War is a Racket, and more. The Art of PsyOps


Thom Hartmann: How Liberals Can Speak Without Boring Everyone to Tears

This just in: Pat Buchanan hates immigrants

Energy and GDP in 2050: To Have or Have Not

Ex Supervisor Talks To News 8 About Nuclear Plant Security

ALZA Corporation Unveils Solar Panel Field (1 MW, California)

BioSolar Announces Successful Run of Biobased Plastic Film

First Commercial Plant in U.S. to Produce Biofuel (from wood, Missouri)

Deal reached to send heat to paper mill (biomass cogeneration, NH)

Climate change bill heads for full Senate

Forest Loss in Sumatra Becomes a Global Issue

Germany unveils ground-breaking climate package

200+ Scientists beg for climate action

Australia to be 'climate bridge' (BBC)

Energy Bill Update: A Washington Insider's View (lotsa info)

Green Party in Massachusetts takes stand on peak oil

Wind-fuelled 'supergrid' offers clean power to Europe

US on defensive at climate conference

Alert highlights power supply woes (Maine NG shortage)

Global Warming Puts Amazon at Risk - AP

Dozens killed in China mine blast (BBC)

Now, this is my kind of carbon capture...

Toyota Early Backer Of Proposed CAFE Legislation

Build up fish stocks now for big money later: study

House Approves Big Energy Bill

Ireland goes green with light bulb rules and car tax

Inuit sue US over climate policy (BBC) {Inuit ~ Eskimos}

New Wind Power For Nova Scotia (240 MW)

Orange (County's) convention center will feature South's largest solar project (FL)

Union Pacific Offers Rail Transportation Solutions to Emerging Wind Energy Industry

Dozens killed in China mine blast

Juvenile Crime on Rise in China

Bolivia's Morales calls for vote on his presidency

Surge in Auto-Loan Delinquencies Is Latest Trouble for the Economy

Patraeus Cites Violence Decline in Iraq

Teen Birth Rate Rises in U.S., Reversing a 14-Year Decline

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 6

Preacher rebuffs Senate spending inquiry

Some in SEIU see tilt to Edwards in endorsement process

Report: 1 killed in Paris parcel bomb explosion

N. Korea says Bush sent letter to Kim Jong Il

New rules for Iraq security firms

Chavez denies pressure to concede

Details in Military Notes Led to Shift on Iran, U.S. Says

Austria kidnap girl aims for TV

(Russia) Court orders online journalist’s release from psychiatric hospital

Zogby: Iowans, New Hampshirites angry but less focused on Iraq [Iraq fatique}

Limits Proposed on CIA Interrogators

Congress Drops Hate Crimes Bill

U.S. Under Mounting Pressure at Bali

Childcare locks women into lower-paid jobs

Home Depot recalls holiday figures for lead paint

Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff will visit Israel next week to discuss Iran

Poll: Hispanics Shift Toward Democrats

Huckabee: Force Behind My Rise in Polls Is 'Not Human'

Senate Rejects Efforts to Boost Taxes on Buyout Firm Managers

Panama schools to teach Chinese

Sectarian tensions erupt in Iraqi lawmaker row

U.S. Says Military Notes Led to Shift on Iran

In First Round, Judge Rules Against Arabic School’s Ex-Principal

Witnesses: Cuban dissidents beaten, arrested in church

Last Sentencings in Wis. Police Beatings

U.S. Mortgage Delinquencies Rise to 20-Year High

Arkansas clemencies outpace other states (by Huckabee)

First witness at hearing for Bin Laden's driver

Political mailing turns up after election

(Sen. Bob) Corker: Iraq strains U.S. in other areas

Gennifer Flowers Mulls Vote for Clinton

Rice Wins Support for Iran Sanctions

Cheney expects Iraq to self-govern by '09

Bush Sends Letter to N. Korean Leader

Lawmakers Agree on Defense Policy Bill

Forest Service: Logging Rule Saved Homes

Top NOPD Cop Defends Firing Officer

Jury Struggling in Miami Terror Case

Richardson Asks State Workers for Help

US House OKs Major Energy Efficiency,Renewable,Biofuels Bill

Early release for nonviolent offenders proposed (possibly Abramoff, Skilling?)

US on defensive at climate conference

Pushed Out of Baghdad, Insurgents Move North

Bush calls on N.Korea to reveal all nuclear programs

Bush gives out wrong hotline number

Rove Memoir Expected To Fetch $3M

Wary of Risk, Bankers Sold Shaky Mortgage Debt

Federal Court Hears Pledge, Motto Cases (under God/in God we trust)

New Jersey set to scrap death penalty

BBC probes attacks on its Moscow staff

'Lyrical terrorist' sentenced over extremist poetry

Court allows (Phelps) group to picket soldiers' funerals

Bush Unveils 5-Year Subprime Mortgage-Rate Freeze

Hayden Says CIA Videotapes Destroyed

Two-thirds of Israelis oppose attack on Iran: poll

House vote on illegal images sweeps in Wi-Fi, Web sites

Iraqi officers go missing in U.S.

(CBS News Exclusive) $1B In Military Equipment Missing In Iraq

U.S. mortgage foreclosures reach record high

Detainee Fears Being Shipped to Algeria

Romney: 'Freedom requires religion'

Huckabee: Politicization of rape victims' deaths 'heartbreaking'

Petraeus cites violence decline in Iraq

1 in 3 would deny illegal immigrants social services: Immigration is fifth among issues of concern

KGO Host (Bernie Ward) Indicted on Child Porn Charges

After golf was played, drinks and dinner were had and the bills rolled in, nobody was yukking it up

Check out the cape fox on Africam!

With a Head Like That -- I'd hurt, too!!

Is it ecumenical to make your own bread?

Maxfield Parrish vs. Man Parrish

Pea... and more

Take A Stand!!

Fans of your own damn self check in here!

So my cat Tipper has become obsessed with a walnut shell

This is my 2000 post, it's only taken me five years and 10 months.

Sweet Dreams, DU...

Post your tree chopping pictures here

cute, cuter, cutest - you decide

My car was fucking stolen

I'm guessing this website hasn't been updated recently

Help us choose a charity for the Second Annual DU Year-End Charity Donation Drive!

Owners of really old animals, let's talk

CNN Video: "This is the monkey that was involved in the attack"

I would describe it as a piercing cold

My Lotto ticket had the first three numbers, and I took a breath......

We need to build a fence along the CANADIAN border


Words I hate

Another day at work *SIGH*

Santa given the heave ho ho ho!

It troubles me how we've seemingly inured ourselves to the violence

When did you guys have a Lounge meet-up in China?

One of the Great things about living on the East Coast. (in the Morning)

Big Photo, A.K.A. Dial-up Warning: First photo from the upcoming "Iron Man" movie

Pedophile enablers, check in.

This is one of those days where I really miss Warren Zevon

OK...what is a GA?

Play a War song.

LynneSin, You can donate to Toys for Tots at Maryland Toll Booths!

China lies about moon pic?

Why Santa can't possibly be a man: is the GREATEST WEBSITE EVER

PSA: Please leave your monkey at home while shopping.

I'm thinking of taking a cosmetology course now

FYI...Radiohead's "In Rainbows" dowload site goes offline Dec. 10

Beer Nog video

Favorite Kerouac Novel

Is anyone else having problems with Gmail?

Who would win in a bar fight...

A deep fried Twinkie in CARAMEL SAUCE with a scoop of ice cream? Get the f**k OUTTA here.

Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp may have domestic assault charges against him dismissed

My life just got a bit more interesting

Adam Sandler original Chanukah (Hanukkah) Song

The most important post of my life

Let it snow let it snow let it snow

Woohoo!!! Great job DUers - we are now the 'Forces of Darkness' (re: War on Xmas)

Did H.P. Lovecraft play for the other team?

I can't go in GD today. It's become the Gungeon.

I've been elfed...a photo holiday greeting....

Ohmigod, the building next door is on FIRE!!

DU Joke Of The Day

Another car question: A leaky water pump

Anyone seen Herzog's "Rescue Dawn"?

I would like to empathize

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant make magic with "Raising Sand".

I know it is said that there is no such thing as a dumb question...

lunch choice

Kitty wigs!

My name is MG, and I am a chocoholic

Otep - Warhead

George Clooney's take on Larry Craig

Holiday Decorations With Biltmore-Like Style (NC)

In honor of OhioSmith's admitted perversion: Manual or automatic?


So, who fired the first shot in the War On Christmas this year?

I would like to apologize

A packing materials rant

That is the sound of desperation.

The other night they were playing our song

Have you ever gotten so involved in a cell phone call that you didn't notice

Okay, guys ... who wouldn't be happy about a 44DD?



Who else is BORED?

I just scheduled my surgery.

what I want for christmas...

o hi

Roy Orbison. Died 19 years ago today.

Does anybody know what type of coffee beans are in bin 109 and do you remember when i bought them?

Good Bye cruel Mods

have you guys seen this yet?

o hi o


This was Stephanie Miller and her mooks at their finest

Will the Y make me gay?

Whats For Lunch

"_______ is/are the DEVIL." - A GD fill in the blank

That "I Am Legend" movie looks like it might be ok.

So I turn 21 today (and had FUN last night!) Ask me anything!

Government agents can NOT diagnose medical problems with satellite imaging

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Ain't No Time

Dog wigs!

*panicking* I've lost something that isn't mine (A cd set)

an intersting pic that says alot about message boards (not just DU)

Jeff Foxworthys 12 days of Christmas

delete this thread

Stranger than truth: Honolulu seeks to ban "Superbad" DVD over bogus ID!

Puts things in perspective...pretty cool

Merry Christmas


Just like the homeless: Free pizza , DVD players, Twister, and you can sleep inside if you get cold.

Video: "Idiot Attempts to Load his Lawn Mower into a Truck," things don't go as planned

Holiday Eating Tips

Do you know how to skin a cat?

Magic mirror on the wal, who's the cutest one of all?

How Can You Tell If You Are In Love Or Lust?

All right, which one of you hid my sleeping pills in someone's coffee cup?

Breakfast Quesadilla for lunch...

Top 10 Signs You Are a Fundamentalist Christian

Snow Porn

Just a reminder: the office Ricoh is not for personal use.

What is Mitt Romney's full name?

All right, which one of you put sleeping pills in my coffee?

A friend's kid's IPOD made it through the laundry alive.

I dropped by to say “hi” to an old friend I hadn’t seen in 35 years and something inside me exploded

Question about the movie "The Forgotten" (spoiler alert)

I'm pregnant too!

We have an office naked party later this afternoon

Ya know, despite all of our modern advances, man or men really haven't changed at all

What is Willard Mitt Romney's full name?

Do you think the rest of us would like to see you in fruit?

forget i said anything.

We have an office Christmas party later this afternoon.

Life hasn't been as good since I learned "irregardless" isn't a real word

My nose is whistling.

Ind. Inmate Escapes by Clogging Toilet

Harold and Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay

I dont know shit about wine.....

if it so happens that I'm pregnant....


Grammys Announced today - No, Al Gore was NOT Nominated...

What does the "S" in DS1 stand for?

I saw somewhere about the White House backpedaling and admitting

I Am NOT Pregnant

GoddessOfGuinness. Where were you on or about November 30, 2007?

Britney plans liposuction of abdomen, hips & thighs, breast lift, change of implants, tummy tuck...

My religion: Honey works better than vinegar

Best google image search word for december: "Lolbush"

Is redqueen or BarenakedLady Going To The Christmas Party?

I want to share some quotes about sex. (Mods, this is NOT dirty at all!)

SNOW in Los Angeles!!

i am pregnant!

"Bladder - challenged" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread to include "bladder - challenged".

What would be your perfect stare?

When you flash at night, do you get pulled over?

Obama's got the Wilco voters

Jackson, MS parade organizers object to singer Brandy's bladder-challenged brother

Hallelujah. Holy shit. Where's the Tylenol

Actress Eva Mendes is the latest "would rather go naked than wear fur" PETA poster subject

One Ring to rule them all

What kind of job do you do when cleaning snow off your car

Amy Winehouse has finally begun medical treatment for drug problems

There's a plethora of WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? posts today.

Police Say 2-Year-Old Shoots, Kills Man

What does the "D" in DU stand for?

God damned Guinness. Where was I on or about November 30, 2007?

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout

Ugh!!!! why do I keep going back to GD?????????????

Katrina disaster worse than we thought: Gennifer Flowers has left N.O. for good!

We have an office pajama party later this afternoon

my coworker....broke...the coffee pot

Cheap Toy Round-Up 2007

"Your 'I Will' is more important than your I.Q."

Pick your own name game

Rackafrackit! Why are new episodes of TV shows always "ALL NEW"?

Barbara Walters tired of celebrity interviews, no concern over whether people are tired of her

Whoa, check out the cleavage! It's like 18th century Versailles there!

What does the "1" in DS1 stand for?

When you see the flash of light, is it all over?

Resume ? : What is the limit on how far back to list your jobs?

According to MSN, nailing your secretary at the office christmas party is a career don't

The poster for the upcoming "Dark Knight" movie

Excluding the top two natural choices (Dick & Bush), who's the last person that you want to be?

Snap shot of GD:P today.

I packed beer instead of Diet Pepsi in my work tote today

Steelers fans: I need your help with the fight song!

Amy Winehouse "powders" her nose

What would be your perfect store?


Why build a snowman when you can build a snowcat

Office politics question

Is there a free screen saver that is entertaining for kittens?

TeenMidlo's chamber group is singing the National Anthem at the Wizards game tomorrow.

Yes, I am bragging. Best parent/teacher conference EVER.

Can I have lounge vibes please, the vicodin isn't helping

we have 4 tickets to "Television Preview"

I need a different vehicle

What does the "H" in Jesus H. Christ stand for?

Which DUers would you like to nail at the Christmas party?

Please click link for a special season message from Lady Freedom!

do you have a rich and fulfilling PM life on the DU?

"And this is Mr. Christ, our Loan Department Manager..."

Donald Trump leaves a $10,000 tip on an $82 restaurant tab

Why do some people like to inflict pain on others?

Is it poor cyber etiquette to make an OP and then go out for the entire day, without being able

It took me all weekend,

What is the wallpaper on your computer today?

I just bought my Phillies 6-pack of tickets for next season!

Mike Hunt has a 28 inch vertical leap

Let's see how fast you all are.

Top Chef Holiday Special tonight!!

I saw the MST3K version of Transformers

According to me, nailing your boss's daughter at the office christmas party is a career don't

What ethnicity are your neighbours?

What should I ask for for Christmas?? Hubby wants a list and I am clueless

Holiday cookies or other goodies you like to bake this time of year?

In preparation for the rainstorm - Modjeska, Silverado, and Williams Canyons are being evacuated.

Do you think the rest of us would like to see you in the nude?

Watching SpongeBob yesterday.....

Who Has Taken Amtrak Lately?

Wanna be my wingman in a P-51? Here's your chance:

What was the funniest thread ever on DU?

Casey: Lull in Iraq ops will boost conventional training

Lawyer: Priest will plead guilty to sex charges

Rape, murder case of ex-soldier delayed a week

Army testing missiles that can change course

Soldier charged in murder of sgt. in Iraq

Peake looks likely for VA confirmation

DoD, State sign pact on contractors in Iraq

Kerry calls for more troops to Afghanistan

Bigger payoff sought for vet in 1944 POW death

Bangladesh relief effort ends

Russia tries to restore global naval presence

Gates: Secure, stable Iraq is within reach

Brain injury center planned for Bethesda

Conway: Afghanistan plan scrapped

Gen.: Waning violence means force flexibility

Cracks found in 2 F-15s at Kadena

A year later, U.S. soldiers accepted in Iraqi town

Retrain or separate, 1,500 airmen told

Concerned citizen’s shots precede firefight

8th Army readies budget-cut plan

Report: Guantanamo detainee cut own throat with fingernail

Project blessed, ground broken for enlisted club

USS Essex, Okinawa Marines wrap up trip to Cambodia

Stuttgart barber contests revising contract

Airman on trial for rape heard on tape apologizing to accuser

Dispute, not terrorism, blamed in Kosovo blast

‘Angels’ help keep the holidays festive at Torii Station

Segways offering disabled vets more mobility

Record Cocaine Year for Coast Guard

More Troops Needed, Gates Told

Sitting Bull Items Returned to Family

Cusack: Bush photo ban one of 'most cowardly political acts' in my lifetime

A COIN Aircraft Comeback

Biden on Iran 1

An Open Letter to Barack Obama

MSNBC’s Countdown 12/5/07

Romney Waterboards Ashcroft

17:00 - 2 part John Cusack & Naomi Klein 'Shock Doctrine' discussion

Fisher Island protest on Rosa Parks anniversary

Part 2 Interview Randi Dennis

TPMtv: GOP AdStravaganza!

Rep. Kucinich On His Legacy to the World's Poor

Chief- Our New Ad With the Governor-Robin Weirauch for Congress special election 12-11-07

(from ... "Where Appalling Happens"

KNBC covers Courage Campaign efforts to hold Feinstein accountable.

Naomi Klein interview on Shock Doctrine, takeover of US government by disaster corporations

Huckabee sounding like a religious lunatic at a campaign event

Let the War on Christmas Begin!

Surprised Biden Supporter Finds Her Candidate

"America - our moment is now!" - Barack Obama's new Iowa ad

A Prayer for Peace

Barack OBollywood

Part 1 Interview Randi Dennis

Gee, no less an authority than John Bolton finds flaws in the Iran NIE

Bush Lies and the NIE. Where are WE?

If * bombed my family I'd __________. * is the main reason __________ Iraqis are dead.

If you didn't listen to the Cr. card hearing, you really need to do so!

Partial Birth Abortion

The Iran NIE Report: "Reality Has A Liberal Bias"

"Hope not Fear" (Howard Dean, DNC)


Russia - "All sacrificed on the altar of the victory" (Novayagazeta)

Are freepers Racist or Anti Political correctness?

3-1/4-inch Mesopotamian sculpture sells for record 57 million dollars

John Edwards: "The great moral test of our generation..."

Over 600,000 INNOCENT Iraqis killed. What exactly did they do to deserve this?

Hello My Fellow DU'ers, I Have A Short Message For You

Unreal WTF

One man's take on Cheney...

Welcome to the Disciplinary Corporation

Okay, I'm livid (Gov't funded fundy workers desecrating my Buddhist statues)

Employers Tell Workers To Get Healthy or Pay Up

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

It's Not 1929, But It's The Biggest Mess Since

A Lurid Aftermath to a Hedge Fund Manager’s Life

Insane reporter questions.

The M$M drooling all over the mall shooter story.

Today's Doonesbury....

Fake companies steal billions from Medicare

It's time for Congress to condemn John Bolton and Norman Podhoretz for their insidious statements

A Pattern of Deception-Bush Wants Us To Believe He Was The LAST To Know About NIE Report

Detainee Operations manual suggests that female prisoners could be taken in rendtion flights

Relaxed Cheney tells the "Politco" ...Iraq to be Self-Governing by 2009...

No charges over online Columbine comment [right-wing teacher cheering shooters]

I'd like to dedicate this next song to General Petraeus

Be carefull with text messages...

Mind Control (religious-style)

Leahy Moves on Rove Contempt Citation

Caption this Poppy Bush and Romney pic...

House prices seen falling 30 pct

Gore has No Plans To Visit NH This Month

Food Prices Climbing, With No End in Sight

If you were FURIOUS at the Supreme Court decision making unequal pay for equal work LEGAL...

Congress to Clash With Bush Over ‘Torture’ Technique

Wall Street Journal Editor Slanders Al Gore, Nobel Prize and All Climate Scientists

New Poll in IOWA Has Edwards & Clinton TIED at 25%, Obama lead at 32%...

When e-mailing your religious friends, don't forget this

Thom Hartmann: How Liberals Can Speak Without Boring Everyone to Tears

So another low-life loser decides to gain fame by shooting people..

Mark Morford: Let's kill all the Teddy bears!

Teen Births Up For First Time in Fifteen Years

Let's play the blame game!

NY Times shows Evidence that Bush lied on Iran

Former Aide Contradicts Huckabee Defense Of Rapist's Release

The Democrats’ Path to Victory: The public demand for progressive politics is growing stronger

TX Science Curriculum Director Forced to Resign After Questioning Legitmacy of "Intelligent Design"

Gates Decides Against Marines’ Offer to Leave Iraq for Afghanistan

Appeals Court Blocks Bush Logging Rule

Neocons Down, Not Out

And people think DU's tin foil hats are screwed on too tight.

Bush Goes Private to Spy on You

McClatchy: Security concerns raised as China fills U.S. medicine chest

In most action movies, the Hero kills the Villain

Israeli Officials Knew At Least a Month Ago About NIE Findings, Weeks Before Bush

My friends, we already have socialized medicine

Bush 41 is hosting Romney today, is he just 41's choice?

The Age of American Dictatorship

On This Date in Bush History 12/6: Gifts to the Rich at Our Kids Expense

Looks like "Just Say No" works as well for abstience as it did for drugs

More proof that the Right doesn't believe in the Constitution

Immigration roils Dems

Are you ready for this?

One Student, No Vote

Foreclosed Homes Lay Vacant and The Homeless Clog The Alleys

mitt romney: the metro-frankenstein. nt

Omaha Shooter Had Been on Antidepressants the Past Couple Months..

Please drop tweety a note-he needs edumicating!

How lying about Iran can replace invading Iran as the Iraq distraction.

Time to outlaw fatty food, sugar, alcohol, cars, tobacco, bathtubs....(let's take a moment to think)

Let's Face It: Bush Isn't Lying To Us, He's Nuts!

Are there Government sanctioned Militias in America?

A Freerepublic blast from the past - Wayne Dumond

LTTE Today - Iran gave up its nuclear program out of fear of the US

Two-Thirds of Israelis Oppose Attack on Iran: Poll

Court upholds unconstitutionality of faith-based prison program founded by Nixon chief counsel

Video of Huckabee acting like a religious nut

Energy bill is being voted on now on cspan

Dr. Justin Frank on B*sh: "He must be removed from office"...

Plame:Fitzgerald has agreed to turn over transcripts of interviews of Bush and Cheney over to Waxman

Between now and January 20, 2009... . . . what to expect. from B*sh

Who here passed high school history?

Bush and the Genie

Joe Conason: Telling the Truth About Iran

White House Special Counsel Scott Bloch Defends Himself in Wall St. Journal

Banned cargo on way to Iran held in UAE

When Joe Scarborough & Pat Buchanan start sounding more progressive

Joe Biden on Energy

Romney speech in a nutshell: "Please don't picture me in magical underpants"

Santa Claus to Buy American This Year

Bristol-Myers to Cut 10% of Job Force (plus)

Oh GEEZ! The repukes voted for Jon Kyl to be their new Minority Whip in the Senate!

Do your children ask you about politics? Do you try to influence their political views?

Who would you rather have the Dem nominee go up against? Huckabee or Rudy?

Have the valet go get my CAPTION

Joe Klein Calls Bush’s Response to NIE ‘An Amazing Moment Of Candor By The United States’

My suggestion for all the neo-cons who say they will submit to waterboarding...

Reid: What and when did Bush know about Iran?

Clinton urges foreclosures moratorium

Why Huckabee's softness on Dumond is MUCH WORSE than Dukakis' Willie Horton problem

I have no problem blaming the shooting spree on the shooter.

So did Romney uphold the gospel according to Joseph Smith?

Huge Strategic Vision Polll has Obama moving outside of MOE Great trending!!!!

Meanwhile, China keeps on rolling along.

Is this part of the Patriot Act true?

Republicans' response to the new NIE report, as told by Dr. Seuss

Isn't it odd that serial killers don't seem to use guns very often?

Tweety and Pat practically fellated Mitt after his speech.

Smacking down right wingers is so much fun!

Bush writes to N Korea leader

The Westboro Baptist Church has just released their Christmas video, God Hates the World

House vote on illegal images sweeps in Wi-Fi, Web sites

Please critique/comment on my LTTE on the spinning of the NIE

Let's say YOU wanted to kill a lot of people and be famous

After this election, we need to hit the "off" button for a while.

Call to impeachment Santa Rosa CA City Council


Katrina vanden Heuvel: Robert Greenwald Wages War on Greed

Anyone know where I can get a good wet vac for cheap?


Romney: No religious test for president

Willard Milton "Mitt" Romney Speech

Railcars With Radiation Markings Worry Galt Family (BYOTF - bring your own tinfoil)

Kindergartner Is Youngest Ever To Make Bomb Threat, Says School District

Brownback up on the Senate floor now talking about why we won't need

DOES BUSH HAVE 49 SOCK PUPPETS? = Specter to Reid: Who You Callin’ a Puppet?

BREAKING NEWS: Omaha police chief identifies victims

GOP rejects Democratic AMT deal

Romney: "Americans don't like "believers of convenience."

U.S. Mortgage Delinquencies Rise to 20-Year High (Update2)

America's forgotten War against the Central Banks

Should the media be allowed to read suicide notes of mass murderers?

2nd Televangelist Refuses To Cooperate With Senate Investigation Into Shady Church Finances

Prediction: Repub Right Wing Fundamentalists Won't Be Swayed By Romney Speech on Religion...

Attack of the parking garages

Here's my statement on everyone packing heat. Shouldn't Attack Petraueus BUT Bolton Can Smear Entire National Intelligence Establishmen

Okay so Bush lied AGAIN.......

Real Problem- Climate Change; Imaginary Problem- Iraq WMDs

Canada signs Inuit autonomy plan (BBC)

western washington flooding

Cannot bomb Iran and win elections? Then, North Korea, here we come!

Mitt Romney’s Lack of Understanding of Religion and Government

Both Bush and Nixon were/are liars what's the difference between them?

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater's Bu$ine$$

Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom.

WH contradicts Joe Klein on Bush's Iran lie

medical insurer caught with pants down.

Bush offers mortgage steps to prevent recession (Reuters)--better headline than

Do you have health insurance?

The Future of Employment-Based Health Benefits: Have Employers Reached a Tipping Point?

Births Among Teens Rise for First Time in 14 Years - Hows that abstinence only working out for ya?

Rubla Rhan

In Grand New York --Poem

Eco-friendly kangaroo farts could help global warming: scientists

Woman Allegedly Steals Purse, Chokes Nun

Rudy Romping In New York, New York

If we elect the CEO of Time-Warner as president...

Billy Joel Releases Anti-War Song

Rep. Tan faced Bone head is on the floor of the House making fun of the Energy bill

CNN ‘postpones’ documentary on ‘Iran Goes Nuclear.’

Bill to Curb Alternative Tax Stalls in Senate

Insurance Is High-Stakes Legalized Gambling

Here's something for one of you budding sociologists to look at...

I think Romney failed miserably today

You can see this CAPTION coming from last week!!

Obama vs. Clinton: Grammy's Edition!

U.S. trying to derail climate solutions in Bali from afar

Former WH Aide Dan Bartlett: "There’s a difference between lying and being wrong. We were wrong."

Pelosi willing to compromise with War funding

the heart of bleakness:

"Poll: Hispanics Shift Toward Democrats"

Robert Reich On Hillary's Courage

Why does Congress stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance??

AP breaking news alert: Tax increase on oil companies passes in house

It took me all weekend,

latest poll of Dem voters in SC--Clinton and Obama neck and neck

4chan posters egg on shooter.

My religion: Honey works better than vinegar

House is done voting for the day. little speeches being given.

Breaking on CNN: Mall Killer used Stepdad's AK-47

Too Much Freud From a Guy Named Dick

US Mil: Baghdad Zoo opens new horse stables, pool

So the FBI found 14 of the deaths by Blackwater unjustified.and.....??????

House approves national arsonist registry bill sponsored by Bono

Gareth Porter: Bolton's Sleazy Attack on the NIE

Bush gives out wrong hotline number

Mittens Romney borrows from Dildo'Reilly : "The religion of secularism"

Hello. Freedom Christian Academy here. Can I help you pray that you don't lose your home?

Bush gives out wrong phone number to viewers On Housing Crisis Speech

Democrats could fund Afghanistan, Pelosi says

Thank you, Valerie Plame

Are Evangelicals afraid that Mittens will do for Mormons what * did for "Born Agains"?

Bolton: Flaws in the Iran Report...

Analysis: Big Oil to sign Iraq deals soon

Albania wants nuclear power - BOMB THEM!

Let's Ban EVERYTHING!!!!!

Two months from today Over Half of the Democratic Delegates will have been decided.

Remember when Keith Ellison took his oath of office on the Koran

ZOMG!! It's "Pray for President Bush - Day 2639"

Is radio making us a nation of morons?

I enjoy seeing Mitt raked over the coals by the holier than thou Repubs

Kerik Lawyer Says Prosecutors Tainted Jury

Bush White House Tries to Redefine "Truthful"

What has changed our culture? I admit I'm older than most of you,

This country deserves to know if impeachable offenses were committed by Bush, Cheney or anyone else.

Is television making us a nation of morons?

US Oil Companies-Iraq "Dreams Are Close To Coming True" In Spite Of The Law Or Lack Of Law

I don't think the surge is working per se, but

Why Roe v Wade must stand...

* has chosen Mitt and Cheney has chosen Cheney(Lynne) to be VP. This will be their team.

The underlying message not being talked about re: Romney's speech...

David Shuster in for Tucker/Phucker on MSNBC

ID scam paid for couple's luxe life, cops say

I wish the media would stop using that jerkoff's name and picture!!

AP uncritically reports Romney's speech; Quinn: "obliteration of separation of church and state"

Two House Republicans Quit Page Board

How dispicable can so-called "Christian Conservatives get?

McDonald's bribes schools into pushing Happy Meals

Ex-UnitedHealth CEO surrenders $600 million

What time does Bush start drinking? He's slurring his words, big time, right now.

Don't CAPTION this too funny or we might pee ourselves a little bit

ACLU: Hate Crimes Provision Stripped from National Defense Authorization Act

"Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom." - Mitt

CNN's Report on Failure of Abstinence ...Positive Decline in Birthrate Girls 10 to 14 years old...

Juan Cole: Huckabee as Deer in the Headlights

Hate-crimes provision stripped from defense bill

NIEs: Waste of Time? by Cindy Sheehan

Navy Chaplain Gets 2 Years for Sex Crime

Who's more Jesus-like?

Cheney thwarted..

Congress drops hate crime bill covering attacks on gays

Thomas Schaller: What Ever Happened to Moderate Republicans?

Rembember "Unfiltered"??? From Air America Radio?

The Generals Speak: Helping inform candidates’ views on torture

Subject: This could get me fired! ---from Sam Seder:

The Truth About the Estate Tax

Texas Monthly Interviews Dan Bartlett on RW Blogs..."they regurgitate exactly what you say to them."

The last seven years have felt a lot like this episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle

I would rather hear Romney explain why he tied the dog cage to the car roof

How to convince a red stater to call their congressman to demand impeachment.

Billy Joel Releases Anti-War Song

Court allows group to picket soldiers' funerals (Phelps)

McDonalds ads on grade school report cards. Yes, it is Florida

Interesting development in marketing?

When will the mega-churches start closing down because of foreclosures?

The twelve days of Christmas - Neocon style

The gentry liberals (LAT/OpEd)

Shuster is filling in for Tucker tonite..

White House Mortgage Meltdown: Bush Gives Out Wrong Hotline Number

Mitt: "freedom requires religion?" WTF????

A large percentage of livestock dead in Centralia/Chehalis Washington

I Think You’re Crazy. Just Like Me.

1-888-995-HOPE So of course, bushitler gives out the wrong number! bwwaaa aha aha ha ha

KGO Host Bernie Ward Indicted

Who Has Taken Amtrak Lately

Romney is now the chosen one.

And this Tsunami is supposed to stop with a VOLUNTARY freeze in mortgage rates???????????

Is Being a Democrat Bad For Your Mental Health?

Dear Senator Reid,. . . . *** HEY!, YOU!!***

Pay attention Huckabee: Lincoln disagreed with you on being "chosen" by the Lord.

A quick DU poll on preferred method of government functions: privatized or socialized?


'It's humbling to have to ask for help' - "food & Hanukkah candles come from the Jewish Food Pantry"

My Candidate Sucks...

Giuliani out, Huckabee out, Romney out? Who's left?

CIA destroyed tapes of ‘harsh interrogations.

Out in the Cold ---pix--->>>

Conyer's Says 'NO' To Impeachment

"The Human Behavior Experiments" on Sundance Channel tonight -- 11pm ET

Do educated opinions count more than uneducated opinions?

BRAD BLOG: Diebold and Election Officials on Trial in Pima County, AZ (Special Coverage)

Any details on this Energy Bill in the House

Banning Bad Choices

Hillary picks new theme song by Christina Aguilera

Barbara Jordan on Impeachment

90 Years ago today - The Halifax Explosion...

Specter blocks contempt vote.

Ain't it great to be a 19 year old in America where you can own a semi-auto rifle

So AirAmerica is no longer in Austin, so in the morning I tune into NPR...

San Leandro teen killed by train while talking on cell phone

Another pointless trivia question about fashion....

Col. Ann Wright in Jail

Larry Flynt admits Trent Lott has been "a target of an ongoing Hustler investigation"

Are we basing blame for lack of impeachment on an imperfect picture?

This whole freak out over Mittsy being a Mormon is very telling..

Question regarding documentation requirements for possible new job.

How To Expose DIEBOLD Hackability To The World

Not ONE person here addressed this...

Police officer applies reasonable measures to conduct traffic stop

Well looky here -- Chimpy gives the govt. a day off

The Garden of Eden was in Missouri???

Will the "piece of shit" vote come out for Chavez next time?

What do you think can be done to make the rest of the world like us again?

Fox Will Not Run Danny Glover AD re Bush destroying the constitution

The SKS was never an "assault weapon" - until today

My son's teacher lectured the daughter of a Veteran for not standing for the Pledge.

Toddler (2 yr old) Grabs Gun, Kills Fla. Man

My take on the NIE, as regards Iraq, Kyl-Lieberman. and Bush.

Bush's move to PRIVATIZED spying!

Remember the video of Harris flirting with Renzi

Thursday TOONS part 2:Who is gonna clean up W's mess?

"He was hog-tied and repeatedly Tasered before going limp and turning blue...."

I just read the news 'they' jailed Ann Wright. Speak out. Buy her book.

Questions for gun owners

Cheney hints Iran NIE was going to be leaked

Col Ann Wright's resignation letter, 3/19/2003

Sibel Edmonds update (with videos!)

Eric Alterman: What's Really Wrong With the MSM?

Mittens blows his JFK moment

Thursday TOONS part 1: Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran..NOT!

How Impeachment Would Catch Fire

"The Golden Compass" controversy... WTF?!?!

'Hillary Clinton accused the Bush administration of playing down the threat of a nuclear Iran '

When Mr. Conyers says "the votes aren't there", he's not talking about Republicans.

(((URGENT FOR PLANET))) Scientists beg for climate action ((PLEASE READ))

Louisiana Recovery: Shooting a Slow Miracle

A little old gem on Obama wanting to bomb Iran

The only solution is universal health care that completely covers mental health

No political satire for the primaries, perhaps the entire election season, thanks to Nick Counter

How can we remove guns from our society?

Top Florida Republican accuses Jeb Bush of brokering the harmful CSX deal...

A purely collective right of the people to keep and bear arms makes no more sense than

Witnesses: Cuban dissidents beaten, arrested in church

How television fuels class warfare.

Mo. Family Shunned Over Hoax, Suicide

If I lied...

Col Ann Wright's sentance- DU, can others serve one's community service sentance?

If George Bush Unilaterally Declared Himself Dictator, Would Congress be Obligated to Impeach?

Life in our Anti-Christian America

*ahem* Huckabee's problems have just begun! Have you heard about THIS?....

I have some questions for gun fans, but they're reasonable ones

Help us choose a charity for the Second Annual DU Year-End Charity Donation Drive!

A wonderfully delightful article about Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich

I have a suggestion for anybody out there who is in despair...

Hersh: Bush Told Olmert Of NIE Two Days Before President Was Allegedly First Briefed On It

DK pulls another opponent in 10th Congressional seat...

Gallup/USA Today Poll: Clinton - 39 %, Obama - 24%, Edwards 15 %. Clinton's lead gets smaller.

Biden on Iran and the Global Nuclear Threat

60% of Iowa voters value "Ideology" and "Charisma" most; 25% value "Experience" most.

Is attacking a candidate over something they wrote in kindergarten pathetic?

Barack Obama.....

National Journal: "Recent polling in Iowa points to real trouble for Hillary... and Mitt Romney."

"I wonder which world leader told her we needed to invade Iraq."

Cheney: By Jan. 2009, Iraq Will Be A True ‘Democracy In The Heart Of The Middle East’

Clinton 'plant' takes Obama by surprise

"If you're part of the reality-based community, it should worry you,"

Shredding essays and Obama

Republican Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa predicts Obama will win caucus

Since when has everyone become an expert political analyst

Help us choose a charity for the Second Annual DU Year-End Charity Donation Drive!

New York Times: From Heaven, Saint Ronnie looks down approvingly on President Huckabee

Huckabee's faith-based, bald-faced lie: "No. I did not. Let me categorically say that I did not."

Can we please stop Hyphenating Obama and Clinton with the word "haters"

John Nichols: New Hampshire Numbers Confirm Obama Surge

General Petraeus ?

Full Video Of Obama`s Speech At Cornell College:"A Call To Serve"

Hillary staff ~ heads up...fix the AMT!

Separated at birth? (Warning, disturbing, large size pictures)

Dems moving slow for New Mexico caucus

The next Attorney General of the United States

Dodd: Iowa slot at stake

Thank you Joe!!! --Joe Biden Cosponsors Bill to Strengthen Presidential Campaign Public Financing

Obama Rising In South Carolina!

What's up with this Romney speech and why should anyone care?

Gen. Clark says Obama started the MUDSLINGING!

Immigration roils Congressional Democrats: Hispanic lawmakers v. Dems in swing districts

John Kerry on Imus just now "refusing to endorse a candidate."

Tom Tancredo's Latest Racist Bull-Sh*t (ad)

Chicago:Columbia College’s mock election

Do down ticket races/candidates ever help the top of the ticket?

Whose religion is a little too much for the Republicans to take?

Don't tell me Edwards can't win the general election

Parsing the new N.H. polls

Secular=Leftist Liberals=Christian pandering

The $64,000 Question Thread

Specter to Reid: Who You Callin’ a Puppet?

Who Wrote Mitt's Speech?..........

Which Democrat's Health Plan

Mitt Romney promises "no authorities of my church, or of any other church for that matter, will ever

Has Pat Buchanan hinted at Impeachment.

Has Pat Buchanan hinted at Impeachment.

Has Pat Buchanan hinted at Impeachment.

David Corn: How Far Will Hillary Clinton Go?

Paulson's bailout may boost GOP's prospects

Okay, guys ... who wouldn't be happy about a 44DD?

The only thing anyone needs to remember about Romney is

GOP South Carolina Poll: Huckabee 25% Romney 18% Thompson 18%

Gail Collins: Born-Yesterday Candidates

Romney is finished

Peru Free Trade act and 'corporate' Dems.......

How much faith is too much faith for presidential candidates?

The biggest problem with Obama's "attacks" is they are working

Huge Strategic Vision Polll has Obama moving outside of MOE Great trending!!!!

By contrast to Mitt, here's JFK's Catholic speech

Quinnipiac: Clinton alone beats or ties any of the major GOP candididates in OH, PA, FL

Romney in speech: "Freedom requires religion"

What Catholics was Romney talking about when discussing the drafting of the constitution?

John and Elizabeth Edwards Statement on Omaha Shooting

Obama Picks Up the Other Half of a New Hampshire Power Couple

Clinton lead narrows in New Hampshire: Poll

I have one question for Huckabee: where were you in 1988

New Florida Poll -Clinton- 54% Obama 24% Edwards 13%

Top 7 Questions on Florida and Michigan Primaries

DC Smackdown - just what DU needs

Bill to Curb Alternative Tax Stalls in Senate

Dems need a fighter

Ras POLL: Obama within seven points of Hillary (33 / 26), Edwards at 15

Good resource here: Useful Links for Political Info

Story about Rapist/Murderer released by Huckabee hits the will the affect him in IA?

does religion underpin, or undermine YOUR politics?

TNR: Give us back Grim Hilly!

Which Candidate Has The Highest Risk/Reward Factor?

Latinos increasingly abandoning GOP

Dems need a fighter

New Story Shows That Criticism of 'Washington Post' For Obama 'Rumor' Story Produced Results

Join Barack Obama In Supporting Robin Weirauch

hard hitting journalism: candidates food dislikes

At Voter Engagement Event, Edwards Tells 1000 High School Students to Help Build a Better America

HRC, Obama, Dodd and Biden all absent on the vote to roll back

This is sad what is happening with race relations (Link)

a picture for Bush

Hispanic vote shifting back to Democrats (Hillary also very popular)

Iowans Undecided As Caucuses Near

When NOT to Vote Black (at least in Memphis)

Are the attacks on Huckabee coming from Dems or Repubs??

The Rude Pundit: Christ Weary of Mormons

Clinton lead narrows to single digits in New Hampshire:

Hillary's major economic speech from yesterday

Mixing and matching and mandates are far less realistic than universal health care

What do John Bolton, Dennis Kucinich and Al Franken have in common?

Barack Obama VS Bill Clinton at the Grammys

HAve you seen the new Mormon "we worship Jesus too" commercial..

Arkansas clemencies outpace other states (by Huckabee)

Who has read "The 2% Solution" by Matthew Miller?

OMG - Larry Craig is on the Senate Floor debating now -- I can't imagine

Biden: Bush compulsive liar

ABC/WaPo POLL: Clinton Fends Off Obama in N.H. With More Committed Support

Biden picks up two key endorsements in New Hampshire

"Attack" is when candidate A says something truthful about

Gennifer Flowers Mulls Vote for Clinton

Rasmussen: Clinton's lead in South Carolina disappears; Clinton 36%, Obama 34%

’08 Comeback Kid should be Biden

After Setbacks, NJ Governor Corzine Looks to Make Up for Lost Time

Bolton Calls For Congressional Witch-Hunt Into Anti-Bush ‘People In The Intelligence Community’

One Student, No Vote

DAMN- Haven't you voted for ANY candidate at THIS SITE YET?

12/06/07 Obama Roll Call!

Specter blocks contempt vote


Election 2008: South Carolina Democratic Primary

BREAKING: Nevada CWA Endorses Edwards

In your guts, you know he's nuts: Huckabee: God wants me to be president

Is DerMittenführer Channeling RAYGUN?

Anyone See The Ad?

I saw somewhere that the White House backpedaled and admitted

Sorry, Senator (Kerry). I just don't agree.

When was the last time a candidate on either side was picked because of there so called EXPERIENCE

Gennifer Flowers mulls vote for Clinton ("I can't help but want to support my own gender")

NGL Task Force condemns decision to remove hate crimes provisions from Defense authorization Bill

Did Romney proudly declare he was a Moron today?

CNN Web Site Comment RE: 1-800-995-HOPE..."Bush proves once again that he is a D-O-P-E"

there's someting very strange about the cadence of Romney's speech

Experts Praise Barack Obama's National Service Plan

Biden - "Cheney wouldn’t know a working democracy if he fell over it."

What's up with Edwards's campaign?

Iowans for Hillary “By the Numbers” November Update

Congress Takes New Interest in Political `Robo-Calls’

Obama Staying Above the Fray With Message on Service

Has anyone noticed the attacks on Biden?

HuffPost: The Clintons are unraveling

A light hearted post: Choose a song for your candidate's campaign

Finally decided...

Neocon NIE spin. We are not asking the right question.

Possibility of Hillary as VP instead?

so when Hillary finally concedes and drops out

I'm not a hater- Are You?

Can anyone give any example of a positive contribution that conservatives

I'm calling the presidential race

When Clinton wins the nomination, who should she choose for VP?

New Obama Ad In Iowa: "Our Moment Is Now"

Are Obama's lack of first lady experience and his weak triangulation skills fatal to his campaign?

Sally Quinn's remark about Mitt's speech nailed it completely...

New South Carolina Poll: Hillary 36%, Obama 34%.....Hillary was up 10% a month ago

Pat Oliphant is at it again.

My hope is that Edwards or Obama will see the writing on the wall when the time comes

Biden Cosponsors Bill to Strengthen Presidential Campaign Public Financing System

Help, senior daughter is going to debate a repub on whether the war in Iraq was justified.

New Story Shows That Criticism of 'Wash Post' For Obama 'Rumor' Story Produced Results

Politico's Ben Smith: Clintonites, Arnoldite, with management against the Writer's Giuld

I met Senator Biden for the 1st time yesterday . . .

Why Barack Obama should NOT be the Nominee..

Must See TV, Joe Biden, Social Security, Health Care, & AARP Debate

Why doesn't Barack Obama want to become Vice President?

What's the difference between Hillary Haters and Hillarys Haters?

How Will Hillary Handle The FCC Chair If She is Elected With Murdoch Giving Money to her

Best of these Edwards TV ads?

Nevada Communications Workers of America Endorse Edwards

BREAKING: Nevada CWA Endorses Edwards

Obama helped ex-boss, slum lord Tony Rezko partner, get $1 million from charity...

So Kerry did the Imus show this morning? I guess the Dems think its ok to do the Imus show. . .

Who else supports Ron Paul in '08?

Beyond Debunking: Gene Sperling Destroys Robert Reich's Anti-Clinton Op-Ed

It needs to be said, Fuck Religion in Politics

Obama Holds His Largest Lead Ever in Iowa Poll

Leahy postpones contempt vote

My My , Bill Clinton paying a bit too much attention to Penelope Cruz?

How can the media give so much time to Obama when Biden is in the race?

How can we trust your judgement if you can't admit to a mistake?

Is Hillary done for? ... All Polls point to Yes

Regardless of all else, who is voting for Dennis Kucinich in their primary?