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Archives: December 7, 2007

Full Spectrum Mercenaries-Blackwater Goes to Mexico

The surge is a sideshow. Only total US pullout can succeed

Blackwater's Bu$ine$$

Intelligence community learned from Iraq debacle

The Nation: NIE on Iran Signals a Presidency in Decline

I can’t help but read your body language this morning, Mr. President,” he said.

Conason: Since when does "secular" mean anti-religion?

Busted meth lab sat close to WA city’s supply

The future is bright for LEDs (BBC)

Tories plan £300m green energy revolution to avoid nuclear option

Atomic Energy of Canada at a crossroads, nuclear experts say

Uranium Contamination: A modern American tragedy

Israeli avoids UK arrest threat

New Story Shows That Criticism of 'Washington Post' For Obama 'Rumor' Story Produced Results

US on defensive at climate conference

Ind. Inmate Escapes by Clogging Toilet

ID scam paid for couple's luxe life, cops say

Change to Win Launches Ad Campaign Condemning the Bush Labor Board's Massive Assault on Workers

U.S. films flood Havana festival

Writers Talks Get Dose of Reality

Security concerns raised as China fills U.S. medicine chest

Starbucks recalls 167,000 coffee mugs (minor burn risks to consumers, made in China)

Forest Loss in Sumatra Becomes a Global Issue

Lawyers observe complete boycott of courts (Pakistan)

CIA destroyed terrorism suspect videotapes

Report on Iran fuels Arab fears

WWF says warming puts Amazon at risk

WIC Food Program Being Overhauled

Ahmadinejad: U.S. intelligence report a victory for Iran

Middle-Class Relief From Alternative Taxation's Bite Passed With No Revenue or Spending Offsets

N.O. Fracas Over Plans to Raze Housing

State Dept. retains manager of troubled embassy project

Romney: President needs prayers of people of all faiths

Bush loses ground with military families

BREAKING NEWS: Friend of mall shooter arrested

California electoral vote plan won't make June ballot

How do you lodge a complaint with the post office?

Post your favorite Christmas tune..

Important question: When you fold your hands...

If lots of people in the world sent me 5 dollars

Super duper WRITER appreciation thread!

You know U comes after I

In most other places, nice guys finish last

Gennifer Flowers would vote for Hillary...

Single people are HUMAN BEINGS, too.

What word do you like saying that most people hate?

Okay, I feel better now.

Godfuckingdammit, ice is falling in my area...

Fat Bastard Appreciation Thread

Do you have any outdoor decorations, lights or wreaths? I was thinking about adding a wreath.

we need a video of Jane Mansfield doing the twist-->

(Star Wars Post)

Open mouth, insert foot.

There are no coincidences. I'm convinced.

How goddamn hard is it for some people to balance clothes in a washing machine?

Do you think the rest of us would like to see you with the Dude?

How Many Concerts Have You Been To?

American Gladiators are coming back

1-18-08 or Cloverfield

Note to self: Deltoids are not the same as Dorsals

If the Pogues sang in Italian

Quick, I need a pithy saying


Ok, I have something embarrassing to admit.

Strange News

Ok, I have something not embarrassing to admit.

Ramona stood up

I'm stoned is the Lounge, itself?

The Bells of St. Berwyn

Did LynneSin see this: " More music for Led Zeppelin after reunion?"

Chardonay has aged well.

GD told me yo move it to the Lounge - 50+ members

I honestly began tearing up upon watching this.

My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts

Which one you have been drinking my beer?

Best lemon lime soda, IYO

______ appreciation thread.

A blast from last year!

A charming Chanukah chortle from Kimberly Gadette -- one talented woman I'm pleased to know!

Meet Christian Singles in your city.

I am a magnet

What is in Green Tea

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/6/07 Bonus

F***ing Elvis

Do people who are chased until marriage...

A client told me I had become a friend to his entire family.

So ask to buy some St. Elmo's Fire at the Catholic store, and they looked at me like I'm a freak.

"Sir, we have absolutely no control over the robots."

A toilet paper ad that makes you sad?

True Confessions Time...

Ahhh...The Good Ol' Days: A Howdy Doody Christmas

F***ing Elves

Holy Shit!

This is not a dream.

I SHOULD be horribly offended by this, but I'm not.

What should I get Sniffa for Christmas?

Post Toasties...

It's rather disgusting when even Google exploits women like this.

Ok, I have nothing embarassing to admit.

What... No Betty thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note to self: Altoids are not the same as Deltoids

How many here are drunk/drinking/stoned

Charo has aged well.

I don't have children, but if I did, I hope my daughter would be just like this:

Show me some must have fridge magnets.

OK, Who talked about Fight Club?

Who Are You?

How will the Dexter season end?

Christian Meat Singles (Individually Wrapped)

It's Oxymoronic Thursday!

Any ghost hunters here?

Man, shit!! I have to call this chick to show her that I'm interested.

Mrs. V. broke her wrist. The ends of both bones

Please....tell me to go away!

Aaaaah, simple pleasures. What are yours?

Do you give an explanation when you edit your posts?

"Little Bastard" Appreciation Thread.

I'm about to go buy ten or twenty pounds of navel oranges, ask me anything

Why would any person in their right mind want to be a "celebrity"?

How many people really know you?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/6/07

George Clooney and Brad Pitt Spoof Larry Craig or Larry Craig's Ultimate Fantasy Comes True

GD needs some direction, folks.

has anyone seen desktop video of "Felix the Cat"?

Cop calls 911-"I think I've overdosed!"

Mike Dukakabee

TPM: Inside the Iran Bamboozle

High School Burlington Voter Journeys to Iowa City for Joe Biden

TPM: Huckabee and the Wayne Dumond release

KO's special comment on Iran lies

Olbermann & Maddow: Homeland Security profiteering

Harry Belafonte Endorses John Edwards for President

John Edwards on Situation Room (12/06/07)

== Teachers Of Love ==

Olbermann on Romney's Mormon speech bashing atheists, agnostics, etc.

Is there a free screen saver that is entertaining for kittens?

Rice concerned about falling gas prices.

Patreus admits the other reasons why violence has dropped in Iraq

In Bali, U.N. hails U.S. Senate climate steps

DU:GD comedy break

Get your weekly Bushism here!


Being responsible doesn't always pay

Holy crap.. We're doomed... Must see video

Republican to resign from House page board

Treacherous Republicrat to helm Democratic Governors Association

Obstruction of Justice at the CIA-CONSCIOUS Policy To Destruct Important Evidence Of Crimes

Check out the new blog

Gennifer Flowers leaning towards voting for Hillary

WOW! Have you all seen that Cool "Give 'em Hell, Harry Reid" ad On DU?

More than $1 billion in military equipment missing in Iraq.

Iraqi Parliament Closes Shop for Another Month

Vote for Dennis Kucinich in the Independent today!

Tonight's Special: A SPECIAL COMMENT, FELLAS!!!!!

Neocons Down, Not Out

Tweety sez Mittsy gave the best speech of the campaign today..

2 Republicans resign from the Bipartisan House Page Board

Fireworks company names a firework "Bushwhacked"


HAAA! Buchanan just called Huckabee Hucky on CNN!

Now the Insane Right Is Targetting the Gay General --->>>

{Son of Rupert} Murdoch handed pivotal media role (BBC)

Girls Make History by Sweeping Top Honors at a Science Contest

Girls, Breast Cancer, and the Science Fair - Making breast cancer breakthroughs.

C.I.A. Destroyed Tapes of Interrogations

Environmental policy expert, Terry Tamminen, grades candidates energy plans

Huckabee Lashes Out At "Left-Wing" Huffington Post

Georgie's Jolly Xmas Party ---pix--->>>

Webb: No permanent presence without Congress’s consent.

Nevada Communications Workers Of America Endorse Edwards

KeithO on Mittster - how can people say Willard done good?

Idiot-in-Chief..HELL YEAH!!! The first time I've heard someone say

Jury Struggling in Miami Terror Case

MSNBC: Keith Olbermann Special Comment Threat Warning Level Raised to RED!!!!

Bush & White House lies on Iraq .... refresher course

SPECIAL COMMENT by Keith O. in a few moments. Bush and lying about NIE!! stayed tuned, Central time

A manipulative, Machiavellian Idiot.... this just get's better by the minute!!

LOL--Dan Abrams just said "truthiness"

bu$h* did not mis-speak he him

AFP: Two-thirds of Israelis oppose airstrikes on Iran

Canada and Japan are carrying water for the US at the Bali climate change conference

"The President isn't truthful, he's LIEful. He has no credibility left to lose."

China 'forced Miss Tibet to quit' (BBC)

Southern Protestors Unhappy with Thompson and Romney's Flag Remarks

Have you EVER known ANYONE who's been as stupid as Shrub?

Pat Buchanan mentioned reading Franz Fanon as reason not to invade Iran

Neil Boortz said today that the mall was at fault because it did not let those that conceal carry

How effed up are things when Pat Buchanan sounds reasonable?

Dan Froomkin: A Pattern of Deception

Guardian UK: The surge is a sideshow. Only total US pullout can succeed

KO to have Special Comment tonight on Iran and NIE

\Abrams has a panel on who witnessed Huckabee's many lies

Retired Generals: Helping inform candidates’ views on torture

Military Families Question Iraq War as Support for Bush Slips (37%)

Shrub learned from Poppy that many, large lies don't matter, only one does

Fastest Way to lose a Presidential election>>>

What the HELL is going on here!?

Nomi Prins, author of Jacked: How Conservatives are Picking Your Pocket - * 's mortgage bail out


Freak should have got 120.

Imagine how much heartache could have been avoided if this expose of lies occurred in 2003?

Security concerns raised as China fills U.S. medicine chest

Finally, as promised, a Special Comment about the President's cataclysmic deception about Iran.

Liberal radio host indicted on child porn charges....

Meet Christian Singles in your city.

How naive of me to think our laws applied to all Americans...

Christian Meat Singles (Individually Wrapped)

NIEgate rippling all the way to the UN.

GOPer nicknames?

Willard Milton Romney should just go work for Amway.

I had a job interview today, did not go as well as I would have liked...

Was Bush lying about/threatening Iran to sell the Iraq surge?

Dirty tricks in Calif. to split the electoral votes.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Six Senators Letter to Bush: Congress will have a say in post-war plans

People who scare me are the ones

2.38 Million in US jails --- One in every 31 adults in United States -- !!!

Did anyone see the corporate republican confession scene on 30 rock tonight?

VIDEO: Reverend Huckleberry claims GOD wants him to be US President

what a sweet tribute to "Mr Whipple"'ll be missed...

Chimpy writes letter to North Korea's Kim Jong-il

Bush's real lie about Iran

On the AP radio news that airs during Mike Malloy's webcast via the Phoenix AAR affiliate.....

I have a quick question about the Huckabee pardon timeline...

How about a bailout for uninsured people who are in debt just because they got sick?

For 50+ members only

People! A little respect. Romney's name is not Mittens it's

US intelligence report heightens danger of Israeli strike on Iran

Committee Passes Measure Banning Waterboarding

Have you ever had a prescription filled and wondered if it was counterfeit?

Reuters reporting Swift Boat press release as "news" -- they claim they didn't lie!

Whoa! It's gun night on DU. OK, voting is only for those supporting repeal of the 2ed Amend.

Which is Mittens Most Like? (Multiple Choice!)...

So, let me get this right, for months * has been beating the war

on the Turks air america discussed Mike Savage's new book. writes about his 'Homosexuality' >Link>>

The Swedish donation to the survivors of the devastating disaster in South East Asia is more than tw

Delaying the Fight Against Cancer

What is Keith always saying when he thanks his guests?

Are You Warm Tonight? Baltimore's Homeless Forced Onto The Streets

George Bush has no business being president!! "and the church said: Amen."

WTH!?! - AAR has a NEWSMAX AD on their main website!?!

It's time to purge the gun grabbers from our Democratic Party

wow... when did Tweety start supporting gay marriage?

Twas the night before impeachement

C&L has the Olbermann Special Comment up

Wal-Mart store in Chehalis, WA

Chimplet is in the shithouse tonight! And I'm lov'n it! Fucking Liar!

TRANSCRIPT/KEITH/COUNTDOWN: You, sir, have no business... being president (+Video Link)

Chris Kelly: Mitt Romney's Jesus is Just as Good as the Leading Brand

"War Is Over" ~~ John Lennon

Deadly Bacteria --- 20th recall of ground beef this year -- !!!

Any thoughts on TIME's Person of the Year?

Impeachment Must Happen

My friend, a breast cancer survivor, tried to commit suicide yesterday

Blackwater Mercenaries Invade Tribute to U.S. Veterans


What do you do when strangers ask you for money?

Congress 'guilty of not impeaching Bush'

Anti-Bush Protesters Prosecuted for “Unlawful Display of Sign”

PRICE OF GAS AROUND THE WORLD (an email I just got)

Edwards: NIE justifies opposition to Bush on Iran

This is what the right is reading ...

WP: For Some, Negative Turn is a Turn-Off (Clinton co-chair switches to Obama)

Obama closing gap in SC due to dramatic shift in support among African-Americans (51 vs. 27 for Hil)

Latta Hot Air: Keep an Eye on Ohio 5 (special election Tuesday 12-11-07)

Whoa....Keith Olbermann gave another stunning Special Comment to Bush...

So let me get this straight . . . only 4% of Iowans actually choose the winners?

Keith - He's got a lot of balls -

Requiring versus Bestowing.....

Obama is up over 8 points this week on INTRADE; Hillary down more than 5 points.

Howard Wolfson admits mistake after he discovers nasty doesn't work.

Why do the pundits keep UNDERESTIMATING Obama

Richardson 'not interested' in pursuing vice presidency

Anyone who gives a flying f**k about what Gennifer Flowers thinks, raise your hands.

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/6/07 - Clinton and Edwards down 1, Obama up 2

Did Obama say this: If I win Iowa the nomination is mines

Weirauch stumps at Honeywell (special election for US Congress 12-11-07)

ARRGGHH! Huckabee: 'I'm Not Saying God Wants Me To Be Elected.'

POLL: Among Hispanics, Major Trend Toward Democrats (57% D vs. 23% R)

hannity today said "Romney's faith should not be an issue...but Obamas should?

Is Intelligence Chief McConnell contemplating resignation?

Poll: AMong Hispanics, Major Trend Toward Hillary (59% vs 15% for Obama),,,

Who Says Students Shouldn't Vote Where They Live?

The Hill: The endorsements that would make huge waves

I don't think it's a secret who the Bushies support

Iraq parliament to take the next month off.

Campaigns Need Public Financing, Biden Tells Iowa Students

Anybody up to compare Romney to Kennedy?

Are Edwards supporters being taken for a ride yet again by his no PAC no Lobbyist promise...


I *finally* understand the magnetic attraction to Obama.

just got an Obama hate email, see the snopes link below

My fellow Clinton supporters.

My letter to the Editor - hard to do in 200 words - and it's 200 on the nose

It used to be that the worst thing you could do with the media if

Harry Belafonte endorses John Edwards!

My candidate can't do anything wrong, and yours can't do anything right.

"Obama ties to mining lobbyist, opposition to bill draws scrutiny"

Gennifer Flowers mulls vote for Clinton

Independent UK: Hillary is in a panic - as well she might be

Krugman: Obama's attacks from the right make delivery of universal health care much more difficult

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio & Wisconsin UNITE HERE endorses Edwards

Obama would come closer than Hillary to Universal Health Care

Is 2008 a "change" election?

What will Obama's excuse be for missng the Energy Bill Vote this Saturday

I used to go by the name "Clarkie1" here, and I'm here to tell you General Clark is wrong.

Hillary to Students: Don't Vote

Biden Puzzles Media With Bryn Mawr Reference

Howard Dean, Rev. Luis Cortes join to ask GOP to tone down immigration rhetoric.

Obama has churned endless RNC script against Clinton.

How do I d/ a movie from my Tivo to my Mac?

How board game helped free POWs

I have decided that the perfect car for me is..

cute puppies

Its Nasty In The Lounge Today

Any "classy" Redskins fans here?


Don't wait for the translation.

Back to the future

Anyone reading the Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series by George R.R. Martin?

Best song with drums but no cymbals that you don't like anyway

The OFFICIAL "Israelis suck/shoot a polar bear/Mormons are weird" thread.

Is "nailing someone" a sexist expression ?

SO, I have the day off today and i'm baking Tollhouse Cookies

Best Instrumental Rock Song

Healthy Choice Steak & Noodle soup in the microwave cup is borderline inedible

Airplane nuts unite...

How common is it for couples to refer to each other as cute critters...

Britney Spears threatens Paris Hilton with exposing lesbian video

A cow-orker just asked another if he wanted to blow his wad beer to have when you're having more than one...

"Can't you see my sprouts?!"

Just walk away. I will give you safe passage in the wasteland.Just walk away...

Mrs. V's wrist won't require surgery.

Are Those Tollhouse Cookies Ready Yet?

What happened to the love for Thomas Kinkade?

Tell us why YOUR entourage is better than anyone else's

Wedding anniversary in 2 weeks

Where Is The KitchenWitch Bounce

Brrrr! It's COLD in Washington DC.

What is on the agenda tonight folks?

Are you a "What you see is what you get" type of person?

Thanks to that damned mall shooter this song is back in my head

Best Swedish Country Line Dancing Video?

i am now accepting applications to join my entourage, mine is better then CoffeeGrounds

if you take a video at a concert with your cell phone, AND post it on YouTube...

CONFESS!!! What was the dumbest thing you ever did to your Hare


I want somebody else to do it

Click here to see why Eric Burdon is one of the best

Use your pet's name in a song title or lyrics

Why are the Japanese fascinated with robots.

Instead of running for president, Mike Huckabee should open up a chain of family restaurants

According to me, mailing your boss's daughter to the office christmas party is a career don't.

I'm not really a James Carville fan

On one of my Biology college lab exams

You are all a buncha SLAVES!!!!

They finally sent a maintenance guy over to fix my door and unclog the sink, PARTY TIME!!

Things you now realize that you shouldn't have thrown away:

'Fake penis' sex attacker jailed

Just saw a Peter Frampton Geico commercial.

Kevin Everett (NFL Buffalo Bills)-is walking

I'M Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Lisa Marie and Elvis ... check out these photos:

Is it bad form to spank people in GD?

Who was your earliest cenobite crush?

What's with all of the badgers this afternoon?


Librarians, teachers, parents -- recommendations for 4th/5th grade reading level books?

I Just Saw A Badger And Am Very Interested!!!!

If Bornagin Bob doesn't stop whistling the theme to "Andy Griffith"....

The Wiki is chock full 'o the most useful information

How Big Is Your 'Nadger'

By tomorrow afternoon, I WILL be finished with my Christmas shopping for my wife.

nadgers twiddle?

DU's servers need some firewall rules to make the admin's life easier

Possum Lips Now...

I cut my nadger shaving.

TMZ: Trump "$10,000 tip" story is false

The carrot and stick

Are you a Zuul the Gatekeeper or a Vinz Clortho the Keymaster?

CONFESS!!! What's the dumbest thing you ever did to Lynnesin's hair

Which one of you gave me this cold?

Christmas Eve traditions?

I cut my nose shaving

Ever hear a loud noise and then see your cat walking slowly

Well, I'm just a few days into my advent calendar, and I'm really enjoying it

Pearl Harbor 66 Years Ago Today

Stuck for Presents from Secret Santa?

Your Friday advice thread. Post here with your problems and questions

Sex and the City movie trailer!

Did you have too much to dream last night?

Mo Rocca

Today's Christmas groaner:

How do I bookmark a thread?

What the heck is this thing???

well, my office burned down. electrical surge

Here's a picture of Uranus

One of the Strangest EBay auctions I've ever seen.

This has been nagging at me for 24 hours and it's really trivial

Ah, I Love YouTube For Stuff Like This

I just have to share this....

This does not feel like Christmas!

Don't talk to my parrot!!!!

The poop on a perfect Christmas gift - Rhino turds!

Post a picture of Uranus!

For your amusement -- I present Eat the Rich


For just $12.79 You too can have a reserved spot in Heaven!


Does everyone get shorter when they get chronologically gifted? nt

I think I'm doing a great job down here on the 3rd deck of the Titanic


Good vibes needed URGENTLY...

I would love to post something

Help! I'm stuck in the 8,200 club

Carrickfergus - Van Morrison

Oedi's truck looks like Uranus, pass it along...

New Harold & Kumar 2 trailer!

Gah! *Nasty* storm blowin' in!

Portland hockey fans throw 20,000 stuffed animals on to the ice!

Vegetable Orchestra (YouTube)

Should I go wish my Japanese neighbors happy Pearl Harbor day?

G'night, DU!


Are you taller than your same-sex parent? Are your kids taller than you?

Wedding pics, who's got 'em?

Anybody else watching "Afro Samurai" on Spike right now?

Well, *here's* a new phone scam

It's raining in Santa Barbara

UN report raises death toll in Myanmar crackdown

Bush wields Colombia trade deal to halt Venezuela

Battle to retake key Taleban town

Germany moves to ban Scientology

Panic spreads as Uganda reports 101 Ebola cases

US official in Blackwater probe quits (Howard Krongard)

Pioneering Composer Stockhausen Dies at 79

Harman says she warned CIA not to destroy tapes

Gates urges Gulf region to counter Iran

Former (UnitedHealth Group) Chief Will Forfeit $418 Million

McEnroe fears (Russian) mafia infiltrating tennis

Pelosi calls Cheney swipe undignified

Huckabee Releases Immigration Plan

Burning Down the House: WGA Talks About to Fall Apart?

Minn. Slaughterhouse Workers Fall Ill - Pig-Brain Removal Technique Is Suspected

NBC Rejects Ad From Conservative Group

Leave animals alone, Inuit hunters tell scientists

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 7

Three prisoners executed in Japan

Shots Fired in Pa. Mall Parking Lot

House rejects CIA tape-destruction claim

Israel considering strike on Iran despite US intelligence report

Nobel winner Gore calls for early climate pact

Senate Energy Bill Fails in Bid for a Final Vote

Repsol Discovers Natural Gas in Bolivia to Supply 1% of Spain

Sophisticated cyberattack on national labs under way, Oak Ridge says

(Newsweek Poll) Huckabee Surges, Obama Gains in Iowa

Bush's Bad Mortgage Medicine

Bush 'has no recollection' of CIA's interrogation tapes

Ex-Alaska Lawmaker Sentenced in Oil Case

Blackwater probe narrows focus to guards(some given immunity for cooperating)

UK Guantanamo four to be released

SECRET MEMO: Dioxin report details deception - EPA found state failed to stand up to chemical giant

Panic spreads as Uganda reports 101 Ebola cases

(Supreme)Court to hear U.S. citizens held in Iraq

FBI: Gitmo detainee was with bin Laden

US military conserving fuel to save lives, money

Anti-Qaeda fighters can't bank on Iraq army jobs: US official

2 Republicans leave Congressional page board

IDF to show US nuclear data on Iran

Lawmakers upset over reports of sex, shoplifting by pages

DHS to Outsource Open Source Intel

Justice asked to probe tape destruction

US Marine charged with murder in Fallujah killing

Guilty Plea From Ex-Rep. Weldon Aide

22 die in suicide attacks in Iraq

Police alarmed at candy in cocaine-like packs

Rice Says Missile Plans Can Be Refined

Romney Painters Facing Inquiry

U.S. Democrats' fury grows over destroyed CIA tapes

Saddam VP's hideout found ("al-Qaeda" documents seized)

Judith Nathan got security earlier

Pentagon Cites Poor Controls for Iraq Fund

Everett out of rehab, walking on his own (formerly paralyzed NFL player)

Conflicting reports on Iraqi return figures

Lawmakers Call for Tougher (Copyright) Infringement Penalties

UNHCR: Many Iraq areas unsafe for return

Gennifer Flowers mulls vote for Clinton

`Not accurate to say Iran has stopped' pursuing nuclear bomb, Israelis say

Military Families Question Iraq War as Support for Bush Slips

Baghdad may be safer, but few Iraqis in Syria risk returning (no flood of Iraqis coming home)

China says father of bird flu victim also infected

Review of Iran Intelligence to Be Sought

Mormon Mitt Romney says he would serve a broad church

'Millions missing' from Iraq fund

U.S. Plans to Form Job Corps For ("former insurgents") Iraqi Security Volunteers

Recording nets charges for NY detective

Hayden says CIA videotapes destroyed

Russia and Belarus to be united into one nation, Putin president

Female suicide bomber kills 16 in Iraq

Paying to preserve rain forest will help poor, UN climate talks told

French nuclear waste being stored in the U.S.?

Two New Landfill Gas-to-Energy Facilities Commence Operation in Virginia

Bayh, Lugar help block energy bill

La Niña is expected to continue into Northern Hemisphere spring 2008.

Emissions cap for poor unlikely at Bali talks - Reuters

State's utilities teaming up for major solar project (AZ)

Tons of oil spill into Yellow Sea (CNN) {off Korea}

Foldable Electric Scooter Made for Sharing (MIT)

China: US Should Take Lead on Climate

Toyota Releases Environmental Report, Plans 2.2 MW Solar Power System

Discussion in LBN about polar bears, scientists, and native Inuit.

Greenland ice could be next puzzle for U.N. panel

Jonathan Schell is on DemocracyNow today discussing nuclear proliferation

California sets key climate targets

House Passes Energy Bill; Solar Industry Starts Calling Their Senators

Tips On Pumping Gas To Save Money

Go Left TV: Eco-Friendly Gifts

Gore calls for early climate treaty - Reuters

Oil spill after S Korea collision - BBC

Why So Angry, America? by Richard Armitage and Joseph S. Nye Jr.

Getting Past "Oh!" - Why Americans Misunderestimate the Depravity of the President They Hate

The Truth About The Most Hateful Man On Radio

I googled "Kolob" and found hilarity

‘By 2032, India will be among the three largest economies in the world’: Survey

Not Feeling the Oprah Love (NYT)

Candidates take great pains to distance themselves from NAFTA

Bush Determines What Is Constitutional

The Credit Bomb Detonates in Florida

Post office pilfering: Who's hiding campaign mailings?

The Nation: Sovereign Wealth: Theirs, Not Ours

Impeachment Play set for New York By Richard Lasser

Getting inside their heads ... really inside / LATimes (Shrink Worries About Candidates)

Rumors swirl: Did documentary maker find bin Laden?

An open letter to Mit.

Bush and the Torture Tapes

Hadley: "It's right, it was right at the time, and it's right now."

Americans' Support for Free Trade Declines

Bush’s Alternative Energy Flip-Flop

Former Cheney Aide’s Efforts To Discredit Iran NIE Are Contradicted By Cheney Himself

Tom Hayden: Thoughts for the Weary on Ending the War

Romney and Huckabee's religious intolerance (Joe Conason)

Time for Meaningful Justice at Guantanamo

Appraisal of Rice unflattering in biography

Vanity Fair: Risky Business A Tale of Two Giulianis

What He Said and Didn’t Say

The Iran Agenda: The Historical Truth of Our Relations with Iran


AlterNet: Keith Ellison: First Muslim in Congress Makes His Mark

Bee sends some work to India (Modesto)

Lilly shifting work to outsiders

How Conservatives Manipulate People Into Voting Against Their Best Interests

Krugman: The Mandate Muddle (Health Insurance)


DAYUM! that is one flirtatious cougar

CONFESS!!!! What was the dumbest thing you ever did to your hair!!

Happy Anniversary DELAWARE!!! 220 years!

How do I convert camcorder movies into Mpegs?

Lies Lies Lies

You fake a stomach cramp, and when you're bent over, moaning and wailing, you lick your palms.


Gun fight in GD

Oh look, I found Midlodemocrat's Christmas present

Does anyone here use Skype?

Onion: 30 Miserable Lives Lost In Greyhound Bus Crash

I'll Show Em!!!!!!!111

I had a bowl of oyster stew an hour or so ago.

Why does the Lounge do the things it does? There's only one explanation.

Check out my cool new camera!!

Post your Amway success stories.

2 girls 1 cup

So I showed this guy my badger and he's still interested.

Yes, even YOU can make money on the Internet with my system

move along, nothing to see here (whistles)

The Chanukah Ham just made our local news!

Rest In Peace: Karlheinz Stockhausen has died

Career counseling....has anyone done that before? Was it useful?

Do you think there will be golden showers during the Golden Compass movie?

WTF is going on with the US Postal Service? Besides the holiday rush?

"Ripper" Rob Halford for people who think they don't deserve to hear Rob Halford

Post your favorite Grateful Dead song

*paging* matcom. *paging* matcom. matcom please report to LBN.

This is a song about John Denver

Billy and the Boingers!!!!

mac question

Best rock intro using just the voice

Nothing to see here

97 cats found inside a Florida home

Update on the Prof that was trying to drive me insane...

Is that a fishing reel in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

mac question

I get to hang with Momma and Cee-Cee!

Karsh Kale - Distance

Meat as verbs.

Update on the Trof that was trying to drive me insane...

Life ain't always beautiful...

Suburban Sex Parties Draw Complaints

Scariest animals in the woods?

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What was the most beautiful fighter aircraft of the WW2 Era?

Just Saw A GEICO Commercial Starring Peter Frampton

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Cannikin of Borg: From Nerd to Drone (55 sec youtube)

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The C64 (Commodore 64) turns 25

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TOONS: Calvin & Hobbes make some snowmen

Store ad: Hams 'delicious for Chanukah'

Sex Panther - Sixty percent of the time it works everytime


Rachael Ray's Dunkin Donuts ads fill me with impotent RAGE.

Crap. My kid wants to see The Golden Compass tonight. I'm afraid Satan will capture her soul.

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What was the most beautiful fighter aircraft of the Cold War Era?

Best rock tune intro, using bass guitar.

Gen.: Waning violence means force flexibility

Sarin gas leak at Ky. depot investigated

Congress OKs new pay and benefits provisions

Court backs church’s stay on picketing law

Pearl Harbor anniversary takes civilian focus

Army to hire 1,400 for acquisition command

Plates, mugs recalled for chemical leaching

Okla. close on funds for Guard holiday trip

716th MP prepare to leave Fort Campbell

HIV-positive Navy priest gets 2 years for sex crimes

Report focuses on dyslexic DoDEA students

CG: Teamwork, tactics led to record drug haul

Progress on defense bills comes in tiny steps

Jury orders reprimand in Marine training death

Marine Corps may lay off 24,000 civilians

AF civilians won’t be laid off yet

Lakenheath airman found guilty of 2 rapes

Airmen pay $10,000 for botched hunting trip

U.S. forces recall fight to expel al-Qaida from southern Baghdad neighborhood

First lady: Military kids ‘serve also’

33rd troops say they are eager to keep up Afghanistan missions

Airman convicted of rape gets 18 years

1 prosecutor disqualified in flashlight case

Japan, Okinawa COLA rates rise 4 points

U.S. Army Pacific plans for budget cuts

Navy Medicine Still Facing Challenges

Intel Official Defends Iran Report

Lawmakers Agree on Defense Policy Bill

Navy Announces LID Policy

CNO Holds All Hands Call

Radical and Cheap Anti-Stealth Radar

Japan to Develop Own Stealth Fighters

IVAW mourns the loss of member Sammantha Owen-Ewing

Video submitted to Link TV contest: I am a Muslim.

== The Bi-Polar Express ==

Wolfie's Back, Baby!

Iowa: Joe is Right

Countdown: Special Comment 12-06-07 ("You, sir, have no business being president")

One Big Union

War Hurts Children (Silent Night)

DFA Letter writing Campaign to Iowa

The Only Progressive Presidential Candidate

Charles Gibson Interviews Senator Clinton

Just another day at the office...

Immigrant workers stage a protest at UC Santa Barbara

OK I'm rotten! Everytime I hear Willard Romney I think of a rat!

CIA 'wiped' interrogation tapes -- BBC News

Kucinich giving up Congressional Seat?

The Last Acceptable Bigotry?

Going AWOL

Tired of presidents with 'a bad brain,' doctor demands brain scans

I think the window on the Pataki presidency is closing fast.

U.S. movies flood Havana film festival

Transcendant stupidity....Wow, when your stupidity becomes transcendant...

Small error!

Another Freeper-type from the message board I mentioned before.

Did John Kerry Win the 2004 Election?

Thought o' the Moment:

Attention All Christians

Oh Oh: Suicide bomber kills 16 in Iraq

The "trick" behind the rhetoric about WMD

. . . a date which will live in infamy . . . .

Jon Carroll-"The best surprise of the week"

House prices seen falling 30 pct (Reuters)

"The pattern... is not accident but character."

Iran Intelligence Report: More Psychological Warfare?

Congress Needs to Hear from Nurses THIS Friday, December 7 on Mental

A Day That Will Live in Infamy

Daley: If cops shoot, give 'em drug test - How about we give it before they shoot mayor?

What the hells the matter with DU? Why aren't we CALLING our CONGRESSMEN RIGHT FUCKING NOW?

Bush gives out wrong hotline number

Morning Joe will replay some of

California - Evacuation of OC canyons ordered

"I don't think our president is even sensitive at all to what it's like to have a child serving...."

Pearl Harbor Day

Would Iran aquiring nukes create a balance of power?

Female suicide bomber kills 16 in Iraq

Wouldn't counting the votes before the impeachment proceeding start

Today's news shows strong signs of inflation


We've got Air America BACK!

Comfy old shoes

Military Families Question Iraq War as Support for Bush Slips

Evil Secular Humanist Cult members check in-

Full lives cut short: Omaha victims' families mourn losses

So did Leahy send Dept of Justice Contempt Charges for the Administration?

Female suicide bomber kills 16 in Iraq: police

Banks, guns, religion: It´s all about trust (rant)

Electoral vote effort delayed

I Can't Believe I'm Still Fucking Protesting This Shit!

Pearl Harbor 12/07/41

Someone on DU has fallen for the "Special Rights" RW meme when it comes to Hate Crime Laws

Poll: Military Families Disapprove Of Iraq War, Want Troops Brought Home

People Brave Frigid Temperatures For Free Food

IRAQ: Widows Become the Silent Tragedy

Christmas came early for the cops in America...

Comments about torture and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

The Gloves Are Off Of The Military Industrial Complex

No joy in Clublands

If I Hear The Constitution Misquoted ONE MORE TIME, I Will Vomit

Surge Update: Suicide Bomber Kills 15 in Iraq

Isn't this REPUBLICAN EXPOSE exciting??

LA Times: Bush loses ground with military families

War Without End-Against An Abstract Noun: Elusive, Elastic, Ill-Defined NO-THING (Chris Floyd)

Senate fails to advance energy bill

The Fright Before Christmas

Bush wants "privatized intelligence"? Remember the Western Goals Foundation?

Bush White House Tries to Redefine "Truthful"

McClatchy: State Dept. retains manager of troubled embassy project despite investigations

Cheney's "Ruthless Relentlessness"

Bush History 12/7: Bush's "foreign-handed" policies

"surge success" propaganda has completely defanged the Democratic opposition

Blackwater's Bu$ine$$

Scores of Impeachable Crimes, A President Obviously Lieing On National TV, and 3,886 Dead GIs

"Schwarzenegger Reveals List of Donors" The Big Boys Club:

Judi-gate Scandal: Rudy provided her NYPD valet service in 1999

Guantanamo STILL exists

War Supporters say "Stop looking at the past and what led us to Iraq. We're there now."

Giuliani: Attacking Iraq led to Iran halting their nuke program

Can JOE KLEIN (Time) Top His Last Fuck Up??? YES HE CAN!!!!

Harman (D-Calif.) warned the CIA in writing NOT to destroy tapes

Hayden’s Letter

Kerry: Energy Bill in the Senate Right Now

Fred Thompson's comments "the stupidest thing I've heard yet in the presidential campaign."

"senate fails to advance Energy bill"--trailer on cspan2 . damm!!

DNA findings trigger revision

Durbin on Senate floor now talking about CIA destroying torture tapes

Images from Iran, September 18, 2001

What is the difference between "Hate Crime" and Terrorism?

CSPAN3 - Carl Levin talking about NIE - link

The Hype of Banning ALL Guns

Hayden: Destruction Of Tapes Was ‘In Line With The Law’ Because Torture Advocate Rizzo Said So

Q: Doesn't Joe Klein profess to be a liberal?

Writer’s Strike Not Doing Well: Producers Playing Games

Raucous Caucus Walks Out Over Gun Control

Craig on Senate Floor complaining of a bill that senators not allowed to add amendments

Can we demote Robert Byrd from hero status?

LA Times: (Repug) Electoral vote measure fails to make June ballot

Scar was talking how great torture worked on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed with David Shuster today

Chavez' Ex-Wife Proposes Reducing Term

Former Cheney Aide’s Efforts To Discredit Iran NIE Are Contradicted By Cheney Himself

Some predictions for 2008 from the Motley Fool

A horrible message from the U.S. military confirms that "the surge is working" is BS

Digby: Noble Neocons

"Aging out" of foster care

What We Have Here Is A Failure of Representation

The two burglars that Joe Horn murdered were here in the U.S. illegally

Iraq must cut food rations in 2008-trade minister

Fort Huachuca protesters jailed until Feb. 4th

PsyOp soldiers wage 'battle for hearts and minds' in Iraq

Iraq oil pipeline sabotaged

BP, Shell executives to meet Iraq oil minister on OPEC sidelines

Molotov Cocktails Thrown Into Day Care

Matthew Rothschild: Anti-Bush Protesters Prosecuted for “Unlawful Display of Sign”

ABC News Photographer Killed Traveling To Cover Omaha Mall Shooting

George Washington & Thomas Jefferson coffins China

Sean Taylor Dedication towels are for sale on ebay

A Nation of Laws, Not Men-by Senator Edward M Kennedy

Caption Bush

Democrats Call for Inquiry in Destruction of Tapes by C.I.A.

David Sirota: Flying Coach on a Planetary Scale

Canoe Man 'tried to buy catamaran'

Suppose, just suppose Chimpy was prez on Dec. 7, 1941

Mitt Romney’s Lack of Understanding of Religion and Government

Who would you like to see as Press Secretary?

McConnell Defends Iran NIE Against the Right

Sen. Edward Kennedy: A Nation of Laws, Not Men

Rockefeller, Harman: We Kinda Sorta Knew About CIA's Torture Tapes

I don't get to see Countdown until the next day

Senator Clinton Joins Kennedy, Maloney in Fighting for Workplace Flexibility for Families

Ben Stein's "Theories" on Evolution

NYTimes: Democrats are going to provide bu$h* with Iraq funding....again..without withdrawals

From "Omigod" Perino's press conference today: the Prez has "no recollection" of the CIA tapes....

World Bank Unmasked

How about a Garden of Eden theme park in Missouri?

The True Cost of Our Addiction to Shopping

On the subject of religion

Dogster a Facebook for canines

twenty seven years ago tomarrow

The Emperor is Wearing White Hooded Robes:KO Calls Lou Dobbs on His Racist Attacks Against Immigrant

Hey Russia wants nuclear parity with the U. S.

Will Bernie Ward be back?

Americans United: Those Who Don't Follow Any Particular Religion Are Good Americans too.

Are gas prices in your area going down? Iran NIE connection?

Hilarious Mormon/Christian Talks on FR

Electoral vote measure fails to make June ballot

UNICEF alarmed by widespread rape in Mogadishu

Just a question? Was Bush manipulating oil prices with the Iran SCARE?

Someone please send Dodd info on S1959 Violent Radicalizat'n/Homegrown Terrorism Act(He is unaware!)

Can we get off the God and Guns topics...?

Fisher-Price pulls lead-tainted toy in Illinois but not other states

Rotten Rudy is the star guest on MTP Sunday AM.

Consumer electronics ate my child's imagination

NBC Rejects Ad From Conservative Group

Today in History: What Bill Clinton Did Right

DUer lala rawraw is on with Thom Hartmann NOW

LaLa Alexandrovna on Thom Hartmann now...talking about political prisoners in U.S.

Faux News reports that Barry Bonds pleaded guilty

CIA analysts willing to ‘go to jail’ to ensure NIE’s release

Secret Torture Memos Disclosed on Floor of Senate

Dennis Miller.

This is the war that never ends...

Compilation Thread: IRAN National Intelligenc Estimate COVER UP

Photo of mall shooter

A letter to DU Mormons

Deputies use taser on two juvenile football fans "to disperse the crowd"

Is C.I.A. a Rogue Agency? C.I.A. Destroyed 2 Tapes Showing Interrogations

ALERT: Rate of Arctic winter refreeze may be slowing considerably

Rebuttals to Reasons NOT to Impeach

I just watched K.O.'s special comment from last night......

Wounded by war, Iraqis end up on Baghdad's streets making a living as beggars and street vendor

Hey! I have Air America!!!!

Bill to Ban Horse & Carriages Met with Unbridled Anger

This ever happen to you???

House Dems to vote on more $ for war?

It’s Official: VoteVets Right, Limbaugh Wrong

Shhhh! Mommy is Santa!

Take care of your campaign staffers

Evidently, there's no place for me in Mitt Romney's America.

Glenn Beck: Why ask a candidate about religion?.....(Unless he's a Muslim like Keith Ellison)

Memo To Media: More Big Questions Remain About Bush And The Iran No-Nuke Intel

The government of The United States of America is being corrupted by domestic enemies

"Gennifer Flowers Mulls Vote for Clinton" UNfreakin' believable.

From Tom Toles -- Mitt: "Pardon My Religion"

Does it seem reasonable to you that two committed progressives can disagree on hate crimes laws?

Weather people are absolutely useless

Happy Birthday, Eli Wallach!!!

Bush ALMOST does something I could support - and he still fucks that up - Mortgage crisis

Bill Scher: Conservative Obstruction: Part 57

Israel considering strike on Iran despite US intelligence report (GuardianUK)

I just told Target Corp. to stick it!

Shots Fired in Pa. Mall Parking Lot

Breaking on CNN: Howard Krongard resigning.

need help here--anybody have any experience with the boulder county CFI?

Anybody watch Sand and Sorrow on HBO last night

Why doesn't anybody talk about this?

Arkansas residents beware!!! Deadeye Dick is in your state with guns!!!

Umm, CIA, what'd ya do with those Abu Gharib tapes? You know,

Today is the 66th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

Anybody listen to Washington Journal this morning?

We may have a new Champion folks

There is talk and then there is action!

Biologist fired for beliefs, suit says

IVAW regret to bring you the sad news of the death of one of our IVAW members

"The Golden Compass" (film) points to controversy

CIA analysts willing to ‘go to jail’ to ensure NIE’s release.

LOL-Joe Klein, Hayden deserves credit for "coming clean" about tapes

Let's say your favorite candidate is elected in November next year. What are the first three things

Top 10 Reasons For Opposing Food Irradiation

"Those tapes must have depicted pretty gruesome evidence of serious criminal conduct."

NY Police Department Sued for Harassing Photographers

Only 30% to 50% of US households have guns - but the US holds 35-50% of all the guns in the world

RW talkshow host: "Aren't cops entitled to a little bit of road rage?"

FDL: Peggy Noonan Discovers the GOP is controlled by fundamentalist idiots

Is the CIA torture tape story retribution from Bush for the NIE?

Hatred: The Republican’s weapon of choice.

"certified christian"...?

Plan 9 From Mars. Secret Message Follows:

Al Gore In Oslo To Receive Nobel Prize

Arizona Congressman Co-Sponsors Cheney Impeachment

Whats the difference between the CIA video tapes and Valerie Plame Wilson?

What in the heck is this?!

WH Presser - Bush has“no recollection of being made aware of the tapes"

Thank You Mr Chavez..oops Prez.....WA State Floods

1 wk before the NIE on Iran, a major right-wing website says an invasion would be bad. Coincidence?

Unsellable Homes + Homeless Persons (including Veterans) = Opportunity?

Saudi Arabia, United States do least for climate: study


Is Kentucky a Southern State? Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky called it South-Eastern today...

Senate Blocks Energy Bill

"This Week" with George Stephanopoulos guest

6 most vulnerable repub senators

Roll call vote for Senate (energy bill)--looky here for how they voted:

Mitt Romney's least favourite movie has to be...

CIA's destruction of tapes likely to spur lawsuits

National ImPEACHment day!

Little tree, big menorah draws fire

Framing/Slogans: Raising the debt IS raising taxes

Man Accused Of Stealing Hospice TV

Woody Allen steals Mike Gravel's material

Records Show Officer Spent Time At Bar Before Hit-And-Run

FAIREST TAX SOLUTION - elimate all income tax, only tax corporations

That Cheney is a real cash cow, isn't he?

Serious question: Have there been any terror alerts

Video Game Celebrates Fallujah Slaughter

Family Begs for $1 Million To Buy Fancy Apartment

There Is Only ONE Thing More Important Than The Constitution

"Christmas in Fallujah" - new anti-war song

Health care ads to hit Iowa papers....Cheney would probably be dead now if he were anyone else...

Make A Child Smile

Zubaydah and Lee Harvey Oswald

NYT editorial on Romney's speech: "Democracy cannot exist without separation of church and state."

Chris Dodd coming up on Blitzer re the destroyed tapes n/t

Firefighters are being trained as domestic spies by Homeland Security


Cafferty just asked on CNN: Should Pelosi have taken impeachment

Most asinine bumpersticker I've ever seen that wasn't directly political or religious:

Friday evening TOON-A-Polooza!

Army Still Discharging Traumatic Brain Injury Patients Without Benefits

Suicide Attacks in Iraq Kill at Least 22

I would be willing to eliminate all federal Corporate taxes, with conditions

It's not about guns and CCW, it's about ignoring mental illness

Dave Lindorff: Who Says College Students Shouldn't Vote Where They Live?

WP, Dan Froomkin: Bush and the Torture Tapes; Zubaydah "a mentally ill minor functionary"

Thomas Friedman thinks the World is Flat

I know that others have posed the question: How do we make our government fear us?

Mitt does not believe DNA Science.

Lookie lookie: George Pandora's box has been blasted open

Senate rethugs to form Congressional commission to investigate NIE conclusions

Does anyone support a "Fair Tax"?

The one lesson republicans learned from Viet Nam, but we didn't.

2 shot in Pasadena(TX) here illegally

ACLU Responds to CIA’s Destruction of Harsh Interrogation Tapes

Bernie Ward: Newspaper columnist confirms being told of book research

Rockefeller: Actually, I Just Found Out About the Destroyed Torture-Tapes Yesterday

Is This a Hate Crime?

CIA analysts willing to ‘go to jail’ to ensure NIE’s release

== God commands you to read this = By Mark Morford

I just finished watching the movie, '300;'

Bernie Ward and the U.S. Attorney purge ... a connection?

Let us eat cake? I say eat the rich

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Ex-Alaska House Speaker Gets 6 Years on Corruption Convictions Involving Oil Services Company

CNN BREAKING: Reverend Huckleberry opens *22 point* lead on Romney in Iowa

Sean Penn: 'Piano Wire Puppeteers: The Constitution, Media, & Dennis Kucinich'

Repubs "Knew Of (Torture) Footage & The CIA's Decision To Destroy It"

Caption Rudy & Judy

What a hoot! I'm on YouTube with the Raging Grannies!

NBC's Today Show newly discovered Mumia Abu-Jamal photos

The CIA's Destroyed Interrogation Tapes and the Saudi-Pakistani 9/11 Connection

Exchanging message of peace with Iranian artists

GOP Senate Leader McConnell Appears To Belittle Deaths Of American Troops

"No recollection" - let's start on the eventual Webster's Dictionary definition

HA HA! Another one bites the dust.....

President Fred Thompson....Lol

Rep. Grijalva Becomes 23rd Cheney Impeachment Bill Co-sponsor

Huckabee Jogs on His Knees?

Impeachment of Bush/Cheney IS a Constitutional OBLIGATION...

I saw "The Kite Runner" last night -even if you only see one movie this year make it this one

Big Brag - 17-year-old granddaughter wants donations to Atlanta Food Bank instead of Christmas gifts

Huckabee's OTHER Dumond: Yes, it's just as bad.

Where is the website that Olbermann cited

Scott Horton: Witnesses describe "clean-up" mission at Iraq detention facilities to destroy evidence

Code Pink's Medea Benjamin and Tighe Barry were arrested at gun point in Pakistan

Papal Bulls and the subjugation of native peoples, theft of indigenous lands ---

The War On Kwanzaa: Maine Kwanzaa party planned despite death threats!

legalize cannabis now

A response to Nancy Pelosi's email about ending the war

The media has not mentioned gun control at all. Not once.

Rockefeller says investigation has begun re: CIA tapes

Group Pushes For City To Remove Nativity Scene

Nearly two-thirds of Americans think federal officials had specific warning of 9/11.

Will paroling rapist who went on to rape & murder sink Huckabee candidacy?

Mmm Mmm Good - Have you checked your canned foods lately???

DUzy awards will be posted Saturday, December 8

Helen Thomas: Iran: Bush Loses Even More Credibility

Do we know how the mall shooter got a rifle? n/t

The planned collapse of America

BUSHCO Plans To Use Private Contractors To Make USA Most Closely Monitored Nation

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Gore in Norway to get Nobel Peace Prize

**YOUR HELP NEEDED NOW** Don't Let More Cuts To Programs Happen!**

Ladies, WOULD you fight, or reason?

MANUFACTURING CONSENT: The Management of Public Opinion

Why on EARTH would anyone want to make a movie of "Atlas Shrugged"?

Why supporting Edwards is extremely important.

I've dutifully defended my representatives and argued against impeachment.

Porter Goss, CIA Director 2004-2006, claims ignorance of tapes' destruction. Right-oh.

Sen. Whitehouse Reveals Secret DoJ Legal Memos: Bush Determines What Is Constitutional

"It's A Blunderful Life"

Brother Mitt Romney: apropos MORMONISMz

Do you ever feel like a marriageable young person in the Middle Ages these days?

Political skill #3

We were somewhere on the edge of Armageddon

CA Electoral Vote Change Fails June Ballot

John Bolton Time Warp

Hillary Reversal on Student Caucusing?

Rasmussen (Friday): Hillary 34%, Obama 25%, Edwards 16%

Some Random Observation On A Friday Morning

Most likely nominees: For Obama, It Takes a Movement

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/7/07 - Clinton and Edwards up 1, Obama down 1

Diplomats back Hillary's Foreign Policy - and her role as First Lady

Will the real Obama please stand up.

Obama writes essay for law journal: ""Our constitutional system has been assaulted..."

Huckabee also paroled a guy who murdered a woman, raped her dead body, ran over it w/ his car

an Ode to Mtnsnake, by Dionysus

So, after all the whining and bullshit about Romney is done...

Cynthia McKinney to run for president --- with the Green Party

Obama wont have to chose between Harry and Oprah - No Senate votes on Saturday

But, he "looks" presidential....

Cellphones Challenge Poll Sampling

Iraq Today-several interesting stories...

The Rude Pundit: Rudy and Judy: Love on the Run (and on the Taxpayers' Bill)

Poor women not allowed divorce help

Dick Vetted the Intelligence Two Weeks Ago

Balance of Opinion: Attacking Obama- Will Clinton's new strategy jeopardize Iowa?

Have Bush 1 and his cohorts adopted Mitt as an improved GW Jr?

Huckabee commuted 111 sentences his first eight years in office.

Freedom requires that Mitt Romney not be President of the United States.

Obama's ancestral village cheers on its favourite son

Biden gets endorsed by Cartman's Jakovosaurus!!!

Who will take on Mitch McConnell? Article from Herald Leader

AP-Ipsos Reid Poll 12/3- 12/5 - Clinton -45% Obama 23% Edwards 12%

NYT: Cellphones Challenge Poll Sampling

Rice Want More Pressure On Iran

Biden consistent on the issues.

Suprise suprise.. Faux "debunk" the NIE report..

The Nation: Student Caucus-Crashing Debate Continues

Are You Too Smart For Your Own Good?

Democrats who take controversial stands on issues are often ridiculed

Why Hillary is in a fight

ARG Nevada poll: Hillary - 45, Obama - 18, Edwards - 14, Undecided - 11

Judging by repuke/conservative sites, the repukes really, really

If there's JUST ONE thing I've learned from the Republicans, it's this:

Last summer, Krugman said that Obama's plan was a path to single payer.

Repubs are the better team, when it comes to politics

Flip-Floppin' Matthew Dowd becomes "the latest member of Bush team to embed himself in the media"

Obama says Donations Were In Accordance With Campaign Laws

Obama Can Unite, But Can He Fight?

Mormons subjugate women. This to me is an important

Senator Barack Obama has won the KDP's E-Straw Poll with 36.3%

Edwards to World: Start Working and We'll Be There (supports global climate change treaty)

open letter to republicans

Hey, Iowa and New Hampshire! Read this!

Obama's "Universal" Health Care claim rated "Barely True" by Congressional Quarterly

Harry Reid's son Rory is chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in Nevada

Another Poll:Obama Up In South Carolina

SC POLL: Obama 26, Hillary 24, Edwards 15

Wrong forum

Chris Dodd (D-Connecticut) off primary ballot for neighboring New York

Obama or Omaha.......????????

Is Hillary folding or is Obama surging?

So Many Undecideds, So Little Time--NHPR

Wow... Huckabee 39%, Romney 17%, Rudy 9%

Repug IA POLL: *Christian* Huckeleberry now crushing Mittens (39% vs. 17%)

The Nation: Clinton Campaign Offered Cash on Craigslist

PREDICTION: McCAIN will be the GOP's "COMEBACK" "Kid" in New Hampshire--

John Edwards, Chris Dodd on H-1B, L-1 guest worker Visas

Bush nominates Stephen Limbaugh, Jr. for Federal Courts

Sen. Clinton meets with Northern Ireland leaders

CNN: Bush effort to bail out subprime homeowners has some responsible borrowers shouting "Not fair"

Iran Intell Report Released Because Analysts Ready to Go Public On their Own and Risk Jail-time

WP, Eugene Robinson: Lessons for the Front-Runner, Hillary Clinton

There are classy ways that candidates can disagree: Props to Chris Dodd

Bill Clinton a pardoned federal felon? I know this is bunk but I can't find it on snopes.

Maybe John Edwards is the best chance?

Delaware native counts on Biden for the truth

What energy vote happened today?

New Newsweek Poll--Obama gains in Iowa.

Ride the NIE Wave Now! Please keep pressure on House Judiciary members to Impeach

Rider News: Biden campaign to climb to top echelon

Isn't it ironic?

Can Oprah help get Obama into the White House?

I got Mrs. NewHampster a ticket to see Oprah this weekend

Goldwater/Miller rally ......... I'M GOING!!

Is anyone else tempted to hop in the car and head to S.C. to support Obama this weekend?

Biden belongs in the White House

The Audacity of Oprah

Is Clinton using Michigan and Florida as a safety net?

Krugman's analysis of Obama's healthcare plan is in need of a checkup

IA POLL: Hillary 30, Obama 29, Edwards 21

John Nichols: Could Clinton Finish 3rd in Iowa? Yes.

Kerry on Imus, great interview

Here's a post from Huckabee's Blog by an enthusiastic supporter...maybe a little TOO enthusiastic.

Dear Clinton supporters,

Obama widens lead in Iowa

Sean Penn to endorse Dennis Kucinich today.

Biden and Richardson Will Surprise The "First-Tier" In Iowa

Not feeling the Oprah love

Can any of us be elected President?

Barack Obama and The Audacity of Deception

Edwards Statement on Destruction of Tapes by CIA

Just got this from the California Democratic Party...

Something that I like very much that John Edwards does

Edwards campaign says internal poll shows three-way tie in Iowa

Dana, Dana, Dana...what a Freudian slip!

NIE File Online ---What it Says.....In Detail...

Edwards to World: "Start Working, We Will Be There."

Where was Obama the evening of the K/L vote's orginal scheduling?

Living in Arizona - I have alot of positive things to say about Mormons.

Facts about the negative attacks going on by Clinton supporters here.

The Clinton resisters


Dukakis speaks about Barack Obama

DLC's Dream Accounts make claim to save Social Security. How will they help Social Security?