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Archives: December 8, 2007

Congress notified of possible AWACS sale to Saudi Arabia

Huckabee rises to 2nd in GOP race

Judge unseals indictment against Bernie Ward

(Abq Mayor) Marty Chavez drops out of NM Senate race, endorses Tom Udall

Harriet Miers Knew of Destruction of Interrogation Tapes

Images of Gunman, Suicide Note Released

DynCorp Basks In Army's Love

Pentagon Thinking on Iran Unchanged

Army revises contracting testimony (KBR and LOGCAPIII)

Hackers Launch Cyberattack on Federal Labs--Believe Chinese Hackers Carried Out 'Sophisticated' Hit

(WGA) Talks Collapse: AMPTP breaks off negotiations

Hill Close To Deal on War Funds

Budget Makers Plan Tradeoff for -unfettered] War Funds

US says Iran report has no impact on missile shield plans

Moose kills Richardson spc. back from Iraq

IDF To Present Iranian Nuclear Evidence To US Military Chief

2 shot in Pasadena(TX) here illegally

Ohio Mortgage Market Probe Gains Steam


Piano Wire Puppeteers -- Sean Penn

Anger as library makes exhibition of Bush

Ah, yes, back in the days when everyone showed some f*cking class

Man in the Middle CIA acting General Counsel John Rizzo



U.S. Rep. Major R. Owens: Crime Does Pay -- For Government-Chartered Banks

Independent UK: A case that confirms some of our worst fears about supermarkets

Intelligence expert who rewrote book on Iran

Answering Impeachment Critics; A Dialogue on Why Impeachment is Necessary

I was walkin' down Hastings Street... Everybody was talkin' 'bout... Henry's Swing Club...

Anyone see Baba Wahwah last night? Bill Clinton seemed really blah, I thought,

ok pervs

Worst movie ever based on a TV series?

Who needs a bounce thread when RP is posting?

Always listen to your parents

12 degrees out, if they call back saying I can pick up the car, should I go out?

Are you in the hoiliday spirit?

On The Moon

has anyone seen Golden Compass yet?

Happy Hoilidays HypnoToad!!!

on a mac....thanks Mr. Scorpio

Hey Guys! Remember This At Christmas Time!

I still can't do it with a mac

I did it...

just checking

Last night I ate some pickled beets

just practicing

Are Those Tollbooth mooks Ready Yet?

I'm working my way through a batch of chocolate-peanut butter-oatmeal drop cookies

Is this someone we all know?

double checking

Last night I beat my pickle

Look, dumbass, what part of the word "adschernaemadleknicklethrob" don't you understand?

Mods — can we get a separate forum for


just checking


latest proof of global warming! Steaming Black-Guy Heads Occurring Later Every Year

How do you crack

GAAAHHH! GRRR! (and many other frustrated and angry noises)

Bostonians and Locals! Inst. of Contemporary Art free on Sunday!

me, my sis and my mom

learning my mac....thats my sis

(CAR)e you a Cougar or a Mustang?

Suck fest Movie Time

Mods--can we get a seperate forum for plain geeks?

Shall we toast my car to death?

Mods-- can we get a separate forum for the plane geeks?

What's for supper tonight?

Byline, Oeditpus Rex: Bonds set free on bond...

So I jogged back to get my car


Advice requested: What alcohol drinks should be bought for a party of ten or fifteen people?

History being made (David Lee Roth touring with Van Halen)

One Break, Com'in Up!!

Do you ever get depressed because you try to live a very healthy life, but

She must have had a very rough night

I saw Santa driving down San Tomas Expressway in a beat-to-crap Toyota earlier today.

Just saw the commercial for the new "Rambo" flick.

I still can't do it with a mac

I am feeling left out, hurt, and lousy. really. I tried to cheer myself

Chicken, looks like her mind is elsewhere when she wears this wig --

The writer's strike is getting serious: Pets now refuse to be cute.

Is parallel parking a lost art form?

Clinton For President

Shall we toast the death of my car?

Glengarry Glenn Close

Bizarre illusion (YouTube)

Help! Trixie Norton is expiring -- anyone know a decent free counterpart?

Make it so, Number 1.

Okay — most beautiful fighter aircraft of the WWI era

The word of the day is: Pig-brain Removal Technique

What movie disappointed you the most?

Curse you INCHWORM!!!!!!!``

Talking The Fire Out of a Burn

Lost art from a parallel universe.

Bone Health and Lifting Weights

Notice how most of the women in ohiosmith's thread say 'No one wants to see me naked'

College Students: Are you done for the semester? Almost?

Favorite Wild West Story/Character

Living in the 2000's

Hey guys! Appalachian State is playing football on ESPN2

Hey DarkTirade, can I borrow your suppository? I Have a Star Wars Question.

Friday Night of my favorite shows on TV right now.

Stood up by my bros tonight...


How about an ethics question:

why are vitamin pills so freaking big?

Muppet Babies

Phony Mall Santa Drops His Pants

Friday Night Earworm (Eric Carmen)

Are you where you wanted to be RIGHT NOW???

Larry Flynt on the Henry Rollins Show, RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

*** Official Music-to-Make-Everyone-SMILE Thread***

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/7/07

Gift idea questions and suggestions

I've asked the Mods to lock this thread.

When you think of the song "Proud Mary" do you think of CCR or Tina Turner?

Advice VCR died..I only use it to tape a few programs that I miss if I'm working

Would you be offended by these hanging in a cubicle near you?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Thread, 12/7/07 Bonus

Vt. Man Says He Found Condom in Sandwich and how was your night?

***BREAKING!!!*** New GG Sentinel poll has Kucinich leading with 100%; all others tied for 2nd.

Songs You Wish They Would Post On YouTube. List them here

What's a Good Credit Card to start out with?

What are some of your favorite female rock muscians?

think maybe i can get a hug?

"The Golden Compass" fucking ROCKED.

new pic

I need help

happy family

Grindhouse Trailer Fest (Warning: Those Who Are Faint Of Heart Are Advised Not To Watch)

MODS: This IS A Sex Thread

Underdaks! Gotta see!

What useless information is clogging up your brain?

Alltel Wireless commercials: "Come and get your love"???

Mods — can we get a separate forum for

It doesn't get much better than this...Santana and Clapton.

I am ALL about Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings right now

Recommend some good Netflix flicks for us...

MIR: Ahmadinejad's Winning Smile


Miss Priss Perino "explains" what Bush knew, and when


Sean Penn Endorses Dennis Kucinich 12-07-07

Rep. Harman Calls On Her Letter To CIA To Be Declassified (RE: torture tapes)


Dick Celebrates WWI ---pix--->>>

100% christian dating site on DU

Chairman Reyes and Ranking Member Hoekstra Write to CIA Director Hayden on Interrogation Tapes

Attorney General files suits against out-of-state mortgage consultants

Accused 'Bonnie And Clyde' Of ID Theft Could Face Federal Charges

Mayo Clinic doctors examine sick pork handlers

A CNN video unlike any you've ever seen --


Kennedy: Tape destruction is ‘a mockery of the rule of law.’

U.S. Rep. Major R. Owens: Crime Does Pay -- For Government-Chartered Banks

Clinton haters are the ugliest, most evil, scariest people

What Would Have To Happen For Bush To Get Impeached

TIME: Enhanced interrogation approved by top attys/officials at WH, DOJ, including Rice, Ashcroft

Screw you, Catholic League: I am ALL OVER "The Golden Compass" like a cheap suit...

WTF!! Harriet knew

Son of Huckabee

Translation from French Brussels Journal “Judge Warns: France Should Prepare for Civil War”

Bush is the Scarecrow

Blackwater Probe Narrows Focus to Guards


CEO bought yacht with funds siphon from nursing homes

Will Bush finish out his term?

How Can We Consider Ourselves Rational People and Accept These Insults?

Japan gives up bid to slash funding of U.S. military bases

The President and the Republican Party wrote the book on LEADERSHIP (yeah, right!)

Why Do Roadblock Repubs Hate the Planet?

North Korea 'opening to tourists'

What did that Mitch McConnell the worst person in the fucking world say?

Magic Mormon underwear vs. Magic prayer beads and holy water: What's the diff?

St. Rudy of 9/11!

Barry Bonds (D-San Fransisco)

Didn't see any protesters saw "Golden Compass" LOVED IT

4 million lights

Bush Spins Iran's Centrifuges - Ray McGovern (he's on fire!)

Nevada Senator Ensign is sponsoring legislation to investigate bad NIE intel on Iran?

Anybody know if its possible to increase the amount of choice in polls from ten to something more?

Wife of Illinois Gov. Blagojevich under investigation

Sunday news shows

All That the Omaha Shooter Needed was Jeezus

Sheikh your Booty, Cheney! (Village Voice)

Cheney: Congress `irresponsible' for not passing defense bill

It's Not Torture They're Covering Up, It's the Results

A PRIME example of republican leadership I would LOVE to see broadcast.

*snicker*. Club For Growth launching anti-huckster TV ads in IA and SC

Chavez quits

Israel Considering Strike On Iran Despite U.S. Intelligence Report

Check-in thread for DUer's that have taken any action with Congress about impeachment

So, did the Mittster have his "religion" speech in the morning of a work day to minimize the # of

Florida- Just First to Face National Run on the Bank

T.V. Reporter in trouble over comments about Jews.

It Was NOT The Fact That He Was Tortured That Needed Covering Up-IT WAS WHAT HE SAID!

"Freedom Requires Religion" = CULT MENTALITY!

Sacramento police to launch surveillance drone

Bush says he has no memory of CIA tapes

Hope for "terminally ill" cancer patients

Sixth-grader's bubble invention eliminates needles

McCain: " national security reason I can think of that would justify destroying the tapes.”

Aficionados of mass transit, sustainable cities and anti-sprawl measures....

Just heard something interesting about Cheney's visit to my city today

Harry and Nancy just doing their jobs maybe

A wimmen after mine own heart!1 Huguito's ex-wife

New Jersey set to scrap death penalty

Anti-abortion petition OK'd in Mo.

Is ANYone planning to vote for Gravel?

Harriet Miers Knew of Destruction of Interrogation Tapes

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Are you kidding me? This is only the scandal du jour.

Gary Hart: The NIE Iran Report and Alan Dershowitz

Branson will vote on whether to support Christmas(support traditional American Christmas)


Pearl Harbor anniversary draws interest in plight of civilians who survived Japanese attack

Blunt, Bond praise Limbaugh nomination

Cheney taunts male democrats for not standing up to Pelosi

The mother involved in the myspace suicide case may be first to benefit from new law

Wow Mitch McConnell - Talk about not supporting the troops

Hybrid sales up 82 percent in one year

Why did Bush announce a mortgage bailout plan?

BOOM, YOU'RE DEAD! - Police say Horn shot 2 men in the back

MSNBC: CompUSA is sold; will close all stores

Sen. Whitehouse Reveals Secret DoJ Legal Memos: Bush Determines What Is Constitutional

Being a Mormon is not Multiple Choice Mitt's problem

Women, self defense, and rape.

A Very Huckabee Xmas

Book TV Schedule: December 8th - 10th

'I just don't want to be a burden,' shooter writes

12-7-2007 DU GD poll of DU's top six candidates

Which Candidate has Best Position for Progressives on Voter Integrity (getting rid of DRE Machines)&

Edwards Internal Poll - Iowa: Hillary 27%, Edwards 24%, Obama 22%...

Clinton Iowa co-chair switches to Obama


Utah Statistics are the Worst in the Nation for Depression, Rape, Child Abuse

New Obama Nevada Ad

Listen to Live Pearl Harbor Reports

Newsweek editor Jon Meacham criticizes speech Romney says he influenced

Which Candidate ? Best Position for Progressives on Voter Integrity & REAL Campaign Finance Reform?

“Dear Wayne,”

Biden posts at Huffpo about Iran

Energy Vote Happened already, So dont be influeced by that slimey poll you see

12-7-2007 DU GD-P poll of DU's top six candidates

Huffington Post: How Anti-Clinton Zealots Pushed Huckabee To Let A Rapist Free

Independent UK: The dynasties of democratic America

A forgotten McCain "flip-flop" ... McCain jokes about committing suicide

deleted by poster

Obama wins Kansas straw poll

Newsweek Iowa Poll -Obama -35% Clinton -29% Edwards -18%

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) just handed his 2008 senate opponent

"Father of Reaganomics" Predicts Bush will create a Police State in 2008

Mitch McConnell

My take on the Obama campaign-Krugman exchange

If there is a Brokered Convention, who will win?

Do any of the health plans address this problem:

LAT: A secret peek inside Obama's Iowa campaign

Don't get sidetracked by the mandate debate (Concord Monitor)

SC Poll - Obama at 26%, Clinton at 24%, Edwards at 15%

Bush's Disturbing State of Mind Started a Long Time Ago

New Hampshire's Concord Monitor agrees with Obama on the false "mandate" issue

Racist Repubs

The late Joe Biden

Group assails Giuliani comments on AIDS as 'hypocrisy'

Ezra Klein: Obama's Oppo on Paul Krugman!

Obama has admitted it was mistake to miss the K/L vote. Has Hillary admitted her mistakes?

Biden at 10% In SC Poll!

Walter Cronkite: "The war is being carried on by a stubborn president who does not want to lose"

Who is your Second Choice for President

Obama leading (by more than before) in Iowa and South Carolina!

Have you actually read through the Obama & Clinton health plans posted on their Web Sites?

Obama gets on New York ballot via grassroots volunteerism -- and without paid help

I Don't Think Hillary Ever Anticipated Serving 8 Years

HR 676 and Clinton, Obama and Edwards

Newsweek Iowa Poll -Clinton -30% Obama 29% Edwards 21%

HR 676 Poll

Hillary Clinton Might Be the Least Electable Democrat

Interesting data on the influence of celebrity endorsements on voters

Sean Penn: Hillary is not Bill Clinton

Obama attacking Paul Krugman's credibility

How about a nice movie this weekend?

Biden makes statement on the destroyed torture tapes -

Even Better 2nd Choice For President Poll

I wore my Impeach Cheney hat

Sean Penn: "Don't underestimate the damage her poisonous ambition can do to this country."


How a Search for Iran's Nuclear Arms Program Turned Up an Unexpected Conclusion

Mukasey on the Spot

"Bush Spins Iran's Centrifuges" by Ray McGovern 12-8-2007 (ConsortiumNews)

Fla. Teen Documenting '08 Election

Weather Warfare: Beware the US military’s experiments with climatic warfare

Security Firms in Afghanistan: Part of the Problem?

‘Shock Doctrine’ unmasks lies used to justify, privatize Iraq war

Where is Jose Rodriguez?

It Turns Out Ahmadinejad Was the Truthful One

Scott Ritter: Calling on Congress to Stop a War

Forbes Magazine: Where was Jeb? (Money Market Debacle)

Dear Nancy Pelosi, End the Invasion of Iraq and Afganistan Now!!!

Politics, like biology, is evolving and progressives are at the cutting edge.

Hill-bullies May Bring US Four More Years of GOP Rule

Destruction of C.I.A. Tapes Could Alter Prosecutions

Is There a WH Mole at the CIA? - Did WH leak news of CIA tape destruction in retaliation for NIE?

Analysis: More LNG terminals needed in U.S. to stabilize N.G. prices

DOE: future cooling water needs for base load power could be a big problem

Oil Spill Reaches South Korea Shoreline - AP

Canada reactor shutdown hitting medical tests

Sasebo’s on-base water rationing to begin Dec. 17 (xpost from Veterans)

Local Gov'ts implement major energy savings and CO2 emissions cut programs

French and UK -big nuclear waste woes

EPA Plan to Evade Required Cuts in Mercury Pollution Challenged in Court By States, Tribes, Health ,

United Natural Foods to Dedicate Largest Solar Electric System in New England

Sault Ste. Marie to become location for largest solar farm in Canada

London, Stockholm climate marchers demand action

FirstEnergy drops nuclear reactor head insurance claim

Hayden Panettiere: Save the Whales, Save the World

Home heating crisis in Maine now 'desperate'

has anyone tied decline of fresh water & risk of contamination from nuclear waste?

Russia Ignores Rice's Call for [IraN] Sanctions

C.I.A. Was Urged to Keep Interrogation Videotapes

Jim McCrery (R-LA) to announce retirement

Trucks Power China’s Economy, at a Suffocating Cost

Not guilty plea in Am. Indian killing

U.S., Iraq at odds over Sunni groups

Gunmen Attack Bhutto Party Office


Gennifer Flowers Considering Voting for Hillary Clinton

End of the Line for CompUSA

Seven killed in suicide bomb in northern Iraq

Huckabee Wanted to Isolate AIDS Patients

Rio's water too polluted for divers

Feds Drop Last Case Against Prosecutor

Huckabee Wanted To Isolate AIDS Patients

How Much of a Rate Cut?

GOP Expected to Keep Seats in Ohio, Va.(Tuesday)

Shakeup at Dow Jones: CEO R. Zannino to leave as Murdoch takes over.

Chelsea’s Iowa Debut

Bolton says U.S. intel report on Iran was political

Child cancer risk higher near nuclear plants: study

Detainee Says He Was Tortured in C.I.A. Prison (Majid Khan, first detainee to have seen a lawyer)

Source: CIA Tapes Destroyed To Avoid Prosecution( tapes evidence US Gov illegally auth torture)

Huckabee wanted to isolate AIDS patients

CIA, Justice review of destroyed tapes(prelim joint review)

Blackwater Contracts, Short on Detail(169 pages of 323 are blank or mostly blank)

Veto of Spending Bill Is Threatened

Iran completely stops selling oil in U.S. dollars

CompUSA, Falling to Competition, to Shut Down After Holidays

Israel No Nuclear Threat To Neighbors, Says Gates

Democrats: GOP must stop stonewalling

Union won't picket arena hosting Obama, Winfrey

South America set to launch new bank today to rival IMF

Imam's daughter in hiding after her conversion to Christianity sparked death threats

I like to be in bed before the wall critters start moving around.

Did I miss the bar?

Some Midnight-plus 10CC for your silly asses

Doggie Winter Wonderland

I've been cutting my nails short, to play the piano,

So I Find Myself In Deja Vu At Work Again

Sooooooo....2 girls, 1 cup.

Ever gave a shower and nobody partied?

So the thing is, I've spent a lot of today catching up on the threads in GDP...

There's a new, even more obnoxious Hummer ad just seen on ESPN

Somethin' tells me this film won't be playing here in Heehawville

Computer component update help need...

Let me try again....2 squirrels, 1 pup!

I hate it when I inadvertently give myself earworms.


Ever gave a party and nobody showered?

The Chimpster-in-Chief making an ass of himself.

Store Mistakenly Sells 33-Cent Gasoline

Post great vehicles for road rage

Crap. My kid wants to see The Golden Girls tonight. I'm afraid Dorothy will capture her soul.

Weird shipping patterns of FEDEX

Okay folks, let's get it out of our systems:

Well, insult on top of injury. Folks, DON'T EVER USE McAfee anti-virus!!!

Post great vehicles for road trips

How is everyone this morning?

Dog owners- question about Christmas kennel reservations???

Britney threatens to release video of Paris Hilton "in a compromising position with another woman"

"Jim never has a second cup of coffee at home"

Impeach Oprah!!!

do people with foreign accents recognize their own accent in others?

Went to work, there was a public hearing at Town Hall on my

Today's college football thread!

Ever gave a party and nobody showered?

my first post is dedicated to mindless hillbilly rock

For those looking for alternative holiday music, may I suggest Ian Anderson's Divinities 12 Dances..

CompUSA has been finally killed off. All stores will be shut.

Does anyone live near Santa Ynez, and want free tickets to

Geek in need of dating advice...

My hypocritical local government at work

Sudoku - Two Questions

School Days and Wedgies. Did you ADMINISTER them, did you RECEIVE them, did you WITNESS them...

I'm different from you.

'A friend of mine has HD-ADD'

Does anyone else go to

Our sorrow for the day

I'm different from you.

I am different from you.

Britney Spears steals a disposable lighter from a gas station, brags about it on camera

I am indifferent toward you.


Ah, Flying my 717 flight simulator and drinking beverages

**BREAKING!!!*** New GG Allin poll has Kucinich defecating on stage; all others self-mutilating.

Richard Nixon's alma mater is stomping the shit out of Gerald Ford's alma mater in basketball

It's over! Hurrah!

Songs you'd like to see in any upcoming Guitar Hero editions?

Your addictive time killer for today: 3,364 TV Theme Songs

Rachel Ray says Elrond Hubbard is impotent

I don't spend my days living in DU

To all the people in wheelchairs/scooters, the aged, blacks, browns, yellows, and whites - I'm sorry

Post your LOL Arachnids

What's your shoe size?

It's a quiet morning

Obscure music fans: What are your thoughts on Whitehouse?

I'm glad I still have those cold-related problems.

A DU Christmas Story

I have a pimpbot here cleaning my home today.

I totally missed the memo!

I'm a pimpbot

I have to go to a wedding reception today. For a friend of mine I was insanely attracted to.

Are you an angry person who is upset with

So, how long before the mods lock the lounge?

I'm not better than ANY of you!

I ran ten miles today

I got a great cookbook for so cheap today! w00t!

I Care For You All

So, how long before the mods mock the lounge?

Is it tacky to give gift certificates out to relatives?

If You Tube never existed, would people actually learn to read?

The Dirty Knobs!!

Is today one of those days

Anybody else as hongry as Snoop Dogg?

Ah, putting up the tree and lights listening to Iron Maiden

Most beatiful aircraft from U.S. Civi War

I'm going back to the Wrestling Tournament. It's safer there. Less blood.

Favorite Oliver Stone film?

My Bankruptcy Law professor told me today I should go to law school

Flvegan is a foolish robot.

I am just SO far Huron to all of you

I'm the same as you....

Flvegan is a foolish rabbit

I have spent all day at a Wrestling tournament

Is this a cute baby shower gift or what?

In a lovely, lovely mood, DU!

What's your take on Jehovah's Witnesses?

7,269 Santas

I am different from you

I am slightly different from you

Most Beautiful Aircraft that Jesus Flew?

Hey. You all SUCK. I'm different. I'm Angry. I'm Medicated!

Not Letting Me Have Sex With You Linked to Sexual Dysfunction Later in Life, Study Says

I'm Better Than All Of You

Do You Ever Feel Sorry For Somebody?

I am just SO far superior to all of you...

Hey. You all DON'T suck. I'm different. I'm ditzy. I'm HornyToad!

Whatever happened to the love of Barbie?

I am just SO far anterior to all of you...

Help: can you guys think of a job where you need the same skills of a politician

I'm totally more plastered than either parche or tk421

I'm wearing shorts to a Christmas party tonight.

Facebook users. Is there a way to download a video to my computer

I read alot, yet like some others I am not a Nifnod

I am a foolish robot like you

Travel tip: Take some dishwashing liquid for hotel glasses.

I Am NOT Different From You


Southpawkicker IS NOW LOCKED

DU'ers: Can you recommend some good jeans?


woo-hoo--just organized and alphabetized my CD collection!

I'm back from the tournament. Is flvegan still a robot?

I am done with my poetry final exam!

Are the DUzy's not coming out today (so I can stop looking)?

AARGH!! My external keyboard and wireless mouse stopped working!

Breaking News: Oprah to wed Deepak Chopra

and now for something completely different from you....

Looks like I picked the wrong week to sell my stock in popcorn and granite

BREAKING Oprah pregnant with Obama's three-headed love child

today's word is, "Oprah."

I Highly Recommend the Documentary, "Cocaine Cowboys"

Matt Damon.

I Kare For You All

Now THIS is FUNNY...YouTube Video, "Flintstones + Raging Bull = Raging Fred"

I am totally plastered right is the rest of the Lounge doing?

How much should we tip the DU mods?

So, I think I'm *may* get drunk alone here after the kid is in bed.

I am exactly the same as you.

"We now return control of the Lounge to you, until next week

Where was Oprah in -1BC??

RetroLounge Needs Some DU Lovin

Has anyone told jpgray about

think I should take my son out to chinese buffet lunch?

SH*T ,My Brother Just Got His Oregon 'Kicker' Check

I am more plastered then is the rest of the Lounge doing?

Sing Sing A Song

Who is the most foolish person that you ever met?

What Impressions Can You Do?

A Food Network / Paula Deen joke that writes itself: Her recipe for "Sweet Potato Balls"

Ah, sitting in the Lounge watching the flame wars

Where was Oprah in 1963??

I AM Better Then Southpawkicker

Well if you don't see me post

The Oprah & every other celebrity can take a flying leap off my arse....

sniff.. a man after the lounges heart..

Its A Beautiful Day

Sally Jesse Raphael endorses Hillary

My new music video...

Sweet dreams DU...Tonight's lullaby

So What Are You Doing Today?

Anyone here do web design/web construction work?

Ever gave a party and nobody showed?

"I thought Europe was a country... Is France a country?"

State of Michigan Icons.......

Cat experts of DU--another question

Valium is a wonder drug!

Waiting Too Long to Have Sex Linked to Sexual Dysfunction Later in Life, Study Says

Never mind about valium. Chantix is the one true wonder drug.

My favorite part of the Golden Compass

hey you guys are missing out General Oprah Discussion

27 years ago today....John Lennon R.I.P. n/t

Reasons MrMander should sign up on DU


I officially will never get anything done anymore: I have joined World of Warcraft.

is you is or is you aint my baby?

I have a person here cleaning my home today.

Am I the only one who's fed to the teeth with All Things Oprah?

I just finished cleaning ThomCat's house. Did I miss anything?

12-month Army tours possible by summer

Report: Progress on harassment at academies

NBC rejects TV ad thanking troops

Investigators focus on 3 Blackwater guards

Tricare data breach affects 4,700 families

Huachuca protesters ordered jailed

New CG cutter sails for machinery trials

Sergeant charged in detainee death

Report: MRAP maker shuts down plant

Reserve retirement plan is not retroactive

Japan to build stealth fighter jets by 2014

Eielson swaps F-16s to keep Kunsan current

Lawmakers finalize 2008 Defense spending bill

Lackland captain gets jail for indecent acts

Terror cell leader killed, others held near Balad

OpEd: A virtual shame

Army recants general’s Senate testimony

Unit going to Iraq to be armed with Excalibur

Commander: Iranian threats dominate region

Sasebo’s on-base water rationing to begin Dec. 17

Japanese base workers ready for all-day strikes

Regiment says goodbye to Iraqi friends

U.S. officials question Iran’s role in Iraq

Iraqis overwhelm police recruiting drive

'Gamblers' Get Their Combat Spurs

JSF Still on the Ground?

NTC Opening New Urban Training Site

Top Marine Explains MRAP Cutbacks

WIC adds veggies and fruits, cuts some dairy

The Domestic IED Threat

Patriotic Highway Displays OKd For Now

Dems Outraged Over Destroyed CIA Tapes

Maine town mourns 2d soldier

Beyond Walter Reed

Vietnam Veterans Less Inclined To Talk About Mental Health


If you want to discriminate against gays, you are probably gay

Hillary's unconformable moment in a debate

Bill Richardson plays Hardball: Discusses NIE report on Iran

David Swanson at Impeachment Rally in Denver

Maude: Nixon v. Humphrey

ISEA President Linda Nelson Interviews Barack Obama

Bill-O and Karl Rove Blame The Democrats

Ron Suskind: White House full of crap about CIA tapes

Repost Part 1 of Sheldon Whitehouse's FISA, Law, and executive order.


A Video That Will Make You Fired Up!

The Golden Age of Screw-Ups

Obama the Organizer

What's a Good Credit Card to start out with?

Democrats Plan to Cave On Iraq Funding...Again.

Just heard Fred Schneider of the B52's bad mouth Bush a couple of times...

WP & NYT ignored claim and denial that Bush was told to "stand down" on Iran

I'm SO COMPLETELY OVER ELLEN DEGENERES-Hosting a Call from Bushitler

I've heard it said that Huckabee has plenty of...problems...that make him beatable as a candidate-

Ken Lay: Dead or Alive?

Dems Plan To Cave On Iraq Funds

Clinton, Edwards & Obama Won't Guarantee That by 2013 We'll Be Out Of Iraq?

Pick a fight! I'll play devils advocate.. well till I pass out

there just may be some truth in this ;-)

Christian group's diaper 'contest' no crime, DA says

Lawyers ask court to take charge of Katrina money

I was thinking about the movie John Q tonight...


Doling Out Other People’s Money

Hello, paranoia: "Rock salt, not anthrax, triggers hazmat scare"

Time for a major bust. Read this law--is there anyone you can think of that might be in violation?

The 20/20 segment about the MySpace suicide.

CSpan 1: WJ discussing the CIA Interrogation Tapes now

Major oil spill on South Korea's west coast

Preaching to the choir.

A violent person is out of control

Kristine Kraft is in Bernie's chair tonight

How Scientific Is Modern Medicine?

Washington Journal talking about celebrity endorsements

US State Department official questioned by Waxman about his connections to Blackwater quits

Notes On The 27th Anniversary Of The Murder: What Would John Lennon Think Of Our World Today?

On Tuesday, Dec. 11, the Senate will likely vote again on funding for the occupation

Why Conservatives Usually Sound Like Complete Idiots: Because they are

DAVE LINDORFF: Just Gimme Some Truth!

Judge in Jena 6 Case Closes Records (AP)

Download A Song -- Lose Your (Student) Loan

***BREAKING!!!*** New GG Sentinel poll has Kucinich leading with 100%; all others tied for 2nd.

One other result of the USA engaging in torture

Durbin, Kennedy blast CIA's videotape destruction

Every year for seven years now my jaw has hit the floor in astonishment

Bayh and Lugar hammered for their vote on energy bill.

The Conservative Agenda - a cartoon:

Conrad Black "Lord Black of Crossharbour" headed to prison

Surge in Auto-Loan Delinquencies Is Latest Trouble for the Economy

How relieve will you be

Progressive Dems' Dear Nancy Letter

What is in the 28 blacked-out pages of the congressional Sept. 11 report?

San Diego/SoCal getting another storm

Hill Close To Deal on War Funds

The Tapes May Have Been Destroyed But That Doesn't Mean The People Can't Testify

"War Is Over!"

Should The Next Administration Pursue Prosecutions Within The Current Administration

Why Do Roadblock Republicans Hate the Planet?

Journalist, scientist united in stand against whaling (discoverer of humpback songs)

What else doesn't the White House know?

"Don't go outside your home. We want to bring peace to Musa Qala."

Praise the Lord

Monday the NIE is released. Neocons vow a counterattack. Thursday: Voila! Torturetapegate.

Why is it that soldiers do not have the right to bear arms?

Iran Drops Dollar From Oil Deals: Report

Florida is not happy about the reduced flow (water)

NIE report to refill WH toilet paper supply after Constitution used up

GREENWALD's "IRAQ FOR SALE" is on E-DRAMA East (cable) NOW!!

Huckabee wanted to isolate AIDS patients (AP)

Women a target in oil-rich Basra

So O'LOOFAH is a "holiday insurgent" in the "war on Xmas"?

RJ Matson: Disenchanted with the Democratic field

Greenwald's IRAQ FOR SALE will be on E-DRAMA WEST at @ 2:15 ET!!

Houston to Dubai: A Nonstop Flow of Money

Know what's going to come of the NIE flap and

I think that the framers made a mistake in the translation of the 2nd Amendment

CompUSA closes shop

News Outlets Shun Word 'Torture' in Regard to Destroyed CIA Tapes

Time to look for the wading boots prior to the State of the Union. What would you tell George?

Cookie Krongard's son seeks restraining order against dad

Wall Street High-Flyers: Having It Their Way at Burger King

Scientists Cure Mice With Sickle Cell

Shouldn't Oprah Winfrey Just Butt Out?

OMFG: Anyone else watching Russert interviewing the TODAY show folk?

I think I have figured out the reason why when running as a republican

Huckabee- isolate AIDS patients, don't search for cure, let out the rapist who raped/killed two

Does anyone live near Santa Ynez and want to go to

On This Date in Bush History 12/8: ** A SOLDIER'S PLEA **

Which one is 'Cookie,' and which one is 'Buzzy'?

Jonathan Falwell: Avoid ‘Golden Compass’

Military Families Question Iraq War as Support for Bush Slips

More Conservative hypocrisy

It is important to help homeowners

Florida's broken court system let's another crook go free.

CIA hires "expensive private counsel to deal with mounting legal concerns over interrogation"(Salon)

Can i get your opinion on this?

Why Bush warned about preventing Iran from having the "knowledge" necessary to make nukes

Paper Ballots Hand Counted by the People

Who Does the CIA Work For?

Senate Climate Bill In Danger Of Filibuster: Please Call Today


Hill-bullies May Bring US Four More Years of GOP Rule

Former Gitmo Interrogator blasts Bush on CIA tapes while campaigning for Richardson

Larry Johnson: More on Torture Tapes

Cons fail to gather enough signatures in California.

anybody know what donna hanover is doing these days?

Jose A. Rodriguez - "the most important man in the U.S. spy game whose name you probably never knew"

Why does NeoCon David Frum Have Posner's Snip about Torture Victim revealing Saudi's/911 Up on Blog

Store mistakenly sells 33-cent gasoline

Clinton ordered destruction of CIA Tapes

vote for hillary -- give the bushes a coup d'etat and the old man a might gas attack!

World Wildlife Fund and Coca Cola's $20 Million Water Deal

Think this one through

There are many many Christians that you agree with...

Hybrids US Sales Up 82% in November

Ray McGovern -- Welcome to Catastrophe a video on why Bush Cheney must be impeached now!

Campbell Brown to have show about Iran on CNN tonight

The Destroyed Tapes: A Boon for Conspiracy Theorists

The DCCC must get a lot of "Impeach Bush" responses when they call for donations.

Let's not take our eyes off the NIE lies of Bushco.

10 Myths about Offshoring -- Which ones can be debunked?

No More Biting: Police Dogs Learn to Headbutt Criminals

Today Secretary Gates Calls Iran a Threat to Regional Security

Top Twenty Iraq Oversight Outrages Uncovered by the DPC

Obama speaking live on

Anyone know anything about Carbonite PC Backup Software?

WTF...How can those Pubs run for office when their FILTER allowed Bush into the WH?

‘Well-Informed’ Source Tells CBS That Tapes Were Destroyed To Prevent Prosecution

America's Media in a Nutshell

Why don't the Democrats just fund the Iraqi War for duration of bu$h* term?

White House: Will veto 'budget-busting' bill (sight unseen)

Oprah and Bill Clinton

War on Greed

Speculation regarding "what/when did * know" timeline on Iran NIE...

News Outlets Shun Word 'Torture' in Regard to Destroyed CIA Tapes

Once upon a Time, the Fundies HATED Christmas.

So now I have to convince my liberal friends that libertarianism is bunk?

Bush's Last Laugh: Whether Moron Or Liar, Who Cares?

Public Sentiment For Impeachment Expands - Congress Shirks Duty

But *this time*, is the intelligence correct? Campbell Brown Reports

vote for Bob

Moyers was 100% correct when

Destruction of Tapes Could Alter Prosecutions

Finally....President issues disaster declaration for Wash. flooding

The Food Revolution- Genetic Engineering, Part II

The Panhandlers' Perspective

DU hurricane experts and Florida residents

After 300 Iraq missions, Fort Richardson soldier killed by moose

Where da DUzy's?

'We need to take steps to isolate the carriers of this plague.' -Huckabee on AIDS

1960: Who Would You Have Supported

Huckabee wanted to isolate AIDS patients

Red Sox Schilling pitches McCain for president.

Dipshit Penn. State students mock Virginia Tech victims with costumes at party

The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush

You can support organizations working to legalize marijuana . . .

According to the resident drunk conservative at my pub...

Only a freaking Republican would try & profit from killing his own dog!

Giuliani-Nathan Security Detail Fraudulent Billing Timeline!

I'm starting to support the idea of Voter IDs

mystery illness at meat processing plant - Mayo Clinic stumped

We're apathetic.

Saw the most descriptive bumper sticker

Police expect no charges in youth group diaper skit

AP: Anniversary of Tim Johnson's brain hemorrhage: then and now

CNN cancels show set to air next week: We Were Warned. Iran Goes Nuclear.

"Horrid" NOLA Public Housing (PICS) -- which the Senate just voted to demolish

America and Corporate Capitalism Gone Stone Mad

The recent news that Iran is no longer trading oil for dollars....

"Someday" by Salem Hill

Iowa County Chair For Clinton Resigns After Sending Out E-Mail Claiming Obama is A Muslim

Do You Think Your State Plays A Role In The Candidate Selection Process?

I don't think Drudge likes Huckabee

Initiative that would ban most abortions (in MO) goes to the public

Levitz Furniture Going Out of Business

Karlheinz Stockhausen is dead.

Voice your outrage! Rove being paid to speak at huge amphitheatre in Los Angeles

Did you all know the Immaculate Conception occurred on December 8th?

Tancredo Says He's Boycotting Univision Debate

Destroyed torture tapes affect Padilla, Moussaoui cases, and 9-11 Commission report

Sources : Oprah had major hand in destruction of CIA tapes!

Foreign currency: Investing in the US Dollar

Sooo, Democrats ready to capitulate..AGAIN !

Fun and Games with the 100% Christian Singles Company that keeps popping up in DU's Google Ads

"... a major concession by Democrats." - NYT

Saw one of these MoFos at the Lewis Plaza yesterday (Ford F-650 P/U)

What's The Least You Can Recall Ever Paying For Gasoline?

The next time someone here says we are "mean" to the Bush daughters, remind 'em of the FReepers.

Wondering How Much Mitt "Tithes" Compared to His Tax Breaks

Early morning observations: 1) Most people at DU no longer get

Without late-night, candidates get a pass

Alan Greenspan: "Parasites who persistently avoid either purpose or reason perish as they should,"

"I'm a republican, but..."

Smoke in Our Eyes: CIA Torture Tape Story Attacks NIE, Pulls Bush-Cheney Feet From Fire

Sometime in November

Larisa Alexandrovna: The CIA Tapes Continued... (Date Tapes Were Viewed Bizarre)

Were lies necessary?

What is the worst high school in America?


What the hell is going on? I just read posts that 5 different co's were

How many more co-signers to Dennis Kucinich's HR 333 to impeach VP Cheney

Regarding the need to own a gun

It was 27 years ago today.

Job Loss Could also Mean Premature Death

Now that we know what we know about bushco....

Beauty is still here.

Doctors don't report colleagues, errors: Study finds practices at odds with beliefs

Iran Drops US Dollar

Former 'No Nukes' Protester: Stop Worrying and Love Nuclear Power

Save Public Housing in New Orleans

John Lennon Would Approve

If they don't impeach, is Pelosi, Rahm, Hoyer, Conyers complicit & accessories to the crime?

How did the Air Forse nuke incidence correlate to the admission that the whitehouse

The Obama Newness

Give the Gift of Impeachment

WP: Clinton Team Turns Iowa Focus to Women

NIE flap. Destroyed tapes flap: How many more will it take? What to do?

Who's that in the Crystal Blog? President Obama

For the third time, I have been accused...

All these people Campaigned for Lieberman for the Dem. Primary in 2006:

Must View, Des Moines Register Slide Show: Kids Question the Candidates

Obama to concert crowd: This is our moment to win

McCrery (R-La.) Announces Retirement Plans

Obama gives it the old college try

Obama’s Musical Draw

Obama rocks the vote with members of Wilco - Concert and speech aim to energize young fans

Obama first with TV ads in Nevada

Democrats plan to Cave on Iraq funding...Again.

Why did the CIA destroy the tapes??

Newweek IA Poll Obama 35% Clinton 29%

Pelosi calls Cheney swipe undignified

Link TV: The Panama Deception

Random Musings On A Saturday Morning

Photos: Barack Obama speaking in Chicago last night at a fundraising concert

Current list of House and Senate members retiring:

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/8/07 - Clinton up 2, Obama unchanged, Edwards down 1

AP reporter on Washington Journal is great example of how our media is failing us

Senator Johnson Getting Back on His Feet: "I'm a miracle."

Sean Penn: "I love acting, truly my favorite people are actors."

US Candidates On The Issues - Excellent chart for anyone who is interested in the actual politics

No scary civil rights black liberal he, oh no!

Ron Paul

Why do you think Oprah supports Obama?

Hillary Clinton brings out Bill to battle Oprah in South Carolina

47% of DU respondents think Oprah only supports Obama because he is Black. . .

Bill has decided to be in SC the day before Obama, and I have the perfect song for Obama to play

Is it me or are there a lot of new handles with low post counts trying to stir up trouble?

What Is Behind The Huckster's Surge?

Women voters driven by desire for change

The end of Huckabee?...Wanted to to isolate AIDS patients, limit funding for AIDS research and cure

Breaking - Congressional Democrats Respond To Torture Tape Destruction

Michigan AFL-CIO Chief: Clinton Needs to be Better on Trade

Bush Radio: "House of Representatives is delaying $75 billion in tax refund checks"

W.J.'s question of the morning sure brought out the racists/classists

Clark attacks Obama by comparing him to about spin!

Dems about to capitulate once more.

Obama/Oprah rally in Iowa on Cspan at 4:30. Just an FYI. nt

Should we start calling Obama the "Comeback Kid?"

Why aren't we invading Russia? We invaded Haiti when Aristide allegedly stole the elections

I don't really care who wins the dem nomination and the presidency

When Edwards uses Black supporters to attack Obama/Oprah then that is sad. . .

Democratic leaders in Washington set to CAVE again on Iraq funding

Where Was Oprah In 1984?


Tancredo "hopes" Obama is the Democratic nominee, calls him inspirational and a role model

Site chosen for Obama-Oprah event isn't unionized despite suggestion of pro-union alternate venue

Where were the Clintons when our govt started sending our jobs overseas?

Video Discussion of HR 1955 Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Bill

Why don't we just elect Oprah president and be done with it

Post-Obama Surge Pre-Oprah Stress Disorder sufferers check-in here

Huckabee wanted to isolate AIDS patients

Oprah-Obama event `publicity stunt,' black Edwards supporters say

Sean Penn: "I think life's an irrational obsession."

FLASHBACK: Huckabee Proposed ‘Isolating’ Patients With AIDS ‘Plague'

Leave Mike Huckabee (and the fourth estate) alone!

Dorothy Rodham, Chelsea join Clinton on Iowa campaign trail

Is it me or is there a lot of Obama/Oprah bashing today? Guess the opponents and their DU. . .

Obama and Oprah in Iowa, LIVE at 4:30 ET on C-Span

Republic/RNC machine is panicked about Hucksterbee

I received the latest Zogby poll.

Is it a coincidence that Obama and Huckabee are surging at the same time?

Why does the word "socialized" frighten people?

That is quite an impressive corporation backing Obama - whew

Barack, Michelle and Oprah the first wire shots are in. . .(more to come)

After Oprah leaves stage, FOX/CNN cut to regular programing. Only CSPAN stays w/ Obama's speech.

What's with the "Where was Oprah" threads?

Obama Attacks Krugman But Forgets the Facts

Who is dumber?

Seems Hillary's attacks on Obama didn't focus group well - Quiet, conversational tone back in effect

Obama's IL Senate years gave rise to a presidential contender

Where was Oprah in 2004?

Obama: "I'll be releasing my Kindergarden Papers..."

Michael P. Shaw for President!

Obama-Oprah on C-Span right now.

I think the Bushies want to lose the 2008 presidential election.

Chelsea's Iowa Debut

Obama just said: He's going to disclose all his Kindergarten papers Tomorrow

FOX "News" covering Oprah/Obama pallooza live - ON NOW!!

Oprah in Des Moines

AFSCME HILLARY AD begins airing in Iowa

GOP Expected to Keep Seats in Ohio, Va.(Tuesday)

Did you hear the nut that just called CSPAN?

Where was Oprah in 2003?

Oprah on FIRE !!!!

Forbes magazine scoring of the candidates

a snapshot of today's desperation


18,500 At The Obama-Oprah Rally In Iowa

Fighting Over Oprah

Winners and Losers of the Week in Foreign Policy

Hillary should address the "bitch thing."

"The Presidential Primaries on DU" theme song

On the Ground

Where were Hillary and Edwards in 2002?

Is it because Hillary is a woman or because people don't like her politics as much as the others?

I'm not an Oprah Winfrey fan

Gov Richardson: policies to address mortgage meltdown.

SC State Senator switches from Biden to Obama

Just 18% Believe Iran has Stopped Nuclear Weapons Development Program

Oprah quoting "Miss Jane Pittman": "Are you the one? I am here to tell you Iowa, he is the one!"

GOP primaries: Looks like the NYC mafia mayor is out. Now it's the Mormon vs. the Christian

Pundits agree: Hillary's negative campaign is a losing strategy

A reminder about who is clearly and firmly against torture

Dodd says his insider knowledge a big plus

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "So far in Texas, it's John Edwards or nobody"

Chelsea’s Iowa Debut

Iowans are talking about Biden

By The Numbers: Who Is The Democratic Congress Ignoring?

There's only 14 days left until the Iowa Caucus

I'm going to be disclosing my kindergarten papers tomorrow--Obama


where was Oprah in 2000?

The Council on Foreign Relations Evaluation of the Candidates on Trade (Yes, There's Differences)

Hillary's Political Tourette's

Oprah-Obama event `publicity stunt,' black Edwards supporters say

More on the lovely Huckabee

There Are Some Things Worth Losing An Election Over

Why I support Dennis Kucinich over Ron Paul

"Can a Bull Elk in Rut Pass through the Eye of a Camel?"

Don't Look Now...But Obama Just Won Iowa

Help a student who has a real RW nutjob asking him to write a paper about Mexico

Cartoonist Matt Wuerker shoots and scores!

Obama in 2006 echoed his 04' comment about senators possibly being justified to vote for the IWR...

Larry O'Donnell finally tells the truth about Mitt Romney and Mormonism

Did you know: Biden urged Kerry to select Republican Senator John McCain as running mate in 2004

Thank you, Barack, Michelle, and Oprah!

Gates says Iran seeks to cause chaos

Clinton Talks of Scars While Keeping Her Guard Up

What IS It About Hillary

Please, read, respond, kick, and rec this GD thread:

Paul's campaign blimp will be coming to Boston

Mike Huckabee is a Dangerous Zealot

Even if Obama wins Iowa and NH, Hillary will win nomination

Romney: Atheists are unconstitutional

Now I've heard it All!!! People on DU accusing Sean Penn of regurgitating RW talking Points

How many DUers do you have on your "ignore list"?

Kucinich Brings Presidential Campaign To L.A.

A reminder - More proof the Iraq war was just a desire for oil/money by bush et al

Religion tests America

Civil Rights Icon Calls Obama Too Young, Bill Clinton is every bit as black as Barack

Edwards proposes 'Brownie's Law'

Oprah: "I've voted for as many Republicans as Democrats over the years."

'After all, Obama needs to get elected and he will stand with anyone who can help him do it.'

Wow! Guess who first introduced Obama to Donnie McClurkin....OPRAH WINFREY DID!!

Choose a Running Mate For Obama...

Bush Administration Goes to Court to STOP Meatpackers from VOLUNTARILY testing for Mad Cow Disease

Wyoming Dem governor says he doesn't want to vote for Dem candidates for prez.

Edwards Condemns NAFTA

Newbies... Oprahbama Supporters Naive?

Obama throws his support behind Lieberman