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Archives: January 1, 2007

Now it is easier to understand those who thrilled to Al Jazeera broadcasts of videoed beheadings

Chris Hedges: America’s Holy Warriors

Riverbend: A Lynching

Dov Zakheim, James Woolsey and Booz Allen Hamilton

"Message Received"-- Iraq is now a Shiite state/ Kuwait Times

Plane violates airspace over President Bush's ranch

Vast ice shelf collapses in the Arctic

"Let’s get out of Iraq," Fort Wayne, IN editorial

BBC: Nurse tells of 'gardener' Saddam

Truthout: Puppet Kills Puppet

LegalTimes: In Search of a Criminal: Donald Rumsfeld's Name Tops the List of Accused of War Crimes

The Edge ask world thinkers: What are you Optimistic About? Why?

The global clash of emotions by Dominique Moisi The International Herald Tribune

2006 Best & Worst in Public Policy by Andrea Batista Schlesinger

Have American-style salaries reached India?

Paul Krugman: A Healthy New Year

Environmental Harmony - Editorial, The New York Times

You (Plural) by Jesse Kornbluth at Huffington Post


BOOK REVIEW: The right gives away its guidebook - will we listen?

New Year's Resolutions for Big Pharma

A Theory's Evolution by Charles Bernstein

NYT/AP: Time to Reflect as Iraq Toll Hits 3,000

Lawmakers defend foreign policy efforts

World faces hottest year ever as El Niño combines with global warming

Bald Eagle's Comeback Will Allow Removal From Threatened Species List In February - Desert News

Washington DC's Famous Cherry Trees Blossoming To Ring In 2007 - WP

German Utility Dumps Plan For Palm-Oil Power Plant On Concerns About Clear-cutting In SE Asia -

The Oil Drum's Top 50 Energy Stories Of 2006 - Great Article With Links To All Stories

Millions Of Larval Crabs Washing Up In South African Dieoff - IOL

After 6th-warmest December On Record, Not One Outdoor Skating Rink In MSP Open - Star-Tribune

New Disease - Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia - Causing Large Great Lakes Fish Kills

UK - Rhododendrons & Snowdrops Blooming In Plymouth As Lambing Begins in Devon

It’s the energy and the economy, stupid

US Congresional Panel To Investigate Contract Between CNOOC And Iran, Possible Sanctions

Belarus Bows To Russian Pressure, Agrees To More Than Double Rates Paid For Gas - Guardian

Ordinary Ukrainians Paying The Price For Higher Gas Prices - BBC

December 2006 Likely Boston's Warmest December On Record - Globe

2006 Driest Year On Record For Hobart, Tasmania - ABC

With Canada In Funding Lead, International Polar Year Underway - First Since IGY Of 1957-58 - AFP

India's Sardar Sarovar (Narmada) Dam Completed - AFP

Warmest New Year's Day In Prague Since 1920 - AFP

A Century Later, Los Angeles Atones for Water Sins (NYT) link added

The politico-religious I/P conflict: Why it is never resolved (Part I)

Photographer kidnapped in Gaza

Palestinian media: PM, Mubarak to announce Shalit deal Thurs.

Avigdor Lieberman: Israel should press to join NATO, EU

Look at Barbara Walter's expression

FBI: No evidence to connect Osama bin Laden to 9/11

HAPPY NEW YEAR ER!!!!!! From Illinois!!!!

Top Ten List – Democracy Awards – Election Fraud & Reform News – New Years Day, 2007

State urged to complete prison reform

Slovenians Celebrate Euro's Debut With Fireworks, Trips to Bank

NYT/AP: World Fetes 2007 With Parties, Fireworks

Somali troops capture Islamic stronghold

GOP Lawmakers Divided About 'Surge' In Troops

AP: Report of U-S aircraft bombing houses in Baghdad

The Independent: World faces hottest year ever, as El Niño combines with global warming

Darrent Williams (Denver Broncos) killed In Drive by Shooting

Prisoners clash with guards in Iraq jail

Police: Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams dies in drive-by shooting

Former Saddam judge says execution violates Iraqi law

In the sky! A bird? A plane? A ... UFO?

MNF: Two Task Force Lightning Soldiers killed in Iraq (#3002]

Crowds protest Saddam hanging in Iraq

Poll: Americans predict attacks in 2007

NYT/AP: Ban Ki - Moon Takes the Reins of U.N.

AP: Somali Troops Capture Islamic Stronghold

NYT/AP: New York's New Governor, Democrat Eliot Spitzer, Sworn in at Midnight

Romney to submit paperwork for 2008 bid

NYT: Chief Justice (Roberts) Advocates Higher Pay for Judiciary

Global Church Leaders Promote Justice, Rights for New Year

Dems to rally against lawmaker's 'treason'

Hanging of Saddam upsets Sunnis in Iraq

French group says 'non' to New Year

Iraqi Government to probe filming of Saddam hanging

Iraqi interior ministry orders closure of TV station's Baghdad bureau(Sunni owned)

Bolivian Prez Sets Visa Requirement for US Citizens

Broncos' Darrent Williams gunned down in limo

Dismay among Kurds that genocide case unanswered

Saddam's daughter attends protest in Jordan

Contact lost with Indonesian jet

Reopen 9/11 investigation, local group says

Islamic Army calls for 'saving Baghdad from Iranian occupation'

Here's an acoustic version of "Live Forever" that I hadn't seen before.

Does Christmas 2006 seem like ancient history now?

Which is better, pimping or being a whore?

New Year's tourists, get out of Chicago.

PBS New Year DISCO from Asbury Park, NJ...WOW, I never knew

If you could have anyone at this moment, who would it be?

Happy f'n new year

2007 Predictions! Post Yours Here!

I guess the only time zone in the US is the Eastern Time Zone.

Leave Your Saggage from 2006 Right Here

Dammit! I'm only getting five threads on Lounge page 1 for some reason

I'm watching a Carlos Mencia stand-up special right now...

New Year's Refusolutions

To those of you who have me on ignore:

happy New Year to everyone who is alone right now

That's one way to deal with bees, I guess...

Happy New Year DU!

Dancing QUEEN!!

Dancing KING!!


Are you kidding me?

Damn I can't wait 'till the SO retires...


Happy New Year from the Left Coast!


Dancing QUEEN!!

Happy New Year West Coasters!

Ok Lounge, I'm out.

Any Del Castillo fans out there?

Watching Dick Clark is painful

Happy Feast of the Circumcision!

Watched X-Men last night for the first time

I didn't reach my goal of 4000 posts before 2007, but

If someone had to eat you?

Happy New Years - b synth...


FedEx Tracking...

for all your plastic purchases...

Boo Radley...

Happy new year from the mountain time zone! n/t

Why do they say *RING* in the New Year?

Right now my New Years Resolution is

Happy New Year from Los Angeles!!!

landlord advice needed

Eugh. I had long forgotten what browsing with IE was like.

I feel good! The Village People are on PBS NOW!!!!

Happy New Year from SeattleLand!!!!

Those Peachy Penguin things.......

Those Swedish Fish things?

I brought in the New Year moshing. Ask me anything.

Just so you know. This being fond of DU rocks!

2007 to Humanity: Drop Dead!

"You need a shot of Jim Beam," he said. He was right.

made some Golden Puffs this morning

There's one way to deal with the Bee Gees, I guess

They Are Marshall

"Hey, try poking him with a stick" (youtube)

Suggest some good movies (from the last 30 years or so)

Are you 'America's Greatest Thinker'?

Chicago Trib has dropped Candorville and Prickly City comics.

Thank you Dallas Cowboys - for giving some of our players a 'bye' week :D

twins give birth to 67 year old Spaniard

A queston for civil war buffs about the Emancipation Procl., Confisaction act and blacks fighting...

Enter Marcus with Lavinia...

Is this popcorn going to soak up the alcohol

Broncos Defensive Back Darrent Williams Killed in Drive-By

So..How's 2007 goin' so far ?

Turns out Saddam wasn't executed...

Happy New Year and Good Night All!

I didn't get home until 5am this morning.

New Year brings 3,000th U.S. death in Iraq

Denver Broncos football player shot, killed

Just popping in to wish all of you a very HAPPY, HEALTHY and

Does a supervisor have a right to ask their employee to spellcheck their performance review form?

Saddam Hussein spotted in Buenos Aries. Massive Conspiracy unfolding.

So, I hear that Saddam was hung.

Some mellow, buzzed thoughts on this New Year's Eve


Rose Bowl 2007 Michigan v USC

The Suckholery that is the Detroit Lions has been surpassed by...

hello internet

I think the animals who are supposed to be on this African webcam

Will Brett Favre return next season

What music are you listening to right now?

New Year's Day 2007...Coney Island NYC

Help out my Nephew's dog to win "Pet of the Month" - vote Sheba!

Wow! Happy New Year! DU'er at Times Square! (PIC)

10 questions (2006)


Have you ever ruined a perfectly good friendship for no reason?

Just took a healthy swig of Cuervo Gold for my cough . . . what works for you?

I've been watching "The Secret of Roan Inish" today.

Telekinesis, precognition, ESP, etc - real or not?

Happy New Years from Houston, Texas

David Bowie is a terrific actor.

In the sky! A bird? A plane? A ... UFO?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/1/2007)

So how come nobody told me before about Suzy Bogguss?

What is Your Pet Peeve Wish For The New Year?

New Years laugh...

4,000 !

Congratulations Gloria!! 15,000 posts!!

In the sky! A bird? A plane? A ... UFO?

Congratulations LynzM!! 10,000 posts

Wanna get a real beer belly fast?

Zombynini: We require photos!

BlueIris's 2007 New Year's non-resolutions.

New Year's wishes

A Kinky Mix. I want to make some tonight.

How does RevActs get 344 replies to a pic thread in like 16.5 hours

Antarctica: see it before it melts (some nice pix from the BBC)

I hope to be self employed by the end of this year. (rant)

Official Capitol One Bowl thread!

Wow, Christina Aguilera has a sensational voice!

10 ways to be more pro-environment in 2007

Monday, January 1st. William Shakespeare's Thought For New Year's Day:

So, I started a 9-month hiatus from alcoholic beverages

Things that should be legal


Does this pic make me look like a doofus?

Pat Summerall is drunk at the Cotton Bowl again

Things you wrote as a kid that make you cringe now.

I'm about to go scrub the bathroom.

Has your favorite word been banned?

Just dropping in to say NO HANGOVER!!!!

Let's See Some Legs Rev!

Chex Mix. I want to make some tonight.

What will make my lousy head cheese better?

Pop Quiz: Equal parts gasoline and styrofoam makes what exactly?

Very Important Poll!

Dinner at the Prophets - New Years Eve edition (pix)

Happy New Year DU!

Please give a big welcome to little Ellie Rose.

Happy Effing New Year! I just cleaned up the spare room...

Grades are out(my first zero)

Tyson's Corner, VA - anything to do there?

I heard that Zomby is gonna post some wedding photos on his myspace page

Oh Dear Dog - Why in the hell is Brent Musberger calling the Rose Bowl?

Happy birthday wishes to..........

Dr Pepper now has 23 Flavors!

I hate being broke!

For my 10,000th post, I want to ask you a question.

OMG!! I hosted a co-ed sleepover last night! My reputation as a

Anyone else always feel a sense of dread, with the coming of a new year?

Cool Video: Ski-gliding in Switzerland

Elvis is giving Sadaam his daily briefing

Woohoo!!! Finally!!! (genealogy related)

In honor of the Packers and Badgers...

What will make my lousy head cold better?

Attention "WKRP In Cincinnati" Fans: Season One to be released April 3rd

'Gitmo' and 'Truthiness' among Banished Words for 2007

Did anyone see the rocket man in the Rose Parade today?

Ferrari Automobiles

REM fans -- check this out.

A Minor Scandal Among Republicans and Large Corporations: a "hypothetical dilemma"

Being married RULES!

Eagles GONNA Cream GIANTS on Jan 7th!!!

Where's the Christian book of rules?

Please pray for my Aunt Sandy, or keep her in your thoughts.

The Second Coming of Christ

"Religion-based bigotry. Let's end it now and forever." Interview with Mitchell Gold

Profiles in Courage

Judaism and Same-sex Marriage

I bought "Another Gay Movie" for the SO

Psychic predicts BSU beats Oklahoma in Fiesta Bowl

R.I.P Darrent Williams

Ok. Here's one fan's fearless playoff predictions (NFL)

Bob Knight - 880.

What do you get when you cross a Zebra with a Badger?

The morning after...

Big 10 owns SEC...

I'm picking the Pats to win it all...

Transmutation News - Sandra Ingerman - January 2007

AstrologyZone: January horoscopes by sun sign

Are you that child?

The Stars This Week: "Be True to Yourself" - Jan. 1 - Jan. 7, 2007

So, welcome to the year of the...Fire Pig?

JANUARY prayer request, light and healing thread

John Kerry's Happy New Year on his blog.

Please rec & comment dailykos diary

Happy New Year ponderings.

Motion - from the Fire & Ice New Year's Eve celebration...

A little late with the Christmas photos

Okay, how about your last 2006 photo next

Need some help identifying a bird

One last shot of the tree

Please give a big welcome to little Ellie Rose.

The Ford Pardon of Nixon and GHWB Pardon in Iran/Contra gave us GWB....

I might have some bad news for liberals and progressives

It's not really about the kind of man Saddam is really about what our country did.

A Year in Good Standing

Statement by DNC Chairman Howard Dean Marking Eid al Adha

A question concerning gigantic corporations

When future Generations ask us : why did you not stop him, what will we say?

Who was/is the worst president?

Group turns to Legislature to oust Bush - There's more than one way to impeach a president.

Microsoft's unconscionable GREED--Did it disrupt your computer use today?

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a UFO? Whah? No really, UFO spotted over O'Hare International:

Support for the Chimp has dropped. Military poll

Watch This Video For Peace/Love/Hugs, Send To Family And Friends At This Time Of War

Know Your Enemy: Edward Bernays -- The Founding Father of Spin and Phony Image-Making

Question: Are the Arabs conducting genocide in Darfur Sunni or Shia or other?

Bush finally showed up and he looks absolutely terrified

Happy New Year 2007: All You Need To Change The World

Are we going to have posters telling us what a great guy Bush1 was after he kicks the bucket?

I hung this sign this morning

Isn't this a nice picture?

The newly elected mayor of Westlake Louisiana was found shot to death

And I thought that the new year was off to such a good start.

I sure hope we as a nation have a better year this year

Spitzer's Iinauguration Speech - we need more of this.

John Kerry: What do you want for our country in 2007?

Top 10 liberal talkers and Top 10 gripes about liberal talk in 2006 (long post)

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006

Bush will deliver a eulogy at the Ford funeral tomorrow

Oh, My Saddam by Steve Martin

Why does Hollywood think rape is funny?

The real toll: 19 y/o girl visits boyfriends' grave.

Damn Interesting! "Undark and the Radium Girls"

US/Mexico Social Security Totalization Agreement Released - And it's a doozy!!

Some new CA laws (like, your kid must see the dentist before 1st grade)

Would you be happy if Bush ended up being pardoned of any and all crimes he may have committed?

Hackers Take Down Neo-Nazi Hal Turner's site

What do you want from Democrats in the 110th Congress?

The 2008 Presidential Race Has Begun In Earnest! Oliver Willis reports:

They hang brutal dictators don't they?

Journalists may testify in CIA leak case

A Post at 11:34 PM 12/31....26 min to the New Year: An Observation:

Did Afghanistan attack us? I did not know that.

As I age, some things get grayer and less-defined.

2007.........and people are STILL batshit crazy.

cspan caller: 'the troops are over there cause they wanna be'

Only 750 days to go (maybe less)

sonofabush to make sure the sacrifice of the 3,000 "was not made in vain."

Stop calling it a "Surge"!

To Mchigan Fans: The Rose Bowl is the grand daddy of prizes

James Baker: The Man Behind the Handshake

My take on Saddam's execution...

Lessons from my childhood prepared me for coping with GWB

The Independent: World faces hottest year ever, as El Niño combines with global warming

Is impeachment "back on the table" yet?

What will happen to the fake ranch after 2008?

War photographers

This is why no mail delivery tomorrow:

Put Your Fav Candidate Aside for a minute and tell me......

Happy New Year! Now go out and make a difference!

Farewell to Gerald Ford: the only national Republican I ever voted for.

What was John Conyers thinking?

Which of these should be our top Federal budget priority?

What's the difference between Justice and Vengeance?

Who else ran for President in 1976?

Who remembers the 2004 name topic?

In Search of a Criminal: Donald Rumsfeld's Name Tops the List of Accused of War Crimes

Happy New Year ..... Please help with words or pictures how bush feels

Rose Parade and a sign from God that he/she is a liberal 10:47 EST

bush FINALLY "pays respects to Gerald Ford"

DUer Attempts to Halt New Year Lay-Offs

No mail tomorrow. Bush says..honoring Ford..????How is that???

Fighters Scrambled For Bush Ranch TFR Violation

Happy New Year DU!

JUAN COLE- Top Ten Ways the US Enabled Saddam Hussein

AP: Bushes (briefly) pay respects to Ford in Capitol

Bush supporters simply cannot admit they were wrong...


Chrysler is now going to import cheap Chinese Cars

Superbug linked to antibiotic used on farms

Houston Mayor: Katrina Evacuees increased murders


The American Dream

Well we have just Confirm Bob Filner Chairman Veterans Committee

Where will America be at the end of this year?

Beat him with love!

Attention "WKRP In Cincinnati" Fans: Season One to be released April 3rd

Ever notice no one can ever say anything bad about the Bush administration to Lou Dobbs...

If money is the mother's milk of politics...?

Digby says this is the best year-end list for 2006 - she's SOOO wrong...

New TV news network, "Independent World Television"

My oh My the Americans were so good to the Sunnis

A Mile of Flags: In Search of Peace with Cindy Sheehan

Iraqi government releases casualty figures (12,371 civilians were killed in 2006)

3002 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Limpball, Hannity, and Boortz back tomorrow and the talking point will be...

The town of Sciotia California is for sale from a timber company

These people are delusional -

So it looks like Mitt Rommney is going to run

The question that is on everyone's mind...

Anyone catch the "Impeach" sign on CNN just a few minutes ago?

Reuters: Analysis-Iraqis see U.S. push against Sadr's Mehdi Army

OMG ... Religion and Politics on FOXNews ...

Would the media be tougher on a Dem prez who was dithering around waiting to make an Iraq decision?

i caught a very quick glimpse of georger herbert walker bush and his wife barbara as they were

How would G-W have behaved in Saddam's place?

Thursday's swearing in of Congress ....

Peace and Low Stress to You in This New Year

3002 so far per Wolfie. He is informing us of past war casualties.

3,328 dead if you add the Afghani Theater

So * may veto legislation in the 110th. Let him.

Crime and Warfare in the U.S.:

Colorado buried in snow.

Iraq orders closure of TV station office

Caption the laughing hyaenas

Does this cake look like a tombstone?

No need for arguing about the upcoming elections...

Just figured out how Bush can boost his sagging poll numbers

3,000 Deaths in Iraq, Countless Tears at Home

Is it me, or does Thom Hartman really rock the house?

Bush's quickest photo-op ever

Plane violates airspace over President Bush's ranch

C-SPAN- Susan and Mike Ford greeting mourners at Capitol

Troop surge in Iraq?

Democrats Improve Congressional Ethical Behavior Before Session Even Starts

bush Clarifies Why 3000 US Troops Have Died in Iraq For Us....

"Was Justice Too Swift?" YES!!

Someone please splain something to me about capital punishment...

Bush Has A Scratch! - January 1st 2006

Norman Goldman on the radio

What was THAT ? Bush respects to Ford today

Turner-Chan War declared. It looks like the White Supremacists are going to get that war

A quick question for the Press

Hussein execution

The Only "Solution", i.e. the Final Solution, in the "Surge" or any Other

Thank you, all my DU friends, and here's to a fabulous, positive 2007!

Happy New Year DU n/t

Birth of the First Global Super-Union

Happy New Year DU - I am damned glad 2006 is gone....

Hal Turner proposed 'timetable' to murder members of Congress

Personality Disorder Discharge: Our Fight in 2007

My New Year's resolution...

Goodbye Daddy

When they (the media pundits) say Bush has kept us safe for six years, do they realize

Spc Donica died on Thurdsay according to abc news

Comes Now the Ghost of "Decrim"

Seriously, WTF is wrong with CNN??

where has the year 2007 been sent to by the propaganda media?

recent ice storm damaged 1000 + electric poles

Find Local Locations To Mourn 3000th US Death In Iraq - Link Here

We owe an apology to victims of mass murderers we have executed....

Vacation is finally over - * pics

Caption this

A Formal Intervention with a Dry Drunk President

Comments Sought: A Memorial to Those Killed and Wounded in Our Wars

Mourn the Fallen in Iraq (a mom whose son was killed in Iraq keeps track in her office window)-pics

My Predictions for 2007 on "Mugsy's Rap Sheet".

Man, I hope they run the Mormon Mitt Romney.

Documentary about recruiting in "Soldiers Speak Out"

As we move on to the 2008 campaign, some lyrics from Malvina Reynolds

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Mon. Jan 1, 2007

Link to website with pics of Saddam at hanging

We have hit 3,000 US soldiers dead ...

Africa Command plans approved by Bush, DOD officials confirm

Peak Oil, Global Warming, That Damn War

Saddam Hussein spotted in Buenos Aries. Massive Conspiracy unfolding.

Ohio minimum wage increase goes into effect today. Chalk up a victory for us.

The 110th Congress will convene at 12pm EST on Jan 4th. Only question is...

Happy New Year And A Global Wish For Peace In 2007

okeydoke, absent from media, internet for a week+, and GLAD! holy smokes

An Onion retrospective of the Bush presidency

Dickhead Robert Greene on MSNBC re: Ford...

Sergeant denies Greenburgh officer had reputation for fetish

The shit will REALLY hit the fan on January 20

Aljazeera: No Sunni lawyer was allowed to be among the execution witnesses

I think I'll miss this guy the most.

Turns out Saddam wasn't executed...


US bombed residential area in

WJ this morning: 3000 dead

And now for something completely wacky:

Are we ashamed to look at the 22,000 + crippled G.I.'s?

New Years Resolution - What are we going to do to take back New Orleans from Bushco occupation?

Unhappy new year george!

3000 dead so we could hang Saddam Hussein

On 3,000 soldiers...

More troops dissaprove of Bush's war than approve for the first

With Tim Johnson still in the hospital, could/would the repubes block the reorganization vote?

Broncos Defensive Back Darrent Williams Killed in Drive-By

Arab Socialism or Islamic Fundamentalism?

Christian Right moves closer to taking over military

I feel good! The Village People are on PBS NOW!!!!

Senator Hagel: "It's Alice in Wonderland" (Re troop "surge")

A new term has been used in this article you may not believe: "the Iraq syndrome."

A letter written on 5 November by Saddam Hussein....

Happy New Year everyone!

Nativists fan flames of U.S. immigration debate

It sounds like I'm in a war zone, and I have no clue what that sounds like,

Bee drunk only if you can be and then remind your self of the reper


HAPPY F'IN NEW YEAR! (toasts included)

Parents willing to trade their children for PS3

Can we send Patriot Emmett Tyrell to Iraq? Please?

Happy New Year DU....Keep Hope Alive!

N Korea celebrates happy nuke year

The Metal Checks- (The Burden of War)

"New Year's Eve in Crawford"


Chimpy Dance (Tribute to Bush)

Oh Momma.......I Died For A Comma

Al Franken Learns to Line Dance in Kuwait


Song Of The South - Alabama

BushWatch 2006: Another Year of Attacks on Workers

Afraid to let me post what I think of this country?

Senator Dodd's chairmanship of Banking Committee is fundraising opportunity for White House bid

OK Congress - up and at 'm. Time's a wasting. Let's go. Get a move on.

NYT article details "the oh-so-concerned Bush officials oh-so-worried" about the law

It Could "Get Ugly"...

my question for the presidential contenders:

To the 110th Congress! God Bless America!

How I Handle The U.S. Death Toll In Iraq.......

Who was given authority to release Saddam to the Iraqis?

Bush lawyering up for the New Year:

Bush and Laura just stopped by the Rotunda

Send an Impeach Bush Ecard for New Years!

Time of inaguration?

Watch This Video For Peace/Love/Hugs, Send To Family And Friends At This Time Of War

Pelosi Statement on the Deaths of 3,000 American Soldiers in Iraq


Rice Makes Lame Excuses For Why U.S. Can't Talk To Iran, Syria

Waiting For The Word From Wes: From WesPac Ohio Coordinator

Spitzer sworn in as New York’s 54th governor

Democrats: The very least you can do is investigate.

Rose Parade "IMPEACH" sign

Former GOP staffer's lawsuit over sex blog moves closer to trial

Guerrilla vlogger: Edwards in NH, we need a bigger boat

If the gallows interview with Saddam conducted by Bob Woodward...

Barack Obama

So how do you think President Gephardt is doing?

I'm Boycotting Domino's Pizza

Edwards would choose universal health care and lifting people out of poverty over deficit reduction

Fallen Down the Rabbit Hole

Will Kerry endorse Edwards for Pres?

I see little discussion of the elephant looming in the room.