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Archives: January 10, 2007

Miami Herald: Hold hearings on Signing Statements

Norman Solomon: The Headless Horseman of the Apocalypse

Tom Hayden: Presidential Campaign in America Launched with Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq

Terrified Soldiers Terrifying People

Airstrike Rekindles Somalis’ Anger at the U.S.

CNN/Reuters: Report: Human rights not improved under Raul Castro

E.J. DIONNE: Can Democrats stop surge?

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for January

Ron Kovic: Surging Past the Tipping Point (Truthdig)

Maternity Retailer Settles Pregnancy Discrimination Suit

Kent Southard: 21st-century machismo

Climate Experts Worry as 2006 Is Hottest Year on Record in U.S.

Bohunice unit shut down

Connecting Dots of Climate Change is Bleak Business

Are u a sleep?

Hey, I don't hate Bev Harris...

Is Rush Holt ignoring Clint Curtis?

Senate Moving on Ethics Bill

Trash Haulers Aim for Lower Fees in U.S. Supreme Court Fight

Maternity Retailer Settles Pregnancy Discrimination Suit

O'Reilly, Colbert to trade appearances

Reid Watering Down Kennedy Anti-Escalation Legislation

Doom for Hubble's iconic pillars

U.S. to Raise Royalty Rates for Oil and Gas Leases in the Gulf

BREAKING: First item on DEMS "100 hour" agenda passes!

CNN: Tony Snow: Democrats "have to make a choice" about Iraq success and support for troops

McClatchy: Soldiers doubt an influx of American troops will benefit Iraqi army

Iran Says It Has Arrested a Nuclear Spy

Gates Cleans House

NYT: Faculty at S.M.U. Voices Concern About Bush Library

Spies put transmitters in Canadian coins: Report

Carter, Clinton announce Baptist meeting as counter to conservative Southern Baptists

Baghdad street becomes new Fallujah

WP A1: With Iraq Speech, Bush to Pull Away From His Generals

Israel field-tests effective anti-RPG weapon (US Army blocks deployment)

NYT: Democrats Plan Symbolic Votes Against Bush’s Iraq Troop Plan

* *AS IF* * I would block anyone from blocking me.

What's offered this spring at Georgetown University!

I bet, even with all this fine-grained-control, that I still can't

Question: When does 20%=100%?

Now wait just a cotton-pickin minute! This wasn't supposed to be an original post!

Is it possible to be with someone if you don't share their morals?

Favorite "old school" wrestling "manager?"

cunnilingus please reply to my posts

I have a confession. I am SO excited about the new ignore feature.

Where in the world is KG?

Have you googled yourself lately?

So evidently Nizoral is the best dandruff shampoo on earth.

What we really need is the ability to block people from even *reading* our posts

"A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods"

I don't care if monday's blue...

I just made Turkey Meatloaf Muffins.

Google Rocks!! n/t

Favorite "old school" whistler?

I think Angelina Jolie and Madonna are fighting.......

Richard Belzer.

Fraggle Rocks!! nt

Who do you support in the Rosie vs. Trump feud?

* *AS IF* * I would block anyone from dating me.

Having problems with my ipod shuffle

Because I always seem to kill picture threads . . .

Goddamn, I Have A Helluva Cold. What Should I Do?


Sodding Asus motherboard with the XP OEM licence...

One of my cats is a pussimist.

High school coach charged with 39 counts of "groin assault"

Beatnick propagandists will not be able to reply to my posts.

Hey beeyotches...Justin Timberlake wants to sing to you!

I now have DSL, {dial-up warning} - the sunflower/sunset, supersized.

Chile verde

A question for experienced apartment dwellers/ penny-pinchers

Question about refusing a FedEx package?

while i'm at it--remember this one?

Is it possible to be with someone if you don't share their morels?

Hey where's KitchenWitch at?

Who Wants a Do Over?

More baby chinchilla pictures

Tuesday, January 9. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

am i the only one who like this song?

I have found a cartoon that sums up my entire existence.

Damn it, Bert Blyleven was robbed again

I finally had a pretty good day

NOOOOO....The Kinks' "Come Dancing" and Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" in the same set?

ever had anything strange happen while baking or cooking?

What? no cat thread(s)???

You Have 4 hours to live, and $49.95 in your pocket

Are Flexible Spending Accounts worth it?

How have you recently Fallen?

favorite oLd schooL ECW character?

I know many around here don't like the Royals...but

Boston Legal

Two Class Guys elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hmm....I'm pretty sure I saw something more dangerous to do while drive than using a cellphone.

Remember "Head East"

Who will write a new Apple iPhone song to match Banana Phone?

Modern Rock Lyrics Quiz

Someone please win Freecell #617.

Hey Lounge ! Eat my shorts !!!

i dedicate this song to me--wildhorses

Clowns Give Me The Creeps

Rachel Ray 30 minute meals

Who or what makes you laugh? Post some stand-up clips or comedy skits.


DU's funniest comedian/comedienne?

Carter, Clinton Back Moderate Baptists

My spiritual journey has brought me to Zen Buddhism.

Rant on sexuality, gender roles, misogony, and race

Boise State's Petersen just fine with No. 5

Daykeeperjournal up and running again

I'm not endorsing this plan, mind you,

Why I Think Kerry Should Run as The Energy Independence Guy

Kennedy Endorses Kerry; Calls Romney ‘Multiple Choice’

Gary Hart: We Don't Need A Military Surge, We Need - A CITIZEN SURGE - To Restore The Constitution

If You Ever Wondered if Apple Was a Progressive Company, CHECK THIS OUT===>

The Forest is Full of Trees

Historian Cuffed and Jailed for Jaywalking in Atlanta; Over $1,000 Bail

Kennedy on IWR: “the best vote I’ve cast in my 44 years in the United States Senate.”

Two questions for those who want impeachment.

For Lala_rawraw: Some notes, some praise, and some DU love

Do you think that Bush will be impeached & Removed from office...

I watched a tape of the View...Who is that ditzy blonde GWB suck up???

On Scarborough: O'Liely's body language gets analyzed.

Internment camp inmate who gave life to Scooby-Doo has died

It's possible Mel Gibson's home burned down in the Malibu fire

Snow Falsely Claims That Bush Said ‘Just The Opposite’ Of ‘Mission Accomplished’


Who Else is going to Watch the Chimp

Democrats pass 9-11 Bill with VETO-PROOF VOTE of 299-128

Major loophole in Democrats' ethics bill will benefit controversial lobbying groups [AIPAC, ASPEN]

NBC corrects false global warming comments, sends rightwingers into a tailspin!!!

Let Senator Kennedy know that we agree w/him

Edward R. Murrow: One Of The Greatest Speeches Ever Given

DUers are you familiar with "Johnny Got His Gun"?

Alleged murderer was diagnosed with ‘homicidal ideations’

Thanks, DU, for being here

Grandmother of dead soldier wants Bush "to send one of his beautiful daughters"

Shrubby Bush is equal to JR Ewing.....Laura is a great Sue Ellen

Suzanne Somers lost her home in that Malibu fire

Why is Steny Hoyer Siding With bush Instead of Kennedy re: Congress' Power?

Peace, Harmony, or both?

Leno just did a joke about the Democrats and Congress taking the day off

Michelle Malkin comes up with new Jamil Hussein conspiracy theory

What is wrong with this idea for Iraq?

So Rick Santorum has a new job

The brick stupid echo chamber....

How many people have me on ignore?

Jon Stewart: What is the Virgil Good position?

Someone forgot to tell me while I was sleeping

"This area must be cleansed"

Fears that porpoises are starving

No more need for carring a wallet

NYT editorial: Democrats' stem-cell bill deserves veto-proof majorities in both houses

Pelosi needs to rethink impeachment if Bush doesn't respect Congress..

US Navy running a video "ad" on the front page of

Laura Does NOLA ---pix--->>>

Ask your doctor

ABC Nightline just said Dems calling an "Intervention" against Bush.

Molly Ivins: Bubba, we -- yes, we --have to stop the war now

General Discussion

Military Families Speaking Out: Politicians Are "Gambling In A No-Win Situation In Iraq"

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

It's 2007, do you know where your revolution is?

Boston Legal is a must see tonight

Has anyone seen the movie, The Good Shepherd?

A "surge" is a purge

The OIL Factor in Somalia

This poll needs DU help. It's been freeped...54% support "surge"

Boston Legal!

YARRABS (Yet Another Rabid Republican Against Bush's Surge)

Dems pass 9/11 recommendations: BUT top stories on FAUX Web site are...

New EU path on climate and energy

At Least 10 Republican Senators Likely To Oppose Surge (NYT)

Best Bush pic ever...looks like he is about to burp.

to DU or not to DU

Here's how Congress voted (Ethics, Civility, Earmarks, Pay-Go, and Minority Bill of Rights)

I'm sorry to be so immature.

Why should Americans pay for a "Billion Dollar Jobs Program for Iraqi's?"

Question about refusing a FedEx package?

"When the president goes before the people on Wednesday, he is basically saying, trust me."

Need some help yelling

111 new members from 100,000...

Tennessee question, why did Kurita vote with the GOP to organize the Senate?

Photo of the recent launching ceremony of the USS George W. Bush


I need help from someone smarter than me. (Iraq caualties)

ENJOY this news, brothers & sisters, this is what MAJORITY feels like

Experts Suggest the CIA, Not Kim Jong-il, is Counterfeiting Dollars

This just in - 128 House Repukes oppose implementation of national security measures.

This should be good: body language expert to "read" O'Loofah

US names state-owned Iranian bank as weapons proliferator

When will DU gain its 100,000th member?

My hero, Michael Ware. Maryland PBS "Frontline" on now. He has been in Iraq since the beginning

Top Dem(Durbin) Wants Public Campaign Financing

For all the bills that the dems pass will bush veto ?

I guess I'm part of a "focus group" that includes 88% of Americans

I Just Noticed There's No Mandatory Malloy Thread Tonight

We are too soft in Iraq? That's the spin, anyhow.

On KO: Ted Kennedy calls Iraq Bush's Vietnam.

What do we know about Fred Fielding?

Please send Pat Buchanan to Iraq

Caption This Photo.

My candidate is the best!

Ted Poe (r-TX) is talking about a dead soldier who is a hero. I do not doubt him.

Senator McConnell, Representative Boehner, I'm getting tens of thousands of phone calls a day

New York Smelt it, but New Jersey Dealt it

Anyone notice all this escalation of violence of the eve of Shrub's speech?

For Mods: How is allowing Israeli discussions in GD a negative thing?

When you give your economy to the government, its communism....

Google Rocks!! n/t

Who do you support in the Rosie vs. Trump feud?

I know many around here don't like the Royals...but

U.N. report: War displaced 1.7 million Iraqis

What will be the eventual fate of Iraq's Sunni population?

John Dean just said that Fielding has been "sipping some of the kool-aid lately"!

Speaker Pelosi--We are making the American People Safer

How about this for a smakdown

Rep Danny Davis (D-IL) has a beautiful voice.

Anyone watch Lou Dobbs tonight

Lynn Woolsey is speaking out of order.

Finally, the MSM holding Congress to account

KO has JOHN DEAN on TONIGHT>>> watch

The one good thing about a troop surge in Iraq...

so Boehner is out today and all week??

Duncan Hunter on Hardball

Exit Strategy

No Democratic response to Bush on Wednesday?

Conservative Radio Host in Albuquerque is open to possibility of Impeachment

First U.S. execution of 2007 taking place here in Okla at this minute.

John Edwards hangs it on McCain: "The McCain Doctrine"

GREAT NEWS!!! 100% DEM unity with 231 YES votes !

Spitting Image - Every Breath You Take

Olbermann - Tony Snow I Don't Know

More FOX News Whistleblowers Fess Up

(judge says) If You Can Work an Espresso Machine, You’re a Manager (no overtime@ Starbucks)

Urgent email from regarding the Kennedy Bill!

JOhn DEAN on KO tonight.

Anything Can Happen

U.S. Labor Against The War: No Escalation - Bring Troops Home Now!

Allcee Hastings(sp?) gets into it with Republicans on the House floor.

88 Senators dont support Surge, we need 67 to remove from office

The "Surge" Fantasy & Troop Levels

Sen. Brown of Ohio loses bet - required to do 55 push-ups

Kennedy was remarkable today - rerun - C-Span - after the current live hearings

Thought you'd like these sites

Snow: "By 'bipartisan' we mean that we'll give the Democrats top billing every now and then"

Clean Minimum Wage Bill in House—But What About the Senate?

Dick Morris raising money for Hillary...not what you think...

Anyone see the movie "The Good Shepherd"???

Economic Report: Guess Who Benefits The Most From Tax Cuts? It ain't Workers

America is like a goat with it's head stuck in a fence

Snow claims that Bush does not have to listen to Congress. Can we call him a dictator yet?

A discussion tonight on Lou Dobbs about Hugo Chavez made me so mad.

98.6% - Cal's in the Hall

Iran Says It Has Arrested a Nuclear Spy

Kennedy Endorses Kerry; Calls Romney ‘Multiple Choice’

I Knew It!!!!!.....Hoyer Is A....

What a difference a week makes - Pics.

A possible method to impeach? Have * break a law Congress passes...

Dick Durbin: Help me set the Senate's agenda

John Edwards Calls on Congress to block funds for war escalation

Clark to appear on O'Lielly factor right before Shrub's speech.

List of House and Senate Committee Chairs

Two America Says No events Thursday night.

Public can purchase $100 laptop

Hooked on Drug Money: Will Congress Take a Stand on Medicare? (Truthout)

Behind the Crash in Crude Oil: Gary Dorsch

The War Powers of Congress

Navy-led Study: People outside Senate office (in 01) infected with anthrax

IMPEACHMENT---Option or Requirement?

Pelosi for President? By Rob Kall

Robert Scheer: Brooding Prince's Soliloquy

Newsweek: A Stagger, More than a Surge

Joseph Galloway: Continuing the Flight from Reality

Panetta to Newsweek: 'All the troops in the world won’t make any difference'

Leon Panetta: 'All the Troops in the World Won’t Make Any Difference'

Cultures of fear, humiliation, and hope

Why Bush Fights: It's the Morality, Stupid

G.I. deserves a reason why (NY Sportswriter pens a must read)


NSA provided security help for Windows, Mac OS X

Democrats' 100-hour blitz fosters animosity

CommonDreams: A Troop Surge Can't Win a Victory from a Bad Decision for War

How the World Will See the Surge ("America is now producing one nightmare after another")

Congressional Limitations and Requirements for Military Deployments and Funding

Truthout: Three Thousand Plus One

GOP Expects Democrats To Overreach

Bangladesh: a democracy in crisis (The Guardian)

In defiance of 2006 vote, Bush will escalate Iraq war

Hardliner's Hardliner Led Bush's Iraq Review (JIM LOBE)

WSJ: CIA Blocking Cunningham Investigation

Homeless vet buried with honor

The Draft As Deterrent

TomDispatch: Frida Berrigan, How the Pentagon Stole the Future

Poll: 60 percent of New Jersey voters disapprove of Bush

Gary Hart: A Surge of Constitutionalism (HuffPo)

The Road Map to the White House

Better armor lacking for new troops in Iraq

U.S. exploits Somalia chaos

Friend or foe? British forces wary of Iraqi allies

U.S. Overseas Image Gets New Focus

Minimum Wage, Maximum Myth.

Life at $7.25 an Hour

Cities rediscover allure of streetcars

Carry on flying, says Blair - science will save the planet

Sprague Energy's South Portland, ME (biofuel) Terminal Now Open

China Admits Missing Both Pollution & Energy-Efficiency Goals For 2006 - AFP

Oceanographers Probe Huge Methane Hydrate Deposits Off New Zealand's North Island - Stuff

Winter to Come "With a Vengeance" (Accu-Weather)

United Solar Ovonics receives $15 Million order for it's amorphous photovoltaic thin film sheets.

Eleven bird-kill incidences (crosspost)

EU Study Projects 36,000 - 86,000 Annual Deaths From Climate - Deutsche Welle

North Sea Harbor Porpoises Starving To Death - Sandeel #s Collapsing In Warming Waters - Scotsman

205 MW White Creek Wind Project Gets Financing

New UN Chief Wants Global Summit Meeting On Climate - ENN

KPMG annual auto industry survey shows fears as SUV growth grinds to a halt

Bushfire Smoke Blankets Melbourne, Prompts Health Warning - SMH

Authorities Believe Toxin May Be Behind Mysterious Australian Bird Deaths

T-Shirt Weather Continues Across Britain - Record Highs In N. Yorkshire - Telegraph

Blair's Travel Stance "Holding Out For Cigarettes That Don't Cause Cancer" - Australian

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Responds to CA's Growing Demand for Hybrid Vehicles

Democrats push green energy plans (Chicago Trib.)

Congress forms legislation on global warming

Offshore wind may power Delaware

European consortium reaches important milestones in solar energy research

Solar power looms in Yuba City future (CA)

Kerry: Bush drilling in Alaska, "end this 'drill today, pay tomorrow' mentality"

Hoku Materials Plans New Polysilicon Plant for Idaho

Warm Temperatures Chill the Ice Fishing Season

EU plans 'industrial revolution'

Russia may cut oil production amid dispute with Belarus - LAT

Time to admit failure

Conditional citizenship (Tom Segev)

Labor MK Raleb Majadele to be appointed first Arab minister

Report: US army blocks use of RAFAEL defense system

Hamas leader Meshaal acknowledges Israel exists

Another Malaysia Meeting Attendee Identified

"The 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts "

I just listed all the google videos re 9/ question ...WHERE are the

A Critical (read: thorough debunking) Review of WTC 'No Plane' Theories

The "Loose Change" creators get thrashed in a debate with Mark Roberts.

Thank God, It's FRIDAY! You thought Wed? No. Just Gov't disinfo.

Will you be using the super-ignore function?

Look at this and try to be objective

Are the "No Planes" folks the "black sheep" of the "9/11 Truth Movement"???

How will the new "Ignore" function affect the 9/11 Forum?

Birds falling from the sky all over the globe!

EXCLUSIVES: New FL-13 News & More on NY Times' EAC/E-Vote Lab Scandal & Arnold's Surprise...

BradBlog: EXCLUSIVE FL-13 UPDATE: ES&S Moves to Strike U.S. House Admin Committee Letter

FOIA records give insider info about vendors and elections officials in NH & OH.

Like Asking the Mob to Reverse a Hit: Paul Lehto in Appeals Court

Election Fraud &Voting News Wed 1/10/07 Citizen Surge-Call To Action-Help Land Shark Save Democracy

The Ciber Report? The EAC Now Admits It Really Exists

Chicago Tribune: Part of Vote Blame on Orr

MNF Iraq: Task Force Lightning Soldier Killed (Diyala Province)

EU plans 'industrial revolution'

Democrats' 100-hour blitz fosters animosity

AP: Iraq urges delay Saddam case executions

AARP, SEIU push higher cig taxes in Maryland

BBC: Iraqis facing passport shortage

NYT: Congress to Take Up Net’s Future: Dorgan, Snowe introduce net neutrality legislation

Vilsack bashes Bush troop plan

Britons can sign up for e-mail terror alerts

Sunni bastion sealed off after bloody Baghdad battle

NYT: Bush’s Troop-Increase Plan Is Expected to Draw Six Guard Brigades to Iraq

Saddam death video moves Indians to rename village (to "Saddam Hussein Lahona")

Cindy Sheehan Impressed by Cuba Med School

Basra operation to be completed in weeks -Blair

Iraq govt says top cleric Sistani backs crackdown

Pentagon to restrict data used in teen recruiting

NYT/Reuters: U.S. Home Prices Unaffordable for Many Workers: Study

What's with CNN these days?

New Orleans police set up checkpoints in bid to curb violence

NYT/Reuters: Congress Mulls Opposing Troop Rise in Iraq: Reid says 9 GOP Senators oppose "surge"

AP: Checkpoints to Combat New Orleans Crime

Errors result in wrong (Nashville) man being extradited to Maryland

Bush to detail Iraq deficiencies, define fix (will admit mistakes)

NYT: Troops Sent in Surge to Have Limited Role, Bush Aide Says

LA TIMES: Democrats feel liberals' antiwar heat

AP: Supreme Court Hears Union Fees Lawsuit

Ex-Interior Deputy(Steven Griles) a Target in Abramoff Probe

WP, pg. 1: Climate Experts Worry as 2006 Is Hottest Year on Record in U.S.

Iraq admits split in army

MNF Iraq: 2 Soldiers killed in Al Anbar

(Reuters) India could dump U.S. nuclear deal: envoy

Camp Resistance at the gates of Ft. Lewis

Since Bush has already sent the "surge" of troops on their way,

AP: Bombings, shootings kill 13 across Iraq

Reuters: Sudan, Darfur rebels agree 60-day ceasefire

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 10

Troops depart for third Iraq tour

Mississippi Congressman Calls for Federal Probe into Insurers' Katrina Practices

WH: Bush to acknowledge mistakes in Iraq

CNN/AP: House Democrats eye raising federal minimum wage: Second bill since taking control

Show up to the rally and public hearing on January 22, 2007. We will be gathering at 4:45 p.m. at th

AP: Oil Prices Fall As Inventories Swell

NYT/Reuters: Kenneth Tomlinson, Bush's Public Broadcasting Chief, to Step Down

Somali Brits are not al-Qaeda

U.S. defense workers warned about Canadian spy coins

Nicaragua's Ortega to be sworn in

Official: Bomb suspect in Somalia killed

Better armor (vehicles) lacking for new troops in Iraq

Barbaro suffers significant setback in recovery (injured Kentucky Derby-winning horse)

Report of mysterious break-in on presidential library site

Troop Surge Already Under Way

NYC Subway Bomb Plotter Says He Was Set Up By Paid NYPD Informant

WP: Dodd to Enter 2008 Presidential Race(Tomorrow on Imus)

'Munsters' Star Yvonne De Carlo Dies

Support is strong for gov't use of biometric IDs

AP: Iraq PM Tells Shiite Militias to Give Up

GOP lawmakers join in call for halt to surge plan

Dems push 'Net neutrality: Introduce "Internet Freedom Preservation Act"

Officials: Bush upset by Hussein hanging video

Report: 'Generation Next' more confident, more progressive, and more supportive of gays

Chrysler attacks global warming

Police report:Former House candidate Hackett involved in armed pursuit

Pelosi kicks butts near House floor: No smoking

Reuters: New U.S strikes hit 4 places in Somalia-govt source (Wednesday)

Sen. Kennedy Seeks Universal Health Plan

School district muzzles Al Gore

Breaking CNN: House passes minimum wage raise 315 - 116.

Ex-Gov. Gilmore Eyes GOP White House Bid (YES!!)

one last 'un fore i go nitey nite (ambien is kicking in and screen

I listened to the Gropenator's state of the state speech today

I felt good today-saw another car with anti-Bush stickers-in Dallas

I found a earthcam from Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas.

A-ha! Just as I suspected....

OMG Foodgasm!

Hot Damn! Ben E. King on Letterman

I roleplayed at FReeperville for a while now. Found out there's hope for some FReepers

My Dad is going through chemo...

100 registrations to go...

I just got a space-heater

Man stages robbery to get back to prison

Have you ever shared so much of yourself with someone...

I smoke a cigar tonight...

Snow day for the wee lad... but not for me. *pout*

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/10/2007)

This is kind of cute. My 10 year old daughter is learning Vietnamese.

Ex-Coach Allegedly Hits Students in Groin

MatcomNews Update: 'Butt-Printing' Art Teacher Has Been Fired

Former Basketball Coach Faces 39 Charges For Hitting Students In The Groin

Woman Tries To Smuggle Drugs Into Prison - Inside Tampon

Giant Sky Banana To Fly Over Texas

I can't the the boys to go to bed at a decent hour

It's finally snowing in NYC - after 130 years!

Supermarket Staff Finds Drugs In Banana Boxes

Japanese School To Test Applicants' Chopstick Skills

Fake Priest Arrested For Selling Pope Tickets

so do i have to hang out in GD to get a DU stalker?

Open Container Law Shot Down Because It Discriminates Against The Homeless

Does the iPhone look attractive to you as a product to possibly buy?

Woman Says Her Nipples Were Painted, NOT Exposed - Sues City

Can anyone help? There's this computer game I'm trying to remember the name of...

800,000 Privileged Youths Enlist To Fight In Iraq

NC Fall Renaissance Festival, Jewels of the Caravan edition

I googled an old flame last night.

I can't wait for Sweeney Todd!

Who hires Home Depot (or any Big Box store) to do home contracting?

How will "President" Bush be remembered by history?

Help! I need to find a dating site for kinky Libs!

Airline Passenger Attacked By Scorpion

Giant Owl Attacks Drinkers

What would you like to hide in a closet or drawer?

Real Madrid to show David Beckham the door

Drunk Mail Carrier Crashes Mail Truck Into Street Sign

How fast can you spank the monkey?

If you've been looking for winter...

YES! After four months of searching for a job! The wife gets THE call!

Alcohol & Ammo

What are the names of the neighborhoods around the University of Chicago?

A little fun reading lol

What band am I thinking of? (#10)

My personal experiences with Bush Politics


Car Terminology

Anybody here ever changed their last name because last names

Have you ever had a family member come and stay with you after

I fondled an old flame last night.

OMG I've got "An Inconvenient Truth"

A Scanner Darkly

if you could run DU for one day

99,914 DUers - should we have a contest for when we hit 100k

Gah! Furniture shopping!

I'm sooooo sucked into Television Without Pity

Please send some healing thoughts our way.

Children of Men = Dystopian Masterpiece.

Sometimes I HATE being a mother.......

see who's Looking at your myspace

Sometimes I HATE being in porn.......

Sometimes I HATE being a mom..

Howard Stern is the father of Anna Nicole's baby

What are the scariest web sites ever?

moisture infiltration damaged or destroyed all its contents

Barbaro suffers setback

is anyone going to discharge effluent valve 337 before 3 pm?

Frat boys draw obscenities on drunken freshman who later dies.

Is everybody asleep or what???

NBC has a new show called "Poker after Dark"

ick - i just spat out a bone fragment in my hamburger

Do you shoplift locally where possible?

If I have to watch a sociopath tonight - I choose Dexter

Do you have to fight for your right....

R.I.P. Yvonne DeCarlo

Hey! Here's a GD thread that could use some more Lounge participation...

Mothers, Daughters Arrested After Brawl Outside School

Any TopChef fans in the house?

Netflix is delivering my first Deadwood DVD's tomorrow.

Fess Parker. What is the last thing you stole?

Clowns Give Me The Craps

anybody got any good recipes for rat-like small dogs that bark at everything in the most annoying

When someone says "ask me anything" what should I ask?

Alrighty.....Who out there has had a Lobotomy and wants to talk about it?

I just read that Mark McGwire got only 23.5 percent

I'm making Cuban Black Bean Soup. Ask me anything.

No one can stop us now.

Lily Munster died--will Elton John write new lyrics to "Good Bye, Norma Jean"?

Clowns give me the cramps.

Have any porno films not sucked?

What I Have Learned -Burt Reynolds;James Caan; Robert DeNiro; others

How long should Tupperware(tm) mixing bowls last?

So I'm thinking of customizing some of my T-shirts...

Do you know which animal is the most extreme killer?

Last night's "House"--WTF? (SPOILERS)

Is reyd reid reed a grandma yet?

Send in the Clowns

It's neck and neck

The heck is it with that guy?

Uh Oh. I Did It. Started A Smoking Thread In GD

Damn I love Nancy Pelosi...

So I'm thinking of sodomizing some of my T-shirts...

Nobody posted yesterday about Mark McGwire missing the Hall of Fame?

Can ANYbody 'splain "Hippie" to me?!?

A Bright Comet Is Coming

i am posting this from my wii

Winter FINALLY comes to W NC

I'm trying to remember the name of a teleplay involving homesteaders.

The San Andreas is very angry today...

Anyone remember Doc Savage? Should they do a remake?


This is how to kick your kids out of the house when it's time for them to go.

Do you shop locally where possible?

That's great, it starts with an earthquake...

What can't you wait for?

In honor of *'s speech tonight....Let play the drinking game!!!

Mortgage Banker v. Mortgage Broker

Just so everyone knows why I won't be around later tonight:

If anyone wants to proof these maps

I'll be in "The View" audience tomorrow! (Thursday)

Recommend to me a good album

Who out there has had a colonoscopy and wants to talk about it?

I have PMs more than two years old...

It is now 60 degrees in Denver

Arrrrggghhhhh..if this day isn't bad enough my former SIL is calling the dog warden

Almost time to go

Are all clowns serial killers?

Another meltdown tonight (no alcohol involved; pure PTSD). What do I do?

My new boss has "issues."

Have any prequel films not sucked?

Beer poll

Will everyone that puts me on their do not reply list please

What time does Shitface "War Criminal" McDumbshit Fuckwit speechify tonight?

I'm making Cuban Liberal Soup. Ask me anything.

I really should not have joined DU

I just received a summons for jury duty!

Leave it to JVS to effectively abuse the new "reply block" feature first

Now this is a pretty dog...

Will Katie Couric ever learn?

ACK!! Financial Aid

Well, lookee here. Simon (American Idol) disses Dylan.

Dog Philosophy (Dial-Up Warning)

what forums do you frequent?

My latest cake..

Alrighty.....Who out there has had a Vasectomy and wants to talk about it?

Our beloved dog bit a little girl this morning

Bohemian Rhapsody - Greatest Epic Song EVER

It's time for a jpgray appreciation thread to let him know how much we love him

Lily Munster has died--age 84

Fess up. What is the last thing you stole?

Ever heard of "noodling"? Show on PBS the other night

What "weird" foods do you love?

So...The Sniffas and I are officially engaged now...

I must go to sleep. Attn: Pawpicker. You must do the same!

so has anyone used the new feature to block me yet?

Songs which leave you happier after listening

What is the worst movie or video you were forced to watch in school?

Name a natural or national (your city) disaster you were in.

Didya know that The Police are talking about a reunion tour? COOL!

Where Did Your Childhood Monster Live? Under The Stairs, Bed, Closet? tummies

Name a company that makes something good, but those name could suggest something naughty!

I wanna blow you minds!!! What was your worst nightmare ever?

Another great DU pet has returned home to God

I am going to have to repost later

Atheists challenge the religious right.

Religion Affiliation Check

Slowly it dawns on me...

Rights Group Names Best LGBT Workplaces

New Year's nightmare for visiting Yale singers

Alan Cumming and his boyfriend marries

Isolated and Gay

Ok, so back to Wisconsin Badger Basketball.....

Barbaro Suffers a Setback

Could we set up a database

I wear this old bracelet: Capt USAF James V. Dawson, Ky, . . .

United for Peace and Justice is sponsoring a big anti-war march on Saturday January 27th.

Kerry answers to Bush's drilling in Alaska

Kerry cosponsors Kennedy's bill

Net Neutrality bill filed. (Kerry co-sponsor)

The JK blog has a post welcoming the new Kerry staffers

And on the other side of the 2008 aisle...

How does * spell "victory" in Iraq?

OT: Jim Webb on NPR talks about populism and Iraq

Cutting funding is

Kerry discussions at Liberal Values

Dodd running for president - will announce it on Imus.

Kerry Committee POW/MIA

Wireless Innovation Act of 2007

Newyorker article on Iraq positions of Clinton, Obama, and Edwards

OT (sort of): Hillary Clinton has just about NO netroots support

Media not reporting Kerry on Iraq? (photos).

Somewhat OT: check out this brilliant analysis

C-Span 3, anybody get this channel?


For those of you missing winter - lotsa pix.

What do you guys think?

Kennedy's bill cosponsors

Limbaugh tapes intro for Fox News' "Daily Show" Ripoff

Why the word 'surge'? you ask ... here's the official answer...

Are the Dems who don't question Bush's competence competent themselves?


America Says No -- Events Scheduled for Tomorrow (Jan. 11)

I've had enough of these motherf***ing Scorpions on this motherf***ing plane!

"Victory [in Iraq] will not look like the ones our fathers and grandfathers achieved.

G.I. Asks Bush: "I Want To Know Why?- If I Go Back & Die In Iraq-Is My Mom Going To Understand Why?"

Primetime Escalation Is Bush's Last Stand In Iraq

Good Evening & fuck you my fellow Americans...

U.S. Policy in Iraq - C-Span 3 Now.

I've Never Used IGNORE On DU, And I Never Will

12 percent of Americans support sending more troops to Iraq

I'm not listening to or watching Booshe, are you with me?

These people are NUTS!

Blitzer: Bush was "sick to his stomach" when he saw the Saddam execution videoclip

Anti-Islamism in anti-drug ads?

Bush* Editorial: The Corrected Version

HOLY CRAP! DU was just shown on CNN!!!!

Wednesday TOONS (Dialup warning)

German site suggests CIA, not North Korea responsible for counterfeit U.S. dollars

Bush speech contest - How soon before he mentions 9/11?

Allen Ginsberg: From The Witchita Vortex Sutra (1966): I declare an end to the war

CA-50 Appeal: Asking Hastert to reverse his Power grab "like asking Mob to Reverse Hit"

Uh oh - Watching CSPAN - Breaking News Headline

Study: 744,000 are homeless in U.S.

Sen. Conrad Burns will work for lobbying firm

Bush Is *Rehearsing* His Speech Today ===>

Steny Hoyer has a 100 hour clock on his webpage

Crap!! Blitzer assures us all that "the president got sick to his stomach"

The Minimum Wage Increase: Victory or Short-Term Band-Aid?

havocmom's creed, in hopes it helps you avoid the pitfalls of internalizing cultural definations

Per bowtie boy, Senator Brownback, just back from Iraq, is against

Cocaine on '100% of Irish euros'

ANGLIA by Laibach - Good (but disturbing) anti-imperialism video

Regarding Watching Dickhead's Speech Tonight

"From my mother's sleep I fell into the State,

Bush speech drinking game ..... Drink when you hear the following ....

The U.S. attack was greeted with rage in Mogadishu

It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

The DU Plank Project.

83 Till 100,000 Registrations On DU!!!

The real "war on terror"

Yvonne De Carlo (Lilly Munster), R.I.P.

S.M.U. Faculty Complains about President Shit-stain's Library

Funny bit on Scarborough last night (yes, I know..)

will you watch ChimpyMcPukeSpoon speechify tonite?

Question: Who owns Raytheon?

Pelosi regarding Bush's "new way forward": "This was notification, not consultation"

Jack Kingston (speaking in the House now) makes me sick...

bush to admit failure, cnn reading excerpts....woah

The Kennedy Clan....

Thus is Uranus:

What's with CNN these days?

Looking for an editorial cartoon of Bush,

Could someone, anyone tell me

Does anyone abhor Wolf Blitzer's posturing,

DU this poll...Do you support the surge of troops into Iraq?

Pssst...pass it around! The Black Adder strikes again!

These Ass-hats Repukes are making my blood boil

"Shock The Monkey"

Today's Guy James Show--if you can STILL be shocked be sure and listen

Economics Question

Caption cheney

What to do instead of watching * on TV tonight?

I use Ignore because its a useful tool to supress drivel from useless "tools"

On Scarborough , body language analyst found that O'Reilly exhibited "typical primate behavior"

Republiks dressed as women are deserting the Titanic in droves.

Is the House still in session or is McHenry and that other Republic

Darfur Cease Fire-Bill Richardson

Since Bush has already sent the "surge" of troops on their way,

When does the Popcorn Show Start?

Is tonight's speech bush's last chance, or will he get many more?

Would Chris Dodd announce at a Klan meeting?

'Munsters' Star Yvonne De Carlo Dies

Price keeping a clock on Pelosi

Uh-oh, The Truth Squad is here! (on the floor of the House)

serious kool-aid drinking mother of a dead soldier on w/tweety

Bush to deliver speech in series of Haikus...

A Surge for good

Italian movie producer Carlo Ponti dead at 94


Please Consider Voting for the Dixie Chicks

Survey: Human beings' treatment of animals (in general) is...

Does anyone believe the republiCONS when they say...

WOW...Is Chris Matthews setting his tone for tonight? He's on fire.

Serious Poll: Is our president insane?

Micheal Leeden is yet another chickenhawk little Eichman

Ever heard of Downsize DC?

Active duty service members support for GOP drops 14% since 2004

Win Trip To D.C. - "My State Of The Union"

U.N. Milestone Resolution on Diabetes!

Pelosi Puts 'No Smoking' Sign Near House Floor (Makes Speaker's Lobby No-Smoking)

Two questions... Which voice will * use tonight? And wasn't this scheduled for 8PM?

nora odonnell seems positively giddy over Obama's beach photo

Is the Bush speech at 9pm tonight live or pre-recorded??

Barry McCaffrey just told Tweety

I'm going to call my very own Senator LIEberman

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

WHOLE White House Iraq plan — Wonkette publishes it so you don't have to watch!

Michael Dell challenges PC industry to go green

Navy: Speed of tanker sucked sub up to surface (I am calling cover-up on this one)

Sen. Coleman: "I do not want to embarrass the president, but I do not support a surge"

CNN Breaking: Bush will adress why effects to secure Iraq has failed

Do wingnut pundits (radio & TV) really believe the crap they're selling?

Iraq Strategy Review Slideshow

bush HAS read ONE part of the Bible: He's sure to position this as Armageddon.

Quantas Airlines Excellent Maintainance

School district muzzles Al Gore

Day 2 of the 100 hours in the books.. Minimum Wage increase passes!

What site can I go to tomorrow to see what the ratings were for Dubya's speech?

Mel Gibson's sacrifice of the Maya


Oh great!! Now Bush will use tonight's broadcast to shake his dick at Iran

IRAQ:: Media Under Growing Siege

Witnesses are not entitled to representation!

Rep George Miller kicking butt

Let's look a year down the road, after this surge is a proven flop.

Bushes' "surge " strategy is brilliant !

It's As If The Mid Term Elections Never Happened

DU this poll NOW (before the 5 PM news)!!! ("Do You Agree With Plans To Send More Troops To Iraq?")

How does Mary Matalin talk without moving her lips?

bush the liar lies yet again; "It's important to trust the judgment of the military "

Olbermann's coverage of the speech tonight

CNN: Pentagon plans to extend tour for soldiers and Marines, also activate additional National Guard

I held my nose and voted for democrats who backed Bush's invasion

Michael Tomasky's case against New York City

Sen. Collins on Hardball - The Iraqis should own their own oil & share profits

"But... but... Oversight will undermine the President! Waaah! Waaah!"

3018 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Chimpy upset by Hussein hanging video - compares it to Abu Ghraib, say "WH officials"

Iraq's Ambassador to the US is visiting the auto show in Detroit today

Top Democrats say meeting with Bush had little impact ("was notification, not consultation" )

Bush Administration, GOP, and Conservatives try to revive Unconstitutional Line-Item Veto


Dupe. Self delete.

OMG!!!!!!!!! Bush to Acknowledge Mistakes in Iraq

Is it shameful to admit that we don't have the resources to make the Iraqis submit to us?

Carville's on now putting the counterspin on Matalin's propaganda...

FBI and Nixon Administration worked with terrorist organization to silence opponents of the war

Escalation: FAILURE X 4

How about the caller on Randi????

Is Hugo Chavez really one of the worlds most dangerous people?

Can anyone here answer this question about rethugs

Tom Delay's Book: No Retreat, No Surrender

France's Problem With Capitalism

Matalin has been all over the cable shows trying to sell *'s plan as

Todays message from Cheney's mouthpiece, Limbaugh.

Is Hannity riffing Colbert?

Whatever happened to the " Coalition ? "

Chris Matthews will exhibit his mancrush on Bush tonight

I notice since the republics are the minority "The house will be in order" is said alot

You Can Watch Tony Soprano Instead Of George The Idiot

Turtle thought extinct found in Thailand

Caption this McCain/Bush pic

How many more coalition troops will be joining the American surge?

WH releases "Advancing Stem Cell Science Without Destroying Human Life"

Is Shithead speaking before congress tonight?

Did you watch the Dem & R leadership news conference just now after their meeting with Little Boots?

Study: 744,000 homeless in U.S. in 2005

Apt Lukovich cartoon on Gamblin' George's adventures in Iraq

The Flip-Flop Documentary Is On Link Now

"We want what the American people want, Victory in Iraq" John Boner

Pelosi On Opposing Iraq Escalation: "We Will Not Be Swiftboated On These Issues"

Nora O'D Interviewed Sen. Gordon Smith - Just Ended

Just for fun and to protect the Constitution

C-SPAN 2: Hutchinson defending Republican actions

Anyone else watching Tony Blair getting heckled on C-span 3?

C-SPAN 2: Sen Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) re: Line Item Veto

Anybody know anything about economics? I have a question.

What are you serving for tonight's speech?

Poll could use some DU...

Congressman Earl Blumenauer on the Iraq escalation

Dammit! Will miss the non-escalation vigils tomorrow night!

The U.S. was founded on a belief system, but not the one Christian conservatives think.

WH selects libray for Bush speech, "for more of a conversation with the American people"

Does anyone think * is calling the Dems' bluff?

3 Questions before any war (or buying that another country is a threat)

DU - CNN Poll: Should 20,000 more U.S. troops be deployed ...

Is their going to be a formal Democratic speech in response to *'s speech?

Scarborough Panel Discusses Impeachment of ‘Isolated’ ‘Delusional’ President Bush (Last month)

Jack Cafferty's questions today

Some of You Will Die, that's a Sacrifice I'm Willing to Make

Oil Companies forced to pay fair share, Dems win in a walk

I sure wish MSNBC would vary their guests today instead of the same old, same old

Put a whack on Wednesday's nasty ass, . . . please come CAPTION!!!

Street Protests over Bush's Iraq Escalation Plan

U.S. home prices unaffordable for many workers: study

BWHAHAHA! CNN already calling "BULLSHIT" on Bush's speech!

In anticipation of the idiot's speech tonight (song/poem)

This minimun wage thing .

Lord Vader is speaking on Cspan1

After tonight, should we start a "Send The Twins to Iraq" Fund?

Message in writing from * to the senate now on C-span 2

Draft Evader Romney Supports Increasing Troop Levels In Iraq

British television show puts Blair on trial for war crimes

LOL CNN front page picture of Bush has him looking BAD

If Bush forces an escalation of the number of troops we have

CBS mischaracterizes ITS OWN POLL to declare that Americans are split on a "surge"

BREAKING: Bush escalation will be 21,500 troops and cost $6.8 billion

Clinton, Carter Support Moderate Baptists

Who's listening to Patrick Leahy

Dolph Derousse???? The guy who bought at 17 without a penny to his name...

I gotta stop watching House Debates on C-Span your Iraq war views reflect your personality?

Angelinos, protest *surge* tomorrow wilshire & western 5:00 pm nt

"New strategy for Iraq " Glossary for Presidential Euphemisms

10,000 Al Gore tickets sold out in Boise

Impeach or Stay The Curse?

I am SICK of hearing "the Democrat party" - I vow to donate to the DEMOCRATIC party each time

"Do You Agree With Plans To Send More Troops To Iraq?" - poll you might consider DUing

40 cent an hour raise turns into $1,200 expense (misleading headline)

Pelosi bans smoking near House floor

MSNBC: Bush speech will run about 23 minutes and there will be some poetic language

What part of it is "New"? What part of it is a "Plan"?

PDA Announces Inaugural Podcast Series

Lying Scuzbag Dan Bartlett

What do YOU want to hear from the president tonight, cnn asks.

Bush escalation will cost $6.8 billion

C-SPAN2: Norm Coleman (R) giving his opinion on Iraq. I know he's

Please, 1 (or 10... or 100 ;) more?

Efforts by C.I.A. Fail in Somalia, Officials Charge

Wipe that smirk off Wednesday's nasty little face, . . . please come CAPTION!!!!

Fight Back With A Surge Of Donations For Democrats

*** Bush got his military plan from Blackadder

Delay in Delay's Book

Contact your governor about Bush's escalation!

Pat Buchanan almost made sense last night ... but not quite

Tom Vilsack's resolution against escalation in Iraq

Al Gore wins 2006 National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Award, Tipper accepts award - pics

Heres a note from KO on tonights show

"And now they want to send us back, and keep sending us back, and for what?

The netroots are taking on Mickey Mouse

Favorite Liberal Podcast?

US twists civilian arms to fill its Fortress Baghdad

Republicons are hitting the airwaves and...

Bush to send 21,500 more troops to Iraq

Sending Guard, Reserve units on second tours would be a policy shift.

Do you think that the republiCONS are ....

enjoy a new OUT OF CONTEXT toon...

A global warming theory I hadn't heard before

Activist Judges, what makes them so?

It's time to pressure the Governor's to stop the Iraq escalation

I would love to know what the cost in dollars has been.

Beach Impeach on Italian newspaper!

Fox News Anchor Calls Ted Kennedy A ‘Hostile Enemy Right Here On The Home Front’

10 year old Iraqi boy: "I prefer to be illiterate than to die"

A surge, in context - Excellent article in Cleveland Plain Dealer

Remember this? "I'll listen to generals." Or, you know, not.

Pentagon to global cities -- drop dead

yeah... um .....the last time we heard a lot about a "surge"

Guiliani partnered with law firm/lobbying arm for notorious polluters

A Symbolic Non-Binding Resolution By Congress - Why?

Divine Strake: The word is out - and it doesn't mean a thing

Senator Kennedy speaks the truth--Thank you, Sir.

MSM/Rs Working Like Crazy To Make "Surge" A Dem Problem

90 bills already introduced in House, 30 in the Senate

More strange mass bird deaths in Colorado

Where will the 20,000+ troops come from?

if one was to ever wonder what the differences is between the two parties

"Mr. Pres. How Important Is The Surge? And IF It's That Important, When Are Jen & Barb Going To Iraq

Who is the Association of Muslim Scholars (in Iraq)?

Impeachment campaign

The talking points for the R's today are outrageous

For God's sake, ANN COULTER'S COLUMN has an ad on DU!

Duncan Hunter is such a blowhard, on MSRNC saying the only

Finally, the media is saying it aloud, "This is bush's war".

This war is not about the troops or freedom - it is about Bush and the Repubs

Surge the Twins

The Nation: Soak the rich to pay for war..... That'll bring the troops home quick!

GOP Sen. Gordan Smith: NO SURGE - Iraq Is No Longer A US Fight - Supports Kennedy's Proposal

“on the orders of his boss (US Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice.”

Italian Troops Being Killed by Depleted Uranium Used In Balkan War

Relieved: Dems WILL respond after Chimpy's speech...

GREAT news! "Sen. Johnson Upgraded to Fair Condition"

What do Military personnel think?

When are the Bush criminal investigations going to start??

Bush to seek 6.8 Billion for new Iraq Strategy

it seems to me that fidel castro and george w. bush have lots in common

Bush Speech Drinking Game - Is there one yet?

Why is Bush really doing this?

I wonder how many repubs will vote against the minimum wage increase.

Will Chimp plan of "phasing battalions of troops in" shoot down Dems Funding Plans?

Kucinich up on c-span 1 NOW

Bush's attempted takeover of the Judicial Branch is getting shot down

"Paramilitary Death Scrod"

Sen. Byrd floor speech: ‘Surge’ Is Headed For Failure

Biden Hearings on CSPAN3 right now

Barbaro suffers setback

Notice something about the House today?

How do the Democrats actually stop the surge of troops?

Sen. Kennedy seeks universal health plan

George W. Bush, doing a fine job or a heckuva job?

Bush/Saudi Royal Family won't like this

New Film Exposes evangelical Hypocrisy/ Bush War Crimes

so where is bush giving this speech

Rogue President? Isn't that exactly what we have now?

Why the US Is Not Leaving Iraq - Follow the money

The "they stand up as we stand down" slogan must be inoperable nowadays

James Madison was a damned, dirty terrorist (tm)

Watching the House

Rep. Ruppersberger: "...the generals have been reluctant to speak up to Cheney and Rumsfeld. "

Senate Intelligence Committee Annual Threat Assessment Hearing

Latest Bush Marketing Slogan: "We have to go UP before we go Down."

Polluted Waters Stain D.C.'s Shining Vision

Tonight's message "USA would have been better off under Kerry."

formula to share oil revenues?

The "Rapid Withdrawal Left" is a strawman.

What will the news networks do when people no long bother calling in suspicious packages

Cindy-bashers out in force again today

WTF?: MSNBC running a backwards ticker for the "Speech"...

How long will it take

House now debating HR 2: Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007

In addition to the 20,000 troops, I keep seeing that the rules of engagement

Highly recommended

Urgent countdown to House vote!

This word "surge"... Anyone else find it odd that he chose that word?

Dennis Miller starting radio show on Westwood One

Media Matters takes up Spocko's cause.

WTF? Glenn Beck to Join 'Good Morning America' as "cultural commentator"

Bush is leading our country and the world toward a nuclear confrontation..

WOW 99,904 user registrations

Constipated Democratic "Moderation" on Iraq on Display in LA Times Article

26% support bush's war, 'a new low' says msnbc

How will Tweety describe *'s speech?

Saudis and Jordanians warn they will send troops if Sunnis in Iraq appear to be in danger

'Do It Your Own Ignorant Way' Mr. President.

Mitt Romney supports escalation

Sending Guard, Reserve units on second tours would be a policy shift.

Hm-mm. . . MSNBC is dissecting the "theater" of tonight's speech.

I think 'training' the Iraqis is a waste of time, money & lives.

Suspect stabbed Hmong hunter after being shot once in each hand

Crusader Boykin's on the way out

World's six warmest years since 1890s (starting with warmest): 2005, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006

Mike Judge's 'Idiocracy': Evidently It Begins at Home

H.R.1 Implementing the 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act of 2007


The Bush Twins Need to Pack for Iraq - NOW ===>

Bob Barr testifying before Senate Judiciary Cmte Now - link provided

Saddam's Well-Timed Execution-By Robert Parry-Bush Silenced A Dangerous Witness

Senate lifts freeze on pay raises for federal judges

Arabic international paper: Elements of Al-Mahdi Army Have Settled in Green Zone

Insanity Alert: A guide to tonight's delusions

Ortega Returns to Power in Nicaragua

The president doesn't want to lose this war on HIS watch.

My Hero

"Up or Down Vote" on the Surge!

It's Bush v. Congress- This is the fight Bush wants

Sen. Ben Nelson: "It's my opinion vs. his, but he's the president"

My letter to my Congressman on escalation in Iraq (comments please)

Escalation or surge?

bush 'plus-up' speech tonight

No wonder GM has problems...these people are freakin' clueless

Smirky - There you go again.

Where was that CSPAN caller during *'s first campaign?

Will bush add Somalia...

Fascinating new concept. Ignore Cred

The perverse logic of Bush's war

The New Strategy

Millions still convinced that we are actually at war.

You GOT to be kidding me: Donation site for Scooter Libby's defense fund

National "Surge" of Opposition to War Escalation

what SACRIFICE will bush ask from us tonight?

BTW, Pretzelpuss Will Beg For AN EXTRA ONE BILLION DOLLARS for Iraq "Economic Aid"

The superhawk behind the surge - Check out this nut

New postal law lets Bush peek through your mail...

How many people did we kill just to get one SUSPECTED terrorist?

Did Imus call Andrea Mitchell a whore for going on Fox to sell her book or was I hearing things?

Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Cmte: Today's hearings

Hey Democrats, The People Don't Want A Symbolic Vote On Iraq

A 'christian' Right Mob demands just Christian prayers at council meetings in South Carolina


Well you stupid Iraqis, why haven't you solved your problems yet?

Is The US Conducting Ethnic Cleansing Operations in Baghdad Against The Sunnis?

Davy Drier the Town Cryer

Source: Bush to call for Iraqis to take control by November

Negroponte and the escalation of death

On fighting losing battles

3,015 now dead in W's war of choice

CSPAN WJ: It's taken a long time, but people are seeing things clearly.

9/11 bill may face scrutiny in Senate (Republican Opposition)

Saddam was the fatal victim of a labor-management dispute

Some soldiers wary of new Iraq plan

Official: Bush plans 20,000 more troops for Iraq

MSNBC should be worth watching after the speech. KO will be on with Barack Obama

Judge restricts media at media baron's trial - "designated media area"

The U.K. and Aus. will not offer troops for a 'surge'?

We should stop funding the senators & pay them a minimum wage.

Anyone have links, articles etc about the NY Times in the lead up to war

It's time to look to the leaders of previous anti-war movements for inspiration.

So what's a person?

add to gov't transparency: every war or military action resolution must include business interest

Teddy Kennedy speaking on CSpan 1

WAR - US Constitution and War Powers act of 1973

Is there any intelligent life down here?

99,900 DU members -- my prediction

Bindi takes show to US

New Passport Requirement for Canada, Mexico, etc.

can't wait for the speech later today...

Georgie, Peorgie, pudding and pie. Wrote a New Constitution and made us wry

Thanks to all the DUers who argue with me!

HAHAH. Check out Apple iPhone internet demo

Thanks, DUers...

Boston legal - great lines at the end about Denny having been in

From experience, I think I may not speak as often or as freely.

Russia-Belarus oil controversy hits Europe supply

U.S. moves carrier off coast of Somalia

'The Siege' is on HBO right now.

Karel is sitting in today for Bernie Ward on KGO/Talking about Mac World

Must see Daily Show on NOW (replay)

URGENT: Administration pushes for thousands of new nukes--Say no today

Connecticut activist arrested for attending parade & his name was on a list

Have we officially entered the Bizarro World or what?

MySpace has censored ad about the dangers of media consolidation.

Papa Bush early CIA ties revealed in declassified docs

Write your own Bush "surge" speech of "poetic language"

Bartlett: Bush's initiative "requires US support," according to CNN

I ate too many taco chips, fell asleep in my recliner and had a vision...

Fascinating graphic

Pelosi: ‘Increasing the Minimum Wage Is a Victory for America’s Families’

**** PLEASE HELP: Call To Action on Stem Cell (H.R. 3) Vote TOMORROW!! *****

Boycott eBay!

Pelosi & Reid Look Pissed.

Bush is going to win tonight, you know.

Democrat NM Gov. Bill Richardson Forges Ceasefire in Darfur, Where Bush Ignored Genocide


O.K., Just From Your Gut, Will bu$h Finish his Term? (Yes or No)

'We've Been So Selfish': 800,000 Privileged Youths Enlist To Fight In Iraq

The Case for Jennings-Florida 13th "Scoop" autorank/Michael Collins

Stop-loss the surge

"SURGE" already underway, guys.

George W Bush is an asshole

Aideed Former US Marine and Current deputy PM of Somalia...wants Special Forces on the ground

Ellsberg: "If We Don't Impeach" -Then-"You Are Accepting A Man Who Thinks Of Himself As A Dictator"

Cindy Sheehan Impressed by Cuba Med School

Garrison Keillor: 40 States is Plenty .

Orson Scott Card... you suck.

Computers will never be the same, the iPhone's multi-touch is just the beginning:

Paul Hackett chases down 3 men and holds them until police arrive

The Sludge Report.

Am I Free?

Kennedy: 'Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam'

Jack Ruby Speaks out... (for Octafish and others)

HNN: Historian's Arrest for Jaywalking

Fantastic ad by a WA DFAer for Darcy Burner's race. Fun to watch.

Are you sick of that person who constantly harasses you on DU? Now you can do somethin... (THREAD 2)

Did anyone see Guckert/Gannon at Kennedy's press club speech

mike malloy on novam radio now!! where is ralps?

What part of serving Americans does Bush not understand?

Is Prime Minister al-Maliki His Own Man?........

Condi to a begging for $$ from arab states for Iraq

100 hour question

Looks like affordable health coverage is coming up?

“The horse will be out of the barn by the time we get there"

WaPo: With Iraq Speech, Bush to Pull Away From His Generals

Check in on what our new Congress is doing

AP: Congressman (Ellison) Wants U.S. Forces Out of Iraq

USA Today New Poll has Bush at 37% - Approval for Iraq - 26%

Did * Pull Back Negroponte To Shut Down The Death Squads?.....

There's a history of Congress saying "no" to troop escalations....

Boyle, 3 Other Bush Nominees To Federal Bench Withdraw

The Keeper of the 100-Hour Clock

Well I did not expect to see Barack Obama here...

So just who does Rick Santorum consider 'America's Enemies'

Where are the allies in Iraq...

A letter to the NYTimes pegs Bush's motives...

Senator Gordon Smith, Republican from Oregon, rocks! He did just now, anyway.

I think the only way to end this war is to impeach Bush

The brilliant audacity of U. S. News and World Report

What's more serious than death?

The Rude Pundit - Lindsey Graham: War Escalation Is About Bush's "Legacy"

bush's surge and its positive effect on the conservative mind

Democrats should ask Bush how he is going to pay for it?

I Believe Murtha's Plan Of Strategic Redeployment In The Region Is The Best.....

DU Help me out here...GOP Buzzwords you expect * to say!

Democrats Vow To Resist Troop Escalation

LOL great e-mail to Cafferty on the "Surge speech"

In a Where are they now moment: DeWine Takes Teaching Post

* Is Playing "Pin The Blame Tail On The Donkey" He's Daring The...

Congrats to Nancy Pelosi for another honor: Mr. Blackwell's BEST dressed list

Super-Surge or Go Home!

I Saw A Post The Other Day Here On DU Where It Said The Pentagon Was Calling * Caligula.....

Did anyone else hear the interview the new Speaker of the House Pelosi did with NPR yesterday?

Dream Ticket: Kennedy/Pelosi (or Pelosi/Kennedy)?

Was checking out myspace.. check Georgie's page ;) lol

Jim Webb on Cspan 3 Now, Sen. Foreign Relations Comm.

"Yes there will be more casualties." "We're in this to win the war on terror, not to lose it"

Democrats should level with people about their "surge dilemma"


Antiwar Movement Launches Nat. Surge of Opposition to War Escalation

Just found this cartoon.. post some of your favorites too!

PNAC alive and well at the AEI

Carlson Calls Ted Kennedy 'Hostile Enemy'

Per MSNBC, Sen. Durbin will be Dem responder after speech tonight.

If Only More * Supporters Would Have Watched Farhenheit 9/11 When It Came Out....

LA TIMES: Democrats feel liberals' antiwar heat

Lawrence O'Donnald thinks the 100 hours was a BAD idea

A preemptive parody strike on the 2006 State of the Union address.

Bush's speech reminds me.......

James and Paul

Questions fill the air as Bush speaks on Iraq

10 years no raise in the min. wage.. but how many raises has congress given themselves in that time?

Why all of the fuss? Iraq will be seen as nothing but a comma, correct?

To quote John McCain ...

Prez Ticket: Kennedy/Pelosi (or Pelosi/Kennedy)?

Update on the "Surge speech" the WH has been making all day

AP: Pelosi bans smoking near House floor

Senate MINORITY Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky) shows off his Ignorance and Hypocrisy

Randy: the President of the United States wants that DAMN oil

Pelosi Serves Boener: "No More Smokey Rooms"

Tweety: WHERE'S!!!! Hillary on this surge

Can we pass a law requiring congress critters to go beyond Econ 1

The Presidential office I'm afraid is now a dictatorship.

Tpmuckraker reports that Senator Durbin will introduce bill for public financing of campaigns

ABC says "Leading Edge" of surge has arrived in Baghdad

McHenry and Price...At the same time???? To each other?????

Some backround info and quotes from Glenn Beck. My Son is a fan of this person

Did i just hear this former General talking to Tweety say we are there for 10 years...

Chris Dodd to announce on Imus he's in for 08

I Just Received The Best Phone Call

paralysis, AIDS, infertility, Parkinson's, diabetes, lung cancer, heart disease

Isn't it obvious that Bush delayed his speech for purely political reasons...?

*'s pResidency Is In It's Final Throes.........n t

Bush to the American people: "Bring it on!" n/t

Iraqi Oil For The Iraqi People

America in Iraq photo:

Help, the cable TV went out here...any links to watch Monkey Boy..

Romney's abortion flip-flops captured on video

How will Hillary and Obama vote on the Iraq escalation?

I'm not a big Hillary fan, BUT

Rudy Inc. - more about why i hate giuliani

I am SO glad that Jon Tester won his Senate race this year, he sounds like a Great, average guy!

Many More Sons Will Die While the Democrats Do Nothing to Stop the War

AP: Illinois Speaker Wants to Help Obama (Feb. 5 primary date)

Hooked on Drug Money: Will Congress Take a Stand on Medicare? (Truthout)

**Latest news on Coulter voter felony case**

Brian Williams Says Bush Animated and Aggravated

Stem Cell funding to be voted on tomorrow--please call, write, and scream it from the rooftops

Joe Lieberman on surge: "What's the Worst That Could Happen?"

It dawns on me this morning that Kennedy is throwing

Pelosi On Opposing Iraq Escalation: "We Will Not Be Swiftboated On These Issues"

John Edwards is going for the JUGULAR on McCain

Citizens weigh in and Impeachment is foremost on their minds.

Why Al Gore should run in 08.

Charlie Rangle to introduce a resolution on the DRAFT tomorrow