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Archives: January 11, 2007

Should we still support the troops?

Afghan war needs troops

Inviting a Battle on Capitol Hill

Robert Fisk: Bush's new strategy

A Peculiar Version of Friendly Fire: Female Troops Face Double Danger

The Real Disaster

Gott on Hugo Chavez: Revolutionary leadership

Why Did Bush Give Kristol’s Speech? PNAC is Alive and Well...

Ari Berman: Will Democrats Spend Their Political Capital? (re: "The Surge")

Bush defies public opinion, Democrats on Iraq troops

100,000 mercenaries, the forgotten "Surge"

John Nichols: Surging into a Quagmire

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Surge Homeward

The Nation: An Army at Peril

Sex, Drugs, Prisons, and HIV (NewEngJournMed)

Sherwood Ross: Nuclear Power not Clean, Green or Safe

Fur Trade Driven By, Driver Of Climate Change - AGU (Fascinating Article!)

Conditional citizenship

How will the new "Block User" function affect the September 11th forum?

Scathing - but funny - rebuke of the 9/11 Truth movement (Rolling Stone writer).

23 Senators introduce bill calling for electronic campaign reports in Senate races

Yale Choir Assaulted; No Arrests By SFPD


Ethiopia ‘holding suspects’ after US air strike

UK to cut 3,000 troops from Iraq by May-paper

Democrats: Time for redeployment

War-weary Americans weigh new Bush plan

NTEU Welcomes House Action On Union Rights For TSA Workers

Bush takes blame in Iraq, adds troops

Leahy asks Secret Service about secret White House visitor logs

AP: Ney Asks for Alcohol Treatment in Prison

U.S. special forces in Somalia

Cisco to sue Apple on iPhone name (BBC)

I've have PMS since I was two years old...

Who said the spirit of the 60s died?

Shoo fly pie, and apple pan dowdy

interesting poetry site.


Apple sued by Cisco over use of iPhone name

Freak out your coworkers with 13 sets of eyebrows.

You MUST obey at least one TV commercial tonight, so what will you do?

Oh drat.

How in the hell can a family afford to live in Northern VA/DC???

Its goodnight from me...

FL: Mom put baby in warm oven during breakup

Any Lukka Bloom fans here?

What's your opinion of the movie "Shopgirl"?

Another snowstorm in Seattle: Did we offend the deity?

Beer and chocolate. Nice combination.

Tell Laura I love her

Katie Couric is being eaten alive!

Tony Soprano's got it figured out...

Justin Timberlake is NOT hot.

Seeing w's smirk gives me little mini seizures. Would a properly applied ice pick help? n/t

I quit my job!

Bush sounds like Howard Stern Wack Packer Crackhead Bob...'I am torry'

Now that Bush's "surge" speech is over, let's show him the proper respect...

ForrestGump is currently turned off due to high traffic.

I am in the headache zone.

Alrighty.....Who out there has had a life and wants to talk about it?

If you're going out in public, please change out of your pajamas!

I have had strep throat and a double ear infection for three days...

Hey, I think you can block posts from yourself! Who dares step through the gate...

What "weird" dudes do you love?

Help! Save me from my inept-ness !

Level 2? You mean now I have to *actually* read peoples names

Hi everybody, I'm back...

Ack I just walked into the living room

Foucault, Derrida, Lacan:

you can tell me i suck cause i don't give'ah shit i'm made of rubber...

Holy mother of Chrysler - Duke Men's basketball is 0-2

Why am I typing one-handed?

20K More Troops

'Spiritual' people from whom you only see

There's a store in Urbana Ohio called "Teabaggers".

fans of bacardi's coconut rum, check in here

sleepy kitten--cuteness level not measurable by any known scale

101 Ways You Know You're a Proud Bostonian

There are 4 people, including me, in my office. 3 of them are called Sarah.

I Have TWO Threads On The Greatest Page!

Eegah I feel was just awful

I didn't know Quentin Tarantino wrote "true romance"

lower-case letters--for the rest of tonight i will not use caps for anything

I have been out of touch today, why is the DU having high traffic

WOW, threads are dropping faster than prom


Does this sign make sense?

I haven't eaten since lunch, and Alton Brown is making duck - my favorite!!


Post a picture of someone else who is better at cooking than you are.

Alert for Tom Petty fans....

What do you all think of Richard Dawkins?

Post a picture of someone else who is better looking than you are.

Any eczema sufferers here?

Great. It's going to be f-ing balls-up cold.

Herd of gazelles and zebras at the Watering Hole.

Tell some du'ers that you dislike them....

Spoiled rich girl complains about car color.

am tuning my ukelele....

Please DU this quiz

Hello everyone! I’m Troupe Serge, ask me anything!

What Kind Of Weird Dudes Do You Love?

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the "sex thread riot".

Find yourself in this photo

SoCal DUers- we are trying to plan a gathering

Favorite Zsa Zsa Gabor movie?

OMFG !! Idiocracy is a fookin SCREAM!

I'm going to NYC tomorrow to see ThomCat and Haruka3_2000

PC ol'uncle is trying to save a jpeg attachment to his PC's desktop but he does not

well the end is near, time to get your new end of the world PJ's...

Tell some du'ers that you love them....

It's snowing in SeattleLand. ***PICS***

kind of a cool website-enjoy!

Would anyone be interested in having a thread each week with a different astrology topic...

HEAD'S UP: John Kerry to Deliver a Rebuttal to Bush’s Speech NPR & ABC Radio


Joint Statement from Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer Durbin: Democrats Oppose Escalation

Ok, I'll give rethug Sen. Gordon Smith kudos!!!

Surge by Ann Erpino

A little something about our friend

georgie has just shit in the tent

"Resolve. Patience. Sacrifice"

School district restricts showing Al Gore movie

Was tonight's speech also a prep for war against Iran?

Okay, so we're in a make-or-break war for nothing less than the future

Did that Evil Bastard think he would go on TV and say he agreed

Iraq did not dial 9-1-1 and ask us to come to their aid...

Full Transcript of tonight's speech

Wes Clark On Air America Tomorrow, 8 p.m. EST

Anyone notice this still from the speechification?

OK, I have to admit it... I totally, 100% Support Bush

OMG! "Author of Liberty will Guide Us Through These Trying **HOURS**"

MSNBC Mentions Demonstrators Outside WH - David Gregory On Now

Senator Clinton shows lack of leadership.

Not "surge" but "purge" that's needed

Here, sign another petition: "No more troops to Iraq". Go on record, even if it doesn't change any-

THIS IS MADNESS - Enough of the Terrorism Canard -By Larry Johnson


g.w bush's notion of the spreading of "liberty" as a noble rallying cry atop...

Economic Report: Legions Of Homeless Growing In The United States

Did you see Brian Williams NO COMMENT LOOK when tweety talked about IRAN, He is gonna attack IRAN

Lawrence O'Donnell Made Sense on the Troop Numbers

He mentioned Iran supported death squads

Yale Choir Assaulted; No Arrests By SFPD

Impeachment? How about a straightjacket

any seriously thinking about a trip to the capitol for Jan 27th.?

Fineman - "Bush spoke with the confidence of a perp in a police lineup"

Fucking Admit it you Motherfuckers !!!!!!!!! I FUCKING RAN!


"Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me."

NBC's Brian Williams says that Iran and Syria are now on the Map for

Olbermann SMACKDOWN!

Did Dimson tell Poppy to "fuck off" tonight?

They are laughing at the fool on Scarborough... Buchanan, too.

um, why does DU provide advertising space for ANN COULTER....

Operation Together Forward II - we already did this plan

MSM: "Bush rhetoric hard to square with facts"

Freepers Believe there are TEN Republican Senators about to BREAK RANKS

Jeebus effing Dog! Greta is about missing blondes!

"Secretary Rice will leave for the region, to build support for Iraq"

Info Please! No Cable right now....What are they saying on MSNBC & CNN?

WTF? Charlie Rose will have Ken Duberstein and Wm (PNAC) Kristol tonight

Join the John Edward's PETITION to STOP FUNDING for the SURGE....

John Edwards on Leno tonight.

"My God we have a madman on our hands!"

Tim Russert can kiss my ASS

U.S. Set to Control Iraq's Oil for the Next 30 Years!

DLC Taps Harold Ford as Next Chair

IIRC, Maliki wanted out of his job a couple of days ago. Now he's the

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Saddam had a half a million man army. A fully functional police force. And a top notch intel service

There is one good thing about the Shrubs speech tonight..

So, how does this massive continuing F%*#&-up compare to a blow job?

Its not hard to see the battlelines folks

At long last, Hillary has just issued a statement opposing the escalation.

I just e-mailed my Congressman and both Senators

Please Pass Pat Buchanan a Towel.....

Bush is setting the stage to flee from prosecution

Yet again, why Bush 41 didn't topple Saddam...

I am willing to take impeachment off the table.

Was that the capitan of the Exxon Valdez on my TV?

My Martin Luther King Day op-ed

Gee Hillary is finally following the leader

Question for Mods: Has the John Kerry DU group been hacked?

I read DU and can but wonder what we, who have maintained contact

One More Push

PLEASE READ, Transcript of Bush tonite discussing Iran:

Government involvement with media - used as a weapon - scaring, manipulating, brainwashing...

Paul Hackett a hero again !

What the hell does "Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me," mean?

Breaking: Hillary CANNOT Support Junior!

LOL - Media, DC in shock

Buchanan re Iran: I Bet You That Is Coming


Sign a petition calling on Congress to block funding

you need to make three times the min, wage to live in Orange County NY

The Chimps Speech tell me one thing

Here's how CONGRESS can do its JOB vs. *ush

Senator Smith (R-Ore) on CNN - "this is another Hail Mary pass - we've

Maliki is saying no more U.S. troops, per CNN correspondent



This war will not end until Bush leaves office....


It's time for Americans to take Helen Keller's advice:

On "Doubling down"

A frightenly prescient bumper sticker

Hillary: late to the party

Jon Stewert ragging on Chimpy's speech now

Damn, I was planning on buying a new teevee tomorrow. Seriously.

The Saudis own...

He's a nervous wreck.

Orem City Council Votes for Paper Ballots

Cisco sues Apple over iPhone trademark

Bush Rhetoric Hard to Square With Facts

Talk about an abomination...

Watch James Baker!!!!!!!!

It's a sad soul, indeed, that can muster no sympathy...

Clear, clear grounds for impeachment. Even Pat Buchanon

Bush's speach tonight

Irony..."A Night To Remember" about the Titanic is on now....telegrams saying SLOW DOWN

"The situation in Iraq is unacceptable to the American people" - *

Bush "bump" (surge) is pointless - it's far too little and far too late.

So has Tweety suprised everyone?


Freeped Poll... this started out 21% to 79%... now quickly turning around

This is interesting... from last week

A fine speech, Children. A fine speech!

A way to protest - drive the speed limit

"Failure in Iraq means disaster for America"

May I ask a question? Bob Kohn went on a rampage talking about bias in the media...

Bush Told Brian Williams That He Did Watch the Saddam Execution Video

DAMN! Mike Should Have Clued Us In. I tuned into CSPAN

If there are ANY Vietnam Era Folks left on DU....Please Check In!

LBJ's eerily similar escalation speech 40 years back

Cry me a river, you warmongering motherfucker

I need a beer...

Let's Be Fair (re: Hillary Clinton)

Looks like the Dems are circling the wagons.

BUSH: "Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, you have to agree with me!

Hillary Clinton: "I cannot support Bush's proposed escalation..."

BREAKING>>>>Hillary just denounced the President's plan

When is ANYONE going to mention what Bush is protecting?

He looks like he's reading a hostage statement.

The Hype, The Leaks, The Press -- we saw a declaration

Well, Smudge has Iran up top

Feingold & Stark & Hillary -'Enough is enough;' After speech, Democrats blast Bush speech

...examine ways to mobilize talented American civilians to deploy overseas...

Call your Senators and Congress people tomorrow

Tweety is worried about Iran

Can a President be forcibly removed from office for being INSANE?

Hiliary CAN NOT support troop surge

In case you missed it earlier.. UK to cut 3,000 troops from Iraq by May -Reuters

Blood and oil

Olbermann: A Look Backward at the Commander’s Credibility (video)

Senate Repukes on record opposing Chimpy's escalation plans

Alert! What is This "Group" That Lieberman & Bush are Now Forming about Iraq?

MR. Bush. Advancing democracy is NOT the calling of our time.

My LTTE to the local papers

Surge The Twins!

Pat Buchanan: Age of the American Empire is Over"

Ok mr pResident what is so important in Iraq that we cannot pick up and leave tomorrow,

Durbin's "America First Tone"

Hersh has been warning on Iran for years...this was all about going after Iran

Speech Clearly Pointed To Attacks On Iran --Nuclear Not Mentioned

World to Bush: Go Sit Your Ass Down

"Iraqi security forces"...

DEM friends, NOW is the time for DEMS to draw a line in the Iraq sand that HISTORY REMEMBERS!!!

George Bush Has Bi-Partisan Support

We need a small group of Repugs and sympathetic media types

Reflections on turning 44 as a full-fledged liberal

My 2 cents on * tonight

where the bloody hell is he proposing to get more military from?

Tweety finally says that the Decider is planning

Is *'s Speech Live?

"The Whole Thing is Hilarious"

How long does little lord pissypants think he can pout

Obama "I am going to actively oppose the Presidents proposal"

Trump calls Barbara Walters a puppet after she called him a sad pathetic man

My public vow: If Bush attacks Iran, I'm taking Iran's side.

Democrats: Bush picks 'wrong direction'

What drug cocktail was he on?

Fuck you, McCain, you Bush-munching asshole

Obama and Olberman ... Hooray!

Buchanan is saying that the surge will happen no matter what.

heres my plan for the Middle East: LEAVE!

Another thing; * claims the oil revenues will go to the Iraqi people.

Why didn't Bush talk...

Obama met with Condi Today and he told her "policies are not working."

Well, THAT was as steaming mound of bullshit

Explain to me why you would watch this speech.

Premeditated murder.

Why is he talking just like R. Reagan???? Sounds just like him. Lord

I would like to know what the Iraq's thought of this speech tonight

How can people think that Iraq had WMD's, and that they were moved to Syria and Iran?

Protesters at White House!

Do you hear the protesters behind David Gregory?

Stupidity of the AEI exposed. The people in that 'think' tank are a bunch of morons.

Bush's new word is : 'brigade'

Awesome protest at the white house.

"The Iraqi people"


Rock On DEMS! 232 Yeas for Fair Minimum Wage Act! See Roll Call Vote tally here:

Tim Russert on Bush's speech: "His neck is on the line"

Ready? Oooooo Kay! Goooooooooo Surge!!!11!1

Democratic leaders

Why would admitting failure in Iraq be a disaster, says who besides

Those Pro Choice Iraqis

Bush has laid his plans for is gonna happen

god damn you, you deceiving, egotistical assssshole

When does Durbin come on for the rebuttal?

Nice line from Durbin there with the calling 911 reference..

Anoother BUSH *********sucks*********** n/t

Lets do ALL we can to get Durbin's 5 minute eloquent response to We The People!

THIS is why

I thought chucklenuts would have gone to bed already..

So let me get this straight: prepare for lots more dead Americans,

Robotic, much? Coached, much?

Pls. delete. nt

Casper McCain is off his Meds nt

WTF??? We're giving out Patriot batteries!!! Iran is the problem???

And what's with that "commanders say" shit? He fires the ones that

No surprises tonight, friends.

Go Obama!

Fox News chairman Roger Ailes to be given First Amendment award.

We Were Wrong. Bush DIDN'T Screw Up In Iraq. WE DID!

Obama going to "ACTIVELY OPPOSE" dimson! Good, great news! nt

Let's get Bush a half-birthday present!

Chimpy: Going Door To Door To Get Support

The networks aren't showing the Democratic Response.

Into the streets!! We have to show Bush we are committed to Troops Home!

So after "clear, hold, and build" failed, the new plan is "clear, hold, and build."

Obama is on CNN now. Durbin has already spoken.

Civilians, prepare to be mobilized!

No salutation or ending on Bush speech. Usually the President say "My fellow Americans" or Ladies

Shia Militias? Al Sadr? Mahdi Army?


73 more till 100,000 Registered Users! Wow!


Bush hearts Lieberman, gives him a shout out on national teevee

can't be over I still have some vodka left....... hic

The enemy is trying to destroy our way of life. Sort of like Prez **** is trying

I never realized that 75% of the books in the WH Library are bound in red.

Strategy? From PNAC geopolitics to oil-he lied over and over

So Now Baghdad = Kabul

Kucinich will be on kpfa

Flag draped coffin lapel pin in lieu of American Flag pin.

The advance of freedom is the calling of our time????????????????

"IRAQ Moving Forward" says the title under Bush giving "surge" speech

No God Bless America, huh....


You're either with the Iraqi's or against them. Your choice.

Yuo'd never believe he just lost an

Matthews: "I'm not his flack", then goes on to compare * with JFK

Having ignored the last bipartisan committee, he decides to make another one,

Email bot

Get a load of these Christian "values"....


God that mother fucking cocksucker chuckle nuts makes my blood boil

Its a fucking police action that he is outlining

Where's his Texas accent??? He sounds like old Governor George.

Keith just sapped Grethch from Fox news as the Worst person

Chimpy: Failure In Iraq = Iran Gets Nuclear weapons



Whatever happened to the Keith Olbermann Estrogen Brigade??

Excellent discussion: 7 warning signs of a science crank.

Jaywalking don hit by full force of the law

like anyone in the world gives a shit what chucklenuts thinks

WHAT IRAQI PLAN????????????

The Short Version: I'm going to try to implement John Kerry's 2004 plan, 3 years too late.

How did I miss this story!

Bush's new plan, the same plan as before (like a Black Adder episode)

Perhaps, it's time we stop paying taxes? /eom

Will bush Say Sept. 11? If So How many Times?

GOP Sens. Coleman, Brownback, and Voinovich are jumping ship on troop surge.

Bingo...9/11 mention!!!

OMG Tweety just said that Bush will have another chance

Speechification has started...

Tweety talking to Keith: He looks like he lost his best friend

House Repukes still speaking on CSPAN

KO: Faux News Gretchen Carlson voted worst person in the world


Insanity Surge - In Search of Peace with Cindy Sheehan

So the Liar is going to speak tonight. Yawn. Thank heavens for DVR/TIVO.

"Surge of Diplomacy" is what Ted Kennedy said

Just Had A Flash Fantasy That He Announced His Resignation

Well, Bush Did Promise To "EXECUTE" The Constitution of The USA

So Far So Good

The democrats have all the power - cut the purse strings and Bush's war is over

a bush

Worst liar? Ari, Scotty or Tony?

Who decides who is going to be on the Sunday morning political talk shows?

hot damn!!! Olbermann's Countdown will be hot tonite!!

is it live or is it memorex?

How do you feel tonite.

Gentlemen (and Ladies): Start your engines...

Et tu Brownback?

Sorry to be so ignorant, but what time is the debaucle airing tonight?

a question I was asked today that i have no answer to... In China they are only allowed one child

Laura's gonna be jealous: Nancy makes Mr. Blackwell's best dressed list

Bush: “And there were too many restrictions on the troops we did have.”

POLL How long can you stand watching the boy king?

"So, Mr. 2008 GOP Candidate, what do you think of the catastrophe THIS pResident is dumping on you?"

lol w. admits that we don't have enough troops in Iraq. Awful apology.

fondly dedicated to George W. Bush, fascist.....

It's really called ESCURGALATE--and the POS already started it even before tonight's BS speech

Please use "surge (sic - escalate)" when quoting articles.

FL: Mom put baby in warm oven during breakup

Democracy matters. - The president is not a king. (Josh Marshall)

Steve Bell's preview of the Bush speech

Andy Card on Blitzer, "The president knows more" than ANYONE IN THE EFFING WORLD.

Bay Buchanan Says "Bush needs to use words Americans Understand"

Is GWB a better/worse president than you imagined back in 2000?

The Prezdent will be speaking in T-minus 38 minutes and counting!

Escalating Folly: Will Congressional Republicans Share Bush's Tin Ear

Presstitutes Meet With Bush, Pledge Not to Report What He Said

Do petitions like Edwards' and Kennedy's actually get anything accomplished?

I wonder if the people on the Baker-Hamilton commission feel...

Ma fella 'Mericans.........

CSPAN2: Biden hearing repeat

Jon Turley on KO saying of course congress can cut off

Listen to this scam

Excerpts from Chimpy's evil ramblings (i.e. tonight's speech) at TPM

When does fuckhead talk tonight? Thanks. nt

The question remains, George. What is the noble cause? Cindy's question.

Dems haven't been whirling dervishes out of the gate so far or anything but...

Giving the right-wingers some of their own stupid medicine....

bush is reciting his obscenity from the same room Carter used

Just when you think Orwell couldn't spin any faster in his grave...

Keith Olbermann coming up next with Tweety on MSNBC

Brits pulling 3,000 troops out of Iraq!

Cant wait for the 30-Something Working Group 2007 C-span

Newsbreak: UK sending HOME 3000 troops...

The state of Iraq is "unnacceptable."

One GI got home days before Christmas and now leaving for another tour.

Meet the Dogmatic Dozen...(Stem Cell Research)

Feds Warning About 'Spy Coins' - Coins Found With Tiny Radio Frequency Transmitters Hidden Inside

We're SAVED! Brothers and Sisters! Rudy endorses the 'surge'.

SO! England is pulling 3,000 of their troops from Iraq.

Just announced on Tweety via AP, Brits to pull out 3000 troops!

In Preparation Of The Chimp Speech Tonight I Give You THE GREATEST Post-Speech Report EVAH!

Roger Ailes, Bob Woodruff, Kimberly Dozier To Be Honored With First Amendment Awards

Boy, Gergen was angry on Tweety tonight...

Smirky: Sending more troops suggests that we want to stay forever (6/05)

From John Edwards: "Tell Congress: No Funding for Escalation"

"Every man of humane convictions must decide on the protest that best suits his convictions,...

White House releases photo of bush rehearsing his speech

Lightbulb moment today: Things WILL get worse if we leave Iraq

Now that Dem's control congress, can they force a vote just to put everyone on record?

Congress Has A Mandate. You Can't Go Wrong With The People On Your Side.

Study: 744,000 are homeless in U.S.

Heads up: Gen. Odom a guest commentator on PBS NewsHour after Bush's TelePrompTer-ization

The Decider decides wrong again

Brian Williams and Tim Russert looked as if they'd seen

Thank All Leaders in Congress for taking a position AGAINST a surge:

Obama Opposes Bush Plan -- Wants to Go Beyond Resolution Against It

Senate Intrigue...Do we have Cloture on Iraq funding?

I'm split on the minimum wage increase.

What If GW Believes, Really Really Believes ET's Are Aiding The Insurgents In Iraq?

Prediction: If the escalation takes place in Iraq, MANY THOUSANDS will be killed via air assaults.

Chávez's left turn sends Venezuelans reeling

Who is for reinstating the forum against the draft?

My commentary on Bush's speech. It is unwontedly short.

Let Us Be The Ones To Start The Buzz About This TAPED Speech!

At the gates (photo)


I read DU and can but wonder what we, tthe seers, have become.

Rangel to introduce bill to reinstate the draft tomorrow........

TPM: About that Bush Family Ranch in Paraguay...

There Is Blood on the Wire - IRAN!

I Am Now One-Hundred-Percent For Impeachment.

Thank you Skinner and DU

Ladies and Gents: For your entertainment

Do you think any Republicans will cross the aisle and join the Democrats

Contact your US Representative - IMPEACH BUSH

The Devil Wore Prada

Did anyone else have a "Dead Zone" moment tonight?

new cnn poll just up - What is your overall reaction to President Bush's revised Iraq plan?

To STOP attack on Iran, Dems need to START investigation for impeachment.

I am old and I am worried about the mental health of George Bush. He is dangerous.

Things are about to get super-ugly in Iraq: Maliki gives al-Sadr ultimatum to disarm.


Call 800-325-3737 , 888 607-4287 , and 800 289-2273 Demand a real prescription drug benefit.

U.S. Troop Levels in Iraq 2003 - 2006 & other "surge" moments

Draft Paul Hackett for US Congress in '08? What is Hackett's contact info?

Which false flag operation is the US govt most likely to use to get support for an attack on Iran?

Steve Kagen (D-Wi) Kicks rove's, cheney's, *'s, & laura's Ass

The War Powers Act

Guantanamo Unclassified

An American's reaction to Bush's robotic speech

George W. Bush, asshole.

Pentagon prefers Raytheon profits to troops safety (Olbermann)

Olbermann's look back at Bush's credibility

Dick Durbin giving the Democratic response to Bush's escalation speech

Dick (toe sucking)Morris at it again bashing dems

The media is playing games in reporting on the escalation of troops in Iraq

I heard today announced 4 more troops died in King George's war

I've been reading Bush's speech delivered September 20th, 2001.....

Once again it's time for a residuncial speech poll.

Lying for Empire/ With a Straight Face! / Nixon, Kissinger & Bombing of Cambodia!

Hate to intrrupt the COUNTDOWN, but what ever happened to Mark Foley?

Bush "Acting on the good advice of Senator Joe Lieberman" (Drudge posts speech)

Just when you think it couldn't get any worst he now is after IRAN!!!!

Did I see that Obama will be on Larry King following the speech?

Sim City - Iraq.....

"Our troops will have a well-defined emission..." - Bush n/t

Who wrote this drivel for dimwad?

Where will he get the 20,000 additional troops for Iraq?

How many will be watching Bush speech?

John Edwards-Tell Congress: No Funding for Escalation

Nice payback for you, JOE!!! (Lieberman)

Democratic Statement on Dubba Speech

John Kerry to Deliver a Rebuttal to Bush’s Speech on NPR & ABC Radio

Wha'd he say!?! Wha'd he say!?!? I just remembered the puppet show was on and I missed it!

H. R. 2 is short and sweet

Is MSNBC our Fox news?

!!!Tweety just said to Keith, after he said we heard the phrase

Okay...Impeach the motherfucker NOW

Has anyone thought about asking the Arab League to step in?

I bet Dems that voted for Lieberman...

I am absolutely furious.


Does Anybody Really Believe This .......

Breaking: Coalition of the Unsurging

Bush is going to pull troops from Afganistan to go to Iraq!

26% approval and sinking, the shrub says its his fault and still looses.

Insane President

The media is obsessed with saying why the dem's just defund the troops

So how do you say it? The president gave a GREAT speech, very very very, great speech

Bush "bump" (surge) is pointless - it's far too little and far too late

Taking action against Iran is a dumb idea until after their elections

Scanned APJ email I received and noticed reference of Bush as...

Biden will have Condi at his hearing tomorrow, he has to press her on Iran

Protestors in front of the WH now while David Gregory is speaking on MSRNC

Our nation has no leader. This insane man must be impeached.

look who else thinks iran is next

Rightwinger or Mitt Flopper?

The FReepers continue to be duh-lusional about Bush and the Iraq War...

So the Iraqi's are going to spend $10 billion of their own money....

Congress needs to fire a real warning shot on the Iraq War

speech text

Clark: "It's a's a dangerous course of action."

Was Bush standing during that speech? it looks like it to me

norm coleman (R) senator jumped ship like the rat he is...

I have come to the conclusion - If the world refuses to do things Bush's

An open letter to George Bush

FreepTards dumping on favorite 08 wingnut Brownback for opposing AWOLbUSH

What are the best non-Neocon, non-Paleo Conservative sites for commentary??

Bush delivered a bomb

rethinking the surge ... maybe not such a bad idea after all

How could he claim victory in Afghanistan?

We found another bad guy in the middle east: Al-Sardr

Anyone watching this HDNet special tonight with Dan Rather?

Breaking MSNBC: Hillary Clinton Opposes Troop Escalation

Harold Ford to be next Chairman for centrist DLC

Is Hillary going to take a DAMN position!?

Has Pat Buchannon ever been in the military he has a LOT to say about the military

A sampling of wingnut Freeper posts after Shrub's speech...

Hillary: "I cannot support Bush's proposed escalation of war in Iraq."

Vote NOW on MSNBC poll

Kerry Responds to Bush Address on Iraq: Bush plan “Is Neither New nor Forward Looking”

Lieberman is a treasonous, rat bastard.

FIneman..."his face showed fear".

Dennis Kucinich: Is the President Getting Ready to Attack Iran?

The Demonization of Muslims and the Battle for Oil

The plan for economic strangulation of Iran

Bush's Global Mission: His Flawed Logic for Escalating the Iraq War

Amy Goodman: Global Warming, Warring and Warning

Toronto Star: What Bush Didn't Say in His Speech

Slum Hordes? World at Urban Crossroads, Warns Report

Joe Conason: A Time to Say No to Bush

Bush to US - Let me risk Your children to try to fix the un-fixable in Iraq

Stephen Zunes: Bush's Iraq Speech Annotated

Democrats Feel Liberals' Antiwar Heat (take a bow, DUers!)

CommonDreams: The Strategy of Atonement

My LTTE to the Sentinel. "Bush goes nuclear"

Troop Escalation and Iran: Distracting Congress from the Real War Plan

Juan Cole: Bush Sends GIs to his Private Fantasyland

Israeli Experts Say Middle East Was Safer With Saddam in Iraq (The Forward)

New York Times editorial: The Real Disaster

TomDispatch: Bush's Sacrificial Americans

George Bush's idea of a "mistake" is to be an unsuccessful criminal.

The Fog Over Iraq

'The Tragedy of King Richard the Cheney.' Act. V. Scene III.


President Bush: The stealth humanitarian (Commentary)

The Onion nails it again

Bush May Doom GOP Candidates in '08


Myth- Min. Wage hikes hurt small business - article from NY Times

Sea Shepherd Replies to Australian Senator ("Your government should be down here with us")

Goodwin: The Prez's surge forward is really a step back

The Guardian: Defiance and delusion

Thoughts From America: The New Cold War

China, Russia on road to abandoning Iran

War With Syria and Iran = Peace With Iraq? The ISG said

Fineman: A Crisis of Confidence (Bush Looked Scared)

NYT: Crossing the State Line Is Worth It for $7.93

Blumenthal: Shuttle without diplomacy

All of Britain on flood alert

ExxonMobil Says It's Stopped Funding CEI, Is Preparing For Eventual Carbon Controls - CNN

The Rise of “The Axis of Oil”—Big Trouble for the United States

Exploring Coal-Based Jet Fuel

France Cuts GHG Emissions 1.8% Below 1990 Levels - AFP

Study - Adirondacks Among Worst Hotspots For Methylmercury Contamination

"Wacky Weather" is Deadly Global Heating

(US) Agency (NOAA - Finally) Affirms Human Influence on Climate (NYT)

100 Tons Of Unsold Whale Meat Sit In Reykjavik Freezers - Awaiting Testing, Icelanders Say - Reuters

Banks Taking Heat Over Lax Environmental Standards, Abundant Greenwash, Projects Funded - Reuters

Valley Fever Epidemic Hits Record Levels In Phoenix - 5,493 Diagnosed In 2006, More Likely Infected

World Economic Forum Survey - Climate, Flu Biggest Fears Of Business Leaders - Scotsman

2006 Canada's Warmest Year On Record - Within 0.1C Of All-Time Warmest (1998)

Possible Cause of Fish Kills Found (Pfiesteria)

60 In Vienna, 59 In Rome, 62 In Bulgaria - World Cup Ski Courses Closed To Avoid Turf Damage

Hungarian Government Raises CO2 Caps By 500,000 Tons - Reuters

Russia Resumes Pumping Oil to Europe

EU's new renewable energy goal (20 x 20) draws mixed reaction

Halifax to sign contracts for wind energy; hopes to save $28 million

Wind project moves forward (VT)

Low Carbon Standard to "Fuel" Renewable Energy Market (CA)

Ted Turner Launches Company with New Jersey Solar Integrator

Kunstler: Making other arrangements..

Chrysler questions climate change

Turtle thought extinct found in Thailand

Meet the Solar Bus...

Supreme Court candidate proposes limiting Law of Return

'Bleach Underground', rabbis battle immodest clothing in Bnei Brak

Haaretz poll: Olmert's Kadima sinks to 12 seats, Likud up to 29

Lieberman calls on Peretz to quit over appointment of first Arab minister

Majadele to become first Arab minister

Carter Agrees to Book Talk at Brandeis (AP)

Iranian Jews Reject Urgent Warnings to Leave

Mass resignation from Carter Center (14 Jewish members of advisory board)

Police investigate Hebron settler filmed attacking Arabs

The Arizona Republic: "9/11 theories to be discussed"

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News Thursday 1/10/07

NYT: Crossing the State Line Is Worth It for $7.93

Troop Surge Already Underway

Breaking MSNBC: Hillary Clinton Opposes Troop Escalation

Washington Family Speaks Out

(Al-Hakim)Shiite leader backs Iraqi security plan

AP: Bush's Plan To Boost U.S. Troops In Iraq Met With Harsh Skepticism In Mideast

AP: CIA Defends Document Secrecy at Trial (interrogation methods)

Reuters: Russia detains suspect for ordering banker murder

Saudis Adjust Long-Term Oil Strategy

Reuters: Russia says its embassy in Iraq raked with gunfire

Bush sending more troops as killers ravage Baghdad

AP: Official: Top Somalia al-Qaida Not Dead

FL Governor Crist rejects all of Jeb Bush's picks for boards and commissions (283)

Members of Yale choir group assaulted in SF

U.S. warns about Canadian spy coins

New US General Will Copy British 'Softly-Softly' Style

Azerbaijan gas 'flowing into Georgia'

US names retired diplomat at Iraq reconstruction chief

APEC considers widening club to count India

Europe attempts to curb energy supply woes (oil dependency)

Gates to urge boosting military by 92,000

Victim owed compensation in CIA case, judge told

Rice says U.S. must give Maliki "breathing space"

China tells U.S. not to meddle in ties with Iran

Canberra (Australia) to sell uranium to China

US names retired diplomat at Iraq reconstruction chief (Timothy Carney)

AP: Denver to host '08 Democratic convention

NATO: 'As many as 150' Afghan militants killed

Rice 'loves' Fox News

White House denies story of (U.S. Rep. Steve) Kagen visit

Three explosions jolt southern Iran - agency

House Debates Stem Cell Research Bill (No. 3 on the 100 hr list

To Counter Iran’s Role in Iraq, Bush Moves Beyond Diplomacy

ABC/WP Poll:New Bush Iraq Plan Fails to Bolster American Confidence

Iraq PM Cracks Down in Shiite Militiamen (Sadr City assault)

MNF Iraq: Soldier killed near Fallujah (#3018)

U.S. Forces Raid Iranian Consulate in Iraq, Detain 5

Media Pounds Bush Iraq Plans

CNN: After Iraq briefing, Democrats complain of 'notification, not consultation'

Reuters: Bangladesh president quits as caretaker chief -agency

AP: Texas City's Immigration Law Put on Hold

Mubarak tells Iran not to touch Iraq

Union not satisfied with DNC decision

Britain tried to stop Saddam hanging, letter shows

Activists plan campaign to block Iraq troop increase

Illinois speaker wants to help Obama

Sparring senators threaten Iraq fund cut, filibuster

Bush team grilled by hostile Democrats over Iraq plan

Gates, Rice try to line up support for Iraq plan

Unprecedented violence targets Iraqi civilians: HRW (administrative torture widespread)

Yukos Creator Found Dead in London Flat

Conrad Burns takes job with lobbying firm in DC

Kurdish troops surround a U.S. force in north Iraq

Tough moves on Iranians and Syrians in Iraq planned

Iraqi Kurdistan denounces U.S. raid on Iranian consulate

Iraq troop boost will mean longer tours

Poll: Americans oppose Iraq troop surge

Wreckage of crashed plane found in Indonesia

Bush talks to Saudi's King on his new strategy in Iraq

US Marines build sand walls in latest Iraq tactic

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 3,017

C-SPAN: House passes H.R. 3, the stem cell bill

Cuba and UNDP Plan New Cooperation Program

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 11

Scientists find potential 'off-switch' for HIV virus

Pentagon to end limit on total active-duty time for Reserves

State Farm Held Liable in Katrina Case(ordered to pay)

Schwarzenegger Squashes Rumors Of Ditching GOP

US to target anti-Iraq activity

Iran Demands Release Of Embassy Staff Detained In Iraq

U.S. Warns About Canadian Spy Coins (planted on U.S. contractors with classified security clearances

Rice: Dialogue with Iran is surrender to blackmail

Rice loves Fox tv, sees CBS anchor as "decent guy"

Study: 744,000 homeless in U.S.

GOP: Bush Would Veto Medicare Reforms

Bloggers gain access to "Scooter" Libby trial

Reuters: "Chemical Ali" says ordered Kurd villages cleared

LAT: 'Gated communities' planned for Baghdad

WP, pg1: Democrats Aim to Block Funds for Bush's Iraq Plan

(AP) Negroponte: Hezbollah a Growing Threat (against the US)

New Iraq Commander Spoke Up for Judith Miller

U.S. Troops Stage Second Secret Raid at Iraq Airport (ABC)

US Forces Raid Iranian Government Representative's Office In Iraq

Bush's Iraq Plan Draws Fire From Senate Republicans

Soldier to admit to Iraq murders

Conservative SF Radio Station Tries to Censor Blogger

Carters book prompts more resignations.

Breaking: Dean Chooses Denver (2008 Democratic National Convention)

MSNBC Breaking: Defense Sec. Gates says U.S. military to grow by 92,000 troops

AP: Sen. Tim Johnson Out of Intensive Care

Breaking on CNNI: The 3 suspected al Qaeda high value targets still alive in Somalia

Kennedy to say Senate not told about Iraq rules of engagement

Parents Want Governor To Spare Life Of Daughter's Killer

Obama: 'We're Not Going To Babysit A Civil War'

AP: Posada Indicted on Immigration Charges

Kucinich: Bush setting stage for wide war

Look who's back in the news...

Ricky Gervais' HBO series "Extras" — iTunes has Season 2 premier ep FREE!

Oh, look, my sigfile had babies

How can late-night get even more evil?

Ruh-ro. Scooby-Doo creator dies at 81

I just got a Ferret!

i'm in awe of swag's posts tonight

Whoever it was who let me know about Top Chef - thanks!!!!

67 more people to 100000 DUers!!

My posts seem to have a higher specific gravity than usual tonight.

I spent the afternoon curling hats today

Post a picture of someone who is better hooking than you are

My posts are even better than usual tonight.

I spent the afternoon herding cats today

I knew eating stale Raisinets from the hotel's remote, rarely visited candy machine was a mistake,

Not 20,000 nor 25,000. Not some easy 22,500 or a nice round 22,000.

Mmmmm, Peach Mint!

Bye, bye "views"

In this thread, I've banned

Educate me, please. I am too tired to use the Googles.

Do Your Feet Sweat too much?

So, are there, like, four episodes of Robot Chicken?

Evil Clowns Need Love Too?

Any DUers who meditate?

Ignore -- posted same post twice.

College radio DJ's should talk rarely.

College radio DJ's should talk dirty

This lay is sucking already and it hasn't really started.

I wish I could sleep this good

Fred Eaglesmith fucking rocks

Ever made a complete ass of yourself? Yeah, me either.

Simpsons Puppet Pal Theatre

Stores Stop Selling 'Price Is Right' Inspired Drinking Game

Woman Complains To Cops She Was Stiffed In $70 Pot Deal

Unexpectedly no mention of the Donald vs. Rosie feud

Naked Construction Worker Falls To His Death

Tech people - please explain DivX/codec technology in plain English because I don't get it.

People are fucked up

who would win in a texas cage match?

So, five-plus years of "War on Terror" and all we have is one innocent man executed.

My first video is up!

Her is my new/first nephew, James !

Men: if you think you could benefit from having a lovelier, more luxurious and softer

What band am I thinking of? (#11)

Peanut butter!

Congratulations calimary!! 15,000 posts

Am I just braindead or what? (Photobucket help!)


This day is sucking already and it hasn't really started.

9 Year Old Boy Arrested For Threatening Girls With Scissors

If you go to In n' Out Burger..

Any Futurama fans out there?

Ugh. Heartburn.

I'm so excited. Ask me anything!

You know why I hate French?

swag really outdid himself on that last post

So I have CNN on...

You lawn geniuses in the south.

Teacher Who Paid Boys To Wear Skimpy Outfits Found Dead

I Miss Johnny Cash!



Any Kakuro fans here? Try out this puzzle and see if you can do it

The Darwin Awards....The least evolved among us. (Funny)

I have been ill with the flu for the past two days, so what have I missed here in the Lounge.

I am so ashamed!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/11/2007)

what do you think of this legal separation nuance?

Abbandoned Typewriter At Wal-Mart Creates Bomb Scare

Blackadder was a prophet!

The nurse who loved me.

Do you need a good laugh?

Elephants and Zebras right now at Watering Hole.

Well, I left Kentucky back in '49

I missed The Speech. Are we safer now?

You know why I love French?

what's this about curds in baghdad?

Decorating Divas and Dudes! I need your advice! Bathroom remodel...

Psychic Moment or Coincidence?

Anyone see the GREAT Peter O'Toole on Lettermen Last Night?

Want to cancel AOL? listen to this - bwah hah hah

Man Electrocuted By Do-It-Yourself Mole Killer

We're probably going to hit 100K today.

Love your nurse.

Have you ever used an eBay consignment seller?

Which existing law would you repeal or new law would you enact?

Back home from hernia repair surgery

O-Qua Tangin Wann.

New personal record for most embarrassing moment ever……

Informal Windows Vista survey: 0% approval, 100% utter disgust

kid is home sick from school - what chores should he do?

There are still people that believe the earth is flat????

I am watching DVD's of SNL's first year and some of the shows

Uh Oh. Someone in GD went and did it again.

Paging RevCheesehead

What Kind Of Wired Dudes Do You Love?

Who was the last person you yelled at out of anger?

Speaking of marriage...

Pet Sounds - maybe it's me but I don't get it

Woman kissing a lion

Did you ever whisper,...moan,...scream the name of one other than the one you were "with".

dolmades - nature's perfect food

Cooking/Food Safety Question

Ok, who wants to have a big party in Denver late August 2008?

Got my first notebook - Compaq presario

Movies with snipers in them.

The Lounge needs a Junior Brown thread...

A very unfortunate chain restaurant experience--is it just me?

i'm all touchy-feely today

Strong Enough...

So, I just made reservations at the best sushi place in town

A Personal Brief Rant, If I may.......

Brief Personal Rant Redux

Well it's off to Layfette Square Park for me

Re: the Repug aide who wanted a hacker to pump up his GPA?

i wasn't around here for the holidays, so apologies for being remiss, just wanted to pass this along

Wedding Guests Cancel To Attend Saints Playoff Game

Drunk (and Stoned) Spiders. Take my word for it . It's a riot!

stupid sexy flanders

I just found some wedding pictures of mimes..

Why don't my cats smell like cat spit?

I am the Greatest

I just found some wedding pictures of mine..

Congratulations helderheid!! 20,000 posts

Who's going to wang chung tonight?

Must have missed it.. please fill me up with the Olive Garden bread?

How clean is your refrigerator? Go look now.

How fast is your refrigerator? Go chase it now.

How pastors really behave amongst themselves:

Who's going to a protest tonight?

how clean is your bunghole?

Happy birthday wishes to....

Do you do any impressions?

Public Service for the Lounge: Informative GD and GD-P updates from today's hearings:

When you're S&M'ing, what is your mercy word?

More snow pics!!! ***DIALUP WARNING***

Apple, Inc., White House in dispute over trademark rights of iDiot ... nt

Upon my 4th DU anniversary: presents for you

Must have missed it.. please fill me in on the Olive Garden thread?

Condo Board Won't Let Mentally Retarded Adults Move In

Laughing out loud! My husband bought a tape measure that has a voice recorder in it!

My wife's been talking in her sleep again.

"That's right! to get all these hits, you'd have to buy at least $700 worth of CDs and still be

The Dead Parrot Policy

The best time you ever had,.... with your clothes ON?

Rare penguin rescued .. Now he's the only male of his kind in captivity..(they have "plans" for him)

Tell me damn it: When the hell did zero become o?

It's "ahn-dooey".

Sometimes the lights are shinin' on me

Next Monday night we finally get winter!

You know you're a grammar nazi when:

How clean is your liver?

High Paid Athlete Haters Perpare to Puke

I guess I'm the only one...

What color are/were your parents eyes?

If I were to say, "post a sex thread"...

Update report on the $20 gas grill.

Am I a bad parent?

Name some things you can't do after surgery

The new phone books are here! I'm somebody now!

Did anyone else watch "Living With Ed"?

Your whipped cream preferences, please.

The deletion of this thread has itself been deleted

How pathetic am I? I'm thrilled because Publix just opened a new store a mile from my house.

Whats that website that shows price and size information on homes

Rome (the series) is returning to HBO! Any DU fans?

More Adobe Reader Vulnerabilities

Dumb question - How do Japanese people use computers?

Cooking/Food Safety Question #2

So I just went to Whole Foods for breakfast after my yoga class.

My 7-yr-old just had his first piano lesson. I'm the teacher.

I am sad! Trader Joe's not coming to Spokane,WA after all!

I'm really friggin miserable.

This find will have veggies agog... (Giant Kudzu Root going places.)

Will David Beckham's arrival to MLS increase US interest in soccer?

I don't remember who suggested we try Freecell game #617...

"Just tell them you went for a drink....with Ollie Reed!"

Southern California DUers... Long Beach meet-up. Come vote on the date.

Arming TV Celebrities Raises Concerns ("Armed & Famous")

Dammit. My furnace is broken.

A Brief Personal Rant, If I may...

What are the best rock albums of the last 25 years?

20 Pound Stray Cat Gets Stuck In Doggie Door - Rescued

Crap. Crappity-crap-crap. CRAP! Just had a stress test, doc wants to see me tomorrow.

What 1 song to be played at your funeral?


Good driving music?

I'm in awe of swag's post tonight.

If I were to say, post a sex thread...

We had our worst blizzard since 1955 yesterday.

Anyone know how do I get a pasword for, the research site if I am not a student?

What playground sport should have a professional league?

Out of Curiosity...How many threads have you noticed you cant post in?

20 lb cat gets stuck in doggie door (cat pic)

The Customer is Always Right

David Beckham signs with LA Galaxy

Songs which bring a tear (or two) to your eye

My dad died today

Drive my daughter nuts: She's looking for a song with a city name

God is God

Why is it that non-religious people who get themselves in trouble, become preachers of God?

Proxy War is a Mortal Sin.


Sam Harris believes in "speaking in tongues"

Gay ex-figure skater attacks current national champion for ?????

Our first step toward a civil dialogue with the anti-marriage crowd

Troy Smith's Value

Bonds May Have Failed a Test-Not Steroids

Beckham agrees to LA Galaxy move

Daily OM: "Facing Problems - Running Away versus Moving Forward"

Psychic Indicators By Category (Astrology)

The Peace Meditation


Mars conjunct Pluto and the galactic center on Saturday ???

Veterans for America Calls for Full Congressional Debate Regarding US-IRAN Policy

FINALLY, not locked out anymore

Question about Kennedy call for new authorization

One not to forget: Edwards calling for Congress to cut off Iraq escalation funding

John Kerry to be on Fox News Live at 9 AM

JK on CNN now! n/t

Great read on Cheney/Rumsfeld history of manipulation.

Check this out re: DLC

It's in Denver

(OT) Dodd announced on Imus

This was awesome. What a great, great day!

All 2008 candidates declared by Feb. 1st?

SFRC Hearing Kagan speaking now

Transcript: John Kerry on CNN's "Your World Today"

"Kerry spars with Rice"! Video is great!

Did you all see this? Committee hearing video, audio, or transcript must be posted within 14 days.

Remember that Colorado trip I proposed?

Someone else was as impressed as we were today.

Re: JK's colds

KERRY: The Friendliest PAC?

SFRC Hearing: 10 AM Condi Rice TEstifying

Transcript of today

So it begins this if you can

Why should we the taxpayers fund another 6.8 billion

Denver has been picked for the 2008 convention.

Want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge? (for real)

Yellow Elephant Alert in Iowa

McCain on MSNBC: If Dems cut off funding they are responsible for Iraqi debacle,

So where's the video clips of Max Baucus (R)

where can I hear the WHOLE Senate Foreign Relations thing?

ABC News Home Page: Americans Not Buying Bush's New Iraq Strategy

Did Bernie KERIK dress in drag?

Fifty Minutes.

It just hit me: Iraq = Viet Nam.... Iran = Cambodia

Yes, it's a disaster, Mister Bush...

Hagel mentions Cambodia

Protester in the Senate

Hilariously demented quote from Domenici on the people and Bush's Iraq policy

10AM C-Span3 Senate Foreign Relations Cmte-Condi testifies

OH MY! Fineman was right, look at this man, he's about to piss his pants:

If bush and company attack Iran without getting Congressional advice and consent, they MUST IMPEACH

Shift focus. The attack on Iran has begun.

I think it's time for reprisal against the Bush Administration

The onus should not be put on the Iraqi's in our discussions in America

woah, "stop the LIES"

Anyone watch Cspan? I love a barney frank smackdown...:)

Leahy wants us to email the White House NOW

Tipper tells wingnut gossiper NO to re-election run for President GORE

Kucinich just said on C-SPAN that he is running for pres. Is this new news?

MSNBC: "I was struck by how weird he looked last night."

I am curious how the people of Connecticut feel about re-electing Joe Lieberman now?

Int'l Law Experts: is attacking a consulate the same as attacking an embassy

CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES TODAY - Demand Answers! This must be stopped!

Mathews on Imus: Bush still controlled by neocons; Cheney says kill.

Leno last night "Malibu has suffered the worst catastrophe since Bush* was re-elected"

He looked so tired. Msnbc Holly berry was on talking of

Gates says "it remains unclear how long the ``temporary'' U.S. military buildup will last

troops reaction to Bush: incredible hostility (NPR piece)

War With Iran Has Been IMMINENT!!! Multiple Times Since Last Year.

Bush to Congress and the American people: Fuck you.


Chris Dodd, Democratic senator from Connecticut to run for president.

DU this CNN poll: What is your overall reaction to President Bush's revised Iraq plan?

Condi overheard by Reuters "my Fox guys, I love every single one of them"

They think he is insane. But he outranks them. His option: COMMAND!

LAT: "Gated communities" planned for Baghdad

Sunni Question: So part of the plan is to give the Sunnis part of the Oil Revenues.

America Has A Dictator.

Leadership: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Bush brought his old speech writer, Gerson, back for last night's speech?

Anyone notice what is NOT on the front page?

Please, somebody, find and post this video.

Bush and Cheney's game is over

If Bush's risk assessment and nightmare scenarios were credible...

The Rip-Off of Iraq’s Oil Wealth

Bush's "Mistakes were made" equates to the news tag:

Kucinich is kicking ass right now on the floor

Bush acted like an "accidental tourist"....

Sam Seder now discussing attack on Iranian embassy.... nt

So Where's The Resignation, President Bush?

Ten Problems With Bush's Latest Iraq Plan

A few blasts from the past

Elmo Stars In Wartime TV Special For Military Kids

Anyone else feel like a coward?

744,000 homeless in U.S. according to first estimate in 10 years

Bush is taking a page from the Hamas playbook.

The House is in session

My take on the speech: It's ample evidence that Bush is a coward.

I forced myself to listen to the shit stain in the whitehouse last night

If an invading force killed your relative[s].... would you want to kill them back?

Members of Yale choir group assaulted in SF

bush to award medal of honor to deceased Marine

Defense Sec. Gates says U.S. military to grow by 92,000 --Expect Casualties

remarkable and sobering text about survival if the world wide economy collapses

lol, TV schedule is commentary on Bush speech

Was that a robotic chimp on my teevee screen last night?

Americans aren't afraid enough. And that is something to be afraid of.

Martin Luther King Jr. said this about Vietnam about 40 yrs ago. It's still spot-on:

Reid in da House

Generals in Iraq in agreement?

No top terrorist was killed in a U.S. airstrike on Somalia...


By the time '08 gets here all any of the Presidential candidate's will have to promise

Holy Joe Lieberman has some company in our party - Rep. Jim Marshall (D-GA) praises Bush

The Dark Lord desecrated Jamestown Virginia yesterday...

Sign a petition calling on Congress to block funding for Bush's escalation of the war in Iraq.

That Neo-Con Vanity Fair interview

MSNBC poll - Do you agree with President Bush's plan

Congress Needs To Clear Their Plate and put Iraq RIGHT UP FRONT.

Sen. Barack Obama is so good to see this morning....

My solution for stabilizing Iraq:

The Dems: More Bark Than Bite

Kucinich coming up on Wash Journal

CSPAN II - Pace is discussing the attack on Iran

when dealing with a crazy person or addict - the answer has to be NO just plain NO

John Edwards take!

This picture will be very different this year

MSNBC just reported that some troops are CURRENTLY on their way.

More and more I am thinking that this whole festering criminal cabal

Israel to expand it's presence in U.S. Homeland Security...

al Qaeda terrorist Fazul Abdullah Mohammed NOT killed in Somalia?

First 100 hours may be needed to stop Smirky and Darth.

Kerry on Fox news. doing good


James Marshall is on cspan/WJ right now supporting Bush basically

Top Al-Qaida Terrorists In Somalia Were Not Killed In US Airstrikes...

Did anyone see the list of RepubliCONS who ...l

A note about Hacket and the assault weapon incident....

You know what this is?

No Escalation, NO WAY! Sign Harry Reid's petition.

Scream it from the rooftops; call your Reps now--Stem Cell Funding Bill TODAY!

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Now, let's see the REAL bush at a press conference.

Molly Ivins: Stand Up Against the Surge

NYT: The Real Disaster

Okay, so where the hell are Cheney and Rove?

""..evil is a concept of those who forged the shackles,

Fool me once, Shame on You------Fool me twice,

No work for me today - I've already called in sick. I'm too pissed.

Will McCain's wishes be granted?

Ok, people ... what do you think?

Fully annotated version of Bush's speech (truthful, not truthiness)

Is your Senator or Congressman/woman on the list

Anyone seen this GAO report story?

Anyone listening to Chavez on CSPAN2 now?

The Bush- McCain Lieberman Victory Fantasy

Why, after we train them,...

Ahem, over in LBN, Iran just had three big explosions....

so "surge" = returning troop levels to what they were...

Iraq. Solution


Chris Dodd is on Imus now--He will run for the President. filing

U.S. Iran Tensions Rise as Second American Aircraft Carrier Heads to Persian Gulf

Matt being fairly tough on Condi

The Troops Out Now Coalition's Response To Bush's "Surge" Speech

Barbaro suffers setback......

The Nation's David Corn: "Bush's Speech Full of Reality-Based Desperation"

The Guardian: "Defiance and delusion"

My GOD how the mighty bush has fallen!

5 Iranian diplomats arrested in Iraq

Iranian Jews Reject Urgent Warnings to Leave

CSPAN WJ: What's with all the Koolaid drinkers from Ohio this morning?

Popcorn time! Condiliar up before Senate Foreign Relations Cmte at 10am EST

New Baghdad mini-bases to be "more like police stations." (Nightline)

Barney reports from the White House--Bush consults with Congress before last night's speech

Raise your hand if you think Malaki can deliver on what * says he promised,

Paralyzed Vet Bobby Muller: "Vietnam All Over Again"

Speaking of * pics.. I am curious to see how * has changed through

Ted Rall makes a point

Lieberman - Odd One Out!

$1 Billion every 4 days spent in Iraq!

Did Bush abandon the Kurds last night?


This lunatic needs a nukular war.

All We Have To Fear...

Now can we impeach?

CNN Poll: reaction to Bush's speech Postive or negative

fear, fear, fear ...

"E-Day": It was 40 years ago today

Scaramella link to Bush's CIA Miami operations

Iran want Nukes cause * is a Weapon of Wet Brain Alcoholic Distruction

PHOTO: Ferchrissakes, just LOOK at him, America!

Fun exercise: sum up tonight's speech in 3 adjectives


Cute YouTube downtime gif... :)

Are those Goldfish In Your Toilet???

On today of all days, why did Greta van Susteren...

After the last flat screen tv, the last iPhone is purchased, what in God's name will we do?

Bush speech - FYI: DU threads/transcripts/Dem response links

A few months ago

I'm a renter in this world

Bush getting called on his BS from AP: Bush rhetoric hard to square with facts

"WE" finally, have fhe upper hand because of our morality. The media

send rommney - he supports this mess - how many kids does he

I've looked around to find a copy of the Chimps last stand

I have a bone to pick: when "Sec. Rice leaves for the region:" in dimson's

God done left the Depot

Letter to my Representative

WTF??? "Democrats Plan *Symbolic* Votes Against Iraq Plan"???

Thank goodness, it's Bernie Ward...

What was the single WORST mistake Bush made in Iraq?

Leftcoast alert: Richard Holbrook eats Bill Kristol's lunch on Charlie Rose

New Science on Stem Cells Draws White House Focus

Did Bush mention God tonight?

Local School Board Breathes Methane

just saw the coolest bumpersticker today--"ordain women--or QUIT WEARING DRESSES!"

What is the REAL big story of Bush's speech?

Bush’s warning to Iran is classic saber rattling

Señor Residente of the White House:

Fabulous toon by Steve Bell regarding Bush speech "Triumph of Death"

Reuters: Wal-Mart says supports minimum wage increase

Poll: 70 percent oppose more troops in Iraq

* going to Fort Benning, Georgia to visit troops - pics

Boxer spanking Rice!!

now HERE is a real speech!

Movement analysis of Bush: the alcoholic father who comes home after a binge

Dems Plan to Cut Funding: WAPO

bush* goes and invades Iraq and tears the hell out of the place, run off all that will run,

Study Finds Lack of Balance, Diversity, Public at PBS NewsHour


Trying to censor blogger - conservative radio station demands liberal critic quit using audio clips

---Senate Foreign Relations Cmte. & Condi THREAD 3 ---

As A Card Carrying US PRESSTITUTE I Agree To Never Utter This Word

Just a small detail: Bush was wearing a BLUE tie

Kind of an odd juxtaposition:

Dem Endgame on Iraq?: Let * Take Down The Whole R Party With Him

3,019 U.S. troops now dead in his war of choice

There are 40,000 Police to keep the peace in NYC

Does Rove have something up his sleeve or up his ass?

Did the Democratic Congress approve the attack on Somalia? Then what of Iran/Syria?

Fineman On Bush: With his knitted brow and stricken features, he looked, well, scared.

Florida Legislature leaders discuss moving 2008 Primary to January 29th

Keith Olberman reviews the lack of credibility that has permeated the Commander in Chief on Iraq.

Dimson's speech in a graphic...

Soldier's Itinerary: Iraq, Home, First Child, Back To Iraq

Mmmmm, Peach Mint!

Did * express a concern for sex slaves tonight?

John Edwards on Leno NOW! (Midnight)

It (the "surge") has already begun

Interesting Lineup On Washington Journal Tomorrow (Kucinich & Others)

3019 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Andrea Mitchell interviewing Lieberman

Sibel Edmonds and the NSWBC are asking for your help

Senator Webb on Lehrer report last night

You know what I like most about these hearings?

Another blithering performance by the blitherer in charge*...

Egyptian President Mubarak: I told Bush sr. in '91 to drop plan to charge Baghdad

I'm loving me some Democrats today.

So, is everyone ready to impeach these assholes yet?

ROFL - picture of Condi at Yahoo pics from today

Pls. delete-late to the party. nt

Far out idea. Is there a way to use psychology on Bush to get him off this Iran and world wide war


Bush* has not been correct about one single thing yet so why

Thank you all for VOTING!

smirk said we were fighting a new kind of war, not like the old wars

Boxer took Condi to the woodshed. Shared stories of soldiers...

Has this pic been posted on DU before? ROFL!

Why the US Is Not Leaving Iraq

Going to a Protest in One Hour - What should my sign say?

Feingold to Rice: It is time for congress to use the power of the purse to bring our troops home!

Guess what? Senior Al-Qaeda suspects survived the Somalia bombing raids!

Summification of Bush's Speechifying Last night

The Onion article...HILARIOUS!!! Bush...

So. the corporate media is denying us coverage of Rice before the Senate Relations Cmte.

Now, the Selling Begins...Condi on the tube


Chris Hedges speaking out against Church Cartel End Timers on AAR.

---Senate Foreign Relations Cmte. & Condi THREAD 1 ---

Important post from kohodog

So, * wants to engage in MORE nation building??

I'm spitting nails!! My letter to my two Democratic Senators on Iraq:

Bipartisan Declaration: War is on with Iran (Unconfirmed Sources)

Official GOP Rejecting Bush Plan list

NBC: Did the Army block Israeli anti-RPG system?

What Do Our Enemies Think When They See Bush Talk?

War is a failure of diplomacy.

Fox Anchor: ‘Internet Blogs’ Say I Called Kennedy A ‘Hostile Enemy,’ But ‘I Didn’t Mean It That Way’

John Quincy Adams: "America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy"

He looked like a terrified toddler with a corn cob up his ass.

so, Bush is not really following sovernign nation Maliki plan:

Bob Menendez (D-NJ) on now in the condi hearing.

Secretary Rice on the Threat to Iran

I don't think bushy* boy is going to get anything past this Senate

Maybe a draft would be a good thing....

I think the American people have finally tuned Bush out

Byrd ripping on surge on Senate floor...

Looks like Denver will host Dem convention in '08--do you like choice?

I have watched many hearings...WHAT the hell is that guy breathing into a CUP

Last night I heard bush say...

Struggling by on minimum wage (Why BBC and not an American news source?)

Condi has repeatedly said that the goal of Iraqi PM Maliki is to show

Report of mysterious break-in on Bush library site (people are being evicted to build this?)

Why aren't any of the Senators asking Condi this...

Rice 'loves' Fox News

Abortion Doctor's Murderer Claims Shooting He Planned For A Year "Not Premeditated".

Durbin: "The thought that we could stop this in it's tracks...

delete; dupe

TURN ON C-SPAN 2 NOW!!! Senator Byrd is handing the Psycho his ASS on a platter!

I can smell Justice coming

Mysterious break-in at condos of future G.W. Bush Library site

Thump a lonely Thursday to the pavement, . . . please come CAPTION!!!

Use the Power of the Purse message from Russ Feingold

Connecticut's SHAME - (I) Joe Lieberman

Self-delete; dupe. (Biden ROCKS!) nm

Moronic AP Headline: "Congress divided over Bush war plan."


Hannity And FOX News Post “Ticking Clock” For Democratic Plan For Iraq, Overlook The Ones Already Pu

Chi Trib: "'Vibrating bag' prompts bomb scare at O'Hare" Was it a...

bush speaking to troops on cnn

Jon Kyl on senate floor asking where the bipartison ship is for

if king george had one ounce of courage (an absurd premise I know)

So is this 21,500 new troops actually about Iran and not Iraq?

Condi: "American forces, as they flow in OVER TIME"

Condi due at House Foreign Affairs at 2 PM

Gore/Obama 2008. Sounds okay to me. What do you think?

Zealous, privacy-hating psycho Kansas Abortion Prosecutor Fired! YAY!

AEI's first scandal - Altering maps of Baghdad to make Sunni areas look bigger

Impeachment? LOL

Guantánamo Global Justice Initiative

Those embreyos are going to be destroyed anyway, you stupid fuck!

where's the solution?-----rant

Jim Webb "It would be a bold act if Bush took a plane to Tehran"

Jim Webb....

---Senate Foreign Relations Cmte. & Condi THREAD 4 ---

Erasing Iraq

Lyrics to "God Save the People" from "Godspell" This should be our ANTI-WAR PRO-PEOPLE ANTHEM!

Does Biden see impeachment as his road to the White House??

Is it just me or are we seeing the Dems in a new light?

To get bush off this war escalation thing is to somehow make it his idea.

Letter to Countdown, Hardball, Scarborough, Williams

"A tragic mistake" or Condi stands by her man

Germans learn to laugh at Hitler

Gates and Pace at House Armed Services Cmte on CSPAN3 Now

Help us out here, people. What has been happening this morning?

Bush Has Chosen The Path Towards Genocide

Let's see if their bias is showing: CNN carries Condasleezy's full

Is Condi under oath?

We will fight you on IRAN - Biden

Iraq is in a civil war and Bush is in fantasyland


Dog fight breaking out in the House of Representatives

OMG who was that? "The craziest, dumbest plan i've ever heard!"

Daily news headline: 21,500 more troops to fix my mistakes

Expert discussing Bush's legal authority on The Guy James Show today

I can't believe I just sent a nice letter to Brownback...

Thanks C-SPAN posters!

Caption *

Great moments in Bush’s Iraq speeches ..... from MSNBC

So did you find the chimps speech poetic?

From a primary source: War with Iran is on. Soon.

About that Carrier Group now in Iran's back yard

New VFP Book/DVD: Long Shadows: Veterans' Paths to Peace

Why did Biden thank the Capitol police? Are there protesters there? nt

Isn't it a definitive act of war for one country to storm the consulate of another, threaten to kill

Mike Malloy blog: Bush and the Magic Plan

Any Iranian reaction to our attack on their consulate? I can't find anything.

Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH)(of Abramoff fame) asks to be sent to rehab, not jail

Birds falling from the sky all over the globe!

CSPAN 3 - Gates, Pace dodging questions on what comes next (Armed Forces Hearing Discussion)

With the DEMS kicking rethug butt in Congress - what THEME SONG should we play on background?

Iranian Consulate question?

What you can do about Guantanamo on this 5th Anniversary

This is the only way there can be a military victory for the US in Iraq.

US forces storm Iranian consulate in northern Iraq and seize six on staff

Ted Kennedy on C-Span2 now

The question is: "What are the consequences if the Iraqis don't keep their side of the bargain?"

Activist Group Calls for Bush, Cheney Impeachment. The New York Sun, Jan. 2006

Anyone with a good small business mind?


What time is it when your own party starts deserting you? It's NIXON Time!

14 Carter Board of Council members resign

I would never have believed I could hate someone more than Bush; I was WRONG

What is everyone watching right now? This is getting good.

A teensy silver lining

Bush: "There is no doubt in my mind we will prevail" in Iraq

AP: Al-Qaida Suspects Still Alive in Somalia

Webb just cut to the chase re:iran

Bush hits "new low" of 32% approval in AP-Ipsos poll

House About To Vote On Stem Cell Bill!

Vote on passage of H R. 3 Stem Cell Bill NOW!!!!!

Divine Strake Hearing Draws Hundreds in Utah

Sen. Kennedy up on CSPAN 2 - A TRUE STATESMAN

Maybe if Bush hadn't been hiding from Vietnam

Simulblogging for the Cube-rats?

Beat me up on this .

Suggestion to Bush: Privatize the 'Iraqi War'!!

Today/night: MoveOn.Org Emergency Rally to Stop Iraq Escalation

Impeachment 'off the table'?

Stuart Rothenberg: Can a Republican Even Win in 2008?

The Oil Factor in Somalia

C-Span 3 "Craziest, Dumbest plan I have ever heard"!!

C-SPAN1: I must say, seeing Barney Frank as Speaker Pro Tem floats my boat!

CNN: "Troops who led 2003 invasion return for third time"

America Says No! - Today!

Condi.... it's not escalation, it's "augmentation"

What's all this talk of Generalicide in Darfur?

victory is the only option for Iraq says Boehner on cspan 3

The road to Tehran runs through Sadr City?

McDermott blowing the whistle on the Iraq oil grab, House now

A prediction on Cheney.

Reid: The President's Iraq Plan is a Serious Mistake

More speeches. More Troops. Yawn. Sectarian voilence in Iraq is a fight over oil. Whether

Girouard suggested they put one man ``out of his misery.'' Graber said he shot the man in the head

If Bush does not Capitualte to the growing anger....

Listening to BBC World Service

Nancy Pelosi should be wearing black whenever she meets with bush...

Stemcell Research passed......


DU Milestone approaching - 99,962 user registrations !!!

67% on Fox News say NO to national health care plan

60% of White Evangelicals oppose sending more troops he's Abraham Lincoln...

"If Democrat leaders don't support the president's plan," Boehnhead said,

Novak..... "State Department a mess under Rice"

There's my guy, DeFazio, up now in the House

---Senate Foreign Relations Cmte. & Condi THREAD 2 ---

Is this the 3rd terror false alarm in Florida this week?

Beware of DISRUPTORS on this site. We just encountered one and are looking out for the decency of

Anyone here know if Condi is coming back for more grilling?

The "clever-stupid" symbolism of the US raid on the Iranian consulate

Has ANYONE in the house or senate mentioned the storming of the Iranian consulate yet?


The Repubs simply know that if they continue to support Bush until 2008, they're toast.

w: 'Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me'.

I can't think of ANYTHING that would help w get his mojo back.

The dems have grown some balls, sorry ladys for using such a vile expression

Clooney's Docu on Darfur to Air Monday

CSPAN WJ: Duncan Hunter is a big, giant, festering asshole...

Hunger Strikes are increasing at Guantanamo

Bush vs. Monty Python

Lynne Woolsey (D-CA) just mentioned US takover of Iranian consulate

Republicans cannot filibuster inaction

Dodd running for President.

NewRules Project: Publicly Owned (Internet) Networks Key to Universal Access and Healthy Competition

Hey Seattleites

Kucinich on CSpan 1

Why is the "Dems have balls" thread getting more rec's

The utter looks of disgust on the faces of the family....

The only Republican I like is

Stem Cell House vote here

What Bush Said - Sen. Kennedy

Reuters finally reporting: US forces raid Iranian consulate in Iraq - Iran agency

Ric Keller (R-FL) says he opposes surge

Left is Lovely!

When the Dems were talking about renewable energy...

"Why The US Is Not Leaving Iraq" ( hint: war profits not democracy)

Required reading regarding the death penalty

Client's 4 yo asked her last night "who is that guy"? (Bush)

JC Watts on CNN: The President is TWEAKING ...his strategy

Biden Threatens Bush Admin With "Constitutional Confrontation" Re Iran

WES CLARK on AAR, 8pm EST David Bender show

America Says NO. Grab your candles and join a rally tonight

The view from China

Fox News is calling the US attack on Iran Embassy a raid.

"For democracy, any man would give his only begotten son." How does that statement make you feel?

You guys HAVE to answer Jack Cafferty's questions today

The Kucinich Plan For Iraq

Christian newswire: "NBC Joins CBS in Blatant Mocking of Christianity"

I'm afraid to think about where this is all going.

Kucinich: Bush setting stage for wider war

President stuttering at an odd moment

Chris Dodd on CNN with bllitzer

The NeoCons need your help:

I am now convinced * IS the Manchurian Candidate (his mood dial

McCain says the election of Lieberman

Iraq government wants US troops out of Baghdad?

Kids say the darndest things and have no clue how right they are!

The Roving Eye - Surging toward the holy oil grail...

SnoJob on Hardball

The White House Dog and Phony Snow is making the rounds today

'Cutting funds harms our troops', NO, bullets & IED's harm our troops you liars.

I wonder why WE can understand what insidious lobbying is, and the senate can't?

Where are these 92,000 thousand troops...

Kingston(R_GA): Americans Should ‘Marry and Work Longer Hours’ To Escape Poverty

House Passes Stem Cell Research Bill

"U. S. troops were surrounded by Kurdish peshmerga troops"

Bush promises to VETO Medicare reform bill re: lower drug prices

92,000 additional troops 'could' cost $15 billion annually...

cnn asks about bush: 'Lonely at the top'?

The Republican Double-Bind: 2008 Edition

Your chances of getting your 15 minutes of fame are much higher

From ABC: Abercrombie goes to town on Condiliar

Maybe we should all drop by the white house for a visit sometime.

* in tears (Medal of Honor Ceremony for Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham)- pics

Say the word...say the word, Mc Govern...!


Parents--warn your kids about how recruiters can get their personal info

"there were too many restrictions on the troops we did have.”

Setting the Stage: "Intel chief: Hezbollah may be next U.S. threat"...

No Flight Suit for Chimpy today? (photos)

bush says the patience of the American people is not unlimited. I wonder.

Lets get this right.

Requiem for a presidency.

10 Fallacies of Bush's New Strategy

Hunter pays dearly for big deer ( Blood thirsty Fu@ks!)

I heard Kindaliesalot Rice got torn to shreds by Dems this morning

Rightwing nut job has "An Inconvenient Truth." banned from schools

Scientist: Global warming could melt ice caps, eliminate half of Earth's species

Hagel: Bush speech worst blunder since Vietnam

Insanity Surge By Cindy Sheehan

Interesting article; another view on Iraq

Why is it that non-religious people who get themselves in trouble, become preachers of God?

Huckabee (R-Arkansas) on Hardball. Running for President?

Kudos! to the LA Times & the Gates Foundation

Iraq signing oil deals for next 20 years at a time when it is extremely weak and not fully sovereign

Freepers They Ain't Talkin....

So many topics to recommend today.

Has John Dingell gone over to the dark side????

House of Representatives... it's more like a couple of people on a cot!

During Bushes speech...we raided and seized 5 iranians from iranian liason office

What's with all the "Get Rich Quick" commercials on Air America?

As promised Democratic Leaders Statement To Veterans

IMPORTANT!!!! WHO is NOT running for President?

"An Inconvenient Truth" screened today by MD Legis. ENVIRONMENTAL MATTERS COMMITTEE

Lots of War Protesters Near my House in Philly Area

Pentagon abandons active-duty time limit

Kucinich's Iraq plan. The plan looks good to me.

Has anyone here contacted their senator about war with Iran and Syria?

Does Anyone Else Just Want to Run Out In Their Yards And Scream?

To the U.S. Supreme Court majority

When did the Iraqi military become such a crack squad of hot-shots?

Re Iran sanctions, how does forcing Iran to use Euros instead of dollars hurt Iran?

"This is the craziest dumbest plan I've ever heard!"

Biden: "Constitutional Crisis If President Goes Into Iran"

I Heard Some Scary Shit on Tucker About bush and Iran Attack

WOW...can say all the names without practice and NO cue cards...Why are some americans stupid???

Second courthouse in Florida struck with white powder, this time Broward County.

Protests ?

Mitch McConnell talking of doing the fillybuster on Iraq spending

NYT editorial: "a way for this president to run out the clock and leave his mess for the next one"

Senate MINORITY Leader McConnell to Filibuster Dem Iraq Vote!!

Crocodile tears

Some things are just better left untold, but I'll tell you anyway...

Keith Olbermann will have a Special Comment tonight + Russ Feingold

Bloggers gain access to "Scooter" Libby trial

Threats and hate mail after offering to accept Mexican pesos (TX pizza company)

Condi Rice professes her love for FAUX news

"Pelosi is the most liberal person in congress!" and other idiot tropes

CALL TO ACTION, DUers: James Dobson Attempting to Kill Anti-Lobbying Bill

Trying to censor blogger - This is something you should see.

C-Span Now- Democrats have 60 mins to rip Bush a new one

Judge Upholds Religion in Veterans' Care. Where's the SCIENCE to support this b.s.?

The Real Disaster Is BUSH - (NYT Editorial)

For Once Dems Won in Framing, We need to do more!!! (must read bloggers and cross posters)

Anybody Know What The Online repukes Are Saying?

The Ten Most Underreported Humanitarian Crises Of 2006

Rage against the machine ... Sprint/Nextel

Has Sanders Made Any Statements?

How long before * regine releases the "proof" of Iran's nuclean weapons

people, people, people's not an escalation, it's an "augmentation"...

How many Presdential straw polls do we need daily on DU? A better Idea

How long until Bush gets caught running around south lawn with underwear on his head...

MySpace Refused Our Ad! * Common cause needs our help

NYT: Iraqi government doesn't want more US troops

Impeachment forum draws 250 (Sonoma County, CA)

Ahmadinejad is off to South America.

TSA Experiments With Security Tray Ads

This poll needs help...big time.

An anti-Iraq war protester gestures for peace while Condi testifies - pics

Michael Moore to GWB

An old Condi cartoon, relevant once again...

"Escalate Impeachment" (DailyKos Post)

US Forces Storm Iranian Consulate In Northern Iraq

I wasn't convinced Iran would be attacked... until last night. Now I am certain of it.


impeach bush: Results 1 - 10 of about 1,850,000 for impeach bush. (0.06 seconds)

GET YOUR PRESIDENT PELOSI GEAR (whether she wants it or not!)

Hey Skinner, since we're burning up the Cspan streams...

Is impeachment the only way out?

Antiwar activists rush to hold protests - story and pics

Kerry doing a great job questioning Condi

It's Our Fault. No American is Innocent (rant)

Which number is bigger? The $$$ the MinWage increase will give to the poor...

*'s Speech typical ADDICT behavior...say whatever people

Pfc Green diagnosed as a homicidal threat 3 mos before raping Abeer & slaughtering her family

Time to call the House Judiciary Committee RE: IMPEACHMENT

PHOTO: Bush "enjoying" lunch with the troops today.

Unauthorize the war

Re-hearing the speech on MSNBC, I think the major guys that I respect,

NEVER should have been President

4 security cameras seen in McDonald's drive-through

Impeach Bush before it's too late.

Neocon's politics of fear or Does al Qaeda as world wide network exist?

Sooo.. we protect frozen embryos, but it's justified for soldiers to die?

SF Blogger using KSFO's words agaisnt them, its working!

We brought chaos to Iraq. We must help clean up the mess.

John Edwards: "I was completely wrong."

Hey! How long have we had a "Go to" button at the bottom of thread/forum window?

Are You a Pacifist?

We just attacked Iran.

Iraq Escalation Smoke Screen For Iran Attack

Is Bush an agoraphobic?

I DON'T WANT a 'plan for victory' in Iraq, I just want us OUT.

Wes Clark coming up next on Air America (Rachel Maddow)

'Chemical Ali' confesses

New camera "sees" through walls!

It takes a real dumb ass to believe war is the answer to everything...

Thursday TOONS

Back from Freeperville *shiver*.. This could be interesting

U.S. Troops Use Stun Bombs on Iranian Consulate, Lower Iranian Flag, Hand Keys to Kurds= ACT OF WAR

Only 60 more Freepers need sign up for DU to hit 100,000 members!

Nov 2006 - Lieberman says he won't rule out GOP caucusing...countdown to the switch?

Forget impeachment, arrest that criminal!

Stem cell vote today - thinking of you, former DUer DanCa wherever you are. nt

What did Brian Williams & Russert Learn in Their Pre-Speech Conference With Bush?

Conversation with Republican this morning.

Tiny transmitters found on defense contractors with classified security clearances

Venezuelan Government Announces $5 billion for Communal Councils

Why is oil $52 bucks a barrel?

Joezell (sorry, Dolly)

Something's brewing.


Raid on Iranian Consulate must be considered an impeachable offense


Father of dead Marine wants to thank bush for killing his only son.

Can't Congress pass an "End to IWR" Resolution ?

Ok, I'm NOW CONVINCED, Bush Plans To GO INTO IRAN (And The Dems KNOW!!)

Bush doesn't give a F@#K what you think about him

Impeach!...About Face...

Palm Beach County courthouse closed because of (poisonous) Tellurium in envelope


Report: Bush May Have Declared "Secret War" Against Syria and Iran!

My very negative review of Barack Obama's book The Audacity of Hope

OMG American Legion backs the surge

Cold medicine risky (at times deadly) for babies, toddlers- CDC

Enjoy and DU! this poll on

Am I the Only One Who Cringes at the Term "Kurdistan"?

Any pet owners out there?

The reason Bush looked so bad last night--

Fewer than 200,000 signatures needed.

Senator Feingold Blogs at dKos: Time to Use the Power of the Purse

The Crazies are trying to goad Iran into war the same way we goaded Japan in WWII.

Oil traders about to go under

Check out these 2008 Presidential Odds from the WSJ (

Poetry of the Spectacle...

Society of the Spectacle...

Down With the Butterfly Tank...

Bush Speech Response Best Handled by Game Show Contestant

Hagel: "Most dangerous' foreign-policy blunder since Vietnam

Is Bush or Falwell the anti-Christ?

Future Combat Systems -North Korea 2014-...

The Real Romney?

Melanie Safka Candles in the Rain (Lay Down)

Faux discusses (loudly) Obama's cocaine use

US Attacks Iran Consulate

The War Powers Act

State Legislature 2007 -Party Composition

So, Whore Rudy is on Fox... Dancing on marbles...

All the King's Men.

Proud to say, Dick Durbin from my home state...

A list to remember for 2008 (military commisions act)

Clark will be on Washington Post Radio and Air America Radio Thursday

Bush mention Condi going to the region to help out there....

LAT: Democrats united against troop buildup: Bush's plan for Iraq fractures his own party

What is REALLY going on? Things are too bizarre to be as they appear.

Georgia Democrat on Armed Services Committee on Bush's speech: "This is a plausible thing to try"

I have watched the Fool maybe six times. No matter how hard I try to be pissed off...

Military Analysis-Intensified Combat on Streets Likely

MSNBC poll: Do you agree with Bush's plan?

Democrats' Litmus: Electability

Georges Keeps His Word!

Our Leader's visual aids

Anyone listening to that racist Bernard on Imus

U.S. raids Iraqi office of Iranian official, arrest 5/Three explosions in S. Iran

Now comes the sales-pitch phase!

Bodybags to Come Home

So is anyone surprised that the "media" isn't covering that we are going to go to Iran next?

Sure, bush is like Lincoln, if Lincoln had said

What will happen to the minimum wage bill in the Senate?

Jerry Nadler: New Iraq Bill, "Stubborn Jerk" in the White House

Bush: Still the Voice of Project for a New American Century

DU Should Run A Pool As To How Long Maliki Has Left........

Connecticut voters, you have been punked, big time.

Dems first 100 hrs - must be time for a W speech!

Is Biden's hearing being covered anywhere -- TV, Radio? uses DU as news source!

Bush Speech Scorecard!

I recall a recent Franken piece (six more months)

Kennedy call for new Senate authorization - Is there a scorecard of for/against yet?

Rice says we all agree on two things: The "enormousness" of the stakes and the

Rice Summoned To Senate Foreign Relations Committee Today

Does anyone have a link to a transcript of Durbin's speech? I can't seem to find one

DU this MSNBC poll

Jim Webb : "Where do we go from here"

A Few Randomly Rude Thoughts About Last Night's Big Speechification

Suck the chrome off this CAPTION

And why did **** delay his "new way forward " speech?

who knew Dem. Rep. James Marshall was a neo con

Biden laid down a "marker" for Rice and Bush...

Rice has a Tell

Sen Hagel (R) ripping Condi on C-Span..

It's Time to Shut Down Guantanamo

I just e-mailed the Imus on MSNBC show regarding Bernard's

What do you think WILL happen when we leave?

True Majority: "AmericaSaysNo" Vigils Tonight Nationwide

I Hear Some People Say The Iraqi's Don't Want Us To Send More Troops In....

Simple Question

Where they come from...

We Are Never Leaving Iraq

Dean Chooses Denver

Heckler in Biden's hearing...

Condi and Fox News, kissin' in a tree...

Boxer kicking Condi's butt in Senate hearing..

The voice of youth speaks out on Rangel's draft proposal.

Well Well Well guess what i found on Raw webpage the DLC has already decided ...

US makes unannounced and unprovoked act of war against Iran

Yikes! Bad Polling News For Bush. Final Death Spiral Begun?

Repuke threatens to filibuster if Dems challenge Chimpy on Iraq

Hillary Slipping in key primary states

a flash memoir on US relations with Saddam and Iraq

I just got thru to Pelosi, Reid, Warner, Webb, and Goode EACH on my 1st try

Does Bush still require a waiver to attend his speeches?

So what are YOU going to do now?

Must-read: Greenwald on Iran war footing

"E-Day": It was 40 years ago today

Finally. Finally. Finally. Someone asks the question I wanted the answer to

Call your senators

Olbermann on Escalation

Did Bush really accept blame?

How can McCain ever get elected without getting any coverage?

America to President Bush - No Deal!

Should I be happy McCain is pushing for more troops?

WH Says * Was Fast Asleep During His Iraqi Address Last Night....

Veterans have their voice back

SANTORUM hired by rt wing think tank to track 'America's Enemies'

Restrictions for fed. funding of embryonic stem cell research lifted!

My thought on the only way Congress can do something about Bush

Whom does Georgia's Jim Marshall Represent?

"It's the oil contracts, stupid!" Why the "surge"? This is why. It helps to know.

So what are your thoughts? are we going to war with Iran? and if yes HOW?

Could someone post a link to video of Bush's speech last night?

Sen. Chris Dodd says he's running for president

Bush Sends GIs to his Private Fantasyland

Work more, unless you're a Republican congressman

Oil prices dropping in prep for war?

Robert Fisk: Bush's new strategy - the march of folly

Bush is the deer. We`re the headlights.

How Congress may block a troop 'surge'

Leadership: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

"The president has retaken control of Iraq strategy,"

Last week rumors, today Novak's hit piece on Condi: "Mess of State"

To those criticizing Chavez: Do you realize that both Blair and Mandela ruled by decree?

A World of Nations or a World of Corporations - the choice is yours

Great message from Senator Kennedy- - - pls. sign petition:

Ted Kennedy--What Bush Said

AfterDowningStreet: Rep. Jim McGovern's "Bush Must End His War in Iraq" speech today

It's obvious that the administration has flip-flopped on cloning!

Our Congressional Leaders Are Never Proactive When Doing Their Elected Duties.....

Iran in high season. Get your gun, Dick....

We have already started action against Iran...Last night during his speech...

Durbin's response....he lost me when he started on with that

Hagel: Bush speech worst blunder since Vietnam (Reuters)

Bush's "My Mistakes" is a Born Again Absolution Syndrome

I'm getting sick of listening to my local pundits ask when the Dems will do something re: the war

General Clark on Rachel Meddow show this hour

Question? How Many Of You Have Been Blogging ALMOST All Day

Hillary's status as front-runner slipping in key states (Moony Times)

If you were part of the escalation (surge) where would you want to be posted

Hey, Has Rush Limbaugh said anything about the speech?

Keith Olbermann tonight & Special Comment

Am "in like" with Dodd - tell me why I shouldn't be

How about a little chuckle from Ted Rall?

Boy, Bush is just getting killed by everyone today! Finally!

Stupid question: We have direct tv and only get cspan1 & 2. How

Pictures of the Democratic Convention in Denver

So when is George P Bush going to Iraq?

Anyone see McCain anywhere but on Fox?

Michael Moore tells Bush, "Don't be a Weenie"

It's increasingly obvious that everyone--EVERYONE--is turning

Bush is scared shitless with the mess he created and you can thank Lieberman for that

NONE of this should have come as a suprise: history and Cheney/Rumsfeld

Yes it would be great to Impeach Bush but does anyone realize how long it would take?

Chimpy at Medal of Honor ceremony: "Navy.. I mean Marines... Didn't mean to insult ya."

I repeat: Are we about to attack Iran?

damn this man gets it...and he can say all the names without practice OR a cue card

Barbara Mikulski laying it on the line on Senate floor....

Howard Dean: More troops in Iraq?

AP POLL: 70% oppose escalation, including 56% of "conservatives", Chimpy approval sinks to 32%

Kerry spars with Rice! Video is great!

Whew. Edwards seems a little on the cocky side tonight on Leno

The insane argument against raising the minimum wage

WHEN was the Road to the Iraq War ever 'litigated' in the Congress?