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Bush's tough tactics are a 'declaration of war' on Iran

"I'm Scared Out of My Mind" - Live From Iraq

Bless Senator Robert Byrd

Time: A New Oil Plan for Iraq (30-year US occupation)

Negroponte and the escalation of death

Europe gives cold shoulder to Bush’s Iraq plan

State Minimum Wage Experience Belies Argument Against Raising It

Civil rights for a new generation

self-delete--posted in wrong place

HOw much Nitrogen do you need to grow corn? you'd be surprised....

Why market economies cannot prevent overshoot

A Day at the Movies Is Quite an Eye-Opener

Idaho Gov Calls for Wolf Kill - AP

Willie Nelson discusses bio-fuels on PBS's NOW tv show

EU to ban imports of wild birds (BBC)

In search of the ever-elusive "truth," the pilot takes on the 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

Huff Po's Melinda Henneberger Interviews Democrat Christine Jennings

Voting System Certification: Who’s Minding the Store?

Powerful Arguments Presented to Void Florida Congressional Dist 13 Election

Fort Lewis brigade to go to Iraq in April, instead of this summer

Did the President Declare "Secret War" Against Syria and Iran?

Time: A New Oil Plan for Iraq (30-year US occupation)

Two Funerals in the Crescent City

Gov: Mass. police won't arrest illegals

U.S. lawmakers hammer Bush's new Iraq plan

Democrats Unveil Energy Package

Global Media Gives Bush's Iraq Plan Chilly Reception

Student-officer scuffle spawns $1M suit

Pentagon abandons active-duty time limit

Pentagon abandons active-duty time limit

US senators fear Iraq war may spill to Iran, Syria

Rice warns Iran after US nabs Iranians in Iraq by David Millikin

NYT: Troop Increase, Initially Opposed By Generals, Ends a Long Debate

U.S. Has Lost Credibility On Rights, Group Asserts

We will send them home in body bags: insurgents respond to the Bush 'surge'

Groups Protest Bush Troop Increase in Times Sq. (and in Chapel Hill and in Davenport and in . . .)

Christ's, er, Crist's staff quickly fixes Web page typo

Civilians killed in Somalia raids

Hagel: Bush speech worst blunder since Vietnam

WP: Intelligence Chiefs Pessimistic In Assessing Worldwide Threats

Hillary's status as front-runner slipping in key states.

Polish priest to expose clergy

AFL-CIO Says Bush Ignoring Will of The People On Iraq War

90 Arrested in Action to Protest Guantanamo in DC

Chavez to build Nicaraguan refinery

U.S. Preparing for Trials of Top Qaeda Detainees

(Air Force) Sergeant in trouble for Playboy spread

EXCLUSIVE: NEW COULTER VOTER FRAUD DOCS! Drivers License Fraud Now Alleged as Well!

White House Refused to Allow Still Photography at Bush Speech

Explosion rips through US embassy (Athens)

Many injured in Bolivia protest

When you're M&M'ing, what is your mercy color?

posting from work-- you've GOT to see this (pic- dial up warning)....

Ewww! A bug flew in my eye!!

You know what I like about FoxNews?

U know what I hate about riding the bus?

Po' Folks food stories-Post 'em here.

Art Therapy

So... the Sniffles and I are officially engaged now...

Art Linkletter

Great news for Cowboys fans! (and Eagles fans)

A dedication to the Lounge...

New Study on Female Attraction

Recommend an interesting Wikipedia page for me....


I just registered in honor of all us lizzards

What's NOT on Robb's weekend agenda?

Take the Skinheads Bowling

DU Milestone approaching - 99,975 user registrations !!!

Kick Me in the Balls Elmo

Yay! The office!

Who here has ever seen the movie "D.E.B.S."?

"you can hear the sound of worms rustling up through soil and slithering across the surface"

Does anyone have the link to the old DU archives??

Do you check for duplicates?

Anyone counting down until the Democratic Underground gets to 100,000?

I like two piece bikinis

Upgrade the Vending Machines!

So, When You Check For Duplicates, Do You Find Them?

There's something Boschian about Bruillov,

I know this isn't GD but...

Goodnight y'all!

do your checks have duplicates?

I am

Any "Lake Monster" Stories To Share?

I have been having knee issues lately.

A New Word for How I Feel


My cat is SUCH a weirdo

It's time for a motorhead song lyric post

Ugly Betty anyone?

Now I feel kind of bad about posting this poll

What happens if two people Uber-Block each other's replies?

Hi, I'm LT. I get stupid sometimes.

I now have 7 people on Superblock. This is fun!

ever do anything completely politically incorrect?

So Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake split...

Do You Check For Replicants?

Do your duplicates have duplicates?

A closer look at the IPhone

The City

R.I.P. Robert Anton Wilson

Does anyone know anything about Port Arthur, Tx.?

Who here participated in "Hands Across America"?

The Shadow Of A Murder Of Crows...

One glass of wine...

I was born to provide answers to your questions

Why isn't O'Reilly on Colbert?

African Lion Kisses, Hugs Woman Who Saved It

Cool information about the Watering Hole Cam.

Now that we have "block replies", it's time for a "Force conjugal visits from matcom" function

My dog got attacked. Any veterinarians here?

Anyone have a good source for Bubble Envelopes?

Keith Olbermann just kicked Bush's fucking ass.

NOW IS THE TIME: the "100 thousand members" thread!

Could someone blow my hair dry for me?

So, when you eat edamame.....

I have been having butt issues lately

Post a redundancy

Do You Check For Duplicates?

Do You Check For Duplicates?

"I don't mean to be rude, but have you gained weight?"


Some fantastic fun for us old folks

What are you taking this semester?

From Reyd Reid Reed

Pretend it's a building: How do you view your body?

Does the show "24" NOT suck?

Anyone who can answer this question is truly psychic.

Sam Harris believes the Cubs are going to win the World Series next year

R.I.P. R.A.W.

Time for some playoff picks!

Ok, we need to do something about this crap:

Sen Kerry on Ed Schultz Friday

Senator Kerry, reacting to Condi today:

Ethics bill - Here we go again.

Enough Time Has Been Wasted, Mr. President. Enough!-by US Senator Robert C. Byrd

How long before the the swiftboaters attack Sen. Chuck Hagel?

Augmentation my

Tony Snow coming up on Tweety. about Iran

So what's the breaking point here? When 20-30 Americans die

Even George W. bUsh warned George W. bUsh;

Bush: No Medicare price negotiations--vows veto on eve of House action

Senator Chris Dodd is right, Congress has to take up the war RIGHT NOW.

Caption *

The Congress and the White House headed for collision?

so the Jews don't like Carter

Am I on anybody's ignore list or no reply list?

Pentagon abandons active-duty time limit

Protester flipping Condi a peace sign

M.Moore: Dear Mr. President: Send Even MORE Troops (and you go, too!)

Take a moment to reflect back on the night this nightmare began

Coulter may have committed two felonies & one misdemeanor

Can't protest tonight -- thanks to everyone who's standing up for peace!

Why only two Medals of Honor?

Bush:"Imagine what would happen if these extremists who hate America...gained control of energy res"

Does Condi look a bit upset today?

Huckabee coming up on Hardball.....

Olbermann just made an excellent point.

I hate the way NBC Nightly News is characterizing the Dems response to Bushs war!

Anyone ever hear of Jayna Davis and her theories of OK City & 911?

Man, look at Condi

you know what to DU. Kansas is a Red state ;(

The Democrats' Plan to End the Iraq Conflict....

KO will have Special Comment on "the insanity of *'s plan" in a few minutes


Whitehouse asking for questions about The Speech and The Way Forward(link here)

Matthews To Snow: I Fear Bush Will ‘Bomb The Hell Out Of’ Iran In ‘Extra-Constitutional War’

Tasteless and tacky ... ads in airport security trays (AP/CNN)

Has Bush finally become unhinged?

Help: Please explain how * can veto Stem Cell from the House of Rep.

Face it: It's all Iran's fault.

Russ Feingold coming up on Countdown.

It seems odd to me that there is not alot of white hot Iranian Rhetoric

OMG: "How to spot a psychopath at work" ... applies to Bu**sh** so well!

The 2008 PRIMARIES will be FRONT LOADED like never before (13 states to move primaries to Feb. 5th)

Clashes in Bolivia kill one

Did Congress give bush a blank check?

secret video of Pentagon "surge briefing" released

Female soldier from Delaware killed in Iraq reported on local news last night..

Could we organize a large protest in DC?

Another worrisome sign of US military escalation

Sen Johnson-Saying Words & Responding - “It’s clear the electricity is on & the system is humming.'’

Chain Gets Death Threats After Pizza For Pesos Promotion

Rice: "My Fox guys, I love every single one of them"

Who's goading who?

Revisiting the Pottery Barn

The most amazing thing as I listen to Olberman...

Clark is on NOW

help needed on Alberto Gonzales statements !

March on Washington January 27, anyone going?

There is a national no call list ... Can we get a Capital One no mail

'special comment' from Keith Olbermann coming up

Rice says al-Maliki is 'on borrowed time'. Who the hell is she to say so?!?!

Is anyone else having issues with MSNBCs cable feed?


Forget about impeaching bush

Tony Snow, you, sir, are a fucking moron.

The gig is up...the wolf is cornered and the crazy bastard is going to

Rage against the escalation (photos)

Bucannon: "500,000 people showed up to protest viet nam in Washington. The public

The Crazy Bus Rolls Again: Katherine Harris headed for a Christian radio gig?

Let's put "our name" on toast....I LOVE this site

Okay, don't. Edited out...

Great-looking protest in Berkeley tonight

Apparently having a radio and tv show don't give Glenn Beck quite enough free speech outlets

"Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia"

ANOTHER Coulter felony?

The Coming War with Iran

They want us (and them) to think about war

Secret war ordered?


What will Chimpy McCodpiece's approval ratings be when announced next week?

Tony Snow wants another plan for Iraq

Whoah! Keith Was Just About To Come Out And Get Me... No, Get

Fascist dictators cannot rule if the people don't show up to run their factories and fight their war

I love Olberman.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Tonight on the News Hour

Was Condi Sworn In Today?

Did you do everything you could?

Anti-war Republican to run for president

We are a Fascist State!!WAKE UP NOW!

Bush's Blood-Soaked Myths About Baghdad - Why a Troop Escalation Won't Bring Peace to Iraq...

Oligarch held over 'sex ring'

W is at the "Greg Stilson" phase now

It sounds like an intervention is long overdue

To those who say "But impeachment would take such a long time..."

We've gone through the Looking Glass

Bias-Hunting Rove Pal: I Want Out...

Medal of Honor

If Bush was not a lying, deceitful, arrogant, secretive asshole ??

Operation Together Forward was *70,000* security forces. Why will this escalation work now?????

African Lion Kisses, Hugs Woman Who Saved It

Dear GOD, when even Scarborough is demanding someone STOP BUSH...

What was the title of today's Presidential Daily Briefing?

Matthews Battles Snow Over Iran Attack, Says He Fears ‘Extra-Constitutional War’

Laura needs to commit this nut now!

Joe Klein, voice shaking, says this was a dangerous speech

To DU or not to DU part II

Bush Warns That FAILURE In Iraq = Escalation NOT Graceful Exit (Robert Parry)

War Between Nations is an argument that has

An alternative to cutting off funding the War?

Caption the jerk

Jon Stewart Ponders Bedding Down With Post

...we are only 29 new members away from 100 grand!!! will it happen tonight???

DU Milestone approaching - 99,978 user registrations !!!

ABC/Wash Post: 61% Reject Bush's Plan...CBS: 68% Uneasy About *'s Ability To Make Decisions

Slum Hordes? World at Urban Crossroads, Warns Report...

is anyone else shaking and crying

US-Kurdish Standoff and US Evacuation?


Salt Lake City Mayor advocating impeachment of Bush/Cheney! (video)

CNN: Free gas for a year = U.S. Iraq costs (video)

Does anyone remember any other President being called CiC

Sen. Tim Johnson Begins to Say Words

Hey, I'm Watching CondiLiar & What's with The Person Holding Up A Sign . . .

For the good of the nation, please resign.

U.S. troops: Fresh faces must be used correctly

Is This a Fascist Country?

As Nero, Like Caligula Bush Plays his Banjo

Ann Coulter's Growing Legal Troubles (from Truthdig/BradBlog)

The Vietnam syndrome. There is no win.

Glenn Beck on CNN HN beating the drums FOR an Iranian War...

New Chairman Of Armed Services SubCommittee: "Rice Is Most Overrated-Underperforming Exec Ever Seen"

What do you think of KO's "Special Comments" ?

THE DRAFT IS IMMINENT! Military Lifts Active Duty Limitations on Reserve Forces

Is Bush already hidden away?

Wes Clark on Politically Direct

Pentagon Abandons Active-Duty Time Limit

Jon Stewart: Over the last 3yrs, Bush has cooked up a giant pot of shit.

Troops who led 2003 invasion deploy for third tour

Kerry on cspan NOW with Condi questioning

Home Depot shareholders sue, ask judge to freeze Nardelli's $210 million severance payment

14 Carter Center advisers resign in protest over former president's book


Let's Be Clear About What Bush's Threat Really Was

He's f*cking crazy.. attack Iran, Hezzbollah will be blowing up buses here

"I'm Scared Out of My Mind" - Live From Iraq

Sorry, but I think I am going to puke....

I was thinking about Gore tonight, and how all this hell could have been avoided

Washington Note: "Did the President Declare 'Secret War' Against Syria and Iran?"

Americans' reaction to Bush surge:ABC/Wash Post: 61% Reject Bush's Plan...CBS:68%

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Tell me again why

This is a US torture camp

Kristol: I wish Bush had said "a little more about winning" and "less about helping the Iraqis"...

If you missed Barney Frank and Patrick McHenry slugging it out today...


Gotta Do It: Bob Dylan

US has ignored seven clear pointers to failure

Caption this shrub picture...

Tony Snow makes me sick - I just want to reach into the TV and throttle him

Hillary locks up Emily's List endorsement

Bushes Father's Uncle's Cousin a deviant?

What happens if we pull-out of Iraq?

Anybody know how to screen capture?

I now understand why Pelosi/Reid said that "impeachment is off the table".

Let's get "blocking" out in the open...

I am watching the rebroadcast of the hearings today and Boxer, wow!

Right-wing email thats going around.

CNN: Explosion at US Embassy in Athens

Bush bisexual?????

URGENT! If there's a cold snap where you're at, like in the Bay Area, the homeless NEED YOU NOW!

We're In Trouble

CSPAN: Condi before the Biden hearing repeat NOW - DO NOT MISS THIS

Tweety Tells Tony Snow He Is Best Press Secretary in 50 Years

A lot of Republicans who are in denial about Iraq are now in the anger stage

Like Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann refers to * as "Mr. Bush"

Can we compare him to Hitler yet without invoking Godwin's law?

Has Anyone Here Ever See bu$higlia In Person?

Fox News provided platform for Matalin, Boehner to claim Americans don't support Iraq withdrawal...

Thoughts about bleeding to death.

Has anyone ventured over to the Freak Republic?

Conrad Burns, kicked out of the Senate rides the revolving door express

We need to amend the US Constitution to add votes of no confidence.

UK TimesOnline: This will be a Sunni insurgent confrontation, al Maliki not taking on al-Mahdi Army

Portrait of a Miserable Failure ---pix--->>>

If the Republicans believe in war so much, why aren't they all enlisting?

Homophobia, not injustice, is what really fires the faiths.

Idiot Freeps showed up at our Stop the Surge Protest.

The AUMF must be rescinded by Congress, NOW!

A Young Adult Version Of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth To Be Published This April

If Howard Dean and others called fro a massive Protest Rally to Protest

Another photo that pretty much says it all

i'm not impressed or awed by republics coming out against the "augmentation"

Just 25 more!

Rep. Sam Farr (D-CA) Introduces Bill to Force Withdrawal from Iraq!!!

Behold this monstrosity (dial-up warning, pic heavy)

DAMN - Did Shrub provoke Iran into a new war today!? WHY is the MSM not all over this!!!

British Find No Evidence Of Arms Traffic From Iran (This bears repeating.)

Robert Anton Wilson has died

Still Lying - Condi pics

Olbermann-Transcript-SPECIAL COMMENT: You, sir, have become the president who cried wolf.

On CNN: Rep. Charles Rangel says if we had a draft, we wouldn't be in Iraq.

Admiral William "Fox" Fallon is not a fighter pilot.

I am now 100% against impeachment! We *must* demand immediate resignations.

Did the President Declare "Secret War" Against Syria and Iran?


*'s Iraq War Plan Draws Fierce Criticism - Lots more protest pics

What we are witnessing is terrifying to behold.

Bet Condi got Drunk On Her Ass Tonight

VIDEO-Keith Olbermann-Special Comment-You, sir, have become the President who cried wolf.

Bush Is Escalating His Iraq Occupation To Move "Forward" Against Iran

Reporting in from Palatka, Florida protest

Madame Speaker, We Need to Impeach


Climate Bill Sets Stage for Debate

Molly Ivins: Stand Up Against The Surge

Who Has Heard Rumors That Bush Is Still a Drunk? ---pix--->>>

I have been forgotten

I didn't know until today that our dear Binka's Ben is going back to Iraq.

Oklahoma under major FEAR warnings tonight! (Weather related)

oh gawd...its the clenis again

David Letterman's Top 10 Features of Bush's New Iraq Plan

Olbermann's Special Comment on Bush's Surge Speech.

And What Was The Repug Response When The Dems Threatened A Filibuster?........nt

Tears of a President

SecDef Gates wants 92,000 more troops over next 5 years?

What is the argument against voting rights in DC?

A woman, an african american, and a hispanic

If Spielberg made and released his Lincoln movie before the '08 elections it could help Obama alot

KO Special Comment tonight...on

The math of impeachment

Peter B just said that the CINC already ordered war against Syria

mediawhores =cia agents?

CACI defamation suit against Randi Rhodes---she implied war profiteers in Iraq are murderers

NAACP National Org requesting FBI investigation

Bush's legacy: The president who cried wolf (KO special comment)

Ad Ron Paul to the growing field of nutbag Repuke presidential want-a-bees

So we bombed Somalia

"I ask that you give it a chance to work," she said.

Can a Man of No Credibility still be a Man of Honor?

We should try and encourage the US to adopt a "Question Time" for the President

Me thinks Mz Rice had enough today. Girl had to walk out of that room

Defeating the surge benefits Bush and the GOP. Nice work, Karl!

Will Olympia Snowe support the escalation?

I know where I've seen that look before. God help us all

If another natural disaster strikes and we have no National Guard we know who to blame

"It's bad policy to speculate on what you'll do if a plan fails when you're trying to make a plan

Caption: * tears up at medal ceremony today-pics

How many here will support any Democratic nominee?

13 states set to move 2008 primary date to Feb. 5th, including FL, MI, CA, NJ, IL, NC, MO

Gates: "No Expert."

Economic Report: Ranks of Impoverished U.S. Workers Growing

Great photos and story about Lt. Watada

Quote Of The Day: Rice Warns Against Planning For Possibility Of Failure

Dodd is not fit to hold office in America until he repeals HAVA

Question About Anti-Gay Fred Phelps.

Dems who voted against the stem cell research bill...16 of them.

Newsweek: Bush’s Best Democratic Buddy-Joe Lieberman gives the president a pass on Katrina.

Hippies/peaceniks were right, says Reagan conservative

Soldiers forbidden to speak after "Tears of Bush" Photo op..

Shootings and threats against La. African American Mayors

John Edwards on Larry and Leno (videos) 1/10/07


The Peace Candidate for 2008

50 State Plan analysis from Harvard's Elaine Kamarck.

Iraqi Regime Set To Hand Over Oil Reserves To US Energy Giants

GOP Flake Out

Senators to Bush: Stay out of Iran

“Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951” - Federal Documents

Steve Bell draws Bush as something other than a Chimp

The Geico Washington Bridge

Why Bush Is Our Most Catastrophic President

The pressure's on ('surge' of combat troops)

Bush's perilous provocations ask the question - is he begging for impeachment?

I rode on the wild side -- when road rage met anti-Semitism

Unjust Iraq war raises painful question: Why? BY ANDREW GREELEY

Cisco claims Apple created phony company


Sharon Warned Bush About Iraq (Jewish Daily Forward)

How the Democrats can Keep from being Arrested By Kuzminski

Geoge Bush's idea of a "mistake" is to be an unsuccessful criminal

Agents Say Fast Audits Hurt I.R.S.

Molly Ivins: Stand Up Against the Surge

EJ Dionne Jr.: Assembly of Vipers

The "Surge" Is A Red Herring - Paul Craig Roberts - real targets are Iran and Syria

John Negroponte, Latin America’s Real “Mr. Danger,” Arises in a New Avatar

Robert Parry: The U.S.-Iran-Iraq-Israeli-Syrian War

Why the US Is Not Leaving Iraq: The booming business of war profiteers

Local Ohio paper "CNN"ed Rep. Regula(R)

Mr. Bush ... are you thinking at all?

Truthdig: King George the Merciless

Bush Breaks 150-Year History of Higher U.S. Taxes in Wartime

Bush’s New Iraq Plan: Bomb Tehran

HuffPost: "I wish to register a complaint."

Harold Meyerson: Shades of Cambodia

What Bush Didn't Say in His Speech

Tony Norman: Have you no decency, Mr. President?


Independent: Bush's tough tactics are a 'declaration of war' on Iran

LRB: The General in His Labyrinth (good piece on Musharraf & Pakistan)

Asia Times Online "Surging Towards The Holy Oil Grail"

Bond of brothers: They enlist together Army (why do they enlist?)

Pgh Post Gazette: Bush bombs: The president fails to make a case for escalation

High Noon: Boxer to hold global warming hearings starting January 30th

EPA Improves Its Mileage Estimates, But Stats Still Don't Tell the Whole Story (WSJ)

Obama is pushing Liquefied coal - Good Idea that should be in Dem Platform -or not?

Iowa to Combine Wind Energy & CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage) Technology

Democrats Unveil Energy Package

U.S. Forest Service Chief Steps Down - AP

This faith in progress

The Great Emergency: Global Warming, Mass Death and Resource Wars in the 21st Century

EU to propose new CO2 rules for cars on Jan 24 - Reuters

Machsom Watch requests to monitor airport security checks

Plan: 1,000 housing units in Har Homa

Abbas: Aim guns against occupation

'Red Crystal' debuts to protect medics

Has anyone ruled out...

Declassified Cable Contradicts 9/11 Commission Claim

Is Senator Leahy LIHOP?

Lets sum up the various theories shall we?

FL-13: Jennings Admits She Should Have Listened to Election Integrity Advocates...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 1/12/07 Seats in Question

This Forum is Deadsville Man! (But here's a post for ya anyway):

More Adobe Reader Vulnerabilities

Hundreds around Bay Area protest Iraq war escalation

Gates requests 92,000 increase in active forces

Local doctor sacrifices dog during sales demonstration

The Arizona Republic: "9/11 theories to be discussed"

U.S. urges fast African peace mission to Somalia

Rocket hits US embassy in Athens

Eritrea warns of "consequences" for U.S. in Somalia

U.S. says Maliki knows time is running out

Bomber attacks foreign convoy near Kabul

ann coulter may be charged with voter fraud

Bush's approval rating hits new low (AP/Ipsos Poll 32% approval)

(AP) Gov't: Somali warlords agree to disarm

Intelligence Chiefs Pessimistic In Assessing Worldwide Threats

the RW peoples are hitting back on WJ cspan today

AP: Anti-Terrorism Restrictions Eased (refugees, asylum)

Joe Lieberman gives the president a pass on Katrina

US soldier jailed for Iraq deaths

Albanian fix for Guantanamo dilemma

Bush war plan draws fire on Capitol Hill

Bush Speaks and Base Is Subdued

Iraqi president to visit Syria

Scots stem cell centre gives hope to millions hit by disease

US troops will leave Iraq “in coffins”: Sadr aide

Plane Passenger Uses Cell Phone To Report Bomb Threat(FBI-"hoax")

Rice to head to Middle East with Iran in her sights

Report blasts Romney's political record

Network news stable despite troop increase (Iraq too dangerous)

Rumsfeld out as trial witness in Ohio (war protesters occupied Rep. Chabot's office)

New Strategy Vindicates Ex-Army Chief Shinseki

US soldier sentenced to 18 years for Iraq murders

Exxon cuts ties to global warming skeptics

At Fort Benning, a Quiet Response to a Presidential Visit

AP: Justice Dept. Hit With Hiring Freeze

Reuters: Turk PM asserts right to intervene in Iraq, raps US

Pakistan rejects claims Al-Qaeda strengthening on its soil

The U.S. House has passed a bill requiring the government to negotiate lower Medicare drug prices. T

Rep. John Doolittle: no longer employ wife for fundraising

AP: Judge delays Padilla's Fla. terror trial

Levin to Bush: Rethink Baghdad strategy

Duke prof. quits committees in protest

Bush’s Best Democratic Buddy (Lieberman gives * pass on Katrina)

Reuters: Spanish police arrest Argentine ex-president Peron

AP: Justice Dept. Concealing Leak Report (Detroit terror trial)

GOP lawmakers cross aisle to attack troop buildup in Iraq

Senate Democrats stumble on earmarks

UK 'must continue to fight wars' {major Blair speech}

US moves could endanger diggers: Rudd

Doomsday Clock ticks (closer to Midnite)

(Former Israel PM Ariel) Sharon advised Bush: You need Iraq exit plan

AP: Judge dismisses anthrax libel case against NY Times

Niifong asks to be recused in Duke rape case

BP Chief Executive Plans to Retire (Year ahead of schedule)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 12

U.S. army releases Iranian detained in Arbil

Journalist shot dead in northern Iraq

Saudi Arabia gets its first woman pilot

(CNN) Poll: Two-thirds of Americans oppose more troops in Iraq

US also plans civilian "surge" in Iraq

Protesting new Iraq troop plan (Front page Protest pic/story) Chico, CA

Tony Snow: Notion of war preparations for Iran, Syria an 'urban legend'

SMU Faculty Members Oppose Bush Library

US raid on Iranian office 'unacceptable': Russia

Mystery Sickness? Thousands of Birds Drop from Australian Sky

AP: Bush's Approval Rating Hits New Low (32% - AP-Ipsos)

Rasmussen: Bush Job Approval (9 point drop in 3 days - 35% their lowest ever)

Lieberman applauds president's plan for Iraq

ABC: New Arms Shipments to Iraqi Militia Detected (believed to be of Iranian origin)

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas Considering Another Run for Presidency

China: Teahouse is threat to morality

Duke Attack Story Shifts (accuser changes her story)

Gates, Pace Say U.S. Troops Won't Enter Iran or Syria

Rare brain worms spread by unsanitary cooks

US sends warplanes to Turkey''s Incirlik military base

CNN Breaking: 2 missing Missouri boys found alive (one missing since 2002)

Big Box Retailers Fight Cargo Screening; White House Opposes Bill

Pentagon Abandons Active-Duty Time Limit.

Hillary Clinton, Bayh, and Rep. McHugh travel to Iraq

China facing major gender imbalance (30 MIL more MEN)

US Secretary of State: Kurds have no authority over oil in their region

Ford called Carter a 'disaster'

Tearful Bush presents Medal of Honor to family of fallen Marine from WNY

Reuters: Iraq Seeks Release of Iranians Seized By U.S.

WP: Jewish Membership in Congress at All-Time High

AFP: China, Russia cast rare UN veto on US draft on Myanmar

Convicted lawmakers to lose pensions

Bush would veto Medicare bill: White House

Lam is asked to step down (SD Attorney who prosecuted Duke Cunningham)

Idaho gov calls for wolf kill: Kill all but 100 grey wolves in state


What has the puke smilie been eating/drinking

Yeti Penguin Smack!

how stupid is it to ask how many threads you're blocked from

Do You Intend To Tolerate "sex threads" any longer?

So I woke up this morning, and found that it was warm

ahhhhhhh bat tummies

Butt Paste

Take that George Washington!

Good morning my friends

Question about home sale fraud

Do you check for supplicants?

Madonna's on Letterman, said a good zinger (spoiler)

Do you check for republicants?

Do you chicks have duplicates?

Do you chuck your duplicates?

Do your Czechs have duplicates?

Do you brake for Republicans?

Sweet dreams are made of this.

Oh if you only knew the power of the scheme!

Has anyone heard from MrScorpio?

Oh Fnord!

Who said Chivalry was dead?

FUCK! Youtube went down just as I was about to look up some killer Dokken videos!

I posted a poll in GD... Enjoy!

Only Threads That Don't Go Off Course

much like suffocating...

laser pointer + cats = hours of amusement....

God bless the CBC!!

Do your Chex have duplicates?

**I have a problem**

Answer A Question With A Question Game...

Bradford Washburn, had died

Argh, Quicktimes not working, now messing up iTunes, After Effects, and even Mozilla

Guess what - we have a soccer group you know!

5 degrees out, -10 wind chill.

Should DU have a group especially made

Laser pointers are not suitable for all pets...

Umm..may I have a hug?

writer's block

S.F. Company Launches 'Meth Coffee'

Happy birthday auntAgonist & sarge43!!

When regular coffee is not enough - Try Meth Coffee

Dear DU Admins: Please make T-Shirts & Bumperstickers with this! Thank you!

What would you say?

Can someone explain GD's obsession with ascribing GLBT traits to conservatives?

Air Force Staff Sergeant Poses For Playboy - Relieved Of Duties

Burglary Suspect Escapes From Police - Runs Into Sheriff's Office To Hide

Florida Gov. Crist's Web Site Typo: "The Christ Team"

L.A. Dodgers Introduce All-You-Can-Eat Seats

I should move somewhere where they practice the Siesta

Robert Anton Wilson has died.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/12/2007)

Do you intend to tolerate threadjackings any longer?

JVC is totally obsessed with me

Dante Gets Posthumous Nose Job

Rove BUSTED!!!

does this post make me look fat?

I'm pretty sure the person who wrote the manual for my DVD recorder.....

Which movie is better?

Have you seen the video of the lion hugging and kissing the woman?

is anyone else going to see "Stomp the Yard"

Visited Wadi Wurrayeh Waterfall today (in UAE)

My Gf and I are going to the Triumph Showroom to see Bikes tomorrow...

Wax On or Wax Off?

The time I wrote a Good-Bye DU post....bwahahahaha...

We need a Lounge volunteer to go schtup the president.

Post your reply to some other thread in this thread

Have you ever tried to write an email....

Favorite snacks?

The exam dream--ever had it?

About this watering hole cam . . .

if some teLLs you the same story they aLready reLated once before

Dammit I need some dental floss STAT!

oh this was so cute, it had to go in my sigLine

I've got post 100K user registrations depression.

Which is the best Shins album?

Shrubbie McAWOL Cokefiend "War Criminal" Shitwit meets Monty Python - LOL!

I'm going to the sixty-three dollar and eighteen cent store - need anything?

What is one quirky thing about you?

Congratulations annabanana!! 15,000 posts

If you could choose a super power what would it be?

I'm going to the two-cent whore — anyone need anything?

tracfone - anyone use this prepaid wireless service?

A great collection of word games

What number am I thinking of? (#1)

All Your Brazilians Are Belong To Us

"Apology" to Ann Coulter

7th Grader Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Stabbing Classmate With Comb

Anyone live in or around Arlington Virginia, are there liberals

Somewhat happy Daddy moment for this evening

Tortilla chips w/salsa or vodka? I'm thinking the chips are a better idea but

What band am I thinking of? (#12)

Good news for all the Ab-Fab fans,

Is this cartoon going too far?

Mom Left Son Home Alone For 2 Days - He Just Had Brain Surgery

What word or words cause instant eye glaze for you?

What Spice Girl am I thinking of?

Man Trying To Kill Bees Sets Home On Fire (Mixed Indoor Fogger With WD-40)

what should i watch tonight?

Any Linux tech out their who can answer some questions about a DNS?

well we got the polyethylene cracking precursor chamber online

More vapid?

James Brown left no money for youngest son or "widow".

So, apparently I've lost my mind...

Sergeant Relieved of Duty for Nude Playboy Mission

General Election: Hillary Clinton vs. RuPaul

Man Puts On Mask, Walks 10 Feet To Grandfather's House, Robbs Him

USB Missile Launcher -I want one!!!

One Post To 10,000!

Type of man found attractive differs due to woman's cycle...

I am SO cold. I just can't get warm!


Red State Update: A little sick humor for a Friday afternoon...

Hammerhead bats, anyone?

The brakes are fine (condensation causing the noise)...

I am going to the Hundred Dollar Store - anyone need anything?

"The question is mute."

So Anyway, I'm looking for something to do with Shrimp, I google and see

BREAKING: Runaway bride saga legally over

Congratulations LSK! 19469 posts!

If you could loosen a super hero who would it be?

Imagine two superheroes getting married... what would the offspring be like?

What exactly is a "cinnamon girl"?

What is it?

Are the movies this coming summer all sequels?

Drunk Paula Abdul

If you could loose a super power what would it be?


i was born in the backseat

there is a cryptic, hidden meaning in this thread

What's the best way to lose 5 pounds?

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD


DU graphic designers - do you use color calibration software?

Stayed home from work with sick RetroGirl today

I'm moving out

Pride of lions on Africam...

A possible mild earthquake?

Is it possible to turn a hobby into a career?

Anyone know where I can find a pic of a dissolved septum?

Staying home today getting ready for the ICE STORM...

Happy Birthday to Howard Stern!

Where to Find a Retired Part-Time Super?

Holy cow I just remembered!

For the first time in 49 years, I have the house to myself.

Jury Summons? Bah! I just received notice for FEDERAL GRAND JURY


VIDEO: 7 Out Of 10 Attacks Come From The Rear

Lounge Redundancy Thread

if some teLLs you the same story they aLready reLated once before

Move to the Northwest?

Dont need a whore . I dont need no booze.Dont need a virgin priest

Hey Everybody!

Oh baby! - 24 S06E01 6AM TO 7AM PROPER DVDRip XviD-MEMETiC [eztv]

They just shut down my work.

What do you do about an employee that has a foul body odor?

A guy at work gave me a shoulder rub, yesterday, and....

Turning 40 in a few days. Any words of wisdom?

Help! If I have adobe 7.0 on my pc. If I remove it, what will happen to all the PDF files that

High school orchestra kicks the crap out of high school band

Dammit!! Printer Gurus - need your help, please! New printer cartridge not working.

More stories from the Assistant Principal from Hell.

What's your favorite non alcoholic drink right now?

If you were never in band in highschool, I pity thee.

Anyone seen Pan's Labryinth?

Here's a comic that I think 3/4 of the Lounge would read.

if i hit 13,000 posts tonite, would anyone care?

I've gone nuts and spent some cash

Congratulations alfredo!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations Bucky!! 10,000 posts

DU mathmeticians, I (who should have paid more attention in Geometry)

*Attention, lounge, your attention please*

Should I make TeenMidlo pay for her insurance?

Musings from the mind of KitchenWitch - continued

How many years of experience do you have

Who's got MLK Day off?

Tambourine Man: Dylan vs. Byrds- Who does it better?

Diamond Worker Caught With 126 Stolen Diamonds In His Ass

...And that's why I wasn't named Grace...

I just saw something pretty amusing

Do you think this rabbit would get stuck in a doggy door?

My dog just farted and scared himself

A word about Rosie (I attended "The View" taping yesterday)

My first *Recommended* thread. I am so proud. Seriously, I am proud!

CONFESS!!! What's your current earworm?

So How's The Weather Where You Are Tonight?

Congratulations Southpawkicker!! 10,000 posts

most memorable concerts?


Real Housewives of O.C., How do I loathe thee?

I just noticed something on my CA Drivers License

Lights on or lights off?

Today's math puzzle!

My oldest daughter (15) just got the lead in the school play!

Important New Members Only Poll:

"It is true what they say;'Women are from Omicron Persei 7, men are from Omicron Persei 9'."

A Lost Day today. First one in a while.

Another Catholic Coverup Or, Business As Usual

What a trend we have in Jesus

The Law is the Law - Soviet Canuckistanian style

Does Prayer help?

Why read the Bible?

Religious fervor

Traffic Regulations and Food Preferences of Wild Animals

Justifying a point of view with the Bible is questionable (LTTE smackdown)

Sodom and Gomorrah

Der Mittenfuhrer makes Maoist anti-gay fag-hag Camenker his bitch

MA Marriage Equality Activists "Optimistic"

New Jersey Priests forced to... Nothing...

Diverse Biblical Interpretations To Be Explored @ Summit on Church & Gays in February, 2007

Can You Have a Civil Dialogue When They're Trying to Take Away Your Civil Rights?

An exchange I think worth discussing in here

Oy Vey the Rabbi is Gay: A Short Story for Children

Hi.. Im trying to propose a new HIV/AIDS support group and would appreciate your help...

this is sort of uplifting

Oil pulling - what do you think?

Meditate with Me at Nine PM EST For Mideast Peace

Okay, gang, this is it! Can I get an 'amen'/'so mote it be'?

How does he look to you?

A request for healing thoughts for my daughter.

Anyone know whats wrong with:


Support needed here.

The blog has lots of stuff on the SFRC yesterday (n/t)

Just so you know, what Mass Papers think of Sen. Kerry

Is Hillary the New Kerry?

DailyKos diary to rec and comment on

Convicted lawmakers no longer get pension

Reid screws up. Ethics reform in the Senate suffers. Dems outfoxed.

JK /2008: we'll definitely know by April 4 (but probably sooner)

More ethics crap. (Okay, I am getting pissed off now.)

JK up on CSPAN-2. 8:40amCT. Talking about taking retirement

Ignore this if you are an Edwards supporter without sense of humor

for NY area people: NYC March 12!

My community weighs in on Guv. Groper's health care plan.

Who is pretending to


As much as I wish it doesn't matter who our candidate is for President

Nancy and Rahm have thier heads together over Bush

After last night's speech, I truly believe those who thought he was incompetent now see him as nuts

US has entered Somalia! Small team entering to find out who exactly was killed in airstrike.

Where the F+++ is BILLMON

The bastards will never let up..

So our little town was going to buy some body armor for our police force

Don't let the rest of 'em off the hook!

L.A. Air America Listeners.

My Mom hates Hillary Clinton...and here is why....

A cold blast of reality

Jon Stewart may do Election blog for Wapo-plus pic of when he was a teen

Vietnam, Iraq, and "The Fog of War"

Gee, now I wonder why all this crap is going down with Iran...hmmmm....

Will they blame Iran for the toilet bomb in Greece

Has any other sport player ever got that much money?

Sometimes life is just swe-e-e-et!

Interesting posts on rarely visited fori

Bush* Didn't Make Mistakes, He Stubbornly, Arrogantly, and Defiantly Refused Advice.

I just noticed Ron Paul has a bill to repeal the Military Selective Service Act

I have heard bad things about Deval Patrick

Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

Which country or state is the biggest?

Heads-up---Clooney's Docu on Darfur to Air Monday

I'm still laughing about "Freedom Fries"

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Chimp "honouring" war dead

Did any of you feel that it really wasn't "Dubya" last nite in that speech?

I wish I could write something to make America realize the trouble we're in.

NATO kills 16 Taleban, 13 Afghan civilians

On the writing of the Bush Surge Speach.

Why is the "surge" is ridiculously stupid? - IEDs

Judy Woodruff on Imus

Escalation Equation

Wasn't this attack on the Iranian consulate staged to mesh with the reference in Bush's speech?

ann coulter may be charged with voter fraud

(VIDEO) Speaker Pro Tempore Barney Frank puts the smack down

OK, PhotoShoppers... THIS, Should Be Easy !!!

The Bush Administration will continue to exist after 2009

The 9 year-old Iraqi kids Bush used Shock and Awe on 4 years ago are killing our soldiers now

I just watched the entire * Iraq speech for the first time

Don't you agree that we should expect & prepare for the worst?

the RW peoples are hitting back on WJ cspan today

Amy Goodman: Global Warming, Warring and Warning

Brian Lamb is catapulting the jingoism this morning.

More American soldiers seeking to flee to Canada

Is It True......Bush tuesday night Speew....

Palatka Protest: Picture Front Page, above the Fold.

The 'surge' will fail to stop anything - Because Maliki REFUSES to target Shia extremists

Should the USA just keep killing black people in Somalia until we get the right ones?

General Pace from yesterday

Who is the bloated sack of hot gas Kagan on CSPAN2?

Support BINDING Legislation To Stop Bush's Escalation In Iraq

Bush: Iraq Study Group Report a ‘Flaming Turd’

Officials flap as birds fall from sky (Australia)

Detained Iranians Had Iraq Approval

"the most important battles in Iraq are not military but political" quote from

Bush war plan draws fire on Capitol Hill

Just called my Bush-enabling war-supporting Republican congressman's office

It is not a matter of losing a war in Iraq, it is about ending an occupation of Iraq

My LTTE Published In Today's Los Angeles Times

Senate Intelligence Committee: Excerpts from Opening Statement by Chairman Rockefeller

Iraq Troop Surge Will Change Rules for Guard Units

Belling the President

I heard yesterday that there was speculation that * pre-taped his

Soldiers Banned From Talking To Press After Lunch With Bush...

Bush Breaks 150-Year History of Higher U.S. Taxes in Wartime

Sure, he made some bad choices, but we need to stand behind our president

Powdery substance alert at courthouse in Allentown. PA


Blame Canada -- Spy coins!

If you didn't see Joe Scarborough's show last night watch these videos... it's frightening

Thanks to those who update the board about what's happening in House & Senate!

Widening the War?

Kerry speaking now in Senate about pensions / Ney / Cunningham

Persian Gulf, Open War, and Petroleum Exports

Condi's "Boys on Fox News"

So THIS is Bush's idea of "phased withdrawal"

Admiral William Fallon (new Centcom Commander) has moved in Neo-Con Circles

Freeps are funny peeps.

Rangel on CSPan 3

WP: Troops Prohibited from talking to Bush at Ft. Benning photo op

What does this graph say to you about politics, education, religion and reason?

Discussion on allowing Govt. to negotiate prescription drug prices on CSPAN now....

"The American Psyche, being what it is" - BUSH THINKS YOUR STUPID!!!

This stumps every Iraq war supporter I talk to

NYT: Bush was considering a withdrawal from Baghdad, Cheney wanted a bigger force

I would love to see Condi Rice as the '08 GOP candidate

Anybody else catch Diane Sawyer's reference to "Congresswoman" Boxer today

I believe the troop increase is only to say Fuck You America

Bond of brothers: They enlist together in Army

Condi: "Sen Webb, I'm really loathe to get into questions of the president's authorities"

Man Builds Memorial to Fallen Troops

The Disgusting GOP lie about the November election...Americans want success in Iraq

EXXON Cuts Ties With Global Warming Skeptics?

only four more user registrations to go before DU hits 100,000!

Dolphins making their presence felt close to LI shores

Toon: Phased withdrawl...

What now Mr. President...

Massive Federal Cuts to Housing Authorities Result in Big Layoffs

Republican Extreme Makeover Now On Public Display, Remember Repubs Role In All This

The benefit of being a Bush supporter

Wait a minute!!! What about that Victory Celebration?

Was the attack on US Embassy in Greece a response for the Iran Embassy?

"The Battlefront for WW3 - moderates vs fanatics" - Lindsay Graham

Gates: I'm no expert on Iraq --WTF IS THIS????

Rich Man's War

Oceania has always been at war with East Asia.

More tearful pics of our weepy president

Friday Morning TOONS . . .

The American people will NEVER support a long war of "choice"...

Has Andy Card gone mad?

200th Vigil; NOT ONE MORE LIFE! (and for those who think Pat Sheehan is pro-Iraq, WRONG.)

Lucky we had Gates for those fresh set of eyes--should have kept Rumsfeld

George's Pet Goat...

Pace at the hearings (C-Span 3)

The Tears of a President - have you seen this photo?

Happy Birthday Rush Limbaugh...and...Herman Goering??

Joe Lieberman gives Bush a pass on Katrina.

Wonder why he is at Camp David?

Bush's deeply thoughtout strategery!!111!!! HUGH!1 SERIES!!11!

so moron* is already committing troops to his "surge" escalation...

Car thieves lift two humvees from National Guard base

The feeble basis of our monetary system

Congratulations DU on 100,000 User Registrations!

Why does bush appear so RADICALLY different in his speeches?

Ancient iPod-like device discovered by archeologists!

Divine Strake gets blasted

The Katrina E-mails--What are they hiding?

Senate Armed Services Cmte hearing on CSPAN 3

Protesters around the world decry Guantánamo

Wesley Clark on the Stephanie Miller show

Meanwhile...down at American Legion Post 312 (Oneco.Fla.)

Military scraps call-up limits

Chuck Hagel is the "Lieberman" of Free Republic

How can one find out what day they signed up?

They think we're stupid

British Foreign Sec: US is changing direction, not us.

Protesters decry evictions - Leases denied due to immigration status

Air traffic controllers, pilots, and cops

After Five Years Of Guantánamo/US Torture Camp - Do You Feel Any Safer?

Western Hemisphere Travel? Passports May Be Required.

So, Has Bush Declared War on Iran?

*'s numbers going down fast at rasmussen - down 9 points since 1/10 - lowest level ever by rasmussen

BUSH WORLD: "Where Pigs Fly & Fish Commute On Bicycles" - By Eugene Robinson

Heading to Camp David for the weekend - pics

How wouldthe Feds negotiate prescription drugs work?

Cutting funds for Iraq vs supporting the troops

No More CNN In The Green Zone

Willie Nelson and BioWillie fuel - breaking the foreign oil addiction - Tonight on PBS

How Do You Talk Politics With Senior Citizen Republicans?

China's Middle East journey via Jerusalem

From Our Street Corner: 200+ K.C. People held home-made signs and candles

Analysis: Do Baptist leaders regret justifying Iraq war?

Studio pResident's crying Studio tears, the soap opera goes on.

Iran, Syria Denounce Bush's Iraq Plan

"...bad policy to speculate on what you'll do if a plan fails when you're trying to make (it) work."

Meet The Press - Sunday, January 14th - all Repugs save for one

DU meet-up at National Convention?

Budget may close Lackland AFB terror lab - Or, losing focus on the war on terra?

HAPPY LEE-JACKSON DAY! today we are all Virginians!

watching the hearing on cspan3 and Senator Webb is on now

Listen to "The Children"! "WE DON'T WANT WAR, ANY MORE"

Congrats, DU. 100,000+ user registrations!

Webb questioning Gates and Pace on C-Span 3

Brzezinski: "The Commitment Of 21,500 More Troops Is A Political Gimmick" (WaPo Edit)

Chicken Fry a Friday, . . . please come CAPTION!!!

Boy Deemed Too Young For Juvenile Hall (7 yr old)

RW Hate Radio vows to "hit back" over Spocko controversy, claims VLWC with Media Matters at the helm


Athens embassy bombing a retribution against the attack in Somalia?

Kurdish Leaders 'Condemn' U.S. Raid on Iranian Consulate

Why is Yahoo doing a Cheney retrospective in pictures?

T.G.T.G.T.G.T.G. I.F.!!! . . . Please come CAPTION!!

Critical mass. IMPEACH

Was Robt. Gates LYING when he signed the ISG report, or is he LYING now?

Ground warfare about to get even more deadly

Watching Tony Blow bullshit his way thru the press & someone pulled the plug

John Gibson Neglects to Mention Republicans Who Oppose Bush Surge Plan

Is this American Flag Photoshopped In?

"l'augmentation" (French cartoon)

US troops will leave Iraq “in coffins”: Sadr aide

Tony Snow: Michelle Malkin Is A Soldier In The ‘New Media War’ On Biased Iraq Coverage

The Washington Note - Did Pres Declare Secret War Against Syria and Iran?

(After Bush Iraq speech) Poll: Two-thirds of Americans oppose more troops in Iraq

My wife says I have moved from skepticism to corrosive cynicism...

US Soldier: ‘We're not really doing anything here’

The Surging Prince....

secret executive order to start military operations against Syria/Iran

I wonder if Bush's problem is, besides others, a short attention span


Internet piracy site in bid for own island to beat copyright laws's just an "augmentation" says Condi; what's all the fuss about?

We have lost.

Everyone does remember Bush's 2001 "Nuclear Posture Review," don't they?

Maybe we need a "Money Where Your Mouth Is" undertaking

Anybody seen New Yawker around here lately ?

Convicted Congressmen to Lose Pensions!!

Mary Landrieu - snookered again

At what point do China and Russia get tired of * playing soldier in

I heard on AAmer. that troops were ordered NOT to talk to reporters

Recorded vote for Medicare bill just started in House on cspan

* threatens to veto bill enabling Medicare to negotiate drug prices

ANWER (via email) : The ANSWER Coalition Responds to Bush's War Speech of January 10, 2007

So when do we start bombing Greece?

What kind of comments are you getting when you call Congress re: impeachment?

My philosophy as a liberal.

Who would want WH Visitor records Classified? FOIA request Denied.

Bush Impeachment Ad in major US Newspapers Telling us How we Can Help

After Kidnapping the Iranians in Arbil the US Commandos Took Down The Iranian Flag

looks like we're about to get some bad weather

If you could choose the GOP candidate in '08--who would you want it to be?

Nedheads Renew Resolve at Bar

Hey, Let's split the difference and Censure !!!

Has anyone else noticed that

Any way to find out which accent Turdbucket plans to use

James Brown left no money for youngest son or "widow".

Republican Whining Points Memo

What does " There is nothing to fear but fear itself " mean to you now?

Roy Blunt (RePIG) on the floor whining!

The Iraqis ten dollar IEDs have proven more effective than our trillion dollar military

Bush’s Best Democratic Buddy

Rep. Hoekstra: “You would have thought...(Bush) would recognize he is not leading (on Iraq) anymore"

Joe Liberman is a neoconservative

Robert Anton Wilson, January 18, 1932 - January 11, 2007

GW Effs Up AGAIN! "Iraq backs Iranians seized by US" BBC News

Excellent radio show on the history of fascism and its ties to US big business

"Decent chance" of NM Leg IMPEACHMENT Resolution - David Swanson

Is there any results on the protests yesteday Jan 11th ?

Warmongering lunatic McCain has never seen a military action he didn't like...

Howz this for hypocrisy....US Threatens Iran For Meddling in Iraq....

I suppose it is not easy but SOMEONE(S) need to stop Bush from

Op/Ed: Bush Extends Conscription of a National Guard that Has No Business Being in Iraq.

Has anyone heard anything from Condi's mouth that made a bit of sense?

Iraqi director gives voice to his nation

DNC posts non-discrimination policy afer activist demand

So..If NumbNuts provokes Iran AND if there's a new Terror Attack...

For all those pro-drafters, just one thing...

Pizza promotion met with death threats

Condi: "It's not an increase, it's an augmentation." Huh?

About Bush's speech...does this sound similar?

McCain defends Bush's new Iraq plan

100,017 User Registrations!!!! Wahooooo DU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My protest sign for this weekend will read...

Flesh-eating bug killed top economist in 24 hours

Protect What's left Of Our Entitlements. The (Frank) Wolf (r va) is at the door

May I suggest ot Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Virginia) that we start sacrificing on the budget

About Boxer bashing Condi - so what?

Is the Democratic leadership even interested in the truth about Iraq?

Let's start the pool for the end of Bush

Who's idea was the Iraq Study Group?

SEVEN antiwar demonstrations tonight in different San Francisco area cities

Flashback: U.S. Says World Could Handle Loss of Iran Oil

We haven't lost in Iraq. We've won. So we should leave.

AP News Alert: Athens Embassy Blast "An Act Of Terrorism"

Bumper Stickers We'd Like to See

Unregulated capitalism is nothing more than tyranny.

Minnesota NG 1st Brigade Combat Team will have its yearlong tour in Iraq extended by 125 days

FOX NEWS-Bias Alert : Which NBC Biggie Said, '... Cheney, of Course, Who Always Wants to Kill ...?'

Does anyone actually believe this is a Democracy?

What is that idiot, McHenry's, preoccupation about Samoa and the minimum

DU web page/paid advertisements

The Coalition of the Sick and Tired of the Bush Administration and of the Iraq War

What would happen if Muqtada al-Sadr declares himself Mahdi?

Is it just my imagination or is Tony Blair starting to look like Bush?

How dare this Dallas pizza chain accept Mexican pesos?

Man Files Lawsuit to Take Wife's Name

Bush is deploying a Patriot (anti-)missile battalion to Baghdad....this can only mean one thing

Creationism was the real reason the school decided not to show Al Gores movie.

What is happening in Iraq now has happened before

I have been subject to these Head-On commercials

Daily Show to cover elections 2009 for WaPo? beginning of the end?

US sends warplanes to Turkey's Incirlik military base

Hey - check it out...we are over 100,000 DU'rs

Put Simply the Rethugs

msnbc doing a boxer condi segment now

Hey, we could start a movement!! Sergeant in trouble for Playboy spread

Do these words scare you?

Happy 131st birthday to Jack London

WH: Bush is currently reading "A Savage War of Peace"

The "surge" idea may actually work, in a warped sort.............

You WILL NOT believe how far they've gone on Fox!


its all a poor communication problem -Situation Room now with

I just heard leslie say he would be talking to Howard Dean this hour

LIMBOsevic blasting Sen. BOXER for hitting Condi "below the ovaries"

If Bush attacks ANY more countries... We MUSTrevolt

A DU Bedtime story .... or It's a Wonderful Life part 3

CBS Headline: "Toothless Hostility To Bush Iraq Plan?" - pic of Condi accompanying it

Dean on cnn now.

Ed Schultz: We're not gonna to exterminate 'em unless we nuke 'em. uh, ha ha ha!

OIL INDUSTRY MAIN BENEFICIARY OF IRAQ WAR (House of Representatives - Jan 11, 2007) McDERMOTT.

Howard Dean coming up on Matthews Now! 5:25 (est) Catch Replay

Dean up next on hardball (MSNBC) n/t

THE WAR IN IRAQ -- (House of Representatives - January 11, 2007) Ms. Waters

"Shutdown Guantánamo Now" event in Rome (pics)

"The Donald": Let’s bomb Iran

Anyone else notice the color change of the crawler on FUX news

Do you think Condi headed to Iraq to head off Hillary ?

Nature article on contamination involving unapproved GMOs

BRAD BLOG: Condi Admits WH Made No Body Count Estimates for 'Surge' Plan!

Descent into the Heart of Darkness : Bush, Kissinger and NeoColonialism in the 21st Century

Heard of the 'Generation Skipping Transfer Tax'? I hadn't till today talking to my county judge.

Update on our Peace Vigil last night!

He might not do it, but IF * attacks Iran,

i dont believe this rumor that chimpy is reading a BOOK

Two (maybe three) days ago I saw the highlights

Just called my senators and told them to IMPEACH

US troops will leave Iraq 'in coffins': Sadr aide

They're going back

Somehow, I knew Bush would completely fall apart during his second term

Howie Dean on Tweety now n/t

Gary Farber of Amygdala needs your help

Moldovan plane that crashed in Iraq was downed - eyewitness

Idaho governor calls for gray wolf kill (wants to kill all but 100)

I am watching the Senate Foreign Relations hearing, and something Condi said caught my attention

McCain doing synchronized swimming with Bush

A related question about whether prostitution really is a victim less

Why Did Bush Allow No Photos After His Speech? What Was He Hiding?

Search of Senate and House websites turns up handful of mentions of Iraq oil

I know how to get the Repukes to support an tax increase on the wealthiest Americans

From An Organic Farmer's Perspective: Globalization Needs Rules

Which Fidelity fund had the highest 1YR return? - Latin America 44.33%

And to think, some people want Condi to run for President

Former Bush Admin official: "The Most Important Parts of Bush Speech Are About Iran -- Not Iraq"

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson Calls For Bush Impeachment

Royalty doesn't need plans of any kind.

Defense Shares Likely To Go Up On President's Plan For Iraq

Toledo, OH War Protest

113 Institutions Charged with Refusing to Reveal Biotech Research

"Weather Normalization Surcharge" Natural Gas Heat

Salt Lake City's Peace Vigil Pics - DIAL UP WARNING

Anyone have the photo of the girl crying at her dad's funeral? (Iraq)

The Population Explosion - if "feeds" every other problem

ABC news helping the regime blame Iran

What We Wanted to Tell You About Iran

Friday TOON augmentation

What makes georgey cry?

Scientists prepare to move Doomsday Clock forward

Anyone listen to Dianne Reams on NPR yesterday?

For your amusement.

So NOW do you see why the Censor of Flynt Leverett's OpEd is important?

Right Wing cousins e-mail this morning: THE LAW IS THE LAW!

Bush threatens to veto bill that can lower drug prices

7 Republick Senators Against Escalation, 9 More Thinking About It

John Yoo Can Stuff IT! Congress passed the "War Powers Resolution of 1973."

um, hello? "Scientists prepare to move Doomsday Clock forward "

Fox News Whines about NBC's "Bias" — POT, MEET KETTLE

Condi's walk ... looks kinda like she is about fall on her face... 5 inch heels or??

44% of bank revenue comes from fees

Just got Done Watching Lou Dobbs (Pelosi Alert)

So what do we do if Bush nukes Iran?

Has Bush hurt America's work ethic by setting a bad example?

Call for Co-Sponsors on Farr's Bill to Force Withdrawal from Iraq! Please Call/Fax!

DNC to host 08 candidate forum at their winter meeting February 1-3.

Attack against Iran? That'll be funny, seeing as how we are FIGHTING FOR IRAN in Iraq

CNN to host the first presidential debates April 4 and 5

Did Fox News hosts try to set Condi up with a female anchor?

I've got a wingnut on my ass, need help

Toilet bombed in USA embassy in Athens. Fitting target, or just happened to hit there.

I don't support impeachment anymore.

Constitutitional Amendment (Edited)

Radar: David Brooks, Meritocracy and "Something Rotten in the Fourth Estate"

"Arch-Conservative" William Lind: 100% Right on Iraq, Foresees Worse Mistake Pending with Iran

Lieberman Will Not Probe Bush Administration Over Katrina

Here's an Interesting Constitutional Question

Iran Claims 40,000 Suicide Bombers Ready to Attack

How's My Driving? Call 1-800-WhiteHouse.

Pictures from KC Say No to the Surge on Thurs, Jan 11

Why don't we have a windfall tax bracket for millionaires?

Why is CNN obsessed with "Coming War With Iran?" and we aren't?

What do we think the chances are the Bush is really screwing us up royally...

Randi announces she won her lawsuit vs CACI and posted the verdict

It takes a bold leader to say fuck you to the American people.

Great moments in Roman history, goodbye Caesar.

Will bush finish his term? An old question that needs asked again.

ding, ding, ding! 100,000 DU registrations!!!!

I support immediate troop withdrawal AND I support a draft

What the hell is wrong with Rangel? Now he's fighting Pelosi on raising taxes for $500k+ earners

Ron Paul to run for President again, this time as a Republican

Dems screw up Earmark reform legislation in the Senate.

The only thing that will make Bush resign is a sex scandal

Congrats to Skinner and his gang for a successful enterprise

Who'll get the last word? Colbert or O'Reilly?

Human billboard on beach in Santa Cruz, CA Sat. 1/13 at 1 pm

Iranian combat experiences with AIM-54 Phoenix

R J Matson does the Appeal for Redress as a TOON

Why in the HELL is Boxer being criticized, when Laura isn't?

Christianizing the Military.. (eye popping read)

Info to contact Congress to demand an end to Iraq & protest action in Iran, Syria

Murtha wants to shut Gitmo, end signing statements, block permanent bases

Bonsai People

Can someone tell me more about Credit Unions?

As U.S. steps up presence in Iraq, its coalition partners scale back or have left

Those who continue to support Joe Lieberman should be ashamed!


Enlighten me - Lieberman won't persue what happened during Katrina - does that mean NO investigation

Can we discuss the privitization deal between Exxon, BP and Conoco?

Politics in the Service of War

This could be a new religion: Missing Nepali 'Buddha Boy' reappears with sword

The Naked Truth

Breaking CNN: missing 13y/o found plus another boy missing since 2002

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: Mission Forgotten?

How will Bush spend eternity?

Why is prostitution illegal, but pornography isn't?

A "creative" solution to feeding the "really" hungry

Full page Impeach Bush ad in today's New York Times!

Is Condi a Klingon?

In preparation for 100,000: What was DU registration when you signed up?

Check out what was posted in some gaming forum.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Surviving (and thriving) on $12,000 a year

Pentagon abandons active-duty time limit DU THIS IS A HUGE DEAL

First of many studies of long care cost veterans for Bush's Lies

Gonna stick my head in the lion's mouth and offer a few thoughts.

ESCALATION IS HARDLY THE ANSWER -- (House of Representatives - January 11, 2007) Ron Paul

Joe Lieberman really bugs me out...I'm starting to wonder

Comet Is Coming

The fact that Condi has no children is VERY relevant

You've just GOT to read this story.

ON MSNBC TODAY: The most touching thing I have ever seen. Totally renewed me. TOTALLY.

I don't like it that American Samoa is exempt from the new min. wagge law.

Jury selection to begin Jan 16 in Scooter Libby trial...

Guess the last time I was in JC Penney's was the last time I'll ever be in JC Penney's

Is anybody else bothered by Teri Irwin lately??


Iran? Just had dinner with a ranking Navy Officer from one of our gulf bound Carrier Groups

***DUzy Awards for week ending January 12, 2007***

Googlebomb John McCain!!!

What do you think of the new 'Block Replies To Me' function?


KBR has been planning the invasion of IRAN since 2003

T*O*O*N*S* ... Bush, War President & Hero ----->


Henry Rollins - Letter to Ann Coulter...

Joe Scarborough: The Coming War with Iran? (2 of 2)

"The Best War Ever"-- by John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton

George Bush - TRUE State of the Union

Joe Scarborough: The Coming War with Iran? (1 of 2)

On the Iraqi war being penciled in

Denver Protest of Escalation of War in Iraq

For Spocko

Speaker Pelosi announces passage of HR 1,2 and 3 (6 for 06)

F3K - The Grave

Condi Perfume, the scent of failure...

Don't Tug on Superman's Cape - Barney Frank Edition

Send Another Brother - A Man You Did Not Know Wrote Your Epitaph.

Henry Rollins writes to Laura Bush...

Mission Forgotten

Nothing To Fear But Bush's Fear, Itself

"Get me a latte and a Howard Dean quote, please"....kind of cute article from Ohio.

In Nancy Pelosi's House, It's No Ifs, Ands or Butts

Every day georgie boy wakes up and breathes air, it validates Natalie Maines.

Where Can I Get A Copy Of The Transcript From Thursday's Hearing W/Biden & Condi

I have the feeling that Bush is about to pull something big and horrible soon.

This just in--Iran is the leading cause of cancer

Biden's Warning To Condi on Attacking Iran

Lieberman - Bush's Surgin' General

Bad news for the Democrats in the South

Webb & Condi on Iran and Preemptive Attacks

"Would those voting against the stem cell bill waive their rights to future cures?"

Matthews Battles Snow Over Iran Attack...

How about Bill Richardson as a Secretary of State?

The Mandate Vs. Taking It Slow

Chris Matthews Tells Tony Snow He's Best Press Secretary in 50 Years

How about that Chuck Hagel?

White House denies story of Kagen visit

Don't be Distracted. Mcgovern's bill is the mission

Who was the Code Pink member that CNN spied chatting with Gates...

Clark on 08: more worried about the policy. Doesn't want to be viewed through a "political lens"

Robert Byrd: Enough Time Has Been Wasted, Mr. President. Enough!

Disbarred attorney is GOP Donor, and among 5 most unscrupulous lawyers in Massachusetts

Another strategy democrats should remember,...

No Katrina accountability for Bush

I think I get it. Bush's plan.

The Eternal War...

The 100 hours- How's it going so far?

So while the evil clown was making his "surge" speech

We shouldn't just be asking if Iraq would be better off under Saddam than it is now

DU this poll: The House voted to gradually raise the federal minimum wage. Is this a good idea?

Is it "feeding frenzy" yet?

Does anybody here like Bill Richardson for '08?

GOP cries foul over new Dem committee on intelligence oversight

"Congressional Oversight Manual," updated January 3, 2007

McCain and the new era of (everyone else's) personal responsibility

Has anyone asked if Rove played any part in the surge plan?

Iraq escalation benefits only Jeb Bush

"Al-Maliki has named Lt. Gen. Aboud Gambar, an Iraqi general

Am I an offically sponsored 'American agent' if I were to ......

AP Cheney enters the twilight of his career

I want this rat bastard in an ORANGE JUMPSUIT!

bush's Iraq policy has beautiful plumage


Reuters: Gates sees fewer troops in 2007 if Iraq plan works

Iran: yes or no?

Doesn't the attack on our Athens embassy defeat that "we haven't been attacked since 9/11" argument?

VP Cheney Sizes Up Iraq Strategy

Bush poll numbers - a query of the 'inside baseball' DUers ......

what does Wes actually do?

What is the constitutional protocol for the removal of an insane President?

How-OH HOW....

Where is the MSM '100 Hour' clock watch?

It will make you gleefully, giddy, shocked, sad, thrilled ..... and proud ===> Must Watch Teevee

Gene Taylor (D-MS) gets a nice 'say' at the House podium .....

Patriotic conservatives testy about the exposure of their lack of sacrifice

Senator Boxer tells Rice (you have no children)

Worst. President. Ever. (A mini rant.)

There is a surge AGAINST the surge! UK is pulling 3,000 soldiers out of Iraq.

Guilty Legislators To Lose Pensions

How can I attend the 2008 convention in Denver? Can I buy a ticket?

A full hour of the batshit crazies on teevee ... starting with Marsha Blackburn

An increase in the minimum wage is not a tax increase! It will bring more money

General Election: Hillary Clinton vs. Ron Paul

Newsweek: Lieberman gives the president a pass on Katrina

Too bad so few of the Republics know how to speak English.

Joe Lieberman: Still a Lying Sack of Shit

Full Page Impeach Bush Ad Appears In Todays New York Times

New Dem Rep to Rove "You recognize me? My name's Dr. Multimillionaire and I kicked your ass."

Shutting Bush Down on Iran: A Word About Strategy

I'm voting for ... what's-his-name (Chris Dodd)

Gates admits he is no military expert

CNN/WMUR/Union Leader to host first presidential debates


Is the NY Post supposed to be a source of serious news?

Governor Dean on Situation Room and Hardball today.

So why send more troops to Iraq?

Excerpt of SFRC exchange between Kerry and Condi

Rightwing* LA Times Attacks Chavez

Good Morning America Glenn Beck: "Ted Kennedy is lying to you"

The Selling of Mitt Romney

Let's Say * Does Go After Iran - Do We Have A Projection Of What Would.....

Rasmussen: Himself is down to 35% approval. Lowest measured.

The only thing dumber than the White House blasting Barbara Boxer...

Did you miss this one?

Hillary headed to Iraq to see what is going on there

The pension deal...

Is ABC News the new Fox?

New York Post: Boxer's Low Blow

The Rude Pundit: Joe Lieberman Is a Little Bitch (Brief Version)

Webb Does More For Troops in One Day Than Allen Did In Years

Dear Sen. Boxer: I am also childless and I agree with your statement to Condi

House passes bill mandating drug negotations, but guess what...

hadley, Dodd, kyl, hagel & "D/I" LIEberman on MTP This Sunday

State Depart under Condi is a MESS says R. Novak

Signs point to an Obama run in 2008

Democrats seek to isolate Republicans with narrow tax-increase targets

Pundits Who Initially Backed the Iraq War Get Rewarded .....

Please DU this poll........

Cunningham Prosecutor Forced Out (by Bush admin)

"With all due respect Madame Secretary, no one's buying it anymore."

Regarding the Medicare Rx Negotiation Bill

If Obama gets the nomination, who'd be his best running mate ?

Why is Iraq's "Oil Law" being discussed in a "closed session" of the US Senate?

Why are we so interested in Hugo Chavez's actions?

Ron Paul...for PRESIDENT in '08!!!!

If all the Democrats do with their hard won power is symbolic

Land of Enchantment and Impeachment

Barbara Boxer should apologize for nothing

Joe Lieberman's coverup for BushInc on Katrina - is anyone surprised

Larry the Cable Guy's huge coverage on our front page...shoved our Iraq protest