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The Senate: The Republican Revolt

WP: On Iraq, U.S. Turns to Onetime Dissenters

Confused About Venezuela?

Ralph Nader: The Boiling, Surging, Churning and Corporatizing Economy of the United States

Frank Rich: He’s in the Bunker Now

Public Inaction Dismays Watada



After the surge ... what next? (The Observer)

Dubya's Tower of Babel

In the Name of Democracy: U.S. Intervention in the Americas Today

Suddenly, the war widens

The Case of Venezuela's RCTV

Der Spiegel: "The Most Dangerous Foreign Policy Blunder Since Vietnam"

Yes, America's my friend. Or is it? Suddenly I'm not sure

After the surge ... what next?

Tony Norman: Have You No Decency, Mr. President?

Opposition to Iraq Plan Leaves Bush Isolated

Of Geese, Ganders and a Presidential Loon

CommonDreams: Breaking! Our Armed Forces

Showing "An Inconvenient Truth" next week at my house and listing the

(Greenland) Glaciers 'moving faster' - study - BBC

Eugene Register-Guard: Temperatures Rising

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Peak Oil

Former aide criticizes Carter over Mideast book

West Bank Jews here to stay

What happened after the Roswell crash...

A Suggested Form for Serious Consideration of Conspiracy Theories

Time For A New Acronym

Thats Paul on Laura FLanders.... DU's Landshark

Let's resurrect the ER Rowdy discussion threads!

The Holt Bill is Introduced !!

DCCC rep assures me that election reform is coming

Petition: For Folks Not Wanting Machines in Elections, Period.

Democrats Pledge to Extend Minimum Wage

Military Expands Intelligence Role in U.S.- NY Times

Bush demands critics offer alternative plan on Iraq

WP: Opposition to Iraq Plan Leaves Bush Isolated

Bush concedes U.S. decisions made Iraq unstable

Pakistan urges U.S. to share terror data

Deletions in Army Manual Raise Wiretapping Concerns

Arrested Iranians tied to group arming Iraqis--US

Bush set for climate change U-turn

Call renewed for resignation of scandal-tainted GOP leader (IL)

Report: Prince Harry to Prepare for Iraq

WP: House GOP Shows Its Fractiousness In the Minority

Rice: U.S. Aims to Curb Iran Aggression

Chavez says he voiced hope for U.S. thaw

Shock and oil: Iraq's billions & the White House connection

Right. If I started talking about groin sweat, would I become just as popular?

BNL! How is your face today?

Guess the Title and Author...


To heck with giant cats. Would you like to see THIS in your garden?

Is anyone having trouble with G spots?

Have You Ever Changed Your Accuser Name?

Is anyone having trouble with P spots?


for the first time in about twenty years, I

Hey New Yorkers!!1 Help Me OUT!!111


Ted Haggard on history chanel show "The Antichrist"

I just submitted my first paper to I feel dirty

John Cassavetes is my hero!

Red wine, pink cheeks

Anyone need a Jesus tortilla?

"The Terminal"

Tina Fey appreciation thread!!

The "God Warrior" is going on another episode of "Trading Spouses"

Good Evening, Lounge Peoples!

So my wife made chocolate rice crispy treats.

Dick Van Dyke dances to Herbie Hancock

***Official*** Eagles - Saints thread

call me a sucker for a musical

pull my finger

Fooled around and

Blackened tuna, medium rare. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it.

This makes me cringe

I finally got to see Napoleon Dynamite and I have a question:

Please HELP an ipod virgin!!! Where do YOU download music for your ipod??

LOST! New time! 10 PM!

Cheer me up.

Texans and winter= silliness!

I passed my insurance license exam today with an 89!

It is nasty out there

I feel old.

When your coworkers tell you one thing, but the counselor tells you the opposite,

Last night.......before the sun set..........

Sleet vs. Freezing Rain:

I went to my sister's cheerleading competition today and I learned a few things

Very specific music request: trippy songs!

Aeroplane In A Bottle: I Got $250 Prize Money For This One

My fellow impatient DUers, there is a .torrent for Rome Season 2 Episode 1 on Mininova.

Good Gawdess But My Head Hurts!

Medical marijuana patients, check in!

The SAINTS go marchin' in...

I think I just saw a puma here in western Pa.

Okay Lounge Lizards - flaunt it long and hard! Flaunt it now! Flaunt your big

There's a coward out there. There's a chickenshit loser who has nothing better to do

We're back! (AND starting a picture thread!)

Damn! There are no deals for The Chicago Manual of Style.

Fascinating diary by RichardBellDC on dailykos -- give it a rec

JK and Teresa speaking on environment

To any reporter, for the love of God, ASK BUSH IF HE'S DRINKING.

OMG--Anybody listen to Garrison Keillor tonight?

Michael Gordon (Cobra II) and Thomas Ricks (Fiasco) on Russert's CNBC show

Our Greatest Nemesis V 2.0

US /Israel relations

I was proud of Ohio's new Governor Ted Strickland

The nightmare weaponry of our future

NYS Permitting Schools To Use Noxious Stimuli To Punish Disabled - WTH!

Surge (Oxford English Dictionary 1971)

The minimum wage bill is a job killer

Our New Congress has a problem passing Veterans 2007 Budget

60-year fight with insurer nears a truce

what is george walker bush up to ,that he returned early on a saturday afternoon

What's In an I-Word?


I'd like to see someone start an alternative fuel car racing league...

Bush should sacrifice Bush palace in Baghdad to refugees

US shouldn't establish permanent basis in Iraq

Reflection (looking back)...

Even more relevant now

The world is full of wonderfully diverse people. Bush's mission ...

Are Russert and other Cable Pundits having Cheney/Condi Sunday talking up Iran WMD?

Update on Barbaro's Setback

Cheney will be on Fox tommorrow...

With the world turning to shit and all...

"Put it on the line - Offer to Resign" if you support surge and it fails

I want out

Medical marijuana patients, please share your story!

I Just Heard Edwards Say

has anyone heard about this?

Am I alone in Not Supporting Pro-War Dems????

What happened after the Roswell crash...

Rice Backs Mideast Moderates, but Offers No Plan

Checking in from the media reform conference-anyone else there?

Shock and oil: Iraq's billions & the White House connection

The National Electric Drag Racing Association

Iraq Realigns American Politics :A Defining Realignment

Crickets. Lots and lots of crickets.

Here's my idea, the Democratic Congress should subpoena

The way to end the Civil War in Iraq, obviously we must widen in!!!

A Damn Good Rant What we have become..

An Open Letter to World Leaders

Generally Speaking, Do *YOU* Trust the Police Officers in Your Area?

Haven't several Democrats proposed plans to get out of Iraq?

This is tragic and horrible:

Sunday Talk Shows

Doesn't it seem surreal reading the posts ?

Cows face Competition in North Korea

Sunday TV talk is Iraq

House GOP Fractured?

Does anyone know if this is the correct contact information for Al Gore??

Any updates on the Mars Mission?

California Citrus Growers Brace For Disaster As Freeze Lingers

Thank you Will. EXACTLY.

Latest video reveals drunken Britney was at Saddam hanging

New US Brigade Parades in Bagdad

BRAD BLOG: NYTimes Joins Rightwing Outlet in Phony Attack on Boxer, Ignoring Rice's NEWS...

Why have all the reports of military and Iraqi deaths stopped?

How are folks finding out about DU? The membership is climbing rapidly

On the MLK holiday weekend, a very apropros MLK quote on war and peace:

Reuters: Venezuela says will nationalize whole energy sector

Rewind to December, 2000. Remember how you felt? Want to share?

HEADLINE: "Bush to skeptics: What's your Iraq plan?"

"Anti-Terrorism Measures" from the Onion calendar for today

Who Dat. New Orleans wins.

*scream of horror* They are using TOS Star Trek theme music to promote

Revoking the Iraq War Resolution

At the risk of repeating myself...

Deja vu on DU: IRAN-WAR threads from one year ago.

LOL - Tucker Carlson to video store clerk/blogger: I WILL @#!!@# DESTROY YOU

How to Recognize a Human Scumbag

Bill Moyers returning to weekly show on PBS

Okay...need help fellow DUers.

When did Congress authorize war against Somalia?

CNN Blog: 'Baghdad is dying'

Helen Thomas Lashes Out At The 'Lapdog Media' For Not Erecting Roadblocks To Iraq War

WAR IS A RACKET by Major General Smedley D. Butler, USMC (Retired) --MUST READ!!!--

Obama's charm lost on America's black activists

Let's prognosticate... Post your predictions about how the Iraq mess will go for the next 2 years

Iran, Venezuela strengthen ties (Chavez calls Ahmadinejad his 'brother')

Roll call! Who's going to DC in 2 weeks?

Bush Finds Error In Fermilab Calculations

Silence is Betrayal: Speak Out with John Edwards against the Escalation!

Surge (MUST see)

A GOP Lawmaker Grapples With Troop Escalation

Video Of Feingold In Iraq War Hearings

DUer Landshark on Laura FLanders @ 9:45pm

Your tax money at work: Military Expands Intelligence Role in U.S.

It's all about who sets Priorities

Bush's Legacy Enshrined for $500 Million? (The LIE-brary)

What all this "ginning-up," Tweety?

Right wing christian lead says under NO circumstances will he vote for McCain..

Cheney enters the twilight of his career

Does anyone remember the documentary about GW's military records

**ACLU: A New Congress, A Time for Change**

Put on your Freeper Dunce Cap: what is "winning" in Iraq?

If I Could Turn Back The Hands of Time

Bush imperialism: one last deperate move to push Maliki out?

Obama's charm lost on America's black activists

Edwards plans MLK speech - on Hillary's turf

William Blum: Johnny Got His Gun

Baghdad 2025: The Pentagon Solution to a Planet of Slums

Governors lose in power struggle over National Guard

Cheney: FISA Courts are Infiltrated by Islamic Terrorists

Despair Drives Christian Right

Tough Talk About Iran: How Far Will It Go?

Shock and Oil: Iraq's Billions and the White House Connection

Sorry wrong forum

First They Came for the Lawyers (Marjorie Cohn re: Cully Stimson)

Add worried dad to grim Iraq toll (Died After Bush Speech)

Administration leaving out important details on Iraq (Seibel)

Clueless George's Responsibility Problem

Noonan: The Two Vacuums (Disturbed by Bush Speech)

Human Rights Abuses In U.S. Prisons

Bush Plan's $1B Won't Go Far in Iraq (AP)

dupe delete

Washington's Epic Battle, War or Peace

Re-assessing Iraq, Just Wars etc (from the RW blogger The Anchoress )

Truthdig: Petraeus! Is Baghdad Burning?

(I'm Going) With the Terrorists By Larry Sakin

Handing Bush the Bully Pulpit

Obama, McCain square off on war The Chicago Tribune ..THE SWAMP

The Logic of a Wider Mideast War

Anger Simmers Among Europe's Ex-Guantanamo Inmates

Amnesty International Calls Pentagon Official's Remarks 'Irresponsible'

Man shall never fly (WILLIAM BLUM)

Decoding the U.S. war of words on Iraq - by Bruce Reed at

Bush's advisers are crying over spilled strategy

FRANK RICH He’s in the Bunker Now

The Senate: The Republican Revolt

How mistakes of US's 1992 invasion are being repeated

War plan's fuzzy about taking down al-Sadr crew

LAT: Plan would add Kurds to civil war mix

NYTimes editorial: Picking Up the Pieces --trying to put Humpty

Democrats, pressed by their antiwar grass roots, are drawing together.

A Revolution In Values (M.L.King Revisited)

AMERICA: War Dictatorship or A Democracy of Peace? The Great Moral Dilemma

No Plan B in Bush Iraq strategy

Officials: Pentagon Probed Finances

Chan Akya: The thief and the scorpion

Safety Lapses, Ineptitude At BP "Go Right To The Top" - Telegraph

Cantarell Collapsing - Production To Fall From 2.1MB/D To 1.3MB/D By September - Pemex Documents

Bears awake and flowers in bloom. Whatever happened to winter?

BMW Sees Hydrogen Cars Still 20-30 Years From Widespread Availability - Age

Plattsburgh, NY Beartown Ski Area Closing For The Season - Press Republican

Anaerobic digesters reduce GHGs much info at this site:

Anaerobic digesters reduce GHGs much info at this site:

Wind farm could boost renewable energy manufacturing in northern Colorado

Great Wildebeest Migration Of East Africa Under Threat - Mara River Dying, Land Drying - Observer

Helen Caldicott on nuclear power. (audio mp3)

NYT: The Basics: Connecting the Global Warming Dots (with graphic)

Bush set for climate change U-turn

Wind farm size to double (to 800 MW, IL)

Bush set for climate change U-turn

All But The Highest Alps Ski Resorts Gone By 2050 - 40K French Tourism Workers Out Of Work Today

Saudi Aramco Delays Khursaniya Project By Six Months - Planned 500KB/D

Brazil To Build Road Through Heart Of Amazon Forest - Promises Careful Monitoring Of Logging - NYT

Indian Authorities' Solution For Pollution, Lung Disease - Buy, Wear Safety Masks When Walking

Volcano Tremors Growing In Comoros Island Chain (Indian Ocean) -

Gore Will Talk Up Scottish Eco-Business In Visit To Glascow This Week - Sunday Herald

450,000 Farmers In Guizhou Losing Land To Desertification, Erosion, Falling Water Table - AFP

Syrian Petroleum Minister Discusses 1998 Production Peak - From 600K/D To 400K/D - People's Daily

Beech Bark Disease Newest Invasive In Upper Midwest - Will Kill Most Michigan Beech Trees

Brazil Gambles on Monitoring of Amazon Loggers

Talk of Israeli strike in Iran shows risks-Rice (Reuters)

Do you think Israel is strategizing with US for attack on Iran ?

Playing Wild West in West Bank

IDF kills two Palestinians approaching Gaza fence

Abbas rejects temporary Mideast peace deal

The blight of corrosive corruption (Jerusalem Post)

Does Abe Foxman Have an Anti-Anti-Semite Problem?

The Damra saga [ Cleveland Ohio, The Plain Dealer ]

AFTERMATH...Never Before Seen Photographs of WTC!

Skinner, DU and conspiracy theories(2.0)...Controlled demolition included.

Here is a ....

How Building Implosions Work (

Meet the No Planers...By Brendan O'Neill

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News 01/14/07

Michael Collins of Scoop up on The Monitor ~ 6:40 pm CST

Connecticut SoS Wants to Make 20% Audit Permanent

AP: Iran leader's nuke diplomacy questioned

Tough Talk About Iran: How Far Will It Go?

Pentagon gets some Americans' bank data

Cheney enters the twilight of his career

Woman dies after water-drinking contest (Radio-Hold Your Wee for a Wii)

AP: Insurgents behead Buddhist in Thailand

More than 2,500 arrested in Bangladesh

Church leader charged with sex assault on girl, 8 (New Life Fellowship Church, Concord, NH)

77 rabid-dog bite cases within 20 hours in Rawalpindi (Pakistan)

NYT/AP: Bill Moyers to Return to PBS With Weekly Show

Prosecutor accused in NYC call girl biz (AP)

AP: Clinton meets with Karzai, U.S. troops

Egypt arrests al-Jazeera journalist over "fake torture videos"

Anti-U.S. allies Venezuela and Iran seek OPEC oil cut

Dem. presidential candidate Kucinich warns, 'If Bush attacks Iran, all bets are off'

Levin has 'no confidence' in Iraq government's promises

Lukoil set to revive huge Iraq oil deal (US also part of deal)

White House defends pursuit of Iranians

Row over Iranians strains U.S.-Iraqi relations

New Farm Bill Divides Bush And Lawmakers

MNF Iraq: One Task Force Lightning Soldier Dies, One Wounded

Judge demands whereabouts of Colo. suspects in Swift raid

Cheney: Credit Checks Aren't Illegal

Iran and Venezuela plan anti-U.S. fund

Kurds train for fight AP

Iraq president on landmark Syria visit by Roueida Mabardi

Spy case puts Vice-President in the stand

On Iraq, U.S. Turns to Onetime Dissenters p. A01 WashP

(Australian) Diggers shoot driver (in Iraq)

AP - Choices dwindle if Iraq war plan fails

Patrick proposes new fee on criminals

Top Iran official to hold talks in Saudi

China, Japan and SKorea hold summit (mending their own fences)

U.S. military says it has new mandate to pursue Shiite militias

Few hopeful signs emerge ahead of new round of Seoul-Washington trade talks

Ecuador's Correa pledges radical changes

Castro's son says ailing Cuban leader is recovering well

NYT/Reuters: U.S. denies British rumors on Bush policy shift on climate change

Niger: NGOs to sue US over WMD claims

Baghdad morgue took 16,000 bodies in 2006 (unidentified)

Iraq's Talabani visits Assad seeking closer ties

Bush finds new ally in French candidate

Violent Confrontations Resume in Oaxaca

Ecuador's Correa pledges radical changes

U.S. soldier commits suicide in Iraq

Rice tells Abbas U.S. will expand peace drive

Cheney: Opposition won't alter Bush's Iraq plans

War costs are hitting historic proportions (LA Times)

Iran and Nicaragua vow close ties

16 East Asian leaders open talks today; closer energy cooperation seen

Shiite militia ordered `to calm things down'(al-Sadr)

Cheney: Credit checks aren't illegal (re: Pentagon and CIA looking a banking records)

Iraqi rebels make $1 bln/yr from refinery-govt

Rice Visit Leaves Palestinians Gloomy

Influential Jazz Saxophonist Michael Brecker Dead at 57

CNN: White House: Can't rule out attack on Iran

Cheney says critics of new US Iraq plan play into hands of Bin Laden

headlights on or headlights off?

Who Likes Orbit Gum?

I give you.......Darth Tater!

HELP! How do I convert Itunes downloads to MP3 format?

My beloved friend just found out her husband has only weeks to live. How do I help her?

"It automatically dials your best friend when you need a what-what."

This computer virus is pissing me off.

The guilty get no sleep at ...........

Bunny Slippers! Post 'em if you got 'em.

Vincent,one more time.

I had to close down everything,I had to close down my mind

Some velvet morning when I'm straight...........

Sweet Dreams, DU!

Under a blue moon I saw you.............

Really too late to call, so we wait for

All my dreams have fallen down

Sal say goodbye to your buddies and your pals....

Good Night Lounge Friends!

Tonight, the lounge needs

Will somebody please make me sleepy?

Join the Hoo Hoo International!

I'm off to sleep, m'friends

An Alaskan sunset for my Lounge friends. :)

Letterman's Top Ten Bush moments!

What's a Harlem Globetrotters game like? I'm going tomorrow

Wish me luck with my sleeping pill

News person on TV just said

it is 4am est. I finally got the 1 month old to sleep after 2 1/2 hours. Is anyone awake beside me?

Should I get wet?

Need a laugh

Spoiled rich girls crack up.... (copycat)

what kind of pro athlete signs THIS pre-nup?

My sister in law is at the end.

The leader of the band is tired,and his eyes are getting old........

Oh my Gawd! Would someone PLEASE send me to bed???

Man, I am so excited! I've got to post this SPECS THREAD!!

Helpful Firefox add on

Trying to hobble an old car along - I have a question

I had to go to work this morning, anybody else at work.

My neighbors just left for church.

Downloaded a new font manager and the default sample text reads this!

Good morning, everyone!

Trucker stuck in ice storm 2007

lap cat....

Du Beer afficianoado's, what's Munster Alt?

Chihuahua parents and admirers! Listen up.....about Plain Yogurt and DA'Squirts!

MP3 player junkies... share snippets of your playlist...

Okay I just watch Bride and Prejudice, a Ballywood movie....

I think matcom enjoyed that Saint's victory a little too much!

Wherever he goes the people all complain...

Ye GADS! It was 22 last night, and now its just freezing in Phoenix.

Creative people, I need advice please (framing)

What happened to Starbucks Anarchist? I hope he's having a hell of a good weekend.

Man, there's nothing better than knowing every doorman in town

I feel like Roy Scheider in Jaws.

Just bought a condom for my Apple IMAC.

I've Got A Great New Sig Line

OMG Fainting goats.....

I got back from working out and my arms feel great!

It's worse than I thought...

It's me!

I'm afraid

arrrrhg! I hate Firefox 2.0!

Screen captures, DVD to .jpeg

Ever hear a song, and just feel as if it was written for you?

Any 2001 Impala owners in the Lounge?

********Seahawks- Bears Thread**********

I have been watch Howard the Duck on cable, what a silly movie.

Cthulhu parents and admirers! Listen up...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/14/07)

wish me luck, I'm switching

What if corporations ruled the Federation? What starship names would be given?

Woman dies after water-drinking contest (Radio-Hold Your Wee for a Wii)

I am so mad with a friend of mine..but i cant tell him that i am mad at him

Restaurants where they sing to you.

What do you binge on?

My next exercise acitivity: Belly Dancing

Gee,I'm tired of eating soup...

I saw Idiocracy last night.

Anybody heard of "Type D" Personality?

iPod (& other MP3 players) people- Hit shuffle & then

What's the difference between a Buddhist and a Non-Buddhist?

Should I go out and buy a gallon of milk before the purported snowstorm hits?

I watched Hotel Rwanda, and the last 1/2 hour of Million Dollar Baby

Anyone ever done security work?

Should I Go And Workout?

Modern Rock Lyric Quiz

Task list for today:

When it doesn't rain it pours

Post a youtube video featuring two bands playing together

make a game of eating bugs

Tell me what you are good at doing.

three lions in the Africam!!

D'you like the winter and the cold?

I feel grumpy and anti-social today.

Food-filching fat cat reunited with owner

How has everyones weekend been>?

My new nephew.

Baking 20 dozen cookies for MLK event

****** Official Patriots - Chargers thread ******

Wanna see what 6000 books looks like?

well, I've been hanging on, dreading the first major catastrophe

I know this might seem like a small thing to most people, but I am SO excited!!


Love Song Lyric Quiz

Need a funny movie to cheer up a friend. Suggestions??

Thank you Philadelphia Eagles for a great season - you've done good!

How long would you wait for a table at a restaurant?

Most attractive classic TV couple.

something great to look at,...take your mind off of the sorry state of our gov..

YouTube Videos: MaryAnne Sings Some Stuff

Ice Storm PIC Thread:

Seahawks appreciation thread.

Had a great time tent camping in the Netherlands this weekend

I'm finally going to LA for the first time ever. Help me.

A favor, if y'all wouldn't mind?


DA Bears!!!!!!!....

Lyrics Quiz- (Variety of genres)

Take that, Chowderheads!

help me find bug-eating game

I had a dream about Oscar last night

do you say "bless you" when someone sneezes?

What kind of 1960s person are you? (Quiz)

Poof! You're a billionaire. Where do you move?

Congratulations mvd!! 35,000 posts

While we're all frozen in, HOW ABOUT A PIC THREAD!!!

Do you now or have you ever worn Levi's as the foundation of your wardrobe?

How many Cookies does she have in her mouth???

What was the most dangerous situation you've been in....

How successful are you in practicing the tenets of your religion/spirituality/faith?

More Than 1,000 Faith Leaders Speak Up for the Working Poor

Answer: "When did Jesus say there should be no war?"

Have there ever been any paintings of the Holy Spirit as a person?

Gay Catholics protest against Pope Ratso at The Vatican

Rich young San Franciscans with ties to Roman Catholic School Not Charged in 'Gay Bashing' Yalies

I have discovered the greatest way to watch a game is to record it on

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for January 14: Wijk aan Zee 2007 begins

Joe Buck is the most boring, life-sucking play-by-play

Walter Cruttenden's new book: Lost Star of Myth and Time

ASTROLOGY TOPIC DISCUSSION: Topic 2 - The Signs of the Zodiac



Question about "inner knowing/messages" vs. trying to push something.

Beyond Vietnam

Communist-run Vietnam plans to privatise state-owned oil/gas (Joins WTO)

MyDD: Did John Kerry Really Lose the West Because He Was Too Liberal?

Did anyone watch Jim Lehrer on 1/11 with the 1971/2007 Kerry segway?

Anyone else beginning to feel anxious about '08?

a couple of oldies but goodies...

This is what you get

What I believe about this administration

Iran? A Primer in the Words of Iranians.


TOON - Sunday's Doonesbury ("Holy Flat Earther! It's White House Science Adviser Nathan Null!")

Reuters: U.S. Border Patrol agent shoots dead Mexican migrant

Is there any way to get our money back from war profiteers, particularly reconstruction contractors

SONGS OF PROTEST: An Evening with the Songwriters Featured at Neil Young's 'Living With War Today'

SONGS OF PROTEST: An Evening with the Songwriters Featured at Neil Young's 'Living With War Today'

Yes Johnny, in America anyone can be president, with 100 million bucks.

dupe---delete, thanks mods

bush "To oppose everything while proposing nothing is irresponsible,

How come CondiLIAR's Press Conference

Prohibit employers from offering health care. That's how we get National Health Care

Throughout all of history, idiots will blame Democrats for 'losing' the war.

Iran demands release of citizens

Is anyone able to pick up Nate Clay in Chicago?

Commonly believed Fairy Tales.

dupe, please delete

CNN: Combat Hospital on TV, N/T

Chants and songs needed for Martin Luther King day parade please.

Discordant Chorus Questions Visions for Bush Library at SMU: Will honor "worst President ever"?

Bush: "Wow, you mean we can still win this war?”

Bush plan may see more Kurds in Baghdad

A Revolution In Values

When War Business Rules The World

I think Obama is going to announce on MLK day.

Listening to San Seder on the replay

A conservative's lament

Plame Junkies. I really would like to know... ------->

Equal Cheers for Boys and Girls Draw Some Boos

Venezuela and Iran to finance....

A seriously bizzarro world when Iran demands the release of citizens

Center for American Progress: Economic Snapshot for January (not pretty!)

Rice commits recommits but what else. Not much

Pentagon Viewing Americans' Bank Records

French Presidential race: It's official, Sarkozy v Royal

$9.20 can buy a lot of attention and action

U.S. military says it has new mandate to target al-Sadr.

can I have your autograph?

Obama's Inner Circle

Question: Concidering Leiberman's behavior since the elections

My parents always thought it'd be Commies who'd conquer us from within

Sunday TV News Shows Guest Lineup (Murtha, Obama, Kerry, etc.)

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury ("Holy Flat-Earther! It's White House Science Adviser Nathan Hull!")

Benjamin Franklin once said...

Obama and McCain on Face the Nation this am...

The "surge" will absolutely work!

US military strike on Iran seen by April ’07; Sea-launched attack to hit oil, N-sites

Cindy Sheehan interview on the BBC World Service

The irony is just too thick this A.M.: HADLEY, Faux on Tweety

LA Times: Price Tag For Iraq Conflict / Effort Against Terrorism Expected To Pass Vietnam's

What happens after the 100 hours??

Hadley, the lying SOB, just said on MTP that this is an Iraqi Plan.

BUSH ADMIN Secretly Deletes Phrase In Army Manual So They Can Wiretap Americans Without Warrant

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today.....

Sunday Comics and TOONS

Equal Cheers for Boys and Girls Draw Some Boos

Scared Republicans

I think Harry Ried has sent the chimp his first warning shot...

Idaho Governor wants to be first on line to kill 550 gray wolves in his state.

Shock and oil: Iraq's billions & the White House connection

The U.S. needs to be more reality based

Dan Rather on Tweety n/t

Cheney does an interview with fox news and gets a new coffee mug - pics

Someone please....

This is the typical mindset of the ignorant American...

This Little Iraqi/Iranian/American Feud over the Kidnapping is Heating Up!

Nation Building...The Bush Way

"Future Weapons" on Discovery Channel premieres Monday

Great balls of...lightning? In a lab? Ball lightning created in laboratory, proves existence:

Brazil To Build Road Through Heart Of Amazon Forest - Promises Careful Monitoring Of Logging - NYT

Darth Cheney: admits expanded military spying role inside US

Memorial in Houston to 3000+ KIA. 3000 flags.

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a rotten tree bear good fruit.

Democrats Proposing Nothing on Iraq?

Leonard Pitts: "Honestly, How Can Anyone Still Believe In President Bush?"

Opposition to plan surprises Bush team (But they believe Congress won't have time to stop them)

Lieberman is on with Russert

Helpful Firefox add on

Gulf Coast Residents Read This-

We should talk about the good things Bush has done.

chuck hagel did great job of dissing Lieberman's reasoning

Kerry on cnn ---after the commercia.l

It's official, Canadian coins DON'T contain 007 type transmitters

Newsweek on Lieberman's Katrina flip-flop

The Quiet Soldier

2 questions

Wonder what Bush is doing with all the bodies?

McConnell, Kerry on cnn now

MP claims Iraqi soldier ‘executed’ civilians in raid ‘in presence of US military forces’

Tax Payers' Money is NOT 'Treasure'

Get ready for your produce prices to go up. :(

Flynt Leverett on NPR: "U.S. Foreign Policy and the Axis of Oil"

The Iraq Question

Sunday is being simulcast for your experiential pleasure, . . . so please come CAPTION!!!

Bin Laden claims victory if troops pull out

Salam my dearest, please reply me -

AP/Ipsos Poll: New low for Chimp @ 32% Approval (-1 point)

Murtha, Katrina vanden Heuvel up on This Week now (ABC). nt

Four of Bush's most extreme Judicial Nominees quit and go home

Sunday morning radio; is there anything good on?

Research follows factories to China

I am confused about this so called surge .

surveyusa: Bush winning two states, 36% popularity.

How to fight the lies being spread about Iran; get these articles out there

Cross Post: DCCC rep assues me that election reform is coming.

I heard a rumor and wondered...

How Senator Levin/Congressman Waxman Could Shame Lieberman into Real Oversight

What if our democracy involved representation by religious/ethnic groups?

Campaign Workers Online: A Fun Find

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Answer: "When did Jesus say there should be no war?"

GOP Senator: Bush has all the Republicans "scared spitless"

McClatchy's "Inside Iraq" (Baghdad Bureau blog): iraq way to begin the day

Its looks like a storm came through here this morning, trees down everywhere

I need help. How to play live stream wvx on Mac?

Do you think Israel is strategizing with US for attack on Iran ?

When crude oil spiked, gasoline prices went through the roof.

Nov. 2002 Hadley meets with Bruce Jackson "Committee for the Liberation of Iraq"

once upon a time ...

cheney: "It's been pretty well known that Iran is fishing in troubled waters"

To Protect and Serve

What can happen to YOU as a result of Bush's terrorist stuff

When Chuck Hagel sounds rational

Have been without Cable or Internet since Thursday...what did I miss

what worries me about all this "war on terror" sh@# is that


If you have a strong stomach, turn on CNN

Straight up, now tell me.....

~Listen Now!~ Background Briefing with Ian Masters: Great Guests!!!

Surprised nobody here has mentioned the Media Reform Conference.

Republicans and dirty diapers

DA Bears!!!!!!!....

"Since Iraq has gone so well...

"Pro-family" conservatives begin to pile on Mitt Romney: He cited Jon Stewart!

Bush wants your internet records

Everybody is scared spitless

ICKY! ICKY! A Powerline creep is on WJ this morning...

The Surge: A Tale

something great to look at,...take your mind off of the sorry state of our gov..

Bush says opposition won’t shift his Iraq policy

Has anyone been asked to be on an Impeachment Committee

Duck hunters from Wisc. And they make fun of people from the South!!!

Bush Steps Into The Abyss

Who else is a proponent of "pretty good government" and tired of all the focus on

Scientists prepare to move "Doomsday Clock" forward

The collapse of the Bush presidency poses risks

Guantanamo detainees: U.S. can't tell a combatant from a cook

three lions in the Africam!!

Jackson and Sharpton: When did they get it right?

Dem. presidential candidate Kucinich warns, 'If Bush attacks Iran, all bets are off'

What happened to novalib?

Heard on the pentagon station/ CNN


Do you suppose this might work?

He sounds more & more dictatorial by the day

Keith Olbermann's Wish List For Life

Negroponte gets demoted to Assistant Secretary of Defense, the army gets wiretapping powers

Bush plan's $1B won't go far in Iraq

The "McConnell Majority Committee" - Formed 12/05/06

So, will the US be killing or disappearing Moktada al-Sadr in conjunction with the "surge"?

Ah, quit yer whining, Cheney.

This years State of Union address should be very somber. Even his own party will not hoot and holle

Caption the Dynamic Duo

I just figured out how Lott became Min whip.

People who've never been to war should not be allowed to play army with REAL SOLDIERS.

The troop surge, funding and Hadley this morning on MTP.

Matthews Sunday Show Panel (Mitchell, Rather, Sullivan) seem to agree on Iran Bombing...

I am a teacher and I am tired of those repuke pissants labeling me and calling my school bad

"Unemployed, But Not Uninsured" - A Winner for Congressional Dems

He's the deciderer and it doesn't make one shits bit of difference what you think.

Baghdad: No electricity 20 hours/day.

OJ Book: Evidence of Guilt? (Newsweek) Warning: Graphic

Microbe experiment suggests we could all be Martians

National Guard story: more of the hidden costs

Because it seems we are helpless

Some here fear that Bush will be lionized after he leaves office..a la Reagan

Know why I despise this SOB? Just look at him

If Lieberman starts to caucus with Pukes, can CT citizens impeach or otherwise "fire" him?

Who Lied About Iraq?

I'm RADICAL! Who are you?

As much as it is a good thing, Hagel's Iraq stance is starting to make me nervous.

Cheney's Not Looking Too Good Either ---pix--->>>

HEADLINE: At least 6 boys die imitating Saddam hanging

For MLK Day--"GANDHI NOT CONDI" buttons, bumperstickers, shirts

Why I feel that impeaching Bush/Cheney is so important

If you could put one story the media overlooked on every front page of every newspaper in the US

! merry happy pretzel day !

Gail Sheehy's "The Accidental Candidate" puts a lot of things in perspective

Edwards echoes King's anti-war message

Enough Already !!

The most dangerous George Bush is one who feels weak, powerless and under attack

Impeachment for National Security purposes?

Iraqi Official Seeks Release of Iranians

Found this buried in a "Surge" Casualty Estimates

Is DU acting wonky for anyone else?

Cheney's out of hiding

What will happen if Bush does indeed attack Iran?

Is it even possible the generals would REFUSE to attack Iran?

Newsweek: We are less Safe now

Boston Globe Columnist: "Bush's Thinking Gets Ever Curiouser"

Need link for a grateful and affectionate lion, seen on DU, a short while back.

New U.S. Embassy in Iraq cloaked in mystery

Kucinich's Plan for Iraqi Peace

A Letter for MLK jr Day

If troops leave Iraq, will Iraqis undo pro-oil corporation constitution and hydrocarbon law?

"Somalia air raids hit nomads, 70 dead" - were the headlines - please...

someone last year posted an awesome picture of a young King couple

CNN anchor John Roberts blows his cover....

"Damn! Them N****rs are just like US!"

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Al Gore One Year Ago: "Restoring The Rule Of Law"

Right-wing whiner Melanie Morgan: Liberal Bloggers are trying to get me fired!

Why don't we start having protest where we DO march in the streets

What were you doing forty years ago...before the summer of love - The Human Be-In....

DU this CSPAN Poll. Should the federal government provide universal health coverage?

I think I would like Walter Jones to finish Shrub's term

Tucker Exclamationpoint Jazzhands Spiritfingers declares war on a videostore clerk

Should we nationalize American's telephone companies...

The disaster in Iraq is by design - IMO

US has been actively supporting the pro-Iranian/pro-occupation Hakim clan for the past three years

Well, the GOP is still proud of their leader

ABSOLUTE POWER-The Goal Is NOT To Win War On Terror-The Goal Is Limitless Presidential Authority

"We screwed up, and it's YOUR fault."

What if we changed the locks at our White House?

AP Correspondent in Oaxaca Urges Mexican “Authorities” to Investigate Narco News

Realizing The Dream - MLK Sunday - Jan. 14 (Riverside Church Live Webcast 4PM EST)

From the "isbushantichrist" blog!

Paul Krugman on Arnold's health care plan.


Have you looked at


‘Green-stamping’ of Timber Companies Comes Under Scrutiny

At least 650 American MERCENARIES have been killed inside Iraq

MTP -- Dodd and Hagel were on fire! They had their arguments DOWN!

If it had been Bush on the gallows instead of Saddam ?

"I loathe Lieberman with the power of a thousand white hot suns."

Wash Journal, amazingly, has 'unbiased' commentator discussing Chavez

He paid in advance Condi-

You know what I want to know more about.....

Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD)--PNAC rises from the ashes

Has the earth shifted on it's axis ?

Situational Scienceman strikes again!

Put Aside "The Surge" for the moment... We need to help amplify news of "the Purge'!

How THE SURGE Helps Halliburton/KBR's Bottom Line

Do you believe you have been a victim of domestic surveillance?

He actually has been convinced he's Abe Lincoln...

Waxman Already Targeted for GOP Backlash

Kucinich: IMPEACHMENT Back On Table "If Bush Attacks Iran"

The PNAC shop is closing

"As a gray-haired journalist who covered Vietnam...amazement that my country has done this AGAIN."

Convicted Watergate 'plumber' claims LBJ may have had JFK assassinated

Liberal educated non-fundies accept evolution; conservative uneducated fundies don't

its BAGdad not bagDAD condi...get it right

For Martin Luther King Jr.

Hillary Clinton is about to make her 180...Maybe tomorrow or Tues.

Don't Let Them Trick Us into Another War...

Richard Belzer protests Ann Coulter's appearance on Realtime

We Have To Impeach The President!

Top 10 GWB Moments ( video warning)

Everybodies Fool

Cedar Rapids, IA says NO to Escalation in Iraq

Homicide Rates Higher in States with More Guns at Home

Murdoch Rag Laying Ground for an Attack on Iran?

I watched Tim Russert tonight and he had a couple of authors

"Bush turns to Dissenters on Iraq"

Hocky Pux

Democrats feel free to defy Bush on Iraq: Party leaders join antiwar liberals in opposing a buildup

Clark's $$$$ Problems.

The 100 hour boondoggle.

Romney retreats on gun control (Boston Globe)

Sportsbook odds on the Democratic nomination

The Talk Shows

'Talk about Bush "Having No Plan"...

Top Pentagon Official Threatens Lawyers For Defending Guantanamo Detainees

Barack Obama 'the new Jack Kennedy'

More than 5,000 flock to Strickland inauguration (Ohio Gov)

The answer is simple - the solution is complex.

What advice do you have for DUers who were not here during the 2004 primary season?

Newly in the Minority, G.O.P. Shows Signs of Division on Iraq and Domestic Policies

DEM response to * radio address:

We are 14 months away from having a nominee for 2008. Here's the schedule

Hagel's giving it to Lieberman with both barrels on MTP...

Phased Withdrawal From Reality -Handelsman Editorial Cartoon

McLame vs Obama on Face the Nation now...

WP: GOP Fails to Splinter United Democrats

I am so sick of this non-partisanship BS,

A very good article on Lieberman

New "Pro-Life" Leadership is Anti-War???

Holy Joe is an ASS!!!!

U.S. is 139th in the world for political participation,

Lieberman on MTP

Take a guess-

Did Bush really say: “Wow, you mean we can still win this war?”

It's about time

(Reuters) Cheney: U.S. must show "stomach" to win in Iraq

Why is only *one* of the *two* independents in the Senate, who caucus

Lieberman is a Republican mole. He always has been.

need help here--anybody know anything about supposedly finding 4 planes out in the desert

does anyone know when Congress is going to actually start 9/11 hearings

So does Bill Clinton get the SOS job under Hillary?

News from Iraq side: Maliki at high Risk!!!

Opposition to Iraq Plan Leaves Bush Isolated

Hah - Maliki fired Haifa Street Brigade Commander

What do you want the Democrats to do "wrong"?

Bush Plans to Punk Congress on the Surge - if he can

When and to whom did Lieberman sell his soul?

For anyone who missed Hagel kicking Lieberman's ass this morning...

Bush the Flip flopper

I'm sick of the insults. I'm sick of the lies. This IS NOT a game.

who's going to march for peace in DC or NYC on 27 Jan?

Why is there still no outrage expressed about the Iranian

60 Minutes Sunday: Bush says Critics Won't Halt Iraq Surge.......

Brent Hume: the democrats want to CUT AND RUN and RETREAT

I have *never* looked forward to hearing Bushjr speak... until tonight.

Girl Scouts of Cannon Valley located in Northfield, MN use hunting for a fund raiser

Our own Joe AHMADIERBERMAN of CT, saw him on MTP this morning

Elizabeth Edwards confronts a critic of her husband on Daily Kos, her comment:

What is the basis for the premise that the U.S. is beholden to occupy Iraq

Great Response to the Barbara Boxer Bashers

Meet The Press.. Holy Joe got slammed good by Hagel Here is his words

Why did the USSR collapse?

Cheney on Baghdad to BBC in 1992

Obama made a very good appearance talking with Schieffer

Libby Trial could be Turning Point for CHENEY..

Obama to Announce for Prez on Oprah Wednesday?

08 Presidential Candidate Selector...who should you support?

Senator Hagel smackdown of Joe now up on Crooks and Liars

Why The Rigid Ideological Purity Test For Candidates Who Voted Yes On IWR?

"Nedheads" rally in CT...including professor who did the "takeover" of Lieberman's party.