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The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 274

Injustice Index: A Look at the Big Gaps in America’s Wealth

Rarely Seen M.L.King Papers Go On Display (and other great MLK links!)

The World from Berlin: The 'Ugliest Americans of All Time' (Der Spiegel)

Welcome to Chávez-land, the new Latin mecca for the sandalistas

Next target Tehran (Guardian)

Kuwait media: U.S. military strike on Iran seen by April

McClatchy Report: Are Americans Getting Truth on Iraq?

CorpWatch: High-Tech Health Care in Iraq, Minus the Health Care

John Dean: Congressional Tools Dems Can Use to Force Bush Admin to Cooperate

We may be lucky that the Bush/Rove axis has been as brazen

Juan Cole's Op/Ed from today's SJ Mercury: MISREADING THE ENEMY

Shock and oil: Iraq's billions & the White House connection

Outgoing Counterterrorism Chief: We've made no progress. We've lost ground.

Surging toward the holy oil grail

The blight of corrosive corruption (Jerusalem Post)

House top wind turbines

The Evolutionary Advantage of Menopause Explained: Children Cause Death.

Ahmadinejad: We'll talk with US, not with Israel

Jimmy Carter's offensive against U.S. Jewry

Olmert 'ashamed' at video of settler insulting Palestinian 's take on Sept 11...


What's stronger than Viagra? "Implosion World" still unrefuted.

Autorank [is not] on Pokey Anderson's Show now (7:40PM ET)

Secretary of State Bowen's Speech (Video)

Election Reform? Not Coming From Congress, No Way.

Congress Seats Two Clear "Losers" - Election Fraud Research & Dis. News 01/15/07

WP: On Iraq, U.S. Turns to Onetime Dissenters

Peru leader seeks constitution change on execution

Cover-up is focus of CIA leak trial

Hopefuls make calls to Hagel's (R-Ne) colleagues

McClatchy: Mahdi Army lowers its profile, anticipating arrival of U.S. troops

Arabs look to link Iraq, Mideast deal

Richardson wants Iraq troop withdrawal this year

NYT: Opening a New Front in the War, Against Iranians in Iraq

N.J. Guard families told of extension (Anger and Disappointment)

BREAKING NEWS: Saddam half-brother, ex-official hanged

Labor Activists Urge Protest Against Iraq War January 27th In D.C.

Cheney admits expanded military spying role inside US

WP: Democrats Differ on Iraq Bill's Bite: Murtha Would Give It Fiscal Teeth

New Law Could Subject Civilians to Military Trial

NYT: Rebuilding Teams Would Swell Under Iraq Plan (info provided NYT by critic of plan)

Bush plan to boost U.S. troop levels antagonizes Sunnis

McClatchy: Administration leaving out important details on Iraq

AP: Saddam half-brother, ex-official hanged

Iran demands U.S. free arrested "diplomats" in Iraq

McClatchy: Once shielded, Northern Marianas Islands included in minimum-wage increases

Big Brother: What it really means in Britain today (OMG)

Jazz musician Alice Coltrane dead at 69 (John Coltrane's wife)

NYT: Vacuum Maker Hailed as Savior Quits Gulf Town (Oreck)

Freedom of Information, the Wiki Way: to Allow Anonymous Posts of Government Documents

Bush sees himself as flexible with 'thick hide'

Dinosaurs, humans coexist in U.S. creation museum

NYT: U.S. and Iraqis Are Wrangling Over War Plans (major article)

Far-Right EU Lawmakers Form Coalition

I'm Bubba Zanetti!!! (Quiz)

Cell phone time setting question...

Do you ever go to play a video on YouTube only to realize

gah! scary noises on Africam.

Jimi Hendrix on Africam!

Reminder: Season 2 of HBO's "Rome" airs @ 9 eastern

My trip to see busts was sort of a bald eagle.

Any fellow insect fans out there? Animal Planet is currently...

"Rome" Season 2 Premiere on now

Does Van Damme have a damn van?

I am just using you for text!

I Feel Irresistible Today! Make I AM IRRESISTIBLE TODAY!

I've NEVER seen an episode of 24...where


No *******24******* thread?


INXS lyris quiz

Minnesota DU meetup pics!!111!!!

Can you send a little love my way, please? Facing another angioplasty,

Alice Coltrane has died.



What Kind Of A Thread Would This Be?

So the dogs are on extreme puppy tears! What do I do?

Any Monk fans?

Have you ever had a day...........When all you felt like doing...

St Louis Yesterday

I'm watching the Duke case on 60 minutes right now, and I'm going clear something up for everyone

Wait... did Kumar just do what I thought he did?

I Feel Invisible Today! Make I AM INVISIBLE TODAY!

Woohoo! Finally out of the ice!

So, does Justin Timberlake get street cred points for Alpha Dog?

Hijack this thread!

Random thread. Bored. Talk t' me, folks.

Talk about getting laid well...

Is flvegan a total weakling?

Woman drinks so much water she dies

To everyone who's having a bad or sad or...

wow. Duke Lacrosse players moms are hot.

Which twinkie looks tastier?

I am assimilated!

Kung Fu Hustle!

I'm watching "Multiples in the Womb" on the Discovery

Stupid tech question

any advice for getting a waitperson job

24!!!! (Spoiler Alert!)

We shall overcome

Who else is listening to Jimmy Buffet in below freezing weather?

Oh. My. God. One of the most tasteless things I've ever seen.

Is she HOT..... or NOT?

Any Phil Ochs fans?

So I finally decided to turn the heater on

Post a movie trailer of a film coming up that looks intriguing to you.

Golden Globe Awards Predictions!

Zero tolerance means ZERO tolerance


Jake G on SNL - Brokeback Mt meets Dreamgirls!

"24" Video clip of AWESOME scene in Ep 1

I'm watching "Scrubs" right now, who else likes "Scrubs"?

Yay tattoo pics!

Brenda Dickson ("Young & The Restless") video from the 80's

Who doesn't have to work on Monday?

How do you get a REALLY nice polish on your car?

My trip to see bald eagles was sort of a bust.

William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day is on temporary hiatus.

Martini drinkers

The mysteries of do I post a website link?

On the eve of MLK's birthday a word of thanks

Yo! Thomas! Just recovered a fumble w/in the 10. (NE Patriots)

The Stars This Week: "Set a New Course" - Jan. 15 - Jan. 21, 2007

I just got called by USA Survey for a poll (presidential)

Anyone watch McCain and Obama this morning?

Kerry on C-Span3...

Kerry & Poetry

Parody of RW Anti-Kerry propaganda

Anti-cancer chicken eggs produced

From the land of the brick stupid (

A blast from the past (Abramoff)

List existing plans for Iraq HERE. Stop the "Where's your Plan" meme in it's tracks.

Abbie Hoffman "Wake Up America" MP 3's

Autorank [is not] Comin' Up on Pokey Anderson's Show Now (7:40PM ET)

B*sh 41 to chair National Constitution Center

Saddam dope on a rope to be sold.

Can Bush legally have his surge without the approval of congress??? - taken over by pornography and prostitution?

My plan for victory in Iraq - Encourage new Iraqi leaders to invade Russia

Lots of bad news w/National Implications from Philly:

I Love New York

YouTube gets sued over sex video of top model

Well, I'm proud to say...

You REALLY need to vote in this poll! Was Boxer vicious?

Who Are the Bad Guys?

Okay, when and where is 60 Minutes?

Who's a bigger Dick? (comparative chart of Nixon vs Cheney)

Boycott Penney's for selling raccoon dog fur-trimmed coats

Iran Guard says U.S., Britain, Israel "axis of evil"

He can't keep his antecedents straight...


US Border agent shoots dead a 22-year old Mexican migrant

'Studio 60' cast happy to be employed


Mary's Legacy

Did the dems cutting funding for Vietnam "lose" the war?

Ed Bradley would never have planted soft sloppy wet kisses on The Dictator.


Cheney: U.S. must show 'stomach' to win in Iraq (REUTERS)

I programmed a robot once (and it got me to thinking)

This is WHY PMC's (mercenaries) are a BAD idea

EU Should Fill Leadership Void on Human Rights (HRW)

this book sounds interesting: 'POX', genius, madness and the mysteries of Syphilis.. it questions

Mr. President, do you think that the Vietnam War was wrong?

"Ours is now the mainstream position" - Democrats feel free to defy Bush on Iraq (LAT)

Bush is totally from TX again tonight, just jawing with the folks on 60-min

NYT editorial: Stop the Bush administration's "nuclear fantasies"

PHOTO: Your self-appointed Educator-in-Chief

I'm watching "Multiples in the Womb" on the Discovery

So. Has "Matt" PUDGE declared any sort of his integrity yet? n/t

NYT: Bloggers Take on Talk Radio Hosts (KSFO and Spocko)

"Saddam was a source of instability in Iraq"

bush is a coward. Couldn't watch saddam drop thru the floor.

"There's things going on that you don't know."

6 Reasons why we invaded Iraq (and 4 more why the GOP wasn't against it)

Why did Bush choose to go on 60 Minutes tonight?

Come now. Bush really IS similar to Abraham Lincoln. PROOF:

At Libby Trial, Power Players Face Uncomfortable Spotlight

So now Honduras is stealing the property of North American companies?

Iraq president makes landmark Syria trip

Anti-War Activists Unforgiving Of Clinton (Hillary)

Bush-Cheney out of control, still lying.

'Scooter Libby' Trial Starts Tuesday - Reuters: "Is Cover-Up Worse Than Crime In CIA Leak?"

Bush will be gone in two years. Climate change isn't going anywhere.

Fox broadcasts obscenity!

The Great Man Theory - Is George Bush one of the Great Men of History?

How many people feel like Bush's surge is part of a political strategy - not a military one?

rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE VI--Oh No U DiNT!!

Buckaroos bassist dies at 70

Al Gore To Speak at Boise State as Favor for Boise Woman

Evolution is........

Just another day in Paradise. Today's attacks 01-14-07

What a LOUSY Freaking ACTOR Pissypants Is!

Smirky's 60 Minutes Interview - Transcript

Jerrold Nadler introduces the Protect The Troops and Bring Them Home Act

Utah Governor Sets 'Divine Strake' Hearings

Paul Krugman: The Texas Strategy

Cheney's history of heart problems >>>

Cheney wheezing enough?

Does any member of Congress have children serving in Iraq or Afganistan?

"Why does smear-merchant Ann Coulter

Can you say AUTO-PEN?

Waxman's Letter to Colleagues, 1/10/07, on Iraq Reconstruction

Cheney: "we're a major presence there now and we expect to continue to be one in the future."

Arab Times: US military strike on Iran seen by April ’07-Sea-launched attack to hit oil, N-sites

Martin Luther King day op-ed I wrote

60 minutes: is that directly impeachable?

Cats are Democrats, Dogs are Republicans

BUSH's Explanation For The Surge Is More Bullshit (McClatchy Newspapers)

60 minutes on NOW !

My anti-war ball-cap got an ovation from the Starbucks crew this morning.

Yep, he's a little sissy....

Vacuum Maker (Oreck) Hailed as Savior Quits Gulf Town - (Hurricane Katrina)

Opera/Broadway Musical/TV show that depicts the Neocons...what would it be like?

Do we owe Iraq an apology?


Which country will set us free from this dictator?

Great Simpsons episode trashing army recruiting and

Anyone have a link with info about when the "Crawford Ranch" was purchased by shrub?

Maybe I'm just being silly and paranoid, but..................

about the duke lacrosse case...they put themselves in this situation

Is there an alternative to Wal-Mart which donates to Democrats? NT

Commenters at the 60 Minutes Site Are Disgusted by Bush >>>

Senator Kennedy: "WE CAN'T IGNORE IRAQ'S REFUGEES" | UNHCR appeal for $60 million for Iraqi refugees

Great Pic from Kindasleazy's bs session

HADLEY: "Once The Troops Get In Harm's Way, Congress Will Support Them..."

Bush: "The Iraqi people owe the US a huge debt of gratitude."

The Woman with a Limp. (true spy story)

Man Charged With Kissing a Woman

"What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate"

I refuse to watch bush

NYT: 'Newly Revealed Orders" Issued By Bush Show US Has Opened A "Third Front Against Iran"

CBS can do a postgame show but not a post Bush response from Durbin?

He thinks we're stupid.

A Silent Thread Of Memory And Respect For Martin Luther King

I just came back from The Edward speechs at the MLK celebration in NYC

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Jan 13, 2007

President Bush Visits Stanford

Phil Ochs - I aint marching anymore

Tom Waits ("God's Away On Business")

GOP Congressman Warns of new Gulf of Tonkin incident

Listening to Mike Huckabee on CSPAN--this guy could be trouble

Bush's Hail-Mary Pass

Jan 26, 1975: News report of investigations into CIA misdeeds

The government wants to look at your bank records

Grim Start to New Year: Two Coal Miners Killed (Sat, Jan 13)

Newspaper Guild President: Media Covers What Advertisers Want, Not Worker Issues

Hannity has a TV show on his own now GEZZZ!!!!

Bush on 60 Minutes discussion

Now Trump's rippin' Condi

Liberal vs. Conservative

A good article on early front runners for President

Shock and oil: Iraq's billions & the White House connection

I favor legislative action vis a vis Bushco.

Why can't we get this cowardly loser out of office?

Iraqi official seeks release of Iranians

Dodd says he'll seek to block Bush's troop surge

Is "Grand Bargain" Between Unions And Business Possible? Corrected link

Excerpts From Edwards' MLK Day Antiwar Speech ("Silence is betrayal")

Bush's saber rattling at Iran is to take the focus of Iraq

Joe Lieberman is an honorable man

"Regime Change in Iran" - Weekly Standard (via PNAC) - 08/2002

Edwards echoes King's anti-war message, calls on Congress to withhold funding (AP)

What will happen once we leave Iraq?

Nice guy but he's in the wrong party: Mike Huckabee

Clark: The issue isn't the number of deck chairs (troops) on the Titanic, it's the Iceberg (Iran ).

George McGovern is no peace candidate!

Iran Guard says U.S., Britain, Israel "axis of evil"

President Bush, "60 Minutes" and a grim future

Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes interview spews Repug talking point: "Democrat Party"

Echoing King in New York, Edwards calls for war’s end (NY Times)

Romney retreats on gun control

Laura Bush on Belgian TV in 2005..."my husband is not a dangerous man."

What kind of Democrat or citizen would DISCOURAGE investigations of How/Why of war?


Don't believe the anti-immigrant claptrap. Migrants are no threat to us

NYT: Politicizing Prosecutors -appointee worked for Rove and did RNC oppo research

George Lakoff: Framing, Death, and Democracy

Boxer vs. Rice - A Textbook Example of GOP Expertise at Manipulating a Discussion

Martin Luther King Voice of the Working Class

CommonDreams: MLK's Guide for Antiwar Activists


Season for Peace (article on the growing antiwar movement among veterans)

SAMPLES: Will Stinky (George W.) Cut The Big One?

JENKINS: Bush Breakdown Dead Ahead?

Mistakes Were Made, but There is no Mistaker

Try to Remember: The Dilemma is a Human One

The Imperial Presidency - WP

At Libby Trial, Power Players Face Uncomfortable Spotlight

US frustration over al-Qaeda 'resurgence'

Shuttle without diplomacy - By Sidney Blumenthal at Salon

Editorial: Rev. King on ending war (Cap Times. Madison, WI)

What ever happened to Shirley and Jenny?

BRASCH: Making the World Safer for Terrorism

SEESHOLTZ: Whining GOPhers and a Loose Cannon President

The many stripes of anti-Americanism at News

Wish you were here (a small sampling) (Mickey Z.)

"A true revolution of values..." MLK- 4/4/67 Riverside Church-NYC

TomDispatch: The Pentagon as an Energy-Protection Racket

CIA orchestrated Dr. Zhivago's Nobel Prize to embarrass the Kremlin

The Nation: No to Escalation

Martin Luther King: "A Society Gone Mad on War" (from Truthdig)

McClatchy Report: Are Americans Getting Truth on Iraq?

House passed HR 4's negotiate prices for Medicare Drugs Bill -- but it is flawed (William Chirolas)

Katrina Vanden Heuvel (The Nation): Remembering Dr. King

Agence France-Presse: Libby Trial Full of Political Intrigue

Editorial: King's call for peace

AP: Iran leader courts Latin America allies

Chris Hedges: War of Shadows

Cheney is a communication terrorist

Officers Look Back For Clues To Future

At Libby Trial, Power Players Face Uncomfortable Spotlight

Nuclear power faces reduced share in global energy supply

Fishermen Throw In The Towel As Lake Chad Disappears - Was 3rd-Largest Lake In Africa - BBC

Finnish Paper Companies Delaying Logging - Ground Too Soft For Trucks - Reuters

Warning Issued on Satellite Maintenance

UAE Beats Americans' Environmental Harm

Warm Swedish Weather Locks Lichen Out Of Reindeer Reach - Herds Will Be Years Recovering - Reuters

Michael Klare: Is Energo-Fascism in Your Future?

Hundreds Of Millions In Solar Research Funding Waiting For Actual Budget Bills From Congress

Some firewood dealers caught with big supply due to warm winter (Maine)

Why gasoline follows oil up but not down

World's oddest creature at risk from killer fungus

Iran Said to Install Uranium Centrifuges

(US) Nuclear Renaissance Plagued by High Costs, Waste Issues

Asian Leaders Sign Energy & Climate Agreement - No Targets Or Timetables - Reuters

Lack Of Snow Puts Low- To Mid-Altitude Swiss Ski Resorts In Trouble - Reuters

Deluded - Kurt Cobb On The Political & Energy Fantasies Du Jour - Energy Bulletin

Saudi Aramco States Khursaniya Project NOT Behind Schedule - Peninsula

New Straits Times - Heaviest Rainfall In In 100 Years In Johor, Malaysia - Floods Widespread

Tony (Blair's) carbon footprints: Follow these simple steps...and you too can save the planet

Al Gore Says U.S. States May Force Change In Climate Policy

Bio Willie

50 N.H. towns put global warming on the ballot

Japanese business can lead climate campaign: Gore - Reuters

Official: Israel Must Free Fatah Leader

Haaretz poll: Support for Kadima plummets under PM's leadership

State issues new tender for 44 housing units in Ma'aleh Adumim

The easing of restrictions deception

OPT: Gaza - West Bank – ICRC Bulletin No. 17 / 2007

Rice, Olmert plan meeting with Abbas (Reuters)

Fatah: Hamas digging tunnels in likely plot to kill Abbas and aides

Israel announces settlement expansion as Rice meets Olmert

Peretz: Israel Beiteinu 'racist party'

Israel to Expand West Bank Settlement in Violation of Pledge to U.S.

The battle within

9/11 Truth: Unusual Evacuations & Power-Downs in the WTC Prior To 9/11 VIDEO

Kevin Ryan starts Legal Defense Fund

The cover-up began with "freedom fries".

Please sign VR's Paper Ballot Petition (cross post)

'Time is Running Out' In Iraq (Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno)

Service members join war protest (Norfolk, VA)

Adultery could mean life(in prison), court finds (Michigan)

Kuwait media: U.S. military strike on Iran seen by April

Al-Jazeera scribe let off on bail by Egypt

Saddam half brother, ex-official hanged

AP: Guatemalan Leader Refuses to Read Speech (state-of-nation)

AP: Egypt finds explosives cache in Sinai peninsula

AP: Iran leader courts Latin America allies

New law could subject civilians to military trial

Bush: Congress can't stop troop increase

AFP: Trial of failed London bombers set to begin

CIA orchestrated Dr. Zhivago's Nobel Prize to embarrass the Kremlin

Rice asks Arab allies to back Bush plan(Iraq or Iran?)

AP: 2 soldiers killed by roadside bomb in Baghdad

Roadside bomb kills 3 cops in Baghdad(78 killed Sunday)

Reuters: U.S. says to "go after" Iran, Syria networks in Iraq

Group; US Troops Fighting in Phillipines

First U.S. troops in Baghdad for new plan

MSNBC announces Barack Obama to run for president

FBI: Bomb Found On Federal Witness' Car

At Libby Trial, Power Players Face Uncomfortable Spotlight

Saddam aides hanged, film shows brother beheaded

Poll: 94% Believe Troops Likely to Still Be in Iraq When Next President Takes Office

Dissenters become assets in White House's new plan for Iraq (Orwell would be proud)

AFP: Australia bans Japanese whalers from its ports

PA: (UK) MoD: Soldier killed in Afghanistan

Dolphins Stranded In N.Y. Cove

Sanders, Leahy re-introduce Jeffords global warming bill

80 unidentified bodies buried in Karbalaa

Hyundai (SEOUL, South Korea) Workers Begin Partial Strike

Last-ditch Baghdad plan has 6 months-Iraqi sources

Polish righteous gentile nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Reuters: Egypt backs U.S. plan to increase troops in Iraq

British Airways (Britain's biggest airline) Workers Vote to Strike

Cheney Calls Ex-Aide Libby 'Honest'

Reuters: AU in Somalia to plan peace force

Yahoo News: Economists Upgrade US Outlook After Surprisingly Strong Data

Bakersfield man accused of being Yemeni secret agent

AP: Group: U.S. GIs fighting in Philippines

Smithfield Workers Protest (MLK) Holiday Work

Libby trial starts this week under dimmer spotlight

Blair under pressure over dropped probe -report

AP: Nepal Maoists join parliament after 10 years of war

Rural hospitals, nursing homes hard hit by Bush plan

Gates: Time is not right for Iran talks

Car bomb kills five at Kurd party office in Iraq

Somali government launches media crackdown

California Oil Refinery Goes Up In Flames

Cuba says U.S. must charge militant for terrorism

Senator Allard will not seek reelection

Laura Bush takes literacy campaign to Paris

Rice says handling of Saddam's death lacked dignity

Pelosi warns Bush shouldn't 'abuse power' on troop escalation

Leftist Assumes Presidency of Ecuador

Rice to attend 3-way Mideast summit (We need a Madiline

N. Dakota Man Aims to Be 1st Hemp Farmer

Bush Talks Tough In Case For Troop Boost- "They Could Try To Stop Me, But I've Made My Decision"

Reuters: Iran sends message to Saudi Arabia amid rising tension

Obama inches closer to annoucing

Reuters: No Al Gore in U.S Presidential race

Iraq's Sunnis angry over hanging and decapitation

Dems want confederate flag off S.C. grounds

BBC: Pakistan "nuclear" kidnap foiled

Now that that is taken care of, Good Night!!!

Ugh...I accidently bought a book published by Regnery...

Ok, so this time I really am going to bed!

Has anyone ever bought books from Alibris?

TV Partners

Hall and Oats - So Close

Ewwww, gross! "Without A Trace" is about a competitive eater.


Cornflake breaded fried chicken

Dang it, I can't remember how to defrag my computer!

I just issued an important upgrade to your Ignore feature

why does HDTV look fuzzy?


I hate it when people share too much information

The Franklin Stove ain't at all what I thought it was...

Important notice to restaurants and bars:

So I just finished watching V For Vendetta.(finally)

I didn't listen to or watch news today, I really needed a break from bad news.

Anyone know if they still make those Boca Sausages?

Good Monday Morning

Thank you for all the "forwards". (a rant)

I just donated to Buzzflash and got a bucket hat......


is martinizing better than regular dry cleaning?

my coapplicant agreed to the terms and conditions of my requirement list!!!!

This town is in mourning this today. San Diego.

Grendel - SciFi Movie version of Beowolf

If you use the "sarcasm" smiley, or just claim that you're joking,

Random thoughts on River Phoenix

is she hot or not?

have you never been mellow?

WNY Winter (Ice) Storm

Thailand puts panda on low-carb sex diet

I used my 4000th post on something really useless, ask me anything.

What's more fun?

Just to let Agents Mike and Carol know what I've been surfing lately:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/15/2007)

What do you do when someone gossips to you about someone else whom you both know?

Cleanhouse fans, check out the episode that is on now.

I'm at home with an upset stomach.

Does anyone have an iPod that holds 5,000 songs, and why?

My lovely Goobie just returned from a school dance.

I stayed up very late watching "Breakfast on Pluto" last night.

'Missing Persons' appreciation thread!!

I'm "scrubbing" watches right now. Who else likes "Scrubbing" watches?

New England ate Indianapolis

Is it wrong to be watching "The Boondock Saints" on MLK day?

A little new wave fun for those of us stuck at work

Check out this stunning slide show!

Post a picture of your taupe E

Post a picture of your TP

U.S. snackocracy on a quest for the next flavor to savor

Do you have a cute little "du" icon on your "Favorites" list?

Ethical Question

Post a picture of your teepee

The Dark Side of Polyamory....

Su Kong Tai Djin, the Kung Fu Werewolf:

Will I hit 15,000 before Winter Break ends?

Post a Picture of your Tree Pee

Water in the basement

sometimes i have an almost limitless capacity for food

I was walking around outside in a t-shirt and capris

Woman Dies After Wii Contest

DOMINO is the worst movie I've seen in years

post someone elses avatar

A very large maple tree in my yard just cracked down the middle.

Stupid Comcast.

Edit: Okay, am I the only one who has today off? Or do my posts repel people?

While we're all frozen in, HOW ABOUT A PIG THREAD!!!

Running from Gamera

Most of the people in my town have lost power.

Things I KNOW about America

it hurted my feewings when mommy says that daddy drinks because i cry

what is your favorite dio incarnation?

Weren't Haruka and LostinVA at ThomCat's this weekend?

billyskank, Oh billyskank!!!

there's a new sheriff in town. his name is datasuspect.

Do you wanna flirt???

The guy that plays George O'Malley on Grey's Anatomy

Humans existed 50,000 years before evangelical creationists

All-time best morbid songs?

tyrannosaurus rex (pre t. rex) lyrics quiz!!

internet tough guys CHECK IN HERE!

45 degrees in San Diego.

i want a new avatar! somebody give me a new avatar!!!!!

I'm the worst person in the world. Discuss.

any hot chicks wanna party?

I had a dream about Oprah last night

Not feeling so hot? Try The Woo World Self Treater.

And now it's dark already. I completely wasted this whole day off.

Where's the hemp in your house right now?

Most of the people in my town have lost their reason.

holy diver

The Chargers LOST!

The Crappy Thread!

Where's the Shemp in your house right now?

post someone else's social security number

New rule for copycat threads:

New rule for threaded copycats

Okay, so the majority says you'd date somebody with eczema...

i seem to always find people who PERPETUALLY wake up in a bad/sour mood

OMG..... I have just now exhausted my stockpile of address labels

New rule for copycat threads:

The Happy Thread!

It's nap time in Sarasota.

I refuse to wash the menudo pan

Anyone familiar with MADISON, WI?

Come spring, I'll lose my beautiful dogwood tree! What should I replace it with?

Name ONE thing you accept in life?

Might As Well Go For A Soda

Is it silly to have hurt feelings when an online friendship ends?

Should I get the blue one or the red one ? (don't decide based on political/ideological lines)

80s and 90s song quiz.

What's the temp in your house right now?

How is your garden growing?

Running from Camera

I am happy to join with you today

Sexual Harassment: What employees need to know.

"The Apprentice: LA" -- Is it just me, or it just MEAN?

Gray's Anatomy.

Is the lounge jukebox broken? Let's get this joint jumping.

Pregnancy Prompts Miss New Jersey USA To Resign

Happy birthday rasputin1952 & BlueInIndiana2

So, I've decided to stay in today...Are you?! Check in here!!


BSG marathon on Sci-Fi today -- if you're frozen in.

Love Song Quiz #2

Why do they implant a pacemaker into a 87years old woman???

how long has it been since you've been Dangerously

What ever happened to Shirley and Jenny? 25yrs of Nature on PBS...

New England at Indianapolis

New Orleans at Chicago

Erm...I'm using lelapin's computer. Ask us anything!!

When did MASH jump the shark?

It's the 'Post a pic of yourself in OUTRAGEOUS ATTIRE thread' thread!

My Gf asked me to move in with her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things I Have Learnt About America (So Far)

Post a really cool, non-mainstream love song

Tonight I must do laundry, watch some of the Golden Globe awards

Bless the Lord With Me - New Life Inspirational Gospel Choir...

Is truth inherently valuable or only if the benefits outweigh the costs?

Was it Paul Tillich who said "I beleive because it's is irrational"?

King's Biblical Backbone

To know the Neocons and the Religious Right, know their God...

Vicious anti-gay bills filed in Massachusetts legislature

Check out this video of Phelps supporters getting pwnd.

I thought Philly was a tough town.

someone send Merriman some popcorn....

Serena Williams looks like a buffalo

"The Magical Energy" - Karen Bishop - January 15, 2007

Volunteer needed to coordinate the February prayer, light and healing thread

Pluto in Sagg discussion. . .for yet another prayer for the New Moon

Big gut feeling here about the Bush administration.

Inside the Beltway- Good followup to Details magizine article.

MLK: A Time to Break Silence

Help us John Kerry

JK interview on Late Edition (video)

Can we find out

OT: Great diary on how to use photos, photoshop

Protest in D.C. on Jan. 27th

Need help with a song John's Campaign played at events.

Kerry on MLK's day.

Senate Ethics Reform again. It's like a nightmare

OT: Clinton v. Edwards

Chris Dodd officially is no longer my favorite candidate running...

Soldier's story

Bush sees himself as flexible with 'thick hide'

What does North Korea do after we attack Iran?

CNBC has special on "Big Brother, Big Business"

"You've got to go where the oil is. I don't think about it [political volitility] very much"

No thanks Rick Perry

A couple of quick thoughts before we head off to Iran...

History: Bloggers get in Libby trial

PEACEPOD Tribute to Dr. King on MySpace:

Question about the British House of Commons (on C-Span now)

Senator Lieberman has introduced new legislation to deal with Global Warming...

I watched the movie "Idiocracy" this evening...

Do you remember the FISH CHANT? here's a new twist with plenty of graphics...

What is the worst thing that happened on their watch?

Can we get rid of him now?!?

Recipient of 5 draft deferments to avoid combat Cheney: U.S. must show "stomach" to win in Iraq

Lieberman re-introduces act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

1 Billion proposed by Bush won't go far in Iraq reconstruction effort.

What are the republicans thinking?

Today in Iraq....

Fight smarter, not harder

Somali gunmen attack Ethiopian troops

Martin Luther King: Beyond Vietnam--A Time to Break Silence

WashTimes is Tool of the Week! MD to Screw up Voting System Yet Again! MORE...

Saddam execution rushed to stop him “having last word”: Primakov

Where does Bush get off blaming Iraq on Iraq?

Newsday: Libby Trial Could Show How Bush Sold War

Did anyone hear that CBS tool Scott Pelley

Iran building nuke plants

60 minutes: Duke accuser has history of serious mental illness.

I beg of you all...let me have One. Final. Surge.

Operation Gladio: A conspiracy theory turns out to be historical truth

Out of the 80s...a strangely precognitive song

Did anyone catch the J. Lieberman trying to tie 911 to Iran on MTP

Unofficial "fuck you, Dick Cheney" thread

A England-Scotland Union divorce?

Fun political trivia question:

A really loud thread in honor of Dr. King


(TOON) Rowson: Up The Empire!

How many countries is our military secretly operating in?

More Hangings and a decapitation

We Need to Make it Common Knowledge that Bush has gone insane

Irish opinion of more troops in iraq.

I'm just now watching 60 Minutes

When is Bush going to have his Iraqi puppets hang the Iranian diplomats?

Ripping someone's head off with a rope is much more civilized...

24 Do you think it's possible?

Utah's all white state legislators work on King Day to show how "intelligent" they are

Democrats plan to fight against Bush Administration with... Non-Binding Resolutions

Has the Iran War already started?

BFEE suck up? Gas prices $1.91 a gallon in the Twin Cities Mn

An Act Of State - The Assassination Of Martin Luther King

Alternet: "MLK Is In All Of Us"

Declare "Victory" and Troops Home.

How far the mighty has fallen...

Boxer is right.. there are powerful Hormones produced by motherhood, Condi has none and cant even

O' Reilly's Agent whining to NBC's Zucker to Back Off

'Enemy Combatant' Languishes In A South Carolina Brig

While the Freeptards.....("What's your plan? Waaaaah!")

BushCo's "plan" for Iraq.

WTF "_________ &__________ were hung in Baghdad this morning and neither was mistreated."

Any DU NY constituent willing to publicly confront Schumer on his involvement with FDD?

I just read SJ RES. 23 & HJ 114. Neither of them authorize this "surge."

I think Scott Pelley needs to hear from us

Great historical perspective on Dr. King and war on WPFW-FM now!

When Britain and France nearly married

Iran Attack

Nixon decided to invade Cambodia to protect American forces

Nazi Germany billed their concentration camps as "good for business"

Iran target of US Gulf military moves, Gates says

Iraq rumor: Saddam's hanging was a wedding present al-Maliki gave to his son

Did you guys see this in the NYT? * wants new nukes

"I am proud of the effort we did..."

My visit with the family - today may be the toughest

Leaving out important details on Iraq

Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart

There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart

CQ: Officials Covered Up Oil Lease Problems, IG Says

Bush's extra billion for Iraq won't go far, with shortage of electricity, oil, workers

Bitter Crackpot Vindication.

Sorry Mr. Bush - The Constitution Says: You Are NOT The Decider On This!

How did Hitler get away with killing so many? Our media wouldn't report what was happening

The whole worlds asks us, when are we going to do something about bush?

On this Monday we might contemplate our history, past and present . . . so please CAPTION!!!

O'Reilly's agent has called chief exec of NBC, urging him to tell his MSNBC commentators to back off

When will we officially attack Iran

OK, everyone out of the pool.

I've seen a KO audience number of 956000 - was that just a typo or

911 Anthrax Attacks - No Longer Forgotten?

On Martin Luther King Day: Echoes of Vietnam -- and King's controversial antiwar speech

Martin Luther King Speech on Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence

The MLK they don't talk about too much

“one of the finest individuals I’ve ever known.”

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

I was watching Thomas Ricks interviewed this weekend and he said something disturbing..

What do you think are the values of the region you live in?

BUSH On 60 Minutes: Admits His Lies But Then Lies About Lying

First Troops for the "SURGE" in Iraq, are there NOW.

If You Had 15 Seconds - ACTION

70 Nomads killed in Somalia story run by Voice of America

An Iraq Diary

Al Gore Says U.S. States May Force Change in Climate Policy

The Christo-Fascists in the VA Assembly get down to business...

Rush Went To Work Today...eom

Donald to Condi -- You're a Joke!

Rising death toll in Iraq complicates Arlington Ladies' tradition

Moyers back on PBS...

GAO warns balanced budget in 2040 could require Double Fed Taxes...LINK

Link to * interview not from CBS?

Vermonters will *Speak Out* against Iraq war on January 20th.

SEESHOLTZ: Whining GOPhers and a Loose Cannon President

BRASCH: Making the World Safer for Terrorism

Do you think that any sensible person takes Bush or his administration...

there is a new? axis of evil

Patriot Bins, Freedom Tables, and National Homeland Defense Counter-Terrorism Victory Station

In the event that anyone here has any illusions about Joe Lieberman

Had a great time tent camping in the Netherlands this weekend

Woman hiker found after 5 weeks

Driving The Hearse Blindfolded

SAMPLES: Will Stinky (George W.) Cut The Big One?

It's the counter surge, sir

Video: Stand Up! - In Memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.

It takes 14 vehicles to transport * and his bike

If you're going to execute a guy by beheading him, at least have the decency to admit it!

Care to comment on how * contradicted himself in the 60 minutes interview?

Wars and men

Who Pays The Price?

You ever wonder why the MSM tends to swoon over centrist Republicans?

Proposal would cut back on Medicaid spending (rural hospitals and nursing homes)

Whose picture should be on the new Amero...

Inside Report: "Jihad is against Shia, not Americans" -LINK

Wednesday on Oprah!!!!!!!

"Freedom!" "FREEDOM!!"...

The Assassination of Martin Luther King- An Act of State

C&L:John Bolton calls Iraq situation a Civil War

Surge: US troops prepare for George Bush's last stand

wheres the response from our Leaders?

Democratic Congress Should Personally Deliver Plan to White House.

I bet Bush looked like a painter after he watched video of Saddam's brothers head being ripped off

CNN/Reuters: How hanging is supposed to work

Navy and Bush appointee

Once Blair Leaves Office, Bush will be ALL ALONE.......

"Iraq owes a hugh debt of gratitude to the US" ...for making it

Just read an interesting editorial...

Sea Shepherd tries to Stop Japanese Whale Poaching in Australian Waters

KRUGMAN: Who you gonna believe, the president or your lying eyes?

So, SecDef Now Thinks It's Not Right Time for Iran Talks?

Housing bubble bloodbath

Watching the YoungTurks radio show....good show

O.J.: Chapter is not a murder confession

20,000 Troop Escalation Might Be Enough to Secure Baghdad for Exxon

Help. I'm confused about Iran's "meddling" in Iraq

Pat Robertson: Environmentalist

Push to impeach the Democrats if they don't follow articles of impeachment now!

JENKINS: Bush Breakdown Dead Ahead?

Looking for list of US terror incidents since 9/11

What is the STATED reason that all states have not made MLK day a holiday?

militias hiding guns and being nice till US leaves AGAIN

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, posted by Elizabeth Kucinich

Iran is not Supplying Weapons To Insurgents but are Americans?

I have been listening to an amazing radio show about Reverend Dr. King

If we were to add up all the people willing to protest ?

Can someone 'Splain to me how lil boots can back the Shia in Iraq but threaten Iran?

Biden calls for removal of Confederate flag

Why can't the liberal sites, radio hosts, and others in the media organzie a march?


I'm suffering from fatigue.


Canadian lawsuit pegs Dell for knowingly selling defective laptops

Memory of a March

Saddam's brother's head came off during hanging?

WTF!! Proof Stephen Baldwin is an idiot - his comment about Bono & Africa

CIA leak jury prospects' politics under scrutiny (will be asked views on *, cheney, Iraq etc...)

Goof Effing Grief

Post Oil Man

Ice storms, snow, floods, tornado wallop US killing 13

Too High a Price for a Wii - get ready for batshit crazy story

Any US Du'ers wanna know how "The Trial Of Tony Blair" turns out?

Was it just last wed ? seems like a year already

Euro Displaces Dollar in Bond Markets

Hillary Clinton and the Institute For Policy Studies

Biden and Feinstein and 2 GOPers want mandatory DRM in podcasts with music:

We haven't heard much about Zarqawi's "replacement" since we found out he was in jail already

We just aren't angry enough

OMG! What a nut on FOX News! "Iranians look forward to us attacking them!"

Blitzer, just now: Dobson hates McCain and Allard will not be running again for his seat.

I'm just waiting for the "Making the Case" news stories to start running about Iran...

Action Alert: Tell the House to Vote "YES" to Clean Energy Fund

Steve Pelley referred to the "Democrat "leadership and the "Democrat"

Oh Happy Day - The trial begins

Nature's Revenge...

Bush Iraq plan fails to rally support:USA Today/Gallup Poll


Text and audio: "I have a dream"

Sorry to ask such an unsavory question...

"Intelligent Destruction" and a brief history of life

Randi awesome today. Playing excerpts of MLK's speeches...

Divide between Iraq & Arab world grows over hangings: "May God curse this democracy"

Playboy Mag: Lockheed Linked to the "Committee for the Liberation of Iraq"

Protest at Congresswoman's Doris Matsui’s Office. Defund this War!

Bush says Iraqis should be "THANKFUL"

Unspinning the Media Spin.. from "isbushantichrist" blog

Five Maharashtra farmers commit suicide (GE cotton)


Here Comes The War. CNN Cafferty email question of the hour:

CNN really pushing for a war with Iran

Do you prefer to remember people for the good they did or the bad?

Joe Lieberman releases statement 1/15: I support the President's Iraq Plan!

Lady Bird Johnson, 94, the Grand old Lady of the Democratic Party

Just picked up MODO's Bushworld for 5 bucks

I had a dream last night.... that the strike on Iran would take place just like the

UAE beats Americans' environmental harm ( This is Disgusting)

O.J. Simpson Shopping a New Book About Life With Nicole

The term "dignified" execution is bullshit.

Tony Snow: "...most Americans understand Iran is the foremost financier of global terror."

The West should buy Afghanistan’s opium crop

"Baghdad Year Zero....Pillaging Iraq in Pursuit of NeoCon Utopia"

We Are Witnessing A New Beginning For America

Shawn Hornbeck may have posted on website looking for him, under "Shawn Devlin"

New Law Could Subject Civilians to Military Trial (WaPo)

Bush*s cabinet/inner circle

When did MASH jump the shark?

Bush's minion's are saying that bush hasn't explained...

Memorable Basra photos

If I Took Steroids and Amphetamines

To the media jackals:

CNN's Blitzer Promoting his "Exclusive Interview" with Ahmadinejad 7:00 p.m. (est)

A beautiful demonstration of the Administration's hyporcisy

Sen Wayne Allard R-CO not running in 08!!!!

Just had a anti-Semite invade the C & L comment board.

Support for Bush plummeting in the south

Peggy Noonan devastated with *'s speech, so what does she do? Bash Nancy's clothes

Bush becoming isolated more than ever on Iraq

U.S. Military Strike On Iran By April 2007

Your preference: bush slinking off quietly or dragged kicking & screaming?

Is "capitalism" (or any form of the capitalist system) anywhere in the Constitution?

Iraq is not a failure for the Neocons.

Bush is confident Iraq won't nationalize its oil sector & instead, will open it up to US companies

Georgie Visits School, Attempts to Color Inside the Lines ---pix--->>>

Are they TRYING to make Sunnis angry? Saddam's Half-Brother 'accidentally' decapitated

Most Evil - Bush or Saddam

If Not Now Then When- "This Madness Must Cease"

FYI Avian Flu update

Is Bush possibly physically ill? As in something serious? pics

Going to try my first picture post...

Bush bumper stickers you don't see

Michelle Malkin is in Iraq, reporting all the good news that the media refuses to report!

"It Will Give Our Tired Feet New Strength"


Please sign VR's Paper Ballot Petition (Andy was very involved with them)

Truthout shown on CNN: "Rumors and Speculation"

Click to hear my message for bush...

What are your favorite blogs (aside from DU)?

Although it should have been done on 12/12/2000, After the events of the past week.....

Bush Regime Running Scared From Retaliation In Iraq

Dilemma on "24"

DU does make a difference!

Some have said MLK was a womanizer. Is that correct?

Awakenings - article in Washington Post addressing Mind Control experimentation

Anyone Believe Bush Didn't Watch Saddam Fall Through The Trap Door When He Was Killed?

Regarding the Duke Lacrosse case.....

Zogby Poll: Nation Now Needs a New Reagan or FDR:U.S in crisis

My father was a "womanizer". So was Bill Clinton. And LBJ. And Capt. Kirk.

It's time, it's long past time

Kuwait's Arab Times: US military strike on Iran seen by April ’07

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

ADAP vs. PEPFAR: Backwards Bush League Priorities and Basic Science

Bush, Cheney, Rice Were Personally Told Iraq Had No WMD in Fall 2002

WTF??? Thom Hartmann just said Chalabi is possible new Iraq PM????

Your Best Plan for Getting * Out of Our WH...

Do you know why the Shiites and the Sunnis fight each other?

I will say it again. I have learned more at DU than I could have possibly ever learned anywhere

Stalkers and Their Creepy Stalky Ways

Seattle Creationist parent gets local School Board to ban Al Gore's movie (or show opposing view)

The "SIGIR Sneak" Failed: Restoring Oversight of Iraq Contracts

The statement that pisses me off most from the 60 Minutes interview

Getting Rich By Being Wrong - Friedman, Beinhart, Zakaria, Goldberg

"Get off my plane."

Wesley Clark Says ‘N.Y. Money People’ Pushing War With Iran

We are witnessing the End of America

Bill O'Rielly the idiot; Lincoln and FDR did not have children in the military

Bush: "I'm not a revengeful person"

I have an announcement to make! ALL OOGA BOOGA SMOOGA WOOGA gear proceeds will go to Comic Relief!

Kucinich: Congress To Take On FCC

Reagan's popularity is our own damned fault, & what it means for our future.

*in my loudest megaphone voice* HEY YOU GUYS LISTEN!!

Iraq "surge" not just troops, but also newer technologies to bear on the enemy

Pretty much best quote ever. . .

60 Minutes Interview -- ABRIDGED

Hillary 180 prediction thread

John Edwards: "Silence Is Betrayal"

Looks like Al Gore is being smoked out on the 2008 Presidential Election...

Big OIL corps plan to rip off Iraq for 30 years cited on floor of House

Angrier than ever!

National Guard Unit Extended In Iraq Behind "Halp Us Jon Carry" Photo

My MLK tribute montage

Deadly ice storm hits central US

Which Star Trek species is Bush most like: Vulcan, Klingon, or Ferengi

MLK: The Drum Major Instinct | The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life| I've Been to the Mountaintop

Have you ever lived when the US and the World were NOT in crisis?

Face it friends, Democracy is Dead in the USA.

Billions for Halliburton. Nothing for New Orleans.

I say we all just SURRENDER to Tyranny. Come on, who's with me?!?!

Experts: Mo. boy controlled by captor

Wrong Winner Chosen Twice by Same Voting Machine - autorank "Scoop"

Wackenhut Violated Rights of IMF Workers Seeking to Form a Union according to latest ruling

Strings Of Coltrane voyage 2 satchidananda (Alice Coltrane)

An Act Of State - The Assassination Of Martin Luther King

Madonna - Sorry Confessions Tour Remix

IMPEACH? What for?


Political Art

Bush & Blair

Nina Simone: "If I had my way, I'd've been a killer"

The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum

Iraq Denial

Little man vs big machine

Mario Savio: Sproul Hall Steps, December 2, 1964

Bush rap music

Massachusetts State Senator Robert Hedlund (R- Weymouth) Squeeks

sean penn:bush may bring fasicem to U.S

The Fabulously Reverend Ted Haggard meets Dr. Richard Dawkins

If You Had 15 Seconds

Who Pays the Price?

Upfront TV with Dick Gregory...

OMG He has totally lost his mind! the 60 Minutes * interview Part 2

One Thing Leads to Another

Dennis Kucinich: Out Of Iraq and Back To The American Cities

Media Reform: Newspaper Guild President Linda Foley pt 1

Media Reform: Newspaper Guild President Linda Foley pt 2

Steve Bridges as 'President Bill Clinton' on Faux News


The United States of Corporate America

A Girl Like Me...

Chuck Hagel smacks Lieberman around on MTP

OMG He has totally lost his mind! the 60 Minutes * interview Part 1

Massachusetts State Senator Robert Hedlund (R- Weymouth) Insults Almost Everybody

Dennis Miller's take on Obama

Here is a speech the corporate media is sure to ignore today: MLK speaks out against the Vietnam war

US under fire in Mideast over Iraq plan (AFP)

Anyone notice that Bush says if we don't win in Iraq the world will end but

Someone used to keep them on a leash

Gates: Time Is Not Right for Iran Talks (AP)

It's Bush that has "No Plan" - - - No plan to ... EVER.... EXIT.... Iraq....................

Okay, so let's assume the Shrub isn't a complete boob...

Support The Troops?!

Wednesday on Oprah!!!!!!!

Mitt( FLIP FLOP) Romney flips again

WHOA! I think I just figured out what Bush's REAL plan is!

Article About the Boxer/Rice Issue

Smithfield Workers Plan Job Walkout Today To Observe King Day

U.S.-Russia Nuclear Reductions

Sherrod Brown, Jim Webb, Jon Tester, Bernie Sanders, Byron Dorgan discuss economic fairness

The Nutmeg State Divide

Thousands Of SEIU Janitors In Minnesota Authorize Strike

I'm a Political Prisoner

Mine Where Miners Died Cited 65 Times Last Year

LAT: Road to the White House: Nevada is game for '08 caucuses

At the Aspen Institute, Lieberman said not to investigate Iraq and 2003.

BitTorrent Piracy Site wants to buy the micronation of Sealand

Questions Bush Should Have Been Asked on 60 Minutes

John Nichols: King knew what role media had in society

Doyle orders new panel on blacks in state prisons (honoring King)

A petition From Velvet Revolution: Tell Congress America Needs A Paper Ballot!

Bush administration suffered from “unlimited dementia".

GOP Senator Lashes Administration For "Insensitive" Troop Treatment

McCain/Lieberman in 2008?

Sen. Allard Won't Seek 3rd Term

Lennon's "Give Me Some Truth"

Obama promises 2008 answer in one to two weeks, wants to "constrain" Chimpy on Iraq

Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria to the rescue as Bush's plan meets resistance, insurgency strengthens

Are The Democrats Gonna Wait Till More People Are Killed Before They

Biden and Dodd want Confederate flag off grounds

Are Bill's (Clinton) Friends Hill's Friends, Too?

Whoh..that Karen Henretty hag is actually smacking

Who will succeed George W Bush?

Rice Vilifies Handling of Iraq Hangings..Orielly terrorist alert!!!

More on US strategy in Somalia

Another douche bag who wants to be president

War hawks, war doves, war spin

Moyers video: The Plantation Mentality in American Media Today

Hard Ball - Buffalo Springfield

Tweety once again doing a Hillary show

To our Libertarian friends

Randy: I want the President drug tested

Shame on you Carl Levin

Win or Lose, Why America Needs the EDWARDS 2008 Campaign

NH debates coming in April

Thought during Ford's funeral the # of times they repeated Ford lost the re-elect

Ron Christie with Tweety and the Rev. Al, corrected himself on "Democrat" to "tic" .

Stop saying: "In harms way"

Grrr Iraqis are showing the hanging and head coming off

Lieberman Passes Up Chance To Back Dodd's Presidential Bid

Wackenhut Violated Rights of IMF Workers Seeking to Form a Union according to latest ruling

Iran seeks Saudi help to ease tensions with U.S.

Anyone else think a certain VP will be coming down with some

Bush faces mutiny over extra troops for Iraq

Remember when Tim Robbins refused to be quiet about the war?

Mulling over John Edwards` "Silence is betrayal."

Why is George too chickenshit to watch the Saddam hanging video?

IF employers are allowed to discriminate and exploit immigrants, all workers will suffer

Calling Al, Dennis, John (K), and Wes... step into the ring!

Oregon, Washington could gain congressional seats

Edwards Challenges Clinton on Troops, Murtha Refers to ...

Can Bush go to war with Iran?

Caller says "bring back the draft. You want a war, we'll ALL fight the war."

Clinton v. Edwards (National Journal's Hotline)

NBC News: Obama to form Presidential Exploratory Committee

DU this POLL: Should Canada place stricter controls on animal rights activists over the seal hunt?

Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die Rag (Next Stop IRAN)

KUCINICH Has A Busy Agenda: IMPEACHMENT: "If Bush attacks Iran, all bets are off'

Edwards, with King in N.Y., strongly denounces Iraq War (New York Sun)

This Modern World: The Very Bad Idea, Part 2!

I really don't know who to support in the primaries

What happens if Congress enacts Shrub's Iraq war supplemental in February?

MSNBC Host: Now Playing in Congress(!)

Why did John Edwards Co-Sponsor the IWR, Again?

It's official.....Sen. Allard of Colorado is not seeking re-election

Who is your least favorite of the Democratic Presidential possible candidates and why?

Hillary said something controversial about the Iraqi prime minister

Gay People Have To Vote ALL THE TIME For Candidates Who Disappoint Them

Congress should require the draft for Shrub's "surge" and the twins