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Archives: January 2, 2007

Constitutional Crisis, at Least at the Roberts Household

Execution Gives Saddam A Martyr's Crown

Robert Parry: Bush Silences a Dangerous Witness

Mr. Wolfowitz and the Bank -NYT

Ford: Bush Made "Big Mistake" With Iraq War

Pop Music and the War: The Sound of Resignation


Sunnis fear Saddam's execution will provoke sectarian violence

OF Nooses and Men

Israel aims to end royal stink on border

How I Was Kidnapped by the CIA Letter from Abu Omar al Masri Imprisoned in Egypt

NYC - No Snow In November Or December For The First Time Since 1877 - NYT

Bulgaria Deliberately Dragging Its Feet on Nuclear Plant Cloture Required by EU.

EU Review to Press Germany to Abandon Nuclear Phase Out.

WTC witnesses to explosions

Iraqi Officials Report 16,273 Deaths

Grandmothers hold Manhattan vigil to spotlight Iraq war deaths

Bush mourns death of 3,000th U.S. soldier in Iraq

Iraq closes TV channel for inciting sectarianism

Iraqi officials report 16,273 deaths (in 2006)

Holiday over, Bush set to wrestle with Iraq policy

Russia blames coalition forces for escalation of violence in Iraq

Top Iraqi source: U.S. tried to delay execution

Golden Gate Bridge closed to bicyclists, pedestrians over protest

Chaos Overran Iraq Plan in ’06, Bush Team Says

Scientists find way to slash cost of drugs

Dollar Falls; U.S. Factory, Jobs Data May Show Slowing Economy/ Bloomberg

Study: La. slowly slipping into gulf

Cuba condemns 'illegal' Saddam Hussein execution

WP: Democrats To Start Without GOP Input

Things I've learned so far in 2007

I Like My Bowl Announcers Drunk

I stopped drinking red wine because it gave me a headache


One begins to wonder about their sanity when they have this:

Amazing £40,000 'dolphin boat' which can leap out of the water

I Like the Match Game panelists Drunk

Damn! I had a

NFL Late Night Sunday Football on the NFL Network

I decided what the heck I'll go ahead and post my butt

Arrrggghhhh.... someone help me.

Just Dropping In To Say NO HANGNAILS!

Rose Bowl: All this talk of "John David Booty" reminds me of Buckaroo Banzai/Lectroids.

I decided what the heck I'll go ahead and post my cute little ass.

i've decided you all need my Ooh La La Lips...

Attention anyone announcing/commenting on the Fiesta Bowl!

Worst NFL team ever, the 2006 Oakland Raiders

Adding my whine to the chorus

What is that about?


I love the smell of fallen leaves. Found some in a park.

A friend of ours did a lovely pencil portrait of me and my sweetie

Does anyone remember that word "gumpy"?

I just found a "snake" website. I may never leave my desk again.

Am I good or what?

should I sell my Xbox 360 and get a PS3, or keep it?

Any Women Here Wear Corvettes?

New freeper spelling disasters... (200k image)

How much stuff do you keep?

Hey, we had lobster for New Years!

Great Tit and Ass thread

Let's play a counting game! I'll start.

I decided what the heck I'll go ahead and post my credit card number

watching the West Wing debate episode again

I am starting to get a little freaked out...


What is it lately with the Lounge and legs?

Warning, a rant follows!

Anyone get or discover any new great music over the hols?

I ate at one of Bill Clinton's favorite restaurants last night!

Holy sheepshit is it ever windy tonight!

I Hate Benadryl

Any Women Here Wear Corsets?

Another Mystery Legs post!

What things in your life are you SURE will be the same in 2007 as they were in 2006?!

Pop Quiz: Equal parts flour and butter makes what exactly?

Eeek, took the garbage out before and I saw the beady eyed possum.

The In-Laws demanded I go to The Olive Garden with them...

So is everybody ready to get back to work and school.

This is a special public service announcement about Writer.

Calling out... My Huggy Bear Lumlums!

Watching the original "The Thing" - I'd forgotten how truly good a movie it is.

So...should I enter?

Go Boise State......

Update on my invisible-cat problem


Greatest Children's Book or series

I decided what the heck I'll go ahead and post my boobs

What's your top sitcom moments of all time?

Ooh - Jack Klugman AND Jonathan Winters on Twilight Zone!

How do you get furniture wax off of glass

I was just sent this stupid "joke" by a 3-star USAF general (ret)

Blade Runner, the original...

Anyone seen Spamalot?

I just ran over a cat with my car...I feel TERRIBLE!

"How do you mend a broken arm...?"

Friday, January 1, 1971

LostinVA made me miss the ball dropping at midnight. Ask me anything.

**New Pics for the New Year**

Favorite sci-fi-movie of all time?

Anyone good with official family titles? This one's tricky.

So if Ohio State loses next Monday

Anyone up for a New Year's pic thread? How about some ones of yourself that you tweaked (or not)?

poison dart frog pics and video from my finca in golfito, costa rica


What is with parents some times?

Thank God the fuckin' holidays are over. Anyone else feel the same?

Did anybody see the "Religion and History" program on Faux?

Second Thoughts on Gays in the Military (Shalikashvili)

Rose Bowl, The U of M is playing like crap

BSU leads the Sooners 14-7

BSU leads Sooners 21 to 10 at half time

screw Saban if he takes this 'Bama job...

USC beat Michigan, proving Michigan shouldn't have been in the title game.

What a view

Volunteers on the Coast

When Once a Republic Is Corrupted

CNN Identifies Osama bin Laden as "Obama..."


Dear God...

Was there one particular thing that turned you into a full-fledged liberal?

Howard Dean in December 2003: The US is No Safer with Saddam in Captivity than Before. And Now?

Something from us Veterans for You DU

Saddam asked US military nurse: why did US invade?


Is there, or has there been, a Republican you could or did vote for?

DUer purduejake witnessed UFO reported on in Chicago Tribune today:

I wonder how many people will be slapped with late fees

When will the Daily Show return?

New year, new march to end this disastrous war. Anyone planning to go?

U.S. Chief Supreme Court Justice Declares 'constitutional crisis'

i was just thinking about "Media Whores Online"

749 days left to impeach George W. Bush

100 Hours: Dems say the blitz is ON!

Edwards Pushing Universal Health Care (says more important than budget deficit)

Boy hangs himself 'like Saddam'

New Flyer and Site to help end Horse Slaughter in the U.S.

Can you recommend some documentaries or books about the homeless in the US?

Chimpy SLEPT through 10 PM EST/9 PM CST Saddam execution...

More freeper spelling disasters... (200k image)

Chicago Trib: In the sky! A bird? A plane? A ... UFO? (Nov. 7 sighting)

Did something get upgraded this Xmas? Don't forget to freecycle.

The cherry blossoms are blooming in Richmond VA...

It's Later Than You Think, Chimp ---pix--->>>

Obama's Healthcare Legislation

Who do you think will win the Democratic nomination?

Let's take a page from the anti-abortion RW'ers - how about a truck driving around

Voice Of God Revealed To Be Cheney On Intercom (The Onion)

Has anybody seen the movie - Persuit of Happiness? My thoughts on the film.

Did you "Dress Up" to attend family gatherings over Holidays or did you

Something I just put on my Facebook page:

Did anyone catch that typo on cnn

Anderson Cooper 360

3000 Names on the Front Page of Today's Rocky Mountain News

Iraqis see U.S. push against Sadr's Mehdi Army - Reuters

Remember the guy who tried to build the "Counter Clinton Library"?

So, I was listening to the fat boy's hired sub last week

New Years Day Best of Malloy if you all want to check in!

For Iraq's Shiites, a Dream Deferred Breeds Mistrust of U.S./ WaPo

Olbermann "in", Anderson Cooper "out" per WP what's in/out list for 2007

So I'm Confused

Any ideas on what the WH sought to gain by saying * slept thru the execution?

Here's to 2007...

Your resolution for 2007: save, save, save

Anyone been to a theme park lately?

"Christian Newswire: Stills of Saddam Hussein's Execution"

A Hugh Difference Between Nixon and Bush

We can never win against the Diabolical Republicans.

British Scientists to study risk from Depleted Uranium Weapons

Few Iraqis Are Gaining U.S. Sanctuary

My mind is clear...

Man... We Are The Blow-back Kings Of History, Ain't We ???

A Question about DU Forums that I don't "Get"

16,273 Iraqi civilians, soldiers and police died violent deaths in 2006

College-bound Republicans

PHOTO: Betty Ford mourns alone, Laura & her monkey husband having hightailed it out of there

Grannies read NY, NJ, CT war dead names

Another Katrina Poem

Washington Post comments

"President Bush's best moments of 2006" from Jimmy Kimmel monologue (starts 3 minutes in)

Romney will file papers Wednesday (1/3/07)

I watched CNN tonight and

Democracy 2.0: Why we need to become specialized voters - Part 1 of 2

NYT: Jeb Bush Ponders Future, Not Knowing What It Holds

Sunni anger spills into Iraq streets

Democracy 2.0: Why we need to become specialized voters - Part 2 of 2

The Creators of Nightmares

Dodd well-positioned for White House bid

From Father to (Baby) Son, Last Words to Live By (KIA Iraq)

Truthout: Bush's Use of Pardons Isn't Very Compassionate

Robert Parry: Where Gerald Ford Went Wrong

I found very interesting results searching the net for news about Treasury Sec arrest.

Truthdig: Adding Insult to Instability

West Tries a New Tack to Block Iran’s Nuclear Agenda - New York Times

Chaos Overran Iraq Plan in ’06, Bush Team Says

R.I.P Spec Dustin Donica: 3000 Cannot Just Be A Number

A 'Surge' Faces Trouble In the Senate-by Robert Novak.

New Census Numbers a Bright Spot for GOP

Bill Gates on the Estate Tax

Bill Moyers: A Parable For Our Times( "axis of corruption" )

India Poised For Pharmaceutical Boom

Church's Chicken expands outsourcing to India's Sonata

Shadow falls over (Ted) Haggard writings

Saddam's execution unlikely to hurt reconciliation

The abandoned whistleblower of Abu Ghraib

TomDispatch: Let's Do It Again!: Doubling Down on the Imperial Mission in 2007

The Nation: Most Valuable Progressives of 2006

Our Next President Needs to Be Well-Seasoned

Hussein era secrets may lie buried

The New Crowd's First Test:Are Hill Democrats Serious on Ethics?

Predatory Capitalism, Corruption and Militarism: What Lies Ahead in An Age of Neocon Rule?

Marines locked in Anbar standoff

Hate Walmart and how it impacts the environment?

Kunstler on 2007

Study shows that Louisiana slipping very slowly into the Gulf of Mexico

Peak Oil Netherlands (PONL) World Oil Production and Peaking Outlook

Tom Whipple (Falls Church News Press) Audio Interview


Al Jazeera: a reality show for the Arab world

Truth at Last, While Breaking a US Taboo of Criticizing Israel

Long-serving Jerusalem mayor Kollek dies at 95

To the OCT'ers:

A cautionary word about aircraft finance and the Florida coke plane theories

Does "The Webfairy" Disseminate Disinfo?

The FOX "nose out" blooper-- strong evidence of TV fakery

Until Jan 31 to Propose Questions to be Included in a National Survey ( Elections)

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Tuesday 1/02/07 Pelosi Rocks! 100 Dem Hours!

From Cynthia McKinney: New Year Message and an Invitation!

Breaking: Analysis of FL House Race-Official Diebold Report-Significant Misreport of Numbers

NRA Sounds Alarm of Not-So-Imminent Threat

How I Was Kidnapped by the CIA Letter from Abu Omar al Masri Imprisoned in Egypt

NYT: Jeb Bush Ponders Future, Not Knowing What It Holds

U.S. cities, states linking intelligence 'fusion' sites

Angry Sunnis march, Saddam video inquiry promised

Huge ice shelf breaks free in Canada's far north

Dodd well-positioned for White House bid

Italian Radicals say government officials are discussing push for U.N. death penalty moratorium

NYT: Power-Sipping Bulbs Get Backing From Wal-Mart

Saddam hanging hurts reconciliation: Sunni lawmaker

Iraq PM orders probe into Saddam video

Saddam hanging hurts reconciliation-Sunni lawmaker

Siemens probed over Iraq food-for-oil programme

Back to the Supreme Court: racial balance in schools

Invasion of the Body Scanners

India Poised For Pharmaceutical Boom

FAA: O'Hare UFO probably just "weather"

Church's Chicken expands outsourcing to India's Sonata

Mass. lawmakers advance proposed constitutional gay marriage ban

Dems eager to put stamp on new Congress

After 200 years, D.C. residents may get a vote in Congress

More U.S. gun stores closed

Nifong sworn in for another term

(Houston) Mayor: (Katrina) Evacuees Increased Murders

US unit works quietly to counter Iran's sway

AP: Lawmakers' January junkets curbed

NBC News just reported that bush is preparing to

CNN/AP: Starbucks to drop trans fats in 10 cities Wednesday

Iraqi Soldier Fatally Wounded by Marine

Bring 'em home, say Cleveland protesters

New Jersey Panel Urges End to Death Penalty

HPD arrests five in airport luggage theft case

Rep. O'Brien of Philadelphia elected speaker (PA Dems elect a Republican)

Massachusetts gov-elect (Deval Patrick) urges no (anti-gay) marriage vote

Bush 'to reveal Iraq troop boost' (BBC)

DOD hires airline to transport war dead

CNN: Pelosi set for busy week of celebrations

CNN apologizes for Obama gaffe in Bin Laden graphic

Iran: Saddam's Execution Shows True Nature of U.S. says Ahmadinejad

Roadside bomb kills American soldier (3,003)

Cheers greet police indicted in New Orleans bridge shootings

NYT/AP: Poll Shows Support for Democrats' Goals

CNN: Democrats plan Iraq hearings after Bush outlines plan

Iraq premier Maliki says wants no second term

(Malaysia's former PM) Mahathir Slams ‘Barbaric Lynching’ of Saddam

Lawmakers Keep Gay Marriage Ban Proposal Alive

As refugees flee Iraq, few gain sanctuary in U.S.

NYT: La. Town's 1st Black Mayor - Elect Killed

Former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff calls for repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Ground Hog Day has just started on TBS.

I'm looking for a youtube video of a HS football coach going nuts

shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot ....


If any of you haven't yet seen "An Inconvenient Truth" then the time has come!

Is it just me -

Woo - fukin- Hoo

LTwife and I had a LOOONG talk

Diana Krall is on NYC Ch. 13 now... nt

I had to perform a huge act of self-restraint a couple of days ago.

Okay, who here didn't think that marriage proposal at the end of the game

Is there any way to get more than three rows in the "My Forums" display?

Things getting busy on the Africam!

Zabransky for President.


Do you see anybody you recognize?

Well, Kevin Federline just pinned the WWE Champion John Cena

I decided what the heck I'll go ahead and post my doobs

I am ashamed to say I fell asleep and missed Boise State and Oklahoma...

Recommended forum rules

Would Someone Tell Me What a Cornerback Is?

Great-Grandmother, 80, Bags First Deer

I saw "Notes from a Scandal" last night.

Out of Context toon.. spit-take warning

buncha damn commies

In my mail...

Man Could Get Life In Prison For Mannequin Fetish

The Freepers read the foreign progressive press

Man Kills Sister With Ax (Argued Over Pair Of Shorts)

Corded telephones, cassette tapes, fax machines, and Nintendo 64 consoles

Good morning, I am back

Texas Man Holds Pig Races To Protest Mosque

I need all DUers to help out my Nephew and his pet - PLEASE VOTE

K-Fed Wins First Match In Pro-Wrestling Debut

Animal Parts, Tomahawk Missle Top U.S. Traffic Headaches In 2006

My 6 month old cat likes to eat Pedigree dry dog food.

Help needed - where can I find the prices for used Harley's

What band am I thinking of? (#5)

Attention marketing types....

Liberal confessions.

I love the randomness of Craiglist free postings.

Overweight Woman Gets Stuck In Cave - Traps 23 Others

monkey videos from costa rica

Toddler In Diapers Runs Down Interstate - Mother Arrested

I spent New Year's weekend at the beach. (pics)

beef bourguignonne

What New Year's resolution have you already broken?

Head colds suck!!!

I witnessed an Iraq war blow-up at a new years party, (offensive exact words)

No oranges in Winston-Salem

Merry New Year and welcome back...

Sleepy at work

Stuff you do, that annoys the hell out of you when someone else does it?

Have you ever finally felt close enough to someone

Question for Los Angeles DUers - How's Your Subway System?

Hay lift aims to save snowbound Plains cattle

What's the going rate for elk steak?

Oh, Lordy, not another GIRLS GONE WILD commercial

How does the Illinois River connect with both the Mississippi and Lake Michigan?

Which is better, renting or buying a hearse?

Which is better, renting or buying a horse?

My new X-mas HDTV looks great.

Age versus immortality

Sigh. How much are eggs these days?

Coming up: Food from the new EU (BBC) {Romanian & Bulgarian cuisine}

Being married RULES:


So, did you buy yourself any New Year's Presents?

Teenage Snake Handler Attacked By ....... Snake

Movie report: "Matchpoint" and "The Proposition"

Which is better, renting or buying a Hearst?

What kind of mood do you wake up in?

Cat People, I Have a Question

Gracie's ear is infected again

So, how long before Saint Gerald gets his image on U.S. currency or his bust on Mount Rushmore?

How do you say URL?

Trailer Park Home Owners Are Set To Become Millionairs

You know what SUCKS about going on vacation?

Well, I didn't make 10,000 by New Years

Yesterday, in the checkout the National Examiner

Damn Cat drivers.

In pictures: Capturing life beneath the waves (BBC) {nice pics of sea critters}

I had a VERY bad day today :-(

So how do you feel about "the surge"?

Congratulations Crunchy Frog!! 10,000 posts

What's the going rate for elf steak?

The weather reader on News Channel 5 in St

Hello! I am posting to you live from my bubble bath.

So, where will Terrell Owens play next year?

Hello from a library computer


If you missed the Rose Bowl game, you missed this

Chevrolet. 1985 - 2007. We miss her very much.

Joining the 21st century slowly but surely.... Got DVR last week...

Anyone here see V for Vendetta yet?

I'm guessing the 'War on Christmas 2006' is done. Who won anyways

The Babes of the Underground Calendar featuring LynneSin's ass and Oktoberain's breast

So, I hardly slept at all last night

Should I have a before dinner Negroni or Stinger?

Hour 36 of no cigarettes. Smoke free stream of conciousness...

Why are there people on DU who disable their profiles?

This is so immature, but the neighbor's dog was driving me nuts,

So I now have a Kitchenmaid mixer. What now?

Does anyone else here enjoy ....

Recommend a good coffee

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/2/2007)

Number one BAD thing about working from home

I haven't seen Barefoot Mrs Zomby post since the wedding!

For billyskank - Get well soon

Did you eat Black Eyed Peas Yesterday?

I am a grouchy, mean, irritable, nasty-tempered, pissed-off

Boise State beat Oklahoma in OT -- Good game


I have the most spoiled dog in the world.

I am creating a DU (adult )Calendar Called "The Babes of the Underground"

Happy birthday wishes to......

What is your New Year's Resolution??

I love the feeling when you get out of a shower or bath.

Whatever happened to Robb, anyhow?

Who has MLA home-listings access?

Apparently my kid is allergic to something.

OKAY - I give UP!! What is up with all the threads regarding the Olive Garden??

Cheapest way to subscribe to the NYTimes in NYC?

News Lady Gets Annoyed

Yet another reason Hollywood should be embarrassed

San Francisco DUers! Please tell me about your airport!!!

I was all set to go work out today

We Should Have a Special Lounge Rules Thread ---

Fill in the blank: The worst drivers in North America are in _____________.

My kitty Julie passed away this afternoon...

Internet Explorer loses still more ground to Firefox and Safari

This hasn't been such a good week for me here on DU.

Oh, crap! Amazing Offers found another one of my email addresses!

Woman Who 'Did Poorly' During Trivial Pursuit Drinking Game In Hospital

An amazing essay about religious people's treatment of gays.

Beyond Civilization: Humanity's Next Great Adventure - Synopsis

When Christians Are Not Christian

"The Epidemic" by Johathan Engel.

Gay Marriage Showdown set for today (1/2/2007) in Massachusetts

Looking for a late 70s/early 80s speech to the DNC by a gay-rights activist

Marriage equality ban in Massachusetts advances.

They voted to advance it.

Just so everyone knows

Consider our sexuality a gift from the Creator

Anyone watching this crazy Fiesta Bowl game?

Backfield in motion? I must say.....

My sports story involving General Peter Pace, Chairman JCofS.

WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boise State's Win Proves The Need for a Playoff System

BSU beats the Sooners

Your predictions for 2007?

What Full Moon

Meditation and Eye Movement

I need "recreational therapy" suggestions.

Sylvia Browne's predictions for 2007.

Independent Veterans Budget for 2008

For PA friends - Joe Sestak has a post up at dailykos.

2008 News

John Kerry backed increasing judges' salaries

Bad news from MA - Mass. lawmakers advance proposed constitutional gay marriage ban

Key words of 2008 for the democrats.

US Army Times poll: US military thinks 'surge' is a bad idea.

A little mini-catnip from '04 -- small interview with THK

Help me out here...was there a separate Feingold withdrawal BILL (not Kerry-Feingold)?

Nasty Elizabeth Edwards cartoon

Digital Camera Question


Some house finches I think.

I have a serious question: Why do religious people grieve when someone dies?

Ripples in the fountain of youth - on death, dignity, and decency

George W. Bush Is Going To Bomb Iran

If the Chicago UFO is True, then it is a serious National Security Issue,

Mandatory Terrorism Risk Insurance

The Top Ten Stories You Missed in 2006

What's with all the bushlike thinking that's flourishing on thread after thread?

A Man’s Place at a Woman’s Practice Faces Limits

How Many Troop Increases Have Already Occurred In Iraq?

how much does the abortion debate matter ?

Strap yourselves in, folks. It's gonna get good from here...

This photograph is an absolute disgrace:

"Cheap Chery Chinese Cars"..Daimler/Chrysler is NOT an "American Company"

CNN apologizes to Barack Osama... I mean Obama

Extra! Extra! Read all about Rudy Giuliani's whoops!

FAA: O'Hare UFO probably just "weather"

If the US were to get some form of universal health care such as single payer,

My mom just had a bad fall. She's had back dad is taking her

Genetically Engineered Fish Proteins in Your Breyer's Ice Cream?

Whining House GOPers trying to push a "Minority Bill of Rights" !

can Chris Matthews be any more blatant in his hatred...

PIC: update of Saddam-Rumsfeld handshake

Bataan ESG, 26th MEU to deploy this week (Navy Times)

My Beloved Dittohead Brother Sees the Light (I think)

Send 500,000 impeachment letters to Pelosi by her first day as speaker Jan. 3

has anyone mentioned that gerald ford was a free mason

IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS: Analysis of Curtis-Feeney U.S. House Race in Florida Supports Curtis

What have we done?

X-cellent editorial in Balt. Sun by UPENN Professor on bogus 'War on Terror'

Juan Cole: Apocalypse II in Samarra("Folks, this is very bad news")

7 N.O. cops charged w/murder surrender | Video: What Happened on the Danziger Bridge?

Game Theory and Hardline Congresscritters: The Dems are Right

More powerful than Neoconservatism - Umbraconservatism

A symbol for Impeachment.

TV's Pat Robertson Predicts Terror Attacks In 2007

Divine Strake Back on Track

Banks closed today - violation of federal law?

House Republicans, newly humble, are pushing for a Minority Bill of Rights.

Tom Brokaw: a nonentity in the service of wealth and power (WSWS: 2004)

Patrick Murphy keeping his word to Veterans

NBC News just reported that bush is preparing to

Radical Right Wing Radio talking about DU

Check out the Elizabeth Edwards picture I found on Glenn Becks web site.

Dogma National Park

Bush directive to stateside military after Thanksgiving....

Le Nouvel Obs online poll is interesting.

Would You Support A Draft If It Meant The End Of The Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy

Isn't it beautiful?!?!

More evidence of the Army shitting on its own. A soldier's letter to Sen. Byrd

Insipid MSNBC Coverage...

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the immortal words of Tears for Fears....

Watergate in a nut. Here is why some of us are still pissed about Nixon being pardoned by Ford

The surge - like it is possible to stop a civil war -

Dayaam! Bury this Republican thug and bring me my mail already

Mass. lawmakers advance proposed constitutional gay marriage ban

RADICAL FRINGE TOON: Tues. Jan 2, 2007

Citing concerns about theft, Milwaukee area retailers keeping condoms under lock and key.

Obama press sec: "Though I'd note that the 's' and 'b' keys aren't all that close to each other"

Former Pres. Jimmy Carter and Clinton: great pic from today

Invasion of the Body Scanners

repuliks continue to kill jobs with their terrorist scam

The only way I'd support a draft is if we were under attack.....

What is with the hand wringing and Polly Annaish attitudes, re: Congress

Leaked memo on Giuliani's chances at presidency - Rudy knows he has problems

Secret Giuliani 2008 Playbook leaked to NY Daily News

Lou Dobbs tonight: ...and the Dems still have not come up with their own plan for Iraq...

Jeez, what a day. Pissed off Okla fans take it out on me...

If Chimpy dropped dead of a heart attack today would he would be beatified by the media next week?

Rose Parade "IMPEACH" screen shot!

In this pic I see 5 of the bush* clan

Ford gave us Justice JP Stevens...can't be all that bad

Who isn't watching this day of mourning?

This esteemed military member has homosexuality all figured out

Christmas at my opportunity to rattle some fundies...

Tom Brokaw = Rush Limbaugh

Joe Lieberman's Secret Plan to End the Iraq War

What I noticed re the Ford coverage

This funeral is just too bizarre!

CNN intentionally gaffs Barack Obama's name - Obama kisses their ass

“Rumsfeld is no longer untouchable,” says Wolfgang Kaleck"

Reuters backed Iraqi news agency: U.S. forces killed the coach of Iraq's wheelchair basketball team

Miracle in the Desert: An African Judgment with Global Impact

How are we expected to trust anything ?

Will Bush finally get a clue if Dems oppose him head to head?

Have Republicans changed the world forever?

Virgil Goode = David Duke without the bedding

Has anyone seen the PBS Frontline documentary "The Dark Side?"

Mainstream, new media getting a weekly checkup

Funding the Iraq war on the QT-- great article in Chicago Tribune

Boston WBZ-TV: "Amazing stretch of weather ahead! Highs in the 60's! Enjoy!"

People around here think Mitt Romney is going to save the world. Ugh.

Cheapest way to subscribe to the NYTimes in NYC?

Greenwald on Saddam's Noose and the Bushing of the Iraqi Judicial System

TPM: CNN was on a phone with a witness at the time of the hanging

OMFG...Is Bush Jr Taken Up Bagpipes

Bush does not want to "Run out the clock".

Does anyone know of ANY independent proof on WMD

Patrick Henry: Give me liberty or give me death!

Iraqi blogger on US election: "The beginning of the end of a mad era?"

How do you respond to people who think it's OK to break into

The Hindu: " would be mendacious ... to claim that justice was served" by Saddam's hanging

$100 laptop project launches 2007 (BBC)

Sure Has Been Quiet Lately. Spooky ....

Can you recommend a good book about the immigration 'problem' for Dad Adder?

maybe I need to be brought back to reality, I don't know

Poll Shows Support for Democrats' Goals

How much longer......

Party matters case number 1000000000

Cherry trees bloom near the National Zoo.

Should Saddam-in-a-Noose have been on the front page of your local paper?

Ouch. BBC reports central theme * will use to unveil his plan to escalate in Iraq: Sacrifice.

Enough with Ford's ceremonies already.

The Buddhas of Bamiyan were brought down by Saudi and Pakistani engineers.

Al Franken is on the air LIVE

3,000 Deaths in Iraq, Countless Tears at Home

Bill Clinton regarding Ford: "I was grateful for his counsel"

Bush creates cabinet-level "Secretary of Scandal"

You know in "Pitch Black" when Vin Diesel and the survivors

I think maybe the Chicago UFO sightings are a great diversion...

if you listen closely you'll hear has pResident Bush's statement on the Saddam lynching

People prayed to/for both the Saddam and Ford's coffins? Religious input please?

Oh so nasty, oh so fun...

Gay teen draws scorn for proposed club at school

Damn Cat drivers.

Starting this Spring, "Smart" Chips to be Embedded in Passports.

Lobbyists cuddling up to the Democrats in congress.

New Census Numbers a Bright Spot for GOP

National Day of--what?--SHREDDING


I do not think this funeral is a great diversion but ...

FORGET taking our country back. Lets begin with our cities and states.

to those who say 'gee, we wouldn't have fought Germany and Japan in these times..

"We don't want to destroy the infrastructure of Iraq because we're going to own it in a few days"

Abu Aardvark: The casual discarding of Saddam was not a culmination, but a symbol

The Brilliant 20 of 2006

Saddam's death seems to have reminded us of Osama.

Dean Baker: "Iraq War Lie Detector Test"

AP Asks: Why So Many Upset by Iraq Death Toll?

Do you think Gerald Ford will go to Heaven? Poppy just said he would.

I am SO looking forward to watching CSpan this year.

Shes back!!! Its time for Randi!!!!!

George W. Bush and that ol' time religion: fact or fiction?

Happy dead Ford day: nation mourns sad state of media

Happy dead Saddam week - I say make the whole week be a holiday

Like It Was Yesterday

Ya gotta love CNN's contempt for Little Monkey....

Brokaw: Hussein Execution "Worst Kind of Nightmare Out of Old American West"

is karen hughes out there still trying to change the hearts and minds of muslims in the world?

Has it been made clear enough that Saddam's being hanged on Saturday was an affront to Sunnis?

GA DUERS - They Euthanised the whale @ the aquarium

Could the Libby Trial Open Door for Investigating Media Complicity in Iraq Invasion?

FYI - New Yorker Article on Enron by Malcolm Gladwell

Blitzo apologizes on air, says he will Call Sen. Obama personally

What's W's New Year's Resolution??? . . . Come CAPTION!!!

The Mad tea Party - a little art

25% insane americans think Jesus will come to earth in '07 - poll

Mortgage Lenders Network USA stops funding new loans

Did I hear this correct / Popy bush at Fords service today

Why are there people on DU who disable their profiles?

Commentary: Canada's strange position on Iraq

Office pool for increase troop levels for Iraq???

Another KO Special Comment tonight...Breaking..

The AP makes me sick!

Even if I send all my jobs overseas, do I still get big tax breaks?

Birth of the first global super-union

LETTER TO CONGRESS: investigate OIL motive for war and its affect on delaying withdrawal

On public tears and president's state of mind

interesting... Tuscaloosa uses "escalation" words for "surge"

My oldest son will be 20 in August. Of course he will be in the first

WP: The Private Arm of the Law (Mercenary Cops)

Hagel: "I'm absolutely opposed to sending any more troops to Iraq. It is folly."

Soldier (20-year-old) Dies In Iraq Just After Brief Return Home


UPS is delivering today, are they "grave spitters"?

bushy wanted to brag about saddam, instead he is having to be sober

Are you all glad us Dems stayed reasonable and kept our manners while Bush stole the 2000 election?

BUSH: "catapult(s) the propaganda" -- January 2, 2006

"Bush to reveal troop boost" - BBC

Chaotic infrastructure - part of the landscape for local government

Louisiana mayor found shot to death

On public tears and president's state of mind

Reagan's funeral wasn't declared a holiday, was it?

...and the people will gleefully hand their oppressors the whips used to subjugate them.

What did Wolf say about Sen. Obama!


LISTEN TO TOJ - Robert Parry coming up on Hartmann

Oprah Winfrey Opens School in S. Africa

oh my GAWD...Did you all see pappy bush steady himself on the coffin?

Robert Parry coming up on Hartmann

Was it Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter that united the nation after Watergate?

Where Do Conservatives Get This Analogy

Senior Iraqi official: "the Americans took all our phones, even mine which has no camera."

Whad I wanna know is::::If Ford was so great, How come the Pubs we got now is no where close to what

Bush: "President Ford Made the TOUGH and DECENT Decision to Pardon Richard Nixon"

Pre-funeral observations of the crowd.

Crist is gettin jiggy wid it at the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast

Henry "The Lizard King" Kissinger is giving a eulogy? Gack!

Immigration leaves USA vulnerable to Muslim extremists’ infiltration. by Virgil Goode

daddy bush cracks jokes, kissinger weeps.

Respect for the presidency itself-- is it a thing of the past?

NBC Iraq blog: Shiite militiamen intimidated our crews trying to cover the Saddam execution video

What's the record for war criminals as pallbearers for a former POTUS?

Another RightWRONG pundit: Billy "William" KRISTOL = NostraDUMBASS!!1

Would a second Ford term been worth no Jimmy Carter?

Iraq PM orders probe into Saddam video

January junkets to warmer climes for GOP not in the cards this year.

Jon Carroll's suggestion to Nancy Pelosi

3,000 To 1 Is Never A Worthwhile Bet...

Bush looks particularly stupid today-smirking away

The Chimpress

Where are the Bush twins?

First G.I. casualty of 2007 today. What will the yearly toll be?

Capital residents may finally get vote in Congress

When does the decider pull his head out of his ass...

You know, I think there might be some subtle jabs at * in these eulogies.

I love Keith Olbermann

Majority of troops dissatisfied with handling of war; believe war was wrong

Highlights of a Grand Canyon Timeline, by science writer Chris Clarke

Yet another reason to impeach The Thing...

SAFIRE wrong on '06 predictions, 11 out of 14. = "NostraDUMBASS" - Bwahahah!!1

poor Betty Ford, having to walk with chimpy mcCokeSpoon

Bulgaria shuts down nuclear reactors as precondition of joining EU.

One Thing That wont Be Shared at Chimpys Final....

A little perspective is a good thing.

"The drive by the Christian right to take control of military chaplaincies"

Bush* Ignores Voters Voice.

CNN: Now that Saddam's gone, is it now Osama's turn?

Re: Ford funeral: I thought the church didn't believe in evolution........

Accused War Criminal Kissinger on my TV now. Can someone turn up the treble please?

Why is it that when * says

The Head of the BFEE is speaking, therefore you listen.....

Could someone please remind george?

Are They COMPLETELY INSENSITIVE?-AP Asks: Why So Many Upset by Iraq Death Toll?

Hartford Courant: JoeMo : "Why we need more troops in Iraq."

Camp Fallujah Marine Kills Iraqi Soldier!

Do we have soldiers amassing in Kuwait at this time??

Revealed: Rudy's '08 battle plans...left behind 140 pg plan at campaign stop!

Proof there is no God:

When is George P Bush gonna sign up and go to Iraq?

Sheesh, what Chief Justice Roberts REALLY said...

From listening to M$M, you'd think Gerry Ford fell on his sword and pardoned..

one more full day after this one then it's our day

FYI Olbermann & Matthews hosting Ford Funeral on MSNBC

Do you think our Democratic leaders should fight harder & meaner?

BUSH Is Delusional: "What I Want To Hear Is How We're Going To Win-Not How We're Going To Leave"

When is George P Bush gonna sign up and go to Iraq?

9 yo boy hangs himself "like Sadam" (Good Freeper Christians make fun)

RW freaking out over Pelosi's lobbying bill initative...

Ford not as classy as media portrayal

Citing concerns about theft, Milwaukee area retailers keeping condoms under lock and key.

Donald Rumsfeld's Name Tops the List of Accused of War Crimes

CNN's Towsand: 'bin Laden Capture "A Success That Hasn't Occurred Yet"

I'll always remember ford as the Spare Tire president.

Gerald Ford, Greatest President in the History of the United States...

Who just saw that classic snub of Condi

The way w refers to 'sacrifice' sounds like we're in a death cult.

Did Ollie North & G. Gordon Liddy carry the Nixon balloon in the Ford parade?

So did bush get a 'kick' out of Saddam's choking to death?

Arroyo justifies transfer of convicted US Marine

Fox News Channel was the first to run some of the Saddam hanging footage

Whose coverage do you prefer, C-Span or CNN? (ford's funeral)

Hanging's Too Good For Us

Are think we're seeing the beginnings of the Administrations "plan" for Iraq.

What will the little monster say in his State of the Union address?

cheney's not wearing his parka today

Info re January 27th.

Top Iraqi source: U.S. tried to delay execution

The Army JROTC Creed

Iran vows to 'humiliate' U.S.

Text Of Chimps Ford Eulogy Released.......

mark foley. The man who vanished.


Second Thoughts on Gays in the Military - Fmr Gen Shalikashvili

Seriously what if W has a public breakdown

A Dispatch from the Turner-Chan War

Democrats to start WITHOUT GOP influence, on cspan

Question about Iraq casualties ...

Maliki launches investigation

Boise State beat Oklahoma in OT -- Good game

U.S. 'tried to delay' execution. (Why do I think that's a load of crap)

Anyone watching Al "I'm in charge" Haig on CSPAN1 now?

The whole thing is a farce.

Readers Respond: The Hussein Hanging

bush defeats Osama in American poll of villains.

Dayum... Three days with no mail service!

Cheney Regrets Buying Bush Laser Pointer (The Onion)

Nancy on the 110th congress

Israeli website rant-- America betraying Israel in Iraq

The former occupant of the White House I will mourn

Your Pain Body is very Seductive (Eckhart Tolle)

2DTV - George Bush - Christmas

Rep. Loebsack speaks on first 100 days

Ramsey Clarke speaks about the Middle Ages.. (oops I meant december 2006).


The YouTube Get Out of Iraq Campaign

Sixteen Military Wives by the Decemberists

Venezuelan media admitting complicity in the 2002 coup against Chavez

My definition of a neo-con

Dems to inherit agenda dominated by war

NRA Sounds Alarm of Not-So-Imminent Threat

Here's a name for the first working day of 2007...

The Sago Mine Disaster -- One Year Later


On the Hussein execution's timing

The US had an opportunity to shine but for............ugly voicies

Why I like John Edwards

"Its central theme will be sacrifice."---Bush 'surge' speech

Among Democrats, Lieberman stands alone. (For. Relat.Comm)

The "warnings" to Democrats are starting: Don't Get in Chimpy's Way!!

You know, when you think about it, the best thing that ever happened to the Dem party was Iraq.

What is with the president?

Worked hard for Dems since '72 and still haven't earned right to tell ANYONE they shouldn't run.

What day is the new congress being sworn in?

Protests of Saddam's hanging spreading across Iraq

Welcome to North Korea

Any news today on the Senator Johnson front?

Please help to keep Progressive Talk Radio in Ohio! They are taking Stephanie Miller away!

Surging into Wonderland

Remembering President Gerald R. Ford Beautiful - What Were You Watching??

Bu**sh**/Cheney: Asian dictator or African dictator?

My radio station just mentioned CNN's apology to Barack Obama

Marriage equality ban in Massachusetts advances.

Did Pres.Carter speak at the Ford funeral ? And if not why?

I thought Jimmy Carter was supposed to speak at the funeral.

Taliban commander vows bloody 2007 in Afghanistan

Screw repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell until the war is over

Talking point advice: It's not "surge" is "escalation"

Any Predictions for 2007?

Oh, CNN you bastard. Obama character assassination.

A request for help from some capable DU member re: Carter's Ford eulogy tomorrow ...

C-Span Poll - Should Dems LISTEN to Repugs?

Are you ready for the "War on Christians"?

Keith is Back & A Special Comment! Don't Miss It!

the shoe is on the other foot and they are begging for mercy

Bush blaming Gen. Casey-wants him out Quick

We're better than this

Revealed: Rudy's '08 battle plans (campaign strategy leaked to press)

Crap. Is this a trial balloon for Jeb for V.P?

Any updates on Jeff Greenfield's little "joke" about Obama and the Iranian president?

Say NO To Bush's Last Stand

"The Dark Side" (PBS) on shortly...

Chimpy calls Ford "Gerald Frod"

Why was Baker in a brilliant RED scarf?

Edwards pushing universal health care

Bush concerned that Gen. Casey 'fixated' on withdrawing: so

This Modern World: Young supporters of the Iraq war take action

With new Congress about to convene, Republicans issue letter already claiming to be victims

This is Why Bush Won

Gerald Ford Robbed Americans Of Closure

The Reason the IWR is Important

U.S. historians rate their president

GHWB at eulogy refers to Warren Commiss'n as the final say (so stop saying those things about me...)

Troops don't approve of Bush handling of war; majority believe war was wrong