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Archives: January 20, 2007

Bush 'can't be trusted' on Hicks

Robert Parry: Gonzales Questions Habeas Corpus

EJ Dionne Jr: Two Taxed Americas

The changing global power equation

McClatchy: America's last `long war' offers lessons for Iraq, experts say

Temporary 'Enjoyment Marriages' In Vogue Again With Some Iraqis

In hindsight, Carter gets his due (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

What's in A Name? Delays, on No-Fly List

Robert Fisk: Fear climate change, not our enemies

Dahr Jamail: The War Becomes More Unholy

Those ingrate Iraqis

Houston's Answer To Environmental Worries, Transit Problems - Expand Highway To 18 Lanes

Wall Street Moving From Energy , Betting Heavily On Corn, Other Ag Commodities - NYT

New Word Coined In Australia - "Megafires" - "They Burn Until They Hit A Coastline" - Reuters

WWF Report: Major Companies Buying Coffee Illegally Grown in Tiger, Rhino and Elephant Habitat

As Arctic Ice Melts, Killer Whales Extend Their Range To The North - Globe & Mail

Storm Destroys Millions Of M3 Of Timber In Czech Republic - AFP

Deval Patrick - MA Will Join Northeastern State-Level GHG Program

First Estimates Of Kyrill's Damage Totals - At Least One Billion Euros In Germany Alone - AFP

Northern European Storm Worst To Hit Britain In 17 Years - Financial Times


Audit Capacity of Touchscreen Voting Devices

For All Interested In Research

Ex-US Defense Chief Suggests Military Action Against North Korea

U.S. plans envision broad attack on Iran: analyst

Dean Hails Passage Of The House Democrats' "100-Hours Agenda"

Request for NBC reporter's notes withdrawn

Army officer warns of mental health woes

China is shooting down satellites.

Britain Admits Awareness of CIA Prisons

Intelligence Committee Chairman Rockefeller Assails President Over Iran: "... it's Iraq again."

Negroponte says domestic spy program was critical

NIH Official Faults Bush Stem Cell Funding Limits: Block potential medical breakthroughs

Democrats warn Bush not to attack Iran

Ex-POW Jessica Lynch Has 7 Lb. Baby Girl

U.S. Launches Armed Force to Block Iranian Influence in Iraq

So I listened to ModernTimes ..Bob Dylan for the first time today.

Jake singing on SNL this week! I *really* want to see this! PLEASE - anyone have a link to it?

Video: Model Parents - NOT

T minus 75 minutes til God Warrior

Benny Parsons remembered

FUCK you northerners

The " This Place" appreciation thread!!!!!!!

i hate being a girl

The good, the bad and the ugly of my abreviated work day

Quebec woman, world's oldest person, dies at 115

Ramen and Negro Modelo


Bead Heads?

This is a hit and run thread.

teLL some DUer(s) they're a douchebag

I've decided to become an emo chav hepcat douchebag

Everyone who has me on nuclear ignore, please post here.

So I just had Crush'd for the first time....

OK, so why DID Jesus Christ get tombstoned?

This is perhaps the most important thread you'll view today.

Try A Few Hit & Run Posts/Threads Just For Shits & Giggles

It's Bizarro Harry Potter

All I Want is you!

Scrubs fans... what did you think of last night's Scrubs?

The Solution to One of Life's Worst Problems!

Dead Heads

I'm starting to really enjoy "Smallville".

On the lighter Side - "Retirement is fun!" (Shrub slam)

Punchline thread, this time you've screwed up the joke

T minus 30 minutes til God Warrior

I didn't think so

I just paid off my Sienna! Yay, yay, yay! Hooray!

Attn: trof and other Alton Brown fans. You should be jealous of me.

Dead alligator found dumped in Gary Indiana.

Be honest: How many of you posted in Skinner's baby thread out of obligation?

Another goodnoght song for the Lounge...

I'm holding tryouts for interim spankers for Rev-Acts inquire inside

Wish me luck: I've applied to become a high school English teacher.

Just saw "Babel"

86-year-old woman gets back at her bank

Damn, I have to drive to work tonight.

On the douchebag controversy...

All your "awww" are belong to us:

Fresh Ground Pepper for Monsieur/Madame?

Am I the only one who hates to be told "you SHOULD have done ...."

Watching "The Sopranos" for the first time!!!!

Does anyone have a weirder parent????

OK The Bar Is Open

I just realized I'm more sick than I thought

Windows® geeks — how do I change my e-mail default

rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE VII--Let the Flamewar begin!

Help.. Someone posted a video last week and I lost the link

Dammit, Lounge. I'm not even waiting until it comes out of the oven.

Jebus...just CAn NOT get a head...I paid off a Credit Card

Okay, whoever was taking bets I'd keep the stray kitty....

DU Lounge Animated Poll:

Mississippi Nights is closing in St Louis

World's oldest woman has died at 115


Before I leave for work ya'll need to check a posting in GD. Jesus on a doggie door.

Is anyone else creeped out by the Burger King?

My SO is reading "The Monster at the End of This Book" to his daughter. He sounds just like Grover.

Totally freaky game...

I remember when DU had Naughty Girls

Who else likes to gaze at the Constellation Orion?

I'm SORRY!!!!! But .Martin Luther King deserves more than just a day!

El Thread Del Espanol

'Preteen' boy toy dupes Az men, is found to be 29

ATTENTION ST LOUIS DUers....the Schnucks

Local bands with good names: "The Royal Teats" "Finger Bang City"

Check in here if you love America Ferrera in Ugly Betty

What oldie songs have you purchased or enjoyed recently?

So I just saw Crash for the first time....

A thank you ..

I've got that unFrench feeling ... Will vinegar help?

Croc Hunter's Daughter: 'Wildlife Warrior'

Over Publicity

Atheist Richard Dawkins on 'The God Delusion'

Question for a Black and Gay person

I could use some help here guys

TONIGHT on PBS-NOW: Back To The Front (soldiers being sent to Iraq)

Army officer warns of mental health woes

Interesting eBay auction: "John Kerry not included"

Kerry and Hinchey Re-Introduce Measure to Repeal More Than $25 Billion in Tax Breaks for Big Oil

What do you think of this theory?

An observation: Gore, Kerry, Double Standard?

more fun activities: senator poll needs help

Book TV Schedule: January 20th - 22nd


Image of Jesus on Doggie door - saves dogs from being given away...

"The crash of the housing bubble will not be pretty"

kpete appreciation thread.

I have a question...

This needs to be looked into

Creationists Ramp up War on Satire: RW attacks FSM!!!

Some of us knew (Iraq rant)

Seth MacFarlane: "We have a mildly retarded guy in the WH"

China now shoots down satellites.

Why try to classify dictatorships as right-wing or left-wing?

Does anyone else think it's sad that we have to have an ignore feature

Is there an abandoned Wal-Mart near you?

About the "Law and Order" Conservatives:

Rockefeller: Bush doesn't understand the world, isn't curious about it; doesn't read like he says

Is John McCain merely angry or is he, perhaps suffering from...

Tucker has four children! You know what that means?

China is shooting down satellites.

Another person George Bush doesn't want you think about

Leslie Cagan of United for Peace/Justice: "Peace Activists Must Use All The Tools in Their Toolbox"

Rep. Maxine Waters will sponsor an Iraq War book fair on the Monday after the March

Obama's email to first supporters

I Just Joined the ACLU

Dateline, predator show. These guys all look like they have bush stickers on their cars.

Iraqi News Source: Iranian Forces Massing on Iraqi Border

Abramoff Rabbi Joins 'War on Christians' Chorus

military types

The Twisted Mind of Dick Cheney

The Eight Words I Never Ever Want To Hear In My Life (in person):

loony GA woman will continue effort to ban Potter books

It is absolutely touch and go

Mamas and Papas Singer Denny Doherty Dies

So china can shoot a satellite - big f*ing woop de doo

I was Thinking about the Judical Committee Hearing yesterday and

Pelosi was faced with a no win decision. She chose the best political

Pelosi, White House clash over Iraq: Its a * smack down!!

Gonzo vs Chimpy. Who will win???

America's baggage is Obama's burden

Waxman invites Bremer to meet in February Iraq oversight smackdown.

***** Send a message to your Senators: INCREASE THE MINIMUM WAGE! *****

I totally missed the Colbert - O'Liely show-downs....

California lawmaker proposes no-spanking law

Question, my nephew just joined DU, he keeps asking me what the meaning

W Needs A "President Whisperer" To Integrate Him Into Society

monkey to man, Elvis Costello

Attention Shoppers! All your data belong to us!

Lieberman just said he would join repugs in filibuster to block anti-surge resolution.

Jebus...just CAn NOT get a head...I paid off a Credit Card

rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE VII--Let the Flamewar begin!

Radical cleric sparks fury in Australia

Plame Case: Fitzgerald is Getting Nifonged - Mother Jones


Leading Senator Assails President Over Iran Stance

So Mitt Romney's man Ben Ginsberg likes the "Unitary Executive", so does that

Atheist Richard Dawkins on 'The God Delusion'

I didn't think so

Show Me The Intelligence - Ray McGovern

Michael (Weiner) Savage: Brit 'soccer thugs' who defeated Hitler now beaten down by gay mafia...

Bloggers on the take (Is it too much to call this blogola?)

So, Apparently... Air America Radio Has "More Skin In The Game" Than Most !!!

AAR staffer killed in Iraq on The Independent's frontpage

Ha!Ha! Perez Hilton does ****, also an excellent Redford quote!

Judge orders Simpson to stop spending money

ABC Falsely Claims Pelosi Opposes Cutting Funds For Iraq Escalation

Bush quotes most notable of 2006 expert says

Kansas City Group attempts to block taxpayer subsidies for Wal-Mart strip mall

Companies press Bush, Congress on climate (Alcoa Inc., General Electric Co., DuPont Co, Duke Energy)

What's The Name Of That New Maternity Ward Show That's Been On All Week? It's So Friggin Annoying!

Aaugh! Tweety's words: 'mensch' and 'MENSCHDOM'

World's Worst Person of the Day...

Reaching Out to the Rightest of the Right...(vomit)

Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue and malibu royality

Iran is the size of Alaska and has more people than Britain or France.

FOXnews: Barack Obama linked to group sneaking in aliens from the planet Mars

I have a question, prompted by the Cafferty file...

Should the Congress introduce a non-binding no confidence resolution against Bush?

Anyone notice all of the commercials by PhRMA touting the "success" of the Medicare prescription

Tokyo Rose?

have you noticed how the guest on Countdown genuinely like being there,

Methodists: No Bush Library at SMU

HAVA-BOY NEY CONVICTED; The Coward of Riverside County; PLUS Colbert/O'Reilly

Active Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast for 2007

What Could Be....

KO will have Seth MacFarlane from "Family Guy" reviewing the Colbert-Billo summit

House tightens oversight of pages

Kiss as...I mean, pander much? snicker snicker....

I love the openness in our country:

MONDALE: "If I Had Done As Cheney Has Done-Carter Would Have Thrown Me Out"

All American Girls - Sister Sledge

Bill Kristol Troop Surge...

is * an idiot?

Jerry Brown Takes On Sean Hannity...

It just hit me why Richardson impeded the vote count in 2004

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

If you think Iran can be beaten militarily: Rent the Movie "Grass" (documentary set in Iran)

Consortium News: Bush's "Canadian Clone" in Jeopardy

making America safer ?????

Now it's Bill Richardson's turn: this 08 field is getting very crowded

Kerry & Rep. Hinchey Re-Introduce Measure to Repeal More Than $25 Billion in Tax Breaks for BIG Oil

I'm trying not to be too paranoid but

TIME: Behind the Republican Revolt

just what do you want?

please help with this...

My European friend wrote me about a movie he just saw about Darwin.

McClatchy: Opposition to Iraq war simmers in America's heartland

I thought Conyers was going to be head of the Judiciary Comm

Media Matters debunks the B.S. story about Hillary Clinton linking Obama to Islamic schools

The Neo Con Parade on PBS NewsHour

New tv ad: The "McCain plan" to escalate the war. Wow.

Dubya's Tower of Babel (article)

NYC Mayor, Union Have Differing Visions Of School Reform

FOXnews has just reported that Barack Obama was seen today with Elvis...

Dodd will not seek re-election to Senate - who will succeed him?

Regarding Obama and his "experience"...

Folk Songs of the Far Right Wing ... too funny ...

Yahoo Correction: Gore has no plans to run, but hasn't ruled it out.

I want Edwards/Richardson 08

bush finally "explainifies" why he invaded Iraq

And so it starts. Just received THIS EMAIL about OBAMA THE MUSLIM, Expect lots of circulation:

Chris Matthews is suddenly afraid of Bush.

did Harry Reid lie to us today?

Hey, Dems for Joe, how are y'all feeling right about now?

The Military factor??

It's Not the Heat - It's the STUPIDITY

Behold the Rise of Energy-Based Fascism: The Pentagon as the Global Oil Protection Service

The Redhead and the Gray Lady: How Maureen Dowd became the most dangerous columnist

Bush has done 'tremendous damage', says Nobel peace prize winner

Democrat Agenda Omissions by Stephen Lendman (ZNet)

It's time for all Americans to join anti-war movement (Athens GA Banner-Herald)

MAUREEN DOWD: The Ballad of Bushie and Flashy

Bill Kristol and Fred Kagan's war games (GLENN GREENWALD)

Focus on Africa's Problems, Not Gay Clergy, Tutu urges Anglicans - Reuters

Asian Tsunami Exposes Rich-Poor Divide

George Will: The Equality Engineer

Bush, CBS pass; Cheney, Fox flunk

The neoconservative blunder of the century (PAUL WOODWARD)

More Media Adopt Repubspeak (i.e. "Democrat Party,")

3 From the Bush Advertising Team Join McCain’s ’08 Advisers

Special Feature...from Hillary's site for those of you who have not seen the opening note.

Peru's former presidents' factions align

The Democratic Field

Departing Chief Warns G.O.P. on Outlook for 2008 Races - by John Broder at NYTimes

Leading Senator Assails Bush Over Iran Stance - by Mark Mazzetti at NYTimes

Cheney’s Dead-Enders

Scorched Earth -- Lighting the Fires (Major Dick)

Here's a sneak preview of Bush's State of the Union by Eugene Robinson

Bill O'Reilly = Super Genius (Mickey Z.)

Pelosi: US Not Obliged to Stay in Iraq

In These Times: Diary of a Guantanamo Attorney

"Honestly, has nobody among the Bushites ever noticed this?"

Corruption fears and discord over funds for victims of Hussein's regime contribute to debate budget

U.S., Iran and Venezuelan battling for influence in Ortega's new Nicaragua

Robert Fisk: Fear climate change, not our enemies

Time to end EU complicity in torture

Bush Administration: Assaulting justice (Seattle PI editorial board)

Anybody else read Edward N. Luttwak's "Dead End" in February Harper's?

Moqtada al-Sadr: "The only solution to the violence is for the US to withdraw"

Egyptian Internet Torture Video Shakes Police Sense of Impunity

State of fear (Al-Ahram / Cairo)

WP's Colbert I. King: In Virginia, More to 'Get Over' Than Slavery

Mexico leader in tortilla pledge (ethanol boom hurting food prices)

Bucksport (ME): Biodiesel refinery proposed

North Atlantic Water Temperatures Setting All-Time Winter Records - Reuters

Duke Energy CEO Doubtful On Nuclear Plant Prospects -

Electric bicycles gaining traction

State report touts solar energy's bright future (AZ)

All this cold weather out west proves their is no such thing as global warming? That is what my sis

America Energy Independence Bill Takes First Steps

Wind turbine facility planned (400 new jobs, CO)

A Light Bulb Goes on, and China Starts Thinking ‘Alternative Energy’ (NYT)

Direct currrent long line transmission reduces power loss - making Plains Wind Power more available

IPCC Report Will Give 90% Odds That Post-1950 Warming Attributable To Human Activity - NYT

IPCC - Rate Of Warming 2007 - 2030 Likely To Be Twice That Of 20th Century Increase - Toronto Star

Russia to supply fuel to Iranian nuclear power plant in March 2007

When a killer cloud hit Britain

Four Australian Farmers Commit Suicide Every Day As Drought Grinds On - Chicago Tribune

New Kazakh PM Calls For Tighter Controls Over Foreign Oil Companies - Rigzone

Kuwait Announces Program To Diversity Economy Away From Oil Revenues - IANS

Brownie - ChimpCo Suggested Federalizing Lousiana Response, Leaving MS GOP Governor In Charge - NYT

Palestinian militants say plan more abductions

Haniyeh sets conditions for temporary truce

Jimmy Carter - A New Chance for Peace?

Yad Vashem chairman slams settlers for abusing Palestinians

An interesting interview of Andreas von Bulow and Michael Meacher

An ugly thought...

What is difference in cards cast and times counted on Diebold Accuvote machines? Clint Curtis ABs?

We need to do something about this...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Jan. 20, 2007

How ghost soldiers are bleeding the Iraqi army of guns and money

Cuba's post-Castro life already begun

McClatchy: Opposition to Iraq war simmers in America's heartland

White House backs down on wartime powers (Courts & Dems on to him)

NYT: Governors of NY and NJ appeal to Bush administration for antiterror aid

European Court convicts Russian forces of torture in Chechnya

US lawmakers aim to ease Cuba travel, trade bans

Mamas&Papas' Denny has died at 66

5 NATO Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan

Senior Aide To Blair Arrested In Honours Inquiry

U.S. wants Canada to take refugees from Iraq, Cuba

U.S., Iran and Venezuelan battling for influence in Ortega's new Nicaragua

Gunmen kill 5 Iraqi civilians in separate house raids, drive-by shooting

AP: Iraq Security Contractor Countersues

Iraqi cleric's group says U.S. wants confrontation

Five mortars hit Baghdad district, some casualties

Rice, Gates meet with Bush today to discuss Iraq plan

AP: Iraq: Security forces kill 15 insurgents (in Baghdad)

PM: U.S. wants base in Czech Republic (Missile Radar Base)

Oregon Bar asks lawyer about mysterious jet owner

Just on MSNBC a US helicopter went

Anti-capitalist forum opens in Kenya

U.S. says U.N. agency aided N. Korea

Pace says Colombia model for Afghanistan (OMFG)!!!

Argentines march over safety of `dirty war' witnesses

3 American soldiers killed in Iraq

Schweitzer outlines energy plan for U.S. (dem radio address)

Police match image of Litvinenko's real assassin with his death-bed description

U.S. Soldiers Taunt Crippled Dog In Iraq

Democrats give Perry an earful in D.C. meeting

Brownback is announcing he's in for Prez (CNN - no link)

Duke lacrosse prosecutor hires lawyers

13 soldiers killed in U.S. army helicopter crash - Hostile fire possible

5 more soldiers killed in Iraq

US, Iraqi forces hold a top aide of Sadr's The government complained that it had not been consulted

St. Petersburg Police Slash Tents Of Homeless (FlorDuh...

Hicks visited by US embassy official

Newsweek Poll: Dirge For A 'Surge' (Bush Approval 31%)

JFK contemporary George Smathers dies at 93

CNN/AP: Bush urges tax code changes to address health care costs

Feds ask 100 firms to offer N.O. jobs

GOP sheriff asks Democrats to help resolve AK Steel lockout

Father guilty of killing drug dealer

Temporary 'Enjoyment Marriages' In Vogue Again With Some Iraqis

Terror suspects 'choose torture'

Bush readies State of the Union speech------conciliatory tone

Obama 'was educated in madrassa'

NC lawmakers want SBI to probe alleged CIA flights

Reuters: Alaska to get British-style temperatures - study

AP: Brown: Politics Played Role in Katrina-federalize just Louisiana instead of entire disaster area

Venezuela's Chavez Takes Aim at Reid

(Hillary) Clinton to launch 2008 presidential bid

My Super Proposal


A great John Sebastian concert video online

Anyone catch My Name is Earl last night?

I like James Carville, but dammit this is funny!

Check out Africam!


George Walker Bush

The God Warrior is on right now (for those of us on the left coast)

Don't you hate when you spill your martini?

and ever since then . . .

To all my Lounge compadres:

What is or could be the first song that tripped or just might trip your trigger?

So you think your a geek? Have you ever done anything this geeky?

My first break at work and I can see Jesus on the doggie door finally.

Why does when the news does reports on snowy weather

Congratulations RamboLiberal!! 15,000 posts

Most dangerous toys of all time?What are they ?


On Africam--Building visible in background

I'm back from surgery

It's time for 'Battle of the Bands' - which, to you, is the better band?

WWJD (toon)


Just got back from Bleecker St.

LeftyKid, inspired by DU, made up a new phrase.

They published my LTTE today and I am now the hero of the

$200 for a broken claw

Anyone remember a toy mr wiggley?

Anybody ever been to Foxwoods? (The Casino in CT)

Fans of 89.1 JAZZ, check in here 10:00 am MST

The new ignore feature

Its too cold out to _____

people whining about ignore feature

They May Be kind of Ugly But I Love My... oh forget it, I can't post a pic or the mods will kill me.

Has anybody ever found out who the "Get a brain, Morans" guy is or where he is from?

They may be kinda ugly, but I love my Crocs!!

Them new fangled teevees

Okay, I really *have* been spending too much time at DU.

Disposing of batteries from UPS

They May Be Kind Of Ugly, But I Love My Crocks

100 posts! Now in triple digits!

Those Star Wars episode 4-6 2 disc versions with the original cuts...

Matcom and GOPisEvil are a BAD influence

Hate excessive punctuation?!!!! OMG!!!!! This is hugh!!!

GD is getting to be more fun.

Wahhh wahhh wahhh wahhh

Explosives: Tool for Progress.

LeftyKid says "Hey look, I'm upside down!"

Augh! It's 26 degrees outside. And yet it is blazing hot inside.

I want to make the term "Buck Nutty" more popular.

Anyone Seen Night At The Museum?

The best lounge new story ever: walmart, meat, violence, crazy old people with knives and canes...

Is there a better way to spend a cold, rainy, saturday afternoon?

The Group "Keane," Lip-syncing? No way!

Speaking of fight scenes

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/20/2007)

I want to make the term "Buck Naked" more popular.

Getting along with everyone at work (class identity issues)


Don't tell yvr girl, but I just made the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever!

Worst birthday ever . . . .

This is just so wrong

I'm on the phone with Connonym

I'm watching the local news right now.

I have finished putting together my bookcases.

so I wasted most of the day watching youtube

SEINFELD fans: Favorite episodes?


Understanding English spoken by a Singaporean is HELL!

OMG111!!!111! Senator Sam Brownback is IN, baby!1!!11!!!

I Remember When DU Was A Naughty Girl

Meal fried in artist's own body fat

Apparently, next week, we are moving into a big house with two toilets and a purple sparkly kitchen

Congratulations chimpsrsmarter!! 25,000 posts

My house is infested with FLYS!

Am I the only one who doesn't care about the new ignore feature?

So How About Those Arkansas Razorbacks? 72-52 Over #16 LSU today!

Is it me, or has Douchebag become a Lounge "term of endearment"?

Snow is coming - I can see it on the radar now. We might get

Electric blanket?

Peter Frampton - What happened

I lost someone very special yesterday morning...


So LynzM says I can stalk Biarius. If I put Bi_Baby and the Mrs. on

Paging BNL... Paging BNL

Does Mr. Hanky engage in hanky panky?

I'm bored....Talk to me....Ask me something, anything...

Jebus...just CAn NOT get head...I paid with a Credit Card

Fight scenes? (martial arts based)

HypnoToad Appreciation Thread

My search for a dress to wear to my daughter's wedding begins!

If you fell off the face of the earth, how long would it take someone to notice?

The Shankill Butchers- Wow!

Attention ladies! I'm a Sensitive Guy Who Cares About Things That Matter!

ABC's for those over the hill types

I'm Thinking This Sounds Very "Kansas-esque"

It is time for....a PIC thread! w00t!

Italy.... anyone have any helpful travel hints?

What car do you drive?

PATIOD !??? Paging Ms. PATIOD ! (and other Loyalists to the Cause)

Pan's Labyrinth - what did other people think? (possible spoilers)

Pro wrestler Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow has passed away.

WP: Former Episcopal congregations warn Diocese of Virginia on church property

Some Dissenters Quit the Church But Don't Stop Being Catholic

United Methodists to join peace rally in DC on Jan 27th..

Are one's assertions about ethics merely assertions about one's emotions or preferences?

PBS four-hour documentary seeks to counter Mormon stereotypes

Most of the world's religions are based on ancient snake worshipping

Maybe God is an atheists?

Even gay Iraqis won't be helped by Bush's troop 'surge'

NBA Midseason Analysis

Conference Playoff Picks

Tomlin to coach Steelers

I found another interesting site

Just something weird and funny.

Senator Hillary Clinton: "I'm In to Win"

World's oldest woman dies - here's her chart

She told them boy was dead

Dream interpretation?

21 U.S. Troops killed today

MA Folks - Anyone have an Eagle Trib Account?

Hyping Hillary

Hillary's now in

Cartoon/Comedian Prediction: Bill Clinton "Cookie Recipes"

Rich America, Poor America . Barrons article


Fayetteville/Bragg Military Wife Puts Up Anti-War Yard Display

Blackwater USA seeks $10M in wrongful death suit from families lawyer of dead mercs

Cindy Sheehan: Hillary for President?

Brownie: White House sought to manipulate Katrina aid (Rub Blanco's nose in it)

More on the Purge of US Attorneys

Check this kid out!

Luntz is writing a book and removing all "ic"s from the name Democratic

Christian and Pagan arrested with cock ring and drugs

Edwards and Kerry have said "I WAS WRONG". Has Hillary ever said those 3 words?

undecided about protests? MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. and GANDHI give us PEACE & STRENGTH!

A confession: I have been one of those ABBH folks, but part of me is

Denny Doherty remembrance: "his great sense of humour and his quiet kindness to a lot of people"

Freepers are not the only snobs in this country.

Attack of the 50 ft. Liberal Women!

Edwards tells difficult truths (great piece by E.J. Dionne)

Here's a mom I just heard about.

Cancer study ordered into mobile phones

Add YOUR face to the collage for ailing Jane Hamsher at firedoglake!

Do you have good health insurance through your employer? Bush wants to tax you for it.

I Need DU To Answer This Question That's Been Perplexing Me.

The Next 100 Hours

Rushbo Loses An Affiliate - Declining Ratings...

Hillary and The Children's Defense Fund

Steal this image! Inspired by democrank and BattyDem


Joni Mitchell (You Tube Video's)

How D'Souza & the Media Fail the Public

Three generations of activists are making reservations tonight to march 1/27

Juhasz: Senate will investigate Iraq OIL deals Jan. 23! tell them screwing Iraqis = more terrorism

Bush quotes most notable of 2006 expert says

Newsweek Poll: Bush is Weak, Dishonest, Unethical & He Does Not Care About You Or Me!

Reduced to tears at today`s anti-war march in Vermont

Every Corporation is required by law to ignore the interests of "the people" when making decisions.

US planning for all-out war against Iran

Links to Hillary Clinton's Senate voting record

Another mysterious bird die-off in California (and a fish die-off)

Unofficial Get Yer Lazy Ass To DC 1-27-07 Thread.

C-Span has (Finally!) put the Justice Oversight (Leahy/Gonzales) Video Up...

500 Reasons to GET OUT NOW !

Sign petition to stop FEMA trailer evictions, go to local protests in LA, MS, TX, AL, AR & GA

Commandant wants ‘every Marine in the fight’

Here's a nice list of Democrats who would make good presidents

Behold the Rise of Energy-Based Fascism: The Pentagon as the Global Oil Protection Service

ACTION ALERT! U.S.,China Sign Death Warrant for Earth, Humanity: 800 Coal Plants To Be Built ASAP!

Bush Playing Politics With The Lives Of Our Soldiers In Iraq

Next Week's Friday News Dump: Halliburton 4th Quarter Earnings

Would You Cross to Vote in the GOP Primary If Your State Has an Open Primary?

"Democrat" party? Fine. Let's own it.

Smear Obama, blame it on Clinton

Small personal victory to share

AP Talk of universal health care grows (Jr's new plan is a band aid

Which Democratic Candidate are you supporting?

WEIRD Indy report that Bush orders jailing of all civilian war protestors...

Bush: Tax breaks for health care ($7,500 for singles, $15k for famalies for owning health insurance)

Katrina victims behind barbed wire concentration camp! Greg Palast reports.

Anyone else catch this interesting bit of revisionism at the NYT?

Saturday TOONS

Militant Tax Evader Prepares for Raid

It's good. No, It's bad. Florida spins increased Manatee deaths as a good thing.

Oh Great...Operation Rescue to be in Wichita all weekend. Hope it dumps

So Gore "lost" because of decision to discard New Dems (ie DLC)?

Hillary: Whatcha gonna do?

U.S. NETeller arrests deal blow to Net gambling

U.S. Soldiers Taunt Crippled Dog In Iraq

OMG Colbert really DID steal the Faux News green room microwave LOL.

How much of the SOTU will you be able to watch?

David Sirota: The Rats Are Jumping Ship From Iraq

Does a Hillary run put an Al Gore run out of the question?

'Secrets from the Underground' Releases Video Files

Has Barack Obama explained his vote against capping interest rates?

Why are we starting the '08 campaign a YEAR early?

"I can say I know how Washington Republicans think, how they operate, and how to beat them." HRC

Fla. City Plans Homeless-Only Village

Immigration - Americans won't do the work?

If Al Gore decides to run, the very first thing I want from him

Freepers: 11 year old sluts should die of cancer unless raped

George Bush just got into the prison business.....

Chinese missile test prompts concerns

Governor Brian Schweitzer Delivers Democratic Radio Address..podcast, transcript

Jimmy Carter LIVE on C-Span right now

Do you want to study MIT courses for free? How about Notre Dame?

Limbaugh is out, Ed Schultz is in. New owners buy radio station. "Bring 'em Home" - video

Breaking CNN: 5 MORE US soldiers killed in Karbala. 18+ gone in last 24 hours

U.S. copter down in Iraq; 13 aboard dead

Question for female DUers only, regarding Hillary.

As Bush Celebrates ‘Sanctity Of Human Life Day,’ NIH Official Says Stem Cell Policy Is Blocking Cure

Which Beltway broadcast "journalist" is most likely to make you throw things at your TV?

Iran Is Next (I wrote this back in September 06)

Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush Bush,Clinton?..... Anyone see a pattern here?

What you will NEVER find at Sam's Club/WalMart...

Waxman Begins Delving into Procurement/Government Contracting Issues

One reason not to vote for Hillary: No more political dynasties!

Bill Richardson to Launch Presidential Bid

maybe we cant Impeach Bu$h/Cheney..but can they be 'Arrested' for crimes.? hey we dont need a warret

DU referenced in article

ABC news presents Libby trial as a Parlor game or whodunnit

NBC leads with Hill clinton story Followed by dead troops

Does the office of President have too much power?

U.S. military: 5 troops killed in Iraq

Anyone watching Tony Snowjob on CSpan 1

I just seen that racist Repub congresscritter Virgil H. Goode on Lou Dobbs show under a banner...

North American Union/Globalization

Sex offender, 29, poses as 12 year-old to get into school....Fools old guys, too

Edwards urges Congress to block Iraq escalation (says escalation is "huge mistake")

Bob Herbert: The Lost Voice of Protest

Please try to stop the next war

NEWSFLASH: America is not a country!!

Holocaust survivors owed as much as $175 bln: study

Futurist, author Robert Wilson dies

Al Gore: "what is our moral responsibility to those who come after us?"

Help keep Mallard Fillmore out of the Philadelphia Inquirer

California primary moving to February 5, 2007......???

Pelosi & Reid Say No To Bush & His Sweetheart Lieberman

Homeland Security Pays for Wired News FOIA Lawsuit

Garrison Keillor's APHC show comes on in about 45 minutes

Local anchor-schmuck 6abc in Philly:

Dinesh D’Souza: None (but Me) Dare Call It Treason

I will live through another Republican President if it means saving soldiers' lives

One losing VP candidates have become President in the 20th century

Tony snow on cspan--RNC winter meeting. He is giving a speech.

I have two forum ideas that I have been waiting for....

Hillary's ties to the left

I wonder what Al Gore thinks of HRC running for Pres?

The senate is going to be something else for the next 18 months

Two years from today, our government will be rid of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Colbert Stole O’Reilly’s Microwave (video from C&L :)

13 Soldiers Killed in Helicopter Crash - Possibly shot down - Iraq

Bush to propose health insurance reforms in SOTU

George Bush, America's littlest President

Hillary Clinton is just awful

Like, OMG! Jenna's writing a book!

Contessa Brewer on Hillary on MSNBC...

George Allen .... er Samule Brownback announces for President today.

Office of Special Plans OR Office of Special Disinformation?

Sen Kerry holds 2nd Annual Small Business Conference

The Colbert-O'Reilly Clash A worthy stunt?

3 more troops killed today (in ADDition to 13 killed in helicoptor crash


3041 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

What do you think of Senator Hillary Clinton running for President?

I think it's time to revisit Mo Rocca on "The Bush Clinton Dynasty"

Former Sen. George Smathers dies at 93

If you know someone who may fall for a recruiters "see the world" line show them this

Coverage for next Saturday's march? - If a multitude march

Hillary's in.

What's happening in the job market lately...

An Open Mind

Former U.S. Sen. George A. Smathers dead at 93

Homer Simpson Nails it again

Q- Will Republicans Get Their Party Back After Bush Leaves? ....

Bush's stripped down State of the Union, the Simpsons, and Redd Foxx

I can't get enough of this picture. I want MORE.

U.S. Helicopter Down in Iraq; 13 Aboard Dead

Bill Clinton on Truth Serum...

Uses for an abandoned Wal-Mart

Solid reasons why Hilary CAN get elected President in 2008

The Time For Impeachment Is Drawing Close

"Hillary's Hundred": Why the GOP Rarely Runs a Senator as the Nominee...

PBS’s NOW: Back to the Front

ABC Falsely Claims Pelosi Opposes Cutting Funds For Iraq Escalation

Carter speaking at Conference on CSpan

I have forgotten the syntax for a link on DU that hides the http://etc in favor of link text

How many candidates will each party's field have?

"Little Mosque on the Prairie" funny, but building understanding

You know what instead of bickering over Obama this and Hillary that

You are here>

Sex offender applies to a school as a 12 year old

Joe Biden: The Most Dangerous Politician in America (?????)

Something I don't understand about our candidates

Barney Frank documentary tonight 9:00 EST on Logo..... nt

Would you trust a global-warming denier to forecast the weather?

Utah Duers or anyone else, help needed

How appropriate. Thirteen Days is on TNT.

Madeline Albright on CSPAN was 100% correct last night.

Saw Hillary announce on MSNBC - "Let's chat" ??!!

In my dream the ticket was Lieberman - Jeb Bush

An opportunity exists for the Democrats in 2008

Two years until the next President is inaugurated

L.A. Blackout (not talking about electricity)

We actually have a choice within the Democratic party in 2008

anti-Semitism preached to 100,000 Catholics in US

Withdrawal is not an option - Kissinger

Stem the flow of time from Saturday's delicate veins . . . please come CAPTION!!!

Hillary Campaign Video: Announces Live Online Video Chats

I don't think either Gore or Clark will run against H. Clinton...

depending on the gop candidate, would you vote for them over Hillary

U.S. plans envision broad attack on Iran: analyst

Nova M Radio hits Wall Street


ex gov. Huckabee had things to hide

Sunday Talk show lineups

Sen. Rockefeller On Bush: "I don’t think he reads like he says he does.”

a letter we deserve

Insurgent TV channel turns into Iraq's newest cult hit

During the SOTU Address, Nancy should applaud when * talks about sending more troops.

Why in the world would Hilary pick a Saturday morning to announce?

On This Date, January 20th, Past & Future

Mont. gov. Brian Schweitzer chides Bush on Iraq strategy

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - 1/20 coat tails may pose a choking hazard

NYT Review of D'Souza: Stalinist apologetics for al Qaeda at the service of a smear on Americans

DEMS Will FIGHT Terror Trial Rules Allowing Hearsay-Torture Evidence

Pacific Lumber Co. has filed for Chapter 11 (they say because of environmental restrictions)

The Time For Impeachment Is Drawing Close

New wingnut funny

Any updates on the O'hare UFO

dupe, please delete

Democratic Leadership Council

the new republican presidential candidate is.....

Carter Conference Opening on CSpan 1

More proof that God (or Whatever) has a diabolical sense of humor...

Homeless group turn bridge into condos

Military Recruiting 2006 stats (by state/county/income)--"high quality" labeling

So how did Colbert do on the O'Really show?

Black leaders fear Obama may be very weak in the general election

Armageddon and America

The White House (cartoon)

If the other 3 networks had a chance to get "24"---they'd jump on it.

Hey, her real name's Rodham! Doesn't that make her a muslim

Style over Substance

An early CA Primary would DRAMATICALLY change '08 BAD IDEA

Kissinger hails Iraq troop surge

Iraq Is Not Delightful, Mr. President

Was Afghanistan and Iraq merely a prelude to Iran?

cspan 1 NOW---Carter "tribute"--Allbright on new panel--about his

Off to an anti-war march

My letter to the editor

4 1/2 years in Afghanistan, what to show for it?

Does anyone know if investigations of the Katrina disaster -- that is --

Bankers assets seized (a tale of hope)

The State of the Union, with Nancy in the background. Oh the pain, the pain.

There they go again. The GOPranos elect another Southernor as chair man of their crime family.

Just watching the Patrick, Phil, & Steve Show on know

A Google Bomb For Faux News & Scooter? It's Hysterical!

Wow... Who's Responsible For This??

Kurdish Iraqi soldiers are deserting to avoid the conflict in Baghdad

Iraqi Exodus Draws Senate's Attention

Bernie Ward's going after Alberto Gonzalez ... for the hour

is there weird shit on the tubes? Several sites seem to be down

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.

My favorite LIVE Saturday progressive streaming radio is "This is Hell!" - 10am ET

Charlie Rose Friday: Algeria and Iraq with Horne, Ricks, Kissinger

Ministers launch petition to stop Bush library

Could bush have screwed up Iraq any more if he wanted to?

Obama 'was educated in madrassa'

For my 1,000 post, I want to ask if anyone received a questionnaire

Bush on surveillance: "Actually the courts...the FISA court, said I did have the authority."

About that guy that said he would commit suicide if

Canadian spy coins never existed

post-Katrina and bush

Baptists at odds over removal of female professor (hiring was "momentary lax of the parameters.")

I must gave missed it--who was this week's

I want to work on retirement health benefit package

Wes Clark w/Charlie Rose in 2002 discussing why the Iraq invasion was unnecessary and unwise

Scarborough Analyzes Fox War-Mongering...

HR.4,5 and 6 pass (plus others from Speaker Pelosi's Youtube Channel)

Phil Collins - Another Day in Paradise (and in New Orleans)

KINGDOM - Vnv Nation

What's up with Fox and Obama? The love affair continues ...

Brokeback-Rose video


Stupid is as stupid does

for btmlndfrmr - Cuyahoga County election scandal...

The Real Star Wars Begin

Trial of the Century The Spy left out in the Cold

The American Tapeworm by Catherine Austin Fitts...

The Significance of a Corrupted Recount of the Cleveland 2004 Presidential Vote

"Would you pledge your virginity to your father?"

Meet the newest member of the Skinner family... It's a baby boy! (THREAD #2)

BBC documentary "Uncover Mosque" is beyond jaw-dropping.

What would a neocon do?

Dear Mr. President: Send Even MORE Troops (and you go, too!)

Former VP Mondale Criticizes Cheney

California push for early primary gains traction

Party politics played role in Katrina response

Reid and Pelosi press conference - C-Span 1:10 am est

Is it a requirement for a President to be a Southerner now?

I get very skeptical when Buchannon, Scarbough,and Tucker Carlson start talking nice about Hillary.

The Week in Political Cartoons

Hillary's run at it

Romney vs. Romney virtual debate by Scott Lehigh - Boston Globe (Taxes/Reagan)

If The Draft Is Ever Reenacted I Propose

I need some help. Where can I find

Repugs are licking their lips: Hillary Equals a Marriage Amendment in all 50 States

Mehlman Warns GOP On Way Out: 2006 Losses Were Not A Fluke...

Bush in for some rude awakenings .. says Leahy

Falwell: Is There Still a Chance to Win the Iraq War?

If Jimmy Carter and Al Gore joined the race in the Iowa primary with....

People hate what they fear.

There are few people who hate Hillary Clinton more than Chris Matthews

Ailing South Dakota senator on the mend


I want everybody who doesn't support impeachment to think for a moment

Anyone Else Think A Preemptive Impeachment Is In Order?

Sunday is National Sanctity of Human Life Day, 2007

Poll: Dem generic '08 candidate leads GOP by 21%; named candidates in dead heat

Jon Boner wanted the BCS game day off

39 US soldiers killed in Iraq since 1/4/07 ...

Hillary or Clinton

I Can't Believe DUers Don't Get This

Heckuva job Brownie: Politics played role in Katrina..if this doesn't make you sick, nothing will.

america loses another war

need help here--does anybody have a link to bush bragging about the FISA

Will Certain Aspects Of Rudy Giuliani's Past Alienate Red State Fundie Voters?


It's time for Wes Clark to get into the race...

Missing in Antiwar Action

2008 is far off and already we have too many candidates - all this

What a BS!!! poll this is for BOTH sides

Hillary versus Rudy - My Opinion

Newsweek poll: By 2 to 1 margin, public says Reid and Pelosi are keeping their promises

Either Obama / Hillary need to be somewhere on the ticket in '08...

Nevada ups the ante: First candidate forum to be held 2/21 of THIS YEAR

What successes have the DLC had after Bill Clinton?

My impressions of Edwards, from a town hall meeting in Iowa City

Romney vs. Romney virtual debate by Scott Lehigh - Boston Globe (abortion/guns)

Richardson getting ready to announce exploratory committee--More the merrier?

Now I just have to turn on AAR to hear neocons.

What is Bush talking about here


Anybody know how close Wes Clark may be to jumping in?

All Three of My Favorites are running now. What do I do now?

"The Democratic Party is being reborn in the West, with a raft of colorful candidates..."

undecided about protesting for PEACE? Martin Luther King & Gandhi offer us STRENGTH

Matthews says it will be tough for Dems to beat Romney in 2008

So Hillary's going to run in 2008.

U.S. copter down in Iraq; 13 aboard dead

21 US soldiers DIED today.

Obama's My '08.

The Democrats need a new Bobby Kennedy

Does anyone actually read Jonah Goldberg’s column?

Help fellow DUers prepare for ANY nominee. List issues your favorite led on

Clinton. Obama. Edwards. And anyone else who campaigns for the Dem prez nomination...

Despite the dislike for her on DU, I think Hillary has a very good chance of winning the nom.

Senator Clinton used "listening tour" tactic successfully in first NY Senate race

OMG!!! take a look at Hillary's unfavorable rating

Is Hillary still as polarizing as she used to be? I don't think so. Not by a long shot.

"24" paved the way for an Obama candidacy

What Are Your Real Fears About Hillary Clinton?

Newsweek poll: Edwards is our strongest candidate

Does anybody have a link to a rundown of the number of delegates each state has to the DNC?

Of those DEMS seeking the Presidency - who voted NO or opposed the original IWR?

It isn't racist to acknowledge that Sen. Obama will have a tough time

Peace March Expected to be Among Largest Since War Began

It's becoming crystal clear: Edwards OR Obama 2008 = success. Hillary = disaster

What accomplishments of Hillary Clinton make her "most qualified" to be president?

The Iraq invasion has left an indelible stain on our nation's history.