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Archives: January 21, 2007

It's time for all Americans to join anti-war movement

GRETCHEN MORGENSON: Roadblocks to Greater Say on Pay

Democracy Languishes, but Neo-Con Strategy Lives (JIM LOBE)

God Bless the Internet!

We haven't screwed up Earth badly enough, so let's screw up space

Agents of Influence

Jimmy Carter, the middle east and Israel

Abbas-Meshaal talks postponed

Palestinian-Americans Among Thousands Blocked by Israel from Occupied Territories

electionline Weekly: State Legislators, Election Officials Tackle Voting Issues

First labs receive initial OK for voting system testing program

The Significance of a Corrupted Recount of the Cleveland 2004 Presidential Vote

Violence in Guinea capital

Iran’s strongman loses grip as ayatollah offers nuclear deal/ The Sunday Times UK

(Reuters) Guantanamo fails to meet basic British standards: lawmakers

Reuters: Rice warns firms more Iran sanctions may come

20 U.S. Service Members Killed In Iraq

Remember When I DUed A Naughty Girl?

I Love New York-- a new low in TV?

Oh, ye cats, the 2008 primaries have started already. Hold me.

Make your own motivational poster

who remembers the blue light special?

who remembers the red light special?

Tonight's Monster Jam is sold out

Elfrangel and I made fish tacos tonight... ask me anything!

I freaking hate being put on speaker phone,

27 away from 9,000 and 25 days until pitchers and catchers report

Need help ... looking for videos of Bush lying

Really bad planning on the part of one of my professors.

I want to abuse my power - that given to me by the Lounge Branch of Government

Drinking some scotch from 1979. Next some from 1974.

This has to be the darndest way to fish I've ever seen!

what i Learned at racist OSHA10 today

The song I have in my head tonight:..

I now know how it feels to make fire without matches

Almost Everyone Went To Sleep

Want some action? There's a Wal-Mart thread in GD.

I'm fighting for my dinner tonight

"You know space guns don't kill you...

My new web addiction. Coolest damn map I have ever seen.

NOTICE: this is YOUR last chance to send me $25 dollars.

Loungers, give me your 90 minutes

How is it possible that the movies "Sleepers" got a rating of only 2 stars?

Hell on earth does exist, and I went there today

Everyone give your kids an extra hug tonight.

My GF is sick and went to bed a while ago, so I'm bored

Fresh bread in an hour and a half

How the block feature would be used in an ideal world.

My logical, well thought out post in GD

Out of all the awful, horrible songs to get stuck in a person's head! Calcutta...

Tell me why the hell they cancelled "Dead Like Me"!

What's the difference between apple SAUCE and apple BUTTER?

Ok, I never did really get it ... but whatever happened to swooning?

Is thinly mixed bouillon too salty for cat critters?

Guess What I Do For A Living?

Your girlfriend pretended to be sick and is

The *OFFICIAL* Kids in the Hall appreciation thread!

Okay, this is from this morning, but

Would You Rather Have

I'm bored and I'm sleepy

Well, using a neti pot isn't nearly as uncomfortable as it looks.

I did it.

Just saw the Sondheim musical 'Assassins' and it ruled. Any other...

Any pop culture milestones that you feel like you must've slept through?

I just watched "Gangs of New York"

I've Got A Tickle Me

OMG, it's attack of the '80s hair!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

For any ladies annoyed with thier men:


I'm holding the Lounge personally responsible...

Which Rolling Stones song is better?

Looking for a sailboat, repo is ok

NINE A.M. and the Jehovah's Witnesses

Southern gentlemen, ladies: is this something you've heard before?

Craigs list - casual encounters

I hate all of your heroes. Discuss.

Hunter's Wife Finds Shot Duck Alive In Fridge

Sign in if you've been blocked since the "New Rule" started.

When someone awkwardly mispronounces a word in conversation, do you.....

What has been the biggest age difference between you and someone you have dated?

Do you think it's a "normal" occurrence that the older people get the more faith they have?

NO candidate is immune from smearing or swiftboating

Supporting JK

“No One Told Me What To Say Or Not Say” At Clinton Correspondents’ Dinner…

Need help with my joystick

Bush Is Commiting Treason-The Number 1 Impeachable Crime Under The Constitution-Congress Must Act.

JFK jr and Princess Diana

SOTU Drinking Games

This Times article raised a red flag: "Hillary runs for the White House as "New Thatcher"

Evidence emerging that Pakistani Intelligence Agencies are supporting Taliban

OMG! at the most only 730 more days of the chimperer

My neighbors have nothing to eat.


"How do we bring the war in Iraq to the right end?"

Screw Hillary and screw 2008

I wish a right-wing supporter of U.S. involvement in the Iraqi Civil War would answer this:

will there be mass defections to 3rd parties if a dlc pro-war "democrat" gets the nom?

IF Hillary gets the nomination will you vote for her?

Harry and Nancy Tell Junior Thanks But No Thanks

A word of caution Costco shoppers...

Mike Luckovich on SOTU:

Frank Rich: Lying Like It’s 2003

T Minus Two Years Till Swearing In of New President

Sun Tzu on long wars

Chris Hedges:'The Radical Christian Right Is Built on Suburban Despair'

Bush admin. advises mother of dead GI to hire mercs for security to attend trial of accused Iraqi

OUR war is here at home - and there are a lot of casualties

Bush ......Clinton...Bush...Clinton

Don't forget-Hillary voted FOR the bankruptcy "REFORM" bill

OFFICIAL THREAD: Predict W's SOTU non sequitur and WIN

Just when you thought you had seen it all - pennies for aborted babies...

The stupid freeper people are using the "Globe" to trash Hillary

OPUS: A funeral we're all attending.

It's the end of the world as we know it - on CNN today there were

Has Anyone Noticed How Much Evan Bayh Has Been At Hillary's Side Lately?

Again today, the phrase 'nanny state' came up in conversation

Hillary will win because of debates...Hillary will win because she is a great debater.

Epidemic - Middle-America outbreak of norovirus illness

Everything Is Political

They Will All Fade Away, and soon

If cutting off funding is political suicide,

21 US dead in Iraq today. bush & Henry K explain why...

What Causes Change?


Latin experts: the meaning of Postulo Praesieo ?

So, is Hillary running the true reason for Carville's insane attack on Dean?

If the general election match up is Hillary vs. McCain, the expect a strong 3rd party candidate

How much money do you have in the bank right now? checking?

Post-ABC Poll: Clinton, Giuliani Lead Primary Fields

I wish Bill Clinton could run for President again.

It's WAY too early to get behind one person in 08

George Soros throws his support and Money behind Obama

There is not, and never will be, an allocation of resources to those who need them

Does Colbert fly under the right-wingers' radar?

School bars director from taping Carter

3047 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Hillary. Obama. Others - I was thinking today about all this....

20 dead in one day of George Bush's war against everybody

Sunday AM Talk Shows, Jan 21

Dick Morris already planning anti-Hillary film

Does anyone have a copy of How does it feel republican's

Why do liberals hate Hillary,” asked a 16 year old Young Dem

Polar Bears: A Barometer of Change or The Canary in the Coalmine?

Re: H. Clinton. .. We could do a lot worse, but...

(AP) U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 3,052

Chinese Missile Makes 'Direct Hit' On White House.

Primary Handicappers: Please don't forget the most important thing.

Alberto Gonzalez the so called attorney general...

suport the troops, BUT

God Bless America

9pm * CSPAN2* "The Foundation: A Great American Secret - How Private Wealth is Changing the World"

Soooo, H. Clinton announced over the Internet! Does that make her the "Internet" candidate?

Amsterdam to get statue to honor prostitutes

Americas Baggage

Sunday Talk Shows

A Quote From Dom Helder Camara

Help settle a squabble....


"Hezbolah in America" special on Fox News right now....

Fox Special Report on Hezbollah ...

has anyone seen fooj around tonight?

McCain Grovels to the Right

Now that the 'race to the White House'

New Orleans of Future May Stay Half Its Old Size

20 U.S. service members killed in Iraq

CNN now! Cristiane Amanpour Radical, moderate Muslims battle for young English minds

I wish I hadn't asked..............

The REAL question about Election 2008

Hillary wants you to ask her questions for 3 live internet video chats

Jimmy Carter, the middle east and Israel

UN Secretary-General turns down Bush request for UN help in Iraq. Says Iraq is too dangerous

2 months on from the election: A reminder from Colbert of how bad it was

Part 1: Edwin Black Launches Internal Combustion At NSU

Part 2: Edwin Black Launches Internal Combustion At NSU

For What It's Worth ~ Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young ~ Freedom of Speech Tour 2006

A Case of You ..... Joni Mitchell (we lost 21 today)

Jello Biafra on getting questionaires from Hillary Clinton


The full 90 minute version of The Secret Government now available online

Gore: "not hungering to ever be a candidate again and really DO NOT anticipate ANY circumstances..."

With Brownback in the race, now is a good time to remind ourselves of Opus Dei's influence

Call To Action : Impeachment Can Only Come From The People

White House 2008 Rankings: The Democrats (1/18/07)

2008 ---- Anyone who voted for this war should be a non-starter

Gilliard: The Battle For Sadr City

Hagel's (R-Ne) year in Vietnam shaped feelings on Iraq (OWH)

Dick Morris plans on trying to SWIFT BOAT Hillary

America’s Slave Labor Inmates are being forced to work in toxic ‘e-waste’ sweatshops

Caption this pic of shrub

Dick(less) Morris wants swiftboat Hillary with film documentary.

Bill Could be BaaacK! Will average Americans Vote Bill/Hillary over any Other Candidate?

Flashback to HRC's first Senate run...on the heels of the Marc Rich

Brownback's site is pretty amusing

Unions appeal exec bonus plan-Dana Corp. executives to get up to $12.5 million during bankruptcy

Daily News Sunday coverage of Hillary is GLOWING.

Miners Gave Their Lives For The Last Little Bit Of Coal (Confined Space)

When I Think Of 2008 (Kind of Sad)

I wonder how many people would criticize MLK for these comments today:

It's WAY too early to get behind one person in 08 (X-post)


Hillary will have 3 live video chats next week and wants YOU to ask her questions

I predict Kerry won't run due to Hillary

Hillary runs for the White House as ‘new Thatcher’

Bush is a picture of defeat (Andrew Greeley)

WE ARE A BUNCH OF BABIES book review by James Grainger

Police match Image of Alexander Litvinenko's assassin

Can anyone defend Black women with impunity?

Paying for Protection

Artist Direct Is offering 35 FREE MP3 files

Show Me The Intelligence (RAY McGOVERN)

It's raining jobs for IT professionals (India)

Pakistani Role Seen in Taliban Surge at Border

In Cheney's world, we all report to the military (Blumner / St P Times FL)

John Dean on 6/6/03: "Is lying about the reason for a war an impeachable offense?"

Nicholas D. Kristof: Hang Up! Tehran Is Calling


George Bush's Crusading Scorecard (2001-2007) (TOM ENGELHARDT)

Of Apes and Men

What Would Jeb Do?

Carter, Clinton forging new Baptist coalition to counter conservative Southern Baptist Convention

Claiming the Prize: Bush Surge Aimed at Securing Iraqi Oil

New Orleans of Future May Stay Half Its Old Size - by Adam Nossiter at NYTimes

" Bush is either incompetent, insane or morally corrupt "

Republicans in Congress are reaching for life vests

Historians offer dismal Iraq forecast

The Hidden Homeless


Quagmire sours sweet land of liberty

Pakistani Role Seen in Taliban Surge at Border - By CARLOTTA GALL at NYTimes

Good video by the Sheriff of Broward County, Florida - what can happen while you pump gas

Revisit Same-Sex Marriage (Hartford Courant editorial)

Bremer Gets Invitation – From Waxman (WSJ-Washington Wire)

Newsweek's Cover Boys

WH ----recycling its greatest hits.

A Reckoning Deferred

Britain's war on two frontlines: In Afghanistan and Iraq, two missions, one deadly outcome

Take Two-Hillary Clinton-Brownback-Hate and Repentence

Consumer Reports ' Reputation Takes Hit

Maybe God is an atheists?

GM's Electric Auto Will Need a Leap of Science

Glacial Melt, Sea Level Rise Redefining Geography - Scotsman

IPCC - Warming To Be Far Worse Than Worst-Case Scenarios - Average +3C By 2100 "Extremely Likely"

G8 Carbon Pledges Dubbed "A Sham" - Would Take 21 Years To Implement - Times UK

Danish Government free hydrogen cars of all taxes

Take care of the launchpad before launching Project Apollo

State, Maine Yankee agree on compensation

Biomass power IS coming to town (Tallahassee, FL 35 MW plant)

Nobel laureates say sustainability needs more than science

Australian Jellyfish Incidents Double Since 2005 - Likely To Continue As Oceans Warm - SMH

Judge orders review of salamander status - AP

A new phrase: "Al Gore weather."

Rice: Olmert, Abbas agree to informal talks on Palestinian state

Islamic Jihad launches rockets at Israel

D'Souza's latest book

David Lindorff's Iraq Conspiracy Theory

Kathleen Wynne up on The Monitor ~ 6:35 pm Sunday

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 01/21/07 - HAVA Crook Bob Ney in Jail!

Why Voting Machine Paper Trails Aren’t Enough

My 10,000th Post: A Tribute to DU’s Believers.

Feinstein claims White House using Patriot Act to oust prosecutors

AP: Bomb explodes on bus in Baghdad; 6 dead

Editor hated by Turkish right gunned down

A Fully Funded 6-Month Withdrawal Plan by Lynn Woolsey

Post-ABC Poll: Clinton, Giuliani Lead Primary Fields

Hillary runs for the White House as ‘new Thatcher’

Reuters: Roadside bomb kills British soldier killed in Iraq

Carter, Clinton organizing moderate Baptists: COALITION WOULD BE 20 MILLION STRONG

U.S. asks Czechs to host anti-missile base, premier says

7.2 Earthquake in Indonesia

Pakistani Role Seen in Taliban Surge at Border

AP Talk of universal health care grows (Jr's new plan is a band aid

Iran to conduct missile war games

US paratroopers deploy in Baghdad

NATO urges Saudi Arabia to join cooperation pact

Calls to act on global warming precede Bush speech

WP (A01): Embattled, Bush Held To Plan to Salvage Iraq

Shiite cleric al-Sadr's political bloc ends boycott (back in the Iraq Parliament)

Five U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq - U.S. military...(Saturday's total 24)

Denny Doherty of the Mamas and Papas dies at age 66

AFP: Sadr group ends Iraq government boycott

London Times: US toxic gases push British pollution over safety limit

Iraqi police detain 3 Iranians in Mosul

Reuters: Iraq's Talabani calls for Syria-U.S. talks

Iraqi leader drops protection of militia

Senators seek support against Iraq surge

Somali journalist says U.S. troops seen in south

McCain casts doubt on Gen. Casey as U.S. Army head (to be the fall guy)

Bush record on energy security mixed

Burma 'orders Christians to be wiped out'

New Mexico governor (Richardson) takes first step in 2008 presidential run

Pa. Man's Letter Brings Secret Service (81 yo LTTE now brings out SS... :grr:

Safer Shelter Is Donated To St. Pete's Homeless (Group fights back)

Video of bus driver abused in Egyptian jail puts face on torture

Gunmen who killed 5 GIs were disguised

Ex-US official: Bush would approve Iran attack

Serbs vote in pivotal polls as Kosovo fate looms

25 U.S. soldiers killed in one day

AP: Taliban to open schools in Afghanistan (I do think it was Pelosi

Speaker Pelosi's daughter documents Christian right

Chavez to U.S.: 'Go to hell, gringos!'

Venezuela dismisses US concerns on Chavez

Airline pilot is stricken after takeoff, dies

Ok who is over the Douchebag stuff?

Well, I've decided to redeploy to bed....Night all'

I take back what I said about Negra Modelo and ramen

my cat is sitting on my mouse..ask me anything

That Ain't Right!

Egads; a Buzzcocks song in an AARP commercial!

Theres nothing here has grown.

edited to say:

I found out about you............

You can't see if I'm not listening

Can' find the video yet.

Mommy, why does everybody have a bomb?

This door don't open till after dark...

I need to hide the mensuration thread

Anyone seen "Songs from the Second Floor"?

Do you realise?

Once upon a midnight dreary.............


To be,or not be......

The world is coming to an end

Did you ever stop and think

I have a question.

If you want to see a movie with meaning & a kid with REAL talent...

Where's Clintmax?

I don't care what any of you DB's say: SNL has been hilarious tonight!!!

I just realized something

I am so pumped about this 2008 campaign! Weeeee!

funny cats!!! (youtube)

Can somebody tell me why disco is so poorly rated?

Cheaper Lovers Make Expensive Wives?

Who loves nitpicking movie scripts?

I bought some books today with my Borders Books gift card from

How do you feel about mensuration?

Hey Douchebags! What's Happening?

Hmmm. Beer in the morning.

I had the best time with my daughter today.

Ever hear a CAT fart?

Vet Accused of Giving Horses Vodka

So, how many times do you have to announce for

Name a non-sequitur about sitcoms... I'll start:

Coming soon....

The Chasers: Very funny Aussie TV show. Video:

Users of - have you ever made a typo when typing that in?

Harvard University

Have you bought anything from DU's advertisers?

Oh, it's snowing out! YES! Time for some cocoa, booze, and Nell Carter!

It's snowing!!!

Just a quick hello to all New England DUers

A serious question regarding nutrition

Who isn't over this douchebag stuff?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/21/07)

Is LOST nothing more than GILLIGAN'S ISLAND on steroids?

It's Sunday and it's snowing.

It's COLD here - single digits. What's the temp where you are?

Carbon monoxide high?

Who likes the TV show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations?

OMG, ground beef was $1/lb at the grocers'!

I didn't get out of bed all weekend, mostly.

"Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" - Bravo airing marathon of all eps

Denny Doherty of the Mamas and Papas dies at age 66

$26 per hour for a bus driver.

Is there anything better in the world than sticking it in pot?

I got a sunburn on my face yesterday.

Is there anything better in the world than pot stickers?

Bears or Saints?

I am spending a week at my brother's place.

well, I figured out a new cheap way to keep LeftyKid busy for a while

Those stupid "Bratz" toys are just getting annoying...

She can't get out of bed today.

SIL driving me nuts!

Intentional Communities

Do you automatically press the "view all" button?

Is there anything better in the world than sticky pot?

You don't know tough.

Anybody got that new Silversun Pickups cd?

Where the Hell is Matt

Attention Bears fans

Is There Anything Better In The World Than Sticking To The Pot?

mmmmm roasted nuts

Speaking as a hardcore alkie, I've got to say I hate beer commercials

In honor of all the snow we are getting, tell us your funny driving on snow stories!

Any Denver folks want to join me in an anti-snow dance?

Ever hear a FAT lark?

Is there anything better in the world than pot stickers?

Do you ever get sad

now THIS is abuse

It's cold & wet here.

I think we should form a DU intentional community

I have a serious this

The fauxhawk is the worst hairstyle since the mullet.


Bears just scored a touchdown. Chicago 16 - Saints 0

Anyone remember the old Dean Martin celebrity Roast

Black Sabbath rule.

My poor little dog...

does anybody have a VW Beetle, coupe or convertible?

So what's YOUR favorite music for when you're miserable?

This morning I did a lot of periodic weight lifting...

This morning I did a lot of periodic table lifting...

"Lewis" on Mystery! -- anyone know if more episodes were

Think we'll ever have a name-change amnesty like we did a

Kitty Pic Thread

Which kind of person are you?

Sign in if you have blocked somebody...

Bojangles Chicken gives me ass

Carnivorous predators make the best pets.

Bojangles Chicken gives me gas

Captain Spauldings's Gas gives me chicken.

WTF??? No N.O. Saints threads???

Shot Duck Survives 2 Days in Fla. Fridge

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to......

Congratulations sfexpat2000!! 35,000 posts

My Nose Won't Stop Dripping

I regret buying that elliptical trainer...

Hillary's prez run is to GD as....

Ever hear a CAT bark?

ever hear a CAT woof?

"Bear Down, Chicago Bears" performed by Bryan Griffin from the Lyric Opera of Chicago

Ever hear a CAT barf?

The Sunday afternoon Martini - it is a good thing. Magellan gin this day.

Ever hear a CAT meow?

my kids are great. my son is donating his hair.

I'm Free! FREE I tell you!

Ever hear a cat fart?

I just watched "Nanny McPhee.:" What a delightful movie!

I'm IGNORE-ing all of you

wildhorses made me do it: I need suggestions for a new user name!

I changed my Avatar!

Does your pussy cat wuv you? Amber wuvs her Daddy! (pic)

I just woke up and the sun is out with blue sky.

Could I ask the Lounge for some advice?

Congrats to the New Orleans Saints

HISTORY! HISTORY! HISTORY! Here's to you Lovie Smith!

OK, here we go! GO CHICAGO BEARS! Wish them luck!

Ah yes, the Bears' secret weapon!

Woohoo! Just got off the phone with a woman I've been friends

I'm already sick of the 2008 campaign -- Anyone else sick of it?

If you were a bus driver, how would you handle this situation?

The new fashion must-have for men: Leggings!!

I'm going to buy my first car

"Officer Levitt" from Barney Miller, Ron Carey, has passed away.

Some people are like Slinkies

Does it offend you if someone you respect calls you stupid?

BEARS WIN! 39-14

Have you seen this sign in restaurants lately?

Ok, Lounge, tell me something FUN or FUNNY!

I've Changed My Avatar!

I have finally finished my dissertation! Ask me anyting!

Is it weird that I email my husband when he is mere rooms away?

Bill Evans DVD - "The Oslo Concerts"

Well, for anyone who cares, the Sadie Hawkins dance last night rocked...

Wildhorses made me do it: (put what she made you do here)

Okay, I'll give Lucas some credit

I can't believe no one has blocked me yet.

******Official Bears vs. Saints thread*******


My sis wants a big meal.

What are you reading for?

Hey sniffa!

A car just slid into the river - two people trapped

Have You Ever In Your Life Wondered

Which home would you choose?

What are you reading?

Ah, revenge:

What do you call it?

Did anyone else use to watch "The Rifleman"?

"You're cool!" "No way, I'm a jerk, YOU'RE cool!" "No, *I'm* a jerk!"

Any other XBOX 360 Live addicts here?

Anyone else addicted to games on the computer? Between spider solitaire

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?

Best drummer/singer

all of you who straightened out my backward, barbaric thinking on veal . . .

What was your first car?

So I guess I need to grease the pole again...


just try to name a movie worse than 'Ishtar'

Sunrise in the country (pics)


I now officially hate the Bears, Chicago, and everything associated with it!!!!

a couple of old DU features

Michael Vick appreciation thread

Star Wars or Star Trek

Soft drinks and weight. Mid Nov I stopped drinking

What's Your Cumpulsive Purchase Item(s)

Pink Floyd

Earth to 'Dr. Dino': Please pay your taxes and start facing reality

Pope to write special letter to Catholics in China

Ancient Greek gods' new believers

A Cure for Messianic Madness

Sundance Film Depicts Anti-Gay Bible Interpretation Is A "Modern Invention"

Nobel Laurate Archbishop Desmond Tutu: "gay hate the same as racism"

John Kass from the Chicago Tribune is a complete eejit...

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for January 21: A wild and windy week in Wijk

Phillies sign Utley to 7 year/$85 million deal

Arsenal-ManU- WOW

Grossman's Too Young

The Stars This Week: "Change is in the Air" - Jan. 22 - Jan. 28, 2007

Clinton strong on foreign policy? And this coming from McAuliffe.

Clinton most qualified Dem or Rep to be CIC?

Kerry and Feingold reintroduce Afghanistan resolution

Out of town most of this week

While the cat's away the mice will play...

My call aka In my opinion.

State of the Union -- What color tie will he wear?

There Was a Crooked Man

Milk Processors Clout Versus the Voice of Dairy Farmers

Meet the Press "Presidential Preference Poll:" Why the HELL is John Kerry Dead Last at 8%?

Oregon Bar asks lawyer about mysterious jet owner [re: CIA, extraordinary rendition, torture]

Lieberman leaving humanity

Fertilizer that doesn't hurt the earth made from worm shit.

Oil Spill off Devon coast, England

A Century of LIES - Did we ever really need to be on oil?

*** Sunday TOONs: Obama's Hat in the Ring ***

Republican John Warner is working on his own ANTI-Surge resolution?

As for Hillary...

What's wrong with saying this: Democrats are business friendly when business is America friendly

Do We have Any PETA people here? What on earth is the deal

bush will invade Iran and there is nothing we can do about it.


Everytime I see one of these damn bumper stickers....

Let me get this new White House health care plan straight....

Independent Filmmaker/Activist Murdered In New Orleans

If you've shopped @ a TJMAXX owned store since 2003 your credit/debit data has been stolen

I need a link whether Bush* avoided capturing

I absolutely demand on behalf of those who died that there be a REAL investigation into Katrina

One thing I admire about the Bushies and neocons...

Raise Your Hands If You Knew Lynne Cheney Had Been On Board of Directors for Lockheed Martin

NYT: Refugees Find Hostility and Hope on Soccer Field -Please Read

Okay, I don't really give a rat's ass about football-but GO SAINTS!

Things you may not know about Hillary Clinton

Is Hillary's candidacy really a step forward for women?

Bush is a picture of defeat (Andrew Greeley)

"Half of all (U.S.) children are below average. . ."

A Soldier's Heart - The Healing of PTSD (radio interview)

In the sacred memory of a Sunday, in the holiness past of this hour, . . . please come CAPTION!!!

The silliness to which the repubs are stooping in their emails.

I'd Love DU's Advice On Choosing A Social Studies Textbook For My School

Join Cindy Sheehan

Karen Hughes is off to China and Philippines to "improve our image"

George W. Bush is Truly a Uniter

Floridians, what's up with my girl Katherine Harris?...

LBJ: George (H.W.) Bush is a very progressive Republican...

What troubles me the most

Did you know that you didn't have to be born in the U.S. to run for president?

If Gore Had Chosen {???} As His Running Mate in 2000, FL Wouldn't Have Mattered...

Secret Service Visits Man After Letter To Editor

What will it take for the MSM not to anoint Hillary as the presumptive nominee?

would you vote for Lieberman if he got the Democratic nomination??

Help needed please...

You won't see this OP/ED in the US would land ya in jail probably

Speaking of healthcare...

Megalomaniacal Bush Is Incompetent, Insane, Morally Corrupt & Unfazed By Reality

reframing: the "income" tax is actually now a LABOR tax

What exactly makes Edwards too far left for the general

If every DUer posted "IMPEACH BUSH/CHENEY NOW!" on every

McCain's poor judgment of historic proportion!

Poll question: would you vote for Zell Miller if he got the Democratic nomination??

Whould you vote for McCain if he were the Democratic Nom?

Anyone watching the history of Iraq on the History Channel?

Suppose Bush* gave the order to attack Iran and Congress told the troops to stand down

OMFG: NBC news just said

Methinks FOX News doth protest too much

Is hanging out at DU skewing my perspective???

Can anyone make sense of what Condi said?

Gunmen Who Killed 5 GIs In Iraq Wore Disguises

Anybody else just catch Pelosi on CSPAN?

Cindy Sheehan: The Price of Freedom - 24

How Low Will bu$h Go?

What will Bush reference in SOTU speech to get "bi-partisan" applause?

I saw sometihng about Gore and remembered a rumor I've heard a few times now.

The memory hole

What goes? I just tried to respond on a GD thread that was not locked

Why do some of the people who took on Bush directly later act as though they've been lobotomized?

Does Speaker Pelosi Get to Invite Gallery Guests, Like the President?

What missing children group is O'Reilly speaking to, and who do we complain to?

What real DUer ever make a blatantly fascistic statement like these

How Does a Bill Become a Law?

TX fundies: HPV vaccination contradicts laws teaching abstinence

It's fun bickering about 2008 candidates, but

RADICAL FRINGE TOON 1/21 .. in search of

KS: O'Reilly's exhortation gets tepid response.

12,000 Md. kids may miss school over vaccinations

Can't these Clinton/Obama/Edwards threads be kicked over to GDP?

Only posters NOT on my IGNORE list will be able to read this important message:

We aren't responsible for 9/11, but 9/11 was the fault of the secret government.

Let's put this another way -- would you vote for Lieberman if he got the Democratic nomination??

After 25 years, I know from whence Cokie's affect came:


Hillary's run - look at it this way

We need a 20th Century Boudica.

Anyone have a number as to how many "terrorists" have died in Iraq?

Terrible day yesterday

3052 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Isn't debt the same as indentured servitude?

~Listen Now!~ Background Briefing with Ian Masters: Iran and psychoanalyzing W

Is there a place to donate to help people get to the March?

I like Bill Richardson, but he will have to fess up on some questions

Can legislation stop Shrub's war? Congress did it with Nixon 36 years ago! See how...

100,000+ In Okla., Mo. Still Without Power

Bill Richardson has a big problem.

IPCC - Warming To Be Far Worse Than Worst-Case Scenarios - Average +3C By 2100 "Extremely Likely"

After cementing his position in a McCain/ Lieberman 2008 ticket

Bill Kristol to Democrats/War Protestors: STFU

Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation, "Have no fear of escalation..."

Bush cuts Congress off at the knees - sends 3200 troops into Baghdad

Poll: American People & Congress Should Be The Deciders

Go Bush!

Why don't the Dems running for Pres just boycott ABC and Faux?

Lieberman says he will filibuster WITH REPUBLICANS over Iraq escalation

I finally watched bush on 60 minutes

Never before is the need....(Removal of the President)

Quick question.

Want to see how GWB sleeps at night?

WaPo: Temporary 'Enjoyment Marriages' In Vogue Again With Some Iraqis

Feds extends comment period on term 'natural'

U.S. wants explanation from China on anti-satellite weapon

Uniter not divider

here is a prime example of why the super nuclear block feature is a bad idea....

All the lonely people, where do they all come from?

Senator Dodd not running for reelection to the senate, any chance Lamont will run for his seat?

My local Paper reported over 20 U.S.soldiers dead in Iraq. ON PAGE THREE.

Washington Post: Influence of Developers, Allies Runs Deep (Loudoun County, VA)

Iran to Conduct Missile War Games

OK, here we go! GO CHICAGO BEARS! Wish them luck!

25 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq Saturday

What do your independent and Democratic friends think about HRC's presidential aspirations?

Support the troops ... yeah right.

"McConnell won't be Bush's water boy on Iraq"

Is China Winning the Energy Access Wars?

Today On DU, I Am Proudly Announcing The Formation Of An Exploratory Committee...

Democrats are discussing two separate resolutions?

Another great PBS show is on now.. Telling the Truth: The Best in Broadcast Journalism

Al Gore The Statesman/ Environmentalist: We Have The Tools To Fight Global Warming

Quick. Name one thing tis administration has done right. Serious.

George W. Bush Presidential Speech Generator

Anyone Catch McCains New Talking Point?

LOL Check out this cartoon about the "surge"

How many Mercenaries have died in Iraq. I'm sure they don't 'count'.

Peace March Jan. 27

No-Fly To Be Cleaned; Secure Flight Delayed

Why can't we just let people opt out of employer plans without taxing

If Lieberman gets the D Nomination, we'll all vote for him, right?

Israeli and Kuwaiti students tell me things me things I didn't know and in one case, didn't suspect.

5 of the top 10 richest Americans last name is Walton.

Do you think Bush's goal is to sink the US?

Wow, the Number is up to 3046 this morning.

9:30am CSPAN2 - On the Brink: An Insider's Account of How the White House Compromised American...

todays Sunday paper's cartoon.. Bu$h in a frumpy suit, caption 'Death of a Salesman', he holds up a

Frank Rich: "Call The White House On Its Lies"

A progressive confesses, seeks absolution.

Something I don't understand about the Democratic Party and getting a message out.

My friend just got back from Vietnam

Bob Schieffer giving the Democratically-controlled Congress their props this morning!

Seriously, what are Mitt's chances?

Congress more religiously diverse; Catholics still well represented

Hey blastocyst lovers

I just received my first DU block notice ...

Help I am surrounded by jerks

RW Media backing off "Obama MUST be secretly a Muslim"... and are now trying to pin it on Hillary

Iraq:Rep. Maxine Waters Coming Up on CNN

Gonzales repeat on C-Span 1 now

Iran Plans to Conduct Missile War Games

I'm watching McCain right now on MTP.

Maxine Waters on Late Edition NOW


Officer To Be Retrained for helping homeless woman keep her belongings (Cart update)

WP: With Rich Little, Press Corps Is Assured a Nice Impression (buried at end of article is story)

EMILYS LIST Endorses Hillary

I've put away all the cute, snarky nicknames....

Linday Graham on Late Edition: Iraq "is a central battleground in World War III."

Medal of Freedom Nominee: General Shinseki

Feinstein grilling Gonzo - a repeat of thursday CSpan

Leonardo's Tank on Display in Sofia

The Chinese wanted to talk to the US about anti-satellite tech,Bush rebuffed them.

Mondale and Carter on Wolfie n/t

Bush supporter spotted

Creators Put Politics Into Video Games

Brokeback Mountain opened my friends eyes.

Are Clinton's numbers "Name Recognition" just like Bush in 1999?

PBS--coming up live--discussion of NSA/FISA issue

CNN: Helicopter was Shot Down in Baghdad. They are 'leaning' toward this conclusion.

After Spike In U.S. Military Death Toll, Violence Rages Across Iraq

What about a Clinton/Obama Ticket?

Anyone Seen the New WalMart PR Commercial: "When WalMart Comes to Town, It's Like a Pay Raise?"

Guns for Hire

McCain said this on MTP...

Joint Carter/Mondale interview on Late Edition coming up

19 US soldiers killed yesterday

Clinical Presentation of Senator McCain:

IMO it is abuse to take a powerless person and put them in a confined area and fill

Are there any Republicans that don't make you gag?

Senate Oversight Committee hearing with Gonzo coming up next

Election '08

Iraqi government criticizes raid, saying it wasn't consulted

How can McCain blame Gen. Casey for this mess?

Mrs. Rodham Clinton eats boogers

FBI: Ex-diplomat's spouse targeted in sex shakedown scheme

Pres Carter speaking at his Conference now

Suppose a Governor recalls his National Guard troops ...

Iowa and New Hampshire are going to be irrelevent, California is moving primary to Feb.

Who are the "Peace candidates" that have declared they are running for president?

To Democratic Party candidates, a message from Skidmore

Carter, Clinton organizing moderate Baptists: COALITION WOULD BE 20 MILLION STRONG

Binge & Purge Presidency

"some of knew from the beginning that it was a failed policy"--{When

WHO WILL MAKE IT STOP? can you join us?

If these three were really our choices for the nomination.... Clinton, Obama, and Edwards....

Gunmen who killed 5 GIs were disguised

Battle of the pipsqueaks: Beto GONZALES vs Harriet MIERS

Sunni-Shiite talks begin with spat over Iran, Iraq

Anyone listening to TWJ this AM? Host just read an article saying

The most delusional thing I have read all week


Did 20 GI's die in Iraq yesterday?

So let's say Hillary wins the nomination and general election, what will the DU naysayers do?

McCain followed by Ted Kennedy on MTP now on the tube. Central time

Would Bill Clinton be called the First Gentleman or First Husband

Why are we doing the GOPig's work for them?

So, do you think Jeb Bush will run for POTUS?

The Socialist Senator

Who are the talking heads this Sunday morning? I gotta go outta

Do you believe we can force an end to the Iraq War?

(Not so) holy Joe.

The REAL Calling of our Generation: To Remove the Republifascists.

Why are some candidate referred to by first name & others by last name?

I am watching President and First Lady Carter on CSPAN.

POLL: What should the mods do with the new block feature?

brief observation regarding jurors for libby trial

Ever hear a CAT bark?

3,047 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

This is scary..

The new definition of hypocrisy

Brian Schweitzer Rips Iraq War In Dem radio address

Poverty VS Elitist"charity"a rant .

Independent UK: Battle To Save Iraq's Children (Hospital Conditions Violation of Geneva Conventions)

NYTimes Analysis: Clinton's Success in Presidential Race is No Sure Thing

Carter, Clinton Seek To Bring Together Moderate Baptists

For conservationists, a movie for you!

Barbara Boxer shares her plans for the next year with the new

"US Plans Envision Broad Attack On Iran - Analyst" --Rawstory LINK

So my Political Rival has been harping on the "Clinton gave secrets to the Chinese" thing...

Reuters: US revises helicopter crash death toll down to 12

I can't believe Colbert stole O'Reilly's microwave....

Wouldnt't it be good to be apolitical?

A perfect example with the block message

I give some thought into this.

Talk to Iran? YES!

We had a special guest at our meetup tonight

My Husband and I are planning to go to Obama's Presidential Announcement

The fabulous Dixie Chix are on PBS Austin City Limits tonight

Interesting article about Hillary from a former Hillary hater.

Resolute Bush held to his idea for Iraq

God Knows (You gotta give to get)

The Blues Brothers vs. the Illinois Nazi Party

The Rotten Eggs Comic (the beginning)

The G.O.P. as Dr. Utopia

How Could This Happen? A Political Debate (re: Gonzales)

Colbert Explains the AT&T mergers

Texas E-Voting Machines Flipping Democrat Votes

Bush Asks China's Intentions on AntiSatellite missile (Wassup)

Wes Clark - Why I'm A Democrat

Let's Drop the Big One Now

How This Must End

Mike Malloy: Rumsfeld on Acid

Chavez to U.S.: 'Go to Hell, Gringos!'

If we could focus on the issues, then a truly progressive candidate like Kucinich could win

Encounter with a freeper (re: "Democrat" party)

Minimum Wage Raise - SENATE VOTING MONDAY, JAN 22 - call 1-800-459-1887 & send this message


Hillary and Obama blah blah blah....blah and Hillary and Obama

Embattled, Bush Held To Plan to Salvage Iraq - In Face of Advice, He Pushed Buildup

Army Wife's Anti-War Signs Draw Fire

I Was Ambushed by Paula Zahn (read how they did it re: Duke case)

The road to the White House--Back in 2004,

A WOMAN is a serious contender to be the President of the U.S.

Another bit of info the administration keeps quiet

Boston Globe: Gore Camp has "Quietly Put Out Feelers" For a Presidential Run in recent weeks

The Nigerian email scam takes a really ugly turn...

A "Silent Pandemic" of chemicals impairing brain development announced by Harvard Schl of Pub Health

An Imperfect Chronology (Plame Thread #3)

There's no Democratic nominee that I won't vote for.

Golden Source: Clark Will Run! (MSNBC):

At least 24 Americans died in Iraq Sat. 3rd deadliest day for troops since war began

Rep Hinchey reintroduces bill to break media monopolies, reinstate Fairness Doctrine

NEW Peace Takes Courage Video: How This Must End

Another march ... another HERE IN SPIRIT sign!

Stop insane talk about voting for 3rd party candidates

Anti-war demo? Let's put the show on right here

Bobby Kennedy Jr. may test New York’s political waters

who killed the the lastest 5 US troops is questioned:

US oil company helping to write the Iraqi Oil law.. Sound familiar

Saw This Bumper Sticker Today...

are you concerned about primary (campaign tactics)

has anyone seen the latest wingnut attacks on Obama

Democrats Seek to Avert Abortion Clashes

Partners in fight for 'First' place at White House

Impeach Alberto Gonzales! Urge your Representatives!

DU a poll: United States find an alternative to holding suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay?

"Bush to Urge New Tax Plan for Health Care Coverage "

FYI, the very first Dean Dozen list. Interesting to look back.

Kurdish Iraqi soldiers are deserting to avoid the conflict in Baghdad

Newsweek Latest Poll has Bush at 31%

Video: War, Media, Impeachment

Pelosi Chooses "Uncompromising Environmentalist" to Head Select Cmte

Did the draft Gore ads just start running? This is the first time I've seen one.

Check out CNN's poll question about Hillary Clinton

Novak says Dick Morris is begging GOPers for anti-Clinton donations

Very subdued and somber McCain on MTP this morning.

Saturday, the third deadliest day of the Iraq war for U.S. troops, 24 killed

Well, at least we have a wealth of treasures to choose from with our candidates

Al or Hillary?

A Fully Funded 6-Month Withdrawal Plan by Lynn Woolsey

Where does Bush get his stupid ideas

Uh-oh something else Obama will have to overcome

I say let's just have never-ending primary races. That way every state

America's Racial Purity Czar Tancredo's head explodes

New Republican lie: Dems have no faith that Petreus and

" Clinton: I'm in to Win" does have a nice ring to it

What ever happened with this info? Anything? Direct Evidence Of Ballot Tampering

Pretty good profile of Hillary in "The Atlantic"...

McCain flip-flops so hard he hurt his back....

What does your protest sign say?

MTP : McCain Rapid eye blinks......Living a LIE!

Maxine Waters on deck on Late Edition...

Whatever happened to KKKarl? I sure hope he is ok. nm

This is my 1000th post and I want to thank my son for

Stop * and Cheney

Serious Contemplation Requires Republicans To Moderate Their Image

You can recall a Governor (CA), Can you recall a Senator (CT)?

Jackson Brown Had it right so long ago (video warning)

Know Your Enemies...

25 US soldiers now reportedly killed in Iraq on Saturday!

Post/ABC Poll: Hillary with wide lead for Democratic Nomination...

Hillary campaign picks up Mike Henry..DSCC campaign Ad Man...and

Hillary Is In, but She Won't Win

Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) won't seek reelection in 2010

Of the candidates who have announced, I think Bill Richardson has the best credentials.

Little debate help here please - when wingnuts say "most terrorists Islamic, Mid. East"....

My take on Governor Richardson

I don't know whether to watch the "State of the Union" address

Gingrich: 2008 Run Would Be Last Resort

46 people were killed or found dead in Iraq on Sun so far.

Let's start a list..

Richardson, at least by default

Who is working for whom (2008 Presidential staffing thread)

Nancy Pelosi blogged on Huffington Post

Anyone see Joe Biden slap down Dick Cheney this morning??

Sen. Ted Kennedy says, Don't write-off John Kerry or Der Mittenfuhrer

Fascinating article relating to Shayler's information on Blair having worked

A Vote for Hillary is a vote for Bill Clinton II... Does he deserve second chance?

Zogby poll puts Obama in the lead in New Hampshire. Obama 23%. Clinton and Edwards, 19%.

Will Bush get a "bump" in the polls after the speech. If so, how much, and at this late date,

Brownback's Biggest Supporter: Monaghan (Domino's Pizza)

Hillary getting ready to give speech. i'm tired of her already

Dick Morris Looks To 'Swift Boat' Hillary

24 vs Reality

Why do you support/oppose Bill Richardson for President?

For those that already have a 2008 candidate

Well, here is a remarkably stupid idea, making the rounds

DFA is guaging interest whether or not they should jump in officially. Go

I did my own little poll about Hillary.

Unelectable, and rightly so (Bob Harris on Hillary)

Will you be in DC on the 27th?

Will You Vote (Or Consider Voting For) Wesley Clark?

Senator Brownback has tired eyes...

Objectively best qualified Dem candidate: Bill Richardson

My three criteria for a candidate in the 08 Pres. Primary.

WH and Al Gonzales Prepare to Launch Whitewater II w/ new Prosecutor

Americablog: Bush to propose tax increase on some workers in State of the Union

will Clark run, now that Senator Clinton is in the race?

Anne Quindlen editorial on Hillary...hadn't seen this before...

Hillary is no less electable than Obama or Edwards

PLEASE, Al Gore. Run for President!

Yawn, Hillary's In

Between these two Democrats, Gore or Hillary, who do you prefer to run?

Hillary says that if she knew then what she knows now,

Will Terry McAuliffe run Hillary's campaign with the same neglect he ran the DNC

I think Kerry can see the writing on the wall

Why Wes Clark hasn't declared yet

Caption: Real respect from the family values crowd.

You will NEVER silence me, William Kristol!

"if I had known then what I know now" I am so DAMNED sick and tired of hearing this from ANY of our

FCC Releases, Withholds Ownership Documents

If Clark doesn't run, who should I support in the primary?

Question about Gore, Edwards, Clark...

I just thought of a great idea. People here who don't like Hillary should hook up with Dick Morris!

Not Excited About Clinton or Obama

Edwards, still a class act

2008 Presidential Election Prediction

HILLARY Comes Out Swinging!

N.M. Governor Richardson Joins Presidential Race

Bob Graham's warning to fellow senators two days before the IWR.

"the military response to terrorism is not a solution"