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Text of Sen. Jim Webb's Democratic response to the SOTU.

The Nation: Libby Trial Opens With Simple Tales and Complex Twists

Retreating from Extremism is an Option

John Nichols: A Tepid Response to Bush's Iraq Plea (The Nation)

The Nation: Webb to Bush: "We Will Be Showing Him the Way."

We're Takin' It to the Street on January 27!

Common Dreams: Bush's Iraq 'Surge': The Fraud Exposed

Speed Matters

Deutsche Bank Warns Merkel Of Missing CO2 Targets W/O Nuclear Plants - FT

Antarctic Research Team Reaches Remote Station - Greeted By Larger-Than-Life Bust Of Lenin - AFP

Bird Species Face Extinction Spike 50 Times Faster Than Current Rate

One-Half Of Planet's Waterfowl Species In Decline - AP

China Warns Korea About This Year's Approaching Dust Season

TXU Claims Plans For 11 More Coal-Fired Plants "Consistent" With Corporate Calls For GHG Caps - DMN

Wal-Mart, Tesco Talk A Bright Green Game - But In The Details, The Devil Awaits - Guardian

Fence cuts Palestinian cave dwellers off from wood

SOTU Address: bush pimps the OCT; 19 hijackers in a vacuum done it all.

Venezuela, Russia sign natural gas agreement

Webb to Deliver an Aggressive Rebuttal to Bush Iraq Policy

Fence cuts Palestinian cave dwellers off from wood

2 Piracy Cases Test Readiness for WTO

Battery Research? What?

Deja vu...heard lots of the SOTU past 5 years!

Bush is about to talk about Iraq and Iran, heads up!!!

Has * ever kept ANY of his promises from any SOTU?

I'm SO scared! FEAR, fear, fear!!! AKA: BS in my book!

Immigration Sweep Yields 761 Arrests

OMG, he is mentioning this surge! VOMIT ALERT!!!

Since when does he give a shit about diseases and the poor?

Thank you, thank you , thank you...he's done with the BS!!!

Did Tweety just say

Bolivia's new U.S. ambassador faces tough assignment

Venezuelan Legislature Rejects US Official’s Comments on Enabling Law

(Montgomery County, MD) Schools required to distribute 'ex-gay' literature;

9/11 officer dies as son attends 'Union'

Suspect is arrested in mercury-spilling incident

DNA tests clear men in Georgia, New York

Space Operations Doctrine Signed

Murdoch joins Chandler bid for Tribune (and L.A. Times): report

Venezuela to Impose Tax on Idle Lands

Ex-dictator Noriega to be released Sept. 9

(Denver) Radio host arrested in Internet sex sting

New Orleans Not Part of Bush's Speech

AP: Bush Reintroduces School Voucher Plan

Subpoenas raise new questions (Brent Wilkes, Duncan Hunter, Duke Cunningham)

N Korea helping Iran with nuclear testing

*I just put my 1000th post here!*:

5th most popular "picture you would find on the wall of a black barber shop" = Clinton

99 posts left until the big 1000

Quick ? re: SOTU speech!

*Quiz* Who said it? Winner gets to not watch the SOTU!

Short summary of upcoming SOTU speech

Sixteen years ago today my son was born

Well, here it is, my 4000th post this neighborhood having a block party?

Whose day is it to spread "the Gay" around the Lounge?

Neato. My wife got a raise!


Woohoo, I am blocked, so now I am one of the Cool People!

Just saw a person with a lot of blocks. It made me not think well of that person-

What's it mean when you dream about beating the crap out of yourself?

The Best Part of having the Stomach Flu

American Idol - I have no qualms in a person being told they're bad...

Who else watched Heroes last night

I can't help but to wonder... am I blocked?

Please read my "Block Resume"

Did I get a good deal?

Who else here has no one on their block list!

what to do during the dufus speech?

Do you realize the username "douchebag" is still available on DU?

Compliment ONE DU'ers block list

Who else misses Nadia?

Why do my threads sink so fast?

Well here's a commercial I hate

Just bought some yummy steer pizzles for my doggie to gnaw on.......

I'm skipping the speech and reading my daughters bedtime stories.

Watch last night's episode of "Heroes" or Bush lying?

Risque joke. Don't click if you are easily offended. :)

Woman Takes Potty Break, Falls in Lake

HEY!!!! I'm actually on someone's block list!!!!!!

*** Official "Hoping Bush has nervous breakdown on LIVE TV tonight" thread ***

Metacritic's best films

Watching Miami Ink and I am in love....

I can't listen to Bush even with Mike Malloy giving him hell.

What do the little blue X's in the little gold blocks mean?

Pandas are jumpy

Few care, but I just undid my Leave of Abstinence from school.

Few care, but I just undid my Leave of Absinthe from school.

I just cannot take the FUCKING standing Os

alan arkin was so wonderful in little miss sunshine i just had to start a thread

where does it say we're at "level 3"?

Let's have a popularity contest


The John Basedow of Pinnipeds

Listening to Matthew Sweet instead of watching tv.

Instead of the SOTU I am watching a really disturbing movie called the Protocols of Zion

The first lady had 23 people in her box tonight.

Norton Wine - have you ever tasted it?

Hey - My TV was broke - wouldnt change channels

Soooooooo, it looks like I might actually have a date.

That was weird

To keep her from the howling wind ..

I'm playing Kraftwerk on my iTunes - ask me anything.

So evidently Castro is alive and well and is competing on American Idol.

OMG! The cutest video EVER!!

I just took the Jeopardy Online Contestant test, and I blew it big time!

My doctor's are driving me insane tonight

Can Anyone Else Not See The Block Lists In The Lounge?- Okay I see them now ROFL

Hedges has the BEST BLOCK LIST EVAH!

Bush said something about attacks from Korean tarantulas?

Would someone PLEASE tell this insane cat that she CANNOT

I can't remember the "Best Song" nominee from Al Gore's documentary!

I had a poopy day at work. POOPY I say!

I bought my first itunes downloads last night: "Train in Vain" and "Rock the Casbah"

If I wrote a program that allowed you to trawl the nuclear block lists for your username....

"Oatmeal? Spittle? Semen? This must be where Wilford Brimley was strangled by Bob Crane"

GD and GDP has too much information about the SOTU

Do you have a TV in your vehicle?

Anyone else feel like they need a shower after a few posts in GD?

Chimpy's speechification: What'd I miss?

If it's true a rich man leads a sad life

Best Progressive Movies Ever

*******Official Bush STFU Thread 4******

How do you like my new sigline?

Calf With 2 Faces Wins Over Dairyman

Who here doesn't like "Lost"?

Ever play "Bathhouse John"?

HELP! If you know MS Word, I need your help

"Pure and Easy"--The Who...some questions

My cousin came out today.

Post your links-songs that "take you back"

DAMN! Aussie diver partially swallowed head-first by Great White...FIGHTS IT OFF!

Instead of watching Bush's bullshit, I am just watching "Bullshit"

So I discovered this bizarre video on my hard drive...

porcupine photos!

Post something shocking about yourself

I got a raise from my neato wife!

Penguins consider moving south

Need a little "mid major" respect here

Kerry Says Bush Address Ignores America’s Priorities

Senator Kerry at the SOTU, looking dapper as usual! nt

Great Bill Moyers video on GD about secrecy in govt from the 80s

Report from Firedoglake and the Next Hurrah at the Libby trial

state of the union edit...

St. Pete, FL Police slash homeless tents

Jim Webb gives Democratic response to 2007 SOTU (Part 1)


My God, Jim Webb is speaking so much more eloquently tonight...

Did y'all catch Pelosi's subtle "Wayne's World" reference? (screencap)

Anybody get a shot of McCain sleeping?

Ironic Statement of the Night award.... the envelope please....


Webb's rebuttal: "We are held hostage" to Bush's War.

SOTU Nancy Pelosi (and blivet**) Pix thread!

If clapping is a sign that dems agree with Bush then why was Webb selected...

do we have a Jim Webb avatar???

Did Webb just say "class"?

"Class divide!" He said it, he said it! YES!!!

So THAT'S what a statesman (Jim Webb) sounds like.

Senator Webb... just superb.

"We'll Be Showing Him the Way!"

Controversial movie on child rape debuts at Sundance.

Feingold and Bush post-speech

Speaking of class concerns is now "the middle" according to Tweety

What was going on when Cheney smirked and smiled at the point

CSPAN callers respond.

CSPAN taking calls now! "What is your response to the SOTU?"

C-SPAN call ins now. This conservative is complaining about the

I think Webb should consider starting a presidential exploratory committee

anyone else watching chris wallace and shepard smith?

Did he even give a shit about earmarks

Jim Webb is da man

Edwards on MSNBC

Obama's on CNN now

Food Sovereignty at the World Social Forum

TPM - Video your response to the SOTU

Iraq has heroes, so where are their medals?

We are never going to not have wars are we .

5 deferment Dick now hides behind his daughters' skirts

Does everyone realize how much everyone in Louisiana laughed at Webb's

Bush Will Not Mention Katrina In State Of The Union

Color me shocked: Bush Will Not Mention Katrina In State Of The Union

"Insight" responds re: Obama "madrassa," but doesn't address veracity of story

Liz Cheney Slams Pelosi For Phrase Bush Officials Have Used Repeatedly

If I was President . . .

Buchanan (Pat) just said Webb's response is powerful.

Happy 90th birthday, Ernest Borgnine

Jim Webb is an excellent choice for the follow up....

Will bush make any mention of the guy who supposedly attacked us?

WEBB response ::: full text here ::: 'The President took us into this war recklessly'...

What is wrong with Dennis Miller.

I just saw a commercial on MSNBC. Some group claims...

Drudge, Wingnuts shut down Senate site

Does Lieberman give Bush tongue tonight?...........

Ten SOTU predictions!! Add yours!!

Has anyone been to the MSN homepage?

Watching the coverage tonight reminds me of the weekend before the November 7 elections - BAD NEWS

Drudge has leaked Jim Webb's response to Bush

Instead of thunderous applause for Bush tonight, wouldn't it be

Evangelicals, Benny Hinn, TBN, and The Prosperity Gospel

Washington D.C. will be beautiful this spring. (Im) Peach Blossoms all over.

Oh my! Let's hope they don't all get bombed at the SOTU...

Doomsday scenario: AG Gonzo will take over and be pres...

Official "Rachel Maddow Show" State of the Union 2007 Drinking Game

3060 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Why does Dick Cheney hate America?

In spite of the hoopla over Obama and Hillary...(Webb's response)

I will send a personal check for $2000 to any Dem. Rep that yells "Impeach!" during the SOTU.

E. Howard Hunt DEAD at 88

Today's prayer for Bush in Freep-land....

KO is fact-checking *'s previous SOTUs for truthiness.

DU Drinking Game Checklist

Oh Boy....

Shit. The regular TV schedule is all screwed up.

why watch the Bush

How many times will the President:

Heard this morning on Glenn Beck...(Re: Bush)

So many threads in Greatest with archived documents as destinations

Did I hear Deadeye Dick getting BOO's?

Is Scooter Libby shooting for a pardon?

Do our representatives HAVE to clap when the chimp walks in? Why would they?

"It was impossible to get a conversation going; everybody was talking too much."

Bush has a "It's a wonderful life" moment while waiting to make SOTU Address:

*** Official Pre-SOTU Speech thread ***

OK, who kidnapped Hillary Clinton, and who is her replacement?

Madame Speaker!

How many SOTUs has this guy given?

"Fox NOISE Channel!"

The Cheney/Bush/Nixon's Ghost/Rove/Matalin/bfee SOTU Address 2007...

Why does FOX news say the nation is at war?

One wonders what Cheney and Pelosi are talking about

Cheney does not look happy standing next to Nancy...

Ladies & Gentlemen, let the speechification begin!

Madame Speaker, the President of the United States!


Why the Hell did the Sargent of Arms not say Madame Speaker?

does the boy king look heavily medicated to you or what

Atrios: Lazy bastard pre-taped it so he could get to bed early.

****which OFFICIAL STATE OF THE UNION THREAD do I click on?****

"Madame Speaker, The President of the United States..."

Media Matters: CNN Echoed WSJ Assertion that Only Dems Face Electability Questions

SOTU observation

How many applause lines do you suppose are written into *'s SOTU speech?

Where can I watch Webb's response to the State of the Union Address?

Bush is going to link Al Qaeda, Iraq and IRAN in SOTU!


Official Freep Repugnik SOTU / Bushler adoration thread here

Bush is giving dap to Nancy Pelosi.

Whole SOTU up at Think Progress

Oh Fish AL SOTU Snark Thread ...... we do rumors too

If Dimbulb says the "Democrat" party the Dems should boo like hell

Webb Calls for Diplomacy in Iraq


Ted Kenneyd either has a headache or he is tired of the

Democrat-IC majority, you idiot!

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 2 ***

Did you hear that Harry Reid said he will not accommodate the traveling schedules of the candidates

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread ***

earmarks-- what about your signing statements dimwit?

Charlie Norwood!?!?!? He's my Congressman! What happened?

Sounds like Hillary wants to make Bill the Ambassador to the UN in her administration

I swear to God I'm going to hurl! ENOUGH!

Remember how obnoxious the GOP was to Clinton during the 95 SOTU?

The War Crime President just got into a gas guzzling limo with Laura for

"But Wait! There's More!" - Bush's Health Insurance Infomercial

Six years into this fucking administration and now he thinks we need to balance the budget?

"Ya gonna introduce me?"

VT Sen. Leahy just had an evil grin in reponse to malpractice reform.

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 3 ***

I can't bear to watch......How high is the bullshit pile right now?


"...From woodchips to grasses to agricultural waste." Does that appear in

My GAWD the look on all the reps faces is amazing

I just took the Jeopardy Online Contestant test, and I blew it big time!

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 4 ***

Rage Against The Machine to reunite for one night only

This is a freakin' Bill Clinton speech.

I take it he's not going to discuss Iraq.

I hope that's straight vodka in his glass....

tweety's drivel is making me hurl


have they shown the whole floor.. not just the same 20 people that chear

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 5 ***

wtf? a pox on the whole house.

I"d pay money to see Nancy take her gavel and bang * on top of his head.

I'm SO scared! FEAR, fear, fear!!! AKA: BS in my book!

Has he said Iraq yet?

lol - he's going for the gusto!! He mentioned OSAMA!!!


George Bush Speaks Truth

Ok at 9:45 he's said the word Iraqi twice

Is Bush talking about terrorists or himself

Is Grassley on drugs?

LOL - Look at Cheney

Is it me or is Bush trying to be like a *gasp* Democrat

Every time Bush talks about fighting our enemies, Pelosi is up first

Uh George. If you wanna balance the budget, why don't you visit Bill Clinton?

Terrorist don't scare scare me idiot!

Re Re Re- ceived....

So nice to see nothing has changed with the BFEE.

B*** CANNOT talk worth a shit tonight. n/t


We already lost the war in Iraq! n/t

No Child Left Behind has worked? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

30min without mentioning Iraq/9-11, he must have set a personal record...

Every stutter is a lie -- how many has it been so far?

Don't you dare, just don't you DARE tell us Iran

...and then there was a shot, and another

What a tepid speech.

Ranks as in numbers, or quality of?

Why the hell does McCain keep winking?

Why are cops the only job where police dies and a) You get to hear Amazing Grace

bush just went Nuck lur

Pelosi and crashcart have the same looks on their faces!

Procedural Inquiry: Blocking option and Official threads.

DU Ham Radio ... the ultimate backup. HAMS check-in.

OMG, McCain was fucking taking a nap!!!!!!!!!

I know exactly what Pelosi is thinking...

Have they shown Joe Lieberman yet?

The absence of passion. * is a puppet reading a teleprompter.

What the fuck is Cheney sucking on?

Hey *...Send in the twins...

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 7 ***

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 6 ***

Members of the Democratic Black Caucus Rule

This speech reminds me of..


How about Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys his grandparents..

Don't forget the official dem response from Webb is coming up...

That dude was freaking TALL.

Who is this African dude?

My TiVo Gave Up the Ghost and Changed from the SOTU!

A Freeper says what?......

The SOTU wouldn't be complete with a lining of Disabled Veterans.

Oh boo fucking we can cry cause of all these SUCCESSFUL




Seriously... Do the Repugs hire people to cheer at the SOTU?

He finally got around to the Veterans. n/t

Listen, you asshole, we wouldn't have gone through so much and

Chaos is the ...their greatest allie??????????/WTF

What is "price transparency"?


Now we know: Condi's M.E. trip was a SOTU SHOW-PONY...

Even for the shrub, this is an extremely poorly delivered speech.

Umm, Mr. President, the word we were waiting for is IRAQ...

Who is giving the Democratic Response?

Holy Land?

Volunteer Civilian Corp...HELL NO!

McCain CAN'T stop saying "mmmm" and "yep" to ABC's Anchor

So what's the going rate for the autograph of a war criminal?

Let me see if I understand, our President just declared war

sgt.tommy reiman

"filming childrens videos in her basement" oh really?

Sorry but baby einstein is a rip off don't buy!

Live TV blogging of CBC coverage of the event! --- What the American MSM won't report!

That was the strangest SOTU I've ever seen.

As a parent, I would totally be booing the Baby Einstein Lady...

That's it, Moms! Boycott Baby Einstein now!

Would *you* be clapping?

Baby Einstein!!

I hope the message the American people get tonight is 'We need to Wake Up'

These democrats are cowards, I am sick of this shit

The Piece by Piece takedown...

the youtube sotu is awesome!!!

Clapping: So some of you would like the Media to be distracted 24x7 if the dems didn't clap

How Long Do We Have To Wait for Webb's Rebuttal?


No worries EJ Dionne will now tell us what to think

A Civilian Fucking Corps. >>>>

Who's the woman in the white suit that was nearly drooling on the Shrub and

Obama is sitting next to Kennedy

"Debt relief to lift people out of poverty"

Is Lieberman going to be the new...

Hey...There's an improvement!

well, that was odd...

Not good enough, Hillary. Not nearly good enough

Creating the scenario of nightmares now -artfulness at its best!

Just To Recap - We're Sending In 20,000 Troops, Dikembe Mutombo and Baby Eienstein to Iraq....

I Want the Poster of the Still Frame of Condi Just Now on MSNBC

Bush came out for women's choice, and didn't even know it.

Chairman Waxman's Reponse to SOTU

Hillary Clinton's "Conversation" for January 23 [PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT]

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 8 ***

** Smirk Launches Another Torpedo To Sink Social Security! **

Lindsey Graham thinks it's one of shrubs better speeches

Madam Speaker! I love it. Nancy Pelosi is a pure class act.

Wow, that was just godawful by any standard imaginable...

dear god,how do these people justify this with a straight face?

Brian Williams (NBC) the democratic response... "republican senator..."

Reid & Pelosi: "Unfortunately, tonight the President demonstrated he has not listened to Americans'

Lindsay Graham is doing his Mr Rogers imitation with tweety.

There's no doubt now. Rove's got to have pix of Lindsay Graham.

Gag me. Lindsay Graham on MSNBC.

"Mr. President, you have been pwned!!!!1111"



WHY is he bringing up Dikembe Mutombo?

"Two More Years! Two More Years!"

My God, he is insane.

Chris Matthews is an asshole!!

Did I hear Brian Williams right just now?

Anybody else see it as an obvious tax cut?

Perceptions thanks to a couple of notes:

New Orleans - though you may have heard the SOTU - - - GW apparently does not hear you...

In Re Jim Webb

Question: Is Obama going to give an interview...

Bush said Iraq/Iraqi 34 times, Terror/ism/ist 22 times, North Korea 0

Never mind Poland, He forgot North Korea!

Do NOT miss Jim Webb's response to the SOTUS.

Someone PLEASE give Laura Bush a fashion makeover

I watched The Sopranos instead.

Sen. Clinton talking to Tweety- Now OBAMA is on

OMG! I just figured out the 100 hrs. It was to beat Bush before the

Doubling the Oil Reserve = War with Iran

*** Official Democratic Rebuttal to the SOTU Speech Thread *** Go WEBB!

Red Dress Woman Shaking Hands: "We Can't Wait For President Jeb Bush"


Flashback: Bush Didn't Know There Were Sunni And Shiite Muslims Two Months Before Invading Iraq

Any polls out yet regarding the speech? CNN? MSNBC? nt

Hillary's SOTU response on MSNBC .

Hillary could make Bill Secretary of State or how about him as VP

Hillary looked great on MSNBC and she seemed so

Cluster@#K To The Whitehouse!

Does anyone know Webb's e-mail address? Here are his fax/phone/

MSNBC talking about * saying "Democrat" instead of "Democratic"

If this guy on the phone (CSPAN) is an Iraqi vet

What is Joe Scarborough smoking?

how does the attorney general ensure continuity of government?

****official Cheney watching thread****

A Quote To Ponder

Dana Rohrabacher (R-Cuckoo) just laid into Bush over immigration...

My dream ticket: Webb/McCaskill!

State Farm Caves on Katrina Claims - Congress to Investigate

Tucker Carlson slams John McCain for sleeping tonight

bush sucked up to the dems tonight n/t

Did he just propose starting a mercenary army?

Bush pledged 92,000 troops tonight to Iraq

C&L video:Sen. Webb’s Democratic Response to the SoTU

Wow! One entire sentence, at least eight or nine seconds for climate!

Joshua Micha Marshall on CSPAN-1

I clapped for bush as well, really.

Bush almost touched Pelosi's breast

Terry McAuliffe on TDS; He is Hillary's campaign chairman

Ya wanna read Jim Webbs response? Well here ya go.

Colbert is making a good point right now.

BRAD BLOG: Pelosi on Webb's SOTU Response; Blackwell Bonuses Busted; Luntz is a Liar; MORE...

Vote in Fox 'News' Text Message Poll

Parallel realities (including delusion)...Pat Buchanon...what did you see??

I love seeing Olbermann out front on the MSNBC commentary!


As I always say, Bush is good for laughs!

Reviewing that speech, who believes any changes will be made?

W was painful. HOWEVER...

CNN poll just went up - link below

Murdoch enters bid battle for Tribune

Well, let's see if I understand this right...

McCain has fallen asleep!

I had the WORST TERRIFYING nightmare of my life last nite. Woke up in a cold sweat.

Edwards looking presidential on MSNBC. Very professional backdrop,

No guarantees for Iraq plan, says general in charge

Crooks and Liars has Webb's Response Available

5 More Americans Killed in Iraq Copter Crash

Just relistened to the Webb speech.....

After listening to Webb's speech tonight do you now understand

I think Wesley Autry (subway hero) has gotton the biggest ovation

Word search on *'s SOTU speeches

Well worth watching - Josh Marshall's YouTube response to SOTU

Scarborough "just call them what they want to be called"

Edwards is up next on InsHannity and Colmie, on Fox!

(I kid you not) MSNBC wants to know: Were Democrats sufficiently respectful?

MSNBC picking up on Bush's conflation of Iran and Al Qaeda.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! for Live Mike Comments

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 9 ***

Did Tweety just say

What was not said in the SOTU::

POLL: In response to the GLOBAL WARMING climate crisis you have.....

Grade Webb's Democratic Response

Please speak Webb's & Wes Clark's words to all you meet

Russia completes Iran missile deliveries-Tass

Yikes, Blinky!

Viva_La_Revolution, I salute you...

So, how much of a bump will Idiot Son get out of this?

Another poll to take about the SOTU address

Communist Party USA on CNBC

Vote in this CSpan Poll

For the first time in the history of the world tonight...

And over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

You want to balance the budget?

ABC: Did Bush Tell a Tall Tale re: Dikembe Mutombo ?

"Voluntary Civilian Reserve?" is he talking mercenaries?

The chimpster thinks he is a rock star

KO...Joe Scarborough, The former "Republic" Congressman

Give your State of The Union:

Time to vote! ABC news poll - link below

I would give a million dollars if Nancy Pelosi would start mouthing...

If he just walked out and took a dump on stage.. the media would say how much it smell like roses..

McCain looked HORRIBLE on TV, old wrinkly like a prune

It is Global Warming not Climate Change

Thank you BBC -- I love this picture of Nancy looking at *


Tweety: KindaSleezy looked like a mummy tonight

POLL TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MSNBC

tony snowe said the speech was full of diamonds

*** Tuesday TOONs: SOTU ***

LOL This is NO joke!! An Ad in our local paper. Vilas County News Review

Just e-mailed a thumbs up to Webb. Here's the link.

9/11 officer dies a couple of hours before his son attends SOTU as guest of Sen. Clinton

Local radio wingnut talkshow host spells out blueprint for trashing HRC

Double the current capacity of strategic oil reserves? Why does that

This is the scandal behind the scandal - The Niger documents were fake

Rep. Adam Putz (R-FL) makes me want to

the bush..."presidency" has REALLY dampened my political spirit

Garrison Keillor: Now the do-nothing GOP Congress has melted away -- let the oversight begin.

Why is Pelosi clapping?

Kerry's answer to Bush

Webb response transcript.

Katrina is SO yesterday

Laura claps like a dumbazz and looked hideous

January 23, 1973 - Nixon announces that an agreement has been reached which ends the Vietnam War

Better dust off "American Judas"

Did You Know Webb Tore Up the Speech He Was Given By the Dem. Party?

Sorry, but I've run out of sympathy for DUers who constantly

Ha Ha --Mary Matalin is on the Scooter Libby Legal Defense Trust

Did Cheney just take an angina pill for his heart? n/t

Rep. Adam Putnam (R- FL) on CSPAN "I think it was a Great Speech..."

So, did he propose anything "new" or worth 48 hours of Cable News "air" time?

* MUST SEE: Middle Eastern & US Students Discuss Issues of War, Religion, Values, Sex *

Just remember these same DC news insiders KNEW the WH outed Plame but chose

Chris Matthews is AWFUL. To make it worse- he gets PAID for this drivel!!

Freepers, if we need to keep illegals out to save American jobs,

Once upon a time there were journalists

Defense Attorney Files Motion Challenging Gonzales' FIRING Of US Attorneys

The audience is filled with professional observers/applauders

Dick Cheney is a traitor. n/t

Will you take the pledge? I will not engage in mud-slinging against our Democratic candidates

A huge list of my favorite freeptard quotes

And how will we know when women have really become an equal part

In the end, I think the Democrats were WAY TOO FREAKIN' NICE to Bush at the SOTU

They clapped!!!111 They clapped!!!111 Off with their heads!!!111

I'm going to side with the ladies on Nancy


Did you notice? Shrub referred to the" DEMOCRAT" majority?

(((((((( ((((((((WEBB))))))) ))))))))))

I am so proud of Nancy Pelosi.

Dean Responds to President Bush's State of the Union Address

An observation about "ties"....

101 Dumbest Moments in Business (2006)

Ex-dictator Noriega to be released Sept. 9

Molly Ivins on Hillary Clinton and why she will NOT vote for her...

Say hello to the Draft


Two helicopters shot down in Iraq since Saturday

Here's what I'm looking for tonight....

What will get higher TV ratings...

SOTU - advance excerpts as of 8pm EST

I can't bear to watch the start of the SOTU

An Email from John Conyers....1st 100 hours

Senator Webb Doesn't Sit Well With Right Wing

"...where new pictures and information are arriving...all the time..."

The "Count Every Vote Act"...don't know much about it...

President Bush Sucks!

The only thing I want tohear tonight is...

Great first line....

The Democrat majority!

Gonzales not attending SOTU.

Are you going to watch Asshole live tonight when he gives his SOTU address?

Webb to deliver an Agressive Rebuttal to Bush Iraq Policy

Full SOTU Transcript (Bush)

There is one improvement over last year's SOTU:

Alternative viewing to Bush's stay the course of the union.

Anybody listening to the SOTU on Malloy's show?

Where does it say how many DU'ers are loggedon right now?

Battery Research? What?

He does not have to look far to find the real terrorists he is sitting behind him!

He meant to say Unlawful and Un-Democratic means!

Bush is about to talk about Iraq and Iran, heads up!!!

I hope no one pops a paper bag near Cheeeeeney's ear.

Has * ever kept ANY of his promises from any SOTU?

okay, I know this is a bit late--but I was occupied after I heard this--WHEN did the media start

New Iowa Poll (Strategic Vision): Edwards 25%; Obama 17%; Vilsack 16%; Clinton 15%

Ok , now I can say to my Congressman, "Climate Change" is officially

HRC says "you know" waaay too much. (on with KO now)


OMG! Laughing My ASS Off At Mike's SOTU Commentary!

BobcatJH's SOTU liveblog

Am I the only one sick and tired of Bush trying to scare us to death

An updated Webb Rebuttal

What must the world think to see our Congress applauding that fool?

Not exactly mobbing the little emperor are they,

Deja vu...heard lots of the SOTU past 5 years!

Webb NAILING it; best response I've heard in years.

Congrats Virginians - Webb is doing a fantasitc job.

I am waiting for a reference to Katrina and New Orleans.

How cool is it that Bush had to start his speech by kissing Nancy Pelosi's you-know-what?

Webb just gave the Dem response on 8 TV networks. Lots of viewers tonight! nt

Webbs Rebuttal

For those who have Webbs rebutal....

Anybody listening to these asswipes on CBS. Bob Schiffer (or whatever)

Bu**sh** going for school vouchers again (CNN)

Not one word about New Orleans

Two black people in the President's box - and one of them ends up next to Laura

Who's the Repuke pundit on CNN with the bad hair?

How Many more times will we hear "The Democrats have no plan"???

Can anyone give a link to Webb's speech?

When Bush Said He Will Ask Congress...

Tonight, why in the hell did so many Democrats want ...

If you don't believe in election fraud, remember Jim Webb barely beat George Allen.

is tom brokaw a complete idiot, or does he just think WE are? on KO's program tonight, I heard that

SOTU speech gets 85% "Excellent" rating

Kerry Says Bush Address Ignores America’s Priorities

A friend of ours called & said she was disappointed in Nancy Pelosi's body language

Nothing about our veterans again!

Children have a right to live in peace.....

Since Nancy Pelosi broke the glass ceiling of Congress it stands to reason

Fox News is asking everyone to Rate Bush SOTU Address

Webb for Allen was the best deal since the Louisiana Purchase!

McCain is angling for Pres in 08 AND Cheney's replacement this year.

G.W.B. may have lost his speechwriter tonight, but the Democratic Party found theirs.

Democratic Response SOTU Transcript (Webb)

What was with the promo of the Baby Einstein woman? Do the Bush's have stock?

Powerful! Jim Webb spoke for me!

Webb's last line...Brilliant.

Here is that MSNBC Still Frame of Condi. Enjoy

Tears. Jim Webb just brought me to tears

Say Goodbye To Dicky ScumBag.....

Any brave souls venture over to Freepland yet?

The million phone march to end the war.

Gore/Webb 2008 ? Could America do better?

"You don't have to be Steven Hawking to know that one of Mrs. Pelosi's outfits costs more than

And what the heck was Bush meaning talking about a "civilian volunteer corps"??

Not just for the nation or the world, but also for DU: Run Al, Run!

BushCo Rides to Rescue of Falling Oil Prices ...

Dean on Hardball says he is offended by Bush's health care plan. Video.

Hillary Supports Civil Unions.

Ahmadinejad: United States, Israel will soon be destroyed

NYT editorial: The State of the Union

NYDN's Lupica on Bush's hollow offer of 'working with Congress'

Carl Bernstein: Bush Administraton Has Done 'Far Greater Damage' Than Nixon

Maureen Dowd: A Case of Hearing Without Listening

Blackwater wants $10 million from lawyer for dead workers

Congress can block Iran War by taking nukes out of Bush's hands

President's Portrayal of 'The Enemy' Often Flawed

Greg Palast: Off the Rails: Big Oil, Big Brother Win Big in the State of the Union

McClatchy Blog Offers Rough View of Baghdad

Four Years On: Probing Press Failures in Run-Up to War

Bush brought subdued tone to State of Union

Paul Craig Roberts: Only Impeachment Can Prevent More War

Libby's revenge

Tech Pros Get Ready: We've Only Seen Tip Of Outsourcing Iceberg

WaPo's Meyerson: Bush a Delusional Hedgehog

John Nichols: The President's Healthcare Deform Plan

The World Agrees: Stop Him (Robert Scheer)

Bush's SOTU: Nixon Would Have Been Proud (AlterNet)

Tell the Media: The Jan. 27 Demonstration Speaks for Me (from AfterDowningStreet)

State of the Union: Stunned (Marie Cocco)

ABC - Senate panel approves resolution opposing Bush's plan

The postwar photographs that British authorities tried to keep hidden

State of Delusion

Truthout: The Iraq War and Crony Democracy

Joel Pett's "What's The Point."

Meat-eater's State of 'The Nation' (Mickey Z.)

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: The State of Healthcare (The Nation)

It's like making money on corruption and incompetence! (Mogambo Guru)

BBC:The American hostility towards Iran~analysis of SOTU

Is There Something Wrong with the System? Jane Smiley

Now on EBAY: Bid On Someone's Life (get a!)

The Libby trial from firedoglake

Drilling blamed for Java mud leak - BBC

Rhino baby first for Hungary zoo (BBC)

TXU Claims Plans For 20% Emissions Cut In Mega-Coal Build, But Will Do It Through Tradable Credits

Renewable Energy Industry Reacts to State of the Union

Desertification Gathers Force As Nigerian Homes & Villages Vanish Under Sand - BBC

Expect No Climate Plan From G8 Summit This Summer - ENN

Vermont Installs Wind Based Hydrogen Station for Automobiles.

30 Years After Its Founding, NREL Has No Cafeteria, Old Labs, Shrinking Budget Relative To 2001

US auto giants safe under Bush energy plan: critics - AFP

Global Reaction To Bush Speech On Climate, Energy - "Very Disappointing", "A Load Of Rhetoric"

Deck Chair Time - Howard Scrambles Environment Jobs, Leaves Econ Portfolios Untouched - Reuters

Lebanon conflict oil 'contained' (BBC)

Detectable Mercury Present In Every Fish Sampled In 10 Western States -

African & Mediterrenean Butterfly Species Appearing In Austria - In January - Reuters

"New" Bush Energy Pronouncements Riddled With Contradictions - LA Times

Bush, Climate And The Ticking Clock - BBC

A Scorching Future - global warming and wine

Number Of Pregnant Polar Bears Denning On Shore Nearly Doubles Since 1994 - ADN

Bush focus on oil imports marks failure on climate, say greens - AFP

JV Forms to Develop Phase 1 of 3000 MW Wind Farm in British Columbia

Business chiefs welcome U.S. climate nod, want more - Reuters

Israel's image hits nadir

AP: President Moshe Katsav Asks To Be Temporarily Removed From Office

The transformation of the IRA shows why Israel should talk to Hamas

Jimmy Carter's 'Peace' Mission To Brandeis

Palestinians beaten at Guilford College

Did ESPN announcer insult Jews?

A Short Computation!

Thermite devices...pdf

More Questions in Florida 13 - David Dill, Walter Mebane

New York to CIBER, EAC: "hides their soiled laundry."

EAC's Bro and Sis, Cutesy Emails, CIBER & $1.6 M Stock Dumping

You Tube "HOW TO INSTRUCTIONS" - Homemade Key Unlocks Diebold Voting Machine

JUSTICE O'CONNOR: BUSH V. GORE NOT "COURT'S BEST EFFORT"Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 1/24/07

The Hill: Jennings campaign to tout study discounting ballot design theory

Kenneth Blackwell's attorney's say... It's Moot

Verdict Is In: Two Ohio Workers Found Guilty Of Rigging Vote Recount In 2004 (X POST)

In Douglass Tribute, Slave Folklore and Fact Collide

Bush's risky State of the Union ploy (What a scam!!!)

Gunmen open fire on Iraqi minister's convoy, kill one

Daily body count in Baghdad falls(but others are doubtful)

Murtha says Iraq deployments straining military gear

Jordan-U.S overall trade surpasses $1.7b

AP: Bush urges Congress to embrace Iraq policy

2 Marines die from wounds sustained during operations in Iraq

Sept. 11 Cop Dies As Son Attends 'Union'

Diver Survives Being Partially Swallowed By Shark

Cheney and Pelosi Do the Two-Party Two-Step By Dana Milbank WaPo

E. Howard Hunt, 88; Cold War spy was Watergate break-in mastermind

Is There Something Wrong with the System? Jane Smiley

Dell opens global center in Malaysia

Prof on hunger strike over `harassment' (Sami al Arian)

Iraq Parliament Finds a Quorum Hard to Come By

Dems Confident Iraq Resolution Will Pass

Iraqi Politicians: Bush Ideas Not New

Reuters: Arab League's Moussa warns U.S. against Iran attack

Bush's Oil Stockpile May Support Prices as Asia Buys

NYT: Kerr-McGee Is Found Liable in Lawsuit Over Oil Royalties (cheating Gov't)

Westchester (NY) Family May Buy Air America

4 Americans in Iraq Crash Shot in Head

Richard Viguerie Blasts Bush

Reuters: Saudi, Iran working on deal to end Lebanon crisis

CNN Just Now: Kerry to announce he won't run.

AP Breaking: Israeli President Katsav Asks To Be Temporarily Removed From Office

US cautious on Sadr group's return to Iraqi politics

Iran defends U.S.-backed Iraqi government

Outsourcing affects nearly 400 jobs at The Hartford

Senate panel expected to oppose Bush's Iraq plan: Hagel: "We better be damn sure..."

Police: Abducted Indiana Mom, 4 Kids Found Safe

Americans were executed after copter crash in Iraq

Jury Reaches Split Decision In BOE Misconduct Trial (OH)

Reuters: Zawahri warns U.S. of reprisal if policy unchanged

BBC: Allies 'differ' over Iraq plans (US envoy wants UK to stay on)

Military: Four held in sneak attack on U.S. in Iraq

Senate panel votes against Bush on Iraq (with text of Resolution)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 24

Libby lawyers attack witness credibility

Keep Your Enemies Close... (Iran gets help from US "Ally")

Iraq Shi'ites blast Bush comparison with al Qaeda

Microsoft in hot water over Wikipedia edits

Reuters: Scientists restore gene to shrink tumors in mice

State of Disunion: Republicans Beat Up on Bush After Speech

ABC: Mike Nifong, Former Prosecutor in Duke Lacrosse Case, is Charged with New Ethics Violations

Cause of Iraq chopper deaths disputed

300 students turned away from N.O. (public!) schools

Obama Goes On Campaign to Debunk Madrassa Education Allegation

Kerry to bow out of '08 presidential race (plans to announce today)

Reuters: US conducts second air strike in Somalia-report

White Atlanta suburbs push for secession

Ex-deputy arrested in 1964 race case

Cheney downplays Iraq violence, sees 'a lot of success'

Company anti-war e-mail angers military supporters

Street kids raid poverty summit {for food} (BBC)

Hillary's Hollywood Friends Switch Sides (Guess who)

Restaurants Blast K-Fed TV Ad (Working in Fast Food is FUN!)

US to pledge $770 million in aid for Lebanon

GOP urges (Sandy) Berger lie test

Iraqi, US forces battle insurgents in Baghdad Sunni bastions(Haifa Street)

Bush wrong on Iraq, says Japan

Senate rejects effort to pass minimum wage bill without additional tax cuts

Chief US military doctor in Iraq among crash dead

Reuters: UN chief protests Sudan arrests, beatings of staff

Reuters: Trans fat alternative may have its own problems

US ambassador slams Canada for pushing to have Arar taken off watch list

WP: Leave Politics To Us, Senator Warner Tells General Petraeus

Two Ohio Election Workers Found Guilty Of Rigging Vote Recount

This is the dream team!

So now that I have stayed up too late and done too many things

Maintenance program for Cal-Peggy's m,y,d,e,a&r keys

I'm going to bed, but idgiehkt wanted me to post this because

Going To Bed, Here's Your Assignments...

Colbert Roasts Chevy Chase Alive

Post the album cover of your favorite record from your birthyear.

Am I on anyone's block list

I'd like to help someone get on a bus to Washington, D.C. this weekend...

Diver Survives Being Partially Swallowed By Shark

OK sleepyheads!!

Dinner/Snack Time. Southern Style

Post a Link To Your Favorite Eighties Music Video

I spent the afternoon watching Sex and the City with my crush. Ask me anything.

So, Is Scooter Libby The Effi White of the Bush Admin

Car keys? An inconsequential rant.

Stop me if you've heard this one (No, it's not the brazillion joke)

Today is a dark and sad day for Delawareans - we hang our heads in sorrow....

All right, now. Lurking is getting me into trouble. Would you like to know why?

Anybody ever flown Emirates airlines?

Happy Birthday, Lynn. You would be 43 today.

I am alone at work

My computer crashed

Bush is bad for your heart. I have proof.

Dumb Question: Halal - does one "keep" halal?

Can this week get any better? Colts win, Webb amazes, and

I, for one, am glad Hilary is running ads on DU

THE funniest Budweiser Clydesdale ad

Biodiesel: I smelled Chinese food on the way to work this morning!

What do I need to do to get you to BLOCK me?

Which of these celebrities do you think is next to die?

Anybody else curious about this?

I have found the greatest litter box EVER!!!

Does this smiley look like a yellow baseball?

Guess the band by name origin quiz #2

Condescend to ONE DUer

In case you're tired of hearing about him in GD...

Anyone else here who cannot type with a mackerel, I never could.

Today in history 1-24

Have you had your 15 minutes of flame?

Flea decries Jimi Hendrix brand energy drink

"Heroes" beats "24" in first head-to-head Monday night

Other than weight loss and soda/coffee, what do you use to give yourself an energy boost?

Who here made/makes their own babyfood?

When was the last time you apologized?

So, let's say Shitface McLiar told the truth about the deficit being cut in half -

Disgusting new word: SHILT

I wish I were good at photoshop.

Got time for some love advice?

I have found the greatest letter box EVER!!!

I love my dog!!!

Is Vonage reliable enough for an office phone?

Mummified baby from '50s found in locker

Cruise 'is Christ' of Scientology

It hurts me

What would you do if Bush* pardoned Leonard Peltier?

Do you "go along to get along"?

I'm gonna keep Mas Qe Nada cranked on repeat

Well, I completely bombed the Jeopardy! online test.

Some sports news

Anyone here ever get that not so fresh feeling?

I love beef jerky, turkey jerky, and bison jerky!

Hippo cruelty charges dropped

Post Your Playlist time again!

Are you naive?

Despite what Leftymom says...I am NOT making the sex with a Republican.

Want a brain-breaking mental image?

When's the new Rapture?

Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror

Batman -- Hush

how big is your

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/24/2007)

Congratulations babylonsister!! 35,000 posts

DU reviews -- TEMPUR-PEDIC Mattresses

How green was your

A true Bears fan....

If you like to do jigsaw puzzles, here is a site you might enjoy.

The average hunter gatherer consumes about 2700 calories per day

Have you had your 15 minutes of fame?

The Greatest Show On Earth!

There can be only ONE DUer.


Did you know....(useless information category)

I'm a great-aunt again (oh yeah, and a leg update)

I discovered the best way ever to lose weight!!!!

Aw, crap!

The Oscar Academy is on crack

Is it just me...

I didn't find the ranch-flavored chips to be particularly "zesty."

What do you call a German dickhead?

Which songs would you add to a playlist of 80s alternative political songs...

What I learned in a Fundie Junior High

Come visit Vancouver... our tourism board shows how friendly we are


its real simple--

Poof ...Its Gone!

Love for billyskank!

First Baby Einstein and now Bert

I wonder what the women of DU think about Cheerleaders?

What is the first dance you learned?

My GF says I cannot call my future daughter QueerSpawn

Help. Need answers to computer printing/graphics questions.

Know-it-alls drive me crazy

Viva Las Vegas...

B I G F O O T: Ask (or tell) Me Anything.

If I had money, I woudl right now walk out of my classroom. My students are the most disrespectful

Remember when Obama said

Condiment ONE DUer

Adorable kitties.

What Type of Alcoholic Beverage Are You?

Welcome to dinner with blondeatlast. You are ALL invited--but you better

Misc Info Dept:

Cat advice: How do I keep my cat from chewing wires?

Please look at this! Beautiful Oregon web site by Lyn Topinka... gorgeous photos!

Online College Courses

Make Sure Your New Computer Is Preloaded With VISTA HOME PREMIUM.

If you could have a conversation with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

I Boiled Live Animals - Ask Me (Almost) Anything

The cops are still searching my neighbours... and I'm out of the shower

Good grief, dude! You wonder why most personals pass you by...

I wonder what the men of DU think of Cheerleaders?

Can someone please translate this from german for me...

Sniffa, where you be?

Congratulations uppityperson!! 20,000 posts

I just spent the last 18 hours putting all you bastards on block.

Less than 48 hours until my awesome and terrific GF is here?

I LOVE "Dirt" ....

Anyone else ever tempted to ask if they can be TS'd?

Should I use my 12,345th post to say something profound? Ah hell, why start now? So, discuss "freem"

the Leftymom appreciation thread

What are your plans for the day?

Which DUers deleted their MySpace accounts?

What does your cat say?

Condiment ONE DU'er

Anyone else here who cannot type with a typewriter, I never could.

What was your favorite "slow dance" song when you were in high school?

CongratulationsMrs Grumpy!! 45,000 posts

Hello. My name is SeattleGirl, and I'm a DU-aholic!

Candidate for the LOUNGE OFFICIAL T-SHIRT:

BUTCH WALKER fans: what's a good album to start with?

Little Miss Sunshine

Three days. THREE DAMN DAYS in a row now!

What is the one rule you live by. The one thing you would never consider breaking?

I've got a schnauzer and JRT making a puppy den under the covers

I finally laid a hand on the alien invader in my home!

Post some good dance music! (any era)

Thread for those missing miss_american_pie...

Carter, Clinton Seek To Bring Together Moderate Baptists

Which sounds the most far fetched?

UK Catholics and Anglicans oppose anti-discrimination law on gay adoption

"Heaven is a mixed neighborhood"

Are human beings part of the physical universe?

A Mild Rant

Running discussion with a friend that turned religious

Voiding Bay State Marriages

Wanting It Both Ways

The "419 Episcopalians" to lose their priest licenses

Schools required to distribute 'ex-gay' literature; Truth Wins Out slams move

Great article on Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy

Does anyone have any interest in resurrecting the "Daily Psychic" thread?

Woah, not a good night.

Did anybody see the Hillary/Kerry split screen on KO last night?

Hillary Tries To Imitate Kerry on Iraq

Do we have access to McAuliffe's SOTU responses while he was DNC Chair?

Obama: "Three months ago, I gave my opinion." Yea, sure.

SFRC Hearing: Bus. Mtg to consider Iraq proposals

Alert : Media says Kerry will make a speech on the floor to announce he

Kerry to Make Major Iraq Address on Senate Floor

I want to get over my disappointment in today's news long enough

Nice post from one of Kerry's donors on TPM

Rah Hillary!! Booo Kerry

For those that want to do this...

Just got Kerry's e-mail. STILL FIGHTING.

Yes, I know people wanted him to run, but consider

To the John Kerry Group

Someone get word to the Kerry people, I don't want my name on his e-mail

some warm fuzzies

I Sympathize with your disappointment with Kerry's announcement.

I defer to you folks' instincts here. Which of the other

It's time for chocolate and shoe shopping!!

E-mail sent.

Some encouragement for my friends...and a challenge for us

Kerry's on NOW

Condolences from Iowa...


Breaking: MSNBC just said Kerry is NOT running.

Teddy seems really shaken. n/t

State of Our Union...

Stewart/Koppel ~ Brutal Shah exposed...

War from Space...

Webb's Response to Bush - We'll show him the way

Wonderful and Wise Response to SOTU!

The Kucinich Plan: Swap U.S. Troops for U.N. Troops

Memorial Day 2006 - The Endless Funeral Procession...

The American Empire:Democracy to Fascism...

HILLARY: I'm In, and I'm In to Win

Hagel on Iraq: There is no plan.

President Clinton Last Days in Office...

Hagel challenges all 100 Senators on Iraq resolution ("you want a safe job? go sell shoes.")

Jim Webb gives Democratic response to 2007 SOTU (Part 2)

Keith Olbermann looks back at State of the Union Address

Sleepy Senator John McCain (snoozing at the SOTU)

"in all we do, we must remember that the best health care decisions are made not by government..."

Reuters interpretation of the SOTU (must see)

CAPTION the Unpopular One

Webb makes a lot of sense as a Vice Presidential candidate - especially to Edwards and Obama

A Two Term President Shown Whose Boss by a Freshmen Senator who threatens to "show him the way"

Scarborough outed! Boehner told JS 'this was the best speech'

"Edgar" drinks water..oh but "Charlie" does too

Anybody watching Charlie Rose ? Good panel there discussing SOTU

Is Bush's Civilian Reserve the same as Clark's?

Somewhere, Al Gore had to be laughing tonight regarding Bushie's mention of Climate Change

I liked Edwards response to Hillary on Scarborogh

Wisconsin Newspaper Calls For Bush Impeachment

John Edwards on MSNBC now

Remember the British memos? How can anyone give this madman any credit at all?

US Soldiers taunt crippled dog in Iraq - Video

has any station captured Lieberman w/ a response to the SOTU?

If we won't hold him accountable for the crazy Brit memo then Iran is unstoppable too

with this talk of a Civil volunteer core, whatever happened to Americorps?

You know that Groucho quote about being a member of a club.

Charlie Rose: NO GWB fans on tonight's panel

You know that Groucho quote about being a member of a club.

Officials aim to add 20 new Fisher houses over four years

Are CNN Captioner's Dingbats? Have Webb's son in Vietnam

Bush pleads for Iraq plan: ‘Give more death a chance’

Sooo... who is taller? Jon Stewart or Dennis Kucinich?

Wake me when it's 2008

Some coffee stands get steamier (barrista bimbos)

Help universal health care in CA by surfing the web

In case anyone missed and wants to see Sen. Webb's rebuttal

What has the shrub done in 6 years to warrant the credibility of "give it a chance?"

A guy from Newsweek just said on Charlie Rose that 'Give it a chance'

Please visit/join Jim Webb's new PAC

WSJ Attacks OCA for Driving rBGH off the Market & Boycotting Horizon Factory Farm Milk[/b]

You know who Jim Webb looks like?

I really enjoyed the king's large speech last night!


The speech that Dick tore up

Anyone notice a huge bloc of Dems dashing for the door as soon as the SOTU ended?

Quiet Please...I'm working on my new gaazillion dollar idea...

Howard Hunt, key Watergate figure, has died

Is W mentally ill and obsessed by Iraq?

Joshua Holland: Bush's SOTU - Nixon Would Have Been Proud (Rangel laughs @ call for balanced budget)

I'm shocked...all 3 soldiers on CNN had negative reaction to SOTU

Suburban DC Schools required to distribute 'ex-gay' literature

let the Washington Post know how you felt about the SOTU-5000 words or less

The News Cycle. Did the administration succeed?


Repugs are STILL trying to pin 9-11 on Clinton!

Caption this SOTU pic

MoonBAts Grasping at Straws - who cares about Sandy Berger.

LTE: Oh don't hit me with photo of bloody Iraq Street on Front Page!

Bush was right about one thing "People didn't vote for failure", to bad

I so wanted to watch Keith Olbermann last night but I had to turn it off thanks to Tweety

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines


Craig Crawford says the Republicans will bring up Whitewater against Hillary


I didn't get to see the SOTU address last night

Yes, bush did a very nice job of saying 'fuck you'.

Photoshop request

Prosecutor Seeks Conspiracy Charge Against DeLay

New Rule: ban former politicians or lobbyists from corp. media channels.

Here is a "good news" story that I picked up this morning...

Gas Price Surge Nationwide

"My God, people, they're going to come over here! We lost 100 men a day in Vietnam

Great audio recap of yesterday at the Libby trial

Protesters for sale!

Biggest, most laughable lie of last night's speech:

Short Hours Before The SOTU, Another Victim Of The Sociopath Dies.

Military Builds Robotic Insects

Jim Webb was superb last night....

This unknown Chicago Bears fan may make KO's "Worst Person" list

Marcy Wheeler's (emptywheel) Libby Trial Coverage Up Now at DKos

"large endeavors underway, and others that are ours to begin"

Bush SOTU - Down Looks Like Up

WHO might be signing up for the volunteer civilian reserve corps?

I have a great deal of regard for Dikembe Mutumbo. He is a class act.

Is there an objective test to determine if a picture has been photoshopped?

What we really need to be talking about right now is "Sex Teachers"

This AOL poll needs DU help! Re SOTU and Bush.

"Stay the course" has morphed into...

Disappointed! "Surprise Rapture Disrupts Bush's 2007 State of the Union Address"

does boy wonders signing statements allow us to do the same now

Woot! Bush was criticized by comentators on public radio for saying "Democrat Majority"!

Iraq Resolution on CSPAN3

Veteran's group criticizes SOTU

Wingnut gossip round-up: Homeless O'LOOFAH, Pickles tries to return designer dress, & MORE

MSNBC Poll: What was your overall impression of the State of the Union speech?

The People's Counter State of the Union Message (from After Downing Street)

Anyone listening to Hagel on C-Span3?

republix beat up on bush after speech

Obama better watch his back!

Iraq Shi'ites blast Bush comparison with al Qaeda

I am reassured -- The Democratic Leadership has not changed -- Webb wrote his speech himself.

And now, for my 1000th post, I'd like to thank DU

Hastert is on C-SPAN WJ now

On doubling the federal oil reserve.

Did any of the SOTU talking head coverage note the curious omission of Katrina?

Live Radio Covereage of Sundance - Right now bitching about Bush

Where did they get this focus group from? CNN ticker post -

Just saw Jeeh-zus Camp last night.

Wash. Post reporter baselessly suggested Edwards broke campaign finance law

Why always CSPAN 3?

Webb re: Bush: "We will be showing him the way"

Pelosi and Cheney getting "chummy"

Americans voted for a new direction

Democrats Will be Blamed for Iraq Failure if They Don't put an End to It.

Tent City (St. Pete, FL) update

The Senate is debating the LINE ITEM VETO...they're In Session, NOW! C-SPAN 2.

Libby's attorney asserted WH and State Dept are the real leakers

What are you willing to give for issues important to you?

Caption this...

Please tell me this is a sick joke

Need Air America location address for RealPlayer

Hope somebody posts the video of

will doubling the size of the strategic petroleum reserve benefit Big Oil?

??? Is Fitz Back in Court This A.M???

where are the block lists? i only had them on for a short time yesterday

Anyone have Fitz' video or text from yesterday?

Former exec in Irvine says he was fired over religion

2002-BUSH ADMIN-Tried To Get Congress To Approve Military Action-ANYWHERE-In Middle East

Snoozing Senators (during the SOTU speech)

Lou Sheldon blasts Newt Gingrich for receiving gambling funds, must have forgotten about eLottery

* travels to Wilmington, Del. to speak on energy initiatives today - pics


Bush's Speech Fact Checked !! (click here)

John Mcain's informal response to the SOTU

Senators eye rejection of Bush war plan

Follow up on the "New Hope Maternity Home" escapees

As someone who has a family member who has fought in Iraq....

Al Queda is Sunni Extremists? Iran is Shi'ite Extremists? But Iraq is Now Largely Shi'ite: HUH?

Hysterical Satire Clip of SOTU....

Bush is a loser who has turned the U.S. into a nation of cowards.

LOL - Obama 'poses' alongside Lugar and Hagel today - pics

Republicans kicking and screaming on C-Span (House)

Well I'll be gosh darned. bush DID mention Osama.

"And let them bear the guilty burden, before the world" (Declassified Poetry From Gitmo)

forgive my ignorance-Is the military "full"?

A Few Words in Defense of Our Country by Randy Newman

my angle of the STOU speech showed mostly the right

Barack Obama: It's Time for Something New

Have you heard the new media talking point-"Bush not as agressive as last year"

Great picture of Democrats at SOTU

Busy day at Fox News. Enough news about small stuff that there was no news on trial of Scooter Libby

Vote on cloture on the Minimum Wage NOW.

I think the fight over "the surge" is a deflection

My computer crashed

Has anyone ever heard Bush licker Mike Barnicle mention that Chimpys suits cost $2,000 to $14,000?

Sooo... how goes the blocking?

DU reviews -- TEMPUR-PEDIC Mattresses

Didn't Gore push for NAFTA? Wasn't Gore DLC?

If Hegel leaves the Republicans

New ethics charges: Is this the kiss of death for Prosecutor Nifong?

CSPAN 3 Foreign Relations Cmte Markup--Biden Dodd going at it!

Rate The Corporate Media's Coverage...

Have I said today how much I hate these people?

How can any Democrat against our involvemnt in Iraq support Hillary?

Yet another Republican arrested for being a child predator (Denver)

"Open-minded" Matthews: McCain "deserve[s] the presidency"

Big Oil and Big Brother Win Big in the State of The Union

"one-trick president who keeps doing the same thing over and over"

I had a dream about Gore

An analogy in reply to those accusing the "Pull the troops out now." and "Give us a timetable."

Fed-up Soldiers Finding New Ways To Protest The War

Two choppers shot down in the last few days?

Anyone have Olbermann's video about Bush's past SOTU lies?

Anyone know anything about Internet security?

Sen Hagel: "There Is NO Strategy-This Is A Pingpong Game With American Lives"

Did anyone watch the SOTU on HDnet?

Moving Anti-War Display

Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Indefensible should be fired!

The Supremes and the Joint Chiefs should not attend the SOTU.

The price of hypocrisy (rice)

Bush is not an idiot. He is simply following the plan laid out by PNAC.

Western Downwinders Conference -Jan. 27th Re: Nuclear Fallout


"I had to make myself not think of them as people.."

Scary thought of the day: President Alberto Gonzales...

Lizzie Cheney - The Pride of Lockheed Martin - Speaketh

So did Lieberman or any Democrat get effusive with Bush this time?

Biggest pet peeve during SOTU!

No More 'N' Word: A Texas Mayor Tries to Get Rid of Racial Slur in Town

Would someone please link SOTU,

If we're gonna drop letters out of "Republicans", I vote for "Pubics".

What happened to my thread about the STFU tie color contest?

Webb has "gravitas"...

Simple Scotty on the Daily Show tonight

New "Volunteer Army Corp" - could this be related to the guest worker program?

Anyone know what tax breaks are attached to the senate version of the min. wage bill?

So...Feds are aware that Ebay is being used to fence stolen items

Republican Senator Hagel Seems to be Heading Opposition to Iraq War Escalation.

Webb should give one of the Keynotes in Denver in 08

let me get this straight-we are at war with....

Life on C-SPAN is SOOOOOOO good these day

CSPAN 3 Foreign Relations Markup back--Obama up!

Opinion Piece on the Income Gap and a potential solution

Waas: Libby Lawyers Signaling for Pardon?

So has anything disappeared from you Safety Deposit Box?

"How Like A Fawning Publican He Looks"

Now that Tuesday's Circus side show is over, let's march.......

Great news from the SOTU

The central falsehood in the SOU

How does a stateless criminal organization spread "totalitarianism"?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON: Wed. 1/24 - How do you get out of a hole?

"& whatever you voted for, you did not vote for failure". Damn straight we didn't.

Bush says it will be a disaster if we leave Iraq now?

Sen. Hagel: "If we don't debate this, we're not worthy of our country."

Why does Lindsey Graham get so much coverage?

Former WH press Flak Puffy McCmoonface on The Daily Show, Dobbs on Colbert

Of the 12 killed in the helo crash were NG from VA/MD/IA

What I learned from last night

I just want to make sure I have this right.

At least three different wars being waged in Iraq

No Means No: Michele Bachmann Feels Up the President

Bush wants to tax people on their company paid health insurance to pay for tax breaks for uninsured

Flea decries Jimi Hendrix brand energy drink

All he (Bush) is saying, is give war a chance...

Message to Congress:

White Atlanta suburbs push for secession

Conservative Bloggers Think Breast Cancer is Funny

Saudi, Iran working on deal to end Lebanon crisis

Why would Lynn Cheney warrant being interviewed by Norah O'Donnell

i wish * would STFU for a while ...

Wack a Wednesday on its naughty bum, . . . then please come CAPTION!!!

I wonder what the women of DU think about Cheerleaders?

CIA Leak: Ari Fleischer Took the Fifth, Testified Under Immunity

If I had money, I woudl right now walk out of my classroom. My students are the most disrespectful

What got "bleeped-out" during the SOTU on MS-NBC?

10 Year Plan to End Homelessness in King County (Seattle)

Breaking News: Senate Panel, 12-9, Approves Nonbinding Resolution Against Troop Increase in Iraq

Two contrasting views of the SOTU...

Kerry's not running -- how bad is that for BushCo?

Glenn Beck.... what an asshole.

No one wants failure in Iraq. That's why so many of us are opposed to the surge.

Reminder: if you can't make it to the Saturday march but want to be HERE IN SPIRIT:

The public could have been educated about the history of the ME conflicts

Now I'm convinced more than ever about McCain...

Whatever Happened to the "Human-Animal Hybrids"?

Let's not forget the BS that Alberto Gonzalez is spouting --

Obama One-Ups Hillary WIth Universal Health Care and Iraq Phased Re-deployment

I believe any DEM running for President - must support the Feingold/Boxer Bill!

4 Americans in Iraq crash shot in head

The debates...

I haven't seen any comments on Bush's plan for health insurance.

"Prosecutors Want DeLay Charge Reinstated" He's Baaaaaaack!

How annoying is Ed Shultz today?

Bush tells Americans: "This is not the fight we entered in Iraq, but it is the fight we are in."

Hagel: To Senators Worried About Politics Of Iraq War: ‘If You Wanted A Safe Job-Go Sell Shoes’

`Christian wellness’ practitioners draw federal scrutiny

Today's must-watch interview: Blitzer interviews Dick Cheney.

I hope it was worth it Dennis.

Do you think that Kerry could be a potential VP candidate in '08?

33% approval rating means nonapprovers outnumber approvers 2 to 1

Whoring for chimp's "ownership society" isn't noble

Did you see Moxie and Spunk at the SOTU last night? She had a

Senate panel votes against Bush on Iraq

Custer and Mister Magoo Were Better Deciders Than You - pic

John Kerry will not run for president

Harry Reid just gave a beatiful tribute to John and Teresa Kerry on the

Senate panel OKs Iraq war resolution

Now that Kerry's out, who will his supporters on DU back for the nom?

If BushCo invades Iran

Answer if you aren't a US citizen and don't live in the US, please.

Great book - "The Kite Runner"

Cafferty file questions for today:

Friends of God: A Road Trip With Alexandra Pelosi Premieres January 25!

Mean spirited Freeper letter, and my mean spirited answer

Why in the hell were these congressmen and women all over bushit?

DNC Hold Music

Wow! Wolf hammers Cheney pretty good in this interview:

Iraq.....Where's the diplomacy?

What elected leaders of Third World countries defied our corporations and survive?

Reppublicans in Senate block minimum wage hike

Hypocrite RePUKES. YOUR "gay" business is their business. THEIRS is off limits.

Sen. Kennedy: He had his chance

It's Official: Situation In Iraq Hopeless

What's the biggest factor in Kerry's decision not to run in '08?

761 illegal immigrants arrested in SoCal sweep

MUCH MORE FUN with the State of the Union Address!

The US war machine...expensive

John Kerry, I appreciate you and salute you. I'm also glad you're out.

I hate to do this but turn on Tucker

Good, refreshing analysis of SOTU on video from Charlie Rose

Things that Congress can and should cut funding for:

Civil War is breaking out through the entire Middle East

Wolfie actually giving a rough time on cnn (interview). cheney saying

Dramatic new war footage-Direct Identification revealed of HIGH VALUE TARGET

30-Something Work Group on the floor of the House now

Did the Guard unit with the sign about Kerry get slated for another tour of duty?

Cheney is still jacking off about WMD in Iraq

Overzealous Porn Prosecution Tramples Accused's Rights

Tucker said yesterday

BRAD BLOG: Bush Cuts 'See You Next Year' from SOTU Address! ALSO: Ignores 1.6 New American Vets!

Is the United States a terrorist state?

Is Martial Law the desired result?

Here's the real State Of The Union, Wink

Case of 24 sodas now 18 cans? Itsy bitsy cans of canned soup? Half gallons of ice cream that aren't?

Spocko hits the bigtime

Was Bush "softening up" critics in Congress for a possible strike on Iran?

My favorite photo of Bush from State of the Union: the melting witch (PIC)

Idiot Freeper chain letter I received

Minimum wage bill FAILED in the Senate?

Sick of stupid Repuke Chain Emails? Then lets start our own.

5 draft deferments Cheney speaking about people who don't have the stomach for the fight. The irony

Tony snow coming up on Hardball--his response to todays Senate REs

Pelosi eyeblinks clocked at 25-30 blinks per minute

(lol) RedState wonders "Where's our Obama?" "They all suck"

How many days since declaration of Mission Accomplished?

Video of tactics being used to retain young soldiers who are eligible to go home

I'm done

Damn! JK's Not Running in 08 Just Made Me A Liar To My Daughter!!!

Please do not forget.....

Why are RW groups that 'fight' 'liberal media bias' fighting against media REFORM? (Part 2)

Official: Sex offender passed for months as a 12 year old

Help I need to find a charity that needs beds

Did you hear why Cheney thinks Hillary would NOT be a good president?

A poll to DU

Tony Snow and the Lying Bastards. Arrogance Beyond Treason.

Was Libby Was Scapegoated Because Rove Would Link Bush ??.....

When dealing with religious fundamentalism, we've come a long way.

I listen to Rush and Hannity. Not because I enjoy them but

Gore should announce when he wins his oscar

17 percent drop in overseas travelers to the United States since 9/11

Make Sure Your New Computer Is Preloaded With VISTA HOME PREMIUM.

Randi: Rubbermaid is out of business.

CNN's Blitzer Hyping "Carter Apologizes for Book Comments" coming up nowww....

Has anyone used the new lap band to lose weight? I'm thinking about

Gray's Anatomy Star Told to Enter Rehab over Anti Gay Slur

When Tony Snow Sez "Frankly," He Means "I'm Lying"

Repub. Bloggers Vow To Not Raise Funds For IWR-supporting Senate Candidates

3063 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Freepers plan to protest Jane Fonda's protest

New message and video on Kerry's website

It's hard to admit but, we've already surrendered to the 'enemy'.

subpoena this: NBC CEO tirade demanding newsroom retract "Gore won" on election night 2000

Sen. Kerry on C-SPAN

Dean Responds to President Bush's State of the Union Address

Worth reading and thinking about in this country today (just as it was then)-and my take on it today

Please caption!

Pelosi, Reid demand 'prompt completion' of Iraq intel report

Have u forgotten . Remember when bush said its your money

"Hush Rush Plan" - Somehow, I got on a right-wing email list.


The Plame-Libby-Rove case - collected links from January 23-24

Top Kerry Supporter: Botched Joke Helped Trigger Decision Not To Run

Wolf Blitzer's "Death Wish Question" Contest

Caption *

5 Democrats in the SFRC who voted to do something about the escalation:

Justices defend Florida recount decision in a new book that was published this week

HIV-Prevention Groups Protest Anti-Prostitution Pledge

Notice: Senator Jim Webb on Lou Dobbs tonight...

U.S. helicopters strike high-rises in Baghdad - "We are firing at terrorists in those buildings,"

List your "favorite" pro-globalization idiots/cheerleaders:

Do you know the first thought I had when Bush introduced the Silver Star winner was?

Jim Webb on Lou DObbs now n/t

An odd coincidence?

Since the GOP insists on dropping "ic" from "Democratic", how about "..Publican", as in.......

Police: Escaped inmate stole rig to see dying mom

More charges filed against Nifong (Duke Prosecuter Busted)

Senators Who Voted Against the Minimum Wage and Are Up for Re-Election in 2008

I am actually sad about Kerry bowing out of the 2008 race.

Anybody else noticing an uptic in justifications for obscene CEO pay?

SCALIA Re: BUSH vs GORE: "Stop Rehashing The Decision-GET OVER IT"

"An Inconvenient Truth" Director: "I was 100% sure we WEREN'T going to get nominated"

Waxman requests info from GSA

Kerry says thanks

Did anybody else notice Chimpy's grimaces in SOTU last night?

Terry Mcauliffe Just said Democrat party on Hardball

Don't forget: Sen. Clinton's webchat tonight @ 7 PM EST


Caption Dick

So does John Kerry get to keep his 15 million + war chest?

Tucker, what an asshole. 'We'll be back with clips from Kerry's speech, if you can stand it?'

Bush Presidency Afterlife

Nancy Pelosi is 66 years old?

*** Today's Live Blogging threads at

is there a nastier piece of crap alive

Military Shows Off New Ray Gun (AP)

They can say "Democrat" all they want;

On Political Correctness

AP on the Protest March

'Scapegoat:' Scooter's Stunning Defense & The Circular Firing Squad

Re: SOTU, My girlfriend said that is the only gracious thing Bush has ever said as president

I wish there was a way to implement the House of Commons' "Questions for the Prime Minister" thing

Holy Crap! Compare these photos of Condi and Pelosi from last night!

We hate you too dick, & someday real soon you'll find out just how much.

Does anyone know about the NO CALL LIST?

Halo Suit: The body armor of the future?

CAPTION: "The Kiss"

Drunk United Airlines Passenger Faces Federal Charges

Kucinich: New Funding will give Bush resources to attack Iran

Home education is a deterrent to abortion and a way to boost pro-life activism

The state of Ecuation...the true result of NCLB

If Dems somehow "lose" in '08 (God Forbid) I think Webb would be in the mix for '12

Give Bush A Chance In Iraq??

Katrina investigations=IMPEACHMENT. Get hold of the "embarassing emails." It's that simple

So much for the concept that Libby was a very busy man

Help Al Gore Hold Congress's Feet To The Fire On Climate Change

Okay, who gave Wolf Blitzer a spine all of the sudden?

I wish the primaries were on the same day in every state.

PALAST: BUSH Is - "Like A Little Boy Who Knows He's Fibbing-Like A Snake Licking A Rat"

Name this child

Dikembe Mutombo and the millionaire baby skank?

What is the history of "shout-out" appearances by people at the SOTU?

Bin Laden is dead

448 radio stations for sale


SOTU speeches by Bush from 2002-2007 (comparative excerpts)

Look at This Website (

The State of the Apocalypse

Democracy and Enabling Acts

Michelle Bachman groping and frenching * last night

Bob Harris: (Hillary) Unelectable, and rightly so

Say it LOUD & Say it PROUD!!!

Chris Matthews V Hillary Clinton SNL

ACTION: send Jim Webb's speech to everyone you know!

TOONS: Oh, Hillary!

**Seriously. Please Call Nancy Pelosi About This.**

Terror and Public Opinion

A big thank you to John Kerry and his supporters!

Why does * have such an interest in the "Millenium Challenge Account"?

White surgeon moved black children's skull parts, operated on woman's uterus without anesthesia

Anybody watch 'Fahren-hype 911'?

Why I'm voting for Ralph - Molly Ivins (October 26, 2000)

David Swanson: New Mexico Bush/Cheney Impeachment Resolution Introduced Yesterday

Future Son-In-Law being sent back to Afghanistan after 4 days

* has a conversation with a microbiologist from DuPont - pics

Video find: Douglas Adams on endangered species

Post Iran attack world...


Gonzales says the Constitution doesn't guarantee habeas corpus

Hagel: WH Originally wanted IWR in 2002 for ALL of Mideast !!!

now rubbermaid has closed down

How long should we wait for Impeachment? Where are the investigations?

"Really BIG News" - - The CIA Got the Niger Documents!!! - - by emptywheel

To Treat Cancer, Herbs and Prayer

I note the passing of E. Howard Hunt. Anyone want to discuss the plumbers

Obama goes after Fox News

Baby Einstein is evil and no surprise that it's also Republican

St Pete police destroy tents of the be "compassionate."

Psychic vultures - Another Fabulous Failure

The People vs. Capitalism: A thoughtful overview from a visionary point of view

The Tiniest President

UCLA student sues over tasering

The Crisis of Confidence (Plame #5)

do you ever feel you are close to a nervous break down?

Is the United States in the middle of a Civil Cold War?

Ex-deputy arrested in 1964 killings of two black men

Is Costa Rica Socialist?

Who at the White House "Green Lighted" The Cheney Interview?!? Story Behind the Story

The SOTU speech should have NO applause & NO Hopping up & down

Who's hands are these?

Ok, I really want to ask this after the thread about the CBC and a white guy wanting membership

Et tu Baby Einstein? Founder is BUSH guest at SOTU and is a large supporter of Republicans

75 to 9 (it should be a national scandal)

Columnist questioning if Wes Clark (who is half Jewish), Jimmy Carter are really anti-Semites

Tony Campolo: Poverty is Jesus' Job One | ATTN: Young republicans - Volunteer for Mission Year!

So Jefferson was black then?

Questions about the "New Economy"

No Child Left Behind

So one of the pundits said (I believe it was Mike Barnacle) Peloisi's dress

"You can't fix stupid.."

U.S. plans envision broad attack on Iran: analyst

"Here in Spirit" WEDNESDAY signing thread!

How does Senator Obama stand on free/fair trade?

Rosie O'Donnell said the IMPEACH word on the View this morning

LTTE - check where the author lives before reading his letter - LOLOLOL!!

Do you believe in magic?

Kerry says he won’t run for president in 2008

Homelessness-could this plan work?

Verdict Is In: Two Ohio Workers Found Guilty Of Rigging Vote Recount In 2004

I'm a little tea pot, short and stout!


Please contact Olberman about Bush and his "civilian reserve corps"/private mercenaries.

We've decided to remove the block function

Your Local Police Force Has Been Militarized The Empire Turns Its Guns on the Citizenry

Oh My!!! - Read the whole thing - I think Cheney has lost more than just his marbles...

On Randi Rhodes.

Thank you John Kerry

CIA stalling on NIE prior to this SOTU, armored vehicles not available to more troops

Meet Elizabeth Kucinich

New PA Dem Rep Jason Altmire does Colbert's "Better Know a District"

Video: Webb response to State of Delusion Addr (just the part where he slams Bush on Iraq)

"As Commander in Chief he has the power......"

A Shift in Power, Starting With ‘Madam Speaker’

From the President, a Two-Letter Jab at the Democrats

To Deliver Their Remarks, Democrats Opt to Put a Fresh Face Front and Center

Per Chris Matthews, a nugget he got from the speech tonight:

Cheerleading for a Losing Team during the 4th quarter....score 42 to 6.....Good Cheer...Bad Results

Is America legitimately "At War"? If not, what are the ramifications

Does anyone have a screen cap of McCain

3,060 now dead in W's war

Guess who is on the Scooter Libby defense committee!

A 2-step plan to end US participation in Iraq civil war.

Boxer: speech was more notable for what he didn't say on global warming

TODAY show--big loser on last night's speech is

Cheney and Pelosi Do the Two-Party Two-Step By Dana Milbank WaPo

Believe it or not, I disagreed with bush last night

What do you all think about an Edwards/Webb Ticket?

Edwards/Webb 2008?

Dean: Bush Tax Hike Won't Help Americans Afford Health Care

WANTED:Good president

John Edwards on Hannity & Colmes last night (with video)

The Annotated State Of The Union

Could someone dig up a link from past history...

C-Span 'war' supporter: "General Patakis"

Is Jim Webb presidential?

(Gov) Lynch says Nevada won't go before NH

Who will be the first to question Senator Webb's patriotism today?

The Hillarites are showing their fangs

No one is talking about Bush's call for mercenaries

anyone have a screen shot of Bush smirking?

PNHP response to SOTU

In the next few weeks the political right will begin character assassination against Jim Webb

MSNBC Political Calendar

Peace Mom Drops Lawsuit Over Camping Ban (AP)

Anyone watching the SFRC hearings on Troops levels in Iraq. Hagel is amazing.

Demanding Truth from Power

Did we all notice how bush urged support for the soldiers already

Parsing the Polls: Inside the '08 numbers

ACTION: send Jim Webb's speech to everyone you know!

Lets all applaud...

TOON: Bush has run out of gas

Jim Webb's speech was a drink of water to a thirsty nation.

Iran President is asking for it. he's got a big mouth .

For someone who is no longer carrying water for the gop

bush's speech was magnificent

If there is a God, John Kerry will become our AG in 2009, then he will slap the handcuffs on

Bush pleads for Iraq plan: ‘Give it a chance’ - MSNBC

Before a troop surge, a competence surge

SOTU question-Is the "Civilian Reserve Corps" a privatization of the military?

Senator Byron Dorgan: bin Laden is "Osama Been Forgotten"

Help. Need answers to computer printing/graphics questions.

Senate votes against House minimum wage bill.

Limbaugh just chuckled about our side not liking "Democrat"

Attention Kentucky progressives. Senate will not pass a clean minimum wage law.

The REAL State of the Union Address

Anyone catch Jesse Jackson Jr. last night at Chimp's SOTU?

Get the Money Out of TV Advertising! TV Ads didn't work for Dems in '04

CNN & MSNBC's on-line poll regarding the SOTU Address....

When Democracy Gets in the Way, The U.S. Squashes It.

"If you want a safe job, go sell shoes"

No tears for Kerry's decision not to run.

All I want is something real

Take stand on this war or go sell shoes!

"Who" is behind these vicious right wing attacks - anybody know?

So, are we not going to Mars anymore?

pssst...Kerry is not running because Hillary Clinton fears him....

Breaking! Kerry won't run for election!

Look at This Website (

would you support a limited line item veto

"Clinton, Obama, and Edwards have taken all the money out of the race" ...... ? Oh really?

Non-binding-Baloney! What are they really going to do about W's war mongering

See the full page ad in ROLL CALL, placed by Edwards and supporters

Ugh... A email I just got from a repug

Al Gore Fans...Sign The Petition!

Senate Republicans Block Minimum Wage Increase

Deflated Kerry Supporter Hopes Obama Can Make Good on Hype

How many Democratic candidates are currently "in" the running?

Jeff Cohen: Webb Offers the Democratic Response. . .to Hillary and Obama

Cunningham and Ney will get taxpayer-funded pensions

Obama Versus Fox News

DU this poll C-Span "Should Congress or Prez set National Agenda?"

"Civilian Reserve Corps"? Why does this scare me so much?

Kerry's out. GORE, we NEED you!

Kerry supporters: Whats Next?

I heard a man say the following in a McDonald's in Zanesville, OH...

My immediate thoughts regarding John Kerry's supporters ......

IOWA POLL: Edwards on top, Hillary in fourth place ... Ghouliani leads field of pukes

OK, can someone explain "cloture" and why the minimum wage bill didn't pass the Senate?

The Nation: Webb for President?

Hillary Chooses Slickster Terry McAuliffe: Turns $100 Into $2.45 million profit

Kerry: lots of thoughts

The problem with Webb's speech

Picture of McCain asleep at the chimps speech.

FOX asked: Bush's comments preparing public for military action against Iran? Clark answered: "Yes"

An open letter to Representative Bob Inglis.

Kerry supporters: is John Kerry a member of the DLC?

why the negative attitudes about the DLC/New Democrats....

Senator Kerry's not running. Wow, they took a good man and broke him.

Help send a blogger to Washington for Saturday's march

Should Gen. Wes Clark run for the Nomination in your opinion?

Hillary Clinton Isn't For Me

Beware Hillary - the quintessential

Beware of this right-wing talking point: "A republic, not a democracy"

Good luck, John Kerry, on whatever path life takes you

Do the American people hate Bill Clinton?

People keep referring to Clinton as "pro-war". But just how pro-war is she?

Civilian Volunteer Service Reserve Act

Watching SOTFUU Address on my TiVO, Cheney is ILL

Senator Kerry: "The work isn’t over. Today I hope you’ll help me with another big mission."

Kerry 2012!!!!!!!!

Bill Richardson--Impeccable Resume

It wasn't the JOKE - that part is a lie meant to protect the Dem leaders who

Should a white congressman be allowed into the Black Caucus?

Democratic, Democrat, Democratic, Democrat ...

A Must Watch: "Bill Moyers on the Secret Government" 1980's Documentary just Released!

Newsweek: Webb wrote his own speech, tore up the one given by leadership.

How will the Democratic Congress RESPOND to an Iranian "Gulf of Tonkin" incident?

Webb "tears up the playbook" ....Newsweek asks: "Could this help land Webb on the 2008 ticket?"

OK! Let's be courageous and honest. Who here can admit they like Hillary?

Want to bring CEO's pay back in line ?

Last chance - send a message Congress can't ignore