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Archives: January 25, 2007

J. Michael Taylor, M.D.: What It Meant When Abortion Was Illegal

Tom Hayden: Bush is the Titanic, We are the Icebergs

‘The Contract with America’s Workers Is Unraveling’

Individualism and the Dog

President Bush’s SOTU Speech Ignores Facts On The Ground In Iraq and At Home (Gerald W. McEntee)

Democrats: Middle class 'losing its place at the table' (CNN)

Can we not call people shills in this forum

Can Polyester Save the World?

Boost for Iraq bird populations (BBC)

Al-Qaida No. 2: PA Chair Abbas is a 'traitor,' sold Palestinian land

A Freedom Ride (Nonviolence working in Israel/Palestine)

Carter’s Critics Warp the Debate He Hoped to Create (Zogby)

Attorney Political Analysis of Election Officials' Convictions in Ohio 2004 Pres recount rigging

Bush brought subdued tone to State of Union

Proud to Be Union: Actors Highlight SAG Membership in a Theater Near You (Tom Hanks)

US contractors in Iraq shot in back of head

AP To Wire Libby Bloggers To Readers

Bachmann raises eyebrows with long hold on president

U.S. claims it has evidence of Iran's interference in Iraq

U.S. extends (3200) combat tours in Afghanistan

Ecuador defense minister dies in air crash: sources

Ray gun makes targets feel as if they are on fire

Judge: Lawyer Leaked Padilla Transcripts

Lawmakers call for Bush impeachment, NM

Excerpts from a dog's / cat's daily diary!!!!11!

I think I have finally figured out Napoleon Dynomite....

Employment Forum

I love technology... Ray gun makes targets feel like they're on fire

Appreciation thread for Mentalsolstice!

Ever feel the need to just flee, get away?

Is anyone watching

It's time to play "make a fundie head explode":

Do you still have heros? Do you still believe there are heroic people?

I broke my Sims 2!!

I think the name of that show Medium should be changed....

I've decided to remove the Ignore feature.

Sponge-cleaning advise sets microwaves on fire

I got a great art gig doing a mural in a library!

I broke Firefox.

You can start hating me now: I just finished my taxes.

A True Bears Fan (Joke)

six degrees of Kevin Bacon

Building a safer MySpace

*(#@&%#( - this new Naked Trucker and Ignorant Redneck Fuckstick show is awful

I've decided to remove the Accept feature

Someone should have told me this: A PATTYMELT IS THE WORST FOOD EVER.

OMG! I've just realized that since at least Thanksgiving, I've not gotten my HERK ON!

Tony Danza IS Max Bialystock!

My neighbor broke me up

I just have to tell y'all: I have the best sister in the world.

Discreetly dancing - sh

I came to the lounge for a breather

13 posts away from 13,000...ask me about my road trip!

Guided by Voices fans...some suggestions, please.

Omg, mixed salted nuts, omg!

I need hugs tonight if anyone has any extras

Well I WAS one of the cool people!

Anyone else ever tempted to ask if they can be BS'd?

You know that Hooty......

4 reasons why Eddie Hazel is the greatest guitar player of all-time

Obscene Lyrics To Pop Tunes

What is the best way to save videos from Youtube to your computer?

My tummy hurts after reading GD

When did sex threads jump the shark? eom

So evidently OUR Whole Foods *will* sell live lobster!

You know, I never got to see if anyone blocked me or not.

Most disgusting uses of condiments?

Roseanne Cash


Is there any way to get beer from out of state...

Hello after a long hiatus....I'm fine, how is everyone else?

It happened again, I now have 3 more cats.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Here he is:

Could Comcast possibly suck any more?

I'm so afraid the new Ghost Rider movie will suck big ones.

TOP CHEF: who will win?


Have you accepted Tom Cruise as your personal savior?

I'm bored...ask me anything! Please!

I have the least common eye color.

Three words:

If you made a soundtrack for "An Inconvenient Truth"...

Drinkin' Salsa and Eating Chips

Gramps and I are going to Las Vegas. What should we do while we're there?


Post a musical confession that may actually make you a bad person

Time to Admit that your on MySpace

I need some good energy to come my way PLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEEE

On money...

does anyone have a link to Kennedy's remarks on JK?

Wonderful diary -- thank you, john kerry (in pictures)

C-Span to Replay Kerry's Senate Remarks from Today

Another thing to think about. Not fun, but another thing.

President Bush’s SOTU Speech Ignores Facts On The Ground In Iraq and At Home

I don't need your civil war!

Cong. woman can't keep hands off Pres.

Last Goodbye: US Soldiers from Iraq War

Grant Smith on the Neocons

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers [1/12]

Cheney on Situation Room re: Mary's pregnancy

John Lennon, "Watching the Wheels"

Rosie on the View: Impeach Bush

did you say something Mr bush ???

Firedoglake: all about the opening day of the Libby trial

McClatchy Blog Offers Rough View of Baghdad

For anyone who gets HDNet, Dan Rather Reports on Abramoff scandal right now

Bush’s State of the Union speech highlights crisis of US ruling elite...

Cheney is One Arrogant POS.

I guess I am a real citizen again

Do new Ohio recount prosecutions indicate unraveling of 2004 election theft cover-up?

McAullife brags: Hillary got "100 hits per minute" on her website!

Teacher accused of fondling four students at Braintree elementary school

Randi Rhodes, AAR, and CACI lawsuit...any info...?

A new PerspeXtive on on the NewZ...

Okay. Kate O'Beirne (on Hardball) was complimentary of Jim Webb.

A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

Jim Webb will be on with Keith Olbermann

Restaurant industry objects to K-Fed Super Bowl ad.

I'm not used to being undecided - a question...

9/11 was the first and most obvious example of Bush's incompetence

How have your shrub voting acquaintances or family responded to the SOTU speech?

Has Cspan said anything about running Kerry's Senate floor speech today?

It all makes perfect sense now

Arni Arneson to be on Air America.

On Webblove: Memo to the media from Kos

The Beginnings Of Chickenhawks

What do you think of the

(TOON) Steve Bell on the State of the Union 2007

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Here's why I won't vote for Hillary in the primaries:

Police May Be Able To Pull Over Unbuckled Drivers In Fl-Opponents Fear Increase In Racial Profiling

Carl Bernstein: Bush Administraton Has Done 'Far Greater Damage' Than Nixon

Scarborough: Discussing what war with Iran looks like...

Just for fun--ever wonder where the cast of MASH donates their money?

What can one do with a BSE in education and a M.ed in Special Education? in the business world?

NYT (Still Rove's Lap Dog): Libby's 'scapegoat' defense may not be supported by any evidence

Is DU buggy tonight?

Which great historical figure would you support for President now?

It should be pointed out to folks talking about "Al Gore's Oscar".....

George W. Bush is no longer a lame duck president..

Is anyone here a constituent of looney tunes Michelle Bachmann?

Joe Wilson Vindicated By Key Docs Introduced Into Evidence (Larry C. Johnson)

Dumb question--what happens to Kerry's campaign money?

Chuck D: Don't boom boom boom

Travis Co. [Tx ] trying to get conspiracy charge for DeLay reinstated..

A very, very sad case of cause and effect.

If our current Presidential candidates were founding fathers who would they be?

Sometimes it feels so hopeless... seems the world is consumed by GREED

Hillary, Giuliani have the inside track to hedge fund money

Dear DUers - please help my thread.

Great editorial in WaPo detailing Bush's lies about "thu enumee"

GOP Rep .Michele Bachmann : "He(Bush) kissed me in Minnesota, too."

Yet ANOTHER reason to get our troops OUT of Iraq: From the mouth of Dick Cheney

So I turn on CNN right now and the first thing I hear is

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?

(Church formerly attended by Bush Sr.) - Ex-Church Official Guilty in Child Porn Case

Ex-Lawman in Mississippi indicted in 1964 slayings.

Cheney Dismisses Questions Of His Credibility As ‘Hogwash’

Charlie Rose tonight: John Burns (NYT) is back from Iraq -- only guest

With 2008 out of the way--I wish John Kerry would let it rip about Ohio 2004.

States of the Union: Reflections from New Orleans

The Super Bowl is coming...

"When Barak Obama was still mowing lawns in Illinois"

Can anyone tell me why Nancy Pelosi won't cut the funding to Iraq?

If I was the Commander in Chief!!!

Is there a link to what's happening in the Libby trial?

Jordan and Algeria poised to develop nuclear programs

All the President's Men is just starting on AMC

Scientists tighten security over germ terror threat

A criticism I have of John Edwards tonight

Progressive Democrats of America Join Anti-War March and Lobby Day in D.C.

it seems Clinton wasn't so dumb afterall

KO has stabbed US in the back

Transcript of hawkish Iran comments of John Edwards to the herzliya conference in Israel

WP: For Webb, Bouquets and a Few Brickbats

Michael Ware just told it like it is on CNN (Cooper)

U.S. drafts Holocaust denial resolution for UN

Scott McClellan guest on tonite's Daily Show

California Officials Question Bush's Energy Plan

not that it needs it,but DU this CNN poll...

Judge sides with Poway school officials who pulled student in anti-gay T-shirt

Can someone please explain to me why Noriega was in a US jail

Survey Finds Mercury in Fish in West

Meet Dick Halliburton and Lizzie Lockheed-Martin

Arab League's Moussa warns U.S. on Iran attack

For those headed to DC: will you help us who live here vote?

CSPAN: Kerry Senate Floor speech bowing out for 08 - NOW

2004 Pres Candidate Kerry is out; so the new Front Runner has to be......

Mary Cheney's pregnancy explained

How can people be so stupid?

Can anyone tell me WHY the Dems don't simply REVOKE the 2002 authorization

Regarding Iran's Nuclear Program

Novak praises Pelosi, says Bush and staff "irrelevant"

Woohoo! I am getting excited!! DC in 2 more days!!!!

Darnit. I thought the hearing had just started. It was just ending.

Guiliani stumbles on Iraq "What does a mayor know about Iraq"

WP:Large War Protest Planned for Mall

Dennis Miller? Comedian??

About Chuck Hagel...

The "connected at the roots" aspens seem to be arranged in a circular firing squad. OMG!!!!!

Did Hillary support or oppose the invasion of Iraq?

I just watched Jim Webb's appearance on Countdown. If he can hold it together, and have

Big, big stuff being discussed at Davos economic conference. Check it out

So what the hell IS it with this "non-binding resolution" crap?

I predict Dick Cheney will have to step down.

What is the one question...

Senator Leahy was livid today at US "Justice".

Do you think women have sex dreams about George W. Bush?

DU this poll - Grade Bush's performance in office so far

OMG -- CDC Top Man Jerks OFF in Airport - GETS CAUGHT!

Need help researching: CIA contractor and Porter Goss.

OMG! Stephen Colbert is KILLING on the SOTU! (Colbert Report on NOW!)

To the "Webb used to be a Republican" legions.

Faux Gibson on CNN reporter, 'probably went to the very madrassa' as Obama

The Sword of the Pen of Richard A. Clarke

Stop the Iran War Before It Starts (

Cruise 'is Christ' of Scientology

Oh my! Someone in the house is NOT a happy camper...

John Conyers: We are Up and Running

Hillary Clinton's efforts on election reform...

With Webb's SOTU and Hagel's call for sanity, did the possibility of impeachment just become real?

Edwards: Iran Threat Serious

Ari Fleischer Takes the Fifth, Turns State Evidence on INR memo -- even against Bush himself?

Kerry's next fight. Will you sign on?

You know, I understand most people don't think Kucinich has a hope in hell...

When did Hillary lose your support or did she ever have it at all?

Lets all give a big thank you to CINDY SHEEHAN

DA: Young mother botched abortion with ulcer medication


Cheney flips out on CNN over his lesbian daughter Mary

Atheists settle with Freepers, no more taxpayer-funded prayer rallies

The Duke accuser reveals the truth at last: it wasn't the lacrosse team --

Fox’s Gibson: "CNN Reporter Who Debunked Obama Smear Probably Went To The Same Madrassa"


Election Attorneys Amplify Importance of Convictions for Recount Rigging in Ohio 2004 Pres Race

Bush SOTU, VIDEO edited to just show the terrorists

What IS it about Hillary that I don't like?


RUN AL RUN!!!-Rolling Stone Magazine: GORE- Ideal Candidate-Won In 2000 & Opposed War From Start!!!

Run, Al, Run

Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., backs away from McCave gangplank, boards anti-escalation train

Manuel Noriega to be released in September

Statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney on the State of the Union Address

I am really disappointed in 'our' Congress

So many times Bush would have been out of here IF we'd had a non-corporate press

State of the Union or State of Denial?

Pittsburgh Brewing Workers Accept Lesser of Two Evils cuts pay 15% and other items

World’s Unions Demand ‘Decent Work for a Decent Life’

C span hearing resolution with Biden, Hagel about Iran Resolution


Is anyone else getting sick of the finger pointing thing....?

Question? If combining the Minimum wage to tax cuts is important now

We MUST get Dems on TV/radio EXPLAINING the Truth!!! We WON!!!

New ’08 candidacies put pressure on Clark

Juan Cole Deconstructs SOTU Speech

Sarasota Democratic candidate gets gallery seat for speech

Someone's paying attention to us!

What is John Edward's greatest drawback as a presidential candidate?

Workers Want Congress To Reform Labor Law To End Employer Intimidation

After Kerry has dropped outWho Do Progressive Dems have Left?

Uhm... Ken Salazar (D-CO) Just said "Tar Baby." Twice.

John Nichols: John Edwards deserves another look

Please list the presidential candidates

You notice how the politicans and leaders who actually were in war

Who does Michelle Bachmann think she is?

McCain Loses Ground, Trails Obama and Edwards

Did I just hear Hillary tell KO she was against the pre-emptive war

Clinton campaign trying to squeeze Obama out of the money

After Kerry news, I just gave $100 to Richardson, Obama and Kucinich

If Gore doesn't get into the race and Hagel does, Hagel wins.

Why I Still Don't Trust George Bush (Mary Lyon)

Rolling Stone article on Al Gore

Would you give away reproductive choice for not having to vote for an IWR candidate?

Edwards gets hawkish on Iran, says Israel should join NATO.

Bob Herbert: Long on Rhetoric, Short on Sorrow

New US strategy on Iran emerges from Davos

Venezuela's RCTV Acts of Sedition

Paul Craig Roberts: Bush's State of Deception

Scott Ritter: Stop the Iran War Before It Starts

Amy Goodman: Up to Democrats to Investigate Torture

Jagged Knives in the Candidate Selection Process: Good Idea?

Impeachment: The Case in Favor (Elizabeth Holtzman)

Joe Conason: Why Bush's Speech Didn't Matter

Affluenza: Rampant consumerism erodes us

Libby Trial: Oncoming Train

E.J. Dionne: A Reagan Democrat

Iran and the Bomb (concise summary of the currrent situation)

A new arms race in space?

Naked colonialism: Iraq's new oil law: not even a fig leaf

Kunstler on SOTU

Iraq War Still Being Compared To Vietnam

Gore Film Sparks Parents' Anger

D.C. Episcopal Bishop: Mid-Term Elections Showed Electorate Anger at Misuse of Religion

"Friends of God" NY Times review

Great editorial cartoon from the Courier Journal

A Case of Hearing Without Listening---By MAUREEN DOWD

Truthout: Executive Order Expands Presidential Power Over Agencies

Ohio Elections Officials Convicted of Tampering with 2004 Presidential Recount

The Enemy Within - Nat Hentoff - V V


Hagel's (R-Ne) war stance loud, clear

Bush's Tortured Logic: Marjorie Cohn Speaks Out on the State of Civil Liberties

NYT editorial: White House promised nothing on global warming, and Bush delivered nothing

Drum Major Institute's State of the Union analysis: Little for the current or aspiring middle class

Analyst - "There Is No Way 35 Billion Gallons Of Ethanol Is Going To Come From Corn" - Reuters

Ford to Deliver Demonstration Fleet of Ethanol-Fueled Hybrids to Six States

Toyota Pushing For 40% Boost In Global Hybrid Sales - Up To 430,000 In 2007 - Reuters

U Manitoba Researcher - Summer Arctic Sea Ice May Be Gone As Early As 2030 - AFP

USDA Announces Plan for $1.6 B Investment in Renewable Fuels

RRRRRR!! "Russian Zoo Animals Mate Early In Steamy Winter Heat" - Reuters

960 millibars

Residents Should "Limit" Consumption Of Lead-Contamined Squirrel IN N. Jersey, Authorities Advise

California Bans Dirty Power Sources - AP

Planting the seed (local produce for schools)

Environmentalism is about comfortable living and good jobs.

Gov. Goodhair, Other TX Republican Leaders Agree - Global Warming Just "Bad Science" - Star-Telegram

Lack Of Specifics, Substance Fire Up Anger On Bush Climate Mention - SPI

Drought Heats Up Aussie Politics - Howard Now Calls Himself "Climate-Change Realist" - AFP

Culpeper Va - Webb Senior Staffers to Give Talk, Q & A

Murray-Darling Inflows 40% Below Record Lows; Howard Pledges $10 Billion To Keep Irrigating

German renewable energy sector shows impressive growth

8 technologies that can save the world ( {maybe, maybe not}

Hydrogen Powers Up the Small Engine Market

(LURC) Panel rejects (wind) power project (Maine)

Clean energy seen 50 pct of supply by 2050: report - Reuters

I think it fitting that I put my thousandth post on the E/E board. Tap, tap, "Is this thing on?"

Craigslist Exec Blogs from Davos on Israeli/Palestinian Issue

Sparking debate, Students Confronting Apartheid in Israel (SCAI) launches divestment push

Lt. Col Pistolese (of European Union) urges Israel to ease restrictions on Egypt-Gaza crossing

Ex-AIPAC Executives’ Trial Set for June

delete duplicate

One Lee's Summit, MO Response to TODAY'S Bush Visit

Webster G. Tarpley - Peace Movement Must Embrace 9/11 Truth

Do any of you have inside information regarding 9/11 because you have a friend or

Condi Knew!

Jason Bermas (Loose Change) gets owned at "Food Is Not Love"

Los Angeles County voter registration saga continues

New York, Ciber and the EAC (This is What We Do Folks!)

Sign for DC Protest: Hand Counted Paper Ballots NOW!!! or Facsism Forever.

"Hacking Democracy": Do Something!

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Thursday 1/25/07

Election Reform Echo Chambers - Good and Bad

Gonzales says the Constitution doesn't guarantee habeas corpus

U.S., Iraqi troops kill 30 militants (ONE US soldier killed Wed)

WP: Bush Proposes Adding Private School Vouchers to 'No Child' Law

Study Finds Unreported Contamination

Iraq Leaves US Army, Marines Unready For High Intensity War: Generals

Blair rebuffs troop withdrawal call

Reuters: Iraq court delays ruling on ex-VP Ramadan

US military unveils heat-ray gun

A girl wonders: Is Crist my dad?

AP: Greek Militants Claim U.S. Embassy Attack

Davos Ponders a U.S.-Iran War

Seven killed in Baghdad bombings

WP: Ex-CIA Official Testifies About Libby's Calls (worth the read!)

Cheney: Talk of blunders in Iraq is 'hogwash'

Mexico Border Barrier Work Starts

AP: Iraq PM outlines coming security sweep

Blast in Shiite area of Baghdad kills 26

Pelosi Hits Bush For Failing to Consult on Iraq Plan

WP,pg1: Bush Plans New Focus On Afghan Recovery: Extra $7 Billion Would Go to Security, Roads

Reuters: Iraq to remove squatters from homes of refugees

Chertoff: 21st century more dangerous

Duncan Hunter announces run for 2008 GOP presidential nomination

Top U.S. surgeon in Iraq killed in Black Hawk crash

Feingold Calls Resolution On Bush Iraq Plan Too Weak

At least 20 dead, 20 wounded in Baghdad suicide car bombing; toll could go up, official said

AP: Russia Slams U.S. Space Weapon Plans

Venezuela gives Cuba satellite access

U.S. extends troops' Afghanistan tour

Blanco: Bush's speech shows hurricanes were 'yesterday's news'

McCain to introduce third Iraq resolution

VP Dick Cheney's Achilles' heel: lesbian chat

WP: SMU Holds Meeting on Bush Library: Faculty Concerned about Reputation, Political Interference

MNF Iraq: Roadside bomb strikes MND-B patrol (1 dead)

AP: Afghan govt. won't spray poppy crops

UPI Poll: Oil seen as factor for Iraq war (32.7% say it played a major factor)

Rummy Still Hanging Around D.O.D

Arab League Pushes UN Resolution for United Iraq

Rumsfeld's transition raises questions (has left the Pentagon, but not the DOD)

Webb: Some Vietnam parallels 'superficial'

Variety: Clinton, Obama go Hollywood

Anne Frank's father sought visas

Spiked Study Leads to New FCC Query

Cheney's ex-spokeswoman says VP's office was aware of Plame prior to Libby's talks with reporters.

FEC: Kolbe may use campaign funds for defense in Foley case

Union membership drops to 12 percent

One dead in Lebanon clashes

Jobless claims rise to 16-month high

Warming to raise seas for 1,000 years: U.N. draft

(California) State mortgage default rates at eight-year high, firm says

Harold Ford, Jr. Named New DLC Leader

Two private prisons under investigation for overpayment

NYC Launching Official City Condom

It's a balanced budget or tax cuts, report says (GAO)

Kuwait May Abandon Dollar Peg to Protect Its Economy- Bloomberg

Pentagon: Domestic troops low

Eleanor McGovern dies

Bush seeks $10.6 billion in extra Afghan aid

Union Membership Drops to Record Low

Putin Slams U.S. Space Weapons

U.S. bars trade group from going to Cuba

Bush Administration Argues in Support of Warrantless Wiretaps (pay no attention to the last 6 years)

Area residents D.C.-bound to protest war

NYT/AP: Union Membership Drops to 12 Percent

Time: Anne Frank Father's Letters Found

(Pakistan) PM: Bin Laden not hiding in Pakistan

Cubans land on military grounds in Fla.

Durbin calls Cheney 'delusional'

Former Cheney spokeswoman to testify

NYT/AP: Democrats Wary of Iraq Reconstruction Cost; Biden: Results so far "aren't pretty"

AP: Abortion Doctor's Killer Convicted Again

Soldier admits murdering Iraqi detainees

Gingrich pushes for English as official language

Insurgents post video of downed chopper

BBC: Indonesia jet 'black boxes' found

Georgian Sting Seizes Bomb Grade uranium

Declassification unnerved White House aide

Ford posts deepest loss in its 103-year history

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 25

Critics urge lawmakers to curb credit card abuses

E&P: Carl Bernstein: Bush Administraton Has Done 'Far Greater Damage' Than Nixon

Microsoft to open offices in six more cities (Not US Cities)

ElBaradei Says Iran Is at Least 5 Years Away From Nuclear Arms

Senior State Department official resigns (Robert Joseph)

Bush wants more young Indian minds in US

Health care executives dissolve organization amid investigation

Most U.S. workers not in "dream jobs," survey says (Reuters)

Rockefeller: Cheney applied "constant" pressure to stall investigation on flawed Iraq intelligence

Top Kerry Fundraisers Join Obama Campaign

Justices Defend Florida Recount Decision (Scalia - Get Over It)

MLK party causes uproar on Texas campus

Health of Children in Red States Suffers

GOP in House call Dems heavy-handed After majority rams through 'Six for '06' bills

Wal-Mart settles in overtime case

'Shocking' video: Shi'a Iraqi soldiers beat Sunnis as US trainers watch

(Republic Congressman) Flake pushes to lift travel restrictions to Cuba

Obama Calls for Universal Health Care

Tancredo wants minority caucuses banned

Iraq in talks with Chevron, Exxon for $3 bln petrochemical plant

Eleanor McGovern has died

Why do people click on posts with eom in the title? eom

Does this mean we get to go post in threads we were blocked from?

"All the President's Men" is on now, AMC

Charley Varrick, Mr. Majestyk, The Gauntlet.

Yegads, I hate telnet

Martin (Short) and (Jerry) Lewis "There's No Business Like Show Business"

An overnight request thread

Okay, I'm taking my own bad self to bed now.

Damn!!!! Somebody killed the lounge again!

Rage Against the Machine will reunite for Coachella

YouTube is down, somebody hold me

I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way!

Unfortunately, underpants' and my evil plan have been scrapped.

What or Who do you think should be a Lounge legacy??

are people who need people the luckiest people in the world?

congrads to myself for my 887th post

Oday ouyay inkthay

congrads to myself for my 888th post

The freakiest thing this morning - 'My Car' was in an bad accident (not me - read)

I hurt.

I love my boss

Three weeks from today

Look at me....

It's the right thing to do

I deserve to be flogged

The Rule You Live By Unless Others Deserve It

Okay, I confess. I love the PC-Mac commercials.

"HA!, I always knew that Frank would end up in bed with a boy."

I think I'll have lunch at the Chinese buffet just for the hell of it

One person is searching for you! Find out who! (and pay money to do so)

Why was Joan Collins a judge on American Idol?

Are you like me, going to watch the Super Bowl for the ads?

my roommate's dog has a myspace page

ZOMG!!!1!!! ROFLMFAO!!!!11!!!

I have to get away from you people. Don't bother responding to this.

I just sneezed.

Anyone who claims to have solved Freecell #617 is lying. Even you.

Snow cat sculpture check it out

If I were single, and

Why, when I found out I needed a root canal, did my teeth stop hurting?

Holy crap - Belgian police probe sky diver's death

Good Nite!

congrads to me on my 891st post!

Back before MicroBrews - how did you tell beer apart?

I hate when I can't stalk old boyfriends on Google

I deserve to be snogged.

God, I hate Mondays!

Is today the day billyskank will come back?

Show the ex how much you still care

Congratulations kpete!! 10,000 posts

Oh god, I wish I wouldn't have told my mom I don't believe in man

Congratulations izzie!! 15,000 posts

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/25/2007)

Here's a list of bands that will make you gay! (not satire!)

Coffee and Cigarettes

Winter finally comes to Richmond!

My Dad's fucking Jewel

Who is your local TV ad sleazoid lawyer?

Chocodiles® are nothing but Twinkies® dipped in chocolate.

Racial Ray? (it's our perky little Rachael Ray........not)

Anne Heche, husband separating after 5 years

My Dad fucking rules.

My Dad's Fucking Tools

It's cold and snowy out...

20 to 20k, ask me anything!

My bathroom flooded AGAIN

My Dad: "Pho-King Rules!"

MYTH WARS -- Limbaugh & Santa Vs God.

British TV ad that will have you LOL

New Orleans Jazzfest line up 2007

You are all invited to the Lounge Lizard Super Bowl pot luck. What will you bring?

My Dad's fucking rules

I love liars!

My Dad's a Fucking Tool

I found another bread mix for my bread machine...

Have you ever had a case where perception altered your sense of reality?

So since apparantly everyone hates liars..

Has anyone else been getting bugs all afternoon?

Have you ever had a case where perspiration altered your sense of reality?

Oooh. Allmans.... "Hot 'Lanta" live....

mouth revolution

Rabbi yells "CUT!" over porn flick.

Beware of this Home Depot scam.

I totally chickened out about telling my mother i am moving in with Lisa.

Took a short nap, had a sex dream.

I need a volunteer to come over to my house in the next hour, to blow

Do you remember your first Kiss?

Google your name and post the coolest image that appears.

I totally chickened out about telling my mother i am moving in with Lisa and lionesspriyanka.

Wow. A 21" widescreen LCD has more viewable area than a 27" regular TV set...

I'm suckin' the nuts out of Turtles....

Rare shark captured on film

My Dad's fucking rules

Anyone know where to get HTML code for approval ratings?

My dad fucking drools.

How candid/open are you with people you meet, in prison?

Best accidental bonus in a movie or tv show?

JOHN CUSACK is THE MAN..... X-post from GD....

I want a 1,000 'views" but no posts to this OP

From McDonald's Japan... The Mega Mac!

Remember the Jesus "I Will Survive" video? I like this one better.

Fuck "Peak Oil" The future of transportation is here!

How candid/open are you with people you meet, in person?

Nickeodeon offers "The Naked Brothers Band" -- two boys, aged 6 & 9. Is that creepy or WHAT?

So, last week I go to Big Lots and see holiday decorations for

Is there an "Ima White" around here? Anyone? Ima White?

I just finished reading Green River, Running Red by Ann Rule.

Why doesn't TeenMidlo believe a thing I say?

It's official...we're moving.

Supposedly, this was an ad on the London tube...

its real simple--

"FEEL THE LOVE" DU! I saw this starting on another post and it's too much fun to miss!

The most offensive Martin Luther King Jr. Day party pictures you'll see this year.

My Dad doesn't do anything.

In case you lurk, MJC, I had this thought last night

I am now dumber for watching Lady in the Water!

Men greeting women with a kiss instead of a handshake, where do you stand?

Warren Zevon would have been 60 years old yesterday.

Alright: So what have YOU not told you Mother?

Do the schools (not colleges) in your area have Facebook spies?

Are there days you prefer to eat the raw ingredients rather than the baked meal?

When lifting weights,

A request for good thoughts, prayers, etc., for my daughter.

Is it me, or have corn flakes gotten entirely too

Oh man, I wish I wouldn't have told my mom I don't believe in god

Anyone know how do you clean unfinished wood before waxing it? n/t

Where's Nicole? NICOLE? I'm steaming mad!!!

Chairman Kaga kicks ass

I love LeftyMom and ThomCat

So I took my 8 year old to Children's today to have his tonsils removed

Anyone using LED indoor lighting instead of compact fluorescent?

What character flaw upsets you the most?

Who do you think is the greatest film actor/actress of all time?




Why won't my riding mower go in reverse.

What is your favorite food indulgence?

I found this online - me, circa 1985

Men arrested for murdering "ghost" brides

Nothing better than a clean mouse...

Is there ANY decent root beer around any more?

Congratulations LSK!! 20,000 posts

Happy birthday danagsk8 & RiverStone!!

Guess the band by original name quiz.

So, say Larry King or Jon Stewart wants a panel of posters to represent DU on their shows.

Need a laugh? 25 Funniest Analogies from High School English Students

I totally chickened out about telling Lioness Priyanka and Lisa I am moving in with them

Congratulations acmavm!! 15,000 posts

Top Chef - WTF???!!!! *spoilers*

adorable doggy alert

Today is my Daughter's eighteenth birthday

Smokers, help me with this survey.

God, I hate Fundies!

10 years for receiving oral sex?

I'm not ashamed! If you've also had a post deleted this past week,

Did Vicki Lawrence do the first version of "Killing Me Softly?"

25 years and still no significant other...

U.S. woman now oldest person in the world at 114.

Radio Lady Reviews: "Catch and Release" (Opens Friday, 1/26/07)

Lens On The Holocaust, From East Of The Berlin Wall

The Church is at the World Social Forum as a Deserving Entity

A god as an ideal, not an actual being?

What do you think of the terms "real Christian" or "real Pagan"?

A triple hypothetical

Another triple hypothetical (maybe this time I'll offend atheists)

As God Is His Witness: Bush is no devout evangelical. In fact, he may not be a Christian at all.

A question for Young Earth Creationists...How do you explain this?

Anti-gay politician Ruth Kelly in UK close to quitting over gay adoption issue

Attn: Figure Skating Fans: The US Nationals are on this week

Bears will finish what Katrina Started

Call Major League Baseball NOW re the Extra Innings package

Boxing News: Vitali Klitschko vs. Oleg Maskaev?

Book recommendation: From Abandonment to Healing

"Moving Into Our Divine Birthright" - Karen Bishop - January 25, 2007

Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss

The "'new' Daily Psychic" thread:

My heart is broke. I have to settle for 2nd best. Who is second best?

Mixed verdicts in Ohio recount-rigging case

"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake"

Don't Get Mad, Get Even

Kerry coming full circle -- diary to check out, rec, and comment

Recommend me please

Virginians -- need help on Raising Kaine

A political newbie's hard lesson learned

Video of Kerry speaking during the SFRC Business Meeting yesterday

Some thoughts on where I want to go from here

Post positive commentary here

Charting a future as Senator Kerry

DailyKos diary to rec and comment ASAP (for JK)

SFRC Hearing: Iraq Reconstruction

SFRC Sub-committee assignments: Ahm, Gee, look what Sen. Kerry got

Transcript of JK's Floor Speech Yesterday is Up - Video Later

Captain Brain Freeman, remarks by Sen. Dodd

Kerry press release on small businesses

Speculation on Why Kerry is Not Running

Kerry: I'm incredibly energized and optimistic

Frank Zappa testifies at PMRC Senate Hearing 1985 (in 4 parts)

Brian Boyce's 'State of the Union'

State of the Union 2007 - Bush Impression

Bush Speaks the Truth

South Park 911 Conspiracy Episode..

John Kerry on Iraq - Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Part 1

John Kerry on Iraq - Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Part 2

Starwars in Iraq 1/3...

OUCH!!! SOTU remix.

Dennis Kucinich: To Be The President

Al Gore On Larry King Discussing His Mission

SHOCKING!!! video from Iraq all DU'ers must see this WOW

* tours Dupont Experimental Station - pic of him from Whitehouse web-site (warning, large photo)

US Flip-Flops And Declares Iranian Nuclear Program A Good Thing

Weird political coincidence . . . Nixon had a dog named Checkers and Bush

Chimp has a "Monica Moment! Complete with VIDEO from TPM!

When Hollywood stars shone on Libby - Scooter star struck after meeting Tom Cruise

EYES! Rolling or blinking?

laughing at Cheney's whine that America doesn't have stomach

Chavez Says Cuban Leader Is Up, Walking (AP)

Daily Show: The Opposite Technique

A Caption Would Just Be Redundant ---pix--->>>

The President's "New" Iraq Strategy Is Rooted In Six Fundamental Elements

Besides DU, where do you go to get the very latest up to date political news? story: " HOGWASH"

Left Coast 'Charlie Rose' Alert (midnight)

The blood curling coldness of W and Cheney will be a curse

Home based block system for those who need it.

IF Bush's Tax Cuts EXpire in 2010 THEN CBO predicts deficit shrink!

Biotech 'Solutions' for Factory Farms Worse than Problem

Is YouTube Down or Is It My Computer?

Small Business Owners Check In!!!!

T-bone sent John Negroponte a trojan from an outhouse.

Is anyone else having trouble?

Rage Against the Machine will reunite for Coachella

Military Shows Off New Ray Gun

While we get mad at Bush for not mentioning New Orleans at SOTU, FRC chides him for another reason

My hope is to have a favorite candidate by the time we OK'ns are to vote on who we want for the Demo

Setting the record straight about Bush's bogus portrayal of "The Enemy"

The futility of it all.

The White House Privacy and Civil Liberties Board Defies FOIA Requests

In Praise of Security Theater

Contact the advertisers on The O'Reilly Factor about his comments

"FEEL THE LOVE" DU! I saw this starting on another post and it's too much fun to miss!

Look for this in DC on Saturday

Why do RW'ers on Yahoo Answers have such thin skin?

Fox Subpoenas YouTube For User Identity Over "24" Clips...

Corporate Media 'Discovers' Jan. 27 Protest in DC (from AfterDowningStreet)

Why did W and Cheney both take drinks of water

Webb's SOTU response - couple of thoughts

The fundamental contradiction with Republicans in power:

Should Experimental Treatments be paid by the Government?

Where's the "here in spirit" poster thread for those who can't make it to DC this weekend?

The Wilsons need a response.

Why don't Joe Lieberman go to New Orleans and look around?

Health coverage for all

Bush- 20 in 10 - hoping to increase his IQ by 20 points in 10 years....

This is nuts...watching CNN - except for Hagel, most of the Pugs

When the Bush* Administration first took office Bush* put Cheney in charge

CSPAN WJ: A number of callers assert that Bush didn't know there were no WMDS.....

If we suffered another terror attack TODAY.

Bush health insurance plan - Mary Poppins he ain't

SAM IS ON WWRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"All the President's Men" was on AMC last night

Is anyone listening to Barnacle this moring?

Cheney: Iraq has had "enormous successes"..

Libby was distracted by his interest in "TomKat" Cruise and Scientology??

Well, here we go, media: Obama's campaign all about race...

If Hagel Declares Independence

American Idol: 31 million viewers... Bush 2007 SOTU Address: 45.5 million viewers

BUSH's "War On Terror" Is A Death Blow To the Noble American Republic - By Robert Parry

Evangelicals block showing of "Incovenient Truth" to Seattle public school children

Hey all you criminals who want to buy guns, come to VA....

Arab comedian skewers life in post 9/11 America ( available on )

AOL Vote on Senate Vote Against Escalation

Outrageous Injustice

Pay for Play!

Major explosion in Green Zone - C-SPAN

TOON! Divine Strake

Man vs the Legal system

Exclusive: UK Channel 4 News footage of brutality by Shi'a troops in Iraq

Thank you my invisible friends.

self delete

CNN: Dick Cheney, A Man Looking for a Getaway Car

Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!

Did anyone see the piece about Iraqi children on ABC News last night?

Bush left out one thing; the most powerful Shia militia, the Mehdi Army, is traditionally anti-Iran

How did health care even become a money making business??

Energy experts knock Bush plan for ethanol as gas substitute

Current TV video: Teen Soldiers (must see)

The talented Dick Cheney-quite the trick (SOTU water drinking video)

Are Faux-tears flowing from Kerry for troops? Who really cares?

We know - everybody knows - yet nobody does anything?

Navajo soldier's beliefs pits himself against Marines

India about to give the US a cold shoulder?

An Incredible Article about Hillary and the Problems for the netroots.

Yeah, so that iPhone which will be tied to freaking Cingular, guess what?

Hugh Hewitt asks RW'rs to take the NRSC Pledge

So Where's All The Great News From Iraq Michelle Malkin Went

Guantanamo Unclassified -- YouTube

Imus is getting worse, has Chris Wallace on interviewing him.

Maternity leave and the family values hypocrisy

The GOP is filibustering the Min. Wage Bill - Your help is vital!

So would winning an Oscar do more to push Al Gore towards or away from a Presidential run?

What Constitution are these guys reading?

Tom the Dancing Bug Does watching the news bum you out? Then you've sacrificed enough!

More Public Schools Dividing Boys, Girls

Caption McCain

Many Christian leaders have opposed Bush’s new Iraq strategies

One Lee's Summit, MO Response to TODAY'S Bush Health Care VISIT

Where was George Bush I born? If Milton, MA, move on, nothing to see.


Chuck Hagel's interview with GQ:

Please remember this next time you are thinking about NOT voting for the (D)

Terry McAuliffe will be the chair for Hillary's campaign. Comments?

Nevada Residents what is Military building ???

The SOTU and the Forever War - did anyone else notice this line:

Yesterday Delaware, today Missouri - * travel pics

Portrait of a dictator

Al??? Al Gore??? Are you there??? We NEED You!!!

Mortar Shells Slam Into Green Zone - Public Address System Announcement: "This is not a drill."

WaPo article totally undermines Marcus op ed's swipes at Dems on Bush tax plan

Islamic translation of the State of the Union address

Message to Congress from Skidmore

FITZ! ------>>>

Icky Bush Drops the Dropped "-ic" Bomb in SOTU

Why is Rumsfeld still on the Pentagon payroll????

Senators struggling mightily over the language of a non-binding resolution

"I knew Bush would abuse the power given him under the IWR. Why didn't Congress?"

Cheney is full of shit

Anyone using LED indoor lighting instead of compact fluorescent?

Homophobic re-hab? -stupid P.R. thing

Minimum Wage being discussed on the Senate Floor

OK, it's been 30 days--can we put the flags back up now?

Rush Limpballs will be on NPR this afternoon

Public Citizen Takes on Tax Break for Halliburton-Backed Energy Think Tank

U. S. Attorney Appointment called unconstitutional

Feingold chairs hearing on Congress ending war next Tuesday

When The Time Comes Should Gore Pardon Bush

Is Rove on the Witness list for the Libby trial and if so which side?

Wolf nuts up...almost. What Wolf should have said to Dick.

the here in spirit thread needs one more rec

(FIORE) State of the Resolution

The View just now-Did ABC just shut down Lou Dobbs re Impeachment question?

Republicans REALLY BELIEVE we're total hypocrites--Here's why:

Florida Republican fumes at not having a chair in meeting, leads walk out

If anyone actually thinks * cares about Africa heres why not..

A thank you to the TOON posters!

Sherrod Brown speaking on the floor of the Senate

Thrash a Thuggish Thursday, . . . please come CAPTION!!!!

Bush is Uriah Heep, the most hypocritical, dishonest character in literature.

Scam Alert - Aimed at Green Card Holders

'Fat Tony' Scalia on the 2000 Florida recount ruling: "Get over it"

Has anyone modified their Prius?

If I were single, and

At Least 186 AntiWar Protests In US Have Been Monitored By Pentagon's Domestic Surveillance Program

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Thurs 1/25 .. running bush

Haven't heard much from Rove since the election, but Libby trial lands him on NYT front page

The World Agrees: Stop Bush Before He Kills Again-By Robert Scheer

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) ROCKS MY WORLD

Health Care

President Bush on balancing the budget

Very odd - The View - Rosie asked Lou Dobbs if we should Impeach.

Removal of Block Function

Senate Dems to Press Bush Admin on U.S. Attorney Firings

Bernie Sanders speaking for 10 minutes on poverty in the Senate

Chief US military doctor in Iraq among crash dead

Oh hug a Thursday and sing it a song to hurry it along, . . . then please CAPTION!!!

Sign ideas for DC protest Saturday?

WaPo: Large Rally Planned Saturday on Mall

What's the catch with DirectBuy?

Is donating a liver the same as having the right to an abortion?

British in Parliament debating Iraq War

Before Gore announces he's running--I implore DUers to visit Bob Somerbys archives.

Durbin calls Cheney 'delusional'

Larisa Alexandrovna: Behind the Administration's six-year-push towards war with Iran

Has anyone attended Hillary's Web-based listening tour?

WOLF's Interview of Cheney is becoming lame in retrospect

Did anyone see Olbermann's "worst persons" last night?

Toxic injustice, part 1: What was done

How many times did Bush say 9-11 during the SOTU

Please tell me what will happen when we have a 'PERSIAN GULF of TONKIN?'

Anne Frank's Father's Letters Disclosed

What is the highest award that a documentary movie can receive -

"fight to my last breath, even if it means a world war, to clear my name".

You microwave a WET sponge to kill the germs

Is it true that no one can stop dick & dubya?

Tax cuts don't pay for themselves....

Limbaugh today: all of DC out of touch except a couple in the WH.

Anyone else think that "Sense of the Senate" resolutions

Soldier Guilty In Killing Of 4 Detainees

Manager or Visionary: What does the US need after Bush?

Dennis Kucinich floor speech, October 10, 2002

Cheney: It's 'hogwash' to say Bush's credibility on the line in Iraq

3065 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Rumsfeld opens up shop as "nonpaid" consultant to Pentagon

NOTICE to those DC bound by train from NYC. . . and a request:

VIDEO: Katrina Victims Outraged Over Bush Snub

Am I the only one creeped out by this commercial?

Kennedy is on fire!! CSPAN 2

Tonight Schumer is on The Daily Show, Mike Wallace on Colbert.

Bush's Plan to Stop Global Warming Will Lead to More Global Warming

We couldn't get much higher! If we have an ill, we simply pop a pill!

Soldier admits murdering Iraqi detainee

21st century business opportunity .. SAHARA Clinics

Do you support a global carbon tax?

Inside Baghdad: A city paralysed by fear

Do you think Al Gore wants to run?

I just received this in an e-mail; being the cynic I am, I had to check

This Makes Me Sick And Sad

Who was the most progressive democratic president of the 20th Century?

Prosecutorial Abuse: "Outrageous Injustice"

congress critters - BLOCK all money to * scams-

Afghanistan. Iraq. Somalia. Iran on the list next - who the F* would join up with the military now?

NONE of the possible Dem 08 nominees would have started the Iraq War

On Franken: TONY SNOW was the first reporter to break the

Why does Joe Lieberman of all people make me so fuggin' ill?

A couple of funny pics of * and gang from today

Donald H. Rumsfeld has left the Pentagon, but not the Defense Department.

Thank you for pissing off John Mica.

McCain to introduce third Iraq resolution

Cheney disgusted by line of questioning

Coffins - not seeing them - what has been hanging over my head.

Doesnt Ed Shutz look Good in.....

Feeling Tense? Need A Laugh? Moment Of Levity? Then You Just HAVE To See This.

How do you respond to something like this?

Did anybody else see the 'blink counter' on Colbert last night?

A Girl's Got the Gavel! But, What's She Wearing?

Caption *

Abortion doctor's killer convicted again

Are Democrats going to make a difference?

"Bush: The Great Failure" from Germany

Duncan Donuts Wants To Be President

Tweety gets to indulge his lechery --- judging a lookism contest

Is Hagel getting out ahead of the Democratic front runners as being opposed to more Iraq folly?

U.S. home to set world price record at $155 mln

For those of you who hammered me for

It's not like the Bushits weren't warned -- a pre-invasion Army paper was right!

Soldier gets 18 years for 3 Iraqi detainee deaths

Frosty frosted at Al Gore's film

Subliminal Mind Control on Your TV -- NOW

VIDEO: Divine Strake Hearing News Report - Pentagon says they are going for it!

Not sure which is funnier about this pic

Democrat Party vs Corpocrat Party

See What Can Happen When You Can't Be Bothered Getting A Recount Right?

Prediction re 2008

CHENEY's SPOKESWOMAN: VP's Office Pursuing Plame Leads BEFORE Libby Talked To Reporters

GMA pushing the Clinton/Obama/madrassa lie

Tancredo sings Dixie with bigots

Consider this question from a freephead...

Does John McCain know something we don't know?

Jack Cafferty's questions for today:

Last August Man Almost died of Water Intox Radio Station Contest

Help! Did they wiretap me, or was it an innocent "line check?"

Fuck Fred Rogers!!

Refugees International latest report on Iraq refugees

Carlisle Group to buy Tribune Corp. - Sorry, jumped the gun

MYTH WARS -- Limbaugh & Santa Vs God.

Just a passing thought about Collins or Snowe.

Tweety has nailed Cheney

Penelope Cruz, Will Smith Among Actors Spotlighted at 13th Annual SAG Awards

Lieberman is back at it again on cspan...

bush no longer believes. He’s given up. He quit. As he has always quit.

Kucinich on Iran: Another Iraq WMD Hoax

Wal-Mart to annouce store closings??

Sorry, I just thought this was funny...

How far will Bush & Cheney go to prevent their being charged with war crimes?

Anyone watching Hilary address the Mayors

Kucinich Renews Pitch For Universal Health Care: Bill reintroduced

What is it with all the Dr. Evil toys for the armed forces?

Obama calls for Universal Health Coverage by end of first term

Beautiful picture of an AC-130 gunship

When you buy stock, is it your goal to enrich yourself or to enrich the CEO and the BOD?

So - as our soldiers die in Iraq, do you suppose that, on their dying bed,

"Military Shows Off New Ray Gun"

lou dobbs is spewing something about this country has the greatest healthcare system, how can the

What is DeMent(ed) trying to do with min wage?

911 Calls in North Dakota Town Reveal Dangers of Media Consolidation

Lou Dobbs will be responding to Rosie's question about impeachment,

Australian TV via Cannonfire blog: Saddest. Video. Ever. About stupidity of Americans

Iran deems risk of US attack “very weak”

Buchanan says Bush has his sights on Iran, and the Dems may get in line (must read)

Hagel rips into other rethugs: ‘If You Wanted A Safe Job, Go Sell Shoes’ - full text here-

Bill Richardson was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 4 times

WSJ: China TV bans images of pigs in commercials.

Rare sight of ancient shark

Video of Bush admitting impeachable offense

The Baby Einstein thread is just nuts.

R.I. school bans talking at lunch

What's happening in New Orleans?

Freeps suddenly concerned about voting machines...LOL!!

Looking for somebody to support - Tell me what your candidates stands for.

Look at who voted for the IWR?? OMG!

Does this remind anyone of "Ice-9" from Cat's Cradle?

Do the Republics have another dipstick like Bush ready for 2008?

Lou Dobbs on the View...DID he say to impeach???

What was the reasoning behind the republics using Democrat as an adjective?

First post and a question! Or three

CLARK is our choice if we want a leader to take us out of this mess.

The Non-Binding Iraq Resolution Is Not The End Of Our Opposition

BBC: US military unveils heat-ray gun

3rd BCT's Afghanistan deployment is extended

Pelosi To Bush Re Surge: "Why Is It Going To Work?" - Bush's Answer: "Because I told Them It Had To"

La Liz Taylor give Hillary $100,000,00

EXCLUSIVE... 911 Calls in North Dakota Town Reveal Dangers of Media Consolidation

Ohio poll workers CONVICTED

global warming question

NYC Launching Official City Condom

Poor Katherine Harris -- how low she's fallen. Passing out business cards

Everything your denial keeps you from seeing: "Children of Men"


One more reason to oppose NCLB

CIA Staffer warned Cheney, Libby of Leak's Danger

A girl wonders: Is Crist my dad?

Father kills daughter; doubted virginity

Photos of places in Japan which exclude or restrict non-Japanese Customers

These are good - from Bay-of-fundie

Cindy responds to DU ers

44 and 47. They look good together, IMHO.

Reuters: Ethics questions raised about CNBC's Bartiromo

Is anyone else having trouble entering the Science forum?

Fox's Daily Show Rip-off May Be DOA — Impressions from Radar Online

dick cheney is a fat, cowardly pig.

"He is the one who killed my son," she said of the president

Rawstory has story Iran Attack Planned For Last 6 yrs --- LINK

Is there anything more Al Gore needs to do, than say "Yes".....

How to make large sign images

Do you feel, or have you ever felt, as if you will one day be living in a post-apocalyptic world?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

James Charles Angleton

The Cheney Gospels (Plame Thread #6)

I've had some really racist feelings today and I don't like the feeling.

Florida Republican fumes at not having a chair in meeting, leads walk out

Hagel to State Dept. & DOD: give us all records on Chalabi

Question about trends on NPR

WOLF: I want to congratulate you, your lesbian daughter and her gay partner...

Family is filing water drinking contest civil suit. Read it here:

Do you remember when TV was free? Will Radio follow the same path?

"You and I are not in the Big Club" . . . by George Carlin . . .

Can't go to the rally? Look here! (THURSDAY "Here in Spirit" signing thread)

PLEASE SIGN this petition to urge presidential hopefuls to take a stand on global warming.

How do you feel about "microfinancing"?

From Scalia about the 2000 recount: 'Get over it!'

Any thoughts on Jane Fonda's appearance at the anti-war rally?

Hagel: "I'm so sorry the vice president so underestimates the people of this country."

"friends of God, a road trip" is airing tonight on the HBO

SMU Faculty Fight the Bush Institute: From the Inside Out

Pelosi Says She Wasn't Consulted On Iraq

Tancredo: Abolish Race-Based Caucuses

Why Isn"T Plame GateE not on TV??? DemandD IT on TV

Max Baucus just said "republic committee"

SOTU Truth in Advertising — The FUNNIEST Thing Ever from Oklahoma

CNN: Ford to head DLC

Do you get the feeling that no matter what bill or issue comes up that the ..

"Hollywood liberals have allready rubberstamped Al Gore's Oscar"

In Praise of Fred Rogers

Am I the only one who is repulsed by the "rock star" Presidential candidates?

CSPAN will be covering the DC protest on Saturday - great line-up of speakers

"Waiting on the World to Change" - children growing up in the poorest city in America.

Have you noticed all of the conflicts around the world...

Is it now a Three-Way contest for the Soul of The Democrats? cites Kerry joke "about the education levels of US troops"

* tours the emergency room at St. Luke's East Hospital - pics

I'm going to the march Saturday

Cynthia McKinney: "Impeachment is on the Table"

Manifest of downed helo-- 2 COLs, 1 LT COL, 2 Com. Sgt. Maj's, 1 MAJ, 1 CPT, 1 1st SGT, 2 Staff SGTs

GMA/ABC News DEBUNKS the Clinton/Obama/madrassa 'Insight'/FOX 'News' lie

John Cusack finds 'Grace' - Film concerns widower of woman killed in Iraq

When did the Republican party first commit treason?

Who the Hell is Duncan Hunter?

Thursday TOONS: post-SOTU edition

Depleted Uranium Explosions Target US Citizens

Those who voted against "the war" - a reminder.

OK, the past can't be changed, but if you were Hillary's advisor now, what's her best move to win?

Slogan for Al Gore...."IMAGINE!"

Is "Halfrican" enough to bring down Rush Limbaugh?

Did anyone hear Watada on NPR today

Edwards only polling 12% nationally.

A Blast from the Past--America accidentally elects Kucinich in 2004

LOL! 84 % of Fox News viewers thought GWD did excellent job

A GOPer is trying to claim Webb as a Reganite, but the rest of what is said is pure gold

Check this out!

Hedge fund chiefs, with cash, join political fray -- and tilt Democratic

Did Faux-tears flow from Kerry for troops? Who really cares?

Hagel Chides Colleagues On Iraq Vote: ‘If You Wanted A Safe Job, Go Sell Shoes’

WP,pg1: Obama's Appeal to Blacks Remains an Open Question

Big States’ Plan for Earlier Primaries Scrambles '08 Race

Charges dropped against 6 FBI Agents in James "Whitey" Bulger case

Kerry Healey -- Limits of Duct Tape

Alleged bid to abort leads to baby's death

WE LOSE A GREAT WORKERS BLOG ("Confined Space")!!!!!!!

Send Their Kids

Uh Oh - first Republican Presidential candidate throwing in the towel?

Another Republican "Unfunded Mandate"


Jim Webb has done our country a great service

BoHerd: "little point in echoing the rest of the knee-jerk majority in ripping the president"

Bush uses Joe McCarthy's slur in formal address to Congress dominated by those insulted

If Congress cuts funds for Iraq

Bush aide (Hughes) visits Philippine rebel stronghold (Reuters)

Democrats call it "escalation"; GOP, "surge" or "augmentation"; Pentagon, "plus-up"

79% willing to vote for african american for president


Now that everyone is running for president...

Top U.S. surgeon in Iraq killed in crash (Saturday)

Diebold voting machine key copied from pic on Diebold site

Do all the Senators (and members of the House) have the same budget

DLC Question

Which non-front runner is the LEAST likely to get the nomination?

Dr. Justin Frank ("Bush on The Couch" author) endorses de-funding the war

Who else knows something about a candidate that makes them want to curse the candidate to their face

More conservative non acceptance of responsibility

Fill me in here.. Is there a democratic plan to do something about new orleans?

valerie plame? valerie wilson? why is the media using her married name, when she went by her own

James Carville and Mary Matalin diagnosed the nation’s political state

OH PLEASE!!! Hillary's 19 points ahead of Obama

Regarding Iran nuking Israel

I am sick of people saying there was no post-war plan for Iraq!!

limbaugh to be on All Things Considered this afternoon!

New York Times: Long on Rhetoric, Short on Sorrow


Anybody have a demographic breakdown in the 2004 Illinois senate race ?

Top Democratic Fundraiser Sides With Obama ... link

Straw poll

Top U.S. non-proliferation official resigns (Reuters)

Feingold changed my opinion about using the power of the purse yesterday

I've jumped on the Gore bandwagon, folks!

WAPO story I'm waiting for: "Edwards' Appeal to Whites Remains an Open Question"

28 Senators Vote to Repeal Minimum Wage. 2008 Elections, Anyone?

Ford Tells Obama to Ignore Race Factor (AP)

Romney Gave Three Contributions To Democrats

Why Dick Cheney is an angry man.

Despite the DLC's popularity.. Kudos to Harold Ford, Jr. on his new job as Chairman!

Senators to Press Bush Admin on U.S. Attorney Firings

Would you vote for someone with a beard?

Unions Fighting for Railroad Safety (troubling given Union Pacific’s safety record)

Proof Obama's camp knows HRC is not behind smear

Thank God back in 1947 Harry Truman had the foresight to bomb Stalin's nuke program!

Black/Women Vote: Hillary vs. Obama Pt. 2

Conservatives tend to be extremely hierarchy-oriented. They seem to crave a leader

Obama supporters - check out BET documentary American Gangster

Dick Durbin on C-SPAN calling out Cheney saying one thing and

ICE agents arrested 21 Smithfield workers company announcement that it will fire up to 600 people

Please delete.

The Bunning Amendment just failed

From Rep. Jack Murtha-tell * his new plan is not the will of the people!

Suggestion for new "Topic Forum" : Immigration

Pardon Scandal Still Looms for Sen. Clinton's Brother

NPR today, on drive home - female newscaster used the term "Republic" in lieu of "Republican"

Insight magazine to Barack Obama: Why don't you change your name?

My view of the candidates (Republican version)

WP, Dionne: Senator Jim Webb: Reagan Democrat

Very little evidence of Iran involvement in Iraq

Which Republican are you hoping gets the nomination in 2008?

‘Inconvenient Truth’ filmmakers credit Gore’s story with film’s success

Matthews had Harold Ford, jr. on his show talking up the DLC

Anti-War Groups Plan Surge on Washington-turnout expected in 6 figures!

Giuliani: "I've been on 91 foreign troops in the last 5 years"

Insight magazine is claiming Hillary camp has been investigating Obama for 3 months

Will Colin Powell have a position in the next Dem WH?

I know DU has many Obama and Hillary supporters but WHY do THEY get all Free Air Time?

I'm noticing that the RW pundits, i.e. Carlson, Fox, Limbaugh, Beck and many other

Interesting Hillary rant from Big Eddie

January 25, 1947

It is the internet Democrats' duty to stop the Hillary coronation

Cook County Illinois 5,303,683 : Population Fulton County, Georgia Population 915,623

Hey, Jack Cafferty read my impeach email on CNN yesterday

Kerry's FULL floor statement from yesterday - Corpmedia ignored biggest part reIraq

Wasn't online yesterday, did everyone see this? "US Ships headed to...mideast, Iran"

A former hippie "liberal" who "saw the light" just called and had a

2008 Candidates: You're going to have to work for my vote--Show me the mojo!

Call That Goddamn C-Span: "Campaign 2008: Kerry's Out"

Obama calls for universal health care within six years


Explicating the Cheney outburst,....

As I watched Harold Ford today on CNN and then Hardball...

Somebody asked, so here are a few answers.

Congress Announces First Investigation of Bush's Crimes

I'm for bombing Iran's nuclear facilities.

Does Iraq even want a secular democracy?