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Archives: January 26, 2007

To Hell With Good Intentions

CIA Leak: Ari Fleischer Took the Fifth, Testified Under Immunity

Ex-Cheney Aide Contradicts Libby

Lebanon diary: The Cedar Revolution has gone “Citrus“

FTCR: Bush's 'Oil Price Support' Plan: A Thank You for Big Oil's

Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser


Dropping like flies (US Prosecuting Attys) Houston Chron. Editorial

Energy roadmap backs renewables (BBC) {commisioned by Greenpeace & EREC}

Shoreham Plant Produces Storm of Modern Protest.

My 2007 peak oil to do list

N.J. warns: Don't eat squirrel near dump

Maximum fine over China pollution (BBC)

The real victims of {cargo ship} Napoli's loss (BBC)

Bethlehem Christians fear (Muslim) neighbors

What killed Palestinian girl?

Bay Area takes on 'progressive' anti-Semitism

Settlers defile Palestinian graves under IDF watch

Bay Area takes on 'progressive' anti-Semitism

Well, well, well...look what I found in a university newspaper...

New Ruling: Dem Jennings Moves Forward In Push For Congressional Seat Held By GOP's Buchanan (Xpost)

Affluenza: Rampant consumerism erodes us

3,200 US soldiers’ tour extended

CSPAN to cover JAN 27th March

Data On 28,279 Nationwide Customers Stolen

NYT: Iraq Leader and Sunni Officials in Sectarian Clash on Security (Ugly Parliament Session )

Chalabi has key role in Baghdad effort

White House will cooperate with investigations

Secrecy at Issue in Suits Opposing Domestic Spying

Air Force demonstrates non-lethal weapons

(Sen. John) Warner says U.S. military has been misleading Congress

Scientists Tie Part of Brain to Urge to Smoke

BREAKING NEWS -- Iran Set to Try Space Launch

Allies rally behind Lebanon with aid (Siniora left for Paris just prior to riots)

Venezuela May Ask U.S. Envoy to Leave

Microsoft's net income falls by 28 percent in Q2

CNN: Senator Tim Johnson making 'encouraging and steady' progress in recovery

Majority Of Americans Like Unions And Support Labor Law Reform (Workers Independent News)

Texas Mayor Wants to Outlaw the N-word

Maine revolts against digital U.S. ID card

Feinstein Caught in Conflict of Interest on Military Contracts

FCC to Feel Unfamiliar Heat From Democrats

Truth or Dare

So, how about a picture thread?

How you know your local newspaper's all ate up

Foolproof cure for insomnia


Omg Grrrrrr! Why?

Men greeting women with a bris instead of a handshake, where do you stand?

I've had a rough day so I am going to be bad tonight

I opposed super nucular block. But now it's gone, I kinda miss it.


Chica chica boom chic!

Separated At Birth?

So I got a little tattoo today (5 1/2 HOURS in the chair) I have but one thing to say...

My SOs daughter ran away

Rule: Something is no longer cutting edge if people are filing lawsuits over it

More on exercise, is running in place even remotely viable?

Who wants to engage in repetitive physical activity with me?

ROFL! Hilarious video: "The Gingerbread Cookie Blues"

Boomer TV: Coronet Blue (youtube link)

Klansman arrested 40 years later for murder in MS

Just found another oldie but goody. Remember this one?

i have at least three versions of the "convoy" theme song

a mild dilemma has presented itself:

Why the HELL did Wendy's rip off the first 7 notes of 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame'

How do I train my dog to poop in the same area in the yard?

My Dad, when I was a twinkle in his eye

Platoon is on AMC

Have you ever had a job that was "all you could drink," all day long?

Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Grace Slick?

My daughter's friend has been trying to cut his wrists (2nd grade)

Word Association--Musical version

some funny boners

Damn - those racists MLK partiers are my fraternity brothers.

Rice cooker question

note to self: never sky-dive with a love rival

"Don't say Mother F*cker"

Music Video...... Blues singer ... Jonny LANG - Red Light

Oh, Bah. Another house showing on Saturday morning.

My new wireless headphones came today, and I can listen to whatever I want on my computer

I can see you!!

Scientists can't get sloth to move

I am going for permanent eyeliner and eyebrows tomorrow

It's the end of an era...

It's so COLD here that my doggies had to be carried in.

So that video from Finland was worse than this?

Want to see the Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad?

RevActs RevActs RevActs RevActs RevActs RevActs RevActs RevActs RevActs

Thanks a lot, KO!

How many of me?-try it


I took a Vicodin ES (Extra Strength) over an hour ago. Why am I still coherent?

Keith brought up dogs in bars....

Anybody Got Some Cheese Tonight?

You Look Wonderful Tonight!

passing through GA on I-95 going to D.C. protests, anyone?

How should James T Kirk have died?

Jon Stewart is killing me...

My encounter with a repug on

Goodnight, dear Sloths of the Lounge.

I woke up this morning with some horrible bronchitis...

Video...K. D. Lang singing Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelulljah'

Thanks everyone, for your good thoughts for my daughter.

Anybody on DU do Geocaching? I am thinking of getting into it....

Have you ever had a job where all you could think, all day long, was:


Don't fall for this scam {public service announcement}


American Idol... I've never watched it and hate it.

Today, I joined a gym...

Which will bring about the Apocalypse sooner?

Went to my first coding class tonight.... jeebus christ, why does it all have to be so complicated?

Jus so you all know...I probably will not feel like bouncing 'em tomorrow!

I received some great news today....

Just got this assortment of old-folks jokes ...

Vietnam, Vatican closer to normalization of ties

‘Some of the heaviness gone from his heart’

Outspoken Catholic Pastor Is Replaced, to His Flock’s Regret (Gumbleton)

Airplane row is racism says knife Sikh (NZ)

The Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld

Thanks for all your good thoughts and prayers for my daughter.

another maybe foolhardy GD effort

Found this gem from 2004 that I never saw back then. ReTeresa and healthcare.

Liberal Values Post on Kerry picked up by Reuters

Day 2: Still weepy

They don't call him

March Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drum

New Ruling: Dem Jennings Moves Forward In Push For Congressional Seat Held By GOP's Buchanan

Gay sheep study a study in media spin

Nickeodeon offers "The Naked Brothers Band" -- two boys, aged 6 & 9. Is that creepy or WHAT?

How long have we been hearing about healthcare plans ?


Is the surge...

IAEA chief says attack on Iran would be catastrophe

Did anyone see Senator Kennedy rip up the Republicans on the Senate floor??

Wes Clark yesterday on Faux - "I Haven't said I won't run"

It's official...we're moving.

Dr. Justin Frank ("B*sh on The Couch" author) endorses de-funding the war

Who do you think is the greatest film actor/actress of all time?

NYC Launching the Official New York City Condom

Cheney and his fantasies.

America and Iran

Thinking about the pre-primary season, I am reminded...

A question for Young Earth Creationists...How do you explain this?

Qantas Airways Denies Boarding to Pax Wearing Bush Terrorist T-Shirt

Guard shot, finishes shift but later dies

Why doesn't the IRS just allow you to do your entire income tax return online?

CNN-Intolerance In America

Reagan Democrat (Washington Post)

From Kerry to Obama (Kerry's money men moving to Obama)

I love men, but I love myself and my freedom more

RAF joins city's Gay Pride parade {Old news, but interesting--compare and contrast}

Arab groups protest Beck's hiring - Three groups are urging ABC News not to keep Glenn Beck on GMA

Comedian Rush Limbaugh... The Worst Person In The World!

One thing we can all agree with the repukes on...

Cheney should be upset with Focus on the Family and NOT Blitzer

The enemy surrounds me

U.S. home to set world price record at $155 mln

HIV cases spread more in last 3 months (now HIV folks are identified to state by name and ID)

U.S. May Impose Sanctions on Russia for Tor-M1 Deliveries to Iran

Sharpton Sizes Up 2008 Contenders

Woman wins car - but station won't give it to her and threatens to tell Immigration about her ...

Applying the "everything is black & white" test to the Bush presidency.

In case anyone is curious... here's a link to the new Al Q video

Addicted to Killing

U.S. Senate Republican pushes Iraq alternative

looking for ideas for email signature

So, Wal Mart turned itself in and then posted bail? It's not even the end of January.

American Idol... I've never watched it and hate it.

Keith brought up dogs in bars....

BushCo's meme for next 2 years: "You can argue about that all you want. That's history."

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations...

Fox files DMCA Subpoena to YouTube for Identities of users (and thanks Bill Clinton)

"Perfect Storm" for Peace Movement

For all the DUers going to the anti-war rally tomorrow, here's

Why do we still have '04 candidate avatars?

Right-wing hellhound Melanie Morgan at it again: Revives debunked Obama smear, takes it further...

Just got my current copy of NEWSWEEK

Sen. Clinton adds new twist to Web campaigns

Iran Set to Try Space Launch

Rice yucks it up with the "being sodomized with a broomstick by the police" regime

Flame wars--Does it seem like they

State Warns: Don't Eat Squirrel Near Toxic Dump (Thanks to Ford plant ....)

Anyone here want to just live off the land ?

Exclusive BRAD BLOG Libby Trial Coverage; Congressional Hearings Announced; Scalia Hates Democracy..

Mitt Romney donated money to Democratic candidates.

The Piñata Strategy

The World Agrees: Stop Him

There is Christian wrestling federation???!!!!

CSPAN to cover JAN 27th March

Holy Shit. KO just comes right out and tells Oxyrush to use the "N" word.

"Everyday violence against women soars in wartime."

Mexico Proposes Transsexual Rights

Polls from Arizona

Spain resizes clothes {and mannequins} for women (BBC) {body image issue}

You guys watching Countdown?

Faux Gibson: Tells us who is the real culprit in Plame leak

WP:In Ex-Aide's Testimony, A Spin Through VP's PR

Hearing loss can be funny

Jon Stewart just went Darth Vader on Dick Chaney's ass! Oh and Senator Schumer's on!

I just found out that I have a nephew going to Iraq when the surge starts.

Lawyer In Domestic Spying Case-I Ordered Kafka's 'The Trial' As Refresher In Bizarre Legal Procedure

Senator Corker (R-Tenn) added, “Congress has allowed this war to go on

A question


My email to Rush Oxylimbaugh

I just saw "Pan's Labyrinth" .

Bush to U.S.: More for war, Less for human needs

Read the Whole Edwards Speech

Iraq vice president: U.S. invasion was "idiot decision"

Hagel Ponders White House Run As War Criticism Raises His Profile

White House will cooperate with investigations

Pass around the KY Jelly, we're all getting screwed

They All Suck - Repub candidates for 08...from!

FBI visits Doc Bottom

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! edited to add banner

Rumsfeld opens transition office in Virginia

Go take this quickie IQ test.....Smart or Stoopid?

I've been out of the country for one week: Can I have a one sentence synopsis of what I missed?

79 percent of college freshmen in 1970 said "developing a meaningful philosophy of life"

Before the first US serviceman died it was a war crime...

Attack on Iran would be 'catastrophic', IAEA says

Sen. Rockefeller: Cheney Interfered With Congressional Hearings On Flawed Iraq Intelligence...

Again, they died in the streets today

I support Nova M Radio. To listen to Malloy? You betcha…

Bush touts tax breaks for health care in KC today

the craziness of corporate thinking

I'm sorry, the more I hear about Cheney, the less I think about him... He's gone from scum to...

PELOSI: Why didn't you tell them that the other two times?

Joe Conason, "Ghosts of Dirty Tricks Past" — RW Smears Obama and Clinton

Former CIA chief expects U.S. to attack Iran.

Would you agree that as long as CNN employs Glenn Beck, they have no credibilty?

any (FL) DUers passing through GA on I-95 going to D.C. protests?

Obama a team player? Give me a break.

Speakers for the Jan. 27th D.C. Rally (Maxine Waters, Dennis Kucinich, more...)

Memo to Tim Russert: Dick Cheney thinks he controls you. - WaPo

I would like to apologize to DU members for my past transgressions.

The biggest mistake ever made by the republican party

International Living Study Says France Has the World's Highest Quality of Life

Is Chavez a Dictator?

Howard Stern's anti-wingnut screed on today's show.



The CIA briefed Cheney that Andrea Mitchell was investigating

Seattle -- Yet another US Attorney resigns in mystery

I predict Hillary won't run

And they are off!! The bus to DC left tonight - PICTURES!!

New Ruling: Dem Jennings Moves Forward In Push For Congressional Seat Held By GOP's Buchanan...

You keep hearing about "old hippies" today...

the ONLY way we can take these bastards down: FOCUS

I pay almost 2000 per year for my health care (single person)

Read this post and get pissed

Air America goes off the air in ... Santa Cruz?

Why Cheney is likely to resign before anyone gets him...

Sen Rockefeller: CHENEY INTERFERED "CONSTANTLY" To STALL Investigation Of Flawed Iraq Intell

Military domestic response debated

Hagel (R-Ne) says report on Senate bid wrong

Edwards to speak at Wake Forest next Monday

Damn I love Keith Olberman.

New York Employers Are Dodging Workers Comp Premium Payments (WIN & NYT)

Bush speaks the truth in his State of the Union speech. Absolutely must see video.

White House will cooperate with investigations

Edwards and Giuliani lead way in Iowa race

Iraqi "democracy" in action: "put your stuff on the camel"

Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Kucinich, Obama, Vilsack, Richardson

These Things will make ANY Democrat more electable

Do we have a plan? (Iraq)

Sorry Folks: I like Dick Cheney

Unresolved: Most disgusting moment of the SOTU speech

Obama has to define himself NOW

Hagel Ponders White House Run As War Criticism Raises His Profile

Who do you think Ted Kennedy will endorse in the primaries?

Are you new to the Libby trial? Never fear, Patrick Fitzgerald's DOJ website is a great resource.

Open thread to document and discuss Al Gore's statements regarding Iraq

Does the US Constitution consider Venezuelan TV Station treasonous?

I am so freaking mad! I'm watching this documentary by Nancy Pelosi's daughter

Wal-Mart to pay $33 million in back wages.

Is it hypocritical to bitch about "Democrat Party" but still say "Rethug"?

Senate committee votes unanimously nominating General Petraeus

Not yet convinced the "New Iraq Strategy" is stupid, RW, WH B*llSh*t? Check out this pdf version!

Don't let anyone every tell you Edwards and Clark have similar views towards Iran...

Q: What's the roadmap from Libby trial to WH charges?

Edwards could benefit most from California February primary

John Edwards aces Hannity & Colmes appearance (Video here!)

Allow me to settle this "Democrat Party" thing...

This might seem like a dumb question --

Received this plea from Senator Brownback tonite

Bill Richardson's appeal

Edwards statement on Bush's State of the Union

"Muscular Liberalism"?

2008 Democratic Presidential Nominee -- Current Odds

I think Wesley Clark should run and now is the perfect time to announce.

You should stand by Hillary, because Hillary stood by you.

Slate: Bush's Baby Einstein Gaffe

Rome's Palatine Hill shows new treasures

Bush the Empire Slayer

Dumb question re the WSJ's Op-Ed page

Jonathan Tasini: Hillary Clinton Lied to Keith Olbermann

The Criminal Mind of George Bush By Missy Comley Beattie

Military's ray gun makes targets feel as if they're catching fire

Cuba Overheard (America's got it all wrong on Cuba)

Saudi fears Iraq chaos is strengthening Iran

Bush denies preparing attack against Iran

There is no war on terror' (UKGuardian)

Larry King live: 'I'm a conduit' -- by Andrew Ryan THE GLOBE & MAIL

Want to End the War Right Now? Subpoena Cheney By Esbe

Smears for Fears: Wes Clark Just Got Caught up in the Rigged Rules for ... Israel-Related Issues

Livermore,CA-nuclear radiation open air explosive detonations

Kennedy to Republicans: "What is it about working men and women that you find so offensive?"

Bonkers at the Border

Do The Right Thing - by Dave Johnson at Huffington Post

PAUL KRUGMAN: On Being Partisan

Medea Benjamin: The Peace Movement to Congress on Eve of Mobilization

Affluenza: Rampant consumerism erodes us

The Despotism of the Image

US seeks Persian Gulf allies against Iran

JOSEPH L. GALLOWAY: Pie-in-the-sky dream

Apocalypse Soon (by Robert McNamara)


Who Will Hold Science Teachers Association Accountable? (Truthout)

Iraq endgame

Norway: Apple's FairPlay DRM Is Illegal

Apple Closes Another Wi-Fi Hole

U.S. Senate Republican pushes Iraq alternative

wtmusic's Electric Car Project / Chapter 1

In Bold Play For Energy Independence, Energy Sec. Calls For More Ethanol Imports - AP

Greenpeace ED - World Should "Abandon All Hope, Once And For All" For Bush Change On Climate - AFP

IPPC Chair - 2/2 Report Wil Show Climate Situation "Far More Serious" Than Thought - ENN

Winter Finally Arrives In Russia Two Months Behind Schedule - AFP

Bush Environment Advisor re. IPCC Report - "Let's Stop Debating The Science" - IHT

Scientist Tim Flannery Eviscerates Howard Government On Climate - "We've Lost A Decade" - AFP

Milwaukee - Lake Mendota Finally Freezes Over - Latest Since 1931

Bush. Cheney. Ethanol. Bush. Ethanol. Bush. Ethanol.

UK recruiting anti-whaling countries for comission

Turkish Rainfall Totals In 2006 73% Below Annual Average - Istanbul Dry Since October - AFP

How many of you have joined the "Virtual March" against global warming?

ExxonMobil "Reaches Out To Critics" - Fortune (Greenwash Alert)

Big Winter Storm (Kyrill) In Europe To Cost Between 5 &7 Billion Euros - AFP

Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Now Confirmed In Lake Huron - Moving North In Fish Populations

Tuna groups tackle overfishing - BBC

Israel, Jordan, Palestinians agree on economic zone: Peres

Palestine 2007: Genocide in Gaza, Ethnic Cleansing in the West Bank

Peres in lead to replace Israel's disgraced president

Political Statement and Call to Action on Palestine- From World Social Forum

Israel hails UN condemnation of Holocaust denial

Six killed in Gaza as Hamas marks victory

Out of Europe, Out of Time

Occupation: It's horrid, but it's not apartheid

Steven Leser, Opednews, A hand full of us told you so at the time

(on Ohio trial)-"House of Ballot Cards-The State's Case Is Shaky At Best"

"Tiered Election Audits", Election Reform & Related News, 1/26/07

Iran ready to launch a satellite into space: report

Men arrested for murdering "ghost" brides

MNF Iraq: MNF-W personnel attacked (marine killed - Anbar)

Coalition leader in Iraq expects no troop surge by other nations

Reuters: NATO says might have killed senior Taliban leader

IAEA chief says attack on Iran would be catastrophe

US seeks Persian Gulf allies against Iran

U.S. troops authorized to kill Iranians in Iraq

Criminals 'may overwhelm the web' (run for your lives!)

Continental Airlines (CAL) Downgraded (No Stock Market Watch Thread Today)

Lebanon wins $7.6B aid package (from U.S./France)

U.S. to Increase Spending in Afghanistan

Tancredo: Abolish Race-Based Caucuses

Ohio election workers convicted of rigging ’04 presidential recount

Libby misled inquiry, trial hears - BBC

Militiamen kidnap and kill 10 former army officers

Saudi denies working with Iran on Lebanon plan

Warner: No compromise seen on Iraq resolutions

Unions urge probe of Verizon deal

Reuters: Bomb kills 13 in new attack on Baghdad pet fair

Prominent Iraqi boxer Hassan Hadi abducted on dangerous Baghdad Street

Did Bush really say that?

LAT: Fox News to air 'Path to 9/11' outtakes

Cuba hosts int'l meeting on oxidative stress

Liz Taylor gives Hillary Clinton campaign $100,000

WP: Ex-Aide Says Cheney Led Rebuttal Effort (Libby trial testimony)

Pelosi to meet with al-Maliki in quick visit to Iraq

Debate Erupts Among Spy Services Over Iran's Role in Battle of Iraq (Curveball part 2)

New life for US nuclear power plants

Iraq war good business for some (Lockheed's profit beat WS forecast)

Breaking News: President Bush, on a collision course with Congress over Iraq....(CNN)

Reuters: Iran wants senior atom inspector out

Reuters: U.S. invasion was "idiot decision"-Iraq vice president

US Senate confirms Iraq commander

Annual Existing-Home Sales Fall Most in 17 Years

Gov. O'Malley backs death penalty repeal

A good news story from Africa in Davos

Obama, Durbin worried about Katrina victims

Oaxaca Living a State of Siege

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 26

NSA electricity crisis gets Senate scrutiny

Human rights activist goes missing

Bush: US troops may protect selves from Iranians

Prisons chief defends $300 million new construction

General: Iraqi Army Getting Better Every Day

ABC News Exclusive: Murder in a Teapot

Suspected suicide bomber, guard killed in Pakistan hotel blast (Marriot)

Rice Asks Allies to Increase Afghan Aid

Davos: Lula says Boliva has Right to Nationalize.

SUV sales are set to fall, says industry survey

Reuters: Bush accepts Republican House resolution on Iraq

Abu Ghraib officer to be court-martialed

MSNBC Breaking: U.N. officials: Iran set to assemble thousands of uranium centrifuges.

Molly Ivins hospitalized in ongoing battle with cancer

Gates: Iraq resolution 'emboldens' enemy

Bomb kills 15 as Pelosi visits Baghdad

WaPo: Troops Authorized to Kill Iranian Operatives in Iraq

Saudi fears Iraq chaos is strengthening Iran

Large War Protest Planned For Mall

Bush denies preparing attack against Iran

Bush says "I'm the decision-maker" on Iraq

(NC) Republican (State Senator): (Movie) Scripts need reviewing (by government)

(SD) Legislators: Abortion Ban To Be Introduced Again

Arab groups urge GMA to dump 'biased' CNN personality

US stock prices plummet

Harper apologizes, offers $12.5M to Maher Arar..

Kerik named security adviser in Guyana

Fitzgerald reveals immunity gamble in CIA leak case

AP: Troops Died After, Not In, Sneak Attack (Karbala)

Gassy McFartsalot takes the Orange Line


If I were prez, I'd make a deal with the NRA

Pet Spa + Kitty = Pissed-Off Kitty!

Help the freepers: provide a picture of their proposed new mascot, 'Freepus.'

Freedom - who here wants freedom?

Look What I Can Do!

The MNkids and I just went and looked at some houses,

get this crazy thing away from me!!!

I've been thinking lately of axing my addiction to this lounge ...

Anyone see "The Last King of Scotland" yet?

Listening to a Sly and the Family Stone concert from the late 60's now

Fuck! It is cold outside!!! Brrrrrr!

KK = Kitty Karma

Bad Joke Friday

GD just blew up...

Did GD just explode?

Oh hell I think I just killed the GD!

OK, who was the wise guy that crashed GD!!

GoD is dead.

How To Bathe A Cat

What if Dick Cheney were posting on DU?

Now, here's a program for calculating the date of Easter.

I'm leaving for the airport in about an hour


FREEPER ALERT!!1!! They crashed GD today!!

How to bake a cat

Did you meet your OS online?






GD just threw up

avatar question

A sports poll

Anyone else here under the weather today?

"I has a..." pictures

mobo test

stop cluttering up my du experience - Any tips?

I'm going dancing to motown tonight!

GD Hilarious post of the week

I put some of this clear, sticky "plumping" stuff on my lips,

Do NOT look at this thread!!!!

Hey, LynneSin! I'm listening to "Don't Fear the Reaper" and it

why isn't this look still cool?

Kiss me once...kiss me twice...c'mon pretty baby...kiss me deadly...

Why are two different men clamouring to claim fatherhood of Anna Nicole Smith's baby?

What's with that angry dude on AFHV? The one with Daisy FUENTES?

Cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning

Post scenic photos from bike rides

In just 5 more posts


Is Taverener about to come out of the closet?

Dew a Duer

I'm sorry. But I have to do this in response to 'Do NOT look at this thread!!!!'

I am going through a personal transition, right now.

Doe a Duer.

Christian DUer

Kiss me once... shame on me... kiss me twice.... don't get kissed again

Doh a Duer

Is it obvious that I've been in a manic state lately?

Drew a DUer.

I don't know if I have the enDUerance to continue...

Anytime you accuse someone of something,

Inka Dinka Doo

Favorite famous sayings/exchanges?

My teacher (Rosemary Altea) is going to be Larry King's guest tonight.

Fuck! It is cold outside!!! Rabrrrrrr!

Mural in a men's restroom

A little story.

ARRRRRGH!!!! A lot of my casenotes are MISSING from my

Damn smart ass kids we have growing up these days.

Need help with firewall setting. #@&*^%# computer!

Duuuuude a DUer.

Assuming you have a jack and a spare

Bad Day?... It could be worse.

LeftyMom's latest off-the-wall claim

everyone say hi to my sister

Have you ever tried Weight Watchers?

This is a song a friend of mine wrote in the second grade.

Fyi (if you happen to care): neighbor dog update.

Where's your brain?

Targets in the men's room

Old pic time!

How do I tell my best friend that she's a "decent guy repellent,"

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Any ex-MCI'ers here today??

I'm really peeved right no ......

Congratulations ThomCat!! 10,000

Congratulations KoKo01!! 40,000 posts

Church Hosts 'Porn and Pancakes' Event


Drunk Man Goes for Unexpected Train Ride

Bush planned "Signing Statement" on Marriage Amendment to allow President "jus primae noctis"

I miss the original Air America so much.

Econo Lodge holds ribbon cutting

Saw a great travelin' troop of professionals doing Man of La Mancha

KO's show played "Having My Baby" a minute ago...

this shit is unintentionally funny

house of representatives 2505

I love the new Air America so much!

Best "Freak Gasoline Fight Accident" scene ever in a movie ??

Kids in the Hall- When the Block Feature Might Be Useful

So, in 12 hours my brother will be here to help me move and here I sit in DU



Yay! Ray's stream is back up tonight!!

Please let the tea, I am about to drink

how do i add a pic to my sig?

I'm leaving...

Shame a Duer (lame copycat)

You're gonna wake up one morning as the sun breaks the da-hawn!

Which hemisphere of your brain is dominant ?


Please go listen to "Jump" by Madonna and then tell me what you think.

Eleven hours to God Warrior

"Ginkgo biloba" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I uploaded an avatar of Nancy Pelosi and entered it in the place to make it my own avatar. As you c

Caffeinated doughnuts!

Club-goers: I need your help with song suggestions!

to the person who gave me the link for e-mail zipper

to the person who gave me the link for e-mail stripper

Need help with a stain!

CHEATER! This dog is clearly not blindfolded

I got my tax return today! Wheeee! I was rich for approximately 1/2 hour!

While digesting Reader's Digest

Johnny Depp to play Freddie Mercury?

How can I fight forum spam?

Why won't my push mower go in reverse?


The photography group keeps "bugging" me

God damn it! Someone threw my lunch in the trash.

Eeeeeh *smack smack smack*..... What's Up Doc?!

It's a spankingly good time in GD today.

Best portrayal of someone with initials LB by someone named Hoffman?

Wouldn't you know it, the one day I'm not stoned

Send help

Why didn't Bush mention New Orleans even once in SOTU?

The Mighty 92 is back!

WHOOOHOOO - My Partner

Check out one of the best 10 minute meals ever...

Post an apropos of nothing, Larry King-style non-sequitur here.

Misheard lyrics - 6 year old version.

I will be glad when January is over... This month has been what can I make bleed next.

Oscar Prediction: Forest Whitaker for 'Last King of Scotland'

This is called a "Hit and Run" thread

Dear god, I'm tired. Someone keep me awake!

Is Piper Laurie the only actress who can play a crazy mother?

Why the fuck is Speaker Pelosi's "blink rate" relevant or headline-worthy?

OMG! My husband made the BEST antipasto last night!

Trying to Buy Blue - looking for a refrigerator

What's the average life expectancy of a water heater?

Satan Fish seen on the back of a Deathmobile today....

Never give an iguana Viagra

I havn't had a chance to post for a couple of days.

Satan Does Sondheim

In DC for march: good Japanese restaurant?

Patty Griffin "Florida" what a great song...

Did you meet your SO online?

First dates- Where did you go?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/26/2007)

The Newest Condom on the Market

so---just how long did the block feature last?

Worst foods you love.

First class eye candy. Warning, may cause drooling in both sexes.

Happy birthday yvr girl!!

so my brother emailed me this picture ..

Mr. Diety (guarranteed to piss off fundies)

Something cool for folks' lunch breaks: A black bobcat.


Never give Kentuck viagra

I've been here over 2 years and don't have 1000 posts.

Eeeek! Adorable Marzipan Frogs!!

DU's late night quiz of the moment

Name a DUer....

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"Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi": HBO documentary from Nancy's filmmaker daughter

What's the hardest part of following your religious/spiritual path?

How many theists on this board have actually read "The God Delusion"?


Can we substitute "non-factual" for "delusional"?


Archaic Laws 1: Where Don't Meets Duh

Fighting Anti-Equality Folk in Boston

Garden State Equality photography contest - win two tickets to the 2007 Legends Dinner!

Where do you live and how do you feel about it (poll)

Governor ready to support marriage bill?

Officers sentenced in Miss. gay beating

(Washington) Defense of Marriage Initiative accepted by Secretary of State

Did anyone watch UFC last night?

Positive energy requested - major changes in my life

Missing thread

King George "is the decision-maker" - Astrologically speaking...

Is Cathie Martin the 'woman' that some predicted would bring down


deleted post-

"Meat Grinder" diary on Kos

Hey Tay -- you and Markos are thinking alike today (scary, isn't it?)

Beachmom, an update for your diary

NYTimes article on Iraq War Vets and opposition to the escalation (And Jon Powers!)

"Kerry ready to do battle," Boston Globe column 01/26/07

Help!! This guy is a troll and I need dailykos people with TU status


Peggy Noonan has a somewhat favorable comment on Kerry

My first DU post

Remember this Mother Teresa quote

Photos of Kerry at Davos

What do you think. Is there ever a chance Kerry will run for President again?

A New Thank You note from JK

Friday Night Photo Thread. The tradition continues.

Brian Freeman story. Troops died after, not in, sneak attack (It got worse.)

Are your JK bumper stickers going to stay on?

republicans just don't get it = Terror Free Gas + Pelosi's New Documentary...

Senator Boxer -, slams climate change skeptics for being funded by big oil...

Robert Kennedy/Martin Short - ZapRoot Unearthed | Earth to America: Big Oil Interview...

16 words

Colbert's SOTU blink count (1:00)

Leahy Teaches the Inquisitor General about American Values

The Black Angels, "First Vietnamese War"

Oil Subsidies Defeated! GOP Whines!

Bono and The Edge performs at the Clinton Library dedication in Arkansas

Who Wants to be an Amerikan- Vancouver Film School

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Jon Stewart Reams Dick Cheney over Situation Room Lesbian Daughter Incident

Ted Kennedy loses it over Republican opposition to the minimum wage increase

Trial of Century Ari Fleischer up next soon

Did ESPN announcer insult Jews?

Libby Perjury Trial - Highlights so far

If it came down to it, would you vote for either Hillary or Bill Clinton?

(GA) House proclaims 2007 the Year of Robert E. Lee

Name your top 5 choices for Democratic nominee for Prez!

Daily Almanac (UPI) On this date in history: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

Kennedy to Republicans: "What is it about working men and women that you find so offensive?"

Honey, when I said "Stick it in your ear", that's not what I meant

Passports to and from Canada or Mexico.

About Patrick Fitzgerald: you are "one of the most scrupulous prosecutors ...

Project Steve (Intelligent design)

Does anyone have any idea how to contact John Sayles?

Mike Malloy just read my letter regarding Hagel on his program!

Did FL Gov. Crist leave pregnant woman high and dry but now says he would ban abortion?

Gods Gay Child

Do any of you have pics of the little girl killed in Oklahoma City?

I want to call down a special condemnation on the cable news "military experts"


It's 'Democratic'

A horrifying animal cruelty story from just up the road. I just wish I had known

Fox News teaming up with ABC to spew more Republican propaganda

Help Needed in reply to this Obama message

SEX (for either sex) IS NOT EVIL

Charlie Crist gave a kid up for adoption when he was 32 and successful?

UK wants to try Russian (Lugovoi) for Litvinenko murder (The Guardian)

Study: Long-Term Cell Phone Use May Be Linked to Brain Tumors

Diebold Compromised Its Own Voting Machine Security

Who Will Kill The Evil Germs? By Mark Morford

Groups Head to Capital to Step Up Antiwar Drive

I am really getting sick and tired of DU

When was the ape's last press conference? Is he hiding?

Just how low are they going to go?

US seeks Persian Gulf allies against Iran

"White House hopeful Tom Tancredo"?

Nuremburg trials were and are a joke.

DU this fair and balanced Bush poll

Criminals 'may overwhelm the web' (run for your lives!)

It's SOOO cold here this morning. (-2) degrees......

CSPAN WJ Repug Nut Caller: I hope CSPAN shows the Anti-War march, because....

Maine revolts against digital U.S. ID card

Bernie Ward on his daughter's acceptance to her #1 pick law school

A Chuck Hagel (R) Run will tear the Repugs Apart: Think 1968 all over again

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

The 'christian' Right lost big time last election?

Bay Area takes on 'progressive' anti-Semitism

Bush authorizes targeting Iranians in Iraq: report

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Fri. 1/26 The-Sing-Along

200 Essays: Ohioans write about Iraq

The 300% Rule

Latest Republican meme going around

IRAQ VP: US Invasion Was An "IDIOT DECISION" (Ain't That The Truth?)

Can We Block Ads From Specific Candidates

C-Span Caller, Carefully Says "Democrat Party"

Pie in the sky dream (the 'surge')

Was Rush Limpballs on All Things Considered yesterday? nt

Prosecutor Purge Is Illegal, Lawyer Argues

It's still the media - the only thing on radio is right wing talk

Tinfoil hat time

Tell us something we "don't" know.........

White House press strategy: we control Russert

Why Bush won't leave Iraq

Halliburton 4Q profit falls 40 percent - Earnings fell to $658 million

Is neoconservatism dead? or is it just regrouping?

Ex Cheney Aide Confirms the "Friday News Dump"

North American Economic Union - Lavin from Dept Commerce on now on WJ.

Did anybody hear Chris Dodd on the senate floor calling senators to forget

General Petraeus confirmed 81-0 in the Senate nt

Pelosi, Murtha going to see al-Malika

U.S. military authorized to kill Iranians.

Arrogant asshole dick hogwash says 'they won't stop us'. Is this true?

Is Bush going to let Iran finish building the airport in Iraq before he starts murdering Iranians?

Faux SOTU "poll"

Faith-based group doesn't want Bush library at their school. They say it would be a terrorist magnet

The recent RW attack at NBC et al.

Halliburton 4th Qtr Profits Fall 40% - I guess NOW we have no other choice but to invade Iran.

Genius! Taking Impeachment Off The Table(fingers crossed behind back)


No Substitute for Free and Unfettered News Gathering-By PHIL DONAHUE

Does this signify a "free-for-all" in the offing?

NPR pissed me off this morning

Should we let Bush send autistic kids to the front lines in Iraq if they enlist?

Does anyone really believe that Congress will do anything about Iraq?

Fox To Air Controversial Scene From "Path To 9/11"

A legislative alert important for scientists

Nuclear Power: High-Grade Uranium Soars, Low-Grade = Mucho Greenhouse Gases: Nukes NOT THE ANSWER

Victory against factory farming: Nation's Largest Pork Producer phases out gestation crates

CNN: Nancy Pelosi is in Iraq now.

Hey Rapeublicans, if you view Obama as a strange name ..

Bush OKs countering Iranians in Iraq - Here we go!

If Your Primary Were Held Next Tuesday, Who Would You Vote For?

So who pays the tax now on employee health insurance

aquatic virus makes it to Lake Huron - kills fish

Scathing article on johnny-come-lately MSM re: Iraq war

I have to say I was impressed by Sen. Chuck Hagel on The Today Show

Why in the hell do they want to draft Al Gore?!?

The Decider is challenging Congress on Iraq

Google Bombs are a thing of the past

Men in Vermont join together to fight violence against women

Groups Head to Capital to Step Up Antiwar Drive

Hungarian Mercenary Killed in Iraq

Forego Friday's Woes . . . please comne CAPTION!!!

How about a War Tax?

George is no longer the decider.....

Chalabi has key role in Baghdad effort

Breaking: Bush to Iraq plan opponents in Congress: 'I am the decision-maker.'

Why did the moderator move the post about B*sh saying to General "Go implemet a plan"

the 'ic' in Democratic

forget about "best chance for success" language

Libby case on WJ now

Bush: "some are – condemning a plan before it's even had a chance to work"

bushco* now have their 'cook you in your clothes' weapon and are wasting no time in threatening us

Seeking info on the 3BCT from 10th Mountain Division whose deployment was just extended

Bush Health Insurance Plan will make for smaller paychecks

The Most Important Issue for the 2008 Presidential Race Will Be:

Never give an iguana Viagra

Pelosi, Murtha go to Iraq

Bush doesn't know that employees pay health care premiums

I heard several *gasp* REASONABLE republicans on Wash Journal this a.m.

Cheney needs a Pardon! ....Is there any doubt? ....

Ya know - maybe we just need to stop for a moment and think about something

FBI: Gang members joining military

Sign up to demand a deadline to get out of Iraq.

Notes gleened from all over; some DU, some media.

Frosty E. Hardison, a self-described "independent-thinking Republican,"

If you want an idea of what peace-loving people the world over are up against, go here and read

Perle Hints Marines To Be Used in Attack on Iran --- Rawstory LINK

This should headline everywhere RIGHT NOW!

NPR’s Rehm: Delayed Iraq NIE Will Undermine Case For Escalation

Canadian Prime Minister apologizes to Maher Arar

Six years standing on the doorstep to Hell

Sweet! Scientist develops caffeinated doughnuts

Anyone realize the possible implications of Noriega's release from prison?


What Should I Invest In?

Wring the silly neck of a Friday, then pluck it good . . . please come CAPTION!!!

With Hopes of Coining a New Term


WTF National Park Service argues in favor of Gawd

So why is Chuck Hagel leading the Opposition to the War Splurge???

Alterman IMPALES "William" Billy Kristol (with a swipe at Fred "Beltway Bozo" Barnes)

Will you please pressure these Republican contributors into getting a minimum wage increase?

Speaker Pelosi In Iraq For Meeting With PM Maliki

U.S. soldiers not killed in sneak attack - Contrary to U.S. military statements

Filthy scumbag RePUKE Freepers call for "fragging" of Speaker Pelosi in Iraq

Attorney General Gonzales: There is no right to habeas corpus in the United States

I know a rich man.

Dodd not running for Senate in 2010 (link)

"I'm the decision maker." Is there a DOUCHIER phrase in the English language

Raw Story: Troops Died After, Not In, Sneak Attack

Debating with a freeper he claims Ted K was the one who called Obama Osama

"Bush: 'I'm the Decision-Maker' on Iraq" (AP)

Patrick Fitzgerald and Elliot Spitzer for America. Fitz/Spitz '08

Has the Fox News Channel gotten alot worse recently?

Bush: `I'm the decision-maker' on Iraq

Saint Rose of Lima School in Rhode Island bans talking during lunchtime

Reunion Fever Sweeps Rock World (BBC)

TECH QUESTION TO ADMINS: Can we have the spell checker updated

When does the snow melt in Afghanistan?

My chant of choice for tomorrow...

Quote of the day

Quaker Athletes charged in attack, ethnic slurs

The "Likely" Cowboy: Bush Hedges Success in Iraq

Escalation of US Iran military planning part of six-year Administration push

Calling all Constitutional Scholars: Why does Shrub get away with ABUSE of executive powers?

DU Tech question: can I start a new member on my computer,

Judge: Christian-only heath plan can continue

Iraqi MPs make $120,0000 per year, plus $10,000 per month benefits.

We the People = Decision Makers

Mark Morford: "Who Will Kill the Evil Germs?"

Wow Ted Kennedy BROILS Repugs over minimum wage..

I gotta say that I agree with this TOON wholeheartedly

Turkey mulls 'invading' Iraq to kill some Kurds

NC '08 Senate: Early Poll shows Dem Gov. Easley beating Dole

Warping, I mean "teaching", them young: "The Watchmaker"

Impeach. Remove. Now.....

Seattle woman shares story to aid push for domestic-partner bill

The odor of mendacity: is the death of American democracy at hand?

Cheney comms director tells Libby jurors VP used Meet the Press to "control message"

Republican lawmakers: "What's with Cheney? Anybody know?"

Where's Rove?

Found this 'toon while surfing the internet(s). Thought it relevant...

Afghan who had statues destroyed killed

So Blackwater and Dyncorp can raise a small army.

Its Friday, ya bastads!!!

kinda crazy idea...but then maybe not (minimum wage)

Steny Hoyer is an another Vichy Democrat

Do we need to take it to the streets? Really?

GOP filibusters increase for minimum wage, MSM does cricket impression

Now Timmy Russert Has Been Exposed, Will He Start Asking Real Questions?

Rethugs Filibustering the Minimum Wage Increase

Wow.. Germans have the highest average savings in Europe €54,600


Why didn't Libby make a deal? I don't think the trail is helping the GOP.

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....(Global Warming boogeyman)

Caption *

The people did not vote for a "non-binding" resolution...

"I was buying a pig in a poke."

U.S. home to set world price record at $155 mln

I'm working on a concept called the BDA Event System

Jim VandeHei: WH will accept benchmarks/deadlines for surge

Odds that Cheney's heart explodes like a baked potato before he leaves office?

I went and done it...

Why are two different men clamouring to claim fatherhood of Anna Nicole Smith's baby?

Pres. Clinton to Contact Disney over Fox showing "Path to 9/11"

Would Bush try and end-around with the troops?

Headline: Cheney led effort to discredit Iraq critic Wilson: testimony

Remember the "outrage" when Clinton went off on Chris Wallace?

Who do you think will get the Republican nomination for Prez?

D.C. protest. Is there going to be a gathering of parents of soldiers in Iraq?

Liz Taylor gives Hillary Clinton campaign $100,000

The terrorists are "emboldened" by the troop increase

Eventually Iraq's civil war will cause one here.

I'm the decider!

Government Food Safety System a Sham

bush to Pelosi: "I'm not finished with you yet." (wtf?)

Iraqi speaker: "The Prime Minister is openly accusing one of your colleagues of being a terrorist"

Memo to Congress

Did Bush really say that?

NOW can we start the impeachement of both of them?

CNN: Democrats may revise 2002 bill allowing Bush to call war

Bush doesn't care about white people, Either.

Bill Clinton's spokesman responds to Hannity airing unseen footage of "The Path To 9/11"

We have simply GOT to stop all this enemy-emboldening!

post-lerkfish: My own Mea Culpa

Except Kucinich, is there anyone running for president who wants us out of Iraq without condiditons?

wanna know why i don't support the death penalty? coz white boys get away w/ murder

For those going to/in DC: Meet Dennis Kucinich before the march, tomorrow

Gates: Iraq resolution 'emboldens' enemy - Gates is the ENEMY

Gale Norton told: Reverse (tribe) recognition or be fired

Ideas for Proud Dem bumper stickers.

3067 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

So nice to have a level headed school board

Caption *

Can someone give me a link for libby trial blogging? Thx.

MSM. Cowards of the highest order.

Is it just me or doesn't 'I'm the decision-maker' sound petulant?

Steny Hoyer on C-Span2, replay of meeting today at Brookings

In regards to working people, what is the difference between

Caption this bringer of bad things

The "I know a rich man" thread motivated me to write about last night

CDC Adviser Arrested for Urinal Incident

CNN Situation Room: So Mitch McConnell is saying that "this is itt...the last chance for Maliki."

Clashes in Beirut (pictures)

Send strength and many, many thanks to Pundit Laureate Molly Ivins

New Home Sales Tumble in '06

Local Media Reports Show Bush Quietly Implementing Escalation Policy

Jane Hamsher/Firedoglake doing well and back on line

Sports radio in Boston: Schilling should run against Kerry in 08

So, it's bush versus America. Who will win?

C-Span I, NOW! Senate Hearing on Credit Card Debt and Legislation

McClatchy Blog Offers Rough View of Baghdad

Worst. F*cking. Government. in U.S. history

Finally saw Syriana!

I need opinions , about traffic masses of traffic

Turn on CNN to see some protesters

16 Year Old Daughter got National Guard Mail Solicitation

Check out Montel Williams.....

Glenn Beck: 'Divisive Rhetoric Will Be ‘The Death Of The Country’

Upstate NY Church Hosts 'Porn And Pancakes' Event

Halliburton 4Q Profit Declines 40 Pct (Another war comming???)

If Cheney found legally complicite in Scooter trial?

I am the Egghead (wooo!), I'm the Commander, (wooo!) I'm the Decider! Koo koo kachoo!

Please watch this. It left me completely overwhelmed.

NASA to "swear in" NAVY!

Imagine...had Gore been rightly in place as president...

Anyone listening to Terry McAuliff on Rachel Maddow?

An open letter to Senator Hillary Clinton.

The Bush Effort: Sad Reality on the Iraq Situation

I hope Fitz waits until after we elect a Dem president to indict Darth.

Hagel is not my hero. Never will be.

Rich Little: The Anti-Colbert

Does anyone know if cable will be covering the march tomorrow?

A Question for Clinton Supporters:

A memorial with the names of the Vietnamese people America killed would be 30 miles long

Libby Lawyers Want More Details Of Fleischer's Immunity Deal

Arab groups protest Beck's hiring

There's a house on fire in Atlanta.

Hey central North Carolinians. One more bus to DC just added!

Contrary to Military Statements-US Soldiers Did NOT Die Repelling Sneak Attack-They Were ABDUCTED

What did Nancy Pelosi learn on her way to the war room?

Memo To Tim Russert: Dick Cheney Thinks He Controls You.

BUSH ADMIN: Warrantless Wiretap Lawsuits Should Be THROWN-OUT Because NOW They're Following Law?!@?!

Cheney Resigns, Rice Becomes VP And Negroponte ....

I'm very torn ......

Senator Kennedy: "When does the greed stop!"

Sounds like Randi is officially part of the Draft Gore campaign

"Imagine How It Would've Been." Could This Be Candidate Gore's Campaign Theme?

Cheney pressured Senator Pat "Cover-Up" Roberts to stall investigation into pre-war intelligence

OMG, I'm hearing Randi on KQKE in her old time slot!!

(Molly) Ivins hospitalized in her cancer fight

Caption * (temper tantrum?)

FITZ Reveals ARI FLEISHER GAMBLE: "I Didn't Want To Give Him Immunity-I Was Buying A PIG IN A POKE"

THINK PROGRESS: Write Sean Hannity And Demand He Tell The Truth About 9/11

Bush's request for a "bipartisan committee" or whatever on Iraq policy = "do-over" request.

A presidential poll: Who should be President based upon qualifications/viewpoint/voting record

Will this be the first Youtube anti-war protest?

Lou Dobbs says Libby is a victim of a kangaroo court because he didn't leak anything

Military tried, unsuccessfully, to cover-up the abduction of four soldiers....

What do Jewish DUers think of Tikkun?

Be Careful Protesters:..Freepers to protest Jane Fonda

Pelosi Press Release Following Trip To Iraq-"There Must Be A POLITICAL Solution"

I saw my first W...worst ever bumper sticker on a ....MINI Red Kansas

Caption Poppy

Has any mainstream media outlet mention the march tomorrow?

Bush accepts Republican House resolution on Iraq

Must read from Scott Ritter writing in The Nation: Stop The Iran War Before It Starts

Do you care that John Edwards just built a 10,000 sf house?

What will Bush's political epitaph read?

How can I like a girl who supports the War in Iraq?

Stanford student's body found

I believe the only time you should physically hurt another human being is in self defense.

Opposition reseach on Mitch McConnell. Good background

What question do you want Fitz to ask when Cheney is under oath? n/t

If we want to get Universal Healthcare in this country, we need the support of large corporations

When will the Democrats be Democrats and get a jobs program going???

Tony Snow: “The Iranian people are more pro American than any American university faculty.”

I'm trying not to turn this into a Dem-Rep distinction, BUT...

COOL! Randi Rhodes and I share a birthday on Sunday!

Is it my imagination or is there a resemblance....

What can be done to ensure that the victims of torture will not include any North Americans?

Close the public pool and bus them to the Y

A Cornered Animal (Cheney, Libby and Iran)

Rockefeller: Former Senate Cover-Up Committee Chairman(Pat Roberts)Took Orders From Cheney

Oh crap! has a countdown clock for the beginning of US/Iran war

I know it's "old news", but I am tired of hearing about "Katrina".

CBS Lara Logan Pleads to Get Haifa St Video Aired-Too Graphic for CBS

Inside Baghdad: A city paralysed by fear (Patrick Cockburn reports "mayhem")

Support Creationism, help keep conservatives dumb

Can't come tomorrow? Want to be represented? FRIDAY - LAST CHANCE - "Here in Spirit" Signing Thread!

The Violence of Poverty; "quiet terrorism"

BUSH: "I'm The Decision-Maker & I've Picked The Plan"

I now accept that it was treason, although it might be difficult to prove....

Bush Looking To Provoke Iran To Validate His Iraq Occupation

"Whether the war was illegal or not, we are there, so let's finish the job"


If dick hogwash croaks or resigns, who takes his filthy place?

There Is NO REMEDY SHORT OF IMPEACMENT To Protect Us From This President (The Nation)

Sen. Feingold Calls For Cutting Off Iraq War Funds - I'm voting for him in the primaries if he runs

The PBS Website for our movie just went live, would you guys mind playing around

From Thom Hartmann's free preview of "Screwed"...FDR after the 1929 recession.

Fitz Alleges New Motive for Libby to Lie (New Filing-PDF)

Friday afternoon TOONS!

" ... absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Woodstock ..."

I'm sorry, but I cannot support Dennis Kucinich.

5 reasons why I do not want Hillary as a nominee

Lawmaker moves into solar-powered house for one week - Sen. Frank Wagner, (R)

I will vote for any Democrat in '08 so quit saying you won't

My local paper has been ignoring the Libby trial, so I called them.


Bush accepts Republican House resolution i.e. (Kerry's plan) on Iraq

Q: Is the Nat'l Guard, by definition, a "militia"?

This Mexican-hating person I'm arguing with

RANDI mentions the DU "On Randi Rhodes" thread!!

Do we need a new Iraqui War Resolution?

Why is NPR giving Gunga Dim a platform for his nonsense?

I haven't laughed this much/hard in MONTHS

Is Edwards going to try to push for a new IWR? (Iran War Resolution?)

US ambassador tells Venezuela they must compensate Verizon

My "problem" with Obama, Krugman sums it up today.

Santa and Limbaugh vs God. (The true story can now be told.)

Chilling quote I found...

Journalist Lara Logan Appeals to Colleagues as CBS Rejects Her Iraq Report

My new hero: Senator Chuck Hagel

WaPo Reports on Operation "Blue Matrix" the Ramp up for Potential War with Iran.

Hmmm...Libby Trial Witness Cathie Martin's hubby got FCC Chair job March, 2005

***DUzy Awards for week ending January 26, 2007***

Defense contractors (War Profiteers) report strong quarter

Hey freepers, let's make something crystal clear:

More On Bush's Expanding Private Mercenary Army

Senate GOP Leadership Tries To Eliminate Federal Minimum Wage

Elevate Yourself

Edwards is finished. Just built new 30,000 sq foot home.

The spanking poll...

ALERT: Valerie Plame Case to Be Investigated by Waxman's Committee

robert gates: War critics 'embolden the enemy'. Discuss.

Libby trial witness leaves White House reeling

Discovery Channel scoops CNN

Social Conservatives upset with Bush after SOTU

The Relative Deprivation of Dick Cheney

Bush's father complains of news media "hostility"

Gore's 'Truth' given cold reception in Seattle- Father gets schools to demand balance on global....

"I was spanked as a child, and I turned out to be a pretty damn good person." RE: Illegalizing spank

Chickenhawk Country Singer Toby Keith flip-flops, NOW says he "never did" support the Iraq War

What's Muslim worlds/faiths view on stem cell research?

Do Iranians wear a sign? I'm confused about the new rules of engagement

In 2003 the American people supported the Iraq invasion

I'm turning off my computer now

A little while ago, I saw some moron flying a huge confederate flag in the bed of his pickup truck.

(Washington) Defense of Marriage Initiative accepted by Secretary of State

World's oldest woman was slave's child

"Reverse racism" believing DUers can now join up with the head bigot!

How many would support Al Gore if he ran as an Independent?

Dupe - self delete

Any New Money Being Set For Afghanistan Should Be Conditioned On....

"Positively American: Winning Back the Middle-Class Majority One Family at a Time" by Chuck Schumer

2 election workers convicted of rigging '04 presidential recount

The "surge" WILL work, why? because W told them to (Wow!)

Dick Cheney Resignation Poll...

Moonie Mag Editor 's Thinly-Veiled Call for Muslims to Kill Obama

Orders to shoot to kill any suspected Iranian agents in Iraq?

MoveOn: "Political malpractice" for Democrats not to confront Bush on Iraq

Gen. Clark has NOT said that he isn't running...

US Military Spied on Hundreds of Antiwar Demos

The 'twice a day clock' axiom is now more important than ever

why did pelosi go to baghdad today?

How long did the RW push the "Clintons trashed the White House" lie in 2001?

Bush and the Repubs are searching desperately for a divisive issue...

Democratic Establishment to Delegate Wannabes: Wait Your Turn, Kids

Bush's 1/26/07 Quote

American traitor count

You can't get 80% of the people to agree on ANYTHING these days

INSTANT PROTEST SIGNS - free from DeadElephant.ORG

Will you switch? If you already support someone, but Gore decides to run, will you move your suppor

Conventional Wisdom?

Who would make a better President?

Heard Kerry's calling for re-authorization of war - anyone have anything on this?

A draft of a "Prior Dissent" resolution for the states

Bush: 'I'm the decision-maker' on Iraq (AP)

Great FDR quote

US Senate is adjourned until Monday the 29th at 2PM

Need dirt on George Sada. He spoke at a Christian church last week.

NY Congressman Walks Out Of Church after deacon's sermon attacks him for stem cell vote

Political Insider: Carville's comments re Gore is an attempt to hurt Obama's fundraising.

Ex-policeman charged over 1964 killing of black teens....Thank You Lord!

2008 RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE (Church-eye Points-of-view)

U.N. condemns Holocaust denial.

Lurking Freepers: If winning the war is so important, why hasn't Bush tried to win it?

(Reuters) U.S. looks at speeding up Iraq troop increase: Gates

Clueless, out-of-touch, elitist Bush, thinks employee health care is.... FREE!!!

Anyone notice that Repugs aren't saying "Thank God Gore wasn't President on 9-11" anymore?

Did she (Clinton) or didn't she support the war?

Schneider: Bush was very generous welcoming Nancy as Speaker

What is it with so many posts bashing Hagel?

Those of you growing fond of Chuck Hagel need to look at this

Report on our first-ever Draft Gore meetup

Fat Gore Theory: "If you see a chubby, happy Al the Oscars, forget it, he's not running."

CLARK: If we could change people’s mind without using the military, we’ll all be a lot more secure

a family visit with Al Gore and a few other ramblings

F*ck IT! Maybe Presidents should just be figure heads--

America Needs a Hero.

What common-use terms just piss you off ....... ?

Krugman: On Being Partisan

Obama certain of his appeal to black voters

I wonder why the internets love Al Gore so much?

Carville says Gore and Dean were right too often...especially about the war.

Why do dems never mention that when Kennedy was President, the rich payed a 90% income tax?

Sen.Richard Burr (R-NC) knows where you can get full health insurance for $63 a month

Did any one see this at Crooks & Liars VP RICE?

If you want to seriously commit to urging Bush/congress to set a deadline for Iraq

Pelosi has no time for impeachment just photo-ops

James Carville: Gore's "going to run, and he's going to be formidable."

Cloned food should be labeled, senator says (Boston Globe)

Question: Last Year Illinois House Had A Bush Impeachment Resolution

War! What is it good for?

Early "Line" on '08 Presidential candidates

Watch Rolling Stone's Tim Dickinson discussing Gore's political future on Tucker yesterday

"Will you complain about 'one party rule' if Dems win the WH and Congress in 08?"