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Emboldening our Enemies

The BBC's cultural Marxism will trigger an American-style backlash

Yes its slavery! This is exactly why they want to get rid of "illegals"....!

Pelosi, Maliki Discuss Timing of Drawdown

Virginia Vs. "Scuzzball Reporters" (That's Me!)

U.S. Plan for Iraqi Force Surprises Senator

Republican: Scripts need reviewing/movie prompts...

Lebanon clashes fuel civil war fears

Hacker uncovers UFO evidence


Harper apologizes to Arar for torture in Syria(Canada)

Abu Ghraib officer to be court-martialed

U.S. defends blacklisting Arar

More NATO troops for Afghanistan

Wal-Mart Stores to pay US$33 million for overtime violations in U.S.

AP: 4 troops abducted, killed in Iraq attack

Lawyers probe Fleischer's immunity deal

WP: Bush Defies Lawmakers To Solve Iraq

CNN/AP: Democrats probe facts in Iraq

Fox/AP: Federal Court Rules Against EPA

U.S. bans luxury exports to North Korea

AP: Judge Balks at State Farm Katrina Deal

Navy helicopter carrying 4 people crashes in Pacific Ocean off Calif. coast

Democrats ask Bush to reverse "reckless" fiscal policies (The Hill)

Pearl Harbor Ships Head For Middle East

Newsweek: Rove, Bartlett Subpoenaed

Ecuador Names Another Woman to Defense

U.N. adopts Holocaust denial resolution

The Guardian : US answer to global warming: smoke and giant space mirrors

Tailgating Forbidden For Super Bowl

You know what?

I love when my pay checks are big!!

I just ate an entire bag of Old Dutch brand Dill Pickle potato chips - ask me anything.

Good Friday Evening, Loungers!

Damn, my dogs are freakin' idiots...

What do you think about Tungsten wedding rings? me clueless...

Saw "Barry Lyndon" yesterday , and I'm still in shock ..

Here's a really old pic

Your favorite Sidney Poitier film?

I'm at work. Ask me anything!

Earworms got a hold of me bad

Christmas Pictures from m'brag book...

Canadian Planned Parenthood ad, currently running on Muchmusic.

Don't download IE 7

It's going to snow in Denver

Need recommendation quick! What movie should I see tonight? Up to "R" rating okay but no sex.

What did you do on your very first date?

I just completely destroyed my garage door opener, ask me anything!

I am 101 posts from 30K and very tipsy. Ask me anything!

Blue insurance companies who have in-home business riders?


First there was cornflake chicken. Then there was Fat Actress...

Classical languages vs. Modern Pornography

Wow. I got more bizarre looks than the marilyn manson groupies at the grocer's today.

I think my clothes absorbed the BO of the stinky kids I was around all day.

Single, married, F buddy, your S.O., this song is for all of us.

what I learned in GD today

what? no god warrior thread?

At what point does it become OK to tell someone they stink?

John Edwards has indoor plumbing - thats it, hes done!!!

Click here for a nightmare - Prison workers faulted

Posting from the Hawk & Dove in DC under evilbastard's name

Bow Wow Wow Yippee Yo Yippee Yay

I think I just gave myself food poisoning


John Edwards is moving into an Olive Garden with Tom Cruise.

Extended warranties are nice.

I just spent $3 for a pen

Serena Williams stomps Sharapova 6-1, 6-2 to win the Australian Open

Come on baby......let's do the twist

If I were me


How big is yours? Mine is 8" tall!

I dedicate this song to Oeditpus Rex

I would like for this thread to get exactly 69 replies.

Church Hosts 'Porn and Pancakes' Event

I was the 69th reply for LostInAnomie.

When you're with your SO at the store because you just can't be out alone,

Minnehaha Falls

I'm so close to 1,000 posts. Ask me anything!

When I hit 20,000, I'm gettin' nekkid


I want an '80's woman


What is the most spectacular car crash


Can you believe these people actually have the right to vote?


What's the most gracious way to go bald?

Okay, HEyHEY's ready for his date.... how do I look?

How big is your ass?

if you were me

My cat won't stop staring at me. It's creeping me out.

Damn, damn, damn. Bad news from Mom

Who here prays?

Log Cabin Republicans are crying foul. Should the Smith amendment be considered?



Colbert on OReilly - colbert with the last word

TDS on Bush and Iraq Intelligence

Prewar Intelligence Coverup

Cheney Was Obsessed With hardball Coverage

Dick Cheney: Tethered to Reality?

Humvee Traffic Driving In Iraq

Gonzales Handpicking Conservative Loyalists To Replace "Fired" Federal Prosecutors

Stupid question but is bush going to be in D.C. tomorrow?

How can I get a website and an e-mail translated from Dutch to

New Mexico State Senators Call for Impeachment

Why I think it's possible we may get bush and cheney out of the WH...

I just had to post this, I think I find a winner

Question for FOX News watchers and RightWing radio listeners:

Navy helicopter carrying 4 people crashes in Pacific Ocean off Calif. coast

A thought on the Libby trial....(Fitz is a brilliant tactician)

Help Wanted Ad....Job Opening in Iraq

TP: Write Sean Hannity And Demand He Tell The Truth About 9/11

It's downright embarassing we lost to Bush in 2004 considering how anemic he is now

S Korea to strengthen economic ties with North

From my wife: "Bush is Insane" the definition

Okay, it's Guiliani versus Hillary....just heard that on Lou Dobbs.

NOW on PBS featuring Al Gore

Wolf and Jack talking abou the DC Protest tomorrow

“I got to figure out Iran”: Condoleezza Rice advances a pawn

George Pataki Turns On Bush*. Just announced on CNN with Wolf.

Dem Congressman berated by deacon in church

The prediction thread - for the primaries and beyond (add some tinfoil too 'mmm k)

Fox News to Air Controversial '9/11' Footage

anyone else unable to get into the 9/11 "dungeon"? n/t

Senator Norm Colman (R) injured while dumpster diving

If there is any justice in the US....

Celebrate the Birthdays of Two Progressive Media Voices This Weekend!

Ummmm...about big houses and such...take a look at this one

The neverending scandals

If anyone has just poisoned themselves and need to throw up ....

New and inproved bumper stickers! :)

the Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial hovel.

Bush, Cheney, Condi and all the neocons and right wing pundits...

I love Keith O.

Why is Robert Gates Sounding Like His Predecessor?

The Home of The Next President of the United States

Ralph Nader emerges from the shadows to decipher America’s next political showdown

They're All Finished Unless They Live In A Tent And Grow Their Own Food....

Report: Pentagon to build intercept missile systems in Poland,

I do not think that *any* Democrat should want to live in a house like this:

Did you know that the Pledge of Allegiance didn't have "under God" in it until 1954?

A scene the American people would love to see:

Harper's apology 'means the world': Arar

I do not know what the arguing is about with houses but, I gather it's

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy redux (cartoon)

You were willing to vote for John Kerry- but he and his wife are worth alot more than Edwards

Forget about the HOUSES..There are more important things

I can't vote for anyone

I'm finished. I live in an apartment.

George W. Bush's New Theory for Warfare; My Enemy's Enemy is My Enemey

Depleted Uranium.... educate yourself

ABC News say tens of thousands expected at protest? (Hundreds of thousands?)

The ideal home for a Democratic candidate

Shouldn't you be packing to go to DC tomorrow instead of worrying about

Keith just said two WH staff must testify, one is Rove

more republican stupidity...

I Am Getting Real F*cking Tired of Arguing with Conservatives

This just in: Republicans have figured out a way to get more votes

Guys... what's with the "Olive Garden" reference?

Friday night fun: Your best Bush limerick

Producers of "24" to produce Faux News version of the daily show

Are we going to stop the war?

Can someone tell me how to erase a rewritable CD in Windows

Remember Terrell Owens "suicide" attempt?

If CT held an election today would Lieberman lose?

Did Petraeus conceal this story from us,

Molly Ivins, you're a national treasure!

Jelly Bean Bush at the State Department

This is the perfect candidate!

I have to buy tires this week

My problem with John Edwards house is:

KO just said Rove has been subpoened?

So on the Edward's house thing - the freeptards are chiming in:

So...anyway. HOW is a liberal/progressive SUPPOSED to live?

What Should My Protest Sign Say Tomorrow?

Would it make you feel better if John Edward's house....

OH MAN! Two stupid teens are on trial for baking a puppy to death!

Al Gore is NOT finished - how ever many sq. ft. we live in - it ALL connects...

U.N. Agent: Iran Developing Nukes (Time Magazine)

Has anyone posted this Mountain Lion story?

Apparently this is our "perfect" candidate

Another John Edwards thread...

Can we impose fines for Littering on DU?

Wishing I were there

Mahdi Army commander: "The (Iraqi) police are all under our control"

Kucinich is finished. He lives in a 1,200 square foot home worth $26,000

Tomorrow's protest brings glimmer of hope for 'peace and harmony' throughout the world.

Overheard at work: "Well, I ain't votin' for no Hussein Osama."

C-SPAN showing live Conservative forum with Malkin/ Ingraham

Greetings from the Washington DC DU National Meetup.

Will Rove Testify?

some Screwballs in Massachusetts think a baseball pitcher can govern better than Kerry..

Can you believe these people are allowed to vote?

Don't read this

William Rivers Pitt: The Libby Trial and The Attack on Iran

dupe topic - delete

so much Edwards...I had to throw this out...

Seems like Frist hasn't been in the news for many months. Is he done?

Who's Laughing NOW, Turdblossom? ---pix--->>>

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Click here to SMILE!

Remember the "reluctant republican" exit poll excuse in 2004? used by Cons in Britain too in 1992

Who do you support for Prez?

John Edwards can buy whatever he wants- He EARNED it

Cuba spotlights friendship with Chávez


U.N. Climate Report Will Shock the World, Chairman Says

MIHOP reference in "Children of Men"?

****** 20/20 ******

bush has bin marginalized:

Apparently, I am not compassionate and am not a good Dem

KUCINICH: "President's Actions Could Lead To IMPEACHMENT"

Is Patrick Fitzgerald a Peacenik?!?!


Are public schools allowed to hand out the little red Gideon Bibles

As FOX smears Obama, Roger Ailes gets First Amendment Award. Effin' corpmedia.

Oversight, hearings and investigations wanted. MASSIVE CORRUPTION! MASSIVE SCANDALS! MASSIVE CRIMES!

I watched An Inconvenient Truth in Chem the other day.


Time for DU SEARCH! Both Howard Dean & Jimmy Carter Live in Very Modest Houses.

I must have arrived late to the Ball. What is this business about Edwards' house?

I'm going to Iraq.

Just met some woman who will have all 3 sons in Iraq & she's so proud.

Waaaaaa, Someone get Bush Sr. BooBoo kitty and quit pickin on his boy!

A way for congress to stop Bush/Cheney insanity of attacking Iran...

******* For Moochie, Ivan & Billy *******

What the hell is an "Ooga Booga Smooga Wooga" you ask? In honor of the march on DC...

March on DC .... Freeper-style (Road journal & photos)

What do want me to video @ the Protetst in DC

Book TV Schedule: January 27th - 29th

My daughter's baby doll is trying to posess me, and I am wearing tin foil and a magic tie

The Manchurian Veterans

How big is your house?

John Edwards can do what he wants. But I think it's inexcusable. WARNING graphic.

Should rich people be able to do whatever they want?

Top of the ZZ to ye....

To those whining about the "enviromental impact" and "hypocrisy "of Edwards' new home

CQ: Roundup of the 12 Contests for Democratic-Held Senate Seats in 2008

Dear "Support Our Troops" Sticker Guy

Alexandra Pelosi on Hardball. She's terriffic. Apples don't fall far from trees....

Would it help us if Hagel ran as an Independent? Would he get a lot of Republics to vote for him n/

They Did What? Outrage over Senators Who Voted to Repeal the Minimum Wage

Five whores on C-Span right now!

Got to get this off my chest.....

So ..... Bush "authorizes" the killing of Iranian nationals inside Iraq ......

"the writing is on the wall"-who are we fighting?

Head jolting interview on Energy, Climate, and Carbon-Lovins on BBC

Hillary Clinton in Iowa tomorrow - Live Coverage 1:30 pm on C-SPAN

Were you for weapons inspections in Iraq before the war?

He should have stayed there

Blumenauer (D-OR) offers plan to remove troops from Iraq within a year

...... and who will play the Barry Goldwater role?

Iraq resolution does nothing, Feingold says

So .... he launches air stikes against Iran ...... what will the national reaction be?

Looking for a video...

If a republican were to win in 2008 (horrors), who would be the least toxic?

In retrospect, how in the hell did Ned Lamont lose?

Molly Ivins Hospitalized...........

Wow, John Edwards is livin' large!!!!

Putting It On the Table: Kucinich Says Bush Risking Impeachment

Its Not America Anymore.

It's only 1/07 and I'm sick of candidates already. I'm sick of Al Sharpton

Giuliani starts N.H. visit, invokes 9-11 (AP)

Mexican Mafia Ethnically Cleansing African Americans In LA

The cost of Impeachment.

I, for one, am glad it's a matter of public record - Russert is a malleable GOP tool

Oh Goodie! My teacher is going to be on latter half of Larry King tonight.

Mike Malloy is endorsing Al Gore ..

OK...Who here is brave enough to admit they really just can't stand Hillary?

Front Page of KOS: "Clark 2 weeks away from a decision..."

Bernanke adviser might quit (and why it's significant)

Old Leftie Lawyer says that she thinks Fitzgerald is going after the

MAUREEN DOWD: Daffy Does Doom

The hidden cost of free congressional trips to Israel (Fmr Sen Jim Abourezk)

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS: Why Can't Americans See Iran War coming when rest of world does?

World’s biggest hog boss meets its match: Smithfield workers take on global Goliath

Al-Qaeda 'on the march'

Elite Democracy: When Washington Reigned Supreme in Venezuela

Selected Shorts NPR soldiers fighting in the Middle East recount their experiences

Arar mistake a costly one (& other eds from up north)

On Iran, Bush Confronts Echoes of Iraq

It's time for political science to live up to its name

Dick Cheney: The New 'Baghdad Bob'?

State of indifference by Sidney Blumenthal at Salon

Ex-Cheney aide shares media manipulation (AP)

A Sorry State - by Brian Braiker for Newsweek (on Poll Numbers)

Troops Join Tens Of Thousands At DC Protest at AP by LARRY MARGASAK

U.S. Plan for Iraqi Force Surprises Senator(Reed)

At Ease, Mr. President - Garry Wills


Yeah, Right, George – You’re Some Decider!

US answer to global warming: smoke and giant space mirrors

" Not the mealy-mouthed Joe Biden-led hearings we witnessed on Iraq ..."

Socialism is dead. There now remain only socialists

Pgh Post Gazette-Act on Iraq: The Senate resolution is a nonbinding nonstarter

White House Plays By Its Own Rules Again (Cohen / WaPo)

Al Gore At The NY Botanical Gardens

Pemex - Exports To US May Drop 500Kbd By 2011 - Crude Shipments To Deer Park (TX) Already Canceled

UN Weapons Inspector Hans Blix: Climate Change a Worse Risk than WMD.

French Nuclear Reactor Company Buys German Windpower Company.

File Under "W" For "WTF?" - "Bush Climate Remarks Weighed For Policy Shift" - WP

DUBAI-- To "Buy" chunk of Bay Area Town -- Moves to put money in U.S. "Green Tech"

Only 18% of CEOS Concerned About Climate Change

CNPC Cuts China's Total Oil Production Goals For 2007 By 5% From 2006 - Marketwatch

Pemex Total Oil Output Down 6% Nov To Dec 2006 - Gas Production Up - El Universal

With Cantarell Output Down 17% In 11 Months, Concern Grows Re. Mexico's Spending Habits - LA Times

Wasatch/SLC Inversion Hits 3rd Week - 1/26 Overall Low For Air Quality W. Visibility @ 300 Feet

Solar home in Va. getting high marks - AP

Web site update

We're not going to use CO2 for enhanced oil recovery

Israeli Knesset passes law to revoke citizenship of 'unpatriotic' Israelis

Twilight Zone / 'I've lost my heart' (Gideon Levy)

Should Israel be in Bush's back seat?

US answer to global warming: smoke and giant space mirrors

Did any one notice the deal with FOX Series 24 detonating a Nuke in LA?

What are these "puffs" of smoke?

Soft Earth and Flight 93-- version 2

"Imagine no religion" - Was religious faith the primary motivator of 9/11?

Mark Crispin Miller with a "Head's Up!"

NYT- Conscripting poll workers

Lebanon clashes fuel civil war fears

Cuba spotlights friendship with Chávez

Inside Baghdad: A city paralysed by fear (Patrick Cockburn reports "mayhem")

Will Rove Testify?

WP: Defense Secretary Gates Working to Accelerate Deployment to Iraq

AP: Group calls for Bar investigation of Bush administration official

Gates: Iraq resolution 'emboldens' enemy

Suicide car bomb kills 11 in Baghdad

Reuters: Gunmen kidnap 8 people from Baghdad store

Navy searches for 3 from copter crash

Abu Ghraib officer to be court-martialed

Drug traffickers passport blunder (UK)

Blast rocks Green Zone in central Baghdad

Bring ’em home: Veterans, lawmakers, unionists, women tell Bush to listen up

Ministers agree to resume global trade talks

2 Women Killed In U.S. Embassy Carjacking

Research firm hunts for clues in insider sales

Rights group asks Egypt to free blogger

Argentina May Reveal Dirty War Secrets

Bomb kills 10 in Pakistan Shiite area

Internet to revolutionize TV in 5 years: Gates

Ex-Cheney aide shares media manipulation

CORRECTED: Tens of thousands in D.C. protest against Iraq war

News of the World editor resigns after reporter and investigator are jailed for royal household scam

AP: Military reports death of 2 U.S. soldiers in Diyala province

Russia queries US military role in M.East: agencies

Lawyers probe Fleischer's immunity deal -- AP

China censorship damaged us, Google founders admit

Giuliani Is Cautious as He Weighs ’08 Decision (NYT)

YouTube to Share Revenue With Users

AP Bush brushes aside criticism of health plan [I so tire of his dissing

WP/AP: War Opponents Want Troops to Come Home

MSNBC Breaking News:U.S. military reports the deaths of seven soldiers

(Reuters) U.S. experts identified bodies in Somalia: Meles

In the Tennessee Senate, a Historic Shift of Power (Rise of Southern Repugs)

Lawmaker: Iran installing centrifuges

Bush chides Dems on reflexive response (radio address)

Newsweek: A Sorry State (New low of 30% re Bush approval)

Mexico: Opposition Nix Energy Privatization

Ex-Cheney aide [Cathie Martin] shares media manipulation. I love it

No "Do-Over" For Hillary On Iraq (CBS/AP)

AP: Army Probes War Contractor Fraud

Tens of thousands in D.C. protest war

Official Proposes ‘Drafting’ Poll Workers to Ease Problems (Ohio)

Reuters: U.S. says kills 14 insurgents in Iraq air strike

AP: Sen. Kerry Blasts U.S. Foreign Policy

Clinton concedes role in authorizing war

Have you seen the movie, "Firewall"?

Wanna go for a joy ride?

Funny Beer Commercials.

This cat is way too tense

Why is everybody in GD upset about Edwards watching House?

Please, geez.......

Today's been a good day.

When am I gettin nekkid?

Did you know that if you are really lucky

Smack that?

I may be biased, but I love Maddy and merh!!

body part you cannot reach with your mouth, rhymes with "venus...."

Hospice helped dying man lose his virginity

Some Dieter is watching over me

Some Diety is watching over me

Remember What Your Mama Said?

Surfs up!!! Puerco-bellies down!!!

What Is Better?

One bit of advice for all of you DUers...

Who, me? Drunk? Nah, never happens

What's with the chairs in the Lounge?

That's it. I'm getting some bolt cutters and lopping it off.

What Were You Trying To Say?

Shhh...There's a raccoon on my back porch....


I was an '80's woman

I am all ready to go the my convention in March, have hote room booked.

Kudzu and John Edwards' Mansion:

Kudzu and the Disneyland Haunted Mansion...

I voted in a great GD poll about John Edwards.

Time for some waffles and maple syrup!

If John Edwards gets more than 9999 threads, what will happen?

Do you ever think a coma might be a good option?

Do you like Tor Johnson?

I am (or you are)

I can be a class-A nimrod sometimes

I've decided to remove the schlock function

A little depressed tonight here on GD

Is it just me, or

I just watched "Billy the Kid and Dracula"

Have you posted on DU while drunk?

Because we here at DU are thinkers...

Damn.. I think she wants a, "relationship" brrrrrr.

What's the most sagacious way to go bald?

Do you like Gorge Columbia?

Accountants/Mathematicians: a question

Poll question: Should fornicators be required to serve notice on the people we 'serve'?

OMG, look what Markie Post (Night Court) has also done!

Who is the biggest A**hole?

I'm watching a movie on TCM...

I woke up at 9:50am, and the reason why is pretty funny

I woke up to the sound of my dog knocking down a bowl

My clients hug that strange?

What Paris Hilton keeps in storage.

The next big thing in IT security is going to be a chip

Rear Window has started on Encore Mystery Channel.

Do you like George Clooney?

There's not much you can count on in this uncertain world,

If she were my daughter I'd...

Local TV report on Portland's Roller Derby League.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/27/2007)

Many thanks to all our computer cogniscetti.

Am I in trouble with Blockbuster? I broke the DVD box.

Holy moley. Molly Hatchet is preparing for a 2007 world tour!

Should cattercopiers be allowed to cattercop?

I saw a woman driving an ATV with a one year old baby today.

Just when I thought I saw everything... my blanket was frozen to my window sill today

regarding 'the up-coming date', what would you like to see pics of the most...

"My name is Viva, and I am a Poli-Junkie"

Am I mean or what ? But really enough is enough ... That's why I stay out of GD sometimes.

Only 70418 posts til I have 90411!

Oh, dude. I so need this book!

Only 1009 post til i have 15000 (lame copycat)

gotta go

I'm leaving DU...

I have a headache.

I'm leaving Jew...(lame copycat)

I love the Woohoo smiley!

The Kissing Booth is now open.

Jazz on the air right now - listen online.

Why does the DMV hate all of our presidents?

I woke up at 6 am. The reason why is pretty sad.

Oh, dude. I so need this hook!

Tickets sold out in nine minutes. I didn't get them. Now to sell an organ and get some scalped ones.

Oh, dude. I so need this Took!

65 Degrees this morning - 25 This afternoon

Oh, yuck! Generic Dayquil tastes awful!

Oh, dude. I so need this snook!

Rubik's Cube -- Too late to catch up with a fad missed in youth?

Bride has Massive Hair Wig Out...

Day 3 of being sick in bed with a killer cold

My poise in public address is absolutely astounding.

Oh, dude. I so need this rook!

Oh, dude. I so need this cook!

Oh, dude. I so need this Brooke!

Oh, dude. I so need this hook!

put up your dukes...

Speaking of Houses.......does anyone else think....

Best wilderness survival show

Tomato, basil & mozarella -- some classic combos can't be beat

Oh, dude. I so need this moog!

Who is upgrading to Windows Vista?

Oh my f'n gawd John Stewart on Cheney Hilarious

Oh, dude. I so need this wook!

What percentage of strippers do you think are actually working their way through college?

"i like your new haircut. i dig your polyester look"

JVS shall answer your relationship questions here

*phew* Got my dedicated film scanner working again...


The roomer thread.

Congratulations struggle4progress!! 20,000 posts

Happy birthday LavenderBrown & ganeshiji!!

How do i save and load cd's in my Sensa rhapsody to keep form having to deal with resynchronizing my

Congratulations peekaloo!! 15,000 posts

GD implosion about Edwards house day 2.

Now I have no goddamn water

My dogs stink. Should I give them a bath tonight?

My 10 yr old daughter and her best friend are getting manicures

I just got call from a friend who went to DC, she is staying untill Thursday.

So, i'm going to begin all my threads with "So"

$100 for a frying pan?

Mr. Dinger & Zippy

I drive a Jeep Cherokee and my house is 2K sq. ft.

Anyone seen Babel? What did you think?

Congratulations sakabatou!! 10,000 posts

Hi. I'm Critters and I'm a Luddite

Anyone else feel they've not done enough for their friends and family?

Does Anyone Have A List Of Oscar Nominees?

I don't know if anyone cares, but I have a crush on Alexandra Pelosi.

What are some classic boardgames that I should have?

Today is Keith Olbermann's birthday!

What's the proper response when asked "How's it hangin?"

Hey, IDIOT! Get out of the car and go to the door!

Congratulations Oeditpus Rex!! 20,000 posts

My sister in law died last night.

A special thank you to the Lounge

God hates faqs.

God hates fags

Who will win the Aus. Open Men's Final?


Robb appreciation thread:

GD: You Suck, You Suck, I Hate You, You Suck!

Anyone seen Letters From Iwo Jima?

For a good laugh....check this out.

I had a can of Old Chub ale tonight. Yummy!!!

What is the best gift

The Forest Has Eyes


I bruised my butt today!! Anybody wanna see the pic?

Which is your favorite American city?

I'm 63 and just joined Am I going to be mugged, raped, killed- ekkkkk - now I'm

Bought a bag at Target for $25. Saw the same bag 10 minutes later at Staples for $70.

and ever since then . . .

Let's see some DU faces!

Okay, since we're not going to see Rage, what should I do with flvegan while he's out here?

Must see TV - Stones, Beatles, Who. . mostly unseen before..

***VOTE*** it is your duty and your obligation!!!

Paging Prisoner_Number_Six re: cat staredowns

Alright Folks. Here it is. My 5 1/2 HOUR tattoo

Should copycatters be required to serve notice on threads we copy?

Attention Naughty Girls: has a VERY naughty Valentine's Day theme!

True or False: In regard to today's (American) society and self-esteem...

Which is your favorite American small town?

Exclusive: Pic from the Free Republic Pro-War Rally

The Rumor Thread!

Imagine no religion

What is the best book relating to religion/spirituality you have read?

Priest toiled for homeless, supported gays

Muhammad Ali: The Brand and the Man

Has anyone been to the Olympics?

Sometimes, Just the RIGHT Thing Comes Our Way

Daily OM: Unexpected Enlightenment - You Never Know Who You'll Meet

Does anyone have experience with Trager Approach?

Elizabeth Edwards book "Saving Graces: ...

The woman, the blond woman who was to have a big part in bringing

Question re: upcoming Mercury retrograde

Hey veterans, what do you think is the best (& most realistic) way to fix VA hospitals?

Returned marine told VA hospital he was thinking about suicide. Placed 26th on the waiting list.

OT - but worth seeing - DKos diary

Need links to Dem sites on Aug 20, 21, 2004. Dkos, bartcop, and any other

Your help needed.

At peace, but a troubling thought lingers

Kerry speaks out about Bush foreign policy--trashed by right wing blogs

If John Kerry were to re-enter the 2008 race, I'm on board so fast

Hillary on CSpan

More Davos pics

John Kerry's comments in Davos this morning

Hidin In My Closet - Mad TV

Cheney first

Great Pundit Swap: Stephen Colbert admits he blew 'it'

The Soup's Joel McHale zings Republicans and smacks Fox

McCain is a flip flop

Bachman and Bush Overdrive

CNNVideo:Iran Held Out Hand For Peace, Cheney Bit It OFF...

Impeach Bush Campaign

The Bush Song for impeachment



He is bringing the end of the world and doesn't even know it

On Cspan "State of Conservatism"

Texas House of Representatives demands apology over Nugent performance

Can we bring back all the Terri Schiavo threads to compete with all

Do you have a source for impeach W stickers?

Guardian: Europe resists US pressure to boost presence in Afghanistan

20/20 Poverty in Camden NJ - West Coast Alert

N.H. war protesters take on Washington

[VA] Group organizes trip to D.C. peace protest

300 Bay Staters hit road for anti-war protest in D.C.

Midstate [PA] residents will press Congress to end war

Canadian PM to apologize to torture victim

Do you like continuing to feed dems eat their own?

Are you being financially abused?

Regarding Edwards and his new home .....

Can We Please Not Focus On the Money

Music that touches the heart and elevates the soul.

(exile) Group claims Iran has agents in Iraq - AP

What's up with the U.S. attorneys thing?

I noticed this add above some of the Edwards House threads

How big is your ass?

A Rumor Is A Rumor Is A Rumor…

Is there any way we could, um, consolidate some of the threads on a certain topic?


If I was Edwards I would rent out 25,000 square feet of his obscene property for low-income housing

O'Henry's whirling in his grave

First a radio a car dealership. Man commits suicide after

To All

how do we know that the Edwards House story is NOT A FAKE?!!?

Earth to Bush: Luring babies to screens is not heroic

Does John Edwards eat babies in Satanic rituals?

***** Challenge to DUers *****

I'd Swearrrrrrr I Remember A While Back, Some Time Long Ago In GD, That

3,067 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

Kennedy erupts on the Senate Floor

Call me? Ex-Rep. Harris hands out business cards at State of the Union

Peace or War?

A little depressed tonight here on GD

I've decided to remove the schlock function

Who Wants To Eat Their Babies?

U.S. may ease North Korea sanctions

Halliburton sued in alleged Iraq rape of a Florida woman

One more time - for the night crew:

Vote on the big Edwards house hoo hah.

Who has changed their support from Edwards after the latest revelations about Iran and the house?

So. Winning both houses of Congress is not enough to stop the bitching

How was the SOTU?

Hidden story about torture at Abu Ghraib (Lt. Col. Jordan to be tried)

When will hogwash finally have enough money?

You are only an Asshole if you own a monster house AND voted against the min wage bill

Bush accept's Republicans Iraq resolution

I drive a Jeep Cherokee and my house is 2K sq. ft.

BushCo owns your ass.

If you REALLY love someone, you'll tell them they smell bad.

Should Poppy Bush have spanked his monkey?

Why Brownback might lose support from the RW "Right to Life" Crowd

Secretary Gates, telling critics not to criticize makes YOU appear like our foes.

Our Elected Millionaires.

It's been a hard week for our girl, Condi

For every situation there is a stupid but effective slogan.

A Word About THE HOUSE: What's My Damage?

Bush's War Boy Gates Says Questioning Bush's Iraq Plan and Offering Alternatives Helps the Enemy

Why is it socially acceptable to beat children but not women or animals? n/t

Tree memorial to dead troops becoming forest

Katherine Harris is back and she was handing out busines cards at the SOTU (w/ pic)

Misgivings about the Hilary Product

Falwell: Schools Continue to Discriminate Against Christian Students

John Kerry: United States "a sort of international pariah."

Is all lost now that Republicans lost their Contra War?

Juan Cole: Because this man is looking for a pretext for another war.

RUSH: In Limbaughland, human beings are exclusively male.

Light A Candle For Molly:

Ok...I gotta say...who is this idiot on CSPAN?

What have you personally done and not done to curb global warming?

JOHN W. DEAN: Bush Has Made A Fool of Gonzales & He Ought To Resign

January 27, 1967 - in Memoriam

You can see the buses arriving live at this web cam....

How has the Edwards "house" flap changed your mind?

I want to smash the whole thing into a pile of junk

Second Life Avatar Infiltrated Virtual Auditorium Brandishing Anti-Davos Sign

Free trade and the 2008 Presidential election: A Defining Issue

old grey and in the way

CBS Refuses to Broadcast Iraq Footage

Where Mel Gibson Got His Anti-Semitism

The nuclear 'football'

Thumb prints to cash payroll checks...

Sr. Helen Prejean: Razing of New Orleans' Katrina-damaged public housing a SIN.

The winning '08 Ticket I'd like to see is Gore/Obama.

The desperation in the voices of the war lovers is frightening.

Do the John Edwards house threads make you more or less likely to want the block feature back?

How better to support our troops...

Bush - president with a small "p"

Lest there be ANY remaining doubt

what a great story: • escaped convict, 5 state chase, ..prisoner wants to see mother, who is dying

My three favorite words in the English Language:

Edwards threads almost make me long for smoking threads. nt

$26,000? 2K? My Candidate couldn't even SELL his house.

MSNBC - KO - Rove to be subpoenaed by Team Libby

Military Families/Soldiers Traveling to DC for National Anti-War March, Rally

The American public is now talking

Imagine no religion

Bush's father complains of news media "hostility"

My clients hug that strange?

Shucks! Molly Ivins was back in the hospital - more chemo.

Beach Impeach redo on the Mall @ Noon

"Any indication of flagging will in the United States gives encouragement to those folks."

Action: Army unit given the shaft for bush's escalation.

"My name is Viva, and I am a Poli-Junkie"

Pelosi, U.S. congressional delegation meets President Musharraf

One bourbon, one scotch, one election

Is there any declared Prez candidate who couldn't afford Edward's House?

2008 will be the first presidential election since 1952 without an incumbent

Know Your Enemy..

DOWD: Destroys Beyond Delusional, Deranged Dick

This administratin should be charged with contempt of Congress

Just ONE of vice president hogwash's homes cost 2.9 MILLION

What was that group of Dems that put out the same type of policy paper as PNAC?

Feinstein's Iraq Conflict???

40th Anniversary of Apollo 1 - rememberance service on C-SPAN now

Ok if we can stop posting about freaking houses for a minute how about some good news

You know John Edwards is probably employing hundreds of people building his 30,000 sq. foot home

Houses. Holy shit I go to work for 12 hours and look what happens to this place

Left Justified: Soldiers protest the war

What are some things the "Perfect" candidate should have?

Well I'm getting excited about the march

US Casualties up to 3067. Civilian Contractors killed - 386


Is this our Ava on C-SPAN?

5 killed in Somalia attacks

Mariah Arnold RAWKS!

Who is more likely to stop Iran War?

They keep saying failure in Iraq would be a disaster, but no one asks them what winning is?

What to expect from Rich LITTLE at the WHC dinner ("little" to fear for Shrub)

Liveblogging the DC Protest

Philosoraptor RAWKS!

LIBBY TRIAL: updates 1/27

How big is too big for an EnergyStar home for a family of four?

Tim Robbins: "Our troops understand democracy"-response to propaganda

CNN covering DC protests.

Friends of God: A Road Trip With Alexandra Pelosi

OMG! CNN is ACTUALLY Covering the D.C. Protests this weekend

Kucinich up at the rally!

Soldiers Against Iraq Desert To Canada

CNN reporter just said the anit abortion rally had more people on Monday. Switch to CSPAN

Who or where is anyone live blogging today's protest?

"He can't fire you, he can't fire us - but we can fire him"

CONYERS looks like he's up next!

Gold Star Mom Amy Branham - HONOR…DUTY…COUNTRY

YouTube to Share Revenue With Users

Leahy to Admin: Explain Arar Stance

Raging Grannies singing on CNN Headline News

DC protests carried live on C-span

Emma's Revolution performing at peace rally in DC - on C-SPAN now

How many Freepers will be at today's 'Pro-War' rally

DC Web Cams ... Real Time....


Live coverage of march on DC --- Here-


Juan Cole on Bush's motives for Shiite crackdown.

Which of these three issues do you believe is the most urgent?

THis is what ALL DEMS need to know about the agendas of our representation----->>>

Damn I'm getting disillusioned, I keep thinking this next one will be all it takes


Dirty Air, Dirty Politics in Texas: TXU's Plans for 11 New Dirty Coal Plants! (Clean Air Act?)


Did husbands really spank their wives in the 50's like Ricky did to Lucy in I Love Lucy?

****OFFICIAL MARCH THREAD #1************

My favorite thing about DU? The DEBATE

Border Crossing Shooting Last Night At CA Port Of Entry

John Edwards house? Whatever. Now I really like this "house"....


Rep Maxine Waters is on FIRE at the Anti-War Rally!

Dover, NH police say hate-speech stickers posted across town

Was Paul Weyrich instrumental in the rise of Dick Cheney?

How US lost billions in Wild West gamble to rebuild Iraq

Is this A.N.S.W.E.R. again right now??

Mondo Joe "Did you think the Two Americas was about making everyone poor?"

Karl Rove has been subpeona'd, Tim Robbins just said that, is it true.

my head is going to explode

My house is on the National Mall.

If John Edwards lived in this house, I'm sure he could get elected to the Presidency

Found on a Freeper Website.....

Toby Keith Now Against the War in Iraq

Is C-Span covering the Washington D.C.

Goddamn C span

Newsweek Poll: America Wants Bush OUT Of Office!!!

Regarding John it just me, or....

Unbelievable on CNN just now:

Chuck Norris Fact: Fabricated Path to 9/11 Scene ‘Should Not Have Been In The Film’

House House House House House HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE!!!!!!

Newseek Poll: Chimpy's new low: 30% job approval, post-SOTU

D.K. in D.C.

Do rich people have a right to consume whatever they want because it's the American Dream?

The Local Yokels sound off about the Cha Vang murder...

Who is liveblogging the march? We need them to tell

Skinner is finished, he decorated a room in his house in DC!!

Tinfoil Hat time? My cable company is running messages...

Not only is Hillary not at the march, but now coverage stops

Does anyone know what happened to my boy

Having a "conversation" vs. taking to the streets: Hillary and the DC rally

C-SPAN just reported "several thousand" protesters

When DUers get together....... An idea from last night.

So how many people are at the rally?

My mom told me today she adores Obama

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic......

I've had a busy morning

Future serial killer posting on Freerepublic.

IRAQ VET Commits Suicide After Being Denied Health Care

Edwards should withdraw from the 2008 race

In Katrina's Wake: Where Is the Money?

New term for our vernacular. 1st there was "Lewinskied" then "Swiftboated". Now, there is "Housed"

The Cheney media manipulation story

I am announcing my candidacy for President of the United States. This is my platform:

Live Pacifica Radio Coverage of the nation's Rallys today

Densest element discovered

John Edwards' house is not fit to run for president!!

6 years ago

OMG!!!111!!! This house is 55,000 SQUARE FEET!!!111!!! This is huge!!!

Everybody! Check in here if you're upset about the size of John Edwards's house!

Rove has been subpoenaed

Hill's political gathering

Anyone here familiar with Melville's THE CONFIDENCE MAN-HIS MASQUERADE?

Last week it was Hillary Clinton, this week it's Edwards - who's up next?

Preacher: These bands could make you gay

Do you support re-authorizing No Child Left Behind?

Fitzgerald's/Waxman's Birthday Presents for Cheney This Week?

I'd rather watch the rally, HILLARY!

we used to have a rule about right wing sources

My tribute to our fallen soldiers

Anyone who can get the Honorable David Bonior to be his campaign manager

What Is Cheney & Hastert Hiding? WHOA

Ordinarily I wouldn't care about Edwards big house but his theme is "Two Americas"

Edwards is 9th on the list of Wealthiest US Senators. Kerry is #1.

Edwards To Host TV Show......

WaPo: Tens of thousands

MSNBC Breaking: Seven Soldiers Killed In Iraq

BBC report of the March


3075 Reasons Why The DSM is Important


I am running for president, & I'd like you to send me $10. (not really)

Bobby Kennedy was an advocate of the Poor

What say y'all to having a DU convention in Salt Lake City and have Mayor Rocky Anderson as the

MSNBC just reported 7 US soldiers were killed today

so NOW CNN is covering the anti-war protests

Please...just make MY DREAM come true!

All Democratic candidates

Violence should be judged by its consequences, not its intentions

This might be a silly question, but why do they now have and had these rallies in dead of winter?

Here's Cable News Actual Coverage: Tens of thousands call for U.S. pullout from Iraq

Just back from the Fresno, CA rally

How insane , posts about the size of a house .

Scooter and Me, and exceptional read by a liberal friend of Libby's

Senator Martinez, as a Florida constituent, WTF??

I hope someone got some pics from

Media coverage of the march

ccspan is carrying Rerun of antiwar demo now.

YAHOO: Tens of thousands demand Iraq withdrawal

For those who want to understand what's behind the Edwards uproar: 'On Being Partisan'.

FoxNews acknowledged 100,000 protesters in D.C. today

Should the rich be executed for offending our sensibilities?

Who do Republicans have on their Buddy Lists?

I seemed like the majority of DC protestors were

Jesse Jackson's Remarks

Michigan house condemned has 2” of pet feces! Someone should condemn the White House.

The scariest part is : Nobody knows what to do about it...

attention: the occupation of iraq and afghanistan will not end tomorrow

Why have the mainstream media

723 days, 17 hours, 51 minutes

Selected Shorts NPR soldiers fighting in the Middle East recount their experiences

`I don't have will to go back to war'

St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, help drive them from DC at next rally, March 17

Counting Cadence....from DC March

C&L: Wishing A Very Happy Birthday to Keith Olbermann

Are we going to whine about Edwards all weekend??

Davos: Webcast: The Future of the Middle East

Doonesbury: Trump woos Shrub

Do you buy Green cleaning products?

Malkin: "Moonbat" war protest gets more coverage than anti-choicers; considers breast implants

“Why are we rewarding somebody who has failed?” (Officer Corps on Casey promotion)

AP: Death Of Marine Came After Iraq - Suicide

hillary not only tone deaf, but she screwed up the national anthem

Putting it on the Table: Kucinich Says Bush Risking Impeachment

I am proud to report

Freeper "Counter-Protest" in Washington

"Empty Debate" (troops already shipping/'surging')

Hillary, lawyer first and foremost.

There were "only" 3000 killed on 9/11 - Why! That many will die in auto accidents...

My new shoes

NBC Nightly News full court press with the propaganda

DUBAI--To Redo Former Naval Air Station-- Moves to put money in U.S. "Green Tech"

Nice picture and article about Hillary Clinton's Iowa visit

While a HUGE protest goes on, C-SPAM shows a National Review summit


I am glad to see the people of Iowa listening respectfully to Hil Clinton

What paperwork does someone need to file to run for Prez? We need to pass it out

Party at the Edwards' new home after the DC protest!!!

Other formerly "free" resources like fresh air

I'm sorry...I think this Edwards crap is such a crock!!

CBS interview with Watada--now! (5:43 ct) nt

New Controversial Novel Presents Queer Christ

For all the DUer's tearing down John Edwards...

Its a good night to pull out V for Vendetta

Does watching the news bum you out?

How far back do the DU archives go?

Navi, Dnoces, and Regor.....

A couple of concern trolls bitch about Edwards house and DU goes looney.

Ari Fleischer freaked...

At Ease, Mr. President

CBS and NBC on the protests...

Should I support a candidate who supports gay rights but sleeps with lots of women

PASS H.R. 508

Did anyone happen to watch the Petraeus hearings?

Wonderful Photos of Dennis Kucinich at the DC Rally! And Sean Penn too!

I'm guessing Roves subpoena pretty much puts an end to the "He got indicted" story?

Two wolves . . .

DC Anti-War Rally - C-Span - 11:15 AM EST Online!

3rd and Constitution!! The march has started!

The Report from Jackpine Country...

The one lady on C-SPAN: "Not one more dead, not one more Dollar, not one more Day!!!"

Rocky Anderson's speech today:

NBC and CBS leading with the march on Washington!!!

I finally had a soldier say the words to me

I Don't give a RAT's ASS about JE's House-I care about JE'S Bushit BRAVADO on IRAN, Etc..

I want AERIAL SHOTS! Dozens? Several Thousands? MY ASS!!

Dennis in D.C. (two photos)

Iraq war protesters rally in Washington

So should we get on everyone who owns a large house?

Don't you feel if the dems were interested they would have been

CNN just announced that


Someone tell those 9/11 truthers on the C-Span camera to get lost

Edwards house shows the American Dream is alive and well

Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy year.

So, what are the odds on Rove just pleading the 5th?

Who Killed the Electric Car? - why GM deserves to go under

Yad Vashem launches Web site in Farsi to combat Holocaust denial

Is there a "liberal" version of the proverbial American Dream?

C-SPAN Live Anti-War Rally Coverage Schedule (Today!)

300 Protesters "Rush" the Capitol Building

Hillary is oft rumored to be a lesbian

Holy Crap! Iraqi insurgents now dressing up as US soldiers and speaking English

Anyone See the Counter-Protesters?

So is it OK for Rush Limbaugh to drive a big SUV now?

The BEST DC protest picture .....

Abu Ghraib as you’ve never seen it before… (graphics heavy)

Denver, CO: We are now having the *weirdest* snow storm in my life...

THE WAR PRAYER by Mark Twain

Russian scientists 'alarmed' as millions of birds begin falling from world's skies

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sat 1/27 the need to feed the greed


Town Decides Not to Ban "N-Word"

It was a great peace march

Here's Al Gore's Modest Little Home

Why Ari Fleischer Demanded Immunity in Plamegate

Hey, is there a candle group for Molly Ivins?

don't know about you - but the only HOUSE I give a flying crap about

Do we actually LIKE any of our Presidential candidates?

Why I won't go to the mall again...

Eleanor McGovern, 85; wife of '72 presidential nominee (past away)

How Brian Schweitzer and two Nazis will conquer the House of Saud

To all those on the "Here in Spirit" sign

Let's face it, bush is insane. His mind has walked away.

Hillary Clinton is live on CSPAN. I am curious if she will talk straight about Iraq

*** Saturday TOONs: SOTU, Healthcare, Iraq, .... ***

This Edwards "House" Debate Is Disgusting

****OFFICIAL MARCH THREAD #2************

Waxman: Fitzgerald's Investigation Not "A Substitute for a Congressional Inquiry"

Just back from the DC rally - "tens of thousands" no; hundreds of thousands closer to truth

Guess WHY Ari was eager to hit Fitz up for immunity

O.K. folks, here is something that will bring us ALL together:

Let's talk about class and wealth in American society. Yes, this is a house thread.

Ivan is a homeless child. Ivan Doesn't eat three meals a day. Do you care???


Where is the Here in Spirit sign now?

More DC Photos


The American Dream

Al Gore will ultimately win because he is the Hero of a Thousand Faces

How do a majority of DU'ers really feel about this "House" issue?

Maxine Waters Speech at DC Rally Today Jan 27th

U.S. Military Reports Deaths of 7 Troops

My son is home from Iraq!

glacier melt flooding parts of Alaska

Two Maryland Teens Missing Since Last Friday Jan 19--help!

If you help swiftboat Edwards, the Master Baiters win.

Anyone hear anything about the rumsfield accusations in Germany lately?

Liveblogger estimate from DC - 600,000

Do you care more about the size of Edwards’ house than the CEOs occupying your White House?

NASA Marks 40 Years Since Apollo Deaths (deaths of Virgil "Gus" Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee

Okay, I'll admit, I'm a little bitter

Goddamn you Swamp Rat!!

Stupid. Ignorant. Annoying. Unnecessary.

Excessive. Gluttonous. Obscene. Insulting.

please post the funniest, most creative, most ironic, most succinct protest signs here. . .

My DC Protest pictures *Dial up warning*

QUESTION: Do you support Al Gore's word's on Global Warming as they relate to building houses?

Holy Shit!! I Get It Now. Have You Seen This Newest Edwards House Aerial Photo? Jesus.

Wash Post ombudsman debunks Edwards house story

Ms. Clinton to move into 60,0000 square foot house which was built .....


"9-II Was An Inside Job" - the sign behind the speakers at the rally

The "Edwards House" Debate Has Opened Old Wounds of Rich vs. Poor; Materialism; Excess

Feingold to Call for Iraq Defunding; Libby Trial Exposes Unshredded Cheney CIA Briefing Subjects...

House hunting, what's acceptable for a DU Dem to buy?

I stand with John Edwards

Yet another look at the Edwards house

January 27 March Photo Album

Please explain to me why Edwards believes that Iran is a nuclear threat.

The Bush Administration is A Projection Into Our Dimension of Songs From a Fugazi Album

Third carrier group on the way to Iran

Mean Jean Schmidt gets huge house too! (Must See Photo)

Ok, Ok, I've been a little off on Hugo Chavez.

Official Libby Case Website: Fitzgerald's Office Posts Court Exhibits and Court Filings

War Widow Commits Suicide 3 Months After Husband Killed In Iraq

Democrats polish image on key issues.

Blair: World must stay committed to Iraq (AP)

Petition to Impeach Bush

Polling Dream Team Breaks Up

C Span now...digusting National Review Panel...

Interesting Richardson and McCain poll

Should I refuse to support a candidate who supports gay rights

Fun online poll

AP: Huckabee (R) to Set Up '08 Exploratory Panel

Unions sue Bush Dept. of Labor over worker deaths (50 deaths, 400,000 injuries tied to OSHA’s inacti

NPR - why have thou forsaken me?

Nancy, you go girl!

WIll the next president of the United States have the opportunity to institute public financing?

'If they pay we kill them anyway'--- Shia death squad

Eisenhower Warns of the Military Industrial Complex

More about HR 508, for those of you watching the DC rally on C-SPAN

Strategic errors of Monumental Proportions

Labor steps up for antiwar action

I want to know how big Mike Gravel's house is. NOW.

Donation site for United for peace

Labor to Senate: ‘Raise minimum wage with no strings attached’

Class war -I'm ready to rush off to the front lines at a moment's notice

New energy plan protects US from hostile regimes: Bush (weekly radio address) - AFP

Bush got no bounce for SOTU

Attorney: "Libby Sacrificed To Protect Rove" by Jason Leopold

Congress is criticized (64 %) for NOT being assertive Enough about

Poor Poppy Bush.The media is pickin' on Jr.!

Sean Penn got it right today!

Hillary on C-SPAN "Live" Now

What EDWARDS Really Said About IRAN to Israel Last Week

BREAKING!!!! 7 US soldiers reported killed in Iraq no details yet

John Edwards' house is not fit to run for president!!

Voices From Senate Floor On Minimum Wage

LAT: Obama's Harvard days marked by bridge-building


Do we really need to support candidates who support "free trade"?

Arianna huffington's Davos Notes: John McCain Bites My Head Off

US union says exec pay resolutions at 44 companys

Why the Republican Party are "traitors"...?

Iran supplies insurgents with weapons used against our troops....

Schilling Considering Senate Run Against Kerry

Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) Speaking LIVE at Anti-War protest (On C-SPAN NOW)

Conservatives on CSPAN!!!

Check out these murderous numnuts...

From global view, our union is strong

guarding the chicken coop?

anybody here with good graphics skills? it occurred to me a little while ago, while telling a

What is unrealized in this passage is the loud applause given by members of Congress

In theory, could John Edwards do more to help people who are less fortunate?

Could Clark be waiting until Feb. 19 to announce....???

Newsweek: 58% Polled Wish Bush Presidency was OVER!

(Longtime congressman and labor advocate) Bonior in charge of Edwards campaign

I'm "smiling" at my TV. watching Hillary. Got a big kick our of her singing the anthem - she is l

Wife, watching Hillary on Cspan "I'm afraid she's a target for assassination."

Cspan goes directly from Peace march to Hillary Clinton in Iowa Town Hall Mtg

Newsweek's Jonathan Alter: Behind the 'Madrassa Hoax' (Has the swiftboating of '08 already begun?)

Opie didn't know; bush doesn't either

Clinton in Iowa: "About time" for woman president (Reuters)

Rahm Emanuel can go to hell. guess who he has decided to support for 08

AP House GOP shut out despite promises

Tough sell for Hillary in Iowa may swing nomination

What presidential homes are the most vile and disgusting?

Huckabee's running

Deal with it DU, I am watching Hillary in IA - SHE SI VERY STRONG!

The Hillary Clinton doctrine

Will Kerry run in the 2008 election?

I am taking a break.I am disgusted with DU.Whatever happened to the rule of not bashing Dems?

DU behaves like a constantly disappointed parent who has no progeny quite accomplished ENOUGH

Kerry blasts US foreign policy

Edwards earned his fuckin' money and the last time I checked,

"If you collect data for a certain purpose but use it for another purpose, you need a legal basis fo

Did you ever stop to think about Edwards' "Two Americas" thusly:

What Has Edwards Actually Done? What Am I Missing Here?

The Housing "Bottom" Myth