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Archives: January 3, 2007

Nepal's Goddesses: Religious Abuse?

It's the energy and the economy, stupid

SYNERGY WITH THE DEVIL (Chávez's Venezuela's very close ties to US)

Women more likely to benefit from employee based healthcare

Jesse Jackson: Time to Push New Congress to Revive US

Truthout: The Iraq War Lie Detector Test

The Freedoms We're Fighting for But Not Allowed to Have

SOS to Christianity

Dahr Jamail: 'Illegal' Execution Enrages Arabs

‘Toxic’ worksite has Verizon employees fearing for lives

Chile's divisive mountain of gold (BBC) {Pascua Lama}

"Israel can attack Iran on its own": Israeli think tank

OCTers: You really believe the Osama confession tape is authentic?

PCTers, you really believe that the WTC's were brought down...

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Heads to DC

Philippine officials defend handing over U.S. Marine

Women more likely to benefit from employee based healthcare

Rep. O'Brien of Philadelphia elected speaker (PA House)...

Goodyear Resumes Production After Strike

Edwards pushing universal health care

Reuters: Taliban commander vows bloody 2007 in Afghanistan

Ban Ki-moon places 'own nuance' on death penalty policy

CNN: FBI: FBI employees saw prisoner abuse at Guantanamo

Bush "Driving Toward" new Iraq Plan.

CBS/AP: New U.N. Chief's Death Penalty Flap

The Daily Telegraph: UN staff accused of raping children in Sudan

Doctor Expects 'Long Recovery' For Sen. Johnson

Revealed: Rudy's '08 Battle Plans -- Fatal Media Leak?

Bush Calls on Democrats to Work With Him

(Pat) Robertson predicts 'mass killing'

Court Allows Suit Against Air America (CACI International suing over Rhodes claims re: Abu Ghraib)

FBI Details Possible Detainee Abuse

Iran's Ahmadinejad Threatens To 'Humiliate' West

Washington raises minimum wage, Idaho border towns feel squeeze

LAT: Hurricane expert Mayfield warns of potential disaster (Hurricane chief to leave in a huff)

Russia Delivering Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Iran, Syria on Schedule--Daily Star

Season One of the Original Trek available on

Oh crap ... now Google video gives me blank white pages unless ...

Hey, DUers, hit up this online poll for DM of the Rings for favorite web comic

So I now have a KitchenWitch mixer. What now?

I have a moral dillema...Mom in surgery again

I'm officially a couple!

I'm officially a Trinity!

One of my outdoor cats rings the doorbell

I just split my ass

How on Earth did Kevin Federline get his own bowl game?

I'm officially single!

Song for all the Bad Boys

Stomping The Yard & Line Dancing: Analysis, Comparisons &

I'm offering a new bumper sticker for critique.

What happens when you mix Diet Coke and Mentos? (video)

what's the deal with cornflake-encrusted anything?

So I'm making my very first loaf of homemade bread.

Is it a Buck Roger's Choice, my friend?

Suggestions please

Radio Lady Gets Annointed

Fuck Yeah!

This night just keeps getting better.

Song for all the Bad Girls

Tuesday, January 2nd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I have a bone to pick with Rod Serling for fucking up an episode

What are the best turtles for turtle soup?

Cool pictures of UFO-like clouds

Asleep on the wheel:

So I now have a KitchenWitch picture. What now?

I offer this hearty "screw you" to someone at Continental Airlines!

What Animal Do You Want To Eat Right Now?

Hello Alameda County, CA!!!

Is it a Buck Dancer's Choice, my friend?

I have an elderly cat

I'm here to tell you: "The Black Dahlia" sucks

I hate when I start making dinner and realize I'm missing a vital ingredient.

Any loungers swim as your principle workout?

I am proud to be

GoPsUx and I are officially a couple

Can I get some feedback on this prologue?

I just split my face

I want to know which is the WORST sin, of all the DU flamewar sins

Name an animal you like, but no one else cares about....

rawk!!! Jason and The Scorchers "White Lies"

I put my foot in it again. I must be silenced!

I'm seeking a writing mentor.

When someone 'checks you out'...

Haruka3_2000 and I are officially a couple

FUCK Alaska Airlines too, while we're at it!

Fisher Price users! Please tell me about your airport!!!

Atheists say they've been threatened over their views.

Mars rovers are taught new tricks (BBC, JPL/NASA)

USA Region 1: Silver Gloves Tournament

Full Moon in Cancer - Wednesday, January 3, 2007 - 8:57am EST

sad news from general post; Monkeyman's wife has died

If you didn't catch Olbermann tonight, I highly recommend you try

Hey Soup. Here are some for your granddaughter.

My wife's handmade jewelry.


Alternative phrases that Bush Adminstration may use next for war "surge"

Hi my name is Jack I have the sad duty to inform you Monkeymans Wife Passed on

Libby Case could bring back Memories of Nazi Propaganda control by Media!

My son will be home from Iraq on the 15th.

Prediction; Bush will become a 'pardon-granting machine' before he leaves office...

Ford was pro-choice with no apologies

Buyer's Remorse (B*sh) and MSM Frenzy (Ford's funeral)

Olbermann Transcript: "Mr. Bush, you do not own this country!"

In light of Bush's upcoming "Sacrifice" speech, I've reconsidered my stance on impeachment

Was It Bush That Gave The Order To Turn Him Over?

Airing of Saddam Snuff Film "Draws Criticism" --->>>

"Check out" the REAL Elizabeth Edwards

If I haven't died from smoking for the past bunch of years

Just turned off Keith Olbermann

Speaking of hangings.... - which dems shall we hang this year (metaphorically)?

Day of Mourning for Ford is My Day of Mourning for 3,003 U.S. Troops

If we surge 30,000 troops, what is their goal? Just more of the same?

I just got back from a Peace Vigil for the 3,000 dead

Oh, Monkeyman...

JON STEWART, TDS, tonight Bill Kristol is on.

Whodamnwhooo! My sign is on Michael Moore's Front page!

How offshoring CREATES jobs

George H.W. Bush’s odd Eulogy for Gerald R. Ford

Bush Calls On Democrats To Work With Him (* wrote a guest column for The Wall Street Journal)

VIDEO - Olbermann: Special Comment on “Sacrifice”

NYT: One of the two men holding a cellphone, was Iraq national security adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie

As I fathomed a long time ago, the legal industry is being offshored

Two good letters in my local (one on Iraq/Escalation the other on Cheney)

I didn't think it was possible

"More fuel on Iraq's spreading flames" aka: You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet....

Scarborough just called "Riverbend" a prominent blogger

I remember when Jimmy Carter was considered...

FBI Forced To Release Gitmo Abuse Docs...(Could Implicate Rumsfeld)

A little rant--Iraq Escalation dreaming

She pisses me off every time I see her and today was no

Ford children avoid Bush

Six years ago

Scientist Fights Church Effort to Hide Museum's Pre-Human Fossils

So, the troops on the ground are against the war, the Generals are against


Silence of the chickenhawks

WP: Effect of Obama's Candor Remains to Be Seen

Both Iraqi Police and Insurgents use AK-47s

WH will conduct courtesy calls to members of Congress when Bush devises his final Iraq plan

If we were to hold the little man accountable, strip him from the Presidency,


One of the main reasons Ford and Carter bonded in later years

This is just too damned funny, quite ironic and extremely pathetic at the same time.

I talked to Mother Earth and she is pissed

There are, indeed, some sick SOB's in this country

Democrats Call On Bush To Work With Them Potholes in the road to the future (on the cars of now and tomorrow.)

CNN: "Ambush River Of Secrets"

Why has the Ford funeral been so long?

So where were we wrong about bush? My Take.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Dems Can Win Red States: First 100 Hours Should Help Katrina Survivors

The Letter of James read by Susan Ford Bales:

Rob Rogers his the nail on the head

When Leaders Die (Struggling to find consistency)

Here's a poem I just wrote...

Dems Love Dead Republicans

Bush fingers ...small and shrimpy. Clinton and Carter's fingers long lean and manly

Corpulent capitalist couples not getting commie kids...

U.S. Marine kills Iraqi soldier in fight

Surge and Accelerate!

Bush asks for sacrifice

My own special comment on Congress and bipartisanship

Red sweater, red tie, red shirt, repugs talking about the deaths of


Just 36 More Hours.

Michael Charles Smith, Republican Presidential Candidate for 08

Study Shows Louisiana Slowly Slipping Into Gulf

Hillary is gearing up to take down opposition

Why give a free pass to Hugo Chavez for "pardoning" Marcos Pérez Jiménez?

If someone told you it was OK by them if you killed a bunch of people, would you?

What time does the opening of Congress start on Thursday?

Don't forget to send an email in support of Keith's Comment tonight

Gerald Ford: I've learned both new respect and disappointment in the man...

The new plan.........Surge & accelerate

You asked for it, you got it: Olbermann Special Comment on Crooks & Liars

Canada Gives Cold Shoulder to War Resisters

John Gibson"..we tried to change things, but Iraqis evidently want to cling to their bloody history"

Did anyone else see the "IMPEACH" sign a the Rose Parade yesterday?

How Presidential Contenders Voted

Everybody from Pat Robertson to Average Joes are predicting terror attack in 2007

Gerald Ford's Foreign Policy Legacy

PBS: The Dark Side

Yet another coworker parrots "Ford healed the nation by pardoning Nixon"-- the Libby seed is planted

Researchers Say Warming May Change Amazon

Hussein, Gerald Ford, two dead criminals!

It Had To Hurt. Deep Deep Down

Bush Administration working hard to keep Iraqi Refugees OUT! Will only let *500* in this year!

Even 70s Show episode lambastes Jerry Ford for pardoning Nixon.

MSNBC Countdown with Keith Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT RED ALERT!

Surge and accelerate

Terrorism in Ada, Oklahoma

Bush considers firing senior US commander in Iraq

Jan Crouch sez Lord told her of " large pink hair attacks in 2007".

Strange contrast of long, long Ford funeral and quick lynching.

you know how the bush crew works they leak something here or there that is totally bullshit

Blow me over....

Keith is hot tonight.

Why Do You Watch the News Channels?

Don't forget KOs special commentary

What the Heck. Satire I wrote in 2002 still relevant

Interesting that NBC is the only network that

Keith looks so wonderful with the Capitol backdrop

TOON: Derf nails it on recent death stories in the news

"I wonder whether I will be next" was almost written on the face of

"Israel can attack Iran on its own": Israeli think tank

Wrapped around a Bullet

Amsterdam plan could force many legal sex workers to the streets (Amsterdam prostitutes union)

A most relevant Albert Einstein

Just threw my shoe at the TV . . .

CNN apologizes for Obama gaffe in Bin Laden graphic

Please tell anti-gay bigot Dr. D. James Kennedy that we're all praying for his recovery

Should Andrea Mitchell turn her personal Ford stories (as Mrs. Greenspan) into TV fodder?

House MAJORITY Leader Steny Hoyer on New Minimum Wage Report

Heads up DU'ers

TPM: John Edwards wraps the Iraq war around John McCain's neck.

National Politics and Nutrisystem: "I'm a Size 2!!"

My mother had a saying, buy them for what they're worth, speaking of the holier than thou,



After 200 Years - Washington D.C. Residents Close To Getting Representation In Congress

Ten SECONDS in cost of Iraq "war" would buy a house for a homeless family.

Frankenstein Looks At Persia...

Frankenstein: Mission Accomplished...

Cool NEW VIDEO showing how Bush uses FEAR for his agenda!

Olbermann's Special Comment on Sacrifice Part 2

Olbermann's Special Comment on Sacrifice Part 1

Was this what Bush was joking about Dana Carvey &Ford???

CNN apologizes for Obama gaffe in Bin Laden graphic

Medicare Changes Increase Costs, Move Closer to Privatization

Last Year’s Coal Mine Deaths Increase 210 Percent Over 2005

New Zogby Interactive Survey

Someone in 2003 predicted to me a '08 Giuliani/Clinton Race

The "McCain Doctrine" is one thing...

Riverbend: A lynching makes Scarborough

Riverbend: A Lynching

KO's Special Comment...

Economic Report: Your boss is a liar.

To fly seven million light years to O'Hare and then have to turn around and go home because your

Everybody here loves Ronald Reagan!

Just got a call from a machine doing a Republican candidate

Gerald Ford robbed Americans of information

I don't like John McCain

Democrats in Congress have difficult road ahead

Surge for What? What Possible definitions of surge success are there?

Are you going to DC on the 27th?

Who do you trust to keep us out of the next war?

NBC News reported tonight that Bush will announce "Surge and Accelerate."

Huge increase in traffic to Edwards' website (graph)

Instead of fighting for my rights, I'm going to form a religion - Gay Jesus

For those not in favor of impeachment .... what would change your mind?

Did we (Bush) give Iraq to Iran?

question for Wesley Clark supporters....

Helpful Hints for the GOP

My stepson left for Iraq today.

"Pick up the phone, old man, and tell 43 you love him." Garrison Keillor

Howard Finemann: What Does the US want in the Next President?

My letter ripping Bush in Joliet Herald

Gerald Ford's Failures of Nerve

Apple Sued for iPod Monopoly, Defective iBooks

Robert Parry: Operation: Save Bush's Legacy

The Problem with Solutions by Robert Jensen

WaPo Editorial: "A Fairer House But not quite yet."

Robert Scheer: A Monster of Our Creation

Truthout: This Strategy is New?

'This might sound delusional...'

If they preach the cause of the poor, they're my people

Socialist senator makes US history (BBC) {Bernie Sanders}

Democrats eye revamp of toxic-cleanup Superfund

MNCs to dominate tech hiring wave in India

U.S.-ordered rush job

End to Death Penalty Urged

Single-Payer insurance could help solve U.S. health care crisis

In Meetings With Allies, Clinton Hones ’08 Strategy - The New York Times

John Dean: Actions to be taken by Congress when Bush Adm stonewalls oversight attempts

And How Is Saudi Arabia Getting Along? (Cross-post From The Oil Drum)

Australia Warming Faster Than Global Average - Spring 2006 Warmest On Record - Financial Times

Global Warming is Here. Now What?

Health Of Brazilian Rainforest Depends On Dust From One Valley In Africa

Iran Cuts Off Natural Gas Exports To Turkey To Meet Domestic Needs - BakuNet/Radio Fardha

Canadian Natural Gas Exports To US Likely To Drop Sharply In 2007 - Dow Jones

Rain In Winnipeg, Record High Temps In Windsor, Golf Courses Busy Near Montreal - CanWest

Climatologists - China's T'ang Dynasty - Summit Of Classic Period - Destroyed By Climate - AFP

Rare rhinos disappearing in Nepal (BBC)

Please, DUers, sign this petition to protect Alaska's

Senior Energy Lobbyist - Bush "Irrelevant" On Energy Policy - More Of The Same To Come In SOTU

Only A Handful Of Rapidly Receding Himalayan Glaciers Monitored - CSM

Warmest New Year's Day In Vienna Since 1852 - AFP

2006 Warmest Year On Record For Oslo, Norway Since 1937 - AFP

Leaked Secret Australian Gvn. Report Warns Of Climate Devastation In NSW, Calls For Planning

Murray River - Australia's Biggest - 25% Below Prior All-Time Low Flow Record - Age

Gunmen kill Fatah militant in Gaza, clashes break out (Reuters)

Report: Guantanamo detainee draped in Israel flag

Test Yourself: The Mideast in 10 self-deceptions or less

Israel seeks operational link with U.S. missile defense system

"A sovereign Palestine? No chance"

Cheney Subpoenaed - US Treasury Secretary Arrested 4.5 Trillion money laundering

Here's my theory of how the molten steel retained it's heat...

Imagine this...

Election Reform, Fraud+News-Wed-1/3/07 Guide-Stars & "Idealism As The Soul Of America"

Why Congress should declare Jennings winner in Florida Dist13 race and investigate official malfeasa

Report Exposes Excessive E-Voting Machine Malfunctions in Mid-term Elections


Study shows that Louisiana slipping very slowly into the Gulf of Mexico

Nepal's Goddesses: Religious Abuse?

LAT: A promising Iraqi province is now a tinderbox

Lawmakers' January junkets curbed

90% of Iraqis Say They Were Better Off Under Hussein

German Muslim Held, Denied U.S. Entry

BBC: Saddam aide is new Baath leader

U.S. troops detain 23 suspects in Iraq

House GOP: Don't Hurt Us -- Please

Family says Fort Carson soldier killed in Iraq

Former employee arrested for stabbings

(al-Rubaie)Iraq Official Slams Execution Chaos

Foreign firms in China to lose tax privileges

Top Iraqi Sunni tribal chief dies after rooftop fall(after being thrown)

AP: New video shows 5 kidnapped in Iraq

New Yorkers Gather For Vigils To Call For End To War In Iraq

WP A1: Iraq to Probe Disorder at Hussein's Execution

Leahy warns Justice over terror policies

US aims to stop Islamic extremists fleeing Somalia

(NYT) Hussein Guard Is Arrested, Officials Say

Boehner urges Dems to heed Bush's call

300 Laid Off Wednesday At International Truck and Engine

Feeney Reprimanded by Ethics Commitee, Ordered to Repay Cost of Golf Trip to Scotland With Abramoff

UK in plastic electronics drive (BBC)

Panel Seeks End to Death Penalty for New Jersey (& WI is considering

68 in Inquirer newsroom to lose their jobs

Roadside bomb kills U.S. soldier south of Baghdad

Nardelli Resigns as Home Depot CEO

Only four big U.S. cities ready for crisis: report

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 3

Iraqis were responsible for Saddam hanging -US general

Second U.S. carrier group to deploy to Gulf: sources

Mortars explode in Baghdad; 27 bodies found in capital

AP: Lawmaker to Repay Cost of Abramoff Trip

Iraq PM worried Saddam would avoid hanging

2 Hussein Co-Defendants to Be Executed Thursday, Official Says

Bush Says Plan Would Balance Budget by ’12

Bush not seen Saddam execution video: White House

Critic Takes Over Lieberman's Party

White House won't condemn Saddam taunts

(Reuters) Iraq says Saddam video meant to stir trouble

Man Arrested Over Saddam Footage(according to al Arabiya television)

ExxonMobil cultivates global warming doubt: report

Microsoft sends free PCs to bloggers

Media can’t capture full picture in Iraq, (Tony) Snow says

Student Shot At Tacoma School

NBC: Bush to call for more (20k) troops

Saddam bid "courteous" adieu to U.S. captors

Sub-prime mortgage lenders failing.

The Hill: House Democrats finalize new ethics rules

Wal-Mart Seeks New Flexibility In Worker Shifts

Rehnquist FBI File Sheds New Light on Confirmation Battles, Drug Dependence

Duke invites 2 lacrosse players back

Lobbyists hired to align with Congress

But It's Thomas Jefferson's Koran! (LOL- Ellison to hold TJ's copy)


So...what's YOUR favorite music video?

What with the deal in Dreamgirls with Jamie Foxx's character?

Can I get some pig feed back?

DUer Monkeyman's wife passed on tonight, link to GD topic, for loungers.

The big fish eat the little ones

Vicarious Food Porn for y'all...cause

Legal types, a question.... If I wanted to put up banners that used well-known

Why in the red hot fuck is Gerald Ford's less than stellar golf game

Best song ever?

Quick Question for the History Buffs

Like my new tinfoil hat??

Can I get some feedback on this pirogue?

San Francisco DUers! Please tell me about your armpit!!!

great shots at the watering hole!


Time for the 1st annual Moran of the Year Awards

This Wii shortage is annoying me

"I don't know if the pants still fit, but I know the hat will."

Why is it ......

let me be the 1st in 2007

Henry Kissinger...

Will someone with youtube membership post "Brittany Spears Naked"

Man Falls Asleep In Dumpster, Wakes Up In Garbage Truck

Happy birthday, Danica McKellar!

Flu sux

So we're supposed to feel sorry for an industry that produces "Jo Jo"?

Caption this picture, thanks to Yahoo for posting it.:


Who the hell is Billy Shears?

Kudzu was so 2006, we need to find something new to be bullish on in 2007

And the 2006 DARWIN AWARD Winner is...

YouTube thread

Would Casting the Bush Family of Criminals with Puppies Make Them More Likable?

This is so ROMANTIC I think I am going to cry

has anyone else ever moved back in with an ex?

Advertising-free Century Theaters, R.I.P.

The real reason Rummy got fired. (video, very funny)

What band am I thinking of? (#6)

finally, coffee! (swoon) and no gas crisis!

Bush Administration Successes

can I get some feedback on my blog?


Prisoner Strips Naked, Covers Self In Vegetable Oil, Slips Out Of Prison

Is Philadelphia a Northeast city?

Fainting Dieters Delay NYC Subways

How many posts do you need in order to recommend a thread?

I need a dragon head

Do I not get to be in a bad mood, too?

11 Year Old Is College Sophmore

can I get some feedback on my cog?

Ever woken up next to someone and thought "why did they come to me to die"?

(insert random du lounge nickname) appreciation thread

Is it better for you to drink liquids such as tea, water, etc., at room temperature

Anyone catch that show on the Science channel about "M Theory," last night?

Looks like a full moon over the water hole.

What non-political forums do you enjoy?

Since I rant more often than compliment, something for you today that I like.

What happened to Demopedia?

I'm so cold...

Official Says Britons Like Getting Drunk Too Much

What should I ban when I buy Disneyland/world?

To be loved by anyone: unusual, or not unusual?

I hate when I start making dinner and realize I'm missing a vital organ.

Skinny girls to blame for late trains?

I reach an important milestone this year

How am I supposed to pay the mortgage if the site's down?

How NOT to avoid getting arrested

I hate when I start making dinner and realize I'm missing a vital orgasm.


"Training day" at work yesterday- should have brought my gun!

Ambulance on campus today

question for DU guys

Is Cocaine Use Pretty Common now?

Afraid to call into work sick? There's help!

After trying to update Rhapsody for the last two weeks


Love my new iPod, hate iTunes.

Anyone else having trouble with the GLBT forum?

Happy birthday latebloomer!

This is my definition of "progressive rock".

what's the most personal thing you are willing to talk about in a freeper forum?

Lelapin just started a conversation with "How much do you love me?"

Required vs Optional - support of aging parents?

Can I get some feedback on my mock...

Can I get some feedback on my rock(s)?

Can I get some feedback on my posterior?

My parking lot pet peeve

Thirty-seven car pile-up at Nascar race. Gnarly video

Can I get some feedback on my CapLock key?

ooh. Spike Lee's gonna do a James Brown film.

Have you ever been photographed with a dude?

Ever meet someone on the internet and feel compelled to track them down and find out as much about

what's the most personal thing you are willing to talk about in a public forum?

10 people for dinner, here's what is cooking in my kitchen.

GoPsUx and I are officially Schizophrenic

7 Deadly Sins Poll - vote early and often!

As a "thank you" to those who helped me sort out my iPod issues: cool free music!

Funny baby video.

I put my new DU sticker on my rear end! Where do you have yours? (Pic Thread)

I sat next to former (Utah) Gov. Mike Leavitt on the plane last night.

Who said "I smoke, I read, I adore"?

Have you ever pm'd me photograph's in the nude?

Mr. Writer and the Clueless Recruiter

Aggg! I can't seem to focus today...

Ever woken up next to someone and thought "why is Leo Sayer next to me"?

The Sugar Hill Gang were wack rappers who, among other things, conspired to

can I get some feedback on my cock?

Anybody here ever travelled on Greyhound?

Starbucks Anarchist PMd me a photo in which he is scantily clad. Wanna see?

Today was a good day.

I finally found the business I'm going to start!

It's a GIRL!

LSAT prep

Goodbye Mommy: A look to the future

I just hung up on the HS prinicipal after yelling at her. Ask me anything.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/3/2007)

Reyd Reid Reed

I feel like I'm in the Mafia

Can I get some feedback on this pierogie?

Comcast On Demand is supposed to be running "An Inconvenient Truth" tonight...

Anybody remember the movie "Shirley Valentine"?

Has anyone got Fiesta Bowl video for those of us who were too hung over to watch?

Who will win the Superbowl?

My MIL's Xmas present from her employer..(Wal-Mart)..

can I get some feedback on my log?

Whatever happened to popcorn?

Latte Art for the Masses:

Best wishes to the Ford family....

Is Ladainian Tomlinson the best football player of your lifetime?

Gerald Ford was a hack politician who, among other things, conspired to

Celebratory Bullet Fired On New Years, Misses Sleeping Children

We need some Lust in the Lounge today

Sylvia Browne: Oracle or charlatan?

Worst song ever?

The parking lot at the gym was so full, I had to park up the street.

All time irony

Who will win the NFC Championship?

Je suis haussier sur kudzu. Il va des endroits!

A round of applause for the Univ of Michigan Marching Band!

Ever woken up next to someone and thought "this is how i want to feel for the rest of my life"?

For the DU girls: Sexiest Man of the Year

Spaghetti Sauce

CONFESS!!!! What are you truly passionate about

The Ultimate Warrior goes crazy on ebay....

Prog Rock or Oasis - which do you prefer

Man Tells Police: "I'm Cooking Meth" - Arrested

Have you ever been photographed in the nude?

Pat Robertson predicts death to Americans in 2007

Guardian: No religion and an end to war: how thinkers see the future

help: mars anomolies

Lost lakes of Titan are found at last

When Are The History Books Going To Acknowledge Ronald Reagan's Great Crime?

What happened with this morning's lock-out?

Anybody want to have some fun with this?

National commercial-free coverage of Stevie Y's number being retired!

Riley expected to take leave of absence

One more hurrah for BSU beating the Sooners

Why is there still college football on my television?

U of L takes Orange Bowl!

Saban doesn't have to go back to LSU in 2007

How would you seed a I-A college football playoff bracket?

Dolphins coach Saban leaves for Alabama

Boxing: Samuel Peter vs James Toney

"You Were Born For Such a Time as This"

I want to talk more about the Christ.

Osama is dead according to Sylvia Browne. I just finished


Ya'll put up with so much from me

Need stats from those in the know...

Mitt Romney is a schmuck.

Electability framing of 2004 -- this does not appear to be based in fact

Interesting Question over at DCP - What do You think?

A whole lot of nothing.

The IWR vote in the real world

Why I am unimpressed with the phrase McCain doctrine

First Full Moon of 2007

I've DQ'd my rodeo stuff from the "motion" challenge...

I don't usually like to come in here with political stuff, BUT

French court rules pork soup kitchen not racist

Art or vandalism?

I'm grateful to Cindy Sheehan, BUT

New, Improved SACRIFICE! Moms love it!

These dead will not have died in vain

FBI Releases the Truth About GITMO

Bush is doing his absolute best to ruin the GOP....he don't listen for SHIT

Cindy Sheehan breaks up a Dem press conference...Why?

Breaking: FEINGOLD To Introduce Legislation Establishing Timetable For Iraqi Withdrawal

Did we ever get a Nancy Pelosi avatar?

So, dems are bashing Cindy Sheehan now, telling her to shut up

jeebiz cris

A Man Down, a Train Arriving, and a Stranger Makes a Choice

I'm hallucinating an early spring in the midwest.

Plamemania Countdown: 13 Days

Capitalism is a bright shiney apple

Arctic ice cap to disappear by 2040 (AFP)

A silly question for Vietnam Vets

WOO HOO, We winned something! Democratic Underground gets Honorable Mention...

Oprah's New School

Cindy Sheehan interrupts Democratic press conference - Demands Troops Come Home

Lou Dobbs Rant on Presidential Funeral Excess....."Unseemly Proportions"

Sheehan is RIGHT to get in the Dems faces, we ALL should. She's my HERO.

Pythons eating alligators in the everglades

Ultimatum to the Democrats: Impeach or find yourself back in the minority!

It Takes a Special Kind of Stupid

Muslim couple's trip to California, Nevada turns into nightmare

Plasma TVs need one. So does the US. It's called a surge suppressor.

NYT editorial: Big winner in last election may turn out to be net neutrality

Time for Dems to pull war funding?

Carter gave such a beautiful eulogy

The new eugenics and why should you care?

I need help answering this pile of excrement...

Conservative Radio Host Sets Timetable For Assassination of Democrats

People, it's just Gerald Ford

Senator Obama sees no malicious intent in CNN graphic

About the urge to surge, why only by 20,000 kids

Himalaya's glaciers receding 30-50 ft./yr ... faster than in any other part of the world

do you support the death penalty even though it is racistly applied?

al Rubaie: some thought the US might exile Saddam to a US controlled island

Why don't more Americans care about what's going on in the US?

Fox News reporter says Bush admitted using cocaine, then retreats, citing, 'questions'

LEAHY Blasts WH For Refusing To Supply Torture Docs

Bob Fitrakis: Missing votes in Ohio call races into question

Well I know one thing...Allegan County Michigan is the safest place on earth right now

Bush Promises To ‘Knock Our Socks Off’ At SOTU With 5 Year Old ‘Energy Independence’ Pledge

Do you believe bush has NOT seen the Saddam hanging?

I agree with MLK, but.....

The word 'hero' gets tossed around a lot, here's a real one.

Yeah---getting arrested for peaceful protest never works....

Help save Alaska's fisheries; stop the Pebble Mine

The Total Deification of a President

In Defense and Support of Cindy... and all the other "crackpots"

This is the first kid from my hometown killed in Iraq - what an amazing life story cut short

Katrina Photo

Pat Robertson Has Heard From God - millions will suffer

"There is no doubt."

The Freepers on Ellison's use of Jefferson's Quran

George McGovern Admits Voting for Ford in 1976

My funeral will not be presidential

Does anyone know what Jefferson wrote in his Koran?

There seems to be so much anger toward people in other countries bettering themselves there going to be any mail today?

Midweek TOONS: New Year collection

Political Capital to End the Iraq Occupation

ALA Librarians condemn tasering of UCLA student

The 20 Most Annoying People on the Right (a list compiled by the Right)

My latest LTTE-how long before they lynch me?

BUSH CAN WRITE??????????????

I just heard lou dobbs say he was going to be on the north american union

Google News offers 'fond farewell' to … President Bush?

POLL: Is Bush an Asshole or a Douche?

Only on FAUX: Are Congressional Dems killing bipartisanship?

Keith Olbermann For President

The biggest problem with institutional Christianity is (re:Robertson)

way too early 2008 predictions

lets review the Republican bipartisanship, shall we???

Did Jerry Ford do the right thing in pardoning Dick Nixon?

bush now has a "new way forward" in iraq?

CNN is trying to dispute Woodward's claim that Ford was against Iraq war.

Thank You Cindy

Speaker Pelosi's plan for first 100 hours leaked

Carter speaking now (Ford Funeral)- 3:07 EST

The Ford Library looks like

Saddam execution video leads to arrests - 17 minutes ago

Is the seemingly endless funeral ever going to end? What? no

So What Will The Dems Response To Sacrifice Be....

The only solution possible for IRAQ imo . . .

Bush* Pledges to Balance Budget by 2012, If You Don't Count The War. Bwahahaha

So, now it is "Sacrifice?" It looks like Operation enduring catch-phrases

Why is it that Supply and Demand is only cool when the elite has the "Supply"?

What did Carter ever do to Chris Matthews that

So what do you think of Oprah's girls school in South Africa?

March 3, 2007 - President Bush issues executive order suspending Congress

What God really said to Pat Robertson

How Much Of The Ford Funeral/TV Orgy have You Watched?

Bush Op-Ed Aimed at Democratic Congress Appears in 'WSJ'

Are they going to bury the old man or are they going to have him for the evening entree

747 days left to impeach George W. Bush

Kieth Olbermann has never been on Imus. Why is that?

Those fucking Criminals: Justice Dept. Rebuffs Leahy Request for Secret Docs

Weird Stuff about Saddam Hanging over at Josh Marshall's Site!

Something that embarrases DU: including a Che Guevera avatar in the avatar listings

War on Easter?

DUer Helps Massachusetts Workers Go Back to Work...

This must have been a tough week for Nixon's family

Foreign Digs at Ford Funeral....

Tweety nailing Granger

Mean Girls-Cheerleaders gone wild in McKinney, Texas

For comparison - the sad tale of Juana la Loca, Queen of Castile

I just received this pile of shit e-mail

Wow. Thanks, Fox News!! I didn't know the NY Times mourns Saddam's death!

What will they call this pathetic decade? Walter Shapiro suggests The Zombified Zeroes.

DU this Poll: What phrase best describes your opinion of President Bush?

Autism and vaccination -- who can we trust?

anyone see Todd Purdham on Tweety? was he edited?

Rove speaking now (Ford Funeral)- 5:18 EST

Business Day (S. Africa): "Attack On Iran Could Bring Devastation To Arab World"

I’m really pissed.

Bush can't shut the door!

Q: Resources? for writing LTTE etc. re Escalation/"Surge" Mission?

Poll didn't work. I will try again

Iraqi's Maliki not seeking second term and would prefer to leave the job before his term ends..

Let's pardon Chimp in advance and call ourselves healers!

(BBC) Italy Urges Global Execution Ban ¡Viva Italia!

Can't wait to say, "UP OR DOWN VOTE!!!"

Don't know how KO managed to sit there with Tweety and Mitchell while

CEOs Call in Sick for Remainder of 2007, Earn as Much as Workers

Dollar continues slide

Thirty-seven car pile-up at Nascar race. Gnarly video

Another GOP Nutjob Throws Hat in Presidential Ring

Mannequin fetish may lead to life in prison

Let's Play Pat Robertson

Lieberman Party now in hands of critic

EarthLink CEO dead at 49

Will RW'ers try to connect Iran to Al Qaeda to make the case for invading them?

Impeachment Is Not On The Banquet Table

ANIMATION: Rumsfeld and Saddam's last handshake

Rumsfeld speaking now (Ford Funeral)- 2:55 EST

How to tell which pundits/talking heads are republicans...

Ford was "Soft on Crime" and Criminals!

CT professor takes over Lieberman's party, will use it to hold him accountable.

We must abolish Christian Supremacy

Presidential Funerals: New Rules

On Guiliani's playbook--he gave opponents best ideas for op ads like Guiliani and Kerik

Has anybody else been asked to join, the United Steel Workers as an

DU this poll re: Pat Robertson!

OMG: "I was just checking out the noose on CNN"

Tell Congress to Reject ExxonMobil's Tactics and Take Real Action on Global Warming!

bush is the best reason to NEVER allow the executive branch to have the line item veto

Now on CSpan2: Democratic Women (Includes tribute to Ann Richards)

Is it just me or have the Ford funeral proceedings gone on

US uses Jesus as weapon at Gitmo

$33,000 to breed in Germany

Poor Jimmy

Military Down On the War

Woman who lost son in Iraq plans veterans center (plans to ask Halliburton, Bechtel to help fund)

Democratic Leadership Fails to Frame the Debate: Story Becomes Dem Tactics Rather than Real Issues!

Snitch Hitchens sort of confesses to feeling something like embarrassment

Bush proposing "energy independence" during State of the Union address... again

Imus, Barnicle Fantasize About Republicans on Gallows Cheney Would 'Wet His Pants

Randi is saying Saddam was hung on a US Base???

FOXNEWS: Former Officers Warn 'Surge' in Iraq Could Place Fatal Strain on U.S. Military

Firefighter paid while 'away' in Iraq arrested

CEO gets $210 million severance while federal min wage mired at $5.15hr

Poll Regarding Iraq/Tax Increase

Photos of our fallen troops

Dumbass has not seen 'illicit' Saddam execution video...

Rate Jerry Ford as President

Rummy & Cheney out there in Grand Rapids giving Eulogies......

AP: White House Won't Condemn Saddam Taunts

Scientists say oil company Exxon Mobil misinforms public on global warming

I think Carter should have spoken at Ford's funeral

MSNBC: Poor Carter..sitting between Rummy and Cheney !!!


New Political Documentaries to Bow at SXSW Film Festival (Austin, TX)

Now that the guy who recorded Saddam's execution on a CELL PHONE has been arrested...

'I wish my term was over', admits Iraq PM - What? He wants to go to Disneyland?

what is the status of the brain aneurysm Senator - Johnson? I think

Blast a Wednesday in the A**!!, Please come CAPTION!!!!

Twist the ear of a new year, please come . . . CAPTION!!!!

Iraq Interior Ministry: Detained guard works under Sunni-led Justice Ministry

CAPTION time... Which war criminal should go next?

Live On Air - Fox News Reporter Says Bush Admitted Using Cocaine

Bush gives Iraq a civil war

MSNBC's Johnson: "Dems just squeaked through midterms"

"We need a clean world as much as animals do"

UN rights chief tells Bush's Iraqi puppets to stop with all the executions already

I need a fundy translation, please.

More On Bush the Sociopath - Interesting

Many of us know what the result of Bush's Iraq escalation is going to be already

Football imitates war; war imitatates football: Cartoon

Vanity Fair: McCain - FAKING IT - Has To PRETEND He's Religious Conservative

Small Point

Pity Party Thread for Republicans

Bush want to cut "Pet Projects"...ROFLMAO

Obama admits he used coke, w refused to admit he was an addict for decades.

New Bush Comic: Come On People, Work With Me.

Bush WARNS DEMOCRATS In Op Ed He Supposedly Wrote For Wall Street Journal

Iowa's freshman Democratic Party congresspeople were on a local call in program

Wow, no wonder they (Muslims) hate us (and more importantly, Israel).

Administration Official: Troop Escalation ‘More Of A Political Decision Than A Military One’

How do you feel when you hear the word 'sacrifice' out of bush's mouth?

Senior Iraqi Interior Ministry official: "The execution was carried out by militias and outsiders."

Worst “journalism” of the year so far.

I can only hope the new Democratic Majority realizes they will have to work in what will seem like a

Cspan now: Repubs demanding minority rights.

Do not miss this ! PBS - Scary Music, Dark, Scary Portrayal of Cheney

Is Saddam in hell?

The repukes are talking live on CSPAN-2 right now..

Israel seeks operational link with U.S. missile defense system

Iraq Prime Minister Maliki - TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT! - Wants To Quit (BBC)


Global warming right here at home

What are they going to to hang the guys with the cell phones at the Saddam hanging now?

Any one know the maximun age to join the service?

Ellison will take oath on Thomas Jefferson's copy of Koran....

So who's going to pop the bubbly tomorrow for our new DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY?

On CSPAN now, more rethugs whining about house rules, submitting

Turner-Chan War still going on

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - WED. 1/3 - chasing rabbits

I have paid more taxes in the last 5 years than anytime in my lifetime...

Jose Padilla Gave His Freedom and Sanity that Cheney-Bush Might Rule Unchallenged

Doonesbury on Accountability...

New Bush Iraq Plan Long Overdue: 3,004 Troops Dead in Iraq.

O' Reilly to appear on Colbert Report - that's the rumor - portrait reclaimed

Bush Asks For Congressional Cooperation.

Home Depot Boss to Leave With $210M

Cheney Subpoenaed - US Treasury Secretary Arrested 4.5 Trillion money laundering

i think the first question any democrat thinking about running for the presidency of the u.s.a.

Iran: Hitler was a Jew!!

U.S.: Iraqis responsible for Saddam hanging ('We would have done it differently,' General Caldwell )

Tweety's Message to Pelosi: Don't Fund Surge

CSPAN2 3pmEST, Democratic Women (Includes Pelosi, tribute to Ann Richards

Swear the Oaths of Office on the Constitution -- not the Bible or the Koran.

Pat Robertson: God told me of 'mass killing' in 2007

Caption this pic

FINALLY, a check on BushCo's insanity begins in less then 24 hours!

Nifong's sleazy party...

Bids will be open for one more week

bush has come out with his op-ed on TV, and has declared war against Congress

I can predict the future...

CNN: Bush* is bending over backwards to forward bipartasanship.

Chimpy is not talking about a "surge"

PUNKED!!1 Brit Hume, Pat Robertson (by God), & "TX-like speed (execution)"

Why productivity is down

bush to speak from rose garden this morning!

NOBODY tells bush what to do. Except dick cheney.

A Conspiracy In Crawford

Air Force seeks to outsource Casket Duty

Media Watch: C-Span Callers this Morning were Mad as Hell.....

Official held in Saddam hanging video

The Private Arm of the Law

Repeal Bush tax cuts to pay for Bush's ego based "surge" in Iraq...

KING GEORGE Pulls A Fast One - January 3,. 2006

Front Line Talking about 9 11

B*sh on

CARTOON: Do over.

bush called us cowards & traitors for years, now wants bipartisanship?

First thing Congress needs to do when they take over on the 4th - Raise Minimum Wage

The Big Economic Worry: Productivity is Slowing (Samuelson)

The irony of the problem in Iraq

Meet Newt on his YouTube page - Ideas from Newt

Does Anyone know

Impeachment vs. Investigation - the way I see it

Cutting off the money is the next step

You don't give a fuck about the troops bush, so shut the hell up.

They expect us to believe bush wrote this bullshit?

Iraq's invisible refugee crisis

Saddam's Ghost Reportedly Seen Around Baghdad

Why is the US attempting to distance itself

Who is watching this Rethug morom Putnam on

Drudge from NYT: Hillary Predicts Obama Candidacy Will Diminish

how is this good, Saddam co-defendants to be executed Thurs.

Iraqi Man who was denied asylum in Australia executed upon return

WTF is this supposed to be, a THREAT?

Any See fmr Sen. Alan Simpson on Hardball Touting Surge as Part of Iraq Study Group Plan

TOON: Vengeance equals justice

Will someone with youtube membership post "Brittany Spears Naked"

Bernie goes to the Senate.

Report reveals that Department of Homeland Security is slower than molasses

== You Say You Want A Resolution = By Mark Morford

The ballad of the green berets

Is Obama ready for Presidency

Bush wants Dems to work with him, but holds to his wars and taxcuts

Alberto Gonsalez must be Impeached ASAP!

How quickly should the Democrats attempt to cut the budget deficit?

Billions of dollars missing, senseless invasions, Western/corporate support, lost loved ones....

Dead Men Cannot Speak in Their Grave (My Take on Saddam)

Diagnosing W

If anybody is interested, CSPAN is replaying the Capitol procession now

Trading US interests

One more hurrah for BSU beating the Sooners

Poppy Bush brought up JFK Assassination and ''Conspiracy Theorists'' at Ford Funeral

I'm a Democrat IX: O'Running

Pat Robertson 2007 Prophecy Disaster Comes

From Real Time with Bill Maher: Republicans Launch Post-Election Attack Ad

This is how the US government treats their soldiers...

Bush jokes about 2800 US deaths

First * couldn't open the door... now he can't shut it!

The tax-hiking, government-expanding, latte-drinking, sushi-eating, volvo-driving

Scar Strangled Banter...

Bush family Saud family close ties seem to be unraveling...

The World Deserves Better - Than Bush

House Democrats' First 100 Hours will begin next Tuesday

Ford eulogised by two undicted war criminals -- I'm sure he'd be thrilled

Why were there no world leaders represented at Ford's funeral?

House GOP: Don't Hurt Us -- Please


Liberal vs. Progressive: Interesting History Lessons from MyDD and New Donkey


House freshmen who defeated scandal-plagued GOP Congressmen will lead ethics debate

Nancy Pelosi breaks through "marble ceiling" to become House Speaker

Anybody know

KO's special comment on sacrifice, finally got Freep BIL to stop emailing me.

Women's Milestones in U.S. Politics

Bush challenges opposition Congress on spending

WP analysis: Gerald Ford's GOP barely exists today

What is the definition of "sacrifice"?

Soldier Asks What Will "Next Story" Be To Keep Troops In Iraq. Does Anyone Know?

CO Republicans May Try To Recruit John Elway for Senate in 2008??

Bush, God, and Abraham

On the occasion of my 1000th post, may I ask one thing of the

It's too bad that today's Repukes don't have the same "integrity" that

Administration Official: Troop Escalation ‘More Of A Political Decision Than A Military One’

New Bush Comic: Come On People, Work With Me.

Bush, Maliki News Conference...11/30/06 Joint Committee on Accelerating the Transferring of Security

GWB Doing the Impossible-Making Daddy Look Like a Decent President

Treasury Secretary Paulson ARRESTED in Germany? Cheney subpoena???

Bush embraces Zapp Brannigan Doctrine

Is Obama Too Honest? I think that is why I like him - but not

WP,pg1: Effect of Obama's Candor Remains to Be Seen: Admitted Trying Cocaine in Memoir

100% Inflation?

4 congressional seats now contested in Florida!!!!

Vanity Fair article on McCain: Prisoner of Conscience

Dayton considering run for governor

Bush's Photo-Op Snubbed by Gerald Ford's Family at Funeral

That Wacky George W. Bush Cracks Me Up

CNN: Bush, Democrats spar on spending, taxes

So..Alison Stewart, MSNBC quotes Drudge...allows her guest to bash Dean and Obama..

Christian employer loses lawsuit because he doesn't understand the Constitution

from the "way too funny" corner of today's news

Dead Wrong

French PM vows to help homeless (BBC) {housing as a basic right}

The 2007 congressional schedule

Won't SOMEONE please help this poor, poor man

Why is it many on DU refuse to understand that nothing can be accomplished unless we

Maybe this is a good reason why Giuliani's handlers are upset

Keith gave Matthews a subtle slapdown today prior to going into the church.

Ooops...Looks like Newsweek was kinda right with that Koran Story..

The most discouraging aspect of being a Democrat at this time....

What an odd promise....! How can Bush possibly accomplish it......?

Economy: Construction Spending Declines 7th Straight Month

Pensions for convicted lawmakers draw watchdogs' ire (CNN)

More Katrina victim bashing

"Its time to set aside Politics"

NYT pats WalMart on back for pushing flourescent bulbs

You better watch who you compare to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Betty Ford in wheelchair for final burial.

Hillary predicting Obama will FADE during the 08 campaign

What "nice things" will be said @ George W. Bush's State Funeral?

Bill Kristol: The Anti-Nostradamus

Where Can I Find The Text of 43's Eulogy He Delivered Yesterday For Ford?....

Moderation is not a dirty word

Activists on the Left Applying Pressure to Democratic Leaders

Open Letter to Chris Matthews: You're mistaken. One Dem HAD guts in 2002 - - Al Gore

Would enough republicans agree to rescinding AUMF?

God has been speaking to Pat Robertson

Finally saw Saddam Hussein hanging video

Why Should Life or Death Be Decided By Income?

Bush is adding 5-6,000 Navy types BEFORE the surge.. This is crazy

Ha ha! Sometimes Tweety even gets to a calm, courteous type like Josh Marshall

Cindy going overboard? 'Protesters disrupt Dem conference on lobbying reform'

The Fourth Annual Rocknation/LBN "You Call This NEWS?" Awards!

Impeachment - Go after Cheney